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"michael harbin" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

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"michael harbin" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

"Because we've all kind of wondered, okay, what's Patrick Mahomes going to be when the day comes that Travis Kelce is retired and Tyree kills are tired. And he's thrown into Michael Harmon and Byron Pringle. I guess Byron Pringles out there anymore. Juju Smith Schuster is in there now. Not even Byron Pringle. I know I was going to say he wishes he is Byron Pringle. But this is pretty well, by the way. This is not an ad, just how good are Pringles. I just want to throw that out there. You don't like Pringles? Oh my God. Well, let me because this is going to sound like I'm just like this is first take and I just had you on to disagree with you about everything and that's really not the case. If anybody came with Rohan took Mitch golditch in our editor Mitch golden tonight on a taco crawl through Los Angeles and it was honestly one of the top 5 most delightful days of the last 5 years. And it was just wonderful. And that was the first time I actually met you in person. That's right. That's right. Did not disappoint. It was like the whole experience was phenomenal. But I don't like Pringles. But anyway, let's just say it's okay. I might have to pop open a can later today. I was going to say, I also don't like Pringles, but I'll do it like Connor. I like Connor wear that one. So let's talk about the cheese. Tyreek hill is gone. He was there, he was obviously their biggest speed element. They still have Michael harbin. They still have some guys who can run. But hill was the guy, both downfield, out of structure stuff. And also, look, Connor, you have championed this cause. It is my favorite take of the off season. It's not a take. It's smart football analysis that the check down. The shorter catch and run opportunities, that's what is going to define offense in 2022..

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