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"michael gordon isaac" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

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"michael gordon isaac" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

"Just a week later arrested for again disorderly intoxication after his found urinating outside the bills department store and he just have orderly intoxicating s then a couple of weeks after that arrested for disorderly intoxication again after his found sleeping in the infant department at walmart it's been busy get out of here we'll have all guy radio would steve sampson we return i'm tony kornheiser you're listening to the tony kornheiser show and this all guy radio for the day this one of the top hundred songs if not one of the top fifty songs fault on i love this soft every rep our tank discipline they signed in terms of critical commentary they sign erected you'll forty years ago two day uh they broke off after a few years and their main guy gordon sumner is that is actual name gordon summer yes former high school english teacher michael gordon isaac by but he goes under the name sting and apparently works out fourteen hours a day it looks good because he's close to seventy and you can't believe what he looks like so it apparently this was like a really dark sinister song he wrote it when he was leading one relationship it getting involved in another and he just was in a really don't place and so staying is always said he wanted to see just turn on allies with it's truly could have done that i guess in england they don't have light now we don't really like nights over there or toothbrushes for that matter but he said he's really shocked and surprised when people come up say oh that was this one we played at a wedding i would ask so much fantastic so yeah steve sans joins us now you boy joe martin sent us an email today with a picture of himself in front of a whole bunch of ma.

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