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"Forward. Hey, what's happening tonight, Dave Preston? Well, the nationals are meeting the New York mets, Jordan weems, trying to get out of a 5th inning jam. Bases loaded two balls two strikes the pitch swinging a high fly ball deep to right. Palacios going back way back going going and gone. Goodbye. Into the nationals bullpen. A Grand Slam for Daniel vogelbach. Charlie slows on 1500 a.m. the Nats trail 8 nothing in the 8th inning off the field Nats reliever Tanner Rainey has Tommy John surgery. Meanwhile, Luke voigt acquired in the deal for Josh bell and Juan Soto will join the Nats tomorrow in Philadelphia after flying in from San Diego. Orioles in action earlier topping Texas 6 read the birds are 19 and 7 since June 2nd. It's actually that since July 2nd, NFL commanders wide receiver Curtis Samuel practice with the regulars this morning, first preseason game just ten days away. The league is a feeling the ruling, the Cleveland quarterback deshaun Watson would be suspended 6 games in the aftermath of sexual harassment and assault allegations. 6 games the recommendation of an independent disciplinary officer earlier this week, the NFL also wants to find the browns QB. College football Maryland media today has chirps coach Mike locksley ready for 2022 as the trips returned 16 starters from last year's 7 and 6 club soccer D.C. had added on the road in Charlotte this evening. City opened tennis highs for Maryland's Francis tiafoe takes on Michael Eubanks tonight at 7. Dave Preston WTO sports. All right, Dave, thanks. The top stories we're following for you right now on WTO breaking news, the Senate has overwhelmingly approved a measure to expand NATO by admitting Finland and Sweden. If approved by other members of the alliance, it would be the most significant expansion of NATO in nearly two decades. President Biden has issued his second executive order on abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned roe V wade, among other things today's order aims to help women travel to receive an abortion if they live in a state where the procedure is outlawed. A judge has dismissed state gun charges against two men who police say they were planning a 4th of July mass shooting in Richmond. Those charges were filed, they were dismissed rather after the charges were filed against them in federal court. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. In other news, slow action by federal health officials cost a shortage of monkeypox vaccine in the U.S., The New York Times reports the federal health officials failed early on to ask that balk stocks of the vaccine. It already owned, be processed for distribution. By the time the government got around to placing orders with the vaccine manufacturer in Denmark, several other clients had already booked their orders and then pushed the American order down the line. U.S. is currently distributing more than a million monkeypox vaccine doses. That's about a third of what's needed. Up ahead, Ian money news. Without rallied more than 400 points, a local tech pioneer is stepping down. I'm Jeff clay. It's 6 48. We've got traffic

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