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"michael costin jana kramer" Discussed on Whine Down with Jana Kramer

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"michael costin jana kramer" Discussed on Whine Down with Jana Kramer

"Right. Welcome to another podcast of wind down with Michael Costin Jana Kramer. I'm sorry Jana Kramer and Michael Qasim. We're never going to get a good entrance to the show. No PROBABLY NOT. But that's okay. How's Corentin lie? Free bed same old same old. And that's our show so we'll see how no we've been full of just this past week we've been crazy productive. We really have painting rooms Doing staff staff. We painted the The office painted the Barroom. We've painted the office. We Have Kate Flannery O. Today who is married to Dave the hit? Sitcom the office which is probably my top two. Probably my number one actually of all time. What's your second one Seinfeld? That's up there here. What's number two? That's sitcoms but then you have shows like you know what's number two probably Seinfeld. I what what's on what's teetering on three them. Curb your enthusiasm which is all. This is all like the same kind of stuff. Yeah which then you have. You know shows like the wire yet. Dexter you got game around. You got all that kind of stuff. But anyways and I'm I'm really excited. Talk to her because I know her from dancing with stars. Same Season No. She was just on his last season. Yeah but you know. I've never watched an episode of the office so I feel like this podcast should just be like. It's the Mike and kate show featuring I I don't know I just I. I love sweet girl. I feel like I need to see. I think the problem was I. Would you'd be watching it and I would just come in and see a few seconds of it and you'd be like laughing and looking go. I don't understand you gotTA unders. Yeah you gotta understand the characters stories but I but I like Love Seinfeld. I feel like you can watch Seinfeld and laugh at anything. Well the office is the same way if you have seen it before. So like comedy. Central always has the office in rotation constantly. So I could turn on that any moment. It can be any episode and know exactly what's going on and I'll laugh like I did the first time that's awesome. See maybe I 'cause I I really love. Kate and I'm excited to talk to her. Especially because I heard that she wall she was filming the office. She was a waitress still love that. I think that's so cool. I wonder if was it or was I- wanting to do a waitress in job last year. Did I dream? That definitely? Didn't tell me that miss waitressing like I would still do it right now. I would for fun. I mean if I have kids I probably would. I enjoy it. I love waitressing. Until didn't then you quit new. I love it I would do it I seriously. I think if I could. I just I don't know I. I love being able to help people and making their experience great for that. Maybe so crazy but I maybe I had a dream about that but I had a dream that I was applying somewhere for waitressing shop. I swear we're Kerr restaurant where your waitress at a good question? I've done all of them. I've done Joe's crab shack. I've done. Fridays I've done applebee's I've done Greek island. I've done you know I've literally done every but the only ones I haven't done where the real highest like the upper like the one we went to eleven park whatever part of the Mesh Shark. I don't think I would wanna do that kind of restaurant. I was just GonNa say you know I couldn't. It's too stuffy. We'll end said. Would you like your caveat? I couldn't even take your shoot from the hip too much. Where if you went to a restaurant like that next thing you know you don't get that because that's just disgusting That's how you'd be really honest when people came to the Wood. Ranch Grill in In La when I used to waitress there and by the way yes it's one by the Grove and funny story. I was dealing toilet paper before. Covert nineteen me. Indiana were so poor in my. Our Electric City went off. And we're stealing paper toilet paper from wood ranch because we didn't have enough money into violate toilet paper But then I booked prom night in an I quit but yeah anyways but no I would have to be. It would have to be a chill place like that and I wouldn't want to go back to. I didn't like being a bar girl. I hated that because I'm not the the the Bar Check. They're like here's a shot. And then the babe and then. I like throw it away anyways. Well I do feel. I have a lot of empathy for those people in that profession right now because of everything going on in that must that must really suck and I hope you know. They're able to find some work somewhere in and everything and hope people that have lost. Their jobs are able to do something to take care of themselves. And you know I've I've seldom do. I read comments or do we re comments about this podcast or anything really that we post. But I saw one recently when we're talking about the quarantine and someone was kind of going off on us about now. We're being insensitive or something about giving people crap being out and about lately are insensitive that what we were just being insensitive about people being out in public and we're like stay at home. Don't go out but just like anything. Yeah take it with a grain. It's all in context. Yeah take it with a grain of salt. We're not saying everyone should stay in their house and not leave it. All we understand people have to make a living and we are if you're in a central worker and you have to or or you have to make a little money when thousand percent like you know. We're not saying that everyone should stay home and I'm not. I'm not trying to defend what we're saying. I'm just trying to make it clear. So people put it in perspective that Yes we. We appreciate the fact that we've been blessing. We're in a fortunate situation where we can work from home And we're doing okay right now but we totally understand the grind of if you have to work you have to work if you have to make money out to make money. Yeah do what you do to provide for yourself and your family and stay safe so if you got to leave the house do it. But it's all about what we're talking about. Are Those people that we hear about are seeing? That are out in goofing around. Or maybe they don't have to be out or you know abusing the system right now because they are naive about the situation. That's all we're saying I was thinking again. Just everything's GonNa be taken into the right perspective and now I'm reading comments downloaded a month ago and could not get there even went up dude. How vapid and shallow Jaas? I'm sorry that it's like mean tweets. You know so toxic. Oh it's all it's all good. Everyone can have their opinions. Oh for sure are just is don't want people are actual fans listening to the US. If they are in that situation I didn't then to be felt like Isolated from from what saying I didn't want them to take it the incorrect way. Al Care the person who wrote the comment who gives it but yeah so people that care about the show and that we care about almost zanex Queen Mike's Agenda Thrives on chaos seriously can't even function on a daily basis unless she's medicated. What wars he freaks out whines cries and flat out has panic attacks. If she thinks the wind is blowing in the wrong direction she thrives on Zanex. I don't take xanax. So wow why ridiculous people are crazy. I know whatever it is what it is. I feel like the one people that do. Listen now are getting something out of it. T- there the train wreck you love to listen to or that's why you look at reviews almost for anything either five stars or wants to. There's very seldom are people because this is like anything right. Subjective people can have their opinion. It's I'm sure there's some episodes were people who are even shower wasn't my favorite one but hopefully the next week or the week before was great for them but most of the time. This is just like a movie. It's just like a you know music genres just like anything. You like what you like. And if it's in the middle they look people aren't GonNa or if you just listen to one episode like someone goes you know. Jan laughed at Mike for not hustling like. We're we crack on each other. You know but anyways I feel like at the end of the day. Hopefully we're helping people to with some of our situations. We we era dirty laundry to help. Other people You know although the other day though in therapy it's not great to have therapy sessions in quarantine. It's hard when you're on zooming. There's a way out. We're having therapy last week. And it was a great therapy session. Ten minutes last ten minutes and and you know it was like a therapist is like so what are ways the can connect together and how that got us into an argument shocking. But you know within those two minutes might get upset gets up and storms out and berm and therapist is like this is why I hate doing these. These kinds of sessions. Because now you're stuck in the house. And what is he coming back like? No yeah he's like. Is he going to come back now? He's done he's done and he goes. Well how is this? GonNa how is this going to resolve is like one or two things easy. They're gonNA be a whole the rest of the day and you know his chest out and whatever or apologized for being defensive in. We'll talk it out and it was the latter an house. Kinda cool super cool but yeah I was like but no peace and I'm GonNa go now and Greis came back from a walk and I even said to girlfriends up here to see they're going to be a good rest of the day today. Do they take your ass you better? Now you're like out with the kids and playing so caroline game. Yeah Ryan Scooter but Yeah all right well. Let's take a break and we'll come back in warm things up for.

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