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"michael capellini" Discussed on Just Fly Performance Podcast

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"michael capellini" Discussed on Just Fly Performance Podcast

"The value of heavyweight lifting and the effects of heavyweight lifting over time. You're going to have a lot of camps that really prioritize and value the improvements of one our ems and lifting heavy and hard. And at the same time you have a fair number of high level. Sports performance coaches. Some of whom are very adamant against heavyweight lifting and heavy barbell trading for athletics citing limitations elasticity range of motion amongst other things as with so many things. The answer is often as to whether to do or not to do is often fairly individualistic and often lies somewhere in the middle based off the athlete standing in front of you what do they need their presentation. What's their history and the more we can understand the big picture with all this stuff and all the nuances and little variables that go into what happens when we dump a particular stimulus in the system. What is going to happen to the athlete. So our guests are justin moore and michael camper. Any justin moore has been a popular guest on this podcast many times in the past and has discussed advance by mechanical principles in regards things like breathing positioning and strength training bio mechanics of the big lifts and a whole lot more. I've learned a lot from him. And i'm really happy to have him back. He is the professional development manager and a master instructor at payback performance in rehab. Michael capellini or campo is a sports physical therapist phoenix arizona. He has previously worked with athletes of all levels and ages with experiences. Strength coach at parabolic and campo has completed internships with very high level coaches and therapists at places such as resilient physical therapy and fast and he's completed clinical rotation with bill hartman. So for this show We're going to chat a little bit about justin's case studies so a case study of justin moore and his history of knee injuries and some of the negative things that happened to him over the years. from a physiological and structural standpoint from tons of heavy lifting with a strain base strategy and. This is such an awesome case. Study 'cause justin and campo get into the nitty gritty of what specific key performance indicators. Are we looking at one. We are saying. Hey this out that yes has been lifting too much too much compression too much strain and then we get into specific strategies on how they worked with justin to help him overcome that and to get to doing the things that he wanted to do specifically in this case playing. Play football at a high level. This podcast has so many implications for really anytime. You're looking at that question of is this athlete lifting heavy too hard and too often. And what's happening with that over time. It's a topic. I'm really passionate about. And these guys do an awesome job of just bringing so many angles to the table and opening up our is in new directions so he could survive athletes to a higher level before we get started again. This podcast is brought to you by simply faster. Dot com supplies of high end trading technology as well as lost a pair herbs and fifteen percent. Off your lost emperor herbs order by heading to lose some sunfire.

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