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"michael alan taylor" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Ready for the workday. News now, I'm Dan Martin a former police chief of Flint is facing charges in connection with a video poker. Arcade. The Flint journal reports Sixty-six-year-old Bradford Barksdale is doing court this month after being arraigned in October on charges of gambling using a computer to commit a crime and possession of a short barreled shotgun or rifle Barksdale stepped aside as Flint's chief in two thousand four the allegations. Follow a raid on West Point, arcade in Flint township, two other men are charged in the case a western Michigan man is agreed to a plea deal for collecting disability benefits despite being capable of working in construction and serving on a governor's committee. The Grand Rapids press reports that Michael Alan Taylor senior has agreed to plead guilty to conversion of public money. Prosecutors say failure received social saw. Security administration disability benefits from two thousand nine to twenty seventeen and the forty five day period to buy health insurance. For twenty nineteen is underway in Michigan about three hundred forty three thousand state residents are covered through the individual market and Roman began today and ends December. Fifteenth rates have stabilized for next year. A sixty three year old deacon has been charged in connection with the sexual assault of a boy at a Catholic church in southeastern Michigan Hermes issue of Frazier was arraigned Wednesday in Troy district court on three counts of criminal sexual conduct Wham radar weather forecast from Wham radio for this afternoon. Rain high of forty four tonight rain with a low getting down to about thirty nine then for tomorrow Friday, mostly cloudy, high near forty six that's news. Now, I'm John Martin on WAM talk sixteen hundred. When one of your major home appliances stops working you want someone with experience to fix it. Bill and Joe Henderson at master tech.

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