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"mic mcdaniel" Discussed on The MMQB NFL Podcast

"But if you are going to officiate Tom Brady in this fashion, and I understand that because he's 45 years old, he is fragile and brittle, like the rest of us 40 something year olds. And if he gets hurt, the bucks become utterly unwatchable, like for entertainment and enjoyment purposes for not only their fans, but anyone who watches football, it's just, it's a bad thing all around. However, if you're going to officiate Tom Brady this way, you also have to do it on the other side and basically play with the old 90s in the grasp rules where if a pass rusher gets two hands on him, that's it. You just got to blow a dead because if you're saying he can't, you know, you don't want him tackled, you don't want him thrown around or slammed to the ground and even the lightest manner. You also have to say, okay, well, we're just gonna blow it dead. Right. And I don't know. Minus a world where like maybe if Tom Brady becomes part owner of the dolphins, he goes to competition committee and then he passes a rule that he's not allowed to be tackled at all and that he just gets to continue playing quarterback for the rest of his days, which should represent kind of an interesting turn. In the NFL and where it's going and how many other quarterbacks do you give that to? Does Drew Brees unretire Dan Marino? I don't know. The possibilities are endless at that point. If the rule is in place where maybe you can't tackle someone who's older than 45, do you think that that would be kind of a fun rule, right? Yeah. You get, I don't want to make it too hand touch, but there's got to be some sort of technology where it's like, it's two hand touch technology. But there has to be a certain amount of force behind the touches for it to really count. Like it's not you can't really like tag them with your fingertips as you're running by, but you know, if you really like grasping, like that's it, blow it dead. Would there be any, so let's say that's the rule. You're not allowed to tackle anybody that's over older than 45. But then the 45 year old is not allowed to leave the pocket, right? Would that be the, and then in that case, or the 45 year old is not allowed to advance the ball beyond the place where they get it, right? So that way you can do some receivers and you can do some other stuff. Would there be any other 45 year old that you would want back in the NFL? With that? If you're saying you can't advance, see, I think I would disagree with that rule. I would shout you down at the competition committee meeting. 45. So you would allow a 48 year old Jeremy shockey to come back and you get him the ball in a tight end seam. And you're going to allow him to just continue moving the ball forward in this fictional scenario. But he's tackled. He's tackled if I'm well, I'm talking about my rule with the sensors, right? Okay. With the sensors that measure your grip. If you're saying just they can't be tackled like they can't be sacked either in any way. Yeah, that's a thing then. Boy, who would you get at that point? I'm trying to think who like really. Dan Marino's too old. Like ten years ago when Dan Marino, right? Yeah. Bring back like Dave Craig or something like that. I don't know why Dave Greg was Dave Craig. Accurate or something? He just played forever. Why not? Why not? Sure. Lions, patriots. Jared Goff against the Patriots. Man, this is a horror story. This was, yes, it was a Bailey zappy win in his first NFL start, and so good on him, but man, what another just annihilation of poor Jared Goff by a Bill Belichick and company here. This was this was a ton of defense, a ton of run game for the Patriots. Stylistically obviously that's how they want to win. And but man, what a bummer for the Lions. I can't believe they're one in four. I know, like this, they're the best one in four team I've ever seen. Yeah. They're the best, most well coached one in four team that I've ever come across. But yeah, this game stunk from the beginning for Jared Goff, he was first drive. He's trying to advance the ball out of he's trying to run the ball out of bounds and then just gets absolutely thrown into a Gatorade table and no one throws the flag and you're just like, oh God, this is gonna be a long night for him. It would be among the weirdest superpowers for Bill Belichick to just have towards the end of his career that he can just only kick the shit out of Jared Goff. That would be pretty cool, right? Just at the very end of this, it's just like he just comes alive for Jared Goff week to just torture this poor man who's just trying to put it together. Just trying to put some W's together. It's gonna be so weird when Belichick resigns and then takes like the Vikings defensive coordinator job. Just a torment Jared Goff again. But yeah, nice win for the Patriots here. Again, I don't think there's a whole lot to read off of Bailey's happy's performance here. The Lions also lost, I think it ended up being 5 defensive backs to injury in this game. They were just, they were, I think, Jared Goff took some reps at cornerback in the second half. They were just running out of players. This is a game that patriots should win handily. And they did 29 nothing. That's a blowout. Yeah. Sort of a regenerative performance for New England and I mean, I don't know what it means in the long term. But just good to see zappy out there slinging it, you know? I mean, does this change your perception about New England in any way, shape or form? I don't know. No. It would have been horrible if they lost. That's all I'll say. But yeah, obviously Bill bubble chick has Jared Goff's number and on top of that. Again, when you were just running out warm bodies in the defensive backfield in the NFL in 2022, you just can't compete at that point. True. Nice reminder, Stevenson game, too. Oh yeah, yep. Dolphins jets. So teddy Bridgewater, this was a bummer. I really wanted to see him operate this mic mcdaniel offense. I wanted to see what he could do here. He ends up getting hit on the first offensive snap for the dolphins. It was a safety, it was intentional grounding, but he does not come back. It was an elbow injury and an abundance of caution with a potential concussion. So Skylar Thompson goes in there. And yeah, you know, good on the jets. They took care of business here. The dolphins did stick around for a while, but in the end the jets just sort of separate themselves and they're sitting at three and two right now. Yeah, I mean, I think that so we'll address teddy Bridgewater first because, you know, I thought it was I don't know, I don't know what we should do, right? Because these are the moments where like, it's almost like the NFL orchestrates it where it's like, okay, you guys are gonna complain about the teddy the two a tongue I love a thing, which we had every right to complain about. And then it's like, okay, more than we're gonna make it like this for a week. And then everyone's gonna complain about it being the opposite way. Yeah. Our former boss Peter king had a quote from some anonymous executive in his column this morning saying that it was overreaction Sunday by the officials and in the concussion department. I mean, I think it's nuts that we're complaining about this. Personally, but I don't know what the right situation is there. You have to overreact after something happens like that to tu a tongue of a little. Like the guy was posturing on the field. His fingers couldn't move, you know? What's the alternative? Like, okay, yeah, you have one game where you have to watch. You can't watch teddy Bridgewater. I'm sorry, you know, that's too bad for you. These are human lives

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