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"Two seven season of stories Philippines podcast on this season if you featured nominee when Ivanka anyone at my arlene kindy more narrowly. Nick Mark Quinlan GonNa among Japanese dig in Your Own Monopoly. Hippo featuring crimes. You've probably never heard. Bill Game Bias. Mian mom murder cases Hindi morning in again among some Raff. Ed said polled supergrass Nomar Hassle. We thought so season seven stories Philippines podcast.

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Border Wars 7 Texas Unguarded with Light Heavyweight Shawn Mission Impossible Jones

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Border Wars 7 Texas Unguarded with Light Heavyweight Shawn Mission Impossible Jones

"As is intended for mature audiences the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates. Enjoy this is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready for boxing. Voice Dot Com broken down with the option of flying marring when the when the Athol awesome it moves dot com. And by that I knew Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another border wars addition addition of unguarded. Where we sit down with one of our border wars fight it and get to know a little bit about him? And today we're going to be featuring Sean mission impossible possible Jones helling from California correction Houston Texas my friends I. I don't know who told me that right there. You go but Let's introduce you to. Everyone is so shaw mission. Impossible first things first. Where did you get the nickname mission? Impossible so I think I'm going to shock. Everyone at the event. I've been boxing for about the last seven years a few amateur Outings done a lotta spark in the gym. But to be honest with UNESCO I feel like I can take on any one amateur or pro at one seventy five and that's where I came multi mission impossible because I feel like whatever mission you put in front of me on Menachem down seven years. Take me back seven years ago. What will guide Sean on into boxing? Yes I played football in Iran. Track grow- growing up and I really wanted to play football in college. However I did not get the opportunity to do so and So that summer right after high school I started to await with smoking and drinking a little bit and say you know what this isn't. This isn't how I I WANNA live. I need to get back into sport and I chose boxing and I kind of fell in love with it and been doing it ever since. Now how do you choose box in. I mean how did you get introduced to it. Because that's a weird transition for border boxin. Football is a violent. Sport is a gladiator sport and I knew I wanted to transition into something that was gonna be just as you know brutal just as violent and I'd always been a boxing fan but all my attention was put on football so you know when football wasn't there for me. I started to watch more fights a more actually. Boxing ought to start actually purchasing the pay per view. Stuff like that guy. Really interested in it I worked at Dick's sporting goods at the time. And to be honest with you The more I got into watching the fights and stuff I was like okay. Let me go ahead and buy all this gear. Have my own little gym in the basement. Just watching videos online thomas box before ever stepping soot until boxing Joe. Wow so who was in his basement which you did you do all this alone. Did you have some buddies is the joined in the fun or you know. Was this just a one man mission here. Yeah so initially was one man mission that I started calling all my friends of saying. Hey you know I got some extra gloves helped me out. You know Yadda Yadda Yadda and It only took basically one time for each of these guys. Get in there with me for them not to WanNa do it anymore so it was kind of at that point where I was guy. I need to find a gym start taking it more seriously. How long was it before you found one It was probably about twelve months twelve months in the basement. So yeah about twelve months in the basement I moved from Colorado Colorado to Texas to Houston Texas and when I got the Houston There was a big boxing community. A lot of gyms to choose from and I ultimately really decided on one and been saying Jim ever since now. Obviously going into that Jim. You had some confidence you already beat up on a few of your friends and you had twelve twelve months in the basement. How was your first day at the gym? I stay at the gym. You know I was that arrogant kid. I walked in there with the team. Not Gear and everything like that and I was like Yo coach Bar and coaches like Puck Outta here first day go hit the bag right so literally. He let me spar for probably three months. Strength and conditioning bag work pad work and yet it was a good three months before he led me as far anyone. Wow so how was that for a SPA. It was good I I'm Usually when I go to gyms one of the bigger guys naturally mad about one eighty five and so as you know as it's Kinda hard to find bigger sparring partners. There's a lot of these gyms. How tall are you? I'm six one. Oh Wow I did not know you above six feet. That's new news. How told us for sure? D Five eight five eight six one. Wow impressive so like usually the way it works is when I go into a gym. It's either I'm GONNA fight guys my size if they're available but if no one's available that I get defaulted to the most experienced guys that lighter weights which has not come to talk about before the show that can be challenging as well when you got a guy who's a decorated amateur semi pro guy who wants to turn pro in the future who's got a lot of talent maybe not at one eighty five. But maybe he's at one sixty one sixty five one seventy so. I started getting thrown in guys like that Bro. There's no shame in my game I was. I was in the gym today. I seen a a like. They said he was one hundred twenty something pounder and he was in my sparring partner up the do. Eventually you know was was was My guy like he got in there with that dude in Bro. That you know some people just fight Bro. And when you're good at fighting and good at pivoting you know you can be pretty much with any way as long as you can. Stay away from the punches but So seven years but only one amateur fight because the Guy Oh you are fighting is experienced. He has six amateur fights. Three wins three losses. He's from Houston and you're going to be taking him on so I feel a lot better knowing that you have have seven years training. Why seven years and only one image of my background is in restaurant? Management Management and in restaurant partial ownership. So it's a very very time consuming industry to be in answered throughout the years. I have the time to train on my own time but I didn't have time to go to all the amateur show. That didn't have time to go to go to the events in sparring on Saturday mornings and stuff like that wasn't wasn't something that I have the time to actually dedicate to do so. I still stayed in shape late night. Gym Sessions when I could early morning Jim Sessions Russians when I could and got as much sparring as good as possible. But that's kind of the reason for the inactivity was I was Kinda my career before a Sport of boxing up into this point. So you're boxing. Training was more to stay in shape at one point to some degree. Yes but Nez either anything I do. I take seriously I I really believe in you do the way you do anything you do everything and so I didn't I didn't half ass anything like I wanted to be if I was GonNa box if it was just to stay in shape Either way I wanted to be able to fight definitely definitely and I'm with you man on that you know. It's it's hard to get people to commit fully fully to anything and you know I say time and time again that it's not difficult to lose weight. I Love Boorda was because it helps me get in shape but it's that easy easy. It's about dedication and talk to me about now. How often are you getting sparring now? That obviously you're going to be in this competition. Listen I'm sparring two to three times a week right now. Okay and same Jim. You've always been for the last seven years correct so now. I'm assuming now you're one of the experienced guys that has to take it light on some people absolutely absolutely but we got We got a few guys in there. Who are actually about to turn pro? I might have to connect you with one of them for interview but one of them that's going to The card what does it Jake Paul Card okay he may or may not be signing with You Boy Eddie. We'll see all right all right and So what brings you the border wars. How'd you get hip to it and What made you want to use border? Wars as I guess you you know you get back or would it would are you using beurs for. So I I've listened to the boxing voice for several years. kind of a silent listener. Never really called in Anything like that and I knew about Boorda wars. I guess over the last couple of years in an interested meet. Intrude me But it was never in location. That was doable for me. Like I said I put my career very seriously up with a both basically everything but literally about a month ago when I heard I was watching one of your shows. Orders shows any said it was in Dallas and I was like okay now that that's an event I could definitely make happen. This is Kinda my opportunity. He likes the next one's probably not going to be in Texas so I do want to get on this eventually. I might as well do it now as far as like my intentions. I WanNa go I WANNA show not only myself but the people of TV. That I got what it takes to whole belt in border wars and dominate and border wars. And who knows. Maybe there's a career for me to boxing in the future. I like it. I like the ambitious. So one sixty eight is targeted way. Correct one seventy far 175 put super midway. Oh I thought it was sixty eight all all right. Yeah Yeah Okay well she for sure you know. He's he definitely said okay to one seventy five but for whatever reason I think all the the rob in the in the chat he makes that division vision so popular right they they talk about one sixty eight so much and I guess mid-eighties there as well but one seventy five and you walk around. Ron is one eighty my walker is about one eighty five. o Clock eighty-five is if I needed fillet probably won ninety. Wow so you eat chick-fil-a Doran now He let me let the secret out guys so Talk to me man. A lot of people have high expectations about you. I see it in the Chad. They're calling you. The future of border wars man. Any added pressure to live up to these expectations of guys like Eddy. Navarro's and Jose Sans now no added pressure. You Know I. I'm a guy who's always shined in the face of adversity in the face of pressure. It makes me perform at a much higher level. And that's why bring upon myself. That's why I talked so much shitting a chat because the more pressure put on me. It's like a diamond. The more pressure you put but the more crushes the diamonds go come out definitely so all right all right now your division that deep or you I guess hoping that your splash attracts some new participants. Or do you see yourself being able to move up or down because that one eighty five division definitely has some titles and one sixty eight definitely has some competition. So I I WANNA get Abell one. Seventy there is a belt for one seventy five correct not as of yet but That's because there's not been and You know anyone worthy right like there has to be people campaign Internet division. So obviously this fights on seventy five five. I would like to fill the division with more 175 fighters if possible by the time next borders comes around is Kinda my most comfortable weight where where I feel the healthiest the strongest in the fittest. However if I have to go up to one eighty five still about? I'll do so any anybody at one. Eighty five five. That looks right vulnerable. Ready for taking honestly. I think I would outclass anyone. One at one. Eighty five at border wars right now. Now you know iron sows in one. eighty-five Marvin the tank. Furman Jose Local Sans Anthony Queen City Cobra Edwards and missing. Anyone think that's about it. I I think that's it and to be honest if I had to pick one right now it'd be read and it would be. I think he's vulnerable. I think it's his time to go down around I. I'm not sure Jose can do it. I hope so. That's my boy shutout Jose but I think it's an it's time to take l. and ED This could be the borders. That happens if he wins. That's why next and I will move up to one eighty five nine so now why. Why do you think Jose won't be able to get it done? He's three no. He's one of the only two unified champs. Why no no complete faith in them? To to be honest it's just a lack of Ah Lack of content that I've obscene. I just haven't seen enough to be honest. A lot of people in border words. I've been kind of focusing on my training. I watch you know some of the past fights here and there but to be honest. I've been focused a lot of my training. So it's not a matter of. I don't think you can get it done. It's just I haven't seen a lot from a lot of the fighters okay. Okay okay so ants looking like he's ready for a loss. I mean we gotta bring up the former unified champ the last last one in that division Marvin. Because you know I'm sure you'll get back to the chatting and say oh you are. We brought up dude. I'll be and low code. They mentioned the former champ. So just what's your thoughts on tank. The fach I mean just what do you think about the fact that he's going to be fighting this time around and obviously not a champion anymore because of it. How old is he? He's younger than you believe. The twenty four twenty four. Well you know I. I don't really. I didn't catch the full grasp wise not competing in the event however his wife is due she was due March at seven. And now the doctors inducing so they're going to do it the week before so he just rather be in the operating room. You know. Rather be an emergency room with his Watson. His wife give Labor so you know we respect that totally understand that I respected one hundred percent but at the end of the day I take this fight game seriously and I hope that you know the birth goes. Well everything goes well and Hopefully export export awards. He'll be trying to get a belt back from me for sure for sure man. Yeah I mean look And I I don't I think it's a good thing to miss board awards. Obviously you can't make it's all of them but It's really very much like boxing. The minute you missing the event. Everyone's record changes. Everything changes the landscape changes records change. Titles get exchanged a lot. Definitely it can happen. I'm GONNA pull up the questions from the people Anything you want to add before we go to the public. Yeah before we go to the public. I just WANNA say I appreciate you putting this. This event on ness is really cool. I've been waiting for opportunity to show showcase my boxing skills on a platform like this. And then also I believe that me ensure fire D- have opportunity to make this the the main event or cold lane event. Obviously both of us are new fighters to the platform. You don't really know exactly what we bring to the table so as kind of risky on your part nonetheless you know. He's a decorated amateur. He actually won golden gloves in Dallas last year. Two Thousand Nineteen so it's not like he's been inactive As much as I thought He won golden gloves. I I don't know wait. But he wanted last year in Dallas And then you know you got me coming in with a lot of smoke. A lot of heat and In shape ready to rock and roll so I honestly. I think it's going to be best skilled fight in the event. Wow shots fired at median. Radian Elias we got. Edi Bala Nevada's in Las Vegas says what up mission impossible love the name. Give me the border wars. I fighter or fight that made you think you can do this. the fight that I actually got to watch the whole thing was the in Cobra fight and After watching that fight I was like versus who had versus. Who because he is the Cobra it was at versus what it was one of the latest ones? Oh martyr could it be Marvin versus Marvin or aunt versus cruise or aunt versus it could be versus crews and verses Marvin or an versus Eric Garcia. Those three fights one of the two. I can't remember which by the way was but I saw him fighting in whoever his opponent was and I was like either of these guys can get it. Wow Oh I like it. I like it Who else we got Jose Sands local and candidate. Says I've been following your I g for the record. You're more of a sheep of sesame street than the wolf of Wall Street question is why are you trying so hard to copy of local sands a okay so initially when I came into the border wars act community awards chat. Jose felt a little threatened. I was coming in talking a lot of shit popping a lot of smoke and he saw his star power starting to diminish because I was hop- as soon as I hopped in there I called him out because I heard he was the man. So if he's the man you know I it's the whole thing. Think of the gym the first day you walk in the gym you call out the biggest guy absolutely. That was my strategy and it got his attention so he he saw Wolf Wall Street canvas on my wall and one of my videos that he decided to poke fun at but just everybody knows L. Loco in myself at we're in a good place right now we're not beefing or anything like that. Actually planning kind of a strategic partnership and Yeah we're good or good. No no beef their but Robert the genius says what got you into cool cars ars. What's your dream car? Yes I think what he's alluding to is I own a payroll in media company for Car Enthusiasts Call Gentleman's driving club and basically were international brand and It's all about cars is all cars but one of my favorite cars is a nineteen in sixty nine Mustang that nineteen sixty seven nineteen. sixty-nine mustangs are probably my favorite car ever And I also like Lamborghini events or for sure I don't know if Terrell didn't know but he says how many Boorda was fights. Have you had and which one was your favorite great name by the way so I take the shot on a mission impossible but you know I don't know how he doesn't know that Heavyweight Sir Bishop Mishopin. California's says shutout my man Sean. Question that one seventy five. Who Do you think wins between Jimmy? Tree Bivouac in order better beef and which one do so you think you can be live alive. I love this question. I saw this in the pager. This little one of my favorite questions actually. So banks Bishop I think beaver wins to be honest with you. He is just has very quick hands great movement and he's about like he is coming for or you and I think he beats a better be as far as the one that I pick I. Can I go a better. Be To to be honest. Honest with you he. He doesn't move well. He is almost a statue sometimes in their base on the fights that I've seen and I feel like I would be Oughta move around him box around him and land a lot of clean shots. All right we got coach mini in the UK. To says is one seventy five your best division or are you just trying to figure out what's best for you as a I believe 175 is my best division. I'm very comfortable At one one eighty one eighty five however wants seventy five forces me to get my my road work in one one seventy five forces me to. You're my diet right. That's why I like the division for me because it pushes me to be the healthiest strongest and fittest boxers. So that's why like one seventy five for me all right all right. Next one is from INFO Joe in California one in Owen Boorda wars lasts for two thousand seventeen mission mission. Impossible Jones like name. Could you explain. How did you choose that name? And who is your favorite current fighter. You like to watch yes. All kinda explained earlier about the name but mission impossible basically. It came from the fact that I believe I can get in there with anyone between one sixty eight in one eighty five dominate so Any you know any experience that I believe I have what it takes to To crack the code and complete the mission and Jose coming back with the update. I see you as a future as the future. Sure of border wars skills aside. You are the personality disadvant- and future events need. Can you tell the rest of the people who don't see your natural Italy's like I do. What makes you special? I first and foremost foremost appreciate the question. And Jose Abbott for all your board awards fighters who come on here trying to get a little bit of Internet cloud. Okay Mian Jose been in the game. We've been doing this okay. We are international brands. We build international brands. Just light we do that for our business we can do for ourself. I'm coming on here talking to talk. I'M GONNA walk. Walk the Walk February twenty ninth and that's just what it is anybody can get it from one sixty eight to one eighty five. It'll matter what your name is. Sal Marvin Gusts. Maybe I don't the WHO else is in a chat lady to get it. He got skills. I respect the Shit Outta Midi but at the end of the day when I get into ring with Midi is going to be thaw squad. Also you consider yourself a power puncher because you can't you can't associating yourself to Deontay wilder and not be considered a power puncher. I`Ma Power Puncher Ness I`ma power. I'm uh-huh boxer puncher. Okay okay. Wow so no worries about taking on mini mini mini takes on all comers. He's fought heavy before. Aw but he's got his hands full. We shall see we shall see now. You did mention one sixty eight. What about a guy like Robert de Genius likes to post a lot of foods? Religious likes to claim he brings pressure. Yeah so I'm very strategic and what I say and what would I decide to who I decided to be within robber. I got mad. Respect for the Guy He's clearly not a natural. You you know boxers slash athlete. But I feel like he gets in there he puts on a he puts on a show. He's got a personality. He's game he. He does the training. He pushed the time the work in and I like robbery I really do. I've been enjoying chatted with them but are you. Are you trying to be nice. Are you trying to be nice. And say he's not on your level mess. That's what what are you might say. All the time on this show. There's levels to ship man. There is but Every now and then you know you gotTa let the competition know that they're not on your level and I guess that's what I'm saying in a roundabout way but that fight just wouldn't be competitive. Wow Wow I mean look rob at least you can look to build that right you. You're building to that moment. He believes he's too good. You're working in background. And you sneak up from behind when he needs a voluntary or something. He thinks you're a cherry and you show them that. You have improved. I I mean this is what it's all about but yeah man mission impossible joins we will definitely edit the title input light heavyweight there But those are all the questions. Let me refreshingly. In case we got some late additions. And if not we're it's rat then I guess mission impossible if you want to say anything in closing. Yeah I do I do have a question as far tickets man I can bring people to the event I needed. I need a link. Where can they go to get tickets? Well Watch what we need to. I'll have to get back to you and find out from cruised capacity right. Yeah we need to find out the capacity of people that we we are allotted but We you know as long as it's not too many we should be able to accommodate you in your friends Any social media. Yeah you WanNa give out absolutely. You can follow me on Instagram at the official Sean Jones. And you can also follow my brand gentlemen's Driving Club at Gentleman's driving driving club on instagram. All right well I wanNA thank you obviously for coming on. Thank you for joining border wars and this has been another episode persona border wars unguarded. Thank everybody for tune in and catch us on the next one as we still have some. Oh Oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute did you just did you just crashed the party. Yeah someone said My Name Three Times I candy the truth is you can't be crashing a party unless you talk him out. You want the winter and I don't know you. I don't know if you ready. I think you should have stood in the chat like what was your intentions with crashing. His party right now. I just wanted to see if he would. You know say it to yeah famous called out. I should have probably rethought is going against the do with six fights experience the golden glove. I mean there's no fear in his heart so I I don't think he would have an issue repeating what he said. Now that you're here I didn't know that Surefire D. was a golden gloves champion and showing. It seems like you know that. So much props in respect. I'm going to be looking forward to your fight and you know who knows maybe down the road. We make a super listen. No no disrespect to certify de. He'll tell us the story when he gets there. But I've been plenty amateur events events sometimes. There's just three fights in the tournament in a May. Sometimes it's two fights tournament you division is what matters like I'm a heavyweight. I could join up and be a fucking diamond gloves champ with one fight because there's no heavyweights like border wars. You know what I mean as you get into the right. Division those divisions visions get Moorefield. And it gets to be more difficult so we would need the details on what division. Because he says he fights from one fifty four to one seventy five. So where did he win. It wait you know NASA and Robert I'll get you. I'll get you promise but I wanna I wanNA comment on this her fire. D- Does he have an android I don't I haven't seen Yeah ain't nothing that's what it is. That's what it is but when you don't see an opponent they and they live in that android life man or I mean I like. I said he's got experience. I'm a respect always respect my my immediate opponents on putting into org I'm putting into miles and putting them exploring and I'm sure he's doing this in being a decorated amateur fighter. I think like I said before. I think we have the the most skilled fight in the event and I'm excited to put it on to Surefire de Grey no I ain't got no smoke. I'm just going to have to finish it. You know what I'm saying. It's just business. They not the personal. It's just business but I'm excited. Listen I like I like that. You're nominating your fight. But you need to Jose you guys go back in the tank and kind of come up with a new tagline because the most skilled fighters midi and Elias Elias seven amateur fights Midi has like six nine semi pro fights nights with no headgear. So it's like okay. They'll put it okay. Then put it as the CO main event. And then we'll show you that it should have been the main event event. Who knows a surefire these game again we could get a rematch? Whichever way it goes you know? Listen now you now like again. That makes more sense because again if you say skill fight like media's up there you know until someone dethrones them he's our top guys yet I absolutely not. I think many got the skills. Don't get me wrong. I'm not disrespecting the man but have been today. I gotTA sell my fighting this and I think that we are Komeda vet to main event potential and I think that we both show you that on fight they. I can't wait to see his unguarded. I'm sure he'll have some words as well But back Dr Robert the genius. Look Man I respect you. I think you're cool. I love the Luigi hat you got on right there Iraq and a grain. That's cool you know but just just like Luigi you sort of of a cartoon for border wars and I'm on another level. It's not when I see. Are you on DAB you up. You know what I'm saying. I got mad love. I love enough. I see working. I see you got the gym in the basement. But there's levels tourist go sit notice back for your fucking fight name raw. It's not about respect. It's about speaking the truth. Do you know what I'm saying. Because when a guy gets in there with a deontay wilder for he knows it ain't a game you don't play boxing. You play soccer. You can play attendance you you you know what I'm saying. You can build a little Jimmy your basement way by fire for real. Listen Sean how are you. How are you price? Wait wait how about. How old are you twenty? Five twenty four. Oh Yes oh. He's young to rob share shit. You GotTa think twice about even wanting to check any of the words that just came out his mouth bro. He's full of testosterone. Right now. I mean you know you gotta get through sore fire. De- I I'm GONNA have to hit him up with on the low out some type of nine soon. You just made Hella enemies brow. So that's all right though we're coming to your state your team taxes. You're part of that whole Texas Jinx. It was so sure fire diesel. Maybe that cancels each other out. Maybe you guys pulled off the double knockout. I could see it happening. Listen I don't WanNa crash your interview too much but I'm just saying you got my attention. I know you've got other people's attention so we're watching you 'cause you know. Just make sure you do everything you say you're GONNA do. Yes you gotta live up to the words but so far so good mess. He's appreciated associated rubber. Appreciate it because I don't mind him crashing apart. You know I just gave him clout. That's right when he wasn't even in the conversation I'll put him in the you know what I'm saying. Nobody was talking about him. I put him in. The commerce. Got His name buzzing again hockey. My Gift I hand delivered Oga primarily dog. Oh Man I love it. I love what I want to say is. Don't let You Know I. I plan on winning February twenty nine Don't get me wrong but I got a tough opponent. I think it's going to be even match and I think we're GonNa do great things but don't let my fighter get in the way of what you guys think about me because as has it stands right now like I said anybody in border wars right now can get it. Mea Surefire D. are both wild cards in the fact that y'all haven't seen actually fight so just keep that in mind nine that it's going to be. Fireworks is going to be a great fight and where we're going to be ready for war. Come February twenty ninth for sure man will listen. We're for sure not for sure Fi. Di We're talking to Sean Missing. Impossible Jones Right in Texas so this is going to be a battle for for some hometown. you know cloud here for sure. What part of Texas are you from? I'm from Houston Texas. He's from Dallas. Ellis texts Oh. I thought he was from Houston as well. He's from Dallas so did you ever get with Jd. So I touched the J. D. we did text back and forth a little bit. We have not gotten together just yet I need to. I need you to get him I I honestly we need you to get with him because he would be ultimate barometer. Could you imagine he gives you that stamp of approval is. He's probably one of the Charles in the past asks Charles Hatley. I think he fought. Yon Del Evans. He also and he just spar Eric Walker for this border was so yeah uh-huh you should definitely get with him. That would be good and plus you guys are both well known your. Yeah your Houston right. So yeah you both definitely should get with them but All Right Man Sean. You gave out your social media. We're going to keep it moving to the next interview and so the next ladies and gentlemen thank you for tuning in and don't forget. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel Hey.

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#1912 Recession Proof: An open conversation about working remotely


1:06:28 hr | 1 year ago

#1912 Recession Proof: An open conversation about working remotely

"Hey there freedom fighters my name is Andrew Warner. I'm the founder of Mickey where I interview entrepreneurs about how they build their businesses. As you know I am Sticking with stories of how entrepreneurs built their businesses what happened in the businesses throughout the The the health crisis that we're going through and also the economic crisis that we're going through and Partially my goal without is to allow people to have something to take their minds off of. What's going on in the world and to give space to see what entrepreneurship can be like by joining me as an entrepreneur. Who's built a company? That's doing well. I want to ask him about how the company that was doing. Well suddenly is not up and I WANNA ask him about that and happens to be someone who runs remote companies It's kind of like spacing out as I said that because I wanted to make sure to say runs running remote the conference that I spoke out in Bali but also he runs remote companies anyway that person Liam Martin. He is the founder of staff dot com which was a long-term two sided remote marketplace. I interviewed him about the success of that company. I want to find out what happened. Why that's redirecting right now. He also runs a company called time. Doctor It's time tracking for remote teams. That is up and running into really well and as I said I spoke conference running remote dot com. It was full of digital nomads. I WANNA ASK THEM. What's going on Now that people can't travel and all those digital nomads can't get together at his conference and just catch up with him and find out how I guess. If we're all working remote how we can do a better and frankly you've kids Liam. I have one on the way to allow to lie. I wonder what that means for you like. I remember what I would freak out when I was having kids what I would freak out about an ask about that but I think that a lot of people were talking about. Remote Work Aren't bringing the realities of being in a relationship number one into the conversation number. Two having other people in the house are kids. Were depending I WANNA make sure that we include that in this conversation because I got kids. Don't drive me crazy but I. It's definitely a distraction are all. That's a long intro. Add One more thing to this interview is sponsored by the company that will host your website. Right it's called hostgator and the company that will help you hire phenomenal. Developers called top talent. It's like I was about to introduce you and then I go into the ads isn't it Liam absolutely by the way top. Tell fantastic company. They are speaking at running road as well. And if you WANNA find in long-term talent they're probably the best people in the game. I loved the running remote conference. I was basically running a marathon on every continent last year. Basically that's what I was doing and I came just because I like you and I wanted to see what you're up to. I wasn't speaking conferences last year and I was so glad that I did. It was just a good vibe of people who are traveling everywhere. People were creating things working remote and you created an atmosphere. You Guys GonNa continue to do not this absolutely so with the phone travel. Yeah so I mean obviously we were GonNa do our On twenty twenty five April. We moved to Austin up. We had a fantastic amount of speakers that we're going to go in present. We had amazing ticket sales. This was the first year that we were making a really good amount of profit prophet counted. Yes in all of that. Got Wiped Lost a couple hundred thousand on that conference right off the top end. The one thing that we are doing right now is we're trying to run a donation based event and everything's going to Red Cross We realized because it's just the remote work world was very very small until two months ago it has completely changed. It's been a reshuffling of the deck within the last two months so I had a meeting with all of the other people that are doing big things in remote work and I said what can we do together to run. Something called motivated. So we're just bringing all these experts together trying to figure out how to teach people to work remotely in at least give them some semblance of productivity video. The next few months which I know is going to be really hard for a lot of people. You've got David Hammer. Hanson Hanson to speak at the conference. I guess now that you're going remote. He doesn't WANNA travel anywhere but he'll speak online event Yup the founder of base camp. A guy who's been talking about in preaching remote work for a long time all right. Anyone wants to go check that out. It's running remote dot com. What HAPPENED TO STAFF DOT COM? I think that's the last time that I interviewed you. That's the company that we talked about. It was doing well. Yup Yup is doing quite well So long story short long-term poaching problem and this is actually a really good counterpoint. To accompany a top towel because we were competitor topped out and this is. This is something that I think. A lot of people don't understand when they look at two sided marketplaces fundamentally if I had to boil it down to one singular failure point. It's that two sided marketplaces need to be transactional in any long term engagement. That you have a two sided marketplace where the other side of the market is taking a continuous percentage. It's not going to be successful. And I mean maybe not ever but I would say the vast majority of cases. It's really not a sustainable model. So long story short redoing except in the very first year that much in Santa Mira for eighty six thousand monthly recurring revenue in the first year of of helping people find what it was it was. It wasn't developers. It was all kinds of staff right. It was all all kinds of stuff. Yeah long-term working agents so it wasn't just like a Gig wasn't a fire. It was going to hire this person for months or years. This is a long term employee so the type of head hunting that you would get from talk towel however on a month-to-month relationship so you didn't have to make any type of long term commitment. The different top hasn't started a business model. Which is genius. I've spoken with those guys at length about it. Is They make you commit initial engagement in? They're very clear about how much money they take out of that initial engagement. So they know that they're actually profitable on that very first transaction for us we would spend thousands of dollars hunting For someone so we would in essence be providing full on recruitment services to someone and then they would end up working with us in maybe we would make a thousand dollars off of that engagement and were to three thousand the whole when they end up turning that person when they ended poaching them and the other thing that I kind of kind of defined it as like secret term or underground churn. No one would tell us the reason people returning right right because like who's GonNa say. Well I was coaching all of these employees. Into what did they say instead? Role they'd say wasn't the right fit or decided to go with somebody else or we're downsizing and then we ended up doing is we actually ended up doing a little bit of a trap so we we when someone would churn. We would email the employee right after that and we'd say hey. It sucks that you just lost your job. We have another one. That's a thirty percent higher salaries. You WanNa take it. Of course anyone would take that and it was just a test for us because we were really getting frustrated trying to understand what was going on here and then we found that almost no one was taking. Those in the nail in the coffin was actually a very good client of ours that ended up hiring couple of hundred people through our platform for a company that shall remain nameless because you probably interviewed him before he had left the company as their HR manager and he said Oh yeah we were poaching people from your left right and Center. That was that was a great business model for us right because legally exactly so we were basically deploying thousands and thousands of dollars worth of recruiting fees and getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars in initially that. Looks like a really good model but with churn especially when you look at the follow on components of turn We had eleven percent institutional term monthly term so that means that were out of customers within about six months and you need to constantly replace those customers but at the very beginning that looks really successful because it doesn't show up until month nine ten eleven twelve thirteen ounce exactly where it was and Yeah it was a. It was not a good mall so what we decided to do. Is WE ACTUALLY TURN DOT COM Enterprise version of time. Dr Which is our time tracking tool for remote teams in the entire time that staff dot com is running. Hunter was doing catastrophe. Will numbers. Were solid We were making money hand over fist. And we were deploying zero marketing budget zero sales budget. It was just literally running on product based marketing the entire time and we realize marketing for this for for referrals. Seventy five percent approximately of time. Dr Customers Right now come through a referral so the way would work is. I'm trying to think of how you get organic referrals time doctor. The only thing I thought was I imagined people we're going to staff dot com signing up hiring somebody and then saying you know what? I want to make sure that they're tracking their hours. Right time doctor will do it. And they sign up and then if they had another staff member from a different part of the company that's number would need to be on time doctor to because then it becomes weird if it's two different platforms. I'm just thinking about like inch to referrals between different clients for time doctor so we would have someone. Don't doctor and then they would refer to their friends so it still around that ratio right now. We actually do very little known advertising. The vast majority is just churn. Mitigation in making customers are happy in the software's working properly. So if I go to. So how did you get your revenue for time? Doctor? It is I know you'RE GONNA ask this type of a question. I DON'T WANNA GET. Were in the seven figures. You weren't at Tom. Sorry I meant Dr High. Seven figures a month a year. Wow I I listen people's ear. Wow and its high-margin headache and then with it software. How many headaches you have to deal with with humans. Yeah again as well for US I mean again. The the business model was very clear. Time doctor was asked product. We could consistently breakdown our quarters. We understood exactly where we were GONNA go. Stop Dot Com. Was this business model that realistically. We probably needed to invest twenty to thirty million dollars to be a top tau fiber up work or freelancer which are really the big players in the space. The each approach did kind of sector of the industry. And that's something that we didn't necessarily WANNA do. You didn't want it. Why why would investing more money allow you to do better? Will we would have been able to get past that institutional term. That probably would have been so when you look at these two sided marketplaces there is. I don't want to get into the business of some of these other guys in the space but a lot of them have very very high churn in the way that they win is go up market so you need to be able to Kinda. We knew that we could get a customer in the SMP space less than twenty employees very very easily but to convince someone like Dell as an example. I don't know if you know what Andy Triple from. Crossover so really smart guy definitely have on the show. He's very quietly. Actually deploying massive amounts of people Over to remote work through his company but what he did is with crossover. A crossover was actually from his He would one of our clients on upward and then all of a sudden upward decided to jack up the prices and he basically said well. I think I'm going to build another platform. And he built crossover out which is basically an enterprise Kind of like two sided marketplace DP which is a business process outsourcing company which basically is. Like if you call mastercard right now. It's not actually mastercard. That's doing the phone call with you. It's a company that MasterCard has subcontracted. There's again a lot of different cases inside of remote work That being one of them in. So this is these two types of clients that you really want. And that's the type of clients that comes topped out upward freelancer. Really make their money off because the bigger companies. They're not looking. They're hiring a lot and they're not looking to two girls and outlet sued right guided by people like me and I guess if it's one or two it's easy to do and it makes sense but if you're if you're hiring hundreds of people then it becomes a lot becomes a lot harder to bring them over. We can manage ten enterprise clients and you can make sure that they're all honest. If you hire ten if you have ten thousand very small customers and they all start turning people you could go. After each of those people legally they were all breaking all of our contracts every time. But are you going to spend twenty thousand dollars to go after a ten thousand dollar loss question? I it's just it's death by thousand cuts would map barry from freelancer dot com. I remember when I flew to Australia. I interviewed him. He's really high on his own Marketplace I wonder why people don't steal freelancers from freelancer dot com Jask. I didn't think too I didn't think of that. I I wonder with upward to the only thing I can think of is. I'm I'm projecting my own experience on work with I need a quickie thing and I want somebody to do it and then I'm done move on and that person wants the credit so they could find somebody else and I'm not thinking about the individual. I'm working as much as I'm thinking about the platform that will let me do a bunch of tasks even though they don't Wanna be thought of his tasks as platform will. That was a very interesting addition to works model. When you look at fiber fiber really moved up work. Moreover to fiber than upward moving over to fiber so fiber was like a GIG economy. Eight five dollars. They started with five dollars. Gigs right so you do something for five bucks and get it done. That model is incredibly successful because again it goes back to Uber. Congress had earlier. I don't want Andrew. The Uber driver. I want an Uber Service. The person and the percent disposable. GimMe the next person who's going to do this thing. Give me the next person after that and write songs marketplace into that direction. You're going to be a lot more transactional and yes. You're not gonNA have these long term relationships however you're actually going to have zero churn because you're gonNA use that person once maybe twice. Maybe maybe three times right realistically. Are you gonNa go through the process of actually trying to turn that person out in comparison to a platform like top? Tell where it's long term working relationships top. Tau Says I want to become a whole before. I actually engagement with you. And those are just two completely separate models in we were trying to do. Be Pay what you want to do it month to month auto that you would get from an upward or fiber but provide the quality of topped out and we ended up losing our shirts. How much money do you think you lost on? That domain was half a million dollars. So that's a complete right off We probably spend another million dollars like development marketing ECHINACEA so probably at the end of the day. One point five two home okay. That's a lot but considering that you've got a software product that's making at least a year so you doing okay. So yeah I mean we didn't I mean that's the beauty of Saas products is if you have a saas product time Dr that's consistently generating really fantastic revenue. You can make those type of long game kind of moves and if you lose then you just go back to your other product rob your co founder. Still in on the business guy looking for like ten years. I feel like you're the guy who does the work in rob the guy who sits back and maybe made the investment. Why do I see you always face come company and robbed the Guy who my kids you said that not a Nora Raum? Having a ton of fun so like. I mean I think between Mian Rob we have a really good relationship where we definitely have Union Yang. I think in any type of co-founder relationship. Your weaknesses should be the other person strengths and so rob a really good worker. He's really focused. He understands large scale strategy and he can organize. I am disorganized. I get up and go. I'm message you today. I said. Hey 'cause it was on We we've been doing tons of press the last couple of weeks with regards to the current pandemic that everyone's running everyone's working remotely and you've had more experience. I imagined than just about anyone else. And so they're all interviewing you about it. Okay so you're way of doing. It is messaging me and we miss it back and we ended up at seven thirty my time. What what time is it for? You can thirty. Oh Ten thirty your time doing this. Okay that's the way you work. And how does Rob Work? Oh He's more plan. We're GONNA play the plan in this way I may. I'm like a ready shoot ing type person in his. He's the other side of that. So it's a whistle work responsiblity breakdown so I do marketing and robs the CEO. God so that's why I see more of your face because even at the conference I was wondering maybe rob is not involved in the business anymore and he doesn't feel comfortable telling me in private. I'm not looking to push. You are on stage. You were working the crowd. You are making sure that everything was taken care of running a remote in Bali. Rob Was I think in shorts. I think he was wearing open. Toed shoes like sandals or something using chillers is how are the kids Andrew. You know who it is talking like. I Dunno like he's also I mean definitely running has been mired project. It's something that I've been very passionate about and I realized this was something that running remote was a project for me where I said I really WANNA hang out with more people that are building large remote teams and. I'm getting frustrated that I can't really hang out with these people and the events that I was going to. They weren't my type of people and no fence towards any type of people but they just weren't my people so I said okay forget about it. Let's just run an event for Funny Year one running remote which you can see my opening address I don't know if give her the Pierre. Peter thiel question what yours. Do you believe that other people that most people don't agree with so I picked the running remote idea to rob and ROB said you won't sell twenty tickets? And he also knows how to push my buttons properly because he knows that gives me the motivation to stay. Oh Yeah I'm not going to sell twenty tickets watch and you know we had five hundred people For for the last event. So that's Kinda raw in in a nutshell is just sort of like the the the strategist and then. He can point me in the right direction and I can just go and I sometimes if I'm going in the right direction. But usually he can kind of come in and say you're going to actually wrong direction. Let's just figure it out but was running around. It's been a passion project for me. I call it my Friday business right as the business that I do. Not Today obviously The last couple of weeks all running remote because we realized that that's what the world needs right now but Long Short I mean it's it's definitely a great project in. We still had a really good relationship. Me Rob I just love the people that I love the atmosphere you guys created for it. I'm still in touch with people from there. What's the guy from five hundred startups? I'm blanking on I. I see his face. I just saw him on. Marvin Marvin is still chat. There was like an investment that I made with someone and I didn't know whether to trust them. Even though I knew the person for years I and Marvin I just met in Bali because we were stuck in this environment not stop. We're in this environment together. And he faces having dinner together talking about wives in like relationships. And that's what do you think of what this this person's doing over here seems a little bit shaded. Amigos you know what it's not a shady. This is how it works in the BBC community. You can't fight it. That's what that's what you have no leverage here. Then you might as well work with what you got or you're going to have to go in and fight without leverage all right. I got I got what I need and we talked through a little bit so you then close it down my senses. Here's you know. Let me take a moment. And then I'll my psychological analysis from an outsider's point of view just to give you something to disagree with the correct. I have another drink. Your drink driving. Yeah I'm drinking rum and cokes. Right now I'll be honest with you. I'm into that. I realized I don't have a violin so I thought I might as well just drink instead and for me it. Yeah I mean I I gotTa tell you we've been. We've been at a point where I don't know if you know the situation that we're currently experiencing candidate but we're on lockdown Soho countries not. Yes so no restaurants. No copy shops groceries and pharmacies are open. That's it in. We are probably a couple days from quarantine to be honest with you right. So we're GONNA have to print out a piece of paper and we're GonNa have to tell people. Yeah this is where we want to know when that's going to end in so that's kind of something that you know. I've done as much preparation as humanly possible in in to be completely honest with you. I'm having a my first my first kid baby girl in July and I don't know but we're GONNA be doing over the next couple of months. I mean worse with the medical systems. Gundy July right. There's we have socialized medicine in Canada. Thank God for me. But it's still one of those things that close and we're all dealing with that. I think every single person on planet earth. How much does that take a large part of your thinking? I'm probably thinking about a couple times day realistically definitely. Yeah I mean it's something that I'm I'm trying to prepare for as a business owner. You're always trying to risk right like it's always one of those things you thinking. Okay how do I build this? How do I build that? How do I make sure that this doesn't break in so going through these things in? It's creating a lot of anxiety in a really bad feedback loop. I had to get my My in laws out of Costa Rica last night we had to buy them first class tickets out of Costa Rica because the airport's closed And you know we got Canada. Got Out from Costa Rica Back to Canada but the closing in Costa Rica Canada. The airport closing Costa Rica. Wow Sto they were but in our in fifteen minutes before the airport closed. So you know these. These countries are shutting down. And we're we're currently in that process right now and it's it's it's definitely scary It's something that the only way that the only thing that I'm really focused on right now is teaching people how to work from home because I know how to do that. Better than most in several. That's what's keeping me busy but realistically that's that's pretty much one of the biggest things that's kind of keeping my anxiety at bay. I had this situation where I was walking with my kids outside. And I realize I'm telling so much about what's going on because I'm the type of person who's super open with his kids and I realized it's a very weighty thing for me it's kind of crept up on us as I'm telling them about international news and one of the points in the news is that there's this virus in China and I'm naturally telling them the next step and the next up before you know it. I'm telling him you can't leave the House I as we were walking back home from a forget where it was the grocery store where. I told them that they couldn't go back in I. I realized what they can go into the grocery store taken back might be freaking out. Eileen down and I said to my son don't worry I'm going to you've got parents are going to protect you. We're here to stay to protect your. You're totally fine and I realized I couldn't get through that incentive. I started choking up. I started like almost tear up and I said this is the exact opposite of what I think they need right now. I took them into the house five year old and a three year old then said. I'm going to go in the store by myself. And then I got the food quaranteed food outside of our house for twenty four hours in case there's 'cause I heard that there's something on the cardboard but after I got back into the kitchen. They were sitting in the living room and I started to tear up and I said I don't know what's going to happen to them. What's going to happen to them if I'm not here? Who did they go to? Even if I could get past this. Let's go to happen to them. And that hit me really really hard and And I feel like that was my low point and it's the low point for now but it's tapping into something that I'm hiding away as I'm trying to deal with the everyday stuff of work of of Preparation like you said. Have everything else. Yes shed all my tears about a week ago You didn't have all of these other issues. The baby the the business trying to tell people trying to digital known not to travel has been my mission over the last few traveling. They're super spreaders. Yeah they've it's been they've been forums in there saying Alex. It prices are going to be super cheap and able to get hotels it next to nothing. That's true you're probably not going to die from the KRONA VIRUS. That's also true. You're going to spread it to my father who had a stroke. Two years ago was on a ventilator six months ago and he he gets it he's not GONNA make it by. Grandfather is ninety two years old if he gets it. The chances of him making is not very good. You know a lot of people are going to get seriously ill. So that's one side of it. I also Kinda shed all my tears for the life that we had right and he had a couple months ago. I really like my life. You Know Apple. Six months of the year. I know that you did to the life that we have experienced up until this point is not even a one percenter light. That's the point one percent because it allows you to have access to such a massive amount of freedom and interact with so many different people in that life it least for the next few months to possibly years as over instill that really hit me about a week ago. I don't know whether or not that's GonNa hit me again. It's probably GONNA really start to lock in after we've been born for a couple of weeks and yeah. I mean that's something that I'm definitely dealing with But but again for me the way that I usually get out of the situations I put myself into work and that that seems to just Kinda push those ideas to. Yeah you know what when I was with the kids and like prepping for everything that is when I was eight feeling today I have felt better than I have in so long because my groceries were actually delivered to the accidentally delivered to the office where only allowed to go out to go get groceries. I came out to get groceries and it just felt great. Sit here at my desk and take an interest in people like do research on what they're saying and come back in and be I should This is kind of a Downer to go into an AD. I've always wondered how how it is that the daily The New York Times podcast can transition into ads. What they do is they take a moment. It almost feels like maybe they might App is broken when they do that and then they take another moment of complete silence and then suddenly the ad comes on and there's nothing like and they go into it so I'm going to have to do it with without that transition. I will just clearly say to people. This interview is sponsored. Made possible because of a company called top Tau You know you have some experience with top tau. They're paying me so I feel like it takes a little bit away from my My ability to endorse them. Even though I've been a customer there's of our longtime what what do you think is is? What do you like about top towel? What works for you about them. So as a one time competitor in now partner with running remote Is Probably the best firm on Planet? Earth for long-term remote engagements their ability. If you have the resources topped out is absolutely the best place to be able to find. Top talent particularly remote top talent. We've used them. And a bunch of other companies partners have used them. Hard developers developers hire. We've heard a whole bunch of people through top tell it's usually when we need to find someone very particular though like maybe we need to find some Server Admin guy that does this particular type of technology there might be eight hundred on planet earth. Optel can find you that person you're GONNA pay more for that but if you need that type of technology and you need to deploy in that way. Well you've basically got no better person top talent to be able to do it. And if you'd be oftener in the network I think what blockchain became hot as a as a as technology they went out and got all the top block chain people in their network so that when somebody needed to work with them you can get started with a right away We've talked a lot about top down here so I'll say here at the end of this ad is if you want to hear from them. Us top Tau DOT COM SLASH MIXER. G. and they'll give you eighty hours of top. Tell develop credit when you pay for your first eighty hours. In addition to a no risk trial periods are really. They'RE GONNA make it easy for you to get started with them. I've been with them. I'm happy with them. And it's it's worth at least exploring by going to top towel. Dot Com Slash Mixture G. T. O. P. T. A. L. dot com slash M. I R. G. Y. grateful to them for sponsoring. The you know I wanted to come back to my side. I was trying to understand the person as much as the company. I remember when I interviewed Rob Ross. In years and years ago his big thing was that he did well in a affiliate marketing. But then there was nothing there. He wasn't leaving a legacy. He wasn't leaving a business that survived. This was Oh look I found November twelfth twenty ten and his big thing was. I want something that can outlive me. I wonder if what was happening with. Staff DOT COM was him saying. I'm willing to invest in this because I need this business that survives. It means something. It's not a fly. By night moneymaker yeah. Rob Is always wanted a billion dollar company. That's that's what he really wants to build at the end of the day and I totally respect that. That's not me. I'm happy to be brought on that ride to be honest with you but that's not my DNA for me. I would probably if we knew we were going to make it to a billion and we had an offer for a hundred million. Probably take one hundred million because that's a good solid win for me but rob's always focused on. Hey let's go bigger. Let's go better. He was the one that convinced me to invest in staff com domain name. And we just wanted to keep going big in you know we. We lost on that one but the reality is is I think those types of winds eventually end up panning out at the end of the day. Why didn't you sell staff dot com to someone like Matt from freelancer so number? One Matt is really bad by. Accompanies his visions crap. Yeah I'll tell you I mean I think we've had a man actually uses time. Dr By the way freelancer I believe uses them for some of their operation. So we're friends with with everybody inside of that space but I think that that's probably also another decision to the CEO. I E my co-founder rob. That wants to go big right. It doesn't think that's really important. Inside of CO founder relationships. I see a lot of CO founder relationships that end up going sour when there isn't a very specific when there's a very clear scale I hate the co CEOS. I think actually if you analyze the whole of like co-ceo CEO relationships in companies. It probably see an interesting connection to failure rate. So if ROB MAKES DECISION. I remember we had A. We went down for twenty four hours about a year and a half ago on time doctor and we lost about a million air in those twenty four hours. We just had just massive damage to the business. Because we're time tracking company and we're in time tracking companies can't track time up people quit very very wow okay and we actually ended up completely switching our infrastructure and we had a conversation about three and a half years ago. Do we continue on with their current infrastructure? Or do we completely re factor our code base in Gopher new build and I remember. I was getting voted by everyone else in the company including rob and I said this is ridiculous. We need to re factor. I said rob you're the CEO. I completely disagree with your decision but I'm prepared to make the best of this of your decision. You possibly can Robert the decision. We made the wrong robin. The wrong decision actually later told me. Hey listen I made the wrong call. You were right. I was wrong. That was that was very big of him but at the end of the day you need a C. O. To make a decision because sometimes just making the decision is actually better than no decision at all. Okay and so the reason that he didn't WANNA sell was. He said why. Bother with this petty sale to really aggressive. Let's just take it will use. This will use the domain for something when the traffic or something. I'll give you a perfect example of what's currently happening right now With Time Doctor. Time doctor is a critical tool towards from overwork. We've twenty extra leads in last week. We're now trying to figure out who to give the technology to that has the most need for it because we don't have enough capacity to be able to hand out seats to everyone that can get it so we know we're going to make a ton of money off of off of what's currently happening right now and we're just trying to out. Who needs it the most? How can we get basically the software into their hand? You mean you want to you want to not you want to spend money to make the software free for the right organizations. Yeah so right now. If you're doing anything connected to the virus Bennett. We're GONNA get you to use the software. We can use the software. You can use it for free right now. Just message me. We'll figure it out. We're also having other companies that are coming to US saying we need to deploy in. We'll come back and say we can't give you those many states. We don't have the capacity right now because it because there's a there's a refractory issue when you go so when you go twenty x increase in your in your capacity of any software. We're going to have two months to retool our technology able to basically absorb all of those extra seats so we're turning people away at this point And that's you know that's obviously. I never thought we would have this problem. And the reason that's happening is because your before you twenty leads. Twenty ext twenty x leads. You know. That's the thing that's amazing to me about Eric. From Zoom Zoom is still staying up considering all the waste. It's that's put on his shoulders right now. You and I are doing this on zoom. It's holding up. My KIPP. School is now meeting on Zoom. Because it's holding up Yup and I'm so that's another difference between a venture cap- adventure back buzney publicly traded and then publicly traded company strapped company. Where you say well. We don't have to think about twenty accent in the next month or two right because that would not be the right dollar then we need to do now is make sure that we can double to triple every year. Because that's that's the most cost effective way to be able to do it. Then all of a sudden you're dropped with governments of the world wanting to use your technology in a saying we can't do it for you right now and that's what's happening with. Dr. That's what's happening with time anywhere that somebody's GonNa listen to this and say oh. Tom Doctor can't handle it. I can maybe take a twentieth of their leads and start a business and copied this model for it will send them to you. We owe so for us. It's it's really. It's just an issue of for right. Now let's try to help as many people as we possibly can. Let's get technology. It has many people's hands as possible. I've been very concerned about Developing COUNTRIES COUNTRIES. That don't have social nets People that are out of work right now that they're not going to get their their government subsidy check that's coming in over the next couple months. Those are the people that I am very concerned about The so yeah. That's that's not thinking about right now trying to figure out how we can. We can do that. I'm telling you working our butts off. Imagine I'm working fourteen hour days every day and everyone else in the company is doing that as well to be able to make sure that we're staying up and that we're staying solid for existing customer base in the people that wanted but there are definitely some customers that we have to turn away at this point so then what are we doing telling people go see running remote dot com. Why are you bothering with this? You got a whole company running. You got a baby coming you got stockpiling to do you got a running coke to run rum and cokes drink. We're trying to re to dull occur. What do they say? Let's try and get less people get infected with crow virus? That's what do you do good work right now. It's not like you're GONNA you're not GonNa Save the money that you lost in the conference right donations across we just had a client. That's now going to came to us. And they said we want to give you some money for for remote We said No. It's really just we just WANNA give it to people for free. If you want to go you don't have to pay anything. If you can give a couple of bucks to the Red Cross. That would be great. I think that there probably the people that are going to need it in the next three months time doctors doing great right now thinking to ourselves. What can we do? So you've taken on in addition to your own work you take it on the agenda of the world and you got the baby and you got your family. And that's that's why. What is it about you that makes you WANNA go do this? I WanNa make sure that the hospital is still working in July. That's it you know my first question to you is going to be a you profiting off of this. Are you only doing this interview instead of interest today because what you're trying to do is capitalize on this this crisis and I was gonna say it in like I was GonNa say but knew that? That's not what you were doing. I was GonNa let you have room to bring the elephant out of the room and then I I said there's something going on here. I can't even ask that question because it's like sad to even ask that question. I'M GONNA ask the question. It's this real. Which is what the hell why you have to take on this world like what are you. What are you trying to do now? Kick air customers. Take your family. Take care of your FA- of your your upcoming baby. Why why do you might more? I think if we if we're not stepping up and trying to help solve this problem We're all screwed. I think this is something. What's that famous quote when good men do nothing evil? Yes yeah I only wielded for something? I'M GONNA look it up That's where we're at right now. I think we've got a situation that is completely unprecedented in the last century This is a Spanish flu type of event and we all need to be able to figure out what we can personally do. To be able to mitigate that and for me I want to be able to have a completely selfishly I wanna have a snappy baby girl. Her name is Stella. Mary has already chosen. That name won't have a happy baby girl who live in. I WANNA be able to make sure that I can walk outside my door in the summer. That's that's like I don't care about any of this money like when you compare those two things I was doing before. I'M GONNA do well regardless of whether or not this. This happens or doesn't happen. Freedom of movement is priceless to me. And that's what I'm trying to help. Stop Yeah Man. We did have it. We knew we were lucky to have to be able to go out and just see people from all over the world. I think Martin was from Taiwan. Another guy who is from Indonesia. His difficulty was that he had a passport from Indonesia and he couldn't travel. But you still in Taiwan as living and I've been chatting and so you want to bring back back in the world. My head goes out to all the digital nomads. I Love Digital no-man's if definitely like they've got a real I consider myself a digital nomad. And I'M GONNA call it right now digital nomadism. It's canceled for twenty twenty. Yeah you're right now. I can see why you're so bothered when when you're doing all of this you're staying up right now. It's almost eleven o'clock at night after a day of working and there's somebody who says I think I can find a good deal going to this other place and then from there go get another deal and I'm going to continue. I could see how that selfishness has really painful watch and it's it's not necessary if they understand what's going on if they could just wait a little bit. The deals don't go away. I don't know if you saw south Florida yesterday. Everyone out and south Florida. I mean it's ten thousand cases in south Florida for sure in a month it'll be one hundred thousand in another month. That will be a million and in a month after that will give you a million three point four percent of people that get this die from it also empowers governments to say people won't listen. We have to force them to listen which I get. But we're here in San Francisco right now. They trusted me that I was coming into the office because the groceries was delivered. I I stopped at a red light next a cop. He didn't look over and go. What the Hell you doing out? Prove to me that you're doing something worthy it was. It was an understanding. And as you look in the street you can see. The people are staying home at some point. It goes away when people are abusing while we all right. It's running remote dot. Com is winning this event going on April twentieth. We would have loved to have done it earlier but we just literally couldn't get it together and put on an event that we were really proud of a on shorter noticed it's going to be went on zoom or something. No it's actually going to be on a platform Brennan Platform Andreas clinger. Who was also at running remote? He he got he absolutely killed it. He was fantastic. Says he says he works for Angel as technically but he's the product cut guy which I feel gives him a little bit more cool. Credibility in angel is gives him more. I don't credibility credibility. Yes what He. What did he built so at running out he was really interested in trying to figure out how could build a an Angel Fund for Remote for companies and so he was talking to people in all you about that in a couple of hundred thousand dollars in a couple of hours Literally just chatting with people at running remote and now the one of the companies that he that he invested is Hopping Dot T. O. H. O. P. I. N. Dot T. O. H. E. I. N. What IS IT H. O. P. I. N. Dot T. Dot T. o. Hop into yet. So it's a live events platform in so that's what we're going to be running A. They were very happy to give us the platforms for free. If we did not charge for it we were just doing it all based off donations and obviously not giving it away for free. 'cause if we gave away for free we break the servers. So we're all doing it onto a nation weren't only correct so we don't want a hundred and fifty thousand people there because we literally can hop in cannot afford it so we're creating that small barrier to entry but again if you need any other form of Education. I mean Our Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash running remote meath got hundreds of videos about remote work. They're all these expert talks up for free. You can check those out if you have any questions. Come Time Dr. Scream my name into the support channel in figuring out whatever you need. Do you WANNA go into a couple of tips for how to work remotely and then we'll let you go or are you. Yes sure that's this is. This is fine. I mean that's really what I'm trying to figure out with. People is I think a lot of people are scared right now. A lot of people have probably been put into a work from home situation in last week and a lot of them are not very technically savvy. Your audience obviously is very technically savvy beaten. Then I think a lot of people don't really understand the reality of wrote work. Let me take a moment having obligation to the sponsor because I committed. I WanNa make sure that I tell people. I'm not going to be heavy handed here. I'm just going to tell you if you're listening to me and you need a website hosted go to hostgator dot com slash mix or d. They'll give you the lowest price possible to replace experiment. And if you're learning if you're building you're you're GONNA do well with them K. You're hosting companies which them to hostgator dot com slash mixer. Gee You know. I'd never thought that it would be an issue. The tech part of it. I think you're right that I'm blind to it and then I saw Who is professor Professor Galloway from Nyu? He said I've been doing remote teaching for awhile in need when you bring somebody into zoom to coach and I thought really and then my kids school did. They didn't know that they could mute every frigging person on entry. So everybody's Mike was going nuts and I don't even know in Zoom for example where you can go and chat. I couldn't see my Jackson. Zoom where I said. Can you mute? Everybody and they were trying really hard and veiling at the most basic thing which is connected video which we do all the time. So you're right. I take it for granted. What else do we need to know? So running remote you actually have a consultants track Serena a whole bunch of remote work consultants and one of the things that they've been able to teach me which has been amazing is exactly that if you're bringing a large company remote let's save more than a thousand people one particular person that's coming to mind Sasha who is going to be doing a fantastic talking running remote and she talks about how she has to give one hour trainings on zoom for thirty people at a time bringing them physically into a room and teaching them how to use them for an hour and then bringing in the next the next group of people in the next group of people and those are the things that I think tech people kind of take for granted. We can push these buttons. We can make these things work but regular people you know what people would kinda call now work from home. The media's really calling it work from home which is frustrating. The living crap out of honest with you. It's remote I just. I don't like that terminology were remote for companies. Were building a remote teams. That was kind of what we all agreed on. Obviously but the media's using were home until doing all the problem I have with work from home is the temporary solution. Today is work from home at some point. We're coming out of our homes and we should know that we don't have to be holed up in the same place where we sleep that there are. I've been excited about working remotely because I could go to the beach. I literally don't all the time I did it the other day. It's great here in San Francisco if you sit in the right spot. The Internet is super fast. I go to museums and work from there. I do go to the Virgin Hotel here in San Francisco beautiful roof. Everyone is out exploring San Francisco. They're staying at the hotel. You Buy Yourself a cup of coffee bring you a carafe instead and you have the full ruth yourself to enjoy remotely inexperience in the city that you don't get when you're inside so I get why they're doing it but I think what you're saying is as a temporary focus on the location when what we should be doing is saying. It's not about the location. My right it's about freeing people so the other thing that's very cool is a buffer. Put out a report remote work report last year. They found that ninety six percent of people that have a remote work engagement. Do not want to go back to an office model so I think the other thing is going to be very interesting in the next couple of months is all these people are GonNa work remotely. There's going to be a huge economic meltdown. Everyone's going to zero in companies are going to try to figure out. How can they cut costs? And they'll say to themselves man. It's been two months of US working remotely. It looks like actually doing pretty well. It looks like everyone's pretty productive. Why are we keeping this? Obviously that's twenty percent of our piano. Maybe we should just cut that. That's probably a good idea right. I think that we're going to see a complete. We were projecting a lot of the studies projecting fifty percent of US workers working remotely twenty twenty eight. We're already there now today. Fifty percent of the US workforce was injected to be working remotely by Twenty Twenty Eight. And we're pretty much they are right now. So that's that's huge in people at work promote stay remote. They don't want to go back to an office model so I think we're getting fee. A huge huge movement over to a remote work model after this is over because people are going to get that taste and realize not only from an individual perspective. Hey I like working remotely. But more importantly large corporate are going to realize we're getting the same productivity out of our employees man. Employees are happier end. It doesn't cost us anywhere near as much like just having an office leafs in having equipment and computers and all that kind of stuff that adds on average thirty percent the cost of an employee you can wiped clean when you're working remotely okay so we're seeing. This is a long term thing. What advice you have for somebody who's going. Who's taking their company remote or for a person who's being taken remote so you really ought to break this down into like what to do today. What did you next week and what to do next month today? The player tools. So you're gonNA use something like twist or slack. Those are like instant messaging tools and again. I know your audience is a lot more advanced in this. But it's basically just a way to be able to communicate with the whole bunch of people to instant messages you can bring in a whole bunch of integrations. Then there's skype skype Free Zuma's paid I like soon more than stipe. But it really depends on where your budget is. Deploy those to get them up and running number two like basically the next week. Everyone's going to be working remotely. Really focus on communication. There's no can I have a minutes inside a remote one. I mean there's no can have a minute wait a minute which someone would just come talk to you about something can you can. Can you give a minute? I just can't come over here in each sock about something to wipe out the habit online. Why can't text you and just say hey can I ask you somethin'? They can but then you respond on your timetable not on. There's so when it's a human to human interaction if I'm interacting with you and I'm saying Andrew. Can I have a minute? You have to actually look at me right now. Be pulled out of your days. No immediate response. There is no media response. It's very a synchronous so remote is very At its core have like a hierarchy of communication in person beads video video audio off of the. Opiates INSTANT MESSAGING INSTANT. Messaging Pizza. Email as you move up the chain become more synchronous in your communication down the chain you become more age synchronous. A synchronised is better for like deep work. My friend Cal Newport wrote a fantastic book called Work Hennessy. Just go check it out as you move up the chain you become more synchronous meeting your information flow is a lot faster however you're going to get bugged a lot. You're going to get those. Can I have a minutes instead of remote work? It's mostly a synchronous communication so you have to plan out meetings and communication. You have to be very specific about it. What's the context? What are we talking about today? What's the what's the outcome of this meeting? How long's IT GONNA take? Everyone jumps on zoom so calls the other part of this. Is You need to really figure out right. Now where sacred knowledge exists inside of your organization. So what I mean by that is what does one person inside of the company No? It's absolutely critical to the business. If they get sick in not be working for a couple of weeks the business would fail so does end through know how to do payroll and no one else knows how to do payroll but Andrew Andrew. Get SICK NOW. No one gets paid so you need to assess you need to audit all of that sacred knowledge. Senescence process documentation right. Not something that I've been talking about for a couple of times. So we use a combination of tools if he wanted to do the free version. Google docs you literally have of these sharable documents. You put all of your process documents on there. You break him down until like a fire folder system. Then you just give it to. Everybody is it. It is a good start because everyone understands it. It's easy to edit and breaks. That's all I thought it was searchable. Let me tell people this. This is such a basic thing but it's really important when you share a folder with someone you think what you're doing is giving them the ability to search within the folder anytime you put something in there. People don't realize with Google docs if you share folder with someone if the dragnet folder into their google drive for it to be searchable and accessible in other ways and so they don't get it unless there's something weird with our company it have to drag the shared folder in Georgia. Yeah I sometimes wonder how people not getting this stuff. It's it's not there so the thing that I I like more than Google. Docs IS A. I'll give you two options trae annual if you WANNA go for a paid product. Yes so it's like a training manual. They've been running remote a couple times. They really are a fantastic product. We use them and great for just like putting all your process documentation one place idiot proof and you just you can train all your people in the second one that I would suggest that people check out is about dot it lab dot com slash handbook in for remote work nerd. This is this is the best has the largest remote I process document repository on planet or so they get lab has open source everything that they do instead of get left so if you want to know how they do a sales demo. It's in there if you want to. Actually you know what's really funny. Is they were a sponsor this year for running your mouth before we got cancelled. I'm still laughing on that. One end they all of their debate about whether or not to do sponsorship with get with with running wrote is all open source so you can literally look up all the email exchanges. Would what do I find? Not that in a in a on handbook. Would I find that I can send you the file they literally have everything open source instead of the organization? I'm GonNa do search yet. If you can find the search query running remote get lab. They actually have this interaction so I really love that with the business I mean. Dimitri who's the CTO and co-founder Levy spoken running remote before a good friend of mine. Really good remote work advocate. That's a place to start because every single process document you could possibly think of is already on that handbook and you can steal it. Dmitri set as steal it take it forget and you can actually have your own process document in place so between those two those tree solutions. Oh hang on a second found Jane. You'll get lab you can do it. I founded this is the CO founder Ueno Eager Barrage. Oh this is your eager ear. Yeah Yeah I love eager to actually sent him like a Middle Finger via via WHATSAPP that we're using felt so comfortable talking to him. He was like my buddy at running remote. So it's them here. Here's the headline Posted and get lab by Darren Murphy. Consider running remote conference twenty twenty eager. The CO founder has reached out to inquire as to whether sid like to be announced as an early speaker for twenty twenty conference. I want to investigate whether this is suitable opportunity. Forget let wild they put the whole thing. They're back and forth stations in here they did remove. Something's okay but but wow there I like that. This stuff is so over here. I think they also they probably put down how much they paid us. I can't remember what was it might have been wronged at this point but they do have a lot of air. That's just sorry I could have been I that in a couple of weeks. Oh got it closing this issue moving into Corporate Marketing Events? And then they continued the discussion. There I see for the twenty twenty. Wow we okay all right. I like that. This is all in there. Oh yeah yeah look at this. I gotTA stop because people can't see it. I had no idea you know. I heard that they were very open about this stuff but I had no idea what it looked like because for some reason I never thought to go in there. Oh yeah they're gonNA go. She ate a rate is. I'm going to read it out. Loud carried out loud. Yeah look get. Lab is a gold sponsor negotiated rate twenty seven thousand dollars. Us D of running remote twenty twenty. You lost that money now so I think every single sponsor has decided to support us in is going to allow us to their basically gonNA move over to the next following a volley lost. We lost six point. Eight percent of our ticket sales so we had six twenty percent of people that refunded and no sponsors so far in said. Let's move into next year which is really great. It's actually I wanted to video specifically about like how the cancel on event properly because a lot of people are not doing it. Well they're just kind of putting out an email saying hey were cancelled if you want your ticket. Here's a super complicated way to be able to get your refund. We were just like email us if you want a refund. You've got it right now. Sponsors emails if you WanNa get a refund you've got it up. Here's what we're doing instead. We're trying to run this free event. If you want to help support us we'd really appreciate it. We'll move it forward to whenever we have our next event which were hopeful is timber who knows this year. I mean who don't know right so we were just pushing it into a further day But that's that's the way to do it. Just be completely open also to on our youtube channel. I put down our entire piano every single year. So every time you finish Pinelli video and I'm like here's how much you are. Costs is so much we made you know. Here's the five thousand dollars that we made on your one. Here's the twenty thousand dollars that we made on your to. The website is running remote dot com. The sad part is as I go through my twitter. I see a lot of people who cancelled conferences council team meetings and all that because they're not allowed to leave the house and a lot of these places that that people booked there are. You can't have your refund mid one. I'M NOT GONNA ask you about this situation but I'll tell you that was. It was Brian Harris. Who said we're not allowed to go to conferences? And we're not allowed to leave and we book this place for our team meeting in San Diego. Here's the location and we can't get out of this thing in any way So everyone's being nice you're being great end still owe the bigger companies that we work with outside of our ecosystem a really really tough. I I can understand people that are just running events and I can understand where their head is at where they're just wiped out thankfully. We had the big brother which is time. Doctor that can bankroll this type of event on a in something that I think is disingenuous for me to say we lost a couple of hundred thousand at the event. But you know we're we're okay. We're we're going to be fine but I know for a lot of other events you know. They've gone to zero so they're probably never gonNA come back. Yeah all right running remote and great frigging group. I'm just looking at the site like Nick Francis. I got ready to go for a run. He and I just bumped into we sat down and we had I think one of us was having breakfast but not the other one and we just chatted about his depression and I can feel comfortable talking about it because he talked about even on stage And it's that level of people that could bring Nick Francis co-founder of help scout great help support email tight. I'm I'M GONNA get out of here and go home. I got all my groceries. I wonder if they're still even good after being in this hot office for the last five hours with me. I don't care though I kid this interview in this conversation working doing here at mixed reviews. Good I do at this point. I think this is not because of what's going on in the world and not to be too dramatic but I often think about what would happen if I die. What would my kids get? What would happen to my kid and what I really would like for them. To have is wow. This is not the way I wanted to say this but I really would like for them to be able to go back into the archives of what I said maybe at some point there'll be some just like I could find a photo in my multi-year iphone photo library just by asking. Siri for one thing. And I could find that moment. I would love it if at some point in the future if I'm gone for them to be able to go in and find my thought process within the transcripts of interviews and say that is who are. Dad was and today through this interview. They'll get to know. This is who I am and I'm really proud of the work that I'm doing here. Thanks for being on here many many many many times. And congratulations on being a good person and worlds. It's for people who are going out the party on the beach. Good Luck Andrew. I hope that we're really good in September and everything's fine And if it isn't we'll get through that to true that's true thanks. Running remote dot com everyone by.

Mian Rob DOT COM Dr. That Liam Martin US Andrew Warner Red Cross San Francisco Bali co founder founder CEO Austin co-founder MasterCard Hanson Hanson Costa Rica David Hammer
Four years in Christ 20200828.wav

Jesus is the Christ

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Four years in Christ 20200828.wav

"Hello. Okay so I won't give him you my testimony. Saved in. September two thousand sixteen. Beginning September two thousand sixteen. That's when I started to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And I was saved by. Simply believing in Jesus Christ. And since then I've been reading my my Bible every day. I. Think it is every day. In Mayo two, thousand, seventeen I discovered. The King James Bible and that's when it really took off for me. When I discovered the king, James Bible, and since then I've since the May two thousand seventeen, I've been reading the kingdom's bar before now we're every day. and. I live by faith. Ever since then. And we shouldn't talk about the time before our. Our Salvation you know it's it's the post and. but salvage is by grace through faith in Christ alone. and. It's not a works. As a Sade Christian, it benefits us to to to live by faith. You know to to read our Bible every day. The King James Bible at because we can grow. As say Christian when we read our Bible every day. If you don't read your. Bible every day. You won't grow you know. So that was. Sad may two thousand, seventeen I started to read the King Games and? September two, thousand, sixteen, I got saved now a days when I make this recording this. It is almost timbre it distance I think that like the twenty. Fourth of Woolworth's store something two, thousand, and twenty. So I will must be safe now for four years almost. Four years and. In the beginning, I was a member of of some churches. I initially. I wasn't a member when I could save but I became a member after I got saved. Over Church Another church also. But was part of you could say for why? And I guess I actually was most Porto Bible Studies in third. Church also. You can say that I. would. That was basically the first two years? I would say In two thousand. And Eighteen. No two, thousand and eighteen. Yeah. No tooth two, thousand, eighteen. I started to leave. Leave the churches. and. One choice I left permanently in no actually it was in May two, thousand, nine now January two, thousand, nine, nine, left one of the churches. That's it. And then. In October two, thousand, nine, I left the other. And you know now now I don't even enter short use because they are Mian and I think that. By. When they are on free grace, the churches. I don't think it's good to be there because they have. I would say that there are people running it. It's it's you get you get unclean spirits. Fellow Shipping spirits and. So I left the churches. Kingdoms Bible and. That's basically you know I've. I've come to grown in my faith. In the beginning I didn't really. Realize how I should. Everything I had a lot of. Faulty doctorine and stuff. Ideas. Eventually I realized that. We should take the scripture. We shouldn't We should just trust scripture and that's all you know we we trust the script it's not about. You know condemning people being nice to people is just trusting scriptures. It's that's the way it is an and. But misinterpreted scripture one once I was in the churches, it was difficult to correctly interpret scripture. And that's interesting actually that the actually have to physically churches I think to. Interpret the Scripture correctly now. I have no experience over any free grace churches. I have no experience when King, inspired Baloney Churches. So I call and speak. About charges. I leave in the European Union and the kind of churches have been calling with has been. have been million Well, basically, there's been Lutheran one and. You know the rest have been. Armenian you could say PENTECOSTAL and. based basically churches based on a methodist. You could click that come out of the methodist. And I think. That when they were not they, they're not correct on the Gospel A. That could be it. You know that that but also when they don't use the right Bible. You know they they use in Sweden the Bible's that I used to basically like the. So you have. But I don't know really I the Lord I don't know everything about the reasons behind everything but I do know that once I left the churches stoked physically entering the church is a lot of my trouble. Sold itself it just sold itself by itself. And I had. My. Life a lot better than I can say. Okay. So now it's soon four years I'd been saved. So. Yeah. I was thinking gears. Do this little short to quick testimony and. In the name of Jesus, Christ Kemondo yarn conspiracy throughout the each and every person. That listens to this.

Mian King James Bible Mayo Woolworth King Sweden European Union four years Four years two years
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DV Radio

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Number One Band You've Never Heard Of...

"What state radio. Tv radio is for you. The veterans active duty service member and civilian supporter of the military. Tb radio dot net. Is the online better network. May four and by veterans from original shows to syndication. You can find it here on. Dvd radio dot net in an effort to continue our mission and make better quality. Choose each and everyone of you. Visit our patriotic at patriotair dot com slash. The radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance your uncle up to you. There's a tear with rewards waiting for you so why not keep. Tv radio running get rewarded at the same time at the patriotic dot. Com ford slash. Devi radio. now that's patriot dot com slash db radio radio. Please remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show tv radio and it's strictly those of said individuals and do not reflect those of the stab nor the steph dysfunctional veterans cold. Water shot up your ass. You'll know you'll know living buddy phone call your happy. You gotta stay harder to target. And she's back with food in the mouth. Hopefully keep busy. I really don't have anything. Related to some bona fide white. People look dated all black people sunlight. When get excited. Shut up family. I get it up faster tv six. Then he lied to you the platinum. Don't forget everybody. This is bbc. Radio dot net. We are the professional unprofessional that the professional by. Ibm i no. This is the fucking noon. Oh you're tuned into double d radio dot net. That is it is right here on. Wdc radio dot net. It's live release twist on cast. Because you know that's a record and it's not live it is may eighth twenty twenty one. It's one day before mother's day and we'll talk about that in just a bit for a second or two. We got an frosty in the house and google's like albion around twenty to thirty acres. I gotta to pick up my daughter. 'cause she broke my fucking law. Anyway you guys doing tonight to batman lose bet just hanging in there and relax a little bit you know taking me again sound like you were fucking todd there for a second man. I was leaning back on the bed. Because i was tired of. Fuck things wants me. I can't multitask fuck. What happened the last time you did that. Speaking of that we didn't record it because it was after the show and well just don't record after shows anymore. Excuse me but a few weeks ago when we were doing the Barracks talk shutdown for say scape. We had krisel mian on congress. Were doing the after show. Me and chris are talking and it's only like half an hour after the show and we had said something. I forgot what we were talking about and me and him. We're looking at up and out of nowhere. We're here Fuck that fucking over there. Not the fuck out like straight up folks not hard. It wasn't that little it was I was like what borough being chris over here yelling at on. He's just going away at it and finally he wakes up. And we're like hey man you need to go to bed music like you need to go to bed. Yeah yeah ohka. He never got zoom. I had to kick him out of zoom. Was that fucking out of any word about a year ago. Playing video games to. I don't think i was there for that one. I think you'd already logged off. Switch games and yeah. He fell asleep driving a couch. Or something plan ric saturday the fact that i knew what game. You're playing by the fucking vehicle or the fact that he fell asleep while playing a game while riding a couch in game driving accounts drunk friend. If you're listening to barrett's talk and you're able to get dd. Radio dot net and and chat and sought to us. There's only me orchid frosty and chat for some reason this kid. Hey you forgot about the gerbil fucked the gerbil you never taught the fucking promote shit anymore. Flex that guy. Holy fuck but no Sadly i have no updates for the farm or anything in general because as always myself. Dvd six and not spoken one word to one another all fucking week that being said Dv six fucked up. Went live on google's personal page. Thought he was on veterans humor for like three minutes Thought figured it out and went live on the correct page veteran humor yesterday. I think it's about a half hour any updates. What's going on with veteran. Dysfunctional veterans on veteran humor. Dvd farm and all that stuff go over there and watched that video as far as all the things that We've talked about as far as what is it. That test and things like that. That still as far as i know set in stone. Dd six will become in. Dow jones is may eighth. So gilbert take the first part of june. He's going to be down at my house and then headed on the road trip as far as do unless things change. We know things can change. But that's life. The dvd way wouldn't be just watching veterans shit. Didn't fucking buck up all right but if you're wondering how you can help the farm department dot or click on donate tab and i'm gonna kill the bird. I'm legitimately going to fucking role her outside in chopper hit. Oh yes pita you heard me. I made a non threatening threat about the bird. Yeah to see me. Go for it. But i know. Dv farm dot or click on the donate tab. If you wanna give one time you can do that without a pay pal account but if you wanna give monthly you must have a pay pal account that is not our terms and conditions. That's pay pal also if you shop online and he had to shop online like i disabled. I can't get out and go to the fucking grocery store whenever the puck. I won't see you smile. Amazoncom deformed richard choice. A portion of your shopping cart does go through the extra fees or hidden costs. This goddamn bird on amazon dot com. It gives you farm your charity of choice and There's other places out there that do that. There's ebay there's humble bundle luna fi. There's a lot of places that actually let each use the charity to get back to and most of them do point five to one point five percent and that doesn't seem like a lot but if you've got five hundred people that eighty dollars worth of things that's a lot of money and we usually get the the check from the like amazon facebook and all that every quarter if i'm not mistaken and so it's a it's a lump sum of money so it's a few thousand dollars usually so it really adds up really quickly and don't think it doesn't also the speaking of facebook facebook fundraisers and all that jazz and monstrosity. Thank you guys doing that. Please don't stop. It helps so much more than you could ever possibly imagine. And i believe now 'cause giggle mentioned it here on the show about a month and a half months ago give or take That they do actually let them know. Now who done fundraisers. I don't know if it shows the amounts they raise but we do know that and we'll start trying to thank you guys for that when we get some semblance to how we're going to think you guys and if you donate directly to the farm google tries a few times a year to get everybody a thank you card or email or something like that thinking So yeah that's how you can help the phone. There's also the road to recovery t shirt at the radio sore. That's never going down unless it's like port. Which then i'm going to say you've got google for that. Took a minute for that one didn't but yeah All the proceeds from that shirt except the dollar goes to the farm at the end of the month when we raise one hundred dollars or more for that shirt. If it doesn't raise one hundred dollars rolls over to the next month so on and so forth same with anything else over there Pity s dog. T shirts which we do how they knew announced. Keep calm a shirt. It's not a unicorn. It's dog that t shirt and we also have the rhino dougie t shirt and i believe we still have the rhino doggy sticker. If i'm not mistaken All the d the against devi merchandise that goes towards Is it our underground rescue. That that right. And you're asking me beth. Rachad child rescue. And i'm sorry. I've not slept much this week. You guys please look Our underground rescue. If i'm not mistaken. I think that's the name of it and somebody's gonna not bitch. Please i do this so much. That my head is on fire. Now wires a crisscross you concussions. Over the years you do my job performing. Yeah i mean. I consider out for the most part but when she keeps doing this shit for an hour tonight s has already bad no so when she does shit for like a fucking our. I absolutely screaming like scooby and she just looks at me for like five seconds and then goes right back. And i'm like i'm gonna kill you won't be one less burden it's Let's see a believe that's offered that Blah blah blah blah blah. Oh so yeah we have a giveaway for on the radio How do you answer. Well if you wish to participate and the giveaway you have to go make a purchase a room. The dv radio store you have to purchase ten dollars or more And when you go to check out you have to make a note of it in the notes or instructions optional line. That's at the very bottom of the checkout portion to say enter giveaway or something like that you can use your credit card or pay pal suze for less multiple T shirts does not constitute multiple entries per order. But if you'd like multiple entries for one order for one person for one address she must spend forty dollars. Plus and that'll give you five entries whether or not if you purchase the Which shirts visit. Oh my god already fucking forgot. God dammit oh the. Dv radio rocket t shirt or the radio storm shirt those you that automatically review or ten dollars or more. We're forty dollars more each multiple. that's five entries. All the rules are on the tv radio website as well as the radio store website. Just click on giveaway on both websites. Please read it. Please read the fucking roles please please. I don't want to go through that again. Less see the shipping is not included in the ten dollars or more so if you spend eight bucks and then shipping takes your every ten no no. We're not playing that game. I don't get money for shipping. So that money does not go to radio goes to shipping. So it's called shifting. All entries must be made no later than june thirty twenty one at midnight eastern standard time. I'll prizes are from places like cable soup. Co. southern bet sweets combat flags bottled There's a few others and we're adding as we go on right now The prize value is three hundred dollars. So you know ten dollars twenty dollars for three hundred dollars or more worth shit sent to you on my in don. Don't think you can ask for anything more than that Second prize will get eighty dollar gift card from kmart soup company as well as a gift card. A fifty dollar gift card pre-born coffee roasters third prize will get a fifteen dollar gift card of the place that we have to determine We're still working on the third place prize right now. At least one hundred people don't enter. We may cancel the giveaway and hold off until we can get at least one hundred people to enter. Yeah you will not be able to get your money back if that is at least sorry. That's that's how giveaway so please don't get mad at one hundred people don't do it. You gotta share button and share the fuck out of it and be like yo three hundred dollars a shit ten dollars. Let's do it and this is a quality stuff. Yeah this like the actual products not the edible products the actual products or fucking great The most of them are handmade or they're made by veterans owned businesses and veteran employees things of that nature Personally i've got shit. From combat flags bottle breeder cave are so co. actually. I think everybody. That's on the list. Thus far i've got something from personally. And i love the shit out of it. Why wall awful. What woodworking is going to be making a Some kind of pin forgot what kind of pin and that is. So that's like a forty dollars. Fucking pin eighty dollars. Fucking peon right. Their backpacks for life is going to have a bag in there. That's already hundred and some dollars right there like if you guys think. This shit isn't high quality. Shit you need these research and it's not coming out deedee radio funds. It's coming out of bose pocket. So you're welcome if you win. Let's see anything else that i've not talked about that. We need to talk about update people. Would you say The the veterans doing there may may. Oh yeah for the month of for the month of may. She's doing another pampered chef. donation or fundraiser. So i'll put the lincoln chat for that one yet. You guys haven't went to pampered. Chef i you know would implore you to go peruse at least some the stuff you may not use a. You may not be interested in. That's perfectly fine but they got some great utensils and accessories for the kitchen For grilling Entertaining during something like that They've got small appliances. If you've got kids going to college or if you are going to college yourself this fucking bird. I'm gonna tell you what damn might as well. Just give her own fucking. Show that if you give an hour-long of her Just turpin away not not happening. Not in my fucking house and you said the funds for this month to form correct crossing which is correct employees. The latest post. I saw on it right and please use the link. Go through betsy. Ross's pampered chef page. I know some of your like no pampered. Chef suck no they. Don't get stuff from them and unless you're just some dumb ass that doesn't know how to fucking used cooking utensils. They're pretty fucking good. Oh it's like people that complain about any companies merchandise. It's like did you use it the way that you're supposed to use it or are you neglectful. I mean skill into destroyed. Did you scratch it with a fucking brillo pad yet. That's not how you clean that bitch me fucking hill. Anything else you guys can think of that. You know my brain's fucking misfiring on not off the top of my head anyway. The other real updates our six done live on the veteran humor page and toward the dv. Farm h yeah. He can't stay up past eight o'clock anymore so that's why he's rarely on the show if that hall anymore. If you guys are wondering so time damn this fucking right teed swear not set a goddamn fucking word all fucking day i get ready and start plugging up my microphone. And all she goes off. I'm like really all day. You've had sh twelve plus hours all day and you've not sat word all of a sudden you see me hook it up my microphone. Oh it's tied for me in my time like bitch. Please tell me this is our life. I guess we'll anyway so we are working on a few things for you guys for the community. It's not just didi radio community. It's for the dysfunction needs for everybody all inclusive. We're not gonna bet people there will be security protocols you gotta go through. You know. you're not bought. We're not gonna tell you what that shit is yet. But we're working on it Wink frosty chris and few others have been helping me. You know test out f- and As soon as we're satisfied we'll make note of it. Put it out there and let you guys come join us and find out what it's about and hopefully we can grow that into something big and fun and informative and resourceful and educational all that good shit. Excuse me. I can't say much more than that. Yeah like i literally can't i did. I did put a preview yesterday on twitter of one of the images and i replaced the actual name with. This is a secret. I know people are excited about it. A few people like. I don't know what it is but just fucking tell already knew. She sounds like a squeaky toy. Don't she got hold. Its one of those squeaky bones. Just won't give up on it. Yes on talking about like. I wish you guys could see her. Sunday's she'll stand on her little porch that we've got our on the outside of her house and she'll grab her house with their mouth and she'll do just like a dog and she'll like flail at back and forth and i'm like what did the house over to to you. Give you shelter bitch like an hide. Your fucking seeds what what has done to you. She was pretty good this morning. See before my mom got back from. Knowing better mother-in-law she she charts a little bit. You know she doesn't a little peeved meaner than our little back and forth and then as soon as she heard the car pull up bitch went over there and started fucking go into town on tweety bird. And i'm fucking please. And then she quit. She hasn't said a word. All fucking day bo plugs up his microphone. It's fucking scooby doo fucking hours sites. Jesus man speaking of mother-in-law's and mothers and all that stuff. I know that some of you. It's a hard fucking weekend. I know i know. I know i know i live at home with my mom. In eight. her mom passed rep before. I are not going to go into details about all that but i seeing her every year and it. It doesn't get easier so for those of us. Jews biological mom may not be living. I'm so sorry but knows that sh- we're all here for you if you needed talk or yell or vet or just ask somebody to check and hang out with tomorrow this weekend. There's twenty two until nine distress objected. Zero all sorts of places. You guys can go to I know that. Chris said they weren't going through it. But there's also the escaped format seascape forum dot com. Do you wanna go over there and just talk to people. It's there for you to use i. I know i like. I said it's a hard time for a lot of you. I've seen it in social media all week of seen. I've got friends who you know deal with this every year. I've got family members who deal with every year. So don't think i don't understand. I've already told everybody that is with devi radio. I don't know what the fuck i'm going to do. When i lose my mom because you guys know i'm fucking mommy's boy like stream light so wasn't for my mom would not be here like that's no lie. That's no exaggeration. She is the reason. I'm here today so again. I'm sorry for those of you who may not be able to actually spend time with your mom's but you've got a family here. Everybody wants to use mother-in-law singer. Mind free charge. I mean i'll ship willingly but sticker box the dicker here l. But for those for those of you who are able to celebrate mother's day with your mother's whether they're biological or adoptive or or whatever and you're not on bad terms. Because i know some people are gonna be like my mom or dad whatever Give them a call. Go see him take. Take five minutes out of your fucking day to say happy. mother's day. Trust me bussing. Trust me you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you don't know you're like it's just day of the. Yeah that's the fucking point. Why is there so if you can enjoy it celebrates it Spouses tell your significant other. How great they are pairing if they are if they're not you know give them a fucking how to parent mother in for dummies. But no Try to enjoy the fuck out of it. And like i said if you can at least pick up the phone and say something to them tell them how much love them all. That good shit brought the oil. You guys want to say anything to that trying to pull up that Funny ass host the market. I don't know if you've seen today. Not dude. I guess so many notifications from that motherfucker. Now out of nowhere. Nowhere out of nowhere. Facebook start giving me notifications for when you guys post or walking wakai commented on marquees davis says i don't care i don't fucking cares. I don't care who commented aware. Why exactly jesus yet anyway. I can't find it now. Of course of course you can't find it of course fucking pig. You sure ain't going artist. You sure ain't gonna get no fucking truffle hunting job il no because as a joke but to text your mother you that one. She replies back slap. Who you guys back you slap. Who me you ever slapped me. I'll beat your fat ass. I'm your mom. I hear an accent behind the to goes on and on and on league goes mama. I was playing klay my ass a joke to me. You ever hit me out on one big back or warm your big black bat look on democrat fucking this up warm your big ass up big back this booking alerts it is already read 'cause and i'll read it the way strider eat it going. He's trying he's trying to do this today. I'm not a joke to me yellow. hit me out. We'll meal big ass up. Big back baston. There you go. That's exactly what you hear when you read this like emil landlord at that. One put something different. I said i wonder if we can reach his ass. One hundred thirty hundred messages. It's gonna be more night after. Bob takes care resist. Yeah when i see that. I was like i could think of nothing more than some ghetto. Woman going slant. Who shit who you going to be snapping shit you on facebook serious politics or other bullshits marquee was here for was to read that fucking meam. That would have been great. Oh my god holy shit all right so let me bring this up. What was like. I thought they love. It was the other one they trickle. I was getting ready to introduce them. This shit i'm out so they're not gonna talk right now because we are going to take a break. We're gonna play one of their songs that you've not heard and we'll be back but we've got adherence own tonight. They are jim. Joel jared the three days of adherents. Which i don't know why earlier but i did so what we'll do is we'll go do a quick song break. You'll hear their song algorithms. You can listen to it on spotify and they'll tell you where else you can hear them. It's admit this is. We'll be back with adherence right after this. How you you won't have worked out Why go back down doc. Darsur paul our backed berra's taw and wd radio dot nan. Oh they can find the But because that's what they gotta do cut the can't By yen i can lean you time. Shit all right. We're gonna wait for adherence define your viewpoint zero. We love you guys. That was the song our than about here. it's again. I played that through spotify because i like a dumb ass. Wait until the last fucking minute to say. Hey you guys got p. Three padua display today. We don't Hq getting ready to set up you guys. Oh they found it. How you guys doing that. Hey was very enthusiastic. Hey do all right so first off. Thank you guys so much for joining to put your music here on dvd radio. I'm sorry we can't compensate independent artists. But the least we can do is give you a free platform to hopefully get you new listeners. And again it's an honor to have your music here on the radio in our daily rotation and when we do play songs here on the show that the unsaid. Why the fuck did you add your music to. Dd radio row or at florence on. Well we got a couple of us that meet certain one one. It's throw serving and the other one out so it'd be tough to a great organization. You be Ev in the armed and out there you know. Do you make some well appreciative Not just from me but from our other host as well as our listeners. As well because they've been hollering at me. Yeah more years. And i'm like hey i got these guys they gotta fill out a form so you did mention that. Two of you have served in one is currently serving. Which one of you is there that served you smart so we don't know here's joe. So what branch of service where you guys in which would lead us to which service you're currently in for the one that's Currently serving both in the army. And we actually. I met jim on one who iraq and hook up with me and rings the wr and We are ronstadt fool around usually me when we get back. Yeah it's cool deal. That's awesome that. Not only did you serve together and you know serving brought you guys together but music actually brought you guys together after you got back and you've been together ever since obviously right. Well yeah sixteen years. Jim help asked me going to dan with them back together right away i always the one all have been or i started the morale of years briars in when i got back and Music scene and i reached out to my old fires guarantees with a smile. And we've got. We've got finally out years of joe new reading in milan. that's great. I mean. I hate it took so long for you guys to get together. But the fact that she did and and you're making this awesome fucking music which makes it you guys make it sound like you've been together sixteen plus years honestly jimmy nine until through serving cspan and stuff and i was living in We got together off locker here at work. I never really outside. And many finally rule friend on facebook fiery out. Like all right. I'll go that's kuwait again. All fuck fucking gal go fucking play with him so shut the fuck up. That's that's the mentality right there. That gather all the way up iraq together so that guys you now when you were in iraq and you guys were playing together Like you said the nwa. Did you guys like try to do it as much as possible when you guys ran into each other. How did that play into your daily weekly routine on deployment. It actually didn't so this we will pro air and their. He just did it. Once in any gone. Overseas is so busy that we would you know do it on our out will at all so yeah like literally at one time at wrong it was. It was pretty good too. We actually little crowd. We almost instantly so it it worked out. Well guys walk a little small leaving unique practice damn yards the every way off when he hit it hard. And yeah you know. It's rare that a band actually is built own. The first play through if you will of just messing around i mean usually any garage band is brands. That have known each other through school. Who you know had tryouts after trials tryouts or or something of nature. But the fact that you guys like you said clicked almost instantly and in sixteen or so years later. You've got adherents that's props to you guys like seriously. I'm not even joking. And if you guys keep going the way you're gone you you'll go somewhere. I mean i'm not saying you know you'll be in the next megadeath metallica. Slipknot no no dal. And and i think more people should strive for something that seems immeasurable. You know in something that seems out of reach I think that's i think that's what a lot of today's kids lack. You know they. They don't wanna go for things that are so far fetched and just can sit there idle. So what type of music do you classify yourself in. I know some people are automatically going to say rock or heavy metal or something but what. You guys classify yourselves media. Metal is now got you know who we are all moulana melody wells profited through this. It's not just straight up in your face. You break it down so basically suffering that need be do or so you know right and i know i said it into one of the first emails that since you guys and i don't know if anybody else can hear that plays video games and i know point might hear it but i instantly thought of the band samurai from the video game cyberpunk twenty seventy seven instantly. Did these guys like actually played music. And we just give credit to this polish deed that arrays music like i said i mean you guys are relatively new band correct. How long have you actually been making music together. That is available on spotify and youtube and those places so know number of through. This week had dual the past year and a half melody and lack smackers. Matt's not hear us actually that We net of we are year. You're right so you'll always the last missing east last last night. We got all up at already. And now you're stuck with so yeah. Relatively huge will probably last year. Really that we started its blah right now. I thought you guys have been together for at least ten years. Because i mean you have that sale and you know what i mean It's like i said i hate to you. Know beat a dead horse but it's rare form that you know you have to of the band members that clicked instantly sixteen years ago and then you guys have only been doing the full ban for like you said a year and a half or so and then the come out with what is already available to the public in the foreign that it is wholly thought like you sound like you've been doing this for fucking ever. I mean property. Or w we hard working there. Is you know we all we might split. But we're i use you know you water different influences along rate or sometimes ration- you know kind of like marriage. You do africa optimize. I fall right definitely and i. I'm going to bring up a band. That's most of us know. Ramstein people ask them in interviews. You know how you guys stuck together so long and you know. We've not heard about arguments within the band breaking up and getting back together and farewell tours and till and flee and all of them said exactly what you just said. It's it's just like a married you have to have compromises and you have to have moments of your okay. We got to settle this right here. No if ands or buts about it no matter what anybody else says. We've got to do it this way. And then you've got through moments of Compromise and i think you know to have a long joyous career as a ban. You have to make sacrifices and you have to you know. Come together whether you want to do or not. It's one of those give and take moments and that's at you know. A lot of people fell that as well when it comes to bands might be talking about my ass only cross the bird now listening to the quality and arrangements and all that of your songs because literally listen to every single song that i can buy you guys. That's out there in the public. Obviously the quality is fucking amazing. It's sounds like you're going to an rca or something and recording like joke For kids that don't know what she is. But how long do any of you have any background in. You know sound engineer or anything like that or did you guys sit down one day and start funding putting together. I mean i got some experience with four arms further sound so We get a lot of our own recording there. So i would only winning. I know we worked together with matt and got everything set up and reported the shit on their own. Just like just like retrieve you know your competence or whatever you you'd walk in and you you you your basics and as you grow internet creating getting went on and on and on you interested people that are older more experienced. And that's exactly what's on it by that record and report rain in one. That's all that battery. Is you learn to get wonder sleepy right. And and like i said props to you guys on the sound the quality everything i i. I'm i listened to it. And i was like these guys are independent. There's no getting away but speaking of being independent you guys aren't behind the label. It's all from your flicking selves right. Like you're the ones that put in the work put in the blood sweat tears the money all of it right. Yeah absolutely software that they you'd eliah workshop where you would on the computer and everything ridiculous brag nixed often. The more hurts so you know. I'm i'm enjoying company. Yeah thank you. Thank you for saying that. Editing audio is fucking fun. It can be fucking fun. I've been doing this since two thousand thirteen people like that looks so complicated. I think our light it plays like when you find out that you can make somebody sound stupid by remixing exactly the things you need to remix. And the order that you need to order it in and then render and the ad them say that they fucked chief or something even though they never said that. That's fucking flying all right. I i've made say a few things that he's never said before. I'll say that when you didn't mix frosty fucking it up so you did. Yeah that that's that might be a one time only thing. They're not made any money off of that single but frosty. What are you guys. Wanna ask these three jays from the adherence and find out about what they're doing or what they do and all that good stuff. Well for myself. I know boeing i and everybody else here. Raves talked about music therapy and that we believe music provide a certain type of Therapy mood especially. If you're sad. Happy angry whatever. What type of music do you guys. Listen to Given dosa states you know if you're sad or happy you're you just pissed off well Though since i was a kid. I used music therapy and then wall or actually painting and use that as therapy as well usually. It's anytime sad or angry or whatever. I don't really listen to listen to sad song films on the list. If it's not all what's that all they're not angry almost know maybe from san probably i mean when i was growing up you know. My dad listened to rock the older rock. Obviously elvis and stuff like that mom listened to you know patsy kline country and stuff like that and i find that i've actually gone through phases where you know they keep playing the same rock songs or whatever saw switch it over to the country for a while and then they do the same thing on that damn station will play the show the same songs but i find myself going through phases where i'll listen to one genre. Music and switch over to another yesterday is just like you said where you strictly kinda you have one set style in john that you gotta listen to kind of set once filed the right now and we good. You're will often grants chipper running. Yes just so. Everybody knows if you're just now tuning into barrett soccer here on d radio dot net. Where talking with all awesome job. Joe jerry from adherence of their other band member is not there tonight They do sound like they're in a can. If you're wondering. I am sorry there. Sorry we tried doing the other portion on the computer and it sounded like they were on the other side of the fuck and football field inside of can Sorry about that. Don't hate anybody we're making the with what we've got so don't hate them for that. Speaking of music therapy like talking about when you guys get together and you make music or you're playing a show or your record in an album. Is it therapeutic for you guys to make music. I know a lot of people say it does. But they don't explain how it helps them visit. Does it help you number one with what you've got going on in life number two. Does it help calm the stress and things of that nature. How does it actually help you as far as therapeutic so with me. Try to explain this. It's a very hard and so you know you have brought the works work. You get being. They've whatever you inside athlete with kind of shake me yelping running me your mind racing over over here and now what are you so that you have your personal so by coming near wooding that that energy and student playing molly only be irritating. I guess you stop thinking about stuff that's thriving breakfast at In your wrong fault like once bob. Hope so you know. You're moving your exit. You basically exercising snapping. Want fired on the right. Yeah like i said a lot of people say it helps them but they never like. I said it. They don't explain how it helps them. I know people that have really traumatic. Ptsd or a really bad bell depression or something of that nature and the only thing that can calm them or sue them as some sort of music no matter what type of johner it is it could be fucking yoga fucking music for all. I care but music in i mean. We've all listened to a song. I don't care who we are that made us to europe. I don't care how heavy it was. I don't care how slow it was all teared up listening into a fucking song and say you haven't you're fucking piece of shit liar enhances it gets and then there's other ones that make you just want to jump the fuck up and bash your head against the wall because you're that into it The thing with music that. I don't think people realize is it can. How do i want to say so. I don't fucking retarded already de l. yet brings out the things deep within that other forms of art or therapy. Just can't i mean you going to talk to a psychiatrist. You can cover up your emotions all day whereas with music when you're alone with your earbuds are in your car or whatever you're going to fuck in you're going to open up because you're in the moment you've got something that brought something out in you no matter whether you can explain it or not i mean. I don't know a veteran out there. That doesn't listen to hit. Let the bodies hit the floor. And you're like oh just wait. You're automatically in the moment right like you are animal mother from fucking full metal jacket all of a sudden. Oh my god. I know frosty as an end to nettle iraq. Or anything like that. But what do you think of that here. It's as far as their music and what they're doing and things of that nature frosty. You gotta meet marine. It's a great thing that they're doing. I mean like you said. I'm not really into it so to me. It's a lot of times that type of music ends up being background noise. In fact i usually change the channel. When let the bodies hit the floor comes on just not my just not my think. How can you call yourself a marine when you change. What the bodies at the floor. Because it wasn't that big why was in no. No i didn't hear it 'til i've been out two or three years. It's great. i appreciate what you guys are doing and letting us play your music. Yeah you guys are the first ones to actually send me music to play so no joke. Thank you everybody else. I'm still waiting odor flaws From like four weeks ago now so thank you thank you thank you thank you and and if you submitted your music and we've spoken email send me your fucking music already got dammit but have you guys got to play any shows at all as far as a band in one single moment at a bar or whatever. Since you've been together we could pull wires of right so talking about those that were able to do. What was the response as far as people that were there listening and the crowd league. Wait say where we're on. We're kinda new team along the other guys. They'd probably used to see in a lot of the other guys on regular date. All ya all these people you know. They're you know week wednesday through our table so we can allow the wrong desires. Won't do music cd game though on the more aren't world rose out there. That's good. I mean like i said to only be together as a band playing what you guys played for a year and a half and get the response that you've already gotten an the. Have the sound that you already have vulcan props you guys. Even did i play shelter. The process people were in chat. We're leaving positive reviews for you guys. Then that was the night. We actually had twenty motherfuckers in chat and tonight right. Yeah like the one fucking night. We get to talk to you guys. Everybody's like it's saturday. Fuck it. I don't know what's going on tonight. I don't know if there's some fucking end of the world apocalypse happening that we don't know about other than you know chinese fucking spaceship the world but but trying to get into the only noble. Well i'll. I'll help you guys set up on chat. It's not as mobile friendly as some apps. And i hate that but you know we don't make money we care. I'm sorry but no the response that we've actually had From the listeners. That usually are in chat and for some reason again. They're not in chats night. They absolutely love shorter. The cross like i said And like said and it's phenomenal. Like i said you guys are fucking making waves already in my personal opinion Are you guys wanting to get behind the record label if that ever comes to you or you guys wanted to stay independent. Yeah it'd be nice. You know something we'd all grant is. We're all be all the dreams. I want to be absolutely in the regular white. You know we were. We do long notes. Are we just keep besser ability. You know along for long way. That's it might know we're way around and we love if we ended any any fund as long standing stone run. Wait wait wait every. I know when we were talking email. We were talking about the farm. And you guys playing at a fundraiser. hopefully we can make something happen I know that dv six would be grateful to have an actual lab band Especially having a band that has been on duty radio that you know. We all approve of and things of that nature. Because he's he's he's like he's really hesitant about anything anymore about anybody. 'cause we've been burned so many times in the past But that would be fucking great to have you guys at a fundraiser. Like i said playing loud music and if you guys do you get a record label knowing what i know about the entertainment business because i have friends that or musicians just tread carefully. Watch everything watcher for guys backs like in. Get as many legals on your side as you possibly can and just fucking watcher it. 'cause i don't wanna see you guys get fucked over and a damn sure. Don't wanna see you guys to change your fucking ways because what you're doing now is fucking you got a couple of new ones in life right now so nice maybe really good shit l. Well as good as what. I've been hearing only fuck wondering you guys do while. Yeah and you know. We've we've been trying to get together. A music therapy show where we bring on bands like yourselves all independence and you guys play. Live and one. We don't have a studio so we can't do it in the studio and i've had a few people that i've tried to get as co host. And they don't want to answer me bag and this that and the other and i'm like fuck so hopefully we can actually get Accrue together to do music therapy once once a month. And you guys hopefully can come on and play a few tunes and talk to the people again A little more in depth about. How music helps you guys and things of nature Now before pre now before show in pre show. I should say We were talking about what you guys have upcoming. That's is still up in the air but hopefully actually happens. You guys have something happening in august in auburn new hampshire. Is that correct. Yes you're six point eight. We don't have you don't have. The skills is still kind of else. is still get renamed certain They soon as feet. Couple of beijing blasted. I'll get it out here as much as we'd and Was in move was supposed to actually play next me in now got moved up august a. Yeah if you guys have you know followed adherents own Facebook or any social media. Go follow him Facebook adherents metal and the link is in the chat You can listen to him on spotify youtube and i think major platforms correct. Yes can you take over just for a second for me surena. now one of the things that My son he's older. He's twenty seven now and He started playing drums. I'd say when he was sixteen because he needed guy said he kinda needed an outlet for his energy. You know what. I mean you get in trouble at school. Whatever the case may be and you know the kid could get keep a beat so Buddy of mine. That i went to high school with he He taught drums replay drums as well and start teaching them but One are the things. I can never do as a kid. I can keep a beep. But i cannot read sheet music to save my life. How important is that. You guys usually kind of just play by ear. So it's made me by air. I i look bringing the right up is set a very important actually get you find your music and get you really memorize arts or want more. We severe able to actually off. The is an waiting represent memory and batsman second nature. Well we mainly by ear will will actually report some of stephen's or listen back wooden and then there will be that way but we had to write in you. That's like. I said that was probably the i couldn't write down. Maybe howitzer talk. When he's new. Like i just over ear. And when he got it doesn't she right it. You know it's funny that you guys say that. When i was in band when i was first starting out in school i played the trombone. I was a boehner. What i couldn't i couldn't read music to save my fucking life for like two and a half three years like adult and i would just play what everybody else playing like. I knew how to play. I couldn't read a fucking note the same goddamn life. I knew the basics the f. a. c. and all that good shit all that but i didn't know what the fuck was difference between base class in trouble cleft. An eighth notes and sixteen like. What does that look like. Fucking chinese algebra to me. What does what was that. I have trouble playing the radio so that and before you know i got really bad off. I was actually learning how to play five string banjo. And i got down to the point of. Actually i was doing the one one side of jillian bands played in like fucking eight years now But to relearn how to read fucking these for me was like trying to re route a bike. Like i was really lost and i mean. I don't brag about myself at all. But i can do a lot of shit lincoln frosty. Can it says that and for me to have trouble reading music. I was like dude. I feel so fucking retarded. Like i feel like rainman. Didn't know the difference between love and hate. How long does it like you guys. Obviously you know you write your own there and you make your own music. How long did you would you say it's you to put together. One of your songs aren't depends on. I you're knocking and you know. I've noticed that the same with anybody that i know personally that has written music or does write music Dave libby He is so sarah And he sent me some things that he's written just in five minutes lyrics and then he's sitting me other things that he's literally been working on for like two years and he's finally got you like the bridge laid out or or or the chorus and i'm like d amount of time it takes for anybody to write. One song is amazing to me. Because it's not like like me fuck in making frosties. Goddamn fucking taint diorama Trash fucking diego pieces of shit. Like i can't you. You can't just put you know a estimated time on a song. I don't know if you guys are like most artists. And i mean artists as in overall not just music artists in every sense of the word. Are you completely satisfied. We knew finish a song or do you play it back like at a gig or just sitting around or or listening to it or something and go. I wish we'd have done this. Or i wished we'd take in data out and replaced it or are you guys ever fully satisfied brown. If i ever also plan would be that night future in tune that party and they will inspire you. Just don't pull a lars rich and tell kirk hanna that you haven't played a piece of music in a previous song. It's like no no no no that we didn't do that. This is better. Don't ever fucking do that. Please please don't do. That is all week usually. You're right it's not gonna sound. Were unknown you asked about motion. And i wanted to say music is like again similar forrest gump art music and how one feels blind your walls and you know that's the way i own a four. Is this guys. I'm glad we have often move right. And i i just. I can't commend you guys enough on the short amount of time what you got sound like. I know a few people here you like. Who are they behind. And i'm like the nobody there literally independent and that makes me so happy to say it really. Does you guys have no clue like. I don't think it's today's market of music isn't what it was twenty thirty years ago by any means. I mean it's if you don't have the look or you don't have the field or you don't conform to this or you don't conform to that more than likely you're not gonna get anywhere in the music industry or movie industry or any industry these days And that's sad. It really is sad. Because we've got people like you and for and marine rapper. And i could just go down the fucking list of how many talented musicians and artists. There are that whether they've got you know a million fan base or they've got one hundred fan base. They are the most talented motherfuckers getting no quote unquote clout whatsoever. But yet you've got justin bieber and walk out here fucking the next goddamn queens and kings of the fucking music industry and i'm not knocking them on their talent. But you know twenty thirty years ago you had fifteen hundred artists that you had to choose from or you could choose from and they were all getting the same amount of exposure whereas today brother. If you ain't got it you ain't gonna get nowhere. And i don't know what it is in today's industry that's always changing on a daily basis seems But i know me personally if you guys just keep doing what you're doing and go along with what makes you guys happy instead of what you think is gonna make everybody else happy. You're gonna go far because there aren't many independent artists that i know that have started. That started doing what they're listening. Base said would be good for them to do and got much further after that they just stuck to. What made them happy whether you guys move over and pop or you stay with your heavy metal and stuff like that. Do what makes you guys happy. Fuck what people say. Fuck that shit. I'm gonna say that right now because the ones that want to see succeed will stay with you and the ones that wanna see you fail or going to be like yeah. They suck now even though they were the ones that told you like play a pop rock music or some shit like no we stage what we do we where we'd lightning also what they want here but at the same time we want you beepers somebody'll they'd a little different than what your you know what i mean. That's that's what you want to be known as you want That then you're right. I totally get what you're saying. And like i said. I i would love to see you guys. Get a record deal but please do it in a way that you're not gonna get fucked please you guys. And i don't from his past twenty what i write. And you know people like the you know whites four people of told of told frosty and joint and day and recoil and even the listeners. I wish that we had the backing to make. Dd radio edit not just a radio station online and podcast. But i wish we had the funds in the means to actually make a record label for people like you guys come. You guys like seriously. I mean if we had the fucking funds. I'd be like hey you guys you guys won't wanna record deal. Yeah we'll sign. What oh you won't lots of candy fix okay. We can do that but only candy. You're getting in all seriousness. You guys are fucking phenomenal if you listeners. Haven't heard them. It's an i've already asked them. They're up their website. It's a thing that we all do. I've been there. I forget the website for dv radio once in a while. it's okay. Let's let's a forty but as soon as they re up their web site. Url its adherence band dot com. Go check them out. Like i said you can listen to on spotify youtube and most major platforms their own. All social media major social media frosty. What would you like to say them before. We take a break and i score burger. That is very appetizing. Right now your thing i can say is the echo of already told you guys you guys are doing sound phenomenal. It's like i said it sticky post-it stick to what you guys are doing is great breakthrough born in any way shape or form an and the exact same for us. If you guys need anything just give us a holler. If i can't reply back to you got bucking melton. Ask snowman and squeal ask bacon pig over here to spawned frosty. What about you brother. Thanks again for jumping on this and adding your music to our list and look forward to seeing. Where are you guys. go from here anything else. You guys want to talk about really quick before we go to break and hopefully fucking google like. I'm to come in now for my stupid junk. That's in the news. Even though bodas fucking politics. I'll take as long as you want to sit here and start eating my burger though. Hey let's talk about around you guys down down for about wet you talk about whatever you want. I don't give a fuck about to take the first bite of this burger. 'cause my stomach is like eat bow and i'm like It so good. I'm gonna make love to her and have orgasms in my mouth. Roman doerr all girl told little glove fuck. How're you do know such in this bitch tonight. Better finish scarf and thing on before google gets on here. Talk with my mouth full daddy. I don't know if you guys want to stay in listen to junk. That's in the news but if you do you're more than welcome to you you don't have to talk about it. You can listen to it. Because i'm probably gonna lose my shit with ninety eight percent of it. So that's the entertaining folks. Not that's why you choose the fucking links that you do choose them because some of whom are like what the hell i got. Share them with somebody. Jesus fuck all right. So if google says. I'm ready i'll pull her into the to the meat and while we're in break and then we'll do the news if not we'll somehow feel air until she gets in if she said i don't even know what she's going to be on. She said she would fight knows Yeah so what we'll do we'll go to break. We'll listen to shorter the cross by parents another one of their songs. Which most of you have heard if you've heard it going to hear it again. 'cause i'm going to play it again and we'll be back right after this to talk right here on w. dvr devi radio dot net radio. Are you looking for veteran. Resources and support objectives zero has an app for that download the objectives zero app for free from the app store or google play access wellness resources like yoga and a free subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at veteran's resources and access on nationwide network here support. 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Radio dot net and click on the store tab to start browsing devi. Radio is free for listeners. But it isn't to keep the record spinning and it's mainly the host that data. Keep the on. Air sign glowing. You want to help devi radio continuing to grow but you wanna show what online radio station you listen to head over to. Dvd radio dot net store app and helped the veteran owned and ran online radio station today. That's d. radio dot net and click on the store tab. Now we're we're told me. Call and google has ten sagi- before she is officially late so the only time that she's sappers so you're back to barrett stalker at your own w dvr devi radio dot net. I'm boater rated. We've got frosty like and let's let the news commits she says. Yeah you're still late google. Lets you gotta get her in here. I now she wants to do it while i'm fucking bringing us in from break like of course. Jesus christ when she's probably said that while i was doing the intro back google do your fucking news no introductions just fucking doing. Hi sorry emily no your first your stop breaking the law all so i let me give you a quick update on the farm. So you know we've been trying to replace that thing that broke that one. Yeah the one that. I can't say properly. That bo makes enemy for every time. Colbert baco. yeah nothing one named so so we got the two parts in ray. We're just fantastic. After they sold the third part so they were gonna order the third part the second time we've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and they finally called us and said well. We're very sorry to tell you but the yard that we got this from the first time around. They don't have them anymore. We're like are you fucking kidding me so there you go. We now have to figure out what to do to fix the whole damn thing again. Sell return sounds like another typical day at dd. I know right. We can't return the one that we can't return the other two parts because they're already in the ground we were just waiting for the third one so we could like fixed at all so there. So there's that that's all i got for. Farmgate told everybody to go look at the video. That six fucked up went on european europeans arrive and then after about three minutes figured out that he wasn't allowed the veteran humor beige and then switched over to the veteran humor. Age finally and finally got it right. Yeah i know. I heard about that. I think it's still up on your facebook page to which is hilarious. It probably is. Because i never will again say based on you know how i get the random notifications when somebody comments on. Somebody's other fucking random imposed. Because i give two shits about that said that only had commented only google's video and i'm like what video why i clicked on it and it six he's like. Oh we're live. Hey everybody. And i'm like i like six always goes live. Plays martha live what happened. He's there waiting. Thinks he's on vendor humor. I had to laugh. I know someone sent me a message. There like Know your husband was just live in your page. I'm like oh he probably got banned again. Fourteen really quick. I don't know who this listener is. But they're all the way down in australia. Thank you australian listener for listening to db radio. Hope you've had some fun far. An if not just stick around. Google's is about to piss off there you go. you know it. One amazon slammed for selling bogus. Homeopathy products made from the way of way. Wait wait already laws in this motherfucker flaws in it. So first off everybody getting mad at amazon and walmart and all these other online places selling shit. They're not sell into shape. It's other motherfuckers like you and me selling the shit through their fucking services. You can't get mad at an amazon pursell. And somebody else is. Because they're not selling it they're just afflicting plant board. It's like big cartel holy shit. They're not selling any ship but she ain't getting fucking pissed off at them when somebody's selecting and putting up some racist on their store. Even though it's through fucking big cartels platform are you you fucking ignoramus jerk off mother fucking dick. Does some goddamn research for once you. God goddamn like dot going. Hey siri someone else up on amazon. Can i get buck in do some actual research fucking retards. Mother followed that day headline okay. The headline bowel when he goes just gotta finish the headline. You don't understand how much that bothers me. Though they're mad at a platform that is allowing a to use their platform blaming it on the platform. You can't blame the platform when they're just third party fucking entity that's like you blaming radio keen for me. Say shit radio king. How could you say that radio king didn't say it both instead. It you fucking jerk off prices fucking fucking stupid joke. That's in the news. Well amazon took down the flag to content. Which the brand name is urine us. Uk but it's u. r. e. n. Us so there you go And they said that third party sellers must follow his guidelines and said those who do not could face removal of their account which is finally an area go. Amazon third party sellers amazon. No really you fucking retard offing ebay because the seller sent you a fucking cement brick and set up a playstation five. It wasn't ebay that senate to yeah. It was the fucking salary you retard as mother fuckers. Anyway i know you said you. Good some of that blood pressure medicine that you're talking about in the pre show moving on this one's funny to woman accidentally accidentally gets tattoo of gordon. It's in the pacific ocean instead of vacation destination. That is not an accident. That is a europe fucking retard as i've already made clear previously or be. She had a tattoo artists. That was either or wanted to say. Hey i'm fuck you up and gave her the wrong coordinates be much so on april eleventh. Brie pritchett decided to commemorate the trip to sedona arizona with a tattoo of sedona subordinates. Due to a small error in the set of numbers ended up with a different location. I wonder why so instead of having thirty four degrees fifty two twelve north one. Eleven forty five. Thirty six west The tattoo artist. Actually she actually had the tattoo artists permanently. Four for did who twelve south one. Eleven forty five thirty six less. Where did she get the coordinates to begin with. I don't know. Obviously she didn't use google or siri or some other fucking major fucking search engine. People aren't. We are hater early. Living in an age where you can literally search the coordinates anywhere on the face of the planet and you still fuck it up. Pretty much Although the mistake is small as it is as it is just the different of essence set of an end. It means that the twenty four year olds tattoo. Actually marx's location nearly three thousand miles away in the pacific ocean she said i was so close the s top. One should have been an end. That's not close three thousand miles difference and yes maybe that let let relatively relatively close. I mean. I can't fucking space x and oh we were only three thousand miles off of our marker but it was relatively close no no or moving on however according to although it will be an easy enough that she isn't sure she actually wants to change the tattoo now as she thinks it is a music she said. It's an easy victory. Wanna go that route. But i might just keep it because it just as funny this slide for when she realized that she had incorrectly down the arizona coordinates. She said it took over week for her to find out and she only did after. She posted a photo of the tattoo on twitter. At which point her sister called her. She said my sister texted me after she saw and said she noticed it was wrong immediately. From now on. I will be going to her before making any decision. Well we know. I was getting rich. Family jesus fuck literally has something tattooed have found anywhere on the yet. Despite that you still fucked it i mean. We're not talking about chinese symbols which is really hard to figure out talking about coordinates to a specific ways on the fucking earth that never change my new coordinates. Never fucking change. Maybe maybe centimeters per not fucking three thousand miles back in the days of banjia basically basically what she looked at ancient flood maps that the case moving on. He's well he's not lecturing. He's giving a talk. One hundred biden was asked to give a talk about fake news in the new classics. You lane university was he compensated with was he was he being compensated with kilos of cocaine or according to syllabus for the class which is labeled media polarization public policy impacts At the united states has a rapidly advancing partisan divide driven substantially by the growing political polarization. This is literally the equivalent. So that fucking cybersecurity. Having hillary fucking clinton speak at their goddamn convention of years back. That's exactly what this is the equivalency. That's how fucking retarded people are in our world all my god. You're sixty years minister biden. I count way that jesus full you like spill. No comedian is going to ever lose their job. Because there's not enough fucking shit out there. Make this right here tells you that there is job security and a comedian job like they will forever. How fucking job. Even after they died they would shit like this. This and the fucking twenty four year old chick who can't plug in decipher coordinates on the fucking internet because three thousand miles away. Very close it. Jeff dunham seeming. He made fucking you know image of never mind. The class explore the current state of the media landscape in the united states and how media polarization fake news and the economics of the news business impacts public policy making in washington. Dc you mean the state where the mayor said. Hey i'm going to ban dancing and standing at wedding and we're we're gonna stop the spread of corona if you're sitting down and not dancing 'cause that's how fucking science works people tease. It's that you brought that up because my god. Oh my god ordered. Catch a fucking break with you. I didn't submit any yet. Washington dc than the mayor is losing most of its cope. Nineteen restrictions on doubles allowed capacity and places like schools gyms live entertainment events but has drawn the line on cancer. Eager stiffening out just lift. Attendance limits however with weddings allowed twenty five percent capacity or up to two hundred fifty. People whichever is but yes. Dancing dancing at weddings is not allowed. That's that's like the whole. Don't sing happy birthday during fucking twenty twenty because that's alcove in spreads. Don't blow on your candles because you might give yourself fucking cova footing world. Are we fucking living in. I mean i'm not no fucking scientists. And i'm not no fucking docker and i'm not bucking expert by any fucking means but argue seriously that invalid in the fucking mainstream media and these people that are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars so fucking lie mines you. You won't trust anything. They fucking spew out if they told you to jump off the empire state building because it will save millions from kobe. Probably fucking do it at this point in time. That's fucking steps do it. I mean cheeses. Like he's already this fired up only sweating right now. all right. Moving on disneyland is reopening and their new snow white. Reid is being attacked for for consent. Issues wait wait wait wait. You said snow white bride. It can sit in issues. Is this like some fucking new adult ride where it's like porn on the inside or something. That no disneyland. Revamped snow white ride has become the latest targets of cancel culture because it features the iconic kiss by prince charming that happens as she sleeps and without her consent. a god. i'm. I'm i'm done with fucking cancel culture and flak in we're very sales and fucking fantasy. And hey let's change batman and superman because we're living in a new world and we don't spike in lump to do traditions because consensual fucking agreements and motherfuckers. It's fucking story. It's very tale. You'd want to hear the real snow white period. It's not as fucking disney white as you fucking thank it. Is they fucking fucking murder. People in the fucking ruin like like. I mean when i say murder. I'm talking like sixteenth century. Fucking heads chopped off under a fucking guillotine like this shit whatnot gory. You wanna talk about canceling some shit. Don't kiss the kids. that's a cute little. Oh my god. They're fucking meant to be a little thing like that's cute. That's cute whatever. I'm fucking traditional whatever. But you know. I'm going to ask a girl if i can fucking kiss her. I'm not just gonna fucking go up to her. It'd be like oh you're sleeping on the kiss you. It's meant to be like no if you stay that based off of a fucking fairytale your needs to be under the fucking jail because you are a sexual fucking predator. It's that simple now now for those. That are saying that this needs to be canceled. You are the person that needs to be jail. You're the person that is fucking predator. So the theme park in anaheim california opened a recently for the first time in more than four hundred days since the pandemic started showing off its newly revamped. Snow white's enchanted wish ride but it was immediately ripped in a review. That's at the park. Should have reimagined the nineteen thirty eight cartoon classics avoid ending with with the iconic true. Love's kiss that we can snow white Sf gate reviewers katie. Doubt and julie tremaine attack the right for including the kiss. He gives to her without consent while she's asleep which cannot possibly be true love if only one person is happening. Haven't we already agreed. That consented early. Disney movies is a major issue. The pair wrote on the safe. The digital home of the san francisco chronicle. This is literally fuck involved with goddamn princess kissing the frog to do. This is literally like people fucking saying that baby. It's cold outside is sexual abuse and shit. Not recognizing the time that it was set in because the same means yesterday. Don't mean the same shit to fucking day like faggot. Back then bucket and cigarettes or a bundle of twigs where today it's a derogatory term against homosexuals. Like that's the fucking difference. You have to look at that time. It was fucking written and performed in. You can't just say oh today. it's fucking so. I gotta give off the air bit. Please get that cock fucking as now and fucking creighton the fuck up and just deal with it if you don't like it don't listen to it. Don't ride it. don't read it. don't fuck it. Who cares okay. It's not harming anybody. It's not killing anybody and it certainly is looking sexually abusing anybody. If it's a fucking song or ride like stop a. They can teach with a that teaching kids that kissing when it hasn't been established for both parties are willing to engage is knocked okay. It's hard to understand. Why the disneyland of twenty twenty. One which is to scene with such old-fashioned ideas of what a man is allowed to do to a woman. I know we imagine an ending in keeping with the spirit of the movie and snow white's place in the disney canon that avoids this problem well. The harsh reviews sparked outrage online with many accusing woke woke liberals taking culture. Too far one person wrote did digital think they would rewrite the frequent story. I think it's kind of funny so late would still be asleep if it were up to the crazies on the left i woke culture. Someone else will give me a break. Take in the classics. That made is all wish for the happy ending. Dreams impossibilities of better. See these these are. The people were kids. Get in trouble for hugging their friends in kindergarten. Glass or cops and robbers with their hand in the shape of the fucking gun like you are the problem with the bucket world. Parents should be able to teach. Her parents should be able to teach their children about consent as well as the difference between real life and fairytale. Someone else put i grew. I grew up with fairytales and very much understood. The importance of consent allow children to enjoy the magic fairy tales. Thank you to the the fleck said that. Yeah you tell them the story and you tell them hey no matter what you don't kiss a boy or a girl while they're sleeping without them. Say hey baby. Kiss me. While i sleep please Like you don't do that. That's just creepy. Exactly moving on so elon. Musk is appearing on. Snl tonight currently apparently there are cast members who were mad and upset in disappointed and these snl cast members who object to elon. Musk won't be forced to appear on the show with him. You know what. I don't care. What your thoughts about elon. Musk are if i got the chance to stand on the same stages that motherfucker dude. Guess why i was on stage with eli. That would be plugging. I would be honored like seriously. He's not a bad guy you you can't blame him for stupid shit. Other people have done again. That's like blaming amazon for a third party selling some shit like you can't blame him for other people second actions. You can't blame me for something to happen. Five hundred fucking years ago. I don't agree with it. But i didn't do it. I feel sorry for those people that happened to. But you can't blame me motherfucker exactly so there you go and i mean they're claiming they have legit reasons like last year. He referred to the reaction to the corona vires as pandemic as dumb and comply with california covid restrictions to close his tesla plant I'm like who cares. Like i think the majority of americans are like this is dumb right and then no one really wanted to like honestly you know what political agenda most entertainers are now because they have to tout it. Everywhere fucking go. I don't care what your politics are as an entertainer. Just pain me. I paid you to entertain the you wanna use your platform for politics. Set a day aside so fucking do that. I won't tune the fucking. Because i don't give like i love samuel jackson but you know what i don't agree with his politics. I'm gonna tell you that right now. There's a lot of mother motherfucking entertainers and actors and shit out there. I don't agree with politics was but you know what's that doesn't take away from. Their fleck and talent are moving along. This is an opinion piece written for the daily northwestern at northwestern university. And i won't start with the headline it starts off with it. I got snore to northwestern. I wondered why walking around on campus could be so frustrating even when sidewalks relatively empty i would often have to walk way around. You passed without bumping into them. At first i talked it up to the geographic diversity of the school. Maybe the people can't to the school were used to different ways of moving through a public place but after talking but after talking to my friends about my experience they echoed at people at this predominantly white. School should not would not move out of our way on the sidewalk. So are the sidewalks and north western. Too white too. I guess why now exist why. The headline is are the sidewalks north western too white to feel like he's basically saying that the way that way people walk is racist because we don't move out of the way for the black people where where's the school located in northwestern. University is i forgot evanston illinois just north of chicago if it's the same one. Oh it's not north. Let me fucking give you a little guy damn newsflash while the lockers and then proven some fucked up for these in northern states are really fucking assholes. They're assholes when it comes to greeting people. I don't know why. Like look at any fucking state in america. And the nicest people are in the fucking south. I don't know why one of my teachers lived up in flushing massachusetts. All his life he moved down to mount airy and he taught at my school and i had him for all four years in high school and he was like the nicest place i've ever been have always been down south. You all are so nice you greet each other you move out of the way you hold doors open for people and he said back home they don't give a shit they'll walk right into you like yeah i. I have seen literal studies of thousands of people when i say thousands. I'm talking like over a hundred thousand people. And they all said the nicest places they've been are usually in the south if because it's an illinois that's all it is it's not sell easiest math. Is this guy well. This guy continues his story. This was one of one of many reminders. That diversity does not mean inclusion at even though the university has worked to increase the number of black students here. That doesn't mean we're welcomed with open arms. The delia nicole richards a sociology. Professor at the university of richmond laid out instead of five questions to determine whether once university is racist. I won't read the questions but basically this guys that at this school the answer to most of these questions is white people any honest accounting of the decision making structures at this would tell you so and this power dynamic is always present in the way black students. Interact with this institution. So why did my friends. And i all feel that we were being pushed off the sidewalks. Almost everybody in the united states get some sort of education about kim gross jim crow segregation by people on different schools weren't allowed to vote and didn't have any legal protection from discrimination. These laws helped to create an image of black inferiority after the after the abolition of slavery and that sentiment sentiment trickle down to the way people interact on an interpersonal level. It goes on and on and on the retardation in this article you can read on air would really hurt marine so one person commented and said walking is racist. of course it is. There is nothing in the united states. That isn't racist. I mean i guess is a good thing that i can't walk and you can't call vo racist like the stupidity that people have stooped to in the world like like what else cowards it as originally published in the. I seriously feel like it's a satire article. That's how stupid it sounds like. You can't legitimately you can't legitimately thank that and justify it like if you do you have some serious mental fucking issues like you seriously fucking do. You're the one that needs to go to that fucking equality racist fucking job job occupation meet in class thing where you know whatever the fuck that is where you learn not to be racist and shit like what. I don't even know what it something new. They've started that. I mean always talked about. It's fucking retarded but like what fucking level of intelligence are you own. Say know what. I noticed people. Stay away from me. When i'm walking around campus. It must be because my walk his racist. That's the whitest thing you could say like. I felt the whitest thing i ever heard. Was my store manager. Walking in at mcdonald's going hey what's up bra. And it was like he said it would such a what like. He didn't say bra as in broad like say he was like haibo. What's up brock. Like dude no never say that again chop your dick off and take away your man card like. That's no like that's what i feel like this. Whoever this guy is he's got to be white as fuck first off second all he's got to feel guilty. Doing somebody wrong at some point is like he's he's got some fucking. He needs to go see a psychiatrist. Like i will personally pay for them to go see a psychiatrist. If that's what it takes for him to stop speaking this fucking retarded ass shit like how stupid do you have to be to think. Walking is racist. i mean come on. Am i the only one outside of the host. That thinks that like. I'm sure there's a listener out there. That's probably like oh yeah he's totally right off. Seen some white people that walk safe. I can race it. They grabbed their debt. And they let their bags. Burr pants sag. You know what that's right. No that's not racist. That's just some dude trying to fucking fit in. That's all that is that's not racist. Like yeah right. I don't even know. I can't even put together a comprehensive fucking sentence. I feel like joe biden. Renew goddamn teleprompter right now. That's fucking retarded. There's so many comments on this. One person said i've noticed that the way white people sneeze is also because of institutional reasons said someone put White man and. I farted and i think that's great this. This same person responded like fifteen times. I can't you. He also said. I think closer beautiful. Oh shit way. I just bought white sneakers. I must spirits. I just took a shit. I must be racist. I married a filipino woman. And out of black women. I must be race. I've heard that shit like these white people that are in relationships with black or other quarters of people's relationship and they're racist that they're only with them so they can control them. That's racism and i'm like if they're controlling somebody. I've pretty sure we'd have heard about it by fucking now. I mean was i- controlling the first black girl that i kissed because you know i'm pretty sure i wasn't like she kissed me and i kissed her back. I'm pretty sure i not me rape. That's exactly what it was. I have one final story Horror as man's scalp is left lying in the road after machete attack in manchester holy shit did like the indians get involved or all now boasts that something racist cancelled brain. That's what we're going to title this fucking podcast. Bo is racist. So i'm assuming that this was in england not the united states but the story is a man scout was left lying in the road after a machete attack of lisa started had started the investigation after busy after the grim discovery in a car. Park behind active. I train witnesses claim. A man was attacked by machete causing horrific injury. No i a look at the photo. Oh they have a blurred out. They have i scout out first off. I feel absolutely horrifically. Sorry for the goddess apple sued like holy and whoever done. It are one sick twisted motherfucker in. You seriously do need some help. Like i know we were joking earlier. But holy fuck. Do you realize what you have to do to scout somebody like. That's not an easy task first off. Secondly how deranged do you have to be to say. Oh i'm going to scout feel like holy fuck man. Seriously i know right and i think you're right. I think it was. Was it manchester or something like that for aussie processing talk now title but there are other. There are other places believable manchester. there's a manchester. New hampshire was in duck infield manchester england. Yeah that's in. Yeah duck infield. Manchester is t doubt was manchester. Madge faster is the equivalent of new hampshire. Be an estate. that's basically. What was it there who indian or was it a welcome to well you k anyway. Sorry would you racist new. It doesn't say it doesn't even say who was or who the attackers yeah. I don't think. I found that either. Because i i think i think the same day that frost had put it in there. I had came across it to somebody sitting the full article and i don't think i ever did find out who actually or what. Actually they were as far as color other fucking skiing. Well her hair age. Jesus judging by the to pay in the road i would assume it probably is even though it is blurred steer scowl thank goodness to pay now. Well you know what you know. What what are kidding aside. I think gorilla could help this man. And that's how devi radio gets cancelled flex seal. Oh only god. That is all the news. That i have thank fucking guy but i do like how i couldn't even get through the first headline all you don't new when i see people blame platform for something somebody else getting allow. They just haven't called it yet. Recorded like if you're that upset reported through the fucking platform like some of. The apple lasted everywhere. It's more fun and stuff for stupid news. And and and that's the thing about reporting shit some of you reports. Some of the most asinine thing fully crap like i had a fucking gif. Up of marcell willis from pulp fiction tied up when he's gagged with the gag ball and pulp fiction last year. Because you know that's when they started censoring the hardest was last year yesterday out of nowhere. It was probably nine thirty at fucking night. I go to look at something on my facebook. Page your post goes against facebook's community standards what i put nothing in there except a fucking gift from your fucking gift keyboard facebook and it's because assholes get so offended by the most asinine retarded as shit and the robots. Somebody didn't report it and this was i know. Nobody reported it because it was june of last year. And i'm pretty sure. I'll course they shut down since then the nobody's gonna take the time to go through fucking time line to report southern but when when you report something on facebook. It teaches the ai that this is offensive. And if you report enough things like this it's going to be like yep that's offensive so anything that even correlates with it will say it's offensive. They got me for sexually explicit content. Look up look wet. Six was banned the other day for something he posted in twenty fourteen death. It's the it's the fucking bites. It's not somebody reporting it. It's actual botts at this point. No i told him he needs to start fighting the ship. And that's the thing now. So i did put that. I wanted dispute this fucking claim and now thanks to backing no-bid facebook does not personally respond nor allow you to actually put a message anything now because of quote unquote covid nineteen because we don't have enough people to man the whatever and i'm like wait a minute i all facebook is all online second off setting off. You mean to tell me. Ninety eight percent of your fucking staff doesn't have a fucking computer like what black you can't leave your job at facebook like you hear your fucking job but if you guys would stop reporting the stupid shit. That actually isn't explicit hurting somebody or whatever this shit wouldn't happen like none of us would get banned for asinine shit and i keep using that terminology but it is as very asinine. I mean you can't say certain words like faggot when you're describing certain things like you're giving a history lesson. You can't say that your comment your post will automatically go against community standards. It doesn't matter. What else is put into the comment. Deysi derogatory because we got some ship faces out there who get offended by the smallest little fucking period or punctuation or like stop just stop is it harming. His is harvey new physically. Is it going to kill you. Is it stopping your way of living. Is stopping your way of thinking. No keep fucking scrolling motherfucker like like. That's why coasted that fucking mean twice this week because so many people were set. Oh my god. How could you down military likely. That is so bitch please. We were laughing our asses off at that. Shut the fuck up before you think you are telling us what is funny and what's not fuck you. I'll post it again. I don't give a fuck f looking mean went off like fucking fireman s shit. Blew the fugger. I that's why you're now banned. I then responded. Show me on the doll or the joker you from the other day Fucking rolled when. I seen her post. That is like this is the greatest comeback ever anyway need to shut the fuck up now. You're oh my god anyway five. Don't forget we do have the giveaway over on the. Dv radio store. You can find more details on how to enter either at dv radio dot net by clicking on giveaway or over on the tv radio store clicking on giveaway yes you must purchase something. And if we don't reach one hundred people entering. We're going to not do it right. The second No you won't get your money back because you purchased a product because we can't do tickets right now because i don't have a shits on a money to make fucking tickets run every fucking month trust me. Those platforms are expensive. I've already looked into it. This is our best alternative but if we do cancel it right now because of not because we don't have enough participants we will bring it back later on in the year and hopefully we can get at least a hundred participants share the fuck out of it. Half people go and fucking. Enter the giveaway. I mean you're literally pay a few dollars for over three hundred dollars worth of shit like you're you're getting candy from fucking southern sweat moore southern sweet sweaty nuts schwebel. You're getting two hundred dollars backpack from fucking backpacks for life. You're getting cable or so. You're getting Shift from combat flags and bal richer and a few other places that would not put it all together yet and as soon as everything is together. We'll we'll post Some pictures of all of it. But you're you're paying a few dollars for three over three hundred dollars worth of shit so it and all the money goes back to tv radio so we can do more shit like this. So google anything. You'd like to tell anybody that you weren't able to tell us during the show. Because i was popping blood vessels during your news. Not everything is fucking racist. That's all you're gonna say man people got to grow the fuck up. It's like you said thanks for calling. Racism stahl wait. Wait a little bit. You know what. I'm really movie from way back. When i'm really surprised we've not had a helmet and bubble wrap mandate because of the chinese space debris fallen only got funny speaking of that making bet. That's over mexico right now. One hundred and twenty six kilometers above the earth still gaining altitude. Their frosty finally dropped about forty kilometers. Wait i google. you don't understand. He was telling us about it earlier and he was like it's following but it's gaining altitude and i was like what that's back to pre show it went up. It's not falling right is writing now. I gotta tell you guys something funny last week so it was cold one morning right was been coldly anyway so but it was cold and it was like below freezing so flatlined put a blanket on ash will leader when he went to go move ashland from the lower field to the upper feels He's at the lincoln off. And i go out onto the back porch. I'm looking outside unlike ash. You're naked and he looks at me. And then i said well at least you're getting your mask on because he has he's The bugs are out so we're putting their fly mass lonso like at least you got your face. Man go bid you see frosty other than updating us on the chinese debris off. What do you got for folly not resin. Well check under brothers and sisters. Make sure they're doing good. Check on yourself. Make sure you're doing good reach out if you need help. And do we still call girl scout cookies girl scout cookies or are they now called gender-neutral fat snacks. Yes well at least they're not birthing. People could ease actually seen a meme earlier and somebody said that a c. section wasn't real birth and i'm like that's the world we live in today. Well we can't call people moms so tomorrow is not mother's day is earth day and we can't call mothering mothers because it's not inclusive enough. I thought they were wanting to change it to mothering. No no they've they changed their mind. It's now birth people well. It still is not inclusive. It's mother's day to me. And i have a mommy. So fuck you all get a finnish to fuck salami. Maybe tomorrow just pissed. People relate happy birthday people. I oughta that i might do that. Especially shot at the gym. Joe giertych from the abandoned here. Thanks guys for sticking with us. I'm glad you didn't sticker after this. Not news to say keep doing what you're doing is it. Sounds great We can't wait to hear more from you. Definitely again like said. Huge shoutout to adherents and All of those guys. You guys are doing fucking phenomenal work. Thank you for letting us have. Your music played here on dvd radio. Thank you for sitting in your music. jim joe. Jared and matt matt wasn't able to be with us tonight Hopefully we can have them on again in the future and hopefully they don't sound like they're in a tin can We love you guys. Seriously thank you. Thank you all are tuned in listening to us. I don't wanna fuck you. All why wait taken can make music. But they can't figure out how to not sound like camp. It was bad. I i was running water at one point. It's a niagara falls at one point. I was like you guys outside niagara falls so so again he can make music. They can't figure call. Dv six can make a nonprofit and run a two million dollar age that gets over one hundred million plucking reach every few weeks yet and operate a phone like that's the equivalent here better. We can't do email. He can't oh motherfucker. I had google can attest to this. Because she's in on us he'll be telling me what tight for a reply an email and i am the one. She's done it too. She's had to type up to like every time and he's like no read that back to me and it's like you read it to. He's like no. That's not what i said. Yeah it is to write. What fucking said. I just wrote make it sound better. He does that all the time. All the time schwab. Like me and google are dvd sixes emails demographers. Like that's what we are. That's what we've been lowered to john's but on a serious note. Thank you guys for listening to. I don't know what happened tonight. I don't know why you guys relate but thank you for tuning in even though it was like He's shout out to the new listener over there in australia. I'm not gonna say your city that it says you're listening from because i don't know if you wanna have. I knew that but a huge shot to all you. Please share the podcast sheriff. Facebook post shared twitter stuff and just share things in general from devi radio devi farm. And all that. Because if you don't do that then we don't get reach and we don't get listeners and we don't get people helplessness Provide funds for the dvd farmer. Dd radio the store or anything like that. And that's how we're thriving right now as you the listeners and followers Thank you for helping us and supporting us if you do want support as one way is go into patriots dot com slash radio become a patriotic member for as little as a dollar a month and that actually helps us believe it or not shopping. Smile dot amazoncom inc. Deedee farm your charity of choice and your purchases. Help benefit deedee farm. If there's another place that does that let us know so we can give them a shout out in others. No like ebay unified Humble bundle all kinds of places that let you choose a charity I don't have anything else. I don't think any of these guys do again. Go check out adherence band dot com and follow them on social media. If you're an independent musician or you know an independent musician let them know they can fill out the independent musician form here on. Dvd radio dot net and we will get them on air if they want to do that for free. It's all free promise. We're not taking money from you guys unless you want to donate to us. That's the only way. We'll take it but for google who always loves to show up late because her daughter broke my fucking law beyond on time for for google. Wink and frosty boehner. Would you just heard barrett's talk right here on. Wdr devi radio dot net until now week but sickles a on facebook. Okay listen up before we start this understand what it is the spartan pledges a battle drill. It's what to do when you don't know what to do. Remember that two things. Every warfighter needs to see is a battle buddy and the mission. Not repeat after me. I will not take my own life by my own hand until i talked to my battle. Buddy for my mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter family. Thank you now taking the sport and pledge. Don't let it die here. You are not authorized to go and tell other people other warfighters. Don't take it for yourself. You take it for them. It's an agreement so they were to go when they're habit problems. Take this go give it to others. All the way make it happen. Go give it to others make it happen radio.

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Alemania Desde Adentro 112  Urbes Alemanas

Podcast RadioViajera

16:47 min | 1 year ago

Alemania Desde Adentro 112 Urbes Alemanas

"A squid John DOE there's throw going funny. EILLY poodle Stephen temples nowhere lies and we start each other's fires. We just know that we'll be when when that is not changes. Two one is three dollars is the content that they commit companion who Mir Kalisz Mass Miss Yang so there are many other seven through leverage. CNN podcast they may blow Islandia and Germany traveled the funding when I'm GonNa be the Alabama Neha is still in Waco Danta this cantalamessa status they're man no hitter nobody morality Matica vacuous akkas spaniels hardest deeps but WBZ kind of call for a had come on Josh how should be making Joan get the command he borough cialis Alice said tractor they les Grandes Minus Bianca Jeddah the gather program complete blitz those but that is getting into your Nari in this day saw your land though I want us deep snow levels though that those gifts eat and seeing the why Leo sows in a Momento coup stems this planet who we are Gillis but they say migo excellent is four Kelly manage their then through Jekyll Mian Sir storytellers or other this assumedly as yours routine Fateh Edens Rhode Island Manja pace get quinta granted the patrimonial zillow money these days but the guy that's put low near school is he medicine by Sakis offered as it is immoral neither species fantasies but I do. CNBC veto at the status at Luton stint does they acquire the assets preference. Yes Komo's Quinta seem prep west though Paula mustard. Is Your daily Manja seen them Borrego is genesis this comment thaddeus recommend that list what through this always eliminators can no support him but they're CBS Monday beat CPAC so entertainment inc.. Lena as yellow more. They're suppose though said that they meet deeper Scipione Eunice Soreness get divers considerably. N I wanNA address you that is and they're still estado. No matter or no better Lynn it though Leli spelling Cabeza loud namic capital Berlin estimate there Khalil efecto entered a story AH TECHNOLO- here set out their they own metropolitan do evening lovely in Mugniyah Sierras Monday loose moose sales allergic Tura Komo Joe as price tag them sanguine tra- Frantic Anthony I kinda been loosed garden and through as low smooth sales Laquelle escondida patrimonial oh money money that they allow Nasko he also loud and battle putting Palacio Imperial Bhutto throw leather seats they will also be less gum brass nope with is better better thing Alexanderplatz. I keep winning in Contra Dontrelle Standards Essential Commercialize Betas Jerry's is Dole. LSU A bead. I let David Lynn Peterson I'm aiming Kantha that is within the Cleveland Perfecto enter Estonia eat here said that I thought Metro police could Durell anywhere y lovely them in and see the Oakland see they're Communica- the prayer in the series and they've sector they informacion Yonne it there when he here and his number Naveh Numero says a startups sink wind gusts in a study hyun these spawning dilemma your read the fever optical they would open us. I guess it in Berlin especially the the recommends yoenis including this but at other Louis Gustavo's April suppose though as Lima is in fact Dr Moy important but la- here death threats Eunice Communion Musk go to your soul of event. Does I keep authorizing contra report them forever badly Nali newly Mundus seaney Berlin Fashion Week goons Dan Emas and what isn't contra me listen you complete the very lean and mean web. They'll blue blue blue. Bondo Eilly highly yearn Munya Ponta come on the podcast King Quinn Russ and I tunes evokes is forty five Hera put the widow those Colonia Nya you can never come to calm legna especially as another means prefer either between Swinton Santa Liborio and mother and sit threaten lunacy that commercial either be central for industrial there Ananias they'll noticed failure Dr in Meno erode. The Constitution Les Grandes Arias induced rallies the Olympia to recur either doc they'd be though because you're NB the ably for Intel Association the trainees Siempre Suehiro visit premarital in the modern Colonia over at my Estra they let to keep the good Ika goodness super fees. They sued the Metro Squad rathers those enormous stories Colona. This Wednesday say's Metros. They'll do you sit at a feast your Mascot Mondo when their own Nacion Vietnam thirty nine NC spoon does important be Thad Son Lengthy Web Lhasa they America though Alter Markt left less other base gathered of fish marked a triangle and pointy insulin Moselle Ludwik give him Iraqi and Colonia Civic Coolidge Ladda either free scanty especially that look secede a bit more freer imb Aso's that doable the Ponta dos leaps. I care so they were lean thing. Eighty spor knee podcast L. respect and I didn't evokes. Es spotify SC Co-winner a senior complex ed go for you know where address Frankfurt Says Board Mugniyah. He tells his look they're gonna see the ETO stays. Another less may get this. You know this but don't permit us the commune to Frankfurt on the Cumberland mccaw openness premarital Gaddis your numeral. They may you get on this. ABC Extreme Catos Look Kannada Emmy opinion nothing the hammer jaw equal to rally that participants activities less qualies Aalto Tarazi they witness that then Gandhi some with place that Isa uh unless you the Concentra. CEO Nettie fees us they'll Duda and then central gave you feel connected East German Frankfurter Skyline stood US conceal those sake winton interludes the mass as though city feces they would get rid accu absent vine a soon have either because DNA they laughing mentors yawn they him and Sana es Frankfurt as we get thinking that exporter lay them Insana will be that Golic must but at the end those bodies the widow Plateau garth instead for the less you have done that. Do I mean they should cut. You've got the bottle there by the booth Emberg the book mass they say Santos though some meal written this this out the mobile identify those markers out the more realistic us in this mess said it's Ben's it brush but look at King Entre Ambos Mu sales regarding the guard at the master's Gus Kobe Full Quinta Kuhnen press and this edifice IOS complaints me Etiquette Tudor Moderna Delta Ledge Bibliotheque stood guard. EC was does the mortar at the end. This Luka's lesson Quintas in Dorothy courtier will gather in a good as Sunday less. You have owning terrorist Sunday contrast in three seon chimerical Lester. No MIANO CAL is excellent. Look at recommendable those ops Yoenis the mayor as Bexley list busy the sales because the Hindu swabia is companion body splat on God's son Louis Malle Tashin uh when this busy that Ravi Ali's bridge in the Garni. ESPN AKKAS nope with those the fish to garth the length can approximate programmer. They studied Gondal Anthony. Though though those listed is the estes you have elect medicine in the personnel mencken it was the and the storytellers goodness the Balmasera Randall Istana their Emmanuel seven through CBS L. is the pace no swimmer said Gomo prepare this dino anyone able to cannot be there through spaces they loan bear me come in the CEO. KOMO's pray excavate. 'cause you ever put ah here the pace ekit them in there Sir John beat the end is the program is fatal. I guess they go to them in the Nestle Kate in Sierra welcoming Taddeo but I still programmer minkin thaddeus charity a secret war they laid eggs on which attention at travis them Israel is Cialis mm-hmm instagram roba funny twitter at robot Yamba Islandia Elian Yeah he put them in a Caribbean this me Webb W. W. W. Bondo Eilly Allie come but as per the endo espn though is Darius windows but look parental mattis May this be the using funny he is better get the Guinness Channel but you were here the calm though sparrow feel leprosy Massena Informacion by WBZ Avia in Mayanja to they had been making and we're not burning the

Yamba Islandia Elian David Lynn Peterson Frankfurt Berlin CBS CEO programmer les Grandes Minus Bianca Jedda Fateh Edens Rhode Island Manja CNN Komo zillow Mir Kalisz KOMO LSU Sir John Les Grandes Arias Mundus seaney Berlin Jekyll Mian
Alaska Hunting and Good Glass | Gun Talk Hunt

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Alaska Hunting and Good Glass | Gun Talk Hunt

"Hey welcome in today's. Again, let's just roll with it. This is good. Nothing is ever perfect. Welcome to go talk. Here's perfect. Yeah. Perfect. Today's gun talk hunt is brought to you by ATN and Tim knee triggers. Timmy triggers has been making affordable quality triggers in the US since nineteen forty six. The latest trigger to come out of the shop is an upgrade for your Ceesay Scorpion rifle. Charney. That's. Sharp. Timmy engineered every component of the new Scorpion trigger to elevate your accuracy featuring a preset factory poll weight of two and a half, well, two and three quarters to three and a quarter pounds. The triggers hammer and curved. Trigger. Shoe okay triggers shoe. Are English are Har- no we should try to do. We try to read the reeds before we start recording probably I. Bet you Joe Rogan does anyway he just talks and says This find your next trigger upgrade at Timmy triggers DOT com. Also GonNA is brought to you by Springfield armory m one, a loaded rifles from springfield combine the appearance tradition of standard m one a with the next level upgrades you want without breaking the bank all loaded models come with national batch barrel for greater accuracy plus several combination of stocks barrels. You can buy 'em in the traditional seven point six, two NATO. Or wait. Wait for it. One of our favorites wait for it and then one a in six five creed more more at Springfield. Dash Armory. Him. and. That's how you do read. All right. So I'm going to introduce our guest today. So. A lot of times people will say, Oh, you work in the gun industry and hunting and shooting all you do all you just go hunting and shooting and all that we're always like known. It's that's not true. I. Mean we were basically in the office on email all day. Well, there's this guy actually that guy all he does is go on hunts and goof around. So. Don't let him tell you anything different. He doesn't do any real work at all. From Sean this show is I here hold on a second. All. Right. Our. Guest. Sean skipper loophole optics you guys know loophole. Famous Gold Ring around those optics pretty but little known fact La- known fact about skip. Yeah. We we all you call skip. Yeah. Array kind of called him. But he and I can't be in the same state and be successful on it. Is that not right? It has it has never happened. We've hunted together several times and other times we've just happened to learn we're in the same state on different projects. Never good thing. So even when you're not together in camp, but just happened to be in the same state on Hans. Yes. It puts the kyw Bosch on the hunt. I have long kind of lobby to have states have signs up letting us. Know if the other guy's already. Lost an Oklahoma I need I need a sign a same age as your turn arrested. And it really is true like we have we have been on events and either like he'll get one and I don't or I'll get one and he doesn't. But it always always if we're on the same state and don't know. Nothing is good happening for either of us. So do you have any specific examples of this Well, we were on. He's referencing is, is an Oklahoma muzzleloader hunt from many years ago where just not everything went wrong extent a wildfire. We decided at the was the only thing we had. And it was the only it was probably the only time since my college years. That I've ever used the phrase, hide the bears. That's the cops. Oh No. But Like there's more. There's. A lot ticket that goes into that story. But that's That's an in person story because we get, we get more animated one am story it really is but So we were. The one of the first time that I met him was actually on this trip first time I've hunted with him and at the time he was with in Ra. And doing some of their media coverage and he came on this white T on. muzzleloader hunt and I think I was the like. Contributing factor to all these things going bad because I was with everybody. One could hit anything. So you in there were there were a deer hunt Oh yeah. So they saw deer oh, monsters shot at deer. We shot at a lot of your. So we had this one blind then in it's actually a pretty smart idea if you guys are looking. For an ideal way to set up a blind, here's how you do it. So you set out a feeder. or about two years don't sit on it just fill the feeder, get a big feeder, fill it, and that's what we had all these are like. Honed in on this. They don't care and this stand hasn't been hunted two years is that about right? Yes. It was Kinda like the honey hole spot like people only went there when you were out of other. Knew. They knew the gear recovering. Well. Popoff who has was with Smith and Wesson at the time. A giant came up. Forty yards. Mrs Forty Yard. Forty yards I. Yes I got this on camera of mercy and y you and by the time I got to hunt with skip. Oh, by the way, Melissa Bachman also missed a deer out of that. And so we go back to that and it's skip and I understand you go in that stand and there's spent primers all around. How many spent primers were in there. I think they counted after we left it was seven. Seven. Wow and not at it was funny because so skipping our Melissa's defense she'd been eventually feel that year she did after she got lucky and Huma so run it up. He just like a lot of read it up Darrell do he was like what that was and just went back? Care? Yeah. Distracted we're sitting. So I'm sitting. Is. So funny because you know on a lot of feeders, what happens is the deer. conditioned to them and they only come out at last light. Especially, if they'd been pressured association are their weight or weight. Now we're having a good time. We're having a great time probably more than we should in a blind and like I'm watching and see this. This book it was big. It was like one, hundred, fifty inch two year well. Beautiful and I'm like Darius various various it. Goes where. I mean, it was that it was. Kind of Laurel and hardy like exchange like he's right in front of you where'd You know the last place I'm expecting a big buck to walk out is the center of the Food I'm looking around the edge. I'm like I'm looking at. All he must like you walk now right now. No. In the middle he rose up out of the middle of field like Janet Concert, yes just. Exactly. Like that's the last place big. He's already in the middle of we haven't seen him in so now. Yeah. It's slipping. Krone but but I mean he was right there and I physically had to grab it skips head and turn it. Right we were having this discussion about something lately, and so how do you you guys? Both have done a ton of hunting how do you explain to someone wearing animal is? If you're hunting the somebody because it happens all the time. Oh look there's elk where. While I'm GonNa let you handle that one I. You know if you're hunting with a partner with a friend or anything in your your, it's tough for me I'm landmark Guy Right. You know. So for example, just in Alaska and what we often used for landmarks or the big but we were calling them lakes palm. But in reality they're just being of standing water as we're looking at across the. Like those two little little lakes over there. Yes. Okay. Start there and we'd walk people out to way down. You know we're all looking through the vinyls which usually works but that's if you've got those landmarks, other times you might wind up. You might just you're right. What are you GonNa what are you GonNa pick out in the field you know look at that Gordon, stop Right. So how I do it is all it's o'clock. One o'clock four hundred yards out you know, and then that'll get them close to what if you? Going yes. There's a big willow or whatever. You started. It's it's like a clock positioning. Okay. At ten o'clock and you're both facing the same way hopefully you know I mean there's just been numerous stories of there is where there is whereas he and especially once you see it. Whatever they animal is you can't see it. It's like it's just right there. It's right there but you know in what one thing I'd I'd kind of advocate for even. If you're going to do their years. You spotted before your partner is probably best start easy like a kind of look over this way sued saying there it is I. Think a lot of people wearing to get in the nerves go up and that's actually a good I do get more they get more frantic trying to find it. All right. Are. You see over by mystery or however you wanting to do at seven o'clock and kind of walk them into it rather than there it is because then they're all of a sudden, you know the hair in the back of your neck stands up. Well. And that's Exactly. What happened when I was like and they? I didn't help the situation at all. He's right there. He's right there like he's literally at seventy five. Guy When someone can standing you just yell louder yes. No we. Know. The calm down thing right. If you need someone to calm down never actually say armband. Well you you recently and we we I had to call you because you have these pictures splattered all over your facebook of Caribou and some grizzlies Tom Beckstrom without their Brad. Fitzpatrick was out there. But you guys had an amazing kind of media event in Alaska and give let us what did you get to do? Alaska was amazing. So partnered with savage ordeal, this one and we put together a little media event and the I call Ryan Gresham and Aspirin Aj. He did not I did. Not. Do. That because I shouldn't have. Skip go straight voicemail. Phones ever never do that. No US norm line because Ryan would said he's available but I guess. It's unfortunate. Do Yeah. He's kind of booked. Up there, what we did, we work with announced later and went up in up above the Arctic Circle into Louisiana last night, which is as campfires. And Dinner Raft on right there. Couple different ways you can govern uncurable when when the heard start moving in Alaska, we didn't the wrassling cover more grounds had guys driving the votes. We went Geez we covered one hundred, thirty miles the river over the course of week just down looking for Caribou and also our degrees league We had a couple of Grizzly tags school so they were in play and it was fantastic just working the tenderhorn. Behind. Glass looking for these animals. Real exciting I had not been had the opportunity to Lafayette is just such a rugged beautiful and also dangerous place. It's a very unique environment. There's reason it's the last frontier, right? Yeah. Absolutely. We're up hunting spots that certainly humans have explored before but not many not many not many will and it's just very unique and you're out there beyond the reaches of. A lot of modern communication Armenian regional still get messages out sure. But if something happens else hours and hours away not. Graduated absolutely. Yeah. How is it? Because we talk about you know like different aspects of what you should look for in her hunting gear and I think is as new as we have an influx of new gun buyers in this in our community right now. A lot of people want to do the you know field to table movement. Like talk little bit skift about. Glass and cow important as that is to is to find Google Glass 'cause we always tell people always tell people. By the most expensive glass you can. Spine scopes all that stuff. About the importance of that. Oh. Absolutely. I mean whether you're hunting East West Europe to Alaska you need to be of the C. You need to find these animals in their natural environment you're hunting hunting game environment. You'd already knows better that you would see better that you could smell better than you you're better. Jimmy the of the pick out these animals entering the often camouflage delivering in Bryant Land Right into what look at. You need something. That's GonNa give you a crystal clear image. That's also really gonNA deliver when when I'm taking the shot when. The the big time, right? Well, one thing we do here Lupus we do have a lifetime warranty, but the way we say is Guaranteed performance warranting failure you go up on once in a lifetime grizzly hunting Alaska in your scope up and the very wet climate or you falls off the boat one time it gets a little banged up and you can't trust it anymore. What are you GONNA do they can't erase a replacement rifle scope right and that's why we guarantee performance and always habits and that's why I would only have aspirin tom to use my optics up there in the last one. Yup Reservoir thirty yards need a scope we're gonNA clear picture and. You know Liverpool. Don't worry you know if the crosshairs break or fall or your in your sight picture when you get back home sending your warranty thing and I'm talking about other scope companies right? The lifetime warranty think and no worries, right? No. I was looking at a bear and your scope. Yeah. Yeah. Alaska is Alaska's a rough place to be the air is always wet, right? Very human state a lot of water a lot of rain. One thing we learned quickly up. There is anything that got wet that we were wearing who's going to stay wet so Dry Out yeah. No you hanging outside. I'll bet you if it does rain, it's not going GONNA dry out. The, way the climate is stamp. Beating up there, and that's the reason many Alaska. Guides are running can trust him perform and really be worse editions in northern her. I always look at what the guide has Bueno's wise and scope. Wise. That's always a little clue. Because they they understand it because you're looking at all day. And I think that's where. The. More I WANNA call expensive but it's it's priced right for what it is. But when you look through it all day you you've got you're GONNA get fatigue at some point but the longer that you can stay on those optics the better and I think that's where quality comes into play yeah that for sure so. Sean. Did you guys use spotting scopes or nose or both? We had the whole out there. So we typically hunting in pairs two three guys in a group and the other guys and the other groups. What we had his responded sputters brew everyone obviously is running. Benach. East and powers in this. Had to be x five PM. HD vinyls on everybody knew we had a couple of different spotters sent our new Essex for Pro Guy h guides always love to see this already had only bolts. Are Two binds the the One Jordi at Essex Five stadium HD and Randy the older guy been around a while he had a good old fashioned vulgar inspiring spoke. I made right there in Beaverton Oregon so and and you're right. You really need to really get the I relief need the glass for our. That's gonNA find these animals. Under sometimes one of the Grizzly bears we saw all it was was occasionally ut is head up above the right because he. And my the the bulk aired division job. In the last night we were there. We spotted him it over two miles away and then had to determine is over chasing impact with yearbook. Is he a at all because the cows horse, right? Yeah. Wow. I you may have you may be familiar with this technique but I Learned about technique longtime ago when you're using spotting scope and you're going to be doing a lot of spotting a lot of glass. One of the things that you can do to help with eye fatigue is get an eye patch. So you, you put an eye patch on and then you're able to keep both eyes open. You don't have to close at I because the actually closing the I can be fatiguing after hours hours. Anyone that's spent a long down the rain overnight a shoe or spent eight hours lasting with A. Monopoly respond or yeah it'll. It'll wear your eye out the patch definitely works for you Ryan, but it makes you very debonair. I Look I look more dangerous. Yes. He look. Dangerous whether there are lots of little tips and tricks like that the guys dry years in it, and it definitely works out any anything to make more comfortable right because, yeah we spent hours and certain spots at one. There was one evening we we we set up our spike camper then took turns blasting or fourteen consecutive hours from one ridge because he knew there was going to be something moving there eventually up and sure enough about ten am the next morning. Wow. That's It just I mean it's just crazy. How do these guys know that? That's I mean I guess they're hunting area they just know the. Persson. Patterns, and they you know Randy was the older guy probably just fifties. Has Been Grizzly bear guide for couple of decades. Now, he just knows how these bears they how they work in certain spots. He'd tell us we had time to sit here for three days. You'd see in Brisbane. Well were you on the on the the hunt for the Grizzly bear where you were when he shot him I was I was present for both of those including out of the first bruise that we knocked down was actually about twenty five yards from me when the bullets started flying. Wow. It was I was surprised Grizz I. WON'T I won't claim that were expert hunters on that. We got really lucky we. So. We have three hundred and one guide in the boat. pull up. There's a little bump which hit a spot on the river remedies free flat, right. So we see this one bump and we're like, what's as highs we're GONNA get. Let's get up there to go last year. And the bump is maybe thirty yards offshore the rivers we little boat over to the bump and it's GonNa, take us all thirty seconds yield. The bump is not particularly taller sneaking. Or hiking up there and the guy gets up there I. HE's nineteen years old and lives up last goat. Right if the soon as he gets up there, he goes down to one is like wait a minute like come on, come on and Brad our gas. So he give her shot at anything. He also up there Neil emery from oriental to turn to me in. A weird hand signal but I understood it meant bear. With. Were blended it right away because I could have easily inferred. Hossack. So you saw the look on my face and then he immediately frowned I understood it bear. All's Matt like most of the way of this bump just. Waited outside don't make any noise and a widespread shoot from a distance. I'm expecting. Them to have gotten to the top of the bump in down Friday side they a bear nominal brass, right? Brandon is gone off to my left and I'm like. Well. Look over to my lasting coming around the corner. This bump head down just trudging along twenty yards in his. Senate risen walking towards. Mike that. Fair that's. Not a house cat. It's Really. Quick. Just for jumped the fence purposes and I'm going to wait and wait and like somebody better do something and you know Brad got set he let rip in the three three win mag magnate pretty sure work of that. Even that big old this one shot. Now. I mean you. Put more no matter what yeah. Given the opportunities he emptied the gunman implanted that they're the only ones actually went after that was rolling down though yeah hopefully towards the vote. It was shortest path out. I think they've ever had grizzly bear. You could have thrown a baseball. Funny. That's The only problem was it was a real heavy read with about niche a water on the ground. So that was the worst experience I've had. So you you went with an outfitter. which when you're hunting in Alaska or something of that a Lotta Times that's Kinda like especially for Grizzly. You're not going to get the opportunity to hunt Grizzly in Alaska without a guide. Actually the wall. Is, you will go to jail And pay heavy fines. Yeah. But. There's a lot of do it yourself as out there that regularly go on these hunts and Skip was able to get Caribou hunt done. And he was actually successful. He. This was on this trip, but he actually like. Him and a guide you got to tell the story because it's hilarious yeah. So Diy trips out there especially precare move at I'm I think it's that and then the old Kodiak island, the deer hundred, the most popular DIY Johnson Alaska. And so yeah, people, your listeners could absolutely do some homework and and do it. Themselves suspect with air moves you catch the herd, right? It is very, very doable but we wanted to include Grizz to do that. We had to guide me on twitter. So with me everyone else in our party at something we had a couple of bears down a couple down I was the last I left and it's our last day there. So I grabbed randy who's the older guy? We had the the we were using this kind of Iraq, little jet motor. It was a little bit slower and a little bit smaller, real handle Mian Randy and all of our gear and I was like you haven't we break often group. And try to find me A. Just. Build on and they're GONNA be a couple of hours spent up Ogle. Let's do that. So we got ahead of the rest of the group and spent his eight nine hours combing the river I'm eating up and down we did to a loss. We'd the boat we rob there. We blast twenty minutes run back down getting the vote move on. saw a bunch of mascots. which were all limits though, yeah, they're off-limits. We did see a at one point season did not open until August stamp off less close. A bunch of Wolverines they that's not until September first Chelsea and that's Another thing that people go all you know I have honey my area. But when you go someplace like that, you get to see all this cool stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I. Will Rena here the pretty mean knowing that would have been So we just need pushing Bush. Other was one fortunate. Remember I really wanted to go check out again earlier in the week we had seen a Grizz and milling around down there. He was a lot of see head. A little skittish though you could tell it winded us at some point and. These mayors a lot of them never seen humans that are gonNA decide right away. Do I care not be obviously carragher just not interested around. And sounds like let's go down that passion. See know we haven't been down there for a couple of days. Maybe he's gotten all more conflict he's moving again. Sphere. Was He has the water levels dropping in the river. We hadn't seen a lot of rains bill to get that down there. All right. No worries I want stuck. Fares. So then we go to this really tall bluff. Sale up and story. You know it's nine o'clock at night and spray your last set up there for a few hours. Even catch anything moving. See if the bear shows up at a distance whatever. We get set up get comfortable against the the topics as what they call that the, which is a Tundra it's Mossy clumps of Mossy grass that are real paying about the hyphen definitely the toughest like you've ever had your own background well, because imagine much a half basketball sticking out of the ground gonNA walk in between. And, then you on them. Then you're stepping in between them and there's usually water in between your energy into the mud and it's tough. You should feet now they're they're still wrinkled. So we get county against some some bigger clones. Or Bug. Mass, Lauren and At. The spot around we've each got her binders up and honestly we're only up ten minutes in Randy goes. I see something about that way way out two miles away. So after my viner's up I'm like, yeah it looks like a guy who you can see like the black dot with the rest Benach dealers. So he gets the slider setup. Gold rain cranking up the. Power. You look. It's just a cow. And so he gets up from aspiring goes to glass some other portion. looked. As you know I haven't seen a lot of these animals. All we were definitely all onesie to care, but we had not gotten into the heard. Lean over and look. My Sarit solid thirty seconds and look at this animal. Head reading. What's up I'm like I'LL BE HONEST I hate doing this but I need you to explain to me how this? I'm not calling bull on this because I kind of your the Alaskan Guide and I'm just some dude that lives in Oregon. So. He comes in and Looks Ono. Like what goes to care up there and I looked at the wrong one the spotter us I'm sorry. About a man. A great example why clients should be blasting right he's got fantastic. They've got the experience the years when you're looking at an expense, let's just goes on forever. You can't expect to see every little. Yeah. They you know because they got to be there looking left on the right you should be looking right after he got to work if you've got two people work as a team. When yeah when you're when you're trying to glasses three, hundred, sixty degrees and goes over ten miles each direction it's a little bit of ground trying to cover a lot. Let's look at Brown Chris. Against the Brown a Tundra. So I'm like. All right. So He's a bowl like as a pretty good. Bolton. Okay. What do we do? He goes well, right now he's gone up that bluff. If he gets over the other side there's nothing we can do about it because he's going to be able to drop down into the riverbed and whenever let's watch it a little bit. and. See if he moves down moves down will make a move on. So we watch for ten minutes, sure nothing McAlpine and what's down into the art of the thunder and the Bulls Fowler. When that starts happening is like, okay let's get down to the boat and. We'll take a shot cause lot Aristo low and may get stop. Kate and getting stuck means we were going to set up a tent on the gravel bar and stay in. This case. I was like, yeah, he goes if we get over there a shooting Caribou. Definitely getting. Be. To camp overnight until someone comes against. US. Yeah I'm sure whatever that's. Alaska. US. Over there and don't get the Caribou I don't know if. Gas Get home and I'm like. Okay. Let's do. This is sounding. Right. And if I was in Alaska, it would have gotten stuck. He wouldn't have got the Caribou they would have been outta gas. So really the thank Louise to Grizzly bear with walk by. To walk walk by EMBIID THE BOAT I. Just say. So we decide to make our move and we had to go about you know. Two miles down this fork of this river. And every time we go over flat water. was. Starting to get choppy reading a couple of inches of water. Like well, here we go. We get over. Pat The boat like he was alive job. And so we get around the back and the plan was getting the other side of this block. The word we've been seeing a careful hike up and then dropped down on him into the flats we got up top and he was in the flats like Manhattan like either. No it was just a big open area. We'd be able to move and get a shopping you couldn't lose. promos begin around the back and I looked to my right as we're kind of shooting around. Randy look out. Change, his mind had gone back to the top now skyline did like three hundred yards looking right down. Joe, so he just he just extra gas you know is there like don't look at it? Basically we're you know we don't want the same to get the vibe that it's being hunted her look at where. He spilled further down the river and sure enough the gamble turn go back down but wasn't It wasn't like he didn't give us the amount of you. So up so animals up there they don't see people very often or perhaps maybe it's the first time their life they've seen people. Yeah. Yeah it. Is and both the just told me that they may have found judicially everybody much more curious than jumping. Okay. Yeah. If you know if they see you sometimes almost like stop milk want to figure out what you are. Yeah. which definitely gives hunters with rifles and event. Absolutely. We appreciate this especially the with good glass. So. So we motor further down the river off and we know he's GonNa drop them back down on the other side. So. But at this point also moving, it's going to be a chains right So we dumped, we basically dump our bags sort of the essentials, my license on nights. Ferry Munition. Blast out throw rifle of my shoulder pack won't stripped down to I was wearing what amounted to a long-sleeved t-shirt in my best I lost Jack and everything like that. and. The Jason's on right. and. We start moving as fast as we stand up the side of this off like the Nasty Thick Sussex that it's it's wearing astound. We get about halfway there. We had to stop her second pause look around and we kinda see Baraboo. Accounting accountable both off to the right like two hundred, fifty yards and it kind of moving moving along the top generally in our direction. Ninety, you know Commitment Ninety degree angle. So we catch Brampton, they keep moving up. And we're hustling as fast as we can and. We. pull up and you know right from two hundred, seventy, five yards above us they're both care move the cow, the cow Brunton the bull. Running but moving at like the okay we're we're less curious now Morgan start walking this way, right? So he's like, can you get it from their 175 can? Shooting a ten July with our. Success you on top with the CDs. Hori I'm good to go with the two. We are twenty acne proven to be shooting at that time I knew at one, seventy five was going to have to worry about a Lotta drop. Will dial to go. So I try to drop down and use the packers arrest problems with the elevations change not work right I can't see them WANNA get low So we went a little more Western old school and I use randy. Guide as your rest don't. His ears and got set up and you know shooting off a buddy which not not always the best decision. But in this case it was long. READING RAMS RANDOM SUGGESTED IT. Got Said and Bank and shot near the flap that it Caribou it's slowed down to a stop e kind of ship the said. And was getting ready to take another stab when I chambered the second round. On. From right through the middle. Down with. Some. Point, we cleared the gun and they both like over a corner breath like. Running up that hill yeah. And we were just worn out. So we laughed five took a minute. Before went up. There slandering re drops the and knocked on far. The bullet did his job poor up. Being well down wound up being the biggest bowl the trip just by sheer circumstance. Wow that's very cool. Asians pays off man. How many people? Shoot with. An elevated heart rate. How many hunters maybe more specifically, actually ever shoot with an elevator heart rate unless they're hunting deer right now a lot in the you're talking about that I've been there. You're like because it's always that case right? Well, there's that mule deer we just need to get up over this hill and. You're going up like you said, you're going with guide who is basically a mountain goat they they walk these hills all the time. This is their life and. The only way that I found that you can actually Kinda get close to that is like take you some exercise cards out there and go okay I'm GonNa do Twenty Five Burgis Twenty. Five push-ups three shots and like trying to get that heart heart rate up and it's it's tough. Yeah won't be one thing we. Couple of our product. Line, managers they've talked me through what they do and they're practicing. Oregon coast range here especially rough terrain lot of up and down. Organ is not a state where you're gonNA find a lot of folks that are wind onto your stand undergrads spot and soft. Animal around. So usually when you take your shot, you run up the hill or something. To get set up on. So I know one of our product line managers handles the golden rifle scopes often. Go to somewhere where it's a little elevated sent the rifle down on. run-up to just get heart pump and then get down mentioned the steel that they've set. The purposely getting themselves windy and getting heart rate up and. It's great exercise. I mean, we always say after you get your rifle cited in need to get off the bench and you start working from shooting on top of a pack or shooting kneeling or sticks different positions. But getting your your heart rate elevated a little bit where you're huffing and puffing a little bit and. ps guys are doing that now too. You know because you go to these events and they said stages purposely the. Hoop it. Down for you take. Yeah. Yeah. Good point they wanted to be more challenging. And it's not it's not something that's impossible. But if you've never done it in the first time you're doing is now you've got a chance on animal. That's that's not a good place to acquire those skills. You know it's all about being prepared to to take the real world shot. Right? It's my it's great to do you always WanNa dial your gun in a very controlled environment. So you know it's on. So you know it's not you anymore right? It's. It's it's not the gun's fault if you if there's if miss or something off in style and everything else on you. So trait really training to take shots in roared violence when it's off the pack on knee and if the L. If you're if you're blind door tree sent on her shoe lucky with which is often do you know who knows what kind of employees in? Yeah. Absolutely. Before we wrap it up, I want you to talk about custom dials because you mentioned that but we kind of flew by it. I think there's are super cool. So just every every hunting scope line that we have from the vieques freedom to the three I to the the x five eight. Six has options available with our CBS or custom dial system. What that means is your get a custom elevation Kurt, and in a box, you have a coupon, you get one free with the purchase reach. And what is going to have you do is go to our website and enter your custom ballistics. It's going to cover a bunch of things everything from site. To muzzle velocity to the caliber in Greenway, you're shooting. Elevations in the average temperature where you might be hunting because obviously shooting in seventy five degrees in the southeast is totally different from shooting twenty five degrees up in Canada. or whatever Celsius made the Celsius conversion. You know the the the elevations temperature have. Adverse effects on bullet travel so we account for that with this style. You Punch everything in we send, you resent you a custom dial, your rifles zero, take the original dial off but the new one on and what is going to present to you rather than the standard Mo adjustments, you're going to see things like one point five to two point five three. Hundred and fifty yards two, hundred dollars, two, hundred, fifty dollars, bring hundred yards, and then their incremental markets in between. Shots, that have not every animal going to like a big round. Where your animal is. Usually a range finder. Hopefully, one of our loophole range finders with TV are, which is through ballistic range. Of course, there's one what or does is less you'd select your group rights say you're shooting at thirty off six you select won't group. That is to the thirty out six answering to give you what the what the accurate ranges or. Shop. At that angle on at that angle that you happen to be interesting thing you take that data dial your. to whatever the number happens to be an ICAN hold dead. And what it really does is it gets away from holdover right? A lot of hunters blow up dude holdover disastrous how people used to. Always. At two hundred yards I know where to hold my radical nature or not. If you were just using a duplex I, note a you just over his hair or something that we take out of the equation you much more precise solution and it just it just doesn't inspire right you know you can hold that on. It's always easier to put that that radical whether it's an illuminated fire dot or. Wherever you will shoo everyone feels more comfortable putting that on the vitals up to pull the trigger and the style it's easy to do and you don't have to go out in dope out your rifle, which is still in. You're you're not required to do that speeds it up for you and. You make more ethical hunter too I mean you're able to make those shots. There's no guesswork. My only problem is every time I put a CD style on A. On. A scope. To I don't even get to dial. He's just standing there right A. Ninety nine yard. Well I. Guess that's it. That's it. Is An excellent tool. We cut thousands of miles every month to get him out to. And? Get One free with the purchase of CDs go, and if you want to take that scope, say you you might want to change rifles later on you know you only own one CD. Move into another rifle or you've just decided to change things up, say hunting and totally different dish nation goes from eight thousand eight. Right it's about eighty bucks. You give us a call it will cut you a second dial number Pandy. Very. Cool. Sean thanks for being with US man. Thanks for other. Mueller's GonNa. Talk, to you guys, I'm sure I'll see you against. Yeah absolutely at it for us. We'll see you next time on gun talk hunt.

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1346  Experincias de Vida


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1346 Experincias de Vida

"A thermal mobile sink gathered Experiencing soviet you don't hilas reminds do iverson them stay. How does he was has your mouth. Gravelly voice also. The shock with in flew up in as a former. Get up. reminding pitying bulla. It don't embargoes nasa version stove. The coach cast to brazil. I said darcy yada key more diverse. So it was so polling. Data is so monday. Do coach castro. But as you you're giving me one thing if you don't clean shuki needed a pillar soloviev managing you'll pieces of your backup plan. If you tom was the kentucky so's through of young mice to returnable sites. Casamayor cinco moon touching base stuck in cleaning procedures. Obviously the al processors cal staying. Put a key kuntar steel freaky logging. Look outdoor chino his own. Who but. I mean that won't gauge me. I don't how sima suck guys seem on why the elevator chicago a key. Shigeki needed to doing fast is to terminal neal to did you got whose citizens seem at a majority fossil hedge mice compact to eat momentous thing so elliott to do and mayes economical. Southbound bureau codicil shigeo. She'll do they should actually. Blue happens upsell in russia vodka. No wash amir who serve the coin. Sold to plant. Diogenes buzzer his ever plan. Noah's a techy. Quasi mian which mahler deploys. His veto citizen being signalled himself. Does this double shoes. Don't even get eaten walter. Pratt was originally stories. Let's acquire tune joist log water. Joan quadruplet e episode to resolve cuban. She has a simone episode. Ain't migo sake. Visual being a women's must is financial. Cortisol tell pizzonia bala baton louisi- solicited kelly's passing duska. Commuters means inclusive Visas do is west mcconnell due to report to combat happily securicor while he lost his fat. Who uses out. A quarter see ulysses principle image but i can only dr sousa gentlewoman squeezes to ensure zero was winston being fodder the threes proving each month plan. Which i'm there live you mcconaughey you still can be done alive. Basilica visit electrical. Maybe stuck that. I hope polling data. He wants quiz show income. We may speed a helene project tour. Run up toward the helene dodger. Push houston domingo. Vote by larry. Yoshiko keenum think. I not having fixing to kinney shoes calhoun. But let's just say over what to say that if we pulled rotel iraq will receive your career. Mcdermot produce e thing is we'll see gac assoc- his over what's this a gear chaos. We'll see it's okay. Casco spicing in winters raises questions citing known depending divorcee depending old priscilla's deter status kintu he was also became a company of mea saga usa. Beer my starch. seal is pass. I don't me just means come uses my court q. Solicited she tend to moving in a whole off bowling decatur. I started in action with secure wing. But i will say we'll do mci. Sheila boss a quarterback starter economical. Someone's followed use super mizoguchi. Jesus ill so pauline successor total version gas. Juba mood dzamija. They'll do almost put gas to you.

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S6E11: Boyfriend Wont Move Out w/ Melisa D. Monts

Don't Blame Me!

1:05:27 hr | 9 months ago

S6E11: Boyfriend Wont Move Out w/ Melisa D. Monts

"Hello. Everybody and welcome back to another episode of don't blame me come on you have to flex. Get, damned biceps naive someone was a cheerleader We heard they recorded started recording only. That's why she's told she told me to flex because I. did it in the other one and then I, felt weird about it. But then I realized that my microphone was swung all the way over there. So you couldn't hear anything that I was saying. So we is even notice I mean clearly I didn't either. Well it's another episode. Of the. PODCAST. I'm to remember what we. Think is This is the first time we're doing two episodes since we've gone into quarantine Oh my ahead. Yeah. y'All we used to do to help us. Oh Wow So, who knows that this is going to be like. This is it's we're switching it up. Safely we're adding some spice. into our lives, what you what eating? An assortment of weird things. Well, it's not really a storm is tinder with the class. What are you? Can you see with this is? Is it. Is it is it grits no. Is it applesauce. Close them, but it looks very similar here. It looks like you know yellow e. will. Chung ain't got some Mexican hot chocolate has CBD. The daytime formula They love that for you. Sa- Great Showtime Eleven sixteen anytime has had breakfast lunch time Tru. Truly who cares whenever we want to eat? That's my. That's my. Let's the slogan I running on e. when you want to eat. When you want to. Eat, it does eat it. There's fuck. There's a talk I have to send you. That was something about. Eating Pussy and it was. It was good. You didn't send it to me, I know He. Even, said I usually do the bulk once I like have like a couple and then I'm like see it usually is there's one that makes me like Oh my God I, have to send this to her immediately and then like the rest will follow just seems to me immediately okay I will just get on and watch my niece. She bus literally party. Getting better. She's getting generating wait. So do you see the one that I don't know when she uploaded it, but she was a song that is definitely not in her repertoire but she she started she liked by the time that they they saying the same the same lyrics like four times and the end she was nailing it and I was like nice getting girl. We literally go because usually I just like look at my page I don't look at who I'm following But now every night monster I get into bed and we do my for you page in that we switch over to my following and it is ninety percent because. People and it's just ninety minutes twenty day. She makes it so many of them don't make sense but the one that yeah true. But the ones that she does like. Get. She gets them six just so you know he eh, she is. So fucking cute. I love the ones with the baby I love when she puts the baby in them. And I like I like the, she's now also been using her own audio. She's been like she sees her own. Other in. and. So funny. It's so seeking cute to like and I also love that you're like really seeing the sibling dynamic that she's like if you get in her shot out. Yeah. Push you out. So funny. I. Love It is such a good time. Also wait you have to tell everybody what she said about. So I thought so this used to be your brother-in-law's Yes and so Melissa had sent me the video of one of her nieces doing Tiktok, and I was like Oh my God, I have to follow it. And then you're like, oh, it's mother-in-law's account but switched over and I said, okay let me can I fall let it coat. Is it cool? Can I follow and really you can follow an I guess I mean she doesn't have it's now her account doesn't have a lot of followers now is she took over took no. Yeah. Now it's really her account. Yeah. Her name and picture on the account it's hers and so my take is not verified at, but it's it's me and some people have like. Like figured out tag Mian stuff that they're like referencing I like like the trend we were like Oh God like remember old school youtube and I'm like I'm old but my it's just my name and my profile picture is One of the pictures for me crying once my youtube. Thing who the Mascara down my face, and there's only one video on my Tiktok. That is a face more of me as a baby to. Cam Can count and to camp for modern family because I have never actually played it. I've just looked at the picture of it Oh my watch it. Okay. Baby looks. Like like fully looks like camper modern family and so it's that more and so tell us what your niece had said once she saw nine counts. Yes because she only has. Two or three followers and so she saw Megan's account as she said. She said who is in. My sister said that it was my friend. and. Then she goes why is she cried in her picture and then she looks at the. Makings Account at Caesar pitchers. Oh, she's sad because his baby ruined her life. Not knowing that she just had another sibling be born. Like she's like I, get it I. Like the baby ruined mining. Eight hills me was dying. This is don't blame me. It's advice podcast. You Guys WanNa call in for an upcoming episode, you can leave us a voicemail at three, one, zero, six, nine, four, zero, nine, seven, six, an international listeners. You can set us an audio message at Meghan podcast at g mail, DOT COM. And WE'RE GONNA give some. Advice. Anne. A good time I Megan and guests. If there is one I know because of the virus there might not be. But So I, the most of your podcast forever and I really really love it and I am and they really. More kind of big predicament here. So my boyfriend that I've had for. Seven eight months now. moved in with me in my apartment in. March. Because this lease was up and you know we're tired of never getting see each other. So he moved in with me. and His true colors are showing because he's just not a nice person I've come to realize he will body shame women and he claims he used to be gay but then he went through some conversion therapy and now he's not gay and he goes her and calling all the queer people in that community. really bad name. I'M NOT GONNA say them on here but And he is constantly making fun of me for being antidepressants because it's a little back story I have a younger sister who's sixteen who is in hot dying of brain cancer. And a whole bunch of stuff like that going on my life right now. So I'm on. Because well, I need them by feel like I am and he's constantly making fun of me saying that I shouldn't have to be on them for life situations and they're not doing anything to help me and calling me about stupid basically. and. I don't know how to get him to move out of my apartment pasture. I have talked to him and pushed him and he's just not making any efforts. He's twenty six years. Old does not have any credit. So he says, MOM's not cosigned farm get a new apartment. And he's eight big baby. I asked him to do anything to help around the apartment and he says he's a man and he wanted to that kind of stuff. And I don't know how you get him to move out pasture. Please help me tell me what to tell him to get him to move out. I. Can't get them to do anything he says he's going to email apartment, but he won't he's GonNa. Call apartments but he doesn't. And I'm just getting sick of it. He is constantly belittling women constantly making fun of me or. I'll punch of stuff and. I he stays up all night playing video games and three ten in her noon doesn't even work full time and he's just not. I don't like it anymore and he knows that. But he's just not making a an effort to. Move Out of my apartment and I don't know how to get out faster. Thank you for any advice and I hope that you hear this call. Thank you. Like, this do is like beyond trash. He's like a whole landfill of just like rotting garbage. What a disgusting human being he is garbage monster lake is a garbage. Like a fucking trash. and. Oh my God I feel. So I feel for you. So fucking much because this is like. This. Is like you know not to not to use the the words of John Rule in an actual serious situation you've been hoodwinked Bambu old like. He completely and like eight months. It's like a pretty quick time to move in with someone I would suggest like. A year or more of like, no of dating and. You didn't know now but just moved in he just moved in 'cause you were you couldn't seem like, yeah. But eight months for that and like that's a big sucking it is. To me I'm saying like, yeah, it is a big switch but like you don't, you didn't know this dude at all. IS THE ON THE LEASE Because if he's not on the lease. Because, it's her apartment. If he's not on the least, you can legally get him kicked out. Yeah I also think it looks squatters rights depends on the state. You, but there's no way he would have squatters right after that amount of time he moved into your place. So assume this all of this, you just need him to leave faster. So I'm. You can afford your own rent. You don't need him to live there like your it's not contingent paying. Your is not contingent on him contributing if he is fucking contributed anything. Like said, if he's on the lease like figure that out and if he is on the list and you've already lived there beforehand, there's also that it sound maybe did she say her release was renewing and they just added him on maybe Talk to your landlord. If you've already lived there prior to him, your landlord has a loyal like might have a loyalty to use specialized as yours on the least than it. Like legally, he can't do anything about it now and learn. Yeah. Because if he's on the lease, then it's a binding contract that he can stay there for. However long releases. Okay. So he's on the lease you have to move. Heat. But then the thing, the thing, the problem with that is if he's on the lease. She moves I mean and it's she's on at least two he moves then he doesn't pay rent, which she says he can't afford nobody a mess up her credit. Oh. My God. because. You're not break the lease if he doesn't agree to break the lease, that's what my mind was thinking. Oh. My God. Okay If. He's on the lease and unfortunately there's nothing legally that you can do about it. If he's not on the lease been champion, you can do stuff you can do stuff but. Like if you don't mess up your credit. So, if it gets so bad and you're just like fuck credit, take the whatever just leave. Yeah. I okay. If not on the lease, Talk Your Landlord get him kicked out kate law too because if somebody stays at your place for over like. A certain amount of time if he's not on the lease, the Nate Lake legally have to get kicked out. Like I don't know if this. California. But that's now it's into. Yeah. It's an they had it in Arkansas too. So it just look at your of and see what your options are. Yeah. Also looking at. Your state and county like rental laws If he's not only talked landlord getting K. like change the locks like he goes out for fucking like goes out to do something. Throat push it all away and. That Fuck if his mom has to Cosa. My God, we don't give a anything give the smallest up shits. No, that's not your problem. No and then if he's on the lease and you have no legal ground to stand on, make his life a living, how make his life a apps water his pet peeves do them all the time? Are there things that he hates is he terrified of clowns print out a hundred pictures of clowns and post them everywhere like constantly just just do like. Him like you are in punked you are in jackass like nick this man's life like. His worst fucking nightmare like you we come. He is the villain he fucking socks and he is making your life. Hell. You become the bigger villain. We're asked you to be a bigger person I'm telling you to become a worse person and him and make it. So he is drive him to the point of insanity so he has to fucking move out. Like. Go Buck wild by go wait call his mom. Yeah Post on like social media. How much shit? Yes. Call his boss tell them like do whatever the FA- like literally just. Stoop. Beyond go go below were than he's gotten stupid beyond his level completely make him feel so. Like. He's drive him insane. Drive him to the point of him being like I need to fucking move out of this place. This is terrible. Yeah. Like Oh my God even just like stupid little pranks all the time like put like Saran wrap on the toilet seat like do all of that kind of share highlights video games I. Guess Throw his his laundry, throw his laundry out the window because I mean that's woman's work. So it's not like he's doing it anyway no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. An old when you're when you have food only put a padlock on the refrigerator. Like literally do the kind of Shit that you're like Oh my God. That's insane like. As long as it's legal. You can you can throw his laundry out the window? That's all legal. It's not. You can put a padlock on your radar that's not illegal. Just, do all of that. All of that fucking Shit. Man. And maybe put make a youtube channel where you document all says, yes and then posted and then like with his Co. like. Hello here's your face, but only do all this if you feel like sakes. Oh One, hundred percent. Also maybe. You have a friend move in. You bring in right now like you add like. At a friend onto the something just any like where there's no room for him. There's none of that stuff where it's like it's just becomes another new sense. But I would also break up if you guys have officially. And Maybe talk to a lawyer too because there might be more legal loopholes in there as well. Yeah. This I-, he might be taking the cake of like. One of the worst people we've ever talked about on the show. Like there's obviously like really like this is like like this is like a scripted evil like this is like. This is like A. Teen drama like bully I can hunger like lifetime. Yeah It's like also not creative or subtle. It's just like. I just can't. Like he moved in because you SINC- chiller. Enough. Night in thin now, he's just like turned into completely different person. Who? I hate him or like do you have a friend? How long has your lease till? is their friend that you can go stay with until I know like. Oh, you still have to pay rent, but that's still better than being this dude. Yeah. That's that's a very valid point. Be The villain of your story. Moral of the story. And let us know if you need more ideas. Yeah. I got a ton so many so many. Meghan Melissa and. Even, though they're probably not a guess because the world is ending out that anyway. So I am a firm go rising or not raising Aquarius, Maryland Riding tikey and how My best friend too is the BRAS decided to ghosting now I have no idea what it was that caused. Our last conversation seems completely normal. Thing very explosive happened She stopped responding my tax and I called my instagram. But she's still shares her occasion. She me she still I could see what she goes listening to on spotify she. Suggests and just. Ask Us. I didn't exit. So me being the petty. I am. I blocked her on everything imaginable pinterest then well, literally you name it everything and even texted her mom was i. Buy thanks for being a second mom to me So I was wondering if. You. Thought that I should just say or. Should I do more like 'cause in my mind there's nothing she can really say to me to make this pay because. That's not something that you do to your best friend she wanted to be. She wanted to be made of honor she was going to be in my wedding Yeah I guess that's pretty much it. I don't really know what to do I'm just really upset and angry you know. So right thank you so much and. ME. Hear what you've got to just say all right. Bye were go stirs. We've said that before and I think of very excuse me a really natural response to go saying is to be. When someone gets upset with you that your responses to be upset with them. And you really rolled with that and that's like. That's fine but. It you. You made your bed like in the sense of like. She goes to you. You didn't find out why I don't know how long time period was of of that of waiting it out. and. Like you fought petty with petty and that's also how you interpreted the ghosting aspect of it and I I think it goes on your best friend like. That's It it does seem like a what the fuck sort of a thing but I would. Something happened like something either you did something and she wasn't ready to. Wasn't ready or wasn't able and didn't want to confront it and needed to be done for her own mental health or also was just like going through her own thing and like needed to cut everything off and like be selfish and wasn't ready to process any of it and. They're obviously that's a very hurtful sort of feeling. But You responded how you responded like not going to tell you that you did it like right or wrong. But it's also hard to know. How long like? Yeah. You didn't tell us how long was it like 'cause like if it was like a day Comes off his really or even like a couple weeks. Yeah. But if it was like five months. Also, her mom or silent when you message sure I know you said that you said, thank you for being second moment and by did you immediately block her or did you wait till? She said something Did, she say something if you didn't block her because I really think it's something that she's going through on her but she doesn't want to know about and she's processing and especially like in these times during quarantine, we're all dealing with it. Very differently. And so Yeah I I Since I am coaster I understand where she might be coming from. So It might just and maybe she wasn't just way she was in ghosting you. She just needed some time nurse so. Now and no matter how good a friend you are with somebody You never know them like we don't even know are is is I don't even know myself that well on the time like there are times where I respond to something like the same situation respond to a completely different two different times and I think we can feel like as a best friend were owed or any relationship in a lifelike were owed a bigger courtesy than anything else. But that also implies that a lot of the decisions that were making are. Like really logic driven verses emotional emotionally driven. So I don't think necessarily it had like means something really massive i. I like this is also not that I'm playing devil's advocate in this l. but your response being so. Upset versus like sad and hurt makes me wonder if. You're not saying, but there's something that you think that it could be tied to something that you said or did that you stand by and. She's cutting you off for that and that pisses you off because. You stand by whatever statement or whatever you did. You know that that's the right thing in you stick by it, and then she's doing this in response and so then that's where the anger, the Oh God the anger really comes end but. Yeah I, think coasting sucks but also I don't know like I have no idea why she goes through because I would also say I've had people who like I've ghosted and then they've done that responsive on blocking you like I, hate you whatever I'm so resigned from it like I don't really give a shit. So I think right now from my interpretation of it you're trying. Especially texting her mom everything you're doing you're trying to get a reaction out of her because ghosting is not satisfying like there's nothing there and you're trying to get a reaction to prove that like she. Cared about you and that your friendship wasn't just like that. It meant something you're they trying to get a rise out of her and I, just. The more that you can detach yourself from other people's reactions and other people's responses and just do what's good for you. Without wanting an outcome that relies on somebody else is what you need to focus on because like it's the same kind of thing with like revenge as somebody who is a big fan of revenge all fucking about it and it took me and it took me a really long time to understand that like that doesn't revenge doesn't happen. When you are so emotionally invested in it because no matter how much that your I would respond this way. I would do this night like they need to get them to feel this way. It's never going to be enough. It's never going to be satisfied when you have skin in the game like. Because, you can't predict how people are going to react to it and no matter what you're investing your time and energy in it, and then if you're not getting any response back. They you just wasted all of this and then so much energy and hype yourself fucking into it, and like you you, you get a rise out of yourself and you get this like anger fuel and then it's never it's never like being comes notice satisfied. No. So, it can hurt can stock But. If it's Cathartic for you to block her on everything then. Can have it be. But don't do anything with the hopes that it is going to get a response. Out of her because you can't control that as much as like, you obviously want to and maybe she goes to do because you did something maybe she goes to jail because she is going through maybe she just goes to jail because like she decided she didn't like you anymore and like she's being a bitch and like she sucks like there's all of those different options and you just have to pick which one you want it to be and then. Commit nuts being your and move on. But it's hard I'm sorry that would be. That would be really how. Long have you guys been friends I think a while issue I texted her mom but. We'll give Sydney ghosted me. I would drive my fucking apartment like what the fuck like. So that's like the part that I'm. I mean I I we always eat advice from our own perspectives, but especially when it comes in like. Relationship situations that I can really put myself in it. I just don't. It's such an odd. Turn of events like the whole thing is just such an odd. The I it's such an odd thing that I don't understand how it gets to that place. Oh but please give us an update this girl. Again and militia hope you either doing well. I'm doing well. Personally. I'm really upset because. it's about my friend. I've known her since Freshman Year of College, I'm currently twenty two and so she. And Every year. We like we have talked about moving into with each other, but she kinda of always backed out. And because of money. Which is fine. I understand that. So. This year she was like yeah. Let's move in together. Are you sure like for real this time and? And she was like, yeah. And like before, we'd like entertain the idea. But nothing. Really. Came of it like actually just kidding never mind. and. This time she was like yeah. Yeah. Yeah Definitely and our three out. My lease is up in October. She currently lives the sister. and basically she bailed on me again and we were about to go apartment hunting. and. Yeah, I literally was like. I was like. Well. I can't move in until January for. Will and my current apartment, they're going to increase my rates to where I can't. I just can't afford it. And so I was like, okay well, I pay. All but what you pay at your sister's Until January and she was like Okay maybe, and she thinks he furniture and I'm like I. Can you give you my old bed at my parents house my parents house. You know with. My parents were finding that. and. She's like, okay. Well, I'm GonNa talk my uncle He's like I don't know deal. I. Think he's like in to find yet I'm sort of. Finance. You know 'cause in somewhere. And she'll be guy, he thinks it's a horrible idea. I could be spending that money on college does the. And I'm like, okay but. Why are you just now telling me this like, why are you just now figuring without? I made a spreadsheet and all that jazz and figured everything out punch numbers months and months and months ago, and he's extremely upset like I was very balling because. I have to say something out like I don't know what to do at this point. So. I'd love some advice think. So stand by my statement that you should never room with France. France yeah I mean she might be I i. think she has like financial problems and she might actually be her friend and she's just like like ideally she wants to move with her but she just can't financially she can't and so like she thinks that she can. And so but when it actually comes to it, then she can't actually afford it. So she's a and I think she's a little embarrassed about it and just come out. And say, that's what the issue is. Yeah. No I think that's I mean I'm definitely coming out from our sponsors, my college experience and like me bending over backwards financially to have people live with me who like were just using me and like didn't. Didn't really. Trying to use her though she often Japan she said, I'm no. No, she originally said, yeah, both she said Yeah. But then she say I, I don't think she actually talked her uncle I think she just said that to save face no I. Think I I mean I'm definitely my my my I m tainted for my own history but I think you're right it does It it sounds like I. Think it's one of two options either she doesn't WanNa live with you and like. Doesn't know how to say it and is just kind of like string you along And this has happened to Lilly so many fucking times specifically or she. Really wants to live with you and like is embarrassed and like is not able to kind of make it work and kind of hold out hope until the last possible second and not in like a ripping the rug out from underneath you kind of way. But like I, think just like let her know that this really hurt your feelings and. Don't ever live with her and just recognized that that this is not. It's just not gonNA work and like. An unless. Like a couple years down the road, she makes a complete one eighty. And is like she's making spreadsheets and she's the one who find the apartment and she's the one who does all of that and like she's the one who take initiative then. Like think about it again, if you WANNA move in with her but it's This is not. It's not going to I. Think it's been like an idealized thing that you talk about Nubia so fun and like you can romanticize all of it. But truthfully, she did you a huge favor and I have friends who like I was gonNA move in with and they backed out at the last second and they gave like very bullshit excuses and I was. pissed and her and then. Our friendship disintegrated or like I saw that they like were not ready to move like they had. They were terrible roommates the people who they ended up living with all of that kind of stuff and I was like Okla dodged a bullet. So I think you did dodge a in this sense and I would also evaluate. Maybe, maybe she's the only person you would have ever offered to do that for like, oh, all cover your rent for X. amount of months, and I will give you all this furniture and stuff but I would also take inventory in your own life if you're doing if you're offering a lot to your friends and if you are. If they are being off if you getting not offered in return and not just like emotional labor but like, yeah, if someone if you're like. You're moving or something and someone's like, yeah. No I'll. I'll get you a moving truck. We can do all of this kind of stuff like if you are like the financially generous friend. Don't do some no. Yeah. Because that's not a as someone who was that that is not a personality trait like that's not. That's it's not. It's something that like you can be a generous person and unless you are having that generosity being met to you in return, you are giving from an empty tank and it will never It will never work like it wasn't until I got older that I was like, oh, I have like. Friends that. Not that like. Mon- like money matters in a way at all but. Like when when? When you're when you can like offer to do something for someone and then like Oh, this person wouldn't even pick me up from the airport like. Is this balance this working like that? But As we say. Nevertheless firms. Never, live friends you're in college. I'm sure there's somebody else that. I mean, are you like? Going physically back to school or taking classes online but there? There might be somebody else that's in the area, and then like worst come sores, it seems like your parents are still close by then you can stay with them. You can find someplace that you can afford. And you've got you said you like it's your freaking out because it's three months output. That's plenty of time to find an apartment. A hundred percent. I think it's because you're like you seems like you like to plan a lot and then she like messed up your plan and so your idea of what the timetable was has changed a may be a little bit more adaptive can be something that you can learn from this experience In living with someone. As. A blanket statement should never be this hard like it shouldn't be and it shouldn't be like. Down to like fi like to look at this apartment would like to send the pictures and they're not responding like if. It should be finding an apartment should be fifty fifty. Whether that's like someone who's like emailing everybody or someone who's going in person and looking at stuff like it's not like you have to be doing everything together but. If you're putting all of the effort in water that to me is that's a bad roommate. Does that make I don't trust that like? You to like care or like follow through on the commitment of this. Lease and all of that. Shit. A but I'm so sorry. I will be I would be upset to. Definitely been do this time for a quick break guys. You'll wheel tonight back. Okay guys we are back from break. We're getting to the rest of the calls. The happen there. And he hears in Bonn. Melissa, I'm thirty years old and cone for day. I can march when the pandemic. A guy in eastern. Him Basically said into my ear and we've connected right away. Extremist. But then he asked me for my number. So we started scene in eventually calling every single day for like look lowers. The was in a different town which follows away from me. He told me when he I mean he thought we live in simply because taking show his hometown but that's because my sister lived there to. Stay, for from the beginning told me that he would love to see me minimum person take me. And hopefully be more than friends. But given the kind of situation especially with nothing in all. Do with a good idea now. Wasn't Gawking for over four months now. And he keeps telling me that he likes more than friends and he's really interested in me and we left the meeting in person. However two months ago, he wasn't town. But the and want to see. I know what? In the mail and then make and we should be business email, but we'd go being. So. Fascinating. I know he's really concerned about the virus. because. If you stand. So I totally get that. I didn't make a big deal out of it, of course. We can't talking as usual. Last month I got coldest. And he went there for me every day and asking you have on. He was so sweet. And even though I have a couple of weeks, I was able to recover one hundred percent. Well yesterday I told him that I was planning to this my sister independent Labor Day. Of course, I just wanted to let him know because we share everything I wasn't. Trying to be polite I wasn't forcing him. Do in your minium person I understand the situation however when I go to the first thing he tony is, will you be by to? Be. And that would hurt me. of course, I'm going to give us free. been like three months. Since I got divided. So I was just sharing the news I understand he's scared and concerned about his safety but of course I'll be Like my September. This is the second time that he doesn't WanNa evening person and I don't know there's something else going on. I WANNA to talk to him directly because I don't want to come up with processes and. I'm the kind of person especially do make. But at the same time they can help but wonder if there's something else going on. I'm just confusing I. Don't know if you can keep talking to him. And there's I spent much appreciated. Thank you and I love your podcast by yeah I mean I think to say that like Oh all be like we don't know enough about the virus little bull have there are people who have tested pause like symptoms Kovic tested positive. Recap made a full recovery in quotes and have since gotten sick again and has a positive again and like have been contagious again. So we don't know enough about any of it. Have you face timed like true because I think it truthfully I think it could be twofold. I. Think like he could be. As cautious as everybody else should be being for this whole pandemic and he could also be a catfish I think he could be both like I think he could be a like a pandemic. What it's time to be a catfish, we will see on the new season. Guys. If you didn't mean if I mean actually no. Because when we recorded Cami we knew we knew that she'd. But not everybody else that she can be Crawford. friend of the PODCAST. One of our favorite people fucking love her so much Tammy. has become the full time Co host of catfish, and they are doing a fully like pandemic season like their social doesn't doing it from home like all of that stuff. So. fucking. So excited I can't wait. But I think this could be a combination like I think this could be. A. Combo of this is he and even like you said, it could be like. He wants to be your pen pal and in the middle of pandemic like I don't think it needs to be either or I think it could be like it could be. Yeah. Just the pandemic and that's why he doesn't want to meet up with you or it could also truthfully be he doesn't. WanNa meet up with you because the pandemic and also he just wants to pen pal or he's got interested in it. Which? I would just urge. You in general like. With anyone when you're establishing relationship that is Not, meeting up which again, you shouldn't be meeting up at this point I think it's so fucking easy to slip into. Especially, like indeed like in in in times of uncertainty to slip into comfort and solid relationship and stuff if you're gonNA start tile got caught up. With who? Is it the dude yeah again. You lose about. Of course I mean, I saw coming moves like, okay. We made a circle back. But it's so easy to get caught up in like. Like a comfort and a relationship through all of this when it needs to be treated like still casually dating and like it is a lot of fucking effort to like text multiple people I I think it's more effort to do that than it is like go on. Dates with like four people. But I, I would urge anybody who is starting to date amidst up pandemic. To really keep those any. Maybe you don't have those habits in general but really brought that kind of Shit because this is like Camp Goggles Times one hundred. Like pandemic goals are a real real real thing and it's you're getting caught up in all of that sort of stuff that we can forget that Oh, there are other people out there like this is. This doesn't just have to be this but I would. Like you shouldn't. You shouldn't see like you know I just know. I think you don't have to stop talking to him I think and I truthfully also wouldn't even have a conversation with him about it because I think like it is you to say like, is it just the pandemic? downplays the seriousness of the pandemic in the fact that he does with his parents and he's expressed like his own boundaries of his safety incomforta- -bility, and the fact that you've had the virus. So then to like even assume that there's more there, I, fucking hate people do that. It's like and muscle do that sometimes when i Mike depressed whatever and he's we'll. Say if I know why feeling bad if there's something specific. And then a big was there anything else and I'm like, no bitch that's enough my In in there's no and I don't think that you would necessarily mean it like that on the receiving end it can feel belittling because it feels like, oh, all the information that you have been so generous to being vulnerable and share with me. I am processing it now and saying that like I feel like that's not quite how you're feeling right now or all of that, and that's not it's never monsters golden I I'm doing that's not your goal to but as who's been on the receiving, that's how it can be interpreted and just take what he says and just like, okay, I respect it batteries. And there doesn't need to be like a solution to his boundaries. Or anything that you could like. Or a time limit to his boundaries either like it is a day in my therapist, says it all the time? Like your level of comfort. To the same situation instance will change day to day. We don't know what's going to happen. So you can unlike like when Moss went golfing for the first time, which again far away like social distance nowhere near anybody else and like my whole thing was like I was like I, don't know how I'm GonNa like right now before you go, I'm fine and you might get home and I'm letting you know I might not feel good like I might be super anxious. Like WanNA sleep in separate bedrooms for a week in. If I like get like anxious about like the virus there I don't know how I'm going to react. So I'm giving myself and like giving you the heads up that. It's it's an unknown sell. There's just like no solution to solve. No this I'm just like he said are you going to be virus free by now? Hughes being So sarcastic because it was like, are you sure you should be going to see your sister is what he was saying. That's what he was saying. That's assault I don't even I didn't pick up on that response. That's like a salty like are you sure also I will say the thing that like. Gets me with this a little bit? And I found that a lot of people who've had the virus never covered and like have had no lingering symptoms and didn't really have bad symptoms when it happened have kind of been like A. They've been moving on faster than anyone that I've. Seen. the dimension of Labor Day stresses me out. It's like chain thing of like. 'cause that's a social. Oh, three day weekend like there's like a connotation with events and like a vacation and a break and. Fun. It's like, ooh, Hi Megan marathons because. I'm twenty five years old and a little back down I only have one boyfriend was online. I was twenty years old and I. Van cise thing that guy after that and it's been about five years since. I it anyone. My problem is, is I tend to only File for people ran I have a friendship with them. So I'm like I'm Demi factual. So it's hard for me to like just go on a date and think if I like and I. and My brothers and to my dad's saying how he's scared but I'm GonNa be single forever and never find love. I tried to explain this to them and they don't really understand. My question is and every time I try to like someone. Every I become friends with someone I ended up liking them and when I like them. I'm always considered one the dude. I haven't been able to get an actual relationship. And I'm just curious talking about this. Or if you have any advice for what I should do My family's really worried for me for being single forever, which is what it is. But also I KINDA WANNA. Eighty. But it's hard because I can't just get that connection with someone I, have to. I A friendship before I even think about the and by the time happens. I'm one of the guy and they don't WanNa they. So any. Little bit advice without. Joe. I think that an and I'm also not super educated on what it's like to be like Demis That's what Demi Sexual I for a minute thought that. Maybe. I. I don't know what it is. Actually took that up. I. Thought for a minute I I knew a girl who was demi sexual an I what her and I were talking about relationships and she and suggested to me she's like have you ever thought that you might be Demi actual and I saw I like trace back like all of the People that I've liked and been into and I've. I've definitely had people who like right off the BAT I. Like we'll get a crush on them. So that's I. think that's the big difference from what I know is that like you don't develop those kinds of. More than romantic feelings until your friends like version, you have an emotional connection. Yeah. Like I've had people who like me like the first one at Moscow's like. Like a little crush on you but like it was never I never liked was like, oh, I like you immediately like I would then become friends with them and all that. So I think that's like where I was like Oh okay. Now, that's not how I am but I can understand an aspect of it. I would add I would. Break it down for you that like. How long does it take for you to become friends with someone and I think that you can. I think you can like. Date, I. Think it just needs to like. Maybe. You've been like. Maybe because you haven't been date dating really but maybe your friends are dating guys that are like so not. Into like like. For me, I, like gone on dates with guys like. Over the course of like months like we were never like boyfriend girlfriend like we were just like. Getting to know each other and all that. So I think it depends on how long it takes for you to become friends with someone and I just think you need to date people who aren't trying to like wife you up on the first day like you're just getting to know them and there's so so so many people like that out there like I don't think that that's not that I'm saying this way Demi other but. There are so many people who like are very okay with like taking it slow and then figuring out if you like each other like we with all the time like I, don't want to go on a date with someone and have them be like, Oh, I'm totally added the first day like I only have eyes for you. I'm obsessed with you like that's it. I'm a Leo and I love attention but like that I, don't. I don't I want you to get to know me and then decide if you like me from there and the same way like to get to know you and decide if I like you but. As someone who has dated my high school boyfriend was like my best friend and then mom and I were really good friends before. Why Best Guy Friends before we started dating. But And I've also I've actually dated like a lot of friends, but there are also people who I have like. Gone on dates with and I like I started talking to, and I met them and I thought they were really cool and I liked them as people and. As our friendship, grow our friendship in the they grew the growth the same time like it wasn't this separation like I was getting to know them and as I got to know them I, like them more and more, and it was a gradual like parallel relationship of like romantic and friendship at the same time but you just have to be on the same page. Marie with somebody, right? I can't. Date to get to know people in date to folk and I think that's It might be like you getting to know somebody might be on a longer. Timetable and that's fine And I don't believe in like trend zoning which it sounds like you think that's what's happening to you if you. Like if you realize that you. Like somebody like are you telling them that you like them or you just assuming that they want to be your friend Take some take a little bit of initiative and let them know lake. Now, that we know each other than I'm attracted to you and I would like to. Maybe actually date. Yeah. Look. Best of luck. All right. It's time for an update Owen updates. Oh, baby it's an update. What episode is it from her shower general? BOOP. BOOP. It's for up season six episode five her boyfriend had a deed. Dui. What were you doing? I'm moving I was agreeing I, remember this call. Okay. Her boyfriend had a DUI and she would drive him to hurt and the his ex girlfriend. The place that he works is owned by his ex-girlfriend's. crampons grandfather, and so she's there all the time and. Ex girlfriend has threatened to kill the Holler. And the caller has A. straight restraining order against the ex girlfriend I just love when you retail it in a way that it's like. A it's so fucking crazy I tried to try to kill like. Wild. Hi I'm the girl who was. Called in how my boyfriend's back. Any and then. Like. Starting my life and also threatening to call the cost on the. 'cause apparently violated the restraining orders though. just to clarify some stuff. He can't get his license right now because he would have to shut since you got taken away. Completely. Get a new like do the driver's test and do everything again, and also you'd have to get an interlock and Keratin in Iraq is like a hundred dollars a month and he can't really afford that right now to pay for his testing. Classes and stuff, and that's really expensive. And And so like he can't really over either things we live in a really really small town there used to one hoover car. But I don't think there's any no. So, even if they're pillow out one like it's like good barely. Like. Usable. I guess is the word. But anyways, he could. Sometimes get right. With his coworkers but he was out of the way for all them salon trying to they don't want to go like we've the house really early to go and pick them up. And Yeah. So, you guys are wondering what? Like what where he works and he's a logger so he works Sawmill. and he goes up and logs. So it's like in the middle of nowhere and I can't really drop them off. Like offer the property because there's like key to walk like two miles down the road. Every single night. Which Kinda of stock? But Anyway. So about that girl more. So she's only dated other girl in between me and her. And that girl was also hard is that it's her cousin and she was part of that too where she was also earning him stuff they're also restraining order hers. And she also you see like my best friend. But we didn't like stopping friends and like a sinker God way like it was mostly one of our mutual funds and her. Talking friends and then I just totally the mutual friends. Over and still being friends with her. Got Goal. He's clarify. By so this dude homey hopper. Usually a new boyfriend. They live in a small town I. think that's the problem though she's in this time tally need to start a gofundme you need to fuck it move to Miami just like is need you know she's got during this pandemic Florida's terrible Oh God you're right I need you to I my God. This is just go to the nearest big. Yeah. Like you are. You are the beginning of a like a fucking romantic comedy and like this is your origin story like this is. And I okay here's what I will say. This is like a fucking headache and a half. And like there's no fucking solution because like. This is this is a struggle bus new are driving struggle bus and like you need to. Fuck in pullover cake everybody out and get a new bus get like an like your boyfriend has a Dui. So. You drop him off and he has to walk to fucking miles or either long kit get. Close enough where you don't have to like physically see them. Like even if it's like. Half a mile away. You wouldn't be able to see them from your car if there at the building dropped him off there. Yeah. But still he got a Dui that's on him. He drove drunk he shouldn't have been driving drunk then walk two miles every like every day did like you fucked it's it's. It, it feels like your. Like babying him when he did something that was so selfish and dumb and reckless and put other people's lives in danger and. His life is intentionally harder right now and it's not your job to make it any easier at all like als with the extent of expensive. Your own restraining order and like your own mental health and comfort and safety like. He can walk to fucking miles like he can like it's not your responsibility to. figure his shit out like he fucking did this like he like. He did this he works at his ex-girlfriend's GRANDPA's company and he got a Dui and hold on his ex girlfriend's GRANDPA's company plus he used to date that girl's cousin. So it's like double. Is that girl's cousin that her grandfather to and she was friends at the Cousin Yeah Like you're it's just I know that you live in a small town, but like you shouldn't be. It's like. You shouldn't be dating anybody that. was friends with somebody. Else unless you want to be completely removed from the situation. But you can't like you can't be completely removed from this situation. It's just. It's obviously were not you but I'm like. Moreno, you could tell me this guy has greatest Dick of all time and he goes down new for four hours a day. I would still say Dick Ain't worth it. nope. Like the PROCON lists that I have made in my head. He has never winning like there is not one instance there is not. You could tell me that he ejaculates money like fucking. If he ejaculated money, she wouldn't be in the situation because he could just get a limo. True or higher. This one uber driver towns for. fucking day decided to his name is going to be Jim and he's driving everyone in his Honda Civic. Like there is not one instance in like. Oh He's such a nice guy all sorts of stuff I'm like. This is not I again, like you said, like I get that it's a small town but nobody is forcing you to do this like either you like if you want to date him. Then date him and then break your restraining order, and then still be in the life of a girl who Threatened to kill you and all this is. Tools to girls. It's either all or nothing you either have to see like this is like this is my life now and I have accepted it and this is. What I do, and this is how I'm living, and where I'm I or Baraka because there is no solution at all, let this beer origin story. Or this is your life See you have to accept it if this is the guy that you see yourself being with. And you can't accept it with these like the conditions on distance Nestle except you have to accept it as a whole like this, it is what it is. This is it. Or done. Will. That is our episode guys I. Hope You enjoyed. If you did head on over to Itin our podcast APP, leave us a ninety gun not. I. Two thousand exist anymore. Okay. Nice reveal. And Follows on instagram our own individuals the podcasts don't want mean by hit up on twitter fucking comedy. Good. Good. Good Times. And if you WANNA call him for an upcoming episode, you can leave voicemail at three, one, zero, six, nine, four, zero, nine, seven, six, and international listeners. You can send us an audio message podcast Jima Dot Com. and what else you want to promote another show that you you you've got do you want me to do it for you? Yeah. I want you to listen to the show. I will I. This is an odd read Exxon Hashtag add as you guys know, Melissa is a producer extraordinaire, and while this is by far the her favourite show and the best wine and her. Now I taught. School. She goes a lot of other shows and I'm a fan of I mean I'm a fan of all of them a fan of your work. And one that you guys should definitely check out is over share, which is Lily Marshon Jocelyn Davis is podcast. Started off as a show on there, you channel shared, which was the shared network. and it's a story time pot cast. They've got guests on and they dived deep into like specific stories and instances, and it's a fun good time and your favorite Internet ladies altogether, Jinnah podcast. So check it out. Those great. Few from the last time that I talked about it, a few people have gone and listen to. What they left comments in Louis like I'm here because I heard Melissa Meg talk about it on. Don't blame me I think it's also fun because of someone thinks commented on it maybe it was on graces or someone tweeted me after like Anderson Kayla's but it was something about how they're like Melissa's like so like. You don't blame they like hassles. This show is you and so people they're like but then I know that like even know like we can't seem Melissa Melissa's Novak background there and I could just picture like you guys all having fought. All of it and I was like, yeah forget which show that was it was probably. Vote. I was yeah. I was Gonna say but I was going to save probably. Not too deep, but like we. talked a lot. You guys talked about me to. To so. And I was like, it's just it's just fun and now everybody knows I me and like everyone knows that like you're behind all of them. It's a good time anything else Nah for good. Listening thanks to those who listen to very in. Oh. Yeah. Leave us a fun comment on the Youtube if you're washing to the very end and if you're listening to the very end, leave us a fun comment on Instagram or something. Yeah. But like cryptic. So other people don't catch on Oh maybe I can't believe what happened at the very low like at the end of the episode then then people go listen you know Oh, you're right. We want it it should just be like they drop it, Emoji. People don't know within Lucia's what Mosey should be I. think it should be I asked you but I haven't I don't. Think it should be this girl. But like. A white woman with blonde, hair, and black. Do it. It leave it as a comment on instagram with your audio listener and leave it on. Youtube if you're a youtube viewer of PODCASTS. And We'll see you guys next time. Don't blame me as a production by me executive produced by Melissa months edited by Katrina Heading and music by Ryan. Hunter, and Giacomo Picasso.

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Ep. - 250 - Ian Gelfand, Producer of RHOD, Summer House and Family Karma Luke Gulbranson from Summer House

Reality Life with Kate Casey

1:00:14 hr | 1 year ago

Ep. - 250 - Ian Gelfand, Producer of RHOD, Summer House and Family Karma Luke Gulbranson from Summer House

"Welcome back to another episode of Reality. With Casey hope that you guys are having a great week. Despite many of you stuck at home with small children that you are trying to homeschool. I am one of you. I've got a lot of them that I'm trying to home school as well. A lot of people have asked me how I am doing with five children. Homeschooling and the answer is I am very mean. I am very mean mother. Who kind of takes on the opinion that if you're GonNa make me homeschool I'm GonNa home school the shit out of this place so they work a lot of hours and I am very mean about it and I crack the whip and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I went to that boarding school in her. She had to do so many chores before school and after school like when my kids can plane. I'm like do you understand. I woke up at five thirty in the morning and would scrub showers and then I would get ready for school and then I would eat breakfast and then I would do an after school short like I chain them so if you feel badly about the fact that you are mean as a home schooling parent I say celebrated celebrated because will one day become parents themselves and they will pass it on to them and we can all collectively bask in the fact that we were mean together and hopefully they won't write. Tell all books about them. But of course I've always assumed that mine will write a tell all in fact I've told them if you do right tell all about me. Just do me the favor of allowing meteorite the first at least two chapters when. I'm not home schooling or working on episodes. I am trying to enjoy my night. My husband's like Junie to go to bed at twelve o'clock at night every night and answer is yes because after these kids go to bed. I WANNA watch TV. And what? I've been absolutely obsessed with as you probably know. Is this show Huby one which is also called? Qb One beyond the lights and it's on that flex this is directed by Peterberg. Did Friday Night Lights. Most of you know that show and loved it as much as I did. This is done by the same director. So it's got the same feel to it. And every season follows three quarterbacks mentioned this before I watched season three started out season. Three which probably makes no sense to anybody and now. I've gone back and started season two and I'm really excited because tomorrow. An interview one of the quarterbacks from season three again another great show if you're looking for something to watch with other people at home in quarantine with you. I think that you'll really enjoy it. This episode I'm really excited about because I love behind the scenes interviews with producers and this producer is no exception. His name's Ian Gow Fan. And he started out as a stand up comic and got into television and eventually move from scripted. Tv into UNSCRIPTED TV and really has a fantastic reputation in an industry and people who are talent on shows love him equally so I was excited to talk to him because he's worked on several big reality. Tv shows and a few of them include real housewives of Dallas Summer House and Family Karma which just had its season finale and so many people also loved those excited to talk to him but specifically about two things that have happened in the last two last year with two of the shows one of them was on real housewives of Dallas. He executive produced the season when Leeann got married but also when they went to Thailand for the trip. You know they go. The cash trips and I was fascinated by the fact that the all went to the red light district and they went to see one of those shows where the woman pushes. Paintbox are Regina. I I'm not making this up. The truly happens and I love to hear his explanation on why that seems so amusing to him because they're all society ladies so true fish out of water situations sort of like. I don't know when I went to see magic. Mike and I saw women standing up and screaming and like swirling like shirts around their neck so I was like. Oh this is not my element I like. I would be so uncomfortable at a chippendale show so it would kind of crack me up. They went there and to see how they all argued outside of these bars in the red light district. So I won't ask them about that but also in summer house to season brought it up with Hannah. When I interviewed her a couple of episodes ago there was a couple who presumably are actually. I think she did say they only had met that day at one of those house parties that they have on summer house and they were seriously really really making out. I mean they took it all the way and they seemed to be completely unaware that cameras were filming them and Hannah told me that they were so embarrassed afterwards and I can only assume that they were but I wanted to ask him about that. Weird experience like you imagine being in the control room. And you're like Oh my God what is going on so and ask them about that and then I got a chance to talk to luke who was on. This season of somewhere else is extremely attractive. My friend Lindsay. We'll talk me and say I don't know what's going on in my life but all I can say. Is that Luke from summer. House really does it for me. And she's not alone because women seem really upset with him and the good news is he seems like a really Nice Person. I suspect part of it is because he played ice hockey. That's the reason people love him so much. Because I feel like if you play ice hockey you're probably from the Midwest and that therefore that means that you've got a really great kind personality but he's also super hot. He's got that like Wyatt. Russell kind of vibe ice hockey cute et Cetera et CETERA. So I was really excited to talk to him and ask him about this season and what was really going on Hannah and of course jewels like. Why does everybody hate her? So my first interview with n. The producer and then with Luke. So here we go. An Gal. Fanned is a producer director. He started as a stand up comic and has become a prolific TV in. Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. I'm so excited to talk to you. How did you get started in TV? How did I get started? So like you said I started as a stand up comedy. I did that Professionally for a few years and From that I started getting writing jobs and Hella vision and then from writing. I started directing and You know moved into show running and you know it's a classic path for some Standa. So yeah that's basically the abridged version. Tell everybody what it means to be a showrunner. What's the difference between a showrunner and a director well it's interesting like it? It depends on this show. You know but most So in reality TV went to your podcast focuses. More on Reality TV the show runner is really responsible for delivering the show from soup to nuts Is there different. Show runners kind of focused on different things. I've always been more focused on the creative side of the shows they work on. That's always been What I do Director reality. Tv more works with the cameras and and doing the cameras. Director scripted or movies or commercials is more Working with not just the camera angles. And what you want to get it. Also they cast of earth and so I was always I came up through scripted so I was always working with the cast and trying to get the best out of the people and That transfers over into show running reality. Tv But it's the same sort of skill. Set that they want the first show I did every in reality space ones of American pickers and That show At the time it was number two show on cable and a friend of mine Was Basically Michelle runner back. Show and running the post department and he needed someone out in the field which they call the director but that was sort of like a field show running around the and for that show in particular and But my slung house was the show runner. But I would go out and I started doing that and that went well and I. I didn't enjoy it And then After that just Started getting more offers. 'cause that show we're still popular and then started working in other you know on other shows Duck Dynasty was amazing. Show and that was a great experience and I'm still very Friendly with the Robertson's most of them and They're great people and speak to them all the time. And Yeah they just have the drive by the other day and Yeah we I thought to them they're all okay. I was a weird occurrence especially where they live in using But Yeah there. That was Interesting especially for me. I'm from New York. So you know going to Mine Road Louisiana and be in the middle of nowhere but But it was a lot of fun. What makes you take a job? Is there something about the project that you're looking for before you take it? Basically when I take a new show I will First of all it's offered so I'm lucky enough to have a few authors If I only have one offer and I need to make money but they offer but in general I get. I have options. I'm lucky to have options and then When it comes to reality the option that neither excites me. The most or is the least distasteful. You Know I. I'm always looking for new talents. I'll do a show a couple of reasons to prove like I'll do the first season just to do something new and different than the second season in sort of like shows like oh. They wanted him back and he did a great job and they're happy with them not many shows. Do I do more than two seasons just to okay. I've done it and if it's successful grade I did a great job. Okay what's next so before you take a job. How much prep do you do for in other words like Real Housewives of Dallas? Before you started on that project you watch all the seasons or do you have someone that kind of helps you. I can always be for me but I definitely a before. I take a meeting so when I get called for so for. Let's say real outside Dallas. I got called for real housewives. The Dallas I said Sent me seventy All the seasons or at least the last season just the last season Michelle. If you can't send me all this season and give me you know. Give me a couple of days to go through and then I watch it and then I decided in those. This show speak to me is something I wanted to do something about it. I like Like when I was offered Dell is always also offer the housewives of New Jersey. At that time they were talking to me about that and they talking discovery how they want to to do and whatever so there were a few shows and I just like the Women on Dallas. They see It seems like nodded dark. Show like a lot of these housewives. Shows can be can get dark and that's just the a little more fun than a little more upbeat and it has. It has his start moments but overall it's it's more fun so I like shows either fine and a little more upbeat and I love comedy so I come from comedy so things where I feel. There's more comedic potential in terms of the cast members and what they do and no real housewives in Jersey or whatever. It's just like what I kind of gravitate towards the season that you worked on Dallas. Two of the greatest episodes of that season were the first one was my big Fat Dallas Wedding. Lots of comedic touches to that the fact that there was a big discrepancy in the time that the reception started from the the wedding ceremony ending. How were you able to get many funny moments out of that to understand how perplexing it would be to be like a guest and how funny it would be to watch it? Well In terms of watching it? I'll take that far. I I never know for. They'll be plus you know or or entertaining like I hope it will be you know beforehand before you go into it. You're like How you cover this in the best way. And what what are you know? What are basically you hear from your past? And they have their opinions and then you want to lead into those opinions like you know. I can't believe it's this long. I can't you know and and you sort of take the information at hand that you know about the people or that they are telling you about the people. You're covering and you just say okay. That's an odd choice to have such a difference in timings in now let's That's definitely something you know missing that I think I liked about for vo shows is They really wanted to be real and authentic as possible other. You know other networks. They're okay with a with a with a scripting or little bit achieved a little bit. I mean not tons. Everybody has like their barriers boundaries. Bravo really wanted to be as authentic as possible so when something presents itself as a kind of a little more obscure than the norm everybody on is going to have an opinion about it so that makes it much easier for me to buy job. Yeah that that was a plan okay. Great the lens following. I'm not you know and actually some people are like you should tell them they should just have this this reception right. I'm like I'm not telling them anything I don't. This is her way. This is her thing. Whatever she wants to do she should do. And it's you know and we just lean into it and see how the other housewives feel of it you know and You know Most of the time Truth is stranger than fiction. So if you into what's really going on it's really presents itself much better than I couldn't have scripted that you now and I mean we couldn't have scripted in Thailand when they went to shows with the Ping Pong. I mean you can't even make that stuff up. Are you behind the camera? Laughing as much as we're laughing watching it I mean sure. Certain certain scenes That night in Thailand I WANNA buy Associate producer. He's great guy he's worked with me on a bunch of shows They went to They went to a couple of places just six for and no one knew what they were in for. Actually really no one knew like It wasn't like we're going to go see this and we know what it is and you know. We read the reviews. It's like these down this alley up the stairs and it's weird you know So the first the first place they walked into there was It was a Like a lady boy show. But it was very Homo Aerobics And watch them. You know men blowing each other and say at my. Ap I wasn't in there. He's texting me like get me as a year like he was so uncomfortable. It was amazing but Yeah I just I I was excited that they wanted to go and I was excited. They want to explore and part of what made me so excited about going. Thailand with those women is They're really fish out of water. A wet you know High Society Dallas and now they're the as a ping pong like it's yellow barring and different to these women. I just knew that I was going to be an awesome trip. You know but also the the complex relationships and the the subtleties like Leeann getting upset that certain people would go like you're a society woman. Why would you go? And then the archival footage to prove that someone is being hypocritical. The subtleties are in are so good. I felt like towards the end of the season. It did get dark with Leeann And some of the comments that she had made so for somebody that had gone onto the probe into the project thinking. This is light hearted less dark than other shows. Did it feel to Darken the end You know to dark I mean You know I my job is to show the truth of what's going on and it's very hard because a lot of times you show up to show and when. People WanNa be presented this way which I get if I were on TV. I WanNa be you know like like I wanna be presented. Well I want people. They'll all think I'm awesome and could person than I do you know. And and this and that they don't WanNA show The sides of you that you're embarrassed about or where you now you're actually a deemed or you're actually you don't want people. They know that because it affects you and then they all have brands now you know. They sell their their clothes or their makeup. Or they're this that so they're being very protective of their brand to get honest moments that this is what these shows limbaugh on this moments and And a long time so be hypocritical because they're trying to hide something or about them. So where where I feel that if if you just lean into your human frailty people love you more now but a yeah. It's so did. Did they get dr got it got it? Became what it became. And and I'll say this Have for it. I mean I'm not gonNA defend what we and said. I don't feel that the thing she said had to do with. Let's say I mean you can't say racist stuff right. That's just wrong but I feel this more had to do with Struggle Em was having feeling that she was losing her best friend on the show to another cast member and had that cast member been a different. You know maybe not Mexican or something else See what sets other things you know it was it was more of a personal thing going on with. Leeann and my visit. Clearly my opinion you know Being there I feel that was more a personal thing going on with her and and her feeling maybe we using her friend and she made this if I said this to her like and and I'm not in her head that I feel there was more personal attacks wrinkling on and she was lashing out more in that you know and then used an easy way to lash out then her. I don't think she sits home. You know saying build that wall or something personality Grant but again. This is just my impression. I don't know for sure this is just of my interactions and how I know we worked together. I I do feel you know it was wrong to say and of course if you know if she said it once maybe we don't even like we just let it go in some heat She says it's time so you want to you. Know carry through and so the truth and beyond it so if he gets a little dark it gets a little dark. But I don't want just pushing the darkness if you get one one show. That's not dark summer house. Which is always hilarious. This season has been really fun to watch the one scene that I have got to ask you about is early in the season they had a party and from what I understand from Hannah. There were two people that were in there in her bedroom. They were born in banking. I was like so happy that you portrayed what the truth was because everyone at that age has been to a party where you find out that someone slept in your bed. White couple time releasing. Yeah sure they they. I just don't think they realize there was a camera in that room. And all I know is I on the weekends at Summer House. I'm so they control room. You know with like twenty monitors. Then we're watching. What's going on and we have some big body cameras and we have all the Robo cans other mounted into the space. And I I I didn't even notice and then One of the People Operating Robo Cams as you look at what's going on. They was Very explicit this guy going down this girl and we were just staring like Oh my God and then they got caught it was it was amazing and I I think they would get caught because they were in and then pages bedroom and that room is on the first floor and people come in and out of that room all the time because there's only a couple of bathrooms on the first sports or if you have out there so especially cast member it's 'cause regular partygoers won't just walk in there and go to the bathroom person they don't even know for sure but cast members always like. I'm not going up stairs and so you know go take weekend so I knew that when I saw that going on I knew at some point. Someone's going to walk in there on that. They are embarrassed but they didn't really care that much at all so great. I know it's hard to film in the Hamptons because there are many establishments that are don't want to be filmed in your experience. How much fun is it to fill? Michelle like that because it seems quite fun and is it easier because they go back into the city during the week summer houses up there to shoot it. It's tough so it's It really is almost seven days a week. So producers We only suit five days a week but When you're seeing your weekends usually when you make this show if you shoot weekends on that so you. There's you get the rest because during the week everything's open. You can still be doing well. Just sticks and production companies open and they WANNA have me. They'd so Usually your weekends are our time that you can figure out to have off. They went. You are when you're working the weekend and your off day is to say you're not like it's just so much so it's a very talk show and then when you're out at the House it's pretty much twenty four seven things are happening so it's you know that's also most other shows like a housewife show. You know you see your four five scenes day whatever you do with your to cruise and then you go home at night. Whatever when you're in the Hampton. It's like you stagger your crews. Everything's happening out that house. It's happening all the time. It's it's very hard to have any rest but That set it is fun. There's a fun show. I love the cast in that show they are. They're they're just awesome. They're just awesome people at their. They were having fun in the show as far as But it's it's a lot of. It's a lot of work and coming back to the city if you're coming back to. The city helps a little bit but we still shooting Mississippi. And we see what they're doing in this is that's part of the overall concept of this show so they're city life and their and their Hansen's life so But yeah I don't know. Did I answer that question and also during filming do you ever just want to get involved in say for the love of God Kyle? Maybe shouldn't marry Amanda or Luke. Let it go or Lindsey and Carl. What an idiot you are for hooking up with your friend. How do you not get involved? Is it easy for you to not get involved no? It's very difficult because they also I have relationships with all of them and I want to see the best of all of them. I want them to be you know to do well. And when you see them messing up it hurts so with a bit. You're like Like what are you doing? You know but You know when they come. I mean as show runner watt of it sort of like therapist for sure but I feel bad And this is again my belief that other show runners might tell you different that I believe. Show run there to try to force and agenda on their cast and are doing a disservice to the cast and to the show. It's sort of like You know Yeah you like whether my opinion is Thailand. Amanda should be married or not. That's really not my place. These are individuals who are making their own decisions and doing what they do my My real job is just push them to make decisions like you can break up with him or stay with him either way but the decide something because if you don't decide anything you just sit and window It's not right so it's like intensive therapy like you know. What are you doing and and and I'm giving them tidbits of information that I believe to be true. Like you know how you know people don't you can't you can't get into relationships thinking you're GonNa Change someone. That's a big piece of advice. I give on most reality shows like if you're going in thinking you're going to change them that's the mistake either. You'RE GONNA say you know. I can put up there with the downside of their personality or their habits or you say I can put it up for it but you can't say you're GonNa Change them so just think about that as you make your decision you know and and I think it helps In in either way that they decided it helps and go okay. I've got accept the person for who they are or they're going to be like. I can't and you're GonNa you know but I don't you know it's like you're you know you have to wait. Your kids make mistakes. Have to ask those that. That's how they're going to learn. I tell them all I can about. Bmi mistakes that until maybe with themselves they don't really want to know and some never were and what lesson no matter how many times through it so All of those things are interesting in terms of the human condition so watching that on phones In amazing and that's why people like you know there are so many people right like Amanda. I love you and you in college should be together and then you have a bunch of people home. Run as far as you can and Or you know one. What's wrong with you? But you know these are all people Like seeing this unfold and having a real visceral reactions had that's what my job is to make sure that when you watch it there you're invested you know and and it's great. It's really better when people make bad choices and think good good choices like okay making philly choices you know like. Oh my God and somewhere gray area choices Arab. So are you gonNA be filming a new season the summer? Can we hope that? There's there's is there hope that there will be another season film the summer or at this point. You're just unsure. Well it has not been green yet all like you know. Is there talk. There's some talk right. Nothing's being green and But I will say This season I personally think this season was the best season of summer house. Yet really clicked this season and a great way. I'm very proud this season summer. How the cast is getting better at just being as openness eighteen B and? They're really giving their all and I love that about them and The ratings have that And the ratings have gone up this season. We've had some milestone ratings this season so you know I- hopeful that there's a chance to get we'll definitely OK that brings us to the last show. Family Karma is a big hit. People really love the show. It's really nice to see on Bravo such a diverse cast. And it's so unusual because you were all able to get in the parents and the grandparents of the cast members a very unusual structure to the show in relation to housewives or summer house or some of the other Bravo shows. How did you get involved with this show? And do you love it as much as we do? Okay so I there's a few things I wouldn't unpack your first. How did I get involved in the show? I was doing summer house and And people seem to be happy with how summer house wounds going Season three and someone had the production company. names Tyra Produced me into wanting to show very sneakily and you know. Kinda played it down and then so be this sizzle when I saw the presentation. Tapes isn't real. I guess I really I just saw gay was such a colorful world and such a great cast and I was. I was very much Irene taken by that development real and And then I was like I I very much enjoy. I pushed to do it like I want to do it. But part of it was the parents were somewhat about than when I talk to the network. I really felt the parents Child relationship was really for me. The best part of the show because everyone has like with housewives. You're the it's the parents you're seeing the parents and they have some have teenagers. You see some of that relationship but you see it from the parents point of view This everybody has parent. Not Everybody has kids and fear. And you see that parent child relationship from a child's point of view and from the adult child. You know and and I feel that something. is out there everywhere definitely So I really felt you know when you have like a thirty year olds warrior living with his parents and when he gets home from party Two Am he has to wake them up to let them know he's home and part of the culture is we don't we? Don't leave the house until we're married. You know and and not all that not every single one. That's the majority of our living at home and seeing my parents you know. Clean your Rusi this. She were twenty seven. It system means it's like so if you're a parent or child you can identify with both sides and if you're just a child you can totally identify bikes parents. Giving you should or giving you a hard time you know so I love that aspect of it And and Yeah I really wanted to lead into that. And and and and I was also taking when the culture and it's just such a great culture and and Lucky enough I'm very inquisitive so I I always wanted to know more and so going in and and dealing with things. I didn't know much about Hinduism that I learned quickly. You know and These things I this is part of what I love about my job. I can live in Monroe Louisiana Duck Dynasty or I can live in the last year with Alaskan Bush. People are. Actually you know in Miami with this you know you are always uncovering and learning and growing and understanding and They're great great people and I love all and they really welcomed us and really shared their homes and wives us and you know they. Drama is not that of what say you know a house live? You know we'll Brian and Monica up together. I don't know I uh I don't know so I end up together. You know. I think there are a lot of people rooting for that. And they are still very close friends and the Jerawat together. You know But will they end up together? I don't know I don't know While I was there I really felt they would be great together. You know but but again I don't you know you gotta play make their own decisions and yeah do do what they do and You know I think But then again that's more towards what I was saying though about that sort of not having that house wines you know I'm GonNa per se I think I think that show. You know if there's another season they're the drama William Puppet. They'll never be well. I want to say ever but I just don't i. It's the type so like these are like saying with Summer House. I like it. When there's comedy romance and drama you know like I like all sorts of evolves three and I feel like we have all three have maybe maybe the dramas and as you know White Jersey housewives. This guy's going to prison right might get the poor. You know what I like things a little bit wider and especially now well people are like coverted. You know that quarantine who doesn't want a little lighter. And how did you decide to break the fourth wall and that show? This is the thing so every so I do. This is something I pushed for and I believe that it should be. Is that how our people pretending there aren't cameras in their face thing? Yeah and they're they're told to to protect like they're told to ignore the camera at ignore the thing. I don't like that I'm like if I had cameras in my house. I we constantly be like. Hey cameraman do you want something you know. And they're they're like that anyway. I had to tell all the MOMS on family Karma they would cook they wanted to cook for the crew every time we would shoot in their house is constant they would want to cook a whole spread for everybody every time you were there and like you cannot cook for the truce like it's just too much but they they know. I mean every cast member most has met various No every crew member. We work together. We're making a together served to act like they're not in your house or to act like they're not you know to me is always. I feel it makes it fake like they're pretending something while Marina C- I might be true about their husband getting deported or whatever it is. There's a camera guy who's been on the show three years she's GonNa have returned you know. Of course the seams over and then she's like you know John You want something either. Hey you know you guys should stay and watch the movie where you know there and most of them not all like you become part of it. It's like all like you're part of a family. That's making something so I always push or the breaking the fourth wall. It's something I'd push for. Family Karma they they let me get away with more of it and And I feel it. It gives it. Now you're really making a true reality show like when sees the camera guys like? Is it spicy? Like you're now you're really making those and you steal our New Orleans Bali. Is that our office? I love my job. I gotta be honest. I hate my job. I mean those were really great moments and you can tell I can tell that you've got the comedic background and I think what you said is absolutely true. We all want comedy drama and Romance in the show. You know somebody had written me a few days ago and said that you were the best in the business I agree. I think that you have a really unique really great I and the humanity is. I don't think he'd be calm compared to anybody else. So I'm really grateful for how hard you work and and for giving us such Great Entertainment. I don't even know what to say about that. I for for more on ideal. Okay yeah I know it's I mean I try really hard I care about every show I do and I tried to make even that was very I I really. I really want my shows to be great and I WANNA be I WANNA be able to watch him and feel good about it and I want everybody involved. Walk away from the experience Like this was the best time of my wife for this you know. Wow you really made it special or and I constantly say to my past and my crew and everybody like look how lucky we are. We get to make TV every day. There's a million people would trade with US and three days and Like let's remember that even in the most dramatic moments or the we get no hardship moments or two years or if there's just remember like overall like what how lucky me are and it's just TV heads. Not You know. We're not saving the world or anything we're not making vaccines for it's just inter taint and where you now. I hope we can give a little something and make people's lives easier and right whenever let's let's not take it so seriously you know. We'll family Karma come back for a second season I I mean again. There's no official green life as you said yourself. If he's very well received the ratings did very well for it and You know I you know I'll either. That's like nothing. Specialized has been pulled. They've I don't know you know when it will or if it well but it has things at me for a positive Response will look at the positive response. I don't I don't know say wish Summer House. Tell everybody where they can find you in the projects that you're working on where they can find me so when you say that you mean I mean I Be You know I'm quarantined right now. Finishing my I'm finishing my net flix project and I can't wait for that to be done. Editing here I'm on instagram. My instagram's -cribe it. But if you don't seem crazy your instagram on people find me And My instagram. Just Ian Gel Sam on eating yell fans and it's really all pictures of Behind the scenes Are you know from different shows? I did for boating shows or be playing and talk. Bronson grew up in rural northern Minnesota but his found his way to summer house in too many women's hearts. He is a very handsome former hockey player. Former coach property still coachee and one of the True Stars of this Bravo. Show Luke. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it are you. I'm great so you were a former model. Do you still own the clothes from Abercrombie I I mean I have lots of closed from photo shoots I. I don't ever wear them anymore but I I have all the old stuff That I wear onset that they would put holes and stuff in For me to wear the photo shoots yeah for sure. I have all that stuff. How in the world did you get into monitoring when you're from northern Minnesota It's crazy I basically just got discovered I was You know at the local mall the Mall America when I yeah crazy. I was just taking a break. I was in college playing college hockey. And there was a guy there that approach me and talk to me and he ended up being Josh. Hartnett manager Yeah this is years ago. and And he was like used to model and act and I kind of laugh it off more turmoil hockey player. I'M STUDYING BIOLOGY PRE MED. Leave me alone And then he I got hurt playing hockey my freshman year and I was just like well shit. Maybe that's what I'm supposed to do with my life. I don't know so then next thing. I knew I ended up in New York and signed with Ford models and innovative for TV and film and the rest is history. So when this guy is talking to you outside of Auntie. Anne's pretzels and says to you. I'm Josh Partners hartness manager. Did you think that he was full of it? Yeah I mean you don't really take people seriously right you take with a grain of salt when they say shit like that but turned out to be the truth and In one thing led to another and it got me to New York. Yeah Wow okay so you get to New York. Did you feel like a fish out of water? I did on percents I was like. Oh my God I got off the plane. I was like all right. Can I just get back on and go home The city was a lot with a lot. It was intimidating you know grew up in a town of three thousand people. So New York City was Was a big change from from the North Woods in Minnesota. That's for sure. So tell me about what you were doing before summer. House a year jack-of-all-trades. You're you do carpentry. You make jewelry. How did you end up on the show? Well I knew Kyle and Kyle asked me you know. I would be interested in spending a summer in the Hamptons and I was like well shit. Why not you know I got out of a three relationship and I was. Kinda like maybe I should do something different to get my mind off things so I was like yeah. Come out to the Hamptons and have some fun with you and That's Kinda hold that all started And then as far as As far as before the show. Yeah I mean I you know I still model modeling agency in New York and like in Germany and Italy and all over the world. I still do that but my main focus is my business. And my acting I do you know handcraft jewelry and I have a clothing line that goes along with it and then I coach hockey so that I'm on the ice. You know seven days a week doing that and then And then yeah. I'm happy now that the Kobe stuff said I've just been Kinda draining on the business. A lot more remodeling and doing a lot of carpentry work in my lay cool but yeah so you know that stuff keeps me busy and It's keeping me busy. I guess now Despite the circumstances you know so when you show up to the House we see plan out on camera that you have an obvious attraction to Hannah and you get into these situations where they're filming you in a bedroom where you're making out. You're maybe getting to second base. Maybe not and then you're out of your walking out of the room and she's quite frustrated by it. Can you please explain for everybody? The back story because you had just gotten out of a relationship so what was really going on in your head. Yeah I mean there's just a lot that goes on you know like during the week Manhattan are so close. We hang out every day like in talk every day. That's that's our relationship like we can never get each other and there's a lot of stuff during the week That we talk about That you know a lot of people don't see So you know like Hanan I I would discuss with her like where I was and how I felt about our situation and and my feelings with my axe and How I was afraid that you know I didn't want to just hook up with her and and and go all the way I guess because I even though she said that you know there were no emotions involved. You gotta take things with a grain of salt. Because you don't want to hurt somebody. I've been the guy that's where people in the past and I didn't Wanna I didn't want her Knowing that I wasn't really ready for anything you know like a committed relationship And not like it's a cop out. I'm not trying to be that player. Guy. That's my actual truth like it just an Shitty shitty situation. You know And I feel like there's no recipe for it but I was just trying to have some self awareness to where you know we would fool around in it. There's no denying that that we have chemistry. And there's a connection and we flirt like crazy and we have our fun but it was like I just didn't know if it was smart for us to to hook up like that In that sense because I didn't I didn't I care about how and I didn't WanNa hurt her Despite what she said you know the only thing you can control is yourself so for me. It was like if I can control my own actions and and and don't Hook up then I don't have to worry about that you know 'cause I was already taking enough heat from everybody else will not everybody else would a few select people in the house About not hooking up there and you think that they would have been like. Hey you know We're glad that you're trying to be respectful Hannah and looking after our friend and not trying to just pick up with her and it'd be a complete fuck me I guess. Is this term that people use I know what the fuck that must be honest with you? It's not up with the Times But apparently apparently since I'm on a TV show. I fucked a term that I know I know people think some people think I am so people think I'm not I get I get it from both ends. I got people saying I am and people stay with the good guy so but know like I said there's no recipe for it But you know there's also no denying the fund that Mian Hannah have together. In a connection we have but You know I was just trying to play it cool because I didn't Wanna I didn't WanNa hurt her and If that makes me a bad guy then so be it but I was just trying to do what I thought was the right thing in at that moment in time. So did you watch any episodes of the show before you joined or did you go into this? Totally Blind That's funny I never watched reality. Tv I said You I watched I watched like dual survival and shit like that on discovery. I love those shows But I I never really watched a lot of reality. Tv So no. But when I found out what it was all about I I did watch. I was like I'll watch an episode. What the hell. I got to see what I'm getting myself into and then I also had to decide if I wanted to do it. Right yeah I wasn't sure because I knew that being in a in the Hamptons with kyle is my friend stuff would just be fun summer but then when the TV I was like what TV show like. You know So I watched it and And then I you know I sit down with my manager and decide what I was going to do but anyway I did watch it and then as I watched one episode is like all right cool and then I watched another then. I couldn't stop watching it. Yeah Yeah I was like are you fucking so of course. I watched it and I was like well. I guess is. We'll check in the season for you and just get a better idea of what it was about. And it was actually kind of nine days from season. One two seasons on how the show had progressed in the friendships and relationships have progressed and I just felt like it was. It only gotten better one two three and I feel like this season has been the best season yet so far And I feel like that's because everybody's so close in the relationships and friendships are so real That just makes makes for good stuff he'll do. Did you have concerns that Lindsey and Karl hocking up or at that point? You didn't really care because she just moved into the house. Yeah I mean I'll be honest. I didn't Considering the fact that the only person I knew Kyle I didn't I didn't really know enough about everybody else and their relationships to have an opinion or care You know I mean no I would 'cause I know them so well they're like friends. I love them dearly But but at that point in time I didn't really care as long as they were happy that I was happy to. You know what I mean. What did you think of Jordan was fine? I I you know you watch. You can watch the show and you get an opinion of someone right. Like I had no opinion I was like who is guy. Like he's Kinda you know. He doesn't seem like a guy who really take a like in two or talk to her friends with and Which is horrible right? You should never judge a book by its cover but then I met the Guy Person You know. Everybody else seems to be with them. But you never did me wrong in any way. What did you think about tools? And Carl Hooking up shocked. I kind of I don't know I don't know what's going on there and maybe I feel like You know I mean Karl had a rough summer and and you know he's my buddy and we talk and I feel like you know he was just in a place where you know. I don't know he was just looking for someone to you. Know Probably Find Comfort in and talk to you a bit and and handle some stuff. Because you're dealing with other things you know and In Jules I feel like jewels. She was. Just you know desperate to find anything She could because You know it's been a rough summer for her but she kind of made her bed associated the line you know It's not like it's not like people in the house. Don't want to be friends with you. But She. She just did some things and acted certain ways. That weren't very good. That kind intern Had everybody in the house You know not really warming up there. Yeah i mean you know. Everybody watches the show. Feels bad for her and I get it but you know like I said there's always more to it And there's some things that happened off camera in particular with me and her That You know I think played a big role in in Hannah in both Carl Being like hey man like Carlson get out of here and I'll be like people were kind of hung out to dry And it was Easter. There were things that I guess you just made people left a bad taste in people's malls. They were just like that girl. Just wasn't good. Did it feel like she was there just to be on a TV show and not so much? A really friendships with you guys. That's exactly how it felt to me. Okay exactly and And you know how. How can you you know? It's there's a huge difference between a group of friends hanging out and having fun and enjoying themselves And you know coming into that and and just being like not putting forth effort in and you know just doing like wanting getting caught up and just wanting to be on TV. I don't know I'm just saying there were reasons why why you'll maybe felt like no cast in it. It had nothing to do with people being had more to do with her bed making her bed and she had the line. You know what I mean. How many cans of Loverboy have you? Did you consume during that summer? Wow A lot. I actually Our LAST PARTY. Kyle started this whole thing where he does this like magic wand drinking stick thing for every drink. It's like a college that he did you drink and you have to like take a can on top of it so I I took Dada his book. Yeah missed was that superglue or masking tape. It's like a it's just a color. Duct tape gotta so yeah. He's so funny. So I I take a page out of his book and and on our last party I would just like I was just pounding. Everybody's I think by the end of the party. I had a stock like twenty eight mother. Boys probably just like how am I alive? Yeah brutal and that's no joke like I actually had pictures of it. I'll I'll post to my social media at some point and it's I was like yeah. I don't know what what mood I was in but I drank a consumed a lot of a lot of. Lb's that day so tell everybody where they can stay can track you down. Someone say stock. I'm going to say track you down because the ladies are very into very into you. That's funny You can track me down on. My instagram is just at Luca Bronson my name My twitter is that Luca Lebron's in and then My business my websites. Arco shop which is just ours. The Oh shop dot COM My instagram for my business is ranger than three hundred scores. Co and then Yeah you want my phone number. I was just trying to go trying to. You'RE GONNA be like you'd are you crazy. I'm excited to see what happens if you destroy. Hannah's heart I will find you. I will hunt you down and destroy you. Yeah so what does she. What does she destroys the my heart. I don't think it's possible. I don't think so. Why is that. I feel like year a little bit more Closed off than she is a Felix. She kind of wears firstly we you. There's an element of there's a Minnesota Wall that you've got that you can. I know that you probably a few people in at when you do you do it a little bit. At a time it crumbles a little bit. Yeah you're right about that. I don't I don't let many people in if I do it. Yeah it's it's one of the reasons. It was so hard for me getting over my past took it takes and my last question is what has happened to that ex girlfriend of three and a half years how she seen the show. Is She now regretting the decision to walk away from that relationship or are you? Happy that it's over I don't know what she is up to you to be honest with you I we haven't spoken a whole lot. Maybe a little wish each other well here and there You know at the end of the day I definitely hear a lot about her. I want her to be good and be happy Shortly after we broke up. I think she got engaged. So that was a bit of a soccer kick in the ass or punch punch to the gut for me But I mean you know what can you do? You GotTa figure out your Shit and move on. So is there any hope for women that live in northern Minnesota that you might come back home and decide to settle down there or have they lost you to New York That's a great question Well I I really I have a home on a lake here and I love I love Minnesota and the people here northern Minnesota daily. It's where my heart is really But I also know that I don't know where life's GonNa take me. I mean ideally. I'd like to live on the coast to California in big Sur and have a lake home in Minnesota and then just rent an apartment New York. That's that's my annual 'cause big serves my favorite place outside of Minnesota and I have to be in New York so I duNno I dunno where I'M GONNA end up but that's what I would like to have happen and Whoever I end up spending the rest of my life with? Hopefully they're on the same page I just WANNA say Thanks To all the essential workers and all like the people working in the medical profession for all that they're doing This Kobe stuff that we're going to From bottom of my heart I really appreciate it and I know everybody else. In this country in the world is Has a lot of gratitude in his. Very thankful for everything. They're doing. So thank you and stay safe and stay healthy. I agree thank you luke. Hey my guest this week and Gal Fan and Luke from Summer House remember you have to go to the facebook group and check out the group. We're talking about this episode all episodes and really the best shows that you need to be watching. Look I don't know how long quarantines GonNa last and you need some help. You need some direction I need to provide for. You shows to watch so jump in the facebook group. Put in reality life with Kate. Casey in the search button you can find me on twitter at KC tweet during chosen about shows all week long. My instagram is at Casey C. A. You can see who I'm going to be interviewing so you can send questions and of course check out what? I'm watching all week long. And don't forget to leave me. A five star review on I tunes and wishing you guys are great weekend and I will circle back with you with great interviews next week.

Summer House Mian Hannah producer Kyle Minnesota Dallas New York Thailand Leeann Hampton director Luke instagram hockey Dallas Summer House Michelle hockey House Midwest
Mere khwabon mein tu hai mere khyalon mein tu hai | Yakshi Yash

Yakshi Yash Podcast | Teri Dosti

01:38 min | 6 months ago

Mere khwabon mein tu hai mere khyalon mein tu hai | Yakshi Yash

"Cou- sloan in iraqi nin dinner. Chen don't order care will be thicker skewers. Grown addictive mian rosser are deal makers off the doggedly. Merely kobe to hamrick my heart-to-heart don't marry her hockey. Men's medical miracle oma to two hundred hundred media rocky mountain to him. He need to him. To zinke harlot body bundle city was in vicky key. Highlights brady bungee. Joe is made on good i eight anna skew. Whether arc ezekie wrote mu arc ezekie mucci media hungry humira humbert to a mall but kills more per our higa. I'll kill her mob. It kills more. But i agree this nicole. Kushner monger was ski. Her boom to book would need dahmer. The he man john thune licking dickel women kooky tera naam leaker rahat milton another delco get their normally radmil. Deena bill coup was radke word to her co mature medicare to the rocky mountains.

mian rosser zinke Cou anna skew hamrick mucci media Chen kobe Kushner monger hockey humbert Joe rahat milton dahmer john thune nicole Deena bill delco medicare rocky mountains
A Cuppa God ep#21 Stepping into light

A Cuppa God

11:28 min | 1 year ago

A Cuppa God ep#21 Stepping into light

"Henry Welcomes God. It's a recession is acidic. But he's host media and Stepping into an IV jumped three is one to twenty of the day. Everyone does not coming to the life. Force it that Dan dates will be exposed. Judges Three is teaches nicodemo. There was a Pharisee. Mammon Nicodemo was who was a member of the Jewish religion. Cancel Rebuy we know that you are a teacher? Joe has come from God for no one who puts on. This is your day. If we're not witted Tell you no one can see the Guingona stapled again. Hutchinson be boom when they're all we saw Second time she didn't mothers. Deibel is on the verge no one against the Kingdom of unless they won't of interest rates especially to thrash but this is Beth disgrace. You should not be surprised at my saying you must be born again wind blows wherever it blazes. You hear a sound. You cannot tell where it comes from. A word is going so How can this be drowsy? Just Jesus do you not understand these things What we not justify that we have seen this your Beagle. Ub Do not accept. Artistically of Earth agrees things that he did not believe. How would you believe Things no one is ever going to heaven. Except the one from heaven the son of Man. Just as Moses lifted of this negative wilderness citizens. Madame has lifted up Have Life in Gustloff of the will that he gets on the he's wanted me some believe nation perish what I've eaten alive. God did not send his son into the world. Contender will will win. The Does not believe since Lyndon already have not but in the now cost wanted only some is the verdict lightest come into the world. People love darkness instead of lines. It is that these were able everyone does evil hates that on. I will not come to fulfill that the digital big coast. Here's the dreyer between us now. Redemption in ID this session something which lands us in pizzas. is no barrier g being forgotten now wherever it is holds. Us accurate knows Willingness to reach out to him is faster is get you break down and go Privacy of our own as Is Everywhere seasonal his missile halls. Everyone of monsoon is no cindy redemption. It will give a strong three. He's husbands Over this special into his kingdom into darkness behind what would calm day on our own. He can help us dig through whims. Sending Jesus not allows is a step in that direction on sorry. Read down the Korean Mian Romney redeeming new. Shantou stepping faith in your monster. Menthol WHOLE TRINITY. Well a few things coming up for you. Unsightly the twentieth of June twenty twenty at two PM. London time they'll be knowing the presence of Christ a web conference featuring Dennis brings some rain in. They will be talking. How you not crosses with you through your day how to. Pry To be in the presence of Christ and what difference being in the presence of Christ will make your life sign up on our page at breath media dot com slash events like in fuller custom spreaker dot com. Would you please help us reach more people today and by from Shop Red Bubble at red bull will come slash? Silla meals see. This blessing comes from Celtic Day Nothing the nothing. If like the old things opposing GonNa Change it vision insurance dental offerings. Who Got Visitor? Nothing is one thing other than God. Hi I'm Adam Walker the host of real pink a podcast from Susan G Komen over the last year. I've had the opportunity to meet so many people affected by breast cancer. I've interviewed thought leaders celebrities doctors and men and women living with breast cancer. Their stories are so inspiring and really informative. We're taking conversations from the doctor's office to the Living Room. Please join us by looking up. Susan G Komen Ze Real Pink on your podcast APP and subscribe today.

Moses Susan G Komen Guingona us Madame Nicodemo Henry Dan Mian Romney Living Room Hutchinson Joe Adam Walker Lyndon Deibel Gustloff Beth London
The Hobbyist | Part 2


28:48 min | 1 year ago

The Hobbyist | Part 2

"What you're about to hear is based on actual events. Listener discretion is advised lamb corwin checks. Thanks to ensure that the apartment door is double locked. It's a rarity that anyone returns home from work early. His family members are anything but unpredictable still. It's nice to feel sealed off. He looks over the corpse before him. She is his possession now sure but not entirely his that feeling of triumph will only come once he's begun dissecting time is of the essence so it's not long before he grabs his knife inhales deeply and begins to carve mm-hmm. It's not an easy thing to remove the vagina but he's confident in his approach the trick it seems this is to go deep. Extra can always be cleaved away like pulp from the lid of pumpkin before long. He's he's holding his victims crown jewel before him blood pouring away from it like liquid flames. Hell has truly visited birth in this moment but in the mind of a land corwin angels are singing the electric toned own the board gives when he steps into check isn't so much shine or a beep but more of a low bovine bray. It's a sound he has no true reference four in the real world that he's ever heard before but he knows it all the same. It's a bad awkward noise that lets him know. He's gotten too far ahead of himself that again. He's worked toward a singular goal dug himself into the grave doing so hormone his mother says as his eyes scan of the chest sport he's up earlier than usual and oddly tents but she chocolate up to lack of rest he taps on the chessboard as she moves around the room a steady plastic stick thump that is almost too much to deal with at six in the morning. She thinks to tell him something about it town to stop it for the love of God but she doesn't has it. It's in his is a cold impatience. It's like he's not even looking at her. Yes he finally responds bonds. Have you seen my plastic container the wide one with the purple lead she asks. I'm having curry with friends at work and I WANNA bring it for leftovers. He gives her a dark look. Then shakes his head telling her he hasn't seen it. Are you sure she continues going going over to his little corner of the apartment. Look for the container but there is a loud crash and she turns to see her once sitting among scattering of his own chess pieces a white knight nights spins slowly in the board beside his flattened hand is is our dark and resting directly on hers. I am positive he he says. Stay out of my things. She puts her hands on her hips and glares back at him. She somewhat surprised to see him meeting. Her glare head on instead of crawling back inside himself like normally does despite herself. She eventually relinquishes victory rolling her eyes reminding him that he needs to look for it and his belongings long as well. She doesn't after all have money laying around just throw away and things like that. He nods goes back to his game game. She leaves he sits in the quiet apartment for a long while his eyes wide and blank on the wall is yours testing every current of air air for any sound of people moving around the hallways. He doesn't know how long this might be. He's worried you might end up screaming himself horse before the end as her long while bends down and picks up the black king his king from the apartment floor then sets back on e. nine then he sets the White Knight backup where it was before he struck the table able and gently tips his king onto its side he stands and kicks remaining pieces out of the way going to his bed and tearing away all the coverings to reveal his small small and growing horde. There are so many pitchers he has to be cautious of overturning the stack. Most are photograph Chan his name. He doesn't learn into long after the police found pieces of her clothing half eaten in the ocean they are ever slacken purplish face and the almost black and ruddy flesh of her backside died is odd. He thinks the blood had all gone to one side of her after she died leaving the flesh her breasts sunken and sallow and tightening the skinner ask until it felt like he would pop he finds his mother's plastic container the ones used for rice and curry. Whatever other things you need to take to work for lunch he needed it and so taken in now at his his not hers he holds it up to the light still disappointed the alcohol he poured inside as the preservative live at darkened from the blood remaining specimen but when he holds it just so he could still see the whitening flesh of Chan's nipple and the gentle slope curve of her breast he touch more often if it weren't for the smell and the odds slippery field but he has better fresher stuff than this a day from behind his horde he pulls the rolls of plastic and the camera and the tools he's procured from a medical supply shop. There are an assortment of scalpels apples and cups for draining blood no saws he'd already tried that and it caused a messy still can't believe he cleaned up in time when he looks around the apartment it as he does now. It feels like some dark miracle is family hasn't noticed the odd discolored speckles here and there on the ceiling walls he'd had an electric saw waiting for Chan had even tested on bits of wood and plastic so he'd known it would cut but he hadn't tested it on flesh meeting grisly taught funds Flash from US Assan splattering him in most of his living room with blood. Even the breast he cut off her body bore ugly tattered marks around the rim room where he'd excised it but he learned and now he knows better this time he will make such mess. He slips Dan Dan to his taxi taking care to make sure the apartment's front desk guard has snuck off to where he liked to go before getting the new girl from the trunk. She's not so heavy though her body is cumbersome and floppy and her clothes are soaking wet. He has her wrapped in a blanket and he'll tell anybody comes across. She's she's just drunk. Just drunk yes and ready for bed. He found on the side of the street walking in the rain. The rain has been heavy since the start falling before the first girl and last night was no exception what had he been thinking of. Chan of course horse and how he missed her spider being dead in shiftless hor of a bar girl but he didn't miss her doesn't miss her. He just misses this having her the way you miss a beer but not the bottle and so we saw this new girl walking and his mind started racing. The street street was deserted. The rain was so heavy almost blinding so he pretended it was blinding him even though he knew exactly what he was looking at he didn't have any trouble senior and her tidy little outfit she reminded him of the office girl in the bathroom and that reminded him of Pussy Sweet Pussy Tight Pussy stinking rotting corpse pussy but pussy all the same he needed it. He pretended to be blinded pulling over buyer. You're in a hurry getting out of the car. In the wet dark of the rainstorm. The only light came from his head lamps and the distant Mian swoops and curls of the Bar Lights. He stumbled out of the car muttering something about the rain even now laying around the plastic and stripping away the wet layers of clothing. He doesn't remember there was a moment where they both knew was going to happen. He can see it in her is the stunning revelation that she was one of those girls. Now a victim like you see on television like read about in newspapers and books. She was no longer herself that girl her the one that got hurt the one that died he made the first move closing the distance henninger pushing back against the faces concrete the wall behind her he tried to fight back she screened she even scratched his arms and bit once upon a time a woman like this would have stopped core one in his tracks he wouldn't have had the guts to talk to her much less toucher but he can feel the pressure of his erection digging into her back as he drags the length of wire over face pastor. Chin around her neck her hands of slapping the wet concrete making little splashes mixed with drops of water already dripping down the side of his taxi Paxi then she is twitching underneath bucking kicking gasping for one shakes himself back to reality taking a deep breath the feel of the murderous so real to him that his living room seems fake dingy the girl he doesn't even know our name is lying. Dentists feet her body's naked and basking the soft glow of the lights heat set up almost an days is hand rests on on the camcorder it rests on the tripodi placed beside the sheets of plastic his caucus erect though it softening even as he stands there looking got her he tries to summon some of the exhilaration of the kill of waiting for his family to leave when she lay dead in the trunk of his taxi he kneels beside the body touching her everywhere she never let a man like Ham toucher in life her breasts chill and unresponsive her muscles slack and oddly stiffen places when he moves her legs apart. There is no resistance there is nothing but the one thing he prizes above all else in a woman rendered worthless by his possession of he struggles on fucking the cold and slowly rotting corpse on videotape he forces himself to a shuddering pathetic orgasm that shrivels cocked free of the body audie before he could even move his hips. How do you like that he asks and she says nothing and he thinks in life. She may not have said anything either. He imagined that perhaps she would if she were charitable. Merely remained quiet after his performance the hint of an empathetic smile playing at the corner of her lips. Uh No one really has time to go. Go to the post office. You're busy. Who's got time for all that traffic parking lugging all your mail around in packages. It's a real hassle. That's why you need. STAMPS DOT com one of the most popular time saving tools for small business stamps dot com eliminates trips to the post office and saves you money with discounts that you can't even get at the post office stamps dot com brings all the amazing services of the US post office right to your computer. Whether you're a small office sending invoices Mrs on online sellers shipping out products or even a warehouse selling thousands of packages a day stamps dot com can handle it all with ease simply. 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Dot Com Promo Code M. O. N. He photographs the girl while he's disassembling her for for disposal. He opens her flesh at the joints and allows what thickened blood falls free to drain away cup full by cupful he dumps congealing mess down the drain and her parts into trash bags and time these left with only the top half of her torso and her severed head so it having been set aside to watch. It's former home being demolished room by room. He looks at her breasts and and then the sharp knife in his hand. The thin clean cutting blade had made short work where the electric saw had made a mess then he grabs the purple it'd container from aside his horde and dumps the alcohol into the sink. The breast robbed of its suspension. Now looks like chicken cutlet just pulled out of marinade read. The smell is tremendous. He Puts Chan's inferior breast and the bags filled with the new girls on serviceable parts then he kneels beside the torso and cuts both breasts free of the chest weighing them with his hands and then picking the left breast by some dark logic knowable only to him he places this beside the rest of his trophies on a clean part of the plastic before hauling up the torso and Ted and dropping them in their own bag and setting it with the others he spends the next fifteen minutes ensuring the body parts are well drained before placing them in jars. Does he spots specifically for this purpose. There's the woman's vaginal canal excised from between her hips as well as a couple of fingers and a and an ear the ear he bitten while fucking the body and despite how dead the corpse was to touch had still felt something nothing like a living human ear so he kept it the processes so mechanical that he doesn't even realize he's also floated the new girls breast in a jar instead of using the purple it'd plastic containers he'd intended he stares at the breast swirling the formaldehyde and then at the plastic container -tainer he thinks for a while and then decides it's not worth the trouble he puts new jars away in his horde and cleans up the room tucking away the camera and the lights and gathering the used plastic sheets for disposal the bags he'll dispose of in the most remote places he can find in. Hong Kong the sort that rare but there if you know where to look places like where he'll be bringing new fares soon enough soon enough Koran thanks but the plastic container with the Purple Lid he cleans thoroughly before placing it back in the cabinets amongst the other dishes of that sort he puts it up high so as mother might convince herself that she'd simply overlooked it he thinks of her eating rice out of container that once held dead girl's breast and finds that image doesn't make him feel anything nothing at all. Uh The rain never seems to stop that year and always there are more long nights and more tense quiet mornings. There are more women there are more photos lame court one thinks sometimes when he's reading the paper between stops or listening to talk it affairs in his back seat you that the police might be getting a bit sick of all these ponds being taken off their board. Frontline is a very powerful after all but as a critical of defense and all those losses leave you exposed people who don't know much about chess might think you're losing or something like that maybe he can't think of things like that because he's been distracted lately the women he's taken on those last long rides into the parks. Alleys aren't art quite doing it for him anymore. They're also dirty drunken bar girls and prostitutes. That's what they are no matter what the television the radio or the pay eighty percent no matter the grieving friends and husbands and children trying to find their missing mothers or when the bodies are located trying to find him but they don't know anything about him. Nobody does at home he pretends to sleep with his eyes partway open listening to his family moving around the apartment waiting for one of them to find the bodies highs in the couch or one of them to finally realize with the little stains in the ceiling are or from one of them to finally get too who impatient looking for something and finally has hit it in the boxes under his bed he thinks about these things drives around shift having barely just begun want the rain is falling only faintly today. It's summer now and the sun is only just finishing. It's slow descent behind the clutter skyscrapers that is Hong Kong. The he drives a straight narrow as ever. He feels like he is drifting. Floating like some black currant is faring the taxi down alleys and under bridges and through tunnels towards some fatal final destination and when he arrives he thinks so it is so it is she is beautiful and young and surrounded by people. It's barely nine time enough for only the most dedicated luscious to have gotten drunk and the girl can't be past twenty years old. Maybe not past eighteen. He doesn't have to park and linger to wait in the shadows and tried to jump in front of another taxi to get her in his back seat. Her friends ads already. It touched drunk but only just wave them down themselves. Corwin waits patiently through the hugging and smiling promises to catch up soon. One of the girls friends leans in after and gives him playfully serious. Look you take good care of her okay. She says he not odd smile drives. The car is quiet saved for the rhythmic tapping of the girl's foot on the floor boards the beat of Samsung. He's heard piping this bar that over the past few months she sees him looking and asks if she's bothering him. Basha stopping the steady even taps and folding holding hands in her lap. He tells her no. She is but she doesn't start up again. There are a few play questions. When he starts veering veering off the past he knows we'll take her home and more when he tells her the cars acting up because the cardizem sound like his acting up not really not at all? Actually it sounds just fine. I think she said sure he says then they are parked beside a small and thickly wooded park in a part of the city she would never visit on her own. He turns off the car saying he's going to check the engine but they both know that isn't the case. The LID of the trunk goes up and down closing with punk the makes her jumping her skin. She knows she should run but not where to and he has a car to catch up with. Maybe it's just a robbery or maybe the car is damaged but the car isn't damaged the He opens the rear door of the cab and sits in the back seat with her. His eyes have limited giving her a look so dark. It is almost completely black. He licks his lips. Lipson holds up his right hand. She's never seen handcuffs in real life and yet they're they are littering the sparse light of the closest street land. She screams is out and tries to open the door to run. He slaps her in the face and the mouth and grabs her by your shirt. Put her back in the seat and he slaps her a few more times just heard enough to Stinger face and then her forearms when again the way he drops the handcuffs indoor lap put those on on he says and she does tighten them. She cries as his hands move over touching your face and neck other parts of her. He's not gentle or even rough merely analytical like he doesn't know exactly what she's made of or if she's real but he doesn't hurt her. Tell me about yourself. He says she starts with her name and he waves his hand at her before she could finish. I don't care about that. He sits close to her in the middle of the back seat so that she's pressed up against the door. The warmth of his tie against hers is the most discussing things she's ever felt. It's almost like touching the side of a bag of garbage generating its own heat as the matter inside rots. How much do you weigh yes and how tall you. She answers that he not rubbing his palms on his knees your press how big are they do. They get bigger when when you aroused or on your period are you on your period when you have adt. How long does it last and how much is there? She answered the barrage of questions. Russians well and comfortably drying her tears on his shoulders. The handcuffs will let her move her forearms the right way. Do you have a boyfriend he asks. Are you going to kill me. He laughs and smiles and tells her no. She just has to keep him company until the end of his shift. He'll drop her off at home then but she has to answer his questions all of them. Are you a virgin. Do you like to fuck boys. Do you fuck girls or think about fucking them. What's the biggest biggest thing you've ever put inside yourself. Have you ever put something in your asked. You Suck Cock. You like sucking cock. Have you ever let someone come in your mouth did you you liked the dais. Did it make you feel like a whore. Would you ever fuck for money. He exhausted with his questions and they're disgusting and it's terribly ably uncomfortable when he makes her go into detail. It all feels like some sort of terrible hilarious dream. She almost believe he's going to let her go and despite herself she drifts to sleep in the back seat of his insane taxi while he takes a Piss. It all feels like a dream when he opens the door or she sees. Only the suggestion of face is is our clouded with exhaustion. There are the wet bits whereas I should be and the deep. Moi smell breath is his mouth approaches her then there is something lighten harder neck crushing her burns like cold fire. The flames spread into her limbs and upper own. I'm face turning your pores in the founders of electric heat a deeper sort darkness than she saw in the back seat of that car creeps in at the edges of revision until she get ceiling a pinprick run the shape of teeth and it has all been just like a dream lamb corwin stops outside the photo studio scratching scratching his Chin and looking up and down the street. Most people in Hong Kong wouldn't recognize undercover police at a glance but most people in Hong Cong didn't work the Red Light district where plainly clothed officers gathered like lice. He sees the clerk the the day manager he almost always dropped his photos off with standing behind the counter and nervously looking at the door. The man is doing his best to look nonchalant and failing miserably inside the store or perhaps not anymore are photos. Corwin corwin took of the sweet little thing he'd sat with in the back of his taxi. Just a few nights ago he'd cut her vagina out and sliced off her breasts rests in other parts of her taking pictures of everything more pictures than he normally took by far so I am caught he thinks in his mind he pictures his finger on the head of the Black King on his chessboard stepping forward he gently tilts the king to bow before the white army ahead of it a slow oh meaningless gesture if only because the game they won is not the game he played and smiling as though no nothing on earth is amiss lamb corwin steps through the door to the photo shop and into checkmate but what a thrill he thinks what a thrill Oh Mon stroh is an incongruity production. If you've enjoyed this experience please subscribe. I believe a positive review. Please support our sponsors. You can find out more by searching for monster podcast on facebook twitter and instagram or or visit us at monster podcast dot com the show was written and hosted by Jack Luna Tyler Bell and Mike Day Sound Design by Jonathan then McMichael and Robert Ravelli original score by Leon Rogers art by Jake Peres Executive Producer Mike Day

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EP514: Mosquito Nightmare, Scorekeepers, & Side Hustles

The Brain Candy Podcast

1:01:59 hr | Last week

EP514: Mosquito Nightmare, Scorekeepers, & Side Hustles

"That was sort of like the corvette in sort of like you had to go number two. I like the colleen mian needed a bowel movement. Well high fourteen. Everybody house now. Extra like hilarious. Well i'm not expert. Larry i you put me an extra funny mood because like you just. You're just a riot. And i just love you. We need to start recording like as soon as we get on the phone and then have that. Be like patriots. Bonus my god. That's such a good idea because well no joke. Like i came on the phone cool calm and collected when for goodness sakes just gotten off the phone with my vet who's delivering me lab results like i was not coming in like this is not the how i get like. I mean the news is not bad but it wasn't this good. You were like dealing with adults stuff. Yeah and we get on the phone and we just were bad for each silly who don't know this is the best. Laughter is the best thing ever we right. You're right you're right even laugh through the pain. It's very and you've had a real Eventful week with what with fox saying with that pain can in soil my god. I can't even believe it's been it. Feels like it's been one million years since then. I can't even believe it's only been a week since i saw you in since that happened. Oh susie you know it's roller coaster. This game life. Did we already say what the hell episode the five fourteen. Yes we did five fourteen k good and just making sure we check all the boxes are going to this rant. Impression of the paint can incident. If you didn't yes if you guys don't know about it was story. There was evidently riposte. There was a catastrophe involving an entire. Can of paint and somebody else's vehicle and the thing with as a viewer of your story was like you're having a great day like you guys you were in a furniture emporium. You've got new chairs. Were at a bargain price. Ever and then. I said to you on the phone. You regress to the mean. It just went back down to bad news. Bears what what happened so true. Here's the thing this is a this. You know what this is. This is the transfer of arousal. It's got to be something like that. It's gotta be like the exact thing. It's the same reason. Why if you win a hand in poker you should definitely fold the next four or five okay. Even if you're feeling like they're winners because like you had a hot hand. Now that i'm reflecting over the on this and thinking about the day i had such a good day i did i did. I mean my second challenge cutthroat or whatever. Teach me nothing only chain of events that like caused this calamitous event so so first of all. I've been shopping for furniture for a while now like a month a month i looked at my place and i wanna get like just the right stuff. It's really perfect. I felt like last time because all the stores were closed. It was two weeks into pandemic that tweaks indiana that we went into lockdown. Nothing was open. I had like six months without a bed. Yeah i psyched this time. I'm going to get all the stuff i want. More knows comfortable with waiting. So i don't even mind if it takes a while but what sooner than later And limited budget. Because i don't want to be decorating house again. I just did this. So i if i find this awesome furniture company online and then i go to go order the stuff and like full price like buy it from the furniture manufacturer online. And then i'm like. I wanna make sure like i wanna sit on it. I and like maybe they have a store can go check out. I go go google it. Not only do they have a store near me in my neighborhood but the only warehouse in the country. Oh what happened to be in my town where they sell all of them. They offer which. I didn't know thirty days to try it out. If you don't like you could send it back. And then the stuff that people send back they sell their house for like seventy five percent off. No yes so not only. Did i get the furniture that i wanted that. I was already already had in my cart. Like i was already ready to pull the trigger and spend full price on this then. They're only open one day a week though. So i have been saving this day for like all week like i woke up early. Set the alarm made myself a pancake breakfast. 'cause i'm like like like that. I'm like so excited like there's like a platelet like a new playlist of like happy tunes plan on the radio. i like. it's such a good debut is going for a walk. We're all happy. Then i get home and then oh then so i get home. I'm super excited. Get my chairs. Load them in a low them up all that stuff. I have a wonderful day. Of like. I think i bought plants to So then if that evening. I'm going to go over to my friend. Jesse's house shall jesse and taylor and we're gonna watch the oscars together so it's going to be so much fun. Yes i'm dressed up in like by dress up. I mean i'm like wearing a sweater and jeans and my like adorable rossi's shoes and which by the way if i get paint on wouldn't have been the worst thing because i just wash those Still you don't want to risk. So i'm like looking all cute and i have a few extra minutes before like i've got like a half an hour to kill before i go over there so i'm like oh i know all do so. I'll take some of the stuff that i need to put into my storage shed down the garage. I'll take some of that. And i'll loaded up and i just was like on one of those like i could do anything like i can carry all the grocery bags in one trip. It was that kind of energy. Like i must have been very chip like. You're you're at that place in your cycle where he's like wonder woman yes. It's so dangerous review to be there clearly so dane or maybe dangerous for the things around me not so much for me. So i'm going like i opened the storage unit and i'm going to like i basically have the. I don't need a ladder. I've got an attitude now. I like had this same. I'm going to reorganize this and get to this and just shove stephan here Attitude with the last ten things. I've put in the storage unit so at this point. It's not exactly it's an eight w.h. Euro regular w wait for sure and just to remind anybody who's turning in for maybe the first time that's an accident waiting to happen and now you see why i just shorten it because these kinds of things seemed to show up a live my life pattern battered so one of the things that i had shoved in there was the paddle to stand up paddle board. Well liked one of those perfectly. I wish i knew the names of these things. You know those videos on youtube instagram. Or wherever tiktok words like these spoon like hit the marble and the marvel mouse trap. I meant to his Real life that and everybody's gonna be yelling at right now which you know there you go so it was that and it was like the paddle board hit the cooler the cooler roll down and it just so happened yesterday. Did the botchy ball set. The butterball said just the the paint cans that my dumb ass stacked four high and so not only. Did this fall from the shelf. That was above my car but then it was the top can of paint so it was four paint cans high and it fell and did exactly what you'd expect a paint. Can that falls from twelve feet to do talk. Like slow moshe yes. Slowest motions What why is it that why is it that nineteen ninety feels like yesterday but this paint can fell in two hours has the following. I was looking down and picturing all the stuff on me. My expensive bag like nice bag. That i did not by myself the the because i would have never spent that money on myself the jeans i'm wearing which like i never wavered put on jeans and like this i would have loved. This happened to sweatpants. Whatever all this stuff that could have gotten ruined. Thank god not one single drop. Got on me ever there yet an asterisk. That is where the good luck ends. So yes the entire can of paint spilled all over the floor. You the horrified ho. God i can't susie susie susie can't i'm having flash but i'm ptsd. Since i i. Because i just i. I've only paid rent one time right. I barely live here. And this is how i'd like to make a name like i owe ya. Luckily i have the chilous downstairs neighbor. Ever who she comes out and like thought. I heard something and oh jess the lady. I needed to see something. Yeah i said. I hope i i said oh just the lady i needed to see as i was washing down her call shot with so many paper towels. I went through like fourteen roles and then the so nice she was like. Oh this is no big deal. We'll just clean it off. And then she was. She got a bucket a mop and she started cleaning the walls and helping me out. I can't believe it you with her. I know and then you know what she says. Well this'll be. Don't you have a podcast. This'll be great material like she's right if she's listening. We thank god for mercy and grace and so every time i read because your okay but like i gotta get her. I gotta get her do flowers or like a car wash. what do i mean was. Yeah like do i get i was gonna have somebody come detail my car and then i'll have them detail her surprise. Here go right into. Because i still frigging painful. Even if the come on like a lot. Thank god they were the same color the car in the paint but she even looked at me and she was like if it were the other neighbor. Let me or literally any other person in any other suzy. I had this thought to. Do you remember not that. Long ago when i was wheeling or i had a similar. Oh my god. Probably if i looked at the calendar probably would have been similar in my monthly cycle but i had similar confidence I was wheeling around the dolly. And i scratched that person's car sourcing stolen. It was bad stuff. It was actually a bad not a good day but i remember and so i wrote the note said dear sir or madam wait hold. That thought. i'm thinking that you might need you know to talk to somebody about this traumatic. Like about a lot of things and some patterns in my life recognizes. You should contact better help because better help is a wonderful service available online for you to connect to licensed professional counselors. Who can help you with your calamitous Know mishaps or you know more. Typical problems like depression or stress. Anxiety anger family conflicts. All that kinda stuff they have this service that allows you to contact them at any time. So it's twenty four hours that you can communicate and It just makes it a lot easier especially if you're someone who doesn't want to drive to an office or do anything in person and they are all like. I said licensed professionals. They are affordable. it's convenient. It's such a great option. If you're thinking about getting some therapeutic health and we want you to start living a happier life today as listener you'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting help dot com slash brain kenny. Join over one million. People taking charge of their mental health again. That's better help. H. e. l. p. dot com slash brain candy. Okay sorry. I interrupted the story I'm glad she was nice to you. And yeah you need to get a little. I don't know yeah. Yeah some- something clean the car. She has she's so chill. Thank god so yes. So that was that was my my highest days of highs lows and right yeah and then and then as you also saw. Maybe i was having like a great hair day. I'll be that matt. Although i feel like every day is like that for you now. I cut thanks. Well it's like every day right after. I wash it. Oh i sleep on it and it's going to be great. Well actually no. That was never mind. I take that back. That was day to Yeah it's been pretty good lately can't complain. Yeah you're looking good. Yeah thank you. Yeah you bet. I'm looking good feeling good. Oh but i did see something that i've been meaning to share. It's like just a like a little thing but if you're having a day maybe it's like a paint day like me and but like minus all the good stuff And you're feeling like oh my god everything like my try is just not that great google pigeons nest. Have you seen these things. No oh my god suzy. I need to share this with you right this second. So this was a hilarious reddit or twitter. Some twitter thread or something like that that i saw and it was. It said if you're ever feeling like you're having a bad day look at the Just take a look at what. A pigeon thinks is inadequate nest. what is it. it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. It's basically like just google it just google right now google pigeon nest and what they think is a good first of all. Have you ever seen a pigeon egg ever in your entire life. no. I can't say that i have Yeah me neither. And i don't even know where any of them are on that super hilarious and he's like a giant bird. I'm like to twigs twigs. No joke and the one. I just sat you just which is actually really sad but some purchase man nest out of like hypodermic needles. It found. It's like the saddest thing with this. Just like here's four sticks there you go to lesson in i've so gratitude o. My god lesson. But i was just like fine. We're fine everything's fine four sticks and you know what we see fucking pigeons everywhere. That's clearly not a problem for their right survival. Yes so we just. It gave me and there was the most hilarious. I mean hypodermic needles. Not that funny but also cut funny but also said like think about the bigger picture like the bigger them systemic things but it was a really funny thread or read something. I don't even know how the internet works but something where there were pictures of the internetworking. Don't i never do a bunch of pictures in a row of like if you're having a bad day to take a look at these pigeons nest if you can't get your shit together. What pigeons thinker is good enough. You're fine like they really don't care or they just they have to take with. I think they couldn't be bothered like like they're like the bar is low which means that pigeons collectively got together. And we're like yeah. This is like don't go. I don't sense a lot of judge. Yunus let us hear people. That's not what do we think we are. Swans say your good one that just around and the definitely the divas of the bird community they are. Oh gosh. I might run next once. My little brother told me he's like you're gonna make a really good wife someday because you've got this like ugly duckling thing going. Someone told me that. What does that say to us. I think maybe a compliment. I you said that to me. I'm no yeah. I see sure i remember which picture it was from my youth. And you're like. Wow that might have been a projection. That was clear. I was like me. That was like counter transference or whatever that word is right there that like i said when you said that i'm like wow that's weird 'cause i actually thought this was a good picture. Imagine if you've seen a bad one. Susie news aided. Have you seen my photo like yes you have because it's don't worry it's the very first one you see probably one of the most humiliating not humiliate an kind of humiliating photos of me like washing a car with a baggy shirt on just like. Oh braces covered zits. Making a funny face. I did not have i would i. There's a whole era that. I don't even have documented. Vegas sort of how the tone was. It was more like. Oh we're the same light. Good one Your cat as my god. Yes sorry about that. She keeps brushing her tail up on the microphone. I'm like oh this you know. And they they might hate it if they didn't know what it was that they thought it was like. Just you like just been crazy. But when they know it's a cat now they're gonna it's in dear it so i was just like oh shoot i feel when you get mad about. Shaking her caller. Yeah yeah oh. We have to send out good vibes for bo. Bo had to go to a it has been a roller coaster over here because you know bow in the old lady that she is sometimes you know she has some problems and that happened when you're an old lady and i woke up one morning and she had an accident and there was blood in her p poor bobo i know so i took it a doctor. Good news is just because she had a little. Ut i think it just the stress of moving and everything and all that if they were like did she get to covid vaccine. Oh my god what is i made. All of us bleed like heck and weird times of the month. Yeah what yeah. Yeah now. I feel like maybe she. S like sympathy pants. It's like sometimes. I swear like mrs cute video. I saw that or maybe it was real wasn't real. I don't know the internet's weird like that But it was like a dog that was limping and they took the dog to the vet and like couldn't figure out what's wrong with the dog and they just found that the truth was that the dog was just doing what the owner was doing because the owner had just had knee surgery. No okay. That's adorable. Like so i hope that's a real story me. Why do you think is like an ace ops fable logo. We know about these animal stories of the like to put on there. And they're like. Oh actually. that didn't really happen. So but but i do have a very terrifying. Yeah actually i'm terrified of it. We'll discuss Story that is a fact time. This just happened. I think it was yesterday In florida they have now based in texas. They're going to do it This this bio genetics or genetic something. I don't even know what you would call it. Company out of England released a one billion mosquitoes. That are genetically modified. Know why it's released. Yes yes they actually. Does they their name actual name of them is oh x five zero three four and they're on releasing. Yes no suzy. I i need to get this yes. I'm so glad that you have this reaction because that was my original reaction. This is this one of those things. Where i just don't know enough about the information. I need to know more so that i'm not having this like well. What do we not rage. Okay so we know that there is and also when you hear these numbers think about something else is that is going on with the scale of those numbers and the work that is being done here by like Other countries outside companies. because we recognize. It's a problem okay. So there's a type of mosquito that is called I can't remember but a really matter. Eighty s a gap d. Or something like that It is it makes up only four percent of the mosquito population but it causes. Its response to this type of mosquito is responsible for pretty much all of the disease that we get they and so in florida or in the united states. I think it was last year. The year before there were seventy-one cases of dengue fever. And twenty nine people who got zeka and so they want to prevent these kind of diseases and they all happen. In a cluster happened in one area so they knew if they controlled the population of these kind of mosquitoes in that area than they have. Read that area of these diseases. So this also i learned so much mosquitoes as we often do when we go on a deep dive for these things all the. Yeah hold that thought. I do have to tell the people about something else. That scientific that they will love which is modern fertility. Oh talk about a perfect segue right. Yeah right so. Modern fertility is such a great service where you can find out what is going on with your reproductive or and your system and your eggs and your hormones just by sending in A little kit. Then they test it and send you your results and it will be a fraction of what you would pay if you went to the doctor and i just find it. So empowering for women to learn what's cooking inside of them their options in terms of you know whether they're fertile. Have you know what what's healthy. What's a red flag. Anything like that. I just think it's such a great service And it's affordable right now. Modern fertility is offering our listeners. Twenty dollars off the test when you go to modern fertility dot com slash brain candy. It means you're test will cost one hundred and thirty nine instead of the several hundred or even thousands plus dollars could cause at a doctor's office get twenty dollars off your fertility tests when you go to modern fertility dot com slash brain candy modern fertility dot com slash brain candy. I dunno if you're doing this but like this since like last year's just wash getting caught up on all my medical stuff all my me to know it really started kicked it. All off was going to the dentist amber psychiatrists and we're going to start therapy and we're going to do this and put up up and such a great feeling to do that. And like get everything on track to. Just add that to your little to god. And i got yo groomed and i did the deep d- shedding with her. She feels like a different dog and she's a different color. Are being tanned boys. All of us we yes totally all of us. We all need a little de shedding. It was a year. I called it for rio karate year. I did not get a manicure pedicure earlier right. we have a lot of like a handle. Yes i still. I still haven't watson marcus sketching. Give me start ed okay. We're going back to his weight. Okay so help me understand. Yes okay by the releasing these other kind will help so these mosquitoes the the well actually all mosquitoes. I did not know this. I was saying learned a lot about mosquitos only female. Mosquitoes can bite and pass on disease. Yeah so these companies genetically modified a male mosquito that carries this self limiting gene. That when it's released in the wild it the females that have potentially diseased females. The gene is then passed onto their offspring and then the baby female mosquitoes die before they reach adulthood. Okay so is good. That's what i was thinking. So that's what. I had to stop myself. I had to like. Because i did the thing that you did. When i first read it. I was like whoa. This is a bad idea that we let's not do this. And then i thought about the other people who without the information without understanding. How genetically modified mosquitos would affect the environment. I was quick to be like Sounds like different and sounds like you know weird and like let's say no as soon as you actually look into the information then when i like really read about it i was like okay that that that makes sense that that and it doesn't four percents you look at like the i don't see it. Having of course they do all the research on what it does to the population or what. It does to the air. So i mean it's kind of like a. Let's sit back and see what happens but was didn't we conversation episode where i was like. Can someone tell me why we need mosquitoes. Yes i don't believe anybody came back and answered that. Yeah is there. Do you think there is a reason that we're insists entity does have to be. There's nothing that's not connected because whatever animal eats a mosquito though like everything could eat a flyer something and stay right there like there's enough other stuff to kick around to my house. I plant here. Which means i definitely have like. There's no. I saw one of those videos that you know always bug me but i'll go ahead and talk about it that tell me you're this person without toby panther secretly loved them. I probably do where i was like. Okay tell me about how much i really like. This wish i could come up with my own. Something be like that So tell me your plant person without telomere planned person who was just somebody like swatting the air and you know the fly around there. Because that's it you're to have that's going to happen. That is and i'm like what was fine. Yeah because they don't bite us though. Yeah yeah those girls but do oh my god. That's so funny. Because i was oh suzanne as soon as you said i'm like those bitches south bitches yeah but okay. So what's the deal with females. Being the only one that can do that. Yeah right what are the guys and like what other other animals like. I can understand the thing with the with the with a female praying mantis and like the black widow. And all those spiders. And i can understand like yeah. Rip the head off a guy because they don't have any other spider like he won't go mate with somebody else and then your baby. Spiders have a better chance all good. I see that. But i don't understand the biting the by like the we do. Yeah and then. The i don't so that's that's what it makes me think that it's like that it's not it's like the other thing that it does the secondary games or you know like the so. It's not that it's the thing that them biting. You like. Maybe a bunch of people dying like you know well. I'll wait for an answer about all this from brainiacs and it feels like it's funny that you laughed when he's when i said you know in florida you're like florida it does feel like all this stuff happens but then you know so is it like tropical weather makes people nutty or what i. I once heard an interview. I think it was on sixty minutes. And the guy said if you like took the united states in like tipped it on its side all the crap would go down to florida. Oh like and he was. But i do know that they have very loose laws in terms of just like behavior restrictions and so it does attract a lot of people who don't like rules. Yeah but like it's so much fun. Miami is one of my favorite places i've ever been. I have never been there so fun. Looks fun it is in like. There's a vibe. There's an energy like you just walked. I must've gone in like the fall too so like but it doesn't matter because everybody's out in like you're basically wearing a bathing suit twenty four hours a day and everybody's like dancing on the streets all of the restaurants down in that one little row. I don't even know what it's called but it's awesome. It's like all art deco style architecture and it faces the water and i was walking down the street and this was right after dr. Yes a he doesn't even hasn't even been there. There was a magazine that was miami-based that was featured on the real world miami. As a matter of fact. Pitch your yeah. Yeah yeah. maybe that's where we should meet new. That's fun that's tropical early. I mean we won't have to worry about sika problem so we will have a lot to worry about wave vaccinated. So are you telling me though that all one billion those one does all men yes problem. What if what. If like like tipped the the i don't know like they don't because they don't fight right there just like doing the noise. I'm kind of. I don't like that. The buzzing even who does your real tough kost well. I'm just saying like an influx of one billion mosquitoes to us a neighborhood because your business how they did it this was. Oh yeah this happened frigging like well by the time this smell. It'd be like a week ago. Six florida keys residents walked out into their yard set on an aquamarine cardboard box filled with mosquito larva then they watered the containers and for the next ten days so they're growing as we speak The they're growing into adult at into adult mosquitoes. They're not even they're like larva right there about to how god that's so crow all my god and then they all hatch and let me just take off. That isn't asked. I am not cool with that. I just dropped my phone. Because i got well as as sarah like pulls herself together. May i mention that i am. I remain completely obsessed with oral hygiene and the good people at quip. Keep creating new. Wonderful things to facilitate mike clean mouth and i mentioned this before but you have got to try their mouthwash. I mean here's what. I love about it so there is fantastic. The mouthwash is concentrated so it has a smaller carbon footprint when they ship it. It's much better for the environment. And then it is in this gorgeous little container so you can keep it out on your sink and it doesn't look like a hideous like ugly plastic bottle that everyone else has so it is so cute and then of course you can get your toothbrush. Toothpaste like sarah said the gum They have kids. Toothbrush is such a great great company and you guys have to try it. If you go to get quip dot com slash brain right now you can get five dollars off a mouthwash starter kit. That's five dollars off a mouthwash starter. Kit which includes a refillable dispenser and ninety dose supply of quips four times concentrated formula at get quip dot com slash brain spelled g. t. q. Ip dot com slash brain. It's quip as the good habits company. And i love a good habit. Yes you do. Oh my god. That book is so good susie. You guys have to read the power of habit. No you guys have to. I mean essential. No it really is. I mean. I honestly like i wanted to tell all my clients. I couldn't just spend the entire session telling them about a book. So i was like check this out because you saw it seems just and the book says this just knowing the information yes and be being aware of the cues and the rewards that you get for habitual behavior of the ways that we've developed habits will force you to change your habits and i absolutely have seen that play out my own life and i only i'm done with half of the book. Yes and i can't believe i can't even and it doesn't matter if you are a man a woman old young like it does not matter who you are. This book is written frio. Glad you love it i do. I've had i know this is like not even like that's like your podcast or your your your book club. Pick and everything and like you know. You're the one to to speak on it. And all that. But i can't i it's like all i wanna talk about to like everybody. Excuse me and i'm like do you even know how your brain is tricking. You right now and how easy it is to undo but how easy to go back. Yeah oh my god yeah. It's very it's encouraging. Because i think a lot of people actually reminds me of the book we read. Gottlieb's you have you gotta talk to somebody or whatever that book is called about how people will come to therapy and we all do this. Where are you complain about this big problem. And you're like i can fix it. I don't know what to do. And you think you're in prison but you could just like walk right around the bars us. You're tricking yourself into thinking you're stuck when you really not right right. And so this book gives you the tools to how to get unstuck kinda yeah. It's called the power of habit and it is by charles. You hig twohig. yes so i like. I mean if. Suzie hasn't spoken shared enough about this talking. About how amazing is. I'm here to also say it is super super amazing. Okay what else did i want to share with you. Oh i did read a great article that that maybe pushes back on some like even as a therapist. I was like okay. Good that that's good to know. I was kinda thinking the same but maybe we don't often say it so we sometimes hear in relationships that it's not like don't you shouldn't be keeping score. Yeah have you heard this. Of course well turns out after like looking at some relationships and kind of examining what that really means It kind of is okay to keep score. Good great also telling somebody Not to keep score is inherently sexist. What's insane i know. You won't remember this but seren had two fights in our whole life. yeah and in one of them This was like at my house. You you. I was laying out my argument and you go. I don't know if i can be friends with someone that keeps score us. Felt like i was keeping score. Yeah and I was like well. That is bad news because that's like my specialty with who's winning. But why i guess. That's like the motivation. Most people keeping score right is if they think are winning. Yeah i'm interested to hear why the yeah so turns out. It's good when women keep score in. This really applies mostly to heterosexual couples. I can see that. Yes because ask why it's inherently sexist because saying because what what it is doing is highlighting when we do keep score. 'cause it's usually the women who do it yes it is pointing out basically like gender inequality right at often comes down to the division of labor and it's like how much effort is being put in and mismatched expectations right because some people believe that if they contribute financially they don't have to contribute in other ways but things are not discussed and not openly communicated then fall and yes. You can absolutely so so. The article argued in these these multiple Therapists and and Relationship experts or psychiatrist. We're talking about how it's you wanna do it up to a certain point. You wanna recognize times when it's uneven and you wanna be able to say things like oh it seems like i like being able to to say. Look at the facts like yeah. I did more dishes this week. Rather than all or nothing language he said if you recognize all or nothing language. Then you're in a danger zone. I always do the dishes. I you never clean when you're there. Then you're in the danger zone and then it's just like you're you're stacking the like your your side of the scales are tipped and we're just not making it any better so but to call out. Those expectations can just be identifying mismatching communication styles or love languages. okay. I like this. Although to be fair yeah like you. And adam are so similar and both have. Adhd it can be really hard for you guys. When you're in like a more of a confrontational moment to recall examples to defend your argument hundred. I can see why you guys would be not so into people who like get in the way of like well. What about this. What about this. 'cause it's like you can't you're not able to do it in that same way. Absolutely which is why. I rely on feelings which ski at me in trouble. And yeah adam won't be like i don't even know how to defend this argument. Yes totally. that's a really good point. And you know what i do is i write things down and then it does look like keeping score. Because i'm like this and this have to and then it keeps me focused. It keeps me. You know that so just kind of like a good idea to check in on like those expectations of yourself of others. You know i think. Communication is so important and so much of communication isn't just how we talk to each other. It's communicating. This is what. I'm thinking right now. Is this going on. This is how i'm feeling right now is this. Is this accurate. Is this how you're feeling. This is my interpretation of what's going on. You know that kind of stuff Really just sharing your vision. Your view of things were in those division of labor argue articles. That i've read are so funny because you know the men always think that they're contributing an equal amount and it is so not. It's usually not. I never been in a situation in a relationship where there was like. No it's it's i. That is the exception. If it's equal or more of the man. I mean it's never happening. I i wish snow fence. It's it's it's. I don't know maybe train you fine. Yeah we will suzy's very good at that so and while we're training you will sit back and relax and have a delicious huzzah for re. What my worst said to have a seltzer today. So did not it. Did it said today would be good for seltzer snack. Snack bowl and encyclopedia's. Oh that isn't perfect for our brain candy days. And i don't know what is on my good. Okay that's perfect. I wanna read more horoscopes. If they're telling me to have snacks and seltzer but like i said it's coming up summertime. You wanna have really nice drink refreshing. But i love because it has probiotics in you. Guys know obsessed with those now and three grams of sugar or less. It's like sunshine in a can if you ask me. So it's really really yummy. They have raspberry lemon strawberry hibiscus juicy pear really great drinks Get your cooler. Ready stuck up on his asia. Probiotic seltzer by using code brain candy. You get twenty percents off your order at drink. Huzzah dot com. That's code brain candy for twenty percent off at drink. H uzi h. dot com. You will love it. Looks funny you said it was like sunshine in a can cause in my mind like it's summer and again there's like potato potato yes same thing i mean whatevs. I'll take it totally is like that. Make me wanna like lay by the pool right now and it's getting hot in here. My house is like whoa. and is he not donna. I i hope. I hope they have like no female mosquitoes over here. I got i got a creek right down the right behind my house. So oh my god right yeah. I don't get no dengue fever. I won't i think i read that. Like whenever they say what is the most dangerous creature and it's something. I think they say mosquitoes minutes. That's what it said in an article two. It was like get ridding the world of the most dangerous mosquito. Okay but like. Don't you think that if you're the most dangerous thing on the planet yeah you might serve some sort of function. And that's what i'm saying in the. That's what i'm saying to. This might be like a really bad. Like how lord. We'll need any like the pandemic already gave me like the the all of the intro to the apocalyptic horror movie feels. I don't need genetically modified mosquitos to like add to the list. That seems way to twenty twenty for me. Like people were done with that. They bred them a certain way or they make some genetically modified will that they they in the you know what this this is why i say like is this the thing where we just need more research. It's essentially a seedless watermelon as a mosquito. Okay it's a mosquito that can't have that that's female. Offspring will not survive right. You're read it is always. Yeah that's it. And then the annoying thing is like the people so there are these protesters that they've had this bill shut down so they tried to do this year or two ago and then it was shut down once and then they tried again in it. Past and the people who protested are the anti-g gmo group. So yeah they're real noisy they are but if you i mean genetically modified it sounds crazy but we like to netflix. Modify everything and that doesn't make them get that right. That's the thing we need to know. We have to have a home. my god after. I saw that stupid guy from orange. ask the doctor. There's a tracking device and the vaccine. Oh my god suzy. I thought i was watching the goddamn. In isn't he in elected officials. Yes surfing the county. I moved out of thank god. Three thousand three billion no three million people he. A reason represents And he. The doctor laughed laughed. Embarrassed somebody else on twitter. Because i was just like all over this. I'm like oh my god. I can't with this guy. This opened the window when somebody's when people say there's no such thing as a dumb question. I'm like you know what there are. There are dying and certain forums. No suzy you have about a million that you have like banked up for the amount of time to the dangerous. I will not remember what i was going to say. You're like somebody on twitter said They said oh they said said. Are you kidding me. When i use my airpods than eight feet away from my case from the phone doesn't work anymore. You mean to tell me. We have a liquefied tracking device. Fucking stupid. Oh god i just have to take a deep breath sometimes because i liked a lot about human stupidity over the last year. Yes but i didn't wanna learn it. It sucks the so this this. This was kind of like the theme of this episode. Two in a weird way because the other story. I want to tell you about. Just you know just float this one by you. So apparently target is having a real problem with people who are going crazy for pokemon index. Yeah i am. I am in a family with one of okay. Can you please tell me your experience with this. And we'll see what this is so that i can argue the other side. Well here's all i know. All i know is that lincoln wants to get these pokemon cards and they are delivered to target uncertain day. And so we have to go to target on that day and like hang out with all these weirdoes like on reddit. Moroder who i mean like the basement dwellers like it's all these men and my son and may god and you know they're just clamoring for you or do they like not even care about you. They don't care they're not tight. Okay no your type. What's the problem. The why why are people talking about it. So the target is because it's kind of like a problem when people are are it's they said that it basically looks like the toilet paper aisle yelling that month. That's correct that we all went nuts and didn't have toilet paper and people were stockpiling the there's scarcity there's scarcity people are camping out. Yeah that's the part. That is okay. So then i had to kind of try to do everything i try to zoom out and look at the bigger like like like like what's happening in society. What like what's the context. Because i you know. And as i'm reading this article and taking some notes i was like is this. What happens when there's kind of people like this gig economy. Where people just about. My mind was thanking. But you kind of change my mind because you telling me the makeup of the people who are sitting in line. I was thinking this falls into the category of like that the people who are waiting outside of the store supreme you know when they do their problems and then they buy it and resell it for a whole bunch because like people are are camping out. Are these people who are camping out. And then they're collecting it. And that's it like they're doing this as so like one of two things are happening either. These people are doing this as a substitution for social activity. And this is something to do or as moneymaker which both our responses to. What's going on. I just interesting is that they're reselling them. Okay so that kind of falls into that is this the is this what happens when you have a lot of people who've lost their job or like you know it's it's another is just like like side hustles. I think that is what it is. And then that made me kinda sad so here we are being here. I am being all like. Oh look at these fools like outside but if this is like what you're you don't think it's necessarily out of desperation. I think that they enjoy the treasure hunt. And then okay croft driving up the this sale to a hobby of it. Yeah so maybe this is like the guy who is also the same as your march super mario video game guy so we're back to not liking him. Yes 'cause once once. Lincoln realized that this was how it was. He got a ten of these cards but then he didn't open it and he was. He saved it and sold it to card shop. For how goodness so. He's officially out of the playing to play a generic plug for promised. He does love the cards. But i think he was amused by this concept the closure and the year that he looked into getting one and then he could actually make money on it. Or some yeah. It's weird that is that is a fun age. Do you remember your first. Like holy crap. I can make money like like like make money project entrepreneurial project do you remember what yours was. Yeah what was it over guy. Tell me they always are so mind suzy. They always are. I'm so glad that we've done five hundred and fourteen episodes and found something new. See i can't wait. I love it okay. Well of course like everyone. I headed lemonade. Stand but that's not funny. I ended up doing one of those things. Did you ever see where you have like a vase. And then you put a beta fish and then you put a plant in the vase and the beta fish lives off like system. I about that. That i was like too old to be doing. This was not young. I would do this now. How i went to my god no way more very soon rallies sort of i went to just because the things that you're well i mean it worked I went to a m My aunt was in the wholesale business. So i went to a gift show with her. Where people who like owned stores come to you know little merchant not little you know like the come to the merchants and they they buy the things that are then they're going to sell in like macy's or homegoods awareness and shoot. My aunt was manufacturer and so it was the la helper set up and take orders and everything really strong work ethic. It was great and the last day there was another stand that was like a toy company and they were handing out lollipops like these and like the good ones the ones that are perfectly round and like huge and they have like the great cult. The flavors are tied. I looking and it's like cotton candy and blue raspberry the really good lollipops and they had a mu- what must have been thirteen gallon bag full of leftovers and he was like you want them and this was a nightmare situation for my family who were definitely it in the. How do i word this. They were part of the problem with the nineties. Believed that being wafer-thin and like that you're that yes. It was like with that and i was like the kid who was just looking back. I was not a kid. I was normal but i felt so much body. Shame about it because my family would make comments about it all the time and like say like. Are you sure you want to eat that. And so i remember the look on my family's face. When i was like look what i got and it was a huge bag of lollipops and they were like no but like in their head. She's gonna eat all of them which is so stupid. Because i know bag. Like how much do you remember paying for it zero dollars. He gave me the whole thing. That's why i'm like. This is a serious moneymaking endeavor. So like i. It was good so then i went to school with it. I was in junior high. And i went to school and i sold them outside. Says i sold them for a buck. Each there were is not embarrassing. I was but then the school cape kept on having talks to me because because then so this is this is what happened this early. Start part so then they were like you can't sell this on campus. And so i was like my. That's bullshit because you guys sell things on campus. And i had to make a stink about it because i remember when i was in third grade and or maybe it was second grade and my teacher said that picasso was from italy and i said no. He's not he's from spain and then she sent me into the principal's office. Because you said you don't talk back to the teacher and then i ended up getting in trouble for it and then my mom came and she was like she's right. He is from spain. Shoes like deal argue. When you know that you're right. And i said in my head that i'm smarter than they are. That's probably not a good thing for like a third grader. A second grader. To be thinking but it was true. I was like what the hell does it. He doesn't know where from that's not true. And so yes. So i was like talking back to the school and being like i can sell these. They said you couldn't sell them on school property so then i waited until the bell rang and and i went right on the other side of the gate and i sold them right there and then of course. They came out after a with me doing that for a week and make under like. You can't sell these here either. And i argued. That's not fair because the ice cream comes by and they were fine with the people who were handing out bibles i was like. Why are you people. Giveaway bibles and i sold. You may probably three hundred bucks. That's nice when i was. And then when. When i was really into hustling when i was in in high school then the next my next endeavor was i found out that i was really good at these sophomore geometry project. Which is doing a to scale blueprints of a house and i did like six of those for people and charged. I said i said it was one hundred bucks and you had if anything lower than you didn't have to pay one. They always got. I stood by my work return policy. Basically wow guarantee year. Yeah money back guarantee. I just remembered a more embarrassing hustle. I love it. Tell me this is really classic. I was fourteen years old. And i bought a used chicken costume a full chicken with the head and everything because i was going to start a singing telegram company and you thought the thing people would really want is a and check. Well i would want that susie be my big well your break and it does it surprise anyone ended up on reality television arab essentially the same thing just without a chicken costume but that is still ridiculous and i remember job. I made four dollars and twenty five cents an hour. And i saved until i got down on dollars which is how much the costume was. And this was my going to be a big investment. Even did you have a gig. Did he have any jobs. One one off the ground so this is what we need to do. Susie has a cameo guys so i i deleted. You should totally start. Start that backup and do like all singing telegrams for people without charge extra for you at a costume. You're right. i really may how about that. Come on you go ahead and at her tweet her about this sarah. Oh good lord you taught well. Utah talked about you talked about. I talked about a lot I talked about my paint. Fiasco did yeah wonder woman syndrome which is what deadly trend syndrome. This is what we're calling it this thing so if you are on a high and you're having one of those days just take a deep breath take a breath. You know double bag your groceries carrying double. This is the day that it will fall through. The bottom does and you think life is terrible. Just think about pigeons look the day i discovered that so it felt like. Oh okay. we're good. Yes if you keep score. That's fine because you might be pointing out some Mismatches in communication or maybe some like gender inequality in the ass. Yeah recognized when it's that all or nothing And You know fingers crossed. Mosquitoes fingers crossed right. Hope that works out. Yeah i mean. I'll i'll i'll i'll keep my. I won't be thrown tossing out the bug spray anytime soon. Let's put it that way. Yeah travels brew needed her nose and until next time leave us review intel like telling a couple of friends. Yeah do a favor right. We'll see next time everybody buyee. I hope you enjoyed that show. You got this far. So you must be a hardcore podcasts fan. We'd love to invite you over to our podcast twinning at life. We'll be gossiping about relationships. Yes ours included bachelor chatter pop culture reality tv and really a bunch of real life stuff. Come join us and have some fun. Just search twinning at life on your podcast app.

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Happy New Year!

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay

57:36 min | 4 months ago

Happy New Year!

"I kim park media from vanderpump to vegas and everywhere. In between it's time to party sina shake. This is dan again. And now here's your host. Sheena what's up everyone. Welcome back to shenanigans. I was gonna say this is our last episode of the year. But it's actually our first episode of twenty twenty one so in my shenanigans. My first guest i ever had on. My show was one of my favorite people. And now my first guest for twenty twenty. One is gan missed arianna matic's lowes sandoval. Talk about me. Both are my last week. She me as i can. Favorite person ever as a male feature the famous joins and a broadcaster coast. We're all her best towel or all her favorite. Yes i had a dream come. True and more from impractical jokers. Did my show a few weeks. Oh my god. I was just like so like starstruck which doesn't ever happen to me. Yeah but it's one of my favorite shows and he agreed to come on. It was my favorite interview. I've ever done like legitimate enough. And then i was like. How do you follow this. Like who do. I have on the next week and jamie now like why. Don't we just do get to know brock episode so good. Yeah i loved. i think everyone loved absolutely adored. Now if you think. I've never listened to a podcast by anyone is it. Yes spoiler lip. I love should one of the things that got brought up was brock's love for disney musical dizzy process. Yeah we do was a good friend. Good friend good friends. She was like best friends with like. Cinderella aerial and the chipmunks. Yeah well done. We had brockway. Mary kill with the brunette disney princesses. Gosh off bowel so quick. He's like. Oh wow on with you because she reads no. It's because it's on us. Yeah the buffalo coming off one hundred percent. Oh yeah and then. I was killing bella and then i was having on getting jasmine on a whole new world one nine. Yeah see i can see that logic panda right. There'll be disease handout. Yeah but we were watching frozen a few weeks ago. And then james raquel head come over and bauxite because have you seen frozen to do. You wanna watch which is watched it last week. We watch it again. I've never seen frozen to. I've seen i've never seen either. Yeah three frozen outside though. I don't know if these sold off an inflatable. I saw that. I love it. Okay you did such a good job with your house. Let's talk about that. Christmas surprise for it was crazy. Well we've been getting stuff done around the house a little bit like a mad scientist. No so i like did all of the indoor decoration like. I put up the christmas tree. Tom help put up. ornaments garland on the mantle. And i did all the stuff inside. The house. And i did what i normally do. Outside which is. I have these like rose. Gold copper looking like reindeer dear. I think we were there when you were putting those. Yeah and i have my. It's beautiful. she can understated. I love it and then along came top exactly bought all the lights. I could find everything this sold out. Everywhere there's got entire we've crossed universes outside with our inflatables because there's an olaf which is dizzy. There's a minion polar bear. Which is what like coke and a random snowman full on santa with a slave. It's like real snow and a beerman snowmen in the back. Oh yeah and the beerman. Oh well he actually just melting. What's real co the backyard. And there's just arms on the ground we didn't add for Coors light and we we created our own beerman. Mian schwartz dead. So they brought over like fake snow and they're like all all they wanted us to do is do a a with our beer man. But i was like no schwartz. And i are going to do a full-blown video story so absolutely loved it. I loved it annexed guys. So what did you guys end up doing for christmas. I mean this year. Usually it's like you're traveling to see your and whatnot. This year was so different. We were lucky. We actually got to get together with my family. Since my sister had cove on thanksgiving. And i don't want to say ruin dad because we still had a great thanksgiving. I felt bad for her. She was just quarantined in palm springs. Aloha salmon from cheesecake factory. Ok yeah i mean. We saw my brother but we didn't have like well normally we wouldn't have been in town at all most likely but we my brother which is suddenly family. We gotta in la. Yeah yeah. He came over and then that was really nice young. Then we watched wonder woman eighty four the next day that too we hate him. You didn't talk about the party. Why we didn't have hardy. It was amazing. God your sarcasm does not read tom. You really not landing. And those guys are pro- probably didn't even see you because it was so packed. Yeah imitation k. I'm going to need people who listen to understand that. Tom thinks he's being really funny and sarcastic. We did not have a fucking malibu. Jessica somebody says and then he had come pick pick something up or whatever my house and he's like Yeah you'll even outside. 'cause i got cova did yeah i did. He was one of those people not only do. I mean he invited tom which obviously tom did. Not go to a party in malibu. But he's like but you hear about you know what i mean. You hear about it all right us. Are you like see stuff online. And you never think like yeah. One of my friends is going to go and do that but like somebody we know did did go to one of those kind of things and got fucking cova psych. So just fyi. I tom we did not have a party for christmas or for anything else. Because i'm sure there's some people are going to listen to this and think that they're not going to get it. Can we gonna vote so six potty joke anyway watch wonder woman eighty-four we didn't they wanted to review real quick. I don't trash. That was my review. I was so disappointed disappointed. I thought the best thing about wonder woman to was the the feeling i have before i watched it. That was the yeah. We'll because remember the trailer beautiful posters really that poster for hours. It's so beautiful but like why like you're bringing in you bring him back chris pine and it's like there's nothing even really funny happening. The story is very storyline. was complaining. Eighties music man eighties. They play any eighties music. What the fuck yeah. I was really excited about the eighty four part of it and it wasn't very eighty s fell asleep for like a half hour of it so i didn't have to enjoy so amazing. It was so entertaining was emotional. I cried. I laughed my fucking ass off. It was just amazing like everybody did such a great job and then to follow it up and you have more time like you bought more time like there. I mean is this a thing we're like somebody like should tap somebody on the shoulder and be like yoga is. This is one fame. It'll be better. Yeah maybe third. Time's term but then we watch soul. Go enjoy the animations inside out with like like it was like a process of what was going on in that only had inside al vibes. That was good. I loved it so much. I cried a lot. I was so that was good. I'm talking like the intimation when he's not when he's not when they're like blobs realize yeah when she's playing that saxophone and he's playing piano like that's all like spot on. Yeah like the movements everything. The movement like textures again askin and like yeah. It was so good but it's still bitter storyline. I love visuals. Amazing but the storyline alameda. Storyline and april eight hundred. Eight hundred eighty four. Thirty one is wonder woman eighteen. Eighty four. you got chris. From wigan chris pine able that are so fucking talented and so great being funny and a lot of other people in that movie were were very talented but like yeah but they were the stars. I'm just saying like you. You know like why. Why couldn't we. Everybody did a great job with what they had signed with they have. That's i mean that's the kind of fell apart All the performance is no furnaces. Are great listen. I can watch chris. Pine read a newspaper and be happy. One hundred what's her name gal goodell. Yoga does china. That's how i may never know. Always ask you're smart. Yeah well you know what is. There's another one woman direct that one is yours. Free and i did is talkie whatever's out. Yeah he can direct because he's four. Now is the best of the work now. We were really on. What is three or four coming. Yeah are they. Were pretty show right now. I'm gonna some. yeah storyline bartender version. You'll be like t need him to do any sort of like threatening stunned. We've love it. Wonder woman on christmas flop. What are some of like your favorite christmas memories growing up as a kid like was there anything. Like a tradition. Your family dead. Or what's one thing that you just like you miss about like christmas. Generally i just miss everybody being together family being together i miss just like the overall feeling of it. They feel like as you get older. Christmas can get like more and more like depressing. Yeah and then. I just missed too like my mom would always like shooed big. You know my mom loves to cook. She's very big and cooking and she would always have a theme and christmas often like a red and green theme so like every dish would have like read in. You know what i there. Yeah reading green all over the table and that was really fun. I don't know and then singing. Christmas carols with with in those show choir. I thought you went like carolyn. My door to door. No we did like the candlelight. What's it called it disney. The candidate thing where you say. Oh yeah yeah. And then like my show. Choir would like travel around to like schools and nursing homes and they can home alone. How he's like in the choir and then yeah like that kinda guys. I can't even begin to tell you how magical christmas was growing up at. My house began with. That's she also obsessed with christmas and different ways over to my uncle. Tom's house on on my mom's side on the angelo side here named after i think so. Yeah yes yes. My not my uncle tom. But my my grand. My grandfather ever have a dream. Dave what you did what you have gone so he would he would. He has all these You know full towns everything. My mom is such as. She's so good with christmas cookies. And everything like. We used to make sugar cookies in the kitchen. Now she makes like thirteen to fifteen different christmas cookies. She gets a live. Either frazier for douglas fir tree shipped in from colorado. And it's thirteen feet tall. Oh my gosh. Some of these ornaments that are on the tree are like pre world war. Two we play records. That are some of them. Are from the sixties fifties the seventies all the greats. I hunted down these records last year. I've found like about four five of them. Unbelievable like you. Know andy williams. Do you hear what i hear. And i mean like thousands and thousands of lights. All my mom's christmas tree every year and my dad would always do as a my mom had our special santa writing and every every mom saw. Yeah oh my god for kids will figure it out. They know what's the trick is left. Hand my mom would make the s. Look like kind of special curly fanciest. Yeah one time like growing up. My mom she was a paramedic for she was a firefighter and she always had to work on christmas day so she started when she started before she became a firefighter. She was a paramedic and so she would have to work on christmas day but she would have christmas evolve. We go to my grandparents house and like the whole she has four Four siblings plus. They're married plus like you know twenty-something grandkids and like there would be presence everywhere. My grandma had spent so much money on presents. My grandpa was area at this bar in his basement. And we'd be snooping around and it was so just magical and we went home one year like santa came early and bad. Just it was so amazing and i. That's one thing like this year not going home. I talked to my mom for like an hour and a half on christmas eve. We face timed but it was emotional. Like i mean. I'm so so love going home. My friend zack. An amazing makes amazing beer. Anything he does. Yeah he can duplicate a fucking blue a spotted cow like any sour green tea. One one time really good actually He had a beard that tastes exactly like an irish car bomb. You know like saint paddy's so christmas is such a great time. We get to see my friend. Ali like get to see my dad. We always go in karaoke. Ian the sand of alsi played gains. And i always make cocktails and She's such a such a great time for me. I mean a frigging love it on. I remember you talking about christmas. Is like with your mom and stuff. Christmas was the family. You said. say one thing right. Brock was christmas for you as a kid growing up on a farm in new zealand. Also isn't it summer. yeah so summer. Grown up on a farm for christmas was pretty lame to be honest because you had to get up and go to work did santa's dot come. Yeah so christmas it was. This was a stock in. And you get a gift. We had one like a bike or something big. That was it wasn't any around. That was about it and that was it. I think it's like around fourteen aren't we didn't even too many gifts. Yeah but it. It just went for me. I think i do. It went family. I like to sit him fame with the family and having them around this non at everyone's the air and all that always a little family. The family arguments that come at christmas. So that's a new family arguments or rock and my mom talking. Central erica always. That's what miss were you guys when you When the jig was up. Ooh i feel like a really smart kid so i don't even remember when i knew but i knew i played along for a few more years just because i felt bad for my parents. I know you. I don't remember if i caught them. Or what. It was real. Well i get really excited when like santa. Watch you know on christmas eve online. And they have trackers. Yeah santa tracker this citizen apps like they're like shortage yeah. Lapd is tracking. I love it. I told you this. One are legit thirty seconds. This is a good one. Dad paid my neighbor to go down chimney. And what he legitimately so we hear. Yeah do you hear it. But that's i don't know. I didn't get that town. All souls center every downstairs me hair on the roof god outside alone and we do a jitsu feet in god. Step step going well. It's like then we ran so quick outside. I try to see what was going on but that was really slow because i think he thought it was going on so yeah. My dad got us good. That would have been like seven six. Oh for spin in for a solid three more. You fight off so my mom all like so me me and my friends all like had older brothers that were all the same age all the younger brothers and my mom used to joke that they would have to tell like the kids the truth about santa like before they left for college because like they kept it going for so long like in the fourth grade. And that's that's a fourth grade. Yeah i guess late girls. I feel like find out earlier because they gossip more. You know what i mean. Here's the thing is like. I even with like going to disney and stuff like that like you. Don't fucking tell me shit you don't tell me something's not real because it's it's like even if i understand that or if i know that i also know that it's more fun if it is. Yeah i don't know like. I don't want it to not be so even if there's some thing it's not i'm gonna tell you to fuck off even if i know in my mind. Whatever so especially with my brother. I kept going for my brother. Yeah until it was maybe to a point where maybe it was embarrassing for him to be when i was like no jeremy. Oh my god no trust me like i. I've seen it or like you know. I'm like i'm the older sister. Trust trust me. i wouldn't steer you wrong. yeah and that was fun for like with my little sister. Yeah gotta do it all over again. Because by the time she was born and i was like twelve going on. Yeah you guys are twelve years apart. Yeah we're seven. Yeah like having that big difference and then like getting to see like. I'm just like little kids. Yeah and be totally now. I'm like so excited. That we gotta do it all again with our little girl and it's going to be so much fun. She realized window at the play center. Like when when the santa claus coming into the tricks. Tricky to probably. She's a meatloaf for like seven months. Pink or she's gonna do is eat boot so good for that. Like yeah you you should do like like a like a trade off so that way. You don't have to be saying and like you have your buddy you got we cover each other because as you're always know it's you like you go see sandra with what's gone on with what nixon. Oh my god that said yeah if your hair and that is plus is always the santa. that's at home. All works for how long when he goes on and he's like i know how it works. I know you're not really santa. You work you work for him if you could pass this along like i love that part of the movie. Because he sound sounds so like he knows him got it. Like i know my shit right. Oh going to be hanging out shopping malls night. We know this. We know you work for the big man. Yeah tom he can be measured. Thomas coming fancy and god here comes jingle bell bring brutal armed. We walk in my house home for a walk in here. He's got rudolph. Eating cookies on my do one thing about sandy would bring an actual gained sixty pounds like literally starts eating in july has santa claus in december of i gotta say that is one thing i love and appreciate so much about you. Sandoval is that you never half as anything you go all out like your gem at home. I mean that is like nicer than people. Pay hundreds of dollars to go to a month worked it with. I was like that's it. I'm getting a bigger house clearing a watching for all day long like marvel movies and stuff. I love that room so much. Is that like your man. Cave happy place is like it is my happy place. I i like fully thought. Runner's high was like a myth but my fully like i feel i don't know how to say it like i feel like a week. I feel lugt. Like when i get a good like four five miles running like in the morning. I watched news. I'll like maybe listen to an audio book. Or i'll just watch a movie. And then i work out when i'm lifting now when i'm lifting it's always a frigging action movie and when you start when you're when you're when you're jim is literally bright bedroom. It's just the i'll tell you that is one thing this year. I mean fuck twenty twenty first off but one thing i will say. Is that like having the time to like workout. And i worked my ass off this year. But like i got an assistant which was a complete game changer for me and being able to work out and where my leggings hyped hiked up the on my chest is like old man like mom you can see them on one of my blogs i in their car to if i were a shirt my nips will bleed after leggings up so i because my legs will like shave from running. What am i gonna like. I'm at home too. That's the that's the best part bright having in your house away from in your in your bubble it makes us so much better. Because then you yeah. I'm excited. Listen to whatever you want you can stop you. Can you can like get on the phone and have a completely like business. Commerce private conversation whatever and go back to it like there's no self conscious judgment you know what i'm saying. Also know like if you're going to like la fitness like fucking person after person after person points points you give yourself going to a gym and all those other things. It's like. yeah. I mean i gotta give a route. We need a room. Because she's i'm trying to play the games. She's young she does. She works me some days. Every asssistant seaweed forgot but honestly i felt like i didn't wanna do the zoom workouts or any of the bronx working on with homebody with his app like the live on demand workouts and stuff. I need to be in person with someone. Like i've been working out with seth for five years now going on and i just. I like the in person one on one coaching. Yeah and when. I got pregnant the second time and i knew it was like safe and okay to start working out again. I was just like okay. Now i'm in san diego like emerson and covert and all that. It's not even option. So seth was like you better. Use me as your postnatal trainer. You know i'm trained in is not a mike. What about prenatal. 'cause like i'm clear to work out and i need to start working out again. I'm like i don't know about the zoom. He's like just give it a shot and it's actually so amazing like i feel just as motivated and the great thing about being pregnant and working out with a trainer. Is i get a stop. Whenever i want but i still push myself. So it's like he can't tell me but that's how you're supposed to train with prenatal. It's if i start getting outta breath you can't say no five more push through like real. I have to listen to my body and it's great because him. And i have such a great relationship because we worked out together for so long but now it's like i know mike okay so i'm doing douglas and i'm like i'm going to do at least fifteen and i'll give myself a limit and he watches me and just holds me accountable and i do that at least three days a week. I go for long walks on the beach. Very romantic tender. I like to work out three to four times a week. Your acting resume for interest special skills skills. Also like i've been putting on so much weight recently and i forget that you're pregnant like yeah. Lifetime chunky usually hide it really. Well oh i will forget. And then i'll watch one of your instagram stories or something and i'm like oh my god or boobs. Yeah ass. Huge like junk. Jared these leggings. I wear their by jim cartel and they have this booty lifting him. They're amazing but they what's jim hertel. Tommy rookeries amazing artist. It's span psalms. Never seen it now and it's not j. I am jim but they make my ass. That's close friends. Like is jimmy. Sure so he posted this video of me. And i was like holy shit i actually looked like i. A car dashing. Ask but it's real. It looks extra pregnant. I mean. I got i got an address. Yeah but i will say. Thanks to. Seth and i'm like i was talking to him the other day and i was like okay so a few of these pounds that i've put on. It has to be muscle. I've been working out so much more. I didn't work out for a few months. Oh mike i'm trying to just like i know i'm creating a human. I'm okay with every put on. I do need to stay healthy. I don't wanna get just ational diabetes or anything like that but it has a size zero three months after your give birth. People people really just like is he's sarcastic all the time and i swear to god. It does not land for today when i was on my suit. Those pants that i bought last year there. Actually it's be real before we move on those speaking of sad if you guys wanna hit him up on instagram at seth nater and he can do programs meal plans zoom workouts. He's amazing and he has a new program that he's developing for twenty twenty one. That's pretty sick. I will be sharing more of that instagram. Soon it'll again seth enator. He's amazing. So you guys should hit him. And i will be posting more blogs and my instagram about the new things that he's going to be working on in twenty twenty one. Speaking of we have any new year's resolutions mining is resolution is to make sure you brock are at burning man in two thousand twenty one. So ooh maybe twenty. Twenty two was a little more. Why why. he says that he's saying that because he's Picturing that movie they have a bb burning. Bring the baby. Yeah baby to fund on about twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty doesn't just end and start. You don't close that door and fucking code. Kick it all into the cabin and leave all your junk shut the door. It's it's it's going to be a long way. I think twenty twenty has made humans realize that better than what they were can get along. You can handle a lot more and we need a lot less like that silver lining gotta be. I mean yeah. But i mean people do like they do own solutions like my dad's for example is to quit smoking. Yeah he wants to clean said he. I told him. I said i'm not going to have your granddaughter around cigarette smoke. I'm sorry like he's smoked my entire life. He just i know he wants to quit but he needed that motivation. And he's like. I'm done twenty twenty one. He's like i'm doing it. Yeah so he said he was gonna do it cold turkey. My mom's like don't torture yourself like let's take some steps have that morning cigarette but don't have the lunch one and i was like well. Dad how about. I get you something to help with those cravings especially when he's at work and he works in the elevator trade working in door. It's they could just take cigarette breaks whenever so i got him. This stuff called lucy. It's nicotine gum that they have in Three different flavors which a lot of other products like only like one flavor. So this one. Yeah he loves it they also have lost singers is law singers song and those are four milligrams the nicotine gum is also four milligrams so they have two different options and then four different flavors in have definitely been like a you know a new heavier smoker. Not like like my my grandma. My grandpa actually smoked four packs a day. She and a lot of people did he find the time. I not understand saying even own like at my peak is moments in life whether it's a music fest forum drinking all day day drinking three days in a row and i feel like i'm chain smoking. I can't i even imagine a. I heard so. Expensive john cougar. I think five or six packs a day. How and he had a heart attack at age. Forty i was watching a biography about him. I'm from what. I remember from the biographies of heart attack at age. Forty and he cut down a pack of cigarettes. But dude like that's crazy to me. I don't understand how you can do that. Like obviously back in the day. I mean you go. I was watching lethal weapon the other day. They're like mogens. Smoking in the bank. Put a cigarette out on the foot carpet. And then you know people are smoking airplanes in like. Yeah that's crazy deadliest. It's like it's all a smoking section. If you're tim can. In the sky roll the window down ash was working so hard but i was drinking day and smoking cigarettes and i just. I decided i run a marathon. I was going to do the spartan race. They had one in january. They postpone october. And you can't keep that up too. Much of anything is bad. My mom smokes. I've been talking to her about you. Know different options. And i think lucy would be a good option for your mom. Yeah sal was actually a company. Founded by caltech scientists and former smokers who are looking for a better cleaner negative alternative and they found one that doesn't suck flavors they have winter. Green have cinnamon pomegranate. Ooh and they have an cherry ice for the lozenges nicotine gum before i would probably bet on the cinema i was gonna say just right off the bat when you said cinnamon i was like ooh. I bet that's a good flavor. I got my dad. A variety pack. It's convenient it's discreet. You know if you're on a flight if you're at the wherever it's especially for my dad at work i just. I know that it's helping him at least replace the lunch cigarette or the one before batter whenever. I don't even know how much he's smokes. I just know it's too much. So get rid of your cigarettes. Unplug your vape throughout your deb. All of that gets them. Lucy nicotine gum lozenges. I don't know why. I wanna call them laws and jurors. There's no this is the real deal when it comes directly to your door each. It's so simple. You don't have to leave your house and yeah. Lucy has delivery down. Shenanigans listeners can go to lucy dot co and use promo code shea to get twenty percents off products including gum or lozenges and again that is lucy dot co use. Promo code shea. also have to give this disclaimer. It's a warning. This product does contain nicotine dry from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Lucy dot com. Use code one. I think also it's really important to you're dead. You know. I know when i go through my phases. I it's really important to like you to change a lifestyle. I mean you got to like. I mean drinking whether it's drinking coffee. Anything that's church triggers. And that's what. He said he goes. I'm going to be cutting back on beer because he's drinks a beer. He wants to smoke a cigarette. So he's done. He's like twenty twenty one. No beer cigarettes working off you start doing cardio cigarettes down they frigging suck your hangovers. A worse worse. I wanna do a little best and worst. What do you think is the best thing that has come out of this pandemic for you personally like is there something you've learned about yourself or done that you maybe wouldn't have necessarily done and then i'll also what is like the worst like this one. I've got a good one worse about yourself. Yeah okay personal for me and twenty twenty. I kinda mentioned before. I think the best thing was time. But my worst thing that i have is a character. Skill or characteristic is tom. Yeah so. I liked that this pandemic twenty twenty gave me time. Give me a little time with the family with us. Fat and then taught me the fact that i think i'm so busy but i'm really not so then told me. The skill sets to try and change that for myself to be more productive with my time and better with my time. I guess my answer is ton mine is best thing is that i feel like. I really bossed up you know. I put a lot of wheels in motion this year. And i also learned that like when i'm in charge things move and i like to be in charge and getting into that you know i'm the one who's making the decision. I gotta do it and be the boss and killed it at that so really pleased to say that you know i did it. I bought up in proud of myself for doing it. I would say the thing. Is that really. When i'm not busy. It's really easy for me to just ruminate and spiral in my thoughts. And then that's when i get stuck and then that's when i don't get things done or don't do something nice for somebody that i planned on doing because i sat there and over thought it for so long. You know it's like if you say a word too many times and all of a sudden it doesn't sound like a word anymore. It just sounds like yeah. Oh my god totally. Yeah and so. I've been in therapy for the better part of a year end of this year. And that's definitely something. I work on in therapy. But i thrive when. I'm busy and when i'm not that something that i have to learn to start channeling those thoughts as i would have to say like you know being stuck at home so much more and being in my thoughts and then also being so worried about so many different things I would say that's my worst. My worst thing is that Worrying too much. And then i become like irritable. Because i'm worried about so many different things and blah blah blah ruminating thought spirals got gotta cut it out. Knock it off. What about you tom. i. I don't know i i try not to. I feel very very lucky in my life. It's hard to focus on. You know things that were you know so negative. Because i feel like you know what did you do. What was the best and more severe you that you learned. I don't know honestly. I i will say that. I've never went to college and i notice like a lot of my friends who have gone to college. There's just so much more self motivated and more organized and more better with their time. Time time management telling you our jong work with you on that too because that's if you can. Yeah because there's one thing that we can't ever buy back the one like so annoying to say it because then you go about my day. Play target him bad at it. And i even tried to call but i knew better. I you know. I suffered from narcolepsy growing up and i had all kinds of issues with learning and stuff. But i've worked on. I realized i became so much more self motivated this year and so much more proactive than i've ever been in my entire life. I started budgeting my time so much better. I now have two people working for me. And i start delegating things instead of trying to do this round peg in a square hole. Exactly i'll i'll have somebody else do that and i do that. And it's not just about paying somebody to do it for me. It was hard. I fucking loved or do not mind doing. Yeah and i'll do that for somebody else. And they do something for me like i fucking eight or like sometimes. We'll i'll help my friendship and whole organize mush it and it's so much easier and so much more less daunting to like when i help out. Schwartz arianna arianna helps me out like i'm so frustrated i get so angry and arianna. She's like tom. It's that big of a deal and then arianna gets really frustrated and really angry. And i'm like arianna that big of a deal and that is another thing you know like arianna i of we've been together for seven years and god. You're anniversaries clippers are in averse seven years. I say like. I still love you. I love you more than i loved you when i first met you. It's like it's a it's such a thing it's such an experience. I never thought. I could ever experience and you know during this time i feel like we have both pushed each other and it's been such a positive thing i mean. I know i can be annoying. But i do that on purpose. Time yeah usually. You're being annoying on purpose. We if you like you know people have been around each other more this year. And it really. I feel like people's relationships have gone up and down in certain ways. Yeah we've had we've had our ups and downs to even like through like a little bit of like growing pains in a way but we've come out better because we've talked through talk through and we and we and there's such a deep underlying love that you know we have this respect and this i don't i don't talk to arianna i just we we just we work it out. We work it out and we know the each other. We love each other. No you were very. you're going to take. It's i'm just gonna join us direction for about sixty seconds right as he loves you as far as things go i mean you know. I drank a shit load alcohol. Yeah of alcohol stupid a more during this year. Then i have drank probably in two years and we weren't even filming vanderpump rules. Shell out of alcohol as where it would. Just be like change out of your jason the night before and a year from your daytime. Pj so your nighttime pj's and go for having a morning coffee to all right. It's time for wine as my shorts. That's one thing. I really did the sears. I really expanded my pj. Yeah speaking of alcohol. Did you guys create any quarantine cocktail. Did a few actually right the beginning quarantine cooler really easy summer. Great summer drink. That was right off. The bat. sorta spike seltzer fresh berries. Lemon or lime. It's really easy. It's hard to mess up a little saints tequila or vodka. And it's elevated. Yeah really tommy the recipe of a truly on or whatever and then there was We we made a bunch during the holidays. Reindeer fuels kind of a new spin on an old an old faith. And then i came out with on holiday. That was a good one that was in our garden. New woody collab- exclusive. Yeah annuity. what was that again. So you guys partnered up with some tell me about that. So we did a limited partnership to celebrate the anniversary of fancy of cocktails to celebrate the anniversary which is december third company. I'm not sure when you're putting your podcasts out non tariff on your anniversary well. i don't think that's available. I mean check on on the website. But i'm sure they'll have a couple of well. They might be willing to and then we signed a but we signed books and so it's a cocktail garden herbs you can use to make cocktails custom-made to wherever you live in the country and they send you all kinds of stuff on how to take care of it super easy to set up really cool comes in on a big grow bag and then a signed copy of fancy. I've cocktails in a new exclusive cocktail recipes specific to the lab. Which was the on holiday. And tom also did sage bourbon. Lemon drop the sage bourbon. Bourbon drop and then we had our virtual holiday party with those amazing tastic. And i a new cocktail that i created for that. Was that so california. Christmas mad cow. Pomegranate arianna arianna. Thomason dumps on that. We made it like this is a this is so much. What do you mean we're gonna do videos. And then we're going to cut between our kitchen and our living room and blah blah blah and. I guess that's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to set up a camera in the kitchen and we're going to set up a camera in the living room and we are going to between those two cameras and in between our live segments. We're going to have prerecorded videos of us either. Singing a song or playing a song or doing some an i did a reading of like a parody of the night before christmas and i was like it's going to be great and then it was great so i was right and i felt really good about it. The camera i wanted to use the ipad. It'd be better no now. It's fucked up guys. We're for on. Like oh i'm like let's until we get it right because people in the comments are like kids. See you can see you kiss you. And i'm like let's figure it out before we continue because it's a trick because splits when when you go to split screen it goes and then all of a sudden here on a different frame your ipad. It changes up the entire lessons less babies something so yeah great year career a roller coaster drink smith coming out. It's a all craft cocktails. May by mixology. It's already out but you're coming out. We actually decided to delay. It's called peach inferno we delayed it because they literally they just couldn't keep up with demand so they have a patent on this bottle. You twist the fresh uses never pasteurized like mixed with a liquor. It's like getting a craft cocktail. Could really good every time. And all the flavors chillier getting ready to push the The strict the men's cosmetic campaign new products coming out very labor day log. Schwarzen- i have are two whiskeys coming out or a port blended bourbon and i might have shoulder. Might have something. That's coming out around the spring. What normally would be festival of just getting. He's made this whole again. I got us spring one coming up. We've been working our fucking asses off good for you guys. I know i just said that. I know that there's other things don't bore everybody with our own xactly. Learn how to tease tom. Tease tease right. Now give it up. Give us a tease. We are recording on tuesday. But you guys are now listening on friday which is the first of the year so happy anniversary to both of you. This time last year we were. All in tahoe. Oh my gosh. I assume no global at a festival. Braga ni- snow suits actually fed us back then. It was so great. I got like a couple of million dollar like life insurance policy on arianna. I can't with his passing. it was great. I'm going be a skier now. Guy yes. I'm so happy. Maybe a skier snowboarder down. We can grab onto her and she can push. I wanna be a snowboarder. Who has ski sticks. Like i want. Wanna make that thing the polls yes. Well i'm gonna make up news sport. It's called ski boarding black and white here. Let's let's let's go next winter all right last question to ask you because y'all oh sure smart okay since you have an epic anniversary it's new years. What would you say your favorite anniversary trip or thing that you've done has been. I mean the first one was pretty awesome. I remember that one of i got off work at sir. I went over to. I got off. Work at cre- eras at create. Yeah as far create. Oh my gosh. Well leah like club slang since. Yeah major dod. Yeah oh yeah sure you would have would agree time. And then tom at create and then we went to my apartment and then donald stuff to god our stuff together and they've got a bit like seven. Am in droves. Like shoes. sam. We we didn't even nap and go to sleep. We drove the napa. We had just started dating. It was so magical that we literally. I was the first time. We'd i think maybe even like really spent the night together was like literally that all of a sudden we're gonna like as called the napa valley lodge that has fireplaces wood burning fireplaces in them we We are janas car. Her jetta at the time didn't have like an auxiliary cable or tooth so like we burn a special burn burn burn. burn nash. It and it was so good brought bat bombs we and we we had a stop in san francisco and then we partied and then. Tom told me he loved me. In san francisco. Yeah a faux quick. So that what. I think a really good one and then honestly. Last year's snow globe is was. I was up at epic getting to ring in the new year with you guys and then like we cool plus our first trip to relax you know countdown right like such a nice surprise. 'cause i just when i thought music festival in the snow was so i mean you know dragon tough and we ended up getting treated really well. We hung out with the best people there. Yeah mike drunk in the casino. And then i remember i thought i lost my phone and then like you have. Actually i still texas dude. Brock still keeps in touch with r. Driver or guy oh track texan is another one. What was his these guys. Go down to but we met him. We made them at the bar inhibitors. Mrs were like they knew when you guys went to that. We went back to slam drinks of this couple right legends. I take it. We're talking about properties in texas and he's like i love to do like a development and texas playing rugby ticks. This funny yeah good people. I mean my one would be. This list is finish off the or the start the year right to go around and give him one bit of voice start the year right or not advice. Just like what you think. You're going to apply to the beginning of the year to start. Okay short sweep certain sweet. Let's finish this off. Good all right arianna. Finish what you start. I think for me something that i've gotten which and if you disagree with me i'm gonna pinch you because i think i've gotten so much better at this and it's just comparing yourselves to others and like letting other things that other people have and other people do and say bother you. Just let that go. And i've gotten a live is on your own paper. Yeah do you. Don't worry about what someone else has or someone else what they're doing or how many followers have how many likes they get. It doesn't fucking matter. No that's mine okay. Tom's just really blown away while everyone else is. Okay brock you into the fargo on you. Finish what you started so mine is start something you haven't started. Ooh start something new and see it through your just piggybacking together. It's the same shit it's up to you. Decide how you feel. You decide what you're going to complete s or have you been meaning to start. Something started start at night and then he and then the next day and the whole time. You're doing it you keep your paper and yet but other people are doing. I was worried if i got the answer. Rodman tests thing you got. I think honestly. I don't know i think get trite. Don't i don't know one that we strive i would tell people to strive to get to the point where you can give back. Yeah think to me. Like whenever i feel truly wealthy whether it's time love energy advice that really pans out. That's when i truly feel. Wealthy is when i can real when i'm in a position where i can give back and i love that feeling and i want to strive to be even more so that measurement of success. Oh like strength is to be able to talk about that encourage within other people lifting and all that so they would love this. I feel really good about it. Everyone just make like a little club. Thank you guys for early anniversary celebrating with us and being my first guest of twenty twenty one. Oh there you year happy new year. Everyone thank you so much for listening will be back next week a ask. Thanks for listening to shenanigans. Sheena down though new episodes every week on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Got a girl with me. We'll get into one get over here. Anita avenue in the club little black.

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Amar'e Stoudamire

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

1:05:20 hr | 1 year ago

Amar'e Stoudamire

"In partnership with Hennessy Darrien I wanted to give all the knuckleheads out there. A chance to meet the team visit Hennessy K.. As DOT COM and enter fort. Chance chance to meet Darius in myself and win some of the KNUCKLEHEADS merge we've created with Hennessy. Set out to all the fans that show love too from day. One key rocking woods. We're GONNA keep racking back in which don't forget to check out Hennessy K.. As Dot Com for your chance to get in the mix with Hennessy and the knuckleheads remember always drink responsibly. Never stop not never settled. We start off this first question. We ask everybody when you got to the league and US started playing stuff. WHO's that I player like Bushel S.? My I got to leak Man I got to League is probably Kevin Garnett and we went hand to hand. You know I had. I had thirty eight. I ain't GonNa have forty four and I was the first time Emma felt like this relief right here like this and I'm saying no joke I you and every night I may. I'll tune in the lab. Well we still live on location. Saddle noise you know talking about. We got my dog in the building. Amar that starting in my in the building man. y'All tune in like you know we talk a whole lot. A whole lot of fading New York Israel my dog a lot to say why Have you know know what might come. Do this. Issue Boys Q.. Ridge and be mouth podcast season to how we thinking thinking of what we do like Giacomo. Would they listening. We'll scripted. We kinda just get into come from authentic. Og standpoint you want winning with just one star player. Lee had changed. This is a story that people don't know this do have my shoes on right. He talking hot mess so we were just young and wanted to prove ourselves and you were in the way nice man forming some henny agrees degrees. It's a great field Greenfield Greenfield Greenfield. Greenfield Philbrick Philbrick story. You I wanNA straight our high school. I feel like that's like her course i. It's only a few You know what I'm saying to make it and even just be here and play on that level straight out from high school and I know you went to the crazies. Ernie I went through two high schools. I went to high schools. Then I went straight out of high school like tell us about like your journey journeys your high school flight from your freshman year always like senior. I own my mom was against so she was always locked up in and out and my dad died when I was twelve so I was going to. Late was high school in Florida and I still hanging around the wrong crowd of grey star dropping transfer. Ask for I went to my coaches who listened to foster dry. Here I won't you know won't stay eligible so I got to transfer and sale. There's two options you can go to Oak Hill Academy Oakland Academy all boy school logo next convenience stores that thirty minute walk like Oh boy school. I can't do it. Mount Zion Tracy McGrady went wrong. I remember that came out of high school so I was like I go to my Zion when I got got. The mosaic was a basketball factory. Yeah I was four. Yeah I was up there with fifty season fifth year. Seniors and I was a freshman going into my sophomore the year and everybody was like top players in the country and he's cast is running the football. We used to go to Duke Football Stadium while his way Touch every step around shaped like a use ape gotta touch every step around and back so I was like man. What is this win? And I'm not running the stadium so I knew I school man. It was like six in the morning of course waking up. I put a give us a garden award. Go Drake this going gallon. o-on the buses ready to go on the bus. Go to do football stadium and writing say run around and back like what what you see the Salad Stadium. Halfway around the half we back. I got to the top for my back on the wall like on on on the bleachers slid down resolve. I laid down I was done. That's not realize this is a basketball factory actively use. Would they do this. I went to school out of the school back to the Jim this every day so I realized at that point I gotTa start getting his his weight room. I'm GonNa Start Training. My Body probably is my sophomore year. So from that point on I started taking basketball to a whole new level and that's not became the top up in the country because my freshman year I was on the top one hundred state. Yeah which I wasn't even rent in the country in the country. Yeah I stop playing basketball because I play Basketball Organiz until I was fourteen in Florida. The football state right so they got off football programs and baseball programs and so and to the junior magic is it came into play in Florida in Orlando like in the central Florida area and around ninety eight or so. That's not. I started playing Bass organized but with a coach out bounds referees. I was fourteen from that point on. I was drafted eighteen. Four years of organized basketball. That's their. That's cool. I got to League on well even before like my workouts. May I remember my first workout. My preach I work out. Man Say he say dribble left hand dribble to the enough twice spins back up and under. I ain't know what he was talking about me took off a drummer. The bank right to Goosey may say when I work out to the the next time we took too when I saw you in some really is. I've never seen a player improve so much in a short period of time because at the time I know a lot of things I didn't know how along the plan organized measuring four years so I know the fundamentals of how to do anything kind of like in a structured way that was learned at the time a high school caused by this kid. His Kids Greg. Let's go out there and play so so for for you like a lot of people say man it was it was it was hard it was. Do you really feel like it was hard for for you to make the NBA like you started playing fourteen four years later you getting drafted number nine and NBA like a good. That did it seem. I know you went through transferring and doing it but I'm talking about from a strictly basketball standpoint. Did seem like this was like something. That was the hardest thing you'll life to do it wasn't there wasn't an infield haunted all mouth felt like I. It was God's gift you know. I was tall athletic and I was always quick and fast. You WanNa play football. My user play football I was always fast and in quick sand and I grew and then I was proportionate wasn't like I was like more size twenty shoe only six four. You know what I'm saying. I was even doubt so it made it that much easier to be like Organiz coordination coordinated. Yeah what I'm saying and so I was able to it all it all just manifest during my. I like sophomore junior high school world. You say because I can remember when I first met you at joined camp in Santa Barbara you jared Jack the young boys who you Kinda hung tight with them Jack Jack. Jack Unison Code. But I just remember you being like Mike Super Raw super like relentless. I`Ma go through you over you around. You have got to get to and I'm about to get to and going hard like that. Was the one thousand man workout. I'm older he played hard hard. I what did you get that from you. Think from you moving around a lot of China when using a tough neighborhood or whatever. That's why I feel. I get my grit and grind front from from the hood aspects and stuff. What do you think you got that relentless nature from a and then motor where you go? I'm kidding they're like even when I got to the Sun. Is We call. I'm tired Casa. Don't look at first of all. He got the first thing I said. His plug admits. Connie Hawkins Dowdy got had a ball into wave of the Ramsey. Boop do sound like he done that thirty making noise man. What is happening right now? Ah Come from I mean I know I know something natural that took place I mean it was just like the swagger when I play always wanted to kind of have like a certain per son away finished sending them And they just kept develop an you know since I was a kid. I just wanted to have a certain a certain way I'll tact the room and I wanted to make noise anytime you it definitively. No I want to make. No he literally need all this stuff. We looking crazy. Swelling up after Wisconsin. Now he dumped that thing still going like wiring playhouse in Memphis. Who you bank? Oh he grew. It may his Israel. He overpowered trying to block eclipse. That Steve Kerr Beckon grew it on them. Like I said it was always coming into the Pinto. Take land so the braces maritime. Give me I wish I could do that where he did. Go crazy crazy. I hear you remember Dunkin on him at joined camera. You'll remember that I talk to you about at this. This is when I do. Y- do counted as a dump. The candidate Quebec everything. He was swiping swap until I got a gut racer why. That's why I say. Aw Nasty Oh interesting man like like I had on the where it came from but I had no fear not. That's that's a fact that's a fact a lot of times guys could drive. You get you. You see like these players are like Gods on earth basically right yeah like man sees use but for me I like my fear was gone. He wanted them. I want all of that. That's how mine was. It was going from nervousness. I was being nervous nervous when my mom made me. Concentrate is before I even got to concentrate on does not nervousness butterfly. That's you so anxious right to get out during show which as you can do is true so when when I used to feel somewhat even if I felt like I felt some coming into a big game or anything I filtered like. I psyched myself out. I guess so so to be like I'm anxious to get out there and get through will play often to go again. Yeah right so we got to the League. I was out here so hard trying to prove ourselves. So he's going to whoever they know that and I feel like that's what gained us the respect because it was like they don't Oh care who you live right. I remember one zero. Probably when I service real crazy highlights I was in the game. It was against the clippers over allure. Candy man when Steph making the crazy crazy literally. Oh aw play a plane saying he just dropped. The hammering wind up a whole `nother level injured hung up all the white seven feet. Like no real idea thrashing people's House but he went up to get this win and hail. You're missing my whole crowd auto. The building was buzzing crazed three four possesses crazy. Do I just remember that. Play all because Steph as yeah. That's nice deal with saying you got when you got drafted. Who did you think using to go to? Do you think he was going to go to the size or go somewhere else. I mean I have my predrag workouts. Yeah and The most success I had my pre workouts workouts was in Phoenix. I mean I had to work outside the bad days and they both like all the charts so I figured Phoeniz might take me at at nine but I knew the Miami. He wanted me at eight. They had the ten pick and then went to move up to eight and then the Orlando Magic also wanted to move up to give me as well. So I was like wasn't wasn't totally sure. What's going to happen far as being able to move up but I knew for a fact to phoenix wondering for sure? Yeah so he was happy with fan here. No question I ah I always wanted to ask you. What was the difference between Steph? I'm more very point. Guard Steve Nash. Coming in and being appointed. What was the difference that you have so much more? Success with Steve. That you have success with Steph. You did it was man. We have Frank Johnson the the head coach and we had a we had a young nucleus. Saying we young players. Nothing with Steph I'm not sure why they why they train staff wasn't really based upon basketball thing. I'm not sure what was going on but missed. I've had a great relationship. Yeah you know. We hung out all the time school into the game and I was locked in seven when I was always like a one two. Yeah and so I think the system is what switched up the flow saying we had when we if staff would have been there with the system of my Dantonio. I feel we had a success You know being that you know up-tempo style staffers off also office minded guard. You know so he can pass also so he would have fit perfect system but at that time was the head coach and then a different system and so when they trade it all when it traded like six six guys it traded. I mean Penny Steph. Google trade a lot of guys on that that the following year and then summer the upcoming some we want and gusty then the system change we might Dantonio Accu Yup Yup Yup facts. You didn't yeah and in the system became ain't more of A. It was a different system. What I had with Steph Sim saying so? Steve stepped in and into a new system with these young players. mccue Sean Joe. Oh Yeah you know what I'm saying in that system. Just just talk about how sick they would like. Do you remember how many time we would be on a bed like once it started really happening and we were smacking people sitting on the bench talking to each other. We looking back and forth. We get used to this quarter like eight minutes to go. We chill Again I stopped for real up adult plus I raised looking crazy. We look at Cray's retailer. Not really knowing what's going on we got to that certain point remember Seattle. It was like the other team that was doing well. We soda with low. He came in there. Okay the day for real now like person respect on them came out of nowhere. Dominating was being teams but like thirty forty we wanted to teams. That'd be brought thirty forty. I remember you had to fifty five games. Fifty five against a shot twenty four for twenty eight from the field. Twenty of them was dunks. Walks our remember that you're so vividly. He was arguably the best big man in the league. That you feel like different. You Know Young. You Ain't been in the elite long and I was only maybe two years like fire my third year. Maybe you I'll go watch the game. I played against against The Timber Wolves. And you dogging tickets and I just see q just all in the background ED gala here with all remember watching that game vividly. But you're was so amazing for Ya that I thought I was so mad that Q.. Got Traded the next year. But how did you feel the feel like like I'm her. You had all the success that you you know like my style. A game was like based off speed athleticism quickness at the time a lot of base in how and with the force. You know what I'm saying so I was I was I was able to somewhat utilized alive. My speed quickness enforce off all at the same time so so when I realized that that was competitive edge kids that I had then I was able to somewhat take over the game's Yongsan Star. We'll have I call if I slow down. Use My skill set impeachable to just let the game come to me because much easier and I still can get to where I need to get to know what I'm saying. So that's why I was able to lie to be dominant at that moment and I was just trying to. I was trying to tell the rim down. Steve was setting the table. People always will ask us. How do we run into? We said No. We keep up with him right. We literally remedy say You know certain teams say the four men take the ball out of bounds or the firemen. Like Nah Steve nasl tasted out the rim. Whoever the closest to it and we don't even want the ball to touch the ground? Getting in and go right. He would catch the ball sometimes one two steps over the have court at the Hash mark and he got the big man he by the Boston and Bombing Dunkin on them before you know it. That's no office. We cozy with oil playing. You say if we get to this guy to this we get often three we could even rebound we can let you go first the first things ballplayers we had guys. How's it didn't have a position really? Everybody was actually small in a league. I I I play when might put me the five if they start the first game before the bench I game with Dan some happened. When you gotTa Co Guardian Quick and we took off in the next game I started half time and that was it? Jake Vasco very very very first gang. Have that change then. It was over with so I couldn't understand I was like man. They GONNA get out rebound and sign like keep tricks ooh grab a temple was a game. Boys one through five Joe Being Point Guard for real like they didn't even know old. Joe Is this code opened up his whole market remain. We was trying to get like thirty six million before the latest scare that man waiting to get doubled it so do you think experience. Experience major lose the spurs service. I think so. Yeah they I mean they were so lucky and brody was killys here that entire year that entire today almost beat us to ruminate pop set everybody and they almost still beat US ridiculous lance man they had they had a cold system and they ran into a T. And they they they experienced the head of like you know and of course how to how to execute inequalities end of halves and of games draw files the small all detailed today experienced over the years was land judgments right. We didn't adjust we play. We like bail. We remember what we talked about the time we allowed them to put Tony Parker on me and my new job. Yo Right Oh and not post a month. Yeah Yeah we're just which route and we were saying the whole time. Got Hot to Joe Man. We got we got him. And you know what Joe did to him on the right. That was the advantage. We didn't he never never. You didn't like that way to play. He he wanted to have movement and all that he felt like even when he's trying to do luke plays he will have a DVR. Let's cut off this. He's got to do a screen tomorrow. He coming dropping to mirror post. He's all this motion shing and stuff and that was like you get to a good team to so much time saying tell you in on that day you already. We know in Phoenix because everybody was you know everybody was eating one. Just one player scoring thirty one player doing this. Everybody had been on any given night and we it was all selfless because I was able to choose a we were able to be that way with email we all. Will you know we were good. Dues we we we got. We got a great relationship. That's what really the core of what may have worked was our relationships togetherness right when we came together that that month to August and September before like we literally. We hung out play dominoes play cards we had barbecue. Nash was Dan. I'm telling you that's that's one of the guys man tonight. Why do Canadian here? He Ain't gonNA BE GNASHING with us on a row. The Hood Clubs. Bryce doing him what it was was was he allowed all of us to be a better version of ourselves. Because we knew he was gonNA take care of you right. You didn't have to worry about it. You know worry about worry about. Hey Hey I gotta take this shot this time because if I don't get the ball because the way I've often is win. It was so funny I might not get the ball for six seven straight possessions but then it the next five straight he might not get it for four or five and then the best part about Steve. Nash is that he had an intuition. Hello Amari starting to feel kind of like this. Let me get him. Fuck what the players. I'm GONNA do this. Oh Kyu starting to get attitude hanging outside of the mini. Let me go run in front of him and just scoop the ball and it's coming up right here. He gone he gone when I say so he go put it cater it to. I don't care what's going on here you're GONNA do. It ain't going to be disrespectful to coach. It ain't going to be disrespectful to the play. He just was cold the over the next year the child play. I didn't have to know more. Yeah I didn't have the same team I feel like I know what was going on man because I wasn't I wasn't like all the way looped in what was going on the all seasons. You know what I'm saying things happening in my mouth on what's going on like when the same now my guys you know it felt different and then joe the next year. It's always gone now. Joe Left saying yeah we both love to say some like home like like. I know what I was hot. Man Big hide another side at it but we knew big Joe the only one in like a certain amount of money said that he was going to settle for less man they tribute concert was signed for a lot. You sound for like thirty. Eight hundred million less than what it didn't. He wanted six million at the beginning of the season sections thirty just because he had just signed. Mian Steve Nash. And he didn't want to like everybody. Nobody wrecks chairman David Griffin Bro. We have to do this. You gotTa Sign Joe We gotTa keep. We've seen more shot at it Q.. Three points out the unit. Three point shootout. You're saying we are also in the squad we've got a squad building chemistry dominated at all. Start over remember. They didn't didn't WanNa let me in and Steve. Nash had the big boy. They was trying to say that my my field goal percentage. Even though I li I was leading the league and makes and attempts to semi percentage didn't in meet standards. Whatever Steve Nash that thin like like gangster he is the man who you tell them? People don't know realize advocate. I used to be with us US doing him but with US everywhere. That's what made us so good. Steamers told them people. Do they want us to now. Has Been in the skills competition you know they. They want him any man he's our. Qa going to be a net like he's supposed to be. I'm I'm not going to be a net. Three point contact when he and I go out there and say you know what I'm GonNa win this thing. Go ahead and make my boy. They moved. Look right and McDowell crazy trying to play with me anyway you know saying we we we sweat. We cleaned house. Did we read that weekend. A building to all star Skill Salads and a three point sent. Yeah and a little thing with Dan. Marlene tricks rush arrive. Look thing we we. We came back like big man. Well we had cartoons twenty Godson. Well they call me running. They plan a drone V.. Passing steam as passionate we three dunk and it was like a cartoon in what we saw on Ooh big. I have never seen talk about remember when we landed in Dallas for the first time when Steve Nash Went Back Right craziest thing of an fans nuts at the airport when we landed no air for Stevie boy. That's what I call him. Steve You on the Strip you game. It ain't stevie going that bathroom battles eight ten run out until Steve we do that. I promise that's the indicator we get out of here. So as and come after you you'd be with with Phoenix. You set your more dominating in the League your household name you go to the Knicks like why the Knicks. Like what made you choose. The next Phoenix McGowan said down with with with the owners and the staff and the coaches and we told them about the plans and we'd try negotiate and the negotiating tactic was. He can't okay. We got guys who's GonNa replace you tomorrow. What we just we just got to? We went to the westbound is four years out of five out of six years. We just got to the semi let me finally lost their legs with Airbus shot run tests hit Carter scored in the last segment. We got a chance to chances. Still WanNA title and you come to me me like like this. I'm looking like listen man. I ever twenty six game first team all NBA put on you coming at me like this like ah we had a chance to win the title here so I was like listen man his criteria. You know if we can make this happen we can keep the ball rolling. Got A great medical staff. Have we got a great one to come myself. Mislead don't change it up. He was like well. I don't know that they're all right. Cool phrasing for agency hit. Ah Miami called me Houston Call Me New York. Call me something that I want to be. The best scenario. Miami wasn't quite sure what's going on Fox with third. They're trying to get. The BRI wants is trying to get the bronchitis for him and Boston D.. Way At the same agent. So they are. They're they're working out their kinks. The Broth Stitch unafraid. Where you WANNA go and and I can't sit around? Wait to see what someone else going to do. You know what I'm saying. Sounds like you know what I got. I got history Mike Dantonio. I was raised in New York. I was in New York for seven years and my childhood years I was like I love. New York. City is a great chance to not only only turn the team around but also build my brand off decor you're going to New York so winning met with Mike and I met with the owners of New York and I sat down with them and the situation was per-performance and I just don't I look good good man when I when I hit down in rock and it was. You could feel it coming. Yeah I want to talk about how it was because you know we know how to landscape. Escape of everything is in a lot of dues are afraid to step up into that New York Knicks Madison Square Garden. And say. I'M GONNA be that dude on that guy you know not come with it. You know. The criticism scrutiny the spotlight. Everything and I felt like you was that dude stood up amongst the superstars ars high shipping. Like what's up like and then not only that stood up and said time but then when you get there was putting it down now. This is my tape. That trade was a horrible trade for Mellow when they could've just waited to the off season and signed additive. With all of that. y'All had and Y'all all all right use the first one and still to this day they do. I mean mellow was next and he stepped up. I mean as far as forcing the training coming through except in signing running back in San would be that do but for real used the first one of the big boys the big name guys. Whatever you WANNA call him to step up to that play and DEA handled it? And didn't it was it was unfazed out. There started taking y you you know what I I can't be as aftermath and while I was I was engulfed in New York. Man Amanda. You're my home was going to. I was going to the gallows top fashion gallons in the world. I was going onto the opera's Broadway shows. I was in the mix with the People New York. How did you get so culture? Like from coming from Florida where where you came from transferring around going through different scenarios and stuff Dan you like when I met you. You know what I'm saying. You straight out of high school to have braces. I remember from you Mrs Shoot around like I'm not coming. Get these braces off. And they might well he like. Nah I'm not coming lateral going from there from being a country boy from Florida. You know what I'm saying. Now you got you you at like you say all of the top fashion shows you you got this you got a really pristine deign taste in art. You got winds all these different things. No I liked twelve thirteen year. You didn't think that did or. Did you know that when I was when I was thirteen to so I'd lived in New York for quite some time. I was already for like four five years so I had already experienced in New York taste when I when I I was young I left. I love Florida third grade. A mother now family moved to New York and I was there until like the eighth grade and then from there they are moved back to a move to Atlanta. Then I moved back to Florida so my I was well coach it as a kid. 'cause we moved around the travel right and then so when I got an MBA. I I want to just keep happening. Phoenix was a great. It was great for me from a basketball standpoint because it wasn't so much to do not to get into and I will focus on basketball. Almost almost you know what I'm saying. Eighty percent of the time But I wanted more. I was wondering more but I was putting winning over wanting more so I was willing to stay in in Phoenix this to win. But if that wasn't gonNA happen then I wanNA achieve more so than I said you know I'm going to go New York. When I first got there I went to the Broadway shows? Rose start learning how to coach his New York City and then once I signed The goal was to not only be. You know the guy on the basketball. Ask the team to help brandon the the organization back but also so the world wouldn't New York has to offer to help recruit other players come to New York Nelson I was like You know what let me get all the way engulfed in New York go to the Mat. Gals I'm getting a fashion show. Sit Down Front row. The fastest shows go to all these prestigious vassar showed the rest of the league. On what New Yorkers all about cracking hair yeah nice and that's how it got on with involved in all those different activities produced in Cognac France hissy is the world's best-selling Konia and supports. Those who never stopped. Never sell enjoy an amazing cutter with Hennessy. Very every special today and always remember to drink responsibly. So we we both. I mean you got to play with them. We all know mellow very. Are you will and all of us sitting here looking at this situation. I mean me and dairy so I don't know I want to ask you how you feel about. We send you're looking at like. This is crazy that he even in this scenario Mary. I WanNa know you know what I'm saying. What do you think you know what I'm saying sitting there? You just somebody you went to battle with who you know where his heart his you know what. I'm saying. where his goals and his mind where he was about winning and Ucla? This foolishness coming out about him questioning and like the fact that he's not on a roster right now. That's the most preposterous team thing going on for me right now with that scenario what are you think about everything I mean you know mellow he wanted to play basketball man. You know you know. Oh how we do it. We'd like to play brass water high level And we're trying to put ourselves in a position to play at a high level by any means and so he's still trying to you you know solidify they still can play any can I mean I don't see how those on a team he said he can definitely be on the team He's willing to sacrifice playing time more positioning to be on a team and not only on the tank help with team. He's office juggling. Go to the best of them still right now today. A for sodas are to be on the team no question about it yeah. I think it's just been this. Justice is being doing the don going around with a lot of guys Miami. I've no I noticed that too. Even last years of his career you know they. It was a similar situation. I'm saying where where he knew. He had a lot left in the tank but even teams wasn't really willing to sign him saying mellow God lot left in the tank. I see him training all the time. He's The New York opening. He's always ball keeping yourself and save a for sure for sure. Complain League no question. What would you put them all if you had to choose a team? Golden Own State. Refer to the team right now to put them on. That's what I was I would say goes a Good question man. I think at this point at this point any team. A lot of teams can use. His is expertise from scoring standpoint. go go to steadies a high tempo team. May it may be a little bit too. High Up. Temple Mellow But I also think think the clippers one would be kind of a solid team for him and Doc rivers kind of have a affirm ideal high want to run his team. I get him going. You can get I'm going I was legs but it got too many Too many GAZ neurotic. Tyranny to many superstars team already That'd be tough for him to fit in Mary's personalities team already But the clippers will be especially with what you said with dot. Because I think that's talk to me wherever he goes. He has to be on one accord with the coach. The coach has to be somebody who has that Rep. That can China Kim. He'll Miami won't be bad even spell and oh you've got you've got to me Butler already at the two spot art you bring mellow in there. You got two guys that can not only sell tickets but they can also play basketball guys gotta fit in her son. Whiteside is going to Portland. Got Banned into five like some young boys that can get after saying minor won't be a bad spot and he's GonNa be in Tippety tied. It was a top seat. Way No question you know that. There's no pat every Monday every Monday. You live your life you gotta go out right. You'd be like I have about three hundred now. I okay this Saturday Monday. You know. We've got new facts. So how was it. And what what I mean when you went to Israel to play how. How did that whole everything come together and come about I was? I was in New York with the Knicks and Buddy my call me say a martyr the team on Israel and this is when this is when like I went to visit is Israel in two thousand ten think it was and when I first signed with New York that summer went to go I went to Israel to visit and then so when they find out about Marut and what I was studying then became something more than what I wanted to be right. Wanted to keep a lousy study and learn But it became some big so what happened was a few years his later. Maybe a year and a half later buddy of my coma. Say Marta the team at an Israel. That's up for auction. What do you mean on Fox? And he said The previous owner. No one can find him Smith Golfer years when I sure way years but the team is now auction within the government and the bidding and is somewhat low. Do you WANNA be a partner in it. I'm like hey man get them back to Israel. One is likely it won't be a money maker BOT. Hey if you want to get back to Israel you WANNA be a part of Jerusalem. The team is in Jerusalem. And you can you know you have opportunity to be a part of the ownership of like who so I got involved in it I play like another four years and NBA. And I wanted to somewhat going sabbatical trip and learn more. I remember so than us. Yes when I went to Israel to play and I play And I was learning ever since has done the chip with until the first year right Yup one one championship. Then you know what I'm saying when all that yes right But you got to tell me what happened. They had you start taking the wind. Baz Bro you know. I was That let me say that blew me totally away. I see my whole. How much do they cost? This man is just Utah. It costs like cost like three hundred dollars to get your wind back and they got these spas in New York or you can go on like take the wind. You wind bag so let so so. How did you with this? You like doing your coach five like experienced things then you just know you know as a gift it was a Gif is a Gif that someone gives me. New York is the New York. I gotta I gotta I gotta gifts from his young lady manage. She She gave him his gift of my birthday right and there was a to go to this ancient spa. Aw and you go. There and gift was wind baff. So you go there and you check into your locker and you go to just like it's like a hot tub full of wind and water and you eighty percent y twenty percent water and you sit there in the wind bath. You just feel. They're bringing separate glass of wine. The Branson is water so you drinking wine and the wind. Just I'm just in -Vivor as I say you know he's going to get the cells cat away from Florida. tyrod value boy went viral viral. Brilliant ever since that point on it was like everyone keeps asking me about the wind bad. But that's something. That was a Gif that I happen to. Just you know what I'm saying. You enjoy this for Grad. Yeah so what did you feel like what what are the. What are they get from it? I mean that was the hydrated. 'CAUSE you're not as hot you sweat and you know what I'm saying units wind uh Hi It's like hi bath okay. Okay so you just you just sitting there and just chilling man. You have like thirty minutes or so like a regular hot bath you initially fill it dehydrated and your body after you after you kinda rejuvenate your body feels like you feel light no saying and you know you keep keep doing it over and over. You don't feel good. Who was the one player that he was like? No you always got the plan. Is He always have a good game name or or he. It was something about him that he always had your number. who was there one player? That's used against the they used to bring to the table Man. It was oh it was two players players it was always dirt. Wenski can never stop him a May I we Stang game chessman. Shake your thank you. We're concerned may seven one with the phase one leg fade. He gained me and I tried to get into his bottom too strong. I WANNA get into his body so the reps call files file quick. So I'm trying to figure out how to plan with files to the team. Need me not to be in foul trouble double but it was tough to figure that figured out song kind of had been lied to finesse game. I play both big. Three's head to go dirt. Like basic pilot powerful is. It's hard for him because he really a three in the playoffs on fight puffy fate. That's the bad one leg fire science going to give me problems under care lingo. So hold on my heart as matchup new physical. I you know I people. He was my nightmare. He won't stop moving for Wingspan Bro. He wouldn't stop moving onto every year And Utah every time. Love is as. Yeah but defensively like me guarding him is always like if I'm watching the baugh trying to see us do so by the time they swing. I got to relocate rus out. He's at the basket. It was tough to keep up with him. It was a hard match up for me. Ask you this. You'll do you the best deal canoeing Steve if you had to pick somebody else to be a dual. WHO's the best fit for you that you play with this as you feel like Oh we was clicking? When we could've maybe been the second best him play with? Yeah that's you play with USA team or whoever level you just you feel like all click. I feel like that would have been a good deal. I mean I mean Raymond Felton. I had a good run in New York and New York. Yeah I mean ray was also in the same high school club. I'd say you rock with him. Heavy kind of joy into you too. Yeah so so. We had good chemistry in New York because we will learn each other. It's all about learning the man like Steve. Steve was engine. And you feel me he get the ball and we and we gotta keep up with him for the pace. Everybody can do what they do. You know what I'm saying I'M GONNA Finish Cure Schumer three point shooter Joe off the dribble so once you got that formula figured out on what guys can do in the porn. God's get the yeah me and ray on the figure that part out in the first half of New York Cool Ray and reviving. Yeah Yeah I mean. The Guy was hoping I was hoping so far far. USA Games. I play with a play with Bron. play-by-play uh I play a lot of great players but to have a point guard who's not afraid to pass the ball. I is always the best thing any for all players. McCoy's look for point guard. I feel like if I had a dope. POI- defy me. When it's time to find me I'm GONNA be successful? Yeah and the team going to be says. Yeah you're win. You'll have fun. Winter with James Harden success. The job won't nasty. Shoot the Baltimore with James Horsey says I mean no successor. James Harden their system. No and like you know how like in the playoffs. They used to say like mint nationally. The school more like got it was cool. Doing it all tried him to score. More when you see now is whenever. He was opening opening score. side the Dave when they foresee they go pick and rolls he shoots it penetrate. The big states will be on the pick and roll. He got like a fifteen foot jump. Kick on the voters. You know what I'm saying. So he was always pending gain. Weight again was supposed to be played. You finish so everyone can say is more. He was playing the game. The Right Way Flanagan in a game like this though if he d issue more than we don't be what we were right. You feel me like him sacrificing whatever over-sized people might have wanted him to take and doing what he did. He allowed everybody else to blossom vase full potential which made us better as whole overall team because with that much talent. And everybody's trying to get out the blood we had go getters tricks trying to get another a establish yourself as a boy and you lied. He he was like literally our best player. But he tricks on Max me and Stevie just pay him trying to get paid but he real best play overall tricks Olympian. All of the All star. Max Player rely so if it wasn't for stevie coming in and handling things the way he did he kept so much in. Check bro Bro. I'm telling you Steve is do played right. That would that that eliminated so much. COULDA popped out that you see popping off on a lot of teams take your cell phone. And then just the way. He was with us Bro. I was shot by. Didn't like man is born near where we're going guys like. Oh word like okay right. That makes you embrace him. Bring him in like what he wants us. Right for real. That was party us. Assess him him coming coming in and hanging out with my birthday party by career people bro. It was stupid stupid buses from La Comets. A Phoenix Bro facts. It was crazy crazy. We gotTa Ball Man. We had we used. We used to for real getting intrigues barbecue. On all over his ally every time alway then we got to g jump Jack come to the table. The we had one the cooler squads but like they buy take vizquel was Super Cool right even Casey Jacob San Suu. We're cool also. I like the whole time but what was my man named the first Japanese player Yasu Young. He was super cold right right now. We had a man that was all that one year bro. Crossover in one year breath Steve. My crazy call me from the bar like at the recession. Like what the Hell is GonNa. That's when I first got traded. He called me like Oh I don't why what what the Hell is going on. Trying he trying to call everybody just like you said nobody say nothing. They started pulling triggers me like we wanted to our. I thought everything was told us. Top priority was assigned Joe. And we come back GONNA take another stab at we go home whenever things spotted. I would the first trip I got traded. Then a sign rise billings Joe's light. What like how are you going to sign any wing before me? He was done right. They're tripping eh like they steal them go get his own marketing so he got the best eighty eight and then became a six time all star Uh when only getting one hundred and twenty thousand out completely trip thirty six sean. Then let Amigo. The name made the playoffs since occurred off. We I'm telling you. We got hardcore fans that Oh four teenage to K.. And all of the retro greatest teams life for the fans. 'cause I tell people all the time when I get anytime any of us together. We all talk about that and how we wish we would have another run at it. I mean we will do just think how some of these teams had to three sides. If we had advent original five for two three four I got us to rain. No question no question. About what do you guys to rain lease. You know second shot that we can just look. We could oppose the tunnel Bre Craig. I'm talking about years later. Braswell when I was working for the Pistons Dantonio I got back in the League. He was a special assistant assistant. Some with the with fairly we I got back and right. We sat on the sideline he. He was sitting there he was like I let him pressure me. He'll I screwed that up. I let him pressure community thinking that we needed a big. 'cause they tried to me for Kurt Thomas Right. I mean for that. What team that wasn't that wasn't what we were doing? No no curtain will pick it up slow heart front. If it's going into the great great great wasn't it wasn't what we were y'all went and tweak this and tweak that being Raza great player great wing great defend everything. He ain't Joe Johnson though. You know what I'm saying late ain't no disrespect to him and nobody else. But it's just like not years two hundred two hundred me like he's not a jo-john not just the basketball guy we know about this is that we could have handled that property. Listen keeps you. We keep Joe. That's I've been strong and let's get back. We still had Leandra Leandra was young. His skin talk post eventually brassware. That was the one thing but remember house. I was building right. I was thinking i. I heard me more modern futuristic out at a river river river different pins riverport around talking. You'll just just may really tragic not likely even remember. We've tried to coast buster my front. I'll tell me it was bad. Be Rely let's do the front door man. You planning a victory if you had to pick two other players to make big three all time whoever how would you pay you like a big retain or on my own time was you can pick anybody you want to play basketball. Ask Ball man and they pry. Yeah whenever whenever crying greatest would album I mean going with the gopher shown you go says you know those silly people out there. Internet trolls EH. Clarify y'all player five for future references on this knuckleheads podcasts. If we ever mentioned him him Jay the goal the best degrades about no body blitz blitz. Michael Jeff I know no don't get misconstrued I do. We don't want to do this every time my zone. I'm Brian I I gotTA have sack. Lacing is it got to sack and then my third hour have have to probably go with tougher play make I need like a point guard. If I don't go with mass I gotta go with. I'M GONNA go in probably Louis steph curry okay. That's what I see. I went with a warrior to I went I went. MJ Shack in K.. D. No no point like the point guard we play. We play big boy. It is but I'm not mad at staff because you I mean you verify wanted to point. Gosh ask if you had to start being benched or cut somebody I mean these people who would it be Tim Duncan this ain't cagey dirt dirt. You guys start one vance inch one and cut out. Yeah he's going to be different than Betty. I know why starring one. I'm starting cagey if I had to cut one sees cut one cutting dirk. Td See. I was trying to try to. I knew that was the reason. Why Star the reason? Why starting cagey? Because he's also a defensive player on the wing. Yeah team is a good defensive player on the basket. Yeah you don't even zone but he would. I'm going around him now. You can go around yeah K. G.. He always move a little bit here and he got offense threat. Yeah there there's no defense dirt. Don't play dirt playing defense at all. So they were doused with hide him Defensively they've got him damn Pierre. He's other always hide. Dirk you will never hear about dirt. Can't play defense. You know what I'm saying. But he was all you always hide dirk so I will have to have to probably cut dirt from that standpoint offense. I mean he's one of the all time greats and you can't you can't guard him. Trailed three post fadeaway on that but timmy. D. was also offensive player in his defensive player. As well so I'll have to cagey start bench. Tim Duncan cut dirt. You feel so safe to say that the the assigned season had the first original size seasons. Like the most fun you had seen your whole. Oh Yeah no question for basketball and even the court I you know said so you really add that having a good time together but who is just getting started I was twenty. I was like in early twenties. Everybody was young. The young man young boy crazy so talk about now like right now. Yeah you definitely want our dues in the league that you know what I'm saying should be NBA even from last year to this year. I feel like you went out and you got yourself on way a better condition you you know what I'm saying. Your body ain't never been a problem that's like saying waiting but you know what I'm saying. You always look but I just feel like the way you moving. You'll agility ability which was talking about it stuff you're doing with your knees and everything you look way more. Fresh more springing banking on people saying so how has that. Hi The big three bent for you as far as like playing. And and what do you look forward to as far as the opportunity with the NBA. And you know we know you don't need but it's something stop today. You know the the you belong so you should be able to take that that step and go out there as far as the MBA design is more so about a lot of the NBA teams. Going Young Brian and so they they are There's so many new GM so many analytics and all these things taking place now to where like the game is somewhat changing in. and Ah they don't want to have a vision in life on. This is what this is my take on it and I get it right. I get it they they they want young guys they want this and that you know they they software on the cap take cheaper mark thing they need to lower the vet minimum because the NBA's vets are now twenty four twenty five twenty six years old. He is telling the kids what they don't like they don't they. Don't got a rusty Wallace. They don't guy assign rules. got a strong. They don't guy like a real they don't gotta You d You d last one left right they don't get these dudes who are really geico of WHO's who can really events you know what I'm saying. Who can really like example were trained be part of that village head to try and show you allow them tell you these teams saves need everything going to young and they look and why crazy stuff because you get the young boys leading the young boy? Yeah disrespect to them. Because they don't know where they learn on their. I try and you know what I'm saying. Figuring out of. They go try and do the best they can write with a boatload of money right. And it's it's a lot. It's a lot. They need to learn not only from basketball evolving. How to train how to be on top of thing how to eat right? EAT properly how to take yourself off the core all those attributes they gotta learn. It's tough for like you. Sound like no twenty five is your vet. You know it's not your vet. He's he's really just like he's he's only been an elite. Maybe five years six years now. I think ten year guys vet ten year plus your vets guys. They've been lied to you. Say At least two to three contracts. That's why I'm telling you I learned salute a boy like be way where he do it right now with the invite you go is young boys always all of these boys he wants to go to the facility. Now he's Sean on top to bottom what to work how to train how to prepare out of how to how to Rehab after you take care of your body. They got the moment says they got company. Got All this. He saw him. He's he's given the tools right so that they could go forward and do what he did in Femur. That's with players knee doing it on his own accord and it should be more the NBA on eighteen on a daily basis of weakness on. This was a week right. It's not even plan. No more definitely who still paying it forward and sharing his guests. He Ain't like I like you just said I should. It should be somebody like that on almost everything here were the league is being heard about it on. That's not what I'm saying because when you've got people like a like minded people trying to pour into them and pay for like the ones that did for us trying to help build the you know saying you'll brand eddie addicts. Things happen social media in the news booth best coach. You ever play for the best coach our play for. Oh man I mean offensively might Dantonio no question Defense wouldn't release discuss defense on practices. They score within the ball out quickly scoring defense. We're going to go on your scoring Idea like the way Phil Jackson was orchestrating. The offense I was actually enjoying the cheinal offense because it allows you to be able to score from anyone passing on. If you're all around player you can score from anywhere in the basketball court in. It's all predicated upon ball movement bowel movement. Yeah and so I was like now this year. Yea is fundamental basketball. So I was asking joined regime under Phil Jackson But still wasn't a coach. Derek Fisher was the coach at the time but I think my favorite coast play four was probably my Dantonio. If you had the pig wine what what would be your favorite Steve Nash Story. 'cause I got I got a great one but I got I can sure to add to. We actually have him said no he. I can't share it till the UH. Oh man my favorite Steve Nash Story so we come in for US Dave. I know we didn't talk but you know you know we don't do this My favorite Nash Story. Probably when WHO's gainer for the DOT contest and I was in the gym going through through all my dunks right three sixty win meal twenty legs. I was going through all my dunks now with the stadium. You can do your soccer tricks. Kick get off the backboard on kicking off your head. It's my dad. See if I can catch it and women or three sixty something like that so I will let me work on something so he for court the foot both feet me. Boil that chest back every day and Through it up. We threw it at one time for me to practice this McCartney so I bet it's what we're GONNA do get we get we get to the All Star game. We'll get to that. We get to the All Star game. Ah We've got the lowest before For the dunk contest. So we I'm not trying to show anybody what we got planned. So I'm just going through the motion in a happy kinda spontaneously on the court once we got into Dunk Ontario. And when is kicked it off the backboard I caught a windmill. That was like one of my favorite moments was Stephen. I say I wanted to pick him up and do a dance with. I was so caught up in the moment the dunk contest. And it was like one of those great moments in Nash. Man One of my favorite stories started a iron wee hours. How's practicing dot? I'm sitting here. We all be amazed at Stevie Ho soccer game like Stevie people. Don't remember these get an ice is to be done in and famous for he'll be pissed dot. They're going crazy. Call it soccer and hockey. They go up. The whole court ended off. His knee cannot be jumped foot kicking king or take him he. Oh I've seen all of this watching this. The really did to do easy back. Kick you say many do crazy talented crazed

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Episode 103: What is a unicorn?

The Sex Wrap

22:56 min | 1 year ago

Episode 103: What is a unicorn?

"Welcome to the podcast for everything that you are too afraid to ask at home too. Embarrassed to ask in school or it was just too hard to ask your partner. Welcome to the sex rap. Hey everybody and welcome back to the sex. Wrap your here today with Andrew in spring wrapping all of your favorite presents. No rapping about weird I think if we look at our title the sex rap. I love it. Because it's like you know wrapping it up with a condom they accept rappers and I cannot wrap. I was going to ask Spring to beat. beat box L. A.. If you Bachan rap let me just let me just spit some lines. Oh my God. We can't do this. Let's move on this herald Arab. I'm sorry for the culture. We just appropriated so poorly all of our listeners. Thanks for putting up with our ridiculousness. Today is my birthday. Isn't that crazy. It's really really fun this morning. We and we did some Breakfast in an presence and If you are one of our listeners with with December birthday I like to put out yet another apology from the world to you. My friend Amanda was just in town in her birthday. Was December night. so I've always birthdays in December and I make sure that they are extra special because I know that if you have a December birthday you probably grew up in a world where they're all of these holidays are going on. There's Hanukkah Christmas. There's estes there's Kwanza whatever it is that you celebrate and your second fiddle to it so sometimes if my partner we celebrate his birthday in June or July or just around a month when I decided it's going to be that year so it's special and not around the holidays but if if you have a December birthday spring and I both wish you the happiest best most fantastic December birthday of all. And we're sorry. Sorry that these stupid holidays in all of the stress of the holidays is going to infringe on your birthday. Who partners sister's about to give birth to twins right right before Christmas? She's around the twenty second so those babies are going to be our Christmas gifts this year. Yes I think that's it that's going to be all over the holidays But yeah I mean I think that people that have birthdays around this time There is like some important to figuring out a way to find another way to celebrate that. Am I think some some people with birthdays around this time of year. Celebrate their half birthdays as like. They're real birthday celebration Kinda too late. That's what I do with the June July like we're just GonNa do it a completely different Dr no big holidays in June. So it's a great time figure out other ways to create eight some time for yourself. There's always there's always another day to celebrate you right or else you end up old and bitter Lake Mian Spring No. We're not better but I'm just better and I feel bad for people who are you right. Now that you even said that I was the opposite of bitter at all times but Happy Birthday to everybody and also whatever you're celebrating happy whatever the celebration is but your celebration of the thing is less important than people's birthdays holidays. And today we do have like a kind of sparkly question and it came from a listener and it is. What is a Unicorn? Oh thank goodness. We get to talk about UNICORD's unicorns on my favorite Avenue Tattoo on my arm. I am so a unit granny I love this. She is going Forni so their mythical creatures depending on what mythos you believe in like they didn't get onto Noah's Ark or their imaginary or only virgins can see them. There's lots of I don't think that's I don't think that's the question today for a quick episode episode like they're not real except they are real today so we're talking about sexual unicorns a relationship Unicorns so the so many any jokes today. Big This whole thing in my head of Mike. How corny can we make? WE'RE GONNA lose listeners. Over how corny. This is like you know like are people really into Unicorns because the horn looks like a peanut. Let's talk about what a Unicorn is in the sexual context and I think you know this is one of those kind of Bourbon. Dictionary uses of the Word Unicorn that we assume a lot of people know and that is kind of common knowledge. But I think think it's actually not that common so excited to talk about this so when we say Unicorn and someone. Someone is a Unicorn when we're talking about the actual all context. That is the third person. In train into a couple's bedroom to put it more simply so most the time when the term Unicorn is used it's used loosely with heterosexual couples. Right where is a male and female And and they want to invite a third person into the relationship or into their bed over sexual kicks or for a one night stand whatever it is So there's this one very specific kind of person that fits the bill and that person is the Unicorn and what does this person look like. You are spring so usually most often often as a heterosexual couple seeking a young woman to be there Unicorn to come in and play with them and most often it is only for a sack sits not looking for some type of ongoing relationship with US person and so that's why the term Unicorn is used because has it. Is this bisexual woman that they are searching for that just wants to have sex with. Oh maybe one time dementia run into the bedroom and have a great time and then leave Lake Matic Normally she's young normally. She's pretty normally normally she like all of those sort of Like what the media tells you model s kind of tropes are sort of foisted onto this bisexual young adventurous available new strings attached no commitment no relationship just there for a good time young woman Eh. That's the most usual definition and so a little bit later. We'll talk about kind of might What other types of people might kind of be considered Unicorn according to sexual contacts but usually it's younger women in a heterosexual relationship so we'll kind of focus on that one? I so why is it so hard to find. Find someone like this. I mean overall if we look at populations There are like you know there are not a lot of young young available bisexual women who want to go and have sex with couples with nothing like no strings attached like I like. There's there's a lot of people who don't want to do that. And then you're looking for a much smaller percentage of the overall population. Who wants to go do that as well Also couple couple the heterosexual couple like the woman in the couple also has to be like relatively bisexual to Brazil like it. Just a lot of factors is that sort of have to be checked and It kind of objectified is another person's sexuality objectified another person's body like there are some people who do like to be treated like sex objects and just just want that kind of attention or affection But as you start adding all of those labels and adding all of those requirements the total the number of women most of the time who who fit the bill is really quite small And then there's just a lot of people who want more than that inside out of their sexual relationships right so like you might have a thousand of them and after you start chopping them all out of the picture turning them to normal horses getting rid of the horn. I heard you end up with essentially no one left at the bottom of that list. Yeah and so there is a kind of just the availability ability problem and then there is the finding the finding the person and then there's also this matching up so just because a young beautiful missile bisexual women is interested in available. It doesn't mean she's necessarily interested in that specific couple or that specific couples necessarily interested in her so there is a little little bit of kind of matching that has to occur. Also right so that is kind of you know how this whole thing gets into this idea eh scarcity and you know how rare this could be defined and why. This person has called a Unicorn Is there an APP to find a Unicorn. I know there's like like APPs to find Harry gay men or APPs defined all different kinds of people Christians. Jewish people are there's even apps to find other farmers the data had sex with. Is there an APP up to find unicorns. Yeah so field is Group sex happened so you can have couple profiles on there but uh-huh any any APP. Actually people will put couple profiles on and Say that they are actually seeking another woman. So they'll set Set profile up as technical male seeking woman but they'll have a couple of pictures in it and then they will Be Swiping for women and women will see that. Come up if they're looking for men and Elsie that come up and then they can match and then talking that way so basically any up. I was thinking something really specific called Lakes Makoni. No I mean. I think it's really interesting that comes up in society pretty frequently and that We have a special term for it and that there's a huge scarcity of it. So why why do you think it's so scarce like what do you think is causing the scarcity. I mean I think that there is a little bit of you know Emotional final work. That goes on here. You know we've talked about having threesomes or group sex on the show before and all of the Kind of hoops. You WanNa get through to make sure that you are ready and if you're doing this with a partner that you and your partner are ready for that together and you've kind of talked through innate potential chill Problems that might occur in. You know how you'll handle that together and so I think you know there's all of that that goes into having any group sex and so thinking about all of that kind of scare some people off also so that I think is another thing that contributes to the scarcity. Some people well Don't want to have to do that work or are nervous about what could happen afterward. I mean the concept kind of US me out for for those reasons. I think it's kind of Louis Pretty frequently A lot of times Unicorn hunting is a very male centric thing where are often the the. The female partner of the male feels almost coerced into the act. Like there's a lot of I mean for me negatively eh because like I said before it's objecting woman or it's using a woman for sexual pleasure or sexual gratification or fantasy and there's nothing wrong with feeling sexual fantasies but I think sometimes the way that people talk about Unicorns like they're nothing more than you know a night of fun and then you get rid of them. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that's going to really be making for a very healthy relationship. What would you call the my little Pony Unicord Pinkie Pie L.? Yes definitely pinkie Pie. That's actually a real one to listeners. I have a bunch of nieces says and I stood up to date on all of my little pony blue. We call them like a one night saddle. I don't know anything anyway. We need to take a short break so we will be right back the Andrew. We've finally found it. I know so. Many of our listeners have asked US questions about vibrators that actually work sweet vibrations at sweet revives dat toys. These are the ones guys they have a lifetime warranty the rechargeable their USB waterproof there smit of Silky soft silicon on the really affordable. They're all actually under fifty dollars. I don't know if you guys know that's insane like having a high quality vibrator at a good price is so hard to find. And they have a couple of different types of clitoral stimulators and they also have a vibrator that's designed to hit your anyar clitoris. At the same time and with our discount code you get fifteen percent off you take these great affordable vibrators you make them even more affordable so you just had sweet vibes dot toys to get the best quality sexual fifteen eighteen percent off with code sex rap. That's sex strap W. R. A. P. Two words. Everyone deserves their own. Sweet vibrations in the sex are both committed to helping you find yours back everybody all of our little UNICORNS. Doing you know like other shows and other like musical artists. They named their fans different kinds of the things we could call ours UNICORNS. I love that like you're all special and unique except I don't think y'all WanNa go have sex with heterosexual couples looking convincing. That's and if you want to. We love you for that too. Congratulations you're a Unicorn of UNICORNS. Yeah I mean everyone's a Unicorn everyone's special special in their own way we're all magical and let's talk about. Who else could be a unicorn so we talked about this kind of most typical version Asia but really any third person? Showing up into a couple's bedroom. I think we call a Unicorn. Lake that can be applied more broadly so if it is a male come in and to have a threesome with a male female couple or if it's a male coming into Male male a couple or a female coming into if you matthew multiple or someone who is non binary in any of these innovation goes well That third person that Kinda comes in Dan just for this no strings attached like good time Saxon than magically disappears could be a Unicorn. It's just that the most typical one is what we were talking about. I and I think the term is much more likely to be used in heterosexual relationships because a lot of extra requirements that that person has to fulfil like the person needs to be bisexual and interested into the couple I think in lesbian and gay men relationships We see a lot more consensual non monogamy a multi person poly-amorous relationships because all of the parties who are engaging in various acts whether it's cuddling or sex are much more likely to be into all of the parts of all of the people so it makes sense. Yeah it is easier when yeah all the people like mccollough the parts right and I think sometimes you're more likely to find people who are interested in you Like if view were a lesbian couple and you went to a lesbian Venera lesbian bar lesbian. Sex Party. you would probably be much more likely to find someone who's like. Hey I'd like to be. Your lesbian has being partner for the evening no strings attached or or whatever it is that someone is looking for and I think that's why we don't see the terminology as much. I think we can also talk about how like. There's a lot of issues of misogyny that kind of come up or Miss Andrew that come up like Men Who are interested in having sex with other men won't won't like bisexual men because they're afraid they'll be labeled gave forever so often they won't enter into those kinds of relationships Women who are bisexual who enter into relationships with other women get to maintain their bisexual or heterosexual relationships. But men often don't like there's that whole like if there's a man who's had sex one time with a man that he's gay forever wherever there's a woman who's had sex with another woman even one time she was just experimenting having fun had a few drinks whenever it was So I think there's a lot of fear as well which is why we don't see it come up as frequently in terms of male Unicorns but there's another big piece of research that a spring and I were talking about earlier and it's about sexual orientations ends fluidity. Yeah so most often Females just have a lot more fluidity in their sexual orientation and wear player they kind of find sexual attraction in their lives. And so we know that sexual orientation is fluid and that somebody doesn't have to edify in the same way over the course of their life But women actually have a lot more fluidity than men do. And we're looking at the research Chen looking at how people identify and where they fall on the Kinsey scale which rates people as very heterosexual homosexual. The sexual or somewhere in between those and women are more likely to fall on these inbetween. Parts of that scale L.. And they're also more likely to change how they identify overtime. So that just means that Is Much more likely to find this woman type of Unicorn. uh-huh Korean situation and so I would say that the mail in a heterosexual entering into a heterosexual couples. Bad is actually more Unicorn than the female would but as that one's actually store it doesn't even like really get talked about talk and I think it's really important as I said we're talking that sexuality is fluid that over a person's life what they like can change your sexual Your your sexual orientation can slowly shift from straight to not a straight or gay Tanada gay or anything in between you can start out a straight in the not be interested in anyone. You can slide heightened sexuality All of that is a natural process at happens on its own. We can't force it. We can't make it happen. You can't make someone who's straight gay and you can't make someone who's gay straight right so this is just that natural fluid process and over a woman's lifetime We're women overall over the lifetime experience. Variance more fluidity than men men over the lifetimes typically are much more rigid much more static and they're not as likely to change but they can't write men and women can change sexual abuse over lifespans but it cannot be forced like you can't if you're with somebody and you WanNa go find a Unicorn and one of the partners is like I'm I'm just not interested. No I'm not attracted to that. That's not what I'm into your Unicorn. Hunt is at an end because nothing is going to change your partner sexual orientation either It's totally different conversation. You start talking about like well. What are the rules and looking for things outside of the bedroom and can we play Solo? But that's a different episode or different day But a saying one more time you cannot force someone sexual orientation to change and I think that's one of the sad things about UNICORNS. I said it's kind of early to me because I've had friends talk to me about it before like yeah. The male partner is really interested in having essentially a three way with their partner their wife and another woman their their partner wife is like I am not interested in having sex with another woman like I just. That's not something I've ever wanted to do. Now how about you bring other man into the bedroom and that might be real fun and Kinky think I would love to try that and then they hit that impasse right so the woman would love to have a three way with two man. The man would love to have a three way with two women. Ed Ed neither of them are really interested in having a three way with someone of the same sex so I mean sometimes that Unicorn Hunt is over before the conversation even begins And if that's how your partner is you have to respect their sexual orientations as well. There we go sell I love UNICORNS Are we at the period. I think we are we at the period today so thanks for listening and everybody Nice started or contest. Now do you think unicorns have periods. Well I mean and none of the ones on my little pony do other ones in movies do produce breath do they. Maybe that's a real okay. Listeners let us know we need you in your expertise on UNICORNS UNICORNS have periods. I vote no because they're not real. I wanted Oh New Baby Unicorn Serbo uh-huh JK rollings. Do listen anyway so we had our contests that started last week. We're getting some responses and we will be announcing being it in seven days so thanks for listening everybody if you have any questions or comments about UNICORNS or anything else about this episode. Feel free to let us know You can an email us where the sex rap AT DJAMIL DOT com. You can find You can call us at four one three. I wrap it and then you can find us on our social media where the sex rap on instagram twitter and facebook. Thanks as for listening everyone here all Unicorns all for everything that you are too afraid to ask it home too. Embarrassed to to ask at school or just to the little music for this episode provided by the ever elusive mm sieve and mysterious brake master cylinder Llama among Sonic Universe.

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Game Scoop Episode 543

Game Scoop!

1:04:10 hr | 1 year ago

Game Scoop Episode 543

"This episode of game scoop is brought to you by row jolt doc young games. What's up everybody. Welcome taizhou jiangsu. I am host daemon hatfield joining me. This week is malcolm. Sam claiborne and we're trying to skype tina mian. She's still in europe. We're having some technical difficulties less welcome tina. I hope you liked our. That wasn't a lot of time on it. Good goof. We have fun here you. We've got a great show for you. Plan this week. I had a couple of weeks ahead of the show now. That's all wants the head of the show. I know jinx time. We've never had a great show the past last two we've got a great show for you probably hear around my head yeah. Of course i took a couple of weeks off to welcome to herald the arrival of my son which <hes> we had a couple of weeks ago and he's great. My wife is great. Everybody's great. It's been an interesting two weeks till you that sleepless two weeks sleepless sleepless in san francisco. I lost all credibility ability with the audience wants. I said damon is out. He's he's a father and then like everybody's like can't tell if santa's joking and then the second week there just like things that that came up there were like we left us sonic song by accident. That was absolutely an accident and people. I can't tell if sam's joke well. I like it. It's always a joke when you're hosting yeah yeah in a good way meaner just slide. It was a giant tina. Come on good. Everything was a good no thank you <music> sanford taking over <hes> while i was gone. It was unexpected because we don't know if i'd call that we had a contingency plan. You know our due date wasn't was yesterday so remove live from my calendar arrived a couple of weeks early. He was very excited. <hes> and we had a whole plan that tina was gonna host when she got back from games calm. Everything got jumble but i'm so glad that we got to able to bring giant tina's in last week. That was pretty good very sorry and miss c._j.'s last episode but it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with the music game yeah but his twenty questions it was terrible yeah. Well you know it would have been a bag of milk. There was also a bag of military so out boy so damon. I'm just going to catch you up. In the last twenty skimmed them. I said ask him to <hes> t didn't bring a bag milk into the office okay he had somebody sent him a bag or mill. What do you mean condition. Get a bag emptied because you can't ship them or whatever because they have different disease but it was actually a media bag that was used for milk yeah that had been emptied and that he filled it with milk then she's just get like a ziplock bag and fill it with milk and that's fine <hes> yeah you'd think so but these are so specific and after fit in the it's gotta be regulation. What is the the pitcher. The mill pitch or the technical term is milk pitcher the milk container container. That's all the scoops we have no. There's actually a lot to talk about. There's been a lot of news coming out of games. Come and then a lot of exciting game announcements this week so let's get right back into it. Let's try to get back on track here okay. I'm back a couple of weeks of anybody. Let's begin with the disney. Ah disney game remakes or just announce week aladdin in lion king <hes> being remade and re released this fall and this is including both the separate genesis genesis super nintendo versions of aladdin and then the lion king no just the genesis version of aladdin. Whoa wait a minute doesn't include the super nintendo and there's a couple of reasons might behaving one is that the super nintendo version of aladdin was developed by capcom yes and led up. I shouldn't gee mccown crater receivable and <hes> capcom did not make the american one virgin interactive did and so these are all virgin games on this election is wrapping up their own collections after that one mega man will collection unlike digital eclipse yeah that without any and capcom two the second one daily to the i. I assume what's going on here. Capcom wants to do their own collections right now and we have some evidence of that. Also this other management they also announced the mega amancio or collection which we'll get to in a second best so you you will never know what the better ladan sadness cartridges but we know because this would be the first time we will be playing it. I didn't realize how popular the genesis version of latin was third best selling sega's game of all time. That's crazy copies able really like those animations yeah. It was a big deal at the time i remember like i that's the version that i hadn't played in then like my cousins had it in a bunch of school had the genesis version. Everyone talked about the animation so good s._n._e._s. You're saying what's your s._n._e._s. You're saying i was s._n._e._s. c._b._s. Aladdin only because that's the way i played the genesis version. I never played the superintendent version. Although that's apparently the superior version asian version that nobody talks about the game boy version the gameboy and that's in this collection is it yeah no it's not that is the game versions are in the classroom so few you and the game gear version of well. That's not in this collection but the game gear versions of those games of those the lion king is supposed to be the definitive lanqing amazon in gear. It looks worse but it plays really good and that's what the deal is with the super nintendo like it just doesn't look as good but it looks good and it's a lot more fun. We we've even play looks good yeah so but explain why it's more fun. It's really well. I didn't play enough of the genesis version so i'll just speak to wipe. I like the latin s._n._e._s. version <hes> it's super hard and it's like super regimented so you have to do things in particular i mean it's like any platformer i suppose it's that that spirit from a platform where you have to memorize a levels especially that like flying carpet lava level yeah you did you did good <hes> but <hes> <hes> obviously you can rewind in these additions which i'm not a huge fan of because it doesn't really get at the heart of the experience which is just restarting over and over and trading off the bad game that you you really want to see the rest fair. The rewind ability is good for that one but yeah so so. I never played the superintendent version. I'm like i first of all i the audience an an apology. I've been talking about the latin for genesis for years and making jokes about how bad the super nintendo version is even arguing with people saying that preconception because as i was like a shitty little kid you have to align in your urine intendo kids. That's what's so weird. I have played the superintendent online before and i've always played the first level which i think you'd is beat this time. We were planning it this week. It's as simple as one but it's annoying. It's is simple and when you compared to the genesis genesis version the genesis i level is actually really cool and pretty indifferent but putting all that aside when you get deep into super nintendo and it has these buying a commando kind of things where it's these swinging the puzzles or your swing from thing to thing. You're not jumping lot. You could bound off of things including enemies so if you'll see the bats are stalactites or stalag r._p._m. Bites you can bound off the fights. You can swing. That's how you remember it bound or swing. Also i guess the the like <hes> i forget what they call it in the parchment that you get the scrolled parachute suit essentially <hes> that particular ability just completely changes the game and then depending on your lives once you die at a certain point in time and you continue you don't have it anymore and that makes it much more complicated especially the genie level where you really need to be able to glide onto his little hand platform mario tail equivalent which lets you float when you jump right right and so as she sang like he goes away if you lose if you really wanna play this game. It's like you know like grady or whatever you have to keep your power ups. If you lose your power ups it's really really hard yeah and then all the levels are really charming too because it goes through lake phases of the movie essentially so when you're in the lava level it's just you're flying through on your magic carpet carpet and you're about to be struck by a thousand things in the corridor is now offering as you go which the end of that level gets really tough and sam didn't try which was impressive <hes> but then you have the genie level of which is like you know the the first parts. We did in twenty five parts but then when you finally got to wear it got really narrow. You just one of those cool yeah. Do you think the the <hes> vinik commando connection comes from being vote by capcom it could be. I mean that's a really interesting line to draw but i'll tell you what definitely comes from capcom. Where are you going to bastardy because that's just hitler no i. I never think i am master d for all intensive purposes. I would say that that was they. Call hillary appropriating it yeah damon. You wanna be damon. You wanna be nathan read. Damon redskins rad spencer so the other there capcom connection here is that you played a boss. I didn't get to play this but it was like an boss-like wielding like a scimitar and he had this boss pattern and it wasn't so bad but it was ducktail. It was a duck tales boston so we're like you know it's a simple boston learned the pattern but or like mega man boss and so it had this like very capcom field to go yeah it was great. I think it's interesting. They that disney hired two different developers to make two different versions of this game on. We have about version things this week well overall yeah genesis versus s._n._e._s. There's other games different. Both tasmania was a fun example. We also different versions yeah completely. We wanna platform. Genesis ones like racing typing thing type thing. I had both of those when i was a kid like if disney wanted to make a frozen to game they were just hire one studio and then they report it to every platform right. I don't know why i don't get completely different velvet and then there's the lion king in this collection to you which is like it's famous for having a really hard level early on <hes> key to free at a lot and i talked about <hes> <hes> yesterday and she she was saying that like you know there's people were really upset with difficulty curve in it and that's fixing the game gear on but yeah that's all i really know. It looks so pretty like i've watched video of it and it was really really good-looking. Do you know who's handling the remake. What studio ideal digital eclipse no way then in good hands so i wrote i talked to mike yesterday. Who you had digital eclipse in not for this release or anything i was just saying congratulations but really excited because they did the s. and k four collection which you reviewed <hes> <hes> disney collection which i reviewed and what they do is that stuff you're talking about like the real the real line button and stuff like those things they play with but they also added this thing where you can walk doc somebody play through the game perfectly and any frame you can hop in and take over. It's a really it's not a video. It's like an actual playthrough in the immunization. Yeah that's so smart. They also did the street fighter collection. I believe she's really good. It says this <hes> this new version of aladdin has difficulty adjustments camera refinements which i think is interesting because there wasn't any like camera work in the original might be like in mario world how you can push that came up while we were playing but that's the superintendent look ahead when you're on a platform immune but maybe they added that part of the challenge is on a bug. It's a feature duck and then the camera will go down and t._d. And maybe maybe they augmented. I do actually genuinely feel because when you make that little leap of faith. That's when you realize like this is the pattern i have to memorize. It does feel like part of the charm part of the experience so i i mean i. I love revisiting old games. There's games like aladdin which are playable and fun and i just. I really liked that they give you the tools for the games aren't playable and fun because i still want to know about this game and there's plenty plenty of games due to difficult for me to get through now played when i was a kid that i want experiencing yeah and what's the official name for this package is off talk my head. It's called like disney. Classics allowed to see the <hes> the promotional image of the box that they sent out in the i didn't know what was there is where they said hey collects aladdin and the king that'd be a different game easy easy and bad typo tomato forever. Here's the problem and i need everybody to be on board with this. Everybody out there here. We go don't point those out to the developers. Somebody somebody immediately tweeted at digital. Just we to be printed that way right. It's not it's much funnier. If i have the honour box that's cool okay and much more valuable addition. Yeah i have the resident evil revelations that i decided the spine has another famous. One is the economy boxer boy we one which includes a watermark yeah just the greatest day in stocks are screw ups. Do we have the office. I don't know ever their own storage yeah. I don't know if the communists actually like printed and shipped off or if we noticed it beforehand. I can't remember looking them yeah. There wasn't early version of didn't shift in order. They would send you a fixed fixed. It's great you were working. Probably at a i missed that and we request an unfixed version. Okay give us one with the right. I just print it out or something. That's pretty easy to i bet it's it's an ebay thing okay well. The disney remake question is coming sometime. This fall still waiting on a release date for that but we do have a release date for another collection meghan zero z x. legacy collections. Those are gonna be out on january twenty first twenty twenty. This is the third in the series as of mega man collections after meghan legacy collection x. legacy collection now the sierra games. This is a notable collection because it has twenty games in it. I don't remember playing no but but i did. It has six games in it games. I don't remember twenty minus fourteen games. What does the game gear versions. We don't know well. It's cool. These are all nintendo new platform games. They're all on gameboy advance into d._s. And now the repulsive so that's that's pretty there was a collection of these games before on the three d. s. oh really yeah which only included the disea- zero and then the the x. games since the three d. S. wants only collected the games and then yeah because i if i'm i think the the x. games were the d._s. Games included in this upcoming one yeah so it's magnetic zero zero two zero three zero four zero x and z x. advent what what naming those games are like clunky. Yeah okay settle down settle down there all developed by any creates creates but i don't like how zero runs he runs he can dash and dash in dash and and he can wall jump. I don't feel good about this but i don't associate memories of this with emulating gameboy advance was a lot younger and like i shouldn't have even been possible but it was yeah yeah you can yeah you can emulate gameboy advance back in the two thousands and you did and yeah. That's how you play these acts. I think i played probably zero zero. Two zero t doesn't make any eighty cents. These names are stupid. Games are also incredibly hard very hard yeah and change up the formula a little bit where it's not like there's like like a hub world and you can go. You can freely travel between all the different worlds and you take missions within each world. It's not like you select a boss and go after defeat that one boss and then move onto the next yeah there's also this won't have a rewind feature so those are games soviet an adjusted save feature though it's like these yes. The latest collection just had like a single save state per game. They just don't do the same thing that i'm not sure you can save anytime you want. The added a checkpoint checkpoint in the middle amid mission etap. That's that's not great but again. It's the guys did a blitz thinkers in the mood blaster master zero and zero to the really good to the action platform. Look look really good ones. Last era of sprites yeah fakes bright games right now well. We'll talk okay. Let's segway. I forgot the statue man. I learned something disturbing about shovel knight. Maybe we shouldn't reveal that on the show. I don't know spoiler nightmares mares. I beat the game. Remember that you'll never know what we're talking about wiping from your mind to sam you're not going to play the mega man zero legacy collection. I'll give it a whirl. Give it a whirl all right. We're about matin tina well. I've never played them before. So on your recommendation. I yeah well. We'll see the glowing review is really telling on it very hard. That's all i've got yeah. I think that's true. I think it's cool there being preserved and put out on more platforms uh-huh but i would admit that as the mega mega pantheon goes this isn't up there with you know the mega man series or even the magnet x. series for me. Zero is a very cool character uses sword ponytail yeah yeah we argue about this once. There's no argument yeah like is it. A ponytail isn't a bond. I think i think i think it was if it was a pony taylor scarf. No it's still long at that. Point should be called. A horse made yeah reich. I mean man c'mon main. Man is not great enemy the boston. This are not also enough men. They're like they have complicated names do next. It's complicated yeah. That's very cool but i'm also very bad at the main games in general across across awesome series. I'm routinely bad difficult games. Yeah the tough air tough mega man zero legacy collections out january twenty first twenty twenty speaking of civil night new chevrolet game announced this week and it sounds awesome shoveling dig collaboration between <hes> the shovels guys and steamroll dig is okay. Is that right. Is that not true. I don't i don't i would. I don't know what the connection between this and dig is unless it's like a friendly nod. I thought they were making steel dig game with shovel night. I think it's just a shovel when i came quickly. Google why. I'm not coming into the office every day. I misunderstand some of the game but the point is that as a shovel knight game where you move downwards words so not a steel dig game which upcoming okay order on it how can they. They shouldn't say that he's our best reporter. Yeah true reporter doesn't take one of the best doesn't mean yeah <hes> <hes> well. He's getting a scoop face going over there so i can't read with my phone so far away from faithful. You can bring it up. Bring it up concerts shooter. Hand up to your ear it just getting this shouldn't be on top of the game at the something dig unless it's a steamroll dig. Ah that's what they also has a shovel and he's thinking yeah yeah. I thought it was just like a friendly nod. You can't believe we're still talking about this in between <hes> yacht club which made the original shovelnose elderly nitro which who's nitro <hes> eggs essential themselves all the time british indie company who's is made a bunch of charming indie games. They didn't make steamrolled. They did not make baresi. Jim is becoming less exciting for me by the minute well not for me. I mean i think a shovel knight is really great and i watched the trailer and the trailer looks really cool. There's yeah it's like yeah. You're moving downwards. You're still platforming that scrooge mcduck style where you have to bounce off things when you fall and can jump on a block with spikes and it kills people. There's a straight up just zelda rubies and actually i'm bad dataman but i'm good at shovel knight so wow this and we need to have a tough conversation because you keep bringing this up on the internet. You never say you're barricade. I'm rita mega. There's just no way you can ever show weaknesses. Exactly you can smell blood in the water was saying about. She didn't even even wanna rewind feature in this game. That's what you were doing right. Now is in this new era. We have to be open with their vulnerabilities this this perspectives. I'm going to remain neutral on this one. You weighed in okay. I made a joke. I do shovel knight dig. Not a steamroll dig titan game but you do go sorry. The rest of us did work for the last two weeks. We had a baby to take care of you. The collaborative is really weird format. Yeah i joined and they were like hey. Here's a baby all right. Thanks for taking the two a._m. Shift so you'd know their topics to talk about this game except except for that. That's why i was excited. I heard shovel. Knight gig was announced and it's a collaboration with and i was like wow it's a steamrolled game shoving hi. I'm totally onboard well. Maybe after this episode they'll make one yeah. Maybe this is the original pitch this team. Moon guys are friends of gien so not anymore still feeling if you can even your game x dig that means something. It's used to mean something i used. It means something to say your gam name big. I like how dig a word that was traditionally associated with a shovel has now become associated uh-huh shovels right. It's steam. Implements used to be associated with the dig. The lucas arts adventure. I ended that game. When i was a kid. It was real boring really. I've never played that way pastel stelle. You just want those adventure. Games doesn't have the sense of humor that the <hes>. I think it took. It's really serious. It's an orson scott card to it all right name so i wanted to see what other games were out there. It's just the dig and then a lot of like millbrook games like just a lot of like mobile games dig and dig out. I a gig dicta. Hell i dig it expeditions. I just didn't take game. Okay well the real reporting so so tell me what do you think this game actually is. They dig down on ever changing chasm of mysteries a rogue like game but that's what we heard is that it was rookie rogie. They prefer mogi. Every adventure is different shoveling. I dig levels of meticulously crafted than stitched together using using proprietary generation techniques for infinite replay bill. That's rogie hel hello rogie but not steam rhody the to say the first shovel knight adventure shine a robot well his face and talk about it. I don't know what's we've seen. What's beneath the helmet but what's it's beneath the armor. Yeah that's the real mystery whatever is due to <hes> what's his name in wolfenstein on stein being j. j. j. roadway. That's duke. That's doom jay. Is he a robot as a man. He is now now spoilers. He's more machine than man. That's a cyborg right fifty percent. Oh bots don't have any organic material tiriac do they do. They gross ones. Have you seen bicentennial man that sucks. I think there's an e._s. Game for that no way think so toys. There is one for toys one for toyota. Did you play toys now. I just i for our poll. I was thinking about disney yeah. Oh yeah that's right. We're looking at up by telling me <hes> bicentennial man scared. I don't think does again. It's scared you as a kid in like the robot designed in cranston creepy it yeah it's creepy as heck. It's creepy and i don't think there was a game on bicentennial man. Okay thanks. I hate it but <hes> we're spreading lots of misinformation for the on this show so that's fine. There's a new scoop in town and it's just ally bicentennial game. I partnered with steamrolled. Its bicentennial dig. He'll dig shovel in it. This is is the first chevrolet venture inglorious high color pixel graphics and sound. What was the original shovel knight not glorious just regular low color color fleet point eight low color fluid animations scaling rotation and para lacks create the most convincing shovel knight world yet it does look so pretty on the parallel and even just in the little campfire scene. That's another issue but that didn't that didn't have it this game. Has it yeah yeah that was in low color. You can only that's the dig well. How are you gonna stretch out the statement. Okay we can. Eh you wanna talk about telltale move into some depressing news. I'm sure sam yeah. Let's let's end the fun news. It wasn't the right music you the correct q. was now. That's revival. Music is real cool. That's that's okay all right. Let's talk about the telltale. Tell tale is being sort of reborn now. Some company has purchased whatever was left of telltale and they're going to kick start it you you just gotta kick-started but they're gonna get going again. What's going on well so funny. I've been writing about telltale for three years different outlets. Yeah and you're welcome thank you. It's it's it's unclear right so a different company with with noel c._g. Entertainment genitalia and with no prior history with delta whatsoever her picked it up after telltale officially technically closed last year and so there's a revival of the name and some i._p. But as far as i mean you know intellectual property. I'm not sure everyone knows what does that. Mean the right to meetings of of other things that were already made which retain dave retained the warner brothers one's so batman and the wolf among us which is based on the comic book fables and they've also retain their original telltale i._p.'s including like puzzle agent and which max well. That's not an original one right. They may have salmon max. I don't actually i thought salmon max was l. O. is it no never mind. Maybe i actually don't know about that one but <hes> puzzle agent for sure but but yeah and so the new owners <hes> say that they're excited to kick relaunch this story brand and they wanna bring back people people from the previous iteration of telltale into full but weirdly enough to just like in like freelance capacity with the potential of going full time so that's not a not uh not ironclad promise you know which is kind of worrisome <hes> this is a situation where they bought the rights in the name but don't seem like they have a plan so far we don't. I know enough though like this is just what they've it's just kind of. Come out from reporting and we do know the licenses. They're definitely not picking back up which what my craft and then the marvelous and when you when you before or the walking there was already bought out by which is holding company for robert kirkman and we pick up minecraft. We should buy craft bake not as i yeah. Let's keep it within games. I like that. We do my craft egg. We can do minecraft dig. You're already you just they diggings the whole ad thinking that'll be our special thing will okay. I think we should take out digging from minecraft. I liked that too. Graph is cutting trees minecraft graf. No dig minecraft. Can't you dig. It can't the sequel. I think the most important detail that's being lost in the shuffle. Here is what happened to the home. Star runner licensed. Oh boy where did that. Go strong bad's cool game for attractive and that wasn't early telltale again and it was great. Yeah i've episode game those really good faith been through many licenses and are juggling like twenty at a time basically i think they why they i think they way overreached overstretched themselves with not staff to support the expensive licenses to many games james own oversaturation of sammy feeling really games quick turnaround. I don't know if people knew this but like episodes for seasons in games were being made within weeks. You know dan last minute changes. Were happening literally days before ship yeah. It was insane but there wasn't like projects at once. There wasn't a set schedule where you could expect the new episode at certain times. You'd like play through an episode of walking dead then you'd be like well. We'll see the next one. I didn't like the net flix release of those might have been just better like maybe this episodic particles way too long. You could buy them all on one disc. If you were going to actually like to go against that actually like when you get it by a schedule set by the developer developer publisher whoever to move it over to entertainment for a second <hes> disney plus isn't doing the netflix style binge sessions thing and i like that because then you can make a conversation station out of it but yeah waiting potentially months is indeed also always on the same page for the most part with everyone whereas are easier to deal with all of stranger things season. The three comes out and everyone's on a different episode. You're like wait. What have you seen this part yet. Exactly i actually like that point. I think weekly would be a really cool way to release stuff life. Life is strange is like the only game series. I know out there doing kind of telltale ish thing that that celtel route like right yeah. I'm surprised that they're having somebody that filled in yet. Yeah it just really focused on narrative and a little bit of walking around a little bit exploration dialogue but nobody stepped in to fill that and it did seem like a future genre when walking dead was out and it's just not wondering what's going on with that because it works on phones as well consuls also because it was hit or miss like walking dead was amazing tales from the borderlands and but then there are a lot of mrs inbetween game thrones with was that give special trees. I ever going to find out what's so special about the trees. What about the grove. You've better if they didn't use the cast from the show. I think if they just didn't original story with rich yeah they had original character focused ah so l. c. G. entertainment liquid-crystal gaming was able to buy the telltale. You know i p name. I'm for a probably a good price but i think there's some sort of opportunity there in the market to create these types of games well. We got a quote on that we do. I don't have the quote with me but yes there is there is an opportunity cost air that if you if they picked up a telltale for competitive price a lot of the people seem to really associate with certain genre and things and <hes> if you can find the way to make games for a price that people want to buy and enough people people buy them then you business. Basically that's so yeah. That's just really we had a we had a source who used to work at former telltale <hes> who effectively told us that like yeah they're very well aware of the brand and the possibility of the brand new respectively just buying the brand which makes a lot of sense but to hear that from people who are close to it makes their air motivations pretty transparent yeah. Did we hear from anyone who is working for them in a freelance capacity. We do know that there were where former tell tale employees. I got picked up by new hotel as far as we've been told by our sources. It's only the people in support roles supporting q._a. And project management <hes> no creatives gives us as far as we know have signed on with you. Til til also a lot of the main key. Creative people left before telltale even shut down so it's been long gone. This is a sinking ship. Let's bounce out. The people people who've made like the first season that the walking dead have been gone for decades. A decade wasn't there a skeleton crew that telltale had after their announcements and stuff. I had to finish canals to work on <hes> minecraft net flicks. I forgot air still there. Is there any overlap ooh probably not <hes> <hes> don't call but yeah that was that was a year ago and it was misreported that the that dislike skeleton crew when telltale close the first time in two thousand eighteen which this is weird sentences but when they closed in two thousand eighteen there was this belief that the skeleton crew would stay behind to finish work on the walking dead final season which was only two episodes out well yeah at the time but turns out they had to fulfil obligations with netflix to complete minecraft story mode and afterwards presumably left isn't sky down also taking over to finish out the walking dead season was finished sky bounds. That's right but then a lot of the tokens were pulled from digital stores his close right so <hes>. Do we know if there's a even if they don't have these i._p. Anymore is there a possibility those games can resurface and be available again. Licenses is it probably have to be renegotiated would have to go through the original license holder so microsoft marvel would have to renegotiate with new telltale. If this company that was their whole plan was just make these those was already like critically lauded games available forever. That'd be like a really good plan and double and cool but they didn't say anything about <hes>. Yeah i mean they mentioned that. They talked a lot about that. Man on a lot about the wolf among us what about new games or continuing those games or something more than i mean the assumption is like w._b. Is helping fund their you know their re emergence. You think about this new emergence so probably focusing on wherever the money's gonna go well. It's an interesting developments. We will continue following new telltale as it xiaomi. No we await for classic telltale to classic it from the time we wake up to win. We go to sleep. 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I talked about all the person with the most time on their hands. I actually have been able to play games. I was able to finish more maker twos story moon. Does the very complain playing quick bursts as a gay better. What do you mean get better. You don't like it well. I've already talked about this scale like i don't know i remember you saying just like there's not the kind of complexity of it's like a mario game to d levels with secrets and secret exits and working your way around a map and stuff. It just doesn't have that so it's like and it doesn't have exploration. It's like all attics. Yes i just you know it's i. Maybe i talked about this n._b._c. but yeah it was a little disappointing to me when i say realized like i really miss that that kind of like smart exploration stephan meyer yeah. I do think there's a lot of one hundred really clever levels and i think it's interesting to sort of experience. Nilton created levels divorced from the whole quest. I like going on an adventure and saving the princess and exploring that island you know i think it's interesting to see what comes up with when they're just creating interesting platforming levels and the servers the just get to the flag. That's like the purpose of them well. Some of them are like find three keys doors those yesterday and and i was sort of diving into the generate levels. I don't really know the best way to find good ones. I've just done like twitter thread yeah. I'll have to ask jason. He's out today but like talk about it well now. I have to go searching for that too much. I was like i was like sorting by most popular and then just player playing through them and they're cutting. I think that's what he does yeah creators and he follows them. He wrote saying like l. Creators to follow you know maybe we article yeah and then he made twitter threat at damage us all right. I'll have to hit about that but then also yesterday actually got a nice couple of hours to control we have this baby bouncer that we can put our son in and then he sits in and you can sort of balancing with your foot. All you play more rapidly. Yeah that made for gamers. I think so yeah we're gonna come with our r._g._b. Lighting yeah yeah exactly visit connect through bluetooth all analog all along classic that to control so far. I like it a lot. It's weird weird and confusing and i didn't know if because like i didn't i wasn't like following all the preview coverage anyway. I didn't know if i going into it. I was like all right. I don't know who i am or what's going on unbe. I'm just gonna shoot. These weird. Monster goes things and i know i like remedy so i tried to kind of. I knew what the general <hes> in synopsis was but <hes> i didn't wanna wanna look at any preview coverage either just because it's the kind of game that going into it is it's all a mystery in discovering that so it's got like <hes> <hes> what's the weird t._v. Show that you like lost the other one. I don't like the other one. Mark nope the other. One doesn't belong does murder. A young girl is murdered. Twin peaks doesn't see my watch not a recent one. It has a little bit of a twin twin peaks. It's like twin peaks x-files funny enough. I actually did preview control couple months back talk about now now that james out but they were they had a really cool like the demo people really like funding where they gave me like a like a map with like markings on them with markets like aw check this out. This is cool. Check this out of school and then they had one session to do not go work in progress right and they put it there and i i followed the rules. I didn't go there. They're like hey have you tried this. One place and i was like oh they expected you today anyway. Traffic no rules. You should go there but it says do not go. There and they're like no don't go there. It sounds like a secret little area and stuff like that. I never would have found it because i'm i don't break the rules well. It's sort of a labyrinth on its own anyway and then like the the kind of environments change when you get to the control points <hes> but i found it to be a pretty creepy 'cause you can so when you're in a bit of a safe zone <hes> you'll your you're gonna be holstered and you can't pull it out then once you get to when you open a door and you get to a level where they're going to be those his characters your gun sometimes there. If if is goose <hes> via you're able to pull your gun out and it's kind of like the boss music starting on or you sort of raises some tension so the bathrooms freak me out. I'm only two hours in then happy yeah but there's not really usually anything i know but one of these days there's gonna be some games doors. There's always one stall. All doors closed and it's always darker in there. I'm telling you sometimes. It's a joke thing in the toilet. Always what's up with game bathrooms man so it's always so tense. They always want to use the sink and like nine times out of ten. You can't do you use it has a creepy like turn on sound by infinite you can oh there's a grapefruit in the toilet. Exactly exactly that was totally. You're not playing control actually installed it remotely last night and i'm going to play. I think you'll like it. I think it i'm so excited yeah. It's like five games that came out this week. All of a sudden wade through those tough. Is it started as the full gaming mostly yeah. I guess control yeah yeah because monday was what ancestors control and ashley. I know i hit actual train was a big hit. He's laughing ancestors saying it's the start. That's what's the topic i was like. There's five games this week basically that we reviewed and a lot of them were really good boylan world of warcraft classic yeah classes on on top of all the fifth one. I wasn't counting. He said five. I've live with you i. I don't know we're reviewing it tomorrow. Okay yeah we have the first ten minutes up. Today did a scant two weeks. It's monster hunter. Berlin ears and borderlands will all be out. That's crazy. Oh man what are you gonna do though i'm gonna i'm gonna put him in his baby bjorn control with one hand and borderlands with the other although i will say with control that my first moment as as apparent were a video game gave me pause on the show. I'm not like squeamish. I am actually actually a big fan of like a fake around violence and gore. I find that very entertaining but like in control. I've got my son. There and i'm like all of a sudden. There's like shooting. All these gunshot sounds and i'm like oh yeah they had to think about like is this is the should i be worried that there's all these unjust. He can't even look at you. You just have to be aware if it's kind of like the cussing thing like you can only customer a certain amount of wild. They'll start to pick up on it so right. Now you're fine at any time you might have to do the lake one headset awesome. Thank you watch the boys. Yeah the gore and that is a shocking show. There's no game gorelick. My i like the boys and i'm so glad there was eight episodes long. Those don't drag it out and the whole cliffhanger thing very comic book cliffhanger level also yup. We recommend that show highly recommend that control have you experienced any frame rate dips because people have been complaining about that <hes>. I don't think so no when i pause and reload stutters me too. It's a p._s. Four specific issue there is a there is a stutter when you pass the screen goes black for one second that comes but even in it'll be choppy for for like five seconds. If you're an action. I've noticed that now not even i'll just pause like right before i go into someone chops i i can do it yeah. Sometimes when i bring up the map it doesn't bring up the whole outline just the names of locations weird. I haven't seen that one yet. That's open on a thin reviewed it for us and said had that he experienced some parameters used to but that it wasn't super glaring. I don't know we'll see. I still like it just rope. You are going to jump in <hes> what else i've been playing <hes> yeah. I've been still making my way through emblem three houses down dear for life. You know oh now. I like the black black house without eagles well. I'm like i'm so much more forgot the name get. I'm having a good time. I love all my students. They're great and wonderful. Children and i want them to grow up to to be powerful. Strong filters kids yeah. I was gonna say there's so many like annoying whining ones. Do we only have one annoying kid interface with all all of them yeah mission. I leave the losers. I don't even take them because i don't have enough people still have to train them overshadow. We'll give you can take eight. I always take six. They could be fodder for death though while they distract as an and ana death but if you don't that's good i would never accept that one annoying no. He's actually become my best cavalier. You're weirdly enough like he sucked in the offset. There might be redemption. Your own redemption are all he needed to be like a good student was a horse like that's all bad so i wanted to this game thinking like there's way too much bullshit in it and and now i only like the bullshit all the talking gabbling pushing mike tired of fire emblem like i played the last three viral abs in it yeah. I've played like these top down strategy games enough like this all the same classes lasts a little bit different. There's some distance attacks like me. I'm just tired of it so like i like walking around the university and talking to people and going on dates and stuff. It's not bad yeah. It's it's not enough to keep me playing because i do. I've just fatigued on fire. Mama battles <hes> i like our main leader in black eagles forget her name. It'll something and it'll vice who you're talking about. I guess the the blonde leader yes exactly attleboro. That's right. She's great. I still haven't checked out eligible fireman but i'm sure i'll have to for game of your considerations scored so highly at there's fun characters in japan localization so like jokes carryover and dialogues alex anything on your on your travels. Did you play on online. It's been that an and now control. I had another thing about control troll for <hes> so 'cause i'm a little rule. I know i'm a little obsessed with it right now. <hes> i normally the first thing that i do before i load up a game as i'll go into the settings and i immediately elite do music down to about seventy and then sound effects down to about eighty eighty five every game and then dialogue way up so that's at a hundred things that you can change yeah so it's always music much lower than anything else. Then sound effects then dialogues. That's my priority of things that i want to hear <hes> but but in this case i might i might put music up and dip down affects because the his chatter is so freaky especially just before the first boss. Did you make it to the first ause. Okay so i'm right at the first boss <hes> but just before the first boss like the they do this constant like chanting chatter and it's nonstop and you have to think about you're just wandering around looking for loot. They wrote enough dialogue for that thing and i didn't hear it loop or anything so they wrote enough dialogue and had somebody like voice that out and it's incredibly creepy. Do you remember it very cool. We don't remember your words isn't it. Oh yeah they lake and they they ramble for a very long time and i should have written it down with subtitles abdominals i am but they don't do subtitles for this one yeah because i'm reading the subtitles and there's some cut scenes that just sound like gibberish but then they spell everything out so yet those are when you're talking to the former <hes> director exactly and when the pyramid thing down but this one they don't do subtitles for maybe beats because my music is so low that can hear it so clearly so i think i mean them who i might actually do that. 'cause i. Kinda want the creepy this. It's it's really creepy and it's actually a pretty pretty well done well done. That's good to to well done. Well done idea augean <hes> all right well. Let's <hes> back in a rappaport for <hes> scoops for this week but we're going to do twenty questions and our suggestion comes from christian. What's his christian from chicago and i've got the wrong queue. Sorry i love this. Music tends ends. He makes his sounds in the background. It's not even i i you know what i'm going to rehearse it for the next game scoop creepy ramdan impression i need like dialogue toe because the there's a lot of dialogue they ramble through but it's it's basically look like from talking like this and i'm really nervous about something and then something coming up in the meaning of alien sounding or anything yeah no it's just very rambling crazy and intense yeah and you feel like you're about the finest starting christian from chicago. Let's blaster master. That's topgun hop gun. Oh yeah. Let's the questioning again. Where's he from chicago. So what would someone from chicago like. Is there snow in this game. Is this knowing this game. Yes mailed and he knew that really fast fast prominent. Is it on the p._s. Four there's an ice level. That's such a good question. Piece four-game new is this. Is this from before the year two thousand yes. Oh i'm out. Is it part of a series yes. I just realized i'm counting with because i i heard a lot of time you had to do a is there. <hes> this is from before nineteen ninety no that's that's fine as part of a series the three d. graphics. Yes was this on the nintendo sixty four. Yes s. x. Tricky you can't guess yet is it a sports game no sports. I guess you want to the game. She said. I can't guess you can but you lose. I thought you had it. I was like what i'm just checking the rules. <hes> can you shoot in this game. No shooting no shooting in this. Is this a sports game which i asked that oh you did nothing i'm joe. I was trying to clarify five for you because as as extra key council sports games. What was the question near sports yeah. We already got that yet. Is this a sports game this way. It's good for santa comic relief. When you're the host really my role you don't get to the sam. Serious is what is that you can't shoot. It's a duke nukem knockoff off. Oh really okay part of a series between ninety and two thousand. There's no shooting shading nope. No thirty and sixty four is a platformer former no oh that's ten and there's no oh yeah. I forgot about that say hey. This is a shooter the snow he asked about issue guns just trolling now and always <hes> silence deafening silence. I'm just waiting for somebody else to ask a real question. Real quick okay. Was this this also out on other consoles thing about that not this one. Oh yeah oh yeah not this title. I mean if it was a shooter. It'd be perfect dark. This is annoying going but it's not shooter so so this was just end. Sixty four part series didn't come to anything else snow. The racing games count is sports games. Yes i think so. This is a big debate earns about past depends on the racing yeah. This mario kart could just be mario. Kart sixty four. There's snow in there is their cars vehicles what what cars but there is in mario kart doc level with the trucks in the cars. They're still we eliminated one whole game. Yeah that's true also s extra but there is still still no cars are their planes. Should we go for training. I thought that's what the i think. It's the racing game. What do you mean. I think carts count as cars are the arts. You said there's not cars anyway and had a look little aeroplanes. I don't know how to con racing works. I think it's dumb. I refuse to play that game where research it get. This phrase is part of the series. No ega questions we have is this six. Questions left was developed. You know fifteen. I i completely think yeah we should have made by a north american developer. No that's probably a japanese or european him. Eh narayan's genre or something. I mean do we have left five sports game or shooter yeah and not a platformer former what else is not much. We like you know kind of adventure exploration puzzle games <hes> or something out of the left field. I was gonna ask him about like characters. You as a human is like a fun one. I don't know if he says no then. We know it's a combat scott game where you're playing. That's it's true elda right. There's snow in zelda. No shooed developed by nintendo can you do you play as a hooman in this game. Yes <hes> one of those human games well. We also know that you plays one character rapidly. It's could still be a rare developed game or we eliminate. They're all shooters of from from that era in platformer either sissel really what they had. We just need to name every game in sixty four librarian go now and then we're going to ask if we mentioned it. That'll help that's the heck yeah absolutely benjamim everyone ah yeah lost twenty questions bichon name games that fit the criteria so yeah. That's the problem. That's the problem. Let's see we can ask about it would be nice to have the genera the developer but i dunno if we're going to get their of questions left so what about asking about like setting or reception optioned by well received that's actually i. I guess we license glossing over the fact that it's part of a series. Do all i can think of is the snow level. It's all i can think of yeah. I know the snow things we know it's part of the series yeah but it was one that wasn't on any other console so it has to do is a series still around his game game in the series on this contemporary systems that again yeah yeah. Is there a game temporary systems. That's part of the series <hes> <hes> <hes> okay. He either doesn't know or at the very complicated thing where maybe the mascot or can you listen asha pe. Can you list contemporary systems. What you think is contemporary <hes> p._s. For xbox one switch p._c. A p._c. With a modern graphics card yeah i i i i think i think there's a a modern entrance uh-huh in this series and if not it was it was only one generation away okay so experts <unk> p._s. Three i'm sure there's something on the way you or switch you have one question left <hes>. I don't think we're getting it. I don't even know what to ask anymore. What if what if it's like i could be n._r._p. G. e. we never even thought about that. There's so few r._p._g.'s meghan demand legacy or legends final fantasy thing or file fancy ditched nintendo at the so. There's nothing but it could be yeah. I i mean. I don't know what it would be. I bet it's like what are we are on end sixty four anyway. We didn't go for shooters at all demon always shooters but it's not a shooter well top down space shooters but you we already know you do not shoot in this. Oh did you say it that way. We didn't say gun or whatever yeah yeah okay well. It's the same thing i assume well. A spaceship can shoot from like a laser array or whatever the begun. I don't know does that count as again. Yeah i would count that gun. Yeah sure yeah alright scoop. We got we won. I don't know where to go with this. I mean hey critically well received than if it wasn't we can p._g. Is no it's not an arby's now and r._p._g. Has some elements of like leveling or something so it's a fighting leveling. Maybe some abilities. Oh i guess so. Shall i reveal it or do. We have guess you think we're going to get it if we guess i don't. I don't think we here's how would this. If you had asked the hack the answer would have been no. You have not mentioned to the gas yeah. I don't think we're gonna reveal it. What is it all right nine. Hundred ninety nine okay okay keep going purvis series the developers no longer in business but it was published by not to me and what is not to me as oh harvest moon harvest moon sixty four <hes> and it was never going to get that the seasons during the r._p._g. With now it's hard to say though i think it's an r._p._g. Farming at twenty more questions also i definitely don't associate harvest moon sixty four either yeah not at all. That's why i was never gonna get there. It's only the second one into <hes> so wait. What's the modern version. I think they're still making them. Friends of mineral towns series three s my at least yeah yeah that's a good point three s about that one sometimes harvest moon mentioned mentioned in her list for some reason my brain kept latching onto ape escape for some reason and snow levels exactly and it's like that's a playstation playstation series stories but a good one that was tough escape with the mice. Now wait but you got destiny. I'm like eight questions. We've had it twice before the no chance. We weren't going to get it and then last week with sabato oregon yeah. Who did you pick pick that. When was the last time we had it on. It was a long yeah. I felt like that was such a new thing. It's a good one. I think it was like four years ago or something. I don't remember yeah. Did you play the last. I remember playing some of it would have been on he would have gotten it. Would you have you think did you. Did you listen through the twenty questions. No i did not listen. Oh come those test yourself. I should've tests myself got other obligations now other responsibilities this can be. You're gonna use outlook for damon bouncing in there while i listen he's enough to have the baby bjorn. Jamie needs to find life in his time in his life for podcasts broadcasts and maybe this is the time yes actually. This was your original baby. What this that's true. That's a good point to wait to you but i will be back in the office next week back to hosts game soup again next week so nicely job christian from chicago on stumping the crew that is all the scoops that we're not supposed to stump us. They don't win. He won action. Start giving out stuff. I think we should go like a thing where we dislike. Send them a nice nice tweet a shovel and i thank you sir all right so you're gonna head up sending christian from chicago nice tweet. Send me your <hes> your twitter address in the facebook group just to make this complicated you can act. It's fine email putting writer. I'm not joking right now. All christians racial name down on an envelope and mail that too if you win twenty questions from here on <music> out and you ask me. I'll make sure one of us response to you for sure that's fair. That's your word. My goal is to play more than two hours of games before the next episode of game the next week. We'll see so all right. Thank you twenty four hours well. I said more than two hours more than twenty four hours yeah that i'm not gonna be able to do that all the -scuse we after this week remember you can always reach us at the email address game scoop dot com. It works again because i'm checking it. You heard that <hes> now that in tina my name is damon you ever yeah mm-hmm <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music> <music>.

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Rich Bitch

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"Listening to your gut into your heart has been everything in how I went from those hospital beds to back into the ring and from pain to thriving pain as a gift. Ultimately your pain is a gift we give ourselves heart attacks because we stress ourselves out anxiety attacks panic attacks heart attacks. We can literally kill ourselves with our thoughts in mind but now we used to say that the opposite can't happen right if you can kill yourself from a heart attack or a panic attack or stress. Then why can't you do the opposite. Hugh Hill Yourself. I had so much physical mental pain. That compounded on top of each other and I knew that the answer wasn't another medication. Go Up and do it go out and undo whatever it is fall on your face we keep thinking about all. We read this book or let me do this course and all this but the end of the day experience is everything and the only way to gain. Experience is by jumping in the ring. Uh Today's episode is brought to you by crocs garage. Paid me so much money to say this right now. The purple ones the blue ones are all hideous. crocs DOT COM use. The Angie leave for zero dollars off Michael. Will you tell us about crocs real quick. I like to wear crocs. I like to rock doc crocs around the house they're comfortable they're fashionable sometimes. I'll wear them out grabbing a drink or a night out on the town they just make sense. What if there's there's a flood then who's laughing when you're wearing your nice way booze? It's fashionable and practical. I don't get why when all of your fantasies are competing on me right now. Rock crocs if you guys saw my instagram stories and my email is sent out and the end out I took a bigger of Mike and grog in thousands of women. Now are very concerned about Mike's fashion and thank you guys. Because I'm very concerned in my question is when is there going to be a flood in laws. There's also also known vetting process for me. I'm literally standing there and crocs cooking it's like no one's home I'm by myself. You just take pictures of me next thing I know will two thousand women have text message of Mian crocs cooking to keep that part in. It's so funny I mean what are little sisters four right obviously to embarrass our big brother. Oh man you guys if you missed list the CROCK hilariousness. Then you need to text me. Obviously you can text me your life or business question but if you just want to text me hey or something weird. I am here for that because I am loving texting you guys right now. It's fine it's different. It's more exciting than email. Guys are sending me pictures of your dog. Your cat sticky notes on your Mir with motivational quotes. Your breakfast. I'm Lovin it. Text radio ally two three one nine nine six and today's episode. It is by far one of the most powerful episodes that you will listen to on my show because because I know that there are so many women out there so many of you. Listening to this veteran pain emotional pain physical pain. And you need hope if you're one of my girls At pays to be brave San Diego. Then you remember. Mike's incredibly powerful and vulnerable speech about how pain is a gift. I was crying behind nine-stage watching Mike share his story. Not because he's my brother not because he's an athlete. I am so proud of him and I'm so inspired by I him because of his ability to get back up to me. That is courage that is bravery. It's not about how many times you win. It's about how many times you get back up so friend. Hope this episode reminds you to never quit to keep hope and to always always get back up. I love you cheering. You live in the middle. My career professional boxer. I was twelve and all the time this was at the beginning of two thousand thirteen. I started to experience significant pain pain and I was brought to a hospital because I literally almost passed out from some of this pain. I was having back pain. Had Pain complete inflammation flare ups anxiety. Eighty attacks and I was getting extremely sick to the point where I had to be hospitalized. Multiple Times my body was completely shutting down on me for almost two years. I was in and out of these hospitals hospitals trying to figure out what was wrong and it took two plus years to get finally properly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease known as ankylosing spondylitis along with a lot of other sicknesses rather that came up as a result and so through that process. I really learned so much goes on eight different medications. Doctors told told me I would never fight again and got to a breaking point where there was so much pain that I knew I only had to go in. That was turned that bottle of painkillers killers or figure out a way to get better to do whatever it takes to get better and that really started with me laying in that hospital bed in Chicago writing down all the things I wanted to do. The things I was grateful for and the things I was going to change in my life and what that meant for me is diving into health and wellness and going through. This pain changed me as a the human being because pain really taught me a lot about becoming grateful and really looking into getting sick and I was constantly in this fighter flight and hurting in my body and I needed to dive into everything from meditation to infrared. Saunas to reading books by Dr Jonas. Benza Tony Robbins and opening up my mind to a different alternative because as I mentioned on eight different prescription medications antidepressants anti-anxiety. He I had so much physical and mental pain. That compounded on top of each other and I knew that the answer was in another medication. I just knew that I needed healthier out. And so oh I changed my mindset I started visualizing myself getting healthy. I started meditating. I started diving into books. Like I mentioned I started going to seminars. I started doing doing breath work. I changed my diet. That was massive. I started changing my diet focusing on my stress levels. I started taking things like I started looking into all natural ways to cure myself and while one thing in particular wasn't the end all be all I learned so much through that journey and I went from eight medications down to zero. It wasn't overnight that took a long time and I had hurdles and I had days when I had to jump back into the painkillers because they were bad days but to be told that never fight again again and to go from eight medications all the way down to zero and not only fight again but continued to win and just fight for a world title in front of thousands of people in a million it on TV. Just shows you the power of the mind and for me. I haven't reached the finish line yet. I still deal with pain on a daily basis as I continue to battle this auto immune condition edition and try to work around it. But I've learned that there's ways to take your health into your own hands and yes. Western medicine has amazing place and done incredible. All things for human beings but knows your body more than you and listening to your gut into your heart is everything and how I went from those hospital beds tobacco the ring and from pain to thriving pain as a gift. Ultimately your pain is a gift. Everybody has different levels of pain. We can't compare each other's pain because it's all relative everything between a physical pain to losing a loved one or getting in a bad relationship or a losing a business relationship whatever it is all pain is relative but realizing leising that that pain is. A gift is by far the most important thing that I ever learned in. I changed who I was as a human being in during these years of pain because I've now realized that getting knocked down or going through physical mental pain has become a gift because you learn from it and point blank. Pain is the greatest this catalyst for change there is. There's no other element on earth that will help you change and it sucks and sometimes you have to sit in that sock and recognize is that and think back to that moment when you're in pain to realize how far you've come. It's only through that pain that you change and hopefully see that's changed for the better but when you're comfortable and things are just fine and normal and complacent you're not GonNa Change. It takes a moment of extreme pain aimed to change. And so what I'm saying is the key is to not shy away from that and look at that as a negative but rather wow if we can look at pain as a gift we can start to reconceptualise and rethink about pain in a different light instead of victim mentality you change your mindset to wow what what is this going to teach me. What is this terrible painful moment in my life going to teach me how is going to force me to change who I am as a human being I think with Batman's you can get through almost anything? I remember being the person seem you on these medications. Obviously you were such different person when you are on that many things and you are now now you could see it and could feel it your level of presence it takes away people soul and that's why obviously I'm so passionate about opening up the discussion about alternatives to Pharmaceuticals Sudoku and why I love the company. We've created because it takes away people's lives. I think I think he can help temporarily. But I don't think it's actually fixing the issue. Yeah well I mean the first thing I would say is is to keep hope. I need to conserve. Remind myself of that on days when I still wake up in pain. 'cause as I mentioned I haven't gotten to the finish line. I still deal with pain but I think the ultimate thing is hope and you realize that your mindset will dictate your health and I know that may sound crazy some people but the placebo effect and the no CBO. Oh factors a scientifically studied. Well known thing you know. We have scientific proof that the placebo fact actually affects our minds and our bodies on a physiological level. And so so the key is kind of using that in your favor right and whether that's making yourself laugh you know. There's an incredible book by a man named Norman. Cousins called the anatomy of illness onus where he claims he cured himself with two things actually. He had an autoimmune disease one. He did heavy doses of vitamin C absorbed acid and so he felt like that helped us immune system. The other thing was laughter every single day he would watch a movie or read a book or do something that would make him laugh and try to laugh to the point of tears and the anatomy of illness is a book that I read literally in hospital beds. One of them. That changed my life where I was like okay. This is cool because he found a natural way in his vitamin C drifts for him. And who knows maybe that works for some people. Maybe doesn't actually tried that personally for my autoimmune condition. It didn't do anything for me. The point is the laughter. Your mood when you are down in depressed and trust me. I have been there so many damn days. It's tough to get out of that cycle and what I started to do is watch stupid. Shows like parks in Iraq or the office stepbrothers like I would force myself to watch comedy to laugh in. Obviously laughter's the Best Madison. You know people say that all the time it sounds cliche but keep that positive mindset because wanted gone your health will deteriorate and they seen that so many times you know one one of my other favorite quotes is from man search for meaning a book by Viktor Frankl when humans have a big enough. Why they'll find any way how you're Y is big enough? Maybe that's your kids. It's maybe you want to be healthy for your significant other. Maybe you want to be healthy because you want to change the world. Maybe he's going to be happy. When you're wise big enough you'll find any way hop staying being positive and staying excited? Even in that darkness is huge. Because then you'll find a way how so that ultimate message. Just try to keep that mindset because I don't Have anything specific. I can say about take this or do that. Because everyone's bodies different and there are people out there that need the medication maybe to get through or get through a tough period Korea or once again. There's a time and place but your mind will be the best doctor you'll ever see in your life. Your Gut will be the best doctor. Are you ever seen your life and you have to listen to that. You know better than any other human being. I love what you said about joy and laughter. Obviously because that's such a cornerstone cornerstone of my life and who I am and I truly believe that my body is not in as much physical pain as other people so far knock on wood because I laughed so so much and I know that sounds so simple. But it's actually so powerful because they've done studies and joy and laughter is actually a different vibration. The vibration of joy. Roy Is really really high. If you guys have studied the vibrations of humans and Energy and we're basically just these atoms. were running around on this ball but the vibration of joy is really really high. And you can manifest from that place you can make things happen so my goal is a human every day and people always ask me why I'm so weird and silly and goofy is because I think I'm actually vibrating at a different level dimension. It is so real. I do believe that joy is really our job here and really if you can stay in that seat of joy as much as you can. I literally think you could take over the world because you're just at a different plane than everybody else. Because most people are out of plane of life sucks. I'm tired the saw the world socks you know what I mean. They're at such a low vibration so it's literally a different energetic state that I think helium can happen at the vibration to healy needs so much energy. How much energy you need to heal for your cells to heal so if you're allowing your body relief because when you laugh you feel relief? I think that's where you heal and thinking about the last time you were in severe pain and laughing at the same time for a brief moment when you laugh. You're not in pain. which is so cool that we've been given this gift of laughing so again? There's so much science eh. But what are other books that they can check out for pain or joy or the ones you were mentioning. What else would be your top recommendations Zen and the art of happiness by Chris Prentiss? It's really quick. It's digestible has some really interesting tidbits about how to find happiness and how to help your health and then the other one is. You are the placebo by Joe Dias Benza. And obviously jody spends. I'm a huge fan of. I think he's phenomenal in terms of your mindset in his another book called becoming supernatural and you can go down the rabbit hole. JOSIAH's Benza books. I think Dispenser Tony Robbins and the last book the art of happiness for a few that were some of my absolute favorites. That I think kind of puts you in that mindset but to be honest for me it's movies it's TV shows because those books are very insightful. And they're cool and you can go back to them but it's things that make you laugh. Maybe that's your dog log. Maybe that's a stupid youtube video. It's quick things that can kind of put you in that state right because you've got to change your state. And the only way to do it is is by flooding yourself with positive. I believe that visualization the law of attraction manifesting this is applicable to every human no matter what they're looking to achieve right now in their life life. You're so good at it and I actually think that you've accomplished what you have so far because you see it before it happens and now you're with your health trying to feel it before you feel it which means feeling joy feeling healthy feeling healed before fully. Feel it right. It's almost like asking for what you want. I want you to dive into that because so many people don't even know what that is. They don't know what you're talking about. I'll tell you a funny story. So my pro debut professional fighter. I just got signed by top rank going from the answers to the pros for people. That don't really know boxing. You get smaller gloves. The head year comes off and all of a sudden you're in an arena with thousands of people. My pro debut is on national TV. Thousands of people say I jumped in the ring. I'm twenty one one years old. I pro fight and I'm nervous to the point where I can barely feel my legs on. Never forget that feeling of walking into the arena and not even being the feel my legs. I ended up winning the fight but I had a terrible performance and I remember thinking to myself once again. Pain is a gift I had to go through that pain to realize something needs a change so I ended up seeing four psychologists and something that was also a little bit. I the box for me and I thought to myself. Why am I seeing a sports psychologist or therapist? It doesn't make sense and I was very close minded about it but what I learned through that process and what I implemented my entire career was every single fight sense then I would visualize visualize the fight in training camp. The weeks leading up to every single fight. I close my eyes hundreds of times throughout those weeks. Maybe sometimes it's two minutes. Maybe sometimes it's ten ten minutes and I visualize exactly what that night that fight night is going to be for me what it looks like. What the arenas going to sound like what it smells like even what the sweat and blood in my mouth tastes like the outcome? I want to the point where when I step into the ring on that fight night. I've already been there hundreds of times in my mind and now my body's executes and you can see when it happened the rain all those fights you can see on. TV online smile on my face. I'm happy I'm excited. Because I've tricked my mind into manifesting and more importantly visualizing exactly what's going on I got so good at that as an athlete and I learned literally literally that your body is just a physical manifestation of the thoughts that are going through your mind. I got so good at that at a world class level at boxing. Now I'm I'm trying to get at a quote unquote world class level for health and for my other areas of life that I need help and visualizations. I think it's a really important thing to remember that your brain and your thoughts dictate your health and your body and so many athletes are using it right now. You see Tom Brady. Some of the best athletes in the world. I use visualization to help them perform better. Help them stay calm. If you think about this we give ourselves heart attacks because we ourselves out anxiety attacks panic attacks heart attacks we can literally kill ourselves with our thoughts in mind. That's crazy but now who's to say that the opposite can't happen right if you can kill yourself from a heart attack or panic attack or stress. Then why can't you do the opposite and he'll yourself if we have the ability to hurt I know we we have the ability to heal and I've seen firsthand in my professional careers and athlete that it's transformed my life so what I try to do now what I did on stage at your van pays be brave. Dave is a short little visualization exercise. I call it sitting in the sock to where you're sitting in a moment where something was extremely painful for you right. So maybe you you put on some music and you take five minutes and you sit there and close your eyes. And when I do is I take them through a visualization exercise at that moment when you were down rounded out when it was extremely painful for you mentally and physically and I have you sit and you feel those emotions again and I had you feel on a visceral level full what it sounds like what it tasted like what it smelled like. So you're literally in that moment because your brain doesn't know the difference between perception and reality when you really really dive in like that. And there's so much studies corroborating that fact right there so when you're sitting in that sock and you're feeling that pain what I then do is I slowly really tell you to start visualizing the gift you got from where you are in that moment because I guarantee every single person listening right now has a moment in in their life that they thought could never get worse was the most painful thing they've ever gone through the worst breakup they got fired. Family member got really sick. Jake whatever it was that turned out to somehow be a gift. It was terrible when they went through it but now they're like. Oh my God. I'm so happy that happened. I'm so happy I x XYZ. Because now I learned this and look at this beautiful thing that this opened up right. Everybody has one of those moments bigger small but you can take that moment and visualize allies it but then also in that process visualize and get in deep on what it taught you in where you're at now. It changes ages everything because it lets you know that hindsight is twenty twenty. If I got through it then I can get through it now and you often forget that you forget the winds you get and I did that as an athlete. I am asked an amazing record of twenty one in one. Let me tell you. I often think about the one loss I rarely think about the twenty one wins and we forget that we had so many wins in so many amazing things happen. So the point of these visualization exercises are to even remember. These moments is to realize how far you've gone because we don't give ourselves enough credit. We never do and think about those times in your life when you were in so much damn pain and now you're out of it and now you're an amazing beautiful person or maybe you're in the pain now but there's always been a moment that you've gotten through and studying history is important and I'm just telling you study not your history because right now everybody listening to this is alive. They're breathing their heart is beating and even if you are in pain you've gone through some shit and so once again if you've got through it in the past you're going to get through whatever it is now or whatever. It is a week from now or a year from now. Yeah and we talk about this as business partners. Now it's really interesting. I think. Entrepreneurship is the greatest personal development exercise. You can do in your entire life. It's a reflection of who you are. How you show up in business is often how you show up in life? I think entrepreneurship is a mere for. What's really going on in our lives? It's just so beautiful. It's such a beautiful challenge. And we have this discussion all the time around getting back up and pushing through difficult times and feeling abundance even when it feels scary and is it gonNa work out and I believe if you visualize as an athlete you could visualize as an entrepreneur. You're knowing that you are the author of the game and you can visualize it before it happens is so powerful. It's something I think you're really really good ads. And maybe it's because you're a man and women take criticism Zim a little harder and we're a little bit more sensitive sometimes. One of my favorite quotes from Bernie Brown is and I think this is so cool that it's about an arena and you were fighter Brunette Brown says unless you're in the arena getting your ass kicked with me. I don't care about your opinion. That's essentially. What her quote is I may have butchered at a little bit? But unless you're in the arena getting your ass kicked with me I don't care what you you have to say and I love this quote I have it up on my Mir because anytime I get a troll or negative feedback or anything. I'm like dude you're not in the arena with me. You're not the person on stage as you're not the person recording the podcast. You're not the person putting in the work seven days a week year not in the arena right and right. Now that applies entrepreneurship. You're not in the arena. So you can't judge what we're doing. So what what are your thoughts on that. You've been judged of course anytime you're doing great things you're being judged if you're not being judged you probably not doing enough big shit so literally you're in the arena. How do you not take criticism Susanne personally? Yeah it's tough for me especially athletes deal with that all the time you get out of one hundred of the messages that come in about how great you are your performance or whatever it was that one talking about how much you suck and now that was a terrible fight or you got knocked out or whatever it was and that's always difficult it definitely is because you you think about that one more than the other ninety nine but at the end of the day that quotas amazing. Yeah you're not in the arena. Getting your ass kicked interested in your opinion. And that's so true for entrepreneurship entrepeneurship. Or anything else. In the one thing that teaches me is just go do it. I have quote unquote failed and Ben knocked down on a massive level. I have got it knocked out in front of thousands of people in an arena and a million on TV. And it's like I'm fine with that because I went for it at the end of the day I gave it my all and I went went for it and I'm not done. I'm not done going for it and I'd rather go to bed at night knowing that I went for it. Then that pain regret. And that's one thing. I really want to impress. Impress upon people is that that feeling of failure defeat will always be less than the feeling of regret or wondering. What if it's not a failure and defeat if you learn from it go up and do it go out and do it? Whatever it is fallen your face? We keep thinking about all of them. You read this book or let me do this course and all this but the end of the day experience is everything that is it point blank. Experience is everything and the only way to gain. Experience is by jumping in the ring. I think think life's a game and people sometimes take too seriously in the fact where they're too afraid to roll the dice but I think that's why we're here. We're here to explorer and try and test and try again and and do a bunch of different things and I don't think we have one purpose here for entire life. I think we have many purposes and different seasons. We serve different roles and I think people who take life a little a bit less seriously. Sometimes it works out in their favor because they're just playing the game and they know okay. This sucks this sucks. I'll try something else right knowing in your body that if you did it once you can do it again. We've talked about this and personally if you did it once you can do it again. It doesn't matter if it's boxing business. If you did it once you can do it again. I think that belief system is so powerful for humans ends to have and this is for the woman listening. You're starting to network marketing company. Maybe you're leaving your job to finally pursue that coochie business. You WanNA launch. Whatever that may be? If you've done it once in some capacity passively you can do it again. If you've been an awesome mom cool take those same skills and apply it to a business owner now. I believe we can all keep recreating that abundance in recreating that opportunity community. I don't think it's a one time thing and then it's over so changing gears a little bit into CD. Obviously you and I started this brand SOCI- because we're so passionate to help people get out of pain. Get Out Living Zaidi. Everything from period grants to athletes to stay at home. MOMS who have back pain. It doesn't really matter what type of pain you're and we want to help you find a solution to that so who is CBD because there are so many women listening who are still like what the heck is easy. Is it for me. They're just still wondering about it right. I think a lot of people are still learning about it. which is amazing CD effects? The Endo Cavanaugh insist and all mammals have an end no cabinet system. So who is it for everybody. Everybody how well it works for you and what it does for you. I think always depends on the person and what you're looking for in a lot of other factors but like we said we've helped so many people well who have had anxiety or sleep or pain all those things. It's helped me with by far but one thing that we have definitely done that I'm proud of is. We've been very hands on with this company. I'm not just a sponsored athlete right. I've really dove in. And this is now our company that we built out a big team and we care about the ingredients that go into it and not only because I get drug tested for my profession but also because with our face and name behind this brand we want everybody to know about advocacy the bioavailability in the in fact that we care about the products that are in there and we're constantly doing our best job to make sure that those ingredients are pure in that we're using the highest quality standards and so small things like third party lab tests for every single product that we have we have those Coa's give analysis on our website and you can see all all the levels of everything that's in there know exactly what's going in there and that's important to us were sourcing and we're manufacturing here in the United States completely so that we have hands is in is on everything to make sure that it is clean and potent and efficacious basically but I think for a lot of different reasons with with anxiety what it does is it slows down your nervous system and put your nervous system into Homeo- stasis rather and we're finding that a lot of people who are high stressed or having anxiety they'll take exceed and it's not one of those things like xanax where all of a sudden you'll feel zonked out more of a natural calming wellbeing feeling which spending credible and if anything what I've noticed someone other people have noticed is they noticed when they don't take it so if I'm traveling or things are crazy maybe spend like three days since I've taken my drops my I'll get a ton of things Heidi now again because I'm closing Zaidi meds right then I'll be like what's going on in my life and then it often be oh I forgot to take it but there's so many benefits to it and we've seen so many results Alton it's been really really encouraging to see a lot of you share testimonials guys got an incredible one earlier today that's exactly why we do it makes pulling up his instagram this his from. Im laken hunter. She approved that we could share this. So go ahead and share this much. I suffer from endometriosis an autoimmune disease the oils in pain cream have been a game changer for me when I have a flare up by no longer end up at the hospital begging for relief through pain medicine I can continue to live my life and chasing my daughter completely forgetting that I started the day with a flare up. Thank you thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back. That's cool yes. Yeah Yeah. Entrepreneurship is up and down. But when you get to change someone's life like that and really affect them. I mean does it get any better than that. This woman can go be a better better person in this world. A better wife friend visit on her whatever she does and we are creating that butterfly effect so super super amazing. Oh man you guys if you have not yet checked out yeah we would love for you to check out soul had to my soul. CBD Dot Com. You can use the code. We have canine line. We have gumy's we have sleep deep. We have brand new products launching this year. I'm so excited very soon. We have tinctures that are delicious. The best tasting on the market hands down. We've you've got it all if you have any sort of pain anxiety stress in your life. We'd love to see how soul can help you. We're really just here to help. So always feel free to send Mike and I D M or due to the instagram account. Always here to help you guys and support you and if you're an entrepreneur and you're feeling really stressed. I cannot recommend this enough in your coffee in the morning. Just in your purse. I just taking it with you throughout the day just having a better day I want to end it on and I think I know what you're going to be. Well we'll see what is something that brings you so much joy that that you should do more of a you already know looking at you know it's busy right now. It's the Ocean Surfing. I'm not a great surfer but I found that being by the beach and the water and that's why now I live in Venice and I can see the ocean from my place and that makes me so damn happy and being in the Ocean Ocean dance grounding to me and damage so much fun if you guys loved this go send microbiome. Say what's up at official Mike Lee. Check US out at Meisel. TVD DOT COM. Tom And as always if you guys love this tag me let me know I love you guys. I appreciate you tuning in every week and we'll talk to suit bag. I spy the game. Here's the real deal. It's twenty nineteen. You cannot have an online business or be crushing it in network marketing without a niche. And that's why if you creep on. Yeah I di stories which. I hope. You'll do. You'll see that. I'm obsessed literally obsessed with health wellness life in beauty coaches to nail their niche. And I want you to feel extremely confident in your messaging on social media. Because I want you to turn your social into sales at I want you to be able to create content that has people stopping their scrawl. And saying Oh my gosh this this is me. How did you know I was dealing with this? How do I work with you? So if you're an online coach or network marketer who is spinning your wheels trying to figure out your niche and you really want to monetize your passion and then this is the course for you. Honestly my favorite thing I've ever created the end by bestselling force for good reason. Check out all the success stories and exactly what's inside at Njit Dot Com. Tom Slash Niche. I know you're gonNA love it if you're never marketer if you're on my beauty health wellness or life coach. Dude you need to ditch need a focus to your content and you need to know exactly. We're speaking to you in your marketing and let me help you. Crusher Sales Angie Lau dot com slash niche a few insides.

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CoronaCast 3: COVID/COVIS

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CoronaCast 3: COVID/COVIS

"Welcome to corona cast from Corona town on the corona coast. I've been consuming so much corona slash Kovic related media. That I found myself really kind of hitting an anxiety. Just as free floating anxiety Earlier in the week and it was like. How do you even escape this whole thing? You really can't every podcast I listen to is covering it in one way or another. You know it's all over social media so you really can't escape it and I mean I haven't felt no fear if you will over this thing her. I have been panicked or I don't know I. I had a day where I was just feeling a lot of anxiety and it was really just. I need to decompress from this whole thing. And get some non corona information coming into my brain. Not sure what I did a might just gone to sleep. It's been so weird you know. My life is Relatively unstructured on a day by day basis. I've been sleeping really weird and I has some of that was going on even before all the cove insanity but it just seems like over the last week. It's just been even stranger. I had a day where I didn't get to sleep. Probably until two or three M. I woke up around seven and I thought all right. Well I'M GONNA try to grab a little more sleep and actually went back to sleep and I didn't get out of bed Tomas noon. I used to live like that. That used to be my normal schedule because for a lot of years I worked afternoon evening hours and it just made sense and it kind of fit my natural way that I was. I was just more of a night owl. All of this changed about ten eleven years ago when I started working Mornings I've just never really changed mercifully. Most today's I do not need to get up at a specific time. It's very rare that I need to set an alarm and I'm thankful for that but obviously maybe if I lead a more structured slash disciplined life so some things would be better but that's not really the dialogue him looking to have right here over the last couple of weeks. I've only really ventured out twice. The first one was because I couldn't order any groceries to be delivered. They just weren't giving me any availability for delivery and I tried a bunch of times to schedule something over period of probably about. I don't know fourteen showers so I said well I'm just GONNA go to the store. The store that we normally shop from these days is called sprouts sprouts farmers market. And we get stuff from there because JEN has a lot of Food issues and they have the most stuff that kind of works around all of that but in order to get there I had to take two buses and I discovered when I got on the bus that they are doing a thing. Now where it's free to ride the bus. Because they're trying to limit the Passenger interaction with the driver and granted. You really don't interact much directly with the driver you either put your money in the thing or you slide your bus pass or they've got one of these fancy apps now most of the time you don't really talks. I mean you don't really do much around the driver but I kinda get the point. I mean you're getting on your standing there next to the driver for short. You know how long it is a minute or whatever and if you don't pay you just get out and walk by so that is overall better. The bus service said. They're also doing this because really no one should be traveling right now unless it's essential activity as in me going to get groceries or if somebody is using the bus to go to work while they're obviously doing an essential job. The city just looked at this as well. This is the way we can. I don't know further support people. I gasson the reality is the bus. Ridership IS GONNA be down so why not after. I transferred to the second bus. I had some time to wait and another passenger was asking the bus driver. If the bus drivers were upset because they have to go to work and this particular driver said everybody who's still working is just grateful to still have a job because the bus service had to let a bunch of drivers go they operate. You know a number of buses in some are every day seven days a week. Some are kind of seasonal nature. And then you know there's things kind of vary from there. The drivers that had the lowest amount of seniority. And if I was understanding this bus driver correctly he said that you know. In some cases these were new. Hires only been there a few months so they had to be let go. It was just a direct indicator of what's going on out there. The buses that I rode were not very crowded as you might imagine. I think there were probably a total on each bus of less than five people. And you know this isn't exactly a bustling metropolis but for buses. That were still running. Mostly can irregular showers during the week. I would have expected a few more people than that when I got to. Sprouts market would kind of a medium sized grocery stores probably a bit bigger than a traders Joe. But it's not as big as your super-duper corporate grocery stores like your Albertson's or your vans Ralph's including me. I would say that there could not have been more than twenty customers in the store. So the whole social distancing thing was not hard to manage. There was a definite kind of unspoken communication happening as far as oh I see you're over there so now I'm going to go over here and let you finish what you're doing and then I'll go over by where you are when you're done and you know it was fine. It wasn't really a problem but it was a interesting observation. It's good to see that people are trying to keep that in mind as much as possible this week. Things may have improved at least slightly with the grocery delivery through INSTA- card because we were able to actually schedule a delivery on Monday. It was another weird thing where I tried scheduling it late Sunday night and they were just telling me nothing no availability. Because I'm sleeping weird. I happen to wake up early on Monday morning so I tried again and it said while we can have somebody come out in. I don't know it was like three or four days or we can have somebody come out within five hours today Monday so I picked five hours. Because where am I going and I would say within you know? I don't know two two and a half hours. We got the grocery delivery. No big deal. One thing. That happened is The driver the INSTA- cart-driver just left all the groceries on the porch. I didn't even know they were coming now. I don't know what's going on with this institute card but there there are whole. App system is just wonky in terms of notifications. You really don't get notifications and I don't know why I've gone into everything and said hey you know notifications on but you just don't get amused too but you don't want anymore and I didn't even realize they were unloading out on the porch until they were pretty much gone and you know in a way. That's probably best because you know limits. The person to person interaction as much possible. I try to be real conscientious inconsiderate of any kind of delivery driver especially with all these. You know Gig Academy App Things the INSTA- carts and the food deliveries and whatnot. Because these people are making a lot of money and I do tip them but still it's. Nobody's getting rich to in this and I try to be as you know. Courteous to them as possible and tried to not be the person that expects them to walk every last bag up to my to me standing at the door try to go out and meet him in. Pick things up. Bring him inside whatever. But it's probably better given the state were all in again to limit that as much as possible. I'd be fascinated to talk to somebody who's doing any of these jobs just to see what their preferences something that's going on is apparently. It's our patriotic duty to support our local businesses including restaurants and ordering food to Have it delivered or to go pick it up and I've only done a pickup run once but I've ordered my fair share of delivery and I mean in a world where you know eating is GonNa Save the economy. I mean that is a frontline. I'm willing to put myself on but again with the The delivery the delivery people ignore. I'm not one. I'm not one of these people that feels like I don't ever WanNa see them or whatever you know I mean it's not like I've had some good conversations with some of them. There's someone most of them are really nice. People I think about this kind of thing all the time because it try to be really consider it to all service workers now. I've obviously never been a delivery person. I've only done a little bit of what I would call true like public facing customer service. When I've had you know I had a temp retail job. Some years ago most of my other service related jobs solve stuff that's over the phone or email or whatever in granted. I'm the direct person the person that's interacting with public but over the phone email. It's not the same as in person but I still try to be real considerate of anybody doing any kind of service working. Try to be real nice to when I try to make it as equal as possible in terms of what they're doing what I'm doing. Whatever I think about this stuff a lot about what can I do to be a good customer to make it as easy for them as possible? The things I normally do I think are good because like with the food delivery a lot of times if they can figure out where I am which is a whole other story then they can just pull up. I can go out. They can hand me this stuff right from inside the car you know. It's pretty easy for everybody. I'm not sitting in my house waiting for them to walk up to my door. Knock on the door and I do tip. And there was some controversy last year about door. Dash Kinda doing some shady stuff as far as taking customer tips and how they were applying them to the whole fee that they would pay drivers and it was. Kinda like to me when I think of a tech. That is extra money for the person. Who's receiving like they're already getting a base pay rate of something and the tip is extra doored ashes doing the screwy thing where they were kind of taking part of the tip and part of the fee that they would normally pay to the driver and they were kind of doing this rebalancing so anytime. I would order from door dash. I would put zero tip in the APP and I would give him a cash tip. I think doored ashes fix that but I asked one of the drivers and he said he didn't really know he said add. They're paying me seven bucks to make this delivery. I don't know where the money's coming from so who knows but I'm now I'm you know I'm not going anywhere. I don't really have cash because you know why would I have cash. I'm staying at home so I just been putting the tips on the cards hopefully You know the drivers are getting all of that money or most of it on top of whatever they would normally make because if a dude if a dude brought me some food and they paid him seven bucks. Well you know if he's doing two or three deliveries in our that from the standpoint of minimum wage. You know he's not doing too bad and granite this of course all pre-tax and everything's different because if you're a contractor yourself employed insanity. I Dunno just like this is what I hope for. The Post Corona world is. That was somehow will be a little kinder in a little more considerate to each other. I don't really think it's GONNA happen overall. I think once we get back to whatever normal is and it's not gonna be the normal that preceded the pandemic but whatever that is I think a lot of people are gonNA go settle back into their normal lives and everything that was good will mostly probably get back to being good in everything. That sucks will probably still suck but it'll probably suck worse. It's been fascinating to see these different companies that can suddenly give sick time and paid time off to employees that somehow they never could do that before. I really like to believe that these kind of things will carry through but something tells me that they'll find ways to roll it back. Speaking of employment of things are still steady around here super grateful for that. There's a large company based out of San Luis Obispo called mind body and mind. Body is a company that I actually applied to work at back in twenty fourteen. Never got a call. It's kind of the technology company face of this part of California because it's a big company. It's been successful. You know they've done all the business far as they took a bunch of V. C. Money and they build some big fancy offices and eventually they were acquired by Nother California Company. Inequity firm. Or something you know. They pulled off the the Silicon Valley Dream but they did it here in San Luis Obispo and so far. They haven't left a lot of people thought when the equity firm came in while this is the end. They're gonNA take the country or I can take the country we're going to take the the company up north and that'll be the end of it but it didn't happen. Generally speaking at seems to be considered a good company but they laid off almost one third of their Actually way it would actually be a well. Yeah it'd be about one third that two thousand employees and it's an international company. Their biggest presence is definitely here but they laid off seven hundred employees so about one third of the company. These people just don't have jobs now so I'm grateful that nothing You know income employment wise is really changed frus yet. It's funny because this was the first year in a while where when I went to file our taxes. It didn't turn out to be a nightmare. I've been learning as best. I can on how to handle money especially in our situation where the income can be kind of variable and really over the last. I don't know six ish months for the first time. In a long time our finances have been more stable than they've been probably honestly since two thousand five and I kept saying to myself. Something's you know something's going to break. I mean what's going to happen. That's going to bust this apart. And then this whole thing started happening with the corona and I was like okay. Well I guess this is GonNa be it and you know my main source of income is while I mean Janet are both self employed so the bottom line is anything we're doing. We're a stent simply expendable from the standpoint of anybody we work for and they can let us go in. That's it when I can get severance packages. We'RE NOT GONNA get Cobra Insurance plans or whatever when I'm going to get anything they could just. We could all wake up tomorrow with emails from everybody. Saying sorry. Can't do it no more. Thanks from the perspective of any applicable labor laws. That would be fine so I started getting real worried about that and all the signals that I'm seeing in the work I'm doing is that I'm probably going to be okay for at least foreseeable future and for the most part it looks the same for Gen but obviously now would now be the right time to go make a bunch of extravagant purchases and by extravagant for us. I mean anything over say sixty dollars. Any singular item over sixty dollars so be real careful to make sure I don't get wrapped up in you know the gear lust. Fortunately Jen wants most of the time for very little. So that's good 'cause we don't make a lot of money anyway. It's been on my mind. I'm trying to just kinda take everything as it comes in and not get too wrapped up around whatever apparently the legislation. That's been passed. The I don't know some people are calling it a stimulus bill or an aide bill or whatever here in the United States does have some safety net in there for people who are contractors GIG worker self employed or whatever so potentially if everything fell apart we might be able to qualify for some assistance. Normally though if you're self employed and your income dries up you can't file for unemployment so every now and then there's just things you gotta get from the store and I tried to find some way to just order it online and have delivered and it just wasn't going to work so I took the bus and I went downtown. I went to. Cvs against shore wasn't really busy. Probably the most interesting thing I noticed was they had put in me. Social distancing markers behind the registers. There wasn't really anybody using them. Not because they were being obstinate inches because there wasn't enough people there to really need them at the time but they had the lines marked off so that people wouldn't get too close while they're waiting in line. I was there kind of early Ish. I was there probably around ten. Am and I was shocked to find that there were still three packages of toilet paper so instinctively. I bought one. We've been lucky in that. Our supply hasn't run low but I figured if I have a opportunity to reinforce I will grab a few other things and there's no big deal you know. It was just like any other day at the store. San Luis Obispo is not a big metropolitan hub at its peak somewhere between fifty and sixty thousand people in this town. There's a lot less right now because that number often factors in college students in a lot of them have gone back home to wherever they're from as opposed to staying here because the college is doing all of its classes now online so they told all the students. Hey if you can go home just go home. It will be easier assault on a normal day. Most of the businesses in downtown San Luis Obispo. Don't open until between probably ten and eleven. Am It's a lot of retail and a lot of restaurants? That just aren't open for breakfast. You know there might be a couple. Restaurants Open drugstores convenience stores. Few of those. And there's at this point somewhere I don't know between by six and ten coffeeshops. They're usually open. But almost everything was closed including the coffee shops which is almost mind. Boggling considering the obsession this town seems to have with coffee shops. The corporate coffee shops the local ones almost all closed all retail stores. With the exception of you know the the drugstores convenience stores liquor stores. Of course everything else was closed and it was just add and kind of eerie. It wasn't surprising because I know what's going on but there were points where I was walking around going. Yeah this is weird. I mean this is just not you know you. You have to be in town really early for to just feel like that. Ana ANY RANDOM GIVEN DAY. You know if you were there like six thirty in the morning. It'd be a lot less people than say at noon but this was different and it was just another kind of stark reminder of where we're at seeing all of these shops that had different signs up in some of them just said closed some close till further notice. After I was done at the store I was wandering around and I saw you know a few other people that were out in the street ran into a few transient types of both of whom were having a conversation with someone who was not physically present nor were they using any type of cell phone. That's not unusual around here but it's such a contrast when there's nobody else around like weird. I took the bus back home and I forgot to mention this earlier but the buses now have these signs up on the seats and they're trying to encourage people the not really sit next to each other. They had these signs kind of staggered every other seat in instead. Don't sit here social distancing and that was strange. The number of people on the bus was low enough that it wasn't really a problem but I hadn't seen this before so when I first got on the bus I was Kinda confused and I actually sat in one of the seats that said. Hey don't sit here. And then I managed to read what one of the sign said so I figured okay Better move over so I moved over. Wouldn't have been a problem either way but it is a different world out there and it looks like we're in this now till the end of April officially. But it's probably going to be longer than that. I'm guessing this story probably made the national news but just in case Bronx near the US. Ns Mercy on purpose. Mundell live overhead and sky. Nine Stu what's going on here and share. This has all happened. There's all happening out here in the port of Los Angeles. There's The mercy right there. Yesterday this came out as a train. Derailment came out as an accident today. We're learning something a lot more nefarious going on out here. There's locomotive basically ran off the end of the tracks almost making it over towards the mercy very very close indeed now. California Highway Patrol officer actually witnessed the accident and saw the locomotive engineer running from the sea. He was into custody yesterday but today he started talking about how he was trying to make make make his way to the mercy. Damage at to let people know what's really going on the ship now. This is These statements basically got the attention of the FBI. Anti-terrorist people here as well. This is turning it too much more of an investigation. The ship itself still very safe out here in the harbor any else we understand has some non coves patients on board right now though in a big investigation now intentional by the locomotive engineer. Live in sky nine over the San Pedro area student. Del Vecchio through is going to be a lot of trouble so this train driver got all freaked out and he attempted to Ram. Looks like a freight train of some kind of locomotive. He tried to and succeeded in derailing. This locomotive and his intent was he wanted to try to ram the U. S. Naval Hospital ship that is currently docked in the Los Angeles harbor. And I haven't seen any further details on this but the guy made statement about how well we we have to show what's really going on. People don't really understand what's going on and I don't know what this guy thinks but I mean I think everybody knows that there's a hospital ship. Everybody knows what's there now. Note on that Audio that I just played if you listen closely for one thing. I don't understand this at all. And this was their audio this nothing to do with me. But when they go to the chopper Dave. He's his microphone. Audio is coming in one channel. What kind of you know professional Shit non-professional shit show are the running over there these TV stations? And if you listen closely you can hear the reactions of the two in studio anchors. And I don't know if that's normal for that particular broadcast or if they just didn't have you know. Somebody forgot to close the mics. I thought that was just kind of funny and yet chopper. Dave refers to the ship is having non Covas patients. So there's already a whole bunch of stuff in year that if you're conspiracy theorist you can spin into fantastic yarns because cove is sounds like an insurance company or something. There are two of these large naval hospital ships. One is parked off of New York. The other parked off of Los Angeles and their plan is not to use them for Cova or Cova patients. They're just going to provide kind of overflow to the hospitals for other things. The assumption is the hospitals are getting get swamped with a surge of Kovic Slash Covas patients. But you know people are still going to have heart attacks and they're still gonNA be car accidents and all kinds of other stuff so we still need a place to treat those. So they've pulled these boats up to try and help with that and that's my understanding that these boats are rather impressive. They've got I think over a thousand hospital beds on them. They've got like twelve operating rooms. Good that they're out there. But then this guy decides he's GonNa Ram his train into it very strange Speaking of cargo good morning. I'm Steve inskeep a tractor trailer overturned and burst into flames on interstate. Twenty yesterday near Dallas driver says he hit a bump lost control and slammed into a barrier. He and his dog were uninjured in this one vehicle crash but the precious cargo they were hauling was not so lucky a full load of toilet paper on his way to bathrooms. Thousands of roles of Texas T. P. burned before they could be flushed journalists in their puns. So a whole truck full of toilet paper lost during our time of national struggle. Real tragedies happening every day so I Started this talking about anxiety and how we're all talking about this corona virus apparently including me try to end on something. That's not such total downer. Good Morning. I'm Steve INSKEEP. A couple getting married in Michigan may find their wedding guests. Look a little stiff. Because the well-wishers are cardboard cutouts when the corona virus stalled the couple's plans to invite dozens of friends and family a local packaging company donated more than one hundred cardboard stand-ins the cut guests come in all shapes and sizes and best of all. Not One of them is likely to object to the Union. Npr everybody that's your tax dollars at work. So that's nice. You know they had a bunch of these ranchos cardboard cutouts spare the nothing I mean. I don't understand why he seems like you. WanNa put the wedding. But I don't know maybe you don't. Maybe they figured out. There's not gonna be enough time role going to be dead around ventilators soon. Been trying to do what I can. Speaking of being Lee somewhat financially stable in supporting people. I know who probably aren't that includes a lot of musicians sometime in the last two weeks band camp had a big sale where they were waving their normal processing fees on anything bought so. Mian Jan together. We bought about ten different albums and one discography. It's not a sale that saved us any money as consumers but whatever we bought all of the money went through the artists sore the rights holders as opposed to having band camp. I take some off the top so that was nice. I've also become a sustaining contributor to my local weekly newspaper. That paper does a good job and you know. Local news is important especially in smallish town like this. I know that that paper has had to make some cutbacks and there were already running on a relatively small staff. So I'm trying to do what I can while I can obviously if The Corona apocalypse does impact my income. I'll probably have to cut that off but I'll do it for as long as I can. I rea- attended a livestream. A lot of people are doing live. Streams podcasters are doing them more than they did before and musicians are doing these kind of impromptu livestream concerts and I've been trying to attend as many as I can because oftentimes a lot of stuff happens out in the real world and I either just can't go because I can't get there or I think I want to go. And then all the social anxiety kicks in and I just wind up You know staying home. So it's been nice having some greater access to these things and I hope that more people who are doing this kind of creative work will continue to do this at some level. Obviously musicians will make more money. You know going out and playing live gigs. In a person under most circumstances than they will doing a livestream in in asking for tips though I did Send a tip to somebody's concert that I watched so it works out well enough. Maybe these things will happen at least on a somewhat regular basis. And it's one of those things that I think is often under valued at under considered by people that are doing. You know any type of thing that it would be okay to have. It live live streamed. I've been doing more research on live streaming and I want to do more of it myself but if you want to do it as a podcast and not just have everything run through your Shitty Webcam Mike. You know it takes a bit more work to get everything set up but my current rig is easier to work with and probably any. I've had in a long time. So it's just a matter of getting the software on the livestream side to work and that's always been an issue but it's getting better so you just have to follow me on the socials while post when we go live by we. I mean it'll be me and whoever else is around anyway Thanks for listening. I've kind of been doing the corona cast on a weekly basis. And I'm going to try to keep that up but no guarantees so if you don't know where this is coming from you can go to my website. S. H. A. W. N. that Amex and leave a comment or connect with me. All the links were there and till next time stay safe and socially distance.

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