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"mia mariam" Discussed on Who Invited Her?

"Border. She's back me. You guys go this week if you're not familiar with mentioned Lada. It's not a good time to start getting. Yeah I have been good. You know we just got back from pumice brings a couple of weeks ago. How uh-huh U. N. Y.? Y Eric is here to. Let's find out who wide Eric is here. Say Highway everybody doc boy Mexican Eric Hi everyone and robs on sound. I'm here to we me yours. Yes okay here we have a floor so have you been good. I am I feel as bloated rob I not drinking as much. I've been coming rob I asked rob to me. You gotta look Mexican automatically. Think rob robbery robbery assault and battery about. Don't talk about your family all all my family's not here. Oh Wow bring it down you away Derek. We're in Palm Springs for pricings. Pride you how is is pride. I'm home screens. It was fun. Mingling with all the b-list gay celebrities. We saw we saw Ross. Mathews me we can say we had Brentwood Ross Matthew. Just because he was sitting two tables and I we were having a bubbly brench with us and then we also ran and into Who Am bide? How how what does fucking name Johnny McGovern His name? So yeah it was interesting. Rubbing elbows with the Kremlin. Show of us. Yeah I have a question like what's better white white party or palm springs. Why gotta be? Why because of all the snow but he does Jerry? Why Party? That's right so so so palm springs. Pride was great fun. Yeah we Roberta usually go for the holiday lighting. Because that's usually the same weekend that they do December nights here in San Diego and where we live. Were trapped at home for the whole weekend. We can't leave because it traffic is horrible. For December December night. But if you are in San Diego and you've never been you have to check out December nights at least once because they do all bow part is just decked out in Christmas stuff. It's so much fun but when you live down the street for about ballpark. It's a nightmare traffic. Have you guys been to December nights. I Have I've been a couple couple times I'm done. I'm done agreed bash once I think once this is good I like to visit it every couple years and I'm like too many people if I feel like I haven't had a good long while go so so last our last show we did or two shows ago when this one comes out our one hundred episode and mentioned Eric Were there. It was an inches the show that was a long day for me because we did two back to back episodes that day I did Mia Mariam and I was so tired. And then this one over here Mexican Eric was partying till what you started at like ten. Am Til midnight that she was a mess. They I found you again and I had slept for like eight hours and then found him and then bash came back out and we went back out again or still for me. You're you're on air that day. I don't know how you did. I was exhausted and offered shots and then later on literally thirty minutes later. We're like hey what's up. She's like Oh my God. I'm God you guys made it like bitch were passed. She's like it was here that day or for the last six bender. Why what's going on to talk about? Oh by the way. How's the threat talk to me and we got the computer doesn't know about I know about the one threatful? Yeah I don't know but here I just I can't get it through my mind because I get like everyone's like oh you should do a threesome because twos better than one and Blah Blah Blah. Yeah no be focused on you. But I just still don't like sharing well selfish bitch. I'm an only child and I'm okay with being the guest star. You're are you a guest star Star. Okay there you go absolutely. That's great but what happens when they start doing their thing because there used to each other and then you're just like trying to get in so you're rubbing their butts and I don't know like I'm Meghan Pictures Birmingham others like that around with you also also don't know what the problem with it. So do the rebels know about each other. One of them knows about the other one and the other one does what happens if you get. How many a hair ABA I? I don't know what I would do with myself. Oh my God you're like I names from what I heard from down the grapevine. Same name as yours. Maybe maybe there might be room where we we cannot confirm or did not think of like the situation and you're in what it would be called like a parallelogram or like or like a compound throw off kind of what it is and I- onic threapleton because they're sharing you. We look. I told our Lazy Susan. Aw That's very busy around. Everybody gets a turn turn you make it too. Easy manner there Tuesday I. I was in the closet. Filming video will be on. Our only friends are always. Thank you remember friendster when that was it being remember you are genetic. Let Neil the millennium still millennial on all the big news this week as you all know Disney plus came out. What are your thoughts? Because I know bashing me. We're talking about this but it seems like it's not just Disney plus Megan was bringing gene is up to HBO. Max and then there is apple. TV's come out wait wait there's more HBO. Max There's another one and Eric Eric was talking about this and all the programming. Hbo Max has not gotten good reviews. It's the one with Jennifer and Apple. TV everyone hated it. The critics thought it was terrible. Yeah but Disney plus seems to be people seem to be on the fence with. What did you think bashing because they know you checked it out? Well I have it for free free so free verizon to you how you can get it for free if you have like a memo on that year. Okay okay. What's the what's this? Show that like kicked Disney plus off the men delorean. Yeah it's like the Star Wars thing and there was a spoiler alert toiler spoiler sparring fucking iota and everybody lost their collective shit. Yeah it was weird. I feel like there's something else to maybe not. Maybe there is. Well what does Disney plus Plus Habits Pixar Pixar Disney Marvel National Geographic Daniel Disney. Yeah Yeah So. It's all of the anything under those. These companies are all Disney plus. So go ahead make sorry so with like all these different Hulu Amazon I mean what are they called like. I know we're paying as much so my question is I mean. Obviously cable industry has to be worried. Because it's probably going to decline right but like I almost feel like you need capable backup watchhouse by exact Bravo Bravo is going to be take my that. Is I think. All of these like Netflix. Hulu there are just GONNA be bummed. Somebody's GONNA come up with it where it's all going be bundled in one and you pay once subscription price for all of them and they'll cost sixty thousand nine hundred thousand price that I had in my how willing to pay about thirty dollars to that and that there is an amazing show on Disney plus the bash. She turned me onto and we were watching it last night. It.

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