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"That india might be trying to acquire. Nick foles the yet to let them have because he don't need to start at quarterback this week. Let's say aspects. I think i all i said was let chicago get past week. Three against cleveland without starting zone hail. So you and i don't discipline nonni. None of us disagree. Owned should right with all this wisdom. Answer me this. Why are we treating justin. Feels like a baby but not trevor lawrence. But not zach wilson but not meg jones. Because is the difference between congested. Feels and those couple of things number one year offensive line of suspect number two more. Importantly you've got mad naked in jacksonville. You got urban. meyer clinton. Will you draft number one overall. He's granting you ain't got much to go on from there. You look at mack jones. He's got bill belichick and he beat out cam newton. You see that situation. New zach wilson. I mean we might need to rethink. What the hell's going into next worries me you asking. That question worries me. What does he wasn't gonna what. Because we're still developing the kid other three hundred talking about you. We're still developing you in the passing game. That's why we're up to this wrong. They have they have rookie coaches. Don't don't you come. Don't come on here and start their narrative. We're developing him in the passing game if you watch the game yesterday. Six four eleven ala robinson touchdown on a basic drop out of a bliss. It's zero drops out. He didn't spot that he doesn't see it. That's not several hours three inch. Zach wilson foreign substance. This week right so either either. We bitch everybody who has to develop as a passer because clearly. Trevor has to clearly zack has to. Let's start the narrative that this do can't throw the football we at knowing what interception we can't through but there were some there are some things that he needs to tighten up on. They say this. Let me say they ought. Let me let me say this. I started off five in which you 'cause we talk about this. I didn't expect them to bring up. Trevor lawrence anzac. We'll see and effect that he brought those to up. It makes a valid point and then the final vote comes to this year a cowboy. He's not enroll without clearly that we ought to win enough victory. up. I understand that. I understand this all understand. How different jets. And jags no might draw me to say having fun do own or rent your home. Sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com from thirty for thirty podcasts. In the undefeated the life and legacy of south. La rapper nipsy hustle. I'm just intensely senior reporter for the undefeated in this four episodes series. I explored the shared. Experiences of life is a black man in america with nipsy brotherhood of nba players. Life is a marathon. You gotta keep it going hustle and motivate at that like the ethos of being an elite athlete. I don't know what is this is the king of crunch show. Listen now on amazon music or wherever you get your podcast. Let's focus in now on the. Nfc south battle saints. Panthers a lot of question marks here. Let me couch this by saying new orleans dealing with cova protocols and were without five starters on defense in eight assistant coaches jameis. Winston went from hero in week. One looking like a man amongst boys versus the packers to old james in week to the panthers d all over him. meanwhile sam darnold looking solid. We'll get to that later. And winston i seven drives five punts interception in a turnover. Yesterday was james is twenty six career game with multiple interceptions. The most of any player since they've entered the nfl in two thousand fifteen. Those numbers very different than week. One ryan i will start with you here. Who are the real savings. The saints aren't the team we watched the first week. That'd be the the green bay packers and three. But they ought the team that lost to the carolina panthers. They aren't are not is. But here's the are here in the middle. I think they're a little closer to week one. Then they are to what we saw against the carolina panthers. You don't have johnson gartner johnson on defense. You don't have marshon lattimore. You don't have marcus davenport these all the pieces that were able to give you the type of defense that stifled and stymied. Aaron rodgers. now offensively we have to understand. Alvin kamara zone this team. Where is he a payton. Where's the production from one of the best running backs in the nfl. And now we looked at jameis winston week one and there was no way. Everybody thought that you were going to get five touchdown. Jameis winston. Every week sean. Payton may be quarterback whisper but he is not jesus. It doesn't change in that manner. But james winston does need help. There's no michael thomas on the outside. There's not a true number one on this football team. And so albacom are has to be the lead dog. Where is he and the carolina panthers or a better defense than people will give them credit for their frontline denno. He said this on because we were talking about it in a meeting. It's the best defensive front that nobody knows about. It's the one that we don't speak and had pressure on james the entire day and also he's playing from behind and so to me. This team is in the middle of week one and we too but i believe when healthy they're closer to week one go at my own james and he's playing from behind. I understand you on and try to split the baby and say well defensively. They are a pretty good team But what we were talking about and all the noise i heard was that it. I was very impressed with his week. One informs also but we were his maybe a better off with james rainey was withdrew would among people get to bring this own with their lips and out of their mouth sought. I don't understand it but the people do you know what you're saying. Okay okay. He has the big arm they get off. The field is like we forgot about why he was in. The i wasn't he had begun. We knew it was. He made a mistake and jameis winston churchill back to those same situations that he was before they say it takes twenty one days to break a habit ahead seven in more.

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