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"metulla gary" Discussed on How Many Podcast

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"metulla gary" Discussed on How Many Podcast

"Too much competition with his dad. He definitely was not pro. Spielberg now i would argue that. John ford is still the greatest american director. But i'm an old fart fun. I mean or the quantity of incredible spielberg movies. It's just really hard to argue. Like if you wanna go quality-wise okay maybe tarantino has better movies but spielberg has too many great movies to not consider him that. Have we done a spielberg episode before. Now it takes like a week and he's yeah you're right. I'm spillover certainly is we could do it by decade. This is seventy spielberg of the eighties. Ninety bomb reach you. How can they lukewarm tallboy. Scott scott underscore metulla gary at travel underscore cowboy. I am at jesse jackson. Dfw and junior. I am at mexican underscore junior. We can reach the show. At how many podcasts. On twitter you can also reach out to us on our facebook page on our youtube channel. Just go to. How many podcasts. Dot com to listen to all of our older episodes and give us feedback. Give us some apple reviews. If you want to swap reviews just reach out to us. Let us know all right. That's a wrap and we will talk to you soon..

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