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"metropolitan washington council governments" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Five seven five four and there is a trend of women going all natural what i'm reading at least here this morning are you with this or this said the disturbing trim aaa took sixty five coming up at five thirty document the rich wmal washington nine fm and am six thirty a cumulus station washington comes to talk the news at five thirty good morning bill thompson and there's breaking news this hour from sweden sweden's top prosecutor has dropped the sevenyear rape investigation against wikileaks founder julian assange assange has been holed up at the ecuador's embassy in london since two thousand twelve to avoid those swedish charges also breaking this morning an eighteen year old man was hospitalized in serious condition this morning after being shot by city of manassas police overnight as first reported by nbc for the teenager was shot a shot at the end of a police chase the began when officers responded to recall of shots fired another teenager in a car juvenile was not injured as many as twenty thousand people across the washington area are expected to ride their bikes to work today on this bike to work day colin brown a spokesman for the washington area bicycle association our goal is to get more people on the half yang bikes by commuting control duncan where you feel supported people are questions and get a freaky your coffee and make you feel like you're rather than going low opportunity by to workdays palumbo the metropolitan washington council governments president trump is about to embark on his first foreign trip which will take him to middle east europe is five days of five day a temporary begin fivestop itinerary rather begins tomorrow in saudi arabia the president's inner circle of advisers is urging him to hire a personal team of lawyer a special prosecutor to look into everything essentially so what i'm told is a small circle of advisers says the president needs more firepower on the outside so they are going to present a plan to him to hire some type of lawyers team of.

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