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"metropolitan museum art" Discussed on 710 WOR

"The material out, so our job is to just continue to serve it re circle the Bronx. And that's why we've worked through the weekend. I'm Scott Pringle, w. O. R D S and back to the Covid front. Now The booster shot program is supposed to get underway in two weeks, but apparently for just one of the vaccines now fighter should be ago, but not Moderna. They're behind in the process. An FDA advisory panel will meet just days before President Biden's target date to start offering booster doses. The White House has targeted September 20th. But the decision is up to federal health regulators, which have volumes of data to review White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain on CNN's state of the union sought to tamp down reports that the administration has gotten ahead of the science. What we said was that we would be ready As of the 20th, he says the administration has purchased doses so that booster shots can roll out as soon as there is approval. Mark Remillard ABC News, regardless of timing, The jury apparently is still out on whether young healthy people need booster shots. But Brown University's Dr Ashish Jha says some people should clearly get that third dose people who are elderly who are frail who are in a compromise. They, too need a booster. They would benefit from a booster. And now here's a sign of progress, even in the midst of the raging delta, very at the Metropolitan Museum. Art is getting ready to expand its hours. Starting this Friday and Saturday evening hours are returning to the Fifth Avenue location. The Met that reopened from its months long pandemic closure in August will be open six days a week. It will be closed on Wednesdays. Only that includes the Cloisters as well. Mass will be worn and visitors 12 and older are required to show proof of vaccination to enter Jennifer Paul Sodi W A war news essay says 7.2 million holiday weekend passengers have been screened since Thursday at the nation's airports. The high water mark came on Friday when more than 2.1 million people went through security. That number hadn't been seen since mid August in Portland, Oregon, is considering a travel and trade ban with Texas over that state's strict new abortion law. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says the emergency resolution will come up for a vote on Wednesday, and Wheeler says the City Council is united in backing a person's right to choose next up. We check out the forecast, lady I want to introduce you the Thundercats technology Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider of solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions.

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