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"metro aleo" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Clear skies with some fog after midnight along the coast tomorrow. It'll be mid seventies to around 80 at the beaches mid eighties to mid nineties for Metro Aleo See the valleys and inland empire will be hot in the upper nineties to triple digits in most areas. Labor Day will have mostly the same feel around the Southland right now in see No 93 Serie Does 87. Saying Clementi 83 an orange 92 degrees we lead local live from the K F 24 hour newsroom. I'm Andrew Caravella at the tone. The time will be exactly Time for the Mo Kelly Show. Set it off, Mr Mo Kelly. Um, heart. I am a problem now. I m I love you part of the brain. Stay soft spring I never fall so I know your bag. Mobile God rocket. K F. I am 6 40 is a special recalls Saturday. Here on the Mo Kelly Show. Would you like to ski Antarctica? Michael snowed under with work. Do you dream of a vacation at the bottom of the ocean? But you can't float the bill. Have you always wanted to climb the mountains of Mars? But now you're over the hill..

Andrew Caravella Michael Mars Saturday Antarctica mid nineties Labor Day 92 degrees mid eighties tomorrow mid seventies Metro Aleo upper nineties K F. Southland Mo Kelly Kelly Show triple K F 24 hour No 93