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"messi xavi" Discussed on Caught Offside

"I think maybe the most important one well you know. I'll table that. The first is is their financial crisis because ultimately with barcelona. Jj they're not like they're not the first team to try and cope with life after a superstar leaves every single one of those teams that goes through that they all take a step back like. It's not a crisis for that to happen. I think of the patriots. After brady the bulls after jordan like. That's just when you lose a guy that means that much to your team. It's natural to have this kind of transition phase. We're trying to figure out life after him. The problem with barcelona when when it comes to this is that under normal circumstances if their finances were an order than they make decisions to kind of expedite the process of getting back on track like they're one of the three most prestigious clubs on earth marquee players are always going to want to go play there. The great managers are always going to want to go manage their but if barcelona don't have the funds to accommodate those types of decisions. Then it's gonna slow the process of moving forward for them and now you're gonna have to rely on your academy you're gonna have to rely on low budget or free. Transfers both of which offer no guarantees in terms of pathway to any kind of success. Certainly not the kind of success that they're accustomed to. I mean that we talked about their academy with simon cooper. How just not. It's just not churning out the type of talent that it did. You know fifteen twenty years ago now that ken chain. I'm not saying that that's a permanent change. But like if that's what they're relying on now until they get their finances in order than it's it's going to be trouble for them and then the other crisis and this is the one that graham identifies as being their biggest crisis is what he calls a loss of their modern football identity. He talked about their yeah. He writes messi xavi. Ronaldinho danny alvis. Sergio boost gets samuel. Eto luis suarez gerard peak and carlos were exceptional individuals but what elevated their teams above. The some of the parts was the entire concept of how to play the johann christ pep guardiola concept of possessional and positional. Football has been consistently eroded over a number of years and recently abandoned altogether. They're lost like that's what he's saying is. This is a team that has lost. Its way their identity is gone. Their finances are gone and so where does that leave them as a club. They're just kind of in this weird nether zone that we don't ever see this club in so i don't think like i've said the past couple of weeks that i i don't necessarily believe that. Barcelona are going to be bad this year. I think they could still be a decent team. I i still think it's possible that they challenged Atop the table but like where there where this is all headed is frightening. this is a downward trajectory. And i don't know that there's a quick fix here. Well there might not be but there might be a reset and you're right about getting calintaan butcher also right about the dna and on the identity of the team being taken away. And i'm not saying graham. Says it should be done. But he does suggest that zavarei shouldn't be managing he he blunt. I says that they should get him. Now does this. I mean he. He makes it pretty clear that should be their manager. I'm trying to remember exactly how he phrased it bought. Yeah he kinda. He shouldn't be in outside Managing outside and in qatar. That he should be he might be the only one who still holds that flam for that kind of football and that he might be the reset. Because i wonder if you were if you are one of the poor reading graham hundreds article dot is the picking up the phone and you're saying how quickly can you be here. Because i another wrinkle to this this fires- this disaster is dot. Kumon and laporta are now sniping at each other in public and that relationship seems to be in the toilet soy knuckle and get javale. No campy any worse. Well but here's why again barcelona's financial situation is like can they can afford to be paying two managers at once. You're gonna if you fire coom and you gotta pay him out and then you've got you're not getting any are not getting javi for free. He's gonna like technically they can't afford to be paying anyone. But i'm saying adding like you're just looking at their books. It's like okay. So we're in bryn complete an utter financial ruin. Oh now you wanna pay to managers like we're going the wrong way here. Fellas lay so they might just have to kind of grin and bear it with kumon while they're going to be using the it seems they'll be using to if they do go to get jerry they'll be using the last of the r-acton money to pay to pay off to get him out of the club because that is coming to an end according to the article too so a shirt sponsor is another problem and You know being reading a little bit of odious milan in the last twenty four hours and they may have to do what gazeta's did ac milan. Which is try and find new and inventive revenue streams to help them out. What a mess man. it doesn't it just. I don't know look how quickly it look. How quickly it's it's gone this way. Now they were being eroded over few seasons but they always had andrew. They always had that link to that early period of greatness and and now it's gone and and with him gone anne vestige of guardiola's amazing qatif deady bolton in barcelona. It's all gone now. All right next one you ready. Yes sir This is from sky sports and they said alarm bells for blank. I don't want to say the name because that'll give it away. Who are the long bells ringing for georgia. Oh if if if this guy sports if if you've been across Uk twitter soccer twitter than it can only be. Harry can that's correct you're killing it. You are very well read but these are the big stories andrew. You're right extra layups. Read all about it Yeah harry kane. He's yet to score primary goal. This season It's the first time since two thousand fifteen that he's failed to find the net in his first four appearances and it comes after summer in which he attempted to push the remove to city of course Which did not happen So i saw this. From jamie o'hara former tottenham player on talksport And he said this about cain. And i'm curious what you make of it. He said when it was berg wine lucas and sun up front. We sat in. we were composed. We soaked up the pressure and tried to hit teams on the counter-attack harry kane has come back and he's trying to do everything for some parts of the game. He's playing as a holding midfielder O'hara goes on jayjay to basically say that they were better off without him I better off without him. No i don't agree with that. I understand what he's saying about. You know kane dropping off and it was something that we saw develop during the marino period where he drop into a deeper position almost sometimes like a number ten..

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