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Favorite Moments from Ellen On The Go!

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Favorite Moments from Ellen On The Go!

"Hi It's Ellen Degeneres welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show. Oh and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening. Welcome to Ferry Special Episode of Ellen on the go today. We're going to look back and play for you are esteemed podcast listeners. Yes whereas Andy likes to call them the potties magic eight. Have you need some of our favorite moments from the podcast and the season of Ellen. Todate Jake Gyllenhaal. That was a funny story with Jake. gyllenhaal Adam Levine L.. Yes basically Mary what now I think. Well well yeah is friends with intrical to the story. Yellen is great friends. With Adam Levine and adores Jake Jalen Hall and we'll some. I don't even know how it came. came up but but Adamant I were texting and I don't I I don't even remember I said I said have you seen my special yet. Because he said something that sounded like he he didn't and I and he says months after it's been released. Yeah every Friday. I would have seen it by now a good friend any any true friend uh-huh so in any true fan. Listening would have seen my special relatable on Netflix by now available streaming now wherever you seeming now so so he said No. I'm so Embarrassed because Jay Jalen Hall told me how much he loved it and I was so scared when you were over here the other night you were going to bring it up and you know it's like if you that scared why you know anyway. I didn't know the backstory of this. And so he is. I'm GONNA watch tonight. I'm going to watch it right now. So Jalen Hall on the show the other day and he told me that he he emailed atom. Because he didn't have my information told. Tell me how much he loved my special incident. Minor friends with them. How much blew me away away? So so Adam odd said. I can't give her this because I haven't seen it yet so trouble instead of him looking at it right right and this was a while ago. He's still hadn't watched it up until recently til guilty him into it and then inject texted me the copy of the email l.. He sent. Yeah and then what happened. What happened when Adam finally decided to watch it? So Adam he said I'm GonNa Watch it tonight Titan so I I went to bed because it was eight. Thirty and so Literally not even dark so I wake up in the morning and he had started texting like Oh my God this is so good. Oh my and and all through it like I can't believe how revealing this is and you know this and and it goes on and on and on and I'm clearly not responding because I'm asleep and then he ends it with good talk. I texted. I said I went to sleep. But he is so then he finally saw it and he liked got it and But Yeah Jake Jake sends him that and instead of him going on better watch it because now I have to pass this on. He just holds onto. That email. Doesn't say doesn't isn't send it to me or tell me about it and still doesn't watch my special Adam. Levine is not a true friend no but what is fun though is knowing wing. How Much Adam Levine fears you? Yeah that is true. That's a fun thing that he did not this special. Here's more of Jake and Ellen how are you. It's been a long time since you've been here. I know but I watch you almost all the time I do I do. I saw your show relatable. Oh the stand standard special. Thank you so so good. Thank you very much inside watching. It was late at night and and I should be going. I should be going to sleep and I couldn't. I watch the entire thing. In fact I wrote an email. We have mutual friend. Yes I know. That Adam Levine and so I wrote him and I said Hey can I write a note to Alan and you can send it to her and he sure yeah. Of course I loved her show by wrote you a note I say I love show and then he will be back and he was like. I can't send this. I haven't seen her show yet. Did you get it. How long ago did you send that to him? Like two months ago or something all right so he somehow came up and I said have you even seen my stand and especially that and he goes no one. I thought when you were over the other night I felt so bad that you were going to bring it up and everything and Jake Jilin how loves it and I didn't know you royal. JGL was talking about how great it is as it. I can't believe you haven't watched my special. You know you're my friend he goes. I will. I'm going to graduate right now. And so I went to bed and I woke up to a million taxed like like. Oh my God this is so great. Oh my God this on and on and on and then at the end because I'm not responding I'm sleeping. Says Good Talk. But anyway he'd they pass it on even though he saw it now and also your comedians in cars coffee getting cart cars getting coffee. Somebody getting coffee show. Yes so oh good thanks so good you watch me when you're not around weirdly like it. Well I shouldn't. You shouldn't give me your email yes you should. I'll we'll give you my number. You can text me directly because I like to you but really today this this. WE'RE GONNA kick off talking about Mary Connolly things. We're talking about Mary. Connolly up we're GONNA talk about David Letterman. Sure and and Mary Conner. Only for those. Who Don't know came up on the David Letterman show started as the receptionist worked her way up to producer produced all the celebrity guests for Dave but also developed a relationship with Dave where she was kind of one of the favorites and he'd play baseball spoil with her in the office? He put on this show where she would throw. Footballs with actual. NFL quarterback because she knew how to throw a football and things came full circle for you the week with Dave. And why don't you tell everyone. Well it's true. I started out as a patron NBC. And then got hired to work on late night with David. Letterman stayed through into the transition to late show with David Letterman. CBS and I had a great friendship with Dave. We had uh we had a lot of fun together and I would brief him on segments. I was a segment producer. There and I would brief him on segments. And while I would do that we would either toss a football or the baseball when I left the show it was a it was a tough. It was tough split bitter saying I'm sure it was bittersweet because I just said that I was leaving. I didn't give the show. Oh a chance to Make me an offer to get me to stay. I you made up your mind to move to California And that That hurt Dave's feelings And understandable understand now seventeen years later David. Letterman appears on The Ellen show and all that just washed away and his fondness for you was really really fun to to see and be around it. It was it was very obvious how much she loved you. So sweet well he even will play. Play the clip. This I quit will be. This is going to be Dave telling the story about Dave when Mary having a cash with a baseball sixth floor of thirty rock the fourteenth four only eight stories higher teams floor and in a baseball going through the window. So let's start with that. Take a listen to that Rebecca David Letterman and. I am fortunate enough when I started this show sixteen years ago. We had A Great Group of Executive Producers One of which is Mary who was a producer on your show for years but to say eight. Mary was a producer on the show for years. How many years ten years I was at the show woolley macro ten years but more than producer? Mary was a dear dear. A friend and I can remember being. Ill behaved when she came to me with the news that she was leaving because I I was I was hurt. My feeling really really hurt. I was so fond of this woman. And look at it for God's sake talking to not be the every day look at the two of you there only God. It looks looks like the police of broken in the Mary knows the story and honest to God it was the worst day of my television life. And maybe the were stay of my life. You're on the ground floor here more or less right so on this particular day marian a throwing baseballs hard bulls gloves throwing the ball and Mary can bring it. There is no question about that and and we're trying to get that just that perfect whack you get when the ball hits. The pocket and Mary was on one corner. I was on the other corner and one got away from me and it went up and over and through. The window of the fourteenth floor of the thirty rock building and down below was sixth avenue and the sidewalk. Well you know how many are dead. And I'm I'm stunned and so I go over to where the window is and I'm just kind of hiding and looking down there and there wasn't really any commotion to Speed Up. People were looking at people were looking because shards of glass at rain down on on the Avenue of Americas and I see a guy down there and I can hear him say hey dave letterman the spending the rest of my life in prison. It's a miracle no one got hurt. Good point many people don't know so in a situation like that what do you do what do you do. What do you do in a situation like that you tell me about you know what you do in a situation like that I would just back up slowly from the window? No no no you send an intern down. That's what you do. We have to go to break. You took lots of chances because one of my appearances on your show. I hit a golf ball from one building building people hitting golf balls which also could have gone badly but we were doing it but that would have been on you. I I WANNA be mentioned that right after that we had the windows covered with. It's called LEXCEN. Glass the stuff you see at hockey games saved bulletproof all the windows covered with that smart problem solving. That's right. Most people would just stop playing with the Baseball but oh sure yeah yeah okay. So that was. That was one of the scarier days of my life. Yeah Bet and we had played catch for really really longtime and we were really good at it. Yeah and this just happened and it. It was terrifying. That'd be manslaughter. If he would've get someone you know I don't know AH game over. It's all over. But what are they unintentional homicide. What do they call that in involuntary voluntary? Yeah yeah no that that is horrifying. It was horrifying. And it's also a miracle that thing's falling out of that building didn't hit any yes and in the commercial break. After Dave told that story he he. We went up to home base to to say hi and he was like like what were we thinking like. We're like out of our minds. What were we thinking that we could do that? And we we headed all under control. We thought we knew exactly exactly what we're doing. What did that feel like? After all you went through with Letterman and all you've gone through with Ellen to be sitting on the stage watching the two of them talk and tell a story about you. It was it was it was incredible. It was really special because Ellen is doing is Netflix show and Net flicks wanted me to go win and say hi to Dave and they wanted to tape that and right before that happened. I was excited but also a little nervous and I walked thin and we said hi to each other and he had some footballs. They're waiting for us to throw the way. We used to throw scrape and it was instantly. I was talking to my old friend. He was like what your brother doing. What's going on with like his kids? What like we were just catching up? The way old friends would catch up and and all of the twenty some odd years just melted away and I was just having a conversation with a with an old friend that is law so it was really. It was very special so in the eighties and nineties. He had legions of fans who watched the show every single night and like quoted Ham and Aleinu. Yeah Judy knew the recurring characters. It was like Yeah Fun little clubhouse that you were in if you were if you were too young unlike your parents watched Carson and you watched letterman or at least that was my. That was my experience growing up. You know and if you watch letterman. You knew Mary because Mary was on the show regularly. I mean you were throwing footballs with Phil Simms with boomer and like I remember watching was hall hilarious and I I remember in two thousand one two thousand and two Hillary St McLaughlin with the time was the president of pictures saying to me. You know we've got at this woman and she's consulting on this on the show doing and I want you to. We're we're having this event in New York and I want you to meet her and I said Great. What's her name? She said Mary Connolly and I went Mary Connolly Mary Connolly she goes you know her I go yeah I mean. She doesn't know me but I know her absolutely well. You know everything. That's hilarious carries everything I know about working on a talk show. I learned from Dave yet and I learned from that show. And you know I a lot of talk shows or modeled it. You know the behind the scenes stuff on how segments are presented to the host. How music celebrities? Celebrity driven comedy and Would sorta came from what is created over there so it was. It was particularly special to see the moment of seeing Dave and Ellen up there talking to each other and making each other laugh and really loving on each other. Yeah it was weird sting is that Letterman went off the air before Kevin Leman even was actually born now. It's one of my biggest complaints about Mary. I work for the first five years I worked here. I'm like I just WanNa hear Letterman store. Yeah just tell me and finally we sat next to each other on a flight to Orlando side. Five hours of Letterman stories made me so happy. I'm I'm I'm so proud of my time. There I would be happy to show you letterman stories all the time as a fellow gay hate generalizations and stereotypes but why do all lesbians know how to throw. Footballs unpack that sentiment. I generalizations. Why do all lesbians know how to throw? Footballs here's what I'm going to tell you. I grew up in New York City and I have a brother and a father who are both very into sports and we just learned to play catch because catches a game. You could play in a straight straight line right so we would be out on the sidewalk in front of in front of our brownstone and we would play catch. And so you'd play catch with the ball for as long as you can play catch with the ball and then if you played with the football my father and my brother taught me how to throw a football and their canopies on our on our block on thirty thirty six street between parking legs. And then you could throw Football's or balls over the canopy apartment building to then catch her awning running to catch the ball on the other side and that became so it was just a little. Did you know it was just what you did Ellen. Did his chauffeur net flicks. My next guest needs it's no introduction. Yeah and if you don't have net flicks I'm telling you now get it by May which is when I think our episode. Exactly his his second season of that show Will will be released all at one time in May Be Ellen gave us a sneak peek. And it's like a side of Ellen you've never seen before and truly truly yeah. It was a special night. What about what he did? Yes yes yes. It was so fun to see him play an actual game. That was that was something that we did not expect what happens when he goes. He's sitting up there on the burning questions with all these bells and whistles and there's music and animation they come out of any turns the LA and he goes Salak going going on right and also when he first walked out and sat down. He's like where's Paul little shoutout to Paul Shaffer his bandleader for. Here's here's a clip of Ellen and Dave playing burn questions for every question you answer honestly and I'll be the judge of that our friends at Sheriff I will donate a thousand dollars. Okay I I will answer the question and then you will get that for no apparent reason. who was your first crush girl? Susie frakes how will we. I was in the eighth grade. Have you seen her since no. I've spoken to her since we we have. Yeah but she was. Yeah she You know I I was such a dumb ass. Can you say that that I ruined it. I loved after all the way through high school and Done all right Susan Fridge and grew up to be a teacher. She lives up on Cape Cod and has I think she actually has a son named David. No I'm just saying it. I would think that she's still obviously has feelings for you on David Wiltshire to other kids. I don't know what their names are. The most rebellious thing you did as a teenager. This is so stupid. One day Senior a year My buddies and I took her skateboards and we cut school. The one and only time I. You can't school me. Nobody goes to school anymore anyway. We we left we took off. We got the guy's car and we went up to the highest point in central. Indiana is Where the so the grave of James WHITCOMB RILEY WHO's fought from Indiana and it's the highest point in Crown Hill Cemetery? We took our skateboards up to his grave. And we skateboarded awarded all afternoon down from his grave to through the other graves. The well Of course we were. They'd been we'd the embellish it. Now thank you so much Dave Dave in the show all of us very thing burning questions. If if your child has an okay tech learning experience it might feel more like homework but if they have the best experience doing something they're passionate about it could light a fire on them for the rest of their life if that's the gift ID tech can give them whether they're interested in coding video game development robotics are video production. I detect can guide your child from casual explorer to to college bound pro. Their rock star instructors transform a love of APPS and Video Games like fortnight into a foundation for college internships and dream careers at companies. He's like Google and Disney. You heard me. Kids have a blast exploring their interest and build the stem skills. Employers are so desperate for. 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No everyone loves share but as has a gay man share release something for Kevin. I thought Andy was coming out for a second. That's on the next episode. Doc Oh my gosh. I love her and she told L.. And all about Mama MIA now. She saved a life with Meryl Streep. How long has it been since you did a movie? Before Mama Mia here we go again one hundred years. I don't know I don't know it was burlesque I think and Yeah Yeah I don't usually like. I almost turn everything down. I don't know why so. Why how did you do this? Because the man who used to be my agent who's now head of universal and has a really good friend. He called me me and said this is good for your career. You're doing Mama Mia to any hung up. He didn't wait for your response. I know who that is wrong. Yeah and you just trusted him. You just said yes. I'm GonNa do it well. It was between trust and fear. Those are both good motivators. And it's doing it's amazing like four hundred million or something. It's made a lot of money so aren't you glad you did it. Yeah I'm thrilled yeah. I'm totally thrilled. Thrilled Camaros mother. Yeah let's talk about you in Merrill really love each other and you should. Because you're both fabulous women. Silkwood is like one of my all time favorite movies. But you're fabulous together we are. I mean that's really fun. Let you want to do another movie with her. I'd love to do you have any ideas. No Okay you want to come up with yes okay. I'll I'll come up with an idea and then actually you know we saved a girl's life once the two of us tell me what so she just had made me and we were at her apartment and and she said I want ice cream cake cool. I said but it's kind of a dangerous neighborhood and it's night and she said No. It's like between Chinatown and little Italy. What could could happen? And so who walk in and we haven't got around the corner yet but we hear screaming and we get around the corner wondering is this huge man in sweats and I don't know what over like basketball shorts and he's pulling At this girl she's like shaking the squirrel and so marriage just starts screaming and takes off and I start screaming and take off to and think I'm I'm going to get killed. Life Ramp is GonNa kill me so anyway so we're running and running and the guide turns around and he sees us and he starts running towards awards us and then I thought we're really going to get killed but we both split off in the opposite directions and we got to the girl and he kind of had ripped her clothes close but she kept her purse and that's what he wanted and then we're like trying to fix her all up you know and you know we have nothing. But we're sticking it in their bras. STRAPPER offers shirt thinks she looks at us and she screams and she said Oh my God. I'm a singing waitress. And no one's GonNa believe I got mugged and same story. We talked about at seventy two years. Old How great share look. Oh my gosh. Her is insane her but so insane Ellen Aster about her but and in sixteen years. I'm not sure I've ever seen that happen. Share her. Can I tell people how old you are. Yeah can you believe she's seventy two years old the work out a lot you do every day not every day but a lot of times. Okay I need to ask ask because we were tired here. See me doing a plank with the Harry Smith. No well it was good. He quit before I did. How long can you do a plank for well I I once I did five minutes but I'll never do that again? Wow but I could do it for two two minutes with sweat yet. Michelle Obama Obama wants to challenge because we did pushups and she's now like she said plank is her thing. I think she could do it for five minutes. You should challenge Michelle weight the because we were watching in rehearsal and we were talking about your ass and I need to know what you do. We want to know. So your butt exercises. Well I have a number of them like like okay. Okay so this is sounds so dumb because when I say the first thing I know you're GonNa do something really not. Yes you are. Well try you so you get done. I'll force okay. Okay someone else in the room know well sometimes okay so you get down on all fours and you put your leg up l. with right and the I'm just do it up like that. I know right I know that one fire hydrants. Yes these are like not new thing. Then I've got a Khulumani Times. You do that up in the air. Three sets of twenty five twenty five right and then I have a power played and you. Do you do squats. What's your just do the old fashioned things and I have to confess I do zoom zoom? Oh you do it at home. Yeah I would like to see that. No okay she brings out like the silly side of Ellen Ellen in a way that a lot of guests don't we were saying like her and Michelle Obama. They don't put up with her shenanigans right. They throw it right back on her face and he just loves it it. It's so fun to watch her. As producers servers we always love when. Someone's out there and Challenges Ellen pokes her little well share shares. Very confident in who she is and what she does and she doesn't need to take any any grief from Ellen and she knows literally the opposite of me literally you see share onstage rehearsing or song and you go like my God She has been doing this forever. She is like the consummate professional knows. Exactly what to do has incredible comic timing and just it just brings it so now. Kevin had a brilliant idea that none of us thought would actually happen in which he was overdue for. We have but dr dry bar next to my favorite drinking place. Don Kuko's Lisa Industry Chip Kevin Leong Kuko's and get blow out not worried about you're going to say so. Yeah dry bars just opened and of course share play stylist and Mermaids Ellen has hair so who better better team to go and surprise people there and have them do their blowouts and Ellen and share and I was like there's no way share it's going to go with L. into the dry bar and blow hair covering the reaction to the folks in the drive bar when the door opens and Ellen and share walk into the brand new dry bar into Luca Lake it was awesome is fantastic. Share share instantly. Said yes ellen got early to do it. It was so much fun. We shot it and cut it all on the same day. I think we're putting the whole thing up on ellen tubes you can definitely see the whole thing there if he were sure. I wrote the car with share over there. And Kinda pissed her through some ideas he wanted to do and told her where we had some whigs hidden but and he was a little shaking voice and Kevin never gets nervous. A little shaky shakey celebrities. Still Shaky made me happy. It was fun. And like that's the coolest thing about our job is like Kevin Leman grew up loving share air and now he's producing her in comedy piece so it really is a cool job and it never gets old to me. Mary tell the story of Kevin Leman. I'm so glad you asked Ed so Kevin Kevin Leman came to us out of the NBC page program. He began as really sort of just a young man who was mostly straight or confused with his sexuality is surgery but yeah great. We hired him. I believe as a production assistant assistant and he was a producer's assistant. He did a number if things very quickly he became a writer after submitting some material to Alan how many years before he became a writer too so so meteoric but we were you need in the first few weeks of the show well. He appeared on the very first episode of the Ellen. Degeneres show great because he's an amazing. He's an amazing artist. Full face He became a writer he then became the head writer. And in that you become the head writer so two years in. We're starting our sixteenth season in in season. Three you became a writer and then when did you become the head writer. I think officially seasons seven long story Short Kevin is now an executive producer. Ellen made him yeah okay all right okay. That's pretty much. And he's an EP when I was young and I'm old. But here's what's interesting Ed. How long have we all been together at the Ellen Degeneres Show sixteen years? We've been here since the beginning. Yeah never never. This is really the first time anyone who wanted to hear what we've had to say. I'm not sure if they want to marry. Oh well that's the first time we're at this point we have zero listeners. Left Kev. There was such an amazing moment in that piece. There's such an incredible moment. If you know sixteen years years in it feels like everything has happened but how often does someone call Ellen a word. LYNN LOVES COMES TO TO POKE POKE POKE and push buttons and share put up with it for a while and then just unleashed a little bit on Ellen in a way that made made Ellen Laugh her head off da Scott Star in two zero whereas you know if you could reach a star. You can't really give them to somebody over. There would be hot. Running learning doesn't even make sense right. No her yes. She knows me better than they know you. You know share had been poked by Ellen enough that share are turned around and just said the B Word share called Ellen a bitch in a way that was fantastic whole Larrea. Yeah everyone thoroughly enjoyed it especially ellen yet. Do you guys follow share on twitter. By the way I do. She's you know she is something. The amount emojis she. It's like my kids. Nobody uses emojis more than that woman. And she'll actually sense something meaner than sometimes absolutely nothing so they literally mean it. I always think it's like she fell on her keyboard. That's what it was she and she talked about it with Ellen about how sometimes she does a great job within other times not so great very very active on twitter. I don't know if you follow her. But if you do you'd know she's very active on twitter if you don't follow her you should good and you should follow her. You should follow me if you follow me on twitter. You should follow me on instagram. What are we talking about shares tweets? Yes so so. She's very active. Here's one of her tweets and it's iheart apples hearted it all four XS. I've lived here weakest smell seven so I don't you know what it means but I think he kissed mouth but she just wears her heart on her sleeve like she just she tweets which he feels and if she feels enraged she tweets rage age and she knows it. And she's you know she's she's self-aware she told you know. She tells us that she sometimes has to delete tweet to take them back like she's I duNNo. Now she's just so like real after all this time on on camera and in the business you just got a lover. I also loved that. She was so open about talking about being dyslexic and and how emojis actually helper in terms of her dyslexia but that was interesting they they helper and then sometimes she then with all her emojis it it gets. It's a little discombobulated. We gotta get to this exciting guest today. We have a legit celebrity a real elaborate real live celebrity. Have someone more famous than you. Andy well in certain circles. Now no I'm GONNA say maybe in every circle yeah probably more famous than you Kaelin. Allen has come a star on our show he has. We'd love this guy if you don't know who he is. Should we come out from. I'm under the Rock. You're living under oh and up and up. Kaylynn al-anon Ellen Tube. He is one of the funniest additions to our family in a long time. Now we should probably tell the story of how he found him but maybe we should tell it with him in the room. Yeah sure Kayla bring in Kaelin talent. Here he is now carriers cheerios. Now listen this is this. This is small. You'll never been in this room no I haven't you never know what the good thing thing is when you get older. Oh when you get called in here. It's usually the beginning of the end for next time. You've never been in a meeting in this room. I like peaked in one time. Yeah I do remember that. Sometimes people come into this room and they never leave first of all. It's like a Roach Motel. Okay Kaylynn podcast. Thank you on my show. I wanted Mary at Kevin to be here here because they're big fans of Youtube. So Wow Kaelin we love you. How how did we find you? Tell everyone how we found. You found me on the social media place twitter again. I was talking about some Fu. Yeah right yeah so Kaelin. Salen Kaelin was in Philadelphia Temple University right. He's we're GonNa Temple Shirt right now in Philadelphia on RTP review and he was watching and commenting on food video making people making different kinds of and one went and posting it went viral. It was the first one but one one wasn't. I want some staff that might have been Kara or or someone who works four-car up a reports dicara Saul this all report to conned. It made it to a topical meeting and we can get him to every day on our show show. We start with a topical meeting where everyone gathers and shows us the latest and greatest of Social Media News Stories Video Heavens favorite meeting of the day and usually go. Oh that's a funny video. That's great. Oh we should give that to the writers. Let's go to human interest we universe. This video wasn't on more within ten seconds and we were like we must find the sky immediately led to show Ellen. We showed it to l. in the second she saw. Why isn't he here already? I talk if you WANNA see that video you can go to Ellen tube and it was some sort of some sort of something that was uh uh that was the potato Salik the West but what we did what was on the show. Was the seven uptake yesler uptake. Yes and you lost your mind Mhm How'd you get the idea to do those videos. Honestly there was no thought about it. It just happen you just came to me. It was just like you should make video about this. I put on my phone press record Lord and just uploaded. Were you looking for recipes. or how'd you come across. It was sponsored. Add onto my facebook feed. I was about to go to work and then and I saw it and I was just like okay so then you put you post this people start following it. uh-huh what is your for. How what are you doing where are you when you get a call from the own degeneres show okay? I know exactly where I was in class. Actually in because so much was happening I was like keeping up with my social media so I checked my phone's and blue right and all I I saw was a TV dot com. I remember I grabbed my friend. I said Gras Ellen called and I got up and I left the room and I called back. I was like what what do I need to do. Tell me I will stay up if you need me to call in. I will do whatever you need me to do. Stay up by color and that was the beginning. How true I I was here the next week and then we hired him before he graduated yet not yet graduated? You're going to graduate. That's going to be fine but in the time you also school. Did you graduate. The idea I finished I was coming here during the day but we had L. A. Program. So I finished my last semester here over rally studio so I was going to class at night. uh-huh being And now you're a college graduate just indeed tax it turns out uh-huh what's we love it. It's so much fun having Kaelin here. It's so much fun. Your offices downstairs right. Yes yes okay so but you're often up here on this floor his office on the fourteenth floor and we're here on the eighth floor. Well you know the a good thing as a as a as a person who is sort of manager of of Kayla's maybe you could even say a boss of Kaelin's the way that he spends money on this beautiful wardrobe that he has is a wonderful thing because he always needs more keep working jerry. Jim Paradorn style is so unique. Like you change it up one day. You've got the flare one day you're like today. You're all kind of butch. This is to change it up. I'll tell you I was watching a Bohemian rhapsody for the fourth time. Okay and just the way. He expressed himself in his clothing and was like this is who I am. It made me think of you of how like you. Don't give give a F- like this who I am and you own it and you never don't look unbelievable. This is a question Freddie. Mercury does a lot of credit. This is a question my daughter Sarah would want to ask you. Where do you shop for your clothes? ooh I shop. Actually you know what I shop. A lot found a good a lot of good step at top shop in the women's department. Though interesting interesting the last time I Like suit and it was in women's how has your life changed since coming to the Ellen. Show IT'S A. Yeah that's a great question thank you. I don't even know how can put into words honestly it is honestly I feel like I live in a dream like state every single day. Every single day It was funny. Because you know Brad Cooper was on the show and he was talking about the grammy's and he was like how he laughed about win win. Expect to my grandma death me like when people bring up like the stuff that I've done here at the show I'm like Oh yeah. I guess I did do that. Didn't cause it's all happening so fast. That is yeah I I don't I don't get to like suck it in anytime but is absolutely amazing. I think it's always perfect to in really a great thing if you have someone like yourself. WHO's really happy? And what they're doing right now and I don't I second ever believe that that means will then you're stagnant minter. You'll just stay where you are. That's just not at all how it works. You're really happy with what you're doing now. And that means it will only grow and expand. What's he was saying? When you say would you say being on our podcast for the first time is as exciting as the first time you did the show? I absolutely absalom doesn't listen so I agree using followers. Do you remember Kaelin. Do you remember where you were when you learned learned that you were going to be on the podcast. I do this last week in the hallway. Like Oh yeah. This is a call. Everyone you knew to tell them. You're doing the best idea because the only see y'all in passing. I spent some time. Like here's the thing that's amazing raising about Kayla of we've been doing this for a long time on chef and we've we've gotten into business with a number of guests who've been on the show yes MM maybe most notably to this point either grayson chance or Safiya Grayson. Rosie thing about Kaelin is that we just let Kale and just make room home for Kaelin Kaelin and you need a lot of room for that. We don't try to. We reject pitches. That don't feel organic him. A lot of people wanna like do business business with us and make Kaelin a part of it and we reject stuff if it doesn't feel right for him and then we just let Kaelin have ideas and he just he just gets to be him and it. It has been so unbelievably successful for all of us. Even if you don't follow Kaelin on social media you should got got to right away. One of the things I love about Kaelin is I'm a snarky. Bad Person on social media is such and in real life breath of warm and fresh air and PAS. It's like what you need in your feet. What he's done so well here like there's no one more authentic nick cave? And then there's these pillars that we like everything the show to be like carrying and new and different and hilarious and unpredictable. And all these things and Caylin and fits right all of those inside of you just walk with. Gratitude brings up like God things online which felt me like I. Just I love every aspect of you so to bring light to the world. You'd do bring light. You subscribed today on Apple podcasts or spotify wherever you're listening to to this podcast keep it up. And don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more fun we would so love to know more about you here at Ellen on the go please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey. That will help. Make this show better the wondering dot Com Slash Survey W. W. O. N. D. E. R. Y.. Dot Com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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