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Episode 15  Your Mid-Year Checkup

The Financial Liberty Podcast

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Episode 15 Your Mid-Year Checkup

"Welcome to the financial liberty podcast until you wake up from the american dream financial uncertainty. We'll be your american reality join sam legaspi and cosa komodo and their guests as they explore how you can attain financial liberty by uncovering truths that have been kept secret for decades. Have you ever played a game and didn't know the rules. How can you ever win. Learn the rules to the game a and in turn learn how to win now onto the show hello and welcome to the financial liberty project with sam legaspi and kasuga mojo today. We're going to be talking about the half year checkup good afternoon gentlemen. How are you good morning afternoon and evening all the above doing grades to everybody's good. We're ready to rock and roll <unk> pretty exciting topic today because goes this is the time of year that we come out and and we we ask people you know hey. Where are you in in your yearly planning and there's so many things that are are on the list as far as what people need to do and all the time you know we sit down and we try to figure aground seems like we always add something to the list so we're we're at the halfway point. That's all i know if it could be a little past the halfway point but either way it's it's very good to start looking at where you stand with regards to the goals that you set for yourself for the year and if you're not if you didn't even set any goals for the year it's probably a good time to go and start because because you still have the rest of the year to go by now mind you for many people the second half of the year tends to be the more expensive part of the year right goes when you agree well i i think that might be an individual thing but i would say just on based on personal experience in observing people i would say that's largely true i mean we got the holidays coming up very soon soon ceramic corner <hes> and as i was saying i bet costco's already getting some merchandise out for <hes> the holidays so yeah merchandiser dombi thing. I think i'll bet i would i would the <hes> abetting tight to say that they have some halloween things out already some halloween thing not not valentine's day stuff yet now does he got to get through christmas after aw thanks giving right but no i think they are getting ready for things. I mean you know you gotta figure <hes>. These businesses probably plan prior twelve months in advance so soon as this christmas was done. They're already planning next christmas. Yeah ball starts rolling. Yeah and you know what i gotta. Tell you like when i was a kid. It was really fun to see the christmas ornaments turn to like come out as far as retail stores concerning right after thanksgiving it was december and all of christmas ornaments came out and it was really bummer when i think it was price club prior to costco geico right that all of a sudden it's july august and they're releasing the holiday stuff already like even christmas trees right around august or september. Really kinda like got you in that mood like my gosh her not far from the holidays. It's changed because again as a kid. You kind of just like to have it all come up. Uh on you all at one time as opposed to seeing all that stuff because think about it you know it's christmas and and then all of a sudden they have they have like valentines days stuff up in december yeah well. It's it's how it is i mean but at least they're fun right. I mean halloween's fun. Christmas fund giving all these holidays are fun but you know when it comes to preparing in having the half year checkup or the half year review in two some people might feel like they have to go to a dentist <music> teeth cleaned and checked up and they might not they may not like the news they get back down but <hes> you know i just today. I was looking at some financial nanteuil. Things and i was reminded that there's some accounting things that need to get caught up. Just you know and and and things that we do and we need to remind people that hey you know <hes> yeah. We just got past april fifteenth but the next april fifteenth really isn't that far around the corner and so <hes> you know by the end the yeary you don't wanna be a panicking and realizing you've got twelve months of county. Get caught up on wants price start doing that now. Yes yes <hes> it's august so it's yeah exactly exactly so you know it's it's it's interesting because it's that time of year where you had that gym membership in january you made that commitment to yourself to go ahead and look better for the cameras and for the for the mirrors and for yourself and erie are and and are you on track or did you actually exceed the goals or expectations that you have for yourself in in my case. All i know is i can still see my belly so not necessarily true in my end but it's very very very important. You know outside the physical part of it. It's really important to go the financial part. I'm not sure if i a humorous was just put it. This way still can't see my feet so we're going to go. Could we're gonna go into all right so we're gonna get into the half year checkup coz and i think it's really important. Let's go and started off with something that it makes. It's new to list its list this year and that is can you and and you should check your subscriptions descriptions and and we're talking about subscriptions. We're talking about subscription services like <hes> things such as internet or video on on demand type of things services that typically add up to nine ninety nine nine thousand nine hundred memberships that you never use you mentioned gyms. There's all kinds of other memberships zirs. There's utilities cable. There's streaming videos. There's a lot of things said around this time of year you may if you just go back and look you may realize realized you know what we haven't used these services in probably five out of the last six months and it might be good reason to get rid of him right and any going back to the jim so i've had this this membership and because my kids are all gung ho and i had this membership at a local gym and i contacted them and said you know context it just eliminate this service and so they did exactly what i told them to do which was to eliminate me from the plan. What i really did mean is is all syntax. While i really did mean was pretty much. Cancel my entire subscription which included everyone underneath me which were kids because my kids were using them. We're going away to college and stuff so they weren't not using them anymore and they haven't been using them but they didn't hear that from me. In detail they just heard get rid of me and so when <hes> you know a a couple of months i i look at the at the statements and is still shows that there's a sizable amount on there. I call them back today. I thought i told you guys to eliminate me. You know cancel ansel my gym subscription and they said we did cancel your jim subscription but we didn't cancel the other ones because you didn't tell us to so you got to be detailed. There's gotta be some syntax. I think you know when it comes to just cutting the plug on on demand video channel as just pretty much. Hey just eliminate cancel whatever might be you know what i found goes. Some of these subscription services and i will say and it has to do with with <hes>. I'm sad to say about education because i've i've got young kids to and you know they do some math beings and some educational online online some of these places at least the ones i experienced one in particular and i'm not gonna name the name. It was practically next to impossible to find the cancellation. I emailed the company and got to a point where i had to contact my bank and tell them that anytime this this particular service provider comes in and tries to request money needed deny it because i cannot find a cancellation nor can i get anyone to return my calls or respond to my emails so <hes> it. It's my experience to go on websites for different businesses that i wanna get in touch with you know a a live person or live representative and it's like you said it's impossible to find a number that you can actually dial you. Click on the link that says contact us to another page aged. Were you know they they have. F._a._q.'s frequently asked questions instead of a number that you can dial. They may have a chat at best. You know well. That's good good. You actually have a person you and say hey kind of. How can i can't right but it's not you know in the old days you could just pick up the phone and call a number or do business with someone. That's local you walk over to the store and say hey a year. You have no idea where you're at. It weren't information eight but you know i it's the psychology behind subscriptions is pretty genius because you see more and more service providers providers go to the subscription. You know if you if you buy a software services you know i'm not we're not going to name any names but they're all going towards subscriptions. You know whether it's a virus protection plan or who will see to do word processing or excel processing or i'm sorry especially processing everything's going to <hes> <hes> to subscription and the psychology of that i think is that you know when it's outside. It's outta mind once you said like your banking information. They have away extract the monthly fees from your bank. Thank you know you're happy because you're not thinking about it. You're getting the service and they're happy because they're extracting a ton of money out of your account weather. You use it or not whether he's not so you know again. We're in august so it's a good time. Just you know go back and look to see okay. What are you using you can just go to your bank records and see all the transactions that are coming out of your account and didn't think yourself hey honey. We've been using this. No maybe we ought to get rid of it yeah yeah and and a lot of times you'd be surprised do a little drill and exercise. It is an add up. How much money that you didn't necessarily need to spend oh because it's easy to think seven ninety nine a month is not a big deal multiply that by ten and those ten things aren't being used big time just a couple of weeks ago. We had a listener say and i don't think i had any too much and we ended up finding out what close to two hundred dollars a month the subscriptions and it's not it's not just two hundred dollars a month. It's actually more than that. If you get rid of something you're not using it. Let's say it's two hundred dollars a month that you're you're. You're not using but your pain saying if you terminate the subscription. You're actually saving a lot more because it's their taxes that you're not accounting for so just to be able to afford the two hundred dollars a month. You know maybe have to make two hundred fifty dollars a month through your job so you're saving a lot more than just two hundred month getting rid of something you don't use good point good point so that that brings us is to <hes> to another spot that you definitely want to do and everyone you know not can't say everyone but a lot of people try to set their goals with regards to debt repayment paying down their debt and you know as you guys snow and your listeners. You should know that we're really big advocates of paying down debt and so we're at that halfway mark where are we. The question is where are you. Where are we with regards to that particular strategy. Do we need to change things up. Are we actually had a plan or are we behind the the plan that we put the yourself so the question that you want to ask ask yourself is is your personal debt repayment plan working for you at this point. If not you gotta make adjustments and you know coz. I i make it look like you know again. We'd like to utilize sports analogies and right now. You're in the third period. You just started the third period of a football game and you have half the game left to go and you realize in the very first two quarters. You didn't necessarily get the results that you wanted so you had this halftime and during this halftime whether it's fifteen twenty minutes you were able to recollect and try to figure out what you need need to do in period number three number four. That's what we're talking about today. That's a great analogy sam. You know we were were sports. <hes> <hes> you know lovers and so that's that's it. We can certainly easily relate to that but i think a lot of people out there. Listening can also but <hes> yeah absolutely you. It's like resetting right without actually taking taking a huge timeout. A life just keeps going on but if you can take even if his ten minutes just to kind of do some of the things that we're talking about here can make a profound difference in the rest of the year. Yes far as i'm concerned if you can take just one of these and apply it. It's going to change significantly just even just for able to go ahead and help you save anywhere between twenty eighty dollars a month to two hundred dollars a month that that's that's big so you know so we can go to <hes> we go to the next area that you wanna take a look at when it comes comes to the app your checkup and i think a lot of it because it is were a lot of people and it depending on their situation. One of the more expensive times of year coming coming up is that you are going to be having some fun and based on this phone. Are you budgeting for what's about to happen. You do realize that we're going into you. The months where there's holidays and they're giving <hes> we do realize that a lot of family time is gonna be coming together which means that all the uncles and the aunts and the grandparents potentially coming over to the house to spend a a day that's going to be filled with fun and joy and food and you may eventually be responsible for a good portion of those meals and all those gifts so so it's probably a smart thing to go ahead and start thinking about four or looking trying to think about what potential budget you may need going into do the last quarter of this year namely november december. You know you've we've mentioned using envelopes to put aside some money right. I mean it's it's sort of archaic way of doing things thanks but it's an awesome effective and and <hes> and and smart ways so you can literally just put a few bucks away every month and envelope put the name of what is being saved for on the front of it it and so come. Let's say it's christmas christmas time december. I wanna start shopping. Think how happy you'll be when you opened envelope and you realize you know whatever three five five hundred dollars five hundred dollars thousand dollars sitting there ready to be spent and you have a stress free december <unk> been met and you know you just go off and shot right that so i think you know you look at it and how i think about it. Is that over the course of the next week after listening to this podcast you you kind of go through the subscription thing that we will that we kick the kick. Start this podcast web and you discover that you have about fifty. Maybe seventy five dollars subscriptions that you really don't need to do anything with you can redirect you can redirect it. Put that in that envelope that you talking about about an income the end of the year if you've got five months or six months i mean you're looking at potentially <hes> close to five hundred dollars. If not more and that's just a subscription inside you haven't taken away from all the other aspects that you may have our as maybe trimming down your budget as far as eating out is concerned and and buying clothes and you can <unk> adds to that budget to figure out exactly how much you're going to be needing and i think a good way to do. This goes is for a lot of people they'll just. They'll just say okay so last year. Let's take a look at what i spent last year. All all they do is they look at their november december statements and and talia ball retail cost and whether it's through online shopping or or or brick and mortar shopping the tally alley all that stuff up and they have a good a good guideline as to what they spent last year and they might spend the same amount this year so it's four thousand dollars last year. There's a good chance you can spend around four thousand thousands of this year so it's a good guideline to start now and here's the reason why the reason why we're saying this is because a lot of times if you're gonna spend four thousand dollars and you didn't budget for this year. Chances are if there's any available credit on that credit card that you may have opened that we ask for you to not use a human abuse it. I didn't know we were allowed to use the words credit cartner show major. I think i saw alert just off on the on the screen while i know i still can't see feet uh-huh right moving along here so we're looking at this and you'd probably the the other area that that is we're talking about these these very basic generic things coz that that makes a lot of sense to do it's almost like common sense but other aspects that people need to start looking at now and comes to their contributions when it comes to retirement right so they've got a game plan already ready for themselves and they they they're trying to buy this game plan and his game plan has anything to do with with regards to the amount of money that they need to contribute every year for them to retire happily. It's accessway us. We gotta look to see whether or not they're on track to achieving that contribution amount so they've wanted to put about six percent of their salary way. Let's just call a ten thousand dollars and they're there at three thousand dollars in candy up the anne and make up that seven thousand dollar difference between now and then if that's their goal so it's a good time to take a look at the financial aspects not just you know you're subscriptions your personal things but also start taking a significant look at other aspects of of of your wellbeing includes financial real aspects such as retirement and <hes> and in going into that going into that just understand something understand that that if you have a portfolio of assets and i it's not in retirement money let's just call it retail money after tax money and <hes> you might wanna look to see if there's any losses that you can take you might have a portfolio of let's say five different companies mutual funds stocks bonds or whatever and four when we're doing very well there's one that's not and you so you can start looking at taking some tax losses right now but if not now you can start looking and keep that keep it on the back of your mind of taking some losses because you know so many times we've spoken spoken to people that have said after the year was over shoot. I should've taken a loss but they didn't because they forgot about it rain he can't you can't rewind the clock. So you know yeah. I mean again we're mid year and so i think we've discount hinted that maybe some tax planning mid your tax planning would be a good idea. You mentioned sam. Just you know taking a look at your investment strategies and see if you're on track break really the concept can be applied to anything including start planning your christmas shopping early. I mean we already talked about that quite a bit but i mean isn't isn't december one of the most stressful months for most people a lot of people certainly and where's the stress come front while you're you're competing with the rest of the u._s. Population the christmas shopping done so you're going to the stores you're trying to get online shopping sites and and you know sometimes sometimes running out of inventory for the favorite things that you wanna get for your loved ones and you know there's so much stress that can be avoided by just starting to planning a starting the planning for for the rest of the year you know this time of year so you can really enjoy your holidays and the way i look at it. Is that a lot of corporate america's gearing up for the holiday season already and they probably were gearing up or it well before what we're talking about right. Now i mean we take a look at companies such as facebook facebook in early june announced that they're going to be adding crypto currency called libra and that cryptocurrency ca libra really gave the crypto currency industry pretty big boost in that bitcoin has rallied because it's is kind of given validity to cryptocurrency <hes> when a big provider such as facebook now backs is doing significant research and investing in blockchain chain so if you look at it like and i just want to spend just a few minutes on it but you take a look libra liras their currency is going to be their currency for <hes> facebook's currency and i didn't know this goes but one third of the population not in the united states but globally log in to facebook every month right so who's worried about the u._s. dollar caller well. That's the whole thing so. That's one of the key components. We're probably going to be experiencing. We'll probably have a podcast on that. You know a lot of people are if you go route and read the literature. There's a lot of concern about the chinese currency taken over the u._s. Currency one day and maybe that's a legitimate threat or not but maybe that's not the real one. That may not be the real threat it may be. I mean there's there's a lot of talking about globalization right in in in in some sense. It really does warrant some some attention because there is globalization going on and <hes> you know having a <hes> a social media come up with a currency that really sees no borders right bortles trayvon stoppable absolutely that's what's key about this. They're making so facebook. Amongst i mean out of everyone facebook. They've got their engineers trying to make this as easy <music> as possible with a tremendous amount of privacy because we all know that facebook had that issue with regards to privacy so you know for a fact by launching libra that the spotlight is going to be on privacy and the protection with regards to utilizing libra as far as lebron how it's going to be utilized as far as as is going to be a stable currency. I think it's more of a stable currency unlike bitcoin coin which is kind of like an investment in could be very volatile but lebron. You know you take a look at one third of the global population in the entire world logs into facebook on a monthly basis. That's is there market and they're going to be utilizing libra as the currency to exchange products and services so it's pretty interesting how things are coming along the reason. That's why we brought. This up is because back in june. Facebook launched libra all in in i i don't know exactly if this was in in relation to what's could happen later on in the year preparing for the holidays but it's just interesting that they're not launching it sometime in november or december. They're trying to launch it well beforehand because they're looking at go ahead maximize zor dollar and if they can launch his properly and successfully. It's going to be a popular item coming. You're trying to establish a following right right. Who's compete. It's it's going to compete with and of course the united states has a want anyone to compete with the with the u._s. Dollar and it's just another currency so there's going to be significant. You know people looking at lebron how it's going to be utilized but but i really think that companies like visa mastercard. They're going to be the ones that are going to be challenged because now a lot of individuals they utilize marketplace's they utilize your credit cards and when companies like facebook and it is rumored that amazon also has their own crypto currency coming around. It's going to really put a damper or or might change the way people do business with credit cards. <hes> you might see some partnerships. Go on again like you said i mean. There's just so it's it's it's in its infancy but i will tell hey this. <hes> a lot of people in the past been wondering bitcoin is is real and the mere fact that i think that libra now being back or has been created by facebook gives legitimacy to crypto currency so anyways i mean again. That's another podcast by it all started with if you're not thinking about your holidays and your budget how how much money you're spending guess what other companies are. They're thinking about what you're going to be spending and they're trying to make it easy for you to spend money on them so that brings us to another aspect. I think another thing that we want to mention. Is that when it comes we'll see on the financial part so you know you got individuals. They there's a a bunch of small businesses in the united states and these small businesses in the united states. It's really remarkable rico's that not a lot of them have retirement accounts and <hes> and as we talked in disgust in a in a previous previous podcast that secure act is going allow or a lot of small businesses to band together to hopefully put together there on 4._0._1._k. But there's also something thing that if you want to join that and you're let's say a sole proprietor in your maybe just a person of one or two in your institution. You definitely wanna start looking at a solo 4._0._1._k. Anna and a solo 4._0._1._k. Is and that's going to be another podcast. I think we have talked about the so no we haven't you know having a solo 4._0._1._k. There's so many advantages to having having to sell a 4._0._1._k. And and we see a lot of a lot of individuals still with the old version of the keough or the sapphire a and solo 4._0._1._k. The one thing i want to mention that it has to be started this year so it's two thousand nineteen. If you don't have one available you need to start of this year and make that contribution for two thousand nineteen before december thirty. First otherwise is if you started up next year. You're not going to be able to go ahead. Make that contribution for two thousand nineteen so you need one started up and you need to make that contribution by december thirty first of this year a lot. The people think well isn't it april fifteenth when i made my contribution to my retirement plan true when it comes to i._r._a. When it comes to set buyers when it comes to a solo que sullivan one k. It's going going to be december thirty first of this year so there's a tremendous amount of advantages more so than i think bad than sep iras in i._r._a.'s altogether that if you're a small business and you don't don't have a lot of employees and mainly just yourself it makes a tremendous amount of sense to start one and make sure that you get your contribution to catch up if in fact you aren't caught up yet or to exceed what your contribution limits you thought would would be to get going now right so if you wait until december to try to get things rolling for something that needs to be done by the end of the year. Guess what there's a there's a process and there's paperwork involved signing and processing. Things may not necessarily be done by december thirty first so you don't wanna wait and that's true that is so true because how many times goes has individuals that you've experienced needed something of some form. Let's say money or maybe a document and dan they needed done before you know within a week or two weeks left in the year what normally probably just take about a day or two days. All of a sudden takes about a week and a half two weeks seeks others so many examples of that in others you know in our own family is going through a process of trying to get some long term care benefits benefits for the elderly parent. You know it's not like you apply for it and you get it the next day there's a process and there's different parties out their service providers at needed provide documentation improve that certain things have been done and you know you get a person who gets paid not enough money to do his or her job. She's not incentivized to really help you out and get you that report that you you need so desperately tomorrow right and so you're now you're making repeated phone calls and you're getting angry and frustrated and and so <hes> you know yeah so you know the s another reason to do the planning now instead of waiting until the end of the year right so case in point like again. You're looking to go ahead. Make that contribution bution and you decide on on december thirtieth to go ahead. Put the contribution and for with regards to your to your retirement plan and you have to thirty. I do it and you think well. I'm well ahead you now really aren't <unk> just just on on a little bit of a tangent here. I think it's important just mentioned this and and listeners you can decide whether you want agree with this. If it's it's important to you or not but <hes> you know some of you probably remember. Tom and i have <hes> you know we we. We're still raising kids and i've got one. Sam's got sick but one of the things i i try to teach my my kid is look. If you want to do something you want to get something done in life you can sit and listen to somebody that tells you what needs to be done all day long along and get great information but if it's not written down it probably isn't going to get done so you know have a journal i mean if you're if you're listening to to <hes> you know things like our podcast stuff and you you want to make a change in your life yourself a binder and make it your your daily journal data and start writing down things that you want to get done listed prioritize it and review it every day and just just you know cross things as you go so yeah is writing and stuff down all right after the shows no no. I think it's important because you know things. Don't get done if you don't write it down so you're wasting wasting valuable time and that's a good thing about what we're doing is that if you're on the road right now and you're listening to us you can always go back and put on your pods at work and and and and jot some notes down and determine and whether or not you know what part is important to you what parts not important to you can fast forward you could go ahead rewind but i- altogether it's one of these things where like os indicated. You need to go ahead. Put the stuff down and start doing in that annual checkup but let's face it. We do checkups for ourselves. No gay physical check-ups we do we we we have our cars checked up and even even to a certain degree society makes us checkup are older vehicles by doing a spot check right before i registration and so there's all these checkups and it just makes a lot of sense to go ahead and check up yourself with regards. It's just some of the most important things that you're ever ever experienced. I mean it's really the difference between taking a greyhound to see the grandkids or flying first class to see the grandkids. That's really what what what really is what we're talking about. If you go ahead and just operate and listen to our shows and operate in what we we can consider to be something that you should do that everyone should do you should be an exiting and entering the retirement life relatively sound success won't happy stress-free right right so we've got. We've just gone a few more. <hes> actually not a few more just a couple more but you know it really comes back down to more of the financial title aspects so we talked about december thirty first and this is really for a small group. We're hoping that this is going to be a bigger group going forward and it's contributing to a five two nine plant and five to nine. Plans are important vehicles for individuals utilizes. Some individuals have actually utilize it to a tremendous degree because it allows you to go in the store some money aside and that money grows tax deferred actually tax free and you can utilize the money pull the money tax free for individuals that are utilizing for educational purposes so for children would be the most common purpose for children but a lot of times too. You have an individual's twenty six twenty seven go on to culinary school. You're an adult they may have two kids and they want to go back back to school could be utilized for that or photography school or whatever type of education long it's higher learning right right you know the the good thing is is is that you still have builder december thirty first to go ahead and do it's not one of those april fifteenth type of things to do but you know we'd like to go ahead and say that and and i think a lot of people forget about this because we talked about we talked about this today in regards to someone and they didn't understand but you can take fifteen thousand dollars and you can contribute to someone five to nine plan and if you're married you can contribute joint thirty thousand dollars to someone's nine plan where you can just go ahead and lay out one check for seventy five thousand dollars a spread over five years as an individual title or one hundred fifty thousand if you're married just as a one time lump to lump sum and what's kind of cool about that is that it gets that that that motor running on that particular portfolio ever every five years you can add another hundred fifty thousand dollars so for those of you who are looking for alternative ideas to go ahead and and and and grow your money me and provide a legacy to not only yourself but the but your loved ones the deadline for five to nine contributions is december thirty first so these are some of the things i mean i. I don't know if you have any more but you know in talking about this. I mean i think one of the key things is making sure you wanna go and what we call find. The money redo that that exercise is try to find some of these things where you can you. You don't necessarily need. You're spending money on a regular basis like subscriptions and you can start there right. I mean we they mention the word leakage acreage so you want to eliminate leakage from sam's just freaking out over that word right now but you know you got leakage in your portfolio or you're spending up you wanna wanna patch those holes up because like i said earlier. It's not just the amount that you save on stuff. You're not needing in your life but it's also the taxes that you save not having to make the money money to pay for something you don't use right right and can also think about this on reachout not just subscriptions but critically think with yourself your spouse and your kids do. We really need cable. You can cut the cable. Can you just go ahead and just order internet services every single month and just stick with internet services and and utilize those as though subscription desire because what we're finding is that not only are they utilizing the hulu the netflix but they also have cable same time right. I mean there's there's plenty of services coming online lying where you can get some of the it's the same programming that you can you can get through traditional service providers through streaming videos. You may not get them all but you get enough <hes> and <hes> you know there is the old antenna as well the old antenna yet and now and now those towns are digital so you get a lot more channels and programming. There's just as high definition as anything else now surprise. I actually saw one the other day and actually the other week and it was amazing. I mean the the quality was really amazing. Like you said said i been technologies. That's point. Oh yeah yeah you know so yeah. That's it for today. Let me just one more thing. Though sam part part of the aim is to be frugal all right but at the same time we're not saying poor and destitute. You've got to have a balance okay. You know make sure you are enjoying life but <hes> you know being as as optimal as possible caps. Luli are great job today. Guys i loved it and you're absolutely right. <hes> just a small fact act in pretty sure it's still true over the air h._d. Is actually crisper and cleaner and a better picture in what you're getting through any type of cable system because it has to go through all their processes to get to you were the ones that you're getting over the air off just a regular land antenna into a digital t._v. It's which is one signal pure and simple and it's clean. It's a better picture. That's how i watch. All my football makes sense makes absolutely man. I like that. Thank you guys so much for your time today. Thank you all right and thank you for listening to the financial liberty project podcast with samuel gasping kokomo. If you've not subscribe to the podcast yet please click subscribe now button below. This salmon coast come out with a new podcast. It'll show up directly on. You're listening device. This makes it much easier to share these podcasts with your friends and family again. Thanks you're listening today for everyone at the financial aid project. This is eric johnson reminding you to live your best day every day and we'll see you next time. It's that time again for the call of the open. Road makes fits way we hope good fortune fines you on your own personal road and until next time we thank you for listening to the financial liberty podcast. Click the subscribe button below to be notified when new episodes become available <music>.

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Ep 143: The Owner of DCs Nubian Hueman Boutique is Revolutionizing What it Means to Buy Black (w/Anika Hobbs)

Side Hustle Pro

46:58 min | 1 year ago

Ep 143: The Owner of DCs Nubian Hueman Boutique is Revolutionizing What it Means to Buy Black (w/Anika Hobbs)

"So we wanna make sure that we have something that's unique. And reflects as culture words, ideas ingredients and patterns that really reflects us as people of color or black people is really important for us things that you will not find at urban outfitters or anthropology or h. Into side-hustle. Pro the podcast that teaches you to build and grow your side hustle from passion project to profitable business, and I'm your host Kayla. Matthews Akot may salons get started. Hey, guys. Welcome. Welcome back to the show to say indicates chair. We have a Nika hops, the founder of Nubian, human Nubian human is a social enterprise that specializes in sourcing, unique goods fashion and art by designers, representing the global task FRA it has become a catalyst for culture community and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world and serving as a means to promote collective interaction, community development and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic brick and mortar platform Nubian humid has worked with over four hundred artists in thirty countries across six different continents to date, and it has also received recognition from our forever. President Barack Obama the Washington Post NPR and most recently Forbes, welcome to the guest chair nica. Thank. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I am so happy to have you here. Now, first things first gave us a peek in your own words into the life of a nica. What would you like everyone to know? And when were you bitten by the entrepeneurship bug? Oh, man. So I guess some things about me is that I had a crazy background my background is not actually in retail. So where I started was pretty much. I went to school for interior architecture graduated from Syracuse university a while ago and. And when I got out of school. My mom was like, you know, these bills are coming in you need to be able to pay these loans. So I started working for H M as a sales associate, you know, which for me was already like I have this big degree from Syracuse. But I didn't have a portfolio. I didn't have a resume. I didn't have the connections. So I started working with age really really when they were really really young in the US when you say interior architecture. What was when you majored in that what what was it that you wanted to do? I wanted to become a non I still want to become an architect. But I wanted to become I was going to school for architecture. So it's technically environmental design. So we pretty much learn how to build in design the interior of spaces. Right. So you started working at H AM. And I know that had to like you said it was not what you expected to do after you graduate from visa recuse university. So how long did you work for H them? And how. How were you navigate your career as he worked for them where you're trying to get out or were you just rising within the company I worked for them for a let with eleven years, and they were so new to the USO. It was kind of like a different company than it is now so it was so much smaller that we really close to see owes corporate all of that is based in Sweden, and you know, when they used to open stores, they would bring over people from Germany, Sweden, Allport Europe, New York because the store that opened in Boston was like the ace store, and they have well over three hundred stores at this point. So one thing that I didn't really know about at the time was because my background wasn't in retail was visual merchandising, and because I had designed degree. I was really really interested in visual merchandising, so not long after being a sales associate. Did. I become a visual merchandiser. What exactly was what is visual merchandiser? So pretty much. We're the ones that make the store look. Pretty so all of that like, you know, how the clothing is laid out by color combinations. Styling mannequins all the floor layout of the fixtures and things like that. That's what we're responsible for. So that the high look vision of the company were supposed to implement in our individual stores, isn't it funny. How your background in architecture? You might not have wanted to be visual merchandiser. But I'm sure that also kind of came into play as you were doing that it did. And that was one of the things that allowed me to actually grow in the company. So I spent probably two and a half years as a visual merchandiser opening stores. So I would every two weeks I would be in another state. So I would be like in San Francisco than I'll be in. Chicago been Toronto opened their first store in China. And it was just like a lot of traveling in using my skills that I didn't think that I could use to apply to my new career. So that was really really awesome. That does sound awesome. One other thing about that, you know, because I don't wanna gloss over this. And I think it's so important to your broader story is that this visual merchandising, it is so important like they're literally h names that are my favorite chimps because I know go in there, and there's something about the experience. But what it is the store has been merchandise that I want to shop. But if it's too crowded or cluttered, or I can't immediately. See a look presented to me. Then it's like, okay. I'm just I'm overwhelmed. I'm leaving. So it's so to getting people to shop to have a good visual merchandiser. Yeah. A lot of people don't know that especially coming into a brick and mortar retail space. So like one of the people that we studied in college was Papua Underhill. He wrote a few books on basically the psychology of people in space. So how color the sound smells, even like the thickness of your carpet. Like what that does for people coming in and out of your space. Does it turn? In their feet to the left in does that make them feel uncomfortable? I've just always been fascinated by that process people in space. So luckily that fifty thousand dollars a year did pay off. Agreer? Yes now when did the seeds for Nubian human start taking Rupe? You know? It's really interesting because when I graduated and I started working agent in. There was myself and one of my best friends were still really really close now and a sore of mine sh we we would come together we were just all like we want to start businesses. So it was probably really early out of college that was like working at agent, and I'm like coming into the stores, and I'm like, you know, we're always dealing with, you know, pencil skirts in blouses and pants, but in my travels, I would find like amazing amazing, jewelry and fashion by all of these independent artists. And my thing was, you know, when I try to find them again, I wouldn't be able to in this before you know, when everybody had their own website. So it was kind of like, how do I find everyone? And I was like I'm gonna make my own store all these beautiful things that I really. I really love that everybody keeps asking about. So really early on. I would say I started to get that bug. Like, we would start to read business books together like black enterprise business book that was like the first one we read, and we just kind of kept telling each other accountable to our dreams. That's so awesome to have that. So it was kind of like a little mastermind guys. We're keeping each other countable now when that seed start to take root what plan did you start to put into action? What pieces did you know you wanted to have together before you started this? I think for me was was I was, you know, heavy on the creative design side because I was right at a school. That was you know, because I was basically dealing with artists visual merchandisers. But as a business person, I didn't really have an understanding of that process. So even as I grew with agent know, once I became, you know, like store manager like visual manager of a store in the district. I just really focus. On learning the business side, you know, like how many units per transactions? Should we have was the average dollar sales? How do we measure success in? How do we create business goals in? So I would take classes I did like score which they didn't really understand, you know, it's kind of like old white men who didn't. Can you break down? What score stands for again. I know we've a few guests I've mentioned, but I always like to remind. I actually I'm not sure what score what the acronym of score. Is here. Look it up while you speak you guys. So, you know, real time real time action right now share what it provides each city. Yes. A wet there. There is a location city. So basically, they're more. So like retired business people who who dedicate their time to those at wanna get into business. So they help with like your business plan your marketing plan if you don't understand counting. How to understand a profit and loss statement balance sheet? So basically, they kind of help you build your business. They give you resources and things like that. Okay. I don't think stands for anything you guys. But yes. Courthouse. Small businesses and provides all these resources and right now, you know, actually, no friends who volunteer for score work with score. So it's not just old people anymore. I mean in the early. So that's good. What kind you took some classes with score? Yeah. And I would just, you know, basically, it was it was a huge conflict of interest was taking these classes in getting this advice at night because I was in retail. It was it was a conflict of interest. But you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. But yet, and I mean anything throughout the business. I would just Bank that information. So with agent immuno were sitting in our meetings in you know, we go over with a country level teams. We would go over information. I was just pretty much learning like process, you know, like you learn what how they work through their season. How do they work with old stock? How do they come up with new brands would do they need to activate a campaign? Like, I said because of the time it was so small you were able to see so much in learned a lot from the entire team there from store level to corporate level because we were so close and also with the company also relocated. So I knew that I wanted to be where newbie human is focused on people of colors. I wanted to be. I was located in Boston. That's where I'm from. And I wanted to be further down south, my family is from Alabama. So they're further down south end. I wanted. To be in a community that looked like me. I wanted basically, you know athlete that the store the mission in everything is sit surrounded south with people of color. Yeah. So they were to relocate me to Atlanta or DC, and I chose DC. So that's how I ended up there for H relocated. You in a as you were you mentioned that you open the Boston store as you were doing that where you'll see also making note of what it takes the real estate side of brick and mortar what it takes to choose a location. Make sure it's a prime location in all of that. Yeah. That was a huge part of the process. I was looking at retail spaces in Boston in that time knew at that point that I wanted to be further down south because in Boston there really wasn't the space that I was looking for within the communities that I wanted to be in though. I just figured like down south would have a larger basically impact of what you know, what why was trying to do. So now about how long did it take you from the time you relocated to DC to actually physically open newbie human? So I came to DC in two thousand at the end two thousand nine in. I opened Nubian human stop working for in two thousand twelve I took a year off in the opened in two thousand thirteen so it took about four years, but it was a great opportunity to learn the retail market here. So it's it's different in every state. You know, so I was able to really learn through eight and a half dollars. You know, how staff works in the DC area the DMV area, which I didn't know before. So DC Virginia Maryland stores with stores that I had once I moved down here is the district manager and just learning. They're hiring process in how people work. I was used to Boston. I was used to New York, which is quick fast. You know, like get it done. But it's further south. So it's a little bit different. So I got to learn that while I was you know, since I've been here. So I took that. And then I elected twenty twelve I would you do you mentioned you take a year old? So how did you prepare for your leave? Did you have a lot in savings at that time and then to support yourself while you the store wasn't bringing income. It didn't even was fully developed yet. And then you still working for for each nominee more. Right. So pretty much. My dad was really really good acceding. So he taught me how to to save money like basically live below your means. So because I was traveling so much I would get paid per diem. You know, so they would feed me pretty much for lunch breakfast dinner, and then any type of transportation needs. And you know, I mean, I don't eat like a hundred dollars a day while traveling. So I would save it. So. Oh for pretty much. I would say for about eight years out of the eleven years that I was there. I was saving and because I became a district manager. I was a district manager for about four five years. We had a company car we had a company cell phone. So there was just things that I could just I wasn't driving my personal car. I could have the most basic cell phone plan because I had company foam though, I was able to just save a lot. So when I left I had about forty thousand dollars in cash savings how and when did you know, it was time to pull that trigger and leave? My goodness. I'm you know, it was it was it was a really pivotal point for me. So my dad lived in New Mexico at the time, and he was really really sick. So I had to move him to Maryland. Which is where I live in. That was a huge process for me because I was out of work for about a month in a half getting him set up and getting him back. Well, and when I. Returned had a new had a new boss, and he was pretty much like I need you to give one hundred twenty five percent. And after coming off with a, you know time that I had with my dad, and then we also had the biggest district at the time. So we had the most doors. It was close to thirty stores that we were managing. It was kind of like, I just don't have it. And I told him the best I can give you a hundred percent, but anything past that I can't do. And I just knew that. This was a new manager who came in with fire, and I just didn't have it. And I kinda felt that way before you know, I've been a district manager for a while in the next position that they wanted me in was in New York, and I couldn't move to New York because I had just moved my dad, so which would have been the perfect job because it was basically laying out the it was doing the interior architecture. You know, the drawings and stuff for new stores, which is like what I went to school for. But I wasn't able to take that job in kind of felt like I was at a dead. End in my energy was tired salves. Like next day. I came in and I gave him my letter you while and when you say your energy was tired, but you still had this fire for your business idea. Oh, yeah. I mean that was new, you know, and I always felt like I had fire for the mice staff in my team. They worked really hard for me at HMO, you know, some of them I actually hired for new being human. But look at that. But. You know, I just I did have a fire for that. I knew that. There was a market. I knew that there was an opportunity for. So I didn't see it around me at the time. It wasn't as popular as it is now. So that's labs like need to get on this. And you know, I would talk with my controller who basically is the accountant for your district. So we would work hand in hand. So I'd be like can I go now in so he would basically break down. The math remains like I think it's a good time in. I'm like, I'm out a right foot. Speaking of breaking down the math in a good time. Now, what was always interesting to me is okay. It's one thing to save. But was there stress when she left and you're saving starts to dwindle. You know? What did you do? How did you feel as you're starting this new business concept and its depleting the savings? Yeah. Good question. I so for little bit outside. I think maybe three or four months out of the year. I actually started working for restoration hardware. Okay. Because I got so nervous seeing. The account go down that I was like, oh, man. I need to do something because I'm still paying rent. I still have to eat. I still have car insurance. So I started working for them for like four months, which was really really great because I got to learn about hard goods. I got to learn about basically luxury because I was so used to fast fashion, and they have a really great culture, really really great culture that it's really really inspiring. So I learned a laughing in that short amount of time. But yet I had to work. I was like I need to to work quick. So I mean, the forty thousand obviously wasn't all gone, but I needed still start up money. And, you know, one of the one thing I love about this fact that you worked for retail and initially as someone who graduates from, you know, private university or just college in general, it's almost it's looked down upon but these are businesses that were founded by people like this. This is another place where you can be on the ground learning. There is no job. That is beneath anyone like there's something to learn from that. And now look at you starting would could be the next H M restoration hardware. You know what I mean? And so kudos to you girl. Now, let's talk about the early days. So you quit your working your you keeping up the cash flow. What were you doing to start new being human where you sourcing? You know, researching locations where you starting to source artists at that point. Yes, all of that. So I was pretty much like scouring everything I could I was going to you know, a bunch of events learning about artists I was going to university. So, you know, spend time at Howard University that time it area from beads Bharti. She was our first I ever and. Yeah, I was pretty much working on getting the name out there and a built had a website built which was like probably not this martis thing to do. 'cause I spent close. Lsa like a thousand dollars on a logo and a website and the website couldn't even take like online orders. This makes. And then I learned shop by when you thirty dollars a month. I mean, you living learner. Yes. Exactly. So you were online first. So when did you decide to open a brick and mortar? So, you know, actually, I wanted a brick and mortar before online and everybody was like, no, you gotta have a website. So I was like, okay. But but yet so not long at probably about seven eight months after I became online is when opened the brick and mortar, but I spent a lot of time like hustling like I was pretty much. I was making my own jewelry, which was not good at all. Like, it's not good people still wear it. I'm like, I can't believe those airings still held together. They're not falling apart L Y. Gosh, I started with one was like a feather earing, and they were just kinda like hot glued together. And if it rain it was like goodbyes, he of Iran like it was bad. But you know, some of them were pretty good. But what was the original concept? This is a marketplace for goods and artists across Africa's, bro. Yeah. I mean, I would go to bam. Every summer in Brooklyn. Bam is. It's the Brooklyn arts museum. They have a dance festival is African dance festival every year. And I would go to like their marketplace. Every summer, I think it might be in July. Maybe and back then it was so huge and people were doing the contemporary looks on car like fifteen years ago, you know, twenty years ago. Nobody really knows that. But because it wasn't as huge here in the states over Instagram was like big. Yeah. Yeah. It was before all of that. So I would see brands like, Harry, it's our to ego. She was doing you know, pieces that were already like that. And I'm like man, like, how do I get this to the masses? That was my thing is like how to how do we get people to know though, you know, my thing was just like being out there. Talking to these artists getting their information, even in because social media became the internet. Help the world to kinda. Become small. It was like, you know, reach out to artists like Tina, LA Bondi. She's located in the UK in London. You know, she was one of the first designers that we had in the store, and it was just like can I buy your stuff and she's like okay in in? That was it. You know, there was no real process to it at the time. And how does it work as far as the process of actually fulfilling the goods to the customer? Are you the middle person? Or is it strictly you're connecting them to artists in it? Then it's happening and they're responsible for fulfillment. Yeah. I mean before before I had a buyer on my team. It was pretty much me reaching out to artists speaking directly to them, and then them sending a line sheet or pictures of whatever they had and then I'm just straight buying from them. But you know, as we've gotten bigger now that I have a buyer. You know, we talk about we negoti were able to negotiate pricing about working on shipping international shipping, which is huge for us. So it's a little bit of a diff-. Process. Now, we actually have a purchasing agreement that might turn is created. So this is a real process, and as you were starting out the online process and people started buying things like that. Were you ever intimidated by the whole brick and mortar aspect of it because that takes a chunk out of the revenue? Yeah. I mean, it was huge. You didn't. He really can't don't realize how quickly money goes when to start buying inventory. But opening a store was not scary part because I had spent all those years with agent him opening stores. Also, I knew that process. The scary part was like, okay. So how do we stay open? You know, how do we stay relevant? Oh, I literally would be out in the streets out be at the store all day in if there were events at Howard University. If it's homecoming, I was that girl that was at the lead out passing out fliers. I don't care if it was cold any party that new was happening any event, I was there passing out flyers or I was bending, and I was bending like anywhere that I could just so people knew the name that was like the biggest thing for me anywhere in the DMV. I needed people to know the name of Nubian human, especially before I even opened it was kind of like a big ramp up. Like, we're opening a store opening a store. So when we did over. The doors. We had a really great turnout. Tell us about this face because this is this is not your average space. This ain't no h nem. This is no restoration hardware. So walk the listeners through like give them a visual and just the aroma and the aura of when they step through the doors of Nubian human. Yes. A we tried to basically make space of black excellence. So from the smell you smell soaps from buying soaps, which you know, I said on radio it, smells like happen. So you fighting mango grapefruit black so you can smell the shape butters, you can smell everything. And you know, we make sure that we have music that we can all connect to you know. So it's awesome to see people singing afro beads, or, you know, singing, do it's you know, we really make sure that we connect people on the the sonic part of it too. And then just visually. It's we really liked to have order. We like to have things where they're supposed to. Be a lot of our stores by color combinations departments. And we'd like for people on average people spend about twenty five minutes in the store because we want you to stay pick up. Turn it around smell it. Read the label ask questions, let's talk about with that print came from. Let's talk about the ingredients in this product in how it can help you. So for us customer services, huge we know that as people of color, we kinda have this, you know, label of not providing good customer service. So we want you to feel like you're at home. You have a conversation with the sister brother, and we're here to support you in connect you, and you know, basically make you feel good about where you're voting your dollar to be. So that's our big. Did you utilize any funding resources to open up the space? I didn't actually so that all of that was basically from my father did lend me a few thousand dollars, which I had to pay back. See that is the difference between us and some other entrepreneurship show. Right. We got we got to give that back. But then just pretty much use my savings than anything that the store brought in put right back into the company. So I didn't start paying myself until like probably a year or so ago we've been in business for five years. So yeah. But I am at this point looking into other options because we're opening a storm Baltimore. What would you say are your biggest categories, and how do you manage the inventory? Now, you have a buyer you mentioned that, but how do you make it? So that your customers know what to expect? So we do a lot of study in research. So we look at our numbers a lot. You know, we try to understand the customer journey as much as possible. We try to understand what they like when they buy it. So you know for us. It was like I would buy all this clothing in the holiday season thinking that people wanna buy clothing, but during that time people are looking for gifts. So then, you know, we kind of altered shifted how we do our buying during the seasons our peak season for a lot of people when it comes to apparel. You know is the holidays, but for us it's the summer because when people think about African fabric on crowd. I think summer they think spring or summer so for us, we have increased apparel. Purchasing in the summer. So a lot of it is just really thinking about how does our customer by. And then online we realized you know, like clothing a little bit harder for us to sell a line. So we really focused on having more of the beauty products and a gifts online. So any of the homeware candles things. Like that we ended up turning a lot better on online stores, and when did you incorporate the events. Honestly, we opened in September. October was our first it was our first trunk show. You know, just as you as soon as you get in you realize if nobody's coming in the new kind of have dead space. Right. No. You can't just look at your physical space is just for this one thing it has to be a multi stream space. So I was like, okay. We'll let start having shrunk shows. And then let's start having private events and then book readings and things like that. So what could we continuously do to get people in the store? So literally the for the month after I opened our first trunk shown. I think that is so smart because foot traffic is something that Oprah can mortars a struggle with right now. And if you're not giving a compelling reason for people to come into your store. It's like they won't know that any of those things are there. Now once they're there. They'll happily buy stuff because they're like, oh, I didn't know this was here. But how do you get them there? Especially with the challenge of you know, were already east of the river, which is, you know, not the heart of DC in across the river. But we're still in DC, and they were inside of a building east of the river. So they are couple barriers to entry that were completely aware of. So that's why events became really huge for us to when you were thinking of when you're looking for a location. What made you settle in that location and the neighborhood itself was important to you to be in that specific neighborhood. You know, I was looking in different. So actually, I was looking in Maryland for a little while in that was looking in another part of DC for a very long time in there was nowhere that kinda was like, okay. This is where I feel really really good at that. I didn't have to do a lot of work in. And so my mentor was like will want to try the anacostia art centers. I said, okay. I'll try there which is totally interesting thing because about a year and a half before I had actually signed. My least there I had done a vending event inside that space had no idea that it will end up going to be. But they had totally renovated. It was turn key. And it was just really really great opportunity for someone who was just learning brick and mortar. So it was it was a perfect opportunity. So yet, so since then we've we've expanded we've doubled the size of our space through a grant that we received, but was definitely like a good opportunity. Okay. And was that grant the those something you apply for was it through another organization like score? No, it was actually through DC DC government. So we applied for the grant it's called the great DC grey streets grant, which is four brick and mortar stores and we received fifty thousand dollars to make some capital improvements. So that's awesome. Yeah. It helped allot it helps a lot the face any mental or physical roadblock through this whole process. You know, you sound. Very resilient and also very determined. Like, you were just one track mind tunnel vision. Let's get this open. But were there any roadblocks that made you ever just feel like quitting or like it wouldn't happen? Not so much on this side of the opening part. I think some of the mental roadblocks as far as like once I was opened was you know, like, how do I stay cool in? How do I manage all of this? How do I manage so much? So, you know, you're the sales associate your the store manager. You're the customer service person managing online. I think a lot of times like for me for a while. I didn't really realize like your online store is actually a store, and you also have your brick and mortar stores you have to stores, and I didn't look at it like that. So it was kind of like I was stretched in a lot of different places. And from me is just a lot of mental fatigue. You know, learning your accounting like math is so huge in retail that you know, it was like bookkeeping I was falling behind on taxes. I was falling behind on especially in DC when you have a brick and mortar there so many diffe-. Different taxes that come throughout the year Utah. You're like, oh my gosh. How to keep up? So I think for me it was a mental fatigue of like, just handling everything, you know. And I think also because I'm an only child, and I'm you know, there's a certain way of how I like things instead of hiring people. I would just do it all myself. That really burns me out it continues to sometimes but burn me out, really bad. Now would point. Did you change that trying to do everything yourself? I would say probably about a year end I hired a sales associate and she worked there part time which allowed me to not be at the desk all the time. And so I was able to have like, you know, breakouts. Lots of time that I didn't have you know, to to be interrupted uninterrupted time to work on the things like the books in the research and things like that that helped me a lot. I think also once I started having a buyer as well because that negotiation that talking process with independent artists is completely different than when you're buying from somebody who's really well established. So tell us a little bit more about what the buyer does for the business. And would you recommend it for other boutique owners? So what are buyer does? She pretty much research is what is out there. And she handles the congress the conversation person liaison between myself in that artist in so she also filters through because we get a lot of people wanting to be a newbie human in. We probably only take about thirty percent of those at actually applied was so she kinda filters through all of all of the applications and things like that. She also supports with working with artists on like what we need in. What will also help them to scale? So, you know, a lot of don't know what a line sheet is. So we have a conversation about what that looks like or even figuring out their cost of goods and wholesale pricing. We talk through that process as well. So she helps with that part of it. And then like I said we do a lot with our numbers. So we break down our numbers. How much does it cost for shipping per item? What is taxes on this? You know, any type of that anything like that? We have. Pay. She does that process for us. That's such an important point because we won't get into. I mean, I mean we could into the breaking down of. How do you price for wholesale? How do you figure out what your cost of goods sold is? And the thing that I love about what you're doing with new being human. You know, I've heard you say that it's kind of like, you were focused on building wealth through the creative economy, and one of the things that we need to know in order to build wealth is what it takes us to produce a product what is actually profit, you know, like every single thing we spend money on in the process, and then we need to know how to scale that. Right. So how do you look at Newby inhuman in the larger scheme of helping with building wealth through the creative economy? I think for me, it's it's figuring out where the holes are when it when it comes to certain things, I think you know in the beginning. It was like I just wanna have a store. And you know, now, it's become like I want to build out an incubator because I understand that there's a need a specific type of incubators there's a lot of incubators out there. But I wanna be very specific in intentional with what happens through that. And then after that, how do we support them in that scaling process with getting access to other batiks that may be interested in holding their product. So I think it's for me. It's about seeing the gaps building the pipelines in order for us to to keep it going beyond just the small moments of interactions between each other. I think that's what's important for me like building that long wealth is not just about having this one quick moment of me buying your goods in. But how to build a relationship that we grow and you eat do that with everyone. But at least if you will get a good amount than you've done, your part and on that same topic. A lot of people lose money. In the first few years of their business. What it what was your experience, especially as you started to hire? You know, that was always a really scary thing. You know, like if I spend the money can actually buy more inventory, but then maybe this person could actually bring in you know, it was a hard balance. But you know, for the first couple of years, we were very very lean. I was very very lean on how I built my business. And then I would. So the profitability was actually pretty decent which is not normal for a new business or new store, we actually did have minimal, but we have profit. And then I would say between years three and four we lost a bit because I started hiring more people. But then also when we went through the construction phase, which is something I didn't account for you know, the store had closed with still was dusty or we didn't have as much inventories with that kinda hurt us a bit. So with the you know, it's it's been up and down thing. But you know, as of now, we are profitable business, which is really important, otherwise I can't keep doing it. But. Congratulations. Thank you. But I think a lot of it is is just, you know, knowing your audience knowing what people like knowing how lonely like it for. I think also for us. It's like not being scared to have product that was made by us that has our brand on it. I don't wanna be a designer at do any of that. But if the cost is low, and you create it do it like, Jill, fill the gap is what's important ios. And speaking of products, what do you look for you mentioned a lot of people pitch, Nubian, humid. So what are you looking for? What is the criteria? How do you pass the tests? So we really obviously, you know, we try to make sure that, you know, the founder or at least fifty percent is black owned or minority owned, and then we also look for quality goods. So basically if you were to look at us allow people categorizes as luxury retailer because of our price point. So we wanna make sure that we have quality that matches our price point also something that unique in reflected in reflects us as. Culture. So things that we can relate to words in in ideas, and ingredients and patterns that really reflect us as people of color or black people is really important for us things that you will not find at urban outfitters or at the policy or agent them, and what's next for Nubian human. So we're opening like a so we're opening our second store in Baltimore, which is really exciting at the end of the summer. You're actually the first no so son appro exclusively. Zoa really excited about that. You know, we've got some great artists in Baltimore. So we're glad to would just excited to be able to bring artists up there in partner with artists. There were also working on a non-profit side of the work that we do the we already kinda do everybody keeps saying you do the work. You just need to be a nonprofit. So we're actually building out the nonprofit arm in order to really really hone in on supporting businesses of color were also working on a couple like apps and things like that to kind of help artists with getting bigger reach to a bigger audience. So I love that. Now one thing I want to touch on before we jump into the lightning round is personal sacrifice. So you have a physical location. You basically have to businesses as you said because of the online the physical location nine you're opening a nonprofit and a new location and. And I'm all for it. Because like I said, I want us to be, you know, the the next great big retail brand owned by a black woman. But when do you get to network? Yeah. We're still working on that. So you know, what the interesting is is like you have for me. It's like I have to realize the I'm still working. Sometimes, you know, I'll go places, and I'm like will let me go here because it inspires me. I just really wanna like or I'll pick up things at a new type of store like we just had our biggest event, which is the black love experience on like let me go to restaurant depot, which is so exciting for me. Just to see stuff in bulk. I don't know why. But you know, that was still business. Even though I'm so I do think it's really important that you do have that work life harmony. I dunno if a balance is necessarily possible, but some sort of harmony with it, I would say the most time that I really don't work during sleep. But I love what I do. I genuinely love what God has shown me to do here in. So, you know, very rarely does it actually feel like work. I get tired. I do get burnt out. But I still love it. You know, my purpose is greater than just like opening doors selling clothes. So it is something that I do need to work on you. Do you do sacrifice? You know, I told my girlfriend's like I need to be better a better front to you. So that something that I'm focusing on you know, my dad passed away. So my mom, you know, I'm like, I need to be a better daughter to my mom, you know, like honorable each out. So I really do focus on try to be a better person to those than I am close to because that's important. They they're, you know, they're my rock. They support me. But we're not going to end this question with you be down on yourself because kit. Well, do the best we can. And I, you know, I feel that one hundred percent sometimes it's looking up be like, I wanna be better at X and something my husband tells me, which is helpful is that, you know, you don't need to be a plus it everything like the go getter in us will sometimes field so terrible. If we're be minus b plus in some areas, but it is, you know, it's maybe an in in high school and college. There's times when you can get straight as but in life is more important than the strays in. I think it's also important to get away. So like, you know in next week, I'll be Jamaica for about a week in half. And I'm just like, you know, you do need to vacate you do need to stop because you will have done it. Like, you will burn out at some point. If you're just always always doing any. You're no good to your business. If you're burnt out. You know, like, they need you. So yeah. Yeah. I'm glad already so now Trump into the mining around. You just answer the very first thing that comes to mind, you ready ready? All right, number one, would is a resource that has helped you in your business that you can share with the side hustle pro audience. I would say one thing for me was reading reading helps a lot. So like I read retail math very early in the game. And that completely helped me understand my business. That was huge. See I was gonna next question was been the best business book or podcast episode. That you've consumed this year. How I built this is my favorite this. It's an NPR podcast one one of my favorites. Yeah. People mentioned that. And that's the one I was saying like you don't hear about people giving back the money on how I felt. How I felt. Do you never knew? All right. Number three. What is a non negotiable part of your morning routine? You know, I don't really have the greatest morning routine. But I would say the Nanako Chaba for me is rest like have to sleep like at all. You gotta get your seventy hours of rest. I did that whole like no rest grind to you know, salt in it doesn't work. So rest is non-negotiable for me. Number four would is a personal habit. That has helped you significantly in your business. I would say asking for feedback. So when because you're the business owner, or the CEO whatever a lot of times, there's nobody to give you feedback you're giving everybody else feedback. But for me, it's like feedback for is really important from those you work with those in and outside of your business like that. And finally would is your party advice for fellow women entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss, but are worried about losing the steady paycheck. I would say try small try lean. I think that's really important like you don't have to like leave your fulltime job. If you can find a way to do what you're doing a small level. And then do it enough to grow it? So that it becomes profitable. And then leave your job like it doesn't have to be this big leap that everybody thinks you have to do. It doesn't have to work like that. I have -solutely. And so with that any co working people connect with you connect with Nubian human after the show. Yes. So we're located online Nubian human dot com in its H U E M A N dot com were also located in southeast DC at twelve thirty one Good Hope road inside the anacostia art center in soon coming to west Reed street in Baltimore, Maryland. So look out for that Ararat in with that guys there you have it. Maybe I'll see you there. If you're a DC. Lease. Thank you so much for being in the guest here. Having me. Guys. Thanks for listening to side, hustle pro. If you wanna hear more from me head on over to side-hustle pro Desi force last side-hustle corner to get my weekly side-hustle diaries chronicles about my own journey from passion project profitable business that if you wanna find me online at side-hustle pro on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, no forget to join the site house of pro Facebook community, put aside hustle protests. See oh, four slash mastermind. And as always if you have the show to me a favor and subscribe rate and review on I tunes. Thanks, guys. Talk to you next week.

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How to sell your product to enterprise customers with Michelle Bacharach

Product Hunt Radio

29:01 min | 11 months ago

How to sell your product to enterprise customers with Michelle Bacharach

"Hey everyone it's advocacy your host of product Hunt Radio. I'm joined by the founders investors and makers that are shaping the future of. Tuck IN THIS EPISODE. I speak to Michelle Becker. The CEO and founder of Fine Fine Line is a retail technology company that uses machine learning to scale the currently manual anti-drug process of product. Curation find mine boasts impressive clients like Adidas and Perry Ellis in this interview. We DIVE INTO THE CHALLENGING WORLD OF ENTERPRISE SALES. Many of you makers have two products. So I know you'RE GONNA learn a ton from Michelle. She shares insight into the early days of building fine line and the tactics that successfully helped her win over her very first business clients and close more. Enterprise deals enjoy building. Good products takes a long time. Everyone knows that a lot of time goes into trouble shooting your APPS pre and post deployment now with has been the world's first connected intelligence platform DEV teams. Qa and product teams can save countless hours with unified testing monitoring and analytics across applications devices and networks head. Spin accelerates time to market and optimizes the performance and functionality of your digital experiences enabled by Mobile Web. Iot and five G. technologies learn more at www dot head spin dot io Michelle. Thank you so much for being on the show. I've been really excited to interview and find out more about your product. Find Mine funnily enough. Your name came up when I sent a tweet asking what makers I should bring on the show so thanks to a diverse for bringing Michelle to product. Tent radio Since you have a very unique product I thought it might be fun for me to just start off by getting you to talk about sign mine and what you do shore. So we're enterprise software solution for consumer facing brands and retailers and our software is actually helping to scale out what those organizations are doing internally by hand so the content that they're creating manually to help guide shoppers with how to be successful with the products that they're buying is something that we are using She learning and Automation TO SCALE OUT. So as an example Our clients include fashion brands and retailers that sell clothing and you might be shopping on a website and see a shirt and it will show you the pants in the shoes in the bag in the jacket that. I'll go with that shirt to help you understand. How would I wear this Day What could I wear with if I wanted to take it to work where it's work and usually that's being programmed manually? By someone called merchandiser within the fashion organization. Marketers might send out email campaigns. You know we just had Chinese New Year might have been an email campaign like all. The different looks with read that you could wear for Chinese New Year Dinner. 'cause reds kind of lucky color during Chinese New Year but a marketer was usually having to create that campaign by hand so what our technology is doing is actually predicting what those people merchandisers marketers personal shopping teams would do if they were to create a complete outfit by hand a furniture that if there are home furnishings company. A makeup look or a beauty regimen Therapeutic Company. What would they create if they were to sit down and do it by hand to help guide him or so that you know how to be successful with this face cream or with this couch or whatever you're buying so essentially what we're doing is we're trying to close information gap between a customer? Who is not an expert right in everything that they could be buying and the brand who is an expert at what they're selling and we're doing that in a way that's actually scalable so that the customer gets better information. They spend more money. The brands happier. They make more revenue on. They also have a longer lifetime value from that customer and they save time because they don't have to have those merchandisers marketers manually curing this content all the time trying to guide their customer raise. This is incredible. I think what's so interesting about your product is it's one which has a touch of complexity to it just because you're working across all two different types of verticals but when you took that beat to explain it ensure examples. I realized Oh benefit from companies using your tools because it is difficult you know I think the last time I just tried to find new outfit for work or whatever and it's quite easy to immediately be overwhelmed by the options available and I guess as a consumer. I don't spend a ton of time thinking about what happens when I click on that blouse and suddenly I'm being suggested the best pair of trousers or shoes or boots or whatever to go with it so it's quite interesting to hear about that and I guess the reason I wanted to draw out was to ask you how you stumbled across this challenge that retailers faced was it being in the industry yourself or was it. You're as a consumer trying to create experience that you prefer that you did not see out there. It was the latter actually so as a consumer by all sorts of things all the time and I had all these frustrating experiences where I would buy the product that I knew I wanted or would have stripe strike of inspiration for something that I really wanted and I was like. Oh that's cool Then I'd buy it but then there was this whole like after-sale struggle that I I couldn't figure out how to be the most successful with that product and then I would have to sit in my closet or I would return it or sometimes I miss my return window but then like now ended up using it in donate it. I don't throw my stuff away. And but a lot of people do could end up in a landfill and that just bummed me out because I spent the money on at the time by it and if I wasn't able to kind of be successful in success depends on what product you're talking about right so of course. This shirt success means like wearing it outside and getting compliments on. Hopefully if it's a you know a couch it means like it's in my living room and I feel good about the way it looks. A couch is really hard to return. So if you buy a couch and you didn't really think through how was all going to work and it's like in your living room now and you like I could return this giant thing and spend a whole bunch of money doing it and time and effort or I could just learn to live with it find. Maybe you learn to live with it. But you don't love that couch and you don't love Clear apartment so you sort of have this negative feeling towards the brand that sold to you might feel like Oh like. I don't know if I'M GONNA buy anything from them anymore. So essentially I had that experience. My life is a consumer more often than I was comfortable with and I was like you know whoever selling me this couch knows how to it look good. Why didn't I get that information? And when I started looking into why wasn't getting this guidance from the brands and retailers telling me products all the time. That's when I realized there's this big bottle lack that all the people who work there one. Give me this information. They just have a bunch of stuff on their plate. And they don't have all the time in the world to create a complete furniture steph every single product in their store. Bright THAN DOC. Changes from time to time they get new products in the seasons. Change like there's so much variance in the world. They couldn't possibly keep up with it. It's not really their fault but it doesn't really solve the problem that I'm not going to feel great about this brand if I buy a couch and I don't love it or if I return something or if I just don't buy it in the first place because I'm like well normally now. When he got that much use out of it absolutely. I always love. When makers experiences are directly inform what they deal with On I just wonder what then were the challenges you faced as you started building. Let's say the earlier versions of Fine Mine and then started having carbon relations with these enterprise companies that now became your clients. What were some of the challenges of just trying to better understand the other side of the table? I think that once I figured out that the retailers and brands have this problem became a lot easier for. Initially we were trying to solve it directly for the consumer were like. Oh Yeah I guess I do have that problem. They were really really willing to do anything about it so like they. Weren't you know having them? Download an APP or take or sign up for new service or new subscription was hard because consumers are kind of like fickle changing. Their behavior is challenging. I think more the tricks is such an amazing company. They actually got a massive amount of customers at scale to change their behavior in by through the subscription service but that doesn't work for everyone in all the people who are sticks customers probably still shop at other places so the realization was really like you have to meet the consumer weather at let them shop in however they want shop you know whatever method or channel or whatever you sue and just meet them at that place with the guidance and help and when I figured that out that I started asking the retailers and brands hey like why can't I get this. You know guidance when I'm shopping online or when I'm in your store and I can't find a store associate wise in their way. I can like learn more information about these products and how to use them and everyone was sort of like. Yeah of course. We'd like to be able to do that more often. But you know reality is a factor. Here we don't have the time or the manpower to do that. And so they sort of confirmed that the problem was the bottleneck of of manual effort. And that's where artificial intelligence is very very valuable or automation and generals very very. When they're sort of like a bottleneck goes of human effort. And what's really interesting? Is that the thing that we do is scale out human effort. That's very creative. Barring point has to be a human human has to you know like set the vision for what this fashion brand stands for and how we would define style and what we wouldn't wouldn't do or what. The rules of the road are for this beauty regimen. That's GonNa make you up ten years younger to like put on a certain order. You can't combine these things during the day. You have to have one for doing one for night. So all of that stuff has to be sort of divined by the human but then you can apply those same like paradigm all the rest of the products and repeat it. A billion times in a way require human the human sets off the process but they don't have to repeat it a million times you can hand it off to a machine to repeat it. You Know The fiftieth through millions time and then the human can go back to doing their creative process and setting up the next thing for success. Yes that's incredible. I think it's also like a important reminder of the fact that as powerful as ai and machine learning is right now. It's not anywhere near the point where it could just immediately at instantaneously start replacing human roles right and so to your point you have to actually understand the human processes and an perhaps you know the nuances within that brand and then you can find a way to create that process for it. Is that right? That's right and I don't think that you would ever use machine learning necessarily to do the whole humans job. You still need them to set off or vision Because they're the ones who are defining what is the brand stand foreign. What is unique expertise? And I feel like it's GonNa be a long time before human consumers are willing to take that cue from an Ai. Engine you know. Thi- and this is what's cool. I don't think I'm going to trust them. I'm going to trust a fellow human so that were long way from in my opinion. Sometimes you might not know instagram quote influencers who are completely long not real humans. This kind of interesting like play with that idea but I do believe that. There's like a point to having the person involved at the beginning of the process but there is very little point to having a person like repeat the same thing a million times that the poor use of a human's time that's really where a has the power to be revolutionary in at least in the space that we're talking about. It's not taking anybody's job because the person to do the work and nobody's creating a million outfits by hand in these organizations it's just not feasible so they weren't doing in any way they were doing other stuff and so it's actually just completely accretive rather than displacing somebody function. Yes absolutely. Thanks so much for sharing that today show is supported by remote health from safety wing remote. How is the first global health insurance built specifically for remote teams and entrepreneurs attract talent from anywhere in the world under one simple plan at the same price? No matter where they live or work. Sign up your company in about ten minutes and easily at remote employees at anytime checkout safety wing Dot com forward slash remote hyphen. Help for more information protect your customers from fraud and identity theft with embiid. Id a front end talk insurance. You collect the right data during account opening for identity verification and every country. With truly you embed. Id All you have to do is copy and paste a snippet of code to verify the glow. Make sure you only let the good guys in while keeping the bad guys at bay but on boarding verified customers visit truly you dot com forward slash get embed. Id That's T. R. U. L. I. O. Dot Com forward slash get E. M. B. Id now what? I think is super unique about your business. Of course you're talking about automation. Leveraging Machine Learning. You're working with enterprise clients and although the retailers they still go across a few verticals whether it's street wear or sportswear Or even as you mentioned earlier homegoods and I just wanted to kind of zoom out a bit and get a bit of your strategic insight around prioritization and product development with your product because I know a lot of makers are community similar to you are serving B2B audience. And I just wondered if you had any insight on how you're able to prioritize what was on the fine mind product roadmap in light of the fact that you are dealing with clients. That aren't always in the same industry or don't always face the same challenges so it'd been building on a platform in building out solutions that will be valuable to all of them without narrowing yourself too much. Was there any like learnings that you got along the way or any advice you can share on that front. Yeah so. This is an area that I felt really comfortable in because my career had been as a product manager and doing that. Trade off than stakeholder alignment and trying to make sure everyone was happy but not building something so custom that it's unrecognizable or scalable. So from the very beginning I had my. I'll not making sure that that wasn't the case. In the everything was extensible enough. And so what we have now like. We had to add new features for our platform for new customers coming on. We had never seen before so one of our clients is Adidas and they have like sporting team apparel. So you never wear like a Lakers Jersey with warriors Pants it just doesn't make any sense. Reverse system didn't know that was like a thing to look at teen. It might pair those two things together and that's completely inappropriate so we had to add that but it wasn't like we were just adding only This is going to use it. Actually as a feature that makes total sense and is extensible to number of different use cases so bright might not be for another brand might not be The Lakers in the warriors. It might be like an influencer and like another influence our you know. You don't WanNa like Arianna Guerande collection mixing with Zendaya collection. You have separate so it became this kind of more extensible concept because we could think through. Okay here's how brandon would use it in BBC Brandy and there was enough like a. Lotta people could have a benefit from this that it's worth building into the core of our platform. None of of course like grown we have big clients and they spend a lot of money on our software and so the bigger accounts get to expect some level of customization but we build that into our contracts right certain sat amount of hours from developed development hours or professional services to do things that are really custom or one offs for them. But we're covering our bases because were limiting that number based on like the size of the contract and then they're getting like their top priorities met but they don't get anything in everything that they could come up with derail us from our core mission and they don't want that either because they derailed from our core mission the value of what we're doing is not as good Whereas if we can focus on the core of what we're doing can move forward like actual will value proposition that we dry for them which is making more money. They ended up better off in the long run. Even if they didn't get this bell or whistle that is super accustomed to them. So it's a good way to split the difference amazing. I feel like you've framed that really well as well because it's not really a concession. If the client is still ultimately growing their bottom line or solving the problem that they came to you for so like as you said all the bells and whistles even necessary and I think that's definitely one of the challenges that makers have to face when they start engaging in partnership discussions with enterprise sales cycle is so long. You know six months. You're still building a product alongside. You really want to close the deal. You have a long term relationship with these companies. I wanted to just get some insight. I know you're very much product focused but being founder being the CEO. Of course you're GONNA do a ton of that business development stuff to is there any advice you can give makers out there listening who are also building a solution for enterprise about how to not get discouraged when trying to close their first big deals on the one hand? I feel like I don't have great advice on this because I think we got really lucky. We closed amazing. Clients like incredibly quickly allows considered but actually the way we got. There was kind of a crawl. Walk Run so right. I think you have to constantly keep moving so you should be maybe pitching the big guns one you really want to sell to eventually and it depends on your business. Like we're focused. Purely on the enterprise were not you know smaller brands or retailers and that was like a strategic choice. So That's you yeah pitch for you know the city banks and the home depots and the you know alliens like the big companies that you really WanNa go for 'cause maybe there's one that takes chance on you. A lot of them are becoming much more innovative and startup focused. And if nothing else you're GONNA learn a lot. That's your customer development learn what features are important. Your alarm with the pushback is GonNa get closer to that. Product Market Fit. But you're probably not going to close any of them until you have a couple of things under your belt and right roller way further downstream. Find someone where it's much lower risk than these giant corporations and have a proof of concept or have a case study in the worker. What you'd like us. That case study to go sell the next slightly bigger more prestigious more complicated enterprise on your software and then use that to sell the next in the next new daisy chain them together and eventually you get. Citibank to come to the table. Because you have enough proof points that you can justify it because there's just a whole bunch of headaches involved in selling enterprise gift to do a procurement in legal very stringent security reviews like it might not be worth it because you don't have things in place and you're GonNa have to pay a whole bunch of money for a pen test and potentially stopped you compliance and stuff like that and like if you sold to A small organization just to get the case studies in staff Even if it's less revenue revenue than you're not going to encounter all of those hurdles and you'RE GONNA. He'd studied that helps you sell the bigger brand on your ability to serve them. So just keep moving forward. I would say you have two parallel path. It and don't get discouraged. Just custody bank is buying what you're selling yet. That's such great advice. I love that you know that phrase used like pursuing an unparalleled going together at the same time pushing for those big huge multinational company deals but then also aiming for clients who as you said have fewer boxes to tick internally in order for them to start working with a new company Seeing the other side of the table what. The different hurdles are that they have to causes always really helpful thing to remember. So it's like not always discouraging. It's more a fact that these are as he said like regulatory or legal requirements that they have to fulfil in the frustration of those that they take time but at the same time. Maybe just doesn't make sense reused maker to work with them if you have like a bigger time constraint or whatever I also thought it might be helpful to just get you to talk a bit about the website so you know I spent some time on fine dot com website and I have to say like there is an incredible amount of information on their incredible amount of case studies. I just feel like all the information. All the use cases I could possibly think of as a potential client are all carefully illustrated for me. This must've been really mindful decision on your part having heard in conversations and having been in conversations with potential partners. Yeah we just redid it. Actually recently and before it was not very clear We have the blessing curse of being a new a technology in a new category. That people are just waking up to so it's really exciting because more really defined it dominated. It's not super competitive and commoditised so we have a really strong opportunity to be the leader in fact we are the leader. We've received multiple awards from like well respected companies organizations for what we do and are starting to realize oh shoot like my expertise brand is a really unique competitive advantage. I need to make sure I scare out but at the same time. People don't necessarily always know they have a problem or the severity of the problem that they have or how to tackle it. And our technology is an engine that can d- bottleneck content creation process to guide the customer in any channel. So there's kind of like endless used cases so you get a little bit of analysis paralysis from the customer. Sometimes where they're like okay. I believe there's a problem that's half the battle. I believe it's a bigger problem for me to like. Do something about it. I believe fine lines the way to go about it but I don't even know how to start using you guys right. Be Very prescriptive in. Help them see okay. If this is your number one place that content is bottle? Necking you or that. Your customer is not understanding how to use your products in. It could be hurting you. Let's start here and let's do like this one small use case and prove it out or we might be talking to a CMO. Who's like yeah? Our brand has great. You know authority and expertise but it all falls apart in like all these channels and it needs to be consistent. We want the whole package solve across all these cases. We kind of have to like lead people to water a little bit and show that not. Only here's the problem. This is an existential threat to your business than we go from being like a nice to have. I don't even know what this is too. Oh my God this is the number one thing I need to do this year but how I do it I need some help with and we have to put one foot in front of the other. Four them it's honestly it's so funny because like our whole our whole mission in life is to help the buyer You know the consumer usually understand how to be successful at the product that they're buying and that's exactly the thing we have to do. More selling to an enterprise. There are her they have less information about how to be successful with are fine mind technology than we do and we have to close that gap for them. It's like so full circle. It's just ironic. It's very Meta amazing. But Yeah I would definitely encourage makers out there especially ones who like you are innovating in a new frontier. The problem rather like the existential threat. If that is the problem is necessarily a common narrative that already exists in that space. I would definitely encourage folks to just check out fine. Mine Dot Com. Because I think you've done a really great job of illustrating the problem from two different angles than than sort of explaining how your solution can fit in to all of them so yeah. It's really really good now. I don't have a ton of time so I just wanted to get you before you jump off to share some of your favorite products being product. We always ask for recommendations. Maybe it's the tools that your team rely on. Maybe it's something fun that never leaves your handbag or your obsessive at home but yeah. This is your time for personal recommendations autumn while I'm pregnant. I'm due on Sunday ahead along. I think we're products right. Now are like baby things that I think are genius so amazing one APP is called baby lists like a universal baby registry and I have a bunch of reviews and guides and things like that another thing I think is awesome and I haven't used it yet because we haven't had our baby but is the called the hatch grow. It's a changing table like we put it on top of any kind of Dresser countertop. And it's a little like peanut shape thing that you put the baby into change the baby but it's also scale so you can How much your baby's growing and you don't have to like have another device in your house or something like that. I'm all about things that can be used for multiple purposes -partment so those are some of my favorite thing so far. That's so exciting. Yeah I feel like well. I'm godmother so I have totally gotten involved with buying baby products and there's so much stuff out there like when we were kids. I was just like Oh my gosh look at this night light. Look at this cool thing. Look this league drum set. There's a ton of cool could products out there. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite recommendations for those who are listening and maybe WanNa find out more about fine mine more about you. Where should they go find? Mine Dot Com. That's our website and finally then probably most active on social media in pretty abysmal tweeting but You can follow fine. Us on twitter. It's a bit more active than I am. And thanks for having me. Thanks so much for being on product on radio show everyone thank you so much for tuning into product. Hunt Radio. I've got a favor to ask you. Will you take a minute to review us on ITUNES APPLE PODCAST or wherever? You're listening to US right. Now thank you thanks for tuning. We'll be back next week. But in the meantime shared the podcast. Your friends on twitter and tag. I guess you'd like to hear an episode. See you soon.

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Giving Birth On Air

DV Radio

2:01:29 hr | 6 months ago

Giving Birth On Air

"What is up everybody? Thank you for listening to this week's barracks. Talk podcast here at Devi Radio. We'd love to give a shout out to a young army veteran who has a wife? Little ones and JJ wanted me to personally tell you that you embody the concept of what veteran Brotherhood is. You stepped in when JJ was unable to be there physically for his little sister, and that is what the veteran failing means, that is what a veteran does brisk brothers and sisters. He's there when they can't be and to help along the way Nick Ayers. Thank you. You thank you so much for going out to Raven Crafts Tattoo, gallery, and helping them to clean up the mess and destruction net was laid upon them unfortunately not too long ago. It truly means a lot to myself. All of Devi Radio Staff and Jj most certainly is indebted to you now. Everybody since you're listening to US listen to the rest of this show, please remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show TV radio, and it's strictly lose of said individuals and do not reflect those TV radio stab, nor the staff dysfunctional veterans. On go on your mobile device. Actually. Wait? Wait a minute. Wait a minute I. Waited her. Remember seeing something I believe in. There that I knew that I belonged I have come here to chew gum and kick. Him and being somebody in the neighborhood that was full of nobody. All audubon. Take your position all right. Here we go hold you ears, folks, Hey! It's it's it's. Also! Rectum. You Bitch. I WanNa for all the. Details KRANTZ TALKING MY T. Per serving. Shut their vibrator off gonNA. GET SOGGY fast. When I go to buy a new one I can tell you that. Is based trump trigger. That's all I. Will Never get rid of. You're tuned into W DVR ON DVD radio, dot net or by searching Devi Radio on the free live three six five app on your mobile device. That is it is on wd? The dot net is very suck. Lives July eleven twenty twenty up voter would. Gag grown. Ass Fuck man returning from long aspect and I and we don't know why we got cut her. We got. We don't have frosty because he was like. I need to get rid of that work. So you guys and they was like. I, just go show up really late because it and. Like you know what I've just got. Go Colorado, fuck you guys and clothes like Hey, I. Don't feel I. Get on the fucking show so fuck you guys and is just us, so what avenue? At law going on. I don't believe most of that happened like that, but the way you said it just makes it sound so delicious negative. That was wonderful again. Wait Stott everyone meet your mics again. Let him do again. Want more ferociousness this. Give it to me all. Okay. I want an all give give it to go. We. Got The walker rage your assist plugging. Try to flag shit up. Who the what? The Walker Rage Esther or whatever the fuck I said. Walker rage Orissa. What did I say? What was that last thing? And I'm not trying to remember. Patriot! And? I'm not trying to remember so the weirdest moments before we go too deep into what the fuck is going on tonight I am trying to pass fucking Giddy stone I've and tried to passes Bitch since what Wednesday Thursday point so seemless pin. Right. Now, he's now eighteen Yvonne, Murray. Middle of the week sometime yeah. Yeah so, is there a Thursday I've felt why I know is a fucking kidney stone because I've had enough of the PUCK and kidney stones. So I had like giving birth. Is Worse than getting but anyway. But anyway I'm trying to pass a stone so if I for any reason, go silent. These guys know what to do that means pick up my slack, and if you hear a loud scream over in unneeded Mike, probably me pissing out a fucking stone. Because I know it's about to come out any fucking time now. 'cause I can barely pissed and yeah. Pains are happening should be having so. Yeah, that's my life right now. luckily I've not ended up. Having to go to the emergency room time, so that's a knock on wood right there, Bowler with his you would. Get But That's that's what's going on seriously and. I. Don't need any sympathy from anybody, but if you know what the fuck I'm going through right now, it's not fucking great. Oh, yeah, house everybody's. A. See. This is what gets me not as like growing bands like you're so negative. I WanNa be a positive and yet. What still. Like a fucking sound like a mosquito just landed no a net that went into my aunt's like. I was part of that. I can't can't give him all the credit on that one I'm going to get it all to him because he started it. Yep You gotta spread the wealth there, but a cup Oh hail now hail to the nisell. All to the NISELL. Labatt Song Hell No hell, no, no, no. At Mad Dad, didn't he? I think he did. But anyway just to go back to a few refined say or trying to do about whole. How are you guys doing? I'm okay, Yeah, I'm. Been Weird Florida is once again. Doing Florida's on a grand scale. For some reason. unbeknownst to me like. Florida now has the highest Yup a Kobe spreading rate of all the states and dammit. I I wanted to go outside, okay? Punishment was that wait wait. was that a black a of a sneeze or that was sorry I didn't get. Okay not me I. All holy fucking Shit secondly gazillion. Sorry I didn't get a chance to mute requires certain. Kind of came up on me. Anyway. Literally. I can do the but now. I'm like Got Doug at Florida who do please use your head out of your butts and remember that though you may naps, you like you're contagious or sick. OR HAIR! The rest of the world is looking at us. We're looking at a stupid. And Konosuke like Canada. So what a stupid, but I'm old Shit! They're jump. I mean Europe Europe Open Lights Lada herders sectors of the. They opened up to the entire planet a set or America. That is. Putting our European country. Continent, euro, all of the countries in Europe. They all open and said Nah except America. is in. Keep it where you are. You meant to say the entire continent of Europe opened up. The, second time. I'm just saying to to clarify for the people that might have missed it. 'cause. It ran together so quickly. All Hot. Of Your. Continent. All the continents in Europe with all the countries and the gun right off. Countries in I'm talking like I'm now. You, Damp Loretta. Reaons, but now like. I heard. That now is like you know what I'm mad at everybody. I am I'm legit mad at every single one? There's no reason. No reason the half to do all this crap again. But there is, there's an increase. This is the second coming. Of COVID, though the second coming was supposed to be got Dang on light. was all. September October listen the. This, is this is only July? Right? Yet they they actually predicted it months ago that we would have a second. Wave of this before now, right? Not later, but before now. I'm so angry why? 'cause you're a angry ass. Man, Girl Man I'm not I, am not I'm happy. Posting. A. I am I'm happy days. And keeping weekend that unless it's girl, we. Keep into his thanks, thanks! Pins us, remind me of that one. Keep into his handle thoughts of grown ass. Man brought to you by Devi, radio dot net WDR. Uses also Patriot members. If you've not noticed, we did. Put the Beta link for the new website layout up today If you're wondering where the link is just quick, the top there where the big TV radio network layer logo is. Wake was nice enough to ask me where the link was because he didn't say it. And I was like that hot. As the post says. Follow this link this link this link up super fucking like I'll see you. God dealing and I even put after top of this post Yeah, if you guys. If you guys won't see, go ahead and use it quote unquote. Try to break it. follow what guidelines are in the post. Please read the post thoroughly before you contact us about anything there artemis nothing there are. There are issues that we cannot work around work in progress e, adding things like say escape and Usmc Racine and a few others that we were quickly with so those things are still in the works that you're not gonna see on there right now before the most part that's what it is going to look like when it comes out on mobile as well as a desktop versions or pc whatever you WANNA. Call it now There are things that we cannot change as in the stack. Layout for mobile whichever way you turn it. It's probably going to be sacked. You can't change that. We have no way to change that whatsoever with their background right now, What else can we not change their own that I cannot think of something ahead. Like you said I think a lot of just out issues right now on the US spacing since other things that. Again I think there's all. Little, and so you actually get it going live and actually see. The little issues ABC nothing major. Donald think anyway yet won't work on a few browsers. US Afar is the biggest one at won't work on. Some mobile devices like. This other one that there were so it's not working. do not do not if it gets sent to you by any of us in Facebook Messenger do not use the Messenger Browser opened up in a browser that is on your mobile device. Your I don't know how many times tell that to people. Because facebook Messenger Browser is retarded in of itself, and it doesn't like to do things the way I should if use Internet explorer, use, Internet, explorer or Microsoft Edge has going to change fought colors because Microsoft is retarded and thinks they can control everything, and they basically do so fly them it should work. It should work on the majority of most browsers and the majority of devices that we've seen so far, minus for fact Safari. We don't know of any other browsers right off the top of our head. I can't think of any unless wink can, but for a fat I know on Safari earlier. That seemed to be kind of a one time this year. Okay, so it may be working on safari now if it doesn't work for you, let us know and it'll probably be alive issue but you know on on on him. Dos I gotta work I am does. I do know for a fact that Microsoft, edge and Internet for will change the plot colors, and it makes it very hard to read. It should not because I have standard colors for like. the menu has white lettering, but it wants to change. It's like what is it fucking dark, blue or some shit? I don't know why Microsoft can go fuck themselves you hear me bill, Gates, ICU yourself, but anyway I digress so. His money right. If you're patriotic member, you can do that and we do encourage you to use it, so you can get used to the layout before we go that way We can question you about it what you like what you don't like as well as the people that are going to be need to you again. Help navigate them through. If they have any issues, it should be pres. go through though if you WANNA, check it out and you WanNa see what new layouts about her. See what goodies we have coming to you guys soon. Good Patriotic Dot com for slash. Devi Radio Become Patriarch number. you can do it for as little as a dollar or as much as whatever the advertising cheer is, which I can't think of ahead but that's that I don't have any news from dv six because I could not get a hold of him today. I was going to have to live on pod bean for you guys before the show, and then we going to go straight into barracks. Talk, but like I said I could get a hold of him so. Going to presume 'cause what uh booming does I'm gonNA presuming that he's probably busy doing stuff whether it be with a camper or with whatever's going on out in Colorado. I presume yes dv six He has been gone love pod being for you guys over the week and I hope you guys are enjoying that Someone brought up to me that you may half to eventually by credits to use that I don't know how true that is. I've not heard of anybody else that I. know personally that broadcast. Popping being any of their listeners having to do that I do know that any monies through the pod. Being APP comes to us. is just like a little quote. UNQUOTE, patriotic. Extra if you WANNA call it that it's pod means little. On So if you do have to give money to to pod being, they get the actual currency, and for every hundred pod beans, or whatever the fuck they call him. We get a dollar so that in mind when you do. If you do have to ever do that, and you have to use those things to listen to any of our live broadcast on pod. POD BEING WE'RE NOT GONNA implement that that will be on pod being if they implement that, but just know that we will take that money, and we'll put it back into Devi. Ready for you guys if that ever becomes the thing We're not planning on doing that. I know mean oil had seen that at one point when we first tested it. Like I said I've had a few people. Tell me that you may have to Like I said I'd I'd know a few people that use pod bean and broadcast through pods team at are very successful, and they've not had yet so I. Guess it just I guess it all depends on. The actual broadcaster, idol, We've not implemented at so don't expect us to. People Right I wanNA bring you guys as much free to as humanly possible, and if I can do that, I am certainly going to do that and DB six to be seems to be having won that so I encourage you to do that please know that if you need thought someone that is not time, do not call in and needing to talk to someone if you're in distress, or you know you D to release anything or whatever you need to get in into contacted battle distress twenty till nine objected zero one talk about that, but please do not call any of our shows that are wide that you have access to call it, is you? As a call out. Okay, WE WANNA. Help you guys, but that is. That is not the time. Okay I knew that sales like I being a Dick but that means we have to stop everything, and then it might send someone else over the edge, and they might get into this Alz and then we've got two people or five people oinky. Talk About Object Zero really quick. Yeah, Jack Zero, I mean it's a free APP or Moses for IOS and your android devices created by veterans or veterans initially. you know it's a you get you contact with somebody you need talk somebody whether in your local area or heck you WanNa pick somebody from your home state and Online chat with them instead while means there at the ambassadors that they have are doing us a tennis later on hearts. They goes either training so there to help you know they're there to help by again. Listen and guide you to this resources. They can assist you, thank. You may need any new for free, so you can do it by text. It also do video like a few phone with zoom meeting, or you can also just do it by the old fashioned cell home. You know voice control, so it's it's awesome APP. Download and look at looking over. Lists of resources on that Abbas well. You're GONNA utilize android. Share her. Battle buddies whenever they needed. and. Sense Samaya during put. Yes. So this. We had a really really rough week, and before my ambien kicked him one night I really needed to just chat with somebody and I waited about five minutes yet. hooked with somebody and just got to Chan about. What was going on in my head just like? Just talking to somebody himself, which is like having somebody on the other end of the phone and. I can't recommend it at not having you instead myself. and. And you guys know we don't really trust keevil on their word as far as hey, we help veterans, but We've worked with objectives zero since before they began. We know what they're about. We know pretty much everybody they've helped. As far as we sent them and who has reached out to them in some way shape in some way, shape or form so when we say go to objected zero were telling you. Go to objectives zero. We may not, we trust it. We would use it if we absolutely need to. So it's a good place to start. If that's not the full on thing you want to do to It's a good place to sorry at least for resources and just to get an idea what it's like. Yes Sir facebook being stupid. Now that's great. Thank you facebook his I. I yeah. I need to monitor anything facebook. No, not at all. How I'll I'll wet to fucking do something on the page. It's like those pages. Not available were trying to fix this error we by. Yeah. He's got a little facebook. Dot Don't have to learn. Right so I I did post about an hour ago. Just under a actually over an hour ago about an hour and a half ago, now Devi. Radio stickers are coming soon. Yes, they're coming seeing They all may not look exactly like what's in that picture. They might be bigger. They might be smaller. We don't know yet, but that's basically out of the stickers. Those are some samples that I I. Actually, believe it was yeah. Friday working on getting some more to launch for you guys They might range in price were not sure yet, but they're not going to be too expensive and. we have to make profit, but we'll will at least make as cheap as humanly possible to cover Our costs as well as make at least a dollar, or so prophet the and give it back to TV radio and bring you more stuff We can't release any T shirt designs right now, but stickers. We were like flick. Yeah, we need the sixers out We might make some different ones. We might change colors. We don't know. Those are the basic ones that you're going to get as soon as we watch them do it this month. Not It'll be around the time that the new website layout launches a bit either way. Look forwards that then the next coming weeks at D. Radio Stories keep tunes you. Devi radios social media. Patriot members will get a discount on stickers s soon as we watch. For about a week or so so patron members, if you. Are Looking forward to get some of the stickers lookout for opposed when we start taking orders from you guys. Someone asked me the other day if they can still get free shipping. No, that was just for Fourth of July weekend. ship in his out the ASS right now it's second Stephen we try to make shipping as cheap as humanly possible through our carrier Then I think it's probably the cheapest flat rate you can get right now as far as cindy merchandise when it comes to t shirts and mugs. I'm sure there's somebody out there. That doesn't cheaper. And Better, or whatever you WANNA call it. We use the cheapest that we can get through our merchandiser and. Yeah so I. DO Apologize For that, but we are open up to basically the entire world, so if your country is on there, we can shit to you if your country isn't on. There probably because there's some type of tyrannical rebellion or terrorist shit going on, and that's why we can't Shitsu I'm not joking. That's why a lot of American companies cannot ship certain countries, because of whatever rebellion or encircling or embargo Or terrorist activities are going on That's why we can't do it, so it's not us. It's not our merchandisers. Nutter shipper s because of whatever is going on in that country at that time but yup, we can basically should to the whole world, which is all so. Yeah Anyway Shipped Alaska. Yes, we we can. We can shit, so Alaska and we can ship as we might go. We have We may come out with another Mug So when asked me about the dog? We might do a rhino dogging Mug as well for you guys and up until task dogs. What is it twin? T twenty point. Yes, this is that what it's called? I think it's happening in August or September September that yeah, the mood back. The oxygen record read or write a song. has in a few months I. do know that so until that happens anything that says Rhino Doggy or P. T.. S. Dog on. It from Devi. Radio store goes to. One hundred percent after our cost All but one dollar from the DVD farm rothe, recovering t shirt from the TV radio store goes to the DVD farm. We've had like three or four purchase. It I know not many and we're still working on. What is it for xl and point? Yes for Excel up it. sizes we are working on like I said we can't come up with any new designs right now and hinders us on adding the quote, unquote, big boys and girls, section own Devi radio store, but as soon as they say. Hey, you can do this. We're going to open that up for you guys as soon as he was possible, so if you are bigger than a three X or need a size bigger than three x, for whatever reason I personally needed three x so yeah I I'm there with you? OINK and frosty needed. What was it for X.? We we're not hitting on you. We're not mad at you. Trust me we. We understand the struggle but as soon as we're able to do that, we will get you guys and girls. Those sizes available on the radio store. It'll probably be one shirt, and then you get to choose from a list and whatever you choose from that list that will be your shirt instead of having you know fifty seven million fucking. Designs on there that are the same in people flocking that up thinking. They got a three x they had a four x or some shit but we're trying to do that as quickly as humanly possible, and they understand and they're trying to work with this but again. You know we can't dictate anything. Because? Oh all orders are made to order I got explained that there till you guys that again I know. A lot of people think that we have the stockpile of a warehouse now. Every shirt every Mug, every sticker anything you buy from Devi radio store. Is made to order. That's one reason it's eight so long to get your order right now during Kobe, because they have a backlog of orders that's coming in, so they have to get those out and then comes so whatever number in line you are, that's. What? That's best when you get your shirt. mugs and stickers are a little bit quicker because there a little bit better than springing printing and D D, D T G frightening. so keep that in mind. Everything is made to order, so we can cut down waste. We can cut down on taxes. Homer, cod taxes, but thanks. because if if you have a start and you have a warehouse, you have to pay taxes on that stock If you didn't know, but he sell it or not. You have to pay taxes on that. We know we've been there so. Everything is made to order If your order gets fucked up and you don't want it, and you send it back, we our merchandiser gives that to someone homeless. They give to a homeless shelter, so it doesn't get destroyed. It doesn't go into the trash. It goes to somebody else so yeah. They're doing great shit over at our. WHO WOULD ERA PRODUCTION PRODUCTION WAREHOUSE? Thing whatever you WANNA call anyway. We need to go to break. I am going to try and pass the stone during break. Hopefully, I'll know but hey. You are listening to back here. On dvr be ready dot net you got Boehner. Would Gutter and grown ass, motherfucker man. We don't know who else is going to join us later in the show, but. You can find out if you stay with us. We'll be back right after this. Are you looking veteran resources and peer support? Objectives zero has an APP for that. Download the objectives zero APP for free from the APP. Store or Google play access wellness resources like yoga and a free subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources access on nationwide network here support speak to fellow women, veterans, or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to it. Learn more at www dot object zero dot org. That's www dot objectives zero dot org. What Steve Radio TV radio is. The veteran, active duty, service, member, caregiver and civilian supporter of the military TV. Radio Dot net is the online veteran network, nate four and by veterans from original shows syndication. You can find it here on DVD radio dot net in an effort to continue our mission, and make better quality shoes, or each and every one of you visit our patriotic at Patriot dot com slash. Radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance. Your uncle left you. There's a tear with rewards waiting for you, so why not keep ev radio running and get rewarded at the same time at the Patriot dot com forward slash Devi radio now. That's Patriot Dot Com. Slash DB radio's. Radio let's get it. You're listening. TV Our own Devi radio DOT net. Five editors, four veterans. View. So. A. took. Two. Team. Gets. No body. Big. That is as right hair. Readier dive that. That's that's really hurt my. That is short people Bahraini near many. If you don't Randy Newman date, is he? Is He man? That made all most all songs for Disney's Pixar toys. That Toy Story. That's it that's it. That's it. You got a friend and me. That's the same. While that fucking song short people so short people song is like a tongue in cheek. Song talked about how everybody is so against people for the dumbest of reasons and is a hilarious song makes fun of Short people obviously, but in reality. He's telling you listen to how ridiculous this is as to why I the person. That's end the song hate short people, and that's how retarded. The world was at the time and has gotten even worse, but yeah. Yeah at the time that he wrote that Song Yes. y'All got worse. As what I'm saying it's got. Did I just not like and say that. Anyway we are back here on DVD radio dot net W dvr. Spirits talk on. Boehner would be got grown. Asked mind we got. We got cutter and Google joined us deer in the break. Out I have arrived. Google. What will. you know. Same Shit Different Day. had. Six instead. What, house arrest in Sixes head? My versus fine and sixes is fine. Guess. I don't know he's been on the road you. I. Really like real sweet, this whole house, their wrist in sixes. Right. Well I, I had carpal tunnel surgery like a month ago, and then a couple of weeks leaders six slammed his head into a wall in cracked skull, open eating nine staples. while. I guess he was like. You know what you're not going to be the only one having fun on the GATT. Dang on half of their money well I think it's because I fell and hit my head, and then he was like Oh my beer. Forbid, Ma. Ana. Goes Town how we go short people. I like I. Always I I'm okay with people soaking acurite. Offensive or not, I don't care, but when short will act right then I'm okay with them. You know, don't. Don't jump up and give up with me like Oh. Don't go. You know. Get off your high horse because it has to be solar. Be Real people. Real people. Poor and I have serious Napoleon complex that's not. Only meal alone. That's short five foot. Short even for woman. Short when all your brothers are over six foot, okay, that means hoops on the gene thing he acts. On the. Change. You. See what we did there and that wasn't. Just. It's just. Word True Song, just saying. I don't think. That short people should be rude to taller people, merely because all people are tall short people can't see over I. AM MORALE! I'm wrong. honestly wasn't paying attention. I was checking back. So we're having problems with some stuff so as That's. Over there. You're younger. I still have a kidney stone. That I got a vast yep. I'm good. I know and yet we don't have an itinerary. I wonder why. You wanted to take time off. That's not my fault. Noah said Friday and I said. I said Friday and stuff. That's all you need five okay I. Guess we're just GONNA keep talking over people because you know that's what we do here. Do Radio. No what I said was I was taken Friday and Sunday off I would be here for the show Saturday and then come Thursday. A Dole decided to ban. A fucking still decided to say Haibo. I've at your kidney. Hey, when do you want me to come out and I've been working on that bitch ever since fucking Wednesday or Thursday give or retake and. Oh foot. It's like I told them earlier. I felt the pain doing something in the lower right part of my back so I know it smooth, and it like pene is not what it normally is because it's not like all four school and shit so I know it's about to come out probably within the next ten hours and that's ego. Joe So Google you've you've given her person correct? A chill as a matter of fact. I, go go. Perfect. Both said that. The the feeling of passion kidney stone. Is like giving birth. No, I did not he said is worse was what he said. Agree I said it's probably worse. No and then I agreed because I've heard that before as a woman. Yeah, so I WANNA, know from a woman who has had you know. A human being pushed her. With the? Two of them now because I've never had a kidney stone well-played all right so. And also nor deny also I have evidence to prove that it probably hurts more than giving birth. The Vagina is made to open up whereas the Retha Natto. Woman was not meant to open up. So! For Push literally here literally you're literally pushing. You're literally pushing now. A spike right out of your your Retha that does not open up for something salary scissors at lone away is yeah, I can. I can personally tell you that catheters and kidney stones feel the same way he had or out. It builds the same way. I'm talking about. That's fun on both ends. On both ends what? Markham La die. Anyway, so so, how has your week been 'cause I? Know we've got to talk much because the busy with so much shit, including stones and DVD's combs stone. God drink during the. Play Gordo combat I, haven't I haven't been I'm not drinking and I'm not playing comedy Yothu. then. What was the button mashing while the show was going on earlier? Completely different video I'll bet. Combat, but yeah remember. SCONE. I. Love the Cinnamon Raisin once, but you're good. Anyway Google what has been going on at the farm and do you have any updates on six? Because I tried to get hold of them today and I'm assuming and you don't that. Does I'm assuming that he has a lot going on which is why couldn't get in touch with them to do 'em popping before the show? so. I? Don't know if I'm supposed. Say Anything, but he's in Colorado last I heard. That's like yesterday. That was the projected time for him to be. Yeah so. From as far as I know, that is where he's at. Oh, no, and then. Oh, this is funny, though because last night I got a text message from six. He's. He goes what your address. On the Mike. Mike Yudhoyono and he goes ocean. With choppy thought it was. That netted into. No no wait. Wait so men. Hilmer owns zoom one day and he's trying to give out the address. The somebody and they're on the phone like let me find the address for the farm here and I just start rambling and all things like. Is it really? Yeah I should know by now I've only thought it up. How many fucking times and he went? You Know My home address and I don't know yours was like I'm not the one that always puts into a GPS doesn't actually say. He doesn't know his own home. He gave the wrong zip code. He gave them the wrong zip code. Number. I've known I've. Known my zipcode since I was three years old. Eventually. Ebay. That's on that really matters, but it's funny to see him struggle to get out the address. Like an alert. 'cause he's like four fourteen. And then he finally gets all the numbers and letters names, and I'm like. UK over there You just learned in your home address going up there? How? So he's he's in Colorado. and. There's really not been ALLOCCO and on here. We moved to baby. The other day. So they're in with the big chickens. Make repeat. They didn't make Bo PCP and then GEEZ! Hold on the. That's not the chicks. That's duck. Christ? Anyway I was GONNA say. I was going to say something, but then held back because a better not. I feel stole moving as hurting and I'm trying the screen now while we're don't show. Flip, overloading young, want sympathy or not. No just keep doing the show. The chickens the OH. They've taken now have an outs- outdoor patio, but it's got fencing around it. So that even at night, they're able to go out. They all have to be in the house. So it's Kinda cool. They have moving up there improving new. And Chick World Yeah. Silje Gada piece of the duck. Why! I'm sorry. Stop bringing. Is anything else got through a lot of periods? I'm trying to think what else there's been happening and. How are the vets doing overall? There good I mean sixes and years ago. And said that I kept thinking why. There's so many people who treat animals. One? Goodness like I. Really did like a split second like no, he veterans okay. I mean you know it's funny? Because normally went six leaves. Just the dogs act a little goofy oh. This is fun. And? Yeah, because they bark at every frigging little noise. I closed the door and they start barking I'm like what the Hell? You haven't told them what tank pulled on six before he left, did you? Know. Because the way he was acting, and then he thought that they stole tank to to make it easier on his leaving. A six hundred told you that either go. I know six said that. He thought that they took. You, so you know. How was acting was six after Hughie died, right? Like? He was up sixes as he didn't WANNA. Go Away or anything and then. I think the vets had to leave What what was it, but they did he go out? Friday He loves Sunday. Okay, so he was Sunday and the vets went to town or something I believe. They were. A couple of down in mass with painting. The Bar bar bright whatever. Right so six, they took tank with them to make it easier on six to just leave. And he's like I'm thinking these assholes. Day Hid tank from me, and I can't say goodbye to come to find out tank I guess had got his little moment of depression and was doing his own thing. You know the ending. The whole and six is legitimately losing his shit, thanking that the vets took him to down. Tank is weird. Let me tell you this dog. As I'm coming in from the barn. I look over and tank is way on the other side of the worst fields like Wigan far of the hill right. He doesn't see me. I go into the basement. I don't even make it all the way to the state of the stairs like I. Almost made it into the House and I. Hear this Lau forgive noise behind me, and it's taint hauling up. The stairs haul Mike. What the Hell did you know why you would game inside the? You're not watching me. Now. I'm like Holy Shit. This is insane. Again, he came hauling. Like Oh my God. That's what he does. like tank is weird. But. He's cute and he's nice. Emulate him. I miss my bulbs. Never too late to get a new one. Ni-. I missed my dog like I love my daughter. I do a limited. Then again, not not happening, not again, tired old. I feel like I feel all with his eighteen month old baby running around like I really do i. Brother wait until the terrible. They're. Like now like we know like I'm trying to feed you now. Are you saying you don't want food now? And then he thinks this moon from self on much. Okay, that was Arthur. And then. He'll grab me. Like what are you doing and he'll grab me hill playing my hands somewhere like this. You're done. In he'll push his table and put them I like okay. Maybe you're done. Up support him down and get him out of the around share putting down, it was like. I've gotta go Mike. What are you got? An the other day my wife takes the fish with his video of him. He went you see was in the bathroom. He was in the bathroom with her, and she'd writing at sea. He goes in and steals. My toothbrush runs down the hall into the living while she follows she. Gives her I. Don't understand how to foot nothing small infant person in Juke full Rome I, but he does. He gets pastor runs at the federal in Costa. The baby gate. Behind Just just be glad that years unintelligent when he's done eating because mine. When he was done eating, he would throw his plate on the floor. There was still food on the plate. It ought. I'm like what the Hell is this? I. Don't know worry about it. I'm doing my yeah. MIAMI'S SAISD in the first years live their lives easier Milwaukee coffee other sixteen. Sit Down and shut the fuck up. That's. Forward to. that. Usually. Something that I regularly hear. That is funny. All your life film in the show. That screen. That's that's what Mambo Mike is doing to. Anywhere. You back. Yeah I'm talking to my mom. She's getting really down. Works? Instant story opener. Yeah No! Mike I forgot. Honestly all about what? Raffles Bar. Like and I just remembered by. Off Good, it was just ninety loo west around the. Scenes for that's who I still need to get next to. You is still available. Oh Yeah I. Mean I got all time. It rolls so yeah. No rush no rush. I need your help. Sure no rush they. Anyway So I was talking about Florida. And I don't know which is not sadder. The fact that I can't go anywhere anymore. And I have to be reserved. The hell in the house and being angry like can't you go anywhere? Man By! The whole whatever Colbert fake Kobe real bullshit thing is getting worse in Florida's. And I. I don't want infect my kid or the my nine eight year old Grandmother in law like she's ninety eight. Now God bless her. It will take strong. And I. Oh No. So you don't want that to happen to Natta no. I'm like okay I. I can't go out I. In you know look Blah Blah Blah Blah, but then if I, and now is getting worse. Yes. You're almost there. See. That's the thing. We had a big discussion of here. The mayor of Anchorage was a plane. Say that the just because we're testing more doesn't mean that's reason why we're having. More numbers of Haitians were like There's GonNa be. Come out with that. Doesn't make sense this 'cause. We're testing more than we have war. No, that means you know about more exact valuable of it because he were so much a symptom. Weren't giving us right. We, don't we don't have a lot of termites, but if he break open a couple of floorboards. Break on a couple of more. You might see more. Shit's still. Really. So, yeah got kind of kind of. Like I. Looking for having some. Good News, though is that will up here anyway. Yes, we're having more haase's cases, but the hospitalization rate has increased as much, and or the death rate has increased as much as. Case Number Genome Sciences. Statistics, the numbers they can make. You seem whatever lucky. Seeing you know what I mean just with numbers and. Recording them. Yeah well lucky freaking. No offense lucky. Alaska, is that. We don't have any more ICU MS down here. I gotta say that with a grain of salt foods, you know. Everything with a grain of salt. I hate to get politics brought in here, but people are believing the media even. Even though the media says hey. John Lewis Dead Oh wait we out. We jumped the gun. It's actually a fake report. We apologize, but yet people are still believing. Not Kill him so. Ohno a bat you. Oh, you heard about his His friend, right? Friend getting arrested, boo. Whatever? UNPRONOUNCEABLE Namus wife girlfriend lover, something like that. Our knows how to say our name the quarter own. Say Her name is lane his lane. I don't fucking know nats why we said no one knows that say your name I don't want to say it because it's filled with so many sexual innuendos. It's not even funny. Line of Work Years See thing. We went there. Welcome to the radio dot net wd are were we take the most sexual objective and make it sexual I put a cake in the oven posts. Right, this is what. They. Do. With a little bit of my nays anyway. Far. She said she liked cream cheese, but anyway. For Raisins. Anyway any. speaking of. The segue like this. Because this is gonNA sound like the biggest fucking jerk ever so so we are actually in the works for Dod. Against Didi dysfunctional veterans against domestic violence of the the episodic series. I told you guys. We were actually gonNA. Make school to tackle. Very very hard subjects GonNa go as far as we can take it without being distasteful So. What many people probably don't know? Is that on social media I facebook twitter instagram all that Bullshit Youtube. They D- monetize no matter who you are. He needs that talks about sexual misconduct rape You name it anything like that is able to monetize it. And with what would what the monetize? was I mean means you can't make money on it? With that with things such as facebook instagram twitter. They will cut your reach even more than what it is already cut so seen as how our reach barely goes anywhere anyway, because we. We will. Not. Pay Any money to any social media platform unless it say skate was we know exactly how Stacey works? We will not be able to make a reach at all with deviance Stevie. Because the post is going to tell you exactly what it talks about and we're GONNA. Tell you so. You can be prepared for if you want to listen to it. So. We have to somehow compensate for that. Number One. We need you guys to share shit we. We honestly need you to share it. On top of that to help us in some way shape or form, we need sponsors. Four deviates DV as well as Merrick's Nawar. As worried about Eric's right now as I am against Didi. is to all of us here Devi Radio and under the umbrella. It's person on some level I. don't care if it was US personally was bothered by it in some way shape, or form an attack or have some dealings with it where it's someone that was close to us. that had to go through that or was a victim of it. It's personal every single one of us sitting here now, and it's not on here right now and owned other shows And we're going to do it whether. We are able to sponsor whether we're able to get reach I. Don't give a damn and I. don't care if your feelings get hurt about what we talk about not. If you think we shouldn't do it. That means we should do it if it makes you uncomfortable to hear us. Talk about any of it. I'm doing the right thing I. I've done my deed for the day So when you see US trying to promote, it tried to push it. Try to get people to listen to it. Please share it. It's GONNA come out hopefully within the next month and a half. Or, so so that'd be about September It might sick a little bit longer depending on interference with from other datings and what we've got going on and People that we get come on. But we need you to flee if you don't share anything from TV. Radio Cher the DV AGAINST DV series. It's going to be ongoing. It's not gonNA stop. Until we have to stop and the day we stop is the day that the shit is happening. So you tell me when it's going to stop. But I'm asking you as a personal favourite. It's an me honestly. Share the fuck out of it when you start seeing US talk about it and pushing. I. Don't care what your thoughts are on it. If you're guessed it, you're against it. If you're not thank you, but I'm asking personally. From me, Bo would not boehner would not devi voter would vote would. So, please share the flat out of everything and help us. Read it to as many people as we can. Please thank you ahead of time if you do that. like I said if you don't share anything else from us. He share that. I'm begging you. visit, it would honestly mean a lot to me and everybody here and everybody else. That has to deal with it on some level. So, thank you. So I got to say about that. By else. Halo Ice Cream. I'm eating chicken mcnuggets recall. That good for kidney stones. Do don't give a fuck. I'm eating right now. I'm fucking starving. Right some definitely. Halo Ice Cream. Brie hundred and fifty calories or less. It's Halo Ice. But. I mean. Look. That's bad. To piggyback off of what he said, what I did there Yes. It does need to be talked about just like here on their, so we talk about suicide depression PTSD valve. We'll talk about these things as well as. Sexual harassment medical military sexual trauma rate you name it is child trafficking. We're going to hit it off I. Don't care. Somebody says you can't talk about that. Fuck wait, are we? Are we talking about today? We were talking about. The show that were okay. We're. Talking about which trying to prepare people for it. Okay. Oh Com. Yeah, yeah, preparedness good. We're going GONNA, have dictums own and we're GONNA have. Psychologists and doctors at people that beach us to talk about it You hear some of our personal stories Yo Harrison. Emotional Shit I'm not gonNA lie. But at the end of the day, and he's talked about, too. Many people want to cover it up and I'm her not just covered up? Everybody wants to silence. It and I'm tired of it. I'm so fucking tired of it. It's disgusting. Thrown it's morally wrong, not just lovely morally fucking or hung. Barron. Sit by anymore. We've been planning this for a while. And use other shit. They got pushed aside for various reasons. Personal reasons. But We're slowly coming back. One of our team is hopefully getting a surgery very soon hoped he pulls out of that. Really good can't wait to see her after that. Surgery, soon dammit? Different reasons. That I. Don't think you're going to get surgery before this comes out. Yeah. Button. Here knowing they'll. Yeah! Devi, against Be on the lookout for talking about it. promoting it season it and share it with. Please thank you and we'll get up about Soviet. Speaking of your surgery there. Had you heard this week? What's what's the latest good news actually or not? you? The Cross team hostal, crippling cribbage enough to read a nice little nasty gram I wrote. The might not easy him. And I guess it must have worked because they've actually try care. This is is actually within seconds for both. The bariatric or gastric bypass surgery. And the replacer also. Thought The Orthodox homebase wanting me to wait. Until the bariatric guest bypasses well folks. It takes according to the very stock that I did see the very person. It takes a minimum of six months or insurance purposes of tests in by Titians, and you know just different psychological evaluations at all kinds of stuff goes on before they would use the very after. Now, let's thank this very surgery. The ship of instantaneously automatically crews magic fuck dragon, disappear. It's a process with no. You're still talking another six months minimum to a year from the date of that surgery for the weight draw. And, then the Orthodox have do the hip replacement off. You don't know I've already. Have, a right side, hip, this or she? Is already. Pretty much done fucking hurts l.. Walk on, so keep to continue to walk on it for a year and a half. I can't do that. I can't ocean that so I sat down or a nice little. My docking. He listened this what you got a point, so I'm. We're putting the second. Opinion both Orthodox in Bariatric. See, we can't get one of those hopefully sooner than six months in work hip replacement sooner than you know a year and a half so grow for you that came through and while I was waiting on this the process I decided. You know I've never used va and when I hear the VA appear in Alaska is ten times better than some of the places down on our lows for yet and believe it or not. From my experiences so far it's true I've talked to. Numerous people and they were just as early. I mean he's helplessly and they got me set up with my new PC VA trap. Yeah, so. But also getting another referral through the Va for another Orthodox take a look at the ship, and as well, she can't move forward with either the replacement or some same thing that the. Based on a least we're moving forward in the right direction Bergonzi another look at it, because I like I said I don't think I could do it on a year and a half walking and working on partially flaps walk. Away. just to give people an idea of how vast ingrate TV a of there is. How long have you been going to the VA hospital? Va Hospital just started. I mean literally. Three weeks ago tops amy I back to them and you know because I I did the normal thing like most veterans should you is took a copy Monday deportees you. Retired you go, but never got ta car or you because I've tried here, retiree. Trigger since I have a little value. No those just me. I probably just dropped on the life of subtle. He ate, but. A little guy needs anything in the in the medical system. WHY NOT DETROIT YOU'RE! Right though. He's underneath me and we use tracker. Have you strike well like I, said since I've got this goat rope, doctor, he's wait a year and a half the end of the really seem to care about quality of life issues. I mean literally the other day actually crawling up the steps in my house, because the pains of that and my little guy, he's only seven. Was it jump on my back? Thanks Daddy's playing. The new. US Oh, you know there. There's quality of life issues that were. We're talking about so yeah. This has been going on since September last years almost. Ten months note though so to put it in perspective when I went to get approved during the A to go on humira injections. Put me two and a half years to get approved. Half years to get approved for a injection to try and control microloans granted. He married nearly flocking killed me every two weeks for six months. It took me two and a half years to just get it approved, and that was my Va.. And Point has not even not, and they're already like through lawsuit. fucking do for. Me I haven't actually seen. My doc immersed me to this whole. My Corona Virus Ocean. The she seen to be really laid back and listened way to say and was like. Listen to it. Let's put in that referral because. They're not doing anything. So I didn't hold anything back or because most oxygen and when you talk Va.. You caulk trike here. He don't like step on each other's toes us and I can understand you know what I'm saying. They're both professionals right yup but. At the same time when one's not doing anything for veteran, that's that's done his time or her time it gets to be. His point worse bullshit, Black S Berezin I think she seen that bullshit bragging. She called him on so. Her Gift for me and you know. Let's hope the stuff is goes through this book and. Relief And If. That doesn't go to show you that I'm about to call bullshit on it. But I call bullshit on that the needs more funding to help people know fucking doesn't tell you that right now. That's when Alaska and I'M GONNA. Tell you that they probably get just as much as any other VA clinic or hospital around America. And it just goes to show you that it's the people that are at the Va hospital or clinic. It's not the funding whatsoever is the fact that they give us shit. I dates just like everything else. We need to replace who the fuck is up there. And get rid of the quote, unquote cancer, you can argue with me all as statistics while the funding statistics I don't give a flying fuck and I've used this metaphor of slash analogy for. When you hold an umbrella straight up. And it's pouring down rain. The rain evenly goes around the umbrella. When you tilt it to one side, you get more rain on one side than you do the other right or wrong. Okay same way with funding. When they wanted to go to a certain place, it's going to go to a certain place when they are doing the right thing and Walter, you know, be quote, unquote equal. It's all going to be. It's not as much as it is people that give this shit at these clinics I add an awesome fucking nurse at one of my the clinics. And because she stood up for me. I'm almost positive. Because within a month, she was yawn and transferred out of state. I'm almost positive. The good ones that try to stand up for most vets in these. Bad Clinics hospitals and I don't WanNA say bad as an overall term, but with the bad. People they get transferred not out of town and she was also. She went to bat for me, so many Tom because nobody was listening, and they were throwing me around like a rag doll, and she's no longer there. They transferred her out no reason they said that it came down from the top and I'm like. Okay, and that's when my eyes started did really open up a Mike. I'm not a fucking year anymore, but yeah. Wonder if. Your. Children. But again is also changed his obviously, I haven't seen the dock shed the. Cost. That's wonderful. I love that. I love that I'm having. Let me, get like this notion. Crawling. If your steps in your house and your seven year old son is watching you that. Thanks, you're playing because. You can joke with a lot claims lot. When the you're supposed to Sir in. You're supposed you don't get me wrong right, but You have to yell at him. No, he's not playing this time. You know stuff, stop it! Directly in vain that's. Yes, definitely second your pain dead. Oh! Grandma built. We'll show you. Get that canes way. It's alar Boston anyway. Anyway, your switch boy, grabbing green either that Greenland. Yeah, go ahead billboard, right? Did one or the? Oh Shit hold on one second. One. But Yeah I won a not not for nothing owned man I'm happy for you. Guys Egged. I'm still having the time eating getting scene. Because when I came off duty. Oh. It was. I came off active duty. I was supposed to receive a call. which is normal? You come off active duty you receive. Everything fine well I came back to duty. Wish to the IRR. That every you know nothing issue, but then they gave orders to go to Ghanistan directly after I came off. In January. Well I'm not going to Ghanistan. Sorry! No, thank you. So when that happened. They. Go. But they didn't kill the yours now wasn't getting. Hey! But what what did happen worth? It changed me from getting. Her from having regular Wolfram from having reserve, try care or trike diverse elective my. TRICARE PRI-. Well everyone knows and you try your prime. You have to go to the like the serve member has to go to see the doctor on post. Will where I live in Florida the nearest post is three hours away. So when I actually went to that post because I finally. Let me, just try it. She was going to go on whatever. They're telling me. I can't be seen I don't have to post. Up She's. I'm likes but I don't. But I. Try to sell me that I have to go from Florida back to North Carolina to actually see the actually. No, because when I looked at these orders, it didn't have a place. It didn't actually have a area I was I was going to. That was in America so I couldn't get seen anywhere. So I'm still dealing with that, and thus that problem when I was a pendant. Why was a reservist? I was active duty dependent and I was living in the DC area, so I was like. Oh. I need to go to the dentist I'm. GonNa have to go to wall to read. Molterer was like Oh. No, you can't go here. You have to go to wherever the post is. Will he was in the Middle East? Why I'M NOT GONNA. Go there to go to the damn dentist exactly. Exactly, and my family's have new the what you just described as off families having to do right now and I'm like look man. I'm not sending my my my toddler three hours. He is so note. You. GUYS ARE GONNA. Fix something and I've I've I've I've made? The request of the request made the request not sound like an extra question to the congressman. Out The OPO congressional no. Was Zero Care I. Don't blame you. Nonsense! I don't blame you at all. What it's like. When? I was trying to get the room. Everybody wines. We me and say unoccupied guilt one. Hours tired of it, and I was like you know what. I'm going to write to the state. Virginia Foxx whether your thoughts are for her against her has done a lot for veterans and getting a what. Shit done in North Carolina and even though she's out of my district, I was like the least i. can do is try right. So I wrote to her about the bullshit have had to endure with the DA, and I had one of my doctors even right own to. And within a week of me, getting a letter from her within a week. The VA headquarters for housing out of the Lanna Georgia called me and personally said Hey. We just got a letter that you need a death of housing and Blah Blah Blah and I'm like Funny. So now can get And if that doesn't tell you that, sometimes, you have to take that step above and beyond. Quote Unquote chain of command. What's going to I mean sometimes you have to take into your own hands have even had a son up. Some of my nurses say hey. if you WANNA, take this Marinol, slash CBD, thing to the stay and try and get it approved for you at least go for it. We're all for it. And because I know, my doctor is not going to see in the pharmacies like no, you can't. Now and there's no evidence to. Reflect Yourself. Gasol yeah. I feel strongly for anything that has backing evidence, and then they try to say aw, there's no evidence saw to your that all these queries are legitimate. Yeah, there are and you're. Throwing him under the fucking. Task looks like a dog. My Dad Docklands lucky going to be? I mean come on. Tell them about it, right? So Yeah I don't want seconds. One, Sorry I'm typing into five people and I love this guy, not I'll stop the show if I have to hear the sky, but anyway we are tuned in. You are to hint wt VR Dot Damn D-. Radio Dot net it's Barrett's talked. Library listens to us. Don't podcast Oh oh my God. That was the fucking stone. You're listening to us on either pod being stitcher Google play. I teams wherever the fucking Vitus, at all on. PODCAST, even I'm still trying to work on our past podcast. Get it edited and up on spotify, please. I've got so much shit going on. If you only knew you ask Lincoln frosty investor and who else. Editing stuff. No, not at all, not at all. Not at all. Volvo go to break on the other side of the break. We've got John that's in the news and Google is going to have to actually get her news leaks from just. That's in the news chat box because I didn't make nights hairy 'cause I, said fucking. Tonight but we'll be back right. I take time off. Hey Hey. But we'll be back right after this and we I just wanted to facebook, and it says welcome to a fresh simpler facebook dot com. No thanks, motherfuckers better switch back as you will hate it. We introducing a new luck to facebook dot. COM and we're excited for you to try it out I'm. I'm. Good I. Already don't like it in the I haven't even hit next on the box yet. On any. I, don't like it. Now he'd like I can see the background. I don't like it. I don't know how to switch back. I'm trying to take us to fucking break can. Break. Classic. He's at any time top right the little Arrow that goes down. Donnie to to I need to show you. Australia after the break our during eight year experience. I need to go to your. I've having pain. Got There Anyway Chelsea raise lips of a liar. You can check out her music at Chelsea Ray Music Dot com I'll have to give you that in just a minute. You've seen them on Mike roos returning the favor. He is a guy who will fix your car for free if you can buy the parts disabled vet with a heart, gold and a heavy toolbox. Something has to be done if you're just joining us. Now they bring you in original show to w DVR DV Radio Dot net ladies and gentlemen welcome to screw loose auto I'm your host. RESI nuts. This far away is the coolest thing I've ever got to do with an hour of my time on a week night. Maddie go to the hospital for them to basically cream my back. Sorry for urinating in your ear. I Love Cars I. Love What this is about being being a veteran myself. Wow, we just lost half our listeners. We're live yet. GotTa. Go in my Joe Dude. That every single. Bro wouldn't have a minimum standard if the minimum standard wasn't good enough. Stay tuned for more updates about screw loose auto from hard-luck automotive. Right here on Wdr Devi radio DOT net. Your natural. Radio. With E. Coli. Dummy. And now trying to find out what. Sorry can find the mute button. This seems to be a lot of people's problem. Right and I was trying to organize my stories, but I had an issue doing that, too. So what get story? This one kind of bugs me because it will a more than kind of bug me. SEATTLE HELP segregated training session on undoing whiteness. Billing Whiteness this was only for white employees Yup the city, so the city of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session aimed at white staffers, and instructing them on undoing your own whiteness in order to be held accountable by people of Color according to documents obtained by public records requests. Oh that's that's different. One Hand out distributed in the session declared how racism is not our fault, but we are responsible. Another said White staffers must give up the land, and they're guaranteed physical safety in order to be an accomplice for racial justice. see that's the problem with how we explain. Things as white as racism I. Mean we're GonNa Segregate White people tell you that all white people are racist. That's not how this works. I on second off, you're going about it wrong in on so many levels and grown man Marquee Roberto. We all talked about that about there's a right way in a wrong way to approach racism, and you don't segregate and say you're only the racist people because that's basically what they're saying. Exactly it goes on. Don't worry. According to doctor according to the documents, the Office of Civil Rights hosted a two and a half hour training on internalized racial superiority for white people, and then email invitation sent for the events the office ask city employees who identify as to join this training to learn reflect challenge ourselves and builds skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies in accomplices for racial justice, and then continued with we'll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy how we internalize and reinforce it and begins to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism ways to be accountable to black indigenous people of Color folks within our community. Wow, okay? If I had received that email I would say that I do not identifies. For your. Either Censorship because every time I. DO I put on here. Racer unit has the oldest other. I'm not I'm not actually. Story a little bit. It was assigned at a little a little too far on the nose, but as a as you went to explain it. It's like Oh. Oh, yeah, okay. Cool. So. You would be okay with a with someone saying that only black people should be attending this training. Yeah. And you see the pause where I I didn't say anything yet. And but because hit, here's the here's the his the rope. The rope with the class itself. the class sounds like a horrible, horrible, horrible horrible idea. But in actuality is not doing anything different differently except me, call something different than what me and marquee in anyone else do we explain what the Hell's going on? And when someone comes up and says well I, I happen to be white and I didn't do anything to any of you but I understand you have a grievance. What is? They have literally taken that in fashioned it into a this is almost I actually know. They made it a mandatory thing at work, and I'm not saying that it has to be a mandatory thing, but I think it's actually a pretty good idea to sit down and say okay. This is what. Hopes for talking about. This is what they're talking about. This is what they mean hit. Let us enlighten you the reasons why we think the way we do, and you know what you could leave. You can leave that little seminar or whatever they call it. No or You could leave it with your with your Your perception, your understanding a spent. He the way, but you at least have the information to do of wants. So I don't think it's a bad idea. The way you it the way. It was red. And the beginning of sounded like a horrible idea, but honestly like I said a couple of minutes ago. is nothing different than me sitting here telling you how on behalf of black people so this? Speak how we feel why we that way? No. I personally. No No, we were listening to I. Personally think that. When you won't say attack something like that you don't. Single out one thing in one. Way. The way they the way. There won't wait their way. They're wanting to do it there wanting to take only white and say okay, this is what you're doing. Right and and there's probably not. How many black people do you think are going to be in their none because there's only white people having to learn this, and only pointing it out where there's no black people there to say yes, or no to what they're actually. Actually talking about I, don't think it's I. Thank, you're adding more quote. Unquote racism in a way because the white people are probably going to be like okay I get what you're saying. Whatever and they're going to walk out and then they're gonNA talk about this was bullshit because they didn't hear it from a black person's perspective or a Mexican person's perspective, or whatever that's why I don't agree with segregating colors of race. To do a race. Top. Thing is you know we do it and it's wrong. I hate it I don't think we should do it. We kind of have win. When there was a syncing session in our unit in, it was essential session for just the NCO's. That is. Totally different there. That's something different. Then, there was a there was a syncing session for just the females. We had to have one, and it was a closed door syncing such just the females people do it on purpose to have a particular now. No because. If you have. Forty people go to the seminar and out of the forty people five. Just like nope. I have my ways of thinking i. have my ways of feeling. All black people are horrible and know what if they can all go back to their country. About me. You can. You can have that conversation within feeling a little bit more Even have that conversation about black people in in. That's fine. You don't have to have a black person in the room. Speak necessarily the proper way about racism. You don't have to have ways goods now. When you're in a room and you're being told that your the problem. Angora the reason there are visual injustices in you are the one who is the racist though you don't see yourself as one. That's a problem. I told that all the time and it's not racism at that point, but it's sexism. You know how many like and we were going to step on this a little bit earlier. A little bit later and blow actually say that we were going to do this later, but know who the problem is in the military when it comes to military rate, not the women. Is Not the women. It's the men. The, mid, who covered up is the men who do it is the man who say Oh, no will. They were just joking or glass would being guys. Know I deal with to the idea with an on different level now. Someone who doesn't have any issue with it should have no issue with it. I have no issue. Being told that men of the issue in the in the military right know why, because I don't want people. I don't think that anyone on this slide or anyone. Listening should have an issue with hearing that white people are racist or black people are prejudice because if they aren't racist and they aren't prejudice initiative no problem. But if they do if that his little bit clue Costa home and digs a little bit to the then. Maybe they need the information. Maybe they just needed just to have it. Because you know what in in being informed is important, but that doesn't mean that you have to change your mindset just because you're in for. The messes me now, but I think having somebody like you their vote romantic, even marquee somebody who can actually fill in those questions lengths of. Of You know what I'm saying because. They use a total bullshit. And that's exactly what I'm talking about because I can tell you right now. That somebody that is not being racist, but they think that something they say towards a person of any color of any race might offend them and they ask. That white person that's teaching that racist class or whatever the class is supposed to be about. And that white person is like Oh. Yes, that is completely racist. You should never say that, but then you go man say I don't. Know that's not racist, but yet it is perceived by white person because they are teaching that and this one person bills, it might be racist just because of whatever it is, and then that White Person Oh. Yes, that's completely racist. You should never say anything like that. That's my point with these glasses. Going through one of the. Oh the trainers also instructs his weight employees in practicing self talk that affirms our complicity in raises. Which is a problem I'm not gonNA. Tell myself that I'm complicit in. Racism when I'm not. And I'm saying this very carefully. How. You you know that you're not being complicit. How we know that you're not being complicit. At all in this is the s a real. It's a real odd question. I, I offer that question to anyone. Because one the first problem is you know what it affects. He will understand the overt. Hey, boy, get over here, you inward issue inward that go back to your own country with burner staking your equal Ahmed. Say You right now. Everything I'M GONNA. Tell you right now. Every black kid that I see wearing baggy pants and Derek I. Don't sit there and go. Oh, look at that. Look the gangster WanNa be look at that I don't do that. Yeah exactly I do that even white kids. that. All right, but you get what I'm saying. I get what you're saying I'M GONNA. Bring it back to my point, right? The whole or no one worries about the no-one no-one, not necessarily words. No one is questioning over because his or her. People question. The sub hurt the stuff. That's another under on these. On the. So for instance. If. You have no idea that what you do every day. Has the possibility of even being considered racism. And then you still you continue to do it in someone up. Not that's that's not right. No, it's just fine. The then then that goes along the same line as being funded, I might say something that offends one person, but not the other I might say something that won hers seems as a racist comment and someone else doesn't so there really is not distinguishment at that point. You don't know if what you're doing is racist or not. Because one person might say it is, and another says is not so rock for your pension. What do you do with it? I look at the same way I'm like okay. This person says it's racist. This person tells me it is a racist so. Now even more confuses when I started massacre. The same concept as being funded by everything, I. Think I know right now to an extent, what me and girl man can talk about an jokey manner, I know me and marquee extinct talk about in a joking manner. They know ninety nine nine nine percent of the time. I'm not trying to be a dick or raises right. But at the same time, there are people out there. That might have friends of whatever race that are in this class that Gig just brought up. Better sitting. They're going. A made a choke to my friend. The other day did did I send them, and then they ask that leader teacher. Whatever of that class is that offensive and that person is probably going to say yes, because to them, it probably sounds racist, but yet they don't know the context of what was used in right. They don't know how that person of that race is actually going to take it, and whether it is yes or not. A racist thing! Yes, most of us can distinguish what racism is on the surface, but like you said grow man. There is other types of racism judgy profiling, which I think there's profiling for reasons own not just race other things, but that's another whole fucking thing of itself, but there there's racism in all aspects of everything we do on a daily basis, and then there's prejudice so I mean. Are they going to distinguish those things in this class or are they just GONNA attack. Okay? This is what you're doing to be racist, and this is how you can fix it, and this is what you should do and what you shouldn't do. Shit, say and what you shouldn't say because I feel that's what they're going to do. Because it is Seattle and Seattle is pretty. Pretty fucked up when it comes to shit like this and they I mean I'm not trying to be an Aso about it day. Stretch a lot of stuff when they teach things white. This I've seen it I know people that had to be part of it, and they absolutely do not agree with ninety eight percent of what Seattle has come out with as far as. Things of that nature, no matter what spectrum their own own, a person, not of color or person color whatever race and I'm not just lumping blacks in their own, saying he fucking race right so I, write hanging out of Seattle Rana. Frazier. Racial Zach GONNA so. So going along those lines, still with the class itself they did have. A chart that listed characteristics that define God. Internalize oppression hold on so internalized. Racism already was defined by perfectionism, individualism, imposition, arrogance, paternalism, silence, intellectualise, ation, control, violence, comper, appropriation, cognitive dissonance of objectivity in anti blackness. And then internalized racial inferiority was defined by color ISM isolation, protectionism, addiction, self-doubt, Southgate reach shame, denial, assimilation, ethnocentrism, distancing graduated visibility, hopelessness, a apathy, erasure, invisibility and Insi- whack. Yeah. I'm both I so based on those two lists I suffer from Bo I. Both Inter I'm. Both internalized Rachel's superior and inferiors. If you just go by those on the surface. Right right like talk about it. No. Not Get things. That's all story one folks. Right, we've only spent fifteen minutes on it. With his whole pandemic thing, this is funny that we. Open DEMOC thing Harvard has decided to go online. And continued to charge students that fifty thousand dollars a year which tells me you're not paying fucking classes in education at that point but it's going to be teaching all versus online now the day after that story brew. Another headline said. Hold on, let me find the right headline. It's right here. Harvard and MIT are suing over the trump administration students immigration ruling means. They are suing the. Station for forcing. International students to do the classes online on like. You just say you're becoming an online college for at least the following year, and now you're suing because you want because he's because the trump administration wants these immigrants to be educated. With great? Education. Yeah Yeah. Now. that. This is the world we live in people. And address. The emigrants can't get education. We are going to give everyone full access online. Let's give the emigrant's access and make them go to educating themselves online. No, we can't. Exactly. Now the ruling from the trump administration does say that foreign students attending US colleges that will operate entirely online. This fall semester cannot remain in the country to do so. which I'm fine with. Why are you going to be? But it's neither here nor there if Harvard is going to be solely online then A. No. And most of these international students they go back to their home country during the summer anyway. So. It would be great for them to be at home during the summer getting. They're all my classes. Exactly and tards and these people are the ones that put laws into a factory. People just lighting up. These are the people. It's funny how Harvard said. We're going strictly online. Tunes. Grooming you make students. This online. The these are the Harvard professionals that said wear masks. Gut which you're talking about. So question for you. Because what I'm reading from Forbes. On July! Six Thousand Twenty trump administration announced that international students at United States universities operating entirely online may not take a all online course load and remain the United States according to the student exchange program, so if they plan on taking all of their classes was faked king. It do online. They have to leave. which most international students go home during the summer anyway? Not. The majority of them do not. Really I mean. That's a very strange and interesting. Fact throw out but okay. Here they act, they done a statistic. Really four years ago I think because we had so many immigrants coming in in certain times of the year, and they were trying to figure out what the correlation was, and the Big Hussein was kids coming back from a summer break. Here, it is I was listening, but here it is out of the backlash came in a lawsuit fob a Harvard Mit. The site cited an interview with Khin Cameras last thing who speaks. For the administration on immigration policy in holding the number two position on the Department of Homeland Security Despite analysis point analysis point out Baba. Indeed the administration has acknowledged that Isis. Decision is designed to force universities to conduct in person classes notwithstanding universities and public health officials sitting judgment that it is neither safe nor education advisable. All okay, so they can still go to class. They can still be here, but they have to go to the classes where they could get covert nineteen. Okay, no, no, no, we're good. Let's keep on. and. That's not at all what it's about though. I'm just. Are. So okay so this why? Are? We more concerned about students learning. Or teachers not dying. I will think teach essence that I invested. Ni. Is District or a university gonNA be responsible. If the teacher catches, it or student catches it. You know WHO's. WHO's it halt? I know. Be Back in class. Like not start okay so when I started UNH in the fall. Okay, they already have things in place to prevent the spread of cloven nineteen. Such as continuing social distancing wearing a mask all these other things that we've already been doing for the past however many months now. That have been working. Along with that, there are shoe full dorm halls residence halls that are not going to be used by any students, unless you need to self quarantine, for whatever reason for fourteen days so if you're an international student and you come to campus, then you will be placed in one of these rooms. To self quarantine for fourteen days before you move into your residency hall. As July six. The campus status is under Massachusetts safer at home advisory essential on campus staff, only remote teaching, learning, working and research resume at science lab operations. stringy stringent requirements, which means even though the trump administration is saying you gotTA. Do It in person. that. Because so this Kobe. And Its ender district that those kids can still take them online. They don't have to go to class in person. They have to be in person own wine, but not in class, because more than likely. They're not going to be allowed on campus because the campus status as of July six from Harvard Dot Edu Slash Corona virus. If you WANNA look it up right now and I'm I'm GonNa Guarantee You that? They can still take them online and they're suing the trump administration over bullshit. That's all they're doing. They're wanting to calls an out cry for people to go know, what are they doing? They're not doing anything that they wouldn't have done any other college during their time dirt for this that they're not i. mean just because they're saying. Hey, you got to be in person and in class doesn't mean you have to be physically in a classroom. That's not what they're saying. They're saying you have to be your student. As in the identification that you signed up with for that college for that class and class, whether it's virtual or not, and you've got to take that class you yourself not as in you have to be an in-person physical being in a classroom with desks and tears. Mike Kemp. Mike Chemistry. Biology classes are gonNA be online the only time that I'll be. Physically in the classroom is for our lives. And, that's what this says. Resume Science operations with stringent. There will be a limited students her lab so if there's a lab that has fifty students normally, and they're only allowing twenty at a time. We would just Roti and unless you have to do something in person. They're not going to allow you on any campus whatsoever right now. That's ninety nine percent of the capital is going on, and that's just stay whatever it's down to the state right now that the federal government right now really doesn't give a shit. They're enacting certain things when they go back. Back to class in physical form, but at that what the trump administration done was nothing I mean they've done that before in other administrations the Obama Administration the Clinton administration. I think Bush even done after he done. The no child left behind act something similar all something similar to this every administration to make sure that it's not illegal immigrants for we have another case of Osama bin Laden, coming and taking college classes to become a bucket maniac on a plane and run them into another fucking building. Data what it's for. It's not to stop anyone from learning at all. That's the last thing they want. They don't want a fucking asshole like bin Laden fucking coming in under an eighteen year olds name of country and say hey, I'm whoever the fuck I say I am and I'm going to get whatever the fuck I want, and then in ten years I'm GonNa fucking smash up buildings and then started work. Conspiracy theories in line respectively. Hoax story which WHO. To we only ten minutes on that one five minute short, but we're getting there just jogging. The DC is going to be its own podcast this week. Thank you for listening to Barrett's Talk WDC radio dot net now. News. Right reopen theme Parks Band screaming on Roller Coaster. GonNa go out a kidney stone. He reads this this. Happened in, Japan. Japan at the Fuji, Q Highland Amusement Park recently. The chief executive and his boss took a ride on the park's number. One attraction implants to thirty feet without as without so much as a pete. I'm sure they've done this thousand times. So! A videos show the two executives both clad in masks, thoroughly riding the coaster in complete silence, it ended with a message. Please scream inside your heart Fans campaign against. Rovers targeting Zegers, who manage fellow burs virus, carrying droplets with amid ride utterance enjoy the ride. Say The state theme park operators just don't let your voice show it. Basically you can go to the park. You can go on there is you cannot scream. Scream you can break it wind all day long. The ban on screaming along with a recommendation. The visitors wear masks is included and guidelines at least Japan's theme park associations when parks began reopening back in May, the guidelines are being followed by most parts in the country, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan in the Sakha. Audi's stop people screaming on a frigate. Your heart. I apparently yeah. And, what's the Ho? God. One mothers said that she to keep her three-year-old daughter quiet while rides at Disneyland and basically ended up shrieking the whole time. Mugger her kid no! Could have been horror story right there God damn. Easy in the funny thing is. Is that the color of their? They actually deuce really strange. I mean the two years I spent over there in Okinawa I love it. But man they definitely looked through thrill seeking stuff. It's crazy. a New York native, who lived in Japan fifteen years, said he found it relatively easy to stay quiet on Disneyland Rights on reopening day, saying I managed to my silence like the medieval. Wow. There, we go again new you'll talk for. The. New. Job. However a few weeks prior this New Yorker is on a universal studios. Japan rollercoaster we're riders are strapped into a prone position, so they feel is if they are flying without anything under them. And he said I screamed so much as it was coming out, it was a sound that I couldn't even believe so I guess he had some practice. Of screaming I just Freeman. You don't. Well. I'm wondering how many of those screams were from releasing their bowel movements at me were legitimate screams of terrifying fear. Oh God Sweetie I. MEAN! Seriously, you can scream. No Google For Ben. So no screaming roller coasters at anything heart in Japan. I had to look up at the TV, and apparently Ford is being the Ford's Ford CEO is being pressured to stop selling cars. While I said no, we're going to keep producing these and telling them. Yeah Alright final story of the evening and I read this one for Jada. God that is so fucking disgusting. HINES! No, the ketchup maker releases creams kits to turn popular condiments into ice cream I'm the. Oh, yes, I want you to muster lick sickle. Much follow of catch. Not even I won't get. Hines released doing yourself. Creams hits that allow purchasers to create their own Heinz condiment flavored frozen dessert. The flavors come in Mayo Barbecue Salad Cream Mayo Chop. And of course. Up. Though the most iconic vitriol sauces to catch up has reportedly sold out according to the hines website. There because people are curious. How fucking horrible case! Here no settle to tastes really shitty. Your best friend's always like dude. You cut a try. Yeah. Exactly this was. Fantastic as always his. Upright. Each kit comes with a recipe card as well as reusable tub. It's a store. The ice cream a goldens moon and a golden ice cream scoop as well as a full-sized bottle of whatever condiment flavor you're choosing. Ever you're on your own as far as providing the milk and cream and Guidry S. Currently. These are only sale in the UK. That doesn't mean anything. You give. It's close. Performance say. The the kind hearts at Heinz have released the recipes online for those dedicated enough to condiments to once turn them into a perennial. advocated. Go Walker Soup. I logged. Asked you go and. ING. Cash it like I'll put at just about anything but by screen. Though here you go so I the recipe for the Heinz Mayo Creams is. nineteen ounces double cream a health. Nineteen. Oh No then back it up a hundred ninety grams double cream, one hundred ninety grams, condensed milk, seventy grams, whole milk and fifty grams, hines. Good mayonnaise is You'll need a whisker mixer, a freezer safe bowl, any food processor utilize all of the ingredients for at least an hour. Then add all the ingredients combine them using the whisk attachment on the slowest cutting Once you have them all combined gradually increase speed until you reach the fastest setting with the radiance Arctic as you can. That just sounds. GET MONEY A male. If you whisk it hard enough, I'm telling you right now. Right gently. Poor them make sure interior. KRIENS TUB or freezer, safe container leaks set in the freezer for a minimum three hours and suggested toppings. Those. This smooth and creamy ice cream is deliciously paired with apple and blackberry. COMPO hopped with a layer of crumble. Missed a whole continue mixing it, so it may forget support. Salt peaks so when you turn your whisk upside down the. Just starting to hold. Oh that's great. That's great. It's insane me. Tell you it's just insane. Oh my God. So yeah, there you go, there's your. Your Hinds Ice Cream. And that is all news Halford is. Oh Fuck I don't know where to go from here. Again anyway show now. Know. Far Go. Relearn Mike Smith is an hour. It's going in and out static. It's stuff will with. Thank my laptop because it's literally part of. The I'm looking at the the big barbecue recipe. It says the smokiness of the barbecue sauces perfects when paired with some crispy bacon bits. And pieces and Maple Syrup. That's for the ice cream. The Barbecue is time. If, you want me to. Hear my as Yes, no. We. Know at the Fuck House today. You can thank. My fucking lasts up anyway. This laptop foot my mic. Fuck it all. I don't get a shit anymore. Anyway go fly me for default. Six is on his trip bikes going to drop the link. It's in the description odd gas. Last words for our listeners. Now remember. We are still having the raw recovery teachers as well where everything goes to the navy for mice, one dollar will go back to radio. Say check out. The link is also dropped jeters little. Google. Gall. was muted. Judge go back. Home in. I got nothing not after this. ICE, BANK FIASCO, Girl. Man. I hope everyone had a thing I'm going to. I'm voting. Would you've got like grown ass? Asmad Google cutter cut out. Early DVD's six is still on the road. He should be in Colorado now for the best. We didn't have recoil or frosty, because fought barracks walking wer radio dot net anyway until next week cycles. On facebook twitter. Radio?

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Not My Fault!

Nonprofit Everything

32:06 min | 1 year ago

Not My Fault!

"I'm looking for a bit of advice on sharing some news with public last week. One of our agency vehicles was stolen stolen. We only have two vehicles and being down one really impact our program delivery. I'm thinking of using our email list and social media share this and hopes we might get some financial support to help recover. You are lost costs and so that we can purchase a new vehicle. Do you think this approach would work so i totally do with the. I'm going to give of a caveat here so there are couple of organizations that that i don't know if anyone ever tracks it but where you see all the time there's there is like a crisis rate of some sort and it really. There's only so often you can use something like this so i'm not saying don't use is that be really cautious about not over not always coming out with oh this happened this broke down this got stolen lake that starts to then then make raise questions in people's head about the authenticity and whether whether you're even running a good shop in being super smart and safe insecure right sue lake so i so that's a caution but with this i'm gonna assume this isn't something that typically happens. I think it's absolutely a great. I think it's a great opportunity. Share your story so here's here's the thing right out there. That happens all the time people go. I don't wanna find a vehicle. I don't want to fund you know whatever operating getting her overhead expenses or whatever how cool for you to like share a story like even from the vehicles perspective like i was thinking about this and i'm getting nerd like i'm getting nerdy about looks sort of fundraising direct mail pieces but you could literally write a letter an email from the van that got stolen seriously like make it kind of fun and catchy like oh. My god is bad guys got in me and now and i'm su- stressed because i couldn't pick up a these clients to take them to their doctors appointments or whatever whatever advertise rate you could you could do this in a way that would be memorable in people's minds whether they give you money or not they understand more about what you do and how you do it and how things like just vehicle can make or break your organization so i think the storytelling power of this huge it gets me. We excited obviously being timely and then like a call to action. You need a call to action at the end of this right like you can't just go out there and share the story and not tell people how to help you can say gosh we've already had five people step up to help support us but we're going to need to raise ten thousand bucks or twenty thousand or whatever whatever that figure is like. If can you help us this. Can you help us here or do you have maybe van that is in good shape that you would want to donate like please just talk to us because every single thing we use and do matters like it's powerful yeah i think you're i think you're exactly right the getting get it being careful about the way message. It is the most important because you don't want to you you like. There's a common misperception especially in smaller younger nonprofits that that if you look competent that people will be less likely to fund you because they think like you've got. You know you're fine. You don't need my help right and so you need to look needy in order to get money and that's i think obsolete. The opposite of the case is people wanna see that you're efficient and effective and and so if if the reason that the got stolen is because you know like if it's not a great story i if if it was totally your fault then then you know maybe maybe think about that yes but if it but if it is like i think if you can tell a good story around it and how important is the the other thing too is in my experience. People do like giving you things more than just money money. Yes so a lot of times people want to give you vehicles and you went out. If you're replacing van that was six or seven years old and replacing it with a used van. That's four years old. That's actually pretty cool aw and it gives somebody the opportunity to get rid of something that they didn't want and you know that's. I don't think that this is that hard of a this is the heart of an ask for you but yeah. I don't know that i would be embarrassed about because things happened. I mean hey if like why you should have insurance you know. You should make sure that you've got all your bases covered. If there's a problem in your building and like the sprinklers flers exploded or the air conditioner felon or something like that you need to be able to explain to donors like like why you weren't prepared to deal with that expense or that you know if it's an emergency agency or something like that but but in the case of van being stolen and here's the other thing i think there's an there's an opportunity for an ongoing. Don't don't make the mistake that so many organizations do they. They like ask once and then like you never know what happened because that's awful like you're like the the person whether you're giving or you just reading about it going. Oh my god like. I wonder whatever happened like so. This is a great way to sort of not beat a dead horse but to maybe have a few a few follow ups to say hey just update god since our last the email blast or whatever since we reached out we've had this many people a thank you shout out to them. Whatever like there is huge room to build like loyal supporters from something. That's a really unfortunate incident on air nonprofit nonprofit marketing alliance that nonprofits presents nonprofit everything the podcast about everything nonprofit fault with your host insured and stacey wedding. Hey stacy here with my amazing using co host andy shirked and we're here on behalf of and the alliance for nevada nonprofits with this episode of nonprofit everything where we answer all of your questions and <hes> whether they are burning in your in your brain and soul or just completely just boring but that's okay either one. We'll take so. We just want your questions so send us your questions. Thank you for joining us for this episode. Thanks to an for making this possible and as always we love your love so please share this us like us. Subscribe to all that stuff. You're supposed to do when you listen to podcasts. Today's episode is sponsored by brenda the j. stout c._p._a. A full-service accounting firm specializing in nonprofit tax compliance and i r s problem resolution find out more at brenda stout c._p._a. Dot com or check the nonprofit. Everything's show notes for contact information. Thank you brenda j. stout c._p._a. Thank you brenda andy questions for you. It actually makes my head spent a little bit just looking at it so hold on tight listeners. I get that pledges have to be counted in year. One hundred thousand dollar pledge over five years twenty thousand dollars a year made in twenty nineteen. We have to book that one hundred thousand dollars in two thousand nineteen. I get it but the actual pledge payments in subsequent years can actually shauwie count towards fundraising goals in other words in twenty twenty. You know you're receiving twenty thousand dollars from that pledge. Your goal is a million but on day one. You're already twenty thousand dollars towards that goal because you have that pledge payment or am. I completely insane. Well okay this so this is actually not not that hard so there's there are a lot of numbers in. It's all see if i can make it for those of us. Who are not numbers. Savvy makes me break on it. I'm just going to say so. Let's just say let's say that somebody is going to give you a thousand dollars. They say they're gonna make a promise to pay a thousand dollars and they're going to give you that a thousand dollars over ten years. There's so which means they're going to give you one hundred dollars a year for ten years so so what the confusion is here is the way generally accepted accounting. The principles are for finance like the way the accounting team has to record. This is when somebody promises two thousand dollars. You have two thousand dollars. That's s. Just the rule <hes>. There's there's actually an interesting story about that. I'm so berkley. Just got is no longer in the u._s. World news us news and world report rankings of. I just klis her last night on the way the so they they used to be like the number to public college right in the rankings they ranked number two and they got kicked out of the rankings completely because they weren't complying with the u._s. News and world report rules about how they were supposed to track pledged payments. I don't know why that's important but what they were doing is they. Were doing it the right way. Which is when someone says. I promised to give you a thousand dollars like you have to book that thousand dollars and this is an accounting podcast. Thank god so we won't tell you how specifically you're gonna thousand dollars but basically just goes in as a two thousand dollars right but then what they're really doing is they're giving you one hundred dollars a year for ten years so the cash that comes in every year is one hundred dollars and it basically sir choose away at that pledge payment and so after ten years pledges pledges received. You've gotten that thousand dollars done right so that's the accounting side of it and that's just the way the rules are the rules. Why it's that way that way because those are the rules <laughter> okay all right now he's just black and white males so <hes> the what the fundraising challenges is like okay somebody pledges a thousand dollars and and then the next year they give you one hundred dollars what you you wanna do. Is you want to count that one hundred dollars towards your fund as your personal or your departments fundraising goal for the year bike and what what i suspect back to the challenge in this particular question is the finest person is saying you can't right right of course because we thousand dollars last year. I know you got one hundred dollar. Pledge payment but the rule is that you don't but what that's doing is that's confusing what the rule is with like what the purpose of keeping track of it is so so even though the accounting rule is to put in two thousand dollars that doesn't have to be how you budget for your fundraising goal like if for example this is a a major is your donation and maybe not a hundred bucks but like let's just say that this relationship is important and you need to take this person to launch or you need to do some activities and so there's a reason to count that making sure that that hundred dollar pledge payment is coming in like that that that's part of an ongoing relationship management project then then sure go ahead and count counted but actually comes down to like when you're putting your budget together to compare your fundraising team against like are you including pledge payments that budget or not including kept pitch. Let's payments in that in goal setting budget because it's up to you you can do it either way. There's no hard and fast rule accounting has to do with the way that gap and fast be say you have to do it. That's just the rules or else. The auditors auditors are gonna come in and burn the place to the ground or whatever auditors do when they're not happy right but but from a from a goal setting and fundraising perspective do whatever you want and like understanding ending what the purposes of those documents are that they are different the financial statements of the financial statements. You don't have a whole lot of leeway about how they're put together but as far as internal documents like how you're how you're spending you want to see the the reason that you have a fundraising goal ride as you want to recognize that the fundraising team spending their time what they're supposed to be doing and we know that we need to get to these numbers so whether or not what you include that one hundred dollars like you're going to have to spend time technically may be getting that hundred dollars from that donor of applying. Maybe you put that in part of the art of the goal interesting yeah so so i'm curious to know from from a staff standpoint. I mean it's so it's so there's really not from what i here. You say i mean it. It truly isn't like a problem of internal reconciliation. It's just two different right if it is it's because somebody's making it that but hey you like they need to at and again. We've talked about this <hes> recently but the development the system where the money goes in for fundraising and the system that the financial statements are generated from are almost always is different and if they're not different. They're not that good right so there's not a you know if you're using quick books. There's no easy way to keep track of pledge payments and all that kind of stuff in quick but you can do it but it's a drag doc and like understanding that they're all in the same system if that's the same system that your budget is spitting out of them that information needs to be coherent it all needs to be connected and coherent but but that doesn't mean that's what you have to necessarily us for goal setting. So how do you do from like okay. This is a worse case scenario but it's happened and we sadly no of you and i both know of instances where this has happened. Donor makes a pledge. Whatever connie has every intent of paying you so much. Every year economy crashes. They don't fulfill their pledge. How does that impact the finance side and then from a fundraising side. I mean to me. It feels like it's a conversation of well well. You can't put that obviously you can't show that as a success marker of your activity that year and yet it wasn't your fault like there's a difference between i didn't steward that donor. I feel i mean those are two different. Questions like donate bad investment decisions not my fault onus off meet like oregon lake. That's not on my back but it's kind of like i was just sitting there thinking from a finance perspective what happens then from like a pledge like that is not fulfilled so so warning saying this is accounting so go ahead. If you've got a skip button on your podcast player go ahead. I'm gonna give i'm going to do this in sixty seconds so hit the skip button twice since you get thirty seconds thirty seconds on remark that go okay for those of you that are still with us. What happens when you book a pledge book corresponding receivable which is like somebody owes you money all right so you're keeping track of the money that that person you so and then you have to do other complicated stuff because of the time value of money you have to actually discount it because one hundred dollars. This year is worth more than one hundred dollars next year. We'll be inflation and that kind of stuff right so so that's gotta be booked as well so if somebody skips a pledge payment you have to determine whether or not the pledges at risk so if the if you don't think they're going to pay it if you think they're gonna completely not pay that's a write off and so you end up writing it off and that hits the expenses because the revenue hit two years ago whenever whenever the college it you have to you'll book a write off in the year that you recognize that it's been written off in that hits an expense line and it makes your revenue or your your your net for the go down. Okay okay so if in most cases what happens with owners is that you you will have a conversation with him and be like we just like like. I still want to give you the money. Can we he. Can we extend the pledge playmate. Can i give you less this year and then when it gets better. I'll give you a little bit more. You just basically changed the you change the pledge schedule and as far as the financial statements go that doesn't make any difference. You're gonna squeeze the pledge schedule that may make your time value of money calculation a little different for the most part that's but in general they're either gonna write it off or you're gonna gonna do some calculations to you know we we saw that during the recession we saw a bunch of so a whole bunch of money that had been donated and they were like <hes>. It's not gonna work out the way we thought it was gonna workout so and i don't think i don't think i saw anybody not pay their pledges but we did see some pledges get extended from that. We're five years turned into tenure pledges. It's absolutely welcome back everybody else done. I love your finance brain and i am so glad i don't do that. I get some wondering if that actually that was a fun digression but did that actually answer the question because they're they're they are two different things and they don't have to be the same. They don't necessarily surly have to be reconciled and may be more work to have to put together a budget but but like so the recession question actually puts puts a that's a good reason to have of those pledges count in the fundraising. You know because you want to make sure that your stuart thing especially if that's a big dollar amounts to make sure that the executive director is like aware this person donated a million dollars over five years. That's twenty thousand dollars. You need to go to lunch with that person or make sure that they get in the building have conversation so that doesn't fall off your radar right. 'cause i could totally see him. You wear my brain went with this question. Is i was thinking yeah so if you're not a true professional and you're like cool score. Check that off. The sheet. I got credit had it for this million dollar pledge because it was booked financially as a pledge. I don't have to do anything else like what easy coast like. That was a great year for me. That made maala great that year what it got booked financially like there's no incentive than if there is another tracking system going on in development or like you know sort of showing how you're moving toward collecting on. I'm not pledge. There's no other incentive to keep doing that. I am a board member of a small nonprofit and we are putting on our first ever fundraising event. I'm hoping you can share some ideas to make are silent auction successful as possible. Is there anything we can do to make our silent auction. Stand out from others anything we should avoid oh. My first first reaction is oh. God not another silent auction <hes> all right so i know i should be saying congratulations yeah. You're silent silent auction. I just know how many hours of work it takes and sometimes for really small returns to just manage your expectations around this right. I mean if you can get volunteers if you as a board member can have a little committee that just focuses on silent auction in every detail of it. I mean everything from who you're going going after to how you mix it up how you create packages right like you. Don't want these one off items that are like okay. That's random. Oh there's this computer that's silent auction item and oh. There's this spa service like. How do you package it right in a way that if you think about when you go and buy things right think about because it truly is like a sales mentality when you go and buy things. Do you like things package like grits like oh. I got everything i need for my cool movie night right so i think some of this is it's just really being thoughtful. Super detailed have super detail oriented people right who can track everything from you know how much it ended up selling four or like thank you know every piece of the silent auction process having the right number of items matters right like sort of the rule of thumb is like one item for every four or guests so so sort of keeping that in the back of your head and i think some mission i mean here's the thing i would say so no not to be disrespectful. Oh but there's very few silent auctions. I go to where i'm like. Wow that's something new. I mean it's it's very much a similar feeling each one. Would you agree agree. My reaction to the question is like. I don't know that i would want my silent action to silent auction to stand out. I want my silent auction to make the most money exactly yeah. Let's let's let's be honest here yeah. How do we make make the most money because you can stand out by like look nothing sold and you know okay so i'm going to go off a little bit more on this because i also think that you see groups that don't minimum bid amounts rate that are too high or or that are so low that you know you've started nowhere so there is that there is an art and science to this and then you can talk to other organizations. I think packaging even display like a visual merchandiser like if you have someone that is good at display it makes all the difference even with online silent auctions now. They're still the table where you can look at it and people who ooh that looks enticing package the right way so you think that makes a difference. Stay away from like service kind of stuff like oh good estate planning planning photography services like those kinds of things don't work our jewelry or personal preferences that generally don't sell well like you know packages that are like travel. We'll packages or there's a new kind of new attraction in town or or like a restaurant dining thing. Whatever like that kind of stuff always does tends to do better at these kinds of things and then the big thing i would say is make this about. There's a couple of small organizations work for that. You know we're kind of like they were looking at the audience that i was gonna come to their event and they didn't want to out price like you can't have items that are going to be so fancy like let's think about your your demographic rate right because if you have super super fancy items and like starting bid is beyond most of these people's ability like that's kind of like let's be real. The silent auction is a way to make people feel like a a are helping and contributing suit figure out who's in your audience rate and have packages around that and i also think it's also like my other thought thought related to. This is just that <hes> i just. I just think that you really want to if there's anything you can offer with your mission shen so that's a mission package where you'll see okay. This silent auctions sheet is actually more of like anyone who puts an amount on here like a minimum of twenty bucks basically is going to help us purchase. These kinds of services for one of our individuals or like is going to help us provide like this new. Whatever <hes> you know like i'm just thinking about if it's even like one counseling session or three meals right for for for somebody like that also super cool away right lots of what makes i actually think i'm 'cause most people go into the stuff. I don't need another package. I'm not gonna use her. I'm gonna forget about right. I'm going to bet on it. How many of us have done that bit on it when it and then forget about it and expires so like figure out how you can do some mission stuff like within their that's where i think you could really stand out that idea. That's good so i'm gonna go with <hes> things that you shouldn't do things you should avoid okay never ever take items on contingency so if you go to someplace like a pawn shop or whatever they'll give you some jewelry and they'll say you can you can put this in your silent auction provided that you get to some base level right and that you're actually buying it from them. You're actually you're paying for it from the place so it's not an actual donation. Don't do that number. One don't do any puppies. That's just rude yes. I don't wanna talk to you something. You're supposed to plan for something. You're supposed to get after you've itsel wrong for glasses trafficking animals off aw awful make sure that you're you understand the accounting rules about fair market value and what you are allowed to tell the donors about what their charitable gift is so the rule is if the fair market value if the price they pay for it is less than for market value. There's no charitable deduction and you need to make sure that the paperwork they get the receipt that they get is very specific on that point 'cause you're auditors will come after you on that one so those those are my three doubts. Okay some do's and don'ts three you. Don't i am searching for a position in the social social services sector and i'm wondering if there is a protocol or best practice for appropriate attire. I may be over thinking this but i fear that if i overdressed yes i may come across as ostentatious or like i'm not able to connect with the client's organization serves complicating this further. I'm a recent college grad and just us don't have fancy clothes yet. That's part of why. I need a job any thoughts or suggestions. I guess so i think this this i don't know i love to hear what stacey thinks on this. I think from my perspective is a person that hires. I expect you to walk in looking professional like don't look like clown. Don't walk in a tuxedo. He clearly like the wrong thing but like you know if if you recognize that that a job interview is really your opportunity to sort of sort of show like your best self so like think think about what you would wear if you're going to a board meeting even if you're not normally going to be into a board meeting as sort of a level of professionals in the people expect i mean and you're going to be you know ninety ninety nine percent of the time. You're going to be dressed better than the person who's interviewing because they're going to be in the you'll get to see. I think different questions like what do i wear to work every day and that's like what everybody else right so the but but in when you're coming of a job interview it's a really weird artificial situation already so i'd say just be you know look doc. Look your best if you know. I don't know that you need to go buy fancy clothes and again answering this as a dude right who who for me like a suit is a suit and and like it doesn't have to be fancy as long as it fits. You know as long as you're tied. He doesn't like totally crowd clashed with your shirt. You're probably okay but then again you know that's not as a hiring manager. That's not necessarily what i'm looking for but there may be in the back of my mind if you walk in with a t shirt under a blazer. I may wonder right right right yeah. I think there's a fine line of i am totally in agreement about professional. I don't think it needs to be i think there is professional <hes> <hes> without being formal and fancy or without being fancy. I think you need to walk when you walk in that room and i see you. I want to see someone who spent some time preparing to make a good first impression booth that comes with not only your resume and cover letter but how you look so oh doesn't mean fancy but it means someone that like put themselves together ray so i just want whether it's slacks and a blouse for a woman or just stowe sort of a nice business dress or it doesn't have to even be a suit. It just needs to be something that looks professional and you know. There's some i'm cool. I mean i'm sure you know this. This may have already crossed <hes> the person who wrote this question in their mind but you know there's some cool you know thrift shops in goodwill's unlike cool things where you can find some great things that don't cost a lot but i think it is worth taking that step that you walk in and i go yeah. They didn't just throw themselves together. I wanna see you care terror like you cared enough right so i think that's it and then i think sometimes depending on the position. There's two interviews right. I think that i that i and translate it would be. I'd rather err on the side of over dressing that under addressing and then. I think you look at people who were interviewing. You're the one person who's interviewing reviewing you and what they wear and i think if you come back for a second interview you can do a little not completely but a little bit of matching and mirroring your attire to that person for the second interview and let me tell you is say the sandy so the other day i have a friend who recently got a pretty high level position and organization organization and what she was sharing the story with me she came in dressed to the hill for this position and as she should have right but after after the second or third interview the person hiring her said you're going to scare off everybody if you dress like that like when you come to this job and she took like note of that she's like okay. That's fair and i get it and she's like yeah. I don't want to be that person. That staff can't connect to. I don't wanna be that person that potential clients can't connect to so i think there is something to be said about thinking about the kind of organization the culture maybe getting a sense of you know there's organizations and nonprofits where you see people dress super formal and that's sort of their culture and for them i say dress as like if you do research beforehand and come into that meeting like dressed to show you can fit into that great <hes> but i also think there can be a risk if you continued on the interview process and you don't start art to kind of slowly modify what you're doing to match the culture and the sort of internal expectations of that organization position you can get a sense of that pretty quickly after an interview or two so i say like it doesn't mean dressed down but it means be cognizant of what message you're sending sounds like so. How much work stacey does it does. Well people like me like think about this kind of stuff so i appreciate this question it does. You're like god really don't have to think that much. It may be a way boys dress in the way girl stress might be a little bit different like a suit. My thing would be like did is this the pseudo where last time i want to wear the same suit and tie insure combination twice in a row is that looks like that's the only one i have honestly. That's the only that's the only thought i have a so you know. There's a there's a i was in review process a few years ago and i have to just laugh because it was all women and one there's five of us and the interview panel final four women one guy and i felt like i made me realize how much people pay attention the woman every woman that walked in for that interview when they left the women were all checking out her shoes and her handbag and literally were making comments not that they're going to hire her for that but saying wow really like her style. Those are cool shoes. It's it's just funny. It's funny how things can influence people subconsciously consciously whatever it is so i know anti it's tortured you to think of all that thought thought. Maybe it's easier for boys. I think speaking from a female perspective. I'm gonna make sure i'm not trusting with like shirt. That's too tight or that showing cleavage inch or or showing too much leg because that right there is like i don't know it's red flags lower so i just think there's maybe maybe women have to be a little more sensitive to this edano so okay so what i want to see this. If you're listening and you thought this was interesting. I'd like you to send in the following question. Should we hire for cultural fit fleas. Send us that question as i think that's that's the continuation of question and i think that that was what we rational okay before you hit the next button or closed the podcast window or whatever it is that you're doing to make this go away. I have a request so coming up stacey now. I want to do some more episodes with basic questions so we've been talking to people in one of the questions that we get from people say how. How do you like the podcast. What can we do better in one of the things that we hear is a lot of these questions seem to be very technical and complicated and are for big nonprofits or non profits that have big challenges and complications so what we would love to do is at some point put together a bunch of questions that are sort of like nonprofit one. Oh one level questions so what i would like you to do is ah make a note in your brain. Tell siri do something get figure out a basic non cloud nonprofit question that you can shoot over to us so that we can answer that and we would love to do a podcast or even a series of podcasts specifically on basic nonprofit questions so do that or if you just have a question that maybe this podcast made you wonder i'm go ahead and send that to us to thanks again to the alliance for nevada nonprofits there the producer of this podcast or the ones that make it possible if you're not a member of an please go join if your organization is not a member of an hassle the person you think is responsible the person with the credit card that does that kind of thing just bother them say hey how come we're not an members and and they will just yeah and the reason and you wanna be in a member is that an is what makes podcasts possible so there are lots of ways you can support us. You can share this episode. You can high five stacey and i we like that you can join an. Dan is a really good way to support the podcast. You can send us questions all of those kinds of podcast. He things so. Please do that and we will see you in a couple of weeks the phone uh-huh <music> take.

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807 - Census Party | The Adventures of Dr. Triangle and Isosceles Ep5

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807 - Census Party | The Adventures of Dr. Triangle and Isosceles Ep5

"Lease gentlemen boys and girls and friends. Bien Binary behind era is San for the bad cancer. You know I don't have anything you know naturally hilarious to say usual. Totally you know Ebadi Dues WanNa say that I'm glad you're here in your important to me your sleep your rest your ability to flourish and live your life but mostly he wouldn't you at ease. That's important to me your important me. you know in a different way you know because it's a digital sense of you know here to help. This is the way it can do it so I'm glad you're here or if you're new in to try it what I mean. It's time for sleep with me. The broadcast puts shoot to sleep. Hey I was just wondering if you've ever bought anything on emerge store or if you're interested go to sleep with me podcast dot com slash store our but if you do if you get in the new Bernie the butterfly t-shirt we have or you have one of our cool tank tops or the sleep pants or Iraq and the custom sleep phones or if you're thinking about it now he said what Blake really like. Bernie the butterfly t shirt. That's going to confuse non sleep with me listeners in N. B. Hilarious share with recent pictures of it's like in Dank you on the sleepy supporters own and it just puts a smile on my face so I guess maybe it's a little bit selfish elfish. I Dunno it really makes me feel supportive when I see people out in the world where in their sleep with me gear a really appreciate it a and it helps pay for the transcripts for the show so that's the cool thing too so thanks everybody who supports a show on a merchandiser and if you let me know about it so I can say thanks sweeping podcast dot com slash store. Thanks everybody everybody. It's time for the sleepy supporters zone. I want to thank Elena. Ah who supported better help Elena really enjoyed using the APP and said it made it effort effortless to keep in contact with their therapist so thank you so much Selena for letting me know about that for sharing that with me. Thanks for supporting the sponsor e and you can find out about better help and all other sponsors over at sleep. PODCAST STACKHOUSE SIZED SPONSORS IN TO CHECK OUT. Let me know about could say thank you on the air it share share with the sponsor if you can and that is the end of the sleepy supporters out. I'll mystery bar a lot of people help out on this show who are day. Chris posting posters aw ws for sound guardian jet the Street Bar and decommissioned at song tanneries. Tell me the story purse you see the kind shines straight on the knows Julian Jennifer Your Nana raid sportifs go patriotic merchant support the spawns combined anything you see with me can't the gun and we're so proud to be part of Bell presents with these yours soubirous. I'm at deer scooter on twitter instagram. That's where you'll find me in. What do you say we get on with the show. He you up all all night tossing turning mind racing trouble getting to sleep trouble staying asleep woah welcome. This is sleep with me. The bide casts typically. It is sleep we do as a bedtime story was you need to do is get in bed. Turn Out Alexa play. I'm going to do the rest what I'm going to attempt temped to do as great as safe place where you could set aside whatever's keeping awake whether thoughts you're thinking about about the past present or we're the future or all of them which is common for me. past residents future. You know whether having some physical things coming up you're feeling among the feelings are motions. It changes life teen moving any of the their schedule. Whatever's keeping up late to take your mind off of that insurance to do is get this nice safe place selenium room this room set aside just for you and the reason I did that is because you deserve a good night's sleep so I have some space here and you can just check it out and try it out? If you're new. He's saying not sure about. This is okay give a little more time. There's a safe place you could be. You know you could even be like a cat. any a walk by it. you know maybe I get. Cha a chair nearby. You could sit under in look into the safe place. Then you could walk over it you know you could you know you could vis the sniff it or per verba proverbially induced kit. Kat whatever the cat does when they massage the ground and you know because sometimes they're doing it to get it ready but other times to say let me just check this place out. Let me see what the Easter due to cancer used just a word fungeability over so as a word. What does it mean 'cause I hope I hope it means something sleepy A. C. Because they asked a cat once in a dream of course they said what are you doing. There was a massaging the ground. No I'm checking for fungibility. SCOOTS NEE said you know who normally other personified beings. I would ask for an explanation banana cat because they don't want to get that cat look would is fungibility. I've heard toward fungible but I'm not sure would've lake if ahead in context you need more context to figure figure out what fungible means or fungibility. Maybe this will be the first time ever look up something during an intro usually don't ah so let me first. Let me say so. I'm going to create a safe place. I'm GonNa send my voice across the deep dark night. Many US along Susan Crocodiles Cadeau tones pointless meanders is superfluous stange in sube really crude just like that fungibility when will be going back to that one to go. you know bank and around again Let's see what else so misnomer voice. Chrissy meanders all to keep you company. Is You drift off so if you're new and glad you're here right up front gives us pat guests. If you try sets what everybody that's a regular listener says in fact this doesn't work for everybody but I hope it works for you. In the easiest way to explain it is is that it's GonNa take me wild to explain it but did you kinda passively acidly consume this podcast like either view it out of focus listen to it in a way that's going to letting it drift in and out of your ears his NC goes. It's almost like whatever you would say. Try It on for size but whatever the lesson that lake when you're ernest you know you're you're more a window shopping. You say like like with a safe place. You Say oh well. I'm not so sure about the look of that like yeah you're doing. You're testing for fungibility. It has a cat which will get you into sake. I'll look that up but if you're also knew I want to give you a couple. like things things should know so structurally would how the show works. It starts off with business. That's how we're able to keep it free for you and all the hundreds of thousands of other listeners incoming out twice on a regular basis which is important to me is shows free for everybody is then is there's about is there's an intro which were probably like Maybe it's thirty percent through intro is like about fifteen minutes long. Maybe it's twelve minutes. You could skip the bit I would say search skipping it. Once you become a regular listener it is reasonable intros about fifteen minutes fifteen minutes of me actually explaining anything or we're asking for anything or anything like that just me it's fifteen minutes of me helping you wind down by miss explaining the podcast so you ideally feels familiar because everytime explain what structure is it's a little bit different every time though. I guess that's what I meant. I don't know what I was GONNA. Try to explain explain remiss explain and so overtime have discovered that twelve to fifteen minute intro just works for most people like it's easy to skip ahead if people just want to story stuff you just say your podcast asserted twenty twenty minutes or skip ahead about that far but for some people like is they get re start getting ready for bed to intro other people are already in bed getting comfortable and winding down so it kind of like a long runway or like a cat to go back to that one because we're talking about today to sleep. The cat doesn't just pump the ground. Two or three times say you'll walk into fused counterclockwise four times then clockwise attempts to go in the other room is in they'll go sit it under the chair and look at it then they'll pump the ground is in the might lie down or they might match you know they might sit there for the Lakers Lak- so GonNa do that you actually this you can do that. Passively sooner gotTA worry about. Ucla and that must be exhausting being a can't a future. You'd be an ironic or not and I said I'm not sure you. Maybe that's recant seaweed. That's why we're we turn our noses of no one's ever empathetic with us so how tiring it is to be a cats. I mean I know all the dogs are laughing along in all the other pets right Har- but it could be tiring. You'd say you you might be like using this looks meditative and relaxing. Actually it is I was kidding. It's not agree. Being a cat is great. The Catholic emergency chilled out and then when I want to go to sleep I do things. have a have a bedtime routine too. That's very meditative in. It's not like sometimes there. Wa- counter. I just see how feels man that's why people say as cool as a cat. Oh I thought it was as cool as a cucumber scoots. You get a cool down man. Try massaging your bed before we get in it tonight and might do that. Just be freed somebody would look in the window in seamy massaging my bed with Hans and my knees and then crawling around my bed clockwise and counterclockwise Ian Ian that would fit the narrative. They've already established for me as a neighbor which would be correct so you're right. If I may try doing that you're right. Thanks cat. Did you know what fungible meant of goods contracted for without an individual able to replace or be replaced by another other identical item mutually interchangeable so would fund testing for fungibility. Oh Yeah in economics fungibility so it it is a real real word at railroad were to reword real word. fungeability is a property of a good or a commodity who's individual units are essentially interchangeable wasn't that we didn't. I write a musical called essentially interchangeable it was my you know my L-. It was away one of when I before the Lego movie came out. I tried to write a Lego musical and it wish I didn't know of fungibility Manta but essentially interchangeable that was the name that was one of the big numbers in the League of musical. I Rode Right. Oh I didn't write it. I just thought about it. It's actually a great song because the original one is Likud not to tease not to go off topic nick again but it was like in the in the first act when the Ligo it's actually just two pips PIP PIP to he. Oh that was that was one of them was one of the more brilliant people said why isn't it pip and I said well I don't want to do to numbers pip pip two or the stars the Lego musical again just imaginary don't worry they don't send me any letters from Denmark wherever else I get enough of him. Remember when you Dan play mobile. We're coming after me. Maybe that was during the musical but was saying. Oh during act one when they sing essentially elite interchangeable. It's like a glorified song of pride. Oh this is why you probably wouldn't want him to make musical Zinin actor to it's not Natta happy song. Suddenly they realize being essentially interchangeable isn't so great. You know that's the number that's almost in every musical which kind of goes so much more than pip one or two so much more then in parentheses then pip pip chew. Oh they're McCall pips. Maybe that's why that's part of my brain just said but so fungibility against maybe that is why cats pumping aground because he sees super. They're testing. They are testing for fungibility later seeing. Is this gonNA offer interchangeable level of comfort to where I slept yesterday. Se Yeah that's that is actually where you slept yesterday so it is essentially interchangeable. It's just like you know two point three centimetres difference difference on the carpet where he slept or under chair so I guess that's good. I was actually may have been using accidentally fungibility correctly. Actually I just said to shoehorn it in there. Okay so if your new oboe adapt was a longer tangent it was it was a good good one. Though I think legal is going there ca cat interview and I would posit to statehood. Were you thinking about anything else because the goal the show shows to take your mind off whatever's keeping up into keep you company. Is You drift office so there's no pressure to listen. That's kind of rule one or order to make sense of this isn't a rule but I guess if it was ruled to it would actually be like 'cause rule too is you don't need listen. No pressure fall asleep. I'm going to be here for about an hour. You drift off when you're ready to or when you do hopefully it's like you just drift off off. You don't even know it right. You wake up tomorrow. You say I'm pretty sure. SCOOTS was marina musical by dice was Abaza uh-huh triangle one. Whatever that was four sided two four sided the crew cry of you know it was called the drive four sided die. He was a great. He said it's going to be a great. They think that's what he was singing about though he wasn't singing I don't know I I went to sleep during it against sunny. There's no pressure full suppo. 'cause I'M GONNA be here till the end so if you can't sleep. I'm still here to keep you company. I'm your bore bud or Ada and that's what I do is. It's my the job. You do deserve a good night's sleep. I'm hoping to help other rule that I was thinking of his There's no also no pressure like me or dispatch cast. I mean it's a little late now to say this in a try to remember to say it earlier but yeah if you're skeptical well one yeah if you're skeptical is perfectly natural. I mean if somebody says hey this cast is GonNa put you to sleep in then you say but it's made up of creaky dulcet tones and pointless meanders in you know whatever else you talking about. I got no idea I'm I'm not so sure about this thing. I'd say well. This might be the podcast if you if you're saying I'm not so sure about the singer wouldn't a what's it may be the podcast. Yes for you but if you're already seeing like good glory Joseph or Josephine or whatever or something even more contents in that good a super than me podcast session. No thank you like if you're sure the podcasts isn't for you. You don't have to give it a few more tries but I'd say do it anyway because I hope we can help you fall asleep. I know what it's like to be tossing and turning in Knoxville Fall Asleep so that's why I make this show is just to help at the listeners that I can because they really wanted to night goodness sleeping get comfortable in ideally. If you do get here and you say well well the first time house lake. ahead of kind of distasteful says this is a very common review second time I was. It's like okay. I think I get that. You're not supposed to get it third time. Oh boy now now. I've been listening for four or five years. I mean I really have the extreme reminder of talking to people like that. That have been listening or they leave their life changes. They come back. They listened for six months. You know the the the you know so you see how it goes. I guess made me message. I hope podcast can help or it can become something fungible for you. You say we'll sometimes. They used sleep with with me. Sometimes they use sleep whispers with scoots his buddy Harris or the empty bowl or sleepy or you know some other at nine sleep podcast listen to Choo Choo trains or I sing myself to sleep where he listened to parakeets or ocean waves issue. No excuses fungible for me. Ed linked to put to plunge in front fun no Nasdaq Fungi and fungible Nice. Try Berhane just the fun a having a Fine John J. I wonder if funches part of fungible so which doesn't sound like a Latin root to me flange maybe it does though Hoon Gene Orange Orange Orange ornament the fun Ch- How do you even spell certainly in their fungible. Amelia's fungible not fungible would bury right white sing song about in another time thinking of how would fit in there to be fungible anyway so I'm glad you're here sorry about the lull. There is just just It's just stuck to the lego musical not to fungible musical but here's the thing I'm glad you found this way to your your way to the spat gas or if you're regular listener. I'm so glad you're here with me in that. I can be a party bedtime and take some of the seriousness out. Maybe sues you. Maybe distract you to be your boyfriend. Your Bud Your Board Bay. You're you're Burkas bore best st or Barbara you know I'm. I'm just here to help his game which is goofing around. Oh tonight after so we'll have the intro. I think it was like ten minutes. It goes explore expand explaining the the structure showing guy off topic. I think about something that I probably forgot about. Absolutely there's intro then. There's business then there's the story tonight. It'll be assist episodic story so you can listen to this episode. It's talk about lulling. It's about a a world without mathematics because it's the adventures of Dr Triangle an Isosceles Sali's and then we have some dank us at the end of the show so that's the structure show it really appreciate you coming by. Check in and out of your new or if your regular listener I really hope they can help. It worked very hard a urine an strive and want to help you fall asleep and here's a couple of days. We keep this show free for everybody. He don't know if you heard we're doing this time capsule object in the month of September. If you become a patron you get to your have your name in the time capsule or if you've ever been a patron in five down patriots you know an free episodes ten down. Patriots get all intro absorbs a bunch of other cool perks but I've been thinking about. It and those really are perks like it. They're not a really good reason to be a rebel with a cause right lake see well. That's cool hold that I get that stuff but the reason to support the podcast is the puts you to sleep is because you want to in your in a position to do so so so. I guess I this is me saying like asking you. If you watch you to become a Patriot I'm done L. Point out to cool perks and stuff we have but it's like you know you should only become a patriot. If you really feel motivated and you want to do it in interested to see if if people respond to this or not but you know in the past. Ooh gase school perks who got the school sayings or these are the reasons. You should think about doing it but you know if you want to her dad or you know if you say well. I I do like you know what I mean. So if you hear me in you you say wait a second. I WANNA become a patron of just been sleeping through all these things or you know. Scoot Cincinnati Ninety down on your bedside or go to sleep with me. PODCAST DOT com slash patron right now in sign up because you choose to because you want to in if you could share with to me the reason why you decided when you get a chance that'd be cool too because then I can share those NC will this. I did it because of this in this person chose to do so because of with that so don't let me tell you why become a patron you know make the choice in your own in your free. That's a cool thing about having rebels with a cause and sponsors sponsors at back yard is going to be there either way for you so thanks for listening and so that's sleeping podcast accounts such Pat Oro and thanks everybody welcome to another episode of the ongoing episodically imaginer series the adventures a doctor triangle and I saw Sali's detail to heroic figures is its imagine she can listen to it in any order so don't worry. I'm going to catch up on everything right now. airtel follows. Dr Triangle Ni- SASSOLI's chew traveling performers who live in a post massive world a world that without a if we did a trailer which I'd say world without maths but this one hundred percent true world where the basic underlying principles of mass have eroded some have vanished summer deteriorating in summer lake missing in one area and not another so area but a post math world the unity in new some would say in the other side of this issue the dominance of mass his finally waned it believe it or not it was the fourth generation of wing enterprises that said that in a said. What would you say that you sit here. Wayne enterprises we believe mass has waned or whatever I anyway not important to anything I said for the love of Alfred you can't you believe vistula. didn't say that because I wasn't there so it's a world I in a time like at one point. It was just like ours and then the goddess came were force or a Su- lake net a super hero or heroine in this case but you know Costano Silica character came in removed. They were the one who came in and took mass away in don't talk about disembodied interest but some may have been unlike seductively. I mean I don't mean in the Hubba Hubba who seductively I mean like your culturally say wou- wouldn't wouldn't you. WanNa living world without mass Wouldn't that be great it. Do you really need mass. Do you believe you know the whole that whole nine yards we've been through it I think now in math and so a world without math is really not a world you you like it becomes a bit like the Dark Ages we could certainly found masks. You realize I mean this is paid for by math. this episode in some sense it is paid for by math this episode. Dr Triangle and Isosceles brought to you by the principles massey eat but it's the piece of fiction so we take our time to get the hair in and also even introduced the episode so okay so the main characters are Dr Triangle Isosceles in aid of the mule or donkey it. I'm not assure in they were tasked with the goddesses. Shit to return mass to to our world one principal well at a time in so they go around They're trampling around mostly. I think the Mid West Roy says the middle of the United States dates which is opposed to its oppose modern time because it was modern and now the no Gani modern stuff. You're you know you're you're you feel de part in no more. TV You say well. I'm so sick math. Are you sick of TV explicit. It was a anyway. I don't know why I'm just went to explain it. I guess a a a Y A pro mass not a fan of mass but I like it. Did I use it. I don't understand it. just wanted to put that out there so each episode is What do they call it. I always forget it'd procedural type of type series where the doctor trying to Nice Ashley said to somewhere. Try to figure out what the math principle is. That's missing in restore usually veiled in some sort of mystery or lacking or need not really super mysterious so so incites an actual mystery but is there procedurally. There's supposed to bring mass back to the area and is traveling performers. I don't no one else has come is. Dr Triangle is not necessarily your doctor but plays a doctor variety doctors isosceles is more of the the gravitas tie type bag or but I think that's it. I got it It's a tale of the world was out. Mass in only two Roque figures can come in in restore master the world for some reason also eight in the mule. Who is our narrator from time to time is a new series and also we have a Hollywood also as buying time name because traffic can be unpredictable especially at rush hour which is today decided to record a rush hour about eight hours ago when I texted Mr Antonio Band Bandera to get up here and spent four minutes introducing series and in this case you probably drive back immediately or are you could stay here without me being here. I guess because they get a go do something you you could stay here with. COA and you could you know you spend time with one another. You can even sleep over if you want because they have a bed and the floor you're right now because it had family here but it's ladies and gentlemen. Oh that you're you're a MR IN TONIO BANDERAS as Zilla decision voice ago Sutphin spion binary eastern time for another episode the Amazing Adventures of Dr Triangle and I which is the tagline last time educated but that's pretty good. I like how you called. mazing adventures reminds me of cavalier and Calais. yes my friend. WHO'S A book job. I remember it came up in my job. Interview is like a long time because I'm sure you really remember things before. You're GONNA stay over. I may need you go sounds fantastic. thanks so it's. Mr Antonio Bonders WHO'S GONNA lie down quietly my bed and Tapa my comforter which hopefully laid out already and listen to me record and it's time for another episode of Adak Triangle Sassoli's hello. This is aided the meal here and a good to welcome. You don't know you know why you're here and were headed to the exact to you. Dock Strike Isosceles talk to we're headed to the center of things and or supposed to partake in to supervise revis and assist with the census accounting of the people that I guess is not going well and it will tell you a couple of rule based things that I know because I'm a mule and you know maybe I'm more than a mule in some may say scent of a mule. We Better Watch gotcha where you go but not everyone would say that anyway so you hit the most dissenter most point in the united. It's eight is where massive strongest so that's one of the reasons. We don't understand why I don't totally understand why it's one of the reasons censuses there makes it easier to count when you can use a little bit of math he end. There's a rival Larry's in east and west coast is so those communities don't really open to to the people in so here getting bringing. We're going to bring you. Were we're headed. We're almost there near the border of Kansas and Nebraska. I don't know if they call to Hartland. He thinks they do because this is actually the heartland a and and we're headed there to figure things out in two yeah. Those two are going via. Let me just turn it over to Isosceles Ashley Dr Triangle. Yes so as I was saying. If you like a drifted off like I could hear them. You'll talking or something but I don't know Senses census is says as Sensei or census illegal it was censuses or since high but used to biblical thing since associate could be blobel probably plenty of things we could do a play about and I mean I could see. I don't know why I don't know what may don't really know a lot about censuses. what value triangle. I mean they were close. It seems like you they have inside you know which is again they're trading and canned goods which is always would seem very appealing to people and they're seeing two years worth of canned goods which I think technically means twenty four cans per person but you and you get one can right up front and then the rest and completion of the partaking in the census so he can't see why anyone would turn that down but we really haven't seen a lot of people in Rhode. I mean you know. I'm not known for my powers of observation but I noticed the roads are not well L. Warn. You know there's some traffic but you'd think it'd be busier because look there. It is again a field I mean I think it's more temporary than it had been but this is still you know the winters here could be tricky eighty. USA wasn't thinking that because it's not winter but you were yeah. I try to think everything out okay well. Here's this is it will overlooking for ahead of the census here. Were I saw sleaze injector triangle. We were booked as performers to entertain the census. Go Whereas the census takers and participants innocent you know every everyone sued everyone involved okay get run run run. We'll sit up here since the staging area for performing Oak. Thank thank you I mean. It doesn't look very busy in new wooded. Our context say this is well. This is supposed to be well underway. Yeah Mike main concern is be like a feeling. This is shouldn't be too much of a mystery dead. the river will. I thought they would have a problem with counting. Eh or adding or subtracting were sampling. You know to do something with numbers because you uh even it's GonNa be tough as census without mass or I mean I know we were trying some tests. Out in math is stronger stronger here but it's not a full manse. I mean I could pretty much count everybody here. make account to tents and do just write it down. We wouldn't even have to do any mass. It would just be continuous. Counting wouldn't take me day to count everybody here. Yeah I mean what we would do is take a we. I guess we you're right. We need to take a sampling. We would just each do our own count and then compares the numbers and then figure it out from there. We could just take my no. I mean I would do a good system. a sink effective. You remember would agree well. He writes difficult amass. So what do you mean. We just figure out what's missing addition subtraction et. It grids would if it's multiple things. Who would we if we get one wrong. We think we'll have consequences EDANO. He hey how you don't want your head of the census. Yes ma'am thank you. Oh your mother's mayhem. Oh that's funny. That's very funny. mine is too. I guess you know yeah well. It didn't mean to wander into that one so is this a thought you had been getting the Census Enciso for awhile where you have great offer of canned goods we're is everybody know once coming. That seems like an all or nothing statement. There are people here oh so okay. Let's have a seat here. We get so this is Isosceles. I'm Dr Triangle. We'll we'll do those. Were those are working names. Were performing working in. We're here to help okay so tell tell me about the census okay so you've been you've got to word how people are aware of it. Okay so you have been spreading the word whoa widened Eidan far. Okay followers shot were here and they help to a west those because those were cool they they weren't poster pursue made a wood which makes sense and paint a it seemed like it was a permanent one yet. Come whatever whatever the phases of the moon in the month Yadda were yeah. I gambled add off the poster so people are aware of the census but they're not what you're seeing is. More people are aware of it than a variety here. Do you have any ability to do. You have any idea about a though so people whose okay okay tell okay so people started coming. Some people started coming in stopped on the way they just stopped in another like other communities now that one community okay also that's what's baffling. The word was out. People were excited. The people that were informed were excited. They said where they would come in a much smaller percentage of people have shown up okay but you don't know what you okay so if you knew that that'd be useful you're right okay. Some people were making your way. India figure was just too far. No that was old. Oh okay so that was all planned out. I mean from what I am thinking assassinates. I'm seeing a twinkle in your eye in. I you think probably on the same page. Would you think of this. I mean I'll be honest I don't think I think your senses stinks. emme mean a sneak initially what happened you know because they've been doing theater for a long time. Let Me Tell You oh. You're already sitting down. Thanks so initially those those were putting posts. You posted posters about to show right into a sense. I know it's not a show. Thanks in that's. That's what I'm getting getting to actually is what seems like a great deal to canned goods person. You know the more people you have. The more canned goods hood said be great to stack up on those paper. That looks good. If you tell somebody hey come here for technically technically. I don't think it's a year's supply. oh you didn't write. That was an unofficial post okay well. We won't quibble about those things but it's not enough to motivate. That's what it is. You lost motivation and good news. You got some most of the people that sounds like you got to mind their way. You started in. Maybe you delivered it. Just your offer was not appealing enough in a could see like you know. You're a census person. You're not a performer. You don't see the world as I saw so. He says see the world and dark triangle. If you know a season in a way similar may be different to which is wonderful in the you you see it in yet a different way which is wonderful. It's beauty of sense and that's why we're here to help you is. I don't even know if this is a mass issue. I think this is a marketing issue and a content issue. Really what we need to do is take the Senate first of all in census. you know what I'm saying. No you don't know what I'm saying. I'm saying we we could run this by the people that work with shot because they see you have a temple setup. A nearby is if we we'll we'll get the budget if we're not will get creative aim saying once the first new world's fair something something sweepstakes something and the census okay. You still don't get it. We're going to have a giant festival. We're going to have a fair. We'll quote a fair. We don't have to go to world's fair. Come to the center of the Earth Fare Center of the world's fair you. We'll work on marketing but you want you want something. That's GONNA come one. Come all so we'll have entertainment. left things for the kids. Kids will have you know. We'll have a menagerie. If we could track one down. We'll have a professional performance in and we'll have shows we could have. Maybe some I don't know what other entertainments we could come up which will put the word out to to them. Also then they'll be participating in the census. All the people working also employment brings in more people. people brings in businesspeople vendors in those those things you think we have to look at this you know. I it's a little bit of a long term project triangle and I think we can get this thing off the ground without even using you know we we don't even need us as we need to make this a spectacular. Dr Tranquil. What what do you think about all this. I think I think you're right on Sassoli's and soy take. Let's look we'll have some meetings. Let's get this moving moving forward. I think we're going to have to sink in three months chunks. This may take a six to nine to twelve months or you know we figured out quicker but I think you know if we talked to. The stakeholders involved a quick which would people involved often will get this. census going yeah but we're we're GONNA. We're GONNA take a little break. Here will get a little so we wanted to go back and talk to rest your census team and start to think good news. We're GONNA. We're here to help you. We don't want to get in the way of your census. We're not adjudging your ideas. I mean I SAS oh. He's was but we're really gonNA plus this sense. I guess what we're going to take your census. We're going to take it up to eleven eleven is oh. You'll decide to say that you did see that move. We see it's It's a funny movie. If you were to eleven right oh it's this one goes to eleven okay. Well Yeah. I'm not. I'm not an expert. I'm not a doctor movie Dr Movie. I don't know if there is one because there are ways to watch movies. I've learned it's very difficult to okay great. We'll see a we're. GonNa lie down and take a nap a everybody. This is Ada your narrator in show you know by the power of the passing of time when you had your in in the hands of a capable narrator they started to enact a plan they started to spread the word about an upcoming festival still unfair in opportunity to make your money but what to exchange goods if if for people to be paid in goods further entertainment for distractions for fun and is soon. Ooh You say soon I mean in a to serie months of time for him this area not far from the Kansas Nebraska Aska or border started have more more performers in vendors coming in more more excitement statement building and more and more things looking. Lak- even is eight. If I was just a mule out in the world I'd say Hood it looks pretty to cool the center the world's fair they did end up calling it to to hit a little bit braggadocious sweepstakes and census census so there's also signs of you know getting a chance a not just to get some goods to participate eighty sweepstakes just by participating in the census with Grand Prizes. Also you know feats of intelligence feats of strength kamini other competitive things in some people did begin to trickle in it again because the machine of the census was already working working with the vendors in the performers. They knew that the majority that people were out there aware of the census aware the center the world's fair in sweepstakes but not making your way towards it ended he ended where we join our heroic figures okay so everybody. I talked to who should all along the way people are just stopping or talking. I don't I don't I don't get it because it's it's like the behaviors in not exactly the same. Some people are just not coming. Some people are coming halfway and then saying well. I take them to stay in this sound here and some people are saying no no. I'm not interested in a sweepstakes into sounds chew too flashy. She sounds like a is that what you're getting yeah. It's it's confusing is almost like there's someone who you you've got no reports of any activity. Go running counter to us but it's almost like there's a disinformation or something out there. It were not aware of but no one talking about it so I can't even though I can believe in imagining exists. We would have some sort of we would have heard some. I'm SORTA report about it like people telling them not to go. War is now worse yeah. We've been building good word of mouth. I mean when a Menagerie he goes through town that's a very rare thing. Now you see all the animals the kids get a look okay. So where are you going. Oh we're going to the center of the world's fair in sweepstakes in census he in in all the foul words have been spreading the word. I don't get it. I don't get why it's not working. It's just baffling to me. Yeah what I think we need to do in again. Sometimes it. You know this is one time. I really feel like we're in sync because the two of us well. I'm always in sync but you like a human were sinked up I mean. I really feel like what I mean by that. Is I said I think your idea of blessing. The census was brilliant too and I think maybe we just need to a message. Okay so you're saying ed two of us. Go on a tour and just reading the word. Look how you're thinking long term you saying okay like let's just keep act this now. We have the need some sense with all the commerce going on here. It's a sustaining thing it is like a one of the long-term world's fairs they used to have. I mean there's you know more currencies just a bordering but show we have the time to go out to in the world and start spreading the word to the people or at least get to the bottom of this or our job is to help so. I think we just go who out there. We help I think the two of US working together. Maybe it's just that they don't know how to get people excited. They don't know how to Genesee Coa of a sweepstakes and world's fair in the sense that it's exciting thing to be a part of the end is that we have set aside respectful space where people say well. I'd like a little bit more rumor. I don't want all the hubbub it. We have hubbub Freetown. I mean what else could could you be. We have dullsville Hubbub Freetown. you know so Ville. Those are the different areas. We set aside. you forget about a quiet quiet quiet a will those quiet town but we should well. We already use town. We still it's still quite town a it to be named later a put on the sign okay solicitation Laker. Let's get out. Let's go eight or you ready we would. He think well well. This is eight. I'm not talking to them. What do I think is that we did ahead out and we sit out across the middle of what once once was the United States of America and we visited the towns in the Kansas and Nebraska area and beyond Dan and we saw that the reports were true that in some towns is the populations head garrone is people have made their way to the census soon decided not to come in new who started to interview those people mostly. you know in a acting type way to get to the bottom of wind. Did you stop in a lot of just because the common answer and as they started to dig deeper an interview more and more of these people in more and more of these towns month week after week a day after day munt it only about a few months but month after month after month he and even explained to the people so you so you know it's a sweepstakes entries free just by going and participating in a sense odwalla half to participate in the census like an quibbling about as you well know it would if you would go if you didn't have to participate in the census winky window. Ndo because Shay what do they want to keep track and before you know. Why do they need to know or people are saying. I don't join things or I don't want to be told. which is you know a lot of different a lot of objections in would I would I would do with the information I said well? We'll keep by pop. We're trying to Hilton know what's popular. He shouldn't here is in the you. Do Show who for WHO in so there's a lot of resistance at attorney actress Isosceles x triangle and Isosceles are kind of talking about I mean this is just ridiculous. I mean do these their stubborness no-fence and say stover's mule. He won't I don't get it. They refused to each his if travek trying to motivate surveyed them a demotivates them yeah I mean I just don't understand when there's not really an agenda other than I mean. I guess there is an agenda other. I mean it's like projecting something and to say okay well. Yes there is a chance for people with expertise in in things that are they going to be there for the census. They could help you with stuff if you're not feeling great to those is candidate things as there is the distribution of food. There was all those pamphlets different the temple sheds temples working working in about cultivating your own food about a whiz stuff with water and is in the other projects. We've worked on keeping it keeping it warm in the winter. There was what does my favorite painful that well. I didn't read any painful. It's a problem with motivation is what it is. We we can't motivate a it is this I think this is when with the mass ask what happened to the little bit so maybe we're reliving it or maybe this problem was coming up again in a different way but they seem to be saying in. Don't tell me what to do even though you're asking and offering some great stuff that makes me like a I guess they still don't get it right in saying is this is GonNa be tons of fun. Look at your kids. They can't wait to see juggling ogling. You've lived in a world where juggling was rare like Joe goal at home. Remember that guy a yeah. Do Acre forgot about that job. Shogo at home who by Kid said they don't need to see anyone else juggle. Yeah I mean I. I'm trying to emphasize with it in but it's like emphasizing with walls with the majority of people in maybe it's just that this some of them. mm-hmm were part of the transition and some of them have grown up past in the post mass world. I mean here's the thing we just have to motivate everybody. Eh and a district town the population sizable and stubborn. I mean that's why we're both a and I think we need to lean into what we do. Best to the two of us in perform and what we could do is just use them as a test audience to see which performance which will motivate them. We can't give up now. I think that's one thing we've learned ended. It doesn't seem to be a mad solution into this. We don't seem to have a mass problem. I mean accepts your zero equals zero. I mean that's just me being just a little grouchy I guess but we'll do some place and we'll we'll get. We'll get things going. I don't have any doubt about it okay. So which would it be the lineup of the place why seek maybe we'll take turns picking subjects. why don't you go first it was thinking of remember the Green Green Goddess like they had to. What was her name the Green Gaddis. Oh the Moss based woman woman knew that they named salad dressing after I forget her name but we could do a play about what which C. which is subject to the play? I think a goodness in maybe seeing nature and your way appealing to the the the they're they're good. They're good nature. The community gated community be something different but a goodness It's for the good of everyone for for the good of okay again so I'll play the green goddess. Yes the moss based woman and was so what would you do next next. Well Zeke if we're going to do that. Maybe we work esteem if that one doesn't work do Mother Nature. Maybe maybe you could pull a mother nature a if you think you could pull this off though mother nature is going to be stern in this display she's she's. GonNa be unhappy and she's going to do a Lotta Tisco Titian to skew tasking plant the seed of the S. Sha to the to the plant that seed so when they get home and they say what is should like yes applying new to motivate them that way to say a why. Am I waiting into you know you you know like with the best of the best to them okay. Would you think which one's GonNa work at mayor may face in this A. M really still baffled like what like at understand why everyone is just not going to roadster clear. There's water stations now. There's a free food food away and we did those tests to say was too good to be true in the you know couldn't have it either way. We you okay. Let's go to the police. he renita here shows there was a lot of places they went through the next this was one of the larger larger towns not that far out of the state of Kansas and Nebraska crossroads were a lot of people stopped staffed still aways away from where the census was in the heart of the country or the former country theresa they did a play about the Gaddis the goddess goodness degreen Galveston goodness in her peeling and sitting the example all of how good it is good. It feels how goodness causes things to grow into that. You could even get green. Goddess should dressing at the the Russo multiple vendors hired and paid by the worshipers of Shiva shot that to have the dressing. They're for free is a metaphorical confirmation of how good it is to be good good in just to do good by participating in something good for everyone and their play was actually they they would. They started booing. The Green God is Samoa's based woman and then they did the play with Mother Nature Stern Mother Nature Nad happy with the people of the Midwest and saying speaking her mind and oh did she forbid a little bit of time from the stage you know to the metaphorical people on stage was supposed to be a place where they could identify and I played a standard like a traveller that said no no. I'm not like a Mother Nature in. Would you care Mother Nature in mother she should you will. You're a part of nature sure I just want you to to flourish and go there where it to be a part of this new society. I'm I'm not here for society and so that play again people who do the surgery express their displeasure with the mother nature play so then there was a great they did go to the next one was a community play and it was actually kind of sit up Blake if fake historica play with both Dagger Triangle and I said so he's going through the great communities of the world there's some reason Malibu was the first one and they attacked a Sassou civilized obvious great community who live in if you could then they they talked about many other great communities in societies that were Hull Fort Bouba they were you know who self supporting uncaring and again how good it felt not just a member but a participant in those communities and the mostly audience fell asleep to that one because it was more of a seminar style historical reenactments and then they did a play that Isosceles start in new where I salute representing the Eastern Federated States. I think they're called. Uh Uh in a SASSOLI's started to go off say Stu. You say oh you're just what I want. In all spread out from the center you know can of taking the seat of like. Oh go where there's other people where he could be with a number of other people secure trying to get him to to to want to retain more security and is it didn't really appeal to anybody so then they did a great love play and it was just it was it was it was like a talk show it was a good. It was really like a really good play a It was a Laker didactic triangles playing a Dr Dr Triangle it was Dr Ruth or a emily or like one of these characters. They kind of work saying okay well. Here's who was answering questions questions and even the questions. They took questions from the audience. Audience all seem to be experts. The own thoughts themselves extra Sunai Sassoli's again took over over and they made it fictional again about a reports of saying hey so what's going on here. It's like love is in the air their its census and sweepstakes in who sua what could be war romantic is in talking about all the romantic things for couples couples all of the wonderful places to spend time together ended in an appeal to those fuel to have our in art couple in saying well. There's also like in kind of says who's playing different characters. Oh was there anyone for me there and who Dr Triangle going through well. Oh that's what appeals Josue you're into biceps. Okay well. Let me tell you we actually we have a They're they're. We're planning a by you know. Oh you're into eyelashes. Okay well wouldn't when you see your into them. What do you mean okay. We're going in just checking the audience and of course we'll audience relate identifying with the different characters. I saw astle who were were appealed to those characters. They were good at their jobs. In a few people actually did get up and leave and Sassoon soon doctrine really leaving or they go going all the way so they kind of barely worked like maybe like is zero point. One percent were the other ones. Just totally flopped end is in the data can compare notes when you're doing that. the leader leader of the Federal Eastern Federated States there was a couple of people that headed back and so they said okay. I'll turn it over for them. They're talking now. Okay so here's the thing so I mean those those few to almost a worked better better than anything else yeah they I mean they think does appeal to people's they're looking for for those are some natural drives to avoid any hordes from who the eastern federated states would be terrific even for us and to find love or like a feeling of satisfaction Eh attraction so that did appeal but a lot of people just seem set in their ways still right and we've been exhausted. We've been able to motivate the majority of these people he has so. You seem to be getting going going somewhere with say with your idea. Yeah I mean I think we just used the most powerful thing we have at our disposal to good idea it is he is because they say we do. One more play was a doctor triangle. Love Love Love love letter whatever saying being and then we do it because we'll probably get more people motivated more. Maybe more people will go because of that if we stick with their play really get it people in this loving you know a stirred up feeling mood and then we go and get a big boss. we make a mistake wishy with big boss. anti mass throw sad us when people see that they'll head to the police can't see in the world's bread it but we don't have a mask aspirin simple to get rid of it like no idea what mash principle we could possibly be working with the know what we'll do is aid is in really good shape right. Ada so we'll just to stay one step ahead of it. We'll just run. We'll stay on the road at bringing having having a chase down. The road has your counter town. Okay so lake reverse by Lak- I mean I wish we would have gone like Pied Piper saying but that's what they said you to like the Pied Piper trying to lead us to the Census and sweepstakes. I mean like you say I mean. It's all we could do. Is We have to use those things in hand yeah but if eh we don't have a way to undo it to you but what by the time we get you to if we could take all the way to the sweepstakes. We'll have enough people that we could. I guess you're right about that. Though I mean here's an idea though we could to plant that seed in a way because a lot of people already know about the the experiences they heard from people passing through then have tell us in seen assist stab some of those in the they think it's rapidly not true so we do a play saying we're GONNA do my. DA's within we don't do it yeah I mean I guess so I mean I don't know I don't know what else to do. I am stumped. 'em stumped to say ever have been but. I have a feeling if we actually do a big boss. Josh battle without knowing how we're going to win what was the play because he just starting to Costa thinking is that there is a mass principle it just it's like almost something about your idea. Put it at the tip of my tongue so let's do the play and then and we'll see if it motivates anybody and data here so they did play. They do a couple more five more nights of Dr Triangle as Dr Ruth dating in loving experts and answering questions and a few more people trickled out to go to the a world's fair and sweepstakes most you'll remain steadfast in net moving in the nat going thing they settled kind of head you know they were empowered by their powerlessness. I think is a way to say it as some you'll because they say they're not stubborn like a stubborn in a different way and is n with a Doctor Triangle and Nice S. listed did which you'll most brilliant performance may or may not do at times is is a bruce ended debris character in they had on stage aged disagreement about things and said they were fit up well. It's it's happening. I mean just a you know. I'm so tired of Your performance is doctor. Dr Triangle Is Different Dr Triangle. Nobody's listening anyway and I'm tired of performing. Am I just want to go back back and enjoy the sweepstakes before it happens in sixty more days in have myself counted in the Census and relax but our job is to motivate these people go and Z. Don't know they don't seem interested is so oh. We can't go until we convince them that. It's a good idea to go in that. There's really no loss in going in only things to gain in. I'm baffled at what to do and I can see why you're fed up but we can't leave until we find a solution. Well where I could find a solution well we have to. We have to work something out well. I guess my solution would be. I guess just my solution would be that would if we just do. Do you know what maybe the people here have heard about us. in how we've had to one one up a different strange being giant strange beings running through towns windmills in big. You been a windbags in you know hopefully we don't maybe we just need to like Maybe what if one of those game running through here. What would people do somebody just said? I dare you a real. You dare me okay well no. I don't know if that's the solution. I don't think it would motivate anyone. Would it cates their Boeing you. Let's just get this yeah. I don't know if that's a good idea idea. It's a great idea and as a matter of fact I'm going to do it nude. No don't do it. Are you kidding or are you really going to do it. I'm going to do it because I get you to figure out the mass principle and then we'll fix it too in Anna motivate and if you don't then all everybody you should just start heading to the what we'll do is just not goethe's sweepstakes. We'll run every through every town except for the sweepstakes aches and world's fair so if you're here you're going to have to deal with us right now. Run A giant whatever's popular in this area as a lot of weed here so it'd be m The things that make crows nat land. Oh Crow Correct Anti Crow Buddies. Okay know what you're saying but I don't okay well. I think a principle known who don't really you're not really GonNa do it are you. I think the principal mashed principle missing here is a common sense. lets out a match print. Soho boy now eight here the did Dr isolates did a trigger What was the giant anticorrosive buddy? He made a straw. You know that you might see Halloween time or if you're had a corn field or a weak field keeping the corrosive away aw rumble into town and instead of running the people swin home in Kuester doors and grafted actor triangle and Isosceles who hopped in Norway again and luckily because it was made of Straw and polls it wasn't super Agile Challe and they did stir to let the sink chase it but it didn't motivate anyone to leave so they had to chase him around town. Kuwait a few times but then instead of heading to other towns they realized is that the plane was gonna work but we're here. I was correct who said actor triangle server processing things in as they were riding the thing and tailing it to people who were still in the past a Sassy said something to disperse disperse head to the lake still trying to get people to go to the census dances actor triangle turned around and said. Did you say disperse an Isosceles city because people out of the way get moving. He said that said they had seek sect. dispersion is a it is missing mathematical principle and they're. You're still there saying this to other you know were running from giant anticorrosive body and assess. What do you mean an in the mean. Median mode central tendency in dispersion in do you mean like mean is is like the Middle Known Amina some of all data's in values divided by the number data points or something. I don't know but it's not exact exact principle missing anyway. Okay so mean we which is the median of Middle Right Center exactly the center and a and mode is a Alamo no modus most frequent value show. What does it have to do with anything. Let's key to it was censuses and is his his easily. Give variance deviation ranges any of this ringing a bell no okay so the people on a way to censor dispersed we just need to way to measure that dispersion the end is the central tendency would be the starting point was so the Center the census is asserting point but we could do the census. I don't know well like you said it was a missing principle long. We were just a blind to it. We couldn't understand it because it wasn't there it actually we do we did make the census possible possible by trying to pull in some of the people. I guess I guess I still don't have aggressive. Gresh with a mass of the underlying mass principle because it's missing right. I'm positive so we could get deeper into it but it's is it. It's a he once. We have that we couldn't we could we could figure out is estimated population of the area. If if true we can we can do actual census okay so what what what was it again would would which arms should I hold. I think those charm narrow those dots Elsa quick data points in have this one ended into it. Should riems mean medium mode. I think that's what stands for you so we're going to hold it up and then it says says central tendency is central tendency and dispersion. Okay okay okay. So is that a good thing. This was not that much of a boss lost because it's just running after us you have an aid is getting tired so it's time to finish this up okay before we finish it up though so we don't need to move anybody know we needed to kind of against we were stubborn to. We didn't accept that they didn't want to go to the Census and maybe the sooner we would have accepted it. We would realise maybe we are refusal to accept it as what triggered me remembering so. I guess it all worked out but yeah we should if we accepted they not everybody's GonNa go is when we would have known that we would have been able to use the mass. I guess okay which Okay Ready. I'm ready. Oh shot has missing. Please restore. You're the principal. Oh noar of the balance of mathematics keeper of the Matt's police returned to us the principal answerable missing from this area in essential principle. We need right now here today. Oh shot please return turn central tendency and dispersion sued we might use your principles the principles of mathematics for a good today on your on her shots. you agree a work too so there wow oh wow yeah so we could go back. I really old ahead a talk about at Blake to get back to that. I wanNA actually actually just partaking will we can't be in the sweepstakes because we're part of the okay well then. I'll just maybe I enjoy the the idea you know. idea people dating like a brings me happiness okay great. Let's go. Let's eight a you mind. If oh you would spill over Zaid's tired will give eight assume water will sleep and then we'll head into town sounds good head to the center the center of the world's fair sweepstakes in census Good Night Ada Good Night Dr Triangle Ni- Sassoli's and good night everyone. I WanNa thank all recent patrons Casey above sea in James. Thank you thanks thanks and good night. Rachel Golic and Sarah. Thank you Shane Mark and Roger Old Vic. Thanks and Goodnight Marissa's Denison Aubrey Thanksgiving thinks Drian will listen Adam. Thank you thanks. Thanks Daniel Gideon Casarin thank you thanks thanks and goodnight. Todd Carla and Kathleen is thank you. Thanks Good Night Karen Serguei in Jeff. Thank you thanks thanks good night. Ryan Bridget in Leinna. Thanks thanks in Guinea Brittany cameras and warned. Thank you next thing seeing Amanda David and Hedgehog Dog. Thanks in Guinea home lean nate in Shirley. Thanks thanks and good night. Samuel An and Brett thank you. Thanks a Hey Mary Michael Ethan. Thank you thanks. Thanks Tonight Maria Keystone Loretta thank you thanks thanks and good night is Zack Zac sewer in Clare. Thanks thanks good night. Nick Amy and router ranking single night Maranda quit Quinn and Alan thank you thanks thanks tonight pammy years mean and Katie thank you thanks name Jenny. Lindsay and Daniels Inc sank ignite meagan Jesse Melissa thank you thanks Emily Brooke and Todd thank you. Thanks Tonight Lil Issa Kerry Katie Katie. Thanks thanks in Abbey and Allan. Thank you. Thanks thanks good night. Thanks everybody for sporting a show on pay John. Really appreciate it soon be exists because if you'll spurs showing patriots support our sponsors a proud member. NFL percents you can check out all of the amazing shows over NFL PRESENTS DOT COM including a dream boy which according to the Guardian is full of mystery enrich characters and instant Night Vale Classic Okay would be full heartedly agree with that in here's a teaser someone is changing all the street lights in pepper heights Khalil Bland the color of nighttime night time is shifting. Everyone thinks they know what happened at the pep rides zoo but do they really it's a masterpiece by Dane Terry. It's called dream boy and you can check it out at naval presents DOT COM or search dream boy one word in your podcast EPA choice we're also proud member. Pr Actually and see everything they're doing a PR exa Dot Org and what else into plenty more episodes. If you need 'em here who has lung you know here. You know after show after show after show if you need them tonight thanks sink in nights.

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The Wellness Pie  Episode 0


05:34 min | 3 months ago

The Wellness Pie Episode 0

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT. Visit www dot I'd pastor troy dot com before information. Thank you for listening. This is boost Saudi car I am. Or fitness together and welcome to the wellness. Pie. Let me give you a little bit of background on me and. My history and how I got into the fitness industry. Originally I was born in the UK I live very close to. Americorps. Croydon. Very very near to got cable, which is the one of two major airports in the UK. Ike grew up. an area. That was About middle class area and my father worked for BP and the oil station yeah. Yeah. The, the old station. And I I ended up getting into retail management after it went through a few different jobs and I. found that is really good at sales and really enjoyed that aspect of the job I ended up in an era director for a chain of stores, very good soup and honor republic. was in retail for about ten twelve years, and then I got completely entirely burn of it wants to do something totally different. And Somehow I ended up on a cruise ship. For Kaba Cruise Lines Okay and I was back in retail and on the cruise ship as a merchandiser, and that's how I met my wife Lisa on on both ships she was in the onboard and. That's how we ended up meeting and she's originally from Michigan and that's how I ended up being. In In Selah, ended up in Michigan what did you call it when we first met when he was math Fox when we first met, you said that you were a you like Michigan inherited you or something to that effect or Back as a souvenir. I love that. And so you know I had to make a decision as to what I was going to do when I got here I didn't want to get back into retail. Did have some experience in fitness and then I went back to school for a bit and put myself occasions through the National Academy of Sports, medicine and a CIA. Apex Nutrition. American Council on exercise. So all that behind me and then I got into personal training. So is that what you're up podcast is going to be about then? Yes. So we gotta be talking about. The different steps that it takes in order to get into the shape of your life. Okay. Interest on and that's going to go through different areas. We can talk about nutrition which you know plays a big role here. we'll talk a little bit about strength training. Cardio training and flexibility. Those are four components that we look at. When it comes to? Achieving optimal health. Wonderful. You know it's a there's a lot of things out there that people have been trying to do to get themselves in shape whether it be swallowing pills and or doing an exercise of the just doesn't work for them. Right so is that some of the things are going to be broaching for folks? Yeah. We will be touching on those areas and You know it's important that we try to address all of these components of fitness to to help people understand. The steps that is going to take in order for them to to look better feel better and remember at the end of the day. It's all about quality of life right? Longevity absolutely We all want to be around for as long as possible. And you know one of the things that dictates that is you know you'll health care at the end of the day your health plays a huge role in how you look looking how you end up. Feeling. And you know. As we age that's going to be very, very important to to maintain I'm looking forward to future episodes of the Wellness Pie brought to you by fitness together. All right. Fitness together the wellness and just to give you a quick overview finished together is and what we do we are a private personal training studio We saw located at ten mile and Novi Road. At concept is very unique. Three rooms survive rooms fully equipped rooms and clients work in complete privacy while with one of our fitness professionals in complete. in in complete privacy that they have no interruptions no distractions the folks in attention strictly on the client that's fantastic I'm looking forward to your episodes that are upcoming Buso. Thanks for being a part of the podcast Detroit you're welcome.

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Millard Drexler: Ive Learned That Growth Is the Enemy

The Business of Fashion Podcast

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Millard Drexler: Ive Learned That Growth Is the Enemy

"There's been for twenty years or so to many retailers too much inventory this just too much scrip footage for human being in America. You're always has. That's one thing. Lack of creativity. I think is another thing. What you get is just deflationary trend in retail and I took. We've been going through that. Do we need department stores anymore in the age of Amazon and the Internet. What role do you think a department store serves now? It was a matter of profit not matter out big. Can you get how much volume you too? And it's kind of like this. Endless amount of opening stores are looking for opportunity and they always would say every three years. This is not the end of the armed services once pretty much near the end. Hi this is Imran Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and. Welcome to our podcast. This week on fly. I sat down with American retail legend. Mickey Drexler now. The American retail environment has been buffeted by the corona virus crisis with retailers from Neiman Marcus to JC Penney J. crew and the gap all struggling in the face of a once in a lifetime economic and public health crisis. I spoke to Mickey about how American retail ended up here in the first place how he sees consumer behavior changing and what the retail landscape might look like when the pandemic is behind us. So here's Mickey Drexler inside fashion. I everyone this is Imran Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and welcome to be. Oh live. We have a legend with us today for B. O. F. Live I'm pleased to welcome Mickey Drexler. The former CEO of gap and J. Crew and kind of legend in the in the American Retail and fashion world. And I caught up with Mickey briefly on the phone about a week ago and asked whether he would join us today for conversation. Because there's been so much timeouts in turmoil in the American retail landscape over the last couple of weeks I thought it would be really great to have someone like Mickey. Help us all to navigate the changes that are happening and make sense of what's going on and also to paint a picture of what the future might look like as on the other side of this crisis that we find ourselves in so Welcome Mickey to be off lines. Nice to the appreciate it. I wanted to start Mickey Before we dive into the topic at hand if you could just tell us a little bit about how you're doing how your quarantine has been what you doing To keep yourself occupied. I find that everyone is finding new ways to keep their minds and bodies occupant it occupied tile. I'm going crazy I I can't stand still. It's a huge turn for answer. My pants and every day is kind of repeat of yesterday. I have no idea. Tuesday versus Saturday's link. And I get up every morning and not living in a homeless living in a hotel but at such a long story in that makes it less fun. I'M GONNA get up every day. Take a walk with my wife. My kids are one in New York and one's in Sampson and I walked for an hour and a half a long beach here in Miami not on the beach because you're not allowed to and then I come home till the next morning home or whatever wherever I am and life is. I actually like without work. I be dying and this choosing his favorite hobby of mine. My wife is very serious about keeping US isolated Argentine as she should be a so it's it's almost surreal living sway. All of us is just unbelievable. And I don't think anyone really knows what it's going to look like on the other side but it is what it is and I can't wait normal. I do facetime with my grandchild. Some getting to know she's a year and a half and that's my relationship with are in. That's that's like it's not. It's not eas- house. There's a daily routine. I think that we're all developing. I guess it's about injecting moments of connectivity moments of exercise moments of reflection and an moments of work and mixing that all but while being in the same physical space which is kind of challenging. Because it's hard to transition between all of those different but I. I was really excited to talk to you because obviously you know as a as a media publication that covers the global fashion industry of which the the American market still plays an incredibly important part watching from over here in London. What's happening in the retail environment in the United States? It's been harrowing. You know some of the big titans of the American retail landscape are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy some have already filed for bankruptcy some are planning for liquidation including two of the companies that you used to lead an you know. The gap has been withholding rent payments. Furloughing its workers trying to reorganize and restructure its operations and J. Crew has obviously filed for bankruptcy as a way of doing a restructuring of the organizations and they're not alone right this is J. Crew Neiman. Marcus is the gap is his Lord and Taylor as you look across the American retail landscape. It's it's pretty grim out there and so the first question. I just wanted to you to ask you you know. How did we end up here? That so many of these big American retailers find themselves in a position where you know there are teetering because you know the the companies that seemed to be surviving seemed to be seemed to be kind of getting through at least up until now are the ones that were strong going into this crisis. But many American retailers were already Suffering before this all started and this is kind of become the kind of final you know the the proverbial Straw against the camels back so talk to me a bit about how we ended up here in the first first thing I'm GonNa say is Speak to a lot of people every day to work and do whatever most people will say. I have no answer to your question. I mean I have one opinion on how he ended up here with. Most of us don't know what the other sides could look like in my own opinion on and I think statistics There's been for twenty years or so to many retailers too much inventory and I think what's happened because of a corona virus in one short sue. What probably could've happened ten or fifteen years ago. Too much out there to choice to inventory drove down prices drove down margins increase of price. And they're well if you look at Tj. Max I think the biggest most profitable department store in America if not the world and they have a great merchant account rich wanting running at night. I think the great were cheap or is also part of it. I think this just too much square footage for human being in America. It always has. That's one thing. Lack of creativity I think is another thing although with too many stores into choice of what you get is just a deflationary trend in retail nights. We've been going through that. Very simply stated is too much assortment out there too much goods not enough special. Not Enough unique. Lots of commodities Amazon certainly influenced a lot of this and that's life end so could add twenty or ten years ago because I always ask the question an I didn't know none of us knew about this while some people that Bill Gates I guess sold coming is what you do. Then you've named companies if solemn so didn't exist would you miss them and there was so many no. I will miss them if they weren't here anymore. Now what's happening is a lot of going away either. Unfortunately because they have no cash they're running out of cash in. They might be good at what they do and the rest. You just won't miss them and the balance sheet was week when you say their balance sheet was weak you mean they were heavily indebted right overly indebted or plus an I. Don't you know right now? Sitting with all these empty stores with huge Will push people over the edge if they might have survived longer than they probably would discount. It cleans up the landscape of Aqua Lung. Markdown companies and others who sadly will go away because you know maybe they just undercapitalized. And they might be run. Creatively have nice goods. The the report cards not in yet. I don't think it's close to being so if that's the question if if there are too many stores and I think you know there's one statistic that's you know frequently cited that there there's more store space in America. Her customer or per person than there is anywhere in the world by a long shot. So there's too many stores is too many malls. There's too much product There's too many brands. How did how did they all last this long? My first place you know. We'll explain that to me because I don't understand how that can happen. What the the answer. I always get free money out there for everyone. I'm not an economist. A merchandiser in what free money means as maybe lower interest rates are money plus a venture capital like. Oh here ten million years fifteen million. Let's think shot I kind of Bedding in dark half the time I. I sat in Venture Capital Office for my first year at J. crew and I visit with companies and it wasn't very hard to get money who's actually quite easy just to fancy. Dan Presentation Sound. Like you know what you're talking about a with great confidence have no experience. Oh we're going to invest in. You know what I've learned is if they hit one or two or three ten. They're very happy and don't says that they'll talk about it. But I'm not blaming venture capital maybe blaming too much cash around America to take a shot and when I look at the companies are known to be critical. I am like very few things impress. And I'm saying you kidding. You're going to invest in this when his so many of that but I think free money betting taking a shot. I guess in the two Twenty that the deal is makes it very attractive to buy company sell companies and it got us to place where we are in a to a degree. And you know you weren't looking at these with a sharp. I may be in my world in Tarot. It's amazing how people might evaluate opportunity without Kinda doing the surgery you know doing whatever before and money people are different than operate. There were very much different. They probably make more money in a sense because playing money in the not Clinton with and I don't think the playing vision and I don't think they're playing with a down. The road shot now. Drafting said is more start ups and I don't know what's GonNa Happen is my own personal opinion. All this is how many of them are actually going to survive. How many will make money? I'm used to and I started made. Well started old navy. A while I was running. It was a matter profit not a matter out big. Could you get how much volume two right? So basically what you're saying is there's been a lot of capital floating around cheap capital either in the form of debt. That's you know coming from. The capital markets are very low interest rates that enables big investors to take bets on an industry that they don't really understand and so they're artificially in a way propping up some of these retailers that without that kind of you know we talk about. Smart MONEY. Maybe we'll call it not smart money with that. Not Smart Money. It kind of it extends the life of these retailers. Maybe beyond what they would have had if they didn't have that money. And then the people taking ownership of these companies don't really know how to operate them a you. Just you just called yourself a merchandiser right. And I think that's a really important a role for everyone to understand because the role of the merchant as also kind of faded in the in the last few years. There's been a lot more merchandising by numbers and algorithms and data and less instinct and taste and differentiation. So when you walk into stores many of the department stores everything kind of looks the same not just within the store from brand to brand to brand but also between stores so talk to us more about the fundamental importance of the merchandiser and operator in making a fashion retailer successful. Well I do call myself a merchant and that's what I do for living in fact someone said to me the other day we have beautiful stornoway really love Alex meal and they said this ten of us and to people said what we need to work at. What you do is they said. Because you're working like you're you're looking at everything you're working at such a detailed level and don't want someone to help you. I said I'm doing the same thing and looking at every style for forty years. Why should it change now will older now than I was when I started running companies? But that's what I do for a living. I said I look at every style and actually like doing that and I look at every email and I look at every this. I am a huge micromanage. And if you're not a micro manager I don't think you're doing your job that in retail or in my opinion in anything take care of your customers in anything. I just like micromanaging. It's up liking. I think you're forced to you have customers in the most companies in my own opinion aren't micromanage. I was at two car companies. Designer Room Big Car companies and I went to visit the Friends of friends whatever and when I went to the design room. He didn't go both of them. They didn't go. I was there to look at cars just APPs fun. I wanted to do a car related to old navy. You know we had those pickup trucks. Let's do a truck that's cut new so we go into the design. Seven people designing one car in the wheels and I said this to the CEO. I said that's a really good looking car. Showed me car that they working ice? Good Lookin' Korbut really ugly reels. He's thought I was crazy. And I said Wind Bakar with ugly wheels of a car and it's true and you know it's just what I live with at. Maybe it's not moral to not like a car with of the wheels. What but decio couldn't care less in both cases even as a courtesy to me visiting with him like when you're working with design teams right you know. The word micromanagement isn't necessarily a word that people use with positive connotations right. But you're using it as kind of necessity to get all the details right. I mean how did you if you think that's one of the things. It takes to be successful in the job of running a fashion retail company. Like how did your design teams and the people around you feel about that. Well first of all. It's not just a micro management applies to anything with his customer. And I WANNA know that. Every customer is responding to an X. amount of time in startup. It's different. I encourage Alex in some sick note cold. I used to do that. Gap Or J. Crew will thanks to Kohl. Whatever they kinda shop but I think it's design one thing not a designer and so I don't micromanage design in less when the collections done. Because I can't deal with looking at drawn pictures off say a zipper. It's not. I'm not a designer but I can look at something and I feel that it doesn't come together as a painting painting. I've sent dramatic but a bed. Button can actually ruin something or two long collar and born with Canada's weird thing noticing. What's wrong things it's not easy deliver like? I do but I do notice things that don't fit in the puzzle right if if you speak to all the designers. I work with I try to be inspirational. I try to a goods. I don't like the goods available commercially than we can't sell nets bit. There's no negotiation good in bed but I don't I try to inspire A to Bush. I send emails out. I do what I do I shop stores and I hope I serve a service for the designers and that's what I do. I'm not a desire. A classic looks like and that's what I do. Y- I mean one of the things going back to this idea of merchandising by numbers someone in the audience who's watching has said here's a question. Do you feel that retail by venture capital I e people with ideas but no practical experience in retail manufacturing where their chosen market versus traditional retail pumping out products based on buyers calculations instead of instinct. Do you think that's what's hastened the so-called retail apocalypse on? How do you find the right balance between the instinct and the numbers risks and doing what's driven news interesting algorithms? When I was twenty three years old. They didn't call them. You need to be good mass and good and merchandising a successful merchant. I spend a lot of my life with math. My head here. They can't do math without having the product thing. So what's happened. Is We have planners defense. I worked with them for years and love them all. But a merchant sees in front and around corners. They feel they see it. In my opinion they have a taste level or point of view on what they're going to do with with the merchandise the financial look to me. I say you're going to go in and be a merchant. You haven't or doctor you haven't done surgery as a doc. You haven't done the surgery you mean mistakes. I made my career so many more mistakes than most people even try to make and then I fail. I succeed like I had a argument yesterday. Was today yesterday to argue every day. So we have a shirt at Alex. It's called the paper cloth. Pullover shirt was yesterday on a slight do and I said we were thinking of it and Sanchia feeling very well on sale. Everything is unfortunately on sale these days and I was saying why. Would we carry that shirt? We saw a lot of paper cloth. It's fabric recall. We saw tons of something. It's a pullover short sleeved shirt and I said to the team of Ted. I said what about carrying this shrew through next spring so I get to win now I knew what my answer was. I said you know one third. The states have short sleeves. So pullover selling terrifically well and people give me a quick answer no now. Fortunately they weren't the merchant but they said no because it short sleeve needed. I said let me ask you something. Why do you say no? I said you know the answer. I said you have fifty. One hundred people wear short sleeves. You talk about your best shirt. It's online online sales every place in the world cold in this thing it was not a smart answer a in terms of the no. I don't like knows I like. Listen maybe let's try try fifty or one hundred. I've seen fifty and one hundred ended up being twenty million dollar business and you have to have an open mind sensitive instinct and willing to take the risks. I mean that's the way it works in the business so So the merge algorithm thing which. I laugh at because I was doing my algorithms. I called it like spreadsheet was me. I didn't have players. And then you look at the item and you start to figure out how big how will my first big item. It was boring. You please. Interrupt was humid by ever made it. And you know how I picked the item the volume of it so you giant Tuesday with a t shirt Tuesday in February first Tuesday or Monday when it came in we sold X. AMOUNT. So then you start doing the math in your mind. Tuesday in February means what in June and I like to look at almost hourly selling because once break in an item you can never get. The full of how high up is a little bits guessing but it really is a cold that algorithm what. I did I still do. Tell me what you sold the first day by the Fair Day. If you broken on the island is no credibility you can forecast something. You so three axles Thursday. And you're looking at a full week selling alot. Don't look at a full week. Selling look in the first hour. So that's my story on on on. Algorithms and math versus product. It's very mathematical thing. That goes on Italy. I went to science science really good math in new looking back good because I had a great teacher. Variants fraiche ratio which is a whole other. The other thing I wanted to test with you that clearly this is going to dramatically change. The way we shop you know in some of the stores are starting starting to open here in Europe. They've been open in China for the past few weeks now. An already. Consumer behavior is starting to shift. As it pertains to shopping in the short-term people are generally fearful of going to stores and you know there's a lot of precautions measures that retailers are taking to make customers feel safe but these are going to reduce footfall stores and all of the kind of traffic and energy that retail stores have. So I'm wondering like. Have you got any thoughts about how all of this is going to change the way people shop? Well you know I have a lot of thoughts. I Dunno from writer. My spoke to my friend. Andrew yesterday was in the wholesale business. Andrew is a great wholesaler and what he does so he has four or five copies invested it and we. He was telling me last night and by the way I spend a lot of my life talking to people who were smart. Who knows something? I don't know so so we speak. We're good friends. And he's advisor to company in these. We're one of the better. He's at the top of the pyramid on Being good one does he was describing. Hope is saying this. He said in three or four stories yesterday. Now this is this is me is all. I know so. I learned this yesterday very little traffic. Very high transactions. So that's day one now. I'll talk to him or whoever every day ish. If you want so I I think people are going to be really afraid and we're trying to figure it out when we opened a store which is not we have one store by Thank God we have one store. I can't imagine going through this with even ten stores. We we would be in trouble. You think about how many people are in trouble. So we have inventory sitting only in one store in Manhattan. But I don't know the answer. You have to be afraid if you normal accustomed you have to be afraid. The online businesses wildly rolling crazy to this is what it is. And A. WE'LL SEE I. I don't think we're back to normal all years. Not going to be normal. What do you do with close at some of those tried? Were all trump. Your it's interesting this idea of the footfall falling but the basket size the kind of overall purchase amount increasing. Because I guess for those people who do venture out into a retail store. They're going with a real sense of purpose. It's like less about browsing and shopping as entertainment and more shopping with purpose so when people enter the store with a purpose. I guess they'll have a tendency to shop more I think so but I don't know if you're going into stores. Why don't really shop yours anyway? But I'm not going and some of our people are afraid to work and you know what I said yesterday. Said don't go if you're because there's nothing worse than being afraid in worrying of being anxious about catching virus. I think it's GonNa take. I think the whole year's going to be pretty much a promotional year. He loves so much inventory to get rid of right. Now it's extraordinary. We started small but for us. It was a lot of inventory. Wasn't sure anyone else but tiny and we and we sell fund the business so I don't have someone who's investor saying. Do this do that. Do the other thing We're pretty much. Most things will be a good valley except except things that people want in what people want special. They weren't neak. They want a fashion. I don't think that's GONNA stop in. I think there's GonNa be a desperate run to cool fashion if it's out there now. I don't know how much is out there. I'm usually I'm not in Frisco. Haven't been for years with what the choices are out there but we'll see ads our business. We have something really good. It sells really well again. We're tiny tiny time if you have something that's more commodity ish. It doesn't Celso it on sale in. Please get rid of it now. We are doing markdown. So getting clean going forward so discounting is an important question that I think. A lot of retailers and brands are grappling with right. Now if you were running a big retail store how would you balance the trade off between discounting to clear that inventory to to kind of generate cash versus damaging long term brand equity and kind of training the consumer expect discounts in the future? How do you weigh those? Two things aren't real this the short answers about thirty or forty years ago and I knew I never kind of learn one thing is that I don't WanNa carry any product in the world that someone else asks then. This I was at Bloomingdale's twenty three years. Old Brand new baby buyer and there was a discounter was the street. I wake up one morning. I knew it was gonNA happen. I was women's bathing suit. Fire among other shakes and they run sale and therefore my inventory that day in Jews worth one third of what it was worth the day before we had a policy we prices so in fact the A. I don't WanNa carry and I learned that a my next when I became president of the and Taylor in nineteen eighty. I learned that because Brooks Brothers then was brooks brothers had their own label in the clothes and they the most profitable of the five companies tree very mediocre in his of ZANU tail and I looked at their earnings and it was really easy to figure out that did not take double markups. It was always a pretty good value. Works and Zen much difference today. Of course I learned from them and Benetton White Benetton's buying my son Closet Benetton. I go in easy to shop. And then you look at prices in any figured out. Hello own the brand. Don't let someone else on put it on sale. You're safe in today. What happens and that's what you know about direct to consumer. It's been around for forty years. You know whether it was limited or when we converted to entail the Joe Studio I learned anyone. WanNa be any brand Some good more and I still believe it. Now that being said how many brands to retailers control today that are there's why why did the trucks go to Tj Maxx and Ross stores. Why inventories they're they're going to have. Probably what if I'm a department store and bless them? I can't depend upon being out there is I. Don't control pricing. You don't control pricing and everyone's got into the habit to reasons a on sale. One is yet always. That discount is Galore in number two. There's a double markup double markup on every item that gets sold in wholesale you got the markup from maker to the department store and then the next Markelle is from a department store the consumer so essentially a sale is really the real price and I think the stores I I have been in the in the sale. It's just a it's a level of the value of the real value but at least in customers no mess whether always on sale by the way is not just. It's even direct to consumers or on sale and that's pretty easy when you have a rough time. The goods aren't right. You got to put him on sale. Let's everyone else has the goods and I'll never forget A. I've been through that too long story but it's great brands out there but it goods aren't right. It's it's pretty simple. It's not complicated. The customer's always looking for something. Right and something unique and something. That's GonNa turn him or her on speaking of customers looking for something right. I did want to touch upon the department stores. That you just mentioned Because of all the retailers in the landscape of of American fashion and retail department stores are the ones that seem to be the hardest hit and I just wonder like. There's there's an a report that's just out today. That says you know. One of the investors creditors at Neiman's is saying that saks and neiman's should be merged which I think has been a rumor in the market for a long time but I haven't even more fundamental question which is do we need department stores anymore in the age of Amazon and the Internet. Like what. What role do you think a department store serves now? I don't think he knew I still department stores. I have to be careful what I say. I don't think you need them even Amazon aside. I don't think Amazon's great in the fashion business at all. A big could be amazing but I I think well it's easy. Go here look up the brand you say oh. I want that you order. It usually get a deal anyway. A department store is not. It's you know. How many were there? In the in the sixties I started the late sixties and they always would say every three years. This is not the end of the department. Stroke is looks pretty much near the end and We'll see what happens. I think. What's the purpose of the department store? You go in you. You just sort if someone in the I duNno I duNno Selfridge. People seem to love data. London is at the favor they must be pretty exciting at their assortment. I'm guessing they probably have people will taste to a buying or good merchants. I'm guessing but there's no reason unless the assortment so great and compelling and even if not that bit there edited the Right Way I think entity is critical. You can have ten people in a department store in one will. They'll all put the assortment together differently. So if I went into a store and it was perfectly edited. I am you know I would Probably my there you know. See Editing Tastes the point of view and lead lead me to what I think. You're right Mickey we've been living in an era of hype and you know if if anything if this if this situation can get us back to an Arab substance and quality and value to use some of the words that you've used today then I think the industry will be better for it and customers will be more engaged with fashion again. It won't just seem like this transactional thing and if there's one line I'm going to take away from this is that you've learned. That growth is the enemy. Can you tell me more what you mean? By that. That's what financial investors want is growth. That's what people want from this stock price and you do dumb things to get there. Never forget with Wi- Any of the Companies Act. We like a rocket and rockets slowdown. But you're forced to open up in. It's kind of like this. Endless amount of opening stores are looking for opportunity. I think that it would be some understanding from the owners in the owners could be the financial owners saying. Let's get out now the other hand. What they do is as soon as extra cash should take companies. They take it out. So why because it's cash in their pockets and it takes away from the liquidity in the long term health of the balance sheet. I found every everyone wanted wrong today. It's all growth. They think they're judged growth and in the I could be wrong adventure. People say how much sales you do. We have a little company for Slang million dollars is known magic action why Amex mill is done by the three of a nice little tink. I say to myself not trying to sell the company because I liked not having an investor. Sit someone had an imagination imagination. A look Alex Mill. Yeah I sound like a this is not an infant but they look at the goods they look at the style they look the marketing and say it's got it and they might look at the management and say well we've been there done it many times so I say this to financial friends. I know them all. I said you explain something to me. Why when someone come to us and say I want invest now. I want to be part of the ride for the next five or six years and the answer is you gotTa have two or three stores. You gotTa have this. She got to head of fifteen million painting. You don't have to have twenty great paintings all you need one of Kohl's now from people can you help? Can you help us there? Can you do this? I said I'd love. Why do I sit in? The biggest opportunity is what we're working on. I don't WanNa be in a SPEC. We would expect whenever we buy a company that doesn't term beyond or someone else on and the fact is I don't WanNa be a CEO of big company. I just don't and the fact this was going to run it like a merchant to run. That's I'm old fashioned. I WANNA MERCHANT WANNA merchandising company back surgery to surgery. I want you people have Ashley experienced in the success on everything they do and you mentioned before that they could start a company and they have no parallel experience but did good algorithms all anyway. We're gonNA tell Mickey been such a pleasure talking to you I knew it would be illuminating and provocative as always thank you for taking the time to speak with us at thanks to all of you all around the world for joining us from around the world. I think we've had people from eighty eighty something countries you. I could do this every day. I got nothing to do full day. Maybe maybe we'll check in with you in a few in looking at months months things have developed a little further. Check back in with you in and speak to you about your your percents to happening. I liked to be busy. So you'll do me a favor anyway. Thanks this was funding. Going to see it all right. Thank you everyone for joining us. This is bureau F. Life. I hope that you enjoyed Mickey's insights. I hope you'll join us for future sessions if you want to explore the upcoming events keep checking back with US business a fashion dot com slash events. That's all for today. Thanks again Mickey. Appreciate it if you've enjoyed this episode. Don't forget to subscribe. Give us a rating and you might be interested in joining the business of fashions. Global membership community professional are members receive exclusive deep dive analysis regular email briefings as well as unlimited access to archive of over ten thousand articles. Our new IPHONE APP and all of the online courses and learning materials from education.

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228 - Nordstrom Mens

American Fashion Podcast

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228 - Nordstrom Mens

"This is American fashion podcast. I'm Charles Beckwith your with Kathy Shepherdess. Hey everyone and our guest guest in the studio is vice president of men's fashion at Nordstrom Sam Lobban Hi Sam Hi. Thanks for having me sure Can you tell us a little. You Bet about menswear. Hopefully I guess what's big in men's right now. What are the topics picks. People are talking about in in the selling of world. Am I guess one of the most interesting elements for all to zoom out a little bit. Ah To the question there feels like there's a huge amount of momentum around men's right now insofar `as I one the recurring conversations is definitely the growth of men's and kind of what's going on broadly in the market. I think that's definitely reflected did in just the number of people customers interactions are happening across the difference there of of men's. I think the me that's one one of the most interesting elements is the. It's not just silos and pockets whereby you know there's a lot happening. there's really interesting innovative. I got growth opportunities rod across the Bulls really. I think that's one of the most interesting things for me. It seems like for me you who doesn't have a giant menswear perspective in the even though I'm a guy There's a lot more innovation actually showing up in stores whereas now than there has probably been since the sixties. It's just people are playing with stuff. They're putting things out there. That are innovative. Does that seem to be the case for are you or I mean you've been kind of under the hood the entire time so what's your perspective on. I guess there Oh to one degree or another intertwined so by they I mean the different elements so because there are so many there are far more guys are interested in in class than ever before and definitely in terms of style you not to mention. This guy's always been into cars. Could you have to wait lights but oh definitely from a style perspective and I think what used to be nieces with the emergence of feddie obvious obvious the Internet. That's allowed lots and lots of different people to find out about lots and lots of different niches. of the incident is there and then subsequently solve the boom of instagram. I guess a now like saw Nexgen social media platforms as well while means we see there are more guys coming through the store with a higher sense of and their own education they know what they're coming in for and they know what they wanna find this definition still by all means guys come through experience in the way in which by all salespeople are showing them product and less of looking for US looking to us for guidance from from a statistic respective by more so than ever before there are guys the have so thin out there done the research research. They're into specific brands. They're into specific aesthetics they understand the relationship between different brands and WHO's wearing wall. I think the the salt boom of like sports styles of music stars being like style icons as much as they are cultural icons Phil's data a massive shift. It was a lot of the same suits before yes and also I think menswear always moved moved much more slowly than womenswear from a trend perspective and I'm honest. I think that's still true. I still think women's is moving much faster clip. The Mend Ed but men's is moving infinitely faster. They used to so that customer segment that you just talking about comes in kind of knows what they're looking for is that is that obviously is that growing. Is it a big segment right now or is it bigger now since you're there. I'm I think it's big and growing one degree or another Farrah's the so fashion proposition is much newer to us then Asu Sup- proposition you know we've had a very strong business selling suits for decades whereas selling high fashion it's relatively so open ended term 'cause the Doggie what does high fashion main these days but that's very expensive very expensive well. I think while the nice things is not not necessarily there's like a lot of people out there doing super interesting things to one degree or another of the more affordable sky again in itself a subjective adamant. Yeah I think for us. You know we still sell lawsuits so we still have a very strong customer base. in I think what you deem the more classic kind of American I'm either a traditional men's clothing or in the classic American Sportswear said Farrah's the we are seeing a lot of growth in designer or contemporary all the brands that don't really fit into either one of those relatively the traditional kind of retailer Tom's Sir so maybe back up for a minute and talk a little bit about your how you got there and your your background show so I started in a a menswear boutique in Highschool Saint Albans which she's twenty miles north of central. London says where I grew up when I was fifteen and I was selling stuff like Paul Smith and Stern Island and Hugo boss and Amani Jeans and that Kinda Room and then when I was eighteen I go job on the show floor. Selfridge's the London based opiate national UK Apostol and then when I was in nineteen I got a job in they're buying office as an admin assistant so as I mentioned before we from from my personal perspective I've Kinda done this forever. I then joined Mr Potter in twenty seven the UK's expose group men's align business that website website launched in February twenty eleven joined in June twenty eleven so of this over early days as it were joined. Nordstrom a year ago so June lost. Did you so when they so what was your charge really when they hired you or what's where's your action. Yeah I mean because you were basically at the start art of misreport which is like the so progressive at the time yet so Jeffrey Kalinski of Jeffries New York introduced Pete Nordstrom and I every Mao I went for a breakfast with eight immediate was just a a kind of there wasn't a role of the point when I met pay was very open ended young Jeffery said I think you should make norstrom. We've been awesome so I said yes sure more than happy to and then over the course of about six months lance he an iconic developed a job description style more organically than that so I guess to start with it was more just compensation every month or so and then I think is we continued. The conversation. We developed up's a more specific job description. Incidentally the job description itself is so changed two times already since I joined so it's it's an evolving. That's fast within a year yeah. It's never evolving. I guess to your point one of the one of the things that struck struck me most about Peyton and subsequently everyone that I met from the Nordstrom team was this solve hunger to develop the the business and grow and innovate. I think in itself as a as a company they're to me and my own sort of you've objective outside of viewpoint. I mostly British writing Kinda Hudson the accent. I'm a geography and so nordstrom. One of the most interesting interesting things to me is the standing that Nordstrom has business has within like the Americans old fashioned community a large because it's not something that I necessarily grew up with Bob. Everyone that you speak to has a Nordstrom story yet seemingly to me is the everyone aid grow up with Nordstrom and I found that super super interesting in certain states I think I'd made lanes in certain states the most our on the west coast and all that kind of stuff but yes you're right in in certain states the the two things that I kept coming up against if you like was a willingness to innovate and and a the very very strong emphasis on customer service those two elements and I think in today's you covered retail landscape. Those two things are very important and it appealed to me on a personal level for like those two things really appeal to men comes of the way that I think people need to innovate and personally foolish. I mean there's just so much to respect about. Nordstrom and I just love the fact I mean I keep reading that they're kind of taking the business back also from the portion of it. That's been with investors by right. That's true but there's no official comment from perspective stories in the Mall family owned business. Basically I think is public but the family thirty Eddie issue percents of options but I think that makes I think that makes a huge difference in terms of really understanding what services all around the short short term thinking in the stock market yeah exactly right exactly which is the problem that most of the department stores have is they have shareholders and the shareholders. There's want year-over-year gains quarter over quarter gains and you can't redesign your business in flight. If you have to think about we have to do better next quarter are rather than we have to be in business. In for years. I think for me yeah Cotonou Saturday coming on how all the paper approach it and definitely the constraints the the market has on other businesses or I can say in that regard is the name all of my conversations prior to joining and subsequently joining. It's never like what project are you going to do to make this quarter. We're thinking we all thinking more long-term the nat and one of the things I look after as part of my rollers vice president of men's fashion is this new concepts which is really all platform to tell brandon product stories and for that really we're trying to make sure that we take so two boxes so snow brand milk in in components is it made people feel differently about the norstrom men's proposition and to your point about the conversations of how the notion men's men's business shows off a warm. I doing there in order to change that and then the second part is bringing in. I always say it's customer acquisition. Listen so bringing in a new customer base but there is this additional par within that of giving all current current customer base you and exciting things because we hear anecdotally from the show flaws the our customers are super engaged and they want when you saw how you know you have the collaboration that you're doing that. Keep changing right in yes so the new concepts as a platform. We Union company. Which is the concept that launched at the beginning July right yes so union. Dan is an L. A. based street wear come design aware still. They have their union. La On the Brier they have that store in Tokyo and then they have their own website originally founded in New York in nineteen thousand nine so I'm arguably the First Multibrand Street West oiled authentic. Anyone can meet East. Take the accolade confirmed but that'd be a fair argument that unions the first of that and this concept which we launched is in eight. Stolz across Nordstrom plus online studying and exclusive capture collections one hundred seventy exclusive bases. This is our fifth concepts. This one and we don't have a set cadence the each of the concepts up until this point. They've kind of been a little bit in times of timing. That's not least of all because we've been putting all these things together and building team and getting going so the first concept which which was some cold out cold. We brought together twenty performance outdoor all weather brands that was in stool for so four weeks concept zero Jose to was a partnership with deal celebrating the Spring Nineteen showers are conjoined his show also with a heavy emphasis on the Kohl's commissioned reimagining of the house insignia that was thirty two and a half months. Thud concept was a partnership with the Japanese Printing House. It's where a company called printings. JP is owned by a Japanese archives store called Lila they they have a pretty incredible all collection at by FRAPP Simmons and Helmut Lang and that put together a book featuring their favorite pieces from rap Simmons which launched the released rather last April and then this April they released the Helmet Lang Book same thing we took those two books and designed spaces which was supposed to be the books in Encana and then had the actual archive collections from the books in the stores available to buy that was a fun the personally I'm a massive radames fan. It's arguably why the full one to two thousand five show is the thing that got me kind of INSER men's design aware it is a personal kind of clay if you like that we that one and then the full concept was a partnership with Patagonia on their one where product which the first time they've ever partnered with said Pie retailer on on born where which is where they repair it offers so very with deliberately jumping jumping around uncovering lots of different elements from across the men's west both in terms of price architecture because something that's really important to US ELSA showing super interesting concepts across the men's fear across different price points. No everything is very very expensive as you mentioned before and you have rules of thumb trice architecture I hope like within customer segmentation we'd have Rosa Thumb but mostly because in the design us-based Inexpensive T. shirt is a very different thing to in the men's sports west base typically when we're thinking about the way that we can best serve our customer we segment by Stalin Aesthetic and price twenty or another and within within knows so how is this translating across How many does every Nordstrom store. Have this shop not now. It's a limited number store so the fast to concepts was into stores. The Thad was in three full full. The Fifth Union Museum is in eight so we now have a national supreme plus. All of them have custom developed our website experiences so anyone mm-hmm across the country. The world can experience new concepts through all web experience but in terms of physical locations the now in eight great and are you hiring a lot of new customers through the web. I yes we see it is we see both and I think it's dependent on the products and the concept's for example there was some product within union which which sold out on the first day and the most part of the customer came through to buy that was newsies it was from a Branko cactus plant flea market which is pretty hard to get. They don't work like a traditional brand in terms of seasons that have a very small distribution Russian list so I think that's what was driving. How would designers? They're listening to the show. Get it on. You're buying teams radar. Where where's your your team kind of looking for people. Is there a contact email for people to send you look books and that sort of thing her no explicitly believe be honest doesn't would love that open day no small around of designers kind of slide into my hands. I get lots of instagram messages and I try and make it my job hope to see as much as I possibly can. Once upon a time I would have said see everything I'll be honest these days that's becoming increasingly difficult to genuinely you in the see everything but we see as much as we possibly can and we have a number of different teams to the point of segmentation so typically you know at least from my perspective happens is people gain touch me and then. I put me in touch with the right buyers but we all super super open open to seeing as much as we possibly can so with very welcome of people getting into option shoving stuff. What kind of brands pens are you looking to introduce into the store. What what's what's missing in the magic right now. That's a super interesting question. Among the comes up up quite a lot. I get a lot of people that get in touch with me through. They kind of get my mouth overlook. I mentioned through things like instagram. I'm not I have two young kids at Haimes mom null out on social media that Moscow the if you look amazing grams mostly pitches of our two kids I ah but by no means all reply to people the do get in touch and one of the recurring questions is like what makes enticing Brian. Thanks impaling appealing brand. I think for me there's two ways of altering that question. One is because of the earlier uh oh earliest my earlier point around customers all fall more willing to do the research themselves now than ever before so they kind of coming into stores with I would argue more so presupposed knowledge of what they wanNA find from a brand product perspective than it drives me crazy if I if brand says I'm in the store and then you go to the store and they don't have the product or they have like two you of thirty skews why yeah and that's a that's a roofing and that's a real consideration. I guess that's that's the beauty of wall wall so a lot of very well positioned logbooks based heist embody till they stuff to have done on and then of course instagram bio means so because brands can communicate and connect with and bills their own customer base. I wouldn't say why more easily but way more effectively than ever before previously you essentially had had to produce a collection you shoot your book and then you would handoff these things to magazines and retailers in the magazine would be the the communication pace in the retail would be the retail space although a decent wholesale network acts like a mocking communications tool as much or at least in a slightly different way to magazine is horrible would now it's a bit different because the brands could produce. I find take better imagery and any other photography phone thing but that's just an offense hikes better imagery imagery than ever before so the the means to producing super interesting brand collateral there in people's hands and there were huge huge amount brands already taking advantage of that and putting them message out into the world and communicating with customers under one degree or another you know if you want to use news instagram messaging or any kind of social media direct messaging you can interact with a customer and then sell them for as well so all of that said the reason. I mention it in relationship to that. Question is one degree or another. We're with looking for people that are doing really interesting. Innovative imitative products propositions out their own idea of of how guys can dress on top of that. I think there's also so is that about storytelling. They're good at telling a story with clothing and then the way they image broadly speaking. Yes I think so I think monkeying from a brand proposition in is more important than ever has been and dog it as a decent conversation to be had of of how much is products first and foremost the most important thing and how much she's mocking the first full my most important thing. I think different parts of the men's industry it means different things so I don't think there's a golden rule but I would say it's definitely an important one conversation in an interesting one where I was going previously as the one of the things that I took two people to get in touch with me. Directly is the retailers are more more looking for brands are out there so developing their own preloaded customer base the people that are hungry and looking for the prox- and then at that point kind of jumping on board and engaging with the customer Don't get me wrong there. We're all still people producing amazing product that no one's ever seen waste scarring the market for that stuff as well the at the same time. I am from a broader commercial perspective. We're also looking people that are really engaging and building that community outside of just the retail the the wholesale relationship okay so that's that's discovery technology. What about customer service and Technology Water. What are you playing within that area. That's kind of changing the game in terms of the customer experience and actually just on that also customer experience. We always think of our I always think of is really focused on women. Are you finding that men are also as interested in that level of service or starting to yes ensure the I think for customer experience and service proposition two elements to that as you mentioned the the storytelling element lemon of if a guy has taken the trouble to go to a store when he could have been on his couch and looking through his fire on a website yeah. That's Kinda. Give them a reason to be there and that's one of the things that we're trying to do through. New concepts is take already. Hopefully what we consider interesting interesting and compelling brand products. Maybe not that's all story and message us. I know that toll because the printings alkai Simmons Helmut Lang things it's kind of brand message but kind of an awkward story so you take these hopefully very compelling Brian products stories and present them in a massive physical build out spaces with people on the spices who really know the story and no the in the background as to why we're working with these brands and products and communicate that message and then you couple that with kind of a website custom bill L. and each one has a spoke mocking strategy so we're trying to think about these things from three hundred sixty degree hellenistic perspective effective. How a consumer. Will anyone might interact with the spaces that element from an experiential perspective. I think we'll interests me. Most most month things I find interesting about like the Nordstrom proposition where we have a customer that wants to engage on that level and then we have a guy that just wants to buy some socks and that's all about speed and ease so there's a number of different mechanics for us one one of which is like buy online pickup still which seems like a super simple easy saying but to your point around if a brand says that they're stoked certain store then you type at the store in there if you take that idea down to I really need a white shirt because I've gone event tonight. You could even traipse around lots of different different stores and try and find a white shirt getting more and more stressed out in the hundred degree ninety percent humidity. Oh you could jump on your phone and and I know that they stop brought in that store order and then just run by and pick you up and all of a sudden it becomes seamless kind of service proposition thing so your point what about guys interesting on that level very much so because that's how I was like I want to be mass exactly tackling. NOPE JUST WANNA move. Yeah I think for me. One of the other things is the a single customer will shop across all of these different platforms like I don solely shock in one specific way. I'm not exclusively someone that shops from my phone or from out Lapshov it's up. It's like if I if I know I wanNA buy something buy. Marine I will peruse through stores and kind of John. I think that one of the reasons since that we really wanted to watch with Chris Gibbs Union and the Chapter Irons Union Nella is the main. He has a really interesting. Take on Tom Style so his store on other things as the most the me. The most special about his stories is very much. Chris is perspective on not necessarily telling us how they should dress but just offering up a lot of product which he thinks is super core people that engage with a news in their own some kind of way. I think specialty retailers are still super important in the market because that's really what is a specialty soul. It's individuals viewpoint on style. A Mutt we try and do through all so men's fashion offering is to one degree or another bring that same a sentiment to a department store saying that in itself as style of service because if you are going to solve peruse peruse through a stool for an hour than you want to be giving people interesting stuff to look at because they've bullets come out and still at the same time if they're just looking to by either commodity product or they just know the thing that actually one you want to try and make that as seamless as possible so either these people on the show that really now now they're stuck in that position that kind of Iran to business owners and their whatever that all you can buy online pickup in stole oil nine in have it sent to your store have online product that sent to your home. You can return in still because you walk three blocks around the corner from the stool trying to make the processes a sameness as possible as a customized indirect. You'll business however they want to interact with the business. You know so saying right. There's only three ways to interact with us and that's right so the fifty seven th street store. It feels like luxury but it's really relaxed I think and somehow you know you you want to navigate through the whole store or I do when I'm with a a friend so I think rolling out a concept like that is really and having it really work is is a challenge. So what are you finding to be the biggest challenges as you've rolled out or the secrets to really making it work aside from assuming you merchandise is it the same level of impact and interest so for us. The fifty seven street store in New York is a facets first full line store in the city and secondly. It's August men's only store anyway so that gives us squad few outings as I'm sure you can imagine. Where did you come in at the point of deploying that store because you have that store opened April last year. I joined in June okay so we came in after it open. I'd also for US know. Nordstrom mm-hmm is the same as another Nordstrom. Each one is unique that one moreso because the reasons I just mentioned the New York is already full. Line stores are only men stole. It's also a forty five thousand square foot split across three foals whereas we have still we have men's businesses suspect of different styles at different flaws in in other schools but by and large it's very different makeup so others so Farrah's office office itself some office interesting testing insofar as customer flow. How'd you marry up different product segments of our offer and how does that engage with the customer. There's also it's all biggest footprint for new concepts but level so a lot of our souls true service proposition while I'm pick-up install alterations old is kind of things we have those through the fleet because of the makeup of that stool. They're just engaged with inundate very different way for us. There's elements that we are learning. We don't explicitly trying to learn from that store and enroll our across the fleet everything that we learn in that store because it is a unique store at the same hi there is a lot of that testing in there and we are learning elsewhere so I don't think there's a clear up. Explicit Bliss said this is what we're doing here and then Brian. It's going to be one hundred and twenty stools tomorrow. I think also what's fresh is. There's you know suiting. They are but it's Mitt. You know. It doesn't stand out as like here's that I think there is a me. I remember seeing Hugo boss and yet there's a lot of time having a tremendous amount of fabulous sneakers and shoes I can that's that's the thing for us. The I would hope that that stole shows the most is I guess where we're heading with a men's division insofar as titling still very important so all business both because all customer once and also does well for us but there's no denying that there is a kind of mass casualization especially in the US. I think the lines are more blood between weekend can't wear and week where than ever before and to me that stole reflects. Bat Bat casualization show that suits in there if you WANNA come in and why itself a suit we've got for abroad offer and I would hope that we'd it'd be out to cover. Most guys needs in that space but oh so it's not forty five thousand square officers. There's a deal of space in there. There's a lot of eight genes. We have a very wide offer of sneakers from Nike Lab of limited edition releases through to Converse Chuck Taylors through to Lindsey Aga trip so a hope is that whilst we don't necessarily trying to be all things to all men which is trying to offer affect Steve on current men's style and and how we hype norstrom customers drop them. I'm wondering how you think about your teams in terms of buying lying and merchandising how'd you define those roles in your team from the storm so the team the the the teams that by an plan for that store a national we much like we tear out all all stoles Insana of revenue locale into of whether situated across the country entry from a customer perspective. We apply the same logics so the new store so it's not totally alien to our thinking about other businesses from a strict merchandising standpoint. They're all things that we're testing in that store. I guess more aggressively than elsewhere but not necessarily exclusively side. There's a poll of stores where AH customer allows us to push things a bit thavernous foster so it's still the same national well. I guess in what I'm asking is how do you define the role of a buyer and what they're supposed to do and how do you define the role of a merchandiser and what they're supposed post do and and how do you expect them to interact as as as individual people who who operate in those spaces are they usually separate well. Let's also Permi- question yes. They usually set up they but it's to me it's it's two sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other and it should be a very very healthy relationship between the two is it because there's such a workload that needs to be two different people. I think they do different things things and they bring two different. Pause to the same conversation in my heads. The the by should be pushing was was the conversation from a product perspective and that's very relative to the department that they work on the it's still the same logic slyke right. We sell an awful lot of navy thuban suits. I found this amazing new brand. The authors of different take on that site. We use a very straightforward example or at the other end of the scale and the deal showers the shower of the season. We should be pushing that as far as we can. It's the merchandises responsibility in a job in that conversation to be balancing the how against kind of empirical dyson knowing where we've been oh that puts a merchant in a data role yes so essentially that's as opposed to predictive. Yes slash combined data roll. Yeah the the buyer is the radar and the merchant is the analyst to one degree or another yes nor exclusively side because is com shouldn't have a buyer who doesn't have a depreciation off their own data and they are in general at the same sometime the much. I guess to me the margin is more exclusively into the data the necessarily into a product division again on a product level but I think it still really important. The A merchandiser has an amount of vision from customer landscape landscape perspective under another. It's the job of the by. It's a seller so they're much partner in making sure that relationships Diana Diane balanced but you do you want a plan or a much is to really be buying down the hatches of the kind of where we've been and the analytical side of the business to counterbalance where the buyer sykes business and how much do those people talk to to the sales people that are on the floor a huge amount okay yeah and it's definitely something the possibly I guess I'm very a pro because for me as a business and also personally we try and think of everything through a customer end of how customers going to interact with the products the experience the service everything that we're doing really like any idea comes up typically. I try and we'll get through actual customer. How's it going already experienced that what's going to happen. Has He gonNa what's IT GONNA look like when he tries on that Jack Agatha GonNa across anything to do with what we do have resigned. We re do try them. Make up stories. I get laughed at by some of some of the stories we make up but nonetheless something we really believe in it. I think is really important and of course like true experience. Anecdotal feedback from that comes from the show floor is the guys and girls on the frontline but really interacting practice with the customer so I'm whatever I go through any store. I can go through New York an awful lot like to as many of the other stores I can. It's really the anecdotal fe by. I'm mostly looking for because I find it super interesting especially for guys because if one guy ally experienced it like that the free safe bed the ten of us were feeling the same way but after a while your filter tells you you know you've heard the same thing over and over exile exile. You've heard it in a different in a different way and don't you think that that is as important as data or I mean just to very is kind of what we're losing a bit yeah. It's the marriage of like data and anecdotal feedback. That's what we try and walk around the most and try and build up as much of a real picture of any strategy that we're coming up with your point. Actually I'm always really interested to hear if if it is the same title feedback over again as in hearing again again dozen booming just means that okay we're roughly in the same wing or a few times yeah it's when something comes completely left field and you had all of it all that's when Harry so nordstrom's has rent the runway or they may own it or uh no okay. There's a New Partnership Okay Partnership so here's my question I I know that rent the runway doesn't do menswear and I have just heard actually that Scotch and soda is going to start to do rental code for men. What do you think about that. I mean what's your take on on rental. Not Justice not necessarily for Nordstrom your opinion the I think there there's two interesting shifts and shifts makes his just happened and I think that's true. I think he's been gone for a while and I think as the kind of the rent so proposition in the market and then the resale platform position so I guess what people like Brent the runway doing is ends of offering a subscription model so that you can rent products monthly and then also what Ebay started. I guess audibly. They are the star of a resale platform. ALMANAC will people like grilled of taken onto bay or even able from Gen Z. Perspective the me that to really interesting kind of future looking elements of long. Everyone does I think in terms of the way that we consume conduct. I think definitely the the resell elements while those things that at least from a high fashioned perspective started as a niche position I was buying and selling stuff on on Ebay pumper e like early phase which I may not two thousand sixty two thousand seven point because I was super into brass him in products and it was hard to get hold of so it was really kind of community based of trying to we get to know he bicycles because they had stuff at the same time kind of recycling product because by ever I wanted whatever time so supersonic thing. That's become just much more roles. One of the interesting things amazed the way the guys and girls same to use these things in different ways because the resale sneaker culture is huge admendments. It's not as big in women's a maybe that's because two underwear another hours draw a parallel between the women's handbag. Mo- that means to a female consumer N- guys sneakers specifically to one degree or another a fashion cultures consumer that kind of goose to one another and the rent the runway slash kind of rental economy. I think it's super interesting and I think the if feels like a wii the is it the the social responsibility component it's kind of undeniable in that in terms of not just putting products out into the the Isa but but you really are I mean at a certain point. You're producing more clothing for for an an appetite title. Just can't be satisfied. Yeah ultimately exposes the thirty copies of Braveheart on the shelf in blockbuster eventually. They're only gonNA have to in that store and the rest of the guys on the trash yet and ultimately exist in a capitalist framework so yes useful. Is You got away from that. I think we'll have to see where it goes but it feels super interesting and I I guess to wander everything on. I wish kind of drooled points back to this. I think there's no with the market getting bigger and bigger because the information is more and more accessible so anyone can get into this stuff if they won't do now. I used to be very high barriers to entry with the incident. That's not the case and that's the the information you couldn't get fashion. Information in small towns exactly yeah and that's true of I mean I think every if you're into anything is basically true of that the because it's information source of didn't exist before the. I don't think there's a harmful Schrool that one thing is necessary. Are you gonNA take over anything. Else is always going to be customers the operating a traditional model of a guy into a shop. I buy something like high wear it. I wear it until I stopped wearing it and then do something with it but I think it it feels like it feels like concepts been proven will actually doing very very well and actually I mean what they were saying. with regards to rent the runway is that they're selling. They're selling higher fashion pieces things that people would normally invest in because they're more expensive or they're too special so it is kind of interesting yeah terms of maybe how you could use it to integrate doesn't the accessibility and make it less special. No I mean if you wear you know buying a dress with a big hole in the back or something you know just or some fantastic piece that you might not invest in suddenly rented and you see. Oh my God. This makes me feel fabulous. Anyone might just be more prone to then start spending more money the next time on your own as opposed to renting because you want to own it. I don't know it could have good implications. I think I don't know about sneaker. sprinting shoes shoes them know that. I can't go there. At least you know the liner. Don't necessarily might Arab expertise. I don't have have a huge matt history in that space but it does strike me at least to where we are today. In the broad conversation the the rental proposition seems to have been the mortgage up to the women's market for one reason or another. I am not involved is businesses but the reason I guess I draw the parallel towards will the Resell Zell businesses is that feels the men's on that they feel like similar ideas on directly comparable but it feels like they all kind of the the men's and women's of annoy exclusively sorry by any means but so what did you think of this spring shows even given political climate like around the world to what did you see that come out in particular raised the I don't necessarily know if reading show notes post shows there was a literal back towards the tension and the fact that tottering wondering was back on the runway and what does that mean. I tend to know kind of get into stuff like that. I don't get instant compensation. Necessarily parallels that because ultimately to me street street wear had been such a prominent feature and so many of the realm as for so long had been some variation of very casual fashion the if out like we're going to see some kind of ideas of of what tailoring might mean going forwards and then we did across US older round shays shows almost without exception that was some take on traditional ideas of titling an I guess the me the most interesting element that was the it wasn't just wasn't the traditional brush several Rove three-piece suiting. I was leaving traditional Italian Santa Ring for the most part. It was at least from a runway perspective. It felt like the Zionist China's with thinking about that was going to be a tend towards a clean a multicolored aesthetic house they guy in that world in that Ed brand aesthetic in interact with that the it will him John's did a deal someone like Matthew Williams did with a leaks wchs all the tailoring elements the came from off white. It was still those components but very very different takes Exxon on what that might mean in reality that I found interesting because there was still yes for me so you know I'm there professionally right so I'm sat as a retailer thinking. Okay well the stuff we're. GonNa sell ultimately. That's kind of my job and they felt like a really strong balance. Between commercial proposition and new ideas on ways to push was the conversation of a made us a ways like that's what you want to see from a a runway season new competing ideas and then some stuff that you know most guys are into the designer. West Spicer GonNA WANNA buy into so there was still easy in easy swear and the Obama Jackie some fairly straightforward Jane's that but at the same time that a compelling new ideas by Vin Times of Colorado and fabrication so I thought it was a really strong season I thought it was also interesting so me this was the there's been that conversation for a few years about the merging urging either the buy now wear it now sorry see now by now. I'm conversation of which happened a while back with break CETERA and at the same same time as that was happening that was the merger of the men's and women's shows show so Joel Gender Shies. We're speaking honestly ends up. Being a women showers amends looks yeah. That's kind of yeah so what ends up being the vibe not. Oh always the case. There's people that balance it really well. I think Fuji's a fatty good example of balancing between men's women's but that's because boating speaking our Sandra McKay's collections are pretty gender fluid right and similarly with something like Yoga. It's there's usually a pre defined element of what's in the women's collection wall sits in the men's but it's a single acetic or single proposition this I was I think the investment the like sensitive. LVMH interview first standalone Selena was going Louis Tone on the Adrabbuh direction deal with Kim Jones they felt big powerful men's statements from Eke powerful brands who haven't always been thought of as big powerful bench brands as almost have been amends. The big powerful brands leading men's proposition is so it's a have that kind of energy within the men's space as well. It's purity. Take again really yeah. I think just big statements kind of those big houses that have a lot of marketing dollars radi eighty investing in men's a time when everyone is talking about men's is such a big growth opportunity and more guys are interested in style than ever before oh it will feels like there's a lot of energy. I think around them in space and for me. The men shows so violence. Stop US it was like there was a lot of energy and then it fell a bit flat was the other's energy and there was some amazing shows so you were. We're asking before Charles. you know how it brands. Have you see them but are are you. Are you looking at brands that are digitally native browns and maybe thinking of collaborating with them yes but more because we're trying to look everywhere right so it's still to the immense. I guess to the previous conversation of now brands rid can build their turn community without needing to engage with a house Alpa. I'd say not needing to insulate or in the politics but he really is a conscious decision this point. You know it's not like inevitably. You'RE GONNA have to do that. People could make the choice to Saddam I think it now becomes a strategic conversation of what is that retailer or much like the brands built their own community in there are an kind of customer network retailers have that as well we're a hundred zero business the pride itself on hopefully engaging and interacting with our customers in the best way that we can so there's a lot of trust in the market in that suffers position and more stansell and I guess all hope is the brands the develop their own community in a digitally native space. You see it upside in addition me what I mean. I guess I think of that is just really interacting choosing a place to interact with and not just opening ending up whole wholesale business in I mean because they respect you as a brand store interesting. I guess the so me one of the interesting things in that is there's the the direct to consumer brands like an Uber or Lord Evelyn souls the big really get into to that bucket but also I think what people like Joe Blow off why Org Jared Renzo with fear of God or to one degree or another Mike Amiri with a Mary they don't get full solve in that direct consumer brands mealtimes and all who had house our networks but they definitely in that space where they up a community an following outside of the traditional kind of luxury house motto and again. It's one of other things that I find the most exciting about what's going on in the men's fear right now. Is this a low energy around the traditional Paul of the business love energy around new who completely innovative sinking from like Silicon Valley perspective and then kind of guys in the middle solve stating the ideas from whoever they can dan and complete coming up with their own as well on a on a products and brand perspective but in terms of like how they take this really unique brand proposition and get that out into the market. It's it's super excited. I think yes that's great time. What do you think about the different fashion weeks right. Now is one of the fashion weeks kind of leading where you buy from. I'm I'm thinking Paris has become a serious leader more than the others right now. it's hard to a if you if we if you're talking citations than yes from fashion proposition is more going on in Paris. There is an it's not to the there isn't stuff going on in Milan but I think it would be decided is kind of even if you look at the schedule says it sign story but still also that who she still showing dominate in Milan and progress showing dominantly Milan so but it's more the the classic menswear spice still feels like it's rooted in in Florida Send Milan and then the true fashion capital F. fills like it's rooted in Harris in saying that though is still some really eighty innovative things happening in London so Stephanie from amend London saying from a men's perspective facial and then and cry grains doing there is really interesting. I think we'll guide KIKOKO. Stop Nov is doing there is really interesting again again. It's kind of like it's it's more having more having God more. I guess has been so what is New York in that AH sphere what what does New York represent within the personalities of the different fashion weeks in trade shows. I think what's going to be really interesting. Interesting to see is wet. Tom Ford takes the new space because at least from a men's perspective like I think well the FBI is don more broadly with like New York men's which seems to have been an evolving at I liked it. They're finally in line with the other men's fashion weeks around the world so there's for men's fashion weeks back to back in. It's not off on its own yet. That makes me into the women's yeah to me as well. I think I guess the thing for me with New York. Specifically is the video to find a groove in terms of this balance between commercial and fashion proposition which I think is always been the thing of for men's in in New York in the US women's seems to have I'm not a women's expert or specialist but there were it felt like it kind of found quite easy to find his feet in balancing those two propositions and that's any of the big weeks needs the needs of these major designer moments than it needs kind of new interesting ideas and stuff that sits in between those two things. I think you were with the men spice. I guess that's why I say I'm interested. Saiwal Tomfool does now that he's enroll there is because he does men's a women's his whole brand proposition is men's women's so I think his take on it. Versus previous will be considerably different from because I'm no again in those conversations by any means but you would imagine the balance between men's and women's is going to be considerably different. I guess the interesting thing will be to see what happens insofar as take as keeping new compelling interesting ideas come from the American fashion landscape and keeping them here from a marketing promotional perspective because like especially a menswear. I- globally a huge amount of current trend and it's not like this season yeah the Las X. number of years. They're American rooted ideas like the whole streetlife. Nominee is an American idea yeah St Mary's from It's an urban culture American idea yet the show you know I'm much like it. POPs buff place he audibly straight westbound place with neo city with having he's under strong seeing etc etc the I guess we'll be interesting to see what happens in terms of communicating American born American made so fashion proposition ideas and showing them hair and keeping them here in in if that is indeed dave the strategy say there's not a lot of made in USA any American department store. You Walk in you look for men. USA and it's just not there or it's it's very hard to find which I find frustrating but you mean the actual garments being being yeah the garments they're available on the floor there's not a lot of made in USA and that seems to be a choice and maybe it's you know by percent more expensive choice well. I think the problem is it's off five percent. The more expensive choices like fifty to one hundred percent percent captain's choice the consumer still pay for it. I think going back to the segmentation piece. It depends on what it is sure I think there's a decent number of also depends on if your will wipe the brand proposition on where is made because is at least in my own experience like we'll catch loaded in sir. We'll customers pay for at least the way the I read it or here is the like do consumers care typically than like guest directly coupled with like all of the political caloms the guy with that in my experience. The guy that really cares about something's made is carrying about it because of some kind of like heritage style. I in America made salvage Dennen and whether it's real yeah yeah 'cause also if stuff's made in Italian tottering made it Elliott because it's Italian teetering and how it works etc and then the guy is buying like a fashion proposition is buying it mostly because of the style and aesthetic not necessarily all those real element as you mentioned and so then it becomes a bit Abou- price and product and really will be looks like I guess the things things the I think what people like Jared Renzo and Mike Amiri and a number of the other kind of American fashion designers from that set of done the super interesting is build that into their that brand and their product proposition and it's an integral part of what they it do whether or not lay then Malcolm Ed is a big by made in USA story. You know like mock doc. Mary has a sixty person Italian making jeans in downtown. La which he did that because he couldn't find anywhere else to make the part that he wanted to make for me. That's it's a kind of a perfect story of made in USA. How much do you think about Los Angeles San Francisco Portland in terms of of sourcing products as for the stores throws it really comes back down to the the brand and the product Bravo the necessarily necessarily it's it's something that we will always bury mind and as a customer the looks for asks for it and we WANNA be able to serve serve that customer but really first and foremost with thinking about the broader up brand proposition the price proposition how it fits since our overall assortment Bravo the necessarily just hunting down because it was made in one of those markets but I think it's you know. Who did we interview? It was American giant your Yep So bayard winthrop so he built built his whole brand based on you know it with the whole price value and part of the big big part of the equation was the fact that it was made in the US us so I think if you can right I mean he's doing phenomenally. It's also on a casual level grid where they own the cotton fields and all the way up but it might it's harder. I think for companies that are also established to turn around and now start being more made in USA and you can't really focus on that unless you're one hundred percent sterling ruby us yeah by style. I not show like a imagine. His elements are not sure whether or the price point. I think it is that I I'm an on another guys. They're one hundred percent sure of everything that we don't looking so yeah yeah. It's an important conversation. I think it's a Pov. A broader comes Asian what's coming up for the store here Ernie Oregon for Nordstrom men's and drawn general. What's your future. Look like what are you hoping for well in. New York specifically were about to open our women's towels. Dole wait so forth welcomed October whereas in the city it's across the street so huge. It's fifty seven umbrella by between fifty seven fifty eight directly across from Kathy's excited. It's like three hundred hundred thousand square feet yeah a little over. I think so we do things together with women's yes this stuff that we're talking about rain. it's very much you know one team a Nordstrom side of the people the bottle the women's divisions of old son and and you're based here on by stare I knew how much of your team for Nordstrom is based here not many proportionately Seattle's definitely HQ and also for my specific team that much bigots even Seattle than in. You'll get there about once a month of the moment. I'm flying tomorrow morning in the so that's like a massive thing for us in New York specifically. I think we're also happening. in September timber to norstrom local stores to the SMO- full master's weather's died productivity there so savage hubs and I guess that's going to be super excited. So what does that mean. What does the service hub so much like. I mentioned before about buy via online. Pick up in store. You can have your products sent to a Nordstrom local store. This is going to be one on the appre side and wanting the West village and you can do alterations yes so there's situations in there as well. seems like a funny spot on Third Avenue mm-hmm yet. We have a the New York of Great. MLK has always been very very strong online market versus. I am accent so we were able to look up since you heat map of where all businesses in the city and where we feel a lot we might be able to serve customers outside of the physical. The full line stores that rubbing and have already opened for for men so it's kind of in line with that the men's last year women's opening October the to Nordstrom locals as well I for me. It feels like a very big league total malkin proposition robin. We don't just start being a big department store uptown as kind of a law going going on across the board for the neo market specifically and all of that. I think you know we're very happy with the men stole and how it's going and we're learning a lot from all of that. Energy annoys is just gonNA. It's GONNA blow up. make it bigger. Hopefully things crossed. seems like a fair assumption shouldn't that. I think there's five or six restaurants going to be I believe five six secs six very exciting signing yeah so that good exciting age of all concepts with new concepts they now kind of in a rough two month cadence knol aw that's not fixed so sometimes it might be a little bit different but those kind of keep coming. We call actually talk about the next one yeah unfortunately Bah aw hopefully people cannot continue to check the outcast seemingly gang a super strong response from people who do so. That's quite exciting in the men's space sounds Great Sam. Thank you so much for coming and talking to us. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me Thank you for listening to American fashion. podcast a weekly look under the hood of the fashion business yes and yes. The oil is leaking and yes. It's possible we have no brakes to get on the guest list for our live events. Go to American fashion PODCAST DOT COM and look for the live shows link at least continue the conversation from the show on social media on twitter. WE'RE AT AF P. O. D. and on Instagram we're at American fashion show and I personally am at fashion tech. I do roop on just about everything I meet people all the time. We're so excited to hear about this show. A lot of people have heard about it but not everybody not enough. People know this show exists. We need your help to spread the word. Please do so if you'd like to be a guest on the show. There's a guest form on the American fashion PODCAST DOT com website but it helps if you've already started discussion with us through social media for direct comments. voicemail line is six four six nine seven nine eight seven zero nine or email us info at American fashion podcast. Dot Com American fashion podcast is produced by Mouth Media Network which holds the copyright to this and other episodes of the series areas. All rights reserved subsist friends. Keep making things beautiful remain in force. I'm Charles Beckwith and we'll talk to you again next week in this is mouth media network audio for business.

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Danielle Ewert on Attaining Transparency with POS [Episode 404]

Tell Me Something Good About Retail

25:37 min | 10 months ago

Danielle Ewert on Attaining Transparency with POS [Episode 404]

"P. O. S. systems. How can get the most out of yours? Welcome to tell me something. Good about retail podcast of the retail doctor. I'm your host Bob Phibbs in this episode. I'm talking to Danielle Senior Director of on boarding and training for Springboard Retail Pos. We've talked about her experience boutiques her tips on how to get the most out of your P. O. S. and the positivity retailers. Let's go good morning. Good Morning Bob. I am thrilled to have you here today. We are in the midst of trying to figure out what's happening with the virus. Were recording this in the middle of March but I just wanted to get started since you are a person who does on boarding and we were sharing a story about. What's going on at your daycare. Could you share with us? Absolutely of course are daycares are taking. We're we're in. I'm in Massachusetts. I'm in I'm in Cambridge specifically so wedged between two large universities. Mit and Harvard. Who have Closed up shop so I'm for a very big kind of bustling area. We're in a little bit of a ghost town right now But our daycares are still going strong and they're taking some pretty wonderful and funny precautions of one being teaching kids how to wash their hands properly via really fun songs. They're bringing in guitarists and doing hand washing songs in in the classroom. Which has been pretty pretty funny. They send us videos and pictures of them chorus during the during the workday. So we can feel like we're participating And my daughter is a rambunctious seventeen month old and not potty trained and walking around of course but barely speaking And she can properly wash your hands because of the precautions that a daycare taking the she knows wash for a good amount of time. She knows how to lather. She she goes for the Towel Dryer. Hands. It's kind of incredible. See I think. That's that's what I take from. This is that we've gotTA teach millions of people. Finally that society's health starts with personal health and I could tell you I'm sixty two years old and learning how to wash your hands. I can't think of the the only thing about washing. My hands was my uncle Ray. So I'll tell you this quick story so we were we my My Dad's brothers and sisters would get together and we would all do a family camp back in the sixties for a week. And I'll never forget the day I was in the bathroom and I'm washing my hands with cold water and my uncle says you know you should use hot. Water turned on the hot. I was like oh I mean no one had ever said any that to me so I think those blind spots are informing some of the ways. People think about things like hand washing now like oh I never did it. Well that doesn't mean it was definitely next thing that you didn't do that right so. I wanted to speak to you today because you are head of on boarding and training which means we are alike in many ways. So what kind of things do you? How do you interface with retailers? So where point of sale and inventory management system. And we we do everything we do everything remotely so when we're interfacing Like right now you and I are screen sharing where we can see each other where we're speaking over our computers This is this is exactly how I work with with my clients. We work through Zoom and we share computer screens and our team walks them through their their accounts Best Practices and we teach them hands on how to how to use our system and how you onboard in a way that will benefit their their their business. And it's nice because when we do screen share will often have them drive so they're doing the clicking 'cause it's better for them for their muscle memory So we're walking them through but they're doing because most people you learn by doing we'll see that's what I am so thrilled to speak to you about because I consider myself a pretty good trainer and I think there's a certain mindset to training you either have or don't have right you either get like oh it's causing effect and going back to the simple thing of your daughter seventeen months we've made it fun right. We didn't say okay. Now we've got all we're all GONNA die. Oh great thanks for that. My seventeen month old is is loving this idea and you mix it up but also you have to repeat it right. They didn't just come in and say we're GONNA do. We'RE GONNA Wash Hands Twenty seconds and I would think that would really be important in your case because with Pos Systems. Let's be honest. They scare the crap out of most retailers. Don't they because they can do so many reports and you know they and the guy sells it or Gal sells it. It's Yeah I can do this. And this and this and this and you're like can just figure out what my average sale is and so. How do you overcome that maybe bias right A. It's too much for me. What are some techniques because I think it has applications it on the front lines well right that it? We have to really understand learning. So what tips. Could you give us about what you've learned for example? Well going back to the doing. I think I you have to do it calmly because retailers are. I think there are no busier. People in the world and retailers and the last thing people want to do is spend their time you know configuring their data from a previous system to a new system linked. That's daunting and if you decide to do. The data work yourself. Better be pretty excel savvy. Because that's it's it's so much work. In the data clamp. It's literally the last thing that retailers want to do so. We interrupt replica. So why do they do that to save money? Let's be honest and you don't realize I wrote my book. The retail Docs guide to grow your business. Same thing so we get done to the publisher. They're all set now. We need index the book. It'll cost you another two thousand dollars. Do you WanNa do it one us. Oh I'll do it. Oh my God you know by like the end of the first week. I'm pulling my hands. I was like I cannot give you enough money to get this off my hands and ultimately it's done better and I would think that's the same for you so that how do you get people to understand. Just what that workload might look like right. I mean that thankfully it gets. That's handled pretty walnut the sales process. What's cool is we have? A lot of. Our sales team actually comes from our support team that we've all kind of grown up through through the ranks there so they have a great understanding of the system. How much work is actually involved and one of the things? That's really I think so. Powerful about our teams in general as we almost all come from extensive retail backgrounds. We are all either boutique managers. We were buyers We're inventory manager as we were merchandise manager. Ab- so everybody comes from this really kind of core understanding of like. You don't have time to do this. So let a professional do this and like are you. Do you really WanNa be like concatenation in excel when you should be on your sales floor. It's not the most wonderful use of your time So that perspective helps on that Front Fisher Now there are some never met calm demeanor up that call about it because you're aware that this is so well it's scary right isn't it? It's scary to I might do something wrong. And you're kind of voice of saying we'll do it together which I think is really important training. It is this together and you know. There's there's plenty of resources that we utilize US webinars. Everybody does learn differently. Some people prefer to listen and watch and learn late at night in bed. Fine We have resources. We have articles. We have POW twos and and plenty of videos to watch But the one on one sessions I think are by far the most powerful because then like I get to learn about like you as a retailer. And what like why you the product? Why why did you choose to change? Because you lacked reporting and you're buying reports aren't up to par. Are you managing inventory across three different stores? And you can't allocate your merchandise properly like. What are your pain points so we can take that time and kind of cover that together? Since that's why you changed a most people would say yes. Yes yes it's it's like. Yes that's what I'm looking for his information and and that's the other thing with POS systems. You know for me. And I'm I'm dated because I haven't purchased Peo- Systems Brian. Ten years for anybody but my whole thing was set up the best reports and have them come to. You don't feel don't get stuck in the idea. You have to go looking for them. Would that be your advice in a system in twenty twenty? Yes I think you should have core reports that you you rely on and that you know those metrics are how. You're you're moving your business. But the way our reporting features where it's it's incredibly robust you can really relate to now so we have just less of groups and metrics so that you can create fairy if there's a very specific situation that you need to report on at this very moment in time. You're seeing this really unusual dip in the cell of bottoms and you need to run department report on on bottoms by location by color. Maybe not a report. You're going to need all the time. But you're seeing this really unusual trend in a product that you typically did really well in you can run that type of report on the spot so yes have your core saved reports that are going to help you kind of buy and run your business and make high level decisions but are reporting feature is is built on what you need at this very moment in time and teaching people by touch literally giving people fake sandbox accounts that mirror their account so they could play with these things prior to going live on the system. Because you need to play for training the gotTa meet with Success Right. Practice before you go live. That's my thing you know. I teach retail sales training. And I want you to practice on other people before you're doing it with my customers really going to cost me money right. And that's how you master these tools. Because they're they're simple but retail business in general is complex. So especially if you're coming off of a legacy system you've been on for like thirty years be reconditioning to get onto. A new system is so wild just because buttons look different even if it functioned similarly right and so what does a little bit about your background of being in Boutiques and fashion education. What what kind of things have you done before the budget to springboard absolutely so? I'm a Chicago Gal and I went to Columbia College Chicago For Fashion Business. I'm not fully knowing a lot of merchandising going on. They're not exactly where I wanted to landed the retail industry but knew that was that was the industry from a very young age. Kinda funny enough Thinks the people just born with it and you're born with it and you're stuck in it forever. It's a good thing I I helped manage and run a wonderful clothing boutique back home in West Chicago for Eight nine years experience. What kind of system do they have the brain but was it a full feature? We were pen and paper. We were pen and paper was a nineteen fifty women's this. I consider myself on the youngest side but definitely not insulting. Sorry it was not at all now. It was. It was a store that was really well established in another region and they they they moved back to the Chicago area and it had worked that way for for ages and it worked. It was a very kind of intimate very high end routinely so it was a very Have again very intimate experience with the customer. So pen and paper suited the the feel of the store. And I imagine with all of you you were also really cognizant of what was selling it. What wasn't saying. I think that having that direct interaction with customers. You can't duplicate right. I mean that's the whole point you get a full featured System like Springboard Retail Pos. So that you can dive into those numbers because most likely in two thousand twenty. You're going to be far removed from the situation. Then when you might have started. Is that correctly? It's also just much harder to come up with concrete. You intuitively know my you know. This type of earring is not doing as well as it did last season. And I'm not entirely sure. Why so as a retailer and has a good retailer? You have that intuition. You're working with the customers your pen and paper. You know what's not working but you can't pull the exact numbers so when you are going to buy there's still this margin of error that you can't back up with with numbers and I think is a wonderfully intuitive as most retailers and buyers. Are there still something really powerful about having numbers to back up? What like what you know is happening in your business. So that you can act on it more confidently absolutely. I think that is the key. And you know the the margin of error these days for making a bad by is A lot narrower than it ever was right because now you know that someone else online has a cheaper or more available or a million other things and data is really the thing that determines everything will explore more in just a bit but first a quick word about springboard retail P. O. S. This season is sponsored by springboard retail PEO S. You know one of the biggest challenges I hear from listeners. And whether they're selling from a store from trunk shows pop ups or just online. Is THEY WANT GREAT? Easy to use data on top of that they want customizable reporting. That's where springboard retail comes in their best in class reporting. Helps you run a best. In Class Retail Operation Ir sales higher margins and faster sell through. Springboard retails customer. Success team will help you get all of your historical data into springboard and get you up and running in a flash with a one on one personalized on boarding experience that's run by actual humans and now it's even easier for you listeners. To supercharge your business with springboard retail. Theo s just visit springboard retail dot com forward slash retail dot com and. You'll receive twenty percent off your first year now back to the show. So how could we encourage some of those people out there? Who ARE LISTENING TODAY. Who might have a legacy system and it works fine? I actually remember speaking to some people one time. And they said we don't know the data because then we'd know how much shrink it was and I was like that is really the wrong way to look right. It's like I want to put my head in the sand whatever's left. I'm happy with right so yeah I think it's it's daunting for people to see their numbers for the first time. I think if you're start if you start really digging into your business can be very emotional. Process speak has you've always you've run your business certain way for so long And I think one of the things that ends up being very shocking for anybody knew who comes onto My team at springboard is how emotional the actual importing process is for clients I mean these these businesses are. They're they're they're so personal and they're they're part of their their livelihood and they're typically part of their families and the whole process is so wildly emotional that changing system in general and learning more about your own business. That whole bundle is is. It's an emotional experience. I encourage people to do their research. If you'd think a system is going to change your business don't be scared of it going into the fitting room for the first time like. Oh my chance of my pants. Have all shrunk. Well exactly. Maybe the mirror is a little bit less kind and then How would they? How would you know what kind of things makes a full featured? Pos System better than Legacy systems because you brought up a very good point a lot of people still work in excel spreadsheets and then download and try to match to whatever it was and the caddy reports aren't well. They're not really all there. There's you know if some of them are over here in summary here so what does that actually. Obviously I think it saves you time but what else as a merchandiser and as a as a as a a store manager what other benefits could you get from that? Well I think in this day and age. There's no reason to not have full transparency. Especially IF YOU'RE A multi location business. I think having the ability to see your numbers your inventory kind of the movement of your inventory. The sales of certain reps of yours Look across the entire business as a whole you should be able to see things at a store level but you should be able to see things at a company level as well even if you just have to store that becomes incredibly powerful. That empowers you to that. Move your product around properly so that you have higher turnover you have things. That aren't moving to saleroom just because one locations going to do better with it than another location so I think transparency across your business is is easily one of the biggest things. People should be striving for great point too because invariably you get John who loves this. One item sells the crud out of it in one location the other locations like. I don't know why they sell it. That stuff the ugliest stuff ever. You don't have time. Necessarily you probably could get John to convince them somehow. But out of ten thousand skews. You're not necessarily GONNA know it so instead you say. Oh It's not selling here you put it on sale in that store and the one that has already selling on you put it on sale. You clear out you say oh. It was great except that you could have made more money if you just move the merchandise if you just known that it's not a packed it up and gave all that merchandise. Nobody has no has no idea how to sell to John. He just plow through it and location a then then your margin on that that item was so much greater amounts that's ultimately how you pay for a great pos system. I think that's ultimately people say what's my what's my. Roi On this well the Roi based on giving you back hours in your day and even though the on boarding might be a little scary to have that full transparency for you to be able to say. Hey that's That's the best way we can. We can do this. And then you could also have that in line with your online shop to buy online pickup in store you have full transparency of inventory and and. I do think that shrink is a big thing. Most people don't look at that. You know merchandiser supposed to get twenty four units. Nobody really checks it really twenty arrive and then you end up looking and you have ten in your store and you like well. Where did that happen and it just starts to say Oh we have to improve our processes you know. That's the whole thing with data right. It isn't that it's bad or good. It's that it helps you navigate how to be more profitable business. I think almost every subject we ended up teaching and on boarding ends up relating to best practices for loss prevention. And it's it's such a huge part of what what retailers are dealing with even if they don't realize how much they're dealing with it. Every workflow has holes in it that allows errors. I mean we're humans there's GONNA be data errors but that that's lost product and that's lost money so whilst preventions so huge so huge the I would agree. So do you have any advice? Any anything specific you would. You would say retail owners in general. Well that's our and you don't have eight hours any advice. Top three things you might say to a retailer. Well I know things are just in general right now. I think things are kind of scarier time I think retailers are inherently optimistic people. I don't think people venture into retail. Because they're they're pessimistic beings. They WANT TO BE AROUND PEOPLE. They want to make things more beautiful. They want to make things more efficient for people. I think that Maintaining your your optimism. You have to you have to kind of re connect to why you you went into retail to continue to be successful. I think some of the things we're seeing right now. I have this this amazing client that we recently on boarded in in New York she. She runs She has kids stores and the minute. The new started spreading with corona virus. If my stores close I'm going to be online. Says she is putting her feelers out in every single creative outlet. She can and in like no time. She's already like building a website to to maximize the fact. She's going to have time off of her floor And it's just it's such a positive way of going into something that feels so daunting and so scary and it's just it's the right attitude and I think we have to kind of reconnect to that attitude. That's why we're here so I we all joined retail may honestly believe retail. Could make the world a better place by the people working in shopping retail. That's what we do. I mean I love that idea about We're inherently optimistic. Nobody gets retail. I bet no one will buy anything about the ugliest up. Ever GonNA lose. My shirt. People don't do that when they opened a bar restaurant or something right. That's like we are planning for the future and I always say you know. Imagine on nine eleven none of us could imagine a nine twelve. That wasn't even possible and the things that were coming out to us like. Oh we've known these guys out there for a while and now there's all like our eyes got opened and I think that's kind of what we're going through is understanding that okay so there's a lot of ways we can get sick but we're in this together and I don't want to dwell on that Tell me something good about retail. What I think we've been only talking about good things about retail. I know I was GONNA say I don't have anything else to add because honestly you're just a great and I love your attitude about retail and you've been really helpful talking about training and certainly how a grape yo s system like springboard retail can help A retailer and I appreciate you helping. Us sponsor our season this time but more importantly Just any final thoughts about you know what else that you might say he thoughts. I just want to encourage people to if you if you feel like you do have a hole in your business Obviously I think springboard is wonderful product kind of plug a lot of those those gaps that people feel that we often feel are just kind of part of the business but just encourage people to do research there are. There are so many wonderful tools out there to get your name out. There is so many different. You Know Omni Channel options To to sell to never stop being creative and don't don't get complacent with what you you've got. There's there's there's there's always room to grow. I think that's I think that's perfect. And how can we find out more about springboard retail us? Well we have some really fun avenues. We actually putting a post out about all of the digital housekeeping. That you can do if you are stuck at home So things that retailers can actually do Our our team is working on that right. Which is very exciting. I think there's GonNa be some actual housekeeping things. You could do your at home. Sprinkling the store maybe But you can find it. Springboard RETAIL DOT COM Wonderful resources there connect with some really wonderful people on my team on the sales team. I'm find out a little bit more about us and their links to our social media accounts in our blog post so Even if you just end up reading about what to do if you're stuck without your clients for the next few weeks and how to maximize your time. It's great. Thanks for joining me today. Thank you I really enjoyed it. Thanks again to my guest Danielle Ewart. I enjoyed speaking about how. Pos Systems can help with loss prevention. The idea that there are holes in business processes that lead to lost merchandise which can be found in a good pos system. That's really important on next week's episode. I'll be speaking with Dan. Hodges of retail store tours as somebody who leads brick and mortar store tours in the US Asia and Europe. They'll share the five things. He notices in those retailers who are succeeding at physical retail. You won't want to miss it. I'm Bob Phibbs the retail doctor. Thanks for listening. Tell me something good about retail. Is The podcast of the retail. Doctor Visit Retail Doc Dot Com to learn what makes Bob Phibbs the authority of brick and mortar retail across the world who works with some of the biggest brands all the way down to the smallest mom and POPs as a listener of the. Tell me something good about retail. Podcast you can receive free information and guides when you visit Retail D. O. C. DOT COM and sign up for our exclusive weekly newsletter for more information to access the complete archives of past retail and to see about Bob speaking to your audience. Please visit retail doc dot com.

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262: Scott Belsky, how to avoid and recover from the distractions that can derail your progress

My Quest for the Best with Bill Ringle

35:57 min | 8 months ago

262: Scott Belsky, how to avoid and recover from the distractions that can derail your progress

"Hi! This is Scott Belsky. Author of the messy middle and you are listening to my quest for the best with bill wrinkle. Listen up small business founders, senior managers and rising stars Bill Ringel here hosted of my quest for the best where ambitious small business leaders discover, strategies and tactics unlock your broke potential on each episode. Bring you the inside stories from published and accomplished guests who want to share their knowledge and experiences, so you can be more successful in leading your people managing Your Business and navigating towards more growth, the more impact in a changing and challenging landscape. Let's dive in. Hi. This is Bill Ringel host of my quest for the best we're embiid small business leaders discover strategies and tactics to unlock the growth potential. Joining today's Scott Belsky Scott's passionate to make the creative world more productive, connected adaptive to new technologies. He founded be hance, the leading online platform from millions of professionals in the creative industry to showcase and discover creative work, and served as CEO Until Adobe. Acquired Be Hansen. Two thousand twelve he has serves as a dubious chief product officer Scot actively advises than invest businesses that crossed the intersection of technology and design and help empower people his an early advisor investor in Pinterest Uber Cardis Week Green and Periscope Tim. Tim, few, he splits his time between New, York and San Francisco and he's here to talk about his book. The messy middle finding your way through the hardest and most crucial part of any venture, welcome Scott Thank you bill to be her. Scott one thing I'd like to ask all high-performance. Come on, the show is when you were growing up who someone who influenced or inspired him? Well give an answer that sure other folks have given before, but my father. He was surgeon and just a hard working doctor that I found. You know two things really striking to me one is. He was driven by empathy and just the nature of his. Side manner his willingness talk to patients, whenever about whatever also just the late nights where he'd the opt doing his dictation where he would you know, write or transcribe his notes for the day, and it just was a very important kind of person for me. My life in terms of what work ethic would mean for me. I continue to think about those thoughts often it leaves an impression when you see apparent putting in that kind of time and carrying bettas patients to that degree, and I'm sure that's made. Made, impression on you. Can you remember a time either throwing up early in your career? When you refer back to an example that your dad set free freedom, there's I remember. When I would be waking up in the morning for school growing up in the six thirty am or whatever and I'd be kind of dilly dallying, and and a little bit like intimidated by the day ahead of me, therefore especially tired the start of that he would come in already to go to work data early and. Despite having been up really late tonight before he would always say like come on, let's go. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for in? You know there's that's like A. Soundtrack I played in my head over the years as I. Have also been those moments where it's just endless exhaustion and having to push for another day, especially during periods of uncertainty building, my business and you know other volatile periods. It was kind of a helpful memory that stuck with me. You started out writing. The middle was that after you head transition from the hints to Adobe with a messy middle was actually a combination of a lot of different notes, observations from board meetings three am to am to conversations with insurance going through an acquisition the next day. Like just the at the fringes of the experiences that I had as a founder, also strapped his business, and then you know advising others and dealing with. Just watching other stories I just kept writing down things that I didn't want to forget, and at ended up culminating in an eight hundred or so notebook of insights in my evernote at the time that I one day said you know what I should probably start categorizing these and looking at them like a puzzle. Like how do the together in? What can I learn from them and in that process I that? that. There were three major themes one win. During those lows, the second was optimizing everything that works both in your product as well as how your team works in the third, the final mile, not screwing it up, and so those three themes it became kind of the sub sections of the messy middle, and and over seven plus years of Janis notes down. You know that was kind of those are the kindling. To of the buck, won't that charts that appears very early in the book is relative joy of creating, and it should was have jewelry rises and falls over time, and it's really illuminating. Can you describe it in words will also posted on your page, and with credit of course, but can you describe how you actually came to illustrate that and capture that really important concept well I just think that we are governed by short term. Term reward systems as people from the birth. We are kind of seeking our parents, affection and care. We're seeking ratifcation. Thumbs up checks on task grades in courses and exams, and then as the venture capitalist Fred Wilson One said if the two great addictions in life are heroin weekly salary, you know we are also addicted to that. As a form of reward, and the short term of words are necessary for us to move forward and. And as a result whenever we have a bad grade, we think we should quit whenever you have a good grade. We think we're winning. And and it's always in the moment, and of course, in retrospect of any bold journey, what you learn is that it's just a series of these ups and downs, and and maybe the competitive advantages to sticking with long enough to figure it out the curve that I show in the messy middle is. Is that? It is intended to dispel the mess that an idea is exciting, and then it gets extraordinarily hard, and it's kind of a linear path upwards finish. That's not true. It's actually more when I describe. It's series of ups and downs of moments of despair followed by moments of promise, and if you can aspire for a positive slope meaning, not get so up and down, but rather just focused on incremental progress or at least. At least highs that were higher than the ones that came before them both are less lows at that's actually the holy Grail, and and that's the cornerstone of the book. Yeah, it's actually when you say spire for posits slippages want to really get more granular than that. It's like an ekg. That's stilted rising as it goes from left to right. Damaging their. Exclamations either listen, we're not our best selves at the Lowes why because we make decisions out of fear, because we start to think that we are doing something wrong, and then we're hasty. And we're not our best selves at the highest, because we falsely attributed the things that we did the things I work, we become high on ourselves and our we become overconfident in we become somewhat narcissistic to some degree on an art capabilities, and so I think that's part of the realization as well so preparation for this interview of conversations with other CEO's business leaders, suffering team leaders and podcast subscribers. Everyone can relate to the situation. The title describes because products product launches team projects client relationships, even the response to the couvert nineteen pandemic feels like we're beginning, and not nearly at the end one thing, a lot of people wanna knows is about domestic middle this petty define when we're in the middle and start to share it as a way to help. People Orient to know that this is something that is a natural part of projects and to start looking for ways to make progress in when it seems like things are in a huge mess either way I will. Will back into that answer is to say that in one of the trickiest parts of being investor board member you know when you have a conversation with a leader about whether he or she should quit or stick with it and 'cause. There's difficult periods of time you go through where there's no end in sight where you're low on runway for cash, and you're not sure if you can pay your employees drew three months, and and so it's during those calls where I always try to determine one thing with the with the leader, the founder of advised. That is their level of conviction in the end state of what they're trying to do in the world what the brand is! They're trying to build the problem that they're trying to solve. And I always ask so given all that you've learned so far. Do you have more or less conviction in state or problem? The way you see the world being, and if the answer is well, you know I had a great idea what I want to do with the problem was, but then after the last two years of customer research in partnering with People in what have you I actually have less conviction like I actually think we were off. Off My question is. Why should you stick with it? Maybe you should quit. Don't waste time of your life doing something enduring yourself. You don't have conviction in the state of it. Tell ever, however, if know, oftentimes the answer is well actually we have even more conviction have more data in more research. We know this works. We know that works. However you know there's no end in sight struggling running out of money, whatever and in that case I remind they're just in the messy middle. They're experiencing. What is par for the course and don't Overdo Mattis, is it? Your conviction is as high if not higher than when you started. You're making progress, even though it feels like you may not be and I think that's the distinction you're asking about whether you're in the middle or not, and it really does come down to that sense of conviction. The leader based upon everything that here she's learned. That's really important to emphasize especially in these times when we're in a very volatile time, and we're not connected physically with people. Suffer developers have the experience of working with people in remote teams, and still there's a lot of uncertainty in the air and coming back to that sense of conviction is really important. We're some effective ways you've seen for people to harness that conviction when leading a team will mean two things I would just say run is that you have to be very honest with yourself I, think? Think the narrative and merchandising progress to your team merchandising your. Commissioner Team are important attributes. Things that a leader should do. However you can't do so at the expense of hard truths, and so the rule of thumb for me. Is that as leaders? We need to be extraordinarily optimistic about the future and do all the things I just mentioned, but also be pragmatic about the present. So for example. I think a meeting should be all right everyone. While like we tried this, and this did not work and now why didn't it work while? Maybe it was the experience Ab we had to go to market. Ron. Maybe you know so and so did not do a good job on the field like let's all own what our role may have been in this not working, unless really pragmatically say. Why are we behind? What tasks are not getting to? Why are we not working fast enough like really we should hammer ourselves over this, but then after that conversation and the next steps to come out of it, then leader needs to end the meeting leaving people with more energy than they had coming into is important to then. Then restate dot conviction, but here's how it looked like, but hey like. Let's take a step back from moment you know we know that x million customers are struggling with why every single day we know that our customer research is telling us that this is in need more than ever before we know the way this market is changing is in our favor. We know that this and this and that agree state a lot of these very optimistic Queens, so people kind of know their North Star like a flag is implanted in full resolution, and also people leave that pragmatic sense of why we're not winning I. Mean I think that is the kind of formula to both. Address, our truce ground us with the president, but also like really outfit us. You know to head in the right direction. I think that's really a great framework, because it matters that you state the conviction at the right place in the right time as part of a process, we've gone through and explored where the weaknesses are, and where performance may have fallen short as well as come up in mid expectations, and then you also in the book go through in fine to areas that you're exploring one is where the product may or may not be aligned with the needs of the customer, and those are expect failures or or shortcomings, and then the other is the implementation areas where engineering may not have carried. Carried out where you may have tried to take on something that was technically not easily solved, so there's a really good distinctions about that and I think that it it goes to the fact that as leader for team. You've got to keep your eyes focused on slowing the long game. What are some things that the leaders who you advise and have worked with learned from? Do to help? Keep themselves were needed in a long dream while also be able to change focus from the long view picture of problems. You'RE GONNA. Solve an address and it'll come back down and say listen. To make this dialogue the screen this interface work by the next build in two weeks. Yeah, well, let's talk about the long game for a minute. Without looks like one entrepreneur that I work with are known for years and Silverman. The the CO founder of. In he came from a family of doctors where you had to actually go to school for seven years and train for another three years in order to even legitimately call yourself. You know practicing doctor in so when he came out of that background into Silicon Valley where the mantra move fast and break things if something could be done in a week or two weeks sprint, something was wrong. He questioned the status quo of that he said Hey. Why can't you -cational bake something over time, but really accentuates technology are changes in industry. When so that is not something? I learned from him in one way he did that. Key every year would have a chapter for his company religiously merchandise give it a name in I, remember one year for Pinterest. It was the year of monetization right where they launch their AD product, and that was the one of the major disproportionate focus with the company. One year it was internationalization like going to pick our first region or to one year it was. was actually four categories of customer that they wanted to really rally around. It was actually a very helpful tool to consolidate all of the energy and focus of his teams, and it was a very different approach with a lot of other so Kabala leaders have we were always running all these different experiments and moon shots. You know in in different groups working on entirely. Communicating with one another, but it was an approach that I really admire I. Think was part of why interest one in their category and building really. Exciting Enduring Public Company. That's so true and so many of the small business leaders can benefit from having an annual theme or Mantra sometimes having that longer view, so it's not just focused on the day to day week to week month to month, or even quarter to quarter, but saying a year from now this is going to be the year of making sure that we monetize making sure that. That we scale to the certain level or dress, particular customer categories that is such a powerful idea that hope that listeners really embrace and spend time to develop their own themes. Are there any techniques or questions or insights that you've gained by listening to Ben? Talk about this with Pinterest that you could share well. I think that it's one thing to break down the. The enrolled aspirations in the chapters and help people know what to focus on, but I think it's also important to really be great merchandiser of that story and the analogy actually like to use personally is you're driving your team? Cross country with the windows blacked out in the backseat. So none of them know where you are the progress that you're making and so if If you, just keep at that not way without telling everyone about the milestones. You're passing the bridges you're on the state. Lines are crossing. People are going to go crazy and they need to feel like they are making progress, and they need to be narrated through this journey, and actually that analogy really holds when you're in a bold project or turnaround her new venture. Small Business, trying to crack something new starting from zero. It's really hard for your team to know that anything is going in the right direction and actually pull some research that was done by Teresa Ave professor at Harvard business school around motivation, and she did this big kind of diary driven research project where they handed out in had large groups of people in big companies do like a diary entry every day where they also measure their kind of level of motivation, the inputs and the outputs and she really found in other studies have also supported this. Is this notion that? That progress begets progress so when people feel like they're making progress. They're likely to be further motivated and are likely to make more progress in, so that actually goes to say that it. Your team is not feeling the progress that they're making their unlikely to continue doing so. What are the tactics for that? Wilkshire you put up completed to do lists or numbers, zero tickets, or another metrics that development teams, design, teams or retail teams mcadoo merchandise metrics to the teams. They're feeling like past is the tailwind for the future. What kinds of things you celebrate? Do you make? Fun Games in short term and of accomplishments along the way keep people focused on the long-term at the ants. We actually had some very fun. Creative ways of doing that such as such as I mean, do funny, little stories, you know one is been a lifelong vegetarian. Maybe for you know thirty of my forty years and my team, it would be fun to make me agree to eat certain types of meat off of certain people's forks at certain types of milestones, and I was like. Whatever sure you know? If we ever have half a million users, and of course L. Chicken off dates for you know what why not and never thought we'd actually get there and I figured if we did well, that would be a luxury problem that us, and in fact when Christmas dinner we finally did get there, and it was just one of those fun things we called them. Them slap bets in the team where we were just again like try to create these fine little milestones to keep us engaged another really interesting and find one was that the name hands is made up and so when we would would type in be Hansen the Google back in two, thousand, six, early, two, thousand, seven, it said. Do you mean enhanced? Enhance so we were a mistake. Was Literally viewed as a mistake by Google, the search engine, and so he said to ourselves. Yes, you know money revenue real user growth real noted notoriety is years and years away. However, let's try to be a legitimate search result in Google within the next three to six months. Let's put enough blog posts and portfolio alling acts malicious really ain't singularly focused on doing this and yellow, like five or or months later we typed in. Google and then it was a legitimate search result, and it was one of those moments who is in the right direction. It was pushing team in the right direction. It was a short term reward that could actually accomplish in a kid you not six months later beyond saying became super popular loss it all over again. But the point is that it's external validation that everyone was able to celebrate, and it also puts the fact that they're external factors. You can't control for rights exactly, but this is these are the types of games is that this is the merchandising efforts I'm referring to that leader must be creative with these are the types of things you don't necessarily think of as part of the job of a leader of a team by. By you are a sales in marketer more than anything else, you're always selling and marketing to investors, employees, perspective employees, but also plays to stay wants their end customers, and you also have to be agnostic as well. That's the other point. You can't just be a promoter in the people. Stop trusting, so there's a balance in. It is in one of the things that reminds me of his early book. You talk about how? are some managers who gets seduced into trying to keep morale up at the expense of hard truths or at the expense of underperformance. And what would you say to a project manager? If you were given the opportunity, he was at a meeting. It was appropriate to to talk to him, or he was on your team, who was seduced by the lure of celebrating fake wins, as a way of boosting morale was already fake wins at the expense of hard truce is probably what has led to a lot of the flameouts that we come to talk about in the media of start ups that set off. Off To do something bowls, and then proved to be disingenuous at or fraud at worst and I think that is the result of leaders failing to just acknowledge you know what the setbacks were, and what things are not working, and and be willing to make difficult decisions accordingly, luck favors decisiveness, and the reason is because when you're decisive, you can learn from your mistakes more quickly. You can get further resolution on the possibilities around you dot, start to connect and people. There's a gravity around indecisiveness and being honest I think that that's actually incredibly important thing in the long term house in by variety of. Reminds me of the book that was written about Elizabeth homes. Are you familiar with her? Yes, well bad blood, and she was an excellent marketer and a merchandiser of her message because I'm not going to call it a truth. But her message and shoes extremely powerful with that, and she also made some really profound mistakes that are easy to identify much closer to win. They're causing problems within teams and companies. What are some things that stand at about her story with Theranos Book that was about a bad blood, which is just a excellent book, what are some of the things that stand out about the way that she was very effective at telling her story, but also creating a horribly corrupt culture? Yeah, I mean, it's I, don't know her personally, and I was never involved with the company, but I'll tell you that I did see her speak ones at a Ted conference, so sort of like a Ted conference focus in the medical community that I'd gone to and he the one thing that threw me off was. there. Were you know? Watch someone, speak, and then there's a crescendo at the end like a moment where they say and this is why this is what we're. GonNa do in the world. This is the future whatever event if if it if it comes once at the end of talk from speaker that has really worked with a lot of facts in a lot of. More pragmatic can down to earth arguments than maybe you know it's. It doesn't come across as trite winning. Destruct me when I saw speak, which is how many of those moments were throughout? It sort of threw me off. I was like. Why is there so many these big picture? Promise moments at amid confrence. Especially where you'd think it's more about like the clinical trials say this is what it looks like. This is the data, and so I just wonder if again mode over indexing on that side of it I think that can be a real liability, and so it's are you promoting? Are you trying to make something look better than it is? That should be a real kind of warning. Sign that you're on a dangerous track, so if a project participant is listening to a project manager, who's overselling the progress that they're making either internally or externally? One of the things that they ought to do is say we need to talk about where we're falling short or missing her milestones, because we need additional resources or additional clarification or or external feedback, and to actually ask for those things had been a situation where you've empowered or surprised by employees. Asking for things that you thought didn't need to be covered. I'm not sure about that well I. I mean there's many many instances where as a leader I find that the role is kind of peel back all the corporate euphemisms and Lingo, and and really have some impatience for kind of bold statements and really get down to the granularity of what someone's actually saying and also make sure you have a culture where it's okay to say I don't know actually that didn't work as well as. As you're saying here's why I. How do you make sure that people feel comfortable doing that? You have to celebrate it. You have to say Oh. Thank you for when he met. Our listened like I'm glad you made that feedback after a conversation. I'm glad I'm glad you brought us down to earth and their. You're I'm glad you shared both the good and the bad data that really helped. Helped us make a better decision. I think those are the types of little training moments that you have to do a team. They seem obvious, but if you're trying to keep a team together despite all of the failure is your enduring in the lack of any late of the end of the tunnel. It's actually harder to do that sometimes because you want to feel you always be the cheerleader. Got Again. Can we do it? Angels Place. It's difficult also I think where there's managers who responsible for carrying out a decision that isn't entirely embraced by the team. I'm thinking of the story told in the book when you're at Adobe and you're making that huge shift from a software product in a box to subscription model, and it was difficult to have those conversations because it wasn't that level of clarity when you reflect back on that. That, what's one or two lessons that you learned from managing that process or be involved in a process? Sure a couple thoughts, their first of all alignment is everything in organization when you're leading change when when you, when everyone is fully aligned the speed at which you can move and the amount of trust, you can have anyone having any meeting in making any decision without you. You know that is what unlocks the potential of organization. When you don't have alignment, there are two ways of dealing with it well. I have to know that there's a lack of alignment and I like to say that everyone should be a whistle blower of lack of alignment. If you go into any meeting and you attack that people are not aligned with the strategy. You have to speak up like that's how you make your organization healthy. When people are out of alignment, there's two ways of dealing with it. One is to do the work to show something that no one can argue with you. Know an I love to use prototypes into me prototypes over thousand meetings. You have a really well baked customer journey. That, no one can argue it just so obvious and logical. This is a superior experience for customers that gets people align like a hot knife through the butter of bureaucracy. It's really powerful thing, and that's why I empowered designers in the product process in why always make sure designers are in the meetings or were discussing strategy? If you can't do that or comment that the other way of solving alignment or misalignment rather is to throw process at the problem in process slows down, but it is sometimes necessary when you have more people across more regions with more interests in different expertise, and you have to get them aligned soon as you just need to throw more process into the knicks were check in meetings more approvals and you know I. Try to do so sparingly because I think it's an easy solve, and I think it actually grows accumulates into what I like to call organizational debt. Debt. These processes were still going through because of the fact, they were thrown into the next two years ago, but are now the equivalent of craft. Also you have to kill processes as much as you create them, but anyways I digress, that's how we tackle alignment in an organization, perhaps only introduce those bureaucracies. Your auto always add an expiration date. Fine will go through this and the next two or three months, and then we'll review to see whether it should be sunset or renewed. Yeah Scott Are you ready for the my quest for the best way round sure. So early I asked about a person who inspired. You're growing up. What's a song that inspired you as a teenager? I was actually released by lantis recites tire album jagged upset when I was a teenager, I, remember in my early years of high school when that was all the rage, just dislike person who was a kind of pop star before she was on Disney channel whatever and then suddenly. Unleashes this soulful raw album that just catches everybody off guard in this profound way like to me. That was just like such a great statement on creativity motion. And I remember being really taken aback by it. I actually. Had silicones a lot of fun. If you could put a slogan about your work on a billboard that every executive and creative project team leader head to view each morning, what would it say well? You know what I would hope. It would be one of those digital billboards where I could change it based on what we were. Where we are in our in our mind that day, but It would probably be that. A Labor of love always pays off just not as we'd expect I. There is something to be said for knowing that. If you love what you're doing, your skills combined with your interests and your initiatives, you'll always land integrate. Place is just yet to be open to some surprises Lunghua. And having written the messy middle. What's the most important lesson idea or practice? You personally find valuable on a day-to-day basis these days well, there are a number. I think one thing I'd be whispered to myself in times where I'm forced to make difficult decisions. And you know in these days with the trading of resources in the covid crisis in having to really hunker down as a product organization that can't just invest as much as it typically wed one of the things that I you have to make decisions. Tell people those decisions into winky ball and. There's a part of the book where I say. There's this thing that I would wish her myself when I was going through very difficult times, hands and other entrepreneurs said similar things they would say to themselves which is do your job, and I'll spare everyone the Georgia. Someone's. You have to whisper to yourself to get up and just do it on. You know you need to. Do you know that until you do it? Everyone is looking at you as a bottleneck, and you just have to get up and do it and and that's something you have to whisper to yourself. Sometimes, that's really important. Especially given the fact that we don't have the normal cues that help keep us accountable on track with the a promises with made. Scott what's the best hundred dollar purchase you've made in the last three months? Oh, that's easy. I have awkwardly shaped in her ears. Apparently because I air pods have never really truly fit them, and I'm really into running these days. It's just always been very annoying. Finally found a tariff silicon. Airport adopters that actually make me use I para airplanes when I run without any fallout. Godsend. Is a great one. Little things can make such a difference, right. And what's the most important habit routine or That you've stopped in the last year. That's the most pleasure or personal satisfaction that I've stopped or started. Sorry well. Everyone thinks that things that they could start and often have a never ending list of things that we want to do to improve, but sometimes we improved by stopping things that are no longer appropriate. What's something that you've looked at reviewed and said you know what this doesn't fit anymore. I I like any normal human being eating. Every day or my whole life, the nights I this new intermittent fast regime and my allergies went away in a lot of things. Improved in my health, so I would say that I stopped. Eating before noon. That is fascinating. Scott I just want to thank you so much for contributing to quest for the best today you've. You've shared so many great ideas around the messy middle about your experiences and learning from your father who was an orthopedic surgeon, and how we need to adopt in stay true to some of the values we learn, and what you learned from him was the work. Work Ethic and being able to really care and have that empathy for in his case patients in your case customers and Co, workers and colleagues, the short term reward systems are so powerful. That's critical for us to embrace them rather than try to manage without them or to learn them. Just come out at through through thrown of Lucien but to steer them. WanNa be sure that when we working with teams that we aspire for positive slope with that feedback, because it's really important to look at it at the brand new level. And asking people, you know what appeared basis given all that you've learned in the intermittent process Jim more or less conviction at the end and being ridler time some of the difficult feedback, you have for a team to make sure that they leave with more energy at the end of the meeting, rather than trying to insert the positive news and convey the message as important as it is at the wrong time services best to leave people at the end of the meeting after you've gone through all the ways that they've had shortfalls. And for these in so many got WANNA. Thank you so much for joining me on my quest for the best today pleasure. Scott! Out More you and your work. Yeah, and I'm easy to find so at Scott Belsky on twitter or instagram I tried to accessible in in. We love to answer any questions in certainly try to share the latest. Things that I find interesting on those channels Scott, both also of the messy middle. Thank you once again for joining me on my quest for the best. Thank you bill. Hi, this is bill and I. Hope you've enjoyed this podcast interview. On my question, the best be sure to subscribe on Apple podcast Google play stitcher or your favorite up. So you never miss an episode. Full of stories tips insights for the ambitious small business leader now I have a quick request for you. Please go to apple podcasts and I tunes and give us a rating and review. My team and I really appreciate the feedback and we read every comment. Find out what you enjoy and what you want as we develop new content, course materials and a few surprises that we have in store for you when you rate and review my quest for the best you help other small business leaders find US subscribe to the podcast and join the community. You can get the insiders newsletter for small business leaders by. By going to my quest for the best dot, com, we've chosen it challenging path to make a living and make a difference in the world and I believe it's important to share top notch resources with each other, which is why you'll find new episodes from top thought leaders and small business experts on my question the best each week. Thanks for listening and being part of the community. See you on the next episode.

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Bunny Yan:  Fashion Edutainer

First Online With Fran

22:56 min | 4 months ago

Bunny Yan: Fashion Edutainer

"Welcome podcast friends and fans friend is falling forward with my next exciting guest. This young woman takes old zippers that are made into clutches defective clothing that's made into bags and recycled aluminum windows that are made into jewelry I'm talking about bunny. She is a marketing adviser turned fashion edge you -tainer. She produces a fun. I. G TV series on the fascinating side of sustainable fashion. Hey Bunny how are you girl? What is happening friends have? Yes and www. INSTAGRAM DOT COM. So Bunny yes. With three does everybody does because you got what you long gate that's. Funny. When your next project coming up Oh, well, I pretty much do a video every week, and I also have a by weekly segment called E. CO as fuck sorry had to bleep that out where should use students from the world on their kick Ass Eko project myself all my topics are focusing on making sustainable fashion a bit more less guilt should and less doll more focusing on short by size into that you just accidentally learn something from and how did you started on this whole thing you're and environmental activists turned fashion designer Diogo around I would to fit. As a fashion designer might passion however, I like to see mink in everything I like to see why is a designer can make a stress with ten buttons deduction. Then come back with only seven because you can produce with a certain budget how come the merchandiser then changed the color into read because the previous sale suggests is better that they cannot take a chance on the color I. Love The reason why everything worked together not until when I started. Visiting factories in China and seeing how much waste that's actually getting thrown out just because the color is style little bit too dark. That's GONNA get shredded into garbage when I go. ooh, wow, that is actual problem. You hear numbers like million billions as much as huge. You just don't feel it. It's not like visual when you see mountain of closed getting shredded at that time I wasn't thinking about environmental activism I was more thinking about we you're going to. The Way and sunny for how much. More can save money as designer making stuff that the production 'cause allies and profitability margin can go. Of, all the transformation part in the creativity and from Dan, I start gathering upside code recycle designers are around me who use products that looks not diy but functional beautiful and fashioned four items and I open China's very first sustainable gift shop. To, the point that we were voted the best shop in China by time out magazine. Yeah it was really cool and then I envisioned a bigger project to link all the defective and all the overstocks, slow factories and bigger brands to other. To us and that startup was able to accept it into incubator, we were able to raise like half a million dollar fine and The, White. House. Oh. My God, you went to the Obama White House. Oh girl you gotTA. Tell me what was that like I wanna know all the details. was funny when I got that email coming through saying you bite the White House Oh. Yes. Sure. Scam. A Siberian prince over here that needs money. Like I didn't think how why house, exactly going to contact you. Stu. Letters occasion I don't know I. Think it. Would you through email not until the second one that's asking for a security check then I'm like. Where you don't want money from me. Oh. Okay. I was freaking awesome. Did you handle that situation? I honestly almost I will get security outskirts time. I was holding my pat. I didn't have my phone on me to take a picture. So now I'm in the audience looking Obama holding up this big device and thinking to myself, please don't think I'm trying to hold up any weapon. What an honor, how did you make the leap from seeing all of this fabric that was just being discarded into a vision and then into a profitable business plan? How did you break that down? How did you do that? Always been a very fearless person I. Am I just don't think that shouldn't go for it. Anytime I have an idea hard not hard possible not possible I always like to just least take that first step for me at the time it was just hey, all of these beautiful material getting wasted. Let me do something about it. They weren't this like a Ha moment when Com Soleil our planet is in trouble do something now I always like to find the voice, the profitability, the reason the more empathetic way can work together, not just saying, Oh, this can only be great because you not making money and because you're NGO ain't doing out of your heart, it can't be both it can definitely be something that you can live off of and be good for the planet. So like fast forward to now, I have worked with a lot of company how to help them conveyed their equal messages in. To something that's more resume that resonate with audience more and also I incorporate their marketing production waste into the marketing campaign. Can you share give us an example? How did you? How do you see something working for something and say, Hey, think about it this way because that's what artists do artists think outside the box and artists are also very much committed to making our world a better place to live, and this is what attracted me to you as a person is that you're not just making money you are paying it forward in so many ways that's what I just admire about what you're doing. Thank you. Thank you for me working with brands I always want to know their desired outcome example the Tom Shoes were they want to do is have a great opening for their China stores. So I work with local designers and grabbed their defective shoes and create one of a kind pieces for the openings. The idea was to auction off the shoes, but the outcome was so great and everybody social media posts, posting and cost. So many pictures they actually decided to tour the shoes of for all their open. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, that was really great and on the bigger bulk part when you have defective shoes when come to shoot brand, they're like marking on or there's a grubber group print saying that cannot be removed. A lot of time will you can do is just honestly I not saying that that's the only way. But when they come to big quantities, if you just donate to another facility in other countries, there's like a whole load process. So I do is I. Find a after school kids program and they take the They were able to paint on the scene no longer Kency the defect, and then they get the Philippines for the most needy apart for the brand that means they don't have to pay the money to burn the shoes or warehouses shoes. They get a marketing piece out of it to get their shoot fix for free and they get tax write off when become donation situation ran when land. On My. What I also noted about this whole process that you have created is there is an educational component, and as you may may not know I was an English and theater teacher highschool for thirty years and I was also an adjunct professor and educational theater at Nyu, and one of the things that I always look for is how can I take what I know and? Pay It forward and that's something that you do. Yes. It's really fun to work with all the brands and all, but there's also a lot of crecy for me. I see all the content out there when come to ability usually really long doll and full of guilt like not doing enough you need to be a better person when we are living in very stressful. Community and environment especially right now, there is a low grey stress already in your day to day life. The last thing you want to do is look up a giant piece of article with terms that you don't understand and trying to I'm air quoting educate yourself. So I, want to make the well content like how I want to consume it short funny and just enough. So I can see the hope and the possibility the call to actionable I can't do instead of just like you're back person but the secondary it's also A very selfish reason is i. need a creative l. let myself being in fashion in marketing focusing ability for twenty plus years I'm in lot of circuit on panels and speaking each man in keynotes. But me myself I am loud I'm very colorful. I'm Asian Look Y'all if I don't put out a certain persona or V I look I in turn others and nothing wrong being loud and flashy at peacock around it. Just you give yourself extra barrier where people to prejudge before they get to know you and maybe tiring and You have that feel and the look for other people out there who is feeling the same thing just like why does each industry has to have their distinctive look or type cash? You can do it whichever that fits your personality and not just trying to fit in with the mainstream is like that's another reason why inspired me to start that segment AF is all the gen Z. out there. That we constantly talking about it, they gonNA change the world. But if you go to the conferences, you don't really see getting invited bear speaking of the project and with my Segman Eko af I really want to give a platform for all the ECO innovators out there to talk about their coolest seasonable projects experiences combined where their innovation creativity and I just go what? I'M GONNA start that segment so far. That's only been like two months. I have interviewed students from central Martin in London who's tighening packagings into fashion. Kids in Turkey who's turning food waste into fabric dye into their collection on talking to bio-fibre cater. That's back. into new fiber and use a bio mimicry to make better material and bioplastic, and about to talk to somebody who's doing allergy yarn just like incredible projects in they're still all in. Just Amazing Bravo because as a high school teacher I, never underestimated what my students could do. There was never any thought of me thinking. Well you're only fifteen years old. You're only seventeen years old my feeling was hey. Fifteen year olds, sixteen year olds seventeen year old. You can do something you can make change I mean look at Greta Thornburgh, how amazing is that and I'm just so glad that there are people like you who see the promised in these young people and say step up to the plate. Here you go. Here's the bat, knock it out of the park. Good for you buddy. Yeah. I do think you when you were talking to me before about being raised in China. and seeing this work and changing this work is your family any part of this ability for you to create this kind of work? Did they play any role? No. Personality, and how I always embraced the individual. Yes. That's my mom raising. Always speak up to one I feel it's right. She kind of free range me raising. Great because China at that time, it's all about the rules cure teacher doesn't matter if you stink is right on the odds I have always been the type of kid questioning if you are asking me to do certain things if I don't see a reason, why am I doing it but because I was made in China and exports us when I was twelve I don't really have that base vocabulary on the technical term on Chinese language. So it's really hard for me to convey these things to my mom I just usually tell her every now. And then a couple of slip I did or random things without really bringing the giant picture sustainability because I also comes in turn with we not off from the same era. We've got the same thing, but that doesn't mean that you cannot be a good person that appreciate things that you have done. So I stopped being frustrated of Nye to explain to my mother and just appreciate her her I can relate because I was brought up in a large Italian family and a culture that you know girls got married had babies and I just. I just rebelled just wasn't part of my DNA and I basically defied my parents and said, this is what I WANNA do. I want to do something in the arts I wanNA do something on the stage and I I did it. I just did it and I have a number of students that I can. Look back on and be proud that I was part of that force that encouraged them to pursue their dreams. Do you have like a favorite student or project or an idea that you're really proud that you got to implement a things from the students or yes from the student of Yeah. I. Okay. Now them pick playing like the the parent and trying to know everybody special but everybody is special. They are doing very different things from different angles. Everybody's journey is super unique. One of the things I love doing before jumping on like you do too is just have a conversation before the call interest here, their journey, their story type of thing that you normally would nah. Here if you don't like the a France and I am just genuinely like. Any stories not only can you find reflection yourself in there you also get inspired of the things that everybody else overcome. It's never one to innovation creations that you usually see all the. Painful process all the things people need to overcome either on a cultural level on family level or on skill level. You only see the more beautiful successful picture and I love to hear these stories and Phil grounded also and just realized right now the time is not the same as before and there's a lot of pre judgment. I even have still even though in the circle a lot that I can go I guess that has changed and update my inner files to Orleans a great connor. So they are a wonderful rainbow of colors cannot be picked up with you bring your bringing up something else that I've been thinking about is we are in a very dire traumatic time. and. As someone from Chinese heritage. How has this whole racial divide awareness impacted you and your work this topic is quite grant I can go many different ways if I want to bring my heritage in days I, think over time over the journey of me going from fashion designer to fashion marketing adviser into Edgy -Tainer is a journey of appreciating myself an mixed heritage that have I remember beginning to trying to get rid of my accent's you trying to blend in in the way that's more fitted to a western culture. Like way by its while ago then little by little you start noticing now you trying to blend into your working firemen than you trying to blend maybe suge friends or people you hang out with until the day you go. Well s all of these. It's pretty tiring to be everybody's bunny that what they think bunny is and just kind of go back to your childhood when you do things that just makes you happy. But also incorporate will you have learned as adult it? How that? Affects on everybody else not the judgmental a side not what they think you are but more of effect you have if that is all positive than just be you that's what's so wonderful is that you can serve as a role model young Chinese Asian girls will see you and say if bunny. So, can I why not? and. You lift up these young people and validate their art, their vision through your work and I i. just applaud you. I'm just so old that you are doing this kind of work and making this kind of of difference, which is why I wanted to have you on my podcast and just talk about from the start of your project to where you are now, and where do you see going forward going forward now that I have my own it TV series on. Site of seasonable fashion I am actually working on a series where couple of media companies turn it into a series for streaming either a netflix level war by size content for platform. Costa to. And also looking at. Bordering international channels China us global talk about things that I really find fascinating up cycling sustainability and fashion. Do you have a favorite project? My, I have to tell you my favorite project is the one where you made these beautiful classy clutches from recycled wine corks I one. How do I get one? Oh. Yeah. When I have my soc- level gift shop details on all different. Brands and artisans I fell. Put. Their beautiful products into my shop? A really I think she's still making it. I can't connect you with her afterwards and the core clutches are from recycled Cork, from Portugal. They may be I know they have even color ones I really like what you see like little color facets in between all the brown beige interest gorgeous toss over. It's beautiful. I printed out a picture of it. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure what I'll do is I'll add the links. So people who want to buy and purchase some of these products can look it and purchase it for themselves. Well it looks like this is a rap. And no pun intended bunny I am just so thrilled that you got to share all of your ideas with me and I can't wait to see what's coming next congratulations. Thank you so much. So prepare for my show coming up I would definitely you. Thank you for having me I. Find out more about what Fran is up to go to our website at first online with Fran Dot Com. This program was produced by March Hare Media and recorded at cheap studio productions. But? Move.

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#27: Maya French - Beverages, Bear Attacks & Chicago

The Nik Ingersoll Show

1:00:35 hr | 8 months ago

#27: Maya French - Beverages, Bear Attacks & Chicago

"Hey everybody, welcome to the show on this the podcast I have my friend and my friend. She is the CO founder of Koya one of the most delicious plant based protein beverages. You'll ever have in your life and I really do mean that. These things are super delicious. If the chance and you find Koi, K., o. a. and let me say. The Vanilla bean is out of control. It's super delicious. We talk about where she came from the beverage business. All kinds of crazy stuff and it really hope you enjoy it. Please welcome Maya French. Maya, how are we? How are you pretty good? Thanks for coming on this show narrowly intro gnarly interim indeed. Just, get out and start dancing or something house Andrew. You feel it makes me feel really hype. Unlike I'm ready. We're fist-bump and right now. You can't see because this is audio only, but yeah, it's what we're doing. So I have a bunch of questions for you, so the beverage business is like this really crazy business right so you're basically taking a heavy liquid and shipping it across the US. There's the whole different distribution system where you're dealing with a lot of smaller direct sales, distributors, and asking you for equity, and and sort of there's like almost a mafia component to the whole thing like what's been like the deal with. Oh. Yeah I, mean I think every year is different stage of the business which we have to deal with. Different people so starting out. It's probably really easy you're. Innocent. You don't really know much, and you can kind of use that to your advantage. But also being conscious of not being taken advantage of by these big guys, but we were very lucky early on because we received a national deal with whole foods, which opened up with unify nationwide, so we really didn't have to worry about any smaller distributors until later so that just you know stores are able to look at look at the log and pick us out, or we go to the distributor shows and be right in front of the people, so they can. Just you know order than there? This year we're really starting to open up into smaller DSD's and that's tricky because of the mafia aspect. The Mafia's real his actually. They have these territories like wait. Will you know this distributor that we're working with this larger district? Services to store in this territory. So how can we make it work? Oh, we can't. We can't work with you, and then you see your competitor the next month, and all these accounts and you're like. Exactly! So I mean it can be really really hard to navigate just like being strategic about who you choose your partners and then. The equities! That was not on the table for us. As it shouldn't be exactly as it should be anybody out there, it's easy equity. Yeah, that's kind of wild, so see I started off in whole foods and. For, those of you listening that are in the food and beverage beverage Biz that means that essentially you don't ship directly to whole foods. You shipped to a distributor and the distributor actually ships to the retailer itself, and so to go straight into unify. That's kind of a crazy setup for these. DSP's to rank, is they're? They're distributing everywhere exactly until their territory is. Dorrie and even like for some places we switched over to Diaz de Just because we need, it more is on the pro on the product and DISD also work as a merchandiser. If you have a really close relationship with them, they'll take really care of your product versus you shipping into these big distributors, and they kind of leave it on shelves Oh God can spend extra money for merchandisers. Gets really confusing. Those guys are almost like a glorified trucking companies. Yeah, they are. Like give them a bunch of margin. Just ship things in a truck and it's it's a monopoly till yeah. I wonder what will happen. with unify and in whole foods, so Amazon acquired whole foods a couple of years ago now and Amazon is kind of well known for the whole distribution and fulfillment thing exactly Joe. Donald is going to happen unify, but shaking into boots. Yeah, I think so I think so and insecure. Probably the same I know, but what does that mean for us for as brand you know? Are. We going to get you know. I don't want to curse. You. fucked. Now. Do they have all of this control? That's a great question. I wonder I wonder if we will yeah, you know I mean they could totally do it completely. Do they already do it on Amazon Dot Com if you're vendor brand, yeah. We don't sell on Amazon. Amazon fresh now we'll see what other opportunities there on the future, but yet can be. It's that's a problem, and also the barrier to entry will be hired to right right because a lot of these brands. You know they're bootstrapping. A lot of these brands. Their big thing is to get into whole foods. That's like their main goal is like once you get into whole foods. Then you're. You're golden. Everyone else wants you. then. That's the perception, so if these ranch are focusing on that and the barrier to entry is much higher than you know what's going to happen then right? I, don't know. That is fascinating wholefoods is they've always been that? I don't know that like local forager like not quite a farmer's market, but we're still cool. You know to like take the new and innovative and in weird brands in. I hope that never changes even with the Amazon Component. Yeah, I hope that never is either you know i. read something. Really. Funny Today was not funny. It's really sad. That like I think one day buyers expect one person of brands till like make past a year once they get on a shelf. Yeah I. Just read that on. If it's you know that numbers factual, but. It seems little on par just knowing that. Especially in beverage, the amount of cash start up capital that you have to have to launch a product like think about everything goes into production ingredients like everything goes into your call especially with those refrigerator product shipping, so yeah, it's really hard to sustain. Pass a year right and is everything that you guys ship is at all refrigerated. Who Yeah and so having all refrigerated supply. Supply Jane is a whole different cost structure. Right because you know instead of just being able to ship something via Fedex. Got Worry about that thing getting warm and you know if you're shipping pallets and trucks of these things that dollar amount adds up pretty quick, it does, and of course there are way more trucks available that ship. What is it that I'm sorry? Non Perishable Yeah. Word, what does the word only perishable? But? Yeah, they're a lot more people that ship nonperishable. Then there are shipped perishable, and then you have to think about. To See like direct consumer, are you do that? No, no, no, so like for us. What we're doing is using ARDITA. See more as a place where people can buy things in bulk or they can't do that in store. Just, appeasing the customers he ask, it's a it could be a place where you can offer exclusives tryout, maybe product for. The consumers react to it. Get some feedback, but is it a sales driver for us being a perishable product? Now Yeah? That's actually really interesting way to to use it though right because if you know, you're selling perishable product that has to be cold all the time, and you can't have sort of a DC giant business as a result than what you do, then you do stuff like that. It's actually a really interesting and creative way to view it actually. How did you guys come with that? That's a really good question and. Obviously City well, we. We had an opportunity last year. Where we could begin selling online, and so we were like okay well, let's just do it, but you know now we can. We have the ability to have subscriptions and have a loyal customer base, and you know kind of like really built out like a newsletter program again. give you know exclusive deals to our loyal customers, and so we saw this entire way the we can kind of build a community online through this little driver and we just we're refining it now. Of course you kind of just push things out. See Rakes refine later. But I think it's been. It's been going pretty well for us. Just as an awareness driver, and appeasing those loyal loyal customers or even customers that are in bumble fuck, Minnesota. Have no health food stores, and your them and they really wanNA order the product then they're gonNA. Order it online, but that's awesome, and so when you guys I got into whole foods. What was that like? What was the you know, so? You have a ton of beverages snacks, and in even retail store and he grocery store. You can have five thousand skews something like that even more and so like what really hooked on like. What was the process like? Like talking to the buyer, and and doing all that so we before we got into whole foods, we run about forty stores that was across two states so Chicago and Michigan and then we actually lived really close to the regional office in Chicago of the whole entire Midwest well so winner for meeting. They allowed us to do a test in two stores. I think it. Lincoln the Kingsbury Location and Lincoln Park location so Nick Lakeview. Like, very link apart, so did that. proved ourselves out, and then were invited for that big big big meeting. Because, of course they're really excited about something. That's new and innovative. which it was you know at the time when you see some competitors now, but we were kind of at the forefront of the nut trend on, but during that time it's really funny. We went to a rebrand to so then again. The skepticism came from whole foods or like. Are you guys ready for us? You know we need you. Guys have all your ducks in a role like you need to have. Your production facility already lined up for co-manufacturing the self. Manufacturing is no more like can't do that anymore. You need to have a shelf life. That's like past thirty days where you're only real ended thirty eight show. Like, we had all these things that we were getting away with. And when you get to whole food, you really have to have all your ducks in a row. You have to have funding. We have to be prepared for whatever they're going to whatever deal. They're gonNA. Give you, so. We actually had stopped selling Oliver other stores In at the beginning of two thousand sixteen kind of just went back to the drawing board, reformulated no change process method to get a longer shelf life. We rebranded. We came up with quakes richer five before and yeah, we presented the whole foods. They were super impressed the. National L. which is amazing and never happens, and then there's like Yay, but then because I only fuck. We're going from forty to four hundred stores overnight. As amazing as Get in there, right? You got your product you doing doing a reform which co manufacturing facilities, who no longer doing self manufacturing, and then and then also changing the name and the. I mean that's a lot of stuff to do such a short amount of time, oh yeah. I'm like how heaven aged have no idea I. Remember was like twenty four hour days from anywhere from like reformulation to dislike brand name expirations, and like everything was packed into that short period of time. That's what it takes. You have to grind for what you want. There's no cutting corners when it comes to that. This is the big time. It's like you've been playing in the AAA who've been fighting in the. Tough man competitions, and all of a sudden in the AFC calls like well better. Have all of your training in line? You don't get another shot like. If you go, and you promise that whole foods buyer like yeah. Hey, we're GONNA. Have this big national rollout, and then you say like you just didn't ship product Oh that almost happened. Did you really yeah? Here's a juicy juicy, and this wasn't setup by the way I didn't. Like all too convenient array. So, yeah, you get one chance and so we had actually picked up and moved to La and wanted to be really close to our action facility. Thank, God we did. Thank God. We had ordered materials enough for two runs. And not just one because we went into check one day just right before it was posted ship nationwide, and we found one box. Spoilt started checking all the boxes. The entire production run spoilt. Shit Oh yeah, do would yes. My stomach was in my ass. Can't even imagine it's like the worst. It's like all of your dreams. I just flush down the toilet. So, we called in. A favor. Like Oh. My God like here's our situation like you know or else. We're out of business. They let a slide in for like an emergency. Run you know we had to. It was actually it was like something as little as like missing kill step. We didn't have before because when you're scaling. Of course. So you know fix that. Shifted. You're good to go into the store. I know I mean I mean if we if we. So we could have the problem with that is when we shipped. We weren't like we were a little bit late, so we didn't hit. All the stories are once so that we had to kind of catch up with out of stocks and I'm starting at the Voids That was tough. It was like three months of lake, chasing our tails, trying to fill the voids that we missed on that first shipment, so nothing was perfect we had everything and he had dreams there, and then it was just like oh! Here comes the the downward spiral. That always happens when you have you know everything happens great, and you're like okay. What when Shit GonNa hit the fan I know it. And then it was hitting the fan wild. That is so wild and the voids. Again basically means that your product just isn't on shelf and a place to should be on shelf exactly, and did you go around and say okay now we're just going to go into every individual retail location, and just talk to the buyer and get it on shelves. Like how did you solve that that problem of stores that should have product not having it after the initial delay. Well, that's pretty tough, right? You can't do it on your own it. It was only three of US literally. Three of US I working for the company at that time, so we had to hire merchandisers, and those merchandisers were people feed on the street who can go into every single store? And you literally had to be like micromanaging like like making lists every week. Did you check this out? Check this off? Thankfully, whole foods like gives you data, so you can actually like. See Imagine if it was another store. Yeah, it's hard very hard and a lot of stores don't actually do that a lot of stores. They don't give you the data to look at exactly. Like thousands. Hannity, that's another one of those barriers like you're saying right like once and once you hit the big leagues. You got all your ducks, and you have to have the funding and all those things and one of those reasons that you need at least the funding opponent. Is that well? If you want to know what storytelling in and knowing, you have to buy data packages very expensive very expensive. Yeah, it's almost not fair. Yeah, you might say it's built for giant multi-billion dollar multinational corporations for. It now you see a Only one person survived. Because you're like Oh. My God I just thought you. Throw the product on show in. It's their right and it sells because people like an looks cool boots food. Meyer should be fine. NEW Quite that is yeah, so now you're getting the DISD thing. And and so these are they primarily going into like convenience stores, and that sort of thing? Yeah, they're hitting all those up. Mom and pop accounts for you that the the big guys won't touch because you know they. They work with minimum at the little. Guys can't afford, so it's like. How do you you reach the Danny's little local market DSP? Those are the guys. Will actually go in there and put your signs up and plays and things, and if you experienced yet any of this sorta like yeah, now, beverage industry knife fight stuff where like people are ripping your signs down and peeling your stickers off coolers and like all this insane shit. I cannot recall that being done to us but I it's so funny I literally went into a store. The other day to whole foods actually No, we have had it you. Like having more space. Other deals came in and ages bullied you out of your space, and they made more room for their product, which is a competitor, but no recently went to whole foods I was looking for this. T- that I really like clean energy and They were like. Oh, well, it should be a cold cooler, but now it's on the dry shove. Oh, but their competitor was just in your earlier this week moving stuff around dirty, so it makes sense I was like all that's. That's what happened. Yes, what happens there? It happens actually in the snack part of the business to, but especially in in convenience like there's just this culture going in there and ripping people shutdown. That's rude. It's crazy. Yeah, and know the stores. Larger stores are cracking down on that on. It's probably why they don't want them in the store that much. So that's why they have these plans. And then they're just itching. They're like waiting for the the plan again kind of. Like you know, wait out over time. IS COMING NEAR The sales and do whatever they want. Mess up the shows again. Awful Grazie and your products actually really interesting because. I'd consumed. How many brands like protein shakes like all of them? And you know from the from the metrics Teva Sido Sport. Naked Pineapple protein, which is like a million grams of sugar and. It's. Protein Lice alone is like twenty seven. For. A protein shakes, and you look at the. New Jersey bearing like wait a second are like for every one gram of sugar. There's point six grams of protein. Sugar converted into. Maybe, they're under shipped. What's going? And then the cool, the cool thing about yours is like it's it's plant based right, and that's oftentimes associated with sort of bad taste, or at least a has historically this chalky kind of weird taste, and yours does not have that. It's like extremely delicious. Ilia really I mean taste is number one right? If a person tries your product, they taste it and they have a bad experience. They're not coming back. You get that initial sale and that's it. No repeat customer, so that's why taste is always number one. Did you know when you're thinking about the taste element of it was? How did you think about the formulation of that? Was it? These are the flavors that are popular now. That we've tried and tested and we think are good. Did you try to consumers? And like? How did you come up with those flavors and then and then formulate them because like I said they're. They actually taste really really good, yeah? I mean it's a little bit of. Let's start off with the basics to vanilla and the chocolate. Let's make the chocolate really like rich like a cow powder. So once we had those we were very fortunate to have really good relationships with the smaller mom and pop shops that will allow us to go in and demo the product even when we're in the middle of formulation just. Just like try it out and consumers get their feedback. We go back to our little commercial kitchen and reformulate according to like what the masses thought. Okay. Oh, it's a little bitter. Okay, so like. Let's make a little lighter and little just like sweeter on the taste. Just kind of adjusting I think that's the beauty of having a small business and startup because once you get. Bigger, it's really hard to go back and reform late in the just like every week, so we did that until we felt like we had a really really great flavor. It was like selling out like crazy and then when it came to extensions is like well. What appears well with Almond Milk? So before we had a Pumpkin, we had chai. You're kind of looking at a even like. Oh, we're drinks starbucks coming out, you know and then again the same process going into the stores, identifying the product and getting feedback adjusting accordingly. Ryan, so you do all that in the early stage in them. That way by the time they're does come knockin. You're like yeah, no problem we can. Go! Check out this vanilla bean protein chain was up. And so now you have a kito line of products, and so does all the hotness. At the current moment, a lot of people don't even know what that is. Actually I was looking at Google trends, the other day and googling Tito, and just like other words people are searching for and they're like is Pasta Kito and or chips keyed. CARBS. Exactly, it's like obviously no people have no idea, but I feel like. It just shows you that the word Tito is so sexy. Right to howl that people are just trying to find anything as Kito the trying to find it. Who? How has that product launch? Because actually? When did you launch? That was this year? Yeah, we actually launched product that the beginning of this year January. Start off fresh new year new you. So it's been amazing for us, The Trojan horse into mass markets mass retailers like Walmart and you know Costco they. They all want like every. That's all their customers are talking about the buzz of Kito so we have Akito product, and it tastes amazing. They're like we want it, and then you're like. Oh wait you have other products taste good. Okay, we'll take those two, so it's It's like ninety five percent and sales for is it did not cannibalize the core line which is amazing because that's always concerned. That was going to be question actually. Yeah, look at you. Yeah that was my next question. You know oftentimes when people introduce new lines of products or new flavors like just going to cannibalize the current sales that we're experiencing whatever it is and walking into the key line and having that sort of anti cannibalisation mindset. How did that inform your product development and the way that you marketed it like what made it different for than sort of the protein angle? What made it? Kito was just taking out of the sugar that you possibly could, and then maybe adding mcat like. How did you think through that whole thing? Yeah, so we did like a coconut milk slash coconut water base Keep that sugar really low still no added sugar Keeping the car was very low high fat, so it was like mcat we have. Very High Grade C. T. oil I think it was called C, eight, C, eight one other companies bulletproof. So. Yeah just having actually I think it's yeah, it's. So just having those call outs we changed. The call outs on the packaging Sit a little leaflet that we have the top of our packaging. It says on our core line eighteen grams of protein, but we don't call out the protein on the Keel. I would call out the mcat oil. So that's very important because you thinking about what those consumers are looking for when looking for Keita products, so it's just like. Tweaking the messaging a little bit and you know seeing with grabs consumers is were going to be changing. Our Choline Sake Koyo Protean. How quick he! So just making sure that the meshing just very straightforward right and what are the macro is like on the Keough shake five net carbs twelve rooms sugar. Let's see what else. Trying to. Talking to sugar. Protein Oh my God Three grams of sugar. What else can I say off the top? I'm not a huge. Let me grab one of those. grabble all talk talk in the interim. Kiddos an interesting thing. I was on a really strict ketogenic diet for awhile like two years and. It's actually really difficult to find quality ketogenic anything especially beverages and things like that I feel like I. Don't know when maybe you're hitting the market at the right time and being in January. It's actually really hard to define things like this. It is actually the beauty of this product is an indulgent solution for those around and Keto Diet. So when you're on Akito Diet. Of course, you have to get rid of all of your sweet indulgences. Your guilty pleasures and Canada's beyond a sugar free, diet, but here you're holding the chocolate Brownie which actually tastes like brownies? So you know no more of those. Craving it and you know I'm going to get out of Ketosis if I like Freakin Brownie like no grab your clear Kito, a hold you over in like that was like my life on the strict Ketogenic Diet right, it's like. I. Need some fruit towards them trying to. and find something to make it easier for you to stick to your goals. Yeah, that's awesome. So where are you selling the Kito one now, so we're in Walmart so we just got off exclusive with whole foods like hitting the ground running in. Were you were in I? Think it only took one month to get over two thousand counts with this one. So yeah, anywhere firm, who who just code I know offers in boulder. I know I was just there. That's what I said. Hey y'all. Whole foods, of course, airman just picked it up. So which is huge. That's great, yes. The whole foods Yep, the better knows you're. On, they're the healthiest grocery store owners, and also the most expensive Koshi store when I walk in there. I know that I'm not going to spend less than twenty dollars in. That might be for a bar. I'm single item. One of the people that work for me. They go to air. Want all the time. and. Walked in the other day, and they had this of strawberries, normal, tiny, little, plastic, thing and strawberries. And like you know how much this was much eighteen dollars. Why did you do Anik? Region. From the Burgundy region of France, but it's so good. It's like it literally like. Is So So. You don't feel that bad is especially their hot bar Oh. My God bars out of control is like I would go over to a bar versus a restaurant. Airlines bar is top notch. There I didn't know what airline was like a couple years ago and walk in that thing in Santa Monica. I'm going around like I. Don't know feels kind like new. York City Bodega a little bit, so chills really tall and. And, then I get to the hot part at Mike. That's what's going on here. What yes, and their epoch seven dollar donuts? Seven dollars donut yet would seriously. Good or what yeah has like mushrooms and ends of what? SHRIMP APP TO JIM boy. The textures perfect. It's worth seven dollars. Now I'M GONNA. have to go and try one of those. So, this is a seven dollar. Mushroom field adapted Jin donut probably Keno. It's probably packed. What else they're doing it. That'd be zero sugar, but it tastes like it's fifty. It's airlines like the experimental spot like the experimental food hot spot right now. Oh, yeah! Really expensive, but also all the cutting edge, cool shit, you go in there and see what the new trends are before. They even hit whole foods, and just the product selection is incredible. I feel like I'm in a different country. When walk in there just because they have so many cool items right I. Wonder you see Walmart Newtalk. These are Walmart right the. Warmer yeah to Walmart congratulations on that by the way. It's really really really awesome Walmart is taking more and more steps in that direction. Really really fast, right? It's like yeah, we want organic. We want natural foods. We want these things that are better for you and functional, and all these different things and I. See them doing it I wonder how long it's going to be before Walmart is like whole foods is now. A while right, think about the Walmart customer late they want to be healthy, but you know you have to kind of drive the price down because they're not gonna pay for healthy, and then on a little intimidated by so it was like the products that they're accepting are more on the I. Understand this, but I'm not intimidated by. Right yes. It has had that like perfect mixture. You can't just throw in like a atomic. You know or adapt Dejan Latina's bottled and expect people to know or by especially, if it's like five dollars, it's so as not going to be a whole foods in a while. You're seven dollar. Mushroom and data didn't donuts and Walmart anytime soon. I guess unfortunately not. Don't think that's going to happen. That is why I think a couple of the very first brands I ever saw in Walmart were. SAMBA's on Yeah, yeah, it was a while ago and then I. Don't know if we're trying to figure it out. But since then I mean they've taken in all kinds of things now. It's really interesting, but it's like okay. They're taking it in. Is it moving right? That's the question that is a question and I wonder, too. If they're putting on sort of a different set of KPI's relative to your, you know your full full octane Coca Cola's in your, you know full octane flaming hot cheetos. He added. They know they're going like palettes and Palettes. They're like okay. We'll lure standards for these healthy products because it makes us look great. It's shows that we care about our consumers and people wanna hear that they want to hear that out of their favorite stored at their store cares about them, so they're taking initiative to bring in more healthy products. Yeah, and more really can move the needle to. There's such an enormous business like it's a half. A trillion dollars like a five hundred billion dollar revenue business allow yeah, well in college. Kids love it right. Some some places. where I grew up. There wasn't a super bowl. There's like a regular Walmart and then they put Sumer Super Walmart in an like way out way way way out in the country, and so like everybody from everywhere is driving like an hour and a half hour, even just get to the mart to shop four anything. Yeah, stuff by like almost a cusco. You're like buying things you know stocking up because the low price is and you. You probably have a big family. No, maybe not you, but you know. Most of people have large families. They live in the middle of nowhere. That might live in a food desert, so they have to stop at Walmart closest this thing as everything fruit deserts isn't that interesting concept yet is food deserts I? Know I grew up in one. Explain a food desert food desert. Basically, there are no grocery stores miles. You know there's no you have to eat fast food. Because there, there is no place to buy groceries insane and had the walk. I had to walk like a mile and a half to get the or drive, and what if I don't have a car? You know screwed skateboard here and so I'm forced to eat unhealthy food because it's available and it's cheap versus me going to grocery store, and picking out fruits and vegetables and cooking for myself and. Creating a healthy environment for my family. I don't have the opportunity to do so. That's what a food desert is near mostly and low income areas Yeah, it's interesting like in. Even that was a very food desert like area. Everyone's eight fast food. It's just so cheap. It just like insanely cheap, you know. Go Get yourself a McDonald's mcchicken for seventy nine cents or WHATEVER THEY COST! You know it's it's. It's a really interesting thing because they've been. They've been able to sort of. Make this really really cheap food. That's like partially, not food you know. It's like the pink slime and stuff. I know it's so interesting because you know. When we did it, we did a lot of work at the pilot plant in a perdue. So that's Indiana and there are a lot of homesteaders there and they are pro this type of like GMO food because they say you know when we exhaust over resources like water. We're GONNA have we're. We're GONNA need to create genetically modified food, but on the other end like kind of take action early then we won't have to go to. We don't know the long term effects of this type of food, either just know like right now like people are getting cancer and such, but they're all also other free radicals and things that are causing that, so there's this huge. Do we are we pro? GMO or we do need to take action now. Kind of prevent that from happening in the future. The GMO subject is really really fascinating to it, so you have like the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that are very very pro GMO and you know in places that are not America right where they don't have sort of a constant and stable agricultural food supply GMO's can actually feed lots of people and prevent them from starving to death, right exactly, and then simultaneously in the US like yeah, but you know we don't want GMO's because of welfare litany of reasons right a lot of pesticide usage roundup ready crops biodiversity of this. You know just this. Monolithic weird like you know not really a natural version of farming pesticide residue in all these reasons, and it's really interesting, delicate balance, and it's like not all are the same either right. It's like some of the GMO's are made to resist pesticides, which is like terrible, right raised. Dump much pesticide. You want on crop ill in. It never dies. But, then, if you GMO like tomato, so it lasts lake five days longer from spicing it with gene from a Mingo. It's like okay well. That's probably fine. Yeah, long as you're not like putting a budget like weird chemicals on right. Yeah, yeah, I mean they're? I'm sure they'll figure out. You know better solutions for feeding the masses in the future like He does better farming solutions. But yet totally not down with the Monsanto thing. Argument Has Guys Yeah. It's interesting right and a Lotta food. Science programs are funded by Monsanto in the wake Dow chemical and the rest of them. Have you ever taken the drive from? We're in Los Angeles now. Have you ever driven up like through Central Valley through Fresno and stuff? Where the farms are where they're decals us like like on top of each other and like just laying in their own. or even by like the orange farms. There's all these billboards and all the billboards for GMO seeds Oh. Really ask wild. All farmers out there? Yeah, and so you're driving lions billboards incentive it being. You Know Coca, Cola or Whatever new movie! Coming out instead of do that. It's like you know Gede forty-seven bieb roundup seed, or whatever like dull your crop. theod Ian Salary. was so crazy. It is really hard. Fruit farmers to switch over to organic to very difficult. Yeah, it's like you know they're. They're kind of being. You know ruled by these bigger corporations than the amount of years and like startup. cavs takes switch over your farm to organic. It just doesn't make sense, so it's. Stuck stuck in his. Yeah, it's kind of tough especially when you're farmer right because the margins are tight already like when you're, you're not killing the game like it's. It's a tough tough business. You're dealing with weather. You're dealing with like you know just a bunch of wild pigs, coming and eating all of your Ullmann's bugs bugs anything every everyone your crap. It's like everything is left to chance, but these firemen I feel so. So bad for yeah. It's a wild wild business, and then if you WANNA, switch your farm from being conventional to being organic, you have to get you have to go through a transitional period, which is anywhere from three to seven years I. Think Right, and and you're redoing the soil and all the stuff, and meanwhile you're Burnin cash trying to convert it in hopes that you can figure out the way to farm organically. Because you're doing before, you can't do anymore. Yeah, so it's a really really crazy and tricky thing for those farmers I think, said deadly cycle. That's why the the big guys are the ones that can really afford to have the organic farms like little guys. There's no for them right. It's really sad. Wow, that's so fascinating yet. Super Fascinating you ever want to. Have Your own little more farm. Animals. Sheep Buffalo. I just want the farm for the. Twenty five dollars. Maybe a coyote. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. Over we have enough of them. Usually get some sprinklers. Sprinkling. Live in Seattle. All the TAB, you could have if you could have a farm and you can have animals on the farm. Like what animals would you? Choose. Your top three starting team pigs goats goats, really cute. Yeah, pigs are really smart. And then The little dwarf goats, those are the best way the small ones those are sick and then probably a horse you're. Right, around run around the Dombi apocalypse horse gives me real point to point B. Deva Sword. You gotTA. Have a sort pigs and check yet. I heard I heard sheep before pretty hard sheep. Yeah, so I think I'm a pretty equipped to be a farmer. Yes cheaper. She progressed I grew up across from field full of sheep. Shaving him in the summers and selling the wool and hall, thing and sheep there. They don't have souls for sure. asshole yet. They don't care about you at all. They know it's so funny. Take hurts my heart. Moved there like why are you talking to me? Do you have food. Leave. Cheaper Very. Apparent about the way they feel about you to. They're not sugar coating shit. You Know Me Sheepish. That might be well. Sheepish is exactly where that comes from. ME. Prefer to have just like sheepdogs I think it would be better. Oh Yeah. Cool have you. Know I know time travel too much now same. I really want to, but I just can't do it, I could see you a Husky yeah. Husky Doberman. That's a move. That's cool. What kind of stuff do doing besides like obviously running a awesome, tasty, delicious, healthy successful beverage brand? Yeah, my social life is beverage industry, but I love it I love it. I. Get to travel and speak to cool people i. get the meat so many cool people like I'm always fan, grill and like. This person and they actually WanNa talk to me. And then you know I love a huge outdoor enthusiasts now ever since I moved to California I, just like dip my feet into water and now Mike Okay. Wasn't. Where's the next trail? Like Woodson next extreme sports that I could try out is like love, the great outdoors always going on like fun. Little trip did Yosemite of course boulders. They're doing some hikes and yeah with the Oregon. So you, the national parks and stuff now and so you're new to the outdoors, yes. New Three years real vet. Awesome. I go backpacking and stuff all the time and hunting and whatnot, so yeah. What? What What campsite where you at in Yosemite Parcel, which one so we did a mistrial? Brin nearly glacier point we to make it all the way up there so like half dome. Hike and then we were. is really good. Time here because that's where all the waterfalls or like at their peak, and it was just like well. It become two weeks won't be here, so we did a lot of those cool hikes and Gossiping Grief Photos. I love photography's I. Take Nature Photos all the time. Yeah, we stayed out there. I think he was just like a two day trip and you know with some friends who actually got engaged at Yosemite were. When you were there now? We want to go back. You can. Excuse good enough for me to gets Yosemite. That's ethics like yeah, well. One thing is Yosemite is ultra beautiful like nobody. If you've never gone there, you gotta go. 'cause the waterfall you go into this big valley, and there's just waterfalls falling all around you as you're driving in just like this really beautiful and epic landscape and the weirdest looking rocks you've ever seen like flat sides of cliffs and Shit. It's pretty wild. It's like you're living in a wonderland like it's like avatars. It's crazy I was like wow, the earth can do this, and this is in my backyard. It's incredible. It's not that hard to get to know. It's not I feel I. Don't know what the percentage of people are. Who get to make it to places like that, but it's not nearly as high as it should be. Yeah, you're right. I think a lot of people also a little intimidated especially by the hikes like Oh, by this is, this is so narrow like you know I'm not in the best shape I'm not gonNa make it is like no, they're they're. They're a smaller hikes and things that you can do that I see. People bring their children there all the time and you know the older people younger people people of all ages, and all backgrounds is just taking that leap, and doing it not overthinking it right? Yeah, that's right and the outdoors have a weird effect on on your brain. I. Don't know if you feel like this, but when I'm out there, it's almost like an odd sense of clarity. It's like devoid of Wifi and Bluetooth and cameras and I. Mean maybe you're taking a picture yourself on a rock. Dangling off. Close I. Am to the Pitcher Dizzy count. Like all this other external stuff you know it's just not a lot of traffic and honk and people yelling which is provide you some some additional mental clarity like. Is that something that you get out of that experience? What what drew what sort of drew you to to the outdoors? He had definitely just the chance to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Have that mental clarity in also I, think people are just much happier when they're on the trail. You see people that are just smiling. They want it. They say hi to you and you're like Whoa. You're not like this in the city, you. You know his like a really great liberating feeling, and just to be like one with the earth. There's a search thing force bathing when people are going to the four is sort of a reignite creativity, and he just when you leave, you feel so much better, and you're ready to take on the world and you probably just like crush a crazy hike that you didn't think you could do and you. You feel like all my I just like crushed. His goal I'm really crush more goals like nothing could be as hard as what I did. He's like so many thoughts and amazing feelings are going through your mind. Awesome. Did you stay in ten out there? I made a makeshift tent is really funny, so we had We have some friends who actually. Live in Yosemite because he worked there, so they have a campus. Oh, we! We stayed there, but I was I was really allergic to their dogs. They had so I like went out into the truck in like made a makeshift tim had. Like a little sun roof so I could see the trees. It was real cool. Real peaceful. And it's hilarious. But. That was a rude discovery. You're like Oh. Yeah, stay in this little thing in the your dislike is close sneezing. Yeah I was like Oh I. Have Asthma, too, so it was like through excluded. The get outside in the fresh air. Did you? Have you seen any animals yet out hiking on those little frigging squirrels all. I haven't seen any like epic epic animals I mean what a coyote here and there Cayo last doesn't streets in London as like no. Other foxes. Saving! More, enough trashing animals. And nothing really cool I probably would forget a mountain, lion or something crock show. For. Bear or bear yeah, which I used to think. We're really friendly. Until I like went down the the deep dark web in south solid. All my God I'm on my favorite. Bear attack. Skill. That's right. I watch a lot of. Animal attack videos. Yeah just a prepares. You know just because it's like. What nature does like that's hey. Yeah, it's Yogi bear. Not Real. No, no boo boo also not real. Advertisement for thought they bears were right. They're cute and cuddly, and they've like eat peanut butter. And Jelly and ship yeah an honey. Generally they eat humans. Right. There was this giant giant bear that I came upon in June this year I was backpacking in Seattle and It was the biggest bear. Seem thing was e Nora's huge may Obama's by himself. Yeah it was. It was cool Razi. Unfortunately, he didn't want anything to do with us, I have my sidearm. Fortunately, so I felt fine. But yeah he was you. Don't you also realize how athletic they are? Because the bears kind of inner about this bear you know, and he's maybe thirty yards away or something like that and he's do do do do just like hanging out. Is GonNa win? Leave falling through the grass and the forest, and then he sees this log, and then he's just. fucking leaps like a cat would lead just. So fast, it's like five six hundred pound animal. was like Oh. That's the thing to be afraid of all yeah. I heard the females are more dangerous. Yeah, depends essentially two types of bears it. You don't want to really run into. One is a predatory male bear, and the other one is a female with a cubs. Yeah, because what bears also do, and the reason, the females are so protective over the cubs is after they're done eating the first thing that especially grizzly bears do is they go searching for for the female bears to go eat their cubs. Oh, yeah, heard of that! That's so sick! That's crazy. Right Guide you have. Bears are default cannibals, these guys. The females defend the the cubs, and and so if they come upon a human that they obviously don't know that you don't want to also the cubs, and so they're ready to go. And Bear Ever Eaten Bare, actually yeah, yeah, Fares are wild. That's awesome. It's a rare thing that people don't grow up with the outdoors, and then they discover it which is like really really cool to hear actually. I grew up in the concrete jungle She were intimidated by the greater doors. It was like Oh my God. There's a leaf on me got to bug. freaking out at everything by you, Kinda just like. Get your feet wet and you're like Oh. This isn't that bad. After actually. Wallace's liberate great. This is why I have not done this my entire life right you know, and it just helps you i. think overcome other things there's is a mindset is a month shift, so yeah, a lot of people think about most like people live up in an urban environments. They're very afraid to get out into nature and just enjoy with the good earth has to give us Ryan which isn't say, and that's probably why people don't really care about the environment too. Because, he's still doing. That's actually a great point. Yeah, yeah, because if you do grow up in the concrete jungle, you're used to you. know the garbage man coming every Sunday or whatever and there's trash in the streets and shit everywhere all the time and in nature like there's no one to go clean up your mess. Exactly his. You have to respect nature. And? These people they don't respect it. Because the they're not. They don't fill part of it. They just feel like maybe inconvenience. Oh well, maybe we need to build on this land. Is just yeah, it's it's a different perspective so I'm. Thankfully, there's a lot of. Talk Right now. Climate Change and sustainability and everybody's jumping on the bandwagon. As they like to do so. Maybe we'll see some change in the future I hope so, and we need more people out into the forest for sure Oh, yeah, how can we do that I don't know, but we gotta figure out some planning. We got a start like a nonprofit called Gabon the four before bitch. Kidding. It's an initiative to help. People care more about the environment has four create a healthier world to live in. A Real I do feel like there is a need for that though I really do. Feel like people would want to do it, too, they would. And so, what Where did you grow up when Abraham to grope in south side of Chicago Soundtrack Chicago, and how different is that from la? Tilly! It's very segregated You know like I, said Food Desert Everybody's just trying this revive. Some people don't even make. Too intimidated to step outside of their neighborhood because they feel like they don't belong anywhere else and then here in La. Everybody's just like you know. No one cares about what race you are more like a classes. You know everybody just like integrated living together the very calm, a lot of noise out in the street. Which I love Oh. My God I'm so used to hearing sirens all the time. Even live downtown Chicago was always sirens. Some of those getting hurt. Someone's getting shot and here is like it literally is lowland. It's like unreal. Yeah, it's the to me. One of the best places to live in the United States la is It's interesting because I think a lot of people don't know what else is now like. And they think of smog or they think of Hollywood I think if something. But it's actually not very smoggy Hollywood's very kind of small spot. You know of his ball. Part of La and it really is sort of a really beautiful place. When did you? When did you move here three years ago three years? And it was crazy because you know, I've found my place online I saw at the day I, moved in that was how abrupt the move was, so it was kind of like taking a leap of faith in seeing like well. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out, but this is my first time really moving away from home, so we just going to insert myself into a new environment. See how it goes and has turned out great. That's sick. Yeah, and so, what prompted the move to? La Was it for the business yet definitely wanted to be closer to co-manufacture because of course. Have that I. Do it right there? And do you think I mean? I moved to L. A. for the same reason from San. Diego before You know I feel like the bigger cities like this are certain hubs. The can have the talent in you know for lack of a better term kind of the I dunno, the societal steam of some kind that helps businesses grow Have you found that in la like feel like the start up culture here is is pretty alive and well Oh. Yeah, definitely you're running around like Oh why does it have a job why? But, yes, super easy to find talent here because everybody's like creative, everybody's like into health food, or you know definitely a large food senior, especially on the west side like Santa Monica Venice so that's really helpful just to have those resources and people you can go to not fill alone, versus in Chicago very very like maybe only like there was a maybe a couple of other food startups back then so not really anyone that you can call on if you needed help or advice or a contact, so yeah here it's like find your tribe. You know run with it the resources. The weather's always great. Everybody's like. Really relaxed. Interesting dichotomy to the hard working but relaxed. Yeah. It's an it's like you know somebody who who grows up maybe harsher environmental. He's like like I did and I'm sure you did. It's it's. People aren't very relaxed now. They're not no, not at all That's what's wonderful about the like show office and sweatpants. If you want to you, nobody's going to like you know. Take it too seriously. It'd be like Oh. You need to put on a series and be like CBS Duffy, and now this relaxing we want you to feel comfortable and be in the best mindset, so you can be creative and Mo- most productive yes. I remember there was so. We had these intern. They all had a flipflops on and shorts and. This is a while back. This dude walks in I can't remember what city was from, but one of those like Maurice Kim. Now maybe it was Cleveland, or maybe it was yeah now Pittsburgh or something, and he walks in in this full suit, and he walks into the office of his briefcase and stuff, and it looks around with their buddies and he's like Oh! This is what California's why. He's eight a lot of police. You allow him to wear. Sandals. Lobster? Nothing like. Schooling your suit. seriously. I think could function in like the Tote I. in fact I am sure I could not function in the totally suited up life. No, it'd be Raff right? Yeah, to rough just like very just changes your whole entire dynamic, and it makes you just like this PC asshole. Like just like metamorphose into. God that's hilarious. It's true you. Wear cufflinks. What the Fuck Zach yourself too seriously. Is that a pocket square? What are you doing over there? Banquet going on, you have a pocket, square and cufflinks. Can Pocket Square planting. On something in their. Awesome so so you guys right now. You're obviously just launched this new Kito Line. Yeah, the protein line. That's already super, delicious and awesome that you've been doing for a while. You're getting more distribution link. What's the next year two three years? Look look like for you and Koya. Dhamma, mateen domination combination, yes, world domination, actually our mission is to spread plant based nutrition to the masses. Yeah, you know that food desert thing kind of hits home. It's like how can we have products like Koya in grocery stores? How can we pave the way for? For other healthy products to be in these like comedian stores, and the smaller stores where you know in debt are in food, deserts, and have like you know cheap crap. Like how can we provide a better option at a affordable price and give you the nutrition? They actually tastes good, and you're not compromising on anything, so that's our. That's our goal like world domination. On! There's a bunch of very easy and AMIS for you to go after I. Feel like even in like the faking. For Protein space, so yeah, yeah, there's a lot of targets on a lot of backs right now. I feel like Oh. Yeah. Yeah, and you know what I think. The the thing I love most about this industry you know we can be. Who you be a little catty, but we're always. All of us are pretty much go after the big guys. We're not really going to each other. Actually. We're all working towards the same goal and kick them out. It. That's right. Yeah that's. Actually is a great point like it was in the food space. Yeah, you're competing maybe with your direct competitors natural foods, but really you're competing against the big guys and the incumbents, and you know those multibillion dollar CPG organizations like that's who we're really going after a unit exactly, we're a little natural food army. Foods Malaysia. Love it. So where can they find more about Koya and yourself go to just drink Koya? Yes. Nailed it K IRA is how you spell Koyo, drink Koya! DRINK KOYA DOT com. You know facebook group. We got really cool secret if you're really into. The secret facebook. What you might find right. Maybe some new recipes may be some secret product launches in the future away knows what's in their nose awesome, and what about your personal instagram? Where where can they follow you? Yes, I admire Jay French show 'em a J. French like the language Jay French on instagram drink soya. You should drink it if you don't already. It really is really really delicious I'm not saying that just because you're within striking distance of me. Go, check it out and thanks so much for Viola shows. Thank you all for listening to this show as always. If you haven't done already, please press subscribe button. Hey, you're already in APP anyway right so double tap on those air pods, or whatever you got in your ears and subscribe to Joe. Don't be shy. Leave a rating and review, and if you want slide into my DM's on the Graham at I N. G. E. R. S. O. L. L. M. I k., adding all in on the Graham or any of your other favorite social media platforms, and let me know what you'd like me to cover the show. Would you like don't like Carlos? Sorts of things and I do appreciate all of you that are listening to my voice, right? I don't know I. Just decided to go into the sukey radio voice mood, but anyway I will not bore you with any more of this tro hope you enjoyed this episode and until next time I'll chat at you in peace.

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Cattle Current PodcastAug. 12, 2020

Cattle Current Market Update with Wes Ishmael

04:41 min | 5 months ago

Cattle Current PodcastAug. 12, 2020

"Cattle futures extended gains on Tuesday. Inclusion of beef and daily meals has remained steady throughout the pandemic according to the new meet demand monitor coming up on your calendar market update with. How did all this is where Ishmael with your Kelkar market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the twelfth of August although too few to trend. There were a few early negotiated cash fit cattle sales in Kansas on Tuesday at one hundred and three dollars one hundred weight on a live basis and a few in the western corn belt at one hundred. Five dollars the recent bump higher and fit cattle prices, and a promising outlook for more of the same this week along with higher wholesale beef values help cavil futures gained a little ground, Tuesday except for seven cents lower in the back contract live cattle. Futures closed an average of seventy three cents higher across a range of fifty cents to a dollar fifteen higher. Fear cattle futures closed an average of ninety three cents higher. Choice. Boxed beef cut out values eight cents tire Tuesday afternoon at two, hundred, eight dollars and eight cents. One hundred weight select was a dollar nine higher at one, ninety, five oh to. Grain Futures Mainly Hubbard on Tuesday as traders awaited Wednesday's monthly world agricultural supply and demand estimate. Corn futures closed fractionally higher to a penny higher through May of twenty one and then mostly fractionally lower. Soybean teachers closed unchanged to a penny higher through March twenty one and then fractionally lower to three cents lower. I had final results of press time from just a couple of weekly Tuesday auctioned. yearling cattle sold on mostly good demand. Mile City Livestock Commission Montana were thirteen, hundred, seventy, seven head. And fierce tears in her. So mostly steady at bluegrass dockyards in Lexington Kentucky where there ten hundred and thirty, six ED. Major. US financial emphasis closed lower on Tuesday apparently pressured mostly by confusion surrounding government attempts to develop another round of covert economic stimulus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed one hundred and four points lower the S. and P. Five, hundred closed twenty, six points lower and the Nasdaq was down a hundred eighty, five points. For All of the chain spawned by the pandemic overall inclusion of beef and pork in daily meals remained steady from February through. June according to the first multi-month summary from the meet demand monitor. That project partly funded by the beef and pork. Chekhov's tracks, US, consumer preferences, views, and demand for meat with separate analysis for retail and food service channels launched in February the meet demand monitor summary includes data for more than ten thousand survey respondents. Among highlight grocery, meet demand peaked in April while food service meet demand was lowest that month. Taste freshness safety price persistently rank highest importance to protein purchasing decisions with price increasing important since the pandemic began. Away from home consumption of beef and pork for all three daily meals declined since February. Across restaurant groups the fast casual group gained share perhaps reflecting dry through or curbside capabilities while the local independent group. Washer. Finally across sources of protein for at home consumption, the grocery store group gained prevalence while the mass merchandiser group lost share. Agricultural economists at Kansas State University and Purdue University provide coordination and analysis for the meet demand monitor. That you're Kelkar market update for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the twelfth of August. This is West's long. Thanks for listening.

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Ep 0: Hello, (I'm) Hilary

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

14:08 min | 1 year ago

Ep 0: Hello, (I'm) Hilary

"Frankly, my dish. She does give a damn. Well, what was your welcome? With Hillary rush for. Your wealth in ethnic. Hey long. Welcome to be your welcome podcast with myself, Hillary rush birds where you are. Welcome whoever you are to pour a Cup or glass in my virtual living room. And you're welcome hair toss in advance for the wisdom vulnerability in this. And every episode I'm style expert and entrepreneur who explores what makes women feel beautiful and so passionate about inclusivity. I named my company dean street society after the Brooklyn street, I lived on with the same vision is today, we're next door neighbors, and you can knock on my door at midnight. When the deep grief heads Monday when our favorite show is on. Or you just got the most exciting news and deserve someone to jump up and down with you. I'm sharing here in depth the conversations that have resonated the most with you on Instagram where I'm at Hillary, rush Vert for more joy and less overwhelm in your style. While business and most of all your life with per my signature, sign off grace and gumption. So if this is our first time meeting, I wanna briefly share my story. And then I would genuinely love to hear yours if you'll come leave a comment below my latest Instagram post, whether you hear this day, it goes live or five years later. I read all those comments, and it's so helpful for me to better know, you where you live old. You are if you're a mama or an entrepreneur how you found me or this podcast helps make everything I create for you better. My parents didn't know my gender. And according to my dad, the doctor had asked the names they had for a boy or girl. So the first words I heard when I came into this world were Hello Hillary to announce that I was and a girl hence the title of this episode, but do not fret we are going to skip swiftly ahead. So I'm a middle class southern California girl. Daughter of a minister slash professor slash author slash speaker. And a stay at home mom torn turned event coordinator, my first career was as dancer and actor in musical theater coming to New York right after college think six weeks later to be exact terrified cry. The entire flight having been cast in a Broadway tour that changed my life followed by years as a singer with the Radio City, Rockettes and all that jazz. If you have ever wondered, if you've already peaked hardy coolest thing you're going to do at in my case twenty two or wondered if you can make a total career shift since that's no longer what I'm doing. I get it. I was looking for my next chapter not over my career, but definitely over the mind numbing jobs. I had to do in between shows like catering and temping. I was researching graduate degrees in theater in London as my planet always been to become. A professor like my dad, a choreographer or creator mentor teacher hint. I find that. Sometimes the dreams and plans, we have when we're younger, maybe they aren't really right for us. When we revisit them, but they often have clues, but will be do love or value. Because turns out I do exactly that create teach mentor just without trap shoes and minus college students so in January twenty seven I sent an Email to a handful of girlfriends entitled prayer for what the hell I'm doing with my life. I told them I was taking suggestions of what I should be. When I grow up and surprisingly, every one of them wrote back something having to do with clothing, organizing closets being a personal shopper fashion. Merchandiser? I had never seen myself as a stylish girl, though, I did have a color coordinated closet way before conduit was cool and mostly as a very poor. Actor I had a knack for shopping on a budget. That would have people ask where I got something and be shocked when I said target or forever. Twenty one saying I can never find anything. When I go there. PS you probably have gifts and skills. You aren't even aware of they just seem normal to you easy to you. You don't even realize that they would be or are such a blessing to people around you whether as a business or just being yourself. So I started personal styling I found my first two clients doing a quick Google search for Brooklyn personal stylist just to see what was out there and stumbled upon a mom's forum where someone had asked for recommendations half, the mom said just go to Barney's, and they give you one for free the other half of moms. We're like, yeah. Can't afford to shop Arnie's. I'm at more like the clothes. I already owned from J crew. And I was like these are my people I had no website. So I just replied Hello. I'm a personal stylist. I don't have a website yet. But I specialize in real women with real budgets, and I've nannied for families in Brooklyn that I can provide references from within twenty. Four hours to women had replied to to book me, I was like tear. God I hear Hugh who would you want me to now something you should know about me is that I will really make things happen. If I am committed to them. I do not know how to cook. I'm just not interested. My old roommate Ryan used to put on jazz, poor glass of wine and wall surround. Our mouse infested fourth-floor hell's kitchen walkup where we would shout at our neighbors through the floor to come up and hang out. That's how in the floor was so Ryan's waltzing around the kitchen where he cooked. He loved it. It sounds relaxing but much to the chagrin of my new husband. I just could not care less. I've never also I don't I don't have an old husband. I don't know what the right phrases. I always on weird when I say that he's new because of these recordings we just got married less than two months ago. But I didn't have like. Three old husbands who all disappeared. Under mysterious. Circumstances are anything that you see? So I have also never been good at this thing called working out for more than a few months. Also has this recording. I am the proud eve of two full weeks of two classes per week out a Pilates studio people, I am very proud of myself for this. So what I mean by sharing this is I'm not that woman who can bake French macrumors runs. Marathons always has a picked up house dashes off DIY projects will home school my kids and hike Mount Everest. I'm not driven to be that wonder woman of which other women claim I don't know how she does. It all my one hundred percent honest goal. When I started business was knowing I'd be crazy for the first few years, but then ultimately determined to build an empire and be a good friend someone you wouldn't have. Date to call at midnight in tears thinking. She's too busy or I'm really proud of her. But wish I saw her more often. Now, when I m passionate about something, I am a force to be reckoned with I will go to the Rodway tour addition with zero experience because I do know at least, I am a fierce tap dancer. All moved to New York City. We've been the whole way because the door. God flung open is so good. I can't say no, no matter how terrified I am. When I have the idea for a nonprofit taking arts education to my friends orphanage in Nigeria all have twelve to some board, a website beholding fundraisers collecting supplies within the air that nonprofit will fail a story for another pod. But all learn lessons that mean when I have the idea for a business as the stylist, I'll have through tears feel like there's a lot of Crinan of guys I will have through tears taking. A job in the payroll department at the real estate company so awful put my theater career on hold save up money, working miserable side gigs quit the payroll job. Thank goodness launch the company keep nanny and on the side to pay the bills and within about a year be supporting myself as what at the time. This is seven eight years ago. Now was an unfamiliar way. Less Instagram'd word that I previously thought applied to tech savvy men in Silicon Valley, not a Brooklyn based girl with degrees in theater and English. An entrepreneur what I've now discovered is when we make those scary leaps of faith. We find out things about ourselves. We would never have known. Otherwise, I didn't know when I started asylum business that there would be so many tears from every woman I helped I didn't know that size doubles zero or twenty two literally had clients at both. We all have the same insecure. Thirties and our bodies, and our beauty that we all suffer from what I call the hundred and fifty percent MIR that one part of your body your arms your stomach that. No. You're not delusional. You don't have banned. Michelle Obama arms and your stomach is not flat. But use it at a hundred and fifty percent of reality. Whereas to everyone else, you're just a size medium woman with a proportional body. I didn't know we have so many subconscious stories from age fourteen or eighteen that affect what we still seem the MIR at thirty four or sixty four Bs of what one mean, girl or thoughtless, mom or blame. Boy, we dated set. I didn't know being stylist wasn't as much about clothes, but confidence it isn't about. What society tells us, which is lose weight by more trends rules, right wrong in out. It's. About the realization that when a woman feels beautiful she walks in differently to first dates to final interviews and she walks out of bad relationships and life situations. She's more careful in what she says to a daughter more valued in the advice. She gives to friends she's more peaceful to be around because she secure in her beauty. And instead of that making you feel smaller it actually inspires you to live just as Joe joyfully that beauty encourages beauty. And that when a woman does not feel beautiful. There's like a weighty Greif film over what she sees every day what she says her potential her relationships, her joy. So I don't really read style magazines. I honestly don't shop that off in or own more closed than the average woman. But. But I do listen to the now thousands of students as my one on one sessions became an online sil- class which will become a book, and I explore what makes women feel beautiful which I think is the most important job. I never knew existed, and I also explore what makes us feel are life is beautiful. As my business grew half the questions I received were however my company, so I started teaching and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs. And after those first few years of accepting. It was going to be crazy. Like any new parent. I fought for what I came to call elegant excellence being successful without being exhausted. I'm ambitious, but I don't wanna be a hustler that word sounds aggressive. I want a lot more gracefulness in sharing that journey has made it clear that it's what's so many of you want to whether you're fellow entrepreneur or. Or a stay at home, mama or a nursing student, and it's what will inspire money of our conversations here, whether how to have deeper friendships or less priorities get more done in a day or Seymour growth in a year from my worst breakdown moments in business or what planning and surprising lessons. We can all learn from them how to shop a budget or the myth of the perfect girl. Boss, starting with a very vulnerable episode one in which I share five of my darkest moments in my body, money, love, friendship, depression, and more. It's live right now. So go, take listen. You're welcome in advance. One more thing, Mr.. PS at the end of every episode all-share something I am loving the way you text a girlfriend and article or something you found on Instagram like that. So right now, I am loving creating this podcast for you, truly. I felt super nervous today. Like when you're going on a really promising for state with a great looking guy who is funny and nice, and you're really hopeful for what this could be the start up. So cheers meteor to our first date and heads up for our aniversary. I love flowers grapefruit gym tonic and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Til next one say.

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It's The Ding Dang Episode

Pop Fashion

36:20 min | 3 months ago

It's The Ding Dang Episode

"Or Mayo this is Lisa and this. And this is pop fashion. Hello Lisa. Hi Car. It's October. Spooky season. It's upon US decorative gourds season Lisa and I cannot stop sending messages of skeletons back and forth between us it is fantastic. Specifically, one particular skeleton that is the overgrown man's Skeleton Vase L. at Home Depot it is twelve feet. It is glorious. By now have an interactive a our experience that you can see what that skeleton would like in your home space and it is fantastic. Like if you put man because the skeleton, it's a man. If you put that man on the deep end of pool, is could peak out a Houston. And look that's actually a great idea of what to do rain. So that's just to give you a visual if you like can't envision a twelve foot skeleton staffs, you saying just think about the deep end of a pool on how tall you would need to be to look out over the top of the water. You know so many retailers fashion designers are getting into this like a our space of like so you can visualize clothing or an experience, but this is the first practical application that I've seen that I've been lack cut job. This is what technology has been made for. Yeah. Like it's cool to see what a tent would look like in my living room but like it's cooler to see what a twelve foot skeleton man would like in my yard, where do you put him in the off season by the way? I think you just keep dressing them up like you make them into the Christmas tree to wrap some lights around him scally Santa skelly coupon. The possibilities are endless. You gotta think like a Merchandiser, Golly Arbor. Day. Tournament Noah fucking topiary. This thing cost three hundred dollars by the way was a twelfth skeleton I. Think you're paying for quality on this Burrito. You supersized it. This is like we're recording on October first by the time you hear this y'all be tired of actual. You'll be like I'm cold. Make It stop but Carman and I will still be sitting here on this same zoom call her whole week talking about the skeleton man. Never. Not Funny. If you can hang with him, you can't sit with us. Ok. Okay Do you WanNa do news. Let's do news. Let's start with our friend and philosopher Cardi B. the philosopher Cardi B.. As trademarking WOP. Singer. Filed paperwork with the US patent and trademark. Office. To trademark the term wop for a range of items that may include footwear clothing and headwear. The applications also cover alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Let it gear handbags luggage and baby items. If you are not familiar. WOP is summer hit released by Cardi B. and Meghan V stallion the Summer Dream Team. What does what mean? If a parent or a member of the clergy asks you this and maintain them, it stands for water prize. A prize. Cardi's online shop already has wok gear including an umbrella and a rain slicker emblazoned with the initials that spell out. What a prize? You can also get some costume jewelry or a crop top, which we should be calling adop-. Yes we should worm lay. She submitted a trademark application for her name to be used on baby clothes back in July. So this is not her first. Into the Trademark Universe so getting something trademark does not mean that you will necessarily use it and actually printed on things but it gives you protection from someone else using it without your permission. So maybe stay tuned for more wop related items or maybe stay tuned for some lawsuits when she goes after the people who might be violating her eventual trademark who knows what are their way I'm into it She's a smart lady. This is a great move great business move because if she doesn't do it other people well, she wants her money which God bless you get your money. Also I. was curious because I know she filed at a different categories. I was curious if she's doing like merch like any band would do merch or if she's like thinking about actually doing a lion of something like she's doing a clothing line or Shula. I could be both honestly I think the stuff that already is in her shop that has walked printed on it. I think would benefit from a little trademark after it just to show that it's basically official right but I. Think there is a lot of promise here when it comes to products like hello beverages beverages. One hundred percent. So I'm not entirely sure what her plans but I also don't mean to know I, will accept the mystery. There is some noise happening in my house. Can you hear? I heard kind of like a begging, but I thought it was like the microphone now that was me. It's like a whistle sound but. Spooky Ghost. Goes turned up now, girls like a pipe. Go your pipe don't destroy my dream. My neighbors were gone for like two weeks. I. Didn't notice like I didn't even know that they were gone but I knew they were back because the pipe started making millions ago. I was like Oh so nice when they're gone now because I don't like them just because it was quiet. So. One Prize. Yes, what a prize it is by the way. The best piece of writing I've ever done in my life was thinking about what wop stands for. And My? mind. maxed. I've got some good news friends. I- legit have some lovely news to share that we have been thinking about four years on this podcast, and that is California is the first state to ban harmful. In cosmetics. Oh my goodness this Lisa I need some noisemakers. This is so much fun to be able to tell everybody. California's the first State to ban twenty four toxic ingredients from being used in cosmetics. The law will take effect starting on. January first twenty, twenty-five five. So we got a little bit of time between now and when it goes into effect, but still it's GonNa fly if we make it a long time on fly. The harmful ingredients that are banned where connected to a number of major health, related issues and birth defects and diseases including cancer. They are already forbidden from a lot of products sold in many countries including the European. Union. But we are way behind it's been over eighty years since Congress passed legislation regarding the beauty industry. The last time was the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of nineteen, thirty eight. It's been that long. No no listener of this show was alive them a- guarantee it. So the twenty four things that are banned most of them, I can't pronounce but the ones that I can they're gonNA scare you. Mercury is an allowed anymore in beauty. I? Good to know only California thermometers only a formaldehyde long chain parabens which disrupt the intercom system. No longer allowed in California. Thank you and stay away from my thyroid. All the other states are still allowing this, but I'm really hoping that California is going to push other changes to because because companies are going to have to think about their supply chain and like, are they going to be providing one product to California and other products to the rest of the states are going to have to make some decisions about what they want their company to do and light of this legislation so I'm thrilled that this finally happened yeah. This is really exciting and like you said, things happen that sound weird in California but then you realize that the new like weird. hipster law in California is going to have an effect on everyone. It's like California just announced that cars are going to have to be zero emissions by a certain year right if you have a car registered in California and carmakers are like all shit. Yeah. What are we gonNA do because you can't make Toyotas for example and not sell them in California. California is the most populous state in the United States what happens in California at some point happen the rest of the country I am really glad that eventually there will maybe not these products near my internal organs or my ex or. Because we're putting these products like on our skin and keeping into everything Sarah. This is a great start wonderful progress and push it on your skin. You know where ultimately ends up in your In your life is anything like mine you put it on your face you end up with it in your mouth, eat all of your makeup, the lipstick, and all of that. It just goes right on in they're. Always Today in Marketing News? have. You noticed that when you're shopping online every Ding Dang website wants you to trade your email address for a discount on your first purchase your tuten right see that every time dern Tuten. Apparently this tactic is helping ecommerce brands corocha during the pandemic and brands who do it will have an edge in the next few years and I'm GonNa Tell You why? This is from an article from glossy that talks about the importance of a brand building up its own customer list with email addresses. By. Asking you to sign up on its website and handover the Kier inbox. It owns that list and that listed email addresses translates into value. It used to be that brands used cookies to follow you around the Internet. Once you looks at a product you know how like You see a pair of boots and the boots are everywhere on the Internet until you just by Goddamn boots. Hams all of us and it still happens but Google in the next two years is going to phase out use of third party cookies. So brands can't rely on using this cookie system on staying top of mind need to be able to find you and promote directly to you. Right. So we're moving away from this system of just like following you around the Internet giving you an ad. So many times until you break down, it's becoming more personalized. And there's also a dollar value to someone visits your website they have a tanner fifteen percent discount incentive to make the first purchase, and then if you're a good retailer, you've hooked them as a long term customer. Rebecca minkoff for example, offers fifteen percent off your first order when you sign up for the email list. And their website has seen a fifty percent increase in traffic since March. So you might you retailer you might spend a little more to acquire each one of these new customers by giving them a discount, right but you can go back to them again and again, and again with email offers to entice them hoping to build on that initial sale. Of course, there is a potential downside to this one. CEO told glossy that they're concerned retailers are training customers not to shop if they can't get that initial discount. And if your introductory offer is really popular, can be hard to tell who's willing to pay full price for your hand. If you didn't have that offer to trade email address for discount. So you have to sort of wait and see if the customer makes a second purchase without that. Once discount is expired they've used it up are they gonNA come back to you and pay full price? Are they going to be like peace? I'm out and I'M GONNA get myself email us. I get so many retail emails because I signed up forever ago and I just never unsubscribe and IDA's delete them every day when they come in. I. Don't know if you're the same way if you're a little more proactive than me. I do a mix. So one thing that I do at the beginning of the year is unsubscribe from a bunch of things, and so I do it at the beginning of every year just kind of like a clean plate club lake. Let's start fresh but also I do stay on some less because I'm truly interested in what the company is doing, and that may have to do a little bit with my job as much as much as just being a consumer. True. I I'm curious about the sale because I'm I may spend but also what's happening with your company? but the thing that's not mentioned here that I've seen in bankruptcy cases or an acquisitions is that. An email list becomes fodder for what something's worth what a company's worth. So you can buy somebody's Ip a by their assets including their email list, which means you bring those customers along if you buy a company. Which means there were something. It's not just like even if you're spending money as a company to give them a discount up front, you have to think about the long tail of that and how many people will stay on just to stay on and that is actually worth money. Yes. For the bottom line, it matters how many people actually open and look at your emails. And Click on things and make a purchase, right. But if the worst case scenario happens or if you get acquired by another company even in good times, right what matters is the volume of that list and how many human beings are on it how many people sign up with one email address, the injury offer, and then another email address to then also get the introductory off. I have done that. He just put on different hats at different costumes and you sign up under your different emails. Not. Saying. I've done that but I'm not saying that I have not. Not saying that everybody does that title but they do they do it with title. Have Course I. Don't I never even signed up I have spotify I'm a I'm a one trick music listener. ponies. I don't know I don't need titles, sounds like you have a I have not. I have just heard stories. You have a tenuous relationship with title. Okay. You don't WanNa let beyond say down but you also want to save a buck. I. Got it. I mean doesn't everybody really. It's true. Yet do next time you're like ooh I want my coupon. You GotTa think about what that fifteen percent is worth to you. You know true enough. Don't do it I'm kidding you can do it really doesn't matter. You know everyone owns us. Is King. And other news. Charming Charlie opened a store in. ATLANTA. Now this is a big deal because we thought this company disappeared where did it go the Phoenix rising out of the color coded ashtros charming. Charlie always finds a way back. A. Series store it went through not one but two bankruptcies. Twenty two last time got liquidated and is still common back. Love to see it. The last time I. Was In two, thousand, nineteen wasn't that long ago. But tis the season forced spirits rising from the dead and it opened up one new store but the big thing is more opening up this year and into next year, the next location will be in two thousand, Maryland. You, need to go. Fantastic. They want to open at a rate of twenty five stores per year. I like this is a fascinating story. So they're founder Charlie Chan Rats upon. The real estate firm he controlled bought Charming Charlie's intellectual property last year talking about the Ip right. And the thing that made the company really cool. So if you haven't been in one of their locations before at least I actually went together a number of years ago. If you walk into the store, their merchandising is really fun. It's all jewelry and accessories and a little bit of clothing a little bit but it's all done by collar. So there's a yellow section there's a purple and there's a blue and it's a really fun experience as shopper but one thing that made this company go into multiple bankruptcies is that some colors sold better than others. So overall, they were losing money and some big ways because one color wouldn't do as well as the others. It's unclear to know if they're going back to that way of like merchandising their stores I don't know if that's happening or not but I'm just so impressed at this company has been able to bounce back multiple times and it's a good store. It's fun like as a really great shopping experience. So I hope they're able to stick around. Have you seen anything about these square footage of the resurrected stores I have not but that is a perfect question to be asking my theory is so. Part of charming Charlie's problem along with like the color instability thing was that they had really big stores like it was cool to have like a color arranged experience like something for every flavor your life by. It was almost like. It was overkill like we would have. We could have done with like maybe half the space my guestimation would be that the new charming Charlie stores are probably going to be the size of Clare's. That's guess that I don't know that for sure but I would anticipate that they are going into I don't know the one in Atlanta is, but I'm guessing the one in Charleston is thousand town centre and I bet you, they're taking over a small space. If anybody goes take pictures. Let us know I'm very curious about how they execute. And tell us what colors are available because I wanNA know which ones didn't sell I wanNA sleuth out it's a comeback. I love a comeback and like fingers crossed because there I don't think there is a fun term for when you file for bankruptcy three times like it's like a thirty three it's a Turkey and bowling but like bad bad times this year in racist Halloween costumes Oh golly. Skipping a year. Oh No, we do this every year. Racism. Racism doesn't quit. Don't you know that? Did you know that you can get Halloween costume of a confederate soldier know Specifically of Robert e Lee The general of the confederate army in the civil war. Why every year? Why Lisa? Ever here. Just. It's the gift that keeps on vomiting in your handbag. Party city has stopped sales of two confederate themed costumes after being criticized on social media. The costumes were seen at a store in Arlington Virginia. And the interesting wrinkle in this is that the store was party city franchise. Corporate owned Party city stores don't sell those particular costumes. So you would think that party city's GonNa, like wash their hands at the best right 'cause they're like a franchise whatever now the company responded quickly with an apology shared with w USA nine in DC that. sort of takes the cake for good apologies these days it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good. It says. At Party city, we do not tolerate racism or hatred of any kind, and we stand together in solidarity with our diverse colleagues, customers and communities. Party, city supplies abroad assortment of costumes, none of which are meant to be offensive. In any way, we've reached out to our franchisees and other partners to remove it from all retail locations ace APP. We know that as a company we can and must do better we're taking immediate action. That's fairly it's fairly good meanwhile. An employee at the store told Fox business. The whole thing was an honest mistake that had gotten blown out of proportion. The costumes were surplus from local school events. They said, and the costumes had been in storage for more than two years. What's what what? Here's the thing I don't understand how do costumes get from a school to a party city and what? What is a confederate costume doing at school anyway what I don't understand this, but there's I have so many unanswered questions about the whole school aspect of this. But just in case you think like this is over and done with it's a weird anomaly. You can still buy similar costumes just about anywhere else. Good Amazon so we continue to be doomed. Damned Party city right now needs this win to what they are really hovering on financial bankruptcy I know because I was researching it today Halloween sales are twenty percent of their revenue for the year said, they need to hit it out of the park this year and Halloween's go look different. Different in the middle of pants stomach. So they can't screw up in any way. I mean this stuff should have never seen a sales floor franchise or not know anyway, it should never have been even created. But they needed to they needed to stick that landing without apology. They really did but I, I will also say that the pandemic is a bad time to have a store where the the title is two things you're not allowed to do right now. To have parties, you're not allowed to. Be In cities, basically That's that's a that's a bad situation for a store that trades in like paper cups right. They do a huge amount of business in helium balloons. Huge amount like the helium shortage that happened a year ago really influenced them. Yes. I was just about to bring up the helium shortage. Yes. Is that still a thing? We still short on helium or has the pandemic quelled the need for helium? You know I know a lot of things about fashion, but I do not follow the helium economy. So I'm not quite sure this year helium experts. Pop Fashion Oh no, that's not our email address just not fashioned dot com you can write in let us know. We have very thoughtful listeners. So I know no one here is going to have this problem but just like be thoughtful if you do a costume, just be thoughtful you know as a sidebar to the Halloween costume conversation, you know usually the problem costumes come from that company Yanni that makes like all the sexy costumes and a bunch of lingerie, and they said specifically this year that they were not making a taxi corona virus costume. Well, thank the dear, Lord somebody has some sense. But they made a whole bunch of sexy tiger king outfits. The I don't think we needed because the way to do a tiger can costume is to do it from items in your own home or from other store So if you're buying the sexy one from Andy, you're you're doing Halloween wrong not that you should look just make safe choices out there just like disinfect your entire body before and after you put clothing on and don't be racist that's all you gotta do. I thought costume of a box of doughnuts at target, and I was like, whoever buys that costume I want to be their friend whoever it is I know you got a sense of humor and I want to be your friend is that for an adult or a dog for an adult I mean it might come dogs is I don't know. I. Don't know their lives the box opened like velcro. Don't it happened it was like an open box of doughnuts and you just has different colored donuts adorable and how Larry's if only you could wear it to an office this Halloween right. I'm GONNA be dressed as girl wearing a mask. I'm going to be dressed as girls still stuck at home. Yes, we're we figured it out. On. You have more news. You do. I'll our is going over to Amazon luxury. You talked about Amazon luxury a couple of weeks ago and we were like, who is GonNa. Do this people who like money is Money wins out all the time news flash. Now, there is in the story perhaps an insight into why this is happening. So hang with me. The designer will offer a selection of pre fall and fall collections for a total of one hundred fifty ready to wear looks and eighty styles of accessories. To introduce the collection out Zara will show three short films in collaboration with Amazon. When asked about how the deal came about autism at the designer told ww deep quote. I had at that point started working on making the cut and Amazon Prime TV show. And this felt like a natural extension of my relationship with Amazon and away to continue telling the Aljazeera story with a great new partner. Because as it turns out, Joseph Algebra was a judge on the show, and here's how it happens. Folks. This is why. Because Amazon can offer a platform and they can offer people a TV show in order to market. Yeah and you know. As soon as you said making the I was like, oh. Yeah. Once you're involved in a production company, which in part Amazon is you WANNA stick with them right? It builds on opportunities right and of course Yeah. If you like money you're going to hang out with them. Yeah. Of course, this makes so much more sense now. There's a type of branding called when this happened it's like too much. Integrated. Omni. Channel Product. Maybe? It's maybe that's. Not Be on channel. It's like integrated branding. It's kind of like when you own all parts like Martha Stewart is a great example of it like she has the magazine which promotes the Bulls that she sells and promotes like the stores were bulls are sold like it's kind of like that like depth of integration. Yeah. Yeah. It's got to be some like integrated marketing marketing majors email us yards have your hand in the popcorn bowl. So just take another handful. Maybe, the bowl is made by Martha maybe it's made by you because you have a line of bowls for some reason, I don't know your life. If someone offered me to do a line of bowls, I would take it. It's passive income bitch. I'll work like a week design. A bowl get paid is that how it works? Do you remember when Rachel Ray started selling a bowl that was just for your trash? A trash can no oh, bowl it's the garbage bowl so she advocate make. Up Your makes us realize this is real life. This has been a thing for like longer than we've been friends. So Rachel Ray started before she was a personalities she was a chef. And she advocates for having when you're cooking a bowl on your counter for all the scraps so that you're not constantly running over the trash can totally. Yeah. So after a while the garbage bowl got so popular that she started making in her cookware line branded garbage bulls and they were cute. They're gigantic classic bulls great for when your throw up. Great from trash into great for popcorn at a party and like she made a shit ton of money on garbage ball's God bless her yup. That's just an invasion like sticking sticking name on a bowl of a sudden. You know. Yes. So if you are a bowl manufacturer, you can also email us. Just passionate about I. I mean who can blame him you know if you can't beat them join them. Capitalism is king as I said, and therefore just. into it. That it. That's it. Fashion News this week. That's it. That's all we got the type. I mean that really is I'm just disbelieving that we've wrapped our act up in a timely fashion. And never happens right? Well, we ain't gonNA listener letters. because all that came in today was junk mail and political enquiries. Therefore, we are moving on. To the other part of the show Lisa. Good Day, this week. My one good thing is having money when you need money. That's when you think you need money. So. I was having this problem that I will not tell you all the gory details of, but basically yesterday I finally said to myself. O. R, I. Think I need to buy a new tire for my car. And you can't buy one tire for a car. You gotta buy two tires because they have to wear evenly and so I made an appointment at the tire place down the street that I can take my car to and then home you know like broken alone. and. Price on the website. How much do I think this visits can cost because my head I'm already like this is going to be a three hundred dollar visit right tires, labor tire disposal. All I'm thinking about the worst case scenario and I'm like, all right. This is happening, but I have the money to pay for it. I didn't plan for this. This is why you gotTa Ding Dang Emergency Fund. Well, when I left the tire place today I spent a whopping thirty six dollars. Oh, right. I got an oil change. I gotta Tire Patched I. got an oil filter. Did you have a coupon? No. I do not know how this happened. Also, that's higher shop there lobby is it used to be an old diner? So they still have the counter that like you could sit out while you're waiting very cute but. It just that feeling of leaving a place in spending like a fraction of what you thought you were going to spend being prepared for the worst coming out with the best case scenario if feels really good and it takes a lot for a lot of people to get to that point it's me a while to get to that point where if things came up. I didn't have that feeling like panic and dread and know what credit card am I gonNa, put this on. So I'm just really happy that I didn't have to buy tires today and I only spent thirty six dollars and that. Is My one good thing. That's an amazing thing having an emergency fund. And the not having to use it. When you thought, you were going to have to use it like the best feeling if you haven't done it, you gotta try it Karn. What is your one thing? My thing this make I decorated for the fall and it made me really happy. Did you do you have space for our guy and I do not have space for our guy? I'll bet that would be hilarious is that would be a great prank. I could use your tire money to. Like really fiscally responsible and then I decided to take that tire money. We're just GONNA reallocate those funds and by Hank the skeleton. He. This is what happened. I was getting like just kind of frustrated down because of the world and my husband encouraged me to decorate the apartment which was the sweetest most inciteful thing about like, oh my gosh. This guy definitely knows me because he knew what lifts my spirits and so what I did is I decorated the background of where I have meetings. So when people when I have work meetings, people see what's behind me it's actually decorated for the fall and I put in some spaces where I can have like essentially Easter egg something that changes each week. Which is really really fun making me. Happy. So I have a little bored that I can put like words on. And putting just like released silly fall puns up there. I have a space where like the candle can change and also I have a few like a couple of small props that I'm going to use throughout the next couple months that I can switch in and out, and I used to be a merchandiser and this has been a long time since I've been able to practice these skills and it has made me happy and the funny thing is like seeing people react to it too because other people are getting a kick out of like when they have meetings with me, you know it's a small thing that brought me a lot of joy at also was a reminder and I'll remind you. To that just because we're living in a really weird time is you still get to celebrate your life you still get to celebrate it. Yes. You don't need to ask permission sometimes we need a reminder, and if you need that reminder I'm telling you today, you still get to celebrate your life. So take advantage and whatever way that you can that makes sense to you. If that means baking something that makes you happy or coloring something with your kids are one thing that I'm doing this next weekend I'm going to go get some leaves from outside and put him up there. You know something small, but it just helps me stay connected. Oh you're going to get bugs in your house. nope. You'RE GONNA. Get Bugs in your I've done this before I'm a pro ana how to do it you're going get bugs in your house. I really love the ear way of celebrating right now is to create a realize zoom background. It is yes to percent. You were like Oh Golden Gate Bridge Fuck that. I'm putting that that Shit back here. I got Pumpkin. Love like my new favorite mood is card in the fall. It's It's just so fun. Thank you Lisa. Girl if you've gotta lean in the fall to have a good time, Lena Fuck in how will I will do it. Enjoy, just just remember to bundle up. Don't WanNa catch a chill note. That's it. That's the show I'm Lisa and I'm Carin and this is pop fashion. You can catch up on previous episodes or send us a letter by going to pop fashion PODCAST DOT COM. You can also follow us on instagram at pop fashion podcast. My New Book Money Hacks is available. Now you can buy through Amazon link on our website or wherever you buy books. We'll talk to you next time and remember. Don't be an asshole. Not what I was expecting but what I needed Lisa? It was APP today. Goodbye.

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The Empty Bowl

23:31 min | 1 year ago


"Friends here we are once again. Talk about that the Lucious. Healthy candy. We call cereal. My name is just macro. I am a serial enthusiast. My name is dangle bear. And I am. A serial Pathfinder sorts or sort of a way away, keeping I guess shrinking sugary sherpa. Yeah. A monk of the Monchy path. Look everyone to the empty bowl a relaxing show about. Ariel meditative podcast. We ask that you shut off. You brain have many minutes. Relax closure is it's safe and just think out cereal. Because that's what we're going to talk about. Some some recent news stories news is putting it mildly. This one is this bombshell. This news. It really sounds like sort of the cabin is back cabin crunch. Who you might remember from his most recent new serials where the the chocolate you berry crunch and also the strawberry shortcake crunch, which really sort of underwhelming. They both tried and failed in the L the strawberry. But it really sounds like he sort of. Picking up the pace on sort of the the more tantalizing sweetness with a cotton candy crunch. That's coming believe sometime early this summer. It looks. I mean, it looks absolutely delicious. I can't lie. We're talking about crunch berries in the classic. Cotton candy, pink and blue presumably that would be vanilla being the pink and. Blueberry? Are blue raspberry perhaps that that delicious fake? Flavor. Really know how you sort of define cotton candy flavor. It feels like one of those things that when it's in sort of sweet product, it has a very undeniably like pinpoint -able flavor. But in reality it's much different sort of like the the fake watermelon of the world. Here's a slight in of Kerma. Liz Asian that I think would take place in in a cotton candy creation procedure that gives it some of its its distinctive flavor. I would have to imagine. Wondering if this might be sort of the cabins chance to sort of remedy, the many mouth laceration problems. He's had because if you could make the serial melt in your mouth and sort of just see with your palate, he could really like undo half a decade or so half a century of damage. I am excited by this flavor. I know my my four year old obsessed. I can't wait to try it. I really just need it for sort of the color theory, value alone. It reminds me of of rose courts and serenity if you remember those former pan tone colors of the year. They've always been in my head for for several years. And I can't wait to see them in the breakfast bowl. Do we have coming down the old serial shoot? Suspi of sort of the bluer fruit flavors, general mills new blueberry Cheerios. Have they have been spotted in stores already as recently as a couple of days ago. So you can expect them at most other grocery stores probably in the coming weeks or so I am I am looking forward to it. Yeah. It really sort of fills a void of blueberry that I think is in the serial right now because ever since sort of blueberry toast crunch disappeared. I've kind of been lacking that really potent burst of like those Kellogg's gummy blueberry fruit snacks. That are just so I constantly juicy. I used to be absolutely obsessed with very Muffin tops, which was a serial that I so much that I actually when I was back at joystick videogame blog. I actually got multo meal to sponsor a breakfast of blueberry Muffin tops at. Pax east one year man, many moons ago, but they brought like tons of box of cereal and milk for everybody. And it was it was joyous day. I wonder if you guys just sort of tanked their supply, and that's why it sort of off the market after my part in marketing it, I don't know. What else they needed for me? There's actually if you if you search YouTube, you will find a very stilted interview that I did with multiple at the event talking. I love Lou very Muffin tops. I bet that one has to be a sort of bent on coming back soon just because multiple sort of understanding their value as that underdog cereal brand, it can really latch onto a classic. Now this next story. I don't know if they're if we've had a better fit for our sort of brand next next headline. Yeah. If there ever were sort of a calming Serio podcast translated into a real serial. It might be Bob is the joy of cereal, which is sort of the. The latest in a long line of promotional tie-in cereals, you can find FYE the usually go for like a lot more than a normal cereal box. And they're usually always as is the case here just sort of out rings paired with different shaped marshmallows, but it's really one of those instances where whether you need this. Maybe an art piece for your living room or perhaps. Attallah's man of positive or as the room in which he listened to this podcast. I think it might be a perfect fit. There's some very interesting marshmallows here. I am intrigued by the amount of I'm assuming money and time that went into creating all these trying to read here on the tech charming little cabin marshmallows. For the first time a lug heaven has ever been perhaps made edible in marshmallow form. There's also lovely little bushes, which believe is for the vegans out there. Happy little trees. Obviously. I think. The most impressive to me is the happy little accident, which really just looks like it's sort of looks like yoda's head, but it's entirely red. Saucy pair of wax lips. Maybe a spicy lemon. I won't be eating that because I'm very unimpressed with license cereals was put on at the end of the burning may too many times. Yeah. If there's not even sort of a miniature Bob Ross campus in there or perhaps on the back of the box. They sort of missed the unity paint by numbers on the back of the box. Be amazing. Oh, yes. And you can sort of smear the marshmallows in to your. Amazing. I am so excited to talk about your first as serial review. Yeah. You just sort of texted me out of the blue about this one and said you have to get this serial to try. It's imported all the way from Mexico. So you'll have to use a sort of an online merchandiser if you wanna get your hands on it, or perhaps you are slender feathered fingers on because it's weird anthropomorphic fingers. It's fruit loops tropical. We'll call it. Tropical fruit. Loops here. I believe that's probably the product of the the corporate name formatting. But it's again, a Mexico exclusive fruit loops flavor that just looking at the box promises banana pineapple mango and orange flavors. So I know you're a big fan of the the wildberry fruit. Loops and yes, I wasn't the biggest fan of those. So I was I was approaching these with some hesitance, but I was also away. But I want to hear your thoughts. I the main thing that I was looking for I hoped for it actually before I even. And opened the box. And a definitely got a big hit of it on the on the nose, and it was pineapple flu that pineapple lifesaving. Yes. Lavour that I wanted that. Like, I don't think cereal has done. I mean, like if you I mean, you I know better than me. But if it is existed anywhere else, I have not been aware of it. But that that Siri that sort of pineapple fruity tropical vibe, and it really comes through nicely having. It's really that that part, especially I am I will say I'm a little less impressed by the banana, especially we you know, there's so many pungent strong fake banana flavors out there. I would've loved a little bit more of that and mango is kind of a muted taste anyway, you know, more of a sweet little more, nuance seconds. That was hard to capture the ring in orange. It's kind of a gimme. But overall the way they came together. I thought was just really really really pleasant. Yeah. I agree. It definitely the tropical. Vibes are strong the pineapple. It reminded me more of like a pineapple gummy bear like the clear ones share. Yeah. That's another thing. Like calm candy. Where's just so specific in its artifices execution? I kind of like how it sort of tempered off to a more mild banana after-taste. But I think all in all this is just what I think more American fruit. Loops varieties should be because it seems like both America in Canada really fixated on birthday cake fruit moves which compared to like, actually including four real fruit flavors seems like just the polar opposite in terms of. Eclectic creative inspiration. I I'm obsessed of the pineapple. Once I I would love ball of just those maybe some dried pineapple in there something like that would be good or more. Neutral marshmallow, maybe. But I think it's. What do you think the odds are? And this is so tough to say. But the odds are that we get these stateside. Oh, man. I mean, if we build up enough height for them sort of like, the if we host maybe a sponsored meal fixture these much in the same vein. Maybe we could bring them into sort of the American Kellogg's fear. But now that you say that I really want that. Because do you think if you combined these with the birthday cake, it would be like a pineapple upside down cake? Oh my God. The end you're speaking to make it happen. I did you get any this is hard to put my and I didn't even find like completely unappealing, but I found especially in the smell like his very slight. I don't know how to describe it other than children's Tylenol like. It made me feel like a wine connoisseur Somalia like I'm getting very faint. And I'm loving it. The children's Tylenol like a very faint medicine. I don't know. I don't I didn't hate it. But I I do I did sort of get that vibe. Yeah. It's like the pharmacy store, candy like pharmacy. Brand candy got that subtle interchange of Stu realty, and you know, sort of sweetness I have I don't know how many people I've told that I import for lose from Mexico, but it makes me feel like they serial hipster in a way few things. Yeah. I mean, so I've I've shipped serial to Canada. I've also gotten it from South Korea as well. So when basically a cereal import or export or sure. I would love to keep talking about this area. But we have to others one quick hits on. Yeah. So I just want to a quick rundown of this. This dude on Twitter who runs like a bakery of his own called baked af he was showing pictures of his cereal bundt cakes and I just commented on how good they looked. And he immediately offered to like send me a dozen of them in the mail. Which I think is just one of those things you have to put on your resume, right, or at least at onto one of the lines of your headstone as your greatest accomplishment of soliciting donuts in the mail successfully. But yeah, these arrives. And I thought they were doing it's by the picture, but it turns out there, many bundt cakes. It's kind of this interesting inner change between sort of like a really moist cupcake and then in actual Donut. But they're they're pretty big no bigger than the diameter of an apple and the four flavors inspired by fruity pebbles, cinnamon, toast, crunch cocoa puffs and then Cap'n crunch. So I think they did a pretty good job on these sort of drizzling on creative new flavors like Strouss oil, and maybe a blue raspberry in the Cap'n crunch. When I noted as well. So I do like win smaller sort of independent startups are trying to make the most of cereal. So try to give them a little props. When I can they do it. Right. Anything job? We're not about serial. Yeah. And they send them by mail anywhere. So if you want to get yourself sort of the gift of doughnuts. Innocence. I feel like there's a bit about that somewhere. Sounds familiar. I am being served by the way on seriously dot net. I have currently being served in next to this review. Two different bump pans that. I was looking at recently on Amazon, but jokes I already bought one on Nordic ware platinum collection anniversary pan, folks. It's the way it again three thirteen hundred seven five starve us can't be wrong. This this last one sounds challenging. Yeah. This is more again one of those series. You wanna bronze and maybe hang next to a bust rather than eat? But it is a box of lucky charms all marshmallows. This is kind of the third time. Now that lucky terms has held they contest to give away boxes of only marshmallows as sort of these very fancy very holographic, very very rainbow speckled, and of course, entirely sugar by weight pretty much boxes of the conic markets. And this is actually the third box of these that I've actually gotten in my cereal career feel like winning several Oscar's innocence. But the first one was probably the rarest because that was when they only made ten of them. And I think my friend Gabe from Syria time, he quired like three of ten ever made from across the country, and it's not lucky off to show one. But I kind of learned my lesson. I ate them. The first time there that this is something that is more of like, an interpretive art experiment to put in milk because if you know like those Krant sculptures, they have where the drip down into like this. It's basically like that. And and just as appetizing. Yeah. It's challenging it looks. It looks challenging of gave videos. Great, by the way, I've been watching sometimes at night right before I go to bed all Joe bowl serial and serial time video preparing its. The the really like museum Curators voice in a sense comes to see real great. So furry third segment like to loosen. Our collars a little bed relax and unwind with with a wildcard. Whatever sort of strikes is this this we have a segment here. Mascot makeovers you've called it. Who do we think should maybe could use a freshening up perhaps? Yes. This is inspired by sort of by seeing cans and his really articulate fingers and wondering how we might sort of modernize one of these mascots in a way that is maybe less horrifying. I know this isn't popular this won't be a popular take. But I would love a captain crunch that incredibly realistic. Dislike king vitamin are. Sorry, king Veneman as we discussed. Yet king Vida. That was had a real fella in a crown on a box for while. I would love just like a salty haggard sea-captain just shoveling cabin crunch biscuits into my mouth. Like, hold a contest to see who can can be the most barnacled of the real salty fella. Is he going to be sort of welcoming or like a grandfather Leeson's? Are you measuring? Really off putting off putting I mean, I feel like he's like a light. Maybe. Yeah. I like I capture these for you from the C brought these to you from the sea. And and here they are. Oh, you, Dan. Who would you like to see get a get a touch up? You know, I'm thinking, it's gotta be one of the monster cereals, right? With various changes in horror, movie culture. I knew I said it wouldn't be horrifying. But perhaps we can make these more tastefully horrifying like if if maybe boob airy sort of didn't have a body and a hat anymore instead sort of existed, maybe in like an air since where he's sort of haunting bedrooms paranormal activity style, I think by allowing sort of our brains to picture boob area. Would look like it really allows for more creative interpretation. I would love to return to classic mascot of lucky charms WALDO that is now the original lucky still the original. But for a while they're in the seventies. Waldo the wizard replaced. Replace lucky in New England only just a ducked in there. And for some reason was the mascot for awhile. I would love to bring WALDO back, and he's like imprisoned lucky and kids to buy a certain number of boxes of cereal. Two free lucky and return him to his scheming ways. Okay. I see your world the wizard, and I raise you a war of the wizards. And they bring back cookie Jarvis as well. Who was the original cookie, crisp mascot, who is also a powerful wizard who could do battle with WALDO and save the world. Did you know that there is a a retired competitive? Eater named Edward cookie. Jarvis really fans. True. I wonder if he knows the legacy he's inherited after magin, right? You don't you don't get into the professional eating biz. And not know your named after food moored imagine how he does on the chocolate chip challenge. Well, Dan, this has been eight to light as always I'm sorry. My voice is up to snuff. Although maybe it's got a ton. Relaxing tamra. I don't know where can people find more content from you about this sugary vegetable we call cereal, they would be serious -ly that net. I think the next thing on my docket is sticky ahold of the box of blueberry Cheerios. So hopefully by the time next around some thoughts on that. I would like you to know that I offered the owner of seriously dot com. One thousand dollars. L, but I I was turned down flat. So I did make my. But it didn't pan out. And I don't know if I would have closed the attic except. Curious. What is he using it for it just out of spite? It's dan. Only thing I could figure out as just just want you to have. Personal personal attack on you dangle bear because it doesn't do anything. The doesn't even go to like one of those link farm scam sites. Just doesn't work. That man's name. Waldo the wizard who who had a guest anyway, folks. Thanks much for listening. Could if you want to support our show half that money goes to keep seriously run into half. It goes to Bank here in my hometown, Huntington, West Virginia. So if you've got a bold dot rest, we are on anchor, and there you can make a monthly contribution to our program. Sure that and if you don't wanna go that way, or if you do. Subscribe to our program and your favorite app, and we've serve you. That's that's extremely helpful word. We are ten episodes in now. And. Get regret podcast. It's taken seven months eleven upset. Time moves slower in the great cereal on the sky, rush cereal. Let's do it for so just knock ROY. And I'm Daniel bear. Has always don't forget. Drink them enough.

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Comparison Will Kill You: Daniella Yacobovsky of BaubleBar

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

29:29 min | 9 months ago

Comparison Will Kill You: Daniella Yacobovsky of BaubleBar

"And everyone it's Rebecca. You're listening to superwomen and today's guest is the CO founder of Babur. Daniele Yakubovsky we talk about everything from how incredible business school can be for a founder to what she does to stay sane with her co founder. And how she relaxes. Take listen. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me so I would love to let our listeners. Now I'm sure they all know what Babo Bar is. Because how could you not know what has bobble bar? Yeah so bobble. Bar aims to reinfect cow. Women play with fashion experiment with style through the best assortment of on trend accessories out there in the market everything from fashion jewelry. All the way up to solid gold and diamonds so I feel like I see below bar. Everywhere Yeah and what impresses me is? You obviously have. What seems like a huge company. But I'd love to start with like when did you have the idea and then had as you grow it into this huge huge amazing success So my co-founder Indian. I have actually known one another for a really really long time. A lot of people think that we met in business school but we actually Matt in investment banking training. And someone said you guys have the same birthday which is August sixteenth. You should throw a party together And we did. It was epic. We've been best friends ever since and we happen to end up at business. School together seem school same year. Which was really fortuitous. In and just great timing and lock as many things in life are The summer between her first and second year at school we were at Saks. Fifth Avenue shopping for shoes and we just started having a really casual conversation about how you know. At that time we were working in finance and had nice finance salaries and Ford. Really Nice things and talked about how we wouldn't hesitate to go to saks avenue and spend a certain amount of money on a great pair of shoes or great handbag but never really go down to the first floor and spend you know huge amounts of money on a cool statement necklace or a great pair of earrings. And I think that for us was the initial sort of Aha moment you know. We loved accessories and we loved what they did for your outfit and your wardrobe and what you were able to do when dressing up But we felt like there was a little bit of a void in the market in terms of the right design at the right price point so we decided that we we really wanted to begin It was a at the time of very sort of big picture idea. I think we didn't totally know exactly how he wanted to approach what we wanted to do. What was so lucky as that? We had that idea right before a second year of business school to really able to use our second year of school to just do a ton of consumer testing field steady research and essentially turner whole class schedule into a big souped up project where we kind of just kept chipping away at the ideas that we were having until it started to look like something real and how did you know in those days like where to source and get your supply chain from. How did you do all that because I remember I mean? I think I started my company earlier than you did but like Google wasn't available. It was like catalogue. They had to order in the mail. So how'd you know I like unleashes supply chain that would get you those types of price point? I mean it. It took us a pretty long time to dig around and find the right folks and I think that we were really lucky on bolstered by the fact that we had a story that people were excited to be a part of so at that time we were meeting with a lot of folks whose parents had started companies abroad and they were first generation. You know kind of starting to take over the company for their parents here in the US and we're starting to see some of the new fashion brands and fashion companies. That were coming onto the scene. And we're really making a splash and saw that there was an opportunity for for a lot of growth. If you've found somebody who had a good idea and was ready to execute on it so we did a tremendous amount of research meeting with folks as I'm sure you know one of the things that was really challenging. The beginning is the industry can be pretty private enclosed off and I think folks at first were very reticent to open their doors and chat with us you know in the early days one of the things that really helped as we said. Hey were to students from Harvard Business School and were doing a study about the jewelry industry and we'd love to learn a little bit more about how it works and that really I think opened people up to chatting with us. Yeah you know. And then after we had sort of built a little bit of a relationship we were able to be like. We'll wait a second. We actually have an idea. How do you feel about starting this And we're really lucky. A lot of those folks and again I think those kind of universe generation children who essentially took over their parents companies were really excited to kind of build with us and a lot of those folks are still with us today. Wow and did you have to raise money when you launched so when we first launched aiming I actually self-funded okay For a little bit of your of Your cushy financial salary well we had just come out of giving literally all of business school so we took like the scrap. That was laughed. And we were like. Let's try it you know. I think we really believed in what we were doing. We were excited about it I think we didn't feel comfortable fundraising yet because I don't know that we knew exactly what the story was. An truthfully I think we also wanted to get some learnings of our own and do it on our own and see how far we could take it ourselves before raising external capital. That's refreshing. I must say with all the interviews. I've done anyone that has gone to business. School like comes out is is so good at building a business and then you see designers that like like the podunk like me and some of the people in the CFDA like struggling along you know as artists side. Who Never did the business school? And I just wish they would offer. They would offer both of these courses because everyone is a fucking solid who comes out of business school. There's no like I do. I cost us out or you know I think President. I think their different areas. I think you're really lucky that we had a finance background when it came to looking at business models building out the financial having an understanding for how that could gallon. What would look like that was something we were really familiar with? And then there were a million things industry. We had no idea what we were doing. Like what a merchandising I mean can you? Can you explain what that means for our listeners? Sure so our merchandising team which is now incredible run by wonderful professional people Spend a lot of time working on our products strategy. So we're we're going with the product. What are going to be. Our new product launches. When are the stories that are really going to drive our business over the future at work really closely with our design team and then they also have to be really thoughtful about what our product strategy is across our different distribution channels so we sell through Albar Dot com but we also sell through a really large toll sale network like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's as Rebecca? Minkoff does as well so. I'm sure you're very familiar with this. I'm so they spent a lot of time. Thinking about what our product strategy will be across all of those different distribution channels and then within the channels that we own Albar Dot com for example. They're really responsible for thinking about how a consumer would take in the product and move through the product. So a really. I heard someone describe this way and I thought it was so perfect which was think of your website as store shelves and the merchandisers stocking the shelves differently than they would be stocking an actual store and thinking about what products. It's where they do the same thing with our website yet. I must say having a merchandiser on on my side is extraordinarily helpful because it doesn't as a designer sometimes you can get lost in the fantasy and they bring you back to reality likely this will not sell. It's really pretty but no one's going to buy it okay. Tina exactly. What impresses me and I feel like a lot of designers or people who are starting out and I give this advice. I say pick one thing. You know one niche but you've been able to span everything from costumes you said fine. How have you managed to spend that that business because I feel like a lot of people have to pick one thing And stick with it so I think that there are a lot of folks who have built really extraordinarily businesses on a specific aesthetic or design or a look that they're really really known for and have then taken that an extended that to other categories. One of the things. We've really tried to do differently. Is You know. I don't know that we necessarily have or have to have a signature. Look so much as we aim to really bring folks you know what we think are the most important trends in design at the moment anything that has had a lot of legs and a lot of room for expansion across huge range of categories. So we really saw that. There was a natural inclination for folks to WanNa buy more from us from a material perspective pretty early on When we started introducing personalized pieces like monograms nameplates which we dead probably like two years into the business. I'm just because we think it's an important trend and accessories. You know that folks love to wear pieces with meaning and pieces that have personal significance to them and a lot of times that comes with customization and as part of that product. We really started to expand some of our material offerings. Let people choose within a classic nameplate? Do you want gold plated brass or would you like to buy a solid gold version? That's never gonNA turn and he kinda wear forever To consumers really smart. We've always known that we wanted to be able to offer a wider range. I think it's about being transparent in what they're getting for their money and what they should expect to get their money. And I think that's allowed us to really kind of expand beyond where we started so I'd love to explore the relationship between you and your co founder. You're still best friends. Yep you're smiling easy. Say this there's got to prepare for like sometimes when people say what's it like to work with your brother I'm like well. We fight often So what is it like and what do you do when you disagree? Yeah I mean as you know working with somebody that you're that close with is extremely challenging. I think that the world is littered with stories of it not working which is probably why. Ironically I'm kind of smiling as you ask the question 'cause I actually think and we've been doing this for quite a few years now. I would say the question I probably got. The most hands down is like how does it work? You know what's it like? It's honestly it's wonderful We love working together. We actually still sit next to each other so great on an open floor not offices. We like being married kind of run ideas by each other. You know but it's also you know it's challenging to work that closely with somebody that you are that close with a Hitler or a couple of things that set us up for success personally One is that we met each other in a work environment. We knew each other not necessarily in a social environment so even though we're extremely close friends it's not like that was the only background we knew we. We knew how the other would handle stress. We knew how the other would handle work. I think the other really important pieces that we both really gravitate towards different things. We have complementary skill sets. I don't think at any point in the business as either of US felt necessarily territorial over specific areas work product or projects or things. You know we really share well We know how to disagree and come back to the table and not hate one. Another which I think is very very important I think that a lot of people start businesses with folks that they don't know how to argue with right. You don't know how to argue together. It's GonNa be really hard to to run a business. I think that's a really good point. And I think that some of the issues may be my brother and I had is. We're arguing as brother and sister business partners and so you you act in a way that just like fuck you basically instead. We have to come to some sort of resolution but with your sister. You don't really have to kind of that resolution. You're like you're kind of stuck with me by blood we're going to be at the Thanksgiving dinner table together exactly so I'd love to also talk about like what we're what was the first big challenge that you guys face. And how did you overcome it or not? Yeah I think one of the first really big ones is when you're thrown into something like starting a company and you've you've never done it before. I think not really having an expectation for what it's going to be And Not really understanding. I think the veracity with which you experience highs and lows within the same day is something I know for me personally. It took a little while for me to not only get comfortable with that but figure out how to not let it affect my day so much Because in in the early days I mean you you know you get it all and you get it all fast. We'd have like our best moment and then like the worst possible news ever like an hour later. Anything that emotional roller coaster can really really take a toll. I also think then when you compound that with people who are very hard working type. A and don't naturally give themselves breaks. It's like a little bit of a recipe for just kind of beating yourself up And that really takes a toll say feel. I am looking into the mirror. A it's really hard. Yeah I also think that in general we have this culture where people really love to brag about like worked in eighty hour week. I five hundred emails in my inbox. I've I've been it's I'm working so I'm writing this deal. I now. She not mean just like got if it's taking you eighty hours a week. You're just being just straight up inefficient. I would like to Brag about getting my list done in like thirty five hours a week. Do you know but I dare to tell me how dare to dream? I mean I still try. But that's what I aspire to. Yep and I think that we should all aspire to get our work done more efficiently and faster than necessarily sort of glorify this idea of slept in the office. It's just I have so much to do totally I'm healthy. Now it's not healthy and then you just cranky and you have and then you have to focus on self care what you do your routine totally drives creativity and I think it's so important especially in our industry to have that time to just like be left alone and clear your head and thank so. How have you managed to maybe not a 35-hour-week but how have you managed to EEK out? I don't know forty five our week. Yeah we try to. We try to look for little areas of efficiency wherever we can You know I think it's really about setting very clear guidelines and goals for the team that you work with and make it clear what your expectations are to try to limit. We rework as much as possible if at all I also think that it's important to set boundaries. So what's been really interesting? Is that when we started? Bobble Bar Amy. I wor- I don't WANNA I don't WanNa age but we were much younger. We didn't have families. We were single And now when we look at the team you know most of the senior leadership on our team have children are married. We all have things that we WANNA do. You know any wants to go home and put her kids to bed. She doesn't want to be cranking in the office till eight nine PM. So you think it's about setting boundaries to say listen guys I'm GonNa leave at Xyz time. Because I want to go home and be with my small children and put them to bed and I'll be back online at nine o'clock so it'd be great if we could have X Y and z routed by then and I'll review it and then we'll get everything kind of buttoned up so I think setting some of those boundaries and being clear about the things that are important to you is something we we started to do a little later but I wish we I'm hoping that as there are more female founders. More companies will act that way and it won't just be this work till you're you're dead seriously. I found myself texting with my social media manager last night it was seven and I was like I was like. Let's stop texting. We can figure this out in the morning. And she's like that's so kind of you and I was like. Oh Gosh totally it. Just yeah it just changes the dynamic. I'll say I want to be with my kids. I don't WanNa be texting you about a an image. That's going up in the morning. Yeah we can figure it out them. So what do you do to lead your team? Did that come naturally to you. Has that been a challenge? How big is your team so our team now is about sixty five folks here in New York. We have our headquarters Actually just around the corner for where we are currently sitting and then we also have our warehouse facility in New Jersey where we do pick pack and ship for all of our own orders. I'm so that's a separate group of folks you own your own warehouse we do. That is really smart thank you. It's been a heart honestly on my warehousing. I could give it to you. We will be we you know it took us. It took a while to get up and running It's great to have it here. It's amazing to have the flexibility of doing your own warehouse yet. It's as you know it's a whole nother bag tricks that you have to figure out it's challenging yet. I'm it's also really nice to be able to control it and give inventory around and be flexible in that way but in terms of leadership. Yes he notes so interesting. In previous roles I'd had the opportunity to manage one or two people Obviously nothing close to the numbers that that were managing today on. Then I think there were elements that felt natural and there were a lot of elements. That really really didn't You know and we had to learn. I really had to learn along the way I think that the you know one of the areas that I certainly have struggled with in the past is finding the right balance of being direct an honest while not feeling like I'm being a total asshole. Yeah and recognizing that by being direct and honest. That's how you avoid being a total asshole ramp right because you have to give people honest feedback. Yes should be direct. It doesn't need to have emotion involved. You can give direct feedback and say what your expectations are without feeling like you're being a jerk or mean And that's only gonNA help everybody get better in the team. Get better and free to ultimately have the right product delivered but that was something I really struggled with In the beginning I still struggle with like if I had an employee who started and I saw like her first week at five fifty. She was in her workout leggings. And I was like When do I say something about how inappropriate that is on your first week on the job to be like ready to bounce at six? And you've already changed into your soul cycle gear. You know and I still hesitate like can I say something or like if you went to lunch for two hours like still today. I want to be like our policy. Is Now our where you in for two hours. I'd love to go to lunch for two years but I think it's better to say something. It's funny we've been talking about this a lot recently. I feel like you know any and I grew up in investment banking. Which you know I would. Argue is a is a office where people are very direct. Extremely upfront about what they're thinking but I'm really grateful because I got phenomenal training and I feel like I got phenomenal training. Not just in terms of the actual work product that I was creating but I got great training about just how to be a good employee. Like what are just some of the unspoken things that you should sort of know when you're coming up in an organization may things that? I think it when folks come into the workforce and they aren't properly trained you don't automatically think of what you're what that behavior communicate so. I'm really grateful for that training and I feel like it would behoove us all to give that to the the folks that work for us. I think it's important that everybody can have that training. So you're how many years and tobacco bar nine. Wow again today. Trying is like make a big salad. Do something else or just go off into the sunset like do you guys have plans is something you WanNa like. Keep doing for a long time. Yeah I mean we're having fun. I think what's been really unique. Is We kind of came up in? The era of venture backed direct consumer brands. So I think people sometimes automatically think of us is that even though we're really not a direct consumer brand were just rebrand. Direct consumer is a portion of what we do but we also have a really rich wholesale business. We have a completely separate brand called sugar fixed by bobble bar. That's available at target. So I think what's been sort of interesting is we grew up in that space but I think we've been running the business more like a traditional you know sort of consumer brand at least when it comes to distribution and how we think about reaching the customer So we're really lucky that we have a great set of folks around the table. Who Love what we're doing and we're all excited to just kind of keep going and keep building. We're still having fun. We're still finding lots of new challenges and things that keep us excited and motivated and even as I think about twenty twenty and twenty twenty one and some of the bigger things that we're working on we still get like Giddy and excited and and and I think until that goes away and I think as long as we continue to feel that joy for what we're doing we're we're excited to just kind of keep going. That's also refreshing. Thank you so what has been something so you spoke about like what was hard early on and I still feel like it's hard. What you said is still affects me. Every day like I said the highest highest and lowest lows. And if you hit me at a low right before I go to like an event and then someone pays me a compliment. I'm like I feel like a fucking fake right because you have done such great things with your brand name like you have no idea. I just got you. Don't know the struggle What is what have been things recently? Nine years in like were you know is a growth is it. You know staying relevant as it dealing with the wholesale apocalypse like what's been what's been something that's been harder than you imagined. Yeah I think one of the things that's been harder that that I certainly wasn't expecting editor than anyone was expecting. Is You know as I think. The marketing channels have evolved over the past couple of years and as social media has become more and more and more important I think we're all spending substantially more time on social channels because it's obviously very important just have an understanding of where the market's going and what folks are doing what they're buying and talking about consuming and and reading and keeping a finger on the pulse of what's relevant but in the same way that. I think that social media can drive. People feeling insecure and uncertain of their own personal lives. I think it can similarly drive those same feelings when you run a business We used to have a sign in our office that I loved. It said it was are like office three years ago. So actually we need to figure out where the sign went. Because we've moved but said comparison will kill you and I think that's such a great and valuable sentiment which is it's important obviously to be benchmarking and certainly watching you know what your community is doing and what they're resonate was resonating with them with their liking. What they want from from you and from other brands But I think when we get into this place of constantly comparing ourselves to other people's successes what other people are accomplishing and it can drive that feeling of a whole we didn't we didn't accomplish that we have that I think it can get you into a really dangerous place So I think that sometimes can be a bit of a challenge is where do you sort of? Draw the line and put the blinders on and say I want to be aware of what's going on in the market and they wanna be aware everyone else is doing but I also need to remember to take a step back and have the sense of self confidence in what we're doing as a company to know that our path is is different and also K. Yet right there aren't winners and losers there can be multiple successes in success can have can look like a lot of different things but I think when you're in the moment you're you're watching everybody else have have big big wins. I think it's natural to kind of feel like why didn't we do that? Why didn't we think of that? Oh God what are we going to do? And then if you're Jewish like we are there's a whole other level of erotic a whole other level. Great flagellate yourself right. It's been ingrained literally since I don't even know I really. What is this thing that we've been raised for? I'm like my brother and I are so we do this more but then we really just get in there with the self beating show so my husband who is not Jewish literally. His most common phrase he uses with me is like I do not know how you managed to murder yourself like this on such a regular basis like. Where did you train at a young age? Yes I did it's in our DNA. I think it is so speaking of husband How do you shut off I? I love my husband deeply. He has always been really since. I've known him ahead of like things that would be big before they've been big so like we were drinking celery juice daily like a year and a half ago. Did it help immensely really and for the record tastes disgusting. Like it's like I would make fun of me because I would hold my nose and like choke it down but like made a massive difference on everything and then like seven months ago. He came home so pissed off and he was like. I can't find celery anywhere because Kim Kardashian tweeted about it he was like I went to four whole foods. I went to three trader. Joe's I even subjected myself to a fair way zero salaries like zero salary. So like he's usually been kind of ahead of ahead of the curve So I feel like that's resulted in The things that we do I think are a little left of center but really worked for us and I love them so I really love flotation tanks sensory deprivation. They're really good. It's just a great sort of forced meditation moment I try to just sit and meditate. My living room is hard. I kind of need a pod. That will shut out the world sort of help that moment along mall so really huge fan of acupuncture acupuncturist that I really love that. Similar kind of vibe. Bright sort of helps us. Oh now but not necessarily fall asleep and it could surely helps you kind of meditate and getting good head space. Yeah I'm so all of those things and then when in doubt we also collect wine. So that's there as well as needed logan bottle of wine. There's two questions I'd like to ask everybody What would we be surprised to know about? You can be funnier embarrassing on on. I have no sense of smell. What yeah I had a taste things. So it's really impacted unlimited my sense of taste. I had a head injury fine A couple lake six years ago. Okay and after that. My sense of smell is like ninety percent gone. Whoa which people are at end for the record? The people who are like nearest embarrassed me forgot this all the time. I hear smell. Yeah they will like it smells terrible. I'm like I have no idea. Gosh I'll tell you it's easier to live in New York in the summer. If you have no sense of smell definitely or change your friends. Diaper baby diaper totally. Like if we're cooking. I'm always the onion chopper like I don't cry zero impact. Okay but you can taste you evolved. I figured out the things that register more on the tongue in the nose And I feel like the way that I've eaten has adjusted so for example like I always liked spicy food but now I like like mind numbing Lee hot spicy food. 'cause it you know when you think about the things that register on the tongue sweet salty spicy sour. Yep I've always had a sweet tooth and I've always loved by never really liked our But I feel like now I go towards like the more extreme end of sweet or spicy. Gotcha wow all right. And then my last question is what is one piece of advice. Either you've learned that you wanna pass on or someone gave you. That was like very effective so one piece of advice got that I think is really good is when you've hired somebody and you know in your got that it's not working and they're not right for the team. Just make the decision and remove them. Just do it like three weeks on the job. New LIKE EAC-. Yeah sorry buddy you kind of know in your got you know when you know and feel like it's easy to talk yourself out of that feeling and don't just make the decision okay. I'm going to take that advice. Still could do a better job sometimes taking advice. Thank you KIP. That was the CO founder of. Bob Barr thank you for listening has always and I hope you enjoyed the episode. My loyal listeners. Today I wanted to give you a little bit of good news If you put in podcast thirty five it's a co- that'll work on my site through the end of April and you can take advantage of some of my greatest and best items. The whole site is available to you so I know shopping might seem crazy at this time. But that's how we pay the bills. That's how we keep all of our employees employed as Durant as a business. So I definitely and always appreciate your support thank you.

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Jeff Irvin, Spinitar

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49:35 min | 1 year ago

Jeff Irvin, Spinitar

"Let's say you just bought a house bad news. Is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly mow the lawn and give anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbors lawn and complain about having the Modem on again. Good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the Lawn Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations. You are listening to the pilgrim on the four zero five with will crist join him as he and his guest discover how businesses thrive in California welcome to the program on the four five. We have a real treat today. We're going to hear from Jefferson the founder and C._E._O.. Of of Spin Atar and Jeff started this company Anthony himself and WanNa hear about how how he got started in. What were the obstacles he had to overcome and then we'll talk a little bit more about how he sees business today in California so welcome Geoff Welcome Okla token on the size thanks well? It's good to be here <hes> yeah it was it was back in <hes> in May of nineteen eighty six that I actually founded the company said been doing this now for about <hes> thirty thirty two years so good longtime the <hes> might kind of my background prior to that I went to school at Arizona State upon graduation what to work for a company by the name of Croix that was <hes> early manufacturer of lettering labeling cooling systems. I worked for them for about five years. They decided to either solar close all their direct sales offices around the country and go back to an indirect means of distributing their product and that actually provided invited the opportunity for me to put my name in the hat to acquire the Croix Branch Office that was here in southern California at the time and I did that at the ripe old age of <hes> I guess twenty six so so I was always young <hes> and <hes> it was an interesting time to because no California banks would <hes> finance me <hes> would lowness any money to get into business even though I could show them financials from the prior business and its performance <hes> if you didn't have dollar for dollar equity in California real estate they weren't going to provide any loan so luckily I had an uncle back in Illinois that was a banker banker and and <hes> e- trusted and what we were doing and started the business on May Twenty Six nineteen eighty six with eleven people and it was a bit scary. I remember that first day like it was yesterday Saturday that he's a driving to work that morning thinking oh my gosh what have I got myself into <hes> but <hes> fortunately it all worked out <hes> we were able to grow the business from eleven people all too we have about one hundred fifty folks today back then we were pretty simple company. Just peddling you know rudimentary audiovisual gear so lettering the labeling systems that would create original type and content for overhead transparency presentations slide presentations proposal covers that type of thing migrated the company from fina provider of technology to an integrator of technology <hes> as we've progressed from Elsa panel's still be projectors and then begin to build in the late nineties and immigration practice or a services practice <hes> because it was pretty clear in evidence that we needed to on not just be a provider of technology but needed to be services provider an integrator technology and get more revenue from services and less from this peddling a box and then it was primarily objectives. Why did you do that? Why don't you think that was necessary? Will we saw margins eroding probably about two percentage points every year <hes> and primarily the the the the hub of what we were selling were L._C._d.. Projectors at the time and then and back in the good old days we could go out demonstrate projector customer would buy one or twenty or whatever and we would make good fair margin but every year <hes> kind of year-over-year we saw margins corroding about two percentage points. You know catalogers superstores. <hes> you know the Mass Merchandiser is irs. The Internet people Internet players got involved <hes> Jeff the Japanese got involved in the industry big time and and it was their objective to make sure that the product was available it any which way the consumer was going to fathom to buy the product so that compressed margins and it was really we were. I I like in our business to the computer. Business was Kinda like how many mom and pop computer resellers were still around today or at that time and felt like the same impact was going to happen on the business and we were going to need to become much more of a services services focused company or potentially not survive so it was really survival strategy well. I had a client <hes> who had a similar <hes> experience with I._B._M.. Man He really he could show me on the on the board what was going on with the margins that he was getting for his his servers and all of the weapon of the products right in in he really did have to move into providing services in our increases margins and it it was not easy. I mean <hes> it was difficult to really take a transactional sales organization in Mike Migrate them to be a more of a solution services focused pissed sales organization <hes> some made the cut and some just didn't make the transition at all and quite frankly to I was a I was a sales and marketing guy that was good at peddling boxes of technology itchy but I didn't really know the integration kind of contractor part of our business today so I was able to bring in a business partner <hes> a business par or nerve still today Jay Regina who join the company in in nineteen ninety nine <hes> as a partner in the business to really build our services practice and <hes> really today. I mean largely. That's what we're known for is really are integration business and that the transactional was actional businesses virtually gone away well would would you say that I mean we we know that varieties of channels now are given the access they have to global markets. They're willing to take a much smaller margin written because they have a larger number larger quantity that they can move right so the now would you say that that the real need that people have then accompany using thing videoconferencing the real need they have is understand how to use it how to make the most of it how to eliminate problems where the support is for for <hes> you know being able to do the kinds the things they wanna WanNa do yeah and I think that's a that's a huge part of it in an interestingly enough will it took us quite some time to figure that out we we go out and we design and bill and dance support from the service standpoint high-performance work in learning spaces for our customers. You know whether it's a boardroom conference room training room classroom Huddle Space Command Control Facility Emergency Operation Center City Council Chamber Church Sanctuary. Whatever that's what we do but one thing we kind of realized <hes> year or so ago is that we had really not done a great job educating locating the customer how to get the the most return on investment and get the most impact <hes> from the use of those spaces and so we have now launched a training services option the package for customer so all stakeholders go into use those spaces that our technology equipped are now much better trained and educated on how to use those rooms so they get the best return on that technology technology investment and I think that's huge? I think that is so so important in unfortunately took us a long time to figure that out that there was really a need to be able to provide that for customers because at the end of the day <hes> some some of the stuff is is not as simple as it should be well in in to me. It seems to me that if we focus on how do we increase our margins that that can be complicated. Come up with a variety segues increase margins if we if we were to focus on what are the needs. What are the problems that our prospects or customers car clients want to solve that they're not solving right now? Absolutely I mean that's it. It's all about outcomes right. I mean it's all about <hes> outcomes for the customer and being able to better understand what are those outcomes that they're trying to achieve inexperience experience and then how do we create through technology and also even may be in in combination and working with interior design and architectural resources that optimum work in learning space for our customer customer so that they're able to achieve that desired outcome. You know we're again. We we saw cool technology. We sell stuff that you know black boxes with blinky lights that and lots of cool stuff and quite frankly as sometimes we're our biggest enemy in that we don't do a real good job sometimes of really drilling down <hes> and trying to identify if put the technology aside if you will in drilling down to customer need and customer requirement customer expectation and what does success look like to them and then then really working with them and then designing a system that will achieve that desired outcome oftentimes we jumped to the design. We jumped the technology when really at the end of the day that's just a means to an end. That's a portal that gets us there but making sure we understand customer outcome in what they're trying to achieve really really pivotal well all in industrial that changed the whole nature of business. May at some point business was <unk>. I Suppose Wall Street has a lot to do with it. The the the public companies in the quarterly earnings has to do with what we make last quarter. What's our margin last was our sales revenue last quarter? We know the kind of craziness that happened in the in the Internet bubble about I mean I was very aware of companies that were inflating their their revenues by all sorts sorts of machinations but that's not the real. That's not the real issue for business. Is it well no it's it's not I mean thankfully. I guess <hes> I mean sometimes. I wish we were publicly coffee mug. We know company because we might make choices make Nixon choices that are a bit different than the ones that we make but I guess thankfully at the end of the day we're not publicly traded. We <hes> certainly are as interested. Is Anyone in terms of you know the financial performance of the company and we're interested. I in our customers financial performance in those outcomes as well but at the end of the day <hes> we try to differentiate ourselves by designing buildings supporting a better experience for our customers so that those communication gene objectives are Mac and if we do job of that I think at the end of the day everything flows through absolutely absolutely because if if if a company is known for listening in understanding what the the needs are what the problems are that that that prospect or client wants to solve and then goes about solving them or making decision that we can't and let me refer you introduce you to somebody who can if a company gets that kind of reputation nation. It seems to me you know you tell me it seems to me that they're going to get a lot of introductions from current clients to say and I think it introduces I mean it it differentiates sauce from maybe the other people are going to walk in and meet with that customer as well to the more thought provoking <hes> kind of headier questions that were were prepared to ask in present to the customer and get them to think about things that maybe they have not thought about. That's going to differentiate us from the other people that are out peddling boxes of technology. There are a lot of people that can do what we do. <hes> I guess fortunately or unfortunately a Lotta folks in our industry. They're more technically proficient than they are. Sales proficient and I'm a guy that broke was born and raised on Xerox Pius One and Sarah gifts to spin spin selling and and all about needs satisfaction covering identifying need and then making sure that we're presenting solutions that address the need and <hes> there there could be more of that in our industry for sure because like I said in general well our industry is a bit sales deficient well in that's you know that happens very often when people even when they're they're focusing on services. They still sell it as if it were a package of right and it's it's how do I. How do I ask questions so that you'll buy what I'm selling right in and that's all about me versus? How do I understand what needs you have in? How how can I help you accomplish? What you want to accomplish and I think in the in the heat of the battle you know our folks are busy trying to get proposes out the customers doing a lot of different things and but taking the time to really kinda drill down and understand customer outcome of that they're trying to achieve is always going to be the best play Kinda slow down to speed up if you will <hes> an in it does clearly differentiate ourselves from the rest because this most folks are not having those conversations fortunately or unfortunately wouldn't it be much better? If that's the kind of conversations. We always had absolutely absolutely again. It's pretty simple simple for me. I mean you know the way I was taught in a you know going into a business meeting as you built reporter you you did a headcount to make sure that everyone was there that needed to be there. In order to make an investment decision and you set an agenda new you you provided a general benefit statement and introduction statement then you did a needs analysis and then you presented your company solution based upon speaking of those needs and you summarize benefits than you ask to to for next steps APPS and and to move forward with the customer I mean it was very kind of McDonald's like <hes> methodical process that you went through whenever you engaged with the customer is a little bit less methodical article it and I think today's will actually could benefit from were structure and more agenda because I think if the end of the day we would have better business meetings and better customer outcomes if we did so absolutely and focusing missing <unk> understanding and we're focusing on what is it that you're struggling with and tell me what you know what causing it so. We'll look at how we could fix. It may have absolutely now a win win. Did you make this shift from boxes to meeting needs well. I tried to <hes> you know I had originally tried in the mid nineties to be able to begin the progression from being I quit provider to more of a solutions of you know the designing building and stalling of AV systems into rooms and I tried to do that on my own for a few years and I found quite candidly that I was not a good respirate. <hes> I really didn't know who was writer who was wrong I brought in you know what I thought to be kind of engineers and technical talent to be able to help design of these rooms and and specify why the technology that needed to go in these rooms and then I had a sales organization and found that the two individuals both technical and sales were fighting and I didn't know how to referee the fight so that's why was really kinda fortunate to go out fine J. EH my business partner today bring him into the organization because he knew the business and he knew how to referee the battle if you will and put the teams together to be able to <hes> kind of Gel and work together gather to be able to help you know work with the customer so <hes> yeah it was mid-nineties in his interesting. Today I mean literally the transactional business <hes> today is virtually nil <hes> we very rarely do we sell box of technology. He does not have some Labor services associated with that box and and so was that difficult to make that shift yeah it was really really hard. I mean I I remember people other other integrators other dealer fronts of mine from around the country that said a jeff. You need to be an integrator. You need this get more of your revenue from services and less from boxes and and they said you know snow it's going to it's going to be tough. Both <hes> and I'll tell you what it was a lot harder than they told me it was really hard. It was a transformation of the sales organization. It was a a learning experience for me because I didn't really know it fortunately fortunately again I was able to bring in the talent and the resources that did know that help Kinda get us further down the path but it was hard and it and it still is today how did you how did you affect the the change in your organization yeah. I think it was really <hes> about making sure everybody understood the the wife worse in the house cons. I mean the reasons why we needed to transition the organization in an and you know making the connection between kind of the computer world and the Audio Video World <hes> if you could can kind of linked the dots <hes> it made if it made it pretty clear that <hes> <hes> we're going to need to make make that transformation so I think the first part was really kind of selling the company on the reasons why this was pivotal in critical to the company success and their success and than being able to provide for their families everybody had a vested interest in it and then a lot of training and education to be able to help them through the transition <hes> that was critical as well too so I think first of all was just selling them on why and then the second piece was really about making sure they were trained in educated on how to be a solutions provider versus just a technology added you make the shift in your sales team digest replace sales people where they willing to learn new ways yeah I mean as I said earlier I mean some people were able to make the transition and there was a lot of sales training coaching and also to they they need to become become more technically equipped in technically astute to understand you know the world of designing and building AV systems <hes> in all the things that have to go in between a source in and out but the be able to make those devices communicate with one another so there was a great deal of not just sales training but certainly a lot of technical training <hes> that had to be done a whether it was through our industry association or even through manufacturers manufacturers that we were partnering with in Building Relationships with the make sure that people had the technical chops to be able to go out and have those conversations with customers because not all the time where we meeting with the people that were just the presenters presenters or the users of those rooms we were meeting with you know the the Audio Video Depar- audiovisual departments for enterprise accounts or the I._T.. Group or whatever more technically a stupid people that wanted to talk the technology czar people at least needed to be equipped to know enough about that to be able to go down that path with people that wanted to talk right bits and bytes and speeds and fees right absolutely and at the same time to be able to to to speak the language of of the the the C._F._o.. which is going to be how we're GONNA? What's going to impact our revenue? GotTa be ceased chief training officers who are really looking for how do we deliver this. <hes> a all those people who have a vested interest in in this problem that the company has yeah and I think that's the challenge and that's why you know to some degree. Our sales team has to be technically astute but also sales a stupid because they need to be able to go in if need be necessary and talk about how I'm going to get this image to this display and make sure that the I._T.. Folks know about that and and <hes> <hes> we can talk that talk but you're right. I mean the people that are the C._e._O.'S C._F._o.'s and the CEO's and the V._p.. Of Sales and the those folks that are going in and using those rooms they're interested about increasing attention and retention and influencing the audience and persuading directing behavior they're interested in all the the kind of the outcomes in the experiences in what will allow them to do talk to be able to achieve you know better performance <hes> so <hes> being able to have people that can talk technical and at the same time be able to be a stood at being able to understand customer outcome the language. That's not easily found no no no but this has been really interesting about how how you be gained be began as primarily a box provider in now now. The providing boxes is almost the after thought about you'll because the real issue is is not even services. It's solving problems absolutely for varieties of levels of <hes> in any the organization so I wanNA take a little break here and here from our sponsors and then come back and then I wanNA talk a little bit about about what issues you see going on today in the marketplace that okay sounds great right so take a break from the pilgrim on the four zero five and we'll be back shortly. We know you rely on your C._R._M.. System and fish usually love hate relationship most serum systems. uh-huh well let's face it. They're expensive the hard to understand people don't use them properly and you're probably paying for features that unity in want if that's your case and maybe it's time to simplify. It's time to get more from your C._R._M.. Why don't you go back to the original? Trust Gold Mine. We helped pioneer the industry after all Gold Mine C._R._M.. Is Well it's simple. It's affordable and it's proven if all those sound appealing to you if you're just tired of the C._R._M.. Headaches that you're getting from trying to implement and something that's just too complicated too expensive and too much for you to figure out the why not go back to the original visit Gold Mine Today Goldmine Dot Com so welcome. I'm back to the pilgrim on a four zero five where we have been interviewing jeff urban lead the founder and principal at spinner tar and we've been reflecting on the change from the initial initial sale of boxes uses for videoconferencing in the <hes> what else Jeff You said also you sell sold a lot of a lot of display units right and moving from vast to actually solving problems for enterprise level companies on how they're doing video conferencing communicating training so welcome back Jeff's. Tell me a little bit about issues that you have right now. You looked at your people right now. What what percentage would you say no where the company's going in how it's going to get there at the end of the day I mean we're still in the people business and even though we have you know done things to try to make our company easier to do business with for our people <hes> try to simplify you know their experience in doing business with Spin Atar so that ultimately rubs off on customer experience you know we're still in the people business we're still wrestling with you know <hes> you know culture and and making sure that you know were able to retain talent in and <hes> so those are things that are not unique unique to our business? Certainly it's probably every businesses out trying to do things that will <hes> improve their ability to be able to retain great people and attract great people so I think <hes> you know that's an issue. I think one the things that that we try to do <hes> in I think is very unique. Your company is were were very much a family feel. I mean we're we're big enough to be you know substantial and a in a fairly substantial player in our industry but we're also small enough to be able to retain more of a family field organization <hes> we're very celebratory who celebrate birthdays anniversaries celebrate <hes> exceptional performance moments with an annual incentive trip that we have every year which is called Chairman's Club to be able to acknowledge exceptional performance from our employees of the quarter employees of the year top sales performers and and such we also we're trying to be very community the with our with our our employees by sharing and having a monthly newsletter to let them know about all the goings on the happenings in the organization <hes> quarterly we have a breakfast all hands meeting meeting to be able to also share and disseminate information with an organization so were a very attentive to the people and we're going to need to be continually attentive for people because <hes> it's very very good economy right now. <hes> the talent search gets tougher and tougher and also <hes> companies are more aggressively outreaching to <hes> find individuals that they can pull into their organizations to help them grow so retaining and and attracting great talent you know he thinks Ross the other the other <hes> you know thing that's happening in our industry is I guess it probably has to do with a robust economy is there's a great deal of of mergers acquisitions going on in our industry presently and <hes> the bigger getting bigger and <hes> you know so we're kind of faced with what does that mean to us. You know right now. We're kind of a middle market sized <hes> player in our industry amongst kind of the top fifty integrators nationwide <hes> but we keep asking ourselves you know how do we get bigger as an organization and and and <hes> How do we compete against the real big boys and girls in our industry <hes> and what does that mean to us ultimately so <hes> that's going to be a challenge and then and then our value proposition I mean how to week seem you to provide value your customer because that's going to need to continually change and continually evolve <hes> and I think we need to continue to look for ways to be able to be a trusted adviser for customer to creek that stickiness. Let's go back now. What some of the things that I hear in talking to business owners in members of leadership teams is there's a sense in which the business owns them in in their working way harder than they wanna work is that that's an issue for you? Well <hes> I <hes> yeah I mean it. I'm constantly engaged night night and quite frankly though you know to me it may be a little bit of imminent addiction. <hes> and I guess with technology today. Even when I now the office I'm still in the office <HES> even when I may be take a few days off I'm still not taking a few days off so I think the good news bad news with technology and mobility and and all is that were able to Kinda stay glued in dialed in no matter what and <hes> I'm probably my biggest enemy. I mean if there's not a problem. I'll call into the office to look for one to try to find one. You know <hes> I love the try to help solve problems <HES> I it's. It's probably a bit of an addiction to me but the interesting interesting thing will is even after thirty two years. I love what I do. I mean I still love what I do and I remember a few years ago. We brought in someone kind of kind of run. The day to day operation of the business listen play President of the company and I found myself looking for things to do and looking for ways to provide value. I'll have to tell you that was a very uncomfortable feeling because almost felt like I wasn't needed anymore. We we all need the purpose in life right <hes> but yeah I we're and we're all mired in the mock in the activity trap and and certainly I could do a better job of being more strategic unless tactical up at the end of the day <hes>. I like the thrill of the kill. I liked the business my day job is really business development marketing. That's kind of what I'm involved in as my day job in the organization and I love that I really be love that the you guys have some <hes> I noticed you have some things that you you are working social services. You haven't outreach program. Don't you giving some money away doing things yeah we do. One thing I've I'm very proud of <hes> is <hes> we have <hes> connected with the people at city of hope which is one of the leading cancer <hes> treatment in research facilities in the world <hes> and we have <hes> an individual the Joel <hes> in our organization that has gone through some very very serious cancer experiences and as a result of that we we wanted to give back. We wanted to do some things that were <hes> <hes> a bit different than just you know selling clean and installing AV systems for our customers and so we established what we call golf for hope <hes> this will be are worth year coming up on November eight <hes> where <hes> we invite <hes> sponsors are manufacturer batterer sponsors that we work with and then also invited guests <hes> for a day at the at the golf course to come out and <hes> you know a raise money for the city of open their efforts to fight cancer and other <hes> life threatening disease and and I can tell you will you know the evening of that that <hes> that day where we have the word span quit we have silent auction the the <hes> the live auction and in all the fundraising that goes on it's one of the proudest states of of <hes> that I have I mean I'm so proud of our company and what we're doing and and it's just a real real meek feel-good day that were doing something that is good for others well it. It seems to me at least growing up. I grew up in entrepreneurial family. It was my uncle who had this great vision of. I mean he was a auto parts. Sales went. All around Texas of this was this was back in the twenties ace and he would start in Houston and go all the way around by boat by train by whatever sewing auto parts in eventually he came to the idea that he could move to south Texas and he could start an empire so he built a warehouse called Brindell sales and then asked all of his brothers and his his brothers in law to move the South Texas from Indiana and other parts in the country and they came down in in there was a franchising at that point but he just said you'll get to have valley auto parts in Edinburgh and you'll get to have it in in Brownsville and you have in Westlake. Oh he had eight different stores yeah because all empire that was my that was my experience of entrepreneurials wife in seeing that I also saw that they were all very involved in the community. I think that's critical. I mean I think you know <hes> it can't be all about <hes> <hes> monthly financial statement and <hes> you know I think you want to you wanna go through life than able to leave the world in a better place and and I and it's good to know that at the end of the day you've done some things that are outside of just the day to day that might impact wives and and help people and and <hes> it's been a great thing for us it. It's such a fun event at such a <hes> Anita experience for all of our people to be able to go out and <hes> participate integrator bill. I think that's a wonderful thing it's it seems to me that business people know oh how to solve problems in that is so important today we have so many issues out there and when business people take their skills and their heart in put it into solving got so many of them get salt so accommodations to you guys for doing that now when when you hit a ceiling have you do ever hit ceilings in your growth that you're you're not something's gotTa Change Yeah you know. I think we're we're kind <unk>. We've we've Kinda hit that ceiling here as of late we we <hes> you know we've hit a ceiling of about fifty fifty one million dollars <hes> in in revenues and it seems to be kind of hurdle that we we can't seem to climb over and and I think both myself and my partner feel that it is important for us to be able to grow revenues and become a bigger player in this. In this increasingly bigger bigger pond to be able to be competitive and to be able to you know leverage resources to invest in new services and and technologies and and all that we can provide that will differentiate us and provide greater value to the customer so it's not just getting bigger because you know you're supposed to get bigger. It's really about being able to get bigger to reinvest and be able to kind of keep up with the the bigger boys and girls in this industry and and <hes> but I feel like we've kind of we peaked a little bit and <hes> we're now really trying to go through some strategic conversations to go back and revisit mission envision values and then re-address strategy <hes> based upon <hes> you know some of the tactical things that we're going to need to do to be able to exponentially grow this organization in that could be could be through acquisitions wins. It could be a merging it could be through you know of opening up offices in new markets. I mean we feel like we've got kind of a repetitive model that that can be duplicated over and over and over again so going to other markets <hes> might be appropriate. No there are other other you know baby boomers in our industry that are looking for liquidity event. <hes> maybe going out in acquiring some some smaller players and other markets where we could you know leverage jar know-how pouted deploy and go to market and <hes> so there's a there's a lot of options there and we're right now. It's interesting that you ask going through those strategic conversations stations if figure out how we really grow this organization in this growing this now you've gone through these hitting the ceiling experiences before yeah we did. I mean we were we were stuck around the <hes> probably thirty to thirty five million for years and years nears all of a sudden in nineteen or in two thousand sixteen. We had a huge hop of business. <hes> we grew <hes> about seventy eighty six percent top line revenues <hes> and had a Niba that was very very solid. The interesting thing is last year in two thousand seventeen on the heels of an exceptional year. We really had a bellyflop year. We performed poorly <hes> we it was kind of a hangover if you will from a an exceptional year of growth <hes> and performance and we really spent kind of the first part of two thousand seventeen cleaning leaning up some of the mess that we created through all of the growth in two thousand sixteen so it was a little bit of a peak in valley good news as two thousand eighteen is is very strong were certainly headed in the right direction Shen and <hes> performances way up good well. There's a tendency to people have when they hit that ceiling to try quick fixes right as that worked for you well yeah. I don't think there isn't any quick fix and I think it's I. I think it like what we're trying to do. Now is kind of you know take take pause get out of the the activity trap step outside of the box and look back in the box and assess what's going well and how do we exploit those is things what's not going well and what adjustments in tweaks we'd need to make so having you know this strategic planning conversation that were in the midst of <hes> and then obviously on the heels of that will be a tactical response adds to the strategic plan and then we go back into the box and perform data thing I think pausing every once in a while to step out of the box look back into the suspect performance is so critical but it's so hard to do will because when you're involved in the day-to-day battle it's it's. It's tough to say a timeout. Everybody put down their weapons. Let's assess what's going on before we pick up the weapon again in continue the battle and it's it's tough to do because when you're in the heat of the battle you WanNa just stay in the game so <hes> doing that. What are you? What are you doing to make that happen well? I mean like I said right now. We're going through our leadership. Team is <hes> going through a strategic planning conversation to try to kind of assess where we are now <hes> and what changes we need to make in terms of you know mission vision values and then <hes> understand and we'll get a line in terms of what what the goal is. I mean you know if the goal is in the next you know three years we want to progress from being a fifty million dollar company to a hundred million dollar company. We all need to Kinda hold hands I and agreed that that's what we WANNA do and that's that's where we wanna be and then understand and identify. What are the big rocks the big things that we can do what's the twenty percent of the stuff that are the the things that we can do that are going represent eighty percent of the impact towards achieving those objectives so again? It's really taken some time out and making sure that were aligned. We understand what the goal line looks like and then we're doing all the things that can be most impactful to get upset. You're using a lot of language. That sounds very familiar to me. You're not working with an E._O._S. implementer. Are you know no. We're now. We're not we're. We're YOU KNOW WE WE I. I think we understand what it is that we need to do but I think again were were a victim of being much more tactical than we have been strategic in the past. We've had we've had strategic planning sessions in the past or whatever so we kind of understand the process that we need to go through <hes> but <hes> yeah I think you know we we need to Kinda. Take a a page out of the McDonald's playbook a little bit and and really identify the processes and how we can kind of lean out some of the waste within our organization some of the duplications some of the redundancy <hes> and <hes> we have to to figure out how we can be much more efficient is an organization in terms of how we sell how we deploy how we service and support our customer because businesses going to get tougher it never gets any easy and the world keeps spinning so you know it's it's tough to Kinda push. Stop Button. Stop the world from spinning it can step outside look in SAS in a re retool and then Chris the go button. Allow the world continue doing this bad. It's it's tough yeah yeah well now. If if we believed if you believed that the better that businesses run across the board the better the businesses run the better our culture works. If you believe that was true. What would you say to business owners about how to make it better well? I think I think culture is is keen. There are a lot of organizations out there that are a lot of a lot of lot of companies in our industry that have no private equity money from behind the men and they are <hes> <hes> much more manage with your your heads versus your hearts <hes> <hes> but I would say that while that is certainly an appropriate practice <hes> the heart still needs to be involved and and I think at the end of the day the the stronger the culture of the better the culture the the the stronger the engagement that we have from our employees and we that's one thing we do is we we excess employee engagement every year to have our people will people take an employee engagement survey so that we can assess our levels of engagement with other industry association members so that we can kind of benchmark how were doing as an organization from an engagement standpoint and I would argue again the better culture the better engagement better customer experience good words could words what would a company be feeling before they called you up what what did engage with Spin Atar. What kinds of issues would they have that they would find Spineta could help him saul? I think that audio video technology technology and the new you probably find this at home sometimes getting the T._v.. To work in the remote to function properly and that kind of thing av in and of itself is a standardless industry. We don't have a lot of standards standards in our industry unlike I._T.. That is very standard. Space Av is a industry that is right <hes> with pitfalls from the lack of standard so ultimately av doesn't work so oftentimes times people come to us because they're A._B.. Doesn't work <hes> also sometimes companies come to us because they they have maybe integrated technology in the past but it's not achieving desired hired outcome. They're not getting the performance that they would like to see <hes> <hes> the people within their their organizations <hes> the stakeholders believe. Maybe don't know how to use the technology properly willie ineffective. The interesting thing is av used to be kind of an afterthought <hes>. We were always kind of the last guys in especially if it was a company moving to a new facility they would think about I._T.. They would think about security they think about furniture in oops. We forgot av now. We're not as much of an after I think I think our industry is really kind of come of age and our customers now realize the importance of of them being able to better share and disseminate information to their internal customer their strategic customer and their external in user customer and they understand that the better communicators they are the better of they're going to perform whether they're a a government institution whether there are a <hes> corporate enterprise business whether they're a college or university or <hes> they understand the importance importance of being able to share disseminate information. We we become more vital to to our customers today and I think it's really more about them. Clearly there's more of an understanding of the need today than there was in the past good well. I I think that the approach you're taking that one of looking to solve problems. That's not gonNA fail. We hope not it's not yet. There's a hope we abandoned Oakland. Okay absolutely no doing or we don't have. We don't have hope is not a good strategy. That's right is not a good strategy so thank you so much jeff for taking time out of your your your vacation there in in <hes> in in Oregon is really a pleasure to be with you. Thanks well this is this been the pilgrim on the four zero five sharing with us some of the folks who are very successful in California and looking to help companies in in California help businesses thrive so look forward to being with you again next week on the pilgrim on the four five you've been listening to the pilgrim on the four zero five with will crist the and now an ad from dad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive got what is this.

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Jokes Are The Leading Cause Of...

DV Radio

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Jokes Are The Leading Cause Of...

"Like I just found out today that my grandfather actually served in the navy released for a little while really. Yeah till he got a dishonorable discharge well for stealing a jeep at gunpoint to go for a joyride. I'll God dude I would. So have my window open right now so I could get over to it. And it was fifty five. I would but then you guys that have to listen to Los Anchorage. We could sit here and be like at a dead at at that at that that at that at the data you'll awesome tacos. I got some toggles man. We got some well Blah Blah. Dog'll we talk? We got some Alaskan tackles man. We got we got. Some snow cone. Tackles may puck goal you snow cone Taco Paco. Oh man so you've been here before. God can see La. What's so a whose broad stripes and right through the The WHO parts. We soon released me. Ooh that up do they a land go back to ooh the and Mr President Mr Vice President Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gold Star families. Everyone we gather here today with shared attitude of gratitude. Day is the day we put aside remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. Today of. Thanks for the valor of others. A day to remember the splendor of America. They shall grow not old as we that are left grow. Old Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. I was thinking this morning that across the country children and their parents would be going to the town parade and the young ones will sit on the sidewalks and wave. Their flags is the band goes by eight or maybe going to have a cookout day at the beach because today is a day to be with the family and to remember home said those who serve in our military have parts that are touched with fire. Heavy known great things. He said they are content with silence. Already Murphy in the wild wild courage. What else would you call it? The man bounds of the top of a disabled time stops an enemy advance saves lives of rallies his men and all of it single handedly when he radioed for artillery support was asked how close the enemy was to his position. He said. Wait a minute now. Legis Weekday Statue of the three servicemen fighting boys of yet man to Has Majesty. Reggie seen three rough boys walking together looking ahead with a steady gaze. There's something wounded about a kind of resigned toughness. But there's an unexpected ten minutes to the first you don't really notice but then you see that three are touching each other as if they're supporting each other. They learned not to rely on us. They learned to rely on each other and they were special in another way. They chose to be safe. They chose to reject the fashionable skepticism of their time. They chose to believe an answer or call a sleep. Soldiers still in honored. Rest your truth and valor wearing the brave star. The tenders the loving or the Garin. Thank all of you and bless you have a gate remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show Devi radio and it's strictly those of set in vigils and do not reflect those of staff nor the staff dysfunctional veterans online. And on your mobile device through five wait a minute. Wait wait a minute. I remember seeing something like I believe in marriage is there that I knew that I belonged. I have come here to chew and kick him and being somebody in the neighborhood that was full of. Nobody's all take your position right here. We go hold you ears folks. It's is I wanNA for all the krantz talking my tea per serving. I mean he's just shut their vibrator off either. GonNa get soggy fast. Wrote my ass when I go to buy a new one. I can tell you that trigger. That's all I got. You'll never get rid of you're tuned into W are on. Dvd radio DOT net or by searching DVD radio on the free. Live three six five APP on your mobile device slash turn that is out is here on W. D. D. R. D. Radio Dot net. It's May Twenty Third Twenty Twenty. This barracks talk the Memorial Day special. Because some of you may not be able to make it this coming Monday for annual Memorial Day show. But I'm Boehner would got frosty Betsy Ross cutter. Like they're all in here. Google is not going to show up until whenever the flex she feels like because six decided to had dinner late and Rico. He said Fuck everything and he just fuck does don't they. They grow and ask that he was like you know. What screw you Bo? I don't have to show up to the show. I'm a stay home and do my thing so just us assholes so you gotta deal with us for the next two hours. How's everyone doing this evening? Ladies First and doing pretty good. It's all right. I met my boyfriend's grandmother for the first time this week which was rather interesting as she's from Germany and of leaves and a lot of conspiracy theories interesting. Sounds Fun and intriguing. Rosty your Dachsie followed up Marine Corps women the ELM damn jumped in there. I WHOA WHOA. Backup off the. Mike. It's it's not a penis. It's not a crown. You need backup off a bit just the knit just a tit just the nipple backup on the Mike on it. Pretty sure my ears are bleeding right now. I think that's that warm feeling that I'm getting right now. Trae soon as usual left on rate right on left pants on head ready to roll. Geez all right. So yes. This is the Memorial Day special year on suck like I said a lot of you might not be able to make it for whatever reason. Come Monday May Twenty fifth which is our annual Memorial Day with. Try to have one every single year since I've taken over at least But we will read off a few names tonight. We're not going to go through the whole gambit that has come in us it's we made the post. Thank you guys so much for for doing that. but Monday we will read every single name That is on any posts that is shared or anything of that nature. It would be better if he put it on the original post on the radio. But if you don't do that that's perfectly fine We're not gonna read the the life stories. I'm sorry because you should see the list I have now. We would not be able to get through that and still have our minds in the right place but we will read the names of everybody. That is Put in on those posts a combinator memorial day show As of right now we're probably going to start either. Nineteen hundred or twenty hundred. Come they just pay attention to DVD radio? Make sure that you're watching that. So that your updated on when we start the show between now and Monday we will for sure be letting me know so be prepared between nineteen hundred and twenty one hundred eastern time for us to go live into our memorial day. Show I think everybody that's on tonight's going to be on that show For a little bit at least if they've got a leave of course they're more than welcome to come in and say a few things leaned I gotta hit up everybody else. Objected zero say scape hard-luck Who else am I forgetting? Anybody Chris from K. Bar Feel from you bore Anybody that we work closely with. We're going to try to get on here and let them have a couple of minutes if that's all they need won't As we do every year and they're all invited and if you're listening to us right now let me know that you're going to be on Monday. So we can get everything fixed As for business. Like real business deformed still Nizhny your help not gonNA lie. You get that year all ready to go and put in jet. I think our boy frosty has oh. So it's frosty this. Change it up on your. Just keep everybody on their toes right. Yes so we do have a go fund me that is still in effect and We do need those donations and I. I know this is again a hard time for most people. Say you can't give perfectly okay just share all we ask. You don't want to go through. Go Fund me and you still want to give monetarily. Go to forum dot Org Click on the donates when you're inside the website There will be a monthly. And a one-sided give click on either one of those options. You'll be taken to our pay pal page. Give it a a minute or so to load. You'll see the pay pal button. Once you bring up pay pal you do not have to have a pay pal account. You can use your credit or debit card. There is a option down below. That says use a credit or debit card. If you don't have the pay pal account that's another way you can give monetarily. The reason we're asking for direct donations through their or go to me is because things like smile. Amazon facebook fundraisers humble Bundle Ebay things like that they only send out those funds every quarter or third month depending on how they fucking role. It's their fiscal years or stupid. Trust me when I say quarter. It doesn't always mean the quarter trusting. It doesn't But please continue to buy through smile. Amazon DOT COM making. Dv Forum your charity of choice. If that's what you so wish to choose there's no hidden fees are extra cost and a portion of your shopping cart. Purchase in the amount goes directly to the DVD. Farm facebook fundraisers. They don't seem like much but they are what they actually add just like those percentages over own. Smile Amazon. We are getting ready to come out with a piece of merchandise to help the DVD farm. Hopefully guys like it We try to make it resemble something that we've had in the past that I was like we need this back and I brought it back. A portion of those sales will go to the farm all but like a dollar I think we. I think we're keeping dollar mistaken but that's it Just to cover expenses and and things of that nature but the rest will go to the farm. You Really WanNa know the breakdown. So after we pay our merchandiser and gets all but a dollar of those sales so be on the lookout for that. That's probably going to happen. June first At the latest. So be ready for that again. let's see Devi radios door is still in operation. they are still working on a skeleton crew as you guys know they use. Us So shipping times suck major monkey balls. Let me say that again. They use U. S. P. S. United States postal services so shipping times suck major monkey balls. Don't get mad at them. The trend Danis of been in contact with them pretty much sits the whole. My Sharana virus started in their great great people. There will into help anybody in any way they can. So if you order something from the Devi Radio Sore you have to click on that tab there on the website and go straight there or any of the blinking images that says Devi radios are. Obviously you'll get taken right to our duty. Radio store site and Right now during the whole Misha buyers things could take up to a month to ship out. I'm so sorry that's not at our fall started merchandiser fault. They've tried to get them out. Quicker but people. Usps fucking like. I Dunno a good metaphor for this one like I. I'm usually good with metaphors. Do for this one but yet. So that's that as far as business. I think I'm my wrong crossing a jewel. Okay okay Yeah so I don't know when Google is really going to be here. She said nine thirty. So that'll be when we're going to fucking break might make a mike maker wait until after to get in. Here what's see what's on Zee itinerary? Oh yeah that guy. Do I wanNA talk about him now or do? I want to talk about master break. I guess I mean you know what I'm talking about military towns. Yeah I I'd say after because I think it's GonNa stir out a discussion. I mean we can do it before but yeah we're definitely got to take a break. Yeah come back to it but yeah it's going to bring up a got pissed off ship personal spokesperson Bo took Shit. Really fucking personal. Yes I'm referring to myself in the third anyway. Yeah I I got. Net Net struck a chord way to like I said I echo your comments and thought pattern and everything one hundred thousand percent. You know. It's it's ridiculous but like I said we'll get into after the break is just and if you've not read my article be prepared for a lengthy fucking article. It's not my shortest article. I've ever written that down. Sure I had a few people say. Oh my God that's so. Yeah it's long for a reason and I didn't even get my point across the way I wanted to not even gonNA lie We'll have that Yariel to my article. Which has the original article in it here for you guys in a little bit so you can go check that out if not read it. It's called jokes. The problem But like going said will go into. Let's six and saying do it now. We will we will go in dive deeper into that Subject after the break and I will invite this person to come to. Barrett's talk and prove US wrong. Honestly it's after the break. The article absorb listeners. Read it before During the break. Yeah you cannot send it in chat frosty let if they want to try and read it. Madeiran debris I know. Some people are really slow. Readers Marines Not GonNA cut out any names or anything. Okay I'm sorry. It took me three hours to read it and almost through conversation. If you're not what you're talking about right well it's funny because I wrote it up and I love my mom. Read it and I'll let jj redick because as to that. I had readily available. And you weren't dizzy at the moment and my mom's in here and she's reading Jason fucking contests on WHO's going to get. I end up. Got Her on my laptop. Jj ON MY tablet. And I'm like waiting for one of them. Say something in here comes. Jj and then like a minute later comes mom but it was like at ten minutes fan of flooding sweat boiling and fucking drew up in and they were like dude. That's right on it's great and I'm like are you sure it's not just because I wrote it because I hate that shit. I hate biased. Opinions like be honest with me and JJ would Jj liked it. And I was like all right. Let's go so hopefully hopefully got sema point. You don't have to agree with me. It's just an opinion piece. But anyway I digress. Off of Devi Radio Betsy. How's your week? Been and Kinda up and down but today one of our have I one of our one her class so we got first place so that was actually pretty cool so we're no money from Texas and so that was a really really big deal for us Other than that just trying to survive honestly trying to get by three done. My husband Bites just being honest. I gotta be honest. I am the honest other than that. Just trying to just trying to survive this months and I don't know just a bunch of fog in craziness. No Yeah I'm definitely with you there. Yes because Tuesday's the anniversary date of Rice's death so I'm just like everything's hitting at once especially next week so Murray Memorial Day weekend when all hell broke loose so system. Big Domino effect life. Yes it is and I think we can all attest to be end in the same mindset to some degree or another please. Don't everybody answer at once but yes fight three. We hope you get that very quickly husband of Betsy. I'm sure I'm I'm not like what I'm about what I'm trying to get out because anonymity here like untrammelled. Anyway I took a week leave As a medical crap going on my hip is still kind of Fu barred. And docks what's going on with it so Yeah we just took US loosely. Even you know might as well take it since Calling every day was getting to be a pain in the ass so right yeah we took some leave and then Got a chance to talk to the DOC and on a personal more personal level. I mean that's probably the only good thing about this. Kobe Cheetahs at the. They don't have a lot of patients walking in and out so they actually have more time for one on ones right especially in the military treatment facility. They you know that's probably a good thing. I don't know but other than that. You don't get chilled around the house and get caught up on some You know disastrous creed. But other than that. You're wasn't wasn't a bad week. Coup good good cutter So like I said met my boyfriend's grandmother which was very interesting And other than that. It was just a lot of work. We had some really beautiful weather here this week. So I got got out to the Dog Pirka few times and Just trying to Get some medical stuff together. And they're not just a really kind of good week. Which when you have. Ptsd and depression and stuff. You take any little bit. She in here hair. Okay on all right frothy pretty good week. I didn't make any messes and you'll have to listen to Breakout breakout this Friday. Night to find out about that one. Oh my God I hate you all. I fucking all flood. Jj Fuck nevermore fought for US. The clock on link thought you all holy cow with kids unsupervised. Let me tell you guys what happened so. Jj Records Frag out drag out for me. And he uploads it to our system and he uploaded episode thirty three episode thirty four and the same night because they quote unquote recorded two shows in one night so that debt load them and put them into refer to go to edit them. Guess what they're the exact same fucking file every bit of it. The exact same fucking vile come to find out. I found out why they decided to end on some toxicity that night. An what is alcohol. The last forty the last forty minutes of that show. You can tell it. They were having fun Never was like take whatever you need to out. Frosty saying it. He's like take whatever out boquet in it. And how this that and the other and like you know what guys you guys you guys are dumb asses and stupid as flight and you guys got dark a couple of times but you didn't say anything that pissed me off or I was like no. We can't have that. Don't show so. This ended up being a four part fucking episode. It was nearly two fucking hours long for frag out drag out Memorial Day special on Friday night at nine thirty so that was my fucking week but you have to but we all had to admit afterwards. We needed a night like that. Yes yeah it was. It was next time I mean I don't care what I don't care. What if you guys drink you guys know that I mean as long as you don't get stupid and like some of our past? It's fun and I think I heard a heifer and that girl you got a few the life of rancher pay I told you I stay on the go right. You know we we should. We should dedicate like a whole day a nothing but betsy on the ranch that screaming in the background. There'd be like there'd be like get away from cash it got y'all ready. They play in that. I gave up on that nothing cowboys. Oh my God. I can't stop them. They don't don't stay up to whatever the FRESH ORANGE. I don't know the driver wins. Have their moments too? But Miami was chocolate. Colored brings a whole new meaning to mud. God who I'm crying. Oh my God oh. This is dysfunctional veterans China. Right foamy out on air dumbbell own. Oh Oh my God who? Well guess what kids drag fashion. We mentioned poop in broadcast. Well just read it. I know there will be no junk in the news tonight. I will say that. Let's put it that way now. Okay we'll give had a long day so she's not going to be on tonight Anyway we need to go to break. We need to get that out of the way so we can pay some bills Your Lessons Barracks Talk. Live Earl podcast. Where you can find us at pod. Bean stitcher play a lot of other place. Oh no where you guys put us. But thank you and we will be up on spotify whenever the hell I can get through years of backlog to edit them but we'll be back right after this on. Wer Devi Ready. Dot Net radio. Okay listen up before we start this understand what it is. The Spartan pledge is a battle drill what to do when you don't know what to do remember that two things every warfighter needs them to see is a battle buddy and the mission off a last repeat after me. I will not take my own life by my own hand. I until I talked to my battle Buddy I. My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter fan which thank you now taking the sport and pledge. Don't let it die here. You are not authorized to go and tell other people other warfighters. You don't take it for yourself. You take it for them. It's an agreement so they know where to go when they're having problems. Take this go. Give it to others' all the way make it happen. Go give it to others to make it happen. What Steve Do Radio? Tv radio is for you. The veteran active duty member caregiver and civilian supporter of the military. Pb radio DOT. Net is the Oman veteran network. May Four and by veterans from original shows. Syndication you can find here on. Dvd Radio Dot net in an effort to continue our mission and make better quality shows or each and every one of you visit our patriotic at Patriotair Dot com board slash d the radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance your uncle to there's a tear with rewards waiting for you so why not keep. Tv radio running get rewarded at the same time at the Patriot. Dot Com forward slash. Dav Radio now. That's patriotic DOT COM Ford Sledge. Db Radio Radio played. You're listening still. Ddr ON DIDI radio. Dot Net five veterans four veterans playmate. For you simply made for you here at Wdbo Didi radio DOT net. You're listening to us. Lead on up or this to his own podcast and trying to fix the website while I read a lot of shit off to you guys because I've had a one fucking week and why not fuck up the rest of the week right so while I'm trying to work on this fucking website because our host decided update servers. And Fuck Shit up tomorrow night Sunday Nee twenty-fourth at twenty eight hundred eight. Pm Eastern as a rear in the past episode of the service dog show as JJ Had some stuff going on on page this past week any wanted to address this once more so for those who have lost their. May Soon lose their service dogs. This episode is for you. We have a frank discussion with PTSD DOG. Admins and service dog handlers. Bloop and blackjack about how to deal. With the mortality of service dogs listener discretion is advised. So please do not go and listen to it unless you are ready and prepared to listen to it trust me. It's a very hard hitting Episode that airs at Twenty Hundred Eight. Pm May twenty four th at more night here on DVD. I can't get to the state. You still got loud. Three six thousand tune in and I apologize. I'm really trying to fix this shit Following that on Tuesday at nine hundred seven. Pm Eastern is an e tunes media litter sandwich. Catherine David also as galactic dust. Bunny art is a history teacher. That writes illustrates comics that personifies states as people. This and related topics discussed intones media litter sandwich here on TV radio DOT net. Or if you can't get to the website because I can't find my website that I fucking built nor any of the other ones. You got louder sixteen seventeen in and I'm about to lose my shit so I think and frosty and everybody'll take over for a minute please. Don't everybody talk at once. Everybody's fucking muted exactly. What's going on no more complex? Still Down we're still having issues with our emails So there is a post up on. Dv Radio's of facebook page on how to contact by email Like I said the hopefully. We'll get this situation. Remedied quickly but until then there is a backup email account. I also created another backup email account in case bogus overwhelmed. And you know has three hundred. You know messages in his inbox at the some guys can lead by sending to my backup which is dv. Underscore wink at Yahu That'd be my backup for now until we can get the radio email fixed and for whatever reason it just seemed like it messed up radio Peijun our our email server so everything else needs to be working all right. So we'll we'll have to get the update and fixture anybody. I don't know say on so I'm hoping this is okay to drop but on my facebook page for dv Cutter On Monday at zero or twenty hundred I will be doing a meditation. Al- veteran or As a reminder mindful reminder of those that we've lost and Hopefully we can get a link out there but I just love everybody to take a few minutes Those that we've lost And try to relieve some of the stress. That really comes with Memorial Day for a lot of veterans. It's a good idea. And since they're still nothing derek. I'm back so so yeah we're working on it All of our websites are not showing up at all. Fucking life But we're trying to fix that and I'm trying to get you guys a link to the chats ICAN actually it to us and I do apologize for that. You can't get to the website but yeah that's my life. This is my daily life guys. All ideas pushed a few buttons. Just now it looks like in the process recreate. We created a new drinking game really. Yeah every time. We have dead air our listeners. To take a shot you know. That's an old thing right that started years ago. I have seen that in a while. Or Yeah just just ordered a new card game. This week called this game. We'll get you drunk and we need to do a DVD version of that this week a DVD version. Of what. It's a it's Kinda like a card like like conversation cards but all of them involved drink and I would die and Crohn's would kill me like straight Crohn's and killing. It'd be like Fuck Bo. So something happened this week. An article came out on. The original. Article hustled up. You do have it pulled up. Yep could you explain to everybody in a biased format? What the article was about while I get our chat box and some other stuff on facebook page? Yeah basically Ordered benders There's you know when you walk into your Piatra be extra little vendors at or normally selling the little knickknacks stuff's or You know would art or something that they created out front this not necessarily atheist product or it's inside the main Store itself but Ap's ordered vendors to remove the quote. Medicated that ball. Caps after combat veteran racist concerns this combat veteran as an army major and He didn't feel that it was. I guess in good taste to have these ball caps That says you know heavily. Medicated or Medicated vet for your protection You know the the typical Devi dark humor that we all got to have and he said he didn't find it funny. He thought you know that this was causing suicides or they people were choosing suicides over this. Because of you know crazy you know things like this and it's you have to actually read the article to see his point but the eighties basically told the vendor to go ahead and remove that because it was You know in violation of their Products are vulgar and or promote drugs and alcohol so apparently if he's found that to be vulgar and order that guy to remove it. Yeah so what he is sitting there saying and he actually says in the article. What's the actual sentence that they quote in their own Honestly is intended to be funny. I can't eat. I continue to see too much civil and military. Divide over this stereotype and see the service members chose suicide over treatment. So I don't know if that's the same one you're talking about. Yes that's the exact same one I am referring to and I don't know how else you're supposed to take that sentence other than these jokes call suicide. That's me. I'm not an idiot. I might be stupid. But that's how I took it if that's wrong. I need to be told by him. Not by somebody on the outside looking in That's why I said he's invited to come on and talk to us about it. I want to hear his side. I WANNA know if that's why he met. I had to fill and he's going to say no that's not exactly what he meant but I do. Still debt is What he was trying to say and I took it. Personal took it really person wanted. I take it personal here at Devi care if farm duty radio. Dysfunctional veterans veteran humor page. Dvd's six page. How do we cope with things anybody? Normally I used to go through humor. Yeah Oh definitely Humor in a small does alcohol and I personally have been down deepest darkest fucking rude you could fuck and possibly imagine. I have been there. We've all been there to some extent or another I getting so much of a depressive state that when I look back my time on facebook people literally just walked away from you and ask if I was okay and say anything but I can't tell you what they did say to me. You're to depressive. I can't stand your status. I literally had somebody say that to me one day and I go back and I'll look at my status and unlike as seen this before. Where have I seen this before? Started dysfunctional veterans in two thousand thirteen. That's when I came on latter part of two thousand fifteen first time. I've seen stuff like that was one dysfunctional veterans facebook page. Back when we had the big page guys remember that before the great thousand eighteen facebook perch. Yeah Yeah so I realized that my own quote unquote friends and family didn't give a shit about what I was saying. They didn't care and there was a tweet. That was tweeted out just this week. That really pissed me off but I try to stay cool shot. Stay calm somebody in this host meeting knows what I'm talking about right now. And they said the majority of Americans do nothing but bitch and Moan that personal and this is all related. So I'm not digressing. Stay with me and I said how do you know when somebody has suicidal depressive or having a PTSD triggered moment or anything of that nature just by what they're saying that it's bitching and moaning and it's not actually a cry for help? How do you how do you know how do you know? How do you know by reading? Somebody's status that they're not actually saying. Hey I really need to talk somebody because half the time they're like you know what fuck the world fuck this that and the we all see it on a daily basis right we all see it a C. Time line that's why don't get it my Tomlin because the groups because it gets really depressive and it's not that I don't want to help them is that I know also helping them and I won't do other stuff and I won't do things outside of that. I will fall back into what I was doing beforehand. Then I'll get into SRP mode. It'll it'll take over my life like it would really take over my life. And that's what put me in the hospital a couple of times along with P That's why SRP hasn't been on a couple years. He quit doing things and he's so much fucking healthier but so I took that personal. Because you're telling me that. The leading cause of suicide desk of monks veterans and are veteran community are dark humor jokes and I right now to you major. Call Bullshit. If you would like to tell me that I'm wrong. I you to come on barracks talk and tell me that. I'm wrong but I want you to explain it and I want you to tell me why I'm wrong. And you better have a good down the explanation and justification because I guarantee you that somebody else other than me is going to tell you that you're wrong because everybody I've asked and spoke to jokes are not the problem. Problem is the fact that everybody blows it off. The fact is that everybody doesn't want to talk about. The fact is that everybody gets uncomfortable when they hear suicide. Ptsd depression sexual trauma rate. They don't WanNa talk about it when they hear those words. That's the fucking problem. That's my opinion I might be wrong. I've always wrong. I'm wrong ninety percent of the time but proved me wrong. Show me where jokes are the fucking problem please. I don't agree with a lot of jokes. I don't win. Patton OSWALT talks about suicide. I think fucking dumb ass. I don't like it but you know what I don't say anything. Because he has that right comedy. Art is fucking subjective. I don't have the right to tell you you can do this or do that. I can but I can't stocking so you tell somebody they can't sell a product because it's quote unquote the calls of suicide. I honestly to you major and I'll tell you when you're here you're an asshole you're dumb. It's s o if that's what you think it starts with leadership and then it trickles down to us that say. Oh they're just bitching shut the fuck up and yes. I'm randy but it pisses me off because I take it so fucking person because I have friends that have committed suicide and I didn't see the fucking signs and that's what we try to in. That's what we try to present through. Tv We're a triage GONNA lie. We send you to battle in distress but at the same time. We're trying to not have to send you to battle in distress. We're trying to get you down off that ledge trying to try to pull you back if I'm wrong somebody reach out to that major and Major. If you're listening please contact is I want to talk to you I can. I can talk civilly with you a promise. I'm not going to be rate you. Let's say you what I think. But I wanNA have a Nand discussion here on barracks talk on TV radio. I want to know why you said that. Why you think that the proof and if you WanNa read the article anybody. It's there in the in the chat box. I think frosties got it. You don't have to. I don't care you just heard me ran about it but I took that person. I'm just looking at the actual article. It's on the military times and one of the guys on his Damn Major. I've had this hat forever. My family bought for many many years ago. I wear a lot and many people that I don't even know stopped. The told me that the hat is the funniest thing I've ever seen in years. I am serious connected with one hundred percent disabled and sometimes when they go to to be I where the hat and it brings many smiles from the old farts like me that are waiting on their doctors. So major like is said many times below. You really should get a life and stop acting like a pussy in uniform. And that's just one of the comments on that original Article there at the military times and I posted Our emails on their at the alternate emails Devi Underscore Yahoo Dot com in the Devi radio network at gmail.com. Ferdie major to reach out to us. So let's a I mean like you said we we can discuss it civilly but to have one sided to have one Vet Flake is as as would call his guy to contact. Eighties eighty someone as violating their restrictions and selling products are vulgar. Who makes that determination? You know who says that's Bulger. I say it's humor may be dark humor but it's humor and like the one gentleman said it brings smiles. The old veterans faces when he walks into the. Va with that hat on. Because it's that humor. That opens us up and gets rid of the stigma of being taboo to talk about with her suicide or or medication. You know that the huge cocktails and everybody's walking in there on You know it opens up. Doors is what I personally what I think it. Does it open up stores furs to allow to be talking about the stuff and and get rid of stigmas those taboo labels and ship. You know all right so really quick before you guys go on. The shortened link from Delhi should be working again So if you want to mass produce that out to your friends family members so on so forth. That should work is you're trying. Dd radio DOT net. It will take you back here If you're cookies are raised into lead into stuff like that We're trying to make sure everything's working kosher with the bidding link right now. I do apologize for that. Shit is fucked up there. Update never like five seconds. It seems like but who was getting ready to talk and say something about whatever was just every bit of it because I was on the phone with our webmaster. Okay so you're tuned into back stock here on Radio. Dot Net W DDR. It is may twenty third twenty twenty As I said at the beginning of the show we are going to read some names off. Tonight where our listeners have Put on the facebook post on. Dvd radio veteran humor. the midnight frosty Frag out drag-out winks page and a few other places saying it Thank you guys for doing that so much. I'M NOT GONNA go through the entire list tonight like I said But Monday Monday may twenty Fifth Memorial Day show we will probably go ahead and go all love at nineteen hundred eastern standard time That's the feedback back on getting from people right now. I know nobody in this show has gotten that yet because I haven't asked them So you guys. It's nineteen hundred restarting eastern time Memorial Day But a few names. I'd like to read all right now and like. I said we'll do the entire gamut of names come Monday when everybody gets others in Before the show a few that I got right here Jacob Lewin. Us Army F- Andrew Laszlo US coastguard Seaman Seaman okay. See I'm not naval so I don't fucking know these days you gotta write the shit out for him. Okay I love his. It's last name his door and went what it's specialist Jacob Doren. I thought I said that. Did I not know? Never Mind Sergeant Cody Gross or Gross Corporal Holly Charette Marines Do Do do do do do do. I'm trying to find some names that I don't have to sound out in my fucking head and sound like a dumb now has. Psc pokes added States Marine Corps Kia. Afghanistan Joe's Joe Scholtz Third SF. What'S HEARD S G? I know that I know that acronym I'm sorry for not knowing that off the top of my head I'd Jeans Special Forces Group out. I wanted to say that's what that is. I think that's exactly what that is We apologize people. I'm sorry I'm trying to do fifty things at once a Jane's Patrick Crawford. Corporal United States Marine Corps Vietnam. Eight twenty six may nineteen sixty eight kwong to products William Oscar Warren United States Marine Corps Korea The I never said this right. The I N. C. H. O. N. Landing Amtrak driver became a machine gunner. He went on to serve at the. I missed some fucking words. Something Reservoir I missed a word. I literally missed word. It just as the reservoir not going to lie either. I missed a word or whoever type that out. It's probably chosen. Okay more okay. I was wondering I was like I knew. That's not just a reservoir Apologize Got Bear with me. I'm sorry A couple more names lieutenant. Colonel Thomas Three Eight Marine Corps Carter Gamble Iraq June twenty. Four two thousand seven An army pse Devon J. guerrilla dot September six two thousand four serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Twenty one of the DNA Ohio Census Seven Zero Six Transportation Company Army Reserve Mansfield Ohio Killed September. Six when an improvised explosive device. Id exploited near his convoy vehicle in Iraq Like I said we're going to read more names. Come Monday we're GonNa read them all off If you still would like to put your name on that list Frosty if you don't mind putting that in the Chat Chatterbox on DVD radio. will read. All those named I promise you come. Monday will probably break it up in chunks long list but we will make sure that everybody's name is read off and again for wanting to participate in that we do appreciate it and it means a lot to us. There's a lot more than you think. So what did everybody think about? Whatever the fuck we were talking about before I had to talk about. Yeah I mean like like like I said I think I agree one hundred percent with what you wrote the article And it is a link theory but because it spells out exactly how we feel you know about the word dysfunctional and the connotation that some people have against it But the thought that. That's what's driving veterans to commit suicide or to take your life that's Horse Shit. Come on yeah. I can vouch for that L. The Times that I've caught myself going down a dark alley. I it was never because of a shirt. It was never because of anything. You'd see on dysfunctional veterans. It has to do with either life. It had to do with myself personally. Had nothing to do with laughing. Something off if anything you needed that and all the stories I've heard when I've interviewed people for For the fight series. All of it had to do with the humor anytime they they went outside the wire they came back and they would laugh about something. 'cause they had had that because if you didn't you would lose your mind like if all you thought about was negative stuff you couldn't laugh couldn't smile you couldn't joke about anything you lose your mind. You don't that humor and I want to make it clear to everybody. That's not our merchandise that got pulled. Its some off brand market bullshit. It's it's not ours But I do want you to know that we have been told that. We're the calls of the way. Veterans are looked down upon in the way they're looked at and that dysfunction was not correct word but yet we have other organizations out there like disgruntled and irreverence and I put definitions in the article. And I want you to tell me which of those definitions is the worst truly. Tell me which of those three definitions would you rather be called dysfunctional irreverent or disgruntled? That simple you can't sit here and say upward is so bad citing native it just like fuck fuck is not a bad word. Shit is not a bad word downhill. Those are not bad words. We need them bad words. I say popcorn and use it in a derogatory fashion. It becomes a bad word. Society makes things bad especially when we don't talk about things become problems. Not just bad but problems. That's my point of the article. That's my point of jokes. Are The problem I I don't know how else to explain it. But if you'd like to say something about it please let us know you can email us at the g mail And let us know where you can tweet us or you can tell us on facebook. Let us know what she's saying about the article and what you think about The the original article from the major I WanNa know your thoughts Only know frosty cutter. What are your thoughts about What happened? I think it's a load of crap but you know I don't i. Don't run these these companies and what the quality of the leadership that I see today. What happened doesn't surprise me right and they're with you might seem to be like they'd rather whine and complain about everything and make everything all politically correct that it really killing morale and everything. So it's an it's it's almost causing more damage right and I think I brought this up to all you guys when I was talking about this article that I wrote and grown man even sit here. Because he's a major. He's an officer right. He's he's been officer since two thousand eight two thousand seven two thousand eight and he set right there and he even said it it starts with leadership starts with your leadership and your a major. You're a nature in the United States army and you instead of actually trying to attack the problem you throw it off on somebody else and you don't go and attack the problem. You don't see what the problem actually is. You're a United States army major and instead of using your power and your reach to do good. You actually take one of our venting and outlets away from us. Is that the way to use your what. What's what's the Dan. What is what's the fucking leaf is. Is that the way to use that. Is that really the way to use that rank? You're going to say you're helping your soldiers and you're helping your veterans. Is that the way you do it? Would you actually go and investigate and find out why things are happening that pinpointing something as simple as that is just overlooking so many other problems like if you're focusing on the dark humor and the t shirts whatever you're missing you have eighteen year old kids who have never lived anywhere near home or anywhere but home who feel alone and scared and don't have anyone to talk to your missing the downward spiral people have where they don't feel that they can open up to people and there's a multitude of reasons that people get really dark places and if you heard so wrapped up in something that simple? You'RE GONNA overlook very legitimate reasons if enough the humor is what you have a problem with like. Do you even understand military culture? And that's like yeah. That's that was my entire point of the article and my rent like I don't know one person that has listened to us. That said you guys made me want to do something because you said a joke you told a joke or I seen one of your means like if anything. They're praising US I I've had emails had facebook status of had twitter tweets like. I know it's helping people. I've seen it over five fucking years over what ten years if you count the beginning in inception a DVD as itself. There's a reason they're out there. It's actually helping people not just veterans but civilians on top of that civilians are actually saying. Oh my God they knew exactly what I'm talking about. They know exactly how he'll say with veterans and servicemembers and I knew it said Dr depressing flooding subject. But if we don't talk about who the fuck is going to talk about it. When are they going to talk about it? It's like I told Betsy when she tells me every time. I think I should just give up on the series. I'm like okay if not you then who if not now then fucking win seriously and speaking of Betsy Ross and her series. Would you like to tell us about the fight series for those? That may not know what it's about shameless plug. Yes well fight definitely. It's it's a hard topic it's I mean even to write it it. I have to really put myself in that state of mind. Where it's where's the pain really coming from? Where is this suicidal? Tendencies Coming From and I know I've been there and I know others have to do and that's kind of the heart is. We're not alone if you feel like you're just so unique where no one will understand your pain where you have your. You can only go to the bottle or you know. Just lock yourself away because no one wants understand that is that's the biggest lie your propel yourself and civilly to what major has done as far as pinpointing where this suicide entities are coming from. I mean we. We have so much to pinpoint other than the so-called obvious And that's where I wanted to find the right the fight series. Because you know why our veterans committing suicide. Where are the active duty committing suicide? There's just so many variables involved but you know a lot of turned to people we trust unless the chain of man kicked us away In uniform off where do we go? Alcohol Drugs And then uncovers a lot of us become homeless and so I really wanted to give that emotional rollercoaster ride of how does of veteran who stood for uniform in country and patriotism. How do you go that to ending up on the street to becoming a drug user to just basically throwing your entire life away and offer what I speak to a Lotta veterans than they always miss in that purpose and just a sense of emission. And when all of that's gone it really puts life into perspective and it's really hard to put that into words to express to people you know it's not just a t shirt it's not just you know the so called obvious. Sometimes there are a lot deeper wounds and nightmares and just so many thoughts that really takeover in people really think it's like a switch. I think that's the hardest thing get people to avoid. It's a switch motions memories. They're not switches. Sometimes the everything comes back in a flood in. What do you do as human beings? We're emotional creatures or social creatures like for me. My chain of command threw me under the bus. They kicked me out and when I tried to go back they shut me out like. Hey I don't know you anymore. You're not in my ranks go away. Race and stow. Who did I? I had veterans. Even as I wrote site tell me to not do it that I was wrong but I had no right to write it so for me to come this far. It's really because of Bo and everyone dysfunction dysfunctional veterans and just a few handful that really have pushed me to continue fighting fight. Well you know we're here for you and we support you one hundred percent. I told six about the bite series and at first he was a little skeptical and he has every right to be. I mean we've seen things like that before. You know that a lot of people like Oh you should read my book about suicide or this that and the other and it turns out. It's a Hollywood novel right. You talked about that and when I when I seen the one. The one The expert that you wrote from that book to promote one night. I think it was like if that's actually from her book. This has to be a good fucking book at told six. I was like dude. We gotta we gotta work with her. I said I don't care I'll put money into it. I don't care I said we need to like push this. Nobody else is doing it. And he gave the minute and talked about it and it was like hell. Yeah he literally had hell. Yeah he was up for like never seen him so giddy about a book. Six doesn't read and he was Giddy about a book and I guess the pride that came from that it was. I don't know how to describe it. It was refreshing warning right the fact that. Dd Six who has really skeptical about a wad of shit that comes to us like that which we all are but more so books because like I said and he talked about at length most of turn out to be Hollywood not was and when I say Hollywood novels there a story about explosions and secrecy and spies and all the bullshit. That doesn't really happen right. The Shit that nobody actually does In filming for example W seven. That's Hollywood novel but after I actually got to sit here and read fight. The first book. I'm still working on the second book. I'm sorry two years later when I read that I when I read that first book I told six as like dude up. Never read anything like that. He went really. I said Dude. It's exactly how life happens. I said exactly what we're filling. It's exactly what we go through to fucking t us at the only thing about. The book is a fictional story with realistic experiences about realistic topics in subject matters. I said Dude. If you ever pick up a book as like read this fucking in. He was like all right. Obviously he has had time. But I mean for me to sit here and say a book. Is that fucking good? It's that fucking good. I'm I don't care for a lot of books that's out there. Nowadays I read a lot of old books like own books. Philosophy and shit like that Educational books but this one this one you know and I told you I was like it helps me while right while I've been writing the script like a lot it really does. And she's on the same wavelength as I am about. Not tiptoeing and walking on eggshells and actually saying things and actually giving you those those visualizations and for some of you. The book might not be good not going to lie. And if you can't read it that's fine but at the same time at least give it a chance and Intel Betsy. Hey this was good or this was bad because give constructive criticism. If you're going to criticize her. Don't just say betsy. You had no fucking writes about suicide. You don't know what it's about like you don't have a right to tell her she's wrong you don't you really don't but I think also bridging the gap between military and civilian with a book like that. That's something you can do like explaining to civilians. What it's like because they don't understand what it's like to see in do some of the things that we've seen and done in You know what put us on that path in the first place and to piggyback like that really quick to back off that sorry to piggyback off of Cutter Really Quick. We're not saying civilians. Don't have these things but it's a different limelight. It's a different experience her point. So don't say that on TV Radio. They said because we're not but what did what six it slips it says Or She has helped me as a family member understand. My veteran much more than a veteran could explain themselves it. Betsy you do a great job of that. You know a lot of us have these feelings and emotions and stuff that we can't somehow put down on paper you know it's hard to explain for similar. Us especially since a lot of us are always told to shut up and color Suck it up buttercup and you know when it comes time to actually put those feelings down or extract express yourself. It is truly is kind of hard for some people to do that and like like it says you know right there and chat it helps. You've already done that. The work has been done. You put it in paper you put it in writing so for somebody who simply pick up a book in read. You're going to get a little bit. A little more emotional. You're going to get those feelings going. It's going to touch hopefully touch you in places that you know you think about because it's in writing you know you can actually feel with this. I feeling you put those shoes on as if he were. You know those individuals or at least attempt to you know understand what they're going through just to make it clear we're not talking not talking about Joe Biden touching in places we're talking about so I couldn't help myself. That's the first thing that popped in my mind and I didn't want to interrupt you but yeah where can people find the flight series? Like you said we're GONNA fight three huseband of Betsy Ross and we are trying to get that out and publish and we do. Have the thing that we're going to run on patriotic to help you with that. But where until then can people get the first two books or anything related to fight? Say Right now. Fight one invites. You are both the on Amazon. In Paperback Kindle fight is also available on audiobook I just recently got fight. Onto Barnes and noble's website pay hard back Unfortunately couldn't get it on Nook at this time. It's a very big pain. But I am trying to broaden my My outlets had get fight more out there but honestly Amazon's than the easiest unafraid. If you don't like Amazon that's kind of the best way. Of course you can always go to betsy. Ross author DOT COM and You can purchase signed copies or just regular copies from me directly and I can have those since you three should be done soon. Hopefully it's it's coming close to time already again. Yes again. I keep pushing back the date. S why he yates that look but Buy Yes it's definitely conversation starter. It's it's topic. We're really getting to know. And when you hear things in the media or people talk about clothing I. It's definitely puts things into perspective as to why so-called dysfunctional veterans disgruntled veterans. You know why veterans have their own stereotype. It's VICI- you gotta get at mindsets. Really you know is that humor is dark Merisi. You know. We're not all just you know. Let's go kill babies. It's you know there's humor in there for a reason. So right I mean. I've come across a lot of veterans from all various generations and it's amazing how diverse we are all human beings. We all have different backgrounds but it is kind of interesting when you put on the same uniform all the sudden when you bring up certain topics how crazy different and belittling. I guess it can be when you literally get shutdown residents. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's hurtful and I came home. I had no one to go to. This is not I. I'm nowhere near a base of any kind of any military branch so it's not be surrounded by military and all of a sudden. You're trying to fight for veterans. It's it's not a good feeling this not only that not only that you're trying to keep your mind out of the deepest darkest flooding whole while trying to help somebody else. Stay out of that hole at. That's definitely not the not easy Of course they always say well always a lot of people have said where they will create a program or rate something some mission because it keeps it gives them a purpose and that's a great thing it really is but I'm not GonNa lie how many times I keep having fight myself to not go down that road Especially during these times of racist anniversary of his dates around the corner and I. It's so weird on how conscious works but but as all had talked about earlier with making a veterans or even just civilians feel about from perspectives. Reading fight was it. They served or not as I've mentioned before on here that one of my One of my readers actually read the book related every I mean she could relate everything to it and she told her husband to read it and she said I can't express anything. This is how I feel and you need to read it. And ever since then. Their marriage is saved their marriage. Like to me when she told me that that was one of the best testimonies ever. That's it she's like. No you literally saved my marriage because she had no way of expressing yourself until she read the book and said Oh my God. This is how I feel so she gave it her husband or read it Bam every they were on the same level again so that those testimonies really push me forward to and like. I said about testimonials in criticism. If you're going to criticize someone if you're going to give a testimony you're going to feedback do it in a constructive manner. Don't Tell Them. They had no clue what they're talking about. Because you don't know that individual you don't know what they've been through. I could sit here and go down. The gamut of how many people told me I was wrong about the script that I'm ready. You shouldn't write about rape shouldn't do this. You shouldn't do that. People aren't ready when the fucker. You're going to be ready to talk about this shit. Tell me that. Tell me what people are going to be ready. Tell me when be one. One thing I run into a lot is that I'm really really open about some of the bad things that happened to me. Had Military Sexual Trauma I got a purple heart and people always want to tell me. Oh would you. That's just your experience. You know yeah well I'm talking to you about it because you clearly don't understand that experience and I'm an people are like Oh like even my family be like. Oh don't don't talk about that. We don't need to talk about the time that you know someone touched you inappropriately. And it's like but if I don't talk about it nobody's going to talk about it and there. Are you know hundreds of thousands of veterans? That think that they can't talk about it and maybe I'm one person but maybe if I'm open about it somebody else will be open about their bugging them their issues And that's that's always been a big old for me because it seems like a lot of women. Veterans went to keep their mouth shut. Search about things will happen to them or or they think that you know I gotta be a mom. I and it's like yeah but you. You also have to talk about these things eventually and I always try to be open and it makes people really uncomfortable. Yes yes and I WANNA ask you cutter and betsy since you are the emails here tonight. What what stops you from talking about south when you're around people like eat cutter brought up you're afraid to talk about why then you guys don't have to get personal. But what are what are some of the reasons why you can't talk about things like that from a female perspective? At least why think at least for me. A lot of it is that I get put down that like my service wasn't equal to that of a man's right in the Coast Guard. We don't have any male only rates. You're a woman can do any job and I was a fifty caliber machine gun. Her like I saw stuff that was not pleasant to put it lightly and people want to be like. Oh you're a woman or oh you're a toasty. You don't know anything right and in that makes me really hesitant especially with somebody that I don't know and like like let's say a military event with my mini medals on and we'd be like. Oh what branch were you in is in the Coast Guard? And they're like oh I I didn't think the Coast Guard. You know could get military awards and things like that and it's sometimes. I just don't WanNa hear it gets. It's a day where I have days. Where all fight the fight and I'll talk about stuff and all inform people but some days. I'm just like I'm not going to win this argument. I'm just not even gonNA try like ink. Whatever you're going to think and I don't care unfortunately as a by a couple of things for me one personally I didn't stir blown adding deploy. I don't have crazy backstory I. It's very depressing. Because I have all the names of the fallen comrades with on my truck at my book. I haven't them everywhere. Deep will always will WanNa know what cruel story I can come up with for this. And it's like this is what it is and they all commit suicide except wine and they're like oh you didn't serve so it's like I couldn't. I didn't serve long. Did employees so they just thought you know. It's like literally just walk away and it's like are you serious. This is life. We're talking `bout but you know that's part that's partly for me especially when they're veterans or they're not it's like oh it's like hey a hell of a Shit happens in those two years. Where would you like me to begin? And that was. That's whole different topic. But the second thing is Let's see for me whether it's on social media impersonates this slightly as I'm not a feminist or say I'm not like all Gung Ho women equal rights and everything else crazy because I understand the military's dominance by looking at data. Okay got it okay? I've passed and okay. I can shoot my problem as far as not being associated with frigging barracks bunny. I hated those terms. Do Not Sleep around. Never did but it's just like they instantly want to jump to. Oh you went to barracks parties. Oh so you knew this person and this person. It's like okay so I don't know anybody pretend I don't know anybody 'cause anytime speaking people from who I was stationed with. It's like no. We did not go to that same party. We didn't do this and this it's like they always associate with. Oh you slept around. That's all you can do. Apparently especially because I was at bloom this I know everyone has their own personal experiences with that. But there became a stereotype or you bliss and it was like all you did was one thing. Yup and it's like I is not associated with any of that it looks bad. It sounds bad but I was not associated that and it was like I. I can't really speak with those who were as that. I knew even passing at bliss that So the double standard. I guess so. Yeah it's like they couldn't remember me from you know something we did on one of the pretend convoys we went on for training or anything like that it's Oh you knew so. And so. Therefore you're this it's like no yes. I lived to co ED BARRACKS. But that doesn't mean anything so it's like. I was always associated with. Oh you're woman oh you were hordes okay and it's like no no. I don't know you I don't know anybody never mind walking away now. See this is a question for you. Do you ever get that. Oh year. You can't be a veteran. You're too pretty and it's like I have gotten that times. Yeah and it's like this. I don't even WanNa talk to you. If that's the stereotype you have like the military women sleep around and like have to be like ugly people and it's like okay. I appreciate you calling me attractive. But like that doesn't hanging by negate the four and a half years. I spent serving my wake. I don't understand the logic there. Well yes I'm there with the girls on seeing that because we had I think it was six females. Maybe a that were in the actual. I know this is gonNA sound stupid. But they were in the actual unit like they were in the soldier unit right of our unit and the rest like either in the talk or done something that had no relation to you know anything that we do it and the de fac or the or the garage or or supply right And we did have one of the women that was your quote unquote stereotypical barracks. I'M NOT GONNA lie. We had that woman we really did. Girl man has talked about it. He could back me up on this however I am really close with a lot of those females. Because they were just like us they didn't give a shit about sex. They didn't care about facts they didn't they just wanted to do their career right. They wanted to be their individual self. But yet you had this asshole Dick face guy who is better than everybody else talking about this woman. That probably hasn't done anything wrong. In her entire life and can probably be qualified as mother. Teresa's fucking Demi God dollar right and you're like why like tell me why. What makes you think we because she's pretty because she's attractive because she can actually fucking qualify on every fucking weapon? We've been through and you can ask why because I happen I seen a wad guys that were jealous of the females and vice versa. Because they done something good deer and I can eat that shit up. I love that like I love watching the underdog and I think most of us do the to do something and then you're quote unquote jock or Pratt is sitting there. And they're so pissed off that all they can do is hurled insults at you. Oh I was a fifty couch. Her and my first time ever bore so we to go out with Navy vessels and I got on the navy vessel. And they're like. Oh we don't have female birding. She can't be here and my my senior chores. No she's our governor. She's not going anywhere and he did that thing where he kind of made us all scatter and found a place to sleep but even like within other branches. I think I got really lucky that the branch I joined was really like friendly to women in in there. I can't say that everything is perfect in the coast guard. We still have a huge sexual harassment and sexual assault problem every other branch but to hear it from an officer in another branch that just because I'm a woman like I can't do. My job is just ridiculous but that was a little off topic but that it just made me think of like branches being like. You're a woman. You can't do that like I can. Humble whole fifty and extra am like fleas were talking about females in the military. Don't say in Georgia and Best I can. But no you're you're exactly right. You're exactly right right. My wife has faced a lot of the same issue. You guys are bringing up. You know she was in maintenance career field in the air force so as a mechanic she ran into the same things. You can't turn that ranch US too big. You can't carry that. She might not been able to physically lift that. You know two hundred pound tire but you know what she would find something else that would in transported you know she would use your resources available in you know. Get THESE BIG BRUTE. Geyser trying to beep typical testosterone fucking flow into their brains. I'm just going to pick it up and carry it now. What do you fuck have bad backs on these right nugget idiots but yeah she's facing the same issues same? I mean so my hat like I said my hat's off every woman that's ever served in the military so obviously like you said it's it is you know arena for the most part and you know. Unfortunately yes you have. These younger females come in just like these younger males this their first time away from home and they have that freedom so there is going to be some of those promiscuous little moments women that are just out there having fun and have makes a bad name for everybody so just like the typical males who you know that dog that goes out and and sleeps around and I was. I guess that could be part of that early. Mike her so we won't go down that street but anyway but you know what I'm saying you know. Don't take just one bed bad name to get everybody. You know even that there's even that double standard because like guys would high five you for sleeping around yell as a woman in the military will. Oh my God what a whore like. Why are you doing that? You're you know like you. It's a huge shuttle standard. Now being best. He's talked about that at extent to like we. We talk about things. We go in depth men Bazzi. Let me tell you and I mean not just in the military either. I mean the civilian world is fucking red with double standards. You see it every fucking day and I just message in my friend. And she was talking about. She goes through the same thing at work. And I'm like disgusting. Doesn't even begin to describe it. I mean I'm one of the odd dog is that doesn't talk about my sex life except with my partner or whomever the fuck. I'm with but I can't sit here and honestly tell you how many guys have been like. Hey Dude I slept with XYZ and we ABCD and BLOB. And I'm like are you fucking kidding me but yet if a woman if a woman come up to you and said I slept with XYZ and we ABC? She's a whore she's a slut she's a call girl. She's a fair explaining. She's this she's that she's disgusting. He's probably got. Std's like there's a whole fucking and it pisses me off. It really does because I was a high school whore. According to ninety nine percent of the people that I went to school with and I I was not even close one hand I can count on. Why but yeah you have that double fucking standard and I? I don't know where humans get off on that and don't don't mean get all as in like in a sexual way at all. I mean it. It's drama high. School never ends. It doesn't matter if you go to the military doesn't matter if you start a job anywhere in any field. You're going to have that high school drama and I think that that's the drama that really makes people feel like they can't talk about it with decide of men and women that they feel like. Oh if I do this. I'm a drama queen or you know whatever and they or you know anything. People don't WanNa make a fuss about themselves in the military and then they get really alone in that set vicious cycle that leads people to what I you know. Contemplate hurting themselves or contemplate. You know in in their lives in the. That's that's what leads us down. A dark path. Is this fear of flake judgment. Somehow because we're in the military toxic to keep our feelings to ourselves and then when it comes to that dark place it's really hard for people to reach out exactly. Yeah They I. I know we need to pay bills and go to break. I'm sorry I'm sorry if anybody that's listening. Is YOU KNOW UPSET. That were doing this discussion or anything. Because it is more Memorial Day weekend But I felt like we had to talk about it It doesn't get talked about enough obviously But before we go to break you wanted to mention the objectives zero out yeah folks. It is a rough time right now for everybody like I said. I have a good buddy. I was stationed with for fifteen years in. I've been away from him for twelve years so he's been accused of my life almost thirty years now and what? I mean a part of my life. He is my brother in. Oh brother maybe not by blood but brother definitely by service and you know he's reached out to me a couple times in the last couple of weeks and it's been rough and the top it off. He just found out his brother who also had served is now doing so well in the hospital so he's got double edged sword he's leaning on and you know that it's just it's not a good time now for people and all he's looking to do is to talk to somebody whether it be what's going on at the current moment. What's his wife was going on with his finances. What's going you know? Just whatever and if you're just looking to chat folks and not have that stigma of bugging a friend or bugging that you know a battle buddy ill at two o'clock in the morning folks head over to objective zero dot org in check out this APP that they have created. It is an APP that you know Saving lives the just a simple active listening There's volunteers that are on twenty four hours a day seven days a week for you to pick up the phone and talk to whether you want to do by chat whether you WanNa do it by You know actual phone calls or by video chat all available and link are the excuse me. The APP also has links to other resources For your choosing a veteran suicide hotline to military one source to just a conglomerate of you know resources for veterans to reach out and talk to somebody so again head over to objectives zero dot org download the free APP in. Check it out really. It could save. Somebody's life yes and We're going to go to break things. We need to talk about on the other side of the break. As far as Dede radio business is concerned. But you're listening to barracks care on Wdr Dra Dot net would back right after this new junk in the news. Are you looking for veteran? Resources and fear support objective zero has an APP for that download the objective zero APP for free from the APP store or Google play access wellness resources like yoga and a free subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources and access accession nationwide network here support. Speak to fellow women veterans or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to channel it learn more at. Www DOT addicted zero dot org. That's www dot objectives zero dot org. Nothing's watch on TV. That's why you're listening to Barrett saw deedee radio dot net. W The this ain't Reality Day. They're black and white clear as crystal. It was at this moment that he knew he fought Paschall nutty. Don't you think you should rephrase Mama said Mama Mama said mom good day Sir? Plus this gentleman Shooters Express Charlotte's number one destination for personal defense. Sport instruction and recreational shooting supplies. They offer concealed carry classes for only twenty nine ninety five. That's only twenty nine ninety five for concealed carry classes and if you're military or law enforcement yours you great deals the eligible for even more shooters express so head over shooting expressing Belmont North Carolina or visit shooters expressed dot com for more information and monthly deals that shooters expressed in Belmont North Carolina. Your we're we're with this. Where Back Devi you ready? Talk Bro singing right anyway. So yes the Memorial Day special which is happening. Monday may twenty fifth. Which is the last Monday of the mock? Like it should be is happening at one. Pm Nineteen Hundred Eastern Right here on TV radio. It's something happens and the websites not working. Please don't fret let us know but don't lose your shit. We still got loud three sixty five minutes in APPs. Other is the link to the chat box on facebook. But if something happens just in case you still have those available to you laughter. Sixty five will still be running On Monday at three. Pm Eastern Time. We will take an hour of silence here on. Dv Radio. What does that mean? It means there will be nothing running from three o'clock or fifteen hundred until four o'clock or sixteen hundred. I know most people are going to sit there and say it's only supposed to be a minute but I'm GonNa take an hour staying about doing it and our for each three o'clock across the country but you guys hate me and I would get tired and how the show to prepare for So I went ahead and done the three to four or detain hundred. Sixteen hundred. All there will be nothing played. There will be no sweepers. There will be no battery sixty clouds the when about not being songs that we're not being announcements at fifteen hundred precisely eastern time lot three sixty five. We'll be silent for one whole hour so if you come over here between fifteen hundred and sixteen hundred eastern time Monday and there's nothing plane that's why please spread the news. Everybody know there will be a post made but I know how facebook and twitter is and if you're not on say scape then you're not gonna see it because you have to be followed us. Say Skate so get over on say scape and follow US Betsy and think and whomever else over there. Frosties over there Girl Man. Marquee faster towed. They're all over there. So go over the say scape and follow us. You can use your android devices Say Scape or STAY SCAPE DOT COM. If you're on a desktop but again from fifteen hundred to sixteen hundred eastern standard time or whatever the fucking E. S. t. e. yeah EDTA's the other one Eastern daylight time we will have Silat for one whole hour observing Memorial Day again. I know it's supposed to only be a minute but I am Bo. I run shit here. It's going to be an our K- We'll be going live like I said at nineteen hundred seven. Pm Eastern that evening Hopefully Betsy and Lincoln and cutter and frosty and girl man and marquee and recoil and six in Google and chief and gas from yet. Your Foundation Goldstar Ride Purple Heart Homes Hard like Otto everybody that we work with and are close to. Hopefully they can make it Monday. I'm sorry I'm losing my voice. I've been talking a lot this week but Hopefully they will be able to make it. They can't please go. Check them out on facebook on any social media. But the you're thinking about the on Memorial Day because ninety percent of those people are as bad as we are on that day in this weekend There's a song that normally play on Memorial Day from a buddy. I'm not going to do it this year. I can't really hit me hard this year. I can't I can't do it I just I can't It's called sitting at a bar. You know that song. Go listen to it. You don't know that song listen to it. It's really beautiful song. I've got it on my playlist on spotify If you follow derating network on spotify I have to skip it every time it comes up like I can't I I can't listen to it Yeah but please If you have anybody that you would like to recognize honor or for us just to name all Monday. Leave their name Any information we're not gonna read stories but I'll try to get in the little experts that you guys have We'll read every single name from the start of the show. It's the end of the show. I don't know when we'll end It could be late. It could be early but either way I will make Goddamn sure that we read everybody's names. I don't care if they died in combat. I don't care if it was suicide. I don't care. They natural causes. It's Memorial Day. They deserve to be recognized because they can't sit here and enjoy the freedoms that they helped fight for. They can't enjoy the wife after service and I don't care how old they would be. I know some people are like but my GRANDPA would be two hundred years old. Okay we still need to recognize them. And don't be the Dick that sits there and explains to somebody. The Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Don't do that. Somebody thinks you say you're welcome. Don't beat addict to explain to them. What Memorial Day and Veterans Day is on Memorial Day? Don't do that take it. 'cause it might be the only time you ever it and then down the road you're going to be like. I'd never get my service. You can explain to him later do that but for now you're good guy be a good girl. Don't be a dysfunctional be nice Reach Out. Don't be ashamed. Reached the fuck out. I can't stress that a fucking enough. I don't care where you reach out reach out somebody. I don't care if you call the suicide hotline. I don't care if you do it onto the object zero. I don't care if you go to battle in distress or somebody that you're comfortable with fucking talk to them. I don't care if it's a two year old child or a dog fucking talk to somebody. Don't let it fucking sit inside and muster up. Don't fucking do that. A been there done that all of the south. Don't fuck be that guy or that girl please. Don't I'm begging? You do this every fucking week for a reason because I love it I love helping men and women everyone a love you off fucking day a really fucking dare. But I'm going to be a really pissed off motherfucker if I find out that you've made a post and then an hour later take your own life because you didn't think you were worthy enough to talk. Somebody Really GonNa take that personally. I really am so reach out please. I'm fucking begging you to reach out. Do It Betsy rebound and the show. What would you like to tell our wonderful listeners? This Memorial Day weekend and I'm sorry everybody that was so depressing and boring for some of you but it had to be talked about definitely. Not Definitely if anyone is on your mind even if you haven't spoken to them in a long time definitely just simply say hi. That was definitely my state nine years ago. Well nine years ago when I could have reached out special rights and I spoke with him just for a little bit. I didn't really get to say what I wanted to say. But it was like a couple of hours later found that he hung himself and his ex. And so it's amazing. How vice really short. So you get to say hi you get to see your family. I know this cove things really miss setup but you are able to at least speak to your family members or loved ones definitely do so take advantage of that link married off number here for you brothers and sisters out there and I want you to share it one. Eight hundred two seven three eight to five again. One eight hundred two seven three eight two five five. That's the veterans crisis line. I want you call that number. Reach out again. Check out object zero. If you don't WANNA called Veterans Crisis I need just WanNa talk to fellow veteran or brothers and sisters that it's going to have your back Discuss what we need to talk to the be. The main and most important thing is to talk to somebody folks. I mean like I said I have a dear brother minded. I'm watching closely in You know we're GONNA get them through it so and that's what he needs to do is call me every day. I told her to do so. So you know. Reach out talk you brothers and sisters and make sure that they're doing all right because this go which is driving a lot of people crazy right now not just military civilians as well. So if you're a first responder and You know need same thing reach out cutter so one thing. I'd like to say is that every year at Arlington cemetery which I live not too far from they do. What's called Mindful Memorial Day? And they asked that you take the name of a service. Member walked to their grave in section sixty and just take a few moments to meditate and be mindful about the The Servicemember the situation and to say their name so that they're not forgotten In this year it's going to go online so I encourage everyone to go to mindful memorial on facebook or Mindful Memorial Foundation Dot Com and Ben King. The founder is a veteran himself premiered veteran and He's asking that people. Just take a name and post themselves saying that name and doing a short meditation and like. I said earlier on my Devi Cutter Page on Monday at eight PM Eastern I will be doing a About a half hour. Forty five minute meditation. for veterans just reflect on. Memorial Day What it means to relax a little bit because the this holiday can be really bad and really stressful for people so I love you guys to like the page. Stevie cutter And join me at eight eastern For THAT MEDITATION PROSTATE YEAR. The last but not least we saved the best for LADD. Who Always Pretty? Well beat this dead horse but if you need to reach out reach out we've gone through all the different resources or whole not all of them but a whole bunch of resources that we know If you're in a good spot reach out to some of your brothers and sisters that might not be. I mean who knows that phone call can make a difference that you'd never you don't even realize wouldn't happens and then Just to kind of make it a little bit on the lighter side you know. I'm tired of people complaining about the Seven Dollar Beers. Ten dollar parking and twenty dollar cover charge. So if you don't like the prices stopped coming to my house. Well you heard it here. Folks don't go to his house if you don't like the price if you're going to drink this weekend do it safely. Do it with somebody if you can. He can't get on zoom or whatever fucking video conference and how the drink with somebody make sure. Somebody's looking out for you in. You're looking out for somebody else. Reach out somebody. I don't care if it's been two years since she taught somebody check on them if it looks sketchy probably is. If you think they're bitching they might not be if they're screening and you're saying fuck it I'm just gonNA keep scrolling. Go back talk to them. Make sure they're OK. Someone just committed suicide yesterday. Twenty two years old. Everybody looked over her. Status is didn't say guy downward and it's prominent you can see. She was going down big time a seen him. Men was talking about this morning. Beautiful Girl career just started literally just fucking started and all because nobody reached out to her. She didn't get help. Nevermore more always says you know be careful and mindful the strong winds the ones that have it all together. Sometimes they don't Yup so I'm not the pressing. Please reach out reach out. Be The stroman until somebody can. We love you guys. We really fucking dead me So hopefully like. I said you'll all join US Monday at seventeen or nineteen hundred seven. Pm Eastern time for Memorial Day special. What's the annual? We'll probably get drunk. Toss back if you and be stupid because it's Devi radio it's it's US we're retards. I said Retards I did. Yeah really really quick and really quick. I don't think we talked about that show. Alexa makes an appearance. That was fucking fled to make Only cross tell us about drag out. Well I kinda was DVD. That night. I had if you don't get me wrong But I had to leave early in designated ditched. Yeah I mean. I didn't say Tutut motherfuckers this buses leaving but y'all climb on board so yeah check it out When we get this up on podcast it's going to be two hour special. Or at least the in the airing was two hours of the podcast might be shorter than that but You will not be disappointed in the laughter in the boon read. The you guys went through after I left I was there to. Don't get me wrong but still wow. It was like a train wreck. You just can't look away. Let me tell you I had some fine with the beginning of that show. Probably by the end. You're like these guys ever stop. Yeah it was it was. It was a time though. Thank everybody especially right now. It was something that we all needed as host. And you know we got together. We really didn't have anything to talk about. We weren't going to talk about the stupid Kobe stuff anymore. We just crack a bottle in. It just was natural so realized it was going to be Memorial Day weekend show and turn it into a party. Yeah I think winker frosty. I think one of you said that the person that recorded Alexa that they might have a career with us out what you said. Yeah obviously we were talking about the elect. You're talking about the Alexa voice that I've made on Drag out it goes. Hey they might have a career with radio. Yeah Yeah and I was like. Oh my God we just went down this road wow it might sound like how. I actually thought about this. Un that to the voice. But I was like I wanNA make it sound a little bit eight bit. I WANNA make it sound a little bit like the speak and spell with a little bit of robot thrown in and I did. I fucking was proud of that. It sounded fighting awesome. Yeah you can't you cannot recognize the original voice whatsoever. I was like yes. I Buchan done something right talking about when Alexis started talking during yes out I literally took what was said by Alexa Verbatim and had my friend record what was said and I turned that voice into my own Alexa Voice. So Amazon Whitney hit us with a copyright strike is I don't know how big they are on Alexa von on other stuff. I really appreciate that because it said my real first name. I didn't hear that and that'll be the next episode. Oh that's great so if you're if you're listening warning report Miss Alexa as listening. So if you're if you're paying attention you're going to be on the next episode of drag out because I have to use you again. You're going to have to be your voice once more But please go to forum dot org share. Find out more about the far. If you'd like to give monetarily hit donate button you can give via pay pal. If you don't have to pay pal account look underneath where it says to enter your mouth and it says give credit or debit if you can't give monetarily but you still gotta shop online head over. Smile DOT AMAZON DOT COM. Even home your voice no hidden Beezer Causton portion of your shopping cart purchase goes directly to the DVD farm. If you're doing facebook fundraiser. Please let us know veteran humor. Deedee Radio Frag out drag-out let us know and we'll get that out there if you're getting ready to do something and we don't know about it but it's for the farm again let us know send us an email at the Backup email for TV. Radio that you can find on facebook and as soon as it's updated we will let you on. Hopefully our website will be updated next week. And we won't have these fucking problems until that happens. Please excuse me the temporary email and the web link to get here I don't have anything else. Do you guys now. Okay since I say since I hear crickets I'm GonNa say now I love you all? We love everyone of you please. Again reach out objectives zero battle stress. I don't care reach out four Betsy. Russ DVD cutter oink frosty and DV six. Google Marquee Davis grown as motherfucking man. And Recoil. Who said Fuck everybody. We're GONNA stay off the show tonight. Am Boehner would just heard barracks talk right here on W. Dvr de Radio Dot net until next week flex south on data.

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