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What is a Vaccine Adjuvant?

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What is a Vaccine Adjuvant?

"Our special guest today. Neil Z Miller. He is a medical research, journalist and the director of the think twice global vaccine institute. He has devoted the past thirty years to educating parents and health practitioners about vaccines encouraging and form consent and non mandatory laws. He is the author of several articles studies and books on vaccines, including Miller's review of critical vaccine studies. Neil has a degree in psychology and is a member of Mensa international. And it is always an honor. And pleasure to have you on one life radio. Welcome back. How you doing today? Neil grew. Thanks for having me back today. I appreciate it. I always appreciate your work and what you're doing to educate the world about vaccines and their safety today. Specifically, we're speaking about aluminum. So let's start with this basic question for people that really might not know a lot about vaccines that they. There, there are avent's added to them in order to make them more effective or for the delivery. So what exactly are ad edge of events? And what types of events are there will the main Atrovent that's being used in vaccines. Today is aluminum, and there's different types of aluminum, but, but the reason that the aluminum is added to vaccine is because the, the attenuated germ, okay. So basically, you've got the, the, the German self the, the micro organism that is likely to cause the disease. They take that microorganism and they attenuated or weaken it. And that's the main component of the vaccine, but it doesn't induce enough antibodies by itself, generally speaking with some vaccine. So they add aluminum which really just irritates the immune system. The immune system recognizes the, the aluminum as, as really as foreign object. And so it, it, it helps to awake in a higher concentration of anybody tires. So that's the main reason aluminum is Najim added too many vaccines to help stimulate a stronger immune response, and increase vaccine efficacy. But aluminum is taxing. Absolutely. In fact, there's no known biological purpose value or function for aluminum in the human body everywhere. That now by the way, it is very pervasive. One of the most pervasive elements on the earth, but it has no biological function. And so it, it's a neuro toxin and in fact, that's, that's what the mainly what the study's find. That's what I summarized, you know, like I said. Aluminum is added too many vaccines, and so children that received these vaccines are getting multiple doses of aluminum in an injectable form. Now, some people say that Lumina m- is not a big deal that, you know, you, but, but the, you have to differentiate between or orally, ingested aluminum and injected aluminum, we're warned to not even use aluminum foil anymore unless you like parchment paper in between because of the taxes city of aluminum other studies now that are showing a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease aluminum dementia, it, definitely, there's no question. There's literally there's literally thousands of studies showing that aluminum. I'm talking studies outside of the world of vaccine just. Thousands of studies that show that aluminum itself is a neuro toxin and is also capable of, of causing immune immune now functions. It's going next with this because I had read that numerous studies provided credible evidence that aluminum adversely affects important biological functions. Like neuro degenerative diseases and auto immune disorders up -solutely, that's the biggest problem is because it c- see when you when you ingest aluminum now luminous is dangerous to any kind of life-form, whether it's an animal, or human, and well we're animals as well, but. And that is dangerous. But when you ingest it as long as you don't ingest too much at once setting that most of that aluminum when I say most we're talking ninety nine point seven percent. You can you can eliminate it through the normal home in Tori functions of the body. But, but when, when that aluminum is injected the studies are showing that it lodges itself into different different organs of the body, and, and they're finding injected aluminum over a year later. They're finding it's still lots in different parts of the body, including the spleen and the brain it bypassed. Now here's the here's the interesting thing is some studies show that it's actually the smaller concentration. Of aluminum that are more dangerous, because they don't because the blood brain barrier does not block it. It's able to, to bypass the rain barrier and go directly into the brain. So this is off the record doctor medical doctor. Obviously, I'm not gonna say his name he didn't want it. He didn't he he, he doesn't even want to talk about it on the air, but told me off the record that there's no way that you can inject a child body with, with aluminum and it into a muscle and it not make its way to the brain. That's, that's absolutely. That's absolutely true. That's what the studies are showing. So, you know, I mean, I don't know why you can't speak on the record because he scares. There's plenty of studies that, that document that down fact in my book, and my latest book Miller's review of critical vaccine studies where I summarize over four hundred studies that are critical vaccines. I have a chapter in there on aluminum, and in that chapter, I summarize, I don't know one or two dozen probably about two dozen studies that, that document is the, the, the hazards of, of aluminum vaccines. For example. Here's a study that, that was conducted by Dr Chris Shaw. And Dr siege CJ, Thomas genyk aluminum in the central nervous system, toxin human as humans and animals vaccine edge in auto, immunity. This in summary, this study found that aluminum vaccines can cause autoimmune and early jiggle damage so that that's pretty common and just to tell you how common vaccines are for example, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other nations, infants and children, receive high quantities of Lumina for moldable injections of several vaccines. For example. Okay. The following vaccines contain aluminum, the tetanus vaccine would, you know, the that's combined the P? So, for example, they give babies diptheria tennis in plus vaccine that can. Aluminum the, the hib vaccine for influenza type b that contains aluminum hepatitis A contains aluminum hepatitis b contains aluminum and, and the pneumococcal vaccine contains aluminum. Now, they're giving these vaccines, for example. They're giving DTA. They're giving the protest fact seen at two months of age. They're also giving the, the hepatitis b vaccine, two months of age, they're giving the pneumococcal vaccine at two months of age, and they're giving the hib vaccine at two months of age. So these are four separate vaccines, each containing their own, high concentrations of aluminum. So, so it's so they're getting four high doses of aluminum, when they get their vaccine to two months of age. Then this is repeated again at at, at four months of age. And then again at six months of age. And so it's extremely. Concerning extremely dangerous and a recent study came out in his shown that today fifty four percent of all children, have a chronic ailment, which includes things like attention deficit disorder, which I have summarized studies showing that attention deficit disorder has been linked to the vaccines. And so, so these chronic ailments, people have to look around and say, what do you mean fifty four percent? We're talking with an half of all children today have kind of illnesses. Where's this coming from? Well, I'm working on a paper right now that has found evidence that all of these conditions. Okay, fifty four percent of the of children, have these chronic ailments. These are these are twenty two different ailments, okay that these children have, and all twenty two of these ailments, can be linked to vac. Seen damage. Well, so, so this is something needs to really, really get a handle on and really just recognize that when, when we say that when, when you hear people saying that vaccines, save lives. Well, if you look at. We know that with some flaxseeds they reduced the incidence of the disease. There's no question that when the measles, vaccine was introduced it reduced the number of cases of measles. But what are the trade offs? That's always what we need to look at. What are the trade offs, and, and the studies document that there's increased rates of diabetes increased rates of, of allergies increased rates of autoimmune diseases increased rates of, of learning disabilities, increased rates of so many different types of diseases. So we have to look at everything in from the larger picture, we can't just say that, that this particular vaccine was introduced lower the number of cases of disease at what cost, that's what always needs to be looked at. I'm reading the paper, according to the American Academy pediatrics, which is the AP aluminum is now being implicated as interfering with a variety of cellular metabolic processes in the nervous systems and another tissues. And so, you know, if the pediatric community knows this information. Why are they still pushing the agenda that all vaccines are proven safe? You know, I, I think that I think that there's just so much influenced by by big pharma, and you have to understand the regulatory agencies and I'm talking about the CDC the FDA and on international level, even the World Health Organization. These these workers Asians have been captured by by big pharma. They've been captured by the pharmaceutical industry and and what do I mean by that? I mean that there's so much evidence and document this in some of my papers and document. This in in. There's there's so much evidence right now that for example, in my in my book Miller's review of critical vaccine studies in the chapter on, on mercury mercury in vaccines. And by the way, there's still mercury Invex in vaccine or giving this to pregnant women and two infants. How ridiculous is that, that, but, but the point I'm making is the CDC in the year nineteen ninety nine they conducted their own study to look at at, at whether or not mercury in vaccines is dangerous. And, and they found that babies that got mercury in vaccines. What they did is they took a large group of kids, the and half of the kids got got got vaccines, with mercury and the other half of the kids got the same vaccines, except without the mercury, and then they've they've fast forwarded to, to, to several years later, and then they added up. How many kids in the wound group were eventually diagnosed with autism, and that the kids that got that those mercury containing vaccines were had had eight they were eight seven point six times more likely to be to have been diagnosed with autism. So, so we're talking about I high statistically significant study conducted by the CDC showing that mercury in vaccines will cause autism. Okay. So, so my point is, is that they did not remove mercury. They required it. They required. More people to actually get needed some from some scenes, and then required. More children to receive it and pregnant women to receive it. So, so what is the why am I mentioning this? Well, because it's important for everybody to know but also because it shows some insight into the fact that the that the CDs. C which is supposed to be a regulatory agency looking after for the health of every children has been captured by big pharma has been captured by the industry. They are just a marketing arm of the industry in my opinion, from for my research, the CDC and the FDA, and we'll help organization too, because there's a lot of evidence that the World Health Organization is covering up a lot of a lot of dangers associated with vaccines. So, so people need to realize that when you've got the, the American Academy of pediatrics you'd think, don't they don't they care about these children, the number that the thing that the Dr Blaylock he's, he's a neurosurgeon a brain surgeon. He, he did a forward to my other one of my other books fact, the vaccine safety manual doctor Blaylock in that foreword. He has he presented. He said amazing forward. He's, you know, it's an. Amazing bit of information. Yeah. One of the important things that he says, and he provides evidence for is that the vaccine program itself is sacrosanct above everything else, even above children's lives. The vaccine program must be saved at all costs. It

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