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"menachem brown" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Helmet and his own power right in front of us down the near sideline into the tunnel to our rights and a standing ovation from both sides patriot fans. Both so wonderful longtime veteran his fifth Super Bowl a team, captain. He's played for the patriots nine of his ten NFL. Season Theron Harmon will come in and take his place. Girly sixteen yard run. By the way, the longest against the patriots in this postseason that got it. The Rams do beginning. The second half of the forty six of LA Kevin when he was hitting the ground. You're worried about the pain. I think he was just the pain of not able plane. Mike Holmgren Kurt Warner Kevin Harlan. Producer Larry cost again. We're Super Bowl fifty three down five hundred senators optimism Forty-six, and he hands off the girly digging over the right tackle, there's just nothing there haven sign could not pry them. Open in Downey goes down Menachem Brown. It is a gain of meeker yard by Todd Gurley. He's out near his forty-seven in LA territory. But I love the thought process coming out of the half. Get Todd Gurley involved. Not just because number thirty as being your main guy all year, but you gotta help out. You're young quarterback right way. Action going to try to get a big play down the field at some point. So it's nice that they fed him early in the second half. They're very important might the the Rams have struggled on third downs tonight. Hold six would get another shot at it right here. Third down inside from the ram forty seven shotgun. Snap up online drive past nearside leaping attempt programming complete by there were going about the forty yard line of New England on the nearside sideline in front of the patriot bench and a big leaping. Not only there for Gilmore on a pass intended for Brandin cooks and off goes, the Graham offense and outcomes their special teams they've already funded every time they'd had the ball. This would be the seventh time tonight in seven possessions, man, coverage, right? They're trying to get Brandin cooks on the corner out. Really good coverage by the phone Gilmore? But also a late throw left to the inside on the corner. Route is never good. He had Josh Reynolds on quick shallow route. That would have got him the first down. I thought that was the easier throw, but he was going for the big one Johny Hendricks gonna punch for the Rams a belt. High long snap in his right footed punt goes through the smoke. British go inside the dome it is caught in a fair catch on the near sideline against the gentleman at the seven of New England..

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