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"memphis area trauma center" Discussed on Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

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"memphis area trauma center" Discussed on Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

"Ice Anneli and now the software in the buses will very quickly recognize misbalance tanks that could potentially be caused by a few leak and a warn the KRILL growth. Don't we have that to Jeff Yeah sure bracelet to hear no arrive in mass between our is between arrears in we we had to be between your is. It's okay. It's not the mess the mass mass nevermind I was going to say something and I'm going to refrain keeps out such disciplined just after if Real Nice after thank you guys beers right. You didn't get any but I didn't say anything bad why actually if you'd like another still have a gin and tonic particularly pack no not particularly no John. I don't think slapped didn't he. He was laughing because he just enjoys being together with the crew except those two together with inch due to know I mean I think the all do that. You're laughing because you're happy to be with US but LIZ is not here. He still at you still talking about speaking of Liz. This is from Liz Mississippi crash. <hes> from CAP DOT news have no idea what that is similar to make sense a young civil air patrol pilot lost Mr Life and Fedex made a wonderful gift to her family. Well done that X.. In tragic circumstances so the article <hes> continues that <hes> the Civil Air Control Air Patrol Cadet died from I'm serious injuries on July sixth when the Civil Air Patrol planes she was piloting crash landed on the Ole Miss Golf Course in Oxford Mississippi Steph. Would you like to continue the the accident occurred about three fifteen. PM On the seventeenth eighteenth hole not far from the university Oxford airports where it could at Master Sergeant Lake Little was headed as part of a of Cadet flight training to receive her private pilot certificate. She was airlifted to Memphis area trauma center where she unfortunately passed away <hes> right now. Our focus is on family and I'm not laughing because of the story I would just to clarify. This is a very sad and serious story. Unfortunately Captain Jeff is may quite difficult for me to read. He doesn't need to do anything at the moment that can read the entire story from here on Alex. Thank thank you for your assistance. <hes> right now are focuses on cadet little family and the members of her local squadrons said Major General Mark Smith <hes> Savar Patrol National Commander and CEO This is a tragic accident and we are praying for peace and comfort for everyone involved. We're working with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration to determine what caused the crash little eighteen of starkville joined the C._A._p.. In August twenty seventeen and had earned six promotions during her nearly two years of service the latest to could master master sergeant in December. She was a member of the Mississippi Wings Golden Triangle Composite Squadron based in Caledonia. She also enlisted in June in the Mississippi Air National Guards one hundred seventy second.

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