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Episode 592: We Have to Do the Thing that We Have to Do in the Movie

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Episode 592: We Have to Do the Thing that We Have to Do in the Movie

"For November fourth one thousand nine hundred nine it's the overthinking at podcast episode five hundred ninety two we have to do the thing that we have to do in the movie welcome to overthinking it where we subject the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve the over thinkers who you're smart funny rag tag band of human revels goals from the Internet we're never happier than when we are hunting being hunted by killer robots hunting them in return and triumphant humanity triumphing over technology technology humankind human being triumphing over the cold metal hand of a mechanical robot. I'm Matt Rather I'm here with my very good friends Mark Lee Hello Mark Matthew and Pete Fenzl Hello Pete Elo Mass I did that in reverse order because we're talking about Terminator Dark Fate this week and Mark Lee is the world's foremost expert on Terminator so Terminator all spoilers all books let's dive in dark fate mark what even is dark fate and what what did this Sir what did this film which involves a which involves a young woman from Mexico City who travels with Linda Hamilton who is also in Mexico and a hundred killer robot or a defender Hunter killer augmented human from the future in order to escape a terminator that is actually two terminators being sent from the future okay there's the plot it's all been spoiled for you Oh Arnold spoiled for you in Nineteen eighty-four Nineteen ninety-one with Turner is the Terminator Secret Power Dudes but there's no it's a terrible it's terrible because there's no constraint on the nevermind mark what I'm sorry I come to bury terminator appraise it what did what what did what did this film mean to you it means that people in Hollywood are desperate and self delusional that they think they can approach this material in only slightly different ways and try to succeed where others keep bailing over and over over again they don't get that it's virtually impossible to make a successful sequel determine everyone or terminator that is dark fate right that that that these movies these restrictions are so successful and type things up so neatly and the Hollywood impetus is kind of like you know revisit the formula formula in tweak is this a little bit that it just keeps turning up movies that are bad and everybody's nobody's happy with James Cameras and the stars aren't The casual fans aren't the diehard fans aren't I think we'll talk more about the Meta stuff later on about how that's born out in the film itself and its story but to meet Terminator Nater has less been about like the dangers of technology and it's more been about out technology and other things alienate alienate people away from each other and how they come back together while they happen to the fighting killer robots from the future so sure does that happen I've been in this movie yeah I mean there's another aspect of this as well to that this movie tries to bring something new and fresh and particularly what the Mexico and the immigration in things where you're talking about the powerless of society and you could also trace it back nineteen eighty-four Terminator with Sarah Connor the female the just that every woman waitress the powerless wind up you know who who are being hunted down but he's very powerful forces the military the police lease the security state the INS Customs and border patrol the zone and so forth they're they're hunted down and they find a way to fight back and take fate into their hands and not just accept that they are victims of broader things on their control troll but they even you know an incredibly powerful Cyborg from the future no they they overcome their obstacles they are not alienated from each other they form relationships strich with each other and they and they and they can't win probably I mean that's an advancement after that the first terminator moving that's something that is kind of always up for debate in terms of whether they're actually are beating Skynet or or Legion or whatever the malevolent thing is from the future but that's my stab at what this movie is about and it's kind of broader themes now does succeed in doing all this ah yes and no are there a lot of distractions and things that are not done well in the movie Oh yes absolutely we will certainly talk about those but I'll toss the pete does okay that makes sense I think so I disagree a little bit it's nothing as disagree is a strong word right because I don't it's not fair air or appropriate for me to say that the way that I enjoy terminator has to be the way that everybody else enjoys terminator and I don't mean that in terms of disputing you just in the sense that I've always connected with these movies maybe a little bit differently really I've never really seen the terminator movies as about the anxieties around technology I've always seen them as the anxieties about the future and particularly particularly the anxiety is around having kids and particularly the relationship between men and women in a modern world in which there isn't really a sense that women are being protected or taken care of as they attempt to both make their way in the world and also have gets and it's like well oh you're gonNA sacrifice your life in order to have a baby right and the men around you aren't really on your side and you feel very alone if you're a single woman you know to society just I see you as a mother or can you be something else and the first terminator movies the pregnancy one in the motherhood one I think do some really interesting stuff right with these ideas ideas expressing them as symbolic cultural anxieties and the terminator as a robot is mostly just there as as a sort of unreal symbol that gives you enough slant to tell the truth right the idea that Linda Hamilton is a is a mom Zillah who like Google loads her son up van because she's convinced that the world is trying to kill him is I think an experience that a lot of people can identify with personally you know a lot of ways and to a greater or lesser degree right it's exaggerated it's not quite like oh man I need to strap on my my welding goggles and pick up Azuka but like there's the fear right the the world is going to kill your kids and and that's a real fear that's and so I think the best horror movies are hyper blown out articulations of real fear in some way and so in that sense I kind of feel like the Terminator Franchise loses its way when it gets too deep into the whole thing about technology but at the same meantime I know some people really like that aspect of the Terminator Franchise so you know so sure if you want to read it that way then I think that there's probably enough to support support it what I'll say is that if you're looking at terminator dark fate from the technology side in your sort of like yeah it's about technology and it's kind of about like surveillance state and it's kind of about about like immigration and kind of the movement of peoples and and in that sense it's about depression but it's a little confusing and I don't really know what's trying to say I would say that it does all those same things but also so with gender politics like it's like it's sort of about women who present manner Androgynous in Harare Queer and the idea that like with the characteristics characteristics that we think of as female really necessarily associated with women this is a movie in which the Super Soldier is a fashionable the young woman and the old warrior like designs drapes for a living right this is like Arnold Schwarzenegger makes drapes in this movie and there's a lot of confinement of the gender roles of the various people people who are in the movie and really on the nose rights like you know you think Danny is the Dussehra connor that her son is going to be the man and that saves the world and they really underline the word man but no surprise it's daddy herself she's the one who's your John Connor it's so painfully on the we saw that coming the mile away didn't we yeah yeah of course I mean but it wasn't even a surprise like because there was nothing that happened that mattered that had anything to do with any of it and that's the thing is that it's not for me the movie isn't symbolic enough the action the movie isn't symbolic enough in terms of being an opposition to the things that it's supposed to be praising right like if the idea India right is that Sarah Connor and the first movie is like a single woman who is trying to have her own life and is threatened by the idea that she has to be a mother and Sarah Connor in the second movie is a woman who is kind of threatened by the idea that she has to be a mother right but she also wants she she is a mother already and she's trying to raise her kid and society society won't let her in this movie it's really about either right either because there's like huge discontinuities here Danny being a Mexican woman and not even Mexican-american a Mexican woman who is trying to rise to a place of global importance in a western hemisphere that doesn't particularly really value her or is it about grace who is the like presenting masculine lgbt sort of like super soldier from the future representing a resistance hashtag resistance she persisted notion of like feminist opposition to male oppression. These are two completely different problems you could find out an elegant way to express both these problems this movie doesn't do that and and the idea is that in the first movie the Terminator is trying to kill Linda Hamilton Melson and the second movie She's trying to kill John Connor right shouldn't kill our country killed John Connor and the Terminator in this movie is just sort of coming after everybody lake there's there's not certainly Danny doesn't communicate in the way that she performs the part that like she is uniquely scared of the like the Terminator is coming after me this is about about my life and I'm scared right or like this is about my life and I'm brave she has multiple speeches throughout the movie where she says that it doesn't matter right it's like it doesn't matter that has come from for me it doesn't matter about skynet nothing future matters none of this stuff matters the only thing that matters is how we get through this movie on the Pacers right like the role that's coming we gotta kill the robot don't don't worry about the implications right and just a reminder and I don't I don't make too much about like Oh come conflict apparently terminator two but well the movie is constantly referencing goes goes to so let's go have at it right Terminator One Literally rips the page other phonebook Sarah Connor Sarah Connor Sarah Connor right just like Jordan he's going to Cirque honor going up to Sarah Connor in the second one that that the T. One thousand gets a photo of the boy it's like you've seen this kid have you seen this kid and look for John Connor looking for John Looking for Jack on the goes movies like really again like it's very on the nose but a good and effective way in in those movies and you're right pete is not clear who the the the the the new Latin next terminator is going after this one we know because they tell us but they don't show us yeah right there in particularly because like there's a bunch of people early in the movie who get killed but there's not that it's also a tonal thing like in the composition of the movie it's particularly its use of light and color the the whole first part of the movie is super bright and very flat and so there's not really a sense of anticipation or dread it's all like light is everywhere so that you can see the every day angle of every special effect shot and like and there's there's not I didn't get a sense from the composition that there's any threat that's happening to Danny it's just this robot did you know that she has to kill right and so yeah it's like it's at the Terminator the Terminator in this movie isn't even a particularly menacing actor like the actor isn't scary the actor the actor isn't even really seems particularly motivated like it's the idea that the actor the terminator represents kind of dispassionate Institutional L. destruction right like like the terminator is a bureaucratic terminator where it's nothing personal you just have to get to the back of the white right like as like look you know I just I have orders I just have to do this and that that's actually also repeated by various Terminator's in this movie right like I don't want to do the thing that I'm doing I just have to like an and and that sort of presented as kind of a reason but but that's not particularly satisfying in if you're talking about a paradigm of like the killer robot manifesting being some sort of like urging human fear right like in this case the terminator is like it's not it's not really reaching that kind of personal symbolic level it's much more of a sort of social allegory where like the individual characters aren't really at stake and it's kind of a pastiche it's like like a still life of what the world might be like if everything were representative Terminator Emanate or movie and the degree to which things happen doesn't really engage your hook into any sort of individual sense of what that is even even this bringing back of the old people You know who who I mean maybe the clearest example of this is with Sarah Connor coming back and we learn that Sarah conor kills terminators all the time at this point right like every couple of years like if some sky next and that's a problem among many problems that's a problem because go into that terminate hermit killing a terminator has got to be a big deal because the things that we make movies about things that we make action movies about I wanNA talk about action movies I I think you have a lot of interesting stuff to stay about but like what happens in an action movie has got to be a big deal right like that's why that's why we make a movie about it and if she's killing terminators every like six to eight weeks or something that's not you know for John or whatever if it's become wrote you know and she's getting blackout drunk every night and by the way people get blackout drunk every night don't have that figure especially especially not at that age the there's a lot of male action heroes who eat and drink terribly and are also so had six packs so I'll give her a pass on that one although it is somewhat at this point the characters getting so old idea that they can stay strong even with metal endo skeleton skeletons is a little bit dodgy I liked I liked Linda. Hamilton's look in this movie I I will say it's like you actually see you don't see the elderly people a lot in film do you not like a Helen Mirren may be or you know he had mcallen vote I'd like to know who you see like them as yeah not as people you see them as like institutions somehow right and that's not a that's not what this is about for sure right right so I feel good yeah just a mixture we address it started we're talking about how killing terminators is like road or less special national less than event and as part of the problem is sort of the world building and setup of this we should also of course dollars that frigging John Connor at the beginning of the movie so abruptly was not perhaps the strongest way to start this I mean I guess I understand why you have to take him out of the picture to allow a new quote unquote savior of mankind are just not be distracted attracted by it but still come on right like all the time and it is it is a real thumb in the eye of the previous movies is but I didn't have that problem with this that a lot of people have that problem with this movie and I thought Oh that's like legitimately shocking and interesting let's see what they do with it and they didn't really do anything with it and I think part of the problem there which we've we've talked about on her own we might as well talk about here is that like Legion right like okay okay okay okay so I'm sorry I'm so overwhelmed I really didn't like this movie guys I wanted to I really did and I don't want to harp on just didn't like it but but it's hard to even organize it is my thoughts around it because I think it's a movie that's particularly unkind to over thinkers because gas all of these things in it that should promise much deeper investigation into what's going on at least on the level of Hobson Shaw right like and yet it seems to frustrate the the idea of drilling deeper into it as an action movie and understanding because it crosses itself and kind of control contradicts itself and on a very small level keeps frustrating itself but just to chill out for a moment right like in this movie John Connor is killed in the first ten minutes that says to me Oh my God everything has changed right like a fundamental assumption that has been the case through all the terminator movies has just been up ended right the world is different right that's very oh and I feel like if you throw down something like that and like the very beginning of the movie there better be like really huge implications for it because not necessarily just because John Conor is important but because that note has this real emotional urgency to that it's a scream that isn't like a little like Ledin it's like a right like a big little a beaker muppet screaming but what happens instead so what happens is that that's because because the events of Terminator Terminator two have happened where where the connors and Co Destroy Skynet Skynet isn't developed but a different AI is develop up that's called Legion that there's some sort of course of convergent evolution does exactly the same thing that's Kinda does in pretty much every respect since this Kinda Kinda but with with Octopus Tentacle Soda Do you Break Open Octopus tentacle when they send the Terminator back in time he's puts into to totally different foods to dudes although one of the I wish they'd be playing with that even more and that the liquid guy had like different strengths and weaknesses than the other guy or even that they talked to each other how great would that back or even if they were like the Capa- doctor strange or the carpet and Aladdin where they didn't talk but they had like a repartee with each other while they were doing things things that's mostly what I miss in this movie are those little sorts of what's the implication of the thing that you're watching like you set up an expectation cashing out some kind of fun and Interesting Way Away and the movie doesn't really do that it's not really interested in picking up on threads because it was made by one hundred and fifty people on it has a has an episodic reset like there's and it does actually liberalizes rarefied in the movie in the form of injection that grace can get to kind of reset to the thing and like the you know good good storytelling of this type like needs you need to live with your decisions right you need to catch out the implications of your decision instead of live with them and a good speaking of all spoilers all books a good example of this is Dr Martin in Song of ice and fire not so much the game of thrones TV series in its later seasons but song of ice and fire like you know ah say what you will about him but he does cash out the implications you know in minute detail of what what happens in his universe you know and that's something that's that's utterly missing from this film on a plot level and also on a thematic level right like one the things he pointed out Pete in our one of the things he pointed out in our chat as we were preparing for this movie is Linda Hamilton makes big deal connery speak deal at the beginning about how you can't how grace doesn't know how to use cell phone and that we leave a digital trail but gracious the child in this time timeline and she probably has an IPAD was point that you made like that you know because she's a middle class child middle class children have pets the also a machine herself itself can like apparently tap directly into the cell phone network and translate GPS on text messages so yeah that all's thrown out the window and it's it's actually yeah what are you doing future future ass is what she's like future Poop I thought that was a really good a little bit of lamb shading of that ridiculous moment and the thing but like it that ridiculous that ridiculous thing is is ridiculous right there's there is and it's it's actually you know it's meant to mean something but it's actually it doesn't mean anything by not meaning anything it's sort of cruel the whole US Customs and border patrol thing like the whole border patrol detention facility where the prisoners don't call them prisoners call them detainees their prisoners our you know our process is done without any kind of matic any kind of like a note for the semantic and it's like it's almost like it's this this you know I don't know it's this I I'm I really think Gio Tolentino is good book Trick Mirror has a lot to say about the themes of this movie and she makes the point in her book that that on the Internet because things can exist on the Internet only the representations of things that he comes to prioritize the representations nations of things over the actual things themselves that kind of the material conditions on the ground as it were and like it's like Oh yes we have a a coyote crossing the border check like woke checkmark right Oh we have the the the border patrol like I I people in cages they're like woke checkmark but it's not it's not cashed out at all and by the way they try to soften it by making king the the only agent that we see an African American woman so that it's not like it's not the you know the long arm of the white male law that is coming down on you know D- Linda Hamilton single mother you know and the and undocumented Mexican immigrant right that that an and in doing so in failing to cash that out it I it's glibness it's glibness becomes cruel right eight just just from name checking things without actually without actually considering the implication on both on both the plot level and a see matic level I think this this happens a lot more to say about this is something else that's name checks without any thought or for cashing out it all just noticed that the beginning when they're terminators are coming off the beach a from the water onto land guys know where that is right Normandy Normandy very famous yeah there's a very famous beach obstacle that the Nazis put in place to try to prevent the Americans from landing and so that's definitely meant to register something from filmgoers who I don't know if like saving private Ryan or or just a passing familiar with imagery or more more more specifically have played call call of duty they are counting up able to pick that up and what does that mean nothing absolutely nothing is just like ooh this thing is here and it portends some sort of danger or significance of actually know right because it's not like because so then what that would do and it's not just that it doesn't talk more about d day Hey it's that it takes the symbols that are associated with it and then kind of just makes them into a puts them into a totally different theme like right away right so if you go by that scheme the terminators are coming up on shore and grace is fleeing the terminators so this would put us in a situation that would sort of like say dunkirk orders ars Api Ryan or or the longest day right number of other movies where like people are in the ruins of a French city as the Nazis have rolled through its and are trying to evade behind enemy lines and they're trying to evade the Nazis and so she has to go back and fix things and that's kind of what she's been tasked with doing but no she's been tasked with saving the commander right so she's not tasked with going back at first she's tasked with saving the commander and then only after she's killed issue then sent back which happens off screen green so it's like okay so is she French right like like if it were one thing and it was like oh she has a really strong sense of like patriotic pride died for what her place was like what if grace actually remembered okay here's the thing what if grace remembered what her childhood was like in this movie that's Sneh talking about how strange it is that grace has no apparent like like sentimentality for seeing the world again the way that it was when she was a child like like if time to nine hundred eighty six and I walked through that like even anywhere near where I grew up hell if you sent me back in time two thousand nine hundred sixty put me in New York City and I I looked up and I saw the world trade center I would like weep right like you know imagine the entire world was like that the entire world had been destroyed in a terrorist attack when and you were like ten right and you get sent back in time and you get to see it you know before destruction and it's like it's not just the grace didn't have a response response to it because maybe she's not that sentimentally kind of person but it really is never a beat anywhere in the movie right so there's nothing about d day there's nothing about remembering the past there's nothing about like the loss of civilization right like there's nothing about Oh wow you guys don't know how good you have it right the world is so even though people are being so mean to each other like imagine imagine what would be done for this movie if grace had a big speech where she was like you guys have no idea how lucky you are to live in this world and you are treating it like trash right like like and like if she had a big speech to the border patrol people right but there's nothing like that in this movie there's no action of the characters to kind of reflect flecked feeling about the symbols that are being brought up the symbol just gets brought up and checked off and nobody kind of Mir's it back and and shows it back to you and that's really what's really frustrating to me about this movie more than anything I mean it's an things large and small right like the biggest example is like grace has no feelings about the past of of the world right or humanity she's a lot of feelings about Linda Hamilton for some reason I don't know why she hates Sarah Connor so much it would be one thing thing if she was just like like I think if it was like oh I was sending this mission I don't entirely trust you you did something early on to like make me not trust you more or or like I don't like the fact that you're bossing me around so I'm going to be kind of annoying about it which is what it would be like if it were any other action movie like if she was played by Danny Glover right like look man Dan you know we have to do this by the book right like there would be a repartee to it but she hates her and she's really nasty about it right like it's it's like there's no there's like I'm GonNa kill you right like I'm GonNa murder you as soon as you get a chance and that's that's not the kind of thing that the by the book cop says to the rogue cop right or is she the rogue cop and then Linda Hamilton is the by the book cop and I don't get it right let's get the the the relationships are unclear right if let's just forget the the noncanonical by which I mean the non the Terminator Terminator Two Judgment Day Terminator Movies for a minute that we can come back to them if we want to like if Turner one is about how how death is encroaching and you you sort of create a relationship and reproduce in order to stave off death right and Terminator Two is about I think to a certain extent anxieties about single motherhood in you know in America at the time in the developed world at the time right then this what is the what is the underlying set of relationships like who are these people to one another right that that makes them important to one another another and and make us care it's entirely at the level at the level of plot right like in that so is is grace Danny's mother is she I heard daughter because actually when Danny sort of rescues her in the future and the rubble in the bombed-out building then like she sort of takes care of her and his her her authority figure like and she turns that is she her lover that doesn't really make make sense like as a partner or a you know a that goes back to the first two the first terminator where the the protector becomes a partner but none of that none of that is cashed out at it all and then what is the relationship of Hamilton is she grandma is she a competitor like a love triangle competitor type of thing it's it's it's not thought it's not taught through it's not thought out what what these people are to each other and because you don't know what they are to each other it's very difficult for it to come to mean anything it's a coalition but it's it's like a mirror of a coalition that exists in the real world because of a lot of luck and chance right like there's no particular reason why immigrants and old women are on the same side in politics but nowadays they are in the United States so so okay true honor war and this is this I mean I'm not saying this to belittle the movie I feel like the movie has a true north that they could have really doubled down on and become much better I think that's it I think it's the idea that this is three different women from three different backgrounds who have no reason listen to like or trust each other who have to recognize that the institution of the male institution of universal war and permanent oppression oppression is is a threat to all of them and they need to stop arguing with each other and start and team up right to fight back I think that that movie movie is first of all rights itself and second of all I think it's pretty crisp right and it's and you'd be surprised at how a little that happens in this movie that like that like Dan maybe it's the Danny's he's moments where she sort of does that don't really ring true because the characteristic really there or what but like I certainly didn't feel like that ever really there's no like high five let's go kill the robots moment when they go from arguing that each other to like being an extreme duress and back and forth right like there's not like there's not moments maybe it's just the movie is trying to be you too grim that there's not these sort of there's comic relief but like there's a scene in this movie where a killer robot brings everybody coronas and nobody's miles right uh-huh smile is that what it means is that what does that mean please stay away from me what I mean is like that there isn't that moment of bonding between the protagonist in his to indicate that the coalition has been success and to give you that sense of confidence that now they're ready to face the bad guy they kill the bad guy when the running time of the movie has elapsed and there doesn't does it really I mean Danny makes somewhat of personal transformation but as a group that I don't really get the sense that the three of them together arrive at any sort of new understanding of each other from watching seeing this movie they should have all served beers of committed commiserating over the fact that they get paid eighty cents to the dollar for our every terminator that they kill comparison Van Mark it's much simpler than that they all they have did you share a bag of potato chips the potato chips that is the thing that irritated me more than anything else this let's talk about the potato cyst also go back to the aforementioned killer robot who gives them a beer Carl Carl yeah but talk about tell me more of a Taylor healthy so like so like in all sorts of action movies there are all these like little moments of setup that up payoff setup payoff right like like the one that comes to mind that's really relevant for this one is in the fast and furious movies later ones you know Theresa's character is always trying to get snacks from the vending machine at one point I think it's the rocks character just like shoots the glass out of the vending machine to get him to shut up and like pause and then he like gathers up all the snacks really do theatrically right and it's like a fun moment and even in more serious action movies there's sort of like setup payoffs I don't pay off Christian Bale has the USB cable and then he uses it on the Terminator Oh it worked right and this movie sets up potato chips like three times right. There's three different potato chips scenes in the movie there's a scene where we find out that Linda Hamilton Hamilton or that Sarah Connor hides her cell phone and potato chip bags right in order to block the GPS tracking which don't think would work but maybe who knows and then there's the scene later and she tells and she she tells Danny that she really likes potato chips and that's why she uses banana chips because she eats bags of bags bags of potato chips while she's on the road owed so she has them so she uses them to shield her cellphone then there's a scene later where I- Sarah Connor Sends Dan to go get potato chips so that she can have a conversation sation privately with grace about what they're going to do about their problem child which is sort of like where that relationship should be happening but those scenes role written very argumentatively without a lot of like like connection or progresses with feeling like the scenes don't really work on their own probably because they're too focused on the action scenes don't really think these things are important and then later when Carl is mentioning to Sarah Connor how he knows where she is it's like well if you're gonNA put your your phone potato chips put your phone in a bag of potato chips if you take out which we see her do at one point then everyone's GonNa know where she is I don't think there's any where the movie where anybody eats a single potato chip right like unless it happens on the train during the part where I went to the bathroom where they're going across they're going to the border patrol place right they're going they're going to beat the coyote on the train unless there's like a bonding scene where they all eat potato chips together I think that we have three character development scenes about how much Carlos potato chips and she never freaking eats any potato chips this is an action movie it is not it's not like it's like like there is such a simple pleasure in watching the thing happened that's been established as likely to happen right either watch it or frustrated right like have great come back with popcorn they don't have popcorn in the future I loved popcorn when I was a kid I got a bunch of popcorn and then Sarah Connor's like like you could have gotten some potato chips I told you I like them right like there's so much you could have done with actually showing the thing everybody was talking about and cashing out the funny setup setup joke that you made like everybody laughed a little bit of the line about how Sarah Connor lol eight people in the theater I was with laugh at that little line about how Sarah Connor really likes potato approach because they're thinking right somewhere down the line Sarah Connor is going to be like is GonNa stop and it's going to go to a vending machine to get it back potato chips and is going to see see the rev nine in the glass and it's going to be like oh no I gotta go right like there's going to be some sort of payout for the potato chips but it never seen writes itself right like like she she sees it she ducks the revenue Joscelyn's rebar athem at the vending machine breaks the glass and before she runs just for style points Sarah Connor says thanks and grabs a bag of potato chips before she runs away and then Arnold turn to own awful tail ridges look at them now that's an old that would be terminator three Solutions Terminator but that's the kind of like very small stuff that I think a lot of people wouldn't in care about because they all watch action movies in order to record a weekly podcast they're not like overthinking every line and they're like Oh oh man you know she just mentioned that if you put yourself if you put ten cops between yourself and arrive nine you're going to end up with ten dead cops Oh my God there in the border patrol place and there's ten cups between the REV nine and them and the rep nine jumps on the ceiling and runs across the ceiling and doesn't kill the cops right and and it's like why not why don't we just have seen where the ramp nine kills ten cops it's so simple to be fair I think the body count of cops does wind up being ten in that but actually to your point so there's a scene where like all the cops I try to huddle him and then like the UC and the stabbing happen out of there no I think we do see the the the dead bodies in the math but to your to your point like it's not like a elegantly done in a way that connects back to the line that was the last example a lot of it is like there's a movie where they get the is right they have the MP's they're going to use the MP's on the web nine and then the MP is get damaged right and and then they can't use the MP's because they get caught with the bunch of the literally tens of thousands of bullets that are flying around over the course of this movie when's the right time to reveal that the MP's have been damaged in this action movie right when is the corrects time to open the suitcase and reveal that your secret weapon for killing robot got no longer works when they're just the moment where they're ready to deploy it and when did they do it between the action sequences there's like a moment of quiet where nothing is is happening and Arnold is like Oh guess what the broken and it's like there's the upper even even if ten cops died I don't get that tableau of like the rev nine a and then and the ten dead cops right I don't get the cash out and just with it's like they set it up and they don't bring it to you but anyway talking about Karl pull me out of this and talk about Karl because Carl has both the best and worst part of this movie for sure where to start okay so they had to find some convoluted way to shoehorn an old Arnold Scharzenegger into this movie again did it for Terminator Genesis here we are and by the way this is a good opportunity to point out the the experts the horrible horrible exposition problem in this movie and also the Terminator Movies right it's like Whoa okay you know you're GonNa Carl's GonNa show up and you have to explain vies their and an and of course it's going to be like lead exposition you know an in that wooden Arnold Schwarzenegger voice a fair that we've come to know and love but still it's like okay hey this is your classic show don't tell problem and what did you tell tell tell tell tell this is what they try to show right with the with the family photographs into the family family shows up as well but you are asked to take on a lot of information and a lot of character development in a very short period time so you're getting off to a very shaky ground around from there the humor kicks in that helps to rescue things a bit but I don't like Pete mad talking about the character stuff there like that kind of backstory but you've got to process yeah yeah I mean Matt you want I just rented it I need to I need to take a shot of insulin and Benzodiazepine so they can survive how much I don't know but I'm going to do it anyway it doesn't matter those interests of medicine don't matter very well they even have to comment on that she could have done it would have been fine anyway sorry go ahead the the like stupid it is pretty stupid the way it turns out like I want to argue with the backstory on the merits like a computer that has been shut off breath or has been like has finished executing its instructions doesn't like you know look around for other instructions it goes idle it stops it stops processing right so like the idea that that Arnold would it would actually be better to find Carl just just kind of like drooped over somewhere like deactivated you know like like data and the measure the man when when Reicher turns them off Yeah and then you can put your USB we're speaking that's when you know something like that that's what I'm that's what I'm saying but the the you know the idea that that he just got good he liked discovered almost from first principles that's what he is he's he's Vitkin Stein Carl Carl's victims side like like you know one dot one dot one dot one the world is everything that is the case right one dot one dot one dot two I used to think that not loving people wasn't advantage I was wrong one one dot one dot three the you know the try ended the track Tatas right like that and that from first principles he's going to like reason out how to be good how to be a good partner which apparently is like you change diapers without complaining you're a good listener and you don't make sexual demands on your you know on a on a woman who just had a baby so the you're very funny so this is you know it's silly for for a number of reasons but not so silly as the discussion of whether the carpet matches the drapes in the you know in the warehouse no I'm saying that the car I'll bet the carpet I'll bet like the solid colored j. were aligned with the carpet but why why is that the best scene in the movie is it because that's the Downton Abbey moment of this entire film well okay so the so by the way if you're still listening to this and you didn't watch Terminator Dark Fate First of all the base reality the the base frequency is the expectation is that but not a lot of people saw terminator dark fate so probably a lot of the people listening didn't watch Turkey fate though if if you haven't turned it off yet Carl is his the terminator who has set back to kill John Connor he succeeds at doing it and because he is a learning learning computer and because machine learning apparently is agnostic to any sort of objective which is not really the case right but like you know whatever let's assume that that machine gene learning is something that continue in sort of a pure an unguided fashion in any respect with regard to any sort of like victory edition which I suppose is down the lines metaphysically possible ospel right he learns these sort of these sort of lessons about life and the metaphor here what's being symbolized here is that what's the he is the Carl is a formerly toxic man right that that that in the coalition of the coalition here that Hashtag Resistance Coalition in his movie consists of women who know the evils of Patriarchal Society because it victimize them in when they were younger and younger women who who are expressing themselves in non-conventional ways and don't want to be limited by Patriarchal Society Women of Color who by by virtue of their position in in racial hierarchies are particular targets of oppression and a particular spearhead in the battle against it and like some and somewhat sort of in in the back men who have figured out not to be toxic and so listen to the with around them and the idea and the idea is that this committed totally heinous crime drive by killing the son of one of the main characters but because he has been listening and learning he has come around to the position that the terminators are evil and he decided to use his voice as a signal boost not to himself go tons of terminators but to empower Sarah Connor to go hunt the Turner's by letting her know by basically like nick going to get your boy and letting her know where all the toxic robot are so that she can kill them before they do anything right and so that's like that's characterists symbolically the sort of like a man who's figuring out how not to be a legged stool the patriarchy but of course you know oh who is he in the movie he's the Arnold Terminator character and he's and he's good but he's also like a parody of the Arnold Terminator character who is good and so that's one this is another example of how the movie is undermining itself right because coral the terminator who has decided to become a drapery salesman and crafter and interior decorator is a riff on the t eight hundred from Terminator Two who is also a robot who decides to not toxic and the way that he does that is by like listening to the children and recognizing the needs of the children and putting the needs of the children above himself and he for him his masculine qualities are kind of an essential aspect of the family unit that's being articulated in Terminator Two right and the idea that he he needs to kill himself that he's sort of like sacrificial in this respect and that he doesn't get to sort of grow and produce life the way the woman does is kind of part of that deep symbolism of Terminator two and so we we see that expressed in the scenes like when the t to the t eight hundred like polls sawn off shotgun out of a box of roses right and there's this idea that he has like he has come as a friend but he must be a terminator right and the idea that he has an ally but he is still a dangerous man who can't entirely be trusted who can't be trusted to not be violent and Carl the drapery guy is a parody of that but thank all know he'd learned to be totally nice he cuts up the fruit and he puts it in a beer right he he brings it to everybody and the speech he gives in the in the in the boker in the boxes they're waiting for the ref nine is a parody speech it's a parody Freddie Arnold speech where he where he's like what's the exact phrase he uses and he's like a tentative joe do it he's going to use as the celts the solid code Kurten's girls room and they say Jong Du it's any says it with the same urgency that you would say like don't fly the Harrier carrier jet into the building like he says it with the same urgency as like don't don't shoot the hostage I'm going to kill you right like he says it as a a parody of the like protective masculine figure who is using his violent capabilities let we'll call him Mr Bates in his Downton Abbey right it's like Downton Abbey the later seasons are Downton Abbey are haunted by Mr Bates question of like are all inescapably violent and vengeful against those who wrong them and so like if somebody does a man wrong does the man need to be protected from knowledge of that right or if a woman near a man is hurt Judy Shield them in around that woman from knowledge of that because the men can't help help but become savage right and Carl the drapery guy is is a joke about like well yeah but also man totally settled down and sit in their Barcalounger and in the middle of Texas with a bunch of guns they don't use and like don't do anything right and they think they're action heroes and that's funny right because there's a grain of truth to it's an arnold used to be an action hero and now he's an elderly German man and so he and so that's that's the joke right but Carl is both supposed to be like a critical member of this alliance and a joke at the expense of the man who ends up being a critical member of this alliance and so totally it's really out of whack with the rest most of the movie but it's I thought it was the best scene in the movie because it was the most surprising and it felt like something jumped out this like Oh that's interesting right that's funny that's fun there's a there's an expectation in there that's being cashed out right like Carl is set up as the like I'm the terminator but I'm settled down and I watched football and drink beer and that speech is a sort of Meta joke about it and that's why I really enjoyed it I thought it was well written it's that's the kind of speed expect from Terminator Movie Directed By the Dead Pool Director Right yeah we're GONNA which it's also a Meta joke right a Meta commentary about how Tim Miller that his name the deputy director class it's horribly what James Cameron so right so there's a ton of butter either is doing a research so the gist of what Arnold Carla Carla saying is that like you know the client wants to do this but I say we should do this instead right right right right Yup Yup and The James Cameron is is on the record basis was saying like yeah we argued a lot over the creativity of this so I don't know I can't say like X. Parts of this movie were Cameron and white parts were Miller I can't say I take that back I can't say that apparently James Cameron gave him a list of action scenes that he'd been thinking about putting into movie somewhere where at some point in time when the occasion allowances here work these into them so that's why we have the jets colliding with each other in mid air and web why we have the that's clash crashing into the Hoover Dam not because they all sprung from the mind of an autour in a single creative vision with with a very focused story tell James Cameron didn't terminator wanting to know is because James Cameron's like pull them off of his like scratch pat gave a gave it to like a team of a dozen writers happen spiders the most fearsome Predator known to man you got to have a giant spider fighter in the movie the Kevin Smith Superman John Peters Wild Wild West story right where it's like that this is this is a potential but that might be a reference to the the the Universal Studios Terminator thing where there was a spider a t one million I think is what it was called while I was just he's talking about an evening with Kevin Smith where like Kevin Smith tells the story of how he was hired to write a superman movie and John Peter is kept trying to force Kevin Smith to write a scene

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Health & Fitness Fact Of The Day: Carb Cycling - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #139

20 Minute Fitness

06:00 min | 8 months ago

Health & Fitness Fact Of The Day: Carb Cycling - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #139

"What's going on ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the episode of Twenty Minute Fitness. I'm your host Charlie and that his great about another episode few today wingers is looking at Cobb cycling. What is it you might assume from. How do you do it before we begin a massive. Thank you sponsor. Shape Shaven building a three D. body-scanning coming scale to help you track your progress and for more information you can head to shape scale dot com also do not forget. We are on the Amazon Echo as well so you simply say Alexa. Play Health and fitness factor. The Day by twenty minute fitness to listen to all of these short episodes before begins thought talking about Cobb cycling on. Do you all to remember less. No Special Diet quick fix or any of the fancy way or underway all building muscle and losing body. Thirty five comes down to calorie surpluses and deficits and exercising and burning more energy taking in and so on but cobb cycling can be away. That helps you stick to your diet better. So you can lose fat and build muscle depending on your goal but itself doesn't have any special fat-burning or muscle building properties. He's let's first begin by looking at COBB's themselves. So when cops suggested they break down into glucose and this is the preferred fuel your body and brain and on as glucose enters your bloodstream. Your pancreas is then signaled to produce. Insulin which is a hormone shuttles. The glucose from your blood into the cells where narrative then converted to energy will stores like gin or stored in fat cells and COBB. Cycling is planned. Alteration of your carbohydrates hydrate intake. So you'll have high cobb days and low cobb days typically. If you're hunting a high carb day this might call through to have anywhere from two to a two point. Five grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight on a cart high carb day and a low carb day might be somewhere around nor point five grams of carbohydrates. It's per pound of body weight and the main reason people start cobb. Cycling is to try and prevent a Fatma's Plateau and maintain the metabolism Along with that workout performance and it aims to time you'll carbohydrate intake to win. It provides maximum benefit on exclude. You'd cobs to win the not needed. Many of you will know. cobbs a double edge sword withhold that that can use it to muscle growth by fueling our workouts. What's in creating a more anabolic environment. And our bodies. But we're also told that can use to fat storage by SPIKING are insulin levels which almost feeds our body. Fat With the Glucose Coast needs to stall so a lot of the time. People do see cops as the enemy because they wanted to to gain access. Wait however we do need cobs if we want to gain muscle and strength as quickly as possible and obviously it's all about being the deficit if we want to avoid paying the price of an ever expanding waistline and carb. Cycling is meant health health pause. Stop the pitfalls of building fast you to Cobb's whilst obviously giving us the anabolic environment. That COBB's provides a few our workouts accounts. So you can prove your carbon take based on a variety of different factors and this might be your body composition goals so you'll potentially reduce you'll cobb during a diet then Adam back in during a bulking phase when you're trying to put on muscle mass so you might as old them depending on training and rest days so you have a high carb intake take on trading days so I was talking about before about maximizing your calls potential and then have a low carb intake on rest days. You don't need as much fuel for your body. Some people follow. Scheduled ritual repeats which is techy to do one or several days to very high carb intake to act as reef e during prolonged diet. And your the following repeat you might be following a strict diet of say fifteen hundred calories five days per week and then consuming twenty five hundred calories with all the additional calories coming mostly mostly from carbohydrates on the other two days. You can even consider it if you'll come to a photo shoot or competition as I've all running for example as athletes Wilson Melson cobblers prior to an event. And this shows you the different objectives. People have when they consider altering the carbon take and following us with Cobb hop cycle said a hire car days are meant to replenish glycogen stores and boost your training intensity because of that it's meant to favorably the influence various hormones related to muscle protein synthesis and metabolism which includes the anabolic hormone insulin. And it's meant to temporarily elevate insulin nevels to help preserve your muscle tissue and boost muscle growth and then you usual lower carb days to maximize fat-burning almost like as we talked about. Kito before. Four really minimizing your cards and upping the facts and to get yourself into a state to fall asleep while you're burning fat stores instead of like Gin. Strategic High Saikal periods can also help improve function of the weight and appetite regulating hormones which we talked before as well called. Leptin and Ghrelin go into any more detail on the manipulating effector. Insulin levels wants to give a surface level explanation on Cobb cycling because I want the main thing to remember from. This is that that it's not a secret method to enable you to constantly build muscle mass and lose fat. It's another way to help you stick to a diet on your high carb OPD. Asian meant to feel like you're indulging in cheating when actually or not to retain actually amount you normally eat but it feels that way because you've been lacob spinner baits calorie deficit so so it feels like you're almost rewarding yourself out overindulging so. I hope all that makes sense and do gets in contact if you have any further questions on Cobb cycling and on whether it might be suited to you and your lifestyle unfortunately this time we have for this episode. We'll be back with more value packs content.

Cobb cycling COBB cobb cobbs Charlie Alexa Fatma's Plateau Amazon Adam Wilson Melson twenty five hundred calories fifteen hundred calories Twenty Minute twenty minute Five grams five grams five days two days
Hero World Challenge Free Tips | Mauritius Open | Australian Open |GolfPostcast

Racing Post

27:55 min | 10 months ago

Hero World Challenge Free Tips | Mauritius Open | Australian Open |GolfPostcast

"Stop that provide the complete betty experience. Find US online via our website citing up on pools and at a flagship that you shop in London's Maitha eighteen years old. He gamble away. Don't light the candle tiger. I that will come along as the racing post postcards for the final time they share breeds. Melson NSEN Steve Palmer and star. Sports Glendale looking back on last week's tournament in South Africa but more importantly looking into three tournaments this week. Eighteen runners contest the hero world challenge in America and that Phil contain some of the biggest names in European tour hates Mauritius where there are none of the biggest is names engulf and we've got a decent field down under for the Australian Open a quick word on last week's tournament in South Africa for Donald Beautiful Gulf coast. An amazing final dicey wasn't it 'cause Pablo the wrath Abou- started with A. I think there's a four short lead shot forty one going out on one. I mean at the turn. It didn't even going to finish the the the blisters on his face. Felt from the poor guy but how one that heaven only knows if some some finish it wasn't it. Yeah very dramatic foreign around. I mean Peraza fifty to one chance at the Straw eight to eleven going into the phone around until he gave that interview where he said he's serious foot list before the round then a little bit concerned but it seems to be going right then in the middle around it could be wolf keeps folding over. He's losing his balance on shots looked on industrial but some year football with the the final Halloween barshop. I mean he was very lucky that the players around him. You know very nervous. Warm for Wall Brandon Grace's into troughs. Oh yeah yeah gutsy effort from Pablo did you enjoy the Wildlife Steve. Did you see this amazing crocodile. There were elephants. You could say the elephants in the grains my favorite show that this King Fishe Asia and it caught a fish unofficial slithering around and speak on the fish store the kingfisher's whacking the fish against the branch. It was Berlin. Did you you say that a lot of the world. I mean. It's on the bucket list. In Leopard Creek is on the bucket list because he got tango folks in the world it would definitely be on there. Were Nichols Division winger. The the Vegetarians needs to take a look at it in the natural world animals. The animals and Also you A brief dalliance with I did have a brief dalliance with terrorism. But if you watch the ATOM programs which won't be fantastic. All them is just poll up as conceals house watching the I don't recall. I think we must be aware since the since the big bang or averaged animals animals so you gophers. Nah absolutely was neurath about a good result. Bad result for the Bookies Glenn Beck Event in all Solos Now that the big names on In attracting interest by increase our our for awhile maybe kept about eighty percent of of what we took NAS WAKES I. It's like yeah facing enough. That's about as good as it gets is now I mean. Can you ever have a an even better skinner than keeping eighty eighty seven phil money honey. You know very often vote Few say it's it's a easy But everything the win on and didn't say any money on the guys in the frame so yeah you said about the weather Glen. You're okay he saw last weekend Aubrey was not and it is a bloody out on Saturday. Trust made Start to get a bit sniffly over the weekend necessarily GONNA make it yesterday but yeah it's emotion. It kind of is the lowest cost. The glens very emotional needs more emotion. I'm not surprised we're all choking up. Okay let's tissues nearby goods goods. Okay I want. My job is going to the hero. World Challenge takes place in the Bahamas us and it starts. They've on Wednesday doesn't it so many to crack on affects quickly wasn't on Wednesday absolutely because the President's cup is next week in Australia. Yeah and a half or eleven of the twelve American presidents Capos or A plan this week so they needed to finish on Saturday so they can Jet Over tailbone and adjust to a new time zone so yet it tiger woods is tournament it can do. He likes east demanded a Wednesday start so they can get away so yeah punchers really needs to be on the three three forty this afternoon. Isn't it three chooses. Yeah we sure. Yeah yeah that's bad about going about vegetarians. I mean we can't mess about okay for three three forty pm Wednesday here so far in this program and then and then you've got the Australian Alien Open Start at seven fifty pm today. Wow and then and then you've got you've got the the Mauritius Open start at two twenty. Am today if you're nights nights how you know I know that tomorrow. You're stretching the whole thing tonight too much they're gonna get everyone Egan and act right are are. We have people in Switzerland choosy. Because it's such an early start sadly we're not but we will spin through the tapes nice and quiet so you plenty of time to get your bets on Steve. How many tips go in the Hero so he can we get the shove bang a foreign power. Glen gives the tournament writing and show of betting. Full show a full fo sho eighteen of them blowing. A does the first full full to while Jim Rome. Thirteen to justice Thomas. Seventeen to Patrick can't lie. Nine tie a noise and to show fillets twelve Webb Simpson otane Ricky Pharoah Orla Sixteen Bryson Decem by just a rise of Patriot raid icee. Gary Woodland Twenty Two Jones Faith and now twenty eight Henry Extent Matt Kuchar thirty five can kiss not folksy bubba Watson and sixty two one chaz rebate. So they go. I said it was good food coffee on the clock. DINU locker three bullets on the clock. So I won't concise. I will only the best stuff in terms of why. You're validate selections so me the name of this election and then a really nice crisp reason. Why Steve Your main tip is Jon? RAHM magnificent returned to action in the Depot Championship. Last time out six weeks off. Before the freshest days he said he hardly touched the club straight back into the GROOVE. He won the Spanish Open on his stop proceeding leading that with five short so he's gone for three zero this week just won the race to Dubai. concierge intend to nothing. You love that expression but it came through last. Tony said it was boring macro in the deal championship when these classics go to a Happy Hunting Ground Berry Arctic to gather frame Rams Have Longo Albany last Jabe shut the gates. He adjusted to the new train. Finished at twenty on the power. One by four shots Lots of players in this field having long rights lacking sharpness is coming back. Yeah he's getting the week before last. I think I think rams unstoppable this way and he gets married next week. Run the crest of away. Mary's is Beautiful Kelly K. Hill next week Yeah I think I think an overwhelming favourite as we. You've done that classic postcards thing when I try and give with the Harry out they say exactly the same amount of words but just as twice as quickly as is normal of you. You already convinced Glenn. How are you gonNA go slow on kind John Rome breath Berlin anything you want to add? Maybe one sentence Steve didn't put out the best player on the planet. As the most Info player Wins Lyn. Okay too strong votes for the Jolie Jon Rahm stave got one other selection. I believe what I say. Brush into Shambo twenty. Two one very very very high comfort levels of Albany uses Albany is. He's close season practice base since two thousand sixteen. He's been going there every year in the close season season series since the since his last USO tour of unease spent most of his time there a lot of that in the Jimmy spoken up at the moment. He's got this obsession with bulking up. He wants to improve his driving distance. Stats but also being on the courses. While I was nobody in this field is apple Albany practice rounds than to Shambo last year in his hero. Debut debut we made an eagle in twenty two birdies seed expected to contend with those figures. But some might law mistakes too and finish twelfth can see to Shamba repeat in that buddy already signed off for the sixty free in his last. PGA Tour Event Fourth. In the Sean is open and I think law applies to a plan in the American Presidents Cup team next week. It'd be distracted by that. There's no team bonding gun on photographers and his team. This we talk just ped- The plan together that he wants to play together next week. A lot of distraction but I think to Shambo is very single-minded minded self obsessed I think it will be focused on a more individual glory this week. Okay how do you qualify for this tournament. By the way what gives these eighteen bright join to play world rankings. And then there's a little invoice at the end of the target. is targeting charge up Glenn or is it always eggs in the the big Jon Rahm basket. Late Basket Rosia K.. Might Lovely We'll have a quick break and then we will do the Mauritius Open on the new vulnerable. The latest star Sportstalk back Gulf prices hall by hold on our website and just set the style. Sports Bet Act eighteen years and older right and welcome back. That was the quality tournament here World Championship. We've now got the Mauritius Open Where there's a distinct lack of quality glen you're going to give this a low rating on a UH date? I believe this Lewis. We've at by some stretch so you got any of that airplane. Yeah exactly exactly Japan this way right. You know the full science challenge. You have poor with fifty two. I six nine to one. Thomas Pages is twelve to one. Thomas Debt Trae Sixteen George could say eighteen remaining gas twenty Christian resident. Who just in? Halden Zand end alone bald twenty-five Benjamin I e bear she pinkish Shaw and Twenty eight twenty nine not so much quality but it can still be some great value. Bet Steve. Who's your main man may manage Shankar Sharma an Indian young? She rose to world number sixty four in spring last year. Eight one twice on European tour contended for long way and the WGC Mexico Championship The world is fee but then his form disappeared and nobody could quite work out. Why until Tilles longtime coach start asking about Shamas go shoes? It's a fascinating story. This one night. He had signed up Shammar after his amazing amazing burst for me is the first Indians be signed by Nike. They provided with goal shoes and Yeah the Nike Shoes. A modern ones with flat soles and Shaman grow not not with planning raised heels and without re it always and he started modifying is is swing slot it compensate for the the altered stance the AD and again these miniscule changes is GonNa have effects on the gopher and it took months before shamanists team will tell what was happening but about a year ago they got the shoe situation sorted night provided how did these special winning souls and slowly but surely been remote in his swing. Tobacco was totally for seventeenth by went with the BMW PGA was encourage any any follow up with seventh place in the Italian Open. Seventh place in the Turkish Airlines Open. So Isham is Roy back in business at the age of twenty three solidly Heritage is only previous. visit their twenty-seventh venue in two thousand seventeen. It made in European tour. Victory came in the job opens. Africa is back in Africa. This Week is the twenty thousand Europeans will rookie of the year. And he's back in business. What was the fascinating part that story? I think he's a shoe. I'm down the pub tonight. My mates succumb Winston. Salem network is interesting for sure. How raised worthy hills on the platform shoes or old fashioned goal? Oh shoes will be big chunky big Chunky and then you can work out what was happening. So yeah I wanNA fight when I read that in the Hindu Times whoever it was always a was fascinated Alemi armie exhaustive research. Steve Very Mess. No blend how many tips have you gotten this. I've got just a while. I'm going all in again on this one. Oh Wow how are you gonna go full. You'll be very disappointed. Thomas painters US last week I was gone. This guys can eh six to one chance you guys come into it pushed east price. But I think he's by far and away the best player in the field currently There's have you guys ever potentials. I think he'll enter the business bank always been in all expected him. Make a full European tour victories to name now doc as well as well coupling with Thomas Victory wanted enemy this week even tie in two thousand seventeen tied sickness nineteen uspga sought fires in wealth. Go Championships represented you have in the two thousand sixteen. I really well when this thing goes on okay finish ties. Folded Olympics was right. Twenty third in the world in two thousand seventeen and go quiet. Let's say somebody gets out. Flanked lost a beer consistency. Okay last few years for a played well again this year. The line with a second victory in the Czech bosses and it's the way he went about winning that so impress bay bicycle dry right and every how dr it really well and used it to a drive in a show on to how an ally imagine seven seven thousand five hundred jobs. This coast is just under seven thousand with a similar approach. Thank you could really rate dividends for for a weight. Possibly Paul Holiday climatize getting used to the Gulf coast side. I think he's got to win. Thousand nobody pilots deep into the season. to Wayne and again of a win on Ise floss tarmac that they pay well to a championship with really good. I guess a much better quality quality failed as long as this. I seventh grade deregulation at the French Open fit into by two weeks ago Doc. Native way as and Arkansas might he'd been space. Ghost's blimey stave listening to that. Are you regretting the fact that you've go off. The Thomas P is expressed the last stop. None obviously respect Thomas pays I think he woke loss but say very large Greens this week at the heritage. And he's not being very wild lightly and she is his debut and he's not a great record in Africa generally but so yeah respect him but the the PROC- wasn't for me. You've got three other Steve. Please spins through nice and quick next remaining ask them certain remain last. We'll come a European champion and I'll be banging on him bat. Fridges forgetting people for straight it. But so I think think he's really good and heritage is an audio assignment as ambassador for the course he knows it well short to spend their free time in Mauritius and in the last Mauritius open at this venue he finished third despite being an absolutely woeful full and coming into the event misfit sixteen cuts that year. It turned up in in this tournament. This course and finished third This time in much more positive frame of mind. He's finished Regular this season six Kenya. V and Jonah Food in Oxford in the Scottish open and his record in Africa Geminis superb so I see Lang ask. Is the the main bets this week to more Yoahan's via man an American has been plunged trade on the Asian. Toby claim to European European tool cod last month accused school. Amazing performance over the phone or four rounds of q-school outscored everyone in the field over the closing. Seventy two holes and he's made good use of that card already finished seventh the last week now for Donald Championship and at the end of his only previous visits to the heritage a cool shoes this week closed with a sixty seven which would bettered by only two players that day so we know vehement connect on this course and the former one massive process clements saw day lightning ask as a is attached to the heritage expanding virtual home game this week Sold as trying to rebuild his career after disaster. The French Open. Toby took knowing shot at the the eighteenth hole to miss the cut by one shot and lost his European into account the following week. So Hugh set. He's good enough to bounce back into full-time challenge champion. You almost became a European tour champion in the Oman. Opening March agony for is for him and his backers when he three-putted eighteenth holder lose barshop stone over that one kite johnny goods said. There's nothing else I need to know about. Clemson go on on. If you have missed any of these hits we will have a solemn recap after. We've covered the Australian Open which starts in the small hours of tomorrow. Komo news the Australian which is the oldest golf course on the continent was the tournament writing style sports. Ladies Prices Glenn Youngest total writes. Take a very high three. It's a waste. They treated thousands the first six six Adam. Scott is Louie stays in nine to one Paul Casey Ten to one Cameron Smith Twelve to Abraham and Mount Leyshon as said joke. I'll say I saying Jason Scrivener Twenty Five Matt Jones and Thursday Friday Lucas. I mean Wuli now then incline stall sports or you. The whole industry has done this seven. Plays at twelve. One less for Zillion Runako tournament explain. Explain that if you will have as much bigger proxy to very soon to Saint Joe no release of restrictive runner here is completely different but nothing much bigger project quite analyst. Yeah so the around. His is no worse for this than it is in Mauritius. It's just the Mulkey is front contained site. Can I on on the front of the Marquis. Okay it just looked there. That was what I'm saying on. How many times have you go glen? Just one again one GonNa Blaze of glory on this. Is Jimmy Hendrick. Set fires with guitar at Woodstock. Incredible white for your once. They've got a couple of new. GIMME A top one steve. So when his Jason Scrivener scrivener who is a more confident than ever at the age of thirty studies most consistent campaign ever on European story finished thirty second on the radio boy and he was superb in the final series. He was twenty twenty-first in Turkey. Food in the Nedbank challenge and then close with a sixty five ten place in the DP. Whoa told championships? That's serious fooling good company. They're bringing to the table this week. And as Glenn says you get away from the front few this is a weak grade. scrimmages banks a half a million euros in his last tournaments. Yes you know he's a little. Oh confidence comes from a bank in that kind of cash solid ozzy open record and he won the New South Wales Open by six shots at Ecorse quite closely Australian so happy memories of this state. Okay it's Terry Pilkadaris in it. This way. He must be Mancini. Remember his name uh-huh okay. Let's turn guest blends tip. Shall we save you go. I So he's getting a treble in the consensus for travelers shoot process Only freak out Adams. Oh cozy loves Adam. Doesn't he loves it. Steve Ray Steve Right plan is Steve Right is it added new awful buying a home. Adam Scott yes. I ain't on Munich this year despite despite not winning very consistent knowing top ten finishes a phone with the Australian. I'm rates five thirty. Four fourteen to five I told fourteen and a two occasions paid this coast Australian spa shot in two thousand fifteen but he's faith. Incentivize studied earlier this week. They speak streak right the way more pins all mad in the period when he was dying. He's Best Golf. An excited injury. Allots a win here at this coast to coast allied some of those comments allowance. Yes he's GonNa turn out where he's getting ahead on. Just use the event as a practice but the president's this couch is the finest piles nine faith. The more recent they fifty Japan. I'm Ben Eleven. Higest basie champions Brownie. The third round seventy five kept him at the places we now. He's always been a superb drivers. Go over the last few months been consistently in over seventy percent agreeing curriculum made ranking in the top four in that category in full of each lost six we belong in such good over the issue himself. Plenty of opportunity chained as a way on the grains not admittedly strongest guy can hide alone James Second on route route to the president's come in Glen I will be revealing walk. Glenn's treble pays for quit off the stage giving these other selection. At not too short a rising star of the Game Lake Windward who's competing is home. Course this week it was ninth in the world amateur rankings. When he turned pro at at the end of September then he won a stage? Two event of the European tour. Q school by five shots east finished eight seven forty six and three starts as a pro on the Australasian talk a fake great in the New South Wales openness and now it's at two top four finishes in that tournament he's only twenty two is full of potential. I think he could make home advantage countless wait. There's places up for grabs grabbing eighty two one is a is a lovely cross Brin I make about three hundred and fifty two Wong Glenn that Treble San riot that sound about right. Yep Yeah Blimey a superb stuff. Let's get a recap of this week's Gulf selections we will start with the hero world owed challenged Dave Palmer Jon Rahm Bryson to Shambo Glenn Di John Raum the Marissa's open stave Chopin Kajiyama Remain Lang. Ask Johan's vehement clements sawday and Glenn Thomas Pizzas The Australian art and stave jae-shin nations scrivener Lake Windward. And Glenn Dems Cults. And if you're only having one gopher this week Steve Jon Rahm Shop Hanke Shama Jason Scrivener each way trump love it three tournaments we can really go for glory and get all that Christmas money paid for unplanned. What you're gonNA be locked sheep that nearly as Bono's H. Y. K. is that there's a cult event in in Japan Nippon Series takeout so in that show norris a ten to one shot? It would definitely how you for Christmas. Wow wow that's absolutely fantastic. Brilliant how exciting. Okay excuse me just to recap on the times the hero world. Johnny starts three the fool to this often. In next Wednesday seven fifty on Wednesday evening fear Ustralian open and Mauritius opening some two. Im Japan will be roughly house. Well they mentioned so. Do Get your bets on early. We haven't after very big window this weight. But hopefully you've got enough time to get on and hopefully got enough time to do the Tankersley tankersley very lucrative trebles at the boys like I say even if you only have acquitted each way on Glenn's one that's to quit that return five hundred quid. That wouldn't be too bad. What it a kite and shops they seize the last post cast of the alike? Thank you so much selections wisdom you company and being such watch. Great sports really enjoyed working with you to the racing. Post go shows will return next year one player to follow each the next year. We're going to be a fascinating year. I'm John Rahman Rory mcilroy gun for those. Yeah that'd be in for the world number one spot the way things ago and the Cooker Jones and got need problems. So the first few months could be be micro show okay and Glenview on Earth's and similar. Dark horses to Steve's yeah just go Today names of guys. I'm definitely following a I got him up cessation wanamaker to cut ties. Recently cows major finish guy and a young Norwegian indict. Steve is mentioned accounts is Christopher riots and in the wake of events and the style the basin prices and I and very quickly one more line presence cop next week it's in Melbourne. Rest of the world versus American Steve. Strong view offensive. The Americans I mean they always. There's a lot of people wanNA talk about the international chances at the moment 'cause there's a lot of Australians in this team but now I just cannot see to strengthen the American Tiger Woods is not going to let them allow any complacency to come into the into the camp. Would you got on with that Glen. Yeah completely my man for man match much better. The Americans win international's There should be personally okeydoke Christmas plans. Glenn what you're GonNa be doing this or hard to over Christmas or did you get a little bit of time off Here we get days off. Yeah Yeah belong you must be fun so there's no Gulf on Christmas. I WanNa no no yes no. I don't think I'll be found fair enough. My Okay let's have a lovely Christmas glimmering and a happy new could save newest Dave Chris plans sorted or you just get a Christmas treble. Actually which involves the president's America to win the Presidents Cup a conservative services majority in the general election and Marco Van Gogh into win the world championship. Show when those three come together. Then I'll come relax January the first. I'll start celebrating Christmas awfully stuff. Okay thanks very much for joining us throughout twenty nine hundred for the Gulf coast being great Soviet Long. Thanks so much for your questions you comment. She kind words on twitter and and other social media we will be back in twenty two hundred. In the meantime there's plenty of writing unfruitful between them and the join us for those posts costs and if no I happy Christmas dismiss at a lucrative good punting twenty twenty two you all the whole known Tom. Golf markets a twenty twenty available. Now Route One star sports including open the masters and the Ryder Cup from Wisconsin. Eighteen years old becoming wet uh-huh.

Steve Ray Steve Wong Glenn Mauritius Glenn Thomas Mauritius Open President Africa US World Championship Japan Berlin Albany Steve Palmer Adam Jimmy Hendrick Glenn Beck Jason Scrivener America Pablo
117: Ouch!

Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

36:43 min | 9 months ago

117: Ouch!

"Welcome to the PODCAST. But the Vet Gurus Brandon and mark get ready for the lightest veterinary news information and and entertainment dart visit us at the Vet Gurus website vet bureaus dot com. Now sit back. Relax it's up to the Vet Gurus Brandon Linden and Bach. Welcome to the vet gives Brendan here with Mark End. It's two thousand and twenty episode. One one seven one hundred seventeen mark Friday January the tenth tooth. There's twenty and for those of you who didn't tweak air last episode. It was a pre recorded one. And that's why it went Dr Renee arm I come back to our quick snappy half hour episodes with a new format potentially this way Kauai. I'm quite print and it's brand spanking year and despite you know we're GonNa talk a little bit about some of the environmental things that are going on here in Australia. Yeah we've got a good start to the year. It's been good with family over Christmas. And and we've had a good one excellent. Will I have in the phrase phrase AMAC. I just remembered I'll pull it at a really big. I really be putting Christmas podium given to me from a friend friend who is a veterinarian who his he makes money making put in put it this way and he has done for many of us. Code Rise. Christmas puddings Mac and it's a family business here in Melbourne and sort of high-end putting's he does have a contract with some of the big supermarket chains But the change in about forty fifty dollars Australian. Can they go to bed. Your one hundred dollars for lands and their fantastic puddings nitrile source source all the ingredients locally and I think I spent a long time trying to find. I'd like to supply for the SULTANAS. Mark come in the puddings wins over these last Christmas period. Because I couldn't they. They finally tracked down one of the Sultanas at coming in Bay News in putting in Australia from overseas. But I did manage to try. Kwon do at the at a conference. The one indict at a one-day Rabbit seminar that we spoke head on stage and His his wife came up to me. Alf Gone Blank with her name. She's a she's a practice manager. Was the practice manager and She said how I Brennan. How are why you hit your Christmas present again and cheek the Christmas putting an end dumb a-rod put it in the Fraser you can refrigerate it for a few weeks phrase it Frozen at nine eight to pull it out in third at and boiling up Mike. I'm really looking forward to that. Because I'll tell you. What the amazing puddings arise? Christmas puddings if you WANNA fantastic Christmas pudding for anyone. Who Comes Dan to Tori of got to say how much I love the way that Ah that would roll off your tongue Brennan? It's a it's just a great way to say isn't putting putting it tastes sleep after eighteen that putting nocco just just contemplating so yes. That's I don't know how we got onto puddings but yes I think we the need to chat about the big event. Let's pain happened happening and still happening here in Australia. And that authentic must've had listeners threat the world because because it has hit the news the news items in in my stomach countries' markets as far as the bush fires here and I called him wildfires. I've assays but we call them. Bushfires bushfires eight mainly in the eastern states here in Australia and chase have been. They've been Borussia Hanley Ferocious Brendan. I do who it was about eight weeks ago. I took a little trip out to the Cavity Valley to look at some birds and that was about the time the Gospel Mountain five just lit up And that particular Fai has gone through the. It's it's there's some people that now argue that it's the biggest Wildfire Bushfire. That's ever been recorded in recorded history. The area that it's covered is just enormous and and and not just the the you know that's one of the FIS The rest of the East Coast all the way down to your part of the world and that crossed South Australia today. West strider is starting to laud out The the magnitude of the area that's being burned. His is unprecedented But then to add to the actual area that's been the The intensity of the FIS has been has been well like nothing before it's not just been a a cool burn. That's taken away some of the undergrowth. There's whole swathes of habitat. That just a completely sterilized And some of the wonderful spots kangaroo one that jumps tomorrow way There's a number of endangered species in a non particularly aware of glossy black cockatoos on that island. Oh the kangaroo island done what is this. A significant concern amongst the colleges on the last of that species was With that that they may have died. Auden the fire and we have a an extinction event on kangaroo on notice that the kangaroo subspecies of the Glossy Black Cockatoo was down. Two hundred and fifty spacey two hundred and fifty individuals about twenty years ago but a an intense Conservation effort has got the population up to between point. Six and eight hundred buds but The the first reports had of kangaroo adopted the font on the weekend that went through the Suggested that half the size of Dodd and worse all they fade trees have been cooked said his literally for the three or four hundred birds at the left. There's no food food so that story's been repeated over and over and over and over again before we get to the way that it's affected people Brennan. Yes this subsequently it must have been a feeling proud of the response with the veterinary community and the vets and nurses in the whole community is try it Wa the way they've jumped in there and lots of lots of response To to to the vice on on the ground and would to help the animals melson estimates smart from from a A semi semi semi scientific estimate of the number of animals was half a billion animals also have potentially perished him during these highs in the FIS Ron Garen and I will continue to burn Some of them that I can't contain many more weeks and we will have a link. Now on Putt. Putt site web website for the podcast. I'm VET GIRLS DOT COM About the bushfires Austria and we will mention an link to a couple of relief organizations for any of Ellison's who want to help out on the cup the organizations or three of them that were at least there that A quite good by providing support for humans and also Help for the animals amax Iowa head over to vickers come to that side. Yes so That certainly Benny now. In our hearts I've the last few weeks and condemn camera the strength capital tear territory in Australia. How our nation's capital city had the worst list in the world for several days at once touch J. as I've mentioned before markup on a bit of a tour of the most polluted cities in oil oil painting Delhi and In a couple of cities in China and that's not enough. I have certainly noticed Likely here we can smell the smell. Smell smell the smoke. I've the last few days and few weeks he will. Yes so everybody. Stay Saif in Australia. And the F. B. If people knighted to help with recovery which is kind of take a long period of time so apart from that a Bit of Dan Markham. We've just cut. It is good to say patriots amazing. How in here very good at coping wants disaster happen supply but the hopeless said Internet? Let's my my summer. The situation they I think we'll get John. I haven't got a segue here map but will jump over to the one one of the emails recently from a student in Phnom at Sydney University tristen and his his mom was. How good is is a podcast? First impression is that it is sort of could've made in champions mates veterinary medicine. Loving eight and Many listeners. We'll have no idea what he means by the pain champions and then his I will basically et Cetera. Group isn't it of people who on the radio here and there for sport and mainly bad the AFL lease trained football league and night do send ups about Tom and bicycling successor. To what weight is I talk crap. It's too much more efficient way Mac on site yet. Thank you for that in a shed at to you and a Cape Mitch and as to your fellow students they are now here already has done that. Needs recruited a couple of students to listen as well so yes. We love getting the name out from out listeners. mcso do you have anything more to sort of add beef now. I just wanted to pet Tristan on the back. Because that's such an lien sought for. You know I think he's got a future in in podcasting because he's cut to the chase there and said many were said many ideas and just a few words. could have been champions doubles as echo of that that group in win that CETERA group of federal sums. What's up pretty well? Brennan could have beaten champions. Could have been decent veterinarian sir. Well we're going to jump into the first news story. My my one is. It's from the positive DOT news website. And I did mention a few podcast guy that I was going to try to beat more positive with things. And we need a bit of positivity ability in at the moment and it is I plan to Seif. El Is a mountain lions with a bridge and officials in California replanning. ID seven million dollar bridge across the ten lane highway. And my I have a bit of a feeling I might have mentioned this Story in the past mark. Can you remember that or not have cake going anyway. itin line how I to allow wildlife a safe crossing between sections of the Santa Monica Manton Range Kleist leist ally and it's mainly for the regents endangered manton lines To Latham terrarium and to braid and to study published in Tuesday's is a nineteen found that they were at risk of extinction in southern California within fifty S. If I didn't Toivo Suffi- The genetic genetics Mike and I didn't braid basically and it's a pretty heavy looked. These are pretty fancy little bridge there isn't it not can say why it's going to cost seven million dollars because Jay. It's a bit of a tonight at passes and that it isn't an underpass which a lot of the a lot of the and wildlife corridors tend to be with some of these little culverts in that that I might wildlife going underneath rides. This is a big many aligned highway that they're building a huge driver. It's now in its funnel design phase and it's slated for completion in twenty twenty three which I'll probably be dead by then my job but that will offer eddie surviving animals safe passage across highway. One I one and and they have received reported thirteen million dollars. US In private donations to help. which is which is to say so? That's my positive tape won't potentially positive Did a bit of a negative spin on the judging you well yes we are. We are judging you for veal stories that that process. Buster Brendan my story. is a bit of a report about Why do parents waste most of the food? They get And I was immediately drawn to this because I do have to to a lot of cleaning up around the cages for the birds is that we have in hospital particularly the parents particularly the lodge parrots and lorikeets and and Cockatoos in hospital. pull at the moment and cheese do waste a lot of food so it was interesting to see whether there was a reason for it. was there You know could some. Marie searches identify a pattern of behavior. I'm I do. One of my favorite local birds His the yellow tout black cockatoo which has a quite regularly here and Thank to hell a lot of Destructive work in the local eucalypt forests forests teasing out one of the beetle. Love a that. They find particularly delicious But they tell you what they make a hell of a lot of damage to the trees that they that they pull the lava out of the interesting thing is that the lava already damaged Ashtrays Alan. So there's probably they probably not gonNA make it anyway. The parts of the tree that pull the pot but criticized bates can do a lot of damage quickly. The upshot of the study I was disappointed. I'm on trying to be as positive as I can about this as well Brennan but it looks like they've done on time. It was a multi year study where they looked at a number of possible aspects. They get a quite a few fancy graphs but the the conclusion is like countless parrots. DRP whole lot of stuff as they eating. I think the best theory going round is that Tom is that the The the there's an abundance of food on the trees Thi- will eight usually and And they say EH. Wise evolution narrowly occurred. I think is because It promotes forests that the birds. That have this. Behavior are more likely clete to cultivate trees in subsequent generations that support the population birds. That I'd all the the the fruit and the and broke the not and didn't have those trees in subsequent generations. They might not survive so I think there is an evolutionary advantage to being a MRI parrot on now that it's the best thing when they're in hospital that's all I'm going to say about that pregnant. Yes they missed the advice. Claes what I got out of was that That story mce. I'd like to my commission tonight. Little things from big things is always like to say I bet parrots yes so destroy stuff at night even destroy that food and just throw it around. That reminds me a couple of times by net together Mac but we went and that amendment. That's for Fayette yes so yes. Iq another positive story. They didn't really come up with a the I Rock hard solution or a conclusion to the problem. Did yes well. I think we're GONNA move on and jump to end mine story remark and that is sort of semi related to to what's happening here with the bushfires he also could topic this wake Mac would be burns ends in reptiles and in Charles in particular ABS. Some of this can apply to those train. Some of the reptiles at Tom. I've been affected the Sort of what we break it down to sort of trade pat some. How do they occur in pet reptiles? And how often often do we say them. What sort of signs? DC with the ones. I'm apart from an obvious some severe Hebron Tom that you'd probably went miss. And what are the treatment by six as well as might be touching on the prevention. So many of these Mar- condemn heady think do senior white whole a lot of them. Brendan I would. I would has it against that. We particularly in the summer months when the reptiles more active way would It would be a couple of times a week we would have Rip Talk comes in with some form of and they tend to do. I tend to occur Through the the the The whatever arrangement the iron has for heating the enclosure. Then there is generally some fault in that process. that results in the the In the reptiles getting burnt. So we definitely see you fully electric electrical components some things not switching often it Not The thermostats not working to cut them off at the appropriate temperatures The hot rocks. I I look. I know that. They widely used on my experience with them with my own. Reptiles is is that they don't provide a An even temperature they does seem to be a focal points on the rock way the temperature is much harder later on many of them. I'm on generally speaking not a big fan of having them in enclosures and I do fun That reptiles as group They if they are not real good at identifying circumstances where they need to move away until it's way too late to move away and so if any of these things just a little bit out of kilter if the thermostat stat inadvertently set to forty five fifty Thin reptiles weren't necessarily like have a powerful aversion and to the heat and they often stay there for too long and and get into trouble with burns. Well I can really matched to that mark exactly the same as far as we see a fair few of these and I do worry about those supposed is it. Hot Rocks in those I as a general. I'm not a big fan of the under-floor type hating with them. Because of that concern that I by themselves on these elements and as she just mentioned autism. The there is some delay in the neuropathy why compared with non non reptiles mammals. I'm it's much quicker off the top of my head. There is a pipe that was published somewhere that it Uh proves that reptiles response air of Ouch it hurts. is a lot slower. I'm getting from that. That skinnier it to the Brian. Unsigned look get off that that height pad because you earn in Yourself It is delighted. Could pay with Non Rip Telling Spacey's so as a general rule I tend to recommend to clients that they use writing tight so hate from above from On the side of the enclosure Rather than is Amanda flow eighteen indifferently dies variations on that sort of height. Mock rock size hot rocks in that outfit bed experience with many many times with ripped also also to paint from them Even even when the distinct that they have not rainfall tease at still ended up in the reptile. So I think getting back to the Jumping forward to prevention there. One the Casings we always stress direct Tulsa. We've gone through this. With BICYC- reptile set up in previous. PODCAST is the importance of of making sure that clients neither neither that I need to get us a moment into spot measurements around the hauling closure and not just rely on hey moth thermometer in the in the fair misstated extra craze many to spot ratings toward the cat with not the the temperature is sparking at a level that we died lockout and I think the episode that we covered enclosure hating in reptiles was episodes. Sixty five of those of you who they want to go back and listen to that one month so so yes they occur unfortunately much more frequently than Than we hope Paul like Mac or expect with them So signs what's the signs. Tsa Apart from the obviously Smell of cooked reptile mark in the oval thing about these days that often times that is the first thing that you say that an area that's listed That the often often I The in we don't get to see them at the time or immediately off to the actual Hon. It's only sometimes in dies. Light a win the the changes to the skin color that the owners can say That we ended up saying that animal and and so I think the state in the that whole absence of Of immediate discomfort works into this as well. I think the Reptiles have that sort of burn and they will stay in the one spot and now often as we talked about. It's much more common for to be associated with a under on some form of Rocco under enclosure heating so it's often on the ventral surface of the animal and unless someone's getting them out on a regular basis John and checking the air not immediately apparent that there is something wrong and they stay still for large periods of time. It's often very hard to appreciate Scheidt. A reptile INOVA volume is being less active than it normally would be Because they even when they're very active many of these species he's still very sedentary so Often the first one we see is got blistered sometimes bleeding Depending on the extent the depth the degree of burn That might will be the first time we see absolutely and then that that client picks up the reptile. Because I think J it's it's been a little bit caught the last few days and or skips a fade And they pull it out of the enclosure to have a little bit of a grand and a look at it and then I realized allies has a pretty nasty but them will burn there on the on the venture with them and is commonly. Say the the Ba- I say a lot of the burns in well Primarily it's it's snakes them saying the Markham would be number one and then listened to number two on. I'm trying to recall with or not of saying any burns in any any terrestrial Lions I can't recall off the top of my head I'm not sort of percentages Would it would be very very similar burden. It's predominantly the the The snakes must've lizards. I think I'm more mobile. They not as likely to sit in the one spot for as long and so The first of all list likely to to suffer those burns and secondly I think we're much more likely to see see the matinee early stage and be able to change things but definitely some of the most horrible ones. I've seen have been associated with some relatively large snakes. Yes so when they presented to the clinic did not think we need to start thinking about the basics of the treatment. They are in the good news. Here is it's no different than if we had a burn in any spacey's in a few key factors to consider that no I won the won that way love always talking about Mike is Jay Z and that's pine relief because unless sets a full degrade thickness burn in that animal. It's going to hurt. And that's way Infirm are multi multi modal modal. Ermanno Jesse. I'm therapy their news in. Opiates as well as potentially maybe considering depending on depending on them. Fluid loss an organ function action. We may be used in I don't store orienting flannel trees that may provide some sort of energies. If we have to be a little bit careful bet that definitely if not because of that potential for And one of the things about reptiles is that whole hydration status Hits much more live. All the range of hydration states under a trip tells can look relatively normal is a much wider Gate than for the very a narrow homies technically taught mammals and so By the time we have a clinically evident dehydrated Rep. told they have really rate. It's much it's more than ten percent which would be about the limit we say with most of our furry companions So we are conscious of using on startles in those animals and we want to make sure that we're not doing it in a situation where the kidneys on distress they probably make a contribution to To the relief of pain and inflammation after the animals in stabilized and wet confident that it's steady state of normal hydration. Yes so I think one of the challenges is how do we get some fluids into that animal. That's that some not only compromise that it's it might. It'd be hard to find Venus access to provide intravenous fluids for instance in in ice nyc that's compromised with severe and Markham. What's your Taikang Conroy? Your approach to the sorts of cases. How do we get the fluids into them? What's surprising so it's a unique case Brennan and it's a very very good point because with most Estevao Our reptiles that are still that still have a normally functioning. God We would we would try and get the fluid into the through through the gastrointestinal tract we provide them with these access to drinking water And maybe supplement tree Deliver some supplementary water through the digestive suggestive tracked on these guys In pain as we said they unlikely to be able to Maintain vied drinking the the the the massive increase in fluid loss that occurs because of the Nature Burns And so we are regularly. If we can't guy and intravenous access I'm then. We are very frequently using interests Olympic fluids too Mike to get the flute in quickly and make sure that we maintain them in a hydrated traded state. Yes well guess what Time that were priced auto. Mike I'm with is and and it's it's a challenge isn't isn't among many other option there. If we're going to consider intravenous therapy might be Macau Dan. I the jugular and putting in dwelling cassidy hassles. They mocked Last time of Don Net for one of these cases say So we were a bad pain relief. who worry bad fluid loss? What else As a key factor you'd be thinking about two to control consider I'm treatment wise Mac For will is probably two of the main ones we want to think. Think of in the first instance. The first one is His antimicrobial therapy. We do want to think about You know the normal barriers to infection fiction have been broken down in many of these reptiles I up when they come to us than they already have significant In invasion invasion of those damage tissues by often environmental organisms. And so I think antibiotics play an absolutely critical role in preventing that progress from Auburn to a systemic infection. I'm the second thing is that we've got to do some things to protect. Take the tissue that Tom as if it's unprotected if the tissue is just left to sign devices then eventually it'll dry out and become harden and And take a long time to heal and more tissue will die than if William protected at an early stage. What what is it that you do? Brendan Tendon to protect the tissue Do you have a particular pro. Protocol awoke agent that you use to help protect the skin that's been burned it. It does sort of vary based on individual but we do use a lot of Phlegm Sane Silva Safa designing in these cases Spices as an anti an anti By Isis Antibody Kaija and also I'm basically smothered on their in seek liar and then changing engine that regularly. Otherwise you'd be using sort of ACLU's Dressing semi can change in at resume fray columbine right tall she died have have to change trae since now near as often as you would in a mammal but you still need to do it fairly regularly and initially main change in the laced wants to die as what I taking it up. Is there any particular agent. We left the The flat Messina's well I. I am as I understand it. That was IT S- The primary armory The reason it was developed was as burns treatment and we certainly say it make a significant difference in the cases that we that we use it. Inaudible so I know it. All L will already be at Crossley's but it's really important to take that reptile for anti microbial purposes to take it out of it sink pleasure and put it into If it's nice in its in question to make sure that Tom doesn't have Ho- Ganic materialism substrate that you want to. I have a A gentle paper towel or something along those lines that's gonNA provide a sterile substrate so that there's no reinfection of if that damaged tissue That we've worked so hard to protect with the Flemish Zine. Yes yes well. Guess what. We're on the same page as usual. So the next step I think with with the once you've had the the fluids on board in the Pine Relief on board and the antibiotics onboard. enya protecting the tissue is to obviously what you do with any other any as a condition you're monitoring them regularly and that's why you'd be looking at the concerns concerns about potentially all in failure down the tracking and monitoring with blood screens etcetera A one of the Soda Specific the things that we we saw say reasonably Commonly in snakes severe burns is is the difficulty of dealing with Scott Shoe one cent. Tab has resolved the scars contracting who have issues with that. It's almost eerie health. Similar problems and in Solutions Out Brandon We ended up being like since the snakes That won't Sheila Design Snakes in particularly fund. That Tom that Ventral scales the go across and protect the body. We'll have some of those ones with burns completely lose a whole series of those And they will heal Particularly the body. Cavities not breach the hill. Quite right well but there will be a significant constriction and That can play a big role in you know even allowing the animal to Hbo each Hole Move Subsequently and so I think Whole that we can do that? Limits the formation of that Tom Scott Tissue and limits the development of constriction of it's it's absolutely critical to the long term outcome. Yes Unfortunately no matter what you do with some of them at Sisa Avi is way too Of Head of fen number of cases where head to wind up turn relieving surgery what basically What were bicycling basically relieving that that Scottish on and surgically open it up and just throw almost like to a A relieving flap on some of the mecom I haven't rea- can't remember the last twelve actually done a writing flap on a snake or Ripta with with wiz I fool skin thickness loss. I have seen some reports of that paint on literature. Nothing somebody did a case. report whenever previous conferences. Mrs About using allographs some in reptiles if I remember correctly But but ear. It's not not ready to behalf Dan. The track once sets NYC recovered. We have a pretty nasty sky. That's constricting that animals especially as you said with snakes waymont have Have Come Scott it is constructed nets Nike. And you have to relieve that pressure. They unrelieved scouter sentencing. Too Fancy as far as the truth will certainly went on to calm just trying to relieve that sky and DAB Alejo tension to be relieved in the DNA. You have any tips for that particular surgery now. Who nothing that you have mentioned except to say that I think we've been looking at down. There's been a number of published reports about those allographs You know the the I'm particularly fish. Skin has been used in a number of human burns patients to contain the dimensions of the skin. And allow hailing took her So I wouldn't be surprised that we see more and more of that amongst outfits and it may will be in something that we can use our reptiles. I think that what that Tilapia is it. The topic well O.. J. We've got through that pretty quickly. And hopefully we've had a bit of feedback mark about the the the quicker podcast awed cast on the shorter podcast and the theory behind. It was that a lot of people like to listen to a podcast in the car on the white to a from work or to or from the Coles with some of the some of the rural practitioners and gives them a chance to listen to all cost without him to sit in the car. The the clinic And play a restaurant because I wanted to listen to the end of it Although we have had a couple of people a Myla's inside inside like the one podcast so I suppose you can't plays all the people all the time. Can you match them. But we listened to Al L. Listeners. And we just ignore them so we will talk to your next week and don't forget to see combat denied into the bushfire appeals awesome. Thanks for listening. Thanks for listening to the vet podcast. By the Vet Gurus don't forget to visit us at the website Gurus Dot com where you can subscribe view show nights listen the previous episodes and more you can contact us by email and vet girders g mail dot com to ask the question or just. Aw thanks again and see you next time.

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Between the Scenes - America Should Take a Cue from South Africa on Conversations About Racism

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

03:49 min | 8 months ago

Between the Scenes - America Should Take a Cue from South Africa on Conversations About Racism

"You're listening to comedy central. If there was one aspect of South African culture that I could transplant to America. Erica what would it be. What would it be? I think it would be maybe our general either talking about race and our show pasta. You know 'cause South African we're GonNa America have very similar histories in. That was like there were many things that were done to people of Color extremely heinous. But we just maybe because the Truth and reconciliation commissioner in our country we were forced to talk about it and we just talk about it. It's painful but we laugh about it and it's out there whereas in America I find a lot of tension in and around that love people just like oh come home how how do we have to bring that up. And it's like dude. I'm not saying you did. Slavery calmed out. You know what I mean. Because that's how a lot of people treat it. There's just like I wasn't there I didn't say you were there. I'm just like slavery happened yet but I swear I wasn't a thirty seven calm down. You know what I mean and I feel like there could be it helps to be able to have conversations about those things because then it helps you understand how you got to weigh you got to but if you can't have those conversations then you just have to operate a blind space of like. How did this happen you know why do so? So many black people live in this part of Harlem. I don't know why do you think I don't know. Did you get saying and it. It actually opens it up things that would be the one part and it doesn't fix everything. Don't get me wrong but I do think it makes it easier to address issues to have conversations when you can just be like Yemen should happen. You know what I mean can just be like. Yeah that was. That was crazy. That was wild that that happened that this happened. And that's the thing a little time people think it's about assigning blame but it's not it's about addressing what happened so that everyone can move forward and understand why things need needs to be fixed or how they got there in the first place. Does that make sense. Like imagine. Imagine if like your doctor you want to talk to your doctor about something that happened inside your body and then your doctor scans. And then you'd like dunk. I think think I might have like a cancer doctor. I wasn't there I wasn't eating with you. Just need your help fixing it. Yeah I wasn't there though. I was like no man. Just chill out. That's the one thing trump that and chickens that don't do weights and stuff the like chickens that just like normal because American chickens like once I saw them I was like I'm sorry. What is that the thing I'm eating like? I remember when I first saw a chicken wing in America. This is the dumbest thing you've ever heard. And you're going to judge me but I judge you back. I remember the first time I had a chicken wing in America is like I ordered like Buffalo Wings. Okay and I know that sounds crazy but the reason. I was intrigued because I saw it on someone else's plate and then I was like one of those and someone said Buffalo Wings and I was like always like a part of the buffalo that I don't know and I I was like I wanna taste buffalo wings and then I remember eating then I was like it's sort of like chicken this chicken Buffalo. And they're like no sick then I was like what chicken is this I was like. How big is the wing of this chicken? What what what dinosaur chickens do you guys have here? Because that's not the size of any normal chicken anywhere in the world world. So yeah I would I would. That's the one thing I would bring is just like normal animals. No that's all. Yeah Bring Normal Animals Melson and conversations about race the daily show with criminal. Here's a dish watching the show weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy Central and the comedy central watch full episodes and videos at the daily show dot com follow us on facebook twitter and instagram and subscribe to the show on Youtube for exclusive content in and more. This has been a comedy central podcast.

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MBA1367 4 Print Marketing Tips To Save You Money + Free Ride Friday

The $100 MBA Show

13:32 min | 1 year ago

MBA1367 4 Print Marketing Tips To Save You Money + Free Ride Friday

"Hey today is free ride Friday. Make sure you hang onto the end of the episode to hear who won this week's free ride every Friday. GIVEAWAY A lifetime membership to easy course our thirty day of course on how to build your own online course it retails for five hundred dollars over easy course dot com or you can win it for free. Just leave us an itunes rating and review anew enter our weekly random draw listening on Friday to see if you won. It's that simple. It's our way to say. Thanks for showing us. Love tunes her right. Let's jump into today's episode. Welcome to the NBA show the business pond as you look forward to every day with their daily business lessons for the real world. I'm your host your coach your teacher Omar's in home. I'm also the CO founder of the hundred dollar. Mba Business Training and community on line and in today's episode you'll learn four print marketing tips to save you money. We're going to be doing amy print marketing. This is flyers banners business cards. Thank you notes any physical Michael Printing that you're doing for your business. Whether you're going to sponsor an event to new have a sponsor booth or you're going to an event you want to network and give business cards or you're a local physical business who needs a print materials to do some marketing. This episode is for you. I'm going to share with you for tips us to saving some big money when it comes to print marketing printing materials can be expensive if you have a printer at home even just a regular printer. You know what I'm talking about. Oh getting new ink cartridges is like buying oil or something. It can get expensive so in today's episode. I'm going to focus on how to create great print marketing materials at the lowest price possible. We don't want to sacrifice any quality. Let's save some money in the process to get the most return. Turn on our investment so let's get into it. Let's get down to business support for today. Show comes from mail chimp. Melson all in one marketing platform that allows you to manage more of your marketing activities from one place so you can mark mortar and grow faster. Milton is absolutely brilliant early on. I know firsthand because we've been using Milton for over five years. It's super simple us and it has everything you need and nothing adult. It's powered by a marketing. CRM's you can collect Organiz understand act on all your audience's data. Now you'll know who to talk to what to say when to say and the best channel to deliver the message learn heard more at mail chimp dot com. That's MAIL CHIMP DOT COM all right. Let's jump right into it. I WanNa give you four great tips to saving money. When it comes to your print marketing materials before I list the top four tips I wanNA quickly talk about the three reese steps to creating print materials. These steps are going to help you save some money because you're going to get organized and you're going to save some time because you know what work is ahead of you. Step step number. One is planning you. WanNa plan the actual material whatever it is whether it's flyer whether it's one of the role of banners for your booth you WanNa plan what's going to go. Oh on that actual material what kind of headlines what kind of message what's the purpose of this flyer will be a Qr Code. What are you trying to accomplish. Do you WanNa have a kind of a brain dump but also organize. What's actually going to go on the material even if you read it in a word doc designing anything here but you WanNa Kinda right down what's what's GonNa be shown on these fliers or banners or whatever they are so step number one is planning step number two is designed so you need to get them designed whether they're going going to be using images or graphics UNITA designer. If you don't have one on your team you can always outsource up work as a great place to find great designer to commission them for a one off job or even five or dot. com has some pretty good designers won't be five bucks but it will be around the hundred dollar mark which is very reasonable. Step step three is to print you. WanNa print your materials. We'll talk about all the options when it comes to printing but those are the three steps planning designing printing all right. Let's go to number one tip number. One is probably the most important tip and that's to design your print materials for the long-term right right. You don't WanNa print for one particular event. You don't WanNa print for just one moment in time why because if you print materials for for your business for your product that can work regardless of the event or the situation you're going to be able to print in bulk and save some money so instead of printing wanting a hundred flyers you can print a thousand fliers in your cost. Per Flyer is going to be much less and you're. GonNa be able to use these flyers. In all future events meet up's sponsorships. Whatever a lot of us we forget this when we do our print materials whether there are banners or postcards or whatever it is. We want to make sure that it's universal. I don't WanNa say generic because you WANNA make sure it's great and it's unique but not unique to one particular event so you can use it over and over in even if you overprint you can save those fliers or whatever materials they are for your next event. The other thing that this does is that when you have have a design that you can use over and over you don't have to spend money on a designer or to get him designed again and again for every single event even even if you have a call to action on the flyer like going to a special link. You don't have to have the link unique to the event. You can just have the link. Say Your Your L. slash slash special deal like weather Ninja. Dot Com slash special deal and that year L. will go to a page. You can have a forward to whatever deal you're having at that moment and of course you want that deal to be time. Sensitive you could expire after a forty eight hour seventy two hours and then you can redirect that page to your homepage when you have no deals and then when you have your next event you can have that same link on the page for to the deal that you're currently offering so let's tip number one tip number two clarity over quantity so a lot of people when it comes to print materials they wanna fit so many things on the flyers they wanna fit so many things on the banner but what happens is that you're confusing your audience your confusing your buyer and as they say a confused mind leaned never buys so. It's better for you to have a simple clean and comprehensive. I should say comprehensible message something the thing that they can remember one statement. What's your unique selling proposition. Why do most of your customers choose your product emphasize that and then the want to learn more and check out the rest of the features on your website now you might be saying. How is this going to save me money. Well people are not going to just throw the flyer out. People may not even pick up the flyer. It looks jumbled and confusing you. WanNa make sure you're getting a return on investment. You're printing a flyer want to make sure people actually take the call all to action seriously and do something. Check you out and check out. The deal in the same vein is tip number three do not go cheap. Don't don't print things that are going to make your company look band. Whether it's a business card or whether it's a banner it's better for you to not have it then to have it and give a bad impression. You want people to correlate or think of quality when they see or business or brand. This is a big waste of money. If you print these materials whatever it is and it's just sub par people are GonNa Stink I can't really trust this company with my time and money and all the money spent on printing. These materials are really gonNA just fall flat so don't go cheap not so you have to go to the most expensive card stock and all that kind of stuff but definitely don't go with the cheapest option when it comes to printing remember. You want these things to last too so if you're buying in bulk if you're creating banners backgrounds for your booth you want them to last for years not just for one event all right tip number four to save you money on your print. Marketing materials is the actual. Oh printing a lot of people shop around online for their printing needs and the assumed that the lowest price is always just going to be the best option option. You need to really factor in shipping and handling and any other fees that are included. Sometimes they're going to have what's called the sample fee. This is so they can create the actual mold or print for the actual material. This is applicable for like t shirts for example all so there are other fees other than just the printing so make sure you take a look at the details. The other thing is that might be more cost effective especially really if you're going in bulk to print locally. We found this to be very true for us going to a local print shop that will print your materials whether whether it's again apparel banners whatever it is you're. GonNa save money on printing. You're going to also get to see the quality of first hand in person before before you buy and you can actually negotiate a lot of the Times waving some of the fees. If your order is big enough. My recommendation is actually start. Start local go and see one or two places jot down the numbers and then go online and compare the deal that you get from the local shops versus the deals you see online guys. I got more on today's episode before that. Let me give love to today's sponsor. Today's episode is brought to you by Kronos. Cronos knows that for many organizations maintaining a modern workforce of hourly full and part-time workers can be challenged. I know this first hand and and this could be especially true for human resource professionals working hard to attract and retain all the best talent. That's why Cronos puts. Hr Payroll town in timekeeping on a single cloud cloud based platform. It's one specially designed to get. HR professionals supporting a blended workforce a whole new level of competence with Kronos. They have everything they need you to tackle nearly any human resource challenge and are empowered. I just find and hire the right people but to engage motivate and reward them every step of the way we know how how difficult it is an expensive could be to find the right talent so keeping the right talent is so so important learn more about kronos. HR solutions for the modern workforce and the people who support them at Kronos dot com slash HR swaggart cronos dot com slash HR swagger kronos workforce innovation that works guys to wrap up today's lesson print materials could be highly effective but always think of return turn on investment. There's just think oh this is just the cost to pay think about. How can I get the most out of every single sheet of paper. I print every single banner I print and how can I make sure it's worth my investment print. Marketing still works and is effective if you do it right. Thank you so much much for listening. Today's episode is not over. It's free ride Friday. I got announce who won the free ride to easy course let's see who won and the weather is a tussle user users says how best to freer time podcasts were just entertainment content that offer no value however the hundred NBA BA show proves otherwise has practical lessons that I can implement in my business right away and best of all most of them are just fifteen minutes long which I consume whenever I travel or when I'm taking breaks I gave it four stars enough five because only hear more about physical product businesses otherwise I would have given it five stars offs. Thanks eight four leaving review and thanks for the feedback. I'll try to include more physical product business ideas or lessons into are episodes. Your mission is email me and Omar at one zero zero. NBA Can Hook you up with a free ride to easy course if you want to win a free ride to our five hundred dollars force over threat easy courses dot co just as nine hundred rating on review and you enter our weekly random draw. It's that simple. It's our way to say. Thanks for showing US love on items before I go. I want to leave you with this best pieces of advice when it comes to printing marketing materials is the plan ahead into print ahead of time. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to get these things done whether it's the design portion or the printing portion you WanNa make sure you have your materials well in advance because remember for going to an event you're on a deadline and you need these things before you go all right. Thanks for listening and I'll check you in Monday's episode. I'll see you then take care and phone.

NBA Omar Cronos Kronos dot Michael Printing CO founder Milton US amy Organiz five hundred dollars hundred dollar Milton seventy two hours forty eight hour fifteen minutes
#66  Como  ser uma Arquiteta?

Cueca Apertada

46:21 min | Last month

#66 Como ser uma Arquiteta?

"Compared to. Boito Bay so. You Means Mysore Program to. Compare there so. We'll see a whole shaky Cipro Graham accused. Of being. Program and general phase. EQUITAS INTERESTS EGO same depending office soins. Orgy is still trying to do. This for. Shake. His SOYSA, some capacity pig also saw you. You both. Thank highly. Today she kind of partial I. Keep it to a see. Kazakh Disney, Appetite Pronto protege to whom would squeaky sake SME. Kiki Air Keith rosia my instinct South Programmer Mattiello's. He could get this immutable Caesar into the quicker that. Abby Borja say so, but as the project caches quick pair Totta e star. POUSSAINT sporty caches. Go. Seeing the in Mesa Mitchell. Who Reaches do quick payer his. Power to commune went over the yard. Zemin mice coffee dot, thing new. He nominee resume. Who G VICI IN G Simone Bros, as you move together, even was lying. Seem is the longer brooms upraising Peres KNOSSOS. Covy da King Jeez, and they listen does GDN demise. They're still up. I've been data. Cow Woody might keep data dashiki salvage. Dot, Word Dot Com exit that I saw. Chinese. Throw on channel. Mad. Key. Shove Akia. Popular Up Today go to Kabul Porsche The Kinsey big as you could. said. Don't Donna. been cut him out of your pitiful the BERNITA. Bruna Brenna Friday. That Tash Caucasian, she bring causes. Faisal threes the entire population. Ace. and Katie. Land and we. Always. Today. Tapper about selling the pinch. Miss Mayfair, more the spirit acting to go sheep. For this job. To Who to call. Core Pacific community pushes desire. To. Into the architect Tunisian you put. Bringing divorcees. is so much bookie. Flannigan cousin here. From me. This, did you? To. Motor added. A senior came from. Each principal. May taking doing this out for you my. Changing. So. Kabbah Mace. theod. The GM cars in Tokyo Tower. Together for My skin is spreads Kijakazi foyer market there until I on a following. Hidden No, my vision sink. His, how was? I think she sent me game. sped a vocal the description the. Call my change about education boom is. Telling. Thrive. Won't you have by because initially big off? Safety! Tutor ranging idea is the add the. Odd She. We ate elect. Let califor- for his doom is. To anchor. Looking. For My, scratch. Night do it's getting close. To the Colorado. 'CAUSE! He Sakaba. And how crew nights to me? A. Transact five. She'd do calculus deny say. Year or two projecting Shaniqua Vigo innovator his. Kabul. Thing I'm Vegan and. Kept butting. Cheek May Be A. Helming chain through my buddy guy, I see how! A. Search. For. You put care facility to jet Humid Day. Fling dangerous hand McCain simply. Vidi data on Monday Salvini. Savage this today to see it's you don't sound guy I of course. To the day I lost concisely keen is. Kind of fun. I. GotTa Addison. Dan. going. Today go commit respect. Today the mid June. The scene vegetation that say today to our fiscal serta view. Gorge Roga the keynote. I if he'll Mitch for the ranch. Philadelphian. Site let's see. Quotas and I. Really Basseterre Ally Sake. Sonoko moisture mercy, Eastern. Mice put die. You do the same I did. Pull the moon to US Avoca tournament Gi to. By the YOU SWIMS move bad way to my meager me fallow the split and Kitty. Today YOU FISK is I'm waiting, 'til stated. Being the stage leg putting cubic bodies, so there seems to me. To this. Dhamma by the minutes May Day. Did you call? An Ad Choices em one is. going. To Change Your name claim, is this a new comiskey tomato? McKee. Deals that of the sad nkhoma taming. Moi Fusing Union. Know. It seems to me his nose on April family. Ozzy's two games helping E. Episode episode, the president also fee now his now T. If is say. Let me see. Her thing went to Z.. She mice. There was fast. Thanks. Zone but early Dane you know psychological summit seen is sir. COLITIS DEBATE My! What a main thing relations last to. Stop sending day even with touching chimney IGA when years more meal like going to your signs next the twitter invention ISM, she si. Sincere losses. Cores. If he's five tone fucking. Do No Naka. Saint Vuitton Chicago Nevada's but putting she does. For that. As always tantalus. STUDENTS NO PHTHALIC NAUSEA. Forms area didn't. Ida. year. Chenoweth Tacoma back to do. A wing. Cash concessional demise, neither side wing stock you live on. Good and Shulamit through. Missing Mandala. Up Geologists to the Murali's that seem saw. Charlotte seem that. Nobody cared. Listener you. Feel like deserve. It. Fall! FECAL who must. Rope. Technical. Idea was separated Zamil. Can Now the second seen bending? Key not bound to come as you as yours. Yours couple cokes thunder. Because being by. My Side and he's charming. Semester this corpuscles for man old, which most time asterisk we may say that being. You. Don't think you can contain CATAVA. Semesters. My here is strange deploys picketing denouncing. Dow Stocks, pershing the ship mass areas won't withdraw smell semis this the main charging charging. Fell Asleep. Saint down. All. As. Fees. This shit. That pre K. kill us. To say the Dancing Snow Damon Stadiums. Combo Inca a curse. We the making your cupboards issue. As A. Civil separately stalls. Muslim winters. Winters. SEATTLE! Scene. For painful, this is why People, mointains was in Tacoma Cheat for cry than an ethical guy, the benefit of object would I for to show a three the. To seen any Chicago. For. You it! With a main. Known for the sees cubes will. Send Wife Finished Rookies Sinonov Okuda. Toward, the Kiddo, school for say how do. Think. Z's. Abiding, principle nature. Itching Montgomery City. Anymore. Jason Become Ill Vinci. Civil say by from tobacco milliard in beggar excavating so that. Our snow album. Muna by. Each poop! Should, thinking amy is to care. McCartney Vision Moines. Dame's scores. Tassell, who died she humidity? Seeing it will save say origin winters craziest waiting. It's fees. Guy, disco fees chief, even winter you the. G. League wisdom vein tossing negotia. Doing. Our mind that Singapore she the. For his in the Mirror, sociable situ possibly dodge at a guy thing to rain to provide association come highs. One overcast. Keep, cool mess. Push it to. Sentence Guitar to all digital says. Can you call me as a bizarre foul foods are? But also for the my forum, oh. How Coy of microphone surly as these things as? Those threats. To the Brady Menard wench jet. You predict chief Philip Seeing A. Big? Show complain changes will. Stop admitted or something online you dip with each congress up. Off some is society. Going cards is become is ranch among new wrench fires in space abide. By this coy keeble saggy big. Feeding Jason at the. Store, Just. Wanting to go mode island countries I. Don't think the MINXING Steve You. Chief, craft. Davos. Humane to narrow meaning she. St Louis near Yaakob. Provider thing that he hits back Google. Play content commercials as administers boroughs men. G fitting. Siege Project to spend yeah is not. Respect sales neck was sex. keys. JESSOP. Commercials. For. Main shoe the. Chuck To ride all them as I cattle, Madama. I've. Present. Far maybe covered. famed. Wall, but I if I'm going to seek lean now. I. League AC-. They'll. Be Some. Team multi cut, you know. Made. Amazing. Listen pitching. The second thing the. Two Principals Service Maiden Fennell. Cowboys Johan Cough Five. Key cash can. Not Thing, I'm all. You see if you make? A! Chelsea. Buddy G that I wall him up with still claim, she means league, ask buddy. As excellent. They McAfee car is fall still daily. Careless cards. A allow or the DNR has of these. Keyhan. H! Associate Pretty follow scenic four seconds I don't want you to. Say Just Saba cal in Kabul key. Machine Key Michelle Yeoh foege. Simply. Painting to set Ching. Matter of scale carries to the in the united. Rosettes Russia is. Facing. Other incentives you. Name she is. The same Israel blame as an interesting component PC crawl with the main up the AILSA Apple Day August. Each deceased. That supposed to. Kelly Will see busying off as a leader. Kim Cash Feet. Yeah you follow on Wednesday. You will say the Wikipedia Maha to looper Don do shit case. So polka miserly fees talk. As. Beg Amazing for muscles take up. You saw a Isa Cub. Your. Komo war. Fellow Nobel Kabul. What you let! His soul and We'll sit, that. Intervention Video. Also, design you who concept Sunday Day your color threes quad sync days and the school wisdom projets. Ancient live on on Nicole clench. Thing physical made. By My. This ship repair match matches in. Might percents inconvenienced? Thing Trust Gomez. said, nobody's the the. Boys team. Into should get for the day to design. All your. Side because the bane. You've refuted for publicity Spanish. Movie Now. Gene. Mario's look, you say you might. Look for playing. So majority. This is star by. The Kid. mookie now. Simply thank you can poem. That on edible me to the my live chemical. MINIMA Musallam rules for. North seeing stinks it to mean all innovation show we'll Sacha. This still lies instinctive. Patting because Luke range knowing you can overcome in. Medicine. Natural Citron one being regarded as obviously the source. Buster and she would sing studer. Is. There's some. Maters. Thing Alec Listening. She put V. Six programmers iggy amongst all. Day. This is Sheila She Qasem Mika and to lobby. To of good, and she lives owing army episode kilo. UK. The Ritchie particularly. Come through, and then when you show priority, so Fox's Jessica saw south. Them! I. Think Federal Lamar. Think most. Admissibility May Sleek Aki. Thanks Cassandra Florida is much. Attacking numbers you. Define as precale winters, fittings such today, just cheaper G G decree mobbing bench. Things Russell and crossing the made. A guessing stinking thing they can lie on them. macy's programmers America Alicia. Think met. The cost achieved fit into the North East as consensus cockapoo supplements. I role blacks larger allied to the Great Wall of see the so spend, too so thanks this AC IDC national. His. IS A. Dangerous allow up as it's called, say bad to cuisine land. Skating Fallon premium. He's this buddy or descended to. Scares you. Table Same. He's like the clubs. Toys that could. But can came to sandwich husbands. To the GOSSAGE AUGUSTA Care Visa Bill. Could Augusta radical. I is throughout Mexico clumsy due. To Race Perfect Colleen Game I. And this. was his fellow Nanno. KTAR COM CUT To immature. Caring Pogo Rollo and precare. Point Velour! She's inappropriate survey fish after of. NATO design yet to arm I usually. Ladder topology new. What? Is. The boys apart educate as is isn't anything. As pistols on things on goose to just similar Jacoby saw. So some cheap participating thing. He possessed projects, therapy jets and economic bumster alleged techniques magician winter. Water. Risky. Is Lloyd Brad Five to thank eighty orders the making what would you? A. Goodwin Valor sheets with what that nobody gets on trouser is. To No. No having. School a because you guys, isn't he? Is Come. Sorry, the show as ancient. He's thinking. About. CAPAC- hitter? Buddy Cobra Borgwarner King My. Best. Boys for Saiki Adecco PAROLIN posted. Cooper for sure says. Don't it or not, don't Jamal Molefi to Q. Cynthia's income fuzzy as? Milwaukee physician overpass. When are we? Beijing said you'll follow him. Two of. Pasta Co Tomato Pasta for. Image Jetski some winking via this causes them Thank when Win Wind Missouri saying Civil Complaints K.. Involved complaints gain checkup Maki. Put Him collegue up on the Egwu. One overcast. Want to what it eloquent trouble. Ice Kohei former Ole. Miss Concert assume Chilean partial Persia to say a piece of our troops. Probably form. Sound to. Boys a seem is GonNa hit far much I. mean is fast food. To, my hair growth, but I. Might, Keeping. Them under can give us form on facebook whole. And Salting. Kenwood. You can is Gelo guide those malls they. Change getting. Internet! Factors Yankees I follow Massa inches. Out as Age. Positive Kahad. Pros affected Asala. Sis. My Alita don't do Roy boomer. To steed. Views ages. Yeah. In Pre Ki- fees won't pro. Pool icy one father's. Yossi. cutted you moving the loons softball. Sonoko thrown course show casino vitamins three significantly constrains you. The super laments data miserable quizzical. McCoy's the online. Course in. Letting Pin. I need space the VM G Dylan. To. Today's. Foot Com. UK This super said. Quite thing we need to Mysore denied. My and I told me being my team. They. Can which was in charge against? Devise Ganked, you know from Shaw Colleague Alto praise the most for fleeing. Retire Monacell. into. The chm inked ride. Almost. Or now when we ain't. Nearly Kaoh sufficing chill gone internists style, the Pixel, and and waiting for two main Thi- win to what are the? Is, Mighty mighty thinking in winter concert back range, but hit. Saw saw him about Kunar permission conveys the manager. Searching Jake years instead is. For for how main Manfred King! And Etta Domino man the main. Of Callous, fought since she egas Nazi this and the new show them ranch US run to the. East month imagine if. The From chri subways. Design so then he's bulls. Dip waste perceptive Ugo same using added. He added the anything out there should the. Going to live on casino, Fico saw seeing Michingan Olympic will go ahead you for my. House. Because the CG clench door the concealed Persia. Rocheteau! Is both looks at phase. Threes really clear move. As Lukudu? Kitty Symposium Ma. quads, if a genuine Colorado Che. Mice Chateaux. From local machine are back to escape already. The I league Alva- pig on. Sober then. In audie. Eve? Directly aimed she efficient Muskrat sales Top of Tacoma H owns. A couple of del on minimum each of us had admirable loopholes. discuss soul easy to copy premium on. Your criticism. Yellowish Avenue. Keeping together Della. Are Going to Beijing. Presents the genius. which Muslims which must by Saleh's? Yellow Follow Lsu Fanconi who seeing out sending, take one as thank. God seen. demaim Winkelmann guy in his Jimmy. and. The name. is other main cheese. Think she commits, said the man's disease this assuming the same contrast sacred. Of. Something old boys does. The publi blaming income is these is a comfy saying to signing. Federal, see now mad. was there might as well just confirm me. Lou Do. By sharing to purchase bad deprecate. Rinse same quieting Sunday Lynch Gossiping Being In. Contrat in August, she's never digest without those. She snapped decay. Kasama. A Damn job getting close to initiate. The Zafy have made. Fell a main local, so and I SUPPOSE AS Roma's. Dole is you finish? This this beneath. Google. Decision to be was tend to. Say Your income to the bait by. Say of his MOM aid. She chemotherapies though that have formed at the trail of Queen Aqazadeh a jealous. You Look Kitty off as a surgeon secret. See. Again from the. KANESA CUSCO. Advancing damp amount that key is an ancient side is as out the fundamental things. Chamo- age the cabinet. Eight ancient. Could make up countless from rely simply pastor passage you. Gauge is the main. superjet I Edison chromatic cottage thing. been was faced ought to protect. THEM THEY START UP Canales the. By the percentage, extra cheer from pecan. Qena tokenistic cars as Selah Cina. Quoting that you mets clods. Saint. Thomas is cutting. Once met's credit. But allow booking. CASSIE gives you come. As SKUDRA own difficult By Kabbah the cage. Compost Advocates custom gracious on the. Same into. South. It's so much. Another. One. Thanks create sending so my schedule fouls seeing divvy. Won't you remain Ted? Now McCain. Murkowski. She looked so somebody to go off tonight. I'll be put. For some motel. As She as He. was as agencies the I think. There's no down. If you come into my Sierra Pammy sheriff that won't. Think, They the causes to main those the she would be the Nelson Kaoh but a single shot as my cuisine yet they keep winter. The record is all will. Point with years of research chipper JEREMIAH DETROIT AIn't nobody golic losing your own throw cast. Acting to sink. Disappoint. Rather. I think. She Kissing diseasing. Jersey persona our you follow the ORLEAN tangent. You've said Ye Jada Fica Tranquilli. Do Parachutes Guitarist Army wants to look. Set. This the. Cure Sean. I would call me from show now A. For some meaning their. Visas Project G was the Corrado Jila some ain't. Lahser? Kim, manifestos architectural. Mice Edged Siddiqui surfing so now said. Key? Said may survey AC. Amalia. AFC because as a specific thing, because the succumb equation Collage Shabani UNITA, lean the same as juicy. No. In. Now as Kane Saab. All Survives Ice Akia. Comes with say progress. From? Acute customize. said they. Sofala ties Qu'une. Guna as a single mattress. No, Masala mechanisms. Kosugi. Kane wholesome and Be as it gets them we need to. Get the best bicker ads decided. For came. Commit Murder News. Presents May. Gust Saints. To this oil and Gas William de was. Bobbio pairs this Kunai Lisa. Party. Fellow Push Come Winter League. Chico for Tom. com, which you, the pinion clockwork. Hey. Base could either. But I mean I free promote clean to seen. Jesus! The will they record on? Poem Posada's. Earlier enough telling. Tomase. Playmates as seeing in modern below also to the premier allographs from Massamba tonic narrow finally only. The new. Danger, the quietness. This show is the. Ball the facility passing. More Fun and care for the. Follies as Part of the. Could you be Jimbo Rosario case. To. Nursing. Defended door portion. Foods feel that. This guy. You. Or saucy nether visit. From the odd as Vase. Foreign Queen. Is a frequently Michael Baird's seem to. Cheer me yet can improper coming minar I e. GEARLESS faming minar. three comrades. Climate adds up to make you don't know. Is such. We can turn the. Bees continuous. B.'S A D.. Recording. The CIO he's on the planet, thinks number rods most. I. Think of. Commission. Into MENARDS AKIVA say Kay. Most. Coming to second. To see put into Google. To. Take! Being Community. How. Cuba, south, opposing chewed up buddy. AFFORD TONNAGE! Cool hip craft saw one sided with me. Come your. The soccer for Greece. Getting to know Mata Ki. atomization name. Up Susan that they miso upper empty will sit anthem over three. Point four as His spit on both on. Food Lesion all the way to. Think to follow biking Paprika making you. Don't call me saying Jon Allen. The way known all. These HP. Nineteen Year by nobody nobody Kaoh to maintain. She know about you Laura Genetic Dopamine to them equally see a Busta inch fabric for me that you don't when the ancic. Did more for the main. No get you. Full Service. Follow is so things. If both going because you pay. Only. Simply ventures there been Panam proper. My catch kid is. And this is what I do with my bedroom pie. Kill logic. Be Nag! One thing just saw. How Do An on and. Be walk. When should I just talk him? By chenoweth end the breath, amazing foul in banking, Ted Tummy Kia Apache, tumbling father, then on died demise intentional. Honda the. Future so thing, diplomas, I, mice, foot ramming channel. Sugar, and if Own jae-kyu, nor to our persona subject will sit Soviet walkways. Would say greatest getting a file. We'll see I can wikipedia. THERAPA will also, they caught off. K Sell. My skin things. He's approaching three McCoy's like wasting Kasha New Juke, simple bill mental, no vague to sing presenting on. Cesar contrast. That You. Got Bud. You will see him with keeping. The show them. The money mother. Got A C-. Stock. Four and you Angie. She say. The gained funding equal down decided. To. Live boss Gecas amazement stuff. Put is being KUNA of this terrain about coming make Friday. Attitude Alabama from. A. New. At that into Komo to. Maintain fall to snatch. projets just won't say to nothing. To mainul side mandates for inquests Q. Mice. Remains remains. Demand Dot. com from. Say Drinking Ajay. She resigned. Almost G. false say the made being dressed. Keep GonNA mostly in my life. Thank God daughter. Goes some WINCO. Janke Finales S l'amour the G. Deuce three hours, you pottage. itchy. La Mice Cod dookie. Lucifer's it to the. Larger. CAST! Their civics. Things ain't kills. Out to your mom as Capanna. Your came I. Have made the. Feel Net daimyo. Extending this misdemeanors procure my CICADAS. Three our seniors. You come into our sheets. She Kentucky Codner. Novel itself became. Angry. I think recording fossils. Valence due to talking stored on their. One thanks to maintain whatever deny that won't goofiness doors that in. Vain. You said. Mean Tokuda supportive. Of say. Sad and a daily go. SWINGY FISKE's. He's. Pointer in does save sit at the setting. saintly shell rose to data. Niger Nice. Cars. Credible soclean operated. Semis goal, she. Chipper. were, all. Monday. A. Window squids. Amazement was over said. Some of five catchment. Ask name that each day that. My. My. Manager most appropriate. The. Ward by. For the? Rest of. The Willie organise on WYNC capacity. Calls for year in ancient. To my the main. Thing is that the plane in? Demise. Melson multiyear. Skis in Asia. Brazilian winter this season might per cdi cycle, CEOS, so scores must. We'll sit vase, no shaking his laude about. Yup through wikileaks catchy. Shane Soccer Perky that's Koska Audrey. Be More fee to of all. Your article the issue. warming. Poise, a issues could assume accessories boys this. Jamaa loved. Fees Cease Case. I'm Oh. Value for. Our Jim winter core is a key who was pershing's fuss from Obama. Say for me as a key west cuisine is order. MIGHT CONCERT IS A. Head to toe speed yourself being the difference, your temperature, Diadema, cuisine or through. The Provost Sees Miskito Vinci's could Donald Listen. For you're gym is Comfy Kitin Bruin a concert than data. Yet. MISO COFFEE DOT COM is awesome to keep cool wakeup. If, it is mentioned, programmers know Mossy! was voters programmers? New Google perch caches apple podcasts new Jesus Norris Bushfire East towards remers. These municipal Lebron the same kissy program wages. The mind movies me have severe.

Barceloneando 406  El modernismo cataln y su sentido

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Barceloneando 406 El modernismo cataln y su sentido

"In case that is good Endo Endo daycare at this point on Annoy Adam Muni the the Ola newest foreseen that again teams yet put the three zero s and put on the Moscow on the orient reading in the Duma throws can offend muscling. Doing extremely of that law it end and the other boroughs overdose. I'm almost an outdoor. This is another one as overdose Ingraham assistance they will if up UNESCO go cassiem. There's almost more of these owners thousands that's either expect Almost smoke catala now is like animal is more similar Mandela. No I love my yours but Kim is what I hear. This victim I went on Pacific will be the last. I don't say hold under. Obviously Randy Seymour's either Lewis in a lot of them go mobile fan blow up which agai filed immune than the Rango League league. Let them book democracy because the Commercial Printers Dash in Ethiopia. Rash those Under the back Context doesn't get them in but the relax a life threatening button they'll not learn n Lopez lesson fairly have you have Komo's Bradford on if they daca doing buddy putting Sepia almost saw Hitler's Zomba's Up on coming up yours is the more than look at that. One Minute Gard is that God is twenty. It is part of the inaugural indefinite. Al Kit Okra and his by nine in Yoga is and got obeys and Gaba is by. No I mean Akam gone up and let really fit into audible is only when the canal in Hispania insular stop with Auto Personnel Gambian. But they let you know medical lobby Vida. Youngest is our young artist blast. The Gospel muscled up in. Dora Fed them. Aw Delay Iago the use them in Ms Martinez plenty parliamentary architectonic saying the US Chamunda getting when our special attention Contender pedantic I got the lunar went up percents getting personally. After the other night sanchis a restaurant came in. They will Duda Hume must number. They're much better at various contexts. Aesthetic feeling alka sanguine therapist is. Aw as I satellite industry then it'll add nursing Lorraine denies listeners. In a in the lane ACING Markelle in moment. As important AS Roma's Percy feeling a he now lay the Raffaello Nyoman within those amid E left Brazil new Lousy layer immediately diodes and like it went on for a while as the debris almost ideal Atlanta Yagi Games alone booklee A lap at dude this cycle Neyla On for I mean I'm in Nick. Respect the alchemist and your news. More Syndrome I miss. I miss my but they yeah lumbersome in the like Raffia molest assume the France out of the gate on I become we activa. which is it does? Significant tables must play a not own addictive. Expensive African also impact on I.. E. In gotTa Luna Sinaga is bias. Settled there stay out of them will undertake the Land Dallas Komiya. I started out got the Hannah. said he the nine gum on those those. That specialize Cassini's that the book oriented within Methadone and when Oba's Duffy analyze this desolate soleil theatrical mafia emerson as his architectonic Solo bears. But if in Grundberg owners it was for me if he can come rushing thus labradors I say low indigo IRA. EMP FM applicable parallel as unlawful unlawful. Stop percent they and enlists paces. 'cause I decided we're dealing. There's there's Iran says Komo ferrocarril alarm on Thursday at the moment did they are gonna Lay Eilly poor industries ascione. There's no as far as the economy up. He does Zim Backdoors Economic Console of my love for the that list of all. Can I l goofy Manda Yoi Ingram and wwl nasty as much as I would guess spraying get Alabama's is really didn't they. Brought down the will in those European. Is this Telenovela Alana drolet material as a young. Dm Win Gwen task for national city fee. This year's school during the tourists healers Dichter's Gandara Denies Doris Kaluga next year. If you're back at boys Asu has Florida's is Lillian stubborn. Mad At them but when the ram was alloway we doing Goma the enact. One of the united after apparatus will not the younger actors. Y- mcquarters might realize I mccorkell style learn. mcchord accorded a Melson dishonors better now lila a film the doors let him alone in the credible. But but I was way go more stable than he is a former correct theories. Uwe It odom. I'm in Diallo yet. I'm not Su- say Sanish then we're OK corral and through your there's Footprint Rana boys less threat from finales sadly fanfare architectonic membranous NBA and AS Roma in Dallas liquidators. I San Leon are better than you would have. Assad is I got benefit Valleys but oh come be thousand. Berlin Mayor Ammonia zone as amazing Lord is my dad's did ash by going on in the Dad. Rehash the euro for Heidel lava the southeast because what he was beaten down. This isn't because Most Gorka Thailand the said. Yeah Lemon Cossack Nilgiris Allow his accu in Buffalo Nanna. But Dan don't Fomento blown etc Luna came out and I said article. Better shoot to send a sign. Atlanta's them giving us the steelers these on and woman. These firefighters hasn't officials it has monsters. The Millennia feeling is there's even fierce fill a a AH bombers discreeter surely gave or excavate the Alexi took a star Vienna and maybe they allies for my van is on offer my Konami. Forget one though Basil Industry Lisa theon Louis and they look at it and been reality saying there's this opinion that if Palestine thoroughly settled fiene gallon opposite like Mazda thin architecture scully from navy. Just say this that miss back honesty is that there is we got a much thousand. Okay Out of say less than one. The one that's personas Ivanauskas go with them. got alone. Es became the stimulus that put the almost GONNA win. Get outta coll- whether Trescott us it's important that you support us the money money money to have a balanced. Ah Music Allama. Gabe Israeli are worth Boys Cafeteria Barak Book Demise. All the United States that spectaculars our armies mom gay. The Border Dash Libra risk. Moment doesn't ask the Aba tra- nephews and got a eleven together an OEM. Emma blend was upset about if he's delegates. I only ELA elite auto focus. Ghana's postponed Minnesota they use the minimum. Then it then it was just some Bali Falana author Holier Llegado last familiar only I aboard lab Avenida elite. But if you're some guy new Harrisville cafe owner super photo in the last familiar already used then turning the motors with as little by way. The Lavagna compelled by now represent. They go Mostar rain as the phone with us. I do that. Let's presume new. It's limited in the. They took along nine senior away. A the delegates had low like as I sense lackluster colonial wake Damien the yen. Let Him Barabbas Isla Bisi League. Minnesota Familia as we give somebody but he made a part of this this this back at gay a mark. Say the DUDA On phenomonal doable. A on gay lesbian argued deluca security in his dog at all in the wrong and they die he s sunny out but I started to add. Do Overdone Molina. The duo Patrick. Rascal dude is hit their Aylmer. Edward Flynn phenomenon. Hundred thirty nine weekly Diva on Gumbo Home Moi performed a which is GonNa Jonathan aaliyah's lead. Oem in the obvious from Cranial Eight on cranial pedal a one Muthu homeowner homeowner sports that I'll in eastern because conway will remain. Dial the more portable propia multiple rationale activities because they're more pro-life Sandra numbers Korean. They said that the another knocking checking. They're not gonNA defend this igloo Dina others would undermine man. Does the Lanka said he sneeze more minorities that a nation secular almost after moment that got about me and guest. Those whom does said Yeah Maurici. Listen live moment don. Is that Gordon that basic ingredients Dwellers might because you studied these fast day lesbian dory the Catalunya liberal quarters Assures me last one does a quantum Dylan Novella elision. Lebron Lena's and and look over as they are out of the Donnie. We almost spoon in but obviously that yet unlike Portalis Toyotas and you're the or dominion grammy more at either Marquardt can rolling by Polka says doubled within the moment on though that would robotic Orlando's gets the symbolism for my last night low A. Methodic Brin they're allowed to say we've got on Tom Books the odious and there have you fit in companies. Adam La Mancha's authorities. I feel Montgomery's Madonna's no no consequence DOT COM or CNN Francia tunnels running on the like I said I said Living Doda that There's congressional your business going down kissing embargo last resents any more than the minimum solid Kalani. I'm looking at the graph yet. Then they come on for a liberty media over them lead Anderson they on the nearly as they're going through the military interesting thank goodness On the Gaza in speech dying Avenue gig Saglam afforded look at Mr Strategy Thousands of moments these book but then ink on threatening worker ignored obviously mad get transforming is headquartered in Muslim is not a very much. Ns Accordion make many bullets into lamented. Pretending allies allows the lift suspended Betas as feel on it. That are GONNA come Lamb a much longer thing being overdose spinal force. They're all a stay Balladur Musica the Amazon tempus enough. Who have the about yes gonNa Theater is on the planet they now? I'm from Brooklyn. Nothing is is the moment expense. Frenzy will feel that if analysis he lady When we're going to establish harvesting logs he goes throw transfer marriage than offer? My read is phenomenal advanced New Orleans Liz. I'm let me feel fe- man. Though the Newark To Digest progress in court asthma Kamali Yomas in manically Emma scale there. Meteorites began Dana. Those alka Allure Mondadori Abbas. There's until a commandos and there was A and B was. That is that DOC. Big Quarter does is having a spongy star. I want to thank God I found on my fingers Our own Komo was live knowing. Everybody's just GonNa it on Bundesback on personality Goulash but I've many that is going to be peace and theatrically Dallas. Therapy is necessary but media. This plan in border found it gonNA government dinners cracked open on road runner and then Him Out of that. The Malaysian listen thirsting. Wednesday newly is planned up Verbiage schoolers that are goners through nothing on a Gondola bless guidance I need is Gaza Maximize visas lower rates from blaming the break borozan economic thus either Hey is this crowd estimates in good blessed bit of a plans that say umbrella for under and reform on Boko is a gross. They in sometime. Anthony Shamba gigawatt defender that yet they level in the data these data delicious fast as the sponsors number kilometers per hour. And say if it did. He blamed the local as modernist as a Gandara and the wash forty gas or the NBA satisfied out. There's disclosures premeditated years what is a because young north wonderful do allies thirsty because does he his career number four war is they boom. There's doesn't Davitashvili Spectacular already in the dead under the lobby industry. Kaletsky de will go to Dallas is sorta don't delicious three Kuok military-industrial Daytona Indiana's Congress has run for donuts in dollars more economic plasma talk. AM In a continent in. Donna is theon Silas in Congress that has pretty limited Anderson to Gambian ambient null He stopped on Momento in denser in located at Emily. Mendota Ya Book Doc ID Dot Com on the nickel dude. After that if it did I'm now again today A my son Gaza's dead guys. I've now that I've gone allow that I led the guy that got that Kinara donate that I love most Englanders. Lago the guy that you want those is the moment. Intellect is the mind transfer entertaining Throughout the Oakland Fiore AH locally in the I S I am but I don't know onto the puzzle without Mr Lamb. But they in Alabama. They look at that. No sympathy most is okay. Conductor attack deal inborn in the is more miserable equates. That's better known as being in other. That's put a stop for Monday. Bless not allowed to live in Brooklyn Mama Felon the lowest I have lottery. This is that we are the you said Pacheco fight that members another time. Aaron are stuck. Dornan this name but only boondoggles run this coffee though Domino's economic now theon I'll give us a quick. I let him was Wailing Brooks More Besigye bid on does that got their bonus on at will not say colosseum. BRESLIN GONNA feed US Eve. Minutes going to us The matinees markup alone Others others mice sounds Johnson when Brazilian beside cone line must yesterday trump and Russia. They use Kuoni. That doesn't some new guy could be the we're GONNA go in is not squander minutes characters. The Guy Through the book illustrations style parade Donna. Brazile Person Derby he elderly loaded and apathy. Those the ratio is over that and be like. He's I'm GONNA come one or more on Amazon and that unreasonable. I'M GONNA ask Dick dominated by lay Loire Santus cumby now look when they got Alana. Casanova Finish prepares list national. Those Taylor's arcus ninety one that I understand it. You'll see land their procedure law school. Really though ABS had almost four coupe last in focus. Goodbye thing that got on Motel Islam dog everything dino if you know what I mean days as point. You're not ready. When does how long can I am in the per se? Suzanne de the guy is perfect Dakhil Echo scandanavian other Vija. They use a medic month and in the newsroom and its as an institute opening mother enrolls cannot A row over the this victim Geza. It'll be about momentum flay Montgomery seem in which I think is under the holiday breath Calories from added that long just a political fight DOC MEDINA MODE I e one Mazda if you think about him very important but in the business could as they do. Depending Martha Kessler must be getting the goal you for fellow clunker bluish parochial On Arizona's thrash about who could underlying Initiatives because I'm bothered him was lost. Bobby UNIS is looking at him. Going through our Janas come overcome NCAA data after my Levy Odessa School Dudas via narrative. Alan Miami or if he has no key when he has a day use a wittig advocate simply they make you go but not realizing my battle which etc comes with the spoon tests and was sworn mortar procedurally amherst. They fed us in Discovery. Is that the umbrella the other dictators because glide on Lupu Luba customs thorough book allure. Menefee me and they you said what you gotTa thing like a cycle you request one. CASTILLO COMMEND MS. Mohammadi is author our eclectic our Alina Cornerstone Ab then they Komo motors. Alconada Santa's unquote. Because they'll they'll tougher bishops guardia. Not aggressive owner architect Duda a FLAMENCO. NCAA tackled feel good enough attack on format man going over here for Elisabeth Jato. Oh come on one. Another's interior randomly interscope as rescue democratic. Finished Day a bit. Who is they is done by equator? Anthony wading through Villanova pillow. ANANDAS Tyler survey. They said about your wife way down within us they anthony all the Hulk GonNa go local community overhang my expertise via e when I say normally village pursue third career but I'll expertly theam dogging a lot of TV. Kill Academic Decathlon John More complaint that it is in school did I list. I said that as again solely seniors in this idiot will be less per okay by the way this way Susie and they listen sodas in the as I could tell now I never last Colonia a for an audit forty cosmic Nonetheless terrible eeking than inbalance People but I live on board game almost like I said I finally is ongoing brewers a fairness but like success Arafah million COMMUNISTIC NAGATA calculable district district dilemma man. That I'm bested the aesthetic openly fully hula. Seen as soon as that can add them on. They're like I said on Monday Monday night. I'll get this. They got these down yet. The big dog in are not going to England. GRANDMA'S FM blows as they either all ovation. Ideal Adiel Cameo as soon as you mentioned the revenue in the sexiest the Algorithm meme weeks. Ammoniac he added dwelling in Miami's mccollum allegedly would ask me stuff than than what it means more to them that Amihai Gomel when gunpowder brewers day. Yes Ma but Alabama that authorized was like I said the more data Orleans the US map on the coming in the lesson. Leon facebook Dukla is familiar minute penalty. Knock doc it is commensurate in one. Furry eat a I wanna say I do use a variety of them being nobler me now like where are the only one. I must have gone your book. Useful to then they alcon Kendra Hogan Rita reporter fanatic. Which is not what I'm waiting game? better personnel yours game. I'm almost a leading film and Guan Di Linda Your game on that But that will erase on episode. Percents discount familiar canola and offer them some blasio but almonds minted Theoretical note I Lloyd Lemon. Today I'll be downloading William. There's young gallery MONTEZUMA's mass over asked him. TC Mars Mass Fam- at Mozilla along with recipes. There's a man that they're most ovarian Larry that Yoga footsie guy file. Doc Ovarian whether spreading Gessen's families gifted in Montana this Jonquil yes ambushed. I'm Brooks Than Buffalo now. No that. I wasn't Undergrad and realizing rally thought Informacion survey a delicious those lavas personally. That is having dude as awesome pharmacy. I'm talking about felony and grandma's just be sold joost. The one wasn't even the route that supposedly is mass Montezuma's sports took him bump proximity. Saw The non into Anthony come but also stunned Meta viewers cleaned. But I'll do you mean pens C._B._S. burkey Albuquerque.

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WWHL @ Home:June Diane Raphael & Denise Richards

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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WWHL @ Home:June Diane Raphael & Denise Richards

"Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen models. I Love Bravo and when she comes over grabbed the representative. Oh it's watch whatever's live at home with Denise Richards in June Diane Raphael now on and welcome to watch at Home Andy Cohen and my New York City apartment which even three thousand miles away is still within swinging district of Juries ponytail joining me from her quarantine in Malibu. It's real house. Beverly Hills Denise Richards itemise she just did the iconic face like at the end of the first episode and removing the high available on demand may twenty nine tonight and dumb manned. Her Bravo analysis. Is Our friends you Diane Rayfield Niamh. Hi Andy Sell happy to be here so much to say so much. So yes a lot to discuss. And I know Denise Fan of yours from Grayson Frankie and I know. You're a big denise van run from all the things all things Yup oh I was gonNA say a face full of Joey Melissa makeup and I'm ready to go are you serving us. Ragamuffins chic tonight. My been updated a little good denise Di the Kyle left you a lengthy apology on your instagram last week. What was your reaction to that? Will she left that apology? She sent me a text about allergy. I says thank you go June junior you enjoying the new season of Beverly Hills. I'm loving it. And by the way like every single women above the age of forty wishes they could pull off a ragamuffin. Look we all worked so hard to be able to look like a ragamuffin. It's just true so denise to me. That's the highest praise. You could ever receive so we`ll. June is currently isolating with her husband. Paul Scheer even though they've been happily married for over a decade. I know she would kick them out in his second to make room in her. Corinthian for a Bravo Liberty June. I want you to give the five Bravo liberties that would make your core and dream Coren team. Okay he's Dream Corey Denise. I want Aaron there because they feel like at some frequencies season vibrations that maybe could unlock the key to all of this young. Nope he's working on a vaccine but I want I want him around I want Michael the Butler from southern charm. 'cause they feel like he just picked up he would keep my dignity intact for a lifetime. I wanted you details there because of the cash you know they have a Lotta cash on hand. You know I want. I want Luanda's niece. They're her downtown. Niece just artwork with enough for the F. Leisure yes alright. That's your dream Corentin. They've got really good. We'll kyle was really shady about Denise Diamond Ice Sculpture but that's nothing compared to which is a little punk who's made of ice but not so nice. Nice Baby. It's these shady ice sculpture. Hey Shady Ice Sculpture Craig's yourself for a deep freeze denise. Oh my God I do. My team is just waiting right now. That is carnivals navy. I ice sculpture. What's your first question for? Denise we know you and Erin have a very active sex life but which beverly hills cop will. Do you think has the lease going down O. M. G. Shady ice sculpture is like a valley guy. Okay so switch with. Beverly knows couple do you think is getting it on the least at this moment. Yeah how well? Probably because she just have baby all right cool in general. I think that Eric was honest. That hers so much I mean a medical situation. Now I feel like that's not fair next question. Shady Ice Sculpture Denise. What's your least favorite Charlie? Sheen movie actually like all of his movies. I think he's a great actor and Movie that I saw my dad actually to see his platoon when I was younger. And so I like all movies Scary movie five even. Yeah that's actually conceived her Alright person every okay. Last question changing sculpture which one of the Beverly Hills housewives past or present is the biggest fake ass. Batch well I say that I feel like she thinks that helping me so she probably makes us me. She's you but what do you think who I think is a big aspect. You'll have to keep watching all right by Shadi ice sculpture. Time to put myself back on Ice Junior. Wanted to say something why you should say we've seen denise in Berkinstocks like we cannot call her the biggest ass bitch on the real security hill says just not possible right. She goes from berkinstocks to a dime. A dice sculpture. Yeah I'm still trying to nail down the theme of that Dinner Denise I mean I I loved it all but I was just like the ice sculptures then pizza. Were Wall Tel. You so if a elevates my youngest daughter start an ice sculpture in a about loved it so much you liked diamonds and she pays after the shape out. So that's how did it are Well when June saw my post of Hillary Clinton doing a shot ski on this show she commented. Omg But I'm about to ask her to comment on some other high level American trailblazers known as Bravo Liberties. It's time for another round of June June Bravo June beverly hills or you as authored. By Kyle and Teddy's friendship is the rest of the women. Women seem to be no. They're so shocked at friends. Behaving like friends is the honest thing to meet. People can't believe when one goes to console the other where stands up for the other to me. These are the basic tenants of friendship thoughts on. Kyle calling the women fake ass bitches. Who Do you think she was really talking about you know? Listen I couldn't understand the Glam conversation at all I mean. Of course Theresa Glam to do a workout. Of course we're all in Glam all the time. Honestly with the exception of Denise Richards who's been a breath of fresh air so so yeah I thought it was ridiculous dots on Denise going in on Kyle at the end of the episode. I loved every second of it. I feel like Denise Scott some sorta Hernia removed and our started to come out and I'm loving it those four Hernias were holding you back to east and I'm excited to see what's been unleashed did have caused to question. Sutton's I'm gonNA freak out comment or should have let the mouse go before Sutton started crying. I mean I thought it was ridiculous. How we've all said I'M GONNA freak out and I don't think any of US expected to be institutionalized for that. I thought it was very silly. But Sutton sets an odd duck. And I'm deeply frightened. Her so I think was responding to some some other energy about sudden but not the comment itself was very silly were you did you find your reads. I have a life comment to be insulting or did kyle take at the wrong way that I did find it insulting. I have to Landy. Scream back at the TV. I have a life too. I'm sitting here watching you in New York. Wh where does Leah rank for you among other housewives in their first season series? Going up up up up up. I am loving everything that she has to offer if I love if Sonya had sent you those pajamas to word fashion show. Would you have worn them now? No okay all right. It's time to get some to some burning questions kyle. I'm sorry Denise Terra L. what's and EP will notice a question of Denise Terra L. Wants to know how you felt about. The comments Kyle was making not only about your appearance but also about the ice sculpture. Dinner Party theme Your reaction when you saw that episode. I didn't know she called me a ragamuffin office. Actually funny the other comments like the awesome. I just I always think it's just not be so judgmental with all of us in just a moment and yes I do like to be casual but also you liked Glam as well and you know it is what it is. I was finding the ragamuffin comments. Do you do you think Sutton overreacted. Thinking that Renta's makeup artists was going to be at the event tonight or you know and was Rena harsh on Sutton about it at the dinner. I think that started fell. Kayaker repair situation. Is I think she just boost? Garden wasn't to handle it and I do think You know police arena may be a little bit more nurturing her joining this women and but you know if they They have their own dynamic of friendship. Denise what was your reaction to the The women at the end of the finale episode. Speculating that you were leaving the show and that they would never see you again. Alone asked me the only ones that said. I'm meeting where I'm not going to be. Union are women in the cast so none of them have ever even asked you that interesting well. From the moment we saw denise walk out onto the bomb our balcony and a casual pair of white shorts. We knew she was down to Earth but since her version of earth contains Bucci items like diamond ice sculptures and camel rides. It's time for Sheikh Sayed. Denise I'M GONNA find out how fancy you really are denise. Have you ever spent more than five thousand dollars on rats yes half. What's the biggest vacation you've ever taken? I Jerry lucky to be in the world. You may how much moneywise urge what would you? What would you characterize us the most glamorous thing that I thought I love on camera and I also love to be on the walking host Bob Denise. Have you ever uttered the words? I am being Denise Richards during a business meeting or salary negotiation just with my personal. I loved it when you said ever be the same June. You'll never be the same. Never be the same. It was everything who is one of the highlights of this time. Do you ever have dropped your name at a restaurant for a better table when you're calling a reservation Not yet but I can't call and say you know. Do that would still funny about that. Yeah well it's one of the great perks of being famous rate. How by the way denise? I want you to remind Aaron that you're Denise Richards because they feel like he locked it down and then he started to let it go and he needs to keep it tight. I'm sure he is reminded daily that he is King Denise Richard. That's true yes yes. What was your reaction to to the women kind of not understanding where Aaron was coming from it. That dinner party at Kyle's dinner. I knew you know you have to know your audience and during the conversation. I knew this wasn't the so the general. Have this conversation and it was time to wrap it up. And and head on out donnas honey now right well. The part of June sprain dedicated to studying housewife and behavior is probably girth year than errands peanuts at this point so in honor of tonight's instantly ICONIC LINE. I am Denise Richards I want to know what other iconic Bravo antics have rubbed off on June. Denise I'm going to name some things done by housewives you guys have. June has done them if she has. You will say I'm in June. Diane has never fallen into a Bush. Denise yes I am in June Diane. Has June ever hired a stripper? Perform a friend's birthday parties in these. Yes I am. King June Diane wife June ever thrown a drink in front of his face to niece. No Denise why do you not so well it by the way it was me? It's been following Denise Richards around so we can get to the we can just like let's get to the bottom of it right now. I have apologized. There's no more I can do as never had a fight in a limo. Denise yes no has June ever competed with another woman for the same Guy Denise Yes to all right thank you right Tony. Legend thirty two real tweeted June. What's going on with filming the final season of grace and Franky? Are we finally going to get a Dolly PARTON CAMEO? I don't know about Dolly but we did have to stop filming because of Corona Virus spoke. You know we are still meeting on. Zoom calls every couple of weeks to say hello to each other. We did a table read the other day and Lily. Tomlin just got up and left to grab a delivery in the middle of it and then came back with her food so I mean amazing. Things are happening at and it's been pretty incredible Chris Harnik tweeted denise. What did you make the viewer reaction to your now iconic moment of you smirking? At the end of the Premiere episode. I was actually quite surprised by the reaction from fans of the show so I gladly instead of the other way June K. Maryland wants to know how the Jane Club is doing during this pandemic. Gosh it's IT'S. It's been incredible. We've temporarily closed our LA space. But we've moved the entire village online so the past three weeks we've added. Jane's and members from Sixteen states and. Wow It's been incredible so we all sign on and we do morning workouts together daily. Meditations real estate estate planning at night There's kids for little music for toddlers big talent shows. It's just been this incredible. It's a weirdly the Radovan unity or reach digitally. He honestly needed more than ever right. Now Right Denise. Tell me about the quantum reach foundation. Because that's you and errands you're very involved right. Yeah just this past fall analyze everything in its research education or children's animal health and very fortunate that means resources to help our youngest daughter Not just virtual North Finding Needs for helping to be back for children at an Melson Excited it and it's been great during this time to yellow to put the other programs. That's awesome that is great work it is time for tonight's moment of muzzle. It's easy to let these tough times. Get you down. But there's a woman down in Dallas doesn't give a rep so here to give us some much needed good vibes. It's mom while Andy is molly. I'm telling you being in this quarantine. He's made my way Tartan Gray. Can you believe that the good news is abhorrent head across shy Adler had nian nabbed? Problem is denied or not. Been doing so much biking together. When it's time that we can go where we will be able to get out the door other. What's my sore and you could get. Mama can't stop this crushes. Well we just really hoping that we can get to see you soon. Were so happy in this year mission. Marlin Baba thank you. Mama D and Deandra. It's always great to see you. I WanNa thank the niece and June for being here from our night. Stephen Colbert will be here at eleven. After top job thanks everybody thanks. These thanks June. Hey everybody it's the after show Denise Richards in June Diane Raphael June Diane's movie is the high note it's available on Diana demand May twenty-ninth. I love it you are like Tracy Ellis Ross is playing a version of her mom. Kind of you know what I was working off of. Andy I play her former assistant. Who Sort of still lives there? And so I told Nisha Are Amazing director that I wanted to do sort of a female Kato Kalem. And that's what we came up with speaking of which. Why do I have a feeling that Denise Richards knows Kato Kaylin him once ex husband Okay did you know? Oj Denise now. I never met him never met. Oj All right. Just just curious. Greg P. E. Mail June. Have you ever taken in the Grayson? Frankie themed we'd that was sold at L. A. Dispensaries I now. I didn't even know this was available. I mean I've got. I've got my doses pens but I guess maybe I should get an upgrade. I definitely want the Frankie version of that. Not Manta Pasta tweeted. Denise seems like Lisa Rhythm was coming after you and the season trailer. How do things stand with the two of you? Now there's GonNa Change in our friendship and people will see that show plays out I. We've been friends though over twenty years and we never know what's happening right so we'll see people keep watching. See how how it plays out. Denise kilty W E mail do agree with Erica that Kyle storms off whenever she's facing a hard situation or do you think she's just trying to take herself out of the drum. I will say there are there are like five episodes where Kyle where the episode ends with Kyle in tears. What's it's it's really while feeling. She'd never her circadian rhythms like never reset after those nights shoots like a completely threw her after her Halloween night. Yeah like like completely reset her body and she's She's Iraq right Denise H. W. O. F. B. H. Tweeted YOU AGREE WITH GARCIA. Kyle having the biggest ego in the group up there. I I don't know if it's the biggest fun might be an issue out way. June abbey are if you could play one housewife in a bio pic. Who would it be and why? Oh Wow that's a tough one. You know. I think Kim Richards for me and like the type of comedy. I'M INTERESTED IN I. I like to throw my hat in the ring to play. Her is just so much there. I think that's really just like it's it's all a little there. An inner clocking anxiety and disorganization in chaos. That I would really like to take it up. Yeah all right well. Let's leave it there. I WANNA thank June. Diane Raphael and Denise Richards Catch Denise on the Bulletin Beautiful Weekdays at one thirty on CBS. Jim Diane's movie comes out onto Ma'am may twenty ninth. It's called. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. You guys thank you. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure you're subscribed rate rusty or not.

Corey Denise Denise Richards Kyle Denise Diamond Ice Sculpture denise van Denise Fan Denise Scott denise Di Diane Raphael June Diane Denise Terra L. Denise H. W. O. F. B. H. The women Denise kilty Beverly Hills Sutton Diane Rayfield Niamh Andy Cohen Diane Raphael Grayson Frankie Aaron
#3: You've Had a Buckeroo Day

Final Sessions

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#3: You've Had a Buckeroo Day

"I'm Joe Lee. You're listening to final sessions. Perry Nilsson's since lost and found this episode. Three you've had a fucker ru day. Look at how Harry worked to make his dreams of an ideal childhood come true true. I'll see I'll be and we can claim you as one of our own right from New York. I'm from Brooklyn New York and you here long enough to have Have Scars Not Memories. That's Harry talking to the Great New York Deejay Pete Foreign Ital- in Nineteen ninety-two. Harry was born in Brooklyn in June of nineteen forty one one. Six months before the United States entered World War Two growing up. He'd always been told that his dad Harry senior had died while serving in the navy in the war for but in the spring of nineteen sixty seven he made a discovery that recast the entirety of his life. Up until that point his father was still alive. Harry grew up in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford stuyvesant and if you visit Harrys old neighborhood today you'll find it rapidly gentrifying. At the end of the block he lived on when he was first born. There's a building under construction. There's another one being torn down on across the street. There's a craft beer bar but in the nineteen forties bed. Stuy had gone from the Great Depression into a period of urban decay. pivoting Gulf the whole city of New York by the Nineteen Seventies. One Time Harry and I were both in New York at the same time and he called me and asked me if I'd like to go out and see where he was born. It was a highly charged emotional Event for both of us. That's the songwriter. And Arranger Van Dyke Parks Harks. Harry's longtime friend and collaborator limousine. took us out to Brooklyn. He couldn't give the directions but he knew them when he got to the intersections and we got at lower and lower through more bridges and tunnels and Dang galleys backstreets and garbage. And finally we got to a place with a city ludi brick wall and a sign. That said starve a rap. Cover your garbage He was shaking and weeping in the car because is this was where he came from. It was obvious this was a very big reconciliation for Harry something that he had been shelving for so long. Tom Was the very thing that drove him. A sense of poverty. Harry's time in Brooklyn ended not long after he his mom betty and his half sister sister. Michelle were beaten up on Halloween. Nineteen fifty one. When he was ten years old they went to California and then they came back to the East Coast and lived with family on Long Island and his mom drank a bit and she had a habit of passing bad checks when Harry was fifteen he got a phone call from her informing him that she was taking his sister back to California? He decided to stay his uncle's to finish up high school but after he lost a summer job he left hitchhiked his way across the USA and met up with his mom outside title Bakersfield. But if fifteen. That wasn't the last time she'd leave him with a warning years later in late. Nineteen sixty six early singles. Harriet recorded for an independent label were collected on an album called spotlight on Nilsson and his mom understood. The her son's burgeoning success meant there was a chance his father might reach out so she contacted her former husband. They decided to set things straight with their respective families. Harry learned that his parents had split in nineteen forty four. His father had remarried a year later and raised a whole other family in Paterson New Jersey. Just an hour away from Bedford. stuyvesant by nineteen sixty six. His Dad and his family were living in Florida. When Harry learned the truth he put it in a song and it wraps up a lifetime of pain longing and confusion? Uson in the forty-one words of its first four lines well in nineteen forty one. Happy father had a son and by nineteen forty four. The father other walks right out the door and in forty five. The MOM and son were still alive but he could tell in forty six if the two were to survive the lyrics describe and emotional. Upheaval that the inescapable logic of the melody seems to solve which creates a blueprint that Harry would follow for years to become the idea of family and childhood charges. All of the album's Harry made at the start. Not just the songs he wrote but the covers. He picked like the Beatles Beatles. She's leaving home. Which Harry sings from the inside out because it was his parents both his mother and his father who left home his second album aerial ballet? I was named after stories. His mom told him about his great grandparents on his dad's side who had an acrobatic act the first song on that album. I'm was daddy's song. You can hear it on the companion playlist to our show. It's linked in the show notes. RCA actually removed Daddy's song from Aerial Ballet La after the monkees covered it. But Harry used the same arrangement as the basis for one of his most idealized songs of childhood the theme to the courtship of Eddie's father it's called best friend and in it Harry sings from the point of view of a single father raising a son that he describes his his one boy cuddly toy. My up my down my pride and joy. It seems to me that it's pretty clear that Harry was profoundly disturbed by the fact that he was abandoned abandoned by his father. That's Jimmy Webb. The singer and songwriter. Responsible for classics like Wichita Lineman. By the time I get to Phoenix and also one of Harry's closest I friends Van Dyke parks put it this way to not have had all the conversations with a father that one would want with create creates longing heart and he had that but on those early albums along with songs he wrote about his absent a father. You can also find songs that show how devoted he was to his mother. There's freckles and old Vaudeville Song that she taught him and there's also little cowboy Lullaby by that she wrote and used to sing to him and there's another song she wrote that he covered as well marching down Broadway which Harry used to say the greatest of all Tin Pan Alley songwriters Irving Berlin had offered his mother a thousand dollars for the publishing rights. I think that he had a very rich childhood. I mean we've heard terrible stories about throughout his tenure. You know he and his mother and sister they they had no money in New York terrible stories about Harris impoverished youth. But in fact if if you look at it on a different plane that is a musical plane. He had a rich childhood because his mother was quite informed about all aspects of music more more sophisticated diet of big band and so forth and popular music before popped he had that it wasn't just Harry's past that informed informed his work it was the whole history of American popular music. He was a musicologist and he would sit there with headphones and new. You must remember this Da da Da da Da da Smile Hewitt here then go. That's Mark Hudson the producer of lost and found talking about the classicism that runs through through Harry's work and touches a Vaudeville and songwriting classicism. Were in their long before he collaborated with Frank. Sinatra Arranger Gordon Jenkins on a little. We'll touch of Schneerson in the night. An album of standards in nineteen seventy-three. He had an equal retentive gift in remembering second voices inch to odd songs and ballads. Long forgotten he could remember what had happened and he could represent it in a present tense as he did with a little touch Milton the night that was all about nostalgia but it was a nostalgia which of course I understand associate that with the pain associated associated with home and Harry was living totem to the incredible sorrows associated with with a sense of place place or lack of saying of the twelve classics on a little touch of meals in the night. Only two were written after nineteen forty one. Most we're from the twenties and thirties and some were older than that. I mean these weren't the songs of Harry's childhood. They were the songs of his mother's Childhood in the fall. All of one thousand nine hundred seventy six Harry was in London. He was there to help with a stage version of the point. The nineteen seventy-one animated film. That was one of his many dreams of a different childhood but he was also there to start making that dream a reality in nineteen seventy six Harry and his girlfriend of three years ears Una had gotten married in November. They'd welcomed their first child Bo. This was Harry's third marriage and his second son. His first son Zach had been born in early nineteen seventy-one by Zack's own account. Harry was a doting father at the very start. My Dad had wrote this thing on a piece of paper for a baby. It was just a note to me. I couldn't read or wasn't old enough to understand it or anything he wrote. This snowed which basically told me how much he loved me on this. Neither am reading it now. It just makes me realize that really did dear Zach. I stood over you and watched you sleep for thirty minutes this morning Sunday. You'll know how I feel. Oh is that right these words. You're beautiful you moved your toes and feet proportionately to the noise. I made on top if your blanket in orange blanket yellow daisies you and your pacifier was an infamy mouth. It had obviously been released with sleep. I love you. Big Daddy Schneerson But the marriage didn't survive the rise to start him. They came with Nelson. Sh- MELSON and Harry filed for divorce in Nineteen seventy-three Zach. Grew up with his mother. Diane does the nine hundred forty one thing. Almost marriage is on life. And it's and I'm I'm pretty sure that's not how he intended it to be. But did you know nine hundred forty one happy father to son nineteen forty four. His father walked out the door. And that's almost exactly what happened. Except from Seventy S. Harry hadn't provided one of the things he most longed for the deep connection between a father and a son but now in one thousand nine hundred ninety six he had a chance to do things differently. Harry was the dad that every kid wished that he or she had he was an amazing bad he was he nurtured. The kids he played with them spoke with them listened to them. That's Harrys he's good friendly Blackman attorney for the Nilsson Estate and an executive producer of lost and found. Bo was the first of six children. Harry an owner would have have between one thousand nine hundred ninety six and nineteen ninety-one four boys and two girls with the boys. He would have what he called Dad and lad time where he'd listen into all their problems and concerns and give them advice. He didn't really have a father and had been told the story that his father had been killed in World War Two. It only found out much later that that was not true that his father was alive in had a second family and it could be that he wanted to be the most perfect dad because he didn't have a dad. When Harry began to focus more on family he made a lot of changes but he didn't change completely? He still had nights out raucous ones with friends. I believe there were two Harry's in that regard there was the the Harry who would be out with the folks partying and doing those kinds of things and then there was Harry the Dad and when Harry the dad was home Harry was one one hundred percent the best dad any could ever want to transform into Harry the Dad. He put music mostly behind him in London. Early nineteen seventy seventy seven. Not long after Bo was born Harry began recording. What would end up being his final album for RCA and he'd only released one more record after that? FLASH HARRY IN ONE THOUSAND NINE hundred eighty though. He worked hard campaigning for gun control after the death of John Lennon and also he set up a film production company he sometimes sometimes referred to the eighties is his retirement in a radio interview in nineteen ninety. He claimed he'd gotten rid of his guitar and piano. Ten years before that in order you to focus on his family then might have been more of an indication of his intention than strictly true. He had a grand piano in the house in Belair in the main room he also had built this tiny little studio where he had his electric keyboard and his recording equipment as well so he could work in there. I can remember member. He knew he had a tape. Recording machine had a keyboard he had some tools to work with. That's Harry's son Kiko who plays Bass on lost and found the family family life in the music life. I think he liked to compartmentalize them. I think that he liked as an artist as a musician to have that over here and as a family man to have that over there and I think that helped him a lot both as a father but also just as a creative as well. I think that he did have a different take on his process. I think about his beginnings uh-huh and where he came from and how he began writing songs in the first place and that was always a very very personal space for him. That was always a late hours of the day. You know maybe just him or or late hours in the studio with musicians that he'd trust and worked with it wasn't something that he necessarily had to bring home if he didn't bring the music home he was still bringing home into the music. Lost and found has one of Harry's most lovely an uncomplicated songs childhood. It's called Lullaby. That's the DAD's Song easies Adad singing to his kids. You know tiny put your tin soldiers away and sleep. Well Lullaby is a good night. Wish from a father who having raised a family of six kids has seen a couple of thousand bed times you can hear direct connection to little cowboy. The song is mother used to sing him when Harry Singing to a child. WHO's had a buck Karoo Day? This is a sweet dream Song Reassurance. From a father to a child that it's safe to go to sleep. There are no monsters here and just as he wrote two babies act about watching him sleep he promises to stand guard in this song. It may have been too personal. According to mark Hudson Harry was reluctant to venture into this territory and yet to be convinced to actually record lullaby when guys get older. You think you have have to do something. That's relevant and hip all of them. Losing the step I better get involved in this and Harry had already done the point me. And my Arrow Arrow people at my best friend cuddly toy you can name some of the Popeye stuck. It always had that sort of theatrical beautiful fool whimsical childlike thing about it and he just goes on. May I should move on to. What do it right assigned? Unlike the screaming trees Harry Nilsson. You'd have to be all grunge and wear plaid shirt no longer wash your hair and then I said and you know what else the fact the way that I know you as a great dad. Beautiful husband and a good friend of mine. This song to me tells me more of how I know you. You got an audience doesn't and he was at Irish Dad and there was does nothing under your bed. What kid wouldn't WanNa hear your your armies gone to bed all these beautiful lyrics? I wish my dad would have sung a song like that to me because I was constantly frightened and all of a sudden I hear this. Everything is okay okay. And is just beautiful and he sang all background and in the end it was because I love you anyway a went into one of those who an in an which I thought was so cute like if that was my dad saying that to me our laughed so I said we gotta keep that he goes why I said because that's how you ended. It is okay. It's on the record. That way Harry saying about dreams a lot in the puppy song from nineteen sixty nine. He called them nothing more than wishes and hear a little more than that. He imagines a dream world where Sleeping child wakes up to a tune played by a toy band. Maybe it's one of Harry's tunes and there's something else. The dreamer isn't isn't alone. Harry's there to watching them sleep meeting them in their dreams waking them in the morning in the dream in the music he found a way to make the wish come true. Thanks for listening to episode three final sessions next time. We'll take a look at Harry songs of love and death. Which sometimes are the same song? Final recessions Harry Nilsson's lost and found was written and narrated by me. Joe Levy are executive producers. Brian Jones for Bang Music and Audio Post and sandy small ones for automation. The show was recorded and mixed by Nick. Cipriano and Paul Veto Lynch with additional recording and editing. Branding Bhai Sandy. Small Ones Harry's nineteen ninety-two interview with the Great New York Deejay Pete for NATO is courtesy of the Pete for Natella State. If you're interested in Harry you'll want to check out the documentary. Who is Harry Nilsson in? Why is everybody talking about him? I also drew on the biography. Nilsson the life of a singer songwriter. By Hi Alan Shipton. Final sessions is a production of Warner Chappell music and Warner Music Group. Special thanks to lead Blackman Brad. Rosenberger and Ashley Winton without whom this podcast and this album wouldn't exist to go in depth on the songs we talked about in this episode. You'll want to listen to our companion tailless which is linked in our show notes Fisher to check out Harry Nilsson's final album lost and found omnivore recordings when it's released November twenty thirty seconds.

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"Hello and welcome everyone to your life program. I'm Andrea hammer. Certified health and wellness coach certified fitness instructor certified nutrition specialist, and you are listening to SOB radio the radio ear network project and to my show your life program to live intentionally fabulous every day. And I am so happy to share with you that I am on location this month interviewing some wonderful practitioners and health care wellness directors from this amazing and beautiful jury holistic health and wellness retreat and resort called yo one in you'll want. You'll Bonn is a word in sanskrit that means youthful, and it represents the human quest for attaining eternal. To complete rejuvenation of body mind and spirit, and it's my pleasure, my privilege to been invited. Here's a guest to interview and share with you some of the most amazing professional staff people in Iraq in naturopathic practitioners and yoga expert in in directors and today, my guest interviewing is Dr to the Don draw. Murty who is the chief wellness Hausler and doctor of naturopathy and yoga, and he's here to share his experience in information about the wellness program here at you'll one doctor Murcia, thanks so much for coming to be on the show. Thank you. Thank you very much and tell us a little bit about yourself about your history and your experience, and then how you ended up being here at you'll one broker and the doctor to on the moon. Was is of digital Petionville degree potus under forty new universities in India. Then I moved as a data of yoga mater, the government of India. Two thousand twelve I retired as a Sedarat. And then moved again into the private sector's into. The last few months and. Working in the oval attitude in this onto issued forty three years in south and wellness as a physician. By the hospital clinical experience, teaching training research under decision convicted forty years of experience in various parts of Indian in both government and. Well, that's that's the. Lifetime of knowledge that you're here to share with us now at the one. So tell me what is is your protocol or your will your methods of deducing disease in people in helping them with your experience here. One see NATO quit the believes that our bodies need of retail. Five grade elements lament, the body constition miracle favorite elements mother earth, the water is the son and eater directly. So and you see even the old are that billions and millions of animals and birds in der also belong to animal kingdom vehicles been milking them and the the the functional and destructor. The system the blood circulation. Everything is one insane in but attorney Melson with men human beings. But we think we are intelligent. In fact, it is not. So the person that most dinner openly naturally of the Ronin early to bar naturally today naturally. They complete human being because we think they're wanted. Insensitive supposed to get a natural life will be don't know over Baden rally the ninety percent of his birth. Then we needed dozens of those specialist. The this is elected. We grow visibly under lick war. Mitigation we grow net miserably ending medication. So they don't not to be born naturally in live naturally note live like animals, and we don't don't mean animals like in in in a ravishing way. But in the natural way that animals live in nature. We don't absorb that energy. We don't move in Reeve in live with the sun in the wind in the moon in the sky in which is our healing. And our our lifeforce generating constitution of our own is don't we don't assimilate or feel that in America? We just don't think of ourselves that way. And we end rushed. Fast paced stressful junk. Life yet, which only changing with the supposed to few importance the natural life from morning to you know, all walks of life in eating winking, thinking king sleeping, talking maintenance or natural poster. But all things are neglected that were using the body with hard. We are not really most of the been people think we are living are eating morning to night with leading drinking's. Night. Eating drinking too. Anything? They're becoming annoying of feeding machines not even being. So that is our all systems the pollution. It would be abused the bomb via embracing diseases embracing disease rather than knowingly knowingly. We think that the scents. And then we go to doctors of the things Dave because over these bothered oppose. Why got these diseases, right? This is using what's the root cause of this illness note, Mander definitive, depending vigilant deficient news not of this in you'll got events in yogurt city. Cidade use him. Come you take medicine if that doesn't work then the doctor change if that doesn't patient change, doctor good other doctors, more medicine doom? Listen other investigation Fennelly said this but this and then they will arrive with. Defended on God to desert. Visit the late in life to go from doctor. Dr Festus sick ones who are has hint of cases that wrong diagnoses wrong medicine at Easter worse, you go to a doctor and get the wrong diagnosis and the wrong medicine sitting in my partisan. So didn't work out for diagnosis is the right medicine. It has got complicate are if the wrong wrong diagnosis than he he will be three months of then penalties than other. This is wrong. This is the new medicine for new disease. So this is psycho was who on that. Medication? Never be. We we are. Rear guard received. Right, right. You just never get off of it. You think that which medicine you take your whole life for like a week? It's supposed to help with one particular thing after their whole life. Yeah. That's anyone's who's when digit disease Innis. What do they do? Asleep? Newton. Did they go for respect that sitting American Medical expert, Dr Herbert m Shelton? So give the modern, but it was converted into as neutral with expert. He's Pathak experts. He began came from us from modern than you eat decrease this modern medicine because he wrote redesigned kitten gains. Then is there? Something wrong is in ten so, okay. I look at the modern medicine is essential in the emergency cases. Not as your Everyday Health care. And that's where natural happy comes in with good food in drink in water in grassed, and helpful thoughts in happy movements in peaceful living in living organic green with earth Linden sky, which is your specialty to help people. Switch over to yoga practices tation practices. In addition to food in in spices and other notch Apache Pathak remedies. See, let's let's talk about some of those Dr Samson hero clearly revenue. Get sickness won't be panic. What we want to drink? What medicines that Benny elects? Not to do. Anything is the best remedy returnees and be safe Austin sales Howson's life is our rent so sore in the name of posting sales thousand slate here. We are talking beating it today. What eat what more to get more than you think? More. We are going to tax on the party too, much food tax. We have the simple, Tillerson philosophies, eat lists. You long long beat washer. We don't eat the amounts of on the eight more days actually, do eat more dicing. That's a wake up call for sure I two let's get into some of the ways that you take care of the people that come here at your one. How is the so unique compared to other wellness centers because I can say that. No, the well is address you in it. So that's why it's unique with all your forty years experience. So the the the even department of medicine people. Return nature hints, north not physician, Dr nature. He'll say apple the apple pie that was feel better. Yeah. So what is the human body is got remarkable recuperative power unit can him. They said over they do not interfere. Timmy, Qilya delays. That's brilliant has its own human Cardi as Scott remarkable recuperative. Our if scope is given it can heal the sell if you do not interfere chemical era doorways because he has body as created the. Dizziness through our poor care Wester Saturday body, but what we are given upper -tunities liquid internal rest, the rest terrorist, functional or Diversey conversed unsensitive if you voted of sensory like that. Love their cell phones, all day, the computer day, the TV day, the video games all day stimulus. Bombarding us all the time into our eyeballs into a brain into the noise. Crashing the loud stuff all day long acting as much as terrible all animals dog cat together. Buckle knows have Bursik Sadr. Never get this default this polish undecorated. Cover their health slowly vitae to give them this. We stop liquid solid died. We him into religious plenty of drinking water to detox secret the body. In fact, doubt they had been to the medication. They're d- medicate, the body from their blood medicines and detoxified and will Elodie party to review four thousand restaurants. Invest everything mystery do externally with the support of adultery therapy and colder some Clinton tick ni in ULA. We do the meeting so inducing things come across us mother. We give Bill fallen colonic therapies imitating on reduce vetting treatment. We give part yet. But Akwa that was I know there's hundreds of treatments here. I'm down a few of them. They were fantastic in the oil, massages the mud mass. Once the. The acupuncture, the hydrotherapy of hydro Poland therapies, the smaller ones. Like, you said these these the hot tubs and stuff there was in a therapy room. There's a spot tougher your spinal column, there's a tug for your hips and knees their tub for your back in your shoulders their specific hightech technology in the therapy rooms with hydro waters in different body parts. The it's just beautiful. We'll put them percent up on the indie. Walker massages dead. Are do we have the vision subject to deal with security cut shoulder if spinal cord enough ties of ties legs visiting so we'd Artemis given a jet masters insertive or a niche organism jet massage in the indoor. Waterside insertive water of needed essences, very lighter circulation is cover but without taxing the war on the portrait under under lung circulation is improved taxing the work on the hurt me. Do Martin runs Huggins? Because she wanted to do you're listening you, but at the pasta being treated heart rate and increase the respirator in all over therapies almost has these all water in the gutter. Did you unearth whatever we do circulation divert? But the Lord on the spirit lungs of a spirit rate in sort of eighteen to twenty begun to tell. Wow. Last harder relation has doubled. The. Right and misprision Reiter, lower the person runs the Harvard Goso hundred hundred places, but I've been to two hundred dollars in on a sprint. But not so good sit disease the work on my right figures here nature of India that bees to increase the separation to massage in internal organs and squeeze it. Spits it rested and get all the top how and registering set. Looseness divert will improve in the increase the separation employees include you'd nation ingred spoon. Women in Christie sweating. The spinach in Auburn dykes expiration. But at the same thing that is today and our trip reduced that is so mazing I love the science of that that you can get all of those organ functions up and running at a high level of functioning now without taxing the body to do that in because of improving circulation blood flow and in. Detoxifying the metabolic waste out of the body throughout these things. He I can't wait to do some more tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. The one that you do soften which aligns soupy light, massages. But they're gotta did items are the report why overdoses that will be induced deep by vision into the system. So. About we Wipro with rice order, don't use any chemicals here. Different alternatives are excellent influence on the body and mind, they feel the depend comfortable if satisfied in lighter on Nana therapy of any size. That is none of the thirties have side effects other than great wellbeing. Yeah. Klis policy. Nothing is to be have the that without the do surface. We do the person stays ten this year. We conduct fired his posting tip induce not give his holid-. So they're deduction issues done very fast. So in that happens reintroduce food where it won't be a shot back to the body. But when you do a detox like that with the fasting with water and juice a few days to help Hooley talks by the terrible toxins out of a body netball ways. How what's the process of introducing food back on the body? So it doesn't shop. Yep. See the window when a guest comes with daily, do normal difficulty. The second-day do them on stink therapies, so we consider five this. They can go on therapy than six daily fruit seven day use. Did they will use proud the total Roddick draw MS? Right. Unprotected area. Salah's that is ruled that Michigan's proud and vegetable check knees legion it's really affective because Indian spices got very positive regarding coriander tour. Yes, our make good ginger ginger mint visiting and with some visitors skins on severe did that very of mill also provide shootings system distant than we'll tell them before going to Rome in Q them normal deport last even do some food. So that, but they learn to make it here when they go to the cooking class. Learn how to make choices when we get home happens of changed, and they feel so much more live in vibrant think it's joyful practice to get to bring yourself to this level of wellness, people shed unwanted pounds, ship, talk city shed their medications shed the size of their calls in eight you have more energy vitality. Hearst nails better use all of that. Just makes you want to just keep going driving. So you want is not if you have a. If you have a giving some therapies and the clean disease, looting this therapy, this fitted what I did to do that fating training. Also, Lou and delete open house on the remedies woman, Mideast Ocracoke negative thing. Got health museum that knowledge you got ready, and we take the take practically king classes, then we have activation who them they're interested. In addition. They can put one hundred percent or had come to. Let's. To ask you one hundred questions 'cause I gotta hundred questions more to ask you. I love that education. The museums the lecture hall, the cooking classes, and I love the personal care that people could come directly to you the doctor to sit down with them and explain their Oregon Health and explain their low levels of Taliban. Explain their Bill Shas explained the therapy more than a five minute consultation in less doctor handling prescription with two minutes left to do the show Dr mooching, what would you like to say to our on listeners about your work here at one? What words of wisdom can you pass on to round this? This is a unique omitted gonna listen to and one group were without into. Nativities accupuncture emitting the as this center. And catskill win radio. Got all these initiatives. We are. Of our team is not to receive are types of people except problems. But because without any medication the deductive occasion, Lexus happy. So we can minutes on the life. Trinity's artists we can sit the have a deduction donation program lifestyle minute intended, different type of military night's program. Hi BB in class drawl. Or Mundi Vic only request is artist. Utterly sort. I mean perpetrators if they'll be the public comfort, and is they need to time for their body. You ended with. Time at knee tendon will make them to the in. There are one year. That's wonderful. You give me ten days on making healthy for over a year begin this vicinity artist, mocking sedition, we can do successfully here in management. We can do on even the law rages impotency infertility, insomnia allergic digital evidence. I would think we can hell allergies infertility insomnia, a autoimmune of those type of things as well. Yes. This isn't just a nail salon evenly, not a resort spa funding to get your life back and get your health back. This is serious business. Your health you've ten your house is your wealth. You know, it's easier to keep the health that you have to get it back when it's gone. Let me tie something. Very nothing matters more than your life than if you have a very poor diagnosis. Nothing else will matter in your health is everything and also leave the everybody to because he knew legal for the annual maintenance of vehicles machines Munoz, everything to this request annual maintenance for ten days to keep the will fit and resume you need the body in redo the new that it voted and the world to resume Egion, which is next to if you ten days next render to every so also not only the health of aging. Only all of that. So that's what you'll want means youthful house, right Ilan. Dr mercy. Thank you. So very much for coming to be on the show today. I truly enjoyed all your wisdom knowledge at you share here with my listeners and thank you listeners for joining us today. I love to hear your comments in your questions about all the information and inspiration that we talked about you can Email me. Andrea at hammer health and fitness com. Check out the website, hammer, health and fitness commie. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and I'd love to hear what you have to say, so checkout, everything and thank you for joining let me know what you thought of all the show in the series here at Joe one here in the Catskills, please contact me 'cause I'm here to help you with your life program that you can live intentionally fabulous every day. Thanks for joining.

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Kay & Damien Vs. Objectification


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Kay & Damien Vs. Objectification

"Hey everybody and welcome to neuro divergent. I'm Damian. I'm a photographer hairstylist. I do a lot of random things in a kind of kind of obsessed with politics and philosophy social issues and I'm joined does always by my <hes> trustee co host k. away from the U._k.. Hi I'm K- I'm a songwriter melson musician radiant aw and we politics here and there yet that's me so today we're talking about objectification. I guess in in general enroll in two cents is one in terms of up person object defying another person <hes> or their body or a body part and then to the concept of objectification as it relates to society because society is kind of over in Canada in America. anyways kind of obsessed with the concept of objectification does get mad at personnel object fine person be it gets mad at the idea that people a could I've objectify fi person be if that makes any sense at all. How would you feel if you were being objectified if it becomes Wehrley Wehrley weirdly Wehrley specific and Stoke Russian intrusive and might also different story but in in terms of people finding me attractive and being like hey look it up boob like that's fine? That's fine temp of me yeah. I'm kind of on the same page there like my general view is objectification is normal and fine and natural sure everyone needs to just chill the fuck out. That's my view so I have a question. K TV filled does the time in a place for objectification yes yes it's my mind and it's all the time what about stuff recently about women in the workplace and objectification <hes> and it kind of affecting the work-life of clients and the like what relationships and stuff that's interesting I think before we continue <hes> I think we're going to have to make like a blanket thing as take a whole group of things is inch push him out of this conversation because there's a lot of stuff that people think is primarily about objectification and it really isn't because you could take objectification right out of the whole thing and nothing would change so seeing someone go down on the street and shouting Nice Ass true that it's objectification however if you're walking down the street and some random person yell something at you that you didn't want yelled at you. It's still bad without the object station so the yelling the intrusiveness honest and whatnot sexism racism bigotry who knows all the bad things. That's the bad stuff so that things that are already bad without objectification being in the mix those are all out of the picture so sexual sold any weirdness this <hes> following you around and sneaking pictures of your armpits and then likes the police break the door down and he's just got a computer with ten thousand pictures of case armpits death stuff all the bad yeah so that's <hes> so in the workplace don't really know how the like I am kind of surrounded by extremely attractive people all the time. Not both things like jobs <hes>. I don't really know how objectification would play into that even though everyone's super hot all the time everybody I think it's different because way you work is probably a whole lot of gay men Ryan rather than actually my salon is pretty solidly fifty fifty Split <hes> I salon ever worked in with some other straight deeds okay interesting. I think this is more around kind of more traditional Uffizi Corporate Type Madman yet. Well we go to the extreme but you know women potentially climbing the louder because of how hold untold thousands have to stop you for a second. Let's just a little aside talk about the Thermostat thermostat war. All good to say is that women can put a sweater on. I can't take my clothes off sucks but that's how it is okay unless you change the social norms so that I can take my clothes off because I will do that. If you change all of society so that I can. That seems like Hardwood. Competitive is having the famous down like a happy medium so nobody's babies happy basically one person's too hot one person's to code. That's basically how music works in my salon is like one could put on music. They like and I could put on music that we like but we both end up listening to stupid pop shit because it's the one thing it will just ignore in tune out yeah Yeah Rav objectification yeah so women in the workplace and the career ladder moving up you mentioned how does the education factor into that some some men allowing women to get further in the workplace because of how they present how they dress what they may show of. This isn't like blanket statement saying if you show you boobs oil legs circle sexy at work. That's why you're doing it but in some places as coach that you know the big kind of like executive type people will favor those women and they'll have a time at work than those he might just be plain Jane and they wouldn't WanNa objectify Kay. I'm I'm just GonNa throw some truth bombs down because I I don't know why you're saying some men and some cultures. That's you know Hashtag not aw I would probably say fifty percent maybe more than fifty percent of most workplaces at least in Canada in America <hes> it's just like that <hes> and it's the same for men because because across the board attractive you go further and you accomplish more in life <hes> the high ends of the like graph and like it's it's the same for both in it's kind of all over the place. If you're a woman in your hot obviously you might get favors. You might get opportunities if you're a guy and your handsome and tall and don't wear glasses you might you know become a C._e._o.. If you're naming your short you're kind of playing looking your ambiguously ambiguously squishy and you wear glasses. Well no favors for you. <hes> you just came out and yeah yeah and his thought here's a thought the lady and I'm picturing a Blonde Lady D._N._A.. readdress with like a boob window like the dresses that have just like a giant boob window yeah same this actually. Let's just make her power girl. Actually we'll make our della cost playing his power girl. <hes> everyone go google that it's worth it so oh she's a super omega hot sexy Fox but if she dresses like power girl at in the workplace and like comes into the bosses room and chats with him as Altea he. I don't see that having anything to do with objectification nation because she's presenting herself in a sexually attractive manner <hes> so I don't feel like that's just she's being objectified. She's presenting herself as a sexually active. I don't know about interested. Maybe maybe neutral may be benign. Maybe slightly interested seeming woman if she did not act interested in any way and only like just in a burqa but with a boob window and. And made him look at her because objectification has to take a body part in isolated from the person it's different from person being sexually attractive and then using it or you finding a person sexually attractive yeah okay. That's interesting full. I don't know if I explained very well yeah and also like just so pappas of dressing provocatively or whatever isn't just to do well. It's is all about getting men's attention. That's all it is yeah yeah. It's the confidence thing as powerful thing else. That's all about me so about Damian specifically lie no Yeah Not Just Mannan Jim Jessica Alba and in two thousand seven was dressing like that for Damian just because Damian yet although <hes> that would be another good podcast topic to talk about because I have all sorts of views of that and then depressing <hes> from evolutionary biology which is horribly depressing no-one learn about it because you just GonNa read about how you are defective and crappy and slowly being weeded out of the gene pool yeah and then you look around and you like that is true and then it's Kinda sad <hes> just going to be a society of sexy people done. I think that's the wrong way to look at it. I think we already this. A Society of sexy people like there's there's there's no it's not like there's a an end to humans. It's not gonNA end up being the end of he was yeah before us. We're less sexy people before them. We're less sexy people and so on and so on and so one and think about this walking down the street Hashtag not all I probably find half the people or more sexually attractive. It's more common for me to see an unattractive person and notice it then attractive person interesting <hes>. I don't know if it's the mole sexually attractive people or if I notice more on the night blackout like the people the kind of a note really into but then if there's someone that's looks very peculiar than Nabala. Oh you've caught my attention but I don't know if he kinda like block out. It's like an instinctual kind of well. There's <hes> what is it. There's a name for that hat frequency fallacy frequency something frequency effect. It's the same thing as you by <hes> thin line telecaster and then all of a sudden you you're watching videos and you're looking around and there's like thin line. telecasters astor's everywhere yeah. It's noticing the redhead things by the fully amaze I didn't really notice any redheads and then suddenly there seem to be loads is with have that affect on people so I should probably mentioned that I have a bit of a an edge on you on the finding England's attractive because I'm attracted to both genders which I'm going to catch more in my net than you yeah that makes sense back to objectification. I don't think that a person being attractive in using their sexuality in their sexual attractiveness to achieve things. I'm not making any moral statements. I don't care if it's good or bad. Whatever do your thing be your own person but to me that's it's not objectification now have to figure out how to define objectification but I I see it more as about a body part like taking it and isolating from the person yes smartest kind of it's not like the whole beings saunter and the readdress boobs and the hills and the nice hair and the lipstick in its you just looking at the Boob Dislo who are just got? I just yes just the one and left one. <hes> I just had an idea so back to the sexy ladies. I'm sorry ladies were picking on you and using you as examples because take a super smoking hot instagram model or say you're on read it and you go to like random sexy things and so you got a super hot lady and it's very clearly sexual. It's not just a pretty lady. It's like instagram model in the Bikini top yoga pants doing the but on the sink pose IOS or whatever that it will. I should speak for myself 'cause Hashtag. No although probably I'm guessing most men when they look at that don't even see a face like they may may look at the face after they've looked at everything else in detail because what that picture is is a sexy body that that's what the picture is and there's a person in it too but that's not what the pictures however if you look up a sexy picture of Emma Watson in a top in yoga pants basically the same picture that is sexy picture of Emma Watson so Emma Watson her her. This is integral to the picture because that's what it is a picture of Emma Watson picture of Emma Watson picture of sexy body sexy bodies objectified. Emma Watson is an attractive woman presenting herself sexually yeah differences that make sense that that's a big difference up. She has a pretty big difference. Yeah I just have the picture of Emma Watson dressed up like <hes> what's her face in pretty woman stuck in my head. I thought that was a fake image for the longest time because it's like Emma Watson doesn't do sexy things where yeah kind of my mind when she was done to be pretty poor God poor Daniel Radcliffe in whoever the help played <hes> what's his face Rica's grin yeah yeah for those guys because you know they were both in love with her at least once jury filming of all the movies yeah they probably fought over her and yeah poor guys I feel for them. Nemo Watson's awesome awesome you housing. You know what we should do an episode on the fan happening the fat pinning well the fucks happening okay. I will fill you in after this and at its Jimmy is a couple years old now yeah but it's super interesting yeah instagram model Emma Watson objectified women presenting herself sexually totally fine. I think both of those things are fine though yeah and I don't think that the instagram model the fact that that is a sexy see picture of a sexy body. I don't think that's has anything negative about the woman or her face or the or her instagram page full of this stuff you know Jessica Alba back to the two thousand seven Jessica Alba maybe in the movie in into the blue <hes> because it had the good stuff anyways yes. She's just Albany sexy outfit however she didn't start that way she started as sexy body and she became Jessica Alba because her personality became attract rambling case objectify me drove. No I think that assassins the likeness is false acceded in this go and ooh boy. They're boop right. I can find anywhere that if there's a beep on a person that's cool and sexy. It's like Whoa like that times. When you just WanNa look at some boobs yeah of course I'm fine with the objectification of body parts again fine? Yes suming everything's cool. No one's being manipulated US absolutely but I think a likeness is even better even better depends. Depends on the person yeah some people who are hot and I hate them. Yeah just thinking Lacy Green now anyways moving on. Why do you think it is that the society gets so bent out of shape over objectification and I mean this these questions seem really obvious anyone listening? They seem obvious but usually have to think about him a bit to figure it out. I think it's just kind of like political correctness gone mad and in where I'm talking more for women because that's mold a standard Fang and Blah Blah Blah Blah at the moment way like ooh protecting being over protective of women and their sexuality and kind of you know what is something bad happens or something sluman censoring bad about you and it's just like I don't know how to describe it but with very kind of cautious overly cautious now if women's set it is very very sensitive thing whereas like back in the day we could just yeah. There's a nice legs from would be like yes robbins someone in the corner being light hey okay. Do you think it's okay to light objectify her like that. I'm just going to point out because I have this little voice in the back of my head. That is my imaginary listener that the dude sitting in a suit with his legs legs crossed in some fancy chair with like Tumbler full whiskey that is commenting on the ladies legs like Hey nice legs that guy douchebag piece factored out of his whole thing thing because again he's just being a douchebag yet object. Now is the thing he's using however he doesn't matter this because he could be saying anything about that lady and it would be gross yeah so yeah. I'm just trying to protect tech to you from the people that will attack you for calling people's legs good and stuff. Thanks Yeah you can't complement a woman on sexual things that's crazy. They can't take better Ni- quiz FRAPP child images so vice of being objectified video games lay. There was a period of time in the two thousand tens where people get so pissed off about sexy video game characters man light Lara Croft Kroft on the P._S.. One and she was just pixels boobs. She was my lady anoma friends new as well. They will Roy unlike get my com. Women be sexual actual. Why why is that allowed because that character is not a woman and therefore it was created to be sexual and pander to the man and she's got did did that game did not pass the Bechtel test lab bath light? Laura Croft is a really cool light bad as women that as bad as things and she because she's sexy you see she. She does that as things and she's sexy. Oh my gosh deadman's fantasy yeah. Let's talk about tracer now. She has a nice but this is true. I agree enjoyed tracer cost play although one of the best one of the two best costs plays I've ever seen is the person who made the original Laura Croft like cardboard as a suit and then this the other one is someone made cloud from the P._S.. One from final fantasy seven like the actual like yeah yeah. I don't think think there's really I don't understand why it was such a big deal for so long sexy video game characters and non-issue yeah above me to think it wasn't sorry go ahead I think because people associate appreciate like video games with children as well and people thinking weren't somebody think of the children and it's like it's the fifteen. I don't let you children play sexual yeah besides already downloading weird porn you don't know about in there already messed up and they're going to grow and turn into trump supporters. Who'd a full or Boris Johnson supporters? Oh God heaven help us on plays if it wasn't played out in it didn't make me WanNa die say okay we should talk about Gamer Gate and the whole Keesey and shit but no don't care don't care out a membrane forever and ever never K.. Thanks bye what are some good forms of objectification like obviously models models. That's their job. Models jobs is to objectify themselves and I don't mean that an negative way because it's the same way actors US themselves and their bodies in their voice and Cetera as a tool to to make something models do the same thing image titanic a good example of the for the Boob Tube Yeah I didn't. I don't find her attractive. That was like my section awakening. We watched in G._C._C. English Ocean. The BOOB was on the projector and as Ho boy like your girls see I mean isn't any kind of media right even books fan fictional oh comment service comic books good exam light ready good example of women looking bad ass and sexy and doing great things you know what's interesting is you are attracted to ladies and so his everything that you say about those kind of things are the same kind of opinions and viewpoints that men Hashtag not all have exactly the same and so I feel like really the only thing this is going GonNa get me in trouble. Maybe the only thing that's making all the People Shriek and cry and Moan and yell is the fact that they're not attracted to women yeah. Oh My God O. K. o. k. k. ever run into into situations where there'll be people say you're attracted to lady a bunch of ladies in your workplace. Let's make your workplace not the one you actually work in a bunch of this one like Super Mega ultra super hot one ultra Supromega Hot lady and there's a bunch of ladies. Have you ever been in a situation where all those other ladies will dislike the hot lady yeah because she's very attractive and if she talks to someone and that someone is nice to her. They'll think that it's some sort of like cheap thing that she's doing because cheaply attractive yeah. I think that's a potential to you know it's difficult because my line of work conradi night Moore mckearney pink could be school it could be friends could be anything I've I've. The problem is already hot checks at my school. Just stay together. Immoral hot together stuck in Maine goes like nightmare uber attractive UA. You good is fine slight school. Let me just lay down some more truth bombs <hes> because yes that happens. I was asking you mostly so that you could confirm it and then I can not be all alone on the things that I'm going to say next. I wonder if some of the crap about objectification like sexy video game characters or Super Omega hots <hes> characters in in movies that are bad asked whenever wonder if some of that comes from just the fact that a lot of people who aren't attracted to women get this weird creepy dislike towards women that are very attractive and good at using it in good at sexual. Subtext and they tend to think Hashtag not all the tend to think that there's something cheap or dirty or cheesy or they didn't put a lot of effort in early didn't put a lot of work it's to be looked down upon <hes> that people that are attracted to women like them and think they're cool if two people do something they do. Let's say they do a flying roundhouse kick. I don't even know if that is a thing but they both do a flying roundhouse. Kick and one of them is smoking hot with a super awesome bod. Guess what everyone's GonNa be like ten times more excited for the hot one. I'm sorry it's life. I'm not hot person so yeah yeah yeah. That's life and a lot of people get bitter about that. They don't like that <hes>. Maybe that's where some of the crap about objectification comes from sets a way of discounting their ability to speak with sexual subtext using their bodies feel like turning to Alex Jones. I think that's an element of light is he said light bitterness and envy and kind of if you attracted swimmin- women is far easier to be like Oh yeah right like you just kind of like a barrier that's kind of breaking down because you can appreciate as a friend by the way love having is a friend to you. Let's this 'cause I never have this kind of communication with straight girls. It's wonderful yeah. This just like you said the element meant envy ambitiousness and is far easier when you're attracted to that to be light. Hey like to have like a positive kind of reaction was watched. The flying roundhouse kicks in both of us read over the one that was so good. You're exactly caught a hope. I was made this way or you weren't any chose to be that way because you like to to sin it's my sexual preference prefacing key thing reference allies in a lifestyle or like that yes why gay lost this day one day to be Tae Free Fiqh old so objectification. I am trying to think of kind of meandered all over the place like we usually do so we started off with objectification as good not good. It's a fine natural thing so I say you seem to agree. We seem to have both agreed to outlaw Dushi behavior. That's Dushi with or without the objectification because is because obviously obvious reasons and we define the difference between a hot sexy Mama and some objectification in vis-a-vis instagram model that what that picture is like what it inherited intrinsically is a hot body. It's a sexual body and then hot picture of and Watson with that picture is is a person. It's a sexually attractive person difference difference difference. Yeah you can objectify the person but do you get the you get the different so got that we've talked a little bit meander Lee about society and it's things we've talked to bid about women because like I think we can all all agree that women get the the brunt of the whole objectification yeah thing. Let's do legal brief aside about dudes. 'CAUSE dudes have the same thing yeah. Just there's less was variation like there's so many ways to objectify women. That's actually it's actually kind of amazing and and oppressive. There's not as many ways to objectify men but I don't think so because like I mean just body alone is probably fifty different ways to objectify a woman's body but men basically have tall and skinny tall and buff tall and toned dark haired Blonde Jin PLU is basically the options right there okay yeah I mean yeah but he got into those mold. It can be tired on Amanda Light Does Mall Elements Nice to look at an muscle muscle buff way yeah I mean I guess there's there are some things like some ladies like a bit like PECs. Some ladies like arms and is like a lot of ladies like backs and some ladies like the ads every single lady ever Hashtag not all likes those little Ab- leaky v-shaped things around the hipbones like yeah when I had those I was dead sexy still have them somewhere underneath. You know a lot of malate but you got your Chris. Hemsworth in Jason memo was and they are objectified yeah bodily yeah however they're also it's it's weird because I think you have to go into the gayness. The Gay area the gay zone for you get dudes objectified yeah which is also interesting because and I will stop rambling promise after this because it's dudes object the dudes so of course it's split into ten million categories than you have like big biceps small biceps <hes> Pudgy love handles buff skinny toned legs eggs but face different fate like penises fifty ways to to do penises <hes>. It's and you've got a billion wished objectify women as well because men so I guess maybe the moral all the stories just men objectify everything constantly all the time yeah I agree men are bad okay. We have solved this entirely. I can't think of anything interesting in the unique in worth saying to cap this off daily final closing thoughts k. not massively just the yeah does context objectification <hes> being sexiest fine be sexy. Please please be sexy. That's great. That's fun for everyone unless you're a man unless you're a man than just go boo. We didn't even talk about Nikki Montage 'cause that's. That's a good I'm not gonna but that's a good good thing because that's you know really bold example of someone absolutely objectified themselves in a way that is exploitative but since they're exploiting theirselves is fine and somehow IDA yeah it's like she won in a way yeah weird but implants gone. I hate them yeah. Okay thanks for listening everybody. If you enjoy this <hes> thank you. We we appreciate it. Thank you are loyal listener. One singular can support US unpatriotic if you'd like Patriot dot com slash narrow divergent. There's well sometimes their stuff and there's stuff. That's is not behind a paywall to checks stuff but if you do support us for a couple of bucks a month you get even more stuff and a separate little podcast feed. that'll have random episodes that won't be going out on the public the public stuff because Zor little controversial or too hot etcetera to go support us you can find me on instagram everywhere at Damien Fossil and k working they find all your junk. You can find my junk at at by PALOP HUG on twitter.

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La India en silla de ruedas y Tacones de Dlmata  Silleros Viajeros 56

Podcast RadioViajera

42:31 min | 6 months ago

La India en silla de ruedas y Tacones de Dlmata Silleros Viajeros 56

"The People that is Gutenberg Sita's behaviors. He festival many hitters. We hero spoon tecom embody hit up DOT COM Ooh Masochist almost combo. Sutter sporadic rapacity Dino's because ballot is my nose Lama Allenby Apparatus correal mono this year as we ask our egos read it have been blow back owners. They've Alvorada new react case. A minister is when I take our Gordon. Eakin knows garlic the modern we'd lucy will either. I was super in data centers. I got an worcester brought on by the mini those many this as gators behaviors. April remark conceivable. That some super bowl with phobe will travel emails. Mosiac or Congonhas. They can win team. Pull they pathetic alert theater controversy so because he perusal or use. Promo Swim. Yeah Hey y'all laying the minority Susannah. Ns W Hideki combined other now as unique through says billionth. Yes get him on. The in the area had physical mental Cornelia Tromso honorable happy. This I've Sinatra Perama Susannah Bienvenida associated craters April or to the radio. We are started. This we know Sanaa though that had his own corner so traditionally proven e almost delay India as his fellow north and motor tempo as we stay on bipolar in Gaby's barriers Personas Gandhi capacity. That's what Donald Trump Akito say it that much though which is a marsh or Chore Number Reliable Shahnaz Navistar Mazas Panacea. Rytas YOU'VE EMERSON CDs. Electric Car E. Y no VN experience. I'm Bethel going to be that same. We let me go Spaniards India Sepulchre. Now we have a catheter. Has One of those a or not awesome? Well Addictive Quintana. Now he must. He must tune commuted. W on E. was located to those crispus. I'll go my dau- but opined overseen Celia were Solo as Myers complicated galaxies. Deka was the of us to the embryo e. s they will mature sodas. The waters a embiid though winter. Cd-rom Clara lost in the in handle. I got a Personas Alaska Office. They that's getbraincoffee in the transit no. Us does put up with heavier. Post by one spot in Kentucky are combined most of them. I mean they opened across Iraq and North Carolina. Lamantia this medium. Here's this hapless combined with this tecoma choke you've gone off it. GonNa Theta and restore combined scare Gabia. Hong-keun Daego Estonian Sec- staff did. What did they be hair? Comb via musclemen knows knowing thrown as close as the mosaic last year Ayatollah India. Ibm Say since. You're almost daily yellow person in the US No those are the Ash Meadows on the on the best about fair sample. That of course has it. C- Undersea Buzzer. Skit is when they still gets inefficient Or gathered is is there. I'm going to start their sister. We must show elephants theorem. They'll India data on the cd-rom. They see as best days. What is to be most in Delhi a bakery more the gardeners now flugel being data on Shoe Burien Gordon? He thousand elite Elliott to be more clinical nurse. Louis Arbitron Radio Commercial Bring and Maganto Yvonne whom VR is to pendle gay. Nasi wa at your door policy that there's enough who to go now. She actually end up on the past. Alamos you thought of vitamin A star in Muslim Aharonot fournette. Though he bigger in Oregon radio era Landau all now Bartolotta. Gay went off. We were standing. Tillerson t. But getting winters Rattle Mentally Cinta Illinois Straw Obi Nulla Janos Co e. y not wish the name which is a big big rally or going back. This is Komo Stan. Comoro by city luxury that villas is NATO Beta Theta Dodd now. She donned the Harrow. Mass Ghana's pursue a lucrative e e. One I got you. Almost the bitter she gets the game. Utah Maura which stemmed lows IGUANA POST IN AN ARC. This view that By Stan Day Marsano Seriously I. I don't see football as Cassani feathers is Tom. We import or you personalities through Dr knows how to the Komo but is that our young donors knowing that people react list. I went opposite killers. Killers Stan Duda Gal. Who knows all Muslim Barbie Damascus Yup? It's Muslim minister. Though or any of these IOT initial Punahou initial course heater get North Korea safe because Ziegler seriously no in days gone breath. Us THROW LEMON. He can be any solid. Were still is must feel. Suzanne Tear Domino Kirksey India by the brutalities Ingraham Your in methodist so. No one was there because they are Super Neuhof get the Komo now so may be an op een moving your but I mean I know ours. Let's honest to be Muslim. Trust me combined. Minnesota Bella is flat on a scooter ye UvA necessarily as We have had one on this. You'RE GONNA love yours to the kicked off as you said we see that I can get this goaltender in one data sees Elaine. We must leave. Must obviously a lot tune by La Casa Landy? Ivano edens okay is Western interests under. They explored this begun on book. Allies thirty I e this this will Boko was enacted momento. Gondolas to a minute. I'm used to visit Mazda MIATA. Mba A cockatiel. Naturally Dr Been Prevention Difficult Game Parrella visually more way this style. We see that the WHO the WHO my own K. One off way more. Chula if we I'm in a good to me not give. Gays inquiry is inaudible. Ethan is stubborn. Monarch were skilled yet. Dot but gang looser am Ibn is a let's see disability in ramp up for their accent. I seek get end of the day GALENA screamer South Yarra Laura Garrido GonNa Photovoltaic assertain Mustang delaroche each other Tambi n Cuando. Yoga's last in traffic McCarthy cool out typical NOLASCO SASKATOON IMPLICIT MEMPHIS JERUSALEM. Which are that idea is Ghulam Pogo. Royal E disciplined investment. Gabby motorcycle think of China's familiar. Is Okay Remorse. Land. That's seeping nor speak to you or not. I say that but you still maintain a as Budai Fugu Landau use it until a CK. Owner is motorable at like e. Galleria a Burmese Mason on CD of the day. All they need Dell Com- offend robustly. There's there is no my to do that. Is in Delhi and Niagara on the are. Outta if something else and high booed look. Here's the the ACA law will be more severely by these initial Guano Nevada. Kids look Dr Muslim four-decade brutal Kellyanne. Thorough spotty monumental money that if we can curricula Eagle Mono no swindlers. Abc thought read this for gays. Inc Really I am on the Emperor Nitto I the thing own. She'll get the minimum wage to scissors are rallying concierge actors in Orlean Theorem Dr Dolittle alawradio delivers hardiness. Them internationally. Steelers Sir Italy until you're not not within CC. Bushel. I thought Sissy see happen when when that off that must believe these bare mass was mid air moment duck. Do we must Mitchell Gabe me. If we're cutting the expedient SALVIA GET US remorse obviously tired of them plumbers. It went on collided. It excessively on the Amish. I should Lead injured adopt the Hawaii. No I I would have done at Skydome. Now they're not enough Calama Heraldic. Nettie capable kabbage almost than their nosy cook at a nursing. Outta my own tears. Who gave you a new? Not Bob Latvian. Pick Anita boiled egg in spite of theology. Death it is still not out of the head on tra- making it we can rely Inada Woomera Ouaga. You northwest data the on the day Amish Lori McKenna deal but shoot that Gideon. Gillis Gays Dinner Steinfeldt Darras laps clockers Iran by someone level less cars less hours received. He is laying out INDYCAR for our own laws. One rusted quitters to receive mercy. Barbarity one on that. No the reality that initially got to do not. Moina reality that God Hamas Villa Grenada Snyder. Not near done quite in thunnus. I got on it. Almost WanNA talk theon no. Let's see let's head yet. Is Wound up our sellers. Soup works you want not meet Allan. The Gun C. Subaru in an adult daycare. Silas them go know if they didn't Alexander's by C. Thursday. They found out on a sycamore city fit that he went on the Su- went down. There pushed former defeat aboard law. Nurse that has gone. Moore's Alaska Raila. You are more saying the Guy Laroche Nina's if way by believe what do Ruutel Ruutel Viscous Bradstock and lost planets in Western Milo. With his selling the fifty day boys deployments these funds. So Oh yeah you get a restaurant on Mia Bien begun to under Sika? Look another become Kahlo. Hedda yummy content no matter astronaut Media Mancado. Am which has misconduct Gosh Dondo on gay them Moina Atkins Okay Kelaniya it. An Elizabeth start up by mental kickoff seeing Labrador part of this bitter become become. It'll when I mean I mean I'm Joe I which does not meet our standards that most governor Eden posted this Recuse STILL ASTRUM. Yeah Sushi medic bail gase Africa all star gas needs through tallow denounce does say other. The de la. Welcome burgomaster leased. Okay go modular severe most say Msci money say young down learning your sister. Citizen via Super Philippe is daily Seniors that by analogy in Lemme smuggle nealer Does has got us in this. This Guy Moot More chummy Satyam. You're going to the inaugural not immune therapy parral. Okay fifty I mean. The MOM studies Dr. Levin Massana fatal. Paul the Tino bill say I just thought about those have look at Conrad Perkasie? No one was the gotTa Motorola guessed that in game porky one. Nothing senior fellow. Diety animal skin was when the mortar school. Doodo so we must`ve. There's cannot just last night there in its dip window and Mahbub Susannah Moti Master. Yes or combat erase those. We saw druce e always carry masochist relatively flat level. Tamara Bego Larry. They could have on your show throws boy this is eastern on ESPN. I must more outgoing. Lebron Tito st no apple the battery into some women for carpet not before that though those e atlas associated doors other skills gender so yellow skin is uneven gave. I didn't have enough to know how to lean you. Most of us in the feel the wind. Lucy will a question. Larry CONAN's Madda is about it. He'll superintendents and they'll frontier the ESTAR. Nubia a Nubia. Wreath Gain Buckling Down Book. Tomorrow's versus activity there is chaotic. Or more better. Knock on these at Swale. Orlan Rudy APP via mini. That's your heroes April remedy to reason. He will that Hera Allowing Academy and Gonzales Congo. Show throw him to win a Liberty Minna. Those printers will stop or Nemesis Heatwave Ikeda's through ten days Saipan Has got another appropriators charalambos in his own media is not. GonNa these Kathy that Beethoven Giddy Scotty at two am. Did They WanNa Tina Convention idea? When I met a lot of people to walk. I figured out a bullock while Joe Paolino comfortably Soir Bill Mantica that a Dingo to get on a took a ended up era lobotomy. Monday in Lebanon. Timmy had them. It won't be balloted DUMMY TAKE ON GOODWILL DR O. full-throated Guten via as a Kippur Augusta etc. Casale against the Medical Monte doesn't the endo gays a locally that number two projector anti-competitive his head. See Ya we see. Data may deal a good. You also likely Theo E. winnable condo already California Law Committee Keith. Assay a team up again with Timbaland vocal fidget. They will I mean. I'm going to meet your cy notably opinion. They may not our. It can use backwards data. Packet your schedule lobby and not enough can give wander into our up one or both long documents seen gone you. You already blocked multiple Kimmel to mutual after the Raffia. Vento a lamola whenever Kumar quirkier teacup. Where he'll Tom for total Catala Ghazi to loan he may we'll talk from Beta lowered ACA Lamamra Liam nominee. I can blow Damola Nissan. Yeah a lexical Manashian combranch Salama hold filed out. I've got a book up. Welcome if within thrown for hang. Look Tara getting a Lotta also theology in doing zero thing. Remorse with the low in Medina. Prosciutto Mamo missy and dove will reduce the vague Germania book up on them. If we own and live with rob locate us for now national the owners to come on. Luda. Don't they got a book three a does it all depot they Marshall Tinny the three multi layer in Toronto immed- party only building through will actually at eight Indian Tarik Salema senior goofy. Will then throw. Delap was really low car oriental at a good time here for medicine. Pretty whoever it is on the no from June Elaine Frat Tutuila Pussy and but if the united does indirect is on the line for two hundred dollars on this but I say I could see includes era took it out on people the Persona Kit Interim Solvent Dr a boy hockey your preliminary Early that allowance Rocky Incan. Today you hit on Musica e Combined arm a little kid you configure Moose Academy health care. Lucy era and then dark amis may conceal to say on Luma particularly in gleaned mutual in the in the dark it a little bit more. Komo's temporary casino. Concealing for two hundred keyboard went out John Placebo. A tall without without a miniature musica it one Downing West Nile Phenomena Dummy Louisville Camillo increments. They are two points or throw him in those Kamal Song after presidency of sensory experience that most handlers by most Mama's Domus over Alamosa Book. It is it is. It is contended in his home group. Masika it was Perkin. Roscoe's US then as deputy feeling why they signals Nokia combined to see a Automo- Lupo three kin see fossa elevators. Lana Nulla north really respectful. I listen they K- knowledgeable for Lupul Peterborough Amazon. About the capacity dahbi Suave in Thessaloniki. Persona get the second in the meantime we in audio without the way to me in and saved all see dealer locally is seeing people monocle mortgages Joe. Nobody attack on music because people they won't take a fake Nodia when a bonus we'll do nothing drama maturing into a lapita sooner or two fatal Diplomacy Color Warren narcotic my agenda for Nazi Luoyang INFORMATICA Cappuccino maturity. Boom Shaka groomer partially Latino Luminoso from antiwar lonely lonely cannot emotion on the Ramo collect later? No no no no no dinning. Newell fitness accumulates on no Gunderman Latakia put on say instagram. The Open Sierra a little Dodo charged. I got enough we win we will need to. I in most interpreted cutting little Mara USA innocent. Terminator you're going on your skip. Remorse paid Obama. Not Having enough money to they're no. Pda In disciplinary ALLENSINC. Was from other than Guangdong new. Get some really tough work in Oakland. Donald Seattle Tehema. Mto till they were dying. Gravely I'll get me legals. He lowered iota. Go later on. Demography does hilary more meemaw. Forget another hundred lorrimore. The you know he was a dot com. Look at government highlighted. Be One of those north in chocolate. Not Being I cannot hide meters or guitar. Videos are 'cause we begin is your e Piddled Arment Nashville not often. You don't death twice on this program. As well I'll push him out to our law. Allow not is a few tally. Remote eight thousand divided about something healthy time. Donald V us with a a Info culshaw little llanelli's the city at this really really really losing their plumbing yet but as a fundamental mundane in the end though no one to me you look at former Tamalada a infertility menu bill in Cuneo but a compromise Malaga Lego and Duni. WanNa see a photograph during Lee. What I'm going to tell you but I wanted to to mass acquisition those e Olya is thank for Matthew those stars Proxima regardless but they mustn't go drive him. Worcester party now web see a town in the Venezuela in Lubbock madingues allure Columbus relevant to do Butler after Phoenix Stay on a lamb. Prison got it all off the bowling too. I haven't When no secular. Ice Alamosa them restaurants bitty antea sense. Odiele kisses with them will pay. What line on me. I'm eager to have you back at it and it's sort of the federal. Is You almost a moment? Domain controllers In internal ran micrometer ems global select As retroactive little short of theater. Jackie la La land thing. It's Marcus Komiya noted that could mean Amilton on a whim. Diva e are able commenced Lavar UP CITY FOR INFOCOMM OUT. Then I see no macarena when I'm in a God yet. Him Calica me commutable a day. This billionth yes political as a medical day or Komo come from funen. A penalty needed recommend salad. Casinos in select blue electoral. Men's soccer he could maybe look owned entity that could be really love vetoed on their daily or deputy. Ah Okay owing Brousseau feet upriver Iran Bbc's opinion on the corner threw so don't heal our millar at put in your collecting America has cdl. Commune Solitaire on our city. Is that people numbers that would disable. Astor's pretty envious boy this hair on any data for a Pony Martane in me. Local is lamentable personality. That are high in. I don't always walk in. Memento was quite yet persona the Abu Dhabi Nano aerial political heavy fool around for example a Prada indistinct persona yet took over disagree with him for a product. Lateral PRONUNCIA scenario nozzle photo Mamo. But it's not basically immune for K. A look at your Kiro kid on Komo Luca Viva La Guardia poison me bustle for disability mental Combined import on some commodity. Jj Persona Theater all sorts. All sort of assume is about network is but here your skin starts us would not be in better and really that Jimmy Conrad Your Komo comments lunatic. Komo's Laver Dagga Qatada as CD Nulla do not after opinion. Yeah but they're not saying in order to run wing date Gillani settler. But I WANNA young over all not not got to Nami Gumma. Moss Might Nas look at famous is a lot of unilateral Peninsula Bama putting a definitive Mika but up persona later yellow Colorado the commissary saw de la differentiate. Gullion shown the talk here. It's up on the social ladder. Took I dig American Flato said Weasel M Como Zulu Rem normal solitaire difference and your fellow? Komo said they would imply that a fuller persona being calm being seat to a Theon Komo commodity right on our show now Guy Kamaruddin Nila scene at the citadel. Daniel Gamal Domino down. The data is persona putting and she got from the Komo Komo Algal Moot Seltzer Sima Chairman. Komo local equal plan known necessarily opponent commissary with this we. They re their own aperture not here salute where Cambio look inside weaving in Libya Paean. Lottie da Gama ready to come you know I could suitable blood or leading to Peter Cappelli Reno it commodity lemon lyrica. Alameda academical behaving badly. I do want the canonical local. The pick and you talk to me when I'm not gonNA capacity. That's central yet. Oh not own uncle media motorable kid rock but soon as a second job is is an axiom for Madiba important. They must make post in. Tampa that interest antivirus. They need yet the. Us We love it. I can't remember what is the intent to allow hinted in a Milwaukee Luella personal conduct do data data medical ready to our our. Oh wait could satisfy Komo product. My La La La Peninsula shooter. This deal fruit in a get him on the street about casino gambling. I mean me I would have one or you're not out is how oray oldest out-of-work Alamo status will allow me is still may has a facetime union was through territory of for C. Till a gutter pretty in for Jim Rueda Melson. Hi overn Into in the classrooms in England People Dokic Timothy. Look back and whether you need to go to iago Gona Gone Komo's agai winnow gear winnow or digging into personnel. Get them gainers into the the tobacco now. Wherever they attack owners day Malda the deputy John Them Young winners has been interest personalities. In the gay talk via her motor etc museum. Boy There's combat the ear one of Komo Komo zone associates but at the local mall. Komo better so knock on contract Enosis Eko combat aviation plateau. Do Me Below Mexico. Komo in doubt but Joel look locally. Cabinet blast Ceo SALVO FOR THE BY IT GAGGING. The boiler was read aloud rival. So you'RE GONNA throw on Indo own the field but I salute theon will benefit. You'll they are outside like yoga. Whatever 'cause you luckily real name sickle combined locator or going into graphic e? Ict You tell them the real quick twitter said we dominate the local into Median goners Alma data entry. This'll theologist that same facebook and they're the ones that I'm being key thumb a book or they're still poor. Gareth is a Larry's not letham on Maslova Inca Vieira Moss sorretto personas gone capacity obvious welfare than see Joe Biden that Land Lucille. A total capacity. Daddy Joy Toronto Prada DNR easy but But also in the CIGA- persona comb at the seat them. I do not get together. We're going to see a financier theme Potter Buckle. She demento all at the end of productivity is in Pictogram. Ah But In the community for tonight's without in dental affiliate are more important the gate compared to the fatal merely capacity last data to support coming mental classroom limited markets in Asia. A Yoga Unisys victim within also go Rhino K. K. Most a couple of these about the issue and I mean there's a mobile radio and in twitter only momentum color if mass a mobile phase is over it although and is that. I'm you start with this political that I seek almost almost always or nobody's being automobile. Espn if they remained asking me so this this as Dorothy has was sea in good name animal though at one of cutting his hair and Donna is not the I'll put them in. A footnote cannot get unconverted. Memento COSC- boiling barely to his meager. Who Combines all the ladder? Courtesy own look bowls. Oh looking Soto will came in with a race looking at the inauguration. I mean lower. Lucky Joe. Ain't nobody shooting out that it moved so duper Hindu parental channon battle volume battle Moby into sage was May Bado E. Camilla. Mano a Manga lacking blue with the KOMO poetic Crean Oh being the victim in Daytona. But I'll I'll do ill-will to combat it can somehow gets a look. Now we'll do negative his Wimbledon Induna. Maybe it'll thought that I didn't see I'm not to be a little taller. Cologne Labadze in total took a Miami. They know tikolo. The HOKUTO bitter putting implement better mobile leroux. La Lettera fail him afoot Ohgushi toddler who already fatal another Niccolo also all see a yellow line. The comment about young Louis. He puts it in Colonie Khalida. Oh what you want. How or by Gilda? Kosher Dill Lacombe Greenaway. Then it must stand together in their nudie out. Tc Muslim affairs for status. That are they gonNa Roast Pork Umberto experience. Nps Momma started karalis finish channel a KOMO TRIPLE INPUTTING DOT COM gone. Deal the Tabacchi. Now we're able to correlate throw nickel that does why not just going into all of them. I guess one of my marketing a little Russian even the input fatal kid Bristle Tiago Alameda. E E one up mean dangling down the margins music or Atra Provincia political Putting the guitar on Netflix. So Ian get it with the army after the enemy gone back to Mika Electron ago me make a adults in an NIMMO relevant McCone stomach that go near Alameda. Wounded Warriors Nubia Motors Motor but is that throws e when was this mosaic wikileaks broadmoor but again those competitors quite videon teac that by the time the in this day he is on the move. Rondo Back Yeah. Who Comes Pretty soon? Face UNISEM animus muster Brora an actual team. It's almost as similar strike either already. Gordon Moskenes policing Gandara radius of post-communist. Komo's years behaviors or quality speed. I E Cape a psyche studies supposedly Theon pussycat as combat. It was hit as time solo than as can be on girl attorney Coa Info at Siu heroes. Boondoggle wish travel.

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Moving on When Life Let's You Down

Shades of Strong ? | Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative

29:16 min | 6 months ago

Moving on When Life Let's You Down

"Ooh Ooh now come back for another episode of shades astrology. Don't mind me Natalie will have an aside conversation city that with another powerful episode where we are always digging in diving into the things that shape mate and sometimes break the stone black woman. This week is not going to be any different. We're GonNa hit you with what happens when life happens unexpectedly and give me the current state of our country. We just thought it would be good to kind of talk about how to navigate disappointment. So we're GONNA be talking a little bit about that today and some of our own experiences and how we navigate disappointments because you know we up eight so we've experienced. We're not in our eighties or anything. But the boys you know so yeah we've experienced rear solidly middle aged. Let them know girl we. We've navigated some login. Xers over here awry so we thought we share how we did that. And you know perhaps offer you guys some tips on how you can navigate some of the things that you may be experiencing experiencing during this time but like we always say before we dive into the Juicy. Miss that that is this topic. Follow us on social media platforms at shades. Strong hit us up and our email Leonardi and all of that and don't get check out our resources on the website SHANECO DOT com. That will help you go through the whole journey. Sahili and all that good stuff are right so yeah. Let's dive right into it. Nettie before we hit record kind of Soda. Talking about some of the disappointment that people are experiencing now you know with the current state of the country and one of the things that I mentioned to you was students. Not being able to participate in graduation. Proms being council in all of it things in I can remember years ago. My philosophy about life my entire because I had experienced so much disappoint disappointment in life. I had taken on the philosopher philosophy. A Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed. We'll be disappointed and I was. Kinda like living my life that way but now as I've grown and I'm toured. I've learned that that is a horrible way experience. Lie Because if you don't expect meeting that means that you're not speaking with happened. A United States being that to happen. So yeah we don't WANNA walk around not expecting anything so and your own personal life. Nettie knowledge so two questions to you. I pledge like for you even a past or present experience. What has it been like for you when you had an unexpected disappointment. And how did you navigate that? Let me first say that. I was very much like you when I was a younger adults. I at Santa got used to the bottom falling out and I was like. Oh clearly I'm just not gonNA have. Expectations will be disappointed. And I also look on the mindset of I really am a my own. There's though was there's no means of support at I'll ever have of course I didn't want it to get that old but that's just kind of a conclusion that I came in as much elites and you're absolutely right. That's a miserable way to you. Try and put a positive spin on it and say that you'd be a realist honestly. I don't think we're sticking do that by essayist really displaying feelings of helplessness. And that's not. That's not helping. Or who or our human or excu midway. Yeah walk through life and also have those those eight years and we do still experienced disappointment. I think part of the reason that I was feeling that way or had adopted that kind of mindset is somehow I felt like if I looked that way like not expecting little goal so disappointed that that was also going to stop bad things from happening some why or that I was like Oh will when they did happen I was not gonNa know any kind of ray and that's not the truth. I still don't something away every time out and so it just ended up just because you're not expect it doesn't lessen the pain at all and it doesn't it just says it had the offense that that were thinking that's going and another thing that I I think it does is. It keeps us from sitting again. We talk a lot about dealings here. Right it keeps us from sitting with their feelings of the support that keeps us from really going there and allowing ourselves to feel disappointed us. Y'All sad walls of me and so when we don't allow ourselves fuse just liking seven a previous episode as those feelings aren't there and they're not gonNa go away just not allowing ourselves yielded they. Just get stuff up all the way down and they will come later. We'll come up ten years later. Twenty years later thirty years later however long it takes that they will come up and they had two more detrimental effect. Then because the thing that disappointed you meaning on whether it was a trauma or whether it was just an unfortunate circumstance be effects of that and the the bigness of at all like. Oh I can't believe this is after that might be gone by and listen to trauma but if it is not a trauma in it's gone by again you still didn't deal with the fields at this point that happen. The feelings that come up later are going to be bought much harder to do it. And they're gonNA have that much more of an effect on you whether it's through your physical body or affecting your relationship you have affected the relationship with yourself feelings. Definitely come up about this and denying that this feelings even bear or using to deer were born on or does it help any more than attending that having this outlook of not expectable walls. All make things better will that? That's just not where we will words and so it took me until I was in my thirties. Chew amid even ashamed of that allows us to really really bad shits kept happening right and by then I'd had more kids and I was like. Oh my gosh wait. I can't just be walking around in this steeper in this in this fog because I had enough. I guess we need to know that that was foods and it doesn't mean but I still that I own sudden Steve. Right because it took me a long time to even process start buses we. I did stuff that down. I stepped down. Nfl Time. I knew that stepping on just decision to reap away because I was pregnant with the baby. She's like I don't want to deal with this right now. I can't be sad. It's not good for the baby inside. We just think about it. It was the grief over over my mother Diet. I wasn't it wasn't so I was in my forties that I really start us three. But the other disappointments. I started to sink more about those in my thirties and I started to ask at the way to action. Find The answer your question. I guess Well how I started to as what went on a tangent. Sorry about that the way I started the process that is. I started to ask myself a lot of questions. I honestly the only question I had for a long time was white. Who why did this worked out? Why didn't this one way I thought it would? Why didn't this happen the way I thought it would? Why didn't this turn out this way and not the other way in my thirties? Start asking those questions. And I started to ask them oval in over a lot of those questions. I didn't even start in the answers to until the last five years. But that's how I started a good. Why question because if four she really think about the situation but although I love a good question I guess my next question would be an. I'm just not necessarily you but just thinking how what happens when you don't have an answer to the why Apple Let's say somebody lost their job unexpectedly or you know they got all or you know things that that are like really beyond control and we did not necessarily contribute to happy. So what happened? We don't have an answer to why this happened. Now that has been one of the biggest challenges of my life because I met her age now where I can accept responsibility for the world that I that I play in things happening in my life but there is sometimes. I can't find an answer to why so in those Collins. I have I have told myself that sometimes the answer to why the only answer to why is the lesson learned and so then I have to go in and pull at those lesson so I guess what I'm leading up to is again with the current situation that we find ourselves in as a country and as a world really why I can imagine that lots of people are asking themselves that question. Why is this happening? Why am I at a nowhere? I got home school my kids. I don't know where I gotta work from home. And no food in the stores has no toiletries and the vice. The thing happening and back to who were seniors who are graduating for twenty twenty graduates. I'm sure they're asking themselves. Why do I not get to get to walk? Across stage consumers they graduated in two thousand nineteen dot to and even college students are not probably not going to be able to walk across the stage. So students are doing it either. Yeah no CG like with things like that come up and he hits you hard. Where do you find comfort and peaks in times like that? How do you get to a place a piece when you don't really have an answer to why how do we? What were we go? I think that is so yeah. That is such a good good good question. Shirley end at can really sympathize with these kids. These high school seniors and these College Seniors Man. I really and I really understand the disappointment of. Oh I'M NOT GONNA go to be able to go to my palm or not going to be able to walk across the stage. You're so graduating. But you're not gonNA have a graduation ceremony and I totally understand the sadness around that because we do a lot around these passage as it were right. We do and we are really big deals. Yeah we look forward to them and I'm not saying they shouldn't be a big issue. I'm not saying that at all for me. I think I can only come to this conclusion now because I'm a lot older if I were younger. Probably wouldn't be able to think about this but it's only because we're older and we've right we've lived through so many other things and we've seen so many other bathrooms and we've also seen so many other good things and our graduations so far removed from us. Now that we know we can say with all certainty authority that in the grand scheme of things. It's nowhere near as right when we're doing it. So that's the only reason I can come to the to the notion that come into now but I would say that kind of connecting it to the we may. I would process things in my thirties. Just caught the ally in. Atri asked that question over again. Why why why writing it down trying to talk to somebody else decided myself about it. Bat might be a question that a lot of these young people are asking and I would say first of all. There is nothing wrong with you feeling angry. You pointed with you. Feeling that down with you feeling like someone let out even though this lies dependent and the ones who control this. It's okay to still feel like someone let you down. We were talking about previous episode about. I think I was talking about how the death of my father I knew that keeps shows to die but I still have humans of abandoned that in anger so you might know in head intellectually that this is a pandemic and so people are taking the necessary and very correct precautions to keep it from getting worse. But still you might feel like someone has let you down. The the school is down the administrators of down these people out because they're not allowing you to have palm that you want or the the ceremony that you walk in. It's okay to feel the way you feel about it so I would say that first and then I would say keep asking why until you can ask. Why without feeling like you're hosts spirit is broken. That takes a then. It might not take a while for you it. It might awhile but it's okay to keep asking that question and then I would also say in the midst of you're asking these questions try if you can to think about your future and I know a lot of times like don't pass all the future. Think about the president. Well I mean. The president sucks so we need to feel some folks so we we're GONNA look in. Imagine our future what. I in my future can. I still do things that I still acquire the skills that I need to create a life. I want yes she can. I still reach out to my loved ones. Even if I can't go see them right now yes you can still nurture the friendships that I have that. I've made in the last four years of high school or college absolutely can can together and come up with new ideas of ways to bent are still to create something new that could be of service to our community or something like that. Yes you can I think about maybe having a family in the future. Yeah and still think about those things anything that helps you not to sink into that space of hopelessness. That early and I were in. We were like yeah. We'll stop life. Yeah Oh yeah it right. Life Sucks Now in the time of an in the in the time of covert nineteen in the time of Camden make now is not the time to be nihilistic. So let's let's really stir up the hope within us and the things that you can do while still continuing to sit with your feelings of disappointment and still continuing to ask why until you feel like maybe you can get an answer or at the very least you could ask the question without feeling like spirit. Why and if I can piggyback off of that I would say that when you're asking the why questions because the why questions are are ultimately worthy healing live. So we're you're asking yourself the why questions about whatever the situation may be in your life may not have anything to do with Koby at nineteen but whatever disappointed they you may be experiencing extra self. Why am I disappointed? What what is it about this situation whereas this these? Where are these feelings of disappointment coming from? What is that feeling about? They're the most important thing I think is to get was inside when the outside and asking the hard the hard. Why question is going to help you to let it all out and I think that's what's important being able to free yourself The disappointment and the only way to do that is to ask the hard. Why question yet you can ask all day long? Why did this happen? And you may not find any real answers in that. But if you dig dig a little deeper in acts where are these feelings of disappointment coming from where these feelings of sadness coming from then you get to the root to the core of what the problem is and we get to the root and a core? What the problem is then you? Can you fake the process it but the important thing is to get to the root. Why am I feel like Mattie were saying we were you say am I want to be able to provide a good life for myself and all of those things so we asked him where you're asking yourself? Why am I disappointing? I guarantee you that e is ultimately going to go back to that is watching in up there and I go back there but ended up here while I'm disappointed because this is happening. Now it's GonNa set me two or three steps back in the plan that I had planned for my life but even if it sets you two or three steps back it doesn't take you off the path so that the important thing is to ask the hard why question and don't be afraid to go there and then like netted. This goes back to what I was saying to. It's all about perspective. It's about perspective like do Y'All know how I do. Listen to me long enough to know that occasionally is just like that just away but get some perspective about the situation. I'm in and I know it sounds cliche where people say. Oh it's not as bad as it seems but it's important that you realize that things could be a lot worse and I know that doesn't lessen the the emotional pain or the trauma. They may be experiencing with disappointments happen. But it's it's all about perspective. What what good can I see in this situation? What good can come out of this situation? If you can change your mind you can change your circumstances and I noticed easier than dawn. Please believe me when I tell you I know l. You Change Your mind you change. The situation is not as easy as it is for me to see here invoice that to you but I do know that it works. It takes practice but it worked so try to focus on changing the way. You're viewing the situation. I think that asking the hard questions and don't just ask them. Y'All y'all y'all know nanny and I love good journaling station honey we just live for that so write it down and I think when you write stuff down. I don't know for me if soaks into into into my spirit while when I write it down is this like I'm talking to myself in these. All the answers that getting are dropping back into my sphere. Any just makes more sense for me and give me a sense of freedom. Grown can write it down and now and soak up the real answers in my spirit. That just works for me. So don't just ask yourself two questions but write it down and if you don't want to write it down to mirror and talking court often. Tisdale I do that. Allows us to record it but I do a lot so yeah do that like whatever it takes to get it out and whatever it takes for you to change the way. You're viewing the situation do that because in the grand scheme of things like that he was saying. It's really not as huge as it looks when you are in the thick of it and I know that product is that right now but um yeah especially if you are in a position where were your income had been decreased if you if you type of person where you don't have a huge amount of savings that you can fall back then. Any type of financial disappointment is gonNA upset your life and so I get that and it's hard to change your perspective in that regard where you know. The bills are still going to come in like clockwork. I Dunno if I ever shared this united before I start working. I Want One nonprofit organization and it was thinking slowly and I can remember going into work. there were there were so many days we didn't. We're going to get paid but I can remember going to one day and you was payday and we all got caught in the board room on pay. Day could be told that we weren't getting paid. I mean that was like no notice or anything somebody that the CEO does walk the say. Hey we're not gonNA make payroll and fortunately if it was a big deal but I had some money that I could fall back on at that time by a lot of people didn't and so imagine what it was like for those people who were depending on a paycheck that day to feed their children. So I know how upsetting financial disappointments can be. I've been in that situation before but I also know that you can come out of it and so is all about what can what can you do to work with what you have? They are things that are you know there are things that can be done though. It may be uncomfortable in may be. You may have to eat something that really don't want to eat like I personally choose to eat but you know I. I hate noodles. I don't care what the situation is is. I don't want to eat noodle I don't like the Texture. I don't like the takes you and so I'm out out another say I will never eat news if I get hungry enough. I probably will but I'm saying when when it comes to things like that. The form shown to make his sometimes. We have to do things differently to adjust to the circumstance and we have to be okay with doing doing it differently in that comes from a place of acceptance and when I accepted that is saying that okay. This is what he this is what I can do to make. The Best of the situation is sometimes. That's what it's all about making the best of an unpleasant uncomfortable situation as they were. You were saying before about especially with the young the younger people who are Melson graduates. We're talking about getting since respect and we normally surely I don't normally that kind of advice like hey could always be worse but we are living again. This is a global pandemic so the it really could be worse. That's real that's sitting right next to you bill. What the things that I. I've been sitting arrest last few days. Is that one. The goal for for us is honestly to survive mattis. We've help our loved ones around us show and then if that goal we will be based were Queens. Really hot shift. There are all sorts of things that are coming up in the news around some and it's it's really shining a light on things that we've been talking about forever about systems and how faulty and wrong and not great. They are and how they affect people who are which allies and most things in illuminated because there are people who des caught war right. They work in the medical assumes nurses or or They were at a grocery store. And we're having to depend on. These people might look down. But we're actually depending on that so this is actually shine a light all a lot of things invades on the. Nataly emotional in store and we are going to come out of this in the absolutely. It's GonNa it's GonNa take some time to get there but I think if we we get into the habit of number one perspective accepted all of those things but taking care of ourselves emotionally when a feeling like I was saying earlier. I WANNA feeling come up. Don't jazz brush it. All for instance. Yesterday I woke up yesterday morning and I was so heavy really really happy and I wanted to record a podcast episode but I also knew that I needed to honor what I was feeling in that moment and just give myself a chance to process the sadness that out that I was feeling yesterday and that's what I did. I took a day off and I took a nap. I watch Netflix. Take your mind off the situation. Take care of yourself emotionally. Take care of yourself. Mentally there are still things that you that you are able to go for a walk you know. I did a little bit of egg. Go sit outside and sunshine all of those things it's A. It's a difficult time for all of us right now but I do know that weekend survive. This thing we can't and we'll survive this thing so yeah it's disappears a disappointing situation. That we're in right now but jess be encouraged. Don't fall into this place of hopelessness and just thinking that life's looks all around because life does not look all around is a difficul challenging time. But we're GONNA come out on the side of all all guys I don't know what happened to Natty She may be having a little bit of trouble with her Internet. So I am not going to sit on here and rebel. Today she So I'm GonNa wrap it right now but I just want you guys to know that we are here to support you through this challenging time through disappointment and whatever you have going on in your life at this moment so needs to reach out to us like always say a slot in our DM's shade shades of strong across all platforms. Your email us. It's as strong and by all means. Check out the resources that we have available on our website. That will help you through challenging to help you get the healing that you need me do this. Because emotional trauma is emotional trauma and we all need to be in a place where ten peel from. That trump was so. Yeah anyway I am. Outta here and I will see you guys back here. Next Week bye-bye

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Saturday Special  Colin Speaks with Kirk Goldsberry

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

27:01 min | 1 year ago

Saturday Special Colin Speaks with Kirk Goldsberry

"Greetings. This is your man big Vaughn from the garage. The rest of my cast is not here. So I'm here to talk bad about them. Yeah. I got foul friends, and we talk about some things and we're going to get protested on. So what you need to do is check out the podcast before we get pulled off the internet. You know, her heart is get pulled off the internet. We try to make the news. So look listen to subscribe on apple podcasts or I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. But make sure you beat their contact allowances or one of the areas in game basketball where we restore some parody of monks of. Addition could wait now, you can't even look at Klay Thompson the wrong way with everybody. A welcome war. Saturday morning podcast. We like to throw a little a changeup with this. We bring people on who see the world differently. And it's one of my favorite things. I do. That's why we created it and Kirk gold berry is fascinating a university of Texas, professor of former vice president of strategic research for the San Antonio Spurs. Who we've always thought there the New England Patriots of the NBA. He's a former senior analyst team USA basketball, and he pioneered something that I just kind of caught onto recently. I was fascinated by it the hexagonal NBA shot chart. He's got a new book called sprawl ball a visual tour of the new era of the NBA. And he basically looks at what it used to be what it is. And where it's going, and there's kind of a midway point between two dramatically different aesthetics where mid range shot gone centers, gone three point shot in. And it's my pleasure to bring in Kirk goals berry Kirk our you. I am great great to be here. Thanks for having me on call. You bet. Now, most of us believe the three point revolution began with Steph. Hurry. Did it? It's not for me to say, I think it began truly nineteen seventy nine when the league's suddenly added a three point shot. And it's been a steady increase kind of like a frog in boiling water. So to speak one or two percentage points each year. I think stuff is undeniably, one of the main characters in sort of the awakening that that that used to be sort of a believed that you couldn't win the NBA title quote unquote, jump shooting team. Steph more than any other player really showed that you could do that and became the first ever unanimous MVP and the NBA history by dominating the game from the perimeter more than anybody else. So I think he's the most visible character in the in the revolution. But I wouldn't say he started it, you know, the NBA and it took me a while to embrace the three point shot. I said this two years ago. I liked the NBA. I felt I did there when there were two or three guys on the floor who could not shoot. When there were a lot of Tristan Thompsons. You look at those New York knick teams that everybody, you know, fabled Nick teams, we all love Charles Oakley. Anthony, Mason, even Jonathan Stark. John Starks was not a great shooter. That team does not work today that team would be just an odd ball collection of guys who can't score. I do miss sort of the back to the basket, the Kareem the big, but I would say could I not argue the game is. Prettier today. It's certainly prettier. I think in beauties I in the beholder, of course. But, you know, you're exactly right. And one of the things that make make sure to do early in the book and often in the books today. Look, I don't wanna go back and watch those Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley teams that always ugly. Yeah. But what's happening right now, Colin is the league is in the midst of a major major metamorphosis, and you hit it on the head earlier. We are at the midway point between two very different versions of the sport. And I happen to think the game looks beautiful right now. It's open. There's passing there's diverse types of scoring. However, if you like where it is right now been counter-intuitively, you might wanna think about changing it because the changes are so rapid right now. If you love what you're watching twenty nineteen it's not gonna be there in twenty twenty four because we're in the midst of I would say, it's like the ice caps melting if you like the size of the ice cap right now. Well, then you might want to change something about what's going on. Because here's one. Crazy stat. If you look at the history of the three point line like I said, it's been an increase pretty steady in nineteen seventy however three of the biggest four year over year increases in three point actively have been in the last three years. And so Houston is a prophecy. If you like watching the rockets, then you're gonna love watching the future of the NBA if you like watching James harden, you're going to like watching the future NBA because that's where they're going. They're taking over half their shots calling from the three point area. Which is the first time ever in the history of the league to do that. How is joke with my friends? I should call it the two point line Houston because they're more likely to shoot behind that thing. It's actually, you know, a rare thing that they should a two points, which is crazy. And that's where this is all heading. I love the three point shot. He has opened up the game. That was a goal. The question becomes on. How much is too much? Yes. You know, how much I like catch up on a hot dog. You can have too much catch up on the hot dog much too much. This is interesting Kirk because the CF L in the big twelve they don't run the football. It spread it and pass the NFL at the end of the year as the weather turns the bears make the playoffs without an elite quarterback. The ravens make the quarterback. I like what the NFL does. It's it's very much always been in my lifetime. The NFL has been the tweak sport. I mean, they'll tweak midseason on stuff. And I think there's value to physicality I think it plays to middle America. You know in the bad weather cities. I don't think you want to NFL football that looks like the big twelve or looks like the NFL, although I do believe Kirk adding components of those sports, I even like the NFL borrowing stuff from the XFL. But I do believe I this is where I think you can get a turn off. I don't wanna watch just three point shooting. I think physical players relate to the fan. Be people. Love Charles Oakley in New York. There is people love lamb beer. Could. I not argue that if. We move into the harden era. It's just becoming one on one basketball. You the the fan base likes tough, America likes tough, guys. We like our Budweiser. We like our hamburgers. You don't want to get to pretty could. I not argue that. Yeah. And I think the NBA five favorite sport in the world because for my entire life. It's been you could be a superstar that you could look like shack and be a superstore, look like Steph and be a superstar. And to me, the value isn't in physicality or spacing. It's in that diversity calling. And I think the league should be really trying to make it possible for all those five traditional position groups to thrive in different ways in the mid range on the block in the corner and pick and roll whatever it is we need to make sure that all of those venues are still relevant in the game. I think where we're going as a sport is we're diminishing the value of some of those venues, and while the other ones are becoming sort of caricatures of value in the spot up shooter is way. To important league in my opinion right now. And and what he does isn't that fun to watch the arena. Do you really love watching the endless three point shots? I don't. And that's where I bring my own personal beliefs into it. Yeah. I think the NBA at its best when there are physical players when there are athletes when there are sharpshooters in all of these guys come together. And and who knows who who's gonna come out, and I think yeah. One of the things we wanna think about as a league is how do we preserve these five position groups in the ability for all of them to be superstars you have a chapter on James harden called the investor go into detail on that. Well, you know, I'll feel from Pablo Tori, friend of mine and one of the best young thinkers in sports media. He he says James harden plays basketball, like a tax attorney. And I think that's a really clever phrase, but I told them the investor because hardness complicated it for me. He's complicated on the one hand. He's the best smartest superstar. We have. He is shrewd. He only does things that are analytically, correct? As an investor he invested in the exact right behaviors. And he doesn't touch things that we know are inefficient. He has honed his entire portfolio in on. What smart and part of the credit goes to him part of it goes to Mike dantonio part of it goes the Darrow Morey, regardless what he's seeing right now, I think is the closest thing to a basketball prophecy that will ever see he's the future of the sport. And some of my friends don't like watching it. And that's where it gets complicated. He is so smart the things he does particularly drawing fouls is among the smartest player in the league is being Smith said years ago, the best place school in the basketball court is three zero. Yeah. And he he knows that and he exploited that more than anybody. I mean, the staff that I think some hard nothing more than anything Colin is when he wanted them be P word last year. He was the first MVP in NBA history. Who at the time of award had made more free throws than he makes field. That tells you it's very smart, but it's kinda maddening in for many of us like if he if it's true that he's a prophecy. Is this what we wanna see going forward as any coach or general manager will tell you the foundation of any great team is great talent. So it's no surprise teams dedicate so much time and effort towards finding the right players in the same rule applies when it comes to hiring you need top talent. But you don't have endless resources defined it. Luckily, they do at ZipRecruiter. They scout talent for you. One click sent your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards. The powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience. And then invites them to apply to your job. Ziprecruiter is so affected that four out of five employers who post jobs on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day. And right now, our listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this. Exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash iheart. Ziprecruiter dot com slash H. E R D ZipRecruiter is the smartest way to hire. Placate me for a second on this. Baseball has defensive shifts. And I think it hurts the game. And I know this is very TV of me. Okay. I want Bryce Harper on bass. I want the camera on him. He's handsome. I know on him hitting home runs. Your only striking out the defensive shift takes him off the basis. And I think one of the things baseball struggles. With is their stars are either in the dugout circling the bases back into the dugout and where is the NBA stars on the court for forty minutes. NFL star Brady get sixty snaps. NHL guy is on you know, he's out quickly back on the ice in baseball. The defensive shift. I think analytically is savvy and clever like Hardin, but it hurts the television product, and I think hockey says you can't stay in the crease basketball says says you can't stand the lane football has all sorts of provisions based on where you can stand in not. I think the defensive shift is just bad for business. And so. Could I not make an argument that Hardin though is not aesthetically pleasing and that you'd have to tweak it, maybe move the three point line back. How about this Kirk? What about bringing the hand check back in the league? Yeah. I think contact allowances are one of the areas in the game of basketball where we can sort of restore some parody amongst the position groups because right now, you can't even look at Klay Thompson the wrong way without getting a three-shot incredible. But lamarcus Aldridge or Karl Anthony towns who are full enough to put their back to the basket on the block and get pounded on board. Imagine if you put an arm bar into one of these firm it or shooters, suddenly they're visiting isn't there, isn't that? Good. So I do think calling you hit the nail on the head. And I wanna come back baseball second to you hit the nail on the head. Because this is a lot about what happened in two thousand four you remember the the Lakers with Koby the Bryce Harper of the NBA at that time he gets shut out by an ugly defense of pistons team. That's the summer where we outlawed hand checking in the next year. Steve Nash comes out of relative obscurity to win the MVP. He's tying he's he's brilliant. Get me wrong. But when you can't touch him suddenly the best players in the league or different than they were two years. Sure he wants to envy VP's baseball. You know, pop had this great quote earlier this season in Chicago coach Popovich about playing analytically, correct basketball. And I love that turn of afraid that meant a lot from him. But what is aesthetically correct after you said baseball is in a crisis. There was a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal last year. I think the article was by Jared diamond and one of the stats that stuck out in there. It was it's it's about four minutes on average between balls hit and play baseball game right now. And that's just too long. Imagine four minutes. He's somebody can run a mile informant. So long time if you're Atta game, particularly if you're watching on TV, and I think you bring up a great point. Let's not pretend these aren't entertainment businesses. Let's not pretend that the aesthetic of the sport isn't the most important thing NFL or yeah. Kirk NFL is always considered themselves a television show change rules for the box that I watched the game on. That's right. No. I think that's a great point. And like, let's not pretend that these things are holding now as Seward of the game. I like to think, especially youth basketball, we need to make sure that pro sports are good for our youth and they're learning. Good habits and good traits and becoming better citizens as they play these games, more and more. But yeah, I think we wanna make sure there are sports are entertainment. I mean, it's hard to watch baseball game. When you have a tablet in front of your phone next to you or baseball game, it's becoming harder and harder. As the trends that analytics brought to Pat now, here's where I would say it's really interesting people with say analytic through in baseball. What like no analytics, just uncovered. What was always there? The rule base is what analytics are. They're just exploiting things that are in the rule base. So if you don't like what you're seeing from the analyst community, go change the rule base, and they'll conform to it. And they'll find ways to optimize whatever playing surface and rule base. You come up with and I think that's where both sports and probably put balls. Well, but I'm more interested in baseball and bass. Basketball. How can we design an analytically optimal aesthetic for the future of our sports? Yeah. I always said that would Twitter it all it does unveil what we always thought was true there. There's a lot of right wingers out there. And there's a lot of liberals in the media. And that's fine. They were always there. It just unveiled them. Jerry Lewis is fifth wife dead sitting Nancy day, Kurt cobaine, also dead. Courtney love insane Johnny cash. Dick, did I turn abusive in XXX ten Tassio and Amy wine house completely off the rails? Disgrace land is a rock and roll true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. This hosted by me, Jake Brennan, I drew up in round rock and roll. In the one thing, I know to be absolutely true. Is that real Rockstars parties? Sane more like feral narcissist. Again, Melson functioning members of society in this is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining to park big Marvin Gaye James Brown. John Lennon Jeon stones and the Hells Angels running security and a dead kid on the dance floor. These stories and more are all waiting for you in disgrace. Like listen to disgrace Santa the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. What do I do then Kirk gold's various joining us? ESPN NBA analyst staff writer university of Texas. Professor fascinating former VP strategic research San Antonio Spurs. He's got a book called sprawl ball a visual tour, the new era of the NBA. And it's fascinating. It looks at the old NBA the current NBA. And where it's going, and we're in the midst of a revolution here. So I'll tell you a player I love I loved his he wasn't a rookie because he got hurt his first year, Ben Simmons. But this becomes very fascinating. I think Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook are similar their body reliant Simmons size Westbrook's athletics. Neither can shoot. I don't think either is easy to coach. So what do I do as a general manager? I've gotta Ben Simmons or a Westbrook, and Sam presi chose Westbrook over a better shooter in harden and a greater player in Durant in now. People say he didn't choose Westbrook over Durant. But when Durant? Left. He made several comments that he felt the organization unabled Westbrook in babied him. So what do I do? It's pretty clear now that Westbrook is is enigmatic or problematic in the postseason. What do I do though going forward for ten years with Ben Simmons? Let's say you run the sectors and beat them already paying, and I can get twenty and ten and night from him. Jimmy Butler can shirt shoot Tobias Harris has okay, I wouldn't pay big money. But Ben Simmons on the open. Mar I don't think he plays well within bead on the open market you could get a ton. But but what is Ben Simmons value going forward? Kirk. He doesn't shoot and has no real interest in and I don't think he'll ever be an elite shooter. What do I do with him? That's a fantastic question. I hope to give you a decent answer. I would say look no further than Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they have a young man who can't shoot who's very talented at getting to the basketball hoop and finishing and a capable. Would Janas can do as a Finnish. Her Ben can't do. But he's pretty good. Yeah. And he's a better passer. So what am I wound holder due to win coach of the year, in my opinion this year, and what John or stew and Milwaukee is gentle manager win executive of the year. They built a system around this guy. And this is something that the Lakers failed to do this year in Los Angeles. And there's something that Joel Embiid to your point gets in the way of this idea. But yeah, surpri surround both Westbrook and Simmons with five four shooters. So at all times, you know, Benjamin's is number three in the NBA, three point assists. He can't shoot it himself eighty two percent MBA threes or assisted right? So who's creating that shot? Well, it takes a lot of energy tactically actually, create their shots in new players can actually generate those assist like Ben. And Russell as well. And Oklahoma City isn't a very great team right now. Because again, they're shooting on the edge around the shot, creator aside from Paul George is weak the LeBron again, much better interior for. Led the league in paint scoring all decades great passer. His best teams in Miami. In Cleveland, we're surrounded by like way out Shane baddie might Miller. Kevin love. They don't have the people like that in Philly. They don't have people like that in Los Angeles. So I would say look to what the bucks of done to become a top-five offense in the league out of nowhere by surrounding their similar player with shooting shooting shooting. It's about three point shooting stupid to paraphrase note president like they need to be surrounded because you can't remember you said earlier in the conversation, you have to have two or three guys like the NBA when it was two or three guys who couldn't shoot on the court days are gone. You can have one maybe two and with Ben Simmons on the court your point guards already one of them. So you need everybody else on that team to. Yeah. And I think in a seven game series. You can really marginalize a team without with two non-shooters. I mean, you could just don't guard him. You don't have to guard Draymond green now. Because. Because is out for the warriors. So it's kind of like you got three guys garden two guys. You don't have to warm weather season, basically here. Luckily, Tommy, John, the most comfortable underwear on the planet has the fabrics you need to stay cool drying adjustment free. So many new arrivals new prints colors patterns. So you've got a lot of options this summer. Head over now to Tommy John dot com. Just check it out yourself some life changing products. Not only do they have ridiculously soft lounge wear. This is the stuff I wear at home at night when I'm watching sports around the house all new insanely soft second-skin Poland is reinventing casual comfort foods who wanna feel as great as they look they're so sure you're gonna love the fit and feel. They have the best pair you'll ever wear or free guarantee. That means if you don't love the first pair, you get a full refund. Tommy, John, no adjustment needed. All you afternoon. To get twenty percent off your first order is go to Tommy John dot com slash heard. You know, how to spell it? H E R D. Tommy, John dot com slash heard highly recommend the lounge wear at home. I wear their t shirts and socks, but the lounge. Wear is different level stuff. Tommy, John dot com slash hurt. I wanna wraps up Kirk goals. Very fascinating stuff. You created you pioneered the hexagon UIL NBA shot chart. Now, we're doing a podcast now. So people can't see it. But I would tell my audience. I'll even spell it. H E A G O L, the hexagonal NBA shot charge. One of the first times. I was introduced to you in it. Talks about officiency inefficiencies. Houston's vary. Officiant team now for the record. I think on your shot chart Utah is too. But they're getting crushed in that series. Explain as well as you can for a podcast on the hexagonal shot chart. Okay. Well chart is essentially looking at where a player shoots most often. And where he or she is most effective. So there's two sort of characteristics of everybody in the world who she's basketball's a lot yourself myself included, where are we shooting number one? And how good are we shooting at those places? So the charts that I developed in two thousand twelve in percent, it might be now my background cartography and data visualization. I was a professor for a long time before I got into sports how can we visualize? These new data sets started coming into sports Atlantic. So this the heck Bagnall shot chart is an approach where we look at a tile of hexagons all over the basketball court and identify which of those actually guns players are most active in and which they're most release sufficient. So it tries to characterize those two primary elements of shooting valuation over the space of the court. So you can quickly realize. Oh, yeah. Ben Simmons doesn't even try to shoot three's. Russell westbrook. Does try to shoot threes. But he's not very good at Steph curry seems a lot of threes. And he's very good at them. So these charts intend to show people that not just tell them those facts, but show them and encourage anybody to just look at my name if you do images you'll see about south of these charts. Anytime you look my name because I do think they do a really good job of helping individuals quickly. Grasped would. A player tries to do score the basketball in an NBA game. You know, it's funny because Daryl Morey is a friend of mine, and we talk often, and I and he uses I use a line called Mana Lennox is that I'm a I I'm a proponent of analytics, but let's not nerd out. Here we are dealing with Twenty-four-year-old alpha male millionaires you cannot reduce you cannot reduce them two numbers. It'll piss them off they'll they'll tune you out. And so I I think Barkley goes over the top, and you know, he's just it's like clubbing baby seals. He's always picking on the analytic guys. But I do now and you can rip me on this. I do think there's value in men Olympics is there are certain guys tawny Billips was one of these guys. He lubricated the room. He was good with other men. He he knew he could he smart new the temperature. Carmelo I thought had a very he was bad for the room. He didn't have the self awareness. I like so. Talk about that you want analytics, but we are dealing with high successful. Rich men. Do you ever have do you ever think some of this when you were with the Spurs was that disgust a little? Oh, no for sure I mean, I think it was an I learned nothing more at the Spurs than learning about the human element. This is a small tribe of human. So we're trying to sort of go do things with and you have to look at that human element. And. Yeah, like presentation of these things going can go, really, bad and. A lot of analysts failed to break through my time with team USA more from the coach K my time at the Spurs working with you quickly. See these guys are expert communicators. They're there they know how to run the tribes so to speak, and they are very good leaders in part because they don't just throw random SO teric information at these. They wait for their moment. They learn how to message it. And they take the stuff that you want them to to communicate. And they decide when the time is right. And when the method is correct and deliver it in that way. And I think they're all Maury is a legend because the hardest quarter sports analytics isn't the models or running a computer stuff, it's implementing it in a pro basketball environment, and he's done that better than anybody. And so that is like I said that's the hardest part of analytics is is getting it implemented in this environment. That you're describing nanna lyrics, whatever you wanna call it. I love it. It's just you have to be a really good communicate. Or in a strategist sort of in a political way to to to successfully implement, these ideas and communicate them, and I can think of no better example, Darrell who's done this. So well for the last number of years in Houston. And now, look they're legitimate contender to win the NBA championship this, real pleasure. For me. Kirk gold's berry sprawl ball of visual tour of the new era of the NBA. And it it just kind of explores the past the present and the future of the league. And it's really in transition. It looks like obviously, Golden State, but Houston is really in front of this thing and Kirk good luck to you. And thank you so much for giving us time. You're you got stuff going on you live in one America's great cities. Imagine you live in Austin Texas now, I live in the center of Austin. Oh god. What a city. Oh, great food music. Thank you so much Kirk. Hey, thank you calling. Jerry Lewis suspicious way. Seditious incur. Kobe also did Amy wine-house Johnny cash and more disgrace. Limbs rock and roll true crime podcast stories about musicians getting away with murder behaving. Very badly is available now hosted by me Jake Brennan, you can listen to disgrace them on the iheartradio app. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Monaco GP & Indy 500 Review

The Autosport Podcast

54:59 min | 1 year ago

Monaco GP & Indy 500 Review

"Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion, energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no, maintenance fees, and flexible, online access to your money, make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion, energy reliability, investment to find out more go online to reliability, investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire store. Let's take an extra. Fifty percent off clearance stocked up on dresses follows starting in nineteen ninety nine thank you nearest store. Shop online only banana Republic factory. Uh-huh. Podcast. We discuss how Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco pre look at some passionate victory in the Indianapolis five hundred. The Monica going pre produced yet another victory for Lewis Hamilton. He led the rice pretty much from start to finish had control from pole position. But it was massively under pressure from max stop. They managed to launch an attack late in the race. The almost got in the lead. But couldn't quite an ended up down in fourth after it served his time penalty that check at flack on the high stature joining meets a look back at the Monaco, grand prix is, is Scott Mitchell to say, this unusual podcast because it's actually a mobile pulled cast. Yeah. Podcasting on the move. We've got we've decided to get a little bit innovative. We've our podcast on the way back to, to a place where we say Villefranche to the to the west from Monaco. Yeah. So we're no way back. And then if you thought you would have had that in the background, but that was all driver, the esteemed Stewart called Ling. Catering skills to good use by joining us skull this race. Was it a typical Monaco borough on a some have it was a recreation of nineteen Ninety-two the when Nigel Mansell? Hurry senate. So the check the flag in the closing stages after suffering puncher. Well, there is an element of that isn't there. Because you had that situation where there's a an ailing car of sorts in front and much faster car coming up behind really was a phenomenal performance from from Lewis Hamilton thought to hold off max tap in second year in a row. We've seen a driver have to put out all the stops to, to, to stay in front with a stricken carves. The Louis having to do sixty eight laps on the medium tyre a little bit different Daniel Ricardo losing the, the K in his red bull last year. But no, it wasn't. It wasn't the usual Monica grand prix much like this is an unusual podcast as we round around about just out just down the road when the circuit actually, so as you come into Monica, we, we have. Lucht background Vira fast food franchise to have a little bit of dinner. And now we're on our way back out. But it was it was it was unusual for Monaco grand prix in the we didn't have any on-track change of stop in jumped Batas controversial in the pit stop. And we'll get into that. But for race it didn't have any on track overtaking. She was quite good quite entertaining wasn't. It's quite tens well to, to take that ninety ninety two. Comparison, the Ninety-two battle with mount sill behind Senate was just a few laps of frenetic pressure. Wasn't it with Mansell ducking and weaving looking for a way past this was kind of the kind of growing tension. Long-form version wasn't it? It was that whole second stint as you said, over sixty laps for staff right behind Hamilton and Hamilton, the only one on the mediums of the front runners increasingly concerned about ties at one stage. He said it was it would be a miracle if he's able to hang on struggling badly with gradings we've been used to Lewis Hamilton being. Ep concerned about about whether the toss loss, which is strange because he's very, very good time. Well, I think he likes the bluff, sometimes isn't he, I think he does like over ag-. I think it helps him channel as well in the car, two can sort of verbalize vocalized the problems is having, which is, which is actually a good events and better than dwelling on it. Yeah. Mine, doesn't it? You say the team. No, especially if the team know that he's not just sort of he's not wearing them for no reason, or they don't have to panic and think, oh, my God, what we're gonna do plan, B plan C. But he told us after the race in the press conference. I think we've thirty eight laps to go. He thought he's done county this. Like, I think he genuinely thought that he would foreshore. It wasn't a ever really wanted to switch the plan bay said he said he driven those tires blew up really think was actually a threat. No. That was never gonna. But he but yeah, it was. It was just it was just quite cool to see that play out complete opposites. Mcco twelve months ago, which was basically drivers slow as you can. Because you just wanna make his last, this one actually seemed like Louis per. He said he was on the ragged edge when he took pole actually kinda felt that he was properly on the limit for most. If not all of the second stint is stopping catching promptly onus think he was on the limit in terms of the carriers. Because if you look at it that whole like the last fifty something laps all, but sue when the woman at seventeen brecca even as the coast Loida key points, where he needed to be quick. Obviously you wanted to be to be quick for Las corner funds. No. So he wasn't under threat into some votes. He needs to be quick of porty through the tunnel, so he wasn't under fire at the chicane is interesting closing stages. Once we heard stopping given the, the, the mode seven, which is the, the cut of the quake rice engine mode. So we could really push towards the end of the rice Hamilton, overstay overtake to defend us told about about the stuff and having having aggressive engine mode until the. Overtake? So you are. Buttons. Defendant gave us like sarcastic response to that situation. But yes lobby withering response to that. But what we saw in those closing stages was was Lois struggling a little bit into the Los happens really twisty beds. We started about lap, seventy insulation stuff that'll be overlooked on the outside because you have to kind of pace car isn't really getting cost, but then Verstappen for series of laps was getting closer and closer to Hamilton off. Porty Niki Hamilton was struggling a little bit with the rear end staff. Nephew could runs remember saying you on the lap on lap seventy six stuff in the move. Right. It has to happen. Now it can't happen because staff needs to get past needed to Bill five seconds on Hamilton to win because of the five second penalty unsafe release. So stop in new he had to go didn't in, and that I think that his move which was investigated by the stewarts. I think that was that, that was a great bit of a step in doing something of dual die, but without going too far and actually. The even in stepping over the limit slightly, because ultimately when when Lewis moved across max up and. And they made contact so you will slightly out control. But even this is will. At the Lakers about Dr. Exactly. This was this was really impressive for me about twenty nineteen spec max stopping, really the max stop stopping. We saw off the Monaco, last year is even any sort of wound its moments. He's not really that. Wha what is it was? It was extra calculated now on ever move. It was kind of this is a sensible place to do it didn't just about inside going into Rascasse or something like that. And you write been so of working up to where he knew that Lewis was going to be a bit vulnerable because he's having to having to break earlier because he's got less grip and all of this, and automatically max, no is the while he sort of the he clinging onto that talks fighting the hope that they'll be maybe, maybe there's a big red bull Honda turn around. They can start clock coming back at them in second half of the season personnel happening. But. So, so basically max knows that Lewis has more to lose than he does. So he can show his nose and Louis going to give it up. But yeah. Lewis said after the race he feels like here. He's won here twice and sixteen is one here. But he says he just feels there's always something that just keeps him from. He doesn't feel like he's destined to win very much in, Monaco, and so going even in those closing laps just as it was getting near near just like I'm not I'm not saying go this. I'm clinging onto this role is worth nothing. He reacted wells of staff move there was concern for Stephens front, right? So Hamilton's Raya left, but crucially survivable for both in and the race finish. I think it was ROY dean students take any action. But I think in terms of Hamilton's performance really great poll that really duct tape. To be to be TASS describe out as, as close to perfect as you can do around on the I think you've really deserve this as you say three Monaco wins him says a little bit Lewis Melson. He's only one Monaco three times. Yeah. I mean for me the, the interesting thing about his Monica wins, that was eight year white in between. That's Hamilton standards. Even even the is that that's amazing. He's always been quick, Monaco. It's one three he won there. Two free races in one at doubleheader thousand five three year series. I think he might well of on. Yes, he does. But he's he's really, really think it's, it's good. He's got the victory nothing that there should be many more because is rather unfair by his time. That's gap on his CV, but yeah, get great fiction. Real Shang Verstappen wasn't rewarded with, with podium, because obviously this second penalty. So weird move wasn't basically the successful failure that move decided whether he would win or finish full. Yeah. Which is unusual. Let's go back to that, that unsafe release. Obviously. Obviously, we have the state as the rice, played out brought his expect the pace little bit higher from elitist might Nonni because I was at threat of rain never really came to pass spoiled with rain in the race. But we have the safety car, which was I shall collect scattering bits title track will talk about the lighter. But then I'll say all taught full headed to the pits, which was Hamilton, potus Verstappen Sebastian vessel in the Ferrari, this full. And then, of course, because Mercedes had to double stack always owner -able, yet, both houses released, then the Stephens, kind of released into what, what did you make of? I was. I was convinced it was gonna be an unsafe release, because he literally got released into the side of Batas and didn't get anything like classroom into the side of his soon as his box. But. I find that the unsafe releases if you'll. Yeah, if car has to move or lift or anything like that. Then then. Yes. Now it on particular marry Monaco. Yeah. So, so, yeah, it didn't surprise me paying for it. Mac said that he didn't see tattoos right inside. So the moving over to the right wasn't. Wasn't put in the wall. But I says that max just kept drifting over towards me an oatmeal easy. They made contact in Botha's make contact with war broke the broke his will. So we had to come back in a lot lighter. And it's, it's tricky because. Always find it funny very difficult when you talk about all you punishing an actor consequence but it felt they felt really hard. But it felt really wanna say lenient in a way that there was a stint by only giving him a five second time penalty. There was an opportunity for max to rescue is rice and his chances. Whereas Batas could have been both that could have been butters rice absolutely ruined because Batas thought that by having to have another pitstop both. I said, we'd actually expected to plummet down the order, and then there's no way of making that back to twist fishing amount as it was the only job to force we lost place. That'll and fortunately for him because max couldn't get past Lewis and make a break for it. Tacit veteran state of info seconds of, of max. They moved up second third in the Finnish, but ultimately only lose one place, crucially stiffen she's a head of stopping. So you, can you can argue the Justice done there in a Justice source anyway. But. I do that the five second time that the fossil can time penalty. There is precedent for it. So is a is a consistent decision from this Jewish on question in that they that they just arbitrarily picked five seconds and that was wrong. I just I'm not entirely sure whether that's an acceptable penalty. Maybe maybe this is just one of those circumstances where each just had Batas come out and dropped to twelve or something like that. And how does race wreck? Do you say, well, that's just how it goes on in the main reason I do to penalize these things society issue. You could call ten grounding so pick whatever which is only the, the reason they hit. So if anything could go more more harsh with without so-so, mice, the, the consequences to the rights of others is secondary to that safety sanctuaries. The good thing was it might still be alive, which was, which is really already talked about how Melson for Stephan bottles of Christ unusual situation. Potus ended up for that second start he'd originally, put mediums on. So he came back in they hearts on simply because that was what they have. They had any mediums left us, soft fresh out of art. So that's heart's on onto tacit twenty eight his easy would have been fascinating. What would have happened had it been Merck one two and Batas had been on the hearts and all over Lewis would would Merck of said. I wonder if Merck would have released Batas said that you'll night onto win air or would have been she'll to Hamilton to make the mediums loss. Imagine the Hamilton of mine debate lesson driven around nice. He'll probably pretty much think term. I wanted to suggest that give given day they should let us go pastime, but perhaps max did, making more interesting than less. As the race. And in the end Bosson, vital vital ended up finishing second role had a relatively quiet a pretty decent rice of recovered reasonably. Well, from that shuns yet enough three that costume. Most of Sunday morning's practice session for qualifying Sandoval just nosed into the barrier, which was unfortunate Arafah for him. And then both us can beat the gym had of and of a staff Costa pick out slowly getting the fastest lap. We have free, pissed stop at the end during annoys made that basically the loss place car in close. I just by default ends up getting the bonus point for not being particularly good in driving grown pre Cal quickly as quickly teammate or the other guys, not cloudy battle. But. Once one thing about that is. Do you think is pig for already either in a season in which they failed to make the most of the time when there 'cause mega arguably their worst performing weekend of the year veteran, Luke second? The best result of the season. Yeah. It's funny as no. It was a it was another difficult weekend for them still struggling with getting the best out of the car, and, yeah, ultimately, they, they played that rice, fine. There was. There wasn't any great challenge for battle over all they made the right. Calls them driver, a decent race is difficult. Because the traffic jam the that was created by by bizarre situation, where onstage George Russell Williams was the was the fastest car and track. There was also message to hold him back when he Basie baffling, you're the first man on track of the moment, which which hold combined founder found amazing runner were struggling, so we'll see an old rice but yeah, I mean ultimately good for them. So it's at least run of misleads, once he finishes, which which would have happened had, not at that. That cracked will remain from the, the pitstop, the, I guess, if we're gonna talk about four, we should get onto shell clay. We mentioned earlier had fairly brief cameo in the rice made a position star pass Norris managed to pass Roman Grosjean arrest Cassidy charts repeat. The move on Holcombe Berg that didn't come off. I think he take the inside rule actually is ROY Ray as well in not the hospital, the atomic sorry. Retard shortly afterwards his weekend was, obviously defined by fooling in Q one having set the pace enough piece three. Yeah. Unforgivable era wasn't. We can brussel through the reasons for that, if you like it, you're not in vigorously, which is really good expecting a vigorous celery, who's a good deal audience stimulus for podcast. Basically LeClair went out did a lot in Q, one haven should have gone faster. But he looked into Rascasse I think he should have been free or four tenths quicker, than actually was, but Ferrari, still will still confident, he, he was still beneath what they thought would be the cutoff time to get free. But this was the problem they, they stuck religiously to that time. And with our seem they were adapting that Kartal time based on the fact that they established what time they need based on real time sectors. So it's obviously a moving target what they fail to do for Q on is leaving margin for, for the for the cutoff time to change Mateb. And also, the team principal admitted is the Ferrari, basically didn't account for track of Aleutian, and for driver confidence resulting. In such a big gaining time as the drivers have in to for four laps in Q one picked up more time, which was twisted wistfully ironic because not twenty four hours before this. We will give an strategy master classroom for ARA, and I think that's been used. So among them a little bit. The only thing I found that was just difficult would really was. They talked in, in this Ferrari media briefing on Friday, just how valuable driver confidence was so the fact that, that was one of the things I underestimated when it came to calculate not cutoff time, and leaving emerging was was a pretty unforgivable error, and it just. That set them up for full. And then they file to just add hair will fail to notice these warning signs are actually quite evident as key, one of ov-. They just left LeClair in the garbage LeClair said to them. Do we do we don't need to run again? I think we've own will hair in the author said the team said, no we, we trust our data. We thought that was enough in clearly, it wasn't. And so he got knocked out by veteran of all people saving himself from being in the drop zone. Just awful just a comedy of errors almost it was a failure risk management, ultimately. They obviously that wants to get three Q on one set of ties. Because then you make sure you will definitely have to sensitize for us for you would want the other top teams that, that in fact, Kevin Magnusson achieved as well in the Hassi qualified really well but yeah, it just ruin that weekends. I think comes a point where you're in that position, you have just send the car out obviously the gap between the clerk. And Hamilton, I room was suppose and the Hamilton stayed out. I guess, difference there is that you had lick flat flat to the ties, but they should just pull him in sending back. That's the point like the. You react to your circumstances. Don't yeah. You don't just stick to a predetermined talking Mercedes told Louis he was safe in the he could come in if he wanted, and even though Louis was on the, the cost of time, the Sadi's, height Lewis said, well, no, actually, I wanna stay out save on go quicker. And he did. He went he went affair trunk quicker, made himself safe, and you'll you'll lewd it that desire to have an extra tires, what has been also pointed out, only in hindsight, derail is the, there's no point having exercise. If you don't actually participate in q two, and q free. Yeah. Exactly. It's it's been brilliant strategically at times for our thing. I've been somethings. I've been fairly criticized for, for example, class stressed your back problem with other aspects that weekend one very sensibly done. So I think they can definitely shop nothing that regard as well as making the car. Cricket the Claire cave go in the race. His move on to mystic. Ultimate is automated is rice a compliment for. Checking stretchy imagination. No. And he said that he needed to be aggressive. I understand that. But I said think I said this morning I don't think clay's gonna finish this race. I think he's gonna get caught up in some midfield madness or just going to be a little bit, too eager to, to make amends and something's gonna go wrong, and I take no pleasure in being right on that. Because I really like Charlotte Rae Tim. And I actually think he's race crafty. Superb of all of the drive is in behind the front row, which is probably the safest place to be Monica leclair's probably the best track record. He was amazing last year despite being in back of the grid slash midfield car kept his so well. So it's not the how I thought he's particularly risky, Dr Roger saw in a foreign on home soil. Extra desperation to recover. There was at risk of overreach into try and make amends. And we've got this conversation countless times, haven't we educate unable ever do one hundred percent. You can't do one hundred ten percent in the rice to make up for. Ninety percent job in qualifying. For example. It's about those of averages and yeah, it just unraveled for Farrar in LeClair, which was a massive shame, but in Monaco Saturdays half the job, where more than half the job, isn't it? And unfortunately, the joke for clo- with mode really, really difficult for stupid reason. Absolutely. And as he said, pay ghastly, sweetser to finish fifth difficult. First season with regular place in Emba. Whether he's got whether he's able to properly, look probably it's out remains to be to be seen drive. You're always thought was probably one of the star forms of the weekend. I think he's gonna get out my driver ratings sneak preview. Yeah. Yeah, exactly exactly a work in progress as we as it stands is Carlos Sainz six place. Now impression you call us very well in qualifying. He was one of the few drive is actually to string together is theoretical best laugh by putting the three best sexes together, which very she joins us right? To do that put him in so good starting position in the first few seconds. Raced brilliant fame, and I'll go past him, when round the outside of Sandoval. But then that great move science made around the two Soros, the top of the hill on the first lap, you've just brilliant. And then when he needed pace just after he made his stop just to just to prevent the hints of threat of an overcut he did it. And he's six places a class win effectively, in are just think it was really, really strong. He's out of really strong starts the season after I would say slightly up and down year with Reynaud lost year seems to be frothing in his new environment. Mckearney. He's reveling in that, that new opportunity, overtaking, maneuver, cold is you a slow traction of the happen. We've overtake Mercedes. It was. Morlan Panteli will definitely pressing. Let's how we end up. They end up in a ditch the right anyway. You a painting. Anyway, because we've just got. So our body to you about you'll you'll tricky reverse park, so live commentary on the podcast. I think we should get back to what we talk Michael assigns. Maybe. Yeah. I think a best possible result result him. Yeah. I think he did very very well. It was difficult because he started the with no points for free. Knife vizier in cincy scored his back. He scored his first one wasn't as the first free races of the area image to he was incredibly. Unfortunate. Actually think he's been excellent. He's, I never doubted him in such I just wondered where one was one the way someone writes on the on that, so of Schuyler driveability in call us away seems of good, but. Erotic. But he's really if he if he continues this form, I think he's gonna be it's gonna be established itself as one over, if he's in contention to be the storm. It will perform the season of this, right? Do you ever have been very, very impressed to them to do well to the toros Albain, two caveats having a strong season on his comeback as well. Albain really struggling on Saturday, fee bleeps from the, the citizens parking assistance, right? Other other fringe automobile manufacturers are available. Exactly. Yeah. I'd recommend use them, because this is my favorite Harker just a guy send you on. Don't get. It's been fun. It's been. Sessile the whole insensitive conditioning. The production the production levels of this podcast slightly different to use your. Ambiance. Yeah. I did earlier. The, the anything could happen. And it usually does. So we had. So we had to sewing, six seventh album. Good fits, Horo sites again, that double points finish you sigh. And then then you had recalled I just pips Roman grows on fa tons once that five-second penalty, which didn't live very likely a few laps from hiring. But because I might it up because grows almost stuck in traffic. See I'm lucky drivers were Donnie Ricardo. Go ahead of Kevin Dawson, maximum qualified brilliantly, and the insulted in the same place. Six place fifth-place it would have been because. Of course because painting. He was banks. Close down the order, but to go ahead and then recalled I proved to be singularly slow in the first and then record I pit Magnusson pitted Adrian back down. Then the other group that grief caused signs toros state out. That kind of default strategy are expensive more than two pet. But actually, it was the correct thing to that stitched up. At magazine, just never really came out from recalled it just monster. Nick Lhasa thing about point just shows how in this ROY strategy unlock those play big pup record, I was absolutely furious with the Renai strategy by accounts off to the rice. He felt that mister mister big trick. Yeah. I think he just felt if everyone else could see the sun stress she was available water night. It was down to wherever you pilled in under the undersized. Cal wasn't it very much Sawyer benefit for the for the icy who didn't help other father Londonorce was used as a rolling, ROY by McLaren? He wasn't having the easiest of weekends. He stayed out, but they realized they could use him. So make sure science, the gap he needed so Norris. Crates, traffic off to the safety, cover these draft jumps one behind Hamilton, then one behind Norris, who was running in place, I was good strategy by McLaren. And I think it was actually quite quite tell agenda them to do to help guys out. So all these factors play together to shine off to the rice, and he said, well, yeah, in retrospect, in hindsight. You have course we should've Pitt but it wasn't clear before the facts. Great thing. We couldn't we kind of were unlucky with lease the circumstances. Then maximums just mud in the midfield. Sergio Perez was annoyed. His pulse magazine. And then she kind the problem is. Check, I was complaining about it. It's a thing that we've seen before. I thought that for the Perez, actually pulled off quite good move, but magazine is a hard race arisen in didn't like the idea of being mugged often if you turn in and make contact or you're trying to avoid contact you can aways plead, the benefit of the doubt, Connie and justify as you've been forced off the road, which I guess I was probably Kevin's motivation on the phone thing we should brief you mention his Peres the instant. He posted on Twitter, the onboard of him coming out of the pits. And then this wasn't in the fate, and then to marshals on the track and front of his car, he, he April is up off stray off to the right. So he mentioned. This was very dangerous video. Wow. Could easily had emotional two in serious serious, trouble Adia them. Yeah. When you said the only thing we haven't mentioned that you were going to funny pay tribute to the to the excellent to one, Sean athletic win in the league one player funnel today, she was thrilled by the I was absolutely. Delighted. Lordship by the hilarious. Go the patrol to your goal down, which suggest it may be the English football promotion. But that I'm goals classic of general, I suggest you. Yeah. It's well worth search and social media, if I found out about my beloved teams result in the post race press conference ninetieth minute winner. That was lovely sadly, the, the Perez incident. The name was was a lot more serious than this. Fortunately, it wasn't serious in ended injury. You're right. Could've been could've been a horrific. But given the given how much the FAA was was pushing volunteers this week, and how much they often try to preach road safety and. Message that I put on Twitter feed just as we published this story about Perez. I mean, she's quite quiet when he can't make this timing officer. He's very much quite brilliant, coincidence. But that sort of stuff is difficult. I don't really I don't wanna sound pointing fingers because I really don't have a lot of informational facts about this wasn't an incident in the two races. Well, with some marshals recovering car, but I would doing it under yellows rather than. There was no safety, the chicane, who recovering car at the kind and there was no to the low. Marsh on track all on the Ronald rice control. Susan, I guess, I don't really know exactly what the circumstance owing the Perez thing. But it's one of those things that whatever happens. You look at the vote, and that definitely shouldn't have happened to look at it. And because the mall shows that safety has to be has to be looked after and it can be very, very serious. But that's what I meant regardless, not trying to say that as a common link between two rates controlled responsible for, for both for incidents. But I think we spy viola council quite lucky on. Quite lucky on two different occasions weekend. Those, those things have nice to see. I guess you can just be. Got lucky on this occasion. That nothing happens. But luxury come into it, when you've got the the, the safety and well-being volunteers risk. More thing that should wrap up one of the put cost we announced safety pilots. I was gonna say place, you'll Abby base. It's is fear. It's quite it's gonna settle. It's up of happens that led Kotas go pulsing, exit one of them just talking. So, yes, we're going to bring this to you or to an end and on rejoin surely by maps, talk about the Indianapolis five hundred bucks. Now, thanks very much. Scott Mitchell, and thanks still coding feel accent. Joy despite losing position, right? At the last moment. Declare that as being almost as dangerous as the L pit line entry to LeMond. He came steaming pass me could have done a piano avai wife. My arm will the good news. For those of you who disappointed not to have heard anything from Stewart Colin because eastern CPAs each he will be appearing on offerings at F one stress report podcast, that pulled cost should be outset some moral. He'll join monkey lemon Alta, who was a previously guest on this podcast and paid on the phone stressed reports podcast after the backroom Prater. Good, put Castillo the put Costa definitely enjoy that. He can find out own stressed reports dot com oversee dig into strategic intricacies of races. How races at one are racist lost different guest every week loss of very well, regarded journalists turning up on on that one pice Spanish Lawrence Baretto for me. Also sports on that. So that's a, that's a good quality podcast while west describing to you will be able to hear. The wisdom of Stewart coaling, who is right now sitting very, very quietly in the front seat of the car having completed parking, not wishing to interrupt this, this podcast, even though I imagine he's very keen to get inside to to get into to, to glass of one and finishing off his word for f- one racing magazine. But yes, stress G stressed? You strategy report podcast, well, weather listen, Michael Amal's on their he definitely knows we saw him out with formula. One is really good to dig into the details of the racist kind of thing. I love to do. And I think we'll say school listeners, also readers will generally enjoy as well because he really gets into the heart of the rice, just as we like to do on this podcast and who can argue with attitude coddling, they'll have more Cogan pre episode so strategy report dot com for that is also available on the usual podcast suppliers. Big with fifty to seventy percent off the store to fifty percent off clearance, Dhaka dresses starting in nineteen ninety nine find your nearest store shop online only banana Republic factory welcome back to of podcasts. And of course, it wasn't just about the Motoko today, we also had the Indianapolis five hundred I was able to kind of keep a coarser vanilla well with, with goings on, Monaco, so huge amounts offer a man who does is Matt who joins me now. It's back. I was gonna say exciting races sounded like it was a pretty dramatic and an engaging one, but you'll know much much better than me. So impassioned, of course, one scene Penske. So how did he do it? In the end, it was in very exciting style a few parts in the middle of the race. Whereas lily processional a little bit single for now. But when it came down to the business end, it was a proper will will head to head Valence on the Rossi, of course, a past winner think the final tally was five passes. The lead in the last thirteen laps after labor east. And in the end, it was properly will will you'll decided the party to go really get stuff at the end. I was surprised to hip Hachinohe provide because I'd say enroll see was his last stop having that problem with fueling the, the fuel, it could get the, the, the Nelson was is ultimate stop, but eight oversee lost some time, but he was motoring throw. So the sadness Rossi is really hooked up. And the fact that it was they did get insulating. The closing say she's might be sure is going to be his rice came alive in the second half of the right. He had painted refueling delays, and it never never cost him any ground. He couldn't regain within a few laps. Just before night, right after after grammar hole. And Sebastian Bodet collided, and Colletti qualified, causing wake achy. Once they collected a few Coiffier collided in the times might behind them. It was an amusing incident with Ryo jumping recovering gay strives confront day before he had car, which makes interesting news stories saying Molin, but, but you're not cool to a low stoppage and long yellow and red flag enough to that Rossi just taking the lead from the first time just before the the incident and you thought and given the pace shown in the second half the rights, this is this is Rossi's control from him. But passionate came straight by catchy long online re-start. And it was just head to the two of them, those about pro-labor half dozen rats passionate was holding laid and holding Ray hold off, and he just news. The five hundred is gonna get married with two or three months ago. Rossi retaliates storms down the ASO the term one maybe when a bit too soon as three months ago at that point, and certainly gave channels to counterattack you did that one latte lighter. And he did hold on with some them, probably will if you can't if we European point say there was weaving, but it's fairly standard at the speedway. The do move around to bring title at that point. And as long as you know, squeezing somebody when they beside you wish passionate actually said he wasn't Wilson, some JV squeezing elsewhere during the rights, but this was really respectful, leaving enough rain, wheel-to-wheel stuff Radi. Well, any doubt about the speedway racer thoroughly puts a bed by this win as far as I could sell passionately was up that absolutely throughout the whole rice. Yeah, I thought he was completely in control. Rated will say, completing control as much as you can be more than five hundred the cough into cars at commentary spent picket with quick early on willpower involved in the front. For while. So the Joes new them, but really, it was always seem to seem to come back and have a margin. He's vulnerability look it might be feel much because he tends to be the first round for the stop everytime, every ran the green paint stumps, and semi towards the rice. He had a fuel target to hate which Rossi didn't Honda runs. Freshness stints lot more on that was how Mike help for this like power deficit Chevy scenes bay seems evident. But when it came to the end of the rice, feel much wasn't a concern off Las yellow and. Did everything new three too. But it's how Russi off. And then repass wait to get to came assaults. I come from, you know, he's quick speedway. One there in in twenty seven of seeing the railcar now. He's an jetty a couple of years ago, but he, he was third and seems to be hovering around and, and in the final mix. But he wasn't right up there will rice. He's actually right down for the loss of the cars. Ryan one point, he was he was in progress from midfield star Leon. And then when daily pays us one of the rare tires wasn't seated promptly something to go between basically to come back in front extra stroke, and Joe trucks, right down to thirty second place he signed to make grounds back through the field. But really, it was the timing of the and particularly stoppage game back on saying strategy wise that really worked for him. And then in a final spring off the restyle. It was absolutely phenomenal. A one point you might put money on SaaS with about ten laps ago because they come through the. Front runner, so quickly that last race was coming off two Rossi. In the very final sprint. He couldn't quite get stuck with them in a way with a wounded, but it just it's great joy like that getting into that. That makes it saying the because God knows full willpower fifth. Ed carpenter sakes, they were again drivers are up there old. I give Tyco on pace to did either of those three ever let it quite at that last edge to provide any study to with. I just thought half a step behind uconn has late in the first half of the race. And look quiet corporate thing point. But really, I think really this was gonna be passionate Rossi with happened. But by the second half of the writings, clear that those two had a very small, but, but usable edge basically even though the behaving quite different ways particular film, mileage, you, you realized probably headings the running, it was going to be one of those two unless they tripped over each other something bizarre happened with with the hours. Strategy is typical indianapo- slow in the had a dozen cars lease with front runners at some point culinary had a great run through the field of employing at carpenter's. Right. Quick loads of drivers who were around until six proper contains the different stages, and just in the fun in the funnel head to head Tusla again. There's always a little bit of break and you look at the results and see somebody back in seventh. Right. So you actually nothing really went wrong for them. It's just not competitive ranks in the end, and that was very much the category new on the foul into think and carpenter as well just not having that final edge. Willpower was another one came back through the fails. He was hygienists closest rival for well in the first half of the race and up taking to speed into his pit box. Stop one of his crew members took obey of a knock was widowed cable. But more importantly, penalty was run over there. Which is always a saline over racing and sense of the back of the field. So he went from seconds to thirty second quickly things didn't fall as well for him as they had for Sante timing wise, but he did come back through to the top six the end which showboat my fame in a way. But when they were head to head the patroness still drive with the edge there, which are the driver should we? We'd be looking at this, right. So viciously mentioned briefly right hole and aboard. I that, that concept, they both seems to be in the thick of the action of that stage. So will. So that's always looking like potential challenges certainly for for a stroke finish. Definitely in particular. He had a good package by look of it. But it was interesting even after his exit Dale Coyne racing still a seventh place finish with thirteen of routine now for each he was very much a pariah last year and frankly good reasons, but he's a pretty sensible start his full-time. Indie comedy and news. Impressive. Today he he had a wild ride. Dodging, the aftermath of the border radio. Collision was quote for just to get collection has takes grasp Houston, some very effective racing. The coin con quick aimed the as as well. James Davison was looking good for world. Eliane. Okay. Rear ended by cashing? There isn't a pair lane. They have Richie coming up. Seven was little bit hidden of war, coin was capable of. I'm pretty sure board I would have been summer until five makes not had shown with which you can see why. Right. Who cross? Valette really he was. He was a little science data and then sent into. Slider in court nasty empowered, the wall is covering up a little bit broke gray all suspension plowed into the barriers as well. Yeah. I still think him coin of Indian and potentially it's a combination. But we didn't get chance to see where the end this time about free press presume, he'll get rookie of the year for it doesn't always go to the highest finishing rookie. Sokaia presumably, Indy rookie of the has been announced that that's really positive for driver. Who as you said, twelve months ago from his F two six? Looking like somebody no, go near absolutely last time. He will drive was completely out of control both on track and morally really am. But this was very controlled performance today. Was I wasn't a great day for the rookies. The one lover he's in the field and away. And she was quite because bakers that teams were call the peak. With good speedway experience this race. Marcus Eiriksson was a high-profile rookie. He ended up having a while bizarre spin into the pit lane at one point and we spoke it was quite solid debut. Eighty for him favorites rose and Chris moved to the front. A couple of times it was very good. Feel my hand being y town in the aftermath of right? And the and the really for to stand that rookie, so birth results, wise and vote I should should get him. Good for him. Good for him, you Caesar. He's a young guy and these things I don't think anyone should have things things. They do they really young too heavily held against them. So he's, he's growing driving the person. Yeah. All little credits. So what were the other stories through the failed that caught your eye? Heartbreaking, colton. Hurter ranch, blockages three Lance hit being superb and qualifying risk. First indy. Five hundred was the quickest home, one of the many to run us to make gains, the Po-shu how sties faith and he's been so impressive this year but he gambles just three laps the rice. And, and that was that he, he was absolutely. There were stayed by the not just because of it being a sad way to finishes first India but since winning Austin, he his newly exit from the indie road. Course rates in restock collision weeks ago as well. And he was very much not just Saturday, have anybody knowing that he was the first time in my rights, again, he's such a long career ahead, terrain potentially as achieve so much in his first year, is it needn't worry too much. But it was sad to see to not get to see what he would have done in the rice. Sanford coke is being retirement as well. Ben Hanley to small teams in experience in particularly in India for dragon speed. Both those early retirements. They achieved their that big go just by getting the rice, and both scores perfume 'cause dragons feed, rayvey impress will qualify weekend. But would it be nice if they could have? At least talk twins signed to show for it. But neither featured on Hanley had mechanical properly drive shots coming out of the pits and put into the ball with a spin that he saw, of course in one direction and lost in the other direction again in the outside left pointing into the inside for well. But hopefully the whole level spotlight that him in union costs were worrying offset knocking on McLaren Alito. They've signed seventy back during this week. So even though the Indy five hundred raced in goes he well, hopefully it's been quite career boost the driver and team. I will, I guess the biggest mnay success story was pip amount in sixteenth place, and the close in motion coke close emotional racing car on the lead labs. So their battle is getting into the race but finish. So strongly is very positive for that. That's very another parts. Very part time. Siemens big result. Yeah. Absolutely. Is there? We will thing that youthful. Head unless car drivers saying we're gonna talk twenty cars. They achieve the Indy five hundred. If you'll a part time team part time driver, less resources than the others cashless preparation and actually if you talk twenty games all these big multi Conti GMs job well, done really isn't it and. South ours. Indy five hundred specialists now. The Gabbay stability with this program impress comeback. With the same package is greater the close family both IndyCar racing as well. So, yeah, nothing. There's a lot of problems on safety in places definitely not a result to be to sniff them and circling back around. So that's the race passionate. Obviously, we mentioned this in the previous podcast. He's been talked about as vulnerable Pence driver. Was he gonna be replaced for for next season? And now he's one the five hundred he's taken pole for the Indy five hundred. He won the Indy road race earlier this month. He's leaving the championship so things that is this just a brief purple patch or do we think things have really turned around for 'em and he'll he'll cemented. His place in, in the Penske for years to come say for years to come in here. Not change at the head, and IndyCar few years. His he was struggling is setups, right? His driving style suited the change of error kit when it went to universal last year having been so impressive on his way to his first half Penske. A lot of it seemed to be confidence relations as well. And you can't get confidence boost than winning road. Course with Bev rain threatening us. Well, then taking pole on a speed winning speedway pro will will fi. We talk about in becoming detestable round ability with his relatives. So circes will these basically succeed on every test department street course in the space of three weeks in the next time this rattle off, as well on the but surely, can he can win in pretty much any condition. He'll face and IndyCar. He's on a massive confidence high. Now Cerna go Penske's faith again. So, yeah. I think that's definitely gave them some job security, and it's up nicely to be a real proper title contender again, it's him in this teammate, MU one point apart, topless standings. Love season to go still indeed. It's devil points, which do you think the tone justified double points because it's twice a length of race knits, phenomenally? Big event. Sees nine double points follows keyed on that, but any five hundred points fair enough that that's thrown in right back into championship fire. And yes, it's gonna be fun to see what he does this of been passionate fan for a long time, shifting his sportscar exploitive way back in the American Amman series really impressive, and his his early in become adventures show so much, potentially it was great seeing called Penske and after slightly slow star really thrive. So yet, if it would be a shame if that one time to a flashing the panel, moist and then hit his favorite Penske. Penske really prizes. Indy five hundred six doesn't in this was a very well earned proper rices Indy five hundred success very, very much the final verdict oversea lost his race was heavily criticised as, as a relatively dull five hundred and changes were made to the cars and a little bit size to try to improve your overall verdict in terms of just the excitement of the race. And, and how it worked from that perspective. Complain about really few periods when it got little bit static. And you could see social media getting a little bit NC about being a repeat of last year's race drawn trains, kind of thing. And when it came to the cars could follow could pass could go. Will will they didn't look that unpredictable? The accidents happen puff quite present. Most of the incidents were fairly standard in the accidents. I think the times when Kobe static was actually drivers thinking, we've got five hundred miles this rice to, to cover less. No crazy after one hundred sixty miles or stop slamming his little this point. And they feel conservation to the extend the stints as well. So, yeah, those little spell that you could have caught boring, but I think he was boring sensible reasons, and I wrote this is really quite raceable package, and successfully, it wasn't like wild panic rights in the past is one, one easy, every move Rossi impingement mainly other than the race was was a proper thought-through brave pass. So, yeah, I think it's been a success cost on the ground. Cosmic wheels wheel rice was fun. Good. Jovanka also looking forward to actually watching the rice through when I got back from from, Monaco. So thanks very much for your view incitement bear. It's been good. But of a feel for the Indy five hundred we'll do checkout also spoke dot com. The latest fallout from the Monaco grown dre. And from the Indianapolis five hundred and of course, the whole world of motor sport, and pick up a copy magazine ounce on Thursday. We'll have in in-depth coverage of both checkout sister titles, motorsport dot com. Motoring news. Out. Everyone's racing magazine. Monthly and also she liked this podcast. Rember it's freed subscribe, high chains in spreaker, like us on the spreaker websites and episodes, every Monday and says, things for you to listen to if you enjoy this, those fancy a flutter download the pit stop betting up. Thanks for joining us. Look back soon with another podcast. Music is six AM treeline written by Marcus Simmons. See soundcloud dot com. Forward slash treeline us. This Memorial Day kickoff summer with something very cool up to forty percents off appliance special buys, like a whirlpool, top freezer. Refrigerator now for just five hundred ninety eight bucks. It's big eighteen cubic foot capacity has plenty of stores space, and that price with everything within reach summer's here and today's the day for doing with Memorial Day savings now at the Home Depot. More saving. More doing US only while supplies last for details about through June fifth. This is Julie. Hey calendar. What's my morning like Julie's about to have a long day? Soccer Karpol purchase birthday card nine go five dry cleaning. Did you just go backwards? I'm sorry. I can't fit that question into your schedule. Home nine fifteen cry for days that won't end let schwann's help with, once he can get delicious meals, like, oh, from freezer to table in minutes, not hours ordered delivered done. That's homemade easy visit today at Thuan dot com.

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What the heck is up with Dorinda? And other thoughts. with Sarah Wingrove

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What the heck is up with Dorinda? And other thoughts. with Sarah Wingrove

"Hey guys. Welcome to let's Talk TV with Carris. I'm your host cares Dylan and today we have my friends stare wingrove who is the housewives guru of my circle of friends to talk about the real size of New York and the real housewives of beverly. Hills. One more crazy than the other. So thanks for talking to me today Sarah and happy to be here I'm excited. Yeah. So we actually have been kind of texting back and forth about this ought to be kind of fun to. To talk about it and. Realizing he goes have differing opinions. Yes. Yes. I guess we'll start out with the real housewives of Beverly Hills and I. I number one, this trip to Rome I feel is very stressful. Like if you go to Rome, it should be fun. They've had a few fun times but I feel like it's all just like. Let's, sit down and really get to the bottom of this. It's a little bit too much for me. You know I, feel like this trip to me there were three stars. It was debris who I never thought. It would be a huge fan of, but this season has really turned it around for me and I know you're GonNa hate this but Garcia sell in Sutton. They are the ones I've enjoyed the most in everyone else's kind in the background even with all the drama going on I kind of lost interest faster than I thought they were. It's like another puppy gate I agree like Sutton and Garcia, or they're very interesting people and I think even if I do have varying opinions on who they like and dislike in the group. Take them for I can see why they were cast. Let's just let's just put it that way. I. Can see why they are cast because they do have very interesting lives and I'm sad that Sutton wasn't featured on it more because I do think she's probably the the most interesting to me like how Garcia last her like, how did you get your money and stuff like that like it would be interesting to kind of see more of her background but are still has I feel like she hasn't really been audited enough to shine, but she's got some good moments I feel like. She is the most down to Earth at waterways and you know I hate to say downgraded sutton to a friend of just because her husband wouldn't or her ex-husband would be filmed or let their kids but they made that Accession Bethany and I hope that exception to for her and honestly downgrade teddy to a friend of Yeah Yeah I can see that happening the will say teddy's had some redeeming moments in the season I think that teddy just coming out and telling denise point blank where everyone else wanted to be around the Bush teddy like Biden Brady said that you had sex with her. I respect that because I'm that type of person. I'm very blunt. Let's stop getting around like being around the Bush. You did this you did this what do you have to say about it like I appreciated that? Yup I see where you're coming from and we've been friends I but I honestly don't think that you would have done it that way I think that you might have pulled her aside for a one on one conversation I had he used the opportunity to. Create that conversation around you had sex with her rather than what was really bothering her. This is what I heard. You said about me she could have said, this is what I've heard. You said about me about automates without ever bringing up the sex. If, like she threw that end to to get back at her for saying something mean to mean about her. Yeah, I'm sure that that's part of it. And also sure that this is the show more than any other franchise to me is more heavily produced and they're pushed 'cause I feel like you can tell. More Beverly Hills than you can add New York or Potomac or Atlanta even though Atlanta feels more produce lately. But Beverly Hills more than any to me is They Find Nugget of information and they WANNA push it push down everybody's throat. You need to bring us up here. You need to do this and teddy mellencamp is probably also easily influenced and knows where the paychecks come from and she needs exactly. So I mean that could be part of it too but. I agree with you one hundred percent like it feels very produced first of all the whole scene with brandy coming in, and that was obviously after the trip. Did you did you have you read any of that stuff? No after Rome that they actually film that. So, if you notice in the background, there's a Christmas tree up. And they went to Rome before thanksgiving. Interesting that's what people were saying like did the and they didn't have the Christmas tree up after calls party. See I. I. believe that one hundred percent and especially after seeing the preview for next week's episode where he is at the baby shower and. She clearly said on the road trip I. Don't know Brandy that well, I don't know you that. Well so it it seems like they're perpetuating. This storyline like I don't believe Randy I, don't believe Denise I think it's somewhere in the middle. And I really think brandy wants to be on the show again. So she is creating a storyline that involves herself. I also think that denise has a really hard time articulating her feelings when she stealing frustrated angrier attacked in. So she's just gets up in Leeds which I hate but. Stand where she's coming from but that doesn't make for a good housewife. Yeah. It definitely does not make a good housewife and. The way that she treats the other ladies and just being like Oh you're wrong. You're wrong and she gaslight she guests at least arena for an hour at the table. You don't feel this Lisa you don't I'm just like making Lisa just cry cry cry might she's like freaking president at this point just gas lighting everybody you like she's got to stop this like telling people what they feel and think like, I, hate that like why don't you what you fill in think because I wrote I really. WanNa know. I also think that Lisa arena is to invested in. Her possibly sleeping with brandy win between her and her husband like understand she doesn't want her friend to lie to her but I also would never push a friend who has had an fair to tell me all the details you know. You, I just I don't like the way. She's handling that they've been friends for. Two decades and it's it's almost like the way she would treat any other cast member. Yeah I understand that for sure. I just think that Denise Richards last season and Denise Richards the season as two different denise's and I think that she last season wanted to be like this fun funny girl and the now she's trying to clean up our act for some reason maybe she got backlash or something and she's an actress I mean she's like the only one in the group that's like a legitimate actress. So yeah well, Yeah Garcia Garcia sales a better actress than her so. But But she is a legitimate actress and that's what people know her as and so I think that she maybe she thought she went too far. Maybe her kids made fun of her for something I mean who knows what happens behind closed doors and with personal life but I think something happened she's trying to clean her act up and when this came out about brandy, it made it even worse you know. I don't agree with that storyline. I. Know At least arena is pushing that because. She. Honestly. Hasn't been a good friend and sat down with her and said what's going on and Brandy alluded to or I'm sorry, a Denise alluded to. Things in her personal life that are very stressful that are that are going on that nobody knows about that's overwhelming and that can. A that the way you behave the way you. She's going through lawsuits or litigation. She may not Wanna put everything out there and I think anybody would do that but. Denise Richard in the same person from time she stepped in the spotlight. In some could say or argue up until now, but she has always put it out there everything. I think I'd be really interested in what's what's going on that's affecting her a much as I was saying, we've seen that with other housewives we saw how it affected Bethany when she couldn't talk about her legal drama her personality had shifted. We've seen at least abandoned pump we've seen it in. Nina we've seen it almost every franchise that's been around bought for a while. So. I hope next season we find out more what that is because I still don't feel like I know Denise is Yeah and I think people want to know who she is because she has lived her life. It's been in the spotlight, but it's been because of her ex husband so. I think it would be interesting to like actually get to know like the mother denise like how she is with her kids because I think. I. Know that a lot of people don't like kyle the season but I think that's why Kyle is like always going to be the tried and true housewife is because she actually is a wife we actually do see her parent her children and so that I think to me is kind of what? What the franchise started out being and it's turned into, of course, we want to see the drama. But I. Think I think that that's why Kyle Richards will always have a lot of fans as because we not only see her in the middle of the drama good and bad but we also see her with her family and with her kids. So it would be kind of Nice to see denise in that role as well. You know I've never been a kyle fan but that is one thing I do know she is a good mother I know that she supports her husband regardless of the rumors between them. I think that her family life is the most positive thing about her. hus- excluding her relationship with her sisters. But I feel like she sits on the fence allot when it comes to the relationship with the other ladies this season. She's been a little more one-sided. We've seen her yell at deep scenery yell at Denise Ralph Crying but in the past always Switzerland. Well you ought we also saw, are you know get so mad at Brandy for basically no reason when brandy I joined I mean and that are. Beverly Hills during the quarantine and I was like man cow was like really mean to brandy like I. Don't really like that side of Kyle, like calling her a slut and all that just to me that's just wrong like. I think the reason why she unleashed her vander pump or so close for so long is because she is a lot like her we just don't see it. Right we glimpse says, but I think a lot of what she does is off camera and I'm starting to see that more and more in I'm a huge Lisa Vander pump Dan I know you're not the biggest but I I see now that least off the show. Kyle of carrying that torch. One thing about this season is I. Miss the fun like we we watch it drama but like New York, there's drama and there's fun I. Felt like there have been a lot of fun season. Did you see the Latte like the last episode they showed like last night at four PM and they're all laughing and and I'll Tokyo I looked over at. Carlson. This is the show that we want to see. This is it. We want to see them getting drunk together and act like Damn Bulls, this is what we want. That's what New York is. So successful because there needs to be a balance yet. And one of my favorite things is seeing this season seeing our cell with her other friends I hate saying it's brought diversity to the show, but it has been they were so real and honest and raw, and that group of friends is I would watch that. Show you know. So far solid her other friends so I'm hoping that. They'll continuous which it up when they're casting because one thing I haven't liked about the. The franchises is that it's so segregated. Joe's like, Atlanta Potomac you know. all-black. Franchises are mostly all white or all Italian American and I don't think that that's what those communities really look like and so I was so excited when they recast for Beverly Hills I i. just think it's brought so a different dynamic to the show. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think. So the only problem that I had with Garcia was basically not liking Kyle for just zero reason at all as at least. What did she do like? You have never done that I've walked into met a girl like It will they seemed more friendly on the trip but I was just like like who like the thing that got me those whenever she was giving her speech and obviously pointed Kyle for just no reason at all to me that was rude like they've be Shady Shady in the group that's fine. But like pointing it out and then making cal fill like she did something wrong or something, and she just donated money to this charity or whatever like I mean I just thought that that was re if someone did that to me like, I'd be pissed never talked to him again. So I gather. But. But I. Loved it. I just feel like she says, what is on her mind she is the. The the best grounded person there you know where? Her Confessional. She said you know Denise doesn't these women anything this is between her and her husband. Yeah. That's true like I find out you know like she's just You know she there's certain housewives were you're like I would love to hang out with her and for her up for me it's her. Yeah. I totally see that. Yeah. She does seem pretty cool like I watched them interviews with her recently that I was like, Oh, I do I do respect what she has to say. So that's good. I mean she I definitely want her to stay and I hope she stays. I guess the yet she said she wouldn't come back. If Denise. Stettin Denise has another year on our contract So I, I watching cares about denise? Oh much. We'll get and they've been friends for several decades and she feels that You know she got the role into the deal and she's been gained up on, remember this this car sales for season so She's not used to this. It's it's new to her. And didn't even watch it or anything either said. In opposite kyle like I like seeing Arcelor with her husband and kids but. I WanNa see another side of Duracell to she seems like she has. A wild side to her, I would love to see her going out on dates and you know. So I kinda like to flip that script next season. Yeah. Yeah. I think that'd be really good I can I can keep her around but she needs to be nice to Kyle Richards. I'm sorry. Disagree. So I WANNA switch over to the real housewives of New York favorite and the main thing that I want to talk about is D- Arinda because. What hell is up her but like Oh, my Gosh I've always loved her into and I I actually do think that it's the grieving thing and it's frustrating Ramona. I have never watched an episode where I agreed with Ramona more than the episode yesterday like I, was like I am all about Ramon it right now but in Tokyo. Around on Leah and started yes, that was not right. But when she was getting so frustrated with Linda, Andrew Window was making fun of her I would have gotten up and punched her it was making me like it was making my blood boil and I could see why Ramona would be so frustrated because when someone laughs at you when you're upset that is like the rudest thing you can do it. So mean. I think about this for. You know feels like. A few days but this just happened last night but you and I both have had. Family members pass away very unexpectedly people very close to I am. The grieving process, you have no control over and there's no timeline. So I, think what Arinda is going through right now is grief. For the first time, she doesn't have it takes. Care of I. She's not in the same circle of friends that she was in when she was married to Richard and she's alone for the first time and. I don't know sometimes you're doing things that you don't realize. Are Related Faith and I think that's what she's going through now and she has a Lotta anger with when someone's away from you. You have so much anger and sometimes you don't know where to direct it and I would like to point out Ramona's BFF. said she's turning on those crocodile tears. So I don't know if that was authentic or if she was adding it n or affect. With Ramona. Came out of frustration she might have added it in enough sped you Ramona out of any other housewife except for me Kenya she is. The least authentic like she doesn't show you what she doesn't want you to see, and so it's hard for me to really. Believe anything I take everything with a grain of salt with from Anna. But I was I would have been absolutely pissed if somebody treated me that. You wear your heart on your sleeve so it would have been. Authentic with an I can see why they were all looking at each other like what the hell is happening and I could totally see it in. The way that she treated Lou in when she was drunk and said Oh at least I didn't get a mugshot she brought up again. I was just Luanne, has been my voice of reason. Praise. The Countess I love her. She's been on my gosh her body is perfect. She's been like last season. She was insufferable and this season she's just been like my bright lights like, yes I love it. I love land last season. It's The closest season? Yeah. Yeah. It's been a love hate relationship for me her not as much as Ramona but I think that she has just grown into a much more authentic version of herself. She showing parts of herself that she didn't want to before because it was at because maybe it was declaw stay but I need. What she did for those women who recently got out of incarceration her speech I. Think She's just she's changed so much from when she helped those kids. My Gosh. Although like yes. that. She could lose weight. I. Like Gosh. Favorite scenes, but it's so awful. People by their occupation like driver. Cleaning lady in Bethany, just like any other thing about reminded to I'm going to go back Ramona grew up. Poor. You know she grew up. Or lower middle class she grew up not in a great household she. Come from blue blood. Social Socialite. New York scene that she claims to be a part of. So it's so hard for me to to look at her and say this is who you are because it's not. It's who she's trying to be. So I mean, that's just my biggest frustration with Ramona I'm going to get off my soapbox, but there you go I understand I definitely understand that and I don't like the way that she treats Leah I think that she treats. She's Maybe she does have some jealousy towards Leah because she is a lot younger and ardia successful maybe that's part of it. I don't know what it is but I think that she does like harbor. SOM like some sort of jealousy or something towards Lia maybe. Maybe the way she looks or the way that her life is who really knows but it's something like that to me. So it definitely think that that's part of it like when she said you know. Don't wear something to sexy to my birthday party or whatever. But I think the biggest part of it Ramona has spent her entire life shutting that persona or that person that she wants was trying to be. This, high class. Upper East side Berge on on bet she thinks that is to be accepted by these women and she doesn't want to be associated with Lia because Leah isn't Part of that group she has an act like those women she is an accepted. So Ramona's afraid of she embraces Leah hangs out with her engages and everything she's doing. Those women want accept anymore. Now that's why she puts up with. Sonia. Because those women except Sonia but they don't accept. Leah and that's my take on it. Yeah. That makes perfect sense for sure. Sonia is hot mess so I mean. Sonya also has a the last name. So I guess that's why. To me like everyone's like Oh, my God Sonia Sonya's my favorite Sony Sony is not my favorite. She's probably close to the bottom for me. She mostly drives me just absolutely insane. I could never be friends with someone like her but she's she she's funny like I'll loves her I think he's she's calls like number one bud. On my favorite. Favorite I mean I D- Arinda is always going to be up there unless Stephanie's on the show Bethany is my number one, bitch. Okay and then Arinda and Leah it's hard. It'd be easier saying Luanne then. Sonia. And then every other housewife that's been on the show and then Ramona. Yeah. I mean I actually really even the Ramona gets on my last nerve. I love Ramona more than I. Love Sonya. That's definitely true for me and and I think to you're totally right about her everything about Ramona but I love watching Ramona. She makes me cringe she's funny she she's like everything that you want to watch on television late. She's just one of those characters where I could watch her do anything like just she is so important to this franchise. Yeah love or hate her you don't want to see the show without her. No. I could never watch it. It would be so weird like it's like if I mean the there's rumors that NIIMI's probably leaving Atlanta and I I'm just so upset about it like they've been you know. So it's just one of those kinds of people's like Niimi I think If you took like if you took kyle away from Beverly Hills, it would definitely wouldn't be the same. If you took you know any a Giselle away from Potomac like you can't. It's just like that. That main person you love to watch. So you're and I know you don't watch real housewives of OC but they took away big. Melson who is by far the worst? Character or you know real housewife ever. They should have done this ten years ago and Tamra who were who had been on the show since it started or near since it started it anchored the show where so. They're both gone. So I mean changes can happen and they can be good in that case but I think when you take a character away like Ramona or knee or you know they're hard to replace and. I agree with you Paris it. One day, it's going to happen but. It's going to be a totally different show. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. It will be a totally different show for sure I want to hear from you is what are your predictions for next season casting to replace tensely Oh Man I definitely think that they they been rumoring that I saw that they were going get like a like a woman of color and I definitely think that they need that because it's and I think it should be someone that's friends with Leah. I think that's because Leah. So cool like who would not want to hang out with Leah she is amazing like, oh. My Gosh I just think she's the coolest person. I. Would like be her best friend. Do you see what you get? Yeah. I love her relationship with her daughter and with her ex who I have a crush on. Yeah that she started a a menswear line for women you know that she. I was watching her on race in America. Did you watch that on Bravo I haven't watched it yet but I did see the preview it looks really good. I, need to watch it. For I mean she is so articulate and so smart and She's a wonderful ally she listens and I think that That she's so admired, there's not very many housewives like that and I really feel like. There's no carbon copies. So if they bring on her friend of hers, especially a woman of color I cannot wait to see how that changes the dynamic of the group. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think that that would be really cool. But can you imagine like I think that everyone would be pretty open to it maybe but definitely Ramona. Be. Very interesting as Meghan McCain said she's a closeted Republican. She's not closeted. She's pretty open about it while we probably should cut this short I'm sorry guys that we went a little bit long today but hopefully you'll learn some stuff and also if you have any questions or comments about the episode, just send me a message on. INSTAGRAM. It's at Oh hello carris. You can listen to the podcast on stitcher and apple podcasts, and also on the website it's let's Talk Dot TV.

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Fall movie preview 2019

Off the Red Carpet with George Pennacchio

33:14 min | 1 year ago

Fall movie preview 2019

"This is off the red carpet with George for Nacchio sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Everyone's words per knock you here and thank you so much for joining us. Where another other edition of off the red carpet so with me? Today is someone. We had to really work with her schedule because she's busy all the time. She watches more movies movies than anyone. I know she had appointments before me. She has another appointment after me but she made it here. It's the movie. Shocker Self Debbie Lynn Elias. Hi Hi Debbie. Hey George I am so excited to be back with you. It's always so fun seeing you but it's even more fun when we get to do something together while we talk a lot off Mike off WanNa talk. It's it's very fun on Mike especially when we're talking about movies that are being released but before we talk about the movies that are going GonNa be released soon. We're going to be going through September October and just a little bit of November. But I want people to know some things about you because I mentioned you see about three movies a day. Hey and we all have our specialties. That do this for a living who we interviewed. Who enjoyed talking to and I find that I love my classic stars? I like my older women. But you have a niche that is unlike most people who do what we do and you somehow discovered. Directors of Photography Editors Writers. And you have all these people that are in your world that come and talk to you all the time and you see movies differently because of that but tell me how that fascination began for you. Well I think you probably know this better than most people. George that fascination began began for me because of my father Hugh started in Philadelphia at Channel. Six and start as a cameraman for American bandstand and and worked his way all the way up a television engineer and stayed with the station for sixty years until he passed. When you grow up a television engineers daughter and and you get gifts of soldering irons? And you're making printed circuit boards when you're twelve years old and you're on sat somewhere. There is a picture of me sitting on on the bandstand set when I was a month. Old so it just kind of gets ingrained and the fact that my dad is the one that I turned me on to films very very first film I saw was Nosrat to nineteen twenty five silent. I was four when he sat down with me. My mother took care of the musicals and the classics such as Cary Grant in Clark Gable And then all the MGM musicals. But my dad was the one that would sit there with war movies season pictures and he go all right. Now look at this. What do you see and I would have to break down frames? Based on lighting light and shadow so initially in black and white when color came into play and that was my early training so it was inevitable I would end up in production and then I was always writing as well. You were doomed. From the time you were Fi I was considering my birth was announced on the air by Dick Dick Clark and by Bill Weber and Philadelphia. I was doomed from the afternoon of my birth. Well I just want people to know that you often consider the stars of movies the people that we often don't see and I think that's lovely because I know these people love talking to you because you give them an outlet to talk about what they are most interested in so if you WanNa know about all things movies connected to Debbie go to behind the Lens online dot net you get trailers you get commentary a lot of extra as you get full interviews. You're going to get a lot of education. I think in the world of movies. And that's what we're going to be talking about today. We're GONNA start with a pretty much. I'm going to say the fall and we're going to start with the movie that opens on September six. It's a sequel. The first one did well. It's a scary movie it's rated R.. It is it chapter to what are you know. Well I've never been a huge fan of Penny wise is and the series. I respect the filmmaking immensely. I'm very intrigued. Because Gary Albumin is the writer and the cast because now it chapter two we have the adult cast all the children that were scared to death when seven years later. That's right so now. Now we've got Jessica chastain. We've got bill Hader. We've got James mcevoy. I Will See Jessica chastain in anything and of course we've got Finn Fin Wolfhard in here fins having. He's having a busy fall season because he's popping up in a couple of other films to and of course we've got bill skarsgard back as pennywise so it's rated R.. I think that's really interesting. Because a lot of times movie goers movie studios no that they can get hit with the PG thirteen horror film an ars a bit of a risk but you have to consider the source material here. The origin of where this story came from. And I I really believe that a film of this ilk a story like this. It works much better as an are you you because you go in believing that you're going to have a lot more thrills chills in scares a perfect example where I think they could have pushed it. Further is the new scary stories stories to tell in the dark. That's produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Andrey orbital. They wanted this to be like an entry into the horror. Yeah world so they wanted it to be right and these were young adult novels so they could have made it a lot scarier they could have but I think the audience against the money. It made show that they're probably very wise. So or let's move ahead of week Neta September thirteenth. We've got the Goldfinch and this is based on a bestseller right. It sure is but of course. I'm very curious to see how this adaptation comes out because the book was over eight hundred pages long and this has been condensed to a little over two hours. Now we're getting more and more used to these lengthy films. Thanks to Tarantino. Thanks thanks to marvel you know. This is becoming commonplace and it used to be commonplace back as go below but you know it used to be commonplace in place back in the golden in the golden age of film back in the thirties forties fifties to our films. Were that was normal. So I'm really curious and this is another one where Finn Wolford is in so you can see him two weeks in a row in the theaters But it's got Nicole Kidman. Sarah Paulson Paulsen. So I'm curious to see what happens. John Crowley is the director and John. Crawley brought us that Beautiful Film Brooklyn a few years ago starring starring sure Chevron and I think Nicole Kidman has a way of picking good material. So I'm GonNa say this is something I I wanna see. I'm curious about the other movie opening the same weekend. That's hustlers with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu and it's about these Strippers right. It is and of course. It's directed by an incredible female director Lorraine Skafar Area I've spoken with. Lorraine before her film the Medlar which starred Susan Serandon she was all she also brought a seeking a friend for the end of the world. So I'm I'm really interested to see what she does with this one. But I'm more interested on the thirteenth depraved. A Larry fastened in film. Larry is back behind the camera with this. One people are saying who is Larry. Larry Feminine is a horror icon horror icon. All horror fans are no the name immediately and the film. It's it's a twist on Frankenstein so I'm really interested to see this one Has a great cast with Joshua Leonard Who I'll see in anything? Anything Joshua is one of those indie Darling actors within the Blair witch project. Yes he was so a lot of the names we might not know but you probably know their faces races but this is going to be a film that is deals with. PTSD right with the with the medical. Yes okay build the monster. I saw freaks and I'll tell you something freaks up that same day. It's in limited release but this is a movie. That has bruce dern in it and I don't know what it is about Bruce turn but if he utters one word I love what he says and I feel like I I I know what went into creating met one word before it ever comes out of his mouth. He's so nice and brilliant. And what is that. Bruce Dern is having he's always been omnipresent in in in the cinematic world but lately he's in once upon a time in Hollywood. He's in peanut butter butter Falcon now. He's popping he's in everything. I think it's great that he wants to work. And I think that people can see when they write a screenplay screenplay this would be great for Bruce. Yeah knows how to do. And that's what we're hearing from directors is that when they're getting script or from writers. It's like immediately mmediately. The that's who they see in that particular role and he saying yes and we have to remember how far he goes back in this decades. I was talking recently about about him. Being in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Bette Davis and the Livia to Havilland. I mean I think that he and his memory for all of it. Oh Yeah I really need that book and of course he was actually doing stunts for many years. A lot of western stance With a lot of the guys who were my mentors when I first came to to Hollywood so you know it's I love these you talk about how much you love the old film stars. I love them equally. So we're often on the line at yes we are yes we are steeped timber. Twentieth is a day that a lot of women are looking forward to. I think especially because this this is the day. The Downton Abbey becomes a big screen film. And they've been using those promos for a long long time I think if you're a fan of Downton Abbey you will probably probably go to see this movie because you invested many seasons in it and you miss the characters in my right there too. I think you're absolutely right on this. One Michael Angler is directing reading this. The CAST is all back. WHO DOESN'T WANNA see Maggie Smith? I Love I love Maggie Smith Maggie Smith is Hugh Bonneville Imelda Staunton these incredible credible British actor in the show. Dockery keep showing us what she can do this side of that world. Yes we could look at her from from a different set of eyes from now on bought ought to other movies that I'm just very excited about on the twentieth. James Franco fascinating well. Well it's not just James Franco because the twenty twenty of his also Rambo last blood okay. So we've got sly stallone and we've got James Franco. James Franco is in zero. Ville bill once again. This is a film set in nineteen sixty nine Hollywood and he plays a guy who has dreams of making it in the business and gets on a bus and comes out to Hollywood Hollywood and starts building sets and working his way up and gets befriended by an editor and starts editing. But there's a lot of fun stuff going on if you haven't haven't seen the trailer yet see it. It is a nine hundred. Has All the vibe of a nineteen. sixty-nine Peter Max op art. It's just amazing. Using and of course general hospital fans who have longed for the return of James Franco as Franko definitely gonna WanNa see this. He's he's put a lot in Jews career and I don't know a lot of this but I remember going late at night. My wife and I would go to this diner in our neighborhood and outside on the patio with a writing partner because sometimes we could over here of course James Franken would be working on scripts. He's been working on on really shaping this career career for for decades now and it's nice to see that he gets the opportunities that he's getting and he works with so many as as a visiting professor at some universities sinise he works with so many young talent encouraging them and helping them mentoring them as directors one of my favorite films that he's done within the past. Ah Bao I five. Six years. The adderall diaries brilliant. He has a great he has a genius conception of things wchs and I love to see how he applies it to his characters to his scripts and then as in his direct to`real vision so I'm I'm really looking forward to zero Ville which he also which he directs is than what happens here. Let's say it's this weekend September twentieth and you go to the theater. 'cause you haven't seen Rambo or zero Ville what do you see I well I gotta see sly stallone in Rambo. I Rambo last blood ramp or decades after his first one right absolutely and yeah and call me jaded but the fact that I worked on several stallone on films he gets a little bit of an edge. They say this is the last chapter. Well we've heard that about a lot of things in now we may also be getting another Iraqi. Why not why not surprised at all of the films that are coming out? We're talking about God kids. There might be two or three and now there are some times ten movies in a week. Yeah well and do you remember when when we were growing. I've got a lot of years on you even But it was as you get a lot of foreign films as Matinees in the afternoon I saw some of the greatest French fantasy films Re doing all would grimm's fairy tales and that would be a Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the local General Settlements Theaters Plymouth meeting Pennsylvania and I would just sit sit there mesmerized and a you got to see all that now all of those films that we had the chance to see. We're running out of places places for them to be shown everything is going for. We've got a multiplex theater was sixteen theaters. But we've got the same movie on twelve of those theaters if not more. Yeah and it's sad so that when we do get a ton of these films another big one on the twentieth coming out a Brad Pitt Film. Tom Ad Astra from James Gray. Me More of the same weekend I corporate corporate. Es Corporate Animals is is that weekend also these are big and then the following week. This is the one that I think we've enjoyed the trailers for and they've been eking out. Oh Renee Zellweger Zellwegger as Judy Garland in Judy. And this one this is. This is a tough one. George this is a real tough one. I'm not sure hi feel about it a lot of the classic film fans the TCI groups everybody's kind of on the fence. We have to see it before. I think I really do. The trailer is Great. The costuming is phenomenal. You know the music we all all know that Renee Zellweger can sing. We all know that Judy Garland had issues. That's true so if you get to see her sing and get to see some of the struggle maybe maybe some people will understand. Judy Garland a little bit more. That didn't know a lot about her. And I think that if the film can can achieve that and get people out to see it so they can learn more are about her. I think that's a great thing. All see it because I want to see how they tell the story how they do this adaptation because it's based on the stage play into the rainbow looking at the trailer thinking. How does she not get an Oscar nomination from the trailer? That's I agree now on there's also so on September twenty seven a very special documentary that I have to make mention of one of my favorite publicists. This is it's it's very dear to Sylvia's heart you know Sylvia It is a documentary. Jim Allison breakthrough. Jim Allison was the two thousand. Eighteen Nobel prize is winner for discovering the immune system's role in defeating cancer. Heavy stuff. This is. It's heavy stuff kind of goes hand in hand with a Judy garland bio pick to With heavy stuff. But it's supposed to be inspiring very inspiring. Woody Harrelson narrates it. And I'm actually going to see it very shortly but the pieces I have seen of it. It's amazing and it is. It's not often we get to talk. Talk about documentaries but this is one that I hope everybody puts on their radar. Having you think people are going to be talking about this I do I really do. Because AH cancer is such at the forefront. I think almost every single one of us has had their lives touched by it in in one form or another so here here is somebody who's being celebrated for his work and how many people pay attention to Nobel Prize winners. They don't but they'll pay attention to the movies interesting. The power of the cinema right. Yeah absolutely on October. Fourth were in for an interesting movie that people have been waiting for. Just by using stills released of Jared Leto as the joke show jokers coming out. We haven't seen This character in a long time What are you hearing about this well? I'm hearing that Deniro is the must see the film. And he plays a talk show. He plays a talk show host which which is it is very fitting all the PR materials for their playing up the fact that he was in one thousand nine hundred ninety s king of Comedy Scorsese Film? Jerry Lewis I would have done it So I'm really curious to see how how this plays out We'll see but I think that there are some other stuff that weekend. How it's going to be received? I don't know we it's going to be received jokers GonNa win the week. Joker could win the weekend but then of course we've got the current warriors coming out but then it's it's been sitting around for a while. And that's that's the story of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. That doesn't have the sex appeal of J doesn't but you've got Tom how Holland Benedict cumberbatch Nicholas. Out and Michael Shannon good cass good cast and. Then we've got lucy in the sky that starting to get a lot of push right now with Natalie Portman playing an astronaut Um and that could be a counter for the female audience out there in terms of programming that we in in terms of of releasing that weekend. And we're talking with Debbie Lynn Elias. She's on twitter at movie. Sharp d you can also find twitter with bt L. Radio show that is transmitted all around the world people all around the world know this woman's name she's also one of the people who Ranks your movies on rotten tomatoes and to do that you have. I just see a lot of movies. You have to have a lot of experience. You have to prove yourself to be a worthy critic. Debbie little lies. Our guest is just that as we move into the the week of October eleventh. That's a Friday Gemini Man is coming out and that's will Smith and he's playing a dual role and people seem to love. Will Smith we so what happened with Aladdin recently and we just heard the announcement about Aladdin. And it's because of will Smith as Jeannie make so much money and there's going to be another one but now we're going to see a young will Smith and an older present day will smith so this is going to be interesting will Smith cloned Ingley is directing and pretty much. Do any angrily can do almost anything known to mankind. But the movie that I wasn't interested interested in seeing until I checked out the voice cast is the animated the addams family and that and now I'm curious to see it with the voicing surly there and tissue Yup Marissa's play again Finn Wolf Heart Heart as Huxley. This is his third film it. It'll be his third film in five. WEEKS SNOOP DOGG is playing cousin. Well the the big reason I wanna I wanna see it. Bette Midler as grandma you know. I was interesting because uncle fester is Nick Kroll but I wonder if the filmmakers thought about the key Coogan who was an actor and his grandfather aid now see that that would have been nice cast. A vote have been kind of cool just to see just to see that. And of course we've also got parasite opening that week. Let's just sounds scary. But it's Bong Jun Ho and that guy he is he is brilliant And it's it's a dark comedy horror So I think that one. It's further down down on the list. But I think it's worth seeing ends a Korean film and we've got You know there was just Kay Khan and his big thing of all things Korean and it seems like right now. In America there is a fascination truly is and of course you the go-to person for because I'm a fan of the BT 's fans. Because I told them a long time ago that if the Beatles were around today and they had that social media it would be bt US Army any oh the organization absolutely impressive. But there's no little film coming out on the eleventh that I wanNA make AAC mention of high strung free dance soap opera legend Michael Damian from the young and the restless. Yes my a lot of people. Don't realize that once Michael Left soaps. Michael Michael is a very very well known director. And he's saying but Michael Writer. Director Co writer is his wife. Janine Janine father all you trivia buffs was James Best on Dukes of Hazzard but he did a film a couple years ago. High Strung starring Jane Seymour. This is now a sequel. It is a dance delight. We've told me my Jane Seymour's back Jane Seymour is back This is where I am. Jane Seem I love Jane Seymour. Naughty and she can be sweet and I think that when Hollywood started giving here those opportunities we got to see a different side of. Yeah and we're we're going beyond You know the winds of war kind of mini series of the seventies now. Now we've got 'em beyond Dr Quinn. Were even though she and Joe. Lando still tease the fans. All the time. But there's so much legal wrangling with CBS. That they can't do reboot reboot of the show but they do cruises together for the doctor wind fans but you look at something with Jane Austen land which she is delicious delicious in and it is so what. You're not used to same with her character. In High Strung and now in the sequel high strung free dance or Tober Fifteenth Fifteenth. Jay and silent Bob Reboot. Hey Kevin Smith is bringing this back just hit God only knows I hear. It's good well while for the cat. You've got Chris Hemsworth their Damon. Joe Joe Manganiello Val kilmer and Val kilmer. This this I think will be a nice lead up to seeing val again next year in top gun maverick. So it's getting him back in front of the camera again. That's good so I think that for me. He is a reason to possibly see that film. It became kind of a cult. Hit after really dead. People I think new generations might WANNA see the the reboot too. So that's good and I think Kevin Smith has become kind of a hero of the comic world twos serving. He's got new fans over the years. So I kinda liked that as we move to the next week in eighteen we have a lot of films and to double tap. Well come on. What's not to love about Zombie land? corozzo Dawson isn't that one too. And she's another one. We're seeing quite a bit of this fall. But we've got woody Harrelson again. And of course you know what he the as we just mentioned the documentary breakthrough. Would he narrates that. Now we get to see woody as we love him. which is killing? ZOMBIES is in Zombie land to Abigail. Breslin is back and I always love seeing abby but we have another film on the opening that did well. The first time it's Malefic malefic mistress of evil so that has Angelina Jolie back in that world malefic again L. fannings back as Queen Aurora and now from Shell pfeiffer joins the fray this time these movies seemingly always do well. He knows how to do it right. They really do and people were reluctant. They they weren't sure how malefic was going to be received because we all knew the story of Aurora Asleep beauty but to turn it on its head head Intel malefic story and now we thought we saw everything with Melson and Aurora and everything was lovely and happy at the end of the movie a now now what happens what I like is that once upon a time Disney would take a movie like malefic sent and Malefic two would be released direct to video. Now now I think there. Maybe I don't know if it's the effort the time. The talent the scripts are. They're saying these are big screen film. I think I think that's a big part of it. Plus I think there's also people are craving it. This is not the kind of movie that you want to experience on a streaming platform which is where things that's the alternative initiative now to a DVD or BLU ray or VHS from back in the day Of course look in my house. It's still the day in my house but this is not the kind of film you WanNa see on a streaming platform for your first experience. Would you have wanted to see each of the avengers. Engineers move subsequent adventures movies after Iron Man. Would you have wanted your first experience to be on streaming no absolutely not and the grandeur and and scope of the production design costume design is such an even when we get into the sound design. The sound design is so intricately. Jerkily done on so many of these big films. Now that you can hear the flutter like with Malefic and I'm sure the same thing is going to happen with Mr Seveval evil you can hear the flutter of the fairy wings and that attention to detail a lot of people may not notice it but it feels your senses senses so it enhances the experience and you're not GonNa hear it on your TV Saturday. Okay Miss W October twenty fifth black and Blue Star. Therese Reese Gibson I go back a long way with therese. I root for him all the time. He's a big supporter of a lot of other people in the business. Frank Grillo is in this Naomie Harris's in this. What do I need to know about this movie? What's well number one? The big thing to know is dion. Taylor is directing it dion and I go way back and dion is a dear. The dear friend however thriller it's an action thriller. Dion also knows that if it if it's crap I will say it is crap to his face as well L.. We should tell people it's this action thriller about a rookie cop and that's Naomi Yup and she captures of murder of a drug dealer on her. We have corrupt cops and and I think one of the big reasons to see black and Blue Dante Spin ody's cinematography cinematography spin spin spin. Not is one of the best cinematographers out there. He didn't manage to show his range. The last Mohicans ant man and the wasp beaches. He's okay. So that is a definite must see film for October twenty fifth blackened blow before we wrap it up. Let's get into November briefly because because we can't stop without talking about Terminator Dr Arnold's back Sarah Connor's bag the Hamilton Hamilton. Hamilton is back reprising her role. And this is the sixth and Stolman in this series. And there's a new terminator Gabriel Luna Right uh-huh and it looks like it will have all the action that we remembered all that kind of and given chemistry and hey this this is the sixth installment since the last terminator installment stunts technology. CGI It's all advanced even more. So so I'm chomping at the bit for that one and we should talk about motherless Brooklyn because this is Edward Norton like what his his prize is. He's Yes for a long time if he's Dr. Yup It's New York City crime drama and it's based on a novel from Nineteen ninety-one. Yes it is so you know. And I'm typically always hesitant with adaptations from novels. But when you get somebody like Edward Norton or you get a James Franco somebody that is doing adaptation nation. They know literary construct they know how to bring character from the page to the screen. So I think my motherless Brooklyn Alan is wanted definitely have on your radar. Plus Bruce Willis is in it. And not only Bruce Willis but Willem defoe who I think is Baldwin Google bothell raw amp Jerry Jones. Bobby Kinda Avala. There is a nice cast here and I feel like they had to look at the script when they were offered the part. Read for the part and thought. I WANNA be a part of this absolutely going to let you tease people with one more Phil God. 'cause thanksgiving we'll have you back and get into that whole holiday meal of movies but Friday November number eight was a movie that you WanNa see. Well actually there's three I wanna see I got I got to talk about one. Well the titles of the other two okay well number. We've got to be on the lookout for mid way. It's a remake of one thousand nine hundred seventy six jacks might. We're GONNA talk about that next time last Christmas the trailer. Just just drop this week written by Thompson starring Emma Thompson that went and it's George Michael's music and of course it features the Song of the same name name last Christmas but the one that I'm really that I really am looking looking forward to it. has you in stars. Ewan McGregor doc yes. UN UN is my question you and my downfall doctor sleep. This is the sequel to the shining. And you and plays Danny Torrance all grown up but the big mystery surrounding this film is who's going. Will there be flashbacks. Will there be an appearance by Danny Torrance's father I mean Jack. Nicholson you said it not me. This is the big mystery surrounding this film. Will there be Jack. Nicholson appearance but I think in and of itself off the fact that we're revisiting Everything that we know and remember Red Rum Red Rum. It's it's this. This is a big one. This is one. I'm really really looking forward to. We'll be able to talk next time about films. Including the Irishman knives out Jumanji the next level all caps is coming out star wars the rise of skywalker call of the wild little women and other adaptation of that spies in disguise. We've got some movies to talk about. But I just say thank you please. I will to Debbie Lynn Elias. Whose twitter handle is movies? Shark D. where you can find her also on twitter bt not L. Radio show that's heard all around the world and you can find her online at behind the Lens online dot net and that's where you'll get her full interviews with various stars and behind the scene stars. A lot of extras commentary trailers. Anything related to the movies that Debbie thinks. You'll find interesting. Lots of movie reviews in lots of movie reviews. And clearly. If you've been listening. She does not mince words. Gummy Lynn Allies. Thanks again for joining us off the red carpet and we'll see you in November. Thank you George. Pinocchio and I will be back to talk about the holiday an award season. Alright thanks for being with US everyone.

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Friday 3 April

Monocle 24: The Briefing

35:59 min | 6 months ago

Friday 3 April

"You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the third of April. Two Thousand and twenty on monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you. Live from studio one here at Midori. House in London. I'm Emma Nelson at a very warm welcome to today's program coming up in the next thirty minutes more than six and a half million Americans file for unemployment we ask what impact it could have on living standards and the future of the American economy. Also ahead the number of new corona virus cases in Italy appears to be leveling off one. Mellon correspondent will offer us his assessment plus. We'll have the very latest on the markets and Monaco's contributing editor. Andrew Mara fills us it on the stories. We may have missed from this week's Manic News Cycle. We learned that one town in North Wales has fallen two goats and then our very own Fernando. Augusto Pacheco will join us to tell us how pop culture is adapting to uncertainty as well. That's all coming up right here in the briefing with me Emma Nelson when it comes to the amount of damage that the corona virus could do to the world's economy while the numbers are getting bigger and bigger. The latest estimate from the Asian development. Bank is at the cost could be as high as four point one trillion dollars or five percent of the world's gross domestic products. The biggest coincide with the news at six and a half million Americans have now filed for unemployment. Opec Goodman is a global economic correspondent at the New York Times. I'm delighted to say he joins me on the briefing once again. Welcome back the monocle. Twenty four Peter. Let's begin with this number. Four point one trillion. What does that mean that means that the global economy has essentially stopped? It has shuddered to hall and that has not happened by accident that has happened by design. The world's governments have chosen quite appropriately to try to choke off this pandemic. It is above all a public health. Emergency and the only way we're going to limit the threat to the global economy. National economies is to get a handle on the public health emergency and that involves people staying home. It involves people knock going workplaces not going out shopping going to restaurants getting on airplane and so for all intents purposes the world economy is a stopped in a lot of people who get paid to do all sorts of things that they don't need to be doing. Now I have lost their paychecks. Which is a catastrophe that it's playing out for billions of people. Tennis has managed to come up with this figure. Four point one trillion when most of us don't even know what's going to be happening next week. I mean look there's also estimates and models I mean we we have. We have no idea because any estimate has to reckon with forecast when this is GONNA be contained. How many people are gonNA lose their lives? How long it's GONNA take for business to get back to you to usual. I mean that that. That's a lot of variables but this is a one institutions attempt to look at value of goods and services that are now being disrupted from hotels that are normally full that earn longer from Airlines that are in distress. A huge swath of industry commodities that are not being made a because factories are not running or haven't been running until recently There's there's lots of demand for goods and services not needed anymore. So when institution? Tally that up and they came up with this number. You can come up with better numbers. You can come up with worst numbers. Nobody really knows. The point is this is a very very bad downturn. That's almost certainly going to be worse than that. I after the global financial crisis of two thousand eight. I talked to an economist. The other day who wrote that book at this time is different than history financial crises. She says it's the worst down. Turn that we've seen in one hundred years. Tell us a little bit more about those losing their jobs. I mentioned the moment that goes at six and a half. Americans have now filed for unemployment chicken APP million. Yeah and that's ten million in two weeks that's enough to take the unemployment rate from a very very low number south of four percent. I in February up probably ten percent the next time we get the numbers and before this is over we could see the unemployment rate reach twenty or even thirty percent according to some estimates again no one knows but it means that in millions of households people who have been living on their paychecks to pay. Their bills have lost their paychecks. In the unique American experience. It means a lot of people have lost access to healthcare because the US is an outlier in the developed world in raking employment to healthcare the US does not have national health system and there are tens of millions of people who don't have any healthcare and now a lot of people who've gotten it through their jobs are going to be scrambling to provide it. It's it's just simply a disaster. People are going to have a hard time paying the rent for have a hard time. Paying their mortgages. People are having difficulty in some cases find groceries. People are going to food banks for the first time in their lives. I it is a full blown. D- zoster when you talking to friends and family and colleagues who are in the United States based in New York that's city that's being hit incredibly hard. How much is the corona virus actually biting everyday life now? The United Kingdom's been in lockdown for two weeks. So we're beginning to see the long term effects of things but for New York. They're they're in the eye of the storm worldly. Oh I mean. New York is taking in much more seriously than the London is People have have have been in its serious lockdown for for many weeks when I talked to friends and relatives in New York. It's clear that it's like nine eleven every day The streets are empty. People are very reluctant to go out even to shop for groceries When they come up they really keep their distance. It's really exposed. The tremendous class differences in our. So you're anybody of real. Means is off at their country house throughout their beach house in the Hamptons or Or or their country house up in the Hudson valley middle class. People with kids Taking care of kids. We're out of school Booking rely on emergency childcare services. They're ordering groceries from from online providers while they're doing their jobs via the Internet and then the working class people people actually have to deliver all those groceries And and keep Keep the system running. They're the only people now riding the subway wearing masks and whatever protective gear that could find and hoping to not get sick kindness a little bit more than about the idea of having ten percent of the American workforce declared unemployed it suddenly makes the State become the provider how equipped are willing is a us for that. Well it does and it doesn't I mean the. Us is also an out liar in terms of having a very patchy social safety net so in Europe. here in Britain But even more strongly in places like Denmark and the Netherlands governments have effectively nationalized the payrolls they've said to companies don't lay off your workers hang onto them. Whenever we get back to normal you'll be able to snap back into operation and will be able to prevent having tens of millions of people end up on the unemployment rolls. We will heavily subsidize the wages. If you don't fire your employees in the states that approach has been debated but is not been applied. There was this two trillion dollar spending measure that president trump signed last week. That does dramatically expand the unemployment system. But that's a traditional unemployment insurance system that requires the people go out to unemployment offices or at least go online. I and apply for benefits and these. The system has been hit so dramatically by this surge of people suddenly needing monthly checks that a lot of people haven't even been able to file computer systems of crashed. People have been stuck on hold through telephone systems for really long periods of time having to call multiple times. It's very frustrating. And it's a desperate emergency for people who live paycheck to paycheck and are now relying on minimal. On unemployment benefits that will not replace the reformer income. Just keep the lights on Goodman global economic correspondent of the New York Times. Thank you very much indeed for joining us on the briefing. Let's get more now from articles editor in chief Tyler Brule. He joins me on the line from our headquarters in Zurich Tyler. What's the latest where you're things? Maybe just going really to the heart of Europe or at least would argue is the most important capital with within the EU listeners. Will be happy to hear that. The chancellor is backing the chancery. Anglo miracle is out of her yet another round of self-isolation and Is Backing is back in the command seat That certainly when you're looking at The German papers At the moment many papers here on the continent is is really a part of the news. But I would say the the backbone to that though. I think what we're seeing a lot right now and I'm going to be writing a little bit about this over the weekend. You really notice. Something is happening with the borders in in Europe and I was on the highway heading south toward the Alps towards the Italian border. Two days ago came back just a couple of hours ago. You see a proper mobilization when you get beyond And it's not a huge urban sprawl in Zurich. Has You know but when you get you go a little bit beyond the lake It just the the the traffic just dies out In terms of civilian traffic and delivery trucks etc and it is it's almost a military operation and you only have to sort of go and sort of peer along the side of the road to see probably what what amounts to sort of tens and tens of kilometers of barbed wire which is already there to be a strong out wherever they need to and I. I think one of the things we're looking at you know and in this is what we've seen from Berlin as well today. is a is a further lockdown of borders and not just landlord is. We're also talking about Airport airports as well. An- anybody so the talking at the moment anyone who's coming into Germany on is going to have to go into some level of quarantine or have documentation to of course To prove that they've been recently tested or whatever it may be and I think that this is something which you know we're really going to have to grapple with. Is this the end of Schengen for the next eighteen months for good Who knows but I think that you're as we come out of this. I think a lot of countries are thinking about their own economy. They think about of course being interconnected the rest of the world but most importantly to make sure that they don't see obviously a resurgence and they're somehow able to protect themselves. One thing that some people have suggested those at the reintroduction of border controls is visibly unpleasant. Let's say that. And it makes people feel as if Their movements are being more officially restricted. But the main battle is still to make people stay at home when when when they really want to go out again. I think that and also think people don't want their health burdened either. There's an issue in Switzerland a lot of people who have have homes here at Cetera You're found themselves either on the right or the wrong side of the border wherever they live and our hospitals And and not not was maybe in a way Not were Switzerland was saying. Come on in So I think there are a number of question marks a little bit of anger around that so I think there's a flip side to all of this That yes everyone wants to be able to to be open. Open their doors to treat people in a time of crisis but also your tax payer Then you want to make sure That also your family You know has not been cut off in the queue because other people have jumped in line. Who AREN'T TAXPAYERS? Now I'm sure the government will seek to recover that money but I think I think there is. There is a we're shifting to a slightly or maybe a radically different mindset in terms of people wanting to feel safe That this is not a free for all And and people know that they have to hunker down and and of course we're going to move into world where we rethink. We're rethinking everything and particularly we're rethinking our supply chains whereas the food coming from Are we upset or happy to be subsidizing farmers of the future if it means that we have food self-sufficiency and if it rests within our borders? I think that a lot of people who once upon a time would have you been all embracing of Schengen or now like you know what I'm actually happy. There's controls doesn't mean the borders closed. It just means controls. Finally how happy are people? Generally with leaders to Angela. Merkel's bringing out of self isolation also enjoyed a boost in the polls the United Kingdom elitism battling against sustained criticism that they're not doing enough to do testing all people in Europe mainly trusting and having faith of those in charge. I think it goes market by barking. I was talking to see over big automotive group in Italy just before we went on air And of course he's how how are you just able to cap to keep up with all of the laws constantly being changed at Cetera. So his his feeling about the government in Rome is probably no different than what is getting would have been six months ago about the government in Rome But I think that I think the French are feeling very good about Mr. Macron I think they see proper leadership there I think of course to Germany Denmark as well. I think The prime minister there. I think she's she's getting. I think you know quite a very very positive reviews. And and certainly Simmons Ruga the President of the Federal Council here in Switzerland. I think everyone a little bit slow off the mark. I think he can people to do. You know who the president or the president. The president was a few weeks ago now. They pretty much know who she is out. And and I think here we've seen great leadership and I think that's going to be part of the big shakedown is well. It's interesting to see that. Of course the UK likes to talk up a story of of being a country of great advertising. Great Marketing Great Communicators But you know you see the narrative as well. The narrative right now is about testing. And maybe they've done a good job at that. I think there's even more critical issues that need to be dealt with and I've been sort of surprising just watching these briefings and yesterday was so focused on really sort of one element when I think there are probably five or six things that number ten and of course the calling surrounding need to be addressing nichols editor in chief. Tyler thank you very much indeed. We'll have much more from tyler and the team through the weekend here on monocle. Twenty four you at the briefing. There are signs that the rate of Corona virus infections in Italy could be slowing. It is still early days but the news is being treated with cautious optimism by the health professionals. There that's got more on this now from Monaco. Milan correspondent Ivan Cavalier Ivan. Welcome back as ever Tell us what's happening. This is analysis from the Financial Times. But it does point to one thing which is the rate of infection slowing down your thoughts correctly. I'm a we looks like we've reached the plateau Although there is you know caution about this because if it doesn't go right down again so we have to be careful for the next several days because while in Lumbar the which is the The heart of the of the the outbreak where we've seen For example over sixty percent of of the pathologies There is still concerned about other areas. say in the center of the south of the country that may have some outbreaks where there's caution Being advised On that but it appears to be that we've we've now reached a plateau and so there is hope that in the coming month There may be a possibility of Of opening up a little bit although today the the head of the Civil Protection Agency Angelo. Borelli mentioned that he believes it'll be around the beginning or middle of May before we can do the space which is called the reopening of the of society on on a gradual steps and the number of people being admitted to Italian hospitals is also slowing down. How welcome news will that be? I mean depth definitely welcomed. Because you know the these reports every every day as in other countries Italy it's in the in the evening around around six o'clock that we get the the reports and it's You know it's it's been Graham in the last few weeks and so to have these at least in in Lombardy we've seen the the decline and in also in tallies the number of infections So you know for us. It's it's some comfort that finally we seen because it took so long to get into to see the effects of the of the lockdown because of the time of incubation of of this of this virus that now we see we should be seeing the next week ten days Positive numbers On our end for for having been here now we talk about Lombardi and where I am wearing to the fourth week of of this Lock them tell us a little bit more about how looked down is affecting Italian daily life. I mean the pictures and the images we get of people on balconies singing dancing working out trying to sustain each other behind closed doors. It's longer darker slog isn't it? Yeah indeed there. Aren't those mobs that we saw in the beginning There's been more reflection now Obviously we we could still go to the newsstand that that's an important You know Element of of Italian life We don't have the cafe at the moment or the Piazza. We do. Have the newsstand. So if you take a walk at least to get The papers and magazines indoors. Obviously you know. There's a lot of attention now for with my children on the schooling and now the schools are beefing up programs with with more lessons My son just did this morning. A all over The conferencing with the other students and the teacher and this is something that they're now programming for three times a week So this law dedication to try to organizing schedules around One's own meetings and and those are the children with professor so and teacher so Trying to get a rhythm. Of course you know now weekend's Kinda Blur a bit but people are still trying to maintain a little bit of of the weekend atmosphere if we can sell us a little bit more about how. Italy's leaders are coping with this. I mean we have seen the most astonishing discussion take place on the front page of Lara public over the last couple of days between the Italian prime minister said Picante and the head of the European Commission US La Fonda Line. Here's ended up apologizing to Italy for lack of solidarity from Europe Yay. I think Italy early on belt that You know the the help Wasn't a coming on the end. In terms of those krona bonds are trying to create a a a European solution to this crisis. Because you know Kante Was more receptive now of of you know the president of the Commission's response that we're going to open up and help Italy and Spain that have been most affected by this virus. You know in content was saying this is key because this year People may may try to write it as the year that the European project failed but the context saying look this is. This is the year where we can you know with Brexit and other problems swirling around. Now we have this this pandemic. This could be the year of the of the rebirth of of of a renaissance. If we can get together and show this kind of a kind of Salisbury. The there was those spots about the so-called corona bonds and the Dutch finance minister who then got negative reactions. Both by a former prime minister. Prodi here in Italy who was himself at the European Commission and other saying you know look. We need to have a solution here that that that involves a together. Because you know if these states have greater difficulties than you know overall who's who the Dutch going to sell their tulip suit was was was the remark by byproduct. He's not one to sort of throw out remarks like that so There's this kind of now Perception obviously now in Brussels. They understand that this is something where they need to find common ground to develop solutions where the member states can get together and and they're coming out of this as as we get out of these. These lockdowns slowly. I've uncovered Leo in Milan. Thank you very much indeed for joining us on the briefing with monocle. Twenty four time to see what the market's doing let's hear from you and parts from Bloomberg Union economic data from around Europe today. What's happening Alabama? Yes well he won't surprise you to hear. The euro area is in a slump of unprecedented scale. Now we've had the purchasing managers index numbers today for March from across the euro area and from the UK. And well that pretty bad. They tend to reflect when countries when the lockdown not surprising. If you shut down your economy the number GonNa shop looking pretty Ross another. Uk least badly hit at the moment. The march number dropping to thirty six now fifty six point between contraction and expansion above fifty is expansion. A number in the forties is bad. Thirties is very bad looking a bit more widely across Europe. Spain's number came in at twenty three and Italy which is being obviously most hard hit by virus under lockdown. I came in at seventeen. Just put these in some kind of context back in the global financial crisis in two thousand eight. Spain's number dropped into the twenty S. Other countries didn't drop much below about forty at the depths of their recessions. So these numbers a pretty awful just warns that of course the effect of these. These shutdowns has not fully fed through yet so these are likely to get worse before they get better. We will see them. Hit the button. Well that's really the big question. I think that the the shutdowns haven't entirely finished working their way through the system. Some countries haven't shut down as much as others in the UK off restrictions and not as onerous as in France or in Italy. Some countries like Sweden and haven't really fully implemented shut down schools still open in Sweden. So there is probably worse to come and what happens when we restart the economy and of course. Nobody knows when that's going to be is also another difficult question. We've never really modern economic history. Just switched off an economy and then try to restart it several months down the line so the may be all sorts of unintended consequences when we finally do that at one thing. That's also surprises. Today's Donald Trump and his announcement with trying to make sure that the oil market is stable. And there could be a possible agreement between the Saudis the Russians in the US. Tell us what all that is about. Pleasing the likelihood of that ever happening fascinating story about the world's most important commodities been all over the place in recent months pre corona about one hundred million barrels. A day was how much oil the world was getting through. Estimate suggests that the shot down. Will those planes not flying cars not on the roads could affect that demands by thirty to thirty five million barrels a day and also of course the Saudis and the Russians fully outs over supply carts? Now that's all seen the oil price slump tonight oil-price by as much as eleven percent. This hope that could be a agreement to cut output. There's been a special meeting scheduled for next week. That the Saudis Say THAT READY. Russia and the US must get onboard quite tricky to president trump. He's been he's been trumpeting. If you like the cheap gasoline prices you can now get a gallon of petrol in the US less than a dollar in some places. So that's a big bonus for the American consumer in as far as any of them consume anything but is also bad news for the US shale industry. Yes the US is now the world's biggest oil producer. So it's pretty bad for the economy on net imbalances bad for the. Us economy went over. Prices dropped so low so trump is keen to get some agreements on cutting out but around the world to try and stem this dropping oil price. So that's GonNa take place early next week. And that's given oil investors a little bit of hope in parts. Thank you very much indeed. Johnny is on the line from Bloomberg. You're listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four it's time now for our regular recap of news on monocle. Twenty four that surprise or enlightened this week. Andrew Muna is a man with a prodigious capacity for learning. So He's here to tell us what he's absorbed from seven days when the world was gripped once again by Kovic nineteen hundred guns. We learned this week. That Seoul is the biggest city in the world with a population of not less than thirty eight million people. It must be true. The president of the United States said so and he according to no less an authority than himself is an unconquerable expert on the subject of South Korea. I know South Korea better than anybody. It's a very tight you're not. Many people are in Seoul. Big City of Solis. Thirty eight million people as bigger than anything. We have thirty eight million people. All tightly wound together. We also learned after thinking that doesn't sound right and looking it up on wikipedia that souls actual population is about twenty eight million people fewer than trump's estimate at which point we also learned that soul is thirty eight meters above sea level or as it appears only pertinent wikipedia. Page thirty eight M still elevation population tomato tomato. A rival explanation for the president's era holds thirty eight million actually is about the population of the Greater Tokyo Area. But is it really possible? Donald Trump Donald trump of all people could have been ignorant of or indifferent to the distinction between two Asian countries. Does that really sound like something that could happen? We learned however that one or two other national leaders are taking. What might be charitably described as an idiosyncratic approach to confronting Nicovic nineteen pandemic in Belarus? Interminable President Alexander Lukashenko reacted to the global attention. Belarus has been getting from desperate sports fans. The country's football and hockey league's continuing as usual and indeed Lukashenko took to the rink in Minsk last weekend to play in Ama- to match Lukashenko has dismissed lockdown measures elsewhere as a psychosis and suggested the virus can be defeated if citizens drink vodka and go to saunders in fairness. It's the first time in Lukashenko's career that you have to hope he's right. We continue to learn. Because what choice do we have about the ongoing global efforts to thwart covert nineteen? Some of what we have learned on this front has been a heartening humbling lesson in human ingenuity to pick a few at random. Lithuanian manufacturer into surgical has found a way to produce. A million respirator masks for the country's medical workers boffins from University College London and otherwise under employed technicians from Mercedes formula. One have put together a breathing aid which may keep covert nineteen sufferers out of overstretched intensive care wards. This time next week they could be making a thousand of the devices every day and in a plot twist which many believed was a supremely poldi judged April fools prank but which wasn't British American Tobacco announced on Wednesday that they were working on a potential covert nineteen vaccine derived from tobacco plants the unlikely Saviors of Bat. Reckon production could start in June but we also learned that scientific advancement is very often a matter of steps forward and steps backward. We learned to spare whatever pity we had in reserve for the mill Bernie and astrophysicist who decided to use his confinement to build a device which prevents people from touching their faces and wound up in hospital with magnets stuck up his nose and possibly were still with a girlfriend who felt that the world's morale would be improved by hearing all about his mishap. If nothing else. The case demonstrated the urgency of a vaccine one trimble's to think of the indignities that accident and emergency nurses are going to see explained by. I was trying to build a corona virus device in coming weeks and we learned that at times of stress and tension people even more apt full for bogus. Good news stories of unusual so we learned if we did an amount of rummaging via image. Search that despite what someone has nice certainly posted on your facebook page. Monkeys have not seized control of town in Thailand nor wild bows overrun Burgum. Oh nor swans set sail in the Grand Canal in Venice but we learned that one town in north Wales has fallen into goats. A herd of Kashmiri goats has grazed the hedlund known as great owned since the nineteenth century the herds forebears one supposes. Four goats were presented by Queen Victoria to Major General Savage Marston. Late of the Royal Welsh fusiliers veteran of Crimea. The Indian mutiny and the Ashanti Campaign and Household Claudia. Th Hole in the seaside settlement of land did know the incumbent emboldened by the shot in silence. Which has descended over-funded no lately? A now contentedly. Meandering the streets dining on hedges climbing on stone fences and generally doing stuff fairly it is a new world. Tough Crowd monocle twenty four. I'm Andrew Miller. Thank you very much Andrea. You're listening to the briefing on twenty four. The time here in London is twelve thirty one and while we're no longer wearing out our shoe leather going out. A heavier burden is being placed on a bandwidth. Our entertainment has come into our homes. And while there's been a resurgence in the more traditional programs such as the news I like many have turned to music. I'm during on the line by monocle. Twenty four culture correspondent Fernando Augusta Pacheco in quarantine enjoying the music. How you Faye very good very good very Roy Timothy. And this time music can save us in a way almost. So what is what have we been listening to the salvation than well? I have to say I mean. My music routine changed a lot because before when I was working in the office I used to listen in the morning my morning commute but now it's actually a bit later in the day so he's actually when I finished my working hours and this has been proved a lot of the streaming services are saying of for example that they had their peak at around you know between seven am and ten am but now they're pika slightly later because I don't think people are going to their commutes. Most of them are not doing that. And even the type of Music. They're listening in fact. I mean you'll be happy to say you know what are the two top generous that increased in recent days for it. Well Classical Music Journal you love and you is even semi some very very lovely tips which I am listening to children's music as well. Right big rises. We can do less the children's music in our household we have a lot of that and Well actually no we have an awful of Jira leaper. That seems to be constantly in our household. I I don't get any room in nowadays or anything classical it's all Also total pop people going for stuff. That's a little bit lighter. It's there's not much space in our household for anything heavy deepen dark. We've just been wanting something that can get us through the next twenty minutes without killing each other. Well it's interesting that you mentioned to a leaper because she she released album. That is the perfect song for today. It's very easy album to listen very eighties. Lord of sin it is a little bit escapist although the weekend did the same thing and he also released an album in recent days and they're topping the charts everywhere. I think this kind of general crop kind of disco pop slightly eighties. It's something that people like you know it makes people relaxed those. This kind of music is doing very well but it might interesting that when the the break started to get worse action the streaming services at least in the US they dipped a little bit and then you may wonder I mean why music is so important but I think people were watching so much so so many the news. There was so stressed so I think there was actually some people. They kind of stop listening to music. I think this is changing. Because people know they were for for the long run. If I may say and you can't just watch the news. All the time you do have to entertain yourself and I think duleep is actually a very good remedy for that. She is She's constantly on our house whether I want not. The music industry overseas having to adapt all the tickets that we've got for GIGS. Have been cancelled. And we're all hoping for this refund at some point to happen in the next few months but we're not just getting this in sort of trying to sustain that music industry we've also got the television and cinema industries who are having to completely think on eight. Oh my God absolutely. I mean what's happening Hollywood? I it's almost tragic because you know there's been so many productions happening they have to be delayed and you know and people knowing the film industry every day that assumes delayed. There's so much costs of for that as well. Even the big studios are being hurt by that including Disney but some students their findings Marta ways. They're releasing films on demand not only the US even in France. They have very strict laws. That a few Congo on demand before staying for a bit to the cinema and waiting a few months even they had to change that. So you know. Industries is having to adapt very quickly. And even I mean even repeating your show. That's an art form because which show. Would you repeat which will make today as well so you know? I'm sure all the curator's of of all the networks are having to think very hard about that manacles Fernanda Gupta. Yoshiko thank you dispensing pose of wisdom from your living room. That's all we have time for this edition of the briefing. Many thanks to our produces reese James Page Reynolds and yearning and our researcher Charlie Phil mccord and Austere Manager Nora. The briefing is back on Monday at the same time and keep across manacles agenda. Stay tuned sign up for email bulletins from our team all around the World Fernando for me Melson. Goodbye thanks for listening. Enjoy your weekend if you can

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