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"melissa sandwich" Discussed on WGN Radio

"She's just dozing off right now. After covering the sags dozing off now gone all the parties afterwards, sufficient circle. We start with the way we should start on one two three joined with me. Now happy birthday. The day. Celtic Colleen Bush. Birthday to you. You guys are so sweet happy birthday. Oh, nice canceled. This radio hit as a nicer birthday present for me. But not that much. All right. So you're you're you're working all day for sure because you gotta do packages. Now, you gotta post up you've got to be the things from last night's tell us what stood out from the sag awards. What stood out for the sag award? Is that I made a fool of myself on the red carpet. What lady Gaga tau what what happened to lady Gaga, of course, was nominated for female actress and she came on the red carpet. And she her publicist said, she's not doing Preska. She blew out her voice. You know, she sang at a residency on Saturday night with Bradley Cooper, vocal Rashed. Get prepared a big moment for me to God. I brought her fruity pebbles. Bad with the fruity pebbles pebbles. And I was like, well, I'm not forgetting I'm not not giving lady Gaga these pretty public. Centrally solid her down the red carpet with one of my producers on an iphone, and I found her and I was like God, da. I've got pebbles for you girl, and she had a big laugh, and that was the best moment of my career shameless self-promotion slash Dada needs her pebble. I don't think you made a fool yourself. I think that's a rockstar moving. I think that's great, right? Awards are so long. She's probably hungry. I have inside. Let's see. I can't remember specifically. But when they got to her category. I thought it was weird shit. A handful of fruity pebbles. Little. Eighty. There you go. Phasing. I love Saint Black Panther take home the cast in motion picture forty eight percent of the win in that category. At the Screen Actors Guild tend to win the Auster. Because a lot of the Screen Actors Guild. Members are also members of the academy Saint boating. So Black Panthers sort of overnight became a front runner for an Oscar, which is what about look you. Come from music, right? You're a dancer your whole life. What's that? Great dancer, everything I've read about you. What's your great dancer? The Radio City Rockette in New York. It's all that. You're a great dancer, so the Queen movie bohemian rhapsody the movie stars born, I just don't feel like music is getting it's love. Wow. This is one of those awards. So you are right in a way. And and this is one of those awards season Schwartz very by diversified between the roles so Rani Malik is really representing bohemian rhapsody because it's not tending to chart in any other category. But he's so fabulous in this movie. I think he'll probably take the Oscar as well. It is sad to see lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, sort of shut out although shallow from lady Gaga is the front runner to win. Best song at the authors. But it interesting little bit of dramas happening with the Oscars more drama. They've only invited so far two of the best sonum nominees all the stars from Black Panther and lady Gaga from shallow to perform usually all five perform. But right now, they're shutting out the other nominees for doing a an on camera performance, which I think is weird and kind of change their mind before the Oscars show thing they're trying to keep the pace up or what? What do you make of that? I'm sure, but the only part I really like these people talking about their moms, and like have more musical. That's the highlight for me. A regular person watching. I wanna see the fashion and then to see these people think I wanna see Emily blood writing her Mary Poppins. Absolutely. And even the Al fight song in the RPG is Jennifer Hudson song. So be interesting. Right. Exactly. I thought last night when I was watching the such great talent all the way through but particularly in the the best actor category. You learned from Vigo Mortenson, the Bradley Cooper to Christian bale for his role in dick advice and Dick Cheney and the wind goes to Romney Malik. It seems to me that's going to be very contentious category. Because he saw the Golden Globes go with Christian bale the saga actors the sag awards go with Romney Malik. It seems like that's going to be one that that you're not going to be able to predict. What happens in this is what is really interesting, and why the Screen Actors Guild awards are such a good sort of foreshadow of the Oscars it because actually Kristen Christian bale won the globe for his role because he was a part of comedy and then Romney won the golden glove as well in his category. They were not in the same category at the golden glove. This is the first time that they've been against each other has taken it. So they're both winners of the golden gloves. Rami takes the Screen Actors Guild award. We'll have to see what happens at the Oscars. But this is a crazy category. I mean, the level of of art that these gentlemen are putting out is so fabulous. They're all section iced is. So you're kind of rooting for all of them. There's no sort of like Hollywood jerks in this category. So it's it's really hard. But here's the good news guys. They're all rich and famous and they're going to be fine. No matter if they win or lose was there any complaining or whining last night by anyone let's out them off there. Was. For sure, you know, it was it was the cash when they found out that lawsuit. Mccarthy had not packed sandwiches. Oh. At the Golden Globe awards and fed everyone and I saw most on the carpet. And I said, where's your sandwiches? And she said to be honest with you, I made one sandwich and brought it for myself and my husband bench. I'll cone it in the car on the way over and now, we have no sandwiches, and everyone that I said are you going to get a Melissa sandwich? They were like, yeah. I didn't bring any peanuts in my clutch because I'm waiting for the sandwich. And now, there's no sandwiches. So Hollywood was hungry last night. Boy, you don't wanna cranky star. Hey, what am I saying before we let you go to bed? The cameo. Bradley Cooper, walk on with Gaga Vegas this. Weekend. Was great. And is a good Bradley Cooper is he came out. He was an awkward rockstar. He sort of felt funny about being there. It was Gogga's night. She was loving. She wanted him to be there. She set him upright. He put his heirs. And because he'd never worn in years. Those those amplifiers aware that look like. Thumbs. It was a cool moment, man. I'm telling you. I know they're both in great relationships. But I would buy those two together anytime. I said that earlier in the season at the Toronto film festival. I thought I said, well, they're obviously in love. Right. And then I find out she's engaged. And of course, he's he's with his longtime love name a baby together. So I don't want to speculate. I'm sure they're both very happy. But there is a special and very deep love between the two of these people and I loved to see Bradley Cooper out there playing air Bitar with Bradley with lady Gaga like he didn't know what to do. The us. It. He was just kind of like playing his jeans pocket. And I was like stars. Are just like us awkward, and we're. Right. And by the way, the dude can really sing harmonize. And he sang song a million times now, but this is not one of those fake deals. Guys. Got a good voice. And so often in Hollywood people don't realize this. But when you're in a movie, sometimes they had someone come in. And sing the senior parts for thing. I think no, he's really really talented. And actually this made me fall in love with Bradley Cooper, this raw a little bit more. I was never hardcore on the Bradley Cooper trained. He was never mind leading man that I loved and now I'm kind of like, my brother Cooper, I think everybody you so dreamy, I guess it's the rock rockstar. You know, like any time a guy behind him. The only thing better is by British accent your team is so easy. This way. The stupid Kelty night all over your entertainment tonight and all over your entertainment situation, by the way, it should come to birthday parties or bar mitzvahs. And I Booker for all that stuff. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, your husband, better do something. Nice for you. I hope so I can see my presence sitting on the counter. So and I could see how going oh my God. I gotta go shopping. All right. Great talking to you. Thanks for doing this Kelty night from entertainment tonight. We're gonna come back in a second. And Lou Manfredini will join us tell us what we should do to our houses immediately. In this four week of winter in one week week that we're living in now save nine thirty. What are you got move them to Florida would probably be number? We're still monitoring the snow, Steve it's still coming down in many areas. They heaviest snow south and southeast of the city cross northwestern. Indiana winter weather advisory continues the latest had nine thirty from the WGN newsroom. That can eat up your life. It starts to change your brain in that are compulsively wanting to react. It's usually never much further than your pocket or purse person is using their phone.

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