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"melissa chambliss" Discussed on WTVN

"About Melissa Chambliss you wanna do it here you want to hear just do it here Rick Taylor I'm sorry Taylor do you know who retailers are you throws confetti in US guy who confused alive I thought he was long gone in a few hours I known as the king of confetti he made a thousands of outlandish appearances on television and in night clubs and many many game shows as well rip Taylor the exuberant comedian who zany schtick an over the top delivery made him a TV a night club mainstay for more than six decades has died his Pringles mustache I must and you may not believe money I died today in Beverly hills he was eighty four according to his publicist this is an easy job being a publicist for I mean not anymore but like has it been I think it's public I think it's publicist slash guy US to vacuum up all the confetti okay the guy with the broom every US poster directed more than two thousand small screen credits during his career according to rip Taylor dot com why would they lie with dozens of may have full appearances on The Tonight Show in the Mike Douglas show alone gave I remember him from the tonight show I remember from game shows selling hollers when super password there's and there's an infamous super password click with him you could you too but slim if I tell you what I want what is the confetti industry going to do now you Chuck Barris took a liking to Taylor when he sat in as a panelist on the gong show and when.

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