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Falcons vs Buccaneers: Postgame podcast

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Falcons vs Buccaneers: Postgame podcast

"Dogma Hollick year and par a happy new year to you as we are about to celebrate or are celebrating the new year nail in the sky gets uploaded. Welcome to the Hollick post game podcast. I'm your host court Woodruff, and you know, New Year's new beginnings. And we are saying goodbye to a falcon season two thousand eighteen is in the books putting this on the shelf, and now swear, and we are, you know, preparing to get to a point where we can look ahead and try to be optimistic for the future. If you know me, and you know, this podcast, you know, that's the brand here. We really do try to be optimistic and try to look for that silver lining wherever we can find it. And you know, it's just one of the difficult things about a bad season as that you can kind of get a bit dismayed in the discord. But you know, shut my friends. Let's try to look ahead to the future. And we've got plenty to talk about. In that regard. And I enjoyed the course by none other than Evan burchfield of the Hollick Evan. Thank you so much for joining us and how're you doing as we transitioned into those nineteen. Thanks for having me on again, Corey doing great hope everyone has a happy new year and starts off the year. Right. And yeah, let's talk about this Alcan's in books finale. Yes. A game that they were once down seventeen zero and one which is a very non falcon thing to happen. Usually we don't have big comebacks against teams like this. But usually what happens the other way around were up by a lot. And we end up, you know, throwing the lead in the trash can. But I think that there is a lot that you can look at the scheme and the optimist about the be able to think after a really tough season finish it on a strong note. And it didn't drop them a lot in the traff rankings. So they might miss out on you guys because they were able to win this game from where they originally were. But sometimes it's hard to control that and you have to take it. How it comes so Evan? We're a couple of things you saw on Sunday that made you feel. All the mystic for the future. I think like what you said about the comeback. It's not something where used to where usually on the other end of blowing the lead, obviously. But I mean, you pretty much Saul Matt Ryan have you know, you had a pretty good game. Yet is I ever I think I read somewhere that was the first ever quarterback reception per touchdown or whatever for the falcons or in south consistory, or whatever. So that was pretty cool to see Julio was, you know, back to his normal self like he's been doing all year. So that's pretty exciting. And then he, you know, finished off the year as the with the most reception yards this season, the whole NFL. So I mean, the offense is cranking, and you know, defenses whatever, but it was the bucks and it was the final game. And it's you know, it's hard to really put a lot of stock in anything. But it was. A good. It was a good win. And I love how it ended with Matt Bryant kicking the win the game against the team that he spent you know, decent portion of his career with. Yeah. It was good ending to the season. Even though there's no playoffs or anything. It was. It was a great send off I think into twenty nineteen. Yeah. I think those are good points. You bring up Matt Bryant. And I do wanna talk about him just for a second. He's still on contract with the team next year. He was very very reliable all season. The only missed one field goal that was a belief from like fifty seven out didn't go in or not think he made that one. There was another is another long field goal where they just he just didn't have the distance on it because of his kind of his ailment with his leg. Just couldn't really get that power on there. But you know, it breaks conversation because he is, you know, interesting the point in his career where you really begin to wonder even for a kicker, you know, when is he going to call it quits? Things were Kilby forty four. When the new season starts he turns forty four on may twenty nine. So you have to kind of I think take into consideration the fact that Bryant could decide to retire. I think he may wanna come back for another year. I think he may look at this team and go, well, yeah, we didn't get to we wanted to go. But we've got a good chance of getting back next year. They make the right moves. And but then again, it's like also there's no guarantee for him. Like there is obviously no guarantee that it becomes back. They'll be able to magically go to the Super Bowl or something like they had their chance at that. And they weren't able to do it. But he has gotten the play in the Super Bowl which in and of itself is a big deal. We don't always think about that. But you know, he got to win the championship and has been able to be a part of weeper bowl contending team. He's made a lot of big kicks in his career had really great and closing moment. Inning season. That had some troubles with the late was. Hamstring was able to get that last cake, and you know, indices on a good note. But do you think you could hang up because I'm kind of wondering right now, if that might be more possible that we're considering because he has an out every year in this contract to be able to do that. So do you think that's a distinct possibility? I mean, the only way I think that we don't know the full amount of details on his injury. I mean, he was well enough to kick the last few games. So you assume he's fine or close to it. I think as long as he wants to play he's going to play. You know, like you mentioned he only missed one field goal this year. He he had twenty attempts or one tents and he made twenty of them like it's not like he's lost a step. He had his best feel percentage this year with ninety he made ninety five point two percent. And that's kicks over twenty, you know, counting ticks over twenty attempts. He he's doing, you know, usually with kickers, you get rid of them all if they start to suck if you wanna put it bluntly like he's not he's actually like he's you know, he missed them game. So it's hard to say. He's getting better. But he definitely didn't get worse as long as health is there and he wants to play. I don't see any reason why the falcons shouldn't keep him. You know, the whole Vecchio thing. It's interesting that they kept him on the roster for the last several games once Matt Bryant returned. You know, that's you know, and then on top of that we have new we'll get a new special teams coach, I don't know how much that place into the kicking game. Probably not a lot. 'cause my Brian just keeps kicking butt. So to sum it up. I think he'll be back. I think they would have put because this this is what I I'm not saying he should retire at all. But leading up to this game. Like, I was saying he he spent a good portion of his career with the buccaneers a couple of years. And that's really where you went. Okay. You know, he spent people don't realize he spends some seasons with the job. Ryan, I think he he was with the dolphins before I think there was one or two other teams, but he spent a couple of seasons what the buccaneers. And that's where people really knew who he was. And then obviously, he's been a legend in Atlanta. I think it would have been a perfect ending to go into Tampa. Like, let's pretend that was it wouldn't you felt wow. Matt Bryant, you know, he went out how he came in just a legend, you know, one game in Tampa. You know, that's that's what you would want. But the fact that nothing was said of that game before like, oh, this might be met Brian's last game. There's been no whispers of it. If you follow his wife, Melissa Brian on Twitter. She's anytime somebody's really said anything about him retiring, or whatever she's kinda put her sense in saying, you know, like he hasn't said anything about retiring. So I don't think it's going to happen because. When you have a, you know, you could say Morten Andersen or some. But in my eyes Bryant's you know, top-five picker in NFL history just based on clutch. But he's definitely without a doubt the best kicker in falcons history, my eyes, and there would have been more to it than waking up, you know, during a weekday going to work and being like, oh, do you hear Matt Bryant retired? Like, he's not he's not gonna do that. They would give him a going out party. If that makes sense, I think he's at that. He's at that level where you're going to get that that treatment, you know, and they might even say during the regular season. Like, I don't know we three or four something. And he's starting to slow down any like, you know, I think this is my last season 'cause they're going to give him that that legend treatment, and he deserves it. I don't I don't think it's going to be oh Matt Bryant retiring, and that's it. You know, breaking news. You read it on Twitter. Matt Matt Bryant's retiring, I don't think he's gonna go out like that. Yeah. I think that there is a case that can be absolutely made that he deserves more. But you know, one thing I've learned about the falcons a lot of NFL teams that they really don't tend to get sentimental, and, you know, look at Matt Bryant's contract in the way that it set up is that he can get out of it whenever he wants to. I mean, there's really no like. The team has announced every year. He has an out every year, you know, hard penalty, you can look at the bit a little bit of money if it decided to cut him, but at the same time, his cat next year is four million dollars m my get right now is that they cut the deal to kind of get him back in the building for the season that they all kind of go much differently. Am I big question is, you know, considering the fact that he did have the health issues this year and again to hold him out for a few games? You know, it wasn't a it wasn't a loss season. So we don't really think about it as much but about if it really was kinda year we bought it was gonna be and the team was not able to find a replacement in costs them or two really close games playoff standing. If you're the team, you might think. Ooh. You know, we love that Bryant. He's been there for ten years. He's a wonderful kicker concede. At least he's a wonderful kick. Her. But at the same time, we we really are kinda curious where his health is going because he did struggle with health this year. And you know, it's not like most kickers really cannot cake fifty seven field goals. You know, fifty seven yard field goals every game the same time. It's like you had the situation where you wonder exactly the money's gonna be there for him next year. You know, I mean, there's one million dollar cap it. So I mean, they're going to say about three million they cut him. But you know, if you decide to retire that money would go, obviously, he they detain would recoup it, but a hundred curious to see what can happen. I don't I think the fact that Georgia Vecchio played so well in his absence makes it more difficult position. I think they didn't have anybody obviously bring him back. He's back, but we don't have to retire. The team's gonna wanna give Vecchio the permanent job. I mean, they have very similar career trajectories. Bryant bound. Around win the NFL and other leagues for awhile before he found that kind of home in Tampa Bay. And then he came to Atlanta, obviously, made the bulk of his career made him who he really is. So sometimes kickers take time to develop a maybe that's Vecchio is gonna head to bounce around the league, really find his footing, no pun intended. And they come to land in really be the heir apparent to Bryant. Because obviously they can't carry two kickers on the roster in a season where they're gonna wanna have everyone can have to really make that push again. So every curious this will go on not to give you too much kicker talk. But I think that's a big thing will game as you wonder exactly what's going to happen with Bryant because I think that's one of the grand mysteries of the off-season. For lesser extent. Tevin Coleman have played his last game. The falcon yesterday he said a really nice into the year. You can probably tell he really is very focused on this idea of I'm about to be a free agent teams are going wanna see that. I can go out there and be a lead running back because he wants to get paid like running back. I think he will. And I think that's going to be his last game here. I will I will say to give early prediction. I think Tevin Coleman will leave Atlanta and will pursue the some of floated around the jerk McKinnon tied contract at San Francisco gave McKinnon after he left Minnesota. They're very similar situations. Coleman's dangerous player when he is used correctly. He has value as a runner as a receiver and info teams really dum value that so I don't -magine he's going to be back and then just on hardy may have played his last game without gun. He's obviously a guy who has never really etched in that third receiver role land. He probably hoped he would dozen sixteen that was gonna be his time to do that within the emergence of Taylor. Gabriel kind of put that away for a while. I think that hardy will also leave Atlanta. I think he's gonna wanna try to find a team that will give him more to do. I think he's a valuable patient guy at he can really be a factor particularly on third down. I think he can be a guy that can be a good special teams player and be that receiver. You just kinda of his clutch factor. I think to the Atlanta never really utilize properly. I think he's a better player than Atlanta's showed. But then you'll get receiving chart and it's Julio Jones Calvin Ridley new. I mean, there's not really any room for him here to be more than what he was. And you know, the team I think it's a lot more to Russell gauge in the future Martin hall. The hot mic insists on him. Imagine he'll be back. I think hardy wound up leaving after the season. And then a big another big name victim easily. You know that? Aaron t contract with go in at the beginning of the league year. And they're going to make a decision where they're gonna release him or not or try to redo deal with him that can lessons much lessons cap it because if you're paying twelve million dollars, he's a top pass rusher. The Beasley has really kind of faded into more of a rotational guy as years of gone on. So there are some big names that may be playing their last game now Grady Jarrett may be a free agent. But at the same time imagine that deal will get done before the league year starts they really can't imagine that they would like Grady hit free agency. I think that's the deal that will get done very soon, and then get guide like Bruce serve will be free agent. I imagine he'll be back. You'll also have someone like Logan Paulsen. Who you know? I don't think will be back. But I think he's been a good player for the team. I would be happy to see him return in that guys. Like Ryan Schrader in Robert offered and Brian. Pool who kind of have people wonder whether pools the tender extended to him or he'll become a free agent or maybe they might release Schrader or release offer. You know, there's just a lot that can happen. I think with the roster. But I think, you know, the only one I felt really confident in saying that don't think ten Coleman's gonna come back. Yeah. I think you're right. And I think the main reason why too is these last couple of weeks Brian Hill has really stood out. I wish they would have given him more Terry's than they did he only had twenty attempts, but he had a hundred and fifty yards off of them into games. And you know, he finished the season, obviously, he had less attempts. But he finished the season with seven point nine per carry. I mean, that's a pretty good number even with it only being twenty twenty attempts or whatever. So, you know, I imagine it'll be Freeman ITO Smith the backup, and then he'll still probably get on the field just to give free Minna breather. And then you know, if Bryant hills your third running back based on his play towards the end of the season. I think falcons are pretty good. It just at that point. It makes really no financial sense to bring home in back. I mean, I I like him. And you know, I hope he does. Well, I think he'll probably end up on a team. Like, I don't know. Maybe the jets or the colts or something one of these teams that could use his talents. But yeah, I'm pretty sure we've seen the last. I would be shocked. I would say it's probably like a ninety percent chance that Coleman's gone. I I don't I just don't see it happen. It would really shocked me compared to all the other agents. Yeah. I think that's the best way to look at it as there's no need, and it's not the I'm sure they'd like to keep him if they find the right price. But I imagine what will happen more with what happened with Adrian clayborn. I think the falcons will say, hey, we appreciate your time. Here. We think you're great falcon, here's an offer that we have. And I think his camp would say no that's enough. We're gonna see around the league. What else we can find imagined? Another team will step up and make that deal. So I think he's been a great falcon he's been really fun to watch especially in Shanahan year to such an electric unit by I feel like now he's will be better nece. Nell swear up in San Francisco to everyone McKinnon guts, I know they gave McKinnon a contract, but you know, familiarity with Cal Shanahan in McKinnon little injury there. You know, I think he'll go somewhere in definitely be good. I think the falcons will miss him less than they miss. Like you were mentioning clayborn. I think left the bigger hole in the falcons expected where Coleman leaving. I think the falcons will be fine. I don't see that. As a big issue. Getting Freeman back as long as healthy. Yeah. I think that's the best way to see. He's he he will have a good career elsewhere. If he is used properly, I think if you want him to be a guy that just runs between the tackles every single game. You're not using improperly. You know, getting him out in space getting him involved in the passing game. Like he has certain things about him. That are really really really good. But he also has limitations. I think if you don't try to coach around those limitations, you're not gonna get the best player out of him. But we'll see where does obviously team has some decisions to make some other guys. And we may have seen some final games without can uniforms. But I think we'll have some returns like, Bruce. And I think he'll be back at think that they'll be back. Yeah. He does. He really well down the stretch in house one exact guys in in the league. And you're probably going to get him. We talked about this last week where he he's been productive even with his age. He's been productive. You could argue he's been maybe the silent darkhorse MPP on the defensive line. Just because you know, I'm a big Jack. Offered fan. So he's already wanted in. My is obviously, but grew servants, you know, he he didn't really need a learning curve when he stepped in. 'cause he hasn't been with the falcons all season the raiders cut him. And then he ended up with the falcons, and he took I I can't remember who it was he passed on. I think it was the patriots. And I don't know I wanna say like the eagles, but that's probably wrong. But he took he he went to Atlanta because he he's he took the hometown discount pretty much. He wanted to go home. And he finally is in he's used to Dan Quinn. I don't imagine. He's gonna want, you know, buco bucks to remain falcon, I think they'd get a pretty friendly deal with them. So I would be he would be the free agent where I'd be. I mean, taking Grady Jared out of the question. I would be shocked if Irvine's not back with the team. Yeah. I think that's the most likely spot for him to land. I mean, he succeeded here. He's back. I don't think he's gonna wanna. Try to find a whole nother team. And I think the team will give him a fair deal. I think there's plenty of money to bring preserving that guy. I'm not really I don't think he'll get more than five million on the open market. And I imagined the Brooks read is going to be a cap casualty. That's one early prediction making who they'll try to take some of Reed's money and give it to urban to make sure these back. So I imagine that's where that's going to go. But we'll have much more later in the season about what they'll do with these offseason moves, but you know, one last thought I'll have about the Tampa Bay game. So we get into the coaching things that have been made at I think that it showed the steam still believes in the culture in still believes in the brotherhood mentality. The Quintas put in place because if I'm being very blunt here this team had nothing to play for them to come out and have such a comeback. Like, this means that they trust our coach. And I think this team has been very open vocal about their belief in Dan Quinn that they realized amp quince belief in them. I think sometimes I get Quint peg it's. Trouble when he puts way too much faith in a guy that doesn't need to be out there. And I think that's something Quinn is gonna learn more into his career as a head coaches at. That's not always the best way to do it. But you know, I really I believe in Dan Clinton. Always will. I think he's a wonderful head coach. I think he has limitations like any head coach does than I imagined that you know there. He's made one big move. We'll talk about here in a second. I think will help him tremendously and will allow him to give some other responsibilities. Elsewhere. We really good. But yeah, I think this win is it hurts her draft standing on that crazy about that. But at the same time it gets reaffirmation that this team still believes in in in the mentality. They're not falling apart. There's no problem in the locker room that in again, if you can keep that foundation in place, you can build a Super Bowl run people. That's one of the biggest things I think people miss in. What makes a team great is? They have the bond. They have that mentality that I love the guy next Google play, formerly hard. That's not just you know, just. Coachspeak? It's not just an ideal. It's it's something that fuels all the other things that makes it stronger in Atlantic and get that more cerebral aspect in the health setback in. I think they're gonna be okay again, you can never really know what's going to happen with health knock on wood. But I, but I believe in Quinn. I think that this team believes in Quinn. I think that's why you didn't see him being laid off on black Monday is because this this organization, I think knows that he's the guy lead them. But having thoughts before we hit into the big part of our conversation with the new coaching changes. You mean on the bucks game? You're not no not a whole lot. I just like I would say before I think I think it was a good way to end the season. And it's you were saying the players, you know, we mentioned it last week. What we wanted to see in the bucks game was effort. And we definitely saw because like you were saying they were losing. And they came back in one which isn't something we're used to in Atlanta. But it happened. And it was a good way to you know, left you feeling optimistic. I think definitely. So we'll see what happens. I completely agree. There's plenty. I think to be happy with going ahead while the season was quite paltry while it was a poor year in very disappointing year. But when you had disappointing years occasionally teams will want to make transitions at the coaching level on the NFL is sincerely won't be highest turnover jobs in all of really the workforce. I mean, there's just one of those things where people they just like the rotate people to get. New voices in fresh ideas in place to try to book special seasons when Super Bowls and help develop at talent to be able to achieve those things in the falcons of made some big moves they opted to keep Angwin. That's something that I'm gonna live folks expected. What happened is something? I was hoping would happen. And seems like that is exactly what has happened. But the team has fired these occasion, it's offense coordinator Marquand men wells defensive coordinator special teams, coach Keith Armstrong. So right now the team is going to be looking for two new coaches to kinda help run things because Dan Quinn has taken over as defensive coordinator. And I think this is a big plus for the falcons because it allows them to take a guy who has been really successful as defensive coordinator he called the plays in the biggest the most successful stretch. Falcons football. I've ever seen came when Dan Quinn was calling the place because ride around the end of that November. Season. A carried into the two thousand sixteen the Super Bowl year the cured in December the playoffs and during that stretch he elevated what was really not a very good defense in the one of the league's hotter. You know defenses. It was going out there and making a lot of really great plays in the competition was always fierce. But especially in that playoff run. You look at what it is the Seahawks and the Packers they completely shut off down. And it was just incredibly, you know, rewarding to watch a defense. It really had not been the stork lever. Good in terms of their doing in sixteen. Do what they were doing. And I don't think the defense has been is good sense. I know that in seventeen they actually had a good year. But some folks will tell you those numbers were inflated that they really weren't that good that if you look at the Devi away it was more middle of leak, but I think right now our may have been like twenty second or something it was really like not high at all. But you'll get what happened this year. They lost all of their communication leadership on. Offense. It's hard to coach around that. But I've always felt this. I've said this a lot that the best person to coach the bathrooms defense was gonna be Dan Quinn. This is always how it was gonna go. They've needed to get him in place to make the play calls to make this happen ever since that sixteen year. I wish that he had just taken over the place. But I think he believed a man. Well, I think you right to they most coach, but I think that you know, he'll get an opportunity. Elsewhere. I wish him all the best. But for the Atlanta Falcons, the best person to call the plays with anklet, and I have long bought that. And I'm very happy to see that they've made that same assumption themselves and have been put him back in charge of Ryan the plays. And that creates some other, you know, obstacles will have to climb in terms of running the game time management and trying to just Quinn in doing that full-time. But at the same of the same idea, I think this is the best thing on the field team. Can do I think this is where Quinn is best. Utilized in their plenty of coaches who are able to balance calling the place and running the schematics and Bing. That Quinn show that he can do that. So I think that he's got absolutely everything he needs to succeed there. But I imagine a bring somebody else end w as a really good piece up now about them bringing a game situational coach the Rams unsung similar Jedd Fisch, Sean McVay. So we'll see what happens there. But you know, how do you feel about Quinn taking over the play? Does it excite you? Or are you more reserved? I mean where you kind of thinking on this move. Yeah. I mean, while you were talking I was thinking about what what I thought. And it it was like you were taking the words, right? From my brain his best, you know in twenty sixteen as you were mentioning when he took over south is defense was crazy like they they were great until obviously, I won't dive into it. But in the Super Bowl in the second half, you know, they had probably three of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, you know, especially at that time not looking themselves in Russell Wilson Rogers. And then Brady like they weren't looking themselves. And it was perfect. So I'm out the mystic about getting back to that. I think it was a great move. I don't see any reason why he would have needed to bring somebody else in his defense. His guys, you know, this is this is what he came to Atlanta for to give us a defense. So you know, I'm up the mystic about it. But I can't I can't really add much more than I think you said. Exactly what I was thinking. So. Yeah. That's about you know, I think the best way to go forward with it is leading Quinn do this. And I'm very excited about the potential of what this has. I think that he's gonna appropriate took a more close look looking at coaching up defensive line themselves. But I imagine he's gonna get much more hands on with his team because I think he realizes that's what's going to take for him to be able to keep his job past night p like while. I think he is a really good coach. The falcons are gonna probably hit that coaching reset button after next year. Things continue not to go well in terms of the coaching. So we'll see what happens. But I think this is the move he needed to make took cement his place over the next few years. I very much open. He finds that success there. Also, I mean, the big thing everyone's talking about where we probably need to really put some good focuses the offense coordinator move, a strategic has been like go. He was here for two years. Struggled a lot in seventeen really was kind of tumultuous. This year for him getting acclimated. Showed a lot more promise in two thousand eighteen think a lot of us probably felt like he was safe to stay here after that Washington game. But not since then they really looked well on offense until that lasts three games of the year. But I think that he lost his job in those five games when they win against a lot of these really good defenses in the offense kinda shut down. If I had to lay out my idea for y think this was the right move. I wouldn't have said this in November. But I feel confident saying this now is at strategic really struggled against good Beavis. And I think the offense just from a Jekyll and Hyde almost when they had all this talent that they really struggled. You look at that stretch where it was Cleveland, Dallas New Orleans Baltimore Green Bay. And they just didn't look like they were able to move the ball barely a know that they had struggles on the line. But there's a point where they also has a lot of other talented people that were able to make moves and they didn't use. Improperly in the coaching just was not there and you can't afford. I think to win a Super Bowl or to contend for Super Bowl every time you play good defense. You can't do anything. Like if you're just hoping every week that you don't have to play talent. It's better than you. Sometimes you just have to have you know, the coaching. That's there to meet the challenge of the day. I think that was Sarkissian big problem is that he struggled against a lot of these either blight defensive mines or these just incredible rosters that Pittsburgh game where they just blitz them every play just look like they couldn't do anything to contain it. And they had devante Freeman. I game to start struggled to use Freeman and Coleman. There's there was a very interesting statistic that kinda show that he really did know how to well us about those guys. Maybe that was more of like just kinda satirical incidence. But I think you know, what is good enough for the falcons enemy. Good Nefer somebody else. I think if this were like the bills and are Qizheng was having this kind of season, you're more forgiving because there's just not a lot of talent rookie quarterback in there. There's really not a whole lot you can do. But the falcons have way too much talent to settle for just being decent offense that can be really explosive. It's bad teams. Because a lot of those take games they're putting up thirty plus points came against really bad defense again that saints game in the Mercedes, you know, been stadium earlier in the year was the only time I think that they played a really good defense in New Orleans and put up a lot of points ended this ending Washington. But Washington faded down the stretch, it's kinda confusing. You know, I think that's the game. He was very inconsistent. And when you're that inconsistent. With such a good offense. The matter with injuries are there's to me now on you can do to justify continuing to have the keys that car. I think and I think that you know, I wish him the best really do Circasian is. I think very talented coach, I think he'll be very well when back maybe I've been to college, and you know, Tennessee's got a job opening Brown coordinator, imagine, it's Moore he may land. But I don't know. I'm very curious to see where he'll go a wish him all the best. But at the same time, I think that this is the right move to the falcons right now to part ways. Yeah. I think you're right. And you know, it wasn't consistent because you know, they finished twenty seventh in total rushing yards. But then they finished fourth in total passing yards. You know? I it. There's no, you know, average there. It's just kinda like you're you're heavy passing. But you're struggling with the run. And you know, it's it's pretty much been like that for two seasons. You know, it's weird. You know, I hate to see that Ryan have to get another offense coordinator seems like it's like a something happens every two years. He's getting a new offense coordinator. But one thing I wanna say to is if you're kind of on the fence about it, you know, obviously, they talked to Matt Ryan they had. I mean, you gotta hope I'm pretty much assuming they did. Because I don't think you get rid of his offense coordinator without actually getting his opinion. And I'm sure he's used to it by now. Where whoever you know, there's been reports of Darrow Bevill or maybe kubiak or maybe they're cutter coming back, and that's somebody who met Ryan's familiar with. But they all talked to him. And maybe he was on the fence about it. I don't know what they said. But I'm often mystic about what they bring in. But you know, he he was it's hard to judge. If he was actually that good. Like if he was good if he was just average or what? Because like you were saying it's like trying to think of a good metaphor. It'd be like putting me behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car or something. It's like, yeah. I can go really fast because that's what the car does. But does that make the actual good racecar driver? You know? It's like get us on go karts, and that's one thing. But you put me in a net a NASCAR vehicle, and obviously I'm going to go fast. So it's kinda hard to judge if he had this production with like, you said the bills or something, obviously that means he's. Good. But anybody who's got Matt Ryan who's who had a nother season basically another MVP season, but because of people like Patrick Mahomes, and obviously the balconies record. He's not going to get that much credit for it. But he had another MVP type season. Julio led the league and receiving yards. Yeah. Rush. The running back game was not good at all. But the offense worked if still finished in the top ten in overall yardage. But you know, I wish in the best lot of fans where sitting there beating the drums for fire Sark. I was just kinda like whatever, you know, doesn't really matter. What I think he's probably gone and sure enough he has gone, and hopefully, they bring in somebody because I think if you know, there's another failure. If you I guess you fired offense coordinator, so it's going to be a failure. But if there's another failure offense coordinator, it's gonna be hard to see in Quin stick around. And I think Dan Quinn, like, I'm very anti-fire. Dan. Quinn. I EV we've been spoiled with the success we've had even with this season. But it was pretty much injuries. But you know, I wish the best form, and he'll probably go to college. Like you said. And hopefully, you know, maybe he'll find his way back in the NFL. But I think this was good learning experience for him personally, and which the best, and you know, we'll see what happens 'cause it sounds like Atlanta's starting interviews at least with Bevill next week. So I guess within you know, sometime within the first two weeks of January. We might have our offense coordinator, we have our defensive coordinator as you said with the Quin now, I have no idea what special teams is gonna look like if you wanna talk about that because Armstrong's with since I can remember. So it'll be interesting to see what you know is brought in there. I don't know, man. It's it's very interesting because I think when you look at Armstrong the us here pretend eleven seasons the very long time to have one job in the NFL. I think it's like had with Mike McCartney Artie in Green Bay guys just in a position for so long. You get kinda stale. Sometimes it's just good for a career to just find new opportunity and go somewhere new in trying to work with new guys able to take some of the things that you really are good at and put them to use. And I imagine what he'll do he'll find a job. He's going to be a coordinator somewhere else in the league on special teams ino- short order. But I think right now for him is just gonna be a matter of finding that right up to and he was very good here for many many years. But I think that he just kind of got to a point where he just needs to change of scenery in needs to find the new place where he can go and be able to find success. So you wish more the best. Yeah. We'll see. What happens? I'm very curious to see exactly where they'll go with the spot, and I wish. Could make a list of candidates, but I'm not really familiar with the rise in rising talents of the special teams world. But yeah, I'm very curious to see how this goes. But you talked about the coordinator potentials of like, we need to touch, you know, touch the stove on this to the feel the heat or the conversations going kubiak is the favourite gear kubiak former Bronco's head coach Texans head coach former Bronco's conference a coordinator, he's been a part of four Super Bowl winning teams. A very smart mind guy who allot of people feel is one of the better offense coordinator candidates out right now a guy that runs the Shanahan system in those at well, his great success with it feels like that's the obvious guy. But I think the only thing about two things. One would be Elway. John Elway in that way. Probably trying to convince him to stay in Denver up into coordinator, whoever coach in staff have come in after they've been Joseph or I think could be more lie. Likely is the falcons wanting to go the guy that they are familiar with. And I think that's what may give Bebel a Dera bubble the heads up because he inquisitive worked together before in Quin of kubiak have not. So I think that if they wanna go guy who they really feel like will they can have a reporter with the devil may be more likely. But I think if you're just going accomplishment that there's no question that geared Kubeck is the better die. I this is who I want them to hire really pulling for this. I feel like it's the best move of the team at he and Ryan will hit it off pretty fast. I think he is a very veteran coach very season that will have any issue transitioning in the making Ryan even better quarterback than he is now. But at the same time, you can't really put a whole lot of stock into saying it's done deal or anything, obviously. Because he does have the strong ties to the Broncos organization where he still works in the front office. And you know, Elway once the team back on track. He knows the best of the coordinators. Gonna be the guy in the building. So I'm very skeptical that this will end up happening. But in report has been very adamant to say that he is a candidate and his guy that they are going to consider. So I will hope that's where it goes. And you know, Darryl level obviously, Seattle he made a very bad mistake in the Super Bowl Seattle may be rang that play reworked, but at the same time he also was the coordinator that won the Super Bowl and kind of helped couple Dan Quinn thousand thirteen to help get them at rings. So I don't know I feel like he's he's very accomplished coordinator in south east found a lot of success working with the quarterbacks. Ryan, I think he would be a good higher and has that working relationship with Quinn? But I think right now a big thing we have to look at is, you know, trying to figure out exactly, but they're gonna do with that spot. Yeah. I think you're right. And I'll make a quick reason. Like, I guess a pro and con for each one. And why I think it could or couldn't happen. So I with back, and I'd like to get your opinion on it too. With kubiak. You already said, okay. The con is the reason why it might not happen in probably won't is. Because Elway okay. I think the pro is he's such a veteran in calling offenses, it might be too. Tempting for him. I mean, okay. You can stay in Denver. Where key case keenum's your quarterback. Philip Lindsay is good. But he's a rookie so undrafted rookie. You know, we don't know much any got injured. We don't know much about what he'll do when you're too manual Sanders. Got injured there's not a whole lot on the offense to be excited about they lost their like, I think the one in two tight ends on their team to. But hey, kubiak look. Over at the falcons, we got who we got a legendary wide receiver Julio Jones. We have the greatest quarterback in consistory. Matt Ryan, devante Freeman who should be back healthy. You know, you gotta think that might be pretty tempting a Pro Bowl caliber center in Alex Mack. You know, he I think he could have more fun with it. It's almost like, you know, your friends saying, hey, come no fence of people who have like a Toyota Camry or something. But it's like, hey wanna come drive the Toyota Camry or do you wanna go drive? The for Ari like it might be pretty tempting to with cutter. I think it'll be how much input as Matt Ryan have because I think he enjoyed having cutter. I don't know that specifically. But I'm just saying the fact that he's even mentioned as a fame, you know, there's been multiple sources or whatever online saying that cutters favorite one saying that. Kubiak like a favorite of seems like a favorite of the consensus. I guess, but it seems like cutter is like will Matt Ryan will want him there the away from it. They he's been there before maybe they don't wanna back. I don't know you'd have to ask like Arthur blank or something. So I mean, what what what's your what's your opinion on that? 'cause I mean like with several I think he's to me if I was betting, and I'm not a betting, man. But if I was I would say, it's probably bevelled because it seems like they Quinn loves to get people. He's familiar with people in that peak aero bubble. I guess you could say they're like, you know, I don't know how friendly they are with each other. But they've you know, they they're familiar with each other. And it seems like the more likely, and he's also been a different source saying he's the he's the favourite for the job. So you know, it sounds like cutter and Bev lower both favorites for the job while everyone's hoping. It's biak. But the reason I think it might not be Bevill is maybe he'll get a job somewhere else. You know, or maybe they're just touching base. But they did say he was there for training camp. So you know, I feel like he's probably the lead dog between the three. But what do you think? I'm curious exactly what they wanna do. And I think that familiarity is going to be a huge thing because I feel like they are very very aware. And Matt Ryan and very adamant to say, look it bring it rests art. That's fine. If you gotta bring in a guy that I can work with which I think prevents them from going out and getting like, you know, on a younger hot up into coordinators kinda get thrown around. Actually, they do a good job. At marrano mcginnis Ranjha learning entire new offense that might work it might not work. I mean, really gonna have to do all this all over again. I'm comfortable with where I am you seen the numbers? I'm putting up in this game. Why can't we just keep we've got and his find somebody who's better able to utilize it then I feel like, you know, the guy that is best able to do that would probably be kubiak. But at same time, it's just like can you get kubiak here or will Quin wanna work with kubiak as opposed to someone already knows or maybe better feels be the goodness game. But even though I XE the clear advantage guide really come into being run at scheme. And I imagine that they can do that keep shout for another year who can help him transition in the working with kubiak. I feel like they've worked together a lot of Houston. So it's like you feel like it's just such a perfect fit. But at the same time perfect perfection usually doesn't settle in with any NFL teams. It's hard to get all of the all of the things that you want to happen. Lineup magically. So I feel like right now there is a very tough conversation. But the team to have about you know, what they're gonna do here. And I imagine what have a couple of other candidates come open on exactly know who they'll be. But you know, I think you'll have other guys that will be interested in this job that they're gonna wanna take their time to interview the right person. But I d- lead, you know, who would know said that hey, this search Mako kinda fast. Maybe they wanna get the same settled. Now in go ahead and get started for nineteen. They get him in the Bill. They can talk about breakdown the film that happens here, you know, at the same time, they hire a guy like a cutter or you know, a babble. They may have other guys on the positional side. They wanna bring in the you'll have new coaches hired a new guys like, oh, this is a very big a huge decision, and we know three candidates right now between kubiak level cutter. Again, don't don't look past cutter because he has worked with Ryan. But three seasons I could see very easily. Ryan saying bring back dark men dirt work really well together, and I did well under him. And I know that even though we might have to change the scheme round a little bit. I know I'm gonna have to relearn everything and can take what I've learned in the Shanahan offense and put that into that to a better quarterback than when we last brand it. So we almost went to Super Bowl cutter as a coordinator. Lest we forget in two thousand twelve you know, they were claps away. Unfortunately from wanna play the ravens. So I think that all of these guys would bring good things to the table. I think it landed will get the guy that they need for this job. I you know, I feel like in our heads. We have a vision of what we want. But I think he just contrast the team to make the decision that they think is best for them at the same time. They didn't do that in two thousand seventeen with sorry. I don't think that they made the best higher than it was late in the coaching cycle. But at the same time, it's like you could have gotten someone better or could have maybe kept someone from Shannon staff. It's a difficult thing to really really look back on. But. Same time bay. No, they've gotta find the right guy. This coaching staff is dependent in this era of football is dependent on this higher going. Well, this is a major major decision. And again, I think that it's very, you know, fine to want to get this done quickly. But I hope that they take their time enough and get enough interviews in and don't just hire their first idea because I feel like they need to have those ideas challenge and really get a good, you know, group of folks in to do the interviewing so we'll see how it goes. We might know whether next time we do a podcast who the offense coordinator is. And we talk about that, of course. But right now kubiak cutter ambition or the three guys to keep your eye on all would be available for the position if it came to them, and they were able to accept it. So you know, an will follow the special teams searches. Well, again, I imagine the probably promotes on defense or put a higher leadership position in there. The kind of help can be a steward to help. Dan quinn. Kind of be like a. Code even coordinator in terms of you know, helping something other duties there on the who that would be. I'd say watch Jeff over. I think that's a guy who they really value them promoting him just enough. But at the same time remorse as experience on defense. He's in the head coach may be that they will put him back in more of a defensive role. I'm not sure, but they've got a lot of good guys in house that could help Quinn kind of lead that effort. So we'll see how it goes. I'm I'm excited to see where they go with these moves, I have my ideas of what to do. But maybe they have different ones. And I'm willing to see where the what those are. So I think that gets us. That's the conversation. That's going on around the old falcons campfire right now, you know, coordinator change is gonna look like and the big ones. So you know, all out Hollick see where we're going with it. We got a coaching tracker lots of up to the minute stories about what the big news is. And you know, where that's all. Going. So be sure to you know, keep your ground and follow along. But I think that will wrap us up this episode of the colleagues post game podcast with pre shit. You listening to a bit of a longer addition since we've got locked talk about. No Evan please tell everybody where they can find you in that which working on. Yeah. Preachy you have me on again been a great season. And we'll see what off season brings by the time. You're listening to this. You might actually know who often coordinator is I don't know. But you can find me on Twitter at Edinburgh 'field. And also, I run the Falco hall IX Instagram account, and you can follow that at the. It's the falcons like between the and the Falco hall IX underscore, so yeah, that's pretty much it. Well, Evan Peggy so much for coming on. Always enjoy having you on the show, and you can follow me on Twitter at Corey would reform seven fall all of my terrible takes over at the falcons and be sure to follow along with all the good content. We have at this time of year the coaching search reading we did a great job of getting all that out today. And we've got a lot of great content. You can go check out there and throughout the week. We'll we'll have what you need and make sure you check in with everything we've got going with all of our audio and written content of proud to be able to recommend everything in anything found podcast offer and be sure to connect with us all on social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So be sure to link with us on all those big platforms. Unless don't you think? And of course, thank you so much for following along the season enjoyed the podcast. We've talked about the games that were and tried to break down. Exactly what happened than what we could talk about. And you know, we'll be with you throughout the year. We'll have more on the future of where the podcast in the off season soon. But. Sure check with next week. We'll do a season recap that got close out the season of the Hollick's post-game odd cast up the postseason podcast could stay on except put we're talking about that postseason. Different than accuracy. But you know, what we'll talk about the season that was trying to talk about things at the team needs to fix for the future and things that could be you know, destruct up to disrupt luck injuries. So we'll we'll have that conversation for you soon. Thank you so much for tuning in. This has been Corey Woodruff up. You have a wonderful new year with all your family and friends BellSouth fans and thank you for tuning in with us in reading our reading our stories involving along with us in conversing with us. We always appreciate it all engagement. So thank you so much your readership in listenership is credits. And we will look forward to carry that over with us into the new year. So thank you so much. Everybody at chief of the verge. I host podcast every week called the verge pass my friends, Paul Miller, indeed bone. We've got a rotating cast of characters from our entire site, which is about technology, how it impacts culture, and how that is all a big cycle that causes us to have a wide variety of feelings that you can listen to every Friday we've done over three hundred ups odes in six years since Vert has been around, but you'll need to listen to one the latest one to get caught up on everything. In tech news virtuous is on apple podcasts. Spotify everywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Check it out.

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BONUS CONTENT  Rob Parker & Jason Smith in for Dan Patrick  Hour 3- The Lakers Are Who We Thought They Were & Ryan Hollins - Sep 07, 2020

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

46:32 min | 1 year ago

BONUS CONTENT Rob Parker & Jason Smith in for Dan Patrick Hour 3- The Lakers Are Who We Thought They Were & Ryan Hollins - Sep 07, 2020

"The WHAT'S UP EVERYBODY WE'RE LA comedy group Obama's other daughters on our podcast you down. We're discussing what's going on in the culture. Everything from dating to therapy look y'all I got dumped. So facetime so had. Tank. So Come Kiki with US enjoying the kinds of candy conversations you only have with your girl, listen to you down on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening to the odd couple podcast. Be sure to check us out live every weekday from seven pm to ten PM eastern four to seven Pacific on Fox sports radio. Find. Your local station for the odd couple at Fox sports radio. Dot. com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching F S are. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Greetings happy hour three here on. Labor Day Happy Labor Day. Jason Smith. And Rob Parker in for Dan and the DANETTES. And having some fun so far we get so much stuff on our plate. Thanks Dave, wants that for joining us last hour previewing the NFL season he and Rob Parker almost came to blows after rob's lack of belief in the Pittsburgh steelers for this year So rob that's another city you can't go to ever again it's Not I. Mean I'm running out of real estate in the United States. Every open my mouth I can't go somewhere. Oh i. can't go to Green Bay it's been that kind of summer so far I think unbelievable. I think you win by not going to Green Bay, but that's another. Wow now you can't go to Griot. I've been degree Bay you know when I worked in Detroit you know every year went to Green Bay for twenty years. So I not I know the real estate I know where the K. Mart is I know where everything is trust your like in the old Batman, series would like mister freeze was there and he he would always bet you could only be like a certain area otherwise you'd freeze to death and you couldn't move and you had to stay in this really small area because the temperature and Mr freezes layer was always like You know eight thousand degrees below zero. That's kind of where you are. Now I think I only go to these places right here I. GO outside here I can't do it. I gotta stay at these places. Here it is. It is not not not much wiggle room for me, but it's all right. I'M GONNA keep calling it like I. See it some people will come around I. Just remember last football season when everybody and I and I'm GonNa Assume You on that bandwagon with the Cleveland Browns yes. Did you go no? No, no I. You. Not Partake but you know most of our brother and. They went from a million to one to the super bowl to fourteen to one when they got. Oh Bj. Tried to convince me that they had everything they needed and they were gonna be this dynamic offense and. I didn't buy into them I didn't believe didn't make the playoffs. and. I was right. So sometimes you know what you got to go against the grain. Well look one of the best I know you and I, we get to the NBA and a second is you know betting wings that you and I have done is is Tampa Bay's bet and The Patriots. The the bucks are not gonNA. Make the place where you bad year for Tom Brady and I'm like this is the easiest twenty wings I'm ever going to win. It's almost like the the bucks are too big to fail at this point and I realized that you know that that's the companies have failed that way but it's like it's too big to fail. They have too much talent. Their team is too good. This is going to be a honeymoon season where Brady is going to be so happy that way from Bill Belichick. It's going to be different guy he's going to be. Different than you've ever seen before and it's GonNa be a this'll be the best year for Tampa Bay because Brady. He's more like Joe Montana nearing the end than he is here's Peyton Manning Lisa, life for four more years with the Denver Broncos. This is more okay. We got another year or two at the end because his play isn't quite what it was but this year with all the talent that he's got there I think the bucks are too big to fail I just I. I. Don't buy into that I. Still Think he's a forty three year old quarterback. They got grog who had stopped playing football like the put together the ban, the old band. Shady McCoy. And now they added Leonard Fournette I get all that and you could talk about all want on paper I get the paper thing. The Milwaukee Bucks on paper was supposed to get to the NBA Finals as well. All I'm saying is I do the paper doesn't always hold up and Tom Brady at forty three remember the last super bowl he was in. Yes they won. But Tom. Brady, had no touchdowns less than two hundred yards. He didn't look at good as last pass in New England was a pick six that sealed the deal for them and that was his last Hurrah and last year you can. You know pooh-poohed all you want. He did pretty well against a bad teams like most quarterback and he struggled against a better teams at all I'm saying is. He's at forty three's not that guy and I think people are thinking that. He's thirty three and not forty three and that the bucks whoever made the playoffs in. Twelve years to me it's going to be a Baker's dozen this year when they make the playoffs and Bruce Aaron is the greatest coach. Since Vince Lombardi oh? Yeah. Wait a minute. He hasn't had a team over five hundred since twenty, fifteen, five years ago. So you could keep talking about everything is lined up and they have everything I'm just not there and the division it they're in I still like the saints to win the division Atlanta's there if they get anything out of todd, Gurley maybe that'll change some things and I get. There's an extra playoff team added, right? So there's another slot, but I'm not convinced that the rest of the team. Despite what they were a year ago with James, Winston is going to make the playoffs. I'm just I'm not their bucks are going to win ten or eleven games Brady. Bill throw around thirty touchdowns, which is kind of dabbled around thirty and he ain't throwing thirty six I mean I know you talk about the pick six but he ain't throwing thirty picks James. Did last year maybe Jameis Winston had better numbers than Tom Brady other than the interceptions I get the interceptions root for more yards but thirty thirty pick this. Thirty touchdowns and fifteen picks not this is a one to one touchdown to interception ratio I. Just I think it's easy to look at that and say, but I'm just not so sure we're Tom Brady is that's all. Is he still throwing knuckle balls on a hand in the ball of like where is he? We saw last year you saw the ball flutter you saw some of the throws he wasn't able to make I just I think people are acting like he's thirty three that's all and he's forty three. We've never seen this. This is uncharted water for forty three year old quarterback Tom. Brady was so great that only two teams offered him a deal only two teams. Tampa Bay and the chargers that was it nobody else was interested. He would be in New England if he was still that God has no reason he wouldn't be there. He's not that guy. Twitter at how about a Fresco Robert? Rob. Parker one in for Dan and the Danettes today here on Fox got more NFL on the way later on this hour but. Clearly, coming off the NBA playoff games yesterday a bit of a left turn. I would say not not what we expected it all. In the buck somehow stay in this series, the bucks do it without Janas, who leaves the game injury in the second quarter but they beat Miami in overtime one, eighteen, one, fifteen, Jimmy Butler said listen we relaxed when he left the game, we gave that game to them. Nobody's had a worst last few days as far as the superstar than Janas has. But last night, we watched the Lakers in a must win game tie the series with the rockets one seventeen to one, zero nine. Now there's both good and bad coming out of this for the Lakers and rockets the good for the Lakers rob is that we now see this is. Their blueprint to win games if at this point where the teams are deeper and better in the playoffs, it's a dominant game by Lebron AD, which after I've every week and you've got to have the bench come through, you need your supporting cast to give you something and yesterday they had three players come through off the bench and play terrific Morrison Kouzmin. Rondo Rondo was terrific. The rockets didn't even guard him. He was that guy in the in the pickup game where you say okay just whatever he's not going to shoot just let them just guard the other guys and Rondo made some shots and the Lakers were able to win this game. This is their blueprint. Now, for the rest of the way, all the teams are flawed but this is the laker blueprint. I'm still not buying the Lakers as much because of how flawed they are, and they need this every single night because the teams are better and they are deeper, I picked the rockets to go to the NBA finals before the playoffs. I picked the heat as well. Just to let you know I want to remind you that. So I got. Minded me out. You know what I was. Just my my alarm went off on my iphone telling me that you did pick the heat. Thank good. Okay. Good. I WanNa make sure because this could be as good as it gets for me. So I want to remind you that that was my pick. But still the rockets the almost come back and win this game, and despite the fact they had a bad game and Russell Westbrook had a bad game. It's good for the Lakers and it's great for them to win because this gives them a little bit of a foundation to say okay. Now, we know exactly what we need and maybe coups can do this every single night but to sit here and say, okay, Kuzma. In Morris are GONNA shoot twelve fifteen from the floor, and they're going to be five out of six from three point range I. You can't count on that I'm still the jury's still out for me on the Lakers for this playoffs. Yeah. That's that's the biggest issue, and that's why I think a lot of people even when you look at it and then you've jumped forward and say that they do knock off two. Rockets and the clippers knock off the nuggets. It's the reason people looking give the clippers. The Edge is because of their bench and because of their ten deep and because of the production you could get and and there's four guys who can close the game for you Jason. You know it's not just one guy and yes, they lost on Saturday and fell into a big hole and they storm back and and co I had an absolute horrendous game which he was doing. He was playing really well I. Think He. Was the first player since Michael Jordan Nineteen eighty-eight who had scored twenty nine or more points through the first seven playoff games right and goes back to one thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight nobody had done that since Jordan. So stinker was in line and was there and it happened but I just think that when you look at the Lakers, the problem is too inconsistent the benches inconsistent. You don't know what you're going to get. It's a top every team and you like the top the right you can't go wrong Lebron and a D. I get that but were coups was going to show up you know. Ronda was good. This was good Rhonda will we get bad Rondo in game three at you don't know, and that's the part that makes the Lakers questionable when it talks when you talk about them winning a championship, it's just. Team is not said enough. And for the rockets, it's come down to the fact that Okay Russell Westbrook has gone from he's going to be the guy. He's the one to bring the rockets, the championship and he's Two now it's like he's he's a liability for them because. Clearly. The rockets are good enough to win without him. They've shown that the way they played in the first round without him. Then he comes back, they gotTA reincorporate and back into the offense, and the fact that he still wants to be ball dominant and still bad shots when he's never been a great shot maker, the rockets need a basketball intervention on him to say listen Russ. We have a lot of can make shots including by the way. One of the top three players in the game and James Harden. Okay. Yesterday you had more shots than James. Harden. That's not going to work and you need to be someone who is not as dominant cause. You make mistakes you turn the ball over and you can't make jumpers if you could make jumpers great I get, you could take those shots but because he's so ball dominant and he makes these bad decisions, there's no way out of it if. You're the rockets. It's like you know they're still allowing him to do his own thing and control the ball way too much and the rockets have to say you have to adjust and stop taking these shots and distribute the ball a little bit more because if not, we're going to cut your minutes because you're not helping the team right now. Even Westbrook said I'm just running around right now. So he kind of seems like he's lost you would. Think this would be a time where he could take a step back and say, okay, less of Westbrook is a better thing. 'cause the rockets have to do something because they're sitting around right now going, hey, everybody's ripe. Everybody's got flaws right now in the playoffs, the Lakers are top heavy. The clippers are still trying to figure themselves out because they haven't had their whole team yet. They look a little bit more vulnerable than we thought they would be. Forget about the teams in the East but they look the bucks clearly, you're one step away from being out of the playoffs. This could be our year and Westbrook's the guy that's holding them back. Look they come all the way back yesterday and almost win the game but Westbrook was he was a dagger in their hopes yesterday. Good luck on trying to talk, sit down and have a conversation with him and ask him to adjust. You'd have a better chance getting carrot top to change the color of his hair it ain't happening Jason. Hey. Happening I liked it. That's where you went to WHO's a character changing the color of his own? Just like what's like really like we would you trade it for knew what you were getting like you knew what you were getting and I understand boy would've made sense. Hey, stop chuck it up to threes. You know yesterday did not going down we the rockets came all the way back down twenty one it could have been buried. It could have been a forty. Point loss. Instead they come back they arrange to twenty one point they go up by five, and then you know the bad shots come and can't make any buckets but but you can James Harden only gets thirteen shots how that should be thirteen shots in the first quarter. Mia let alone the entire game and and when you put all that together, you just say. He is what he is you. You just hope that he will go back to to going. To the rim where he's more effective that that's it and just say that's what you should be doing more and standing on a perimeter shooting to reporters that aren't going in and if they can get any decent play from him. they can win some games I don't think they're going to win the series I picked the Lakers. In six, the rockets just don't have enough and of Anthony Davis plays like he played and they get any kind of support off the bench is going to be a six game series and the rocket will give it a go and a good. Shot. But they're not going to beat the Lakers the Lakers can be themselves, but the rocket can't beat the Lakers. If the Lakers play the way they're capable see I I, look at it differently I look at it that this is who the Lakers are. There's no next level. There's no way for the Lakers to improve because it's not. It's not like the clippers who as the playoffs go on, they're going to get more and more dangerous because the thing with the. Clippers has been well for eleven months. Now wait for them to have their whole team and they finally got it and they're getting used to each other and the more they get used to each other in the used to a way of doing things. Hey, because they're so deep well, they'll. They'll get more dangerous the playoffs go on but this is kind of who the Lakers are. They don't have an another level, it's eighty and Lebron have to play. Great. Okay, well. We know that and we gotta get stuff from the bench. You get it all the time. No does anybody look like they're becoming a player who can contribute every single game? No cal is still he's like Lamar Odom he's in every other game kind of guy, and are you going to count on Regime Rondo to be plus twenty like it was yesterday? No, it's. It's still the inconsistency that I see that the ceiling for the Lakers and is is the way they? Win Is. If other teams just can't play to their potential because there's not there's there's nowhere. I. Can see the Lakers say boy they're playing great. Now by the time they get to the end of the boy they're going to be great and the machine I. Don't see that I. don't see the support players coming in and playing that Kinda role, which is what you need, which is why teams like the heat who I picked to go to the finals by the way. The deeper. Yeah. Hope it in wishing and praying that your. Rockets he pick. Materialize you still believe in that. Are you still on that page? Of course I am okay I I look I gotta say I wasn't I wasn't so so thrilled about the rockets after the first round, but then I realized you know what? If the heat make it to the finals I can just drop the rockets people forget that and I'll just mention that I picked the heat to get to the finals and that'd be what everybody focuses on. So I could He gets knocked out. You'll say, well, originally when his daughter pick the clippers, of course to win the championship Oh, exactly it works because that's what I did. I know you did a good radio host. Robbie moves around and understand that it's a moving canvas and things change in what you picked the beginning of the year with Cova things changed the differently. Just, working around a bit. I. Got it. I got it. You trying to stay. You gotTA give yourself a couple of hooks so that you can grab onto one of them. When one of your prediction goes the other way I get it, I picked the clippers. When they signed Kawai and they signed Paul Paul George. I said. That right in there during the free free agency and the nets got. Durant and Kyrie I said the clippers were winning twenty twenty and the nets will win in twenty twenty. One out does remark predictions and the Knicks Knicks win win. Forty forty one before. In. One of those movies where they travel like hundreds of years into the future boy, the Knicks are great. Don't play it'll be like the knicks will be playing in the rollerball Renowned do remember rollerball Oh. Sure movie. The James Caan one or the remake with Chris Klein. No Jay and James Caan. Okay. The original. That's right. Well, you know yeah, you know who? On that one? Who won that rollerball member Houston? They use. Idea Houston beat New York. Sorry spoiler alert. At that comes all the way back to my rockets pick no look the rockets there. This is the year for them for them with this. Philosophy to cause fits until teams can get used to it. Don't you see the NFL all the time where okay here's a year like last year Ryan Tannehill was terrific with the titans this year, the titans are going to get figured out was Lamar Jackson GonNa come back to the pack a little bit. Yes. Because NFL teams after you're going to figure it out airflow while NBA teams would figure out the rocket small ball lineup and be able to expose it. But this where they haven't had a chance to yet and see it over and see different teams combat them different ways. This is the rockets year to do it and Think the fact yesterday they almost came back down twenty in the game. The Lakers should've won by thirty and they still made it a game in the Lakers had to pull away in the fourth quarter. I'm still feeling the rockets are I'm feeling good about them in this series feeling. Good. One one one is where they should be but good luck with your. Twitter. At how about a FRESCA Robert Rob Parker F S One Jason Smith Rob in for Dan, and the Danettes today coming up next what is Ryan Holland's after friend year at Fox sports. One former ten-year NBA vet stops by what about Yoenis? Is he still the guy in Milwaukee? That's coming up next keep it right here. This is Fox. Be Sure to catch live editions of the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon weekdays at ten P., M. Eastern seven PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. Hey. It's Chris Broussard in between the couple radio. So at night and all my tv work at F s one during the day brother got admit is hard finding time to cook, and that's why I love using post mates. I can get food delivered without leaving the house or even opening the door and given what's going on in the world I mean, let's keep it real day created non-contact deliveries. So when I ordered now from local restaurants, everything gets. Left. Right outside my door, it's perfect for a limited time post mates is giving our listeners one hundred dollars a free delivery credit for your first seven days to start your free deliveries, download the APP and use code odd couple. That's code odd couple for one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days. When you download the post mates APP now anything you need anytime you needed post. made it. Sometimes, our food is more than just food. It's an integral part of our community. So this year discovers giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants. To places like post office pies in Birmingham Alabama. Back in the day, Bakery is Savannah Georgia. And hundreds more black owned restaurants in your local community all across the country. Learn how you can show your support. At discover DOT com. Fox Sports Radio, the Dan Patrick Show, Jason. Smith Rob. Parker in for Dan. The danettes today. Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day. Just the beginning of a long day for Rob Parker who is leaving here. He's going to do his own radio show later on today he's also you're also not you doing everything today rob I got papers to grade. We don't have class today but yeah I got papers to grade. It's a busy Monday but it's all good to start the morning here on the Dan Patrick Show which Jason. We always have fun when we get together enough. Dan Patrick now, when you give you great papers professor at UC, do you give letter grades number grades, letter grades because I 'cause I figured you'll be in a sports guy. You could give say we're going to do number grades instead of putting a number on top of everybody's paper you put a player's name and they got look up and see what their Jersey number is and that's their grade and that's great. That's they wind up getting. It's like, oh This is going to be pretty solid down and said, this is your war you know what a main and then they'd have to. Figure out exactly where they you know how what it means. People are still I know people like to use war but most people don't know is that a good number or is that a bad number? You know it's like it's like, Celsius. Yes. War Is it's like If. We took you out of. Degrees our Oh wow thirties is that good or bad? Is it a good day outdoors it too cold your value over replacement student. You're more Israeli. If we took you out put somebody else in here if you have a negative war that means anybody we put in here, it'd be a better student than you WanNa make sure you have a positive war that would be it student aid. You just say that you hit on something there student war rankings you know who's the WHO's the Bryce Harper of your of your you know your war rankings and who's your Jacob Degrom of your war rankings zoos, your bellinger of war rankings and WHO's at the top of WHO's about i. kind of liked that I dig that the war come up with that I might have to you know figure that out and maybe we can. See. We Got Ryan hollins coming up in a couple minutes talk NBA with us and we talked rockets and Lakers. Few minutes ago and rob you know the the other part of this we watch yesterday look the Lakers, tie the series with the rockets. It looks like it's going to be a long series in I would expect to tick. Oh, seven at this is go seven. Because you look at there's there's no home court you have to worry about and there's no real advantage from one game to the next outside of the momentum you have of winning that game and stuff you don't have to worry you. You'd have to worry about going home in the Laker bench will play better at home at staples and they will on the road and the that is. Definitely different Laos here. There's no doubt about it I I'll give you that because normally it makes a big difference the people off the bench usually play better at home more comfortable bill look. There's a reason why you play home court advantage you know you want the whistles because you want you want to get to the free throw line more at home and you do on the road all. Bilton things are kind of gone in the playoffs. Now there's no, that's the that's why finishing I. It doesn't really matter the big advantages are out the window and that's the whistles you get at home and your bench playing better at home. So we're seeing longer playoffs than I. Think we expected to see and maybe because we didn't count in much the fact that look. So, and so is so much better than another team and you see so many first round sweeps because, hey, these first two games are out in an eight see to say and what happened to us we just went into staple center and and got obliterated. So now we're down to ZIP in the series is over whereas instead it's like way we don't have to worry about playing playing the referees and playing against Hey we can go out there and play pretty well, and I think what you're seeing is the the gap between the top seeds in the bottom seeds in a neutral site. Is nearly as as as great as we thought, it is all boil this eight seats Never GonNa win when you're talking about not having home court advantage having to go on the road and and winning games having to win in the other person's other teams court that's a big advantage and we're not seeing that now. So it's kind of like it's a big social experiment where it's okay. Hey, what would happen if you took home court advantage out of the playoffs what we're seeing it right now this is kind of how it would go. It's tougher for the top seeds because there's no homecourt. Twitter, how a FRESCA ROB at Rob Parker S. One joining us now on the hotline our team here at F s one at ten years in the NBA can see him everywhere Fox sports one. These all over the place on ESPN two Ryan Holland. What's happening? Right Melissa Brian? Also. Let me bring into what we're talking about here. For a second in that, what we're seeing is as big social experiment that. Court advantage in means so much more than we even thought it was coming into the playoffs now because lower seeds are able to take on the higher seeds and stay in games with them, are you seeing that? That's a different thing, and it may be the gap between the top and the the lower seeds isn't as great as we think it is. I told you that there's a reason that. The Miami, heat are getting ready to knock off. The Milwaukee Bucks they. They've got him down where he wanted it in a hopeless situation. We'd never seen it happened in the history basketball why the Toronto Raptors to seed were literally a miracle shot from oh GM and Newbie. Comes inches away from being a lot from going down three Oh. So the the home court advantage is Israel both one eight seats also lost the Lakers lost that first day but walkabouts earth game as we stated, but in the first game when you have the upper seed. It's a close game and then your fans care you the four quarters. That's common. We always say it keeps in close fans Makarius let's turn it on a I'm trying to switch what would know fans no home court no, no friends and family and the building. There's nothing to turn on. I was talking with Brendan Haywood little earlier and he did he disagreed sellers but I think he's GonNa have to glancy to. Eat. Humble. Pie. Okay. I said whoever wins is Kobe's championship. It's almost going to count for double because as circumstances these guys had to go to they're finding their own demon stuck in their room, not able to leave the bubble and go outside family is a you know how it is were Samuel. Let's be honest. families tough with their way in family suffered their there sometimes. Okay it's the kids. So. That's just the reality of what these guys have to deal with, and then you've got no home they'll fan. So in my mind mark words whoever wins this Kobe Championship is you'd like to say Mickey Mouse Championship is GonNa Count for double that's what I call and We you rob arrive only rob with put that sets up a taste of still prestigious at the. Championship with Mickey Mouse but they're planning an Orlando I'm Mickey spot at Mickey's crib. So what are you want to say? Don't. Say Iran that's why. I'm a put help help me Ri- with Westbrook. Just, a really bad game. I what are the rockets do from here with him? Do they do they have to convince him to stay off the perimeter shooting ways to attack the basket which is so great at what do they need from him because obviously play better in game one they won game one, but he was really bad last night. Well you gotTa, put you. You've got to put them in more dynamic situations what I mean by that Russell Westbrook catch the ball. In his game plan is to drive to the whole. The Lakers are arguably the shopping I continue along as team in the NBA from that standpoint. So what they did the Lakers did game one in which didn't work is a weighted in the paint. Obviously the offense was better game too but they sat in the pain and they said, we're GONNA take all layups they're going to have to beat us from the perimeter guess what Houston. beat up for the perimeter James Harden and beat them for the perimeter. So game two, they played the same game plan Russell, Westbrook except what they do they went entrapped James Harden. Russell Westbrook gives the ball whenever you trap guys remember this NBA No. Whatever you trap off. Of Don shooter you recover back to the paint because you know he's not going to take a shot so that Russ is not knocking down open shots was I still I know he can. He's capable of I've seen the kid since college I watched it grow he can in. An open shots, he's not doing it heck. Even if it's a seventeen or eighteen footer, you know I don't mind that at this point Russ but driving in it gets those trees is just not working because that's my only game plan. He is. They're paint presence and he gets it with the drive, and now that the Ron James is on him guys that are just that. He's not able to get that drive. So you gotta put them in pick and rolls. You gotta you gotTa let him set the screen you gotta you gotta run them off down three. You have to put it in a different situation that's not so darn easy to guard. Ryan Hollins, our guest, the Dan Patrick. Show Jason Smith Rob Parker in Dan and the Danettes idol. Let's get to Janas here for a second because I'm not there. There's any star in the NBA The had. Abed. Last. Week a worse last week than Janas he went from Hey, we dispatching Orlando and round one. We're on our way to this finals, and now here they are they finally get a win yesterday and they do it win without Janas who leaves the game in the second quarter with an injury is, is this post-season salvageable for him? To either get his reputation back or win a couple of more games because he suddenly gone from this guy, he's the MVP to in the playoffs he he can't elevate the guys around him. Less backup does let's back at all the way up last year. Rob Parker who wants to have these arguments with me and I try to tell you. I love you. Honest. He's a heck of a player, but he's not going to get it done within the postseason. The way he plays my my twitter mentions I was getting ravaged I was harassed I mean I couldn't. I couldn't say or do anything without somebody going on what I said that was overrated. It didn't mean he was a bad player. It just meant he's not on the echelon at you guys are putting him on. Okay. He's not on the Bron James the Kevin Durant. He's not in that territory yet because you're going to be ineffective in the playoffs that those guys Lebron James is not Lebron's anes from regular season Lebron James. He's Lebron James Because of the postseason yacht just wasn't equipped to do that. If the a heck of a player yes. Can you put pieces around him and he'd be big big piece of a championship heck. Yeah. But right now his game is not equipped to do it in an all reality we saw yesterday is that even though? They be using Middleton, raw they. They need to be featuring Chris Middleton. Janas playoff, the basketball, and heck that team looks like it could be head and shoulders a better than than the Miami Heat, and obviously the hardest thing that anybody knows the hardest thing that anybody knows let's keep it in context is to eliminate a team out of the playoffs because they have this, they have this. This wild. Type of vigor, this type of strength type of passionate Kush to to stay in the game. The Heart Kevin Gardner taught me that that the hardest thing don't you don't I don't care who it is on the other side. The hardest thing to do is to eliminate a team and get them going to three Cancun, the huddles Bay that it's tough to do So that's what you saw from Milwaukee but hey, they may have more success. I'M GONNA, repeat it one more time guys 'cause Rob Jason. Especially you rabbi digest don't make make those faces in the studio as we know is already make. No No. They need to play through Chris Middleton it. Let s be the cleanup guy screen set are they will have more success that they probably should have been. Going to Eastern Conference finals last year more success, and here's thing and I hear what you're saying I don't believe that that's going to happen that the bucks are going to turn the team over to. Middleton. No matter. No matter. How well he's played and I get that but that's not going to happen. But My my question to you Ryan is. Michael Jordan didn't have immediate success. Jonah says. Jong. It's not like his Co. he's set and he has all of his moves and he knows how to play and he's Ten twelve year vet young players still. Lebron didn't win right out of the out of the gate as well. He also had to make adjustments as we go along you telling me that John can make adjustments can't get a move in the paint kick come up with some sort of signature. Basket Eddie needs when they needed in the pain at some point that can happen. Did you just fix. Did you fix your lips to compare honest Michael Jordan Lebron He's not a talent he just GonNa win to MVP. We're not gonNA. Do that route he's heck of acquire, but we're not going to do that. He's going to. Be a GimMe Gimme more. No no no. No He's getting the proper respect. He's a heck of a player. He's a hard worker listen man no, not compare him to. Not Have a stat sheet or Michael Jordan. These guys right in front of my face I'm not gonNA say this kid can improve he can't get better but who compared to more so he's back Kobe he shack and you just compare them to the Kobe's Lebron's. Parker had you lost your marbles? People like shack. There is no disrespect to Shaquille O'Neal none but shack needed a way eat needed a colby. He needed a dynamic wind. Okay. Jonah's needs a dynamic wing doesn't mean these any more or less than a player, but do not ever compare to Michael McCoy is not here to hear it. My point is that does when they were young struggled to wasn't automatic success in the post-season. Say. All all up what he got. Finals. They. Also. They also lost to Orlando and Turkoglu. You remember that no, no listen and they went to the finals. Michael Michael Jordan was who's into Larry I got sake. Okay. What did that was Larry Bird and I get those guys had to improve goddess the one thing I do love from him rob every single year. This kid is approved. He is the model of hard work and consistency in and great. He's a throwback I love him but he needs help and he is not. He is not a one, a hall of fame superstar like Michael Jordan Lebron James and Kobe stop it. He's. He's really good. He's really good but that's not what he is. So you're GONNA have to compare them if you compared him to durant or oatmeal or. I. Don't even want to say garden. It can't even say Gardenet I I maybe I'm GonNa Patrick York that you can put. Patrick Ewing. Rob Parker, don't you talk to talk about don't you talk about Michael Jordan? Like Michael. Jordan and I, you know what my problem is. People WanNa pay this talent in a box this early in his career and say, he can't get it done or he can't do that. How would it be covered? Mba Nine, thousand, nine, hundred. Route. I. Twenty. Five. Listen. Truth. Twenty five, we made the kick young as eighteen, ICU. League. Playing style I. Don't WanNa say it is what it is but you were kind of refined what you are. That's what He. Is He's twenty five years old yet on what are you? Okay you cut refined what you are sort of what you can see from you wanna be willing to because I'm GonNa come what you become with your comparison. But I'm gonNA come with you. Wouldn't you look at this you can say that he can maybe get a you know a little better of a post game he can get a fadeaway he can get a mid range jumper he can get a step back maybe. Would you look at Lebron durant Kobe those guys there were already making moves from the perimeter that would translate into hey if he policies what he is, he could be one of the greatest. If not the greatest basketball player of all time, he would have playoff success. This it's gotta be really hard for him to change all the what he like for me to make him into a shooter wouldn't be natural wouldn't be natural now can't he improved as Bruce and he's improved undoubtably, but it's it's just like there's only so many fixes and tinkers that you can do in this in for him. Man Guys are getting the report they're not just backing up challenge in his dribble in there running jumping at him from the perimeter, and now what's happening rob he's beating he's beating the stuff about of himself and now he couldn't even play a game three. Lord knows I think it's To. Their. Last year. April problems last playoffs well, if you forgot. So now he's playing at this hellish face and he may not be able to keep up. You can follow me on twitter at the Ryan Hollins that is at the Ryan Holland's also the octagon this weekend Ryan. Hollins at Rob Parker we'll go at it. We will continue this competition. Forty. Early, in the morning. You know that's why I'm divorced I. A. Rob's wife has done waking up going I. Don't want to take it seven o'clock in the morning. Give me A. Hot. Take. I'd take and a hot breakfast I both. Take it easy. Big Dog. We'll talk to you soon. Happy Labor Day man. Great stuff there from Ryan. No. I. Can see that right listen I'm done I don't WanNa put listen. Brady's not the greatest I'm leaving I leaving walking or Twitter out how about a FRESCA Robert? Rob Parker? F S one coming up next to big NFL stories that broke this morning we'll get into those with you coming up next Fox. Be Sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard and rob. Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the IHEARTRADIO APP Hi David. Bluff and I'm Steve Schmidt where the host of battleground a new podcast from the recount in two thousand eight I ran Senator John McCain's campaign for President David, manage Senator Obama's. In battleground, we're going state by state giving you indepth reporting on the trump and Biden strategies so that you understand what they're doing and more importantly why they're doing it. Listen a battleground starting on September fourteenth on the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. I'm Jensen Karp and I want you to listen to my podcast from Shreveport media in iheartradio called sports bubble with Jensen Karp I'm a comedy writer and Die Hard Sports Fan terribly missed sports these past few months. But now they're coming back sorta kind of who knows to figure out these weird times I'm checking in on your favorite athletes commentators legends from the sports world we find out what they've been doing without competition and how they're preparing to return to the Games they love inside a bubble. Some of my favorite episodes on the podcast have been hearing boxing legend's Sugary Leonard Talk about staying in shape in a driveway. From working out. Whatever you can do much better. Tony. Hawk revealing he hasn't gone this long without a skating event since he was a preteen this is the longest I've been home straight. Remember Bob Costas talking about speaking out even when it cost him professionally. Of. Ability to the audience and Andrew mccutchen explaining his thoughts on the Yankees appearance clause in two thousand, twenty years away from our individualism. and. People listen to the sports bubble now and subscribe on the iheartradio APP Apple podcasts wherever you get your podcast. Fox Sports. Radio the Dan Patrick Show Happy Labor Day Jason Smith Rob Parker in for Dan and the Danettes today and you know normally Labor Day is a day where it's a big major league baseball. Day We're breaking down what's going on with college football. Hobby Watson Baseball. Today it's But. It's a different kind of day. Baseball ends three weeks from today. I feel like we there's there's no way to get A. Grasp on the baseball season outside of knowing the dodgers are great because we've been playing for a month and now it's over in three weeks knows who's GonNa be mazing. Amazing. But we do have a couple a big NFL stories to get to here the next couple of minutes number one. The Miami Dolphins this morning made it official Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterback to start the season I get it. There's not been a games to evaluate to a ton of YOU WANNA be able to make sure that you give the biggest chance to succeed in out of the gate. Some of the defense the dolphins are playing are not going to be conducive to success for two. It's the Patriots out of the gate at San Francisco Seattle it's buffalo it's Denver. He'll play but not 'til later rob I know you think this is the wrong call for them to make. Yeah. I just say put to put the kid in. Let's see what you got you. You you win you're you're you're spot in practice in the NFL and they've watched him it's not like they have in practice whatsoever. He also has a pretty damn impressive resume tape that everybody's known. You wouldn't have drafted him. If you didn't take the kid can play prior to even watching them. In practice and Patrick to me is a waste to snaps. He just did we know what he is. You're not going anywhere with him maybe home dinner and a show that's about it but you're not winning anything with Fitzpatrick. So why wasting snapped we saw kyle. Murray. Last year with our Zona, they didn't have a great team people were like, Oh, I don't know if you WANNA put them out. They are whatever he went out there he played. And he got experience and now you to people are looking for big things from him right? Because you got a chance to get out there from day one played all sixteen games and that's what I think they should do to. Now. The other news we have Cam Newton who didn't radio interview this morning earlier in in. Boston on w. e. and said that right now hey, it's a match made in heaven with the Patriots. He's so excited to be here. Everything is great. He's a captain. Okay. Well, first of all, was there any way once camp started? He wasn't GonNa win the job I mean, of course, Jarrett's stidham terrible. So which tells you that all the all the columns in the off season that were written. Oh. Jared. Sims guy if you're. If you're going to doubt bill, Belichick your Stubai. Jarret Stidham was terrible and it was just a PR job but I I can't suddenly just because Cam is with the Patriots Rob, he's GonNa be Great. Again, he hasn't been great a while he also hasn't been healthy and you know just because I see highlights on on twitter and people are saying Oh if this is the Cam Newton, the Patriots are going to get this is going to be tough news for everybody else that's a highlight from two, thousand thirteen. I can't buy that suddenly just because he's there he's going to be great. One is bodies been breaking down the past couple of years. Yeah I don't know I. Still Think he's young enough not an old guy. He's been hurt the last couple of years I'm expecting big things. I expect. I expect him to to have a good season. The only thing. I, don't know. I know they lost a number of players who opted out of playing with the covid nineteen. Like six players are three starters. So I don't know how that's going to affect them but but I expect him to do well and another team to give an opportunity next year. So there it is. You Check Out Rob Parker later on today on the odd couple doing double duty. My show is heard nights here on Fox sports radio. What what are you doing rob between now and doing your radio show? Can you take a nap or what? I'm going to take a nap boil some hotdogs and then I'll be good hotdogs with no buns today but they'll be good. Fox Sports Radio the herds. Up Next Jason Rob.

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GMs Making Die Rolls for Players

Gaming and BS RPG Podcast

1:04:47 hr | 1 year ago

GMs Making Die Rolls for Players

"Eighty seven being recorded March thirtieth twenty twenty welcome to gaming. Nbs A tabletop RPG. Pasha podcast. I'M SEAN. I'm Brett's doing folks glad to everybody here before we get into Announcements I think. Well we played a couple of games slash weekend here the virtual Gary Khan stuff and then we had a chance to play. Astonishing swordsman and sources of hyper. Bore you with the one the only Tim Chin and I gotta say I gotTa say that Astonishing surgeons game was pretty fucking awesome at a good time with that lot of fun. The folks renown you know weighing Curtis Jeff and Let's see that Hobbes guy you me. It was fun. Damn fine time and I I said this on my twitter posts and social media spaces but I think. Tim Did a great job. I've read enough of the setting as I said we had him on the show. I know enough about it and I was ready ready for the environment. And you kind of how it wanted it to feel and I thought Tim bang-up job. So thank you sir very very well done Sean. What after we talked about it in as the first time. You've played it as well did you Did it your expectations or were you like That's that's about or something in between maybe I did feel as though it met expectations image. When I say feel right is like it felt like Tim inbred. We're talking about last time and didn't have those just another forgotten realms setting depth thing correct yes. I would agree with that for sure good. Good Yeah I think Tim did an excellent job with capturing the overall your what sounded machine sources sources have such hyper aurea about. I mean little call to Action Evil Gods I was die but when saint instead it was good. Yeah it was pretty cool. That's true that's right. Wayne did die I I. He's the only one who did die in a year. He'd he'd I big time you got cut in half. I did like Shawn's I'm a cleric quote unquote. Now he's a fucking bar and he's got to be a bar he's gotta be Goddamn barred. S turns out. Son of a bitch was a barn. The Bardi Clerics Investments All right so I did not have any other gaming Besides getting prepped. I've got two games this week with my home group. I'm running my avalon game one. I'd ribbon story the title of that one tomorrow. Kicking off with my boys and then Dungeon Madman's on Thursday. But you you Mr. Sean had some other Games. I'm interested in hearing about you. Play Low Fantasy. I believe in you also play Labyrinth Lord. It all started on Thursday when I Thursday. Who KNOWS THE BLUR? What a Play Delta Green. Yeah that's right. Yeah I like it. I liked it. It was it was good forest tied it into actual the end of the mission turned it into or tied it to an actual event that occurred nice and then of course we got to narrate the end of of our kind of arc like what what are characters went on to do. Oh cool is the survivors. And so because we blew up a large portion of Central America. Creating Earthquake Of course somewhere guilt ridden and found themselves feeling guilty and then subsequently going down maybe not such a good path where my character he went on to continue service in the military eventually Become a poster child for the Republican Party and that an actual candidate for Senate. Oh interesting. Us Senate Any you know through some of the wheelings Indian kept in touch with some of those old guys from that mission. They were part of a they. Were like donating money to causes. And so I would help do that. Okay on the sly but Yeah so let me ask you this. Not You played it. I had a feeling that after you've played this you might say oh I should have been running Delta Green with document guys the reason I say that is because those guys like shadow run and this has a more shadow run type. Feel on my where you've got a a mission thing to do black ops type of deal Lisa can so. Do you think that would go over? Better than masks with that group Yeah I could see maybe go over is relative but I think that action man. Yeah there is more action because you look you snoopy poke around data and then fuck you shoot people. British shot at things blow up right which is normal year regular food game at least not as often. No that's true so I but yeah it was fun. It was great. I had a really good time. It was a three hour short adventure mission. I definitely could see where I would given. My background turned that sucker up to about eleven not that. That's not a knock on forced to gary by any means but in style thing. Well Yeah I mean. They were like he gave Prejean. I didn't really look at the Prejean as far as like What weapons I was assigned like shotgun breach. Your Guy Right say I went through. I went through a full load out like Ferris forces like well. If there's anything special that you want let me know and I just went through an equipped to my guy as if I was that guy like all right. I need an M16 eight this things. I need to canteens. You know well to first aid. Pouch is nice backpack prick seventy-seven stuff. So cool man was fun. Where did you would you? Oh sorry go now. It's going to say that but going into what you're getting at then Saturday morning eight. Am played. In Jason Hobbes's game. Whitestone Tower was at the little fancy Hold on a second. I got an echo coming shoot. It is okay so we talked a little bit about low fantasy as pre-game bullshit ARY for The stashing sources game a Tim Wren in I remember hearing about it before going That's interesting seems like it might be a Brett Jam and I never got into it so I think Wayne Hopefully Mr Lumber owners can hook me up with a CA- his copy of the rules that can Off Him and read. So that's kind of a very nice of him to kind of Israeli nice of him however Hobbes said on the show and then afterwards he's like man. I love that game. I said okay cool but I want to know what you thought about it and because when I hear about it and I read it Worried about it. That's kind of like I said with a stylish swordsman like oh I have a vision. My head you may not know all the mechanics and the rules or whatnot behind low fantasy. But what was your impression? Did it feel as advertised right like the outset attendances low magic gritty realism stepping in? The you look inside and I am looking that doesn't have many marshalls at all. Or how would you think for HOBBES's game? It was good. What about sorry about how good the game was? Just how do you a gay? I'm talking about the game itself like did you like it? Did you have fun with the low? Fantasy said I did and the thing is with a game itself because it was enroll twenty in the player character sheets. Her really well done. There wasn't a ton of knowledge needed about the rules. Okay right so if you rolled for initiative you'd Click the initiative die roller and then hobbs would just explain 'cause in that game their success great success or failure and it's dependent upon your target creature Whether you need a success or a great success to go before it okay. So I didn't need to know what that meant. I didn't need. I would just click a button right. Where in the rules that would say. Well you have a target number this target numbers on your character she derived from this. And when you row it. Ed You go above it. It's a success if you go above it by this much it's a great success so literally would just be like it would tell me the numbers but I wouldn't even look at would just I would look at the end result Janet. Now Okay but did you like the The the mechanics overall. Who's far as fun? Felt did feel low fantasy. D- what did it feel like who's just D- with less rules are different rules? Would you think that way It because it had some skills still to it There was a little bit of an element to to that component That that did so it wasn't like okay. Here's basic and you don't have any skills and you're narrating everything so it wasn't the X. Odeon de de thing okay. All right that makes sense. Yeah it does make sense but yet found that you liked it did then. You played labyrinth. Lord as well correct. I did play labyrinth. Lord that was Paul Wolfe. Now okay. I've not played labyrinth. Lord however I have always heard really good things about it. Did it strike you as? Oh that's neat that's neat clone. Or Wow that's something I want on my shelf type thing or it's good I I I mean giving far too many one either all in or out all out options here but did you like it enough you. We can't play playing it again. Running it or so one of the things. I've had a personal appeal. If you will with some retro clones. Ism Lake House rules as far as the Atkins see right where they very much lake blah. But and I can't tell some of them apart in play feels. Sometimes some cases did was this. Because I've heard Lebanon's Lord. Oh it's like I've heard people tell me no it's like eighty no it's more like Blah Blah Blah. Whatever so what was your take off of it after you bleed I would say it's the way I have labyrinth. Lord and I have from the kickstarter and the the basic and it has basic and advanced versions in it and the advance versions unlocks certain classes. That weren't in the basic like I think assassin baby allusion Est. Look they raised says class or class plus race raises class. If I'm not mistaken I know people that are like Oh s. are just like probably if I have that wrong are just jumping through chaos right now but you know I. It's I couldn't get a hold of that in my head wrapped around by Self Brett because it's not like basic expert to be at least it didn't feel like it. I think the way Paul ran it. It did okay but when I was create my character on Mike. Oh okay. There's these things like there was a little bit more to it than just I'd have to look man. I'd have to reference so now that this is not a knock against game master player so if anybody takes this conversation as such I apologize. That's not my intent. I think it's interesting to me sometimes. Then I'll I'll run a game or plagued and sometimes like that was interesting but it doesn't really stick with me or I'll read a game system and sometimes I think when some of them don't stick with me like some of the ozark loans because I read through them go that's basically swords and wizardry accepted does initiative different. I'm making that up or it's a lot like You know I I dunno Oz Rick accept or whatever the case is it just needs to be different enough for me to want to grab onto it that it doesn't feel like a house rule off of decks or something. I don't know I guess it's got a really kind of grabbed me. And that's why a low fantasy seemed interesting enough to be because it reminds me a little bit for. I've been reading of kind of how DC SLAP ZERO S R chassis on a fairly newish game system mechanic was and Think low fantasy seems to somewhere piece. It's taking the feeling and whatnot but still putting that onto a newer game system chassis so anyway all right cool I'll have to fund me a copy labyrinth Lord read it and see what I think about if nothing else maybe pick up the PDF. 'cause antler relatively cheap and Scope one of those out. Okay Koo Koo Koo Koo. It was fun. We didn't do very well in the tournament but when he had to do. And you'll honestly I didn't know it was tournament till you just told me today. So sometimes tournament play to me at least in a brief experiences with tournament modules and such. There's not always the best way to find out feel like system because sometimes there's turn. Misconduct CONSTRAINTS ARE STRANGENESS. About it. That aren't quite the same as a regular game. You play with your friends so yeah interesting okay. Cool don't want to beat that one to death too long Is the the survey done jumper that the surveys dot as of the end of this recording? And so you and I will have to take a look at the results of that and see what we WANNA do on top of that. I may add that. I emailed my my masks group and because they were like. Hey Man we're playing Tuesday. Are we like what's going on? You Know Yemen updated us on what you WANNA do. Siamese them and said Hey I'm GONNA hang up the game for the type. Excuse me the time being because I've got too many balls up in the air for the most part so I was a disappointment Is What what say that again. We're the players disappointed like really like I literally emailed them this morning and said Hey I'm going to hang up the game for now. I'm willing to play every other Tuesday but does not run. I don't have the time to dedicate to it because I do. WanNa get Games off for Patriots. Nope I hear her patrons. I should say and what that looks like. And then what and everything else that I got going on which isn't a ton but do shit adds up but does does not take much well and it wouldn't take much just fire up zoom and go okay. We're GONNA play ready okay. And then just right. Last time we left off you're in New York City. You're dealing with this so yeah but also if you're on the game yourself right now what's the point of pushing it how it's coming but you sound like you were last time so little bit so having settled. I don't mean to analyze you there but having said that I think what's going to happen is we will come together. Figure out what we want to do and how we want to run games. We'll run online Obviously and then whether we're doing one shots media campaigns West marches style. Yeah lead time points of light. Type will see Gotcha. Okay cool man all right so surveys done. That's bullshit are- let's go onto random encounter raynham counter segment of the show where we had all emails voicemails comments from Social Media Sean you seem down. Maybe this'll pick you up all right. She moved bummed out. Miss saw comments referencing a few previous episodes. So he writes. So I live in San Jose. And I'm under a shelter in place order Woohoo more computer games than online. Rpg's but I'm a grocery clerk. So I get to go to work. First of all everybody out there be safe you included Saul absolutely man. And I'll tell you what that I hope I hope you portray well. I hear some horror stories about people treating folks in your line of work. Quite Shipley and May Pox land upon anyone. Who Does that to the? Yeah carry on. I've written to you guys in a while. So I have a few short comments on a few previous episodes books articles about our Beijing that I have that I have read I really only bought one and that was never unprepared. Which I thought was really good. It had some great ideas of cutting down near Pratt and focusing your time on what is really needed other than that. I come from the Brett side of jamming from the seat of my pants. I used to prep like crazy but now I just come up with cool problems and have the. Pc's figure out a solution that makes sense. How kick starters well? I don't think I do very many but my wife. Joelene always laments my kick starters. I like physical books I like. Rpg's that I find interesting like something that I don't already have in my in my according to my wife vast RPG collection I have kick started avalon by your Bud Brett sweet thanks man paddle palate in at quarter Aquar- cone in RPG. John Carter of Mars. I've been extremely luckily that I've gotten everything I pledged for. Pretty cool the practice episode. Who runs the practice episode Let's see says Well I probably have over ten thousand hours of RPG playing. But I have been playing since nineteen seventy eight and haven't really ever stopped and I don't think you need ten thousand hours to be a good RPG player or a gay master. What you need is to get rid of all the adult inhibitions You learn from In addition learn from your mistakes and play with various GM's and see if people have a fun time. See what and how the GM facilitates that fun that fun time audio so he goes audio episode. I've always wanted to do audio. But only every once in a while have I done something online but nothing more than background music. One of my friends ran a con game where he had a person. Just help with the audio a dedicated audio dude. It was amazing but most of us don't have that audio dude in your back pocket innovations in the RPG industry while this one blew my mind. Sean I think we gamers have not been all that imaginative in this area of gaming I'm happy just to get a pdf with a With bookmarks I think the best one I ever had was Nova practice but still get. Pdf's that don't even do simple bookmarks. I really like your ideas and somebody. Sadly not me should work on some of your ideas. I thought they were quite brilliant. Anyway being stay safe stay healthy and see you on the other side of the covy. Nineteen crisis saw. Thanks man appreciate you still listen and take the time right man. Awesome good input to Kqei. Let's see who yet next Bruce Comments on innovation and RPG delivery? This one is a really interesting subject now now develop any kind of only Layman's understanding of most tact but I can see all kinds of challenges only relatively small audience for a new potentially online poll. She format for a love to see it happen though. I just imagine you can get that perfect solution together. The last POLL TO COMBINE TAX IMAGES VIDEO. Hyperlink maps layered maps compatible. The ride with a wide range of virtual tabletop systems tokens for the same sound effects and music. How would you market it to keep? If you're an owner g product assuming you're publisher that'd be narrow minded likely more fragmented market space. We license it out to other publishers. For fee may be very mind that many apogee publishers are tiny. Do It yourself operations. We make it freely available notes of becoming the new format effectively replacing PDF or other e-books. Awesome then you have to swallow pretty hefty development cost to great idea but I suspect the cost developing the perfect solution may mean we're stuck with. Eds for a while yet. It's deadly purple sorceress. Dc modules are really great. Pdf most come with an appendix that contain stuff intended for printing paper. Minis maps often within without battlegrounds and handouts. Let's also relative easy to grab images and use them to make tokens and match online. Play Bruce what things that I'm noticing coming out of this and we set ourselves and Bruce saying it here just underscores at for me is the. Shit's expensive to make and get it in every time you hear the phrase the RPG industry. I chuckle because it's a hobby. It's a hobby industry. It's not an industry. Like manufacturing computers or an industry like you know making women's clothing or making furniture or or making electronic equipment or something. He's not car industry and so on. It's a very niche piece that I'm certain that other components of the publishing the book publishing so forth out there are probably passing our hobby. By but because it's a hobby industry and as you know as points out do yourself. Operations at is not easy to to to put those bills. Were put that time in his. It's part time thing that people do so I get that totally makes sense what you're saying so I'm buying we shall in there. Yeah good stuff to hear from Bruce from across the pond. He ran a ton of games past weekend. Oh my God did he ever yeah? Lot of virtual console going on for Bruce which is cool. Great stuff all right you ready. I'm ready. Let's get in the main topic showy. Yeah all right Sean. Real so Mr. Shane did this and it got me thinking when he was running. Astonishing swordsman sorcery pipe. Boy He did a lot of dice behind the screen. The Hey my character was a scout. Pick this scout only sneak. He said what's your I said. I got a six in twelve chance. I said you want me to roll. That he goes no I roll those cool and he had a number of those type of Listen checks and so on a he would roll for us and then give us the how what you got out of it and I forget. Loved it When I was picking locks who was you would know if you open the lock. That's on you. Okay Cool. I'll get to roll. Might pick locks thing so I was kind of neat born. He rolled when. I'm listening at the door. Would I hear you don't hear anything? Okay and there was a piece of timber old for Shit. Or Tim's fucking with me maybe budgeted at me. There's no they are. You know saw that wonder was in my head and I really liked it. So we're talking about those things where you know you ninjas movie silently mystery summarized trying to hear if there's any behind the door was trying to spot the hidden treasure in the library we're trying to smooth talk a guard or something so we've talked about this a little bit before and. Shawna mentioned doing it and quite frankly. Tim was one of the only game masters that I can remember in recent or distant past that have done it successfully to me and I I think put the time in to make sure that he had all the stuff written down but it really worked and implemented very well. I know some people hate it. Game Astros any dice for the players and vice versa. Games like Cypher System. Which basically all the dice raw player facing even Gumshoe from large part is very flerfu player facing. We've talked about that before too so shawn. Let's talk about this little bit. I want to bring back the should the game master be rolling checks for the players. Is it a it? Yes but it depends. Perspective is at a only in certain systems type of thing. So what do you think Sean when we did you like? Did you like having Tim do that? Or Yeah I think the way that he handled it was done really well in my opinion but I guess it adds to the game for you besides. Oh that's a kitschy thing that Tim does. Did it added to the game for Brett now? That doesn't mean it work for you right. I looked at it. Ooh mystery. I don't really know are gonNA have to go with this Intel. That game masters telling me this is Kinda cool. Did you have that same feeling like match just the thing? I did I didn't have a lot of those experiences like you did breath because I wasn't youtube busy. Track all your priest in the instances that Urugay master and you are determining who makes the roll the dice like Tim. Obviously I think many game masters or Dungeon Masters that have been doing a little little while have their own system of doing things so when they say if somebody's going to search it's always GonNa be me or it's always gonna be them depending or they're going to have conditions around or the criteria around how they make that decision on the fly. Okay so with Tim. He's probably got his nail down and he rolls that that way. I didn't have anything where if I had to make a check. It would warrant me not knowing the result as a player character. So even look at okay then so you didn't have that exact experiences. I did because it was happening to my scout. Did you enjoy the fact that I wasn't like hey? The interaction and that Tim and I were having was cool to you did you think. Hey that's cool the breadth doesn't roll that die. Oh yeah I liked how it flowed for sure and I do like the fact that you know Brett as Brett would not know whether he succeeded or not and he could play accordingly. I guess so. Yeah Yeah I think to me. It's interesting because when you talk about on the one hand will say hey. This is cool because in this particular instance. I'm listening at the door right these. They are pressed ear to the door timber dice. Do I win do I not do I succeed? What do I hear he tells me? Here's noise royal. What type of noise? How and all I could stop in. Keeping that hidden encouraged me as a player to play differently. And actually for me. It helped me play. I think we better for breadth anyway. Is that at a harder? Time having to take knowledge Meta Knowledge in transferred into confidence and by that I mean if I would have failed our look roll it. Well fuck well. I guess there's nothing behind this door. Do you know that's that's kind of? That's kind of how I grew up in the gaming spheres. I if you roll to do a thing and you failed supposed to play like I don't know so we walk in with finger up my nose due to do all my gosh. Where'd you come from all never heard thing too much noise to hear anything? Ha Ha it took that kind of bad joke autumn my mind and I had to for me anyway really facilitated Brett as player being more in the in the moment as my character and trying to figure out what I'm GonNa do what what do I do if I hear nothing. Well I certainly in the guys fairly cautious. I'm like you know he's cautious. So he's not the kind that's GONNA kick the door regardless but open the door and go into the room. I didn't bother to warn the rest of the way in here. Anything but get ready just in case type of deal right so for me. It encouraged me to play different slash better than if I were roll. The dice fail the fucking thing. I would've I know me other made some stupid. Meta joke and then try to get back into character and pretend like I didn't know any better this way. It's it really didn't know any better. I liked that I thought that was a cool a cool piece but I do know with some of my So players I've had over the years he was someone guys in my group. Some depending on your days are bad. Sometimes you Kinda give up. Look whatever whatever I duNno. Don't hear anything of course I don't leave this day. Suck it suck. He'd be hit Downer again. It has this. Meta impact to the player. And how they're reacting enacting the follow him saying chunk. Yeah that makes sense. It does and and you know. There's a good point ops puts up that mentions like it works well with skill checks because it doesn't it it prevents multiple players from say. Oh I'll I'll try the same thing right because they don't know whether you've passed or failed so it does. There's no skill dog piling. Why are ten people can listen at this fucking door? The skill dog piling. Yeah that's hilarious. Van write that down skilled at Colville used it. And I've used it before I see so it's not just it's not just a breath of the people. I gotcha actually get it from. My group said at age at back. Stop fucking dog piling like Wet West. Wow that's what you mean. Okay but you know. That's a good point. Like I never even thought of it because I think by saying up role for it automatically trigger something in everybody's brain. Oh I try I try. I try okay. Yeah where Sir. Like a search check right. Yeah a rule of four fucking. I can try go search. I just want yeah. It's so weird that it's like conscious subconscious. That happens because when you when it occurred with you. I mean nobody. I don't know if everybody had the Quote unquote ability to do it or the skill to do it. But it didn't occur to anybody that nobody jumped out of their seat to go. Hey while I'll try because they don't you might have succeeded yet so we had. We have people searching rooms and poking around and trying different things and everybody got to try the thing and in the rest of us just assumed if the other person didn't anything there's nothing to be found we didn't go well. Curtis Israeli searched and step aside attack. Ashi I'm searching this room now. Now that you know and in Curtis in in the other part he's up front with me my robes. Doing the thing. He's follow me at the cautious with the with delight and I'm just playing telephone game back to him what I see. He took it for literal. Whatever I told him what he what I told them. It's like okay. Nothing nothing nothing. That's actually how my character scrolled away a sackful of coins because no one was looking at me when I took account that even you know that was that was it but anyway from my chicanery there it was. I liked it. It had to play better and I think that the skill dog probably thing. I didn't even notice until you mentioned it now. thanks observation. I think it's it didn't happen because we're all like well. He tried. Why would I just walk up and do it for them right? Yeah there's no. There's no urgent like you know. I'm not compelled to do it. You know the we were doing with that and I think this aided and Tim doing this aided in this I was doing all the scout things my niece was to go. Listen sneak and do. No one tried to do that with me or in place of me even if I failed because that was my job right. That's what I do. Well when we had identify some stuff will jobs neck. Romance her in in vain tried to get him to help us. She's the world's worst necker masters we found out whereas we're sourcing probably good nicorettes terrible anyway. Point is is when those things went to that character. No one else will I? Can I do instead of him? That never happened at all right. Any attempts any ideas thing that the people under do Who's Jeff was playing? Paladin by Buddy Jeff no safer. Yeah Yeah Yeah yes. So Jeff's a penalty goes well as a pallet. I think I would know Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. We went. Okay and you even though you're masquerading as a cleric no one else in the room. Oh my character would also no religious stuff to it. Looks like he fucked that up. Can I try it? L. In each protection kind of fell into place. I don't know if that was just because quite frankly was a really good group to play with. I'd love to play all those folks again. That was fun but I think I think that helps in a kind of a knock on the fact that really helped to do that now. I think I have talked to players and some of them in my own group that they don't like it because they believe that knowing the Daryl helps them role. Play the result. Better Meyer usual response to that is well. You can't do or say loss. Do Don't do it. It'd be under Sheikh Door. You know you can't do that But I have seen good players and when I said my son with my players aren't good but shit for that but has seen players like okay. They fail and they take that to To a roleplaying place and sometimes quite frankly Folder community where people like. Well must have your wax problems or I was listening to the wrong door or God. Damn you guys are just so fucking loud stupid fighter. You'll be clanking armor. I heard the goblins man this door. Next time sit fuck instill. It turned into an inter-party roleplaying moment. And the concept of having that Darryl in your hands your success your success your success or failure success when you combine the two trade Your succesor is in your hands right any dice that are going to impact your character's abilities knowledge go forward go back to whatever that is is your fault you know you don't see well a DM foots the dice with. He's lying about that some. And if you're rolling everything in the open the game astros all the dice in the open. I mean all the dice and the open you ruling. Everything in the open doesn't matter who rolls it at that point because if we were using using online die roller for that one but everything we did was old ice in the open. Timbering for us doesn't matter because there's nothing secret about it anymore. I mean yeah so. Have you heard those arguments for before? Sean like hey no. I want to do this because of those things I want. I feel like it's agency thing. I WANNA be a master of my own dice. Destiny helps me role play. I don't trust the DM in some cases. I don't I don't see too many people at Games at get hung up on a lot of that stuff really There's usually maybe one person but that one person is usually a pain in the ass. No matter whatever no matter their purpose at the table just to. Kinda screw with you throughout the day. I'm waiting for subs game to irk me that that makes me this evening and bring you that. I think that same person or that type of person may not do it with a table full of strangers. Like if so. I have a friend of mine today. I've known for a long time and I know that. What we're laying out here in your. Would you have a player that would get hung up on that stuff? He would and he wouldn't do it because well wait a minute. I think I should be rolling that not you. I think it might be part of that. And then there's also a part of well I'm just GonNa Kinda screw around at the table and push peoples buttons. Yeah there are people like that and so he does that. I think I think sometimes he believes he's being just wait a minute. I truly believe that's my role. I should be doing that role. Why are you doing that role? I should roll. Come on man. Yeah and then. It's like I find go ahead. I'M NOT GONNA sit here and argue about it for ten minutes. Let their fine. It's not worth it. I I'M NOT GONNA die on that Hill. Yeah that's that so I think I can say this flat right now is that there's some systems Doesn't make any sense if all the days of the players hands. Guess what right either. Gm attractions or something else. I mean now. There are some systems where this discussion doesn't make a fucking sense at all. No right and that's fine. I also think that there are some some settings where sometimes we don't always think about this because we tend to at least in my space. I tend to think about this as a d. that fantasy setting look and search like a thief checking for stuff trying to say beginning even in shadow run. You've street Sam is trying to figure something out trying to hear a noise down the alleyway death this is right for gay mistrals dice as thief trying to hear hear noise or you know you're trying to smooth talk the police officer as the same thing smooth-talking the city guard or the bartender. Whatever cases you know so I think this is not the setting. You think the system can stop you. I don't think the setting would necessarily stop you. It is It just the style. Play that if you're not used to tell you the thing that usually slows me down and this is where I didn't have a chance. I made myself a note at the end of the game on asked him what how do how he keeps up on. It is the bookkeeping piece of this where a lot of us has gained masters. I feel we start with great aspiration of I'M GONNA keep track of everybody's skill checks so I can roll certain skill checks for everybody and then about three levels in we'll fuck I haven't updated my chart. I forgot I've got update. My Chart. Sell 'em bitch okay. Goal now in these days of online character sheets and so forth. I like if I was rolling. Roll twenty I could see everybody's character sheet game master. Who's look it up myself like a roll the dice table or something privately for it really want to keep it secret Or You could ask characters to use like deums guild or or even update spreadsheet. There's lots of different things in the Google Doc. You could do to put the onus on people but there's that chance that risk that the data you have is outdated. I think when the ways to get around that is I. This game mastery. Build yourself some discipline to always do it. Or there's a partnership discipline here as I will ask you. I need you to give me because you're going to go away you're GonNa Update your character sheet at the start of every game. I'm GonNa ask you did any of your skills change if you say no. I will not update the sheet. If halfway through game he said Fuck. I forgot. The answer is no because asked the beginning. I'm not retrofitting it. Because three quarters in this game you just realized the forgot to tell. Bret you updated yourself skill to combat while I would have made last twenty stalls church. I just forgot to tell you you know the time when you asked me specifically to my face. Hey Sean did you update. Yeah I forgot to tell you so I thought it and by really did know yet. We kind of black and white about it but I think you can. You can kind of do a partnership owner on a but at the end of the day it's bookkeeping that somebody or somebody's have to make sure that they're keeping track of the grind but you don't do let them at that point adjust their skill and move forward in the same in the same set so then in that scenario lets me. I said Sean acid the anybody updates our skill sean. Note Blah Blah Blah Blah halfway through the game because I'll fuck actually did updated myself. Skill is not bad two hours ago. Dude no however Tan Marsh Man. I know I'm skilled and picture but you could say all right cool but I'm not going back. I think my I think I would take the harder. Line Sean. If somebody wanted to Bemoan the fact that they shouldn't have failed quote unquote all those other checks earlier that evening or that of the session. That's on you Jack Asks. You tell me But I could also see being lighter on it and saying okay cool. Let's update from this point forward. You have a plus five and not a plus for coal to Hey Hey who dummy. I forgot to tell your bread. Okay Bush on off ago type of thing. I think at the end of it comes down to it's bookkeeping and keeping track of notes and stuff is not always a game masters worte players Forte. We all been this and we all have a thousand different things we think. Oh you know this time. This time. They'll be online notes after every session and this time I will update this thing and it it falls but do I think happens there. Is You gotTA RECOGNIZE? It fell in the only way to make sure that it doesn't is update. It then goes to a lot of our rope practice stuff. I WANNA keep track. These private skills like enroll these dice myself for you. We all agree. We thought it'd be great. That Brett skinner do this Sean. Aline everybody's in on board with and I leaned forgets and or breadth forgets. Sean forgets whatever. I think what you do. Is You every time you forget you? Correct the situation and move on and eventually you will develop that muscle in that habit to always do. It will just be a thing you have because I'm willing to bet that did not just wake am GonNa do this. Really cool thing I'll have this mastered you mentioned at the beginning of this. He's been doing it for a while. Has a mechanism at work from Mr Tim so he can get that cooking right and what he's doing. I WANNA find out I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA ask him and Tim. If when you hear this if you reply to us to be great that we ought to both privately we share it I may look at what Tim does Worked for me however I'm going to try it and then modified as I go but if it's something you really want to get kind of talked about audio and other things you gotta try it it's GonNa fucking fail at some point. You're going to try this God. Damn I forgot to update ex PARTE. Let's just stop the fight and get everybody's stuff updated good. Okay sorry back to it off we go. Yeah Yeah we're not winning Oscars here. There's no emmy awards for anything and we're not losing money time. We're hanging out having fun anyway. So I think it starts to fall apart on you if nothing else the group is saying. I'm not having fun doing it this way. Can we please stop? That's a different situation verses. Oh crap I forgot again God damnit Brett you forget every game. I know memorial yes. You are a moron community down. Give me a Goddamn bonuses so I mean each piece. But Sean is this something. You think you'd WANNA use I mean there's lots of you have talked about all that'd be really cool to do and this one. I think I want to try next time. A campaign going now. Yeah I want I would try it and I don't think I would have a problem. Implementing it Mike. Should you? Brett would be 'cause you you play a group with a group that's used to you at us two things role in a particular way. So now you're going to change juniors now unless you're starting a new game right. Hey we're GONNA try low fantasy we're GONNA try a ssh an we haven't played that before and then from that point forward you decided like this is the way it's GonNa roll everybody. You know what I'm saying like if if you did it in a game you're currently running. Are Those guys going to say? Hey wait hold on a second like we did before this way now. Now you're changing it and it's the third session in this campaign. Yeah it's not. It should be a big deal shirt building. I like about what you're saying. Is that for me? It would be assange swordsman. I want run it so if I brought it to bear their brand new game brand new setting. We've not played in for. It could be a great opportunity to try. It is not the mechanics that different than I or secondary is not hard you played. It's easy enough but it'd be great opportunity for me to implement something different and then say hey. No that thing. We did with with astonishing swordsman. I WanNa do that when I run Catholic or I WanNa do that whenever pathfinder or when I run five people. Yeah sure what that was cool. Yeah let's do that. I think this might be a case of a really good thing to throw into the next new game or the game. You haven't run in a long time system wasn't talking game system here just because it's not for all I forgot. We're doing different now right now. It's new it's totally new. There's no we just played five eighty. Now we're we're done with that now are out of the abyss and you're telling me we're doing that different because why again it's weird to change gears in the middle of a game that you've been running for a month two months or three or four sessions. Oh Yeah I kind of liked this new thing. I don't want to do it the way we've been doing it. The last I don't know twenty hours a play so I hope as they're all good with that right like my buddy al. I tried to do that a couple of times in five as we're kind of kicking the tires on it. I want your dude last. I think the last thing you did. They said really how many more how many more hours of this we got. He said well. I think you almost done. Let's do this next. Time is a okay. Good point like dude. We just figured all the other crap you want to modify modify modify. I think we would have been dead five five six sessions ago if we implement all these rules at once the beginning but yeah not only in the middle of campaign but even in the middle of same system. Same System same says you know if you've been caulk Zulu in for a long time and then you jump back to D and everybody knows dean occur. We've all played it before. But Hey I wanNA do some different. I got a cool idea to try to make this d thing a little bit different. Let's try this Dean Heller of it and he jumped over to you. Know a decent disick star wars game or something else with school systems and even games that don't have skill systems taxes and such where a lot of things I was reading the Old Fred. Minster Boxes Books and it was talking about. Hey skill check you know in the one day in the three eighteen score range. If you have a sixteen roll a D twenty sixteen or less you succeed. Well that's a matter of keep track of stats. They game like that. Quite frankly has definitely changed much. Plus you get magical. I don't like gauntlet of overpower or something but I just think it says I think this is pretty cool idea when the other things that reminded me of is Back in the day way way. Back like grandpappy Greg. Nerdy days the roll. All the dice like for everything. I've Read Council where the game to roll up all your character for you gave him to you. Do you have hats craziness? Yeah you're you narrate what you want to do. I swing my sword at him you know. Try series of feints and thrust cut for the jugular okay. He the rose dyson explains to what happened. Okay but a lot of time. I mean that's how I know. Some people played I met some folks Alison or some other folks that when I mentioned to them I was gave me at that time. But we all roll their own days because it was. You know I'm like real your will joan dice. We'll say well. We all rolled only two sets of days. We had passed around the table but they not. Everybody had ice another. I gotTa get a twenty sided passes around. The table is ages needs back. We didn't have a plus for a poly he drills at our disposal. But it's it's interesting to see how it Kinda changes. And then he take a game like Cypher. System where or Gumshoe and other very player facing pieces where push all the dyson all that Dicey Agency the randomized agency if he will onto the players. It's a different way to go and this is where I can see some people saying. I don't want to take that random. Is Your Agency away from me? WanNa hang on to that. I don't want to give it to the game after. I think this is a piece when if you're not if you haven't tried it before this is a very simple not until you tried it. Maybe do like Broccoli. Give showed Crap and he don't want any don't want it but at least give it a go and if not if you have done it you've had a really bad experience with it. Miami vice would be almo- my experiences in the past personally had been somebody bookkeeping. We just said fuck it and moved on. It's you know if you had a bad experience before. How long ago was that the same people so playing? Do you really want to try it? You know give it another go Deal but do you think you'd ever do the Sean? Oh Yeah Yeah I think so. Do you have plans to do the show or you. Just you just saying that to make me feel better. No I mean I think with the next game or whatever it is that Iran that I would look at things a little more clearer and see if it makes sense when we're running game Patrick sort of some. We should count. We should talk about two. We go through lest this is like. Hey do I take a couple of ideas and implementing? This could be a fun one. So Coleman M as like I duNno. It takes something that we actually come up with or or discuss. I should say we didn't come up with this stuff but something we discuss an actually try it out. I don't know see what happens. Actually if this bullshit all he craft they actually did that thing. They said left to meet folks. If you've had this work or not work or better yet quite. Frankly if you've got a mechanism a tool set how're you doing it And if you're like hey it only works for me in this game system. That's fine not knocking that but if you've got a tool that says hey whenever burning deedee five always do this. To get the info from our players are how are you keeping track of it? What are you doing that would be great to hear so? We can share that stuff around the old gaming bs Campfire here so cool you. Good men do good man. Let's get Brett Daryl. I like it was fun. Oh my God. That's really loud. I'll write daryl segment of the show where we twenty four miscellaneous points a gay man. Geeky we WANNA bring you get four this week I one kind of champions may twenty third to the twenty fifth twenty twenty That's being put on by the folks over at tabletop events. So the proceeds goes stored. Keep a table top events alive and kicking during these times so Jt and the guys that do this. They announced that they're shutting down. May I o the fact? They announced that we had announced all going to shutdown. May I borrow? Community is loudly stated. Clearly that they do not want to shutdown though should run the crowd funding campaign to help. Keep them going during the pandemic. Sir. Here's the deal. They're making any money at all for that component of their business because tabletop events. Guess what there's no events happening gary uses them? I got hold of the team and I said Hey guys as your shift in leadership and doing things be aware if this offer is available to you this going to be a son of a bitch because tabletop events for me anyway. That is one of the things that helped my partners and I take every con from where it was to the next level. Gary Khan uses it these a modified version of it but melodic different gaming conventions used this system and it is a rock-solid system use it as as intended it just fucking works so it's It's really cool. I'd love to see these guys stay alive so I'm thinking of Team if I can just donate some money if I can't make virtual convention you know how to from Italian perspective if you'd like to throw some cash their way. This should be good time to help. Help a good group of people that person. Goddamn good product for the game community so anyway. That's much but yeah it's really really cool features so who had good robust so check that out. There's they also have a list of things that you know if you support them they they're not doing a kickstarter because a have the people they have the audience to blast this out too. Because it's everybody that's ever registered for a game through their platform And they just don't WanNa give kickstarter five percent for something that they don't need to so I think they're they've gotta list the stuff that you can actually think if you contribute so much cheap. I don't know yet date with Brad or something. I don't know what's Goofy Jason wants them. So let's see what else next one the halls of arden full. It's Mega Dungeon published by expeditious retreat. It's authored by Richard Barton Chris Schorr friend. This thing is no joke. Ladies and gentlemen you can find it on Drive Thru. Have a link to it. It is not cheap but it's also very large Twenty two thousand one hundred sixty to encounter descriptions fourteen. Npc FACTIONS TEN MASSIVE LEVELS. Fifteen extensive sub levels seven dangerous exterior locations. One hundred forty nine new monsters This thing is a beast. So wow yeah full. Mpc APPENDIX WITH TEN competing parties at three levels of power over one hundred forty original pieces of art including twenty eight full page illustrations. So definitely a lot of production behind it We'll have a link also to the maps on drive through which is pave What you want for those. And then there's also a link to a blog entry where somebody actually interviewed Richard about the product. So you can find out more about it so It looks pretty cool for sure right. Nice and big and then another one roll gate if you heard a roll gate before Brett. I have not what Israel gate month. It's an online in character out of character chat tool so I thought it's nothing crazy robust but you know if you haven't heard of it some folks in the forms we're talking about. I had never heard of it before figure thrown out there so I think it's like a play by post is what Hobbes puts out there which is yeah so another resource for everybody to take a look at and then the last one map keeper. Which is a map tool tim to Shane used for our SSH? Mind game this past Saturday which we'll have a video by YouTube Probably put a link to that. So you're wondering what I'm talking about. We used zoom Streamed TWITCH AND COMMUNICATE WITH EVERYBODY. But Tim had this cool too aware. It's literally you upload up as a picture and then you take your finger across your tablet and just it's Fargo war base complex the map out and then you just erase pieces. You WanNA show the party. It's awesome. Yeah it's Iowa's only my buddy I found well back shared with with Alpha and my game group. And that's what we use when we're in person gaming so it's it's pretty damn cool and the nice thing about his any map does scale blah blah blah any map any picture ending. You want slap it on there and scrub away the black and show everybody. What they want is a character sees pretty cool. Yeah it allows you to scroll around the map. So yeah and then. There's what announcing cyclops. Can I think? Oh that's right Goodman Games. We'll put that in there. Thanks OPS Goodman Games is announcing cyclops con. All that's right I saw that and That's GONNA be April seventeenth to the nineteenth and it's an entirely online con So everybody in the world can participate support All Goodman Games product lies DC C. DC. Sealink Bar Mcc which is mutant crawl classics Metamorphose metamorphosis Alpha Metamorphosis Alpha as well as five so We'll see about that cyclops con. Check that out as well. We'll have lincoln the show notes for that one takes hobbs but otherwise that's it bret cool man good talking about next week know. I'm not sure yet I was going to get my kids in Mike's Tonight but I had this talk about and then the kids have been super busy. Running around like little Munchkins that they are so I might grab Agen Lana and get along talk about gaming and kids stuff and what they like about it. I have to figure out how to do that. Yeah I mean I've got another Mike here like the one I've got the C. T. The you'd let me so have that so I can have them can lean and swap back and forth. But they won't ever give Mike disciplined some transferred out by just one at a time or or one of them with a year buds and throat. Mike out of no not necessarily the nicest way to go. We'll figure something will figure if we if I could pull it off if not we shall see. I've got a couple of different ideas. Bruin I will throw things at you Sean Sounds good thanks everybody? That's tune in via discord as well as twitch you can catch us at gaming it'd be S. dot com for slash twitch. If you WANNA see us we don't have like a steady. Hey we're doing Mondays at seven. Bright I kind of re roll free flowing at the moment until we put down and schedules start to kind of solidify. Yeah calm down a bit but otherwise I'm Sean I'm Brett good night. Good game this episode of Gaming. Bs brought to you with the help from the following. 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