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"melissa borger" Discussed on Reality Life with Kate Casey

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"melissa borger" Discussed on Reality Life with Kate Casey

"To the show. Dave you so much for having me that introduction was amazing realize only is truly top tier reality television right now and i don't think enough people are giving at ed so i'm very excited to talk about it with you. Have you watched since season one. I have watched in season. One since the premier. So i feel like these women are i just have such a close connection to them. The og of them. And all the newbies. Ju i just think that this is such a well. Cast a well rounded cast. Like i'm really excited about the future of in where where it kind of lands the housewives. Yeah place. I guess the scheme of the housewives i feel like this is just like top tier best gas in my opinion. Okay so this season or right out of the gate. Ashley's about to have another baby. Where's michael michaelsen. Mcleod michael's jill creeping in the club. He's in shadows lurking. I love love love. Ashley and i think she's one of the most authentic lives. She wears her heart under sleeves. She shares everything about her life including all the drama with michael michael's missing. He's honestly like the jury of beverly hills or potomac doritos miss in beverly hills michael's taught me But i don't know where he is. Where do you think he is. What do you think that. She needs to be worrisome about the nanny that she hires. I mean i think she needs to be worried about anybody that she brings around michael right track record of you know shady behavior so i would be worried about the the mailman on all honesty. A truly okay. She has showed up to all these vance with a baby. That's head is pushing on her cervix to give her extra points for going the distance. Oh absolutely and she's still stirring things up at the event it's not like she's just being a wallflower like she puts in her work and i think that she needs to be given a little bit crowded because she's the she's there she's nine months pregnant and she's like thrown in with adults because the women are crazy there. She's the most quick-witted the other ones. I get the feeling like they've practiced those lines in front of the mirror for a couple of days. She's very good. yeah. I love her and karen together. I just think that there's such a dynamic duo agreed. Candice is now becoming a pop star. She's getting her mba but she's also gonna pop star. She's taking the melissa borger out minus the children so chris has now become her manager and his children are at home with them as they homeschool. How invested are you into the story line of kansas the season so i've actually more invested than i ever have been in canvas because i bank. She plays her role really well. And i think she's part of this kind of new generation of housewives that are younger scrappy. Or they're hungrier there. They wanna be famous like they want to be a fan favourite whereas like the oggi's of the housewives. Like the ramona's the has like they don't necessarily care i feel like why potomac and salt lake in why Why they're so popular house because they're like a fresh generation of women Whereas people are getting set up with new york the same storylines recycled over and over again. So for caring for canvas. I am excited to see the storyline with her on. The the story line is a little bit played out. You know we've had gretchen slade. Years ago already. Dude like the manager has been thing We had kuenzel's yak popstar we had melissa op star I am really interested. I think this is actually won't be only women actually has a really good voice. Could be a singer interested to see where that takes her. And i mean. I love her mom. Dorothy is just so funny and again. I think that she like adds another element to this show. And i like her and chris's relationship. I was very firmly on monique last year. So i kind of jumped ships. Now that muni has gone on. I think that candice is is is a good housewife. I'm very interested to see like where we're her story. Line goes i would love to get. I would love if she got pregnant. Actually like she would be hilarious. Housewife and people would like relate amount But yeah i know. I'm definitely interested to see this husband juror situation happening. What about you are you. are you. Investing campus storyline. I think that she's probably the brightest of all of the women. But i think that she had a dream to be an actress and she's kind of feeling like this is her her way of doing it by the way she's probably doing it the right way in twenty twenty one and it's probably the the best way to get exposure but there's a whole other side to kansas. I don't think people really get to see which is how interesting she is like. She could actually be a commentator. She could take the role that wendy used to have on cnn or the view or any of those shows. She's quite bright. So i i'd like to see more bad side. So yeah you're right. She's very multidimensional. What about one's always mad at robin. She's always sleeping. She says it's because the pandemics she's overwhelmed. She's got the hat. Business is now expanding into clothing. How invested are you into robin. I think that robin is one of the housewives that i could do without on potomac. I bank that she. I know that everybody plays their role in everybody. Some people need a sidekick. I think she's a little bit too. Much gazelles sidekick. And i'm personally does not like invested in her storyline of as much as i am the other ladies I will say. She plays her role in that she can roll with the punches The whole like embezzled of you know thing. Last year was was hilarious. And i'm interested to see what her storyline really is going to be. The season is it. Going to be a full season of juan just like crapping on her life and like really digging into her about this hand Situation but i also think she's really relatable with ben. She talked about her financial struggles in the past. You know. raise your children. And i will say one is not hard to look at so i. I very much enjoy at him on my screen. So i guess. I'll take him data but i wish she would just give us a little bit more and like get in the mix of things a little bit more Not really leave. Fats like karen versus. How are you know candace nonni. I want robbins and Hat into the ring and actually participate in like the fights because right now she's anecdotes the bystander..

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