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"melissa baldonnel" Discussed on Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

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"melissa baldonnel" Discussed on Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

"Adam gop nick staff writer for the new yorker and now staff writer for broadway not quite broadway yet but hovering in new haven let's say thanks adam thanks so much praise when i spoke with simone seti reminded me of heston blumenthal summer seaside meal if you forgotten that's the one with the ipod the place the sounds of the c while you're eating your first course one diner reportedly broke down in tears memories are powerful things for my part i don't really want my dinner to become a multi media experience but it's true the playing with wants food has an agent pedigree even the romans did it serving pheasant brains and peacock tung so instead of complaining perhaps i should just sit back put awesome headphones take a bite of scallop and just enjoy the sounds of some that's it for this week if you missed us you can always listened to milk radio on i tuned stitch or tune in and spotify and don't forget the check out our brand new website that's one seven seven milk street dot com you can get free recipes and also subscribe to our magazine thanks for listening we'll be back next week christopher kimble's no radio is produced by milk street in association with wgbf change executive producers melissa baldonnel and stephanie standard producer amy padilla production assistant carly helmet tom senior audio engineer douglas sugar senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick and sydney lewis i am mixing by j allison had atlantic public media production help debbie patty key music to bob crew additional music by george brandel edgar christopher kimble's milk street radio is distributed by p r.

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