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"melinda wilson" Discussed on Set Lusting Bruce: The Springsteen Podcast

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"melinda wilson" Discussed on Set Lusting Bruce: The Springsteen Podcast

"Yes, but it was in that, and had love and mercy and so I. I got up gave that to John Design He. Absolutely loved it, you know he said. This is one of the coolest things I've ever signed. I said I just loved you in the movie I love the movie. I said I heard that all the prep you did was just listening to pet. Sounds box said he goes all needed. He said with the important thing. Is Brian was happy with the movie and that's all I care about. And I wanted to hug him so You know Paul, Dano Elizabeth Banks Pawn Jimani playing the bad guy. It is an absolutely wonderful movie, and It it, just it it. It is a true story about how Melinda Wilson and Brian found each other, and she helped him to get through his life. So that's my favorite of all of them. I'll go watch that I haven't seen it because when it came out, everyone was like it's really intense. It's really sad and I just like I think. There's a drug addiction hard against. Yes, Yeah, so Eugene. Applauded I can't so There was they reached the point where Eugene, Landy, who is a unlicensed psychotherapist. took over Ryan's life and. he lived Brian's home he he drove France car. He was twenty four by day twenty four hours a day seven days a week in their old. and there is some there is some horrible scenes of where they They treat him, but. Ultimately Brian. Finds a way and does this so good? Did. You have any honorable mentions. Honorable Mention I. Don't know if charities for these. But my first is. Yes! I thought about putting that on my list. I ultimately didn't. This is not a movie that has like higher rewatch ability like never. GonNa be like. Let Me Watch Amadeus night eating his. That will use baffling in the Best I love a movie that makes. Sort of no sense we are like what is happening Darin. Amadeus is I know when Oscar is, but it's still. Don't get it. Okay another on adventures of Priscilla. Queen of the desert love that movie Linda. It was so much fun. It's so good it's like the drag was a little inaccessible most like. Oh, this is different. This is out there, but it was. It was great. It was so fun to watch. And then my last one was grease. Grease. John Travolta in the whole scientology thing I've like. Can I still watch Greece like well and also the whole you know living John Becoming a slide, so it's the wrong message and I was like I never saw that I just I. He became an athlete to.

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