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"melinda bro" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Travis County is in a deadly covert surge. John Cooley NEWS radio K O. B. J Austen is preparing the convention center is an alternate care site. BOSTON Public Health is preparing to accept coronavirus patients into the convention center who might typically otherwise require hospitalization but have more mild symptoms or in the recovery stages. Travis County Health Authority, Marquez, God says hospitals or just about at their limits. It seems clear to us that we are going to run out of hospital beds, and we're going to have to stretch resource is that will have around the clock staffing along with meals, betting showers, WiFi telephones and television patients will be accepted as soon as a full staff is in place. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio, Kale be Jack. More Corona virus vaccines will be arriving in Texas counties this week. Travis County will get 12,000 additional doses. Those will be distributed to providers by Austin Public Health. Some of those vaccines may be handed out beyond Travis County. The state is not sending more doses to hubs in Bash Drop Hayes or Williamson. So Travis may help out those areas. 804 a K L. B J. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Bro. It. We're still have reports of some icy conditions, mostly on north of town and on the elevated freeways like toll 1 30 words is seeing that some of the lanes have been blocked due to that and just getting reports of icy conditions on 1 83 right around two ball. They have closed the connecting ramp from one of the three to mope, aka due to the ice. We also have reported collisions over on Ben White eastbound it South Lamar East to 90 westbound until 1 30. That wreck has two left lanes blocked. And then you've got north till 45, a westbound closed between Palmer and late Creek Parkway due to a collision and signals all around town, several areas where there either out or flashing it become across those treat as an always stop. Your next reports at 8 15 I'm Melinda Brandt with Austin's on time traffic Today. Clouds will break up for some sun behind today at 47 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams 33 degrees Get Austin News on demand it news radio. K l b j dot com Todd and don show is on the air. Live jump in at 5183605 love each other here are Todd and you wanna hug it out? You want something? You feel like you need a hug. I'm not liking the way we're starting a week here. Why? What's wrong? What's the baby weigh came.

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