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"melinda brained way" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Health officials say We are not ready to do away with a mask mandate. Governor Greg Abbott hints he could be rescinding the statewide mandate soon. The city's Dr James Pickett is advising against a such a move. There is a lot of evidence now that wearing a mask does decrease the spread of infection, so it works. It's the right thing to do now only for you, but for Your neighbors as well. Dr Baker says he doesn't believe we're ready to take our masks off Beat and Travis County or Texas and general from Austin's bands to other animals around Central Texas. Last week's winter storm has taken a deadly told. Some ranchers say the economic impact will be felt for quite a while. Francisco art There's with Valerie Ranch near Austin says it's sadly not over yet. This is a very large industry. I think it represents something like 14 to 15,000 job just in Central Texas alone. He says exotic animal ranches are a multibillion dollar industry for the state and also public health continues to see huge demand for covert vaccines. And the good news is the winter storm last week did not lead to any losses of bank scenes. Although possibly help director Stephanie hated says they did have to scramble when one storage site did lose power. Ever. Jerry News Times five or three now for looking Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brained Way are looking at slow traffic conditions on 35. It starts north about it. Old Tor fixed in 21 83. You get into it again from Farmer to pass 79 round drug south on 35 in round rock, also slowing down, and then we have downtown congestion that starts 51st Street extends to Cesar Chavez and then again from Ben White Interview to on the service road 35 North bound right there around 11 Street, You got a collision that is blocking a couple of lanes over on Moe packs slow traffic North bound, starting at infield, extending to Far West South and 45th Street to Barton Skyway when 83 congestion north bound there from Mo Pack to just pass through ball. And then we have got reports that there's a collision blocking the frontage road over on Ben White eastbound right before you get to 35. I'm Melinda Brandt.

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