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Thank You and Content Update

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Thank You and Content Update

"Welcome everyone to the hotel. Nerd network brought to you by anchor was anchor. You say is an easy way to make a podcast like this one for free. That's right. I said it for free and only that you can record from the comfort of your home on the pc or on the go with your phone. They have everything you need to make a podcast in one place. The best feature is that they even distribute podcasts for you on multiple platforms so you don't have to stress on getting your content out there for the world here. Thank you for free and easy. Way to make a podcast. Download the anchor app on your mobile device or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started at. Please sit back and enjoy the show. And everyone this chris from hotel I just wanted to give everybody a quick update As you been well aware. I'm not putting out content lately in the past couple months because i'm going through some Some transitions got again. Talk right tonight. Granted it is three o'clock in the morning But i'm going through some transitions right now on my Professional side life. I was expecting transitions on my personal side but professional is where it's at right now so there won't be any New content probably until maybe after the fourth of july at this point in time because of the career change and with my vacation coming up with family here next week. I'm going to pretty much. Have june be pretty busy. So look for me out fourth of july if i have time to be able to do anything in between none and now or now them then i will otherwise will see you post july fourth. Have yourself a wonderful june. Have yourself a wonderful father's day and have a very happy fourth of july. If i do not Talk you guys forehand Also planning if i can somehow pull miracle Bray back hotel. Our podcast Which was our flagship. Open to bring it back for season to open the lineup. Some more interviews Unfortunately the one that i had lined up fell through which in a way was kind of a blessing in disguise because with everything i'm going through Or should say getting ready to go through but yeah that's pretty much the extent of it. This is bloomberg very short video video. I'm not in my address that to. It's that might be leaving youtube. And i believe i'm going to hold true that Unless i'm doing interviews. If i'm doing interviews then i will You youtube so i can do stuff life. Otherwise i'm just trying to strictly lean towards the audio and i also say. Thank you on that front. Because i officially over thousand listeners fat. I will the newest numbers are. They haven't looked at all in the past couple of days. One second here we are up to. Was it loads anchors. It's not Sp as roma's eleven hundred. So does increase in the last time that i looked us but we're one thousand ninety four so keep on sharing the links he on sharing the content that i put out in seattle quick leaving in the two thousand eleven hundred already in the last night. These numbers was last week so Ninety four new listeners are ninety four more plays in the seven day span that. That's pretty damn good from my on Charlotte people were like they look at that a slow day loam week but for me. Ninety four week is extremely impressive so coupon sharon then Let's get this done. Let's get the two thousand seattle quickly can do that. We took all over a year to get to the thousand work see outlived league. How quickly we can get two thousand but Again thank you for Giving them eat so milestone greatly appreciated. I wish i do zell. Listener was used. And i would do something special for thousand listener. But unfortunately i have no way to see that at least not to my knowledge but Yeah that that's the update lazy primal here much of me before for our till after the fourth of july and even that it might be towards the middle of july. I have my fiance's birthday. Our anniversary And my daughter. And my fiance's 'cause Melby fiancee's niece used me have the same birthday so Yes i am. I won't be until july before cancer. Fifteenth that year for may. But i'm still alive. I'm still kicking I have ideas bruin so just stay posted. Keep watching twitter. He watching facebook. I'll be posting updates as things progress. Though then i will see you later at night and at good entire month.

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Special Report: Todd Melby on A Lot Can Happen in the Middle of Nowhere

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Special Report: Todd Melby on A Lot Can Happen in the Middle of Nowhere

"Christopher media let's make some noise is she'll people pay good money to see this movie when they go out to a theater they walked. Cold sodas popcorn no masters in the projection booth. Everyone pretend podcasting is a boring cure lindegaard that the car. You bet brand new burnt numbers here and once your own white kitten her dad. he's real. Well why don't you just ask him for the money. See these are personal matters. Personal matter is jerry. I don't know what to do. it's my wife. we gotta talk. Geez it's terrible old looking for starting dealer. Sure that i agree with you. The percent on your police work there low. I think vehicle. They're probably had dealer plates. The cops the second one to pull someone over that smell high speed data shooting and then it's execution type deal dollars a lot of money. They got my daughter margie. Nightcrawlers oh god look. Pretty good was changed my wife. Well the little guy. He was kind of funny looking. You were having sex with a little. Yeah londonderry mine down. What a of money ours by daughter. She's now on the. I already answered the darn. I'm cooperating. here have call to new with me. I'm just doing my job here. What are you fellows got mixed up in. Is there anything else he can tell me about. Wasn't circumcised gay folks to a special upset of the projection booths. Name is by quite on this episode. I am talking with todd melby. He is the author of a recent book a lot can happen in the middle of nowhere the untold story of the making a fargo. It is a terrific book. I thought that i knew a lot about fargo. But i only scratched the surface and mr melby has done a fantastic job of digging in deep talking to a lot of folks that were behind the production and just put together a riveting book about the making fargo. I highly recommend it and you can find out more over at his wife. Todd melby that's m. e. l. e. y. dot com and. I also have links over on the website projects booth podcast dot com definitely. Check it out. And i hope you enjoy the interview. I want to know more about utah. Melby tell me your story. How did we come to this place in your life. I'm a reporter. I'm a journalist. And i'm a pod gaster. And so i'm just always or so. It seems always looking for new subjects to tackle and the covering the oil boom in western north dakota about five six years ago for a public media project doing lots of radio and short film about the oil boom and bust in north dakota and it was super super intense and now as as i was driving from williston. North dakota to minneapolis across the great prairie. I thought man. I just need something a little lighter that i really like. Are there any movie anniversary coming up that i could do a radio documentary and it occurred to me that the twentieth anniversary of the movie fargo was coming up so i thought well i could write. Some grants tried to do that. And i did. And my wife. And i produced a radio doc about argo for fargo's twentieth anniversary interviewed william h macy the dialect coach elizabeth himmelstein and a bunch of other actors. And then after that was done. I thought i'd never written a book before. Let's try that fargo. Isn't the movie of the coen brothers at jumps out at me. Because i there's a lot of others that i'd like even more than that one but i suppose it's the most user friendly of all of their films yes absolutely yeah. I interviewed the actor. John carroll lynch who played norman garson in the movie and he said that fargo really has a beating heart. and so. there's there's a love story between his character and francis mcdormand's character and you know their relationship is kind of the the secure a happy relationship in movie right. We know nothing bad is going to happen when we see those people on the screen. That's pretty rare in joel and ethan coen movie other than meeting project work on what drew you to fargo. I really really liked the cohn brothers. I like lots of other directors to. I'm from western. North dakota was born. There i went to high school there I currently live in minneapolis. And so this whole melia of of minnesota north dakota is very much a part of my life. I thought it was a project that i could pitch successfully to a publisher minnesota-based publisher and new people around here would be interested in it and i knew people around the country and around the world are likely going to be interested and if they like the contractors movies are movies making. I just really wanted to find out more about how movies are made beyond the acting. And beyond the directing and kind of get into those those often overlooked but important details like sound design set decoration special effects the stunt people so i ended up talking to lots of those kind of people and i think in the book tried to weave their insights into the insights from from the actors as well. How many years did it take you to put all of this together. The radio documentary which is called. We don't talk like that fargo in the mid west psyche because when you talk to people from northern minnesota northern Goethe that's what they said. They said we don't talk like that. I mean they really do say that a lot and then if you like in the twitter comments after affects airs episode of fargo. There's lots of we don't talk like that comments about a year to be the radio documentary. And then once. I decided to do the book the research and the writing took about two and a half years and he talked about the weaving together of all those different aspects. And that's one of the things that i really appreciated is that it's just. It's such a piece as far as talking about the set decoration and that look that the coens were going for an almost in the next paragraph you talk about the cinematography and again. We're not going to move the cameras much and we're just going to set these shots to be a lot more static you really take all of those disparate pieces and push them together into one very very cohesive story. Thank you yeah. That's exactly what. I was what i was trying to kind of explain and uncover all the creative decisions that that joint cone made like for example when they say as you just referenced. The whole idea about the camera. Not moving are moving very little. That all started with the idea of them telling us that this is a true story and so once they set up that lie that it is a true story but they want us to believe it of course then we have. You're start to watch the movie in a different way. Instead of moving the camera and in lots of exciting ways that they are very much used to in their movies previous to this the movie they i started out with the like not moving the camera at all and then one of them said we realized that was a pretty stupid idea so we decided we decided to move the camera just a little bit so it was more much more observational into book. Roger deacons is quoted as saying that it's much more observations and you can see that like in some of the establishing shots or medium shots that they use the camera this just there with the characters when it comes to somebody like a deacons are or the coen brothers. Did you have an opportunity to talk to them. Those three people no. I talked to as many people as i could was. Roger deacons for example. I kept email in email and emailing no. He's not available. He's not available. Then i read. The nineteen seventeen was coming out. Well okay that's why he's not available. It's a little busy by the way. Have you heard the team deacons podcasts. It comes out twice a week. And it's like super deep into movie making roger dickens's busied joel and ethan coen said no frances mcdormand said no Mayor said no but pretty much. Everybody else said yes. And then as far as the the crew goes up to the skip live see who does sound the set decorator. The whole bunch of other folks. The quotes from the dialect coach are some of the most insightful for me i absolutely love how they went around capturing that i mean especially you're talking about how we don't talk like that but sounds like a lot of this is based on truth. I think so. There are people still today. Twenty twenty one. When i go to the doctor's office or just out and about your in minneapolis. You'll occasionally need a person who has a very close to pure or pure minnesota accent like in the movie. And i think this is even more so back in the mid nineteen ninety s and especially back in small towns in the mid nineteen ninety s where people were minnesotans didn't interact much with the rest of the world. And you have this this accent that with all the long vowel sounds. So there's a guy named william preston robertson or bill went to high school with you cone and bill was working as a reporter here and anything does well. You know if we send you a tape recorder could you go around and just record. Minnesotan goes we're going to do a movie based in minnesota and we want to capture that sound and so they ask bill to do it. Bill did it and he just knows he went around doing his reporter. Thank you take people's voices and he asked a very specific questions so one of the people's voices thank got was a woman who worked for bills wife and life is a doctor and that that person just had this like quintessential ya kind of heavy accent and then they share those tapes with elizabeth himmelstein who then shared them with the actors. And plasma joel nathan were writing it. They wrote it in the dialect. Many of the words are written in the accent and huma steam told me that that the cones presented her with a quote musical score. Not just a script. The thing i like about the coen so much to is that they will make period films. But they'll make them in odd periods. Because this was out ninety six but it's from what early eighties eighty. Seven is where they said it the other thing about them. In addition to that time specificity is is the place. Specificity obviously fargo. Put that in pittsburgh but you know. They couldn't miller's crossing any place other than new orleans or blood. Simple any place other than west texas. I mean for them being specific about place in about accents and time are always to add specificity to to the movie you know you talked a little bit about. This is based on a true story that lie that kind of helps sell the film and that they continue to tell that it was based on a true story for a while if memory serves. But i'd like that you go into some of the possible true stories that might have played into it absolutely. There are a couple of cases in minnesota was a a husband in saint paul minnesota who hired a guy to kill his wife but he wanted to the guy to make it look like a an accident and of course that guy hard another guy even though that guy was vouch for us you trying to draw the similarities to fargo. That happened when the cones were very young. And of course the guy that the guy hired botched it and the murder was super obvious and husband was convicted. And then there was a kidnapping when the Brothers for teenagers. This was another minneapolis. Saint paul case There was a woman who is a rich woman who was taken out of her backyard and tied up to pine tree in minnesota state. Park up north of by Dilute dare and that was a successful kidnapping and that the kidnappers actually got the money and no one was convicted. They actually got away with it and in this case thankfully The woman wasn't killed. She was returned safely. And then the third case that i mentioned in that chapter was A connecticut case of a eastern airlines pilot nine hundred eighty s who murdered his wife and then chopped up body in a wood chipper and he almost got away with it He but at trial the prosecution pointed out the horrors of the wood chipper. It was a super famous case because it was an eastern airlines pilot. His wife was a stewardess and there was a with chipper involved so like all the headlines of the day had the words pilot in wood chipper in them so the prosecution actually had a had a had a videotape that they played to the jury that that show the powerful effects of a wood chipper by showing here. Look here's what it would do to pay and it was just horrific. Obviously and i'm convinced that you know the cones read that and they thought. Oh yeah we need to put a wood burner movie that is horrific but the wood chipper has become. It's become like dorothy gold Are dorothy is ruby slippers. The object from this movie that that people talk about. When i think of the movie i think of that image of stormier standing at the whipper with bush amies leg hanging out of it. One thing your your readers will will learn. Breeders will learn in general is like where is the chipper today and the answer. That question is that it's a it's an a grain silo just outside of fargo north dakota you can go there and visited and posed by it and you know you can put your baby in the chipper. You can put your dog in the chipper and just take a selfie to have a lot of selfish with chipper. I have a couple. I have a couple. Yeah and i have you know. My son is with the chipper. My sisters with the chipper. The great thing is there a little old ladies who worked there at the grain silo. It's sponsored by the fargo moorhead visitors and convention bureau. Because you need more reasons to go to fargo north dakota and so like you don't have your bomber hat with you like the kind that storm air was wearing in a movie like they have some bear and they'll just lend them to you so you can put it on for your picture. Yeah very nice. You know and fargo north dakota pretty darned nice down to. You're talking about driving across from north dakota into minnesota that idea of those open plains and the white and just all of that i mean just these amazing striking images. Did you feel like you were in the movie when you're doing that. Oh absolutely yeah. Yeah yeah well the thing. I kind of a. I mentioned this in the book to like how often there are these major snowstorms and blizzards here in the midwest. I mean there was the children's blizzard of eight hundred eighty eight where dozens of children died. I lived through the halloween blizzard of nineteen ninety one. This was taking kids trick or treating the nineteen ninety one and it actually started to snow and we ended up getting twenty some inches of snow in three days. I mean people still talk about the halloween blizzard of ninety. What and then. There was like the storm of the century an armistice day blizzard about anybody who's driven across those planes has gotten stuck in a blizzard where they had to like pull over and spend the night at a motel. It's just part of life and for the collins to be here in minneapolis. Saint paul in one thousand nine hundred five during january february march and not have any snow. I mean that was a huge problem for them and super unexpected. You know so. They had to eventually go. North to grand forks. North dakota to rent rooms at the holiday inn grand forks and go even further north near the canadian border to film. You know. Many of those outdoor scenes is fargo seen as something to be proud of in fargo. The movie that is yes fargo. North dakota has completely embraced. there's a statue of francis mcdormand as marge under sohn car. A would the movie distributor gave it to the fargo theatre when either the da. So the dvd came out. There is the wood chipper. that's at the grain silo. I interviewed the guy for the radio. Documentary the guy who ran the the tourist department and you know this is job to try to bring conventions to the city and of course most people are further gonna fall off the end of the earth as they get too far away from minneapolis. Saint paul so so. He was happy that anybody's even just talking about the city. One of the things. That i really appreciate it that you did in the book. Is you really went into the whole mike hanna gita because that's seen has troubled me since i first saw the film and i was so glad that you really dive into that. It's a very important scene. And i really got to know the actor who played by kenny gita. His name is steven park. It wasn't the only one who i talked about it. I mean pretty much. Everybody who i interviewed the movie other actors especially say yeah that guy who played the asian guy. He was really really good and also. Why is that scene in the movie as a couple of people in the book point out that the reason. That scene isn't a movie. I think it's two or three reasons. But one of the reasons is. It really. Does show marge. Marge thinks that. Mike tell the truth. That mike mike's wife really did die of cancer. Et cetera et cetera. But then she later finds out from her friend. That mike mike is doing well he completely stocked his former classmate and it was never married and he doesn't have a job as living at home with his mom and then once march figures that out like once that realization of Mike's duplicity of its her. Then she goes back interviews jury london guard a second time so it really just shows march that you know people lie. Yeah there is always that like you said. Why is this in there so your explanation. As far as her nut kitchen everything. The first time around i think was very very key so i'm very grateful to you for writing about that. I also think there's there's other reasons too. I think the cones wanted to have more scenes in to kind of explore. Marge more fully as a as a character there was supposed to be seen in there where she meets a a female homicide detective. Who's working for the minneapolis police. And they were supposed to have a moment in an office where they talked about kids and pregnancy and there are some plot points revealed to move. The movie floored and they ended up axing that seeing 'cause it really was kind of you know almost a paint by numbers kind of thing whereas whereas this the scene was stephen park. Is mike danna gidez. Just so much richer. I mean he's just is just so a depressed and Ten sort of hungry for human human connection sort of he's just so sad and hearing heart described. His approach to that character was just terrific. Yeah they acting in the film does not get much better down to the smallest character and all of the attention to detail when it comes to that those characters how they are formed and especially how they're dressed you talking about the outfits of the the two prostitutes it's like. Oh yeah. I can completely picture the hair the scrunchy the sweater all of that the little be necklace on the one. It's just hats perfect. That is super important end. I hadn't really noticed the sprint. Your like the denim skirt or even the beyond the necklace but i was interviewing the acuras Who played hooker number one. Her name was liberty coker no and she was just talking about it about that in detail on like okay. I have to pause it. So as i was talking to her is pausing it and beginning to pay more attention and also loved the story of hook number one in hooker number two coming into film. That scene at a strip club in wisconsin called the loch ness and they were all made up like their hair all poofy. They had lots of lots of makeup on and joel and ethan are like no no no no. This isn't this isn't the night of this morning. After and then they go back to make up know they take all the makeup off and push down their hair. You mentioned some scenes that were originally written for the movie but didn't end up being in there. I have to tell you. I was green with envy as you're talking about going to like the ucla library and being able to read the scripts and all this like oh man decided what i love to do is to see that transition from those early drafts to the shooting draft to the final film. That was huge. It was a big a big reveal for me. Yes so those like anybody who's in los angeles who wants to go to the The writers guild of america library or the librarian at the academy of motion picture arts and sciences can do so you can read lots and lots of scripts there but you can only read them in the library. You can't take pictures of them. You can't make copies of those are usually at least for fargo rather the casting script in the shooting script but as you mention i found another script like an earlier version. That was undated. That was at a different library and they allowed me to make copies of it. So i like a male the money they mailed me the script and from there i could see like this the super not totally rough version. I mean like it was all complete but there were major. Sees missing. Like the mike. Danna gita seen wasn't an early undated script. And neither was the mr morris seen as the one where the guy has the big parker. The bartender Shoveling his driveway with a broom March became more full character and also because did a great job of adding in more minnesota to sort of given more of a sense of place. If you're talking about like scenes that have nothing to do with plot development. The guy with the park in the driveway. You know sweeping his sleep at his driveway. You know talks about the funny looking guy who comes in to the bar saying i'm going crazy up there delake. I mean that one doesn't advance anything but but it's hilarious. It's just a terrific. See yeah bain bill. Who's the actor. Who played that role. He's just retired and he say he was a theater actor and director here in minneapolis. But he's from war road minnesota which is a short short drive from the canadian border. And they're crazy about hockey in rhode. All it gets cold many more months a year than minneapolis as far as like the end. Like a hockey. Ought that like there's several former olympians from from war road. So bain said he was very very suspicious about using having a broom in his hand like he said no self-respecting Would be on their driveway with a broom. We'd always have trouble and he was also very protective of minnesota when he saw the movie and he saw the chipper. If that will you know the movie ought to take place in this concept because they have ed geene although serial killers over there. What were some of the most surprising things you found when you doing your research. I was surprised by some of the super smaller super detailed things that the cones would say to akers like. There's a guy named jay anderson who is their story board artist and J tied in addition to being the story artists for for fargo. He also plays the gawker. These the guy in the red coat steve. Bushel may pull off the the trooper off the side of the road. That's fine jay. Todd said but then the scene where he's has to get out of the car run away from the car and get shot in the back by storm mirror like our director and this is why. I'm not a director. Probably if i were director. I'll be like yeah. All you have to do is get out and run and then you know. Pretend get shot but they were. They were actually giving him character vice because he's leaving his his girlfriend behind in the car. Joel was saying things like that j. Todd you're a coward. You live your girlfriend your fucking coward. J. tied yeah j. tighter. Good guy but you're a coward. So i mean that that was really funny today. I was so glad that you went into peter strimmers background because i love that guy and i think fargo was. The first time really clicked the that i really noticed him. He's got such a timothy carey. Look to them. And i thought for sure that they cast him because of that but just to hear that he already had run ins with the coen brothers. Kind of beforehand was was fascinating so glad to read that yeah. I was really surprised that was that was fantastic. A he's he's swedish. He was with the swedish national theatre. He acted with ingmar bergman. When bergman was doing plays bergman did a version of hamlet and after torino sweden or maybe in europe it came to new york city. And so ethan. Saw peter storm error in this production of hamlet at the brooklyn academy of music. And so. that's the first time that ethan seen him. They wanted a store mirror to be in miller's crossing but he couldn't get out of a contract with that he had with a theater company in sweden. But then later she got cast in a play with francis. Mcdermott and both joel. And ethan saw that play in new york city and it was called the swan elizabeth egg belief and he played a guy with with blonde hair. Who is kind of half man. Half swan and was mostly mute. Sure maybe clicked in their heads that like we needed a tall guy with you. Know who is. Bill mostly mute for this role of super killer. Of course they'd use bosomy before and they used them so well i love chat and mink on all the characters that he's ever played for them but when he came to this role it was just such a time for him to shine. It was it was. It was great. Yeah they thought he would make a really really good blabbermouth they they know the isn't a blabbermouth but there's something about him as an actor that they thought would make a really good blabbermouth and so they they paired you know quiet guy with blabbermouth guy Which is something they've they've done before and sense and they just make this great combination. I mean would it kill you to say something like cartoon characters. i'd love it. It's like the little yippy dog and the big muscle dog. That just kinda walks behind it or something. Yeah and somebody who talks too much. I would definitely be the blabbermouth speaking of talking too much or maybe just talking. In general i wanna know. More about your podcast. Yeah dan my podcast is definitely a side hustle it's called the drunk projectionist and i started as a way to talk to directors and actors and crew members about movies So i could learn more at a lot of episodes at first and then was writing the book. I didn't do any at all. But i've talked to charles burnett who did killer of sheep. Kelly reicher barbara. Couple of frederick wiseman and i think most recently one of my most recent episode was about a documentary. The actor danny trio called inmate number. One host fantastic. I love that guy. No my god. Yes how's the reception for the book then It's been going really well. Lots of folks. You're minnesota have taken notice and so just getting the word out more by the way we've got There's an excerpt from the book that was just published on. Roger uber dot com. People want to check out the wood chipper seen making read. The excerpted uber dot com. Good i will definitely linked to that and will link to your book and your podcast when this episode goes live town. I gotta tell you it's been such a pleasure talking with you today. Do you mike. You enjoy this show and want people to know about it. Head on over to tunes leah comment and rated five stars. Make sure you like insurance on facebook and don't forget to follow us on twitter just search for christopher media. Thank you in advance for supporting christopher media by clicking on the pay pal by and by clicking through to all the sponsors who support christopher media dot net most importantly we would like to take the time to extend an extra special. Thanks to you. Christopher media could not exist without your support. Thank you for visiting christopher media dot net and thank you for listening christopher media. Let's make some noise.

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Return to Competency

The Right Time with Bomani Jones

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Return to Competency

"Before we get started with today's show. I want to tell you about another great. Espn podcast keyshawn. Jay williams ubi guys. Their new show is simulcast. It monday through friday six to ten am eastern on espn radio and espn news. All hours of the show podcast. This'll be sure to check it out. You can download. Subscribe to keyshawn. Jay williams zubin now as well as the right time on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcast also baseball is back and so are your favorite teams and players gets the best of the bigs all season on. Espn plus with over one. Hundred seventy live melby gains featuring every star in every team in the league sign up now at espn plus dot com slash baseball. The right times brought to you by goodyear helping you discover the road hit goodyear more driven ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the right time. My name is bomani jones. thanks for listening. Wherever you get your podcast rate us review us give us five stars. The only gives four stars. I'm inclined to believe you are hater. Coming up on this episode of the reich. Time your worst nightmare thinking. Aaron donald is stopping. You out also we will take your voicemails on the worst date that you have ever been on an a big change but life in new york city but i our guys so one take you back. Television show called now doing a show with pablo tori and pablo says that he was the knicks fan growing up. Like that's his thing. He was knicks fan growing up and then he bailed out on them and decided start rooting for the seventy sixers. Because who wouldn't root for general manager who doesn't even work there anymore anyway. We had a disagreement about when tom izzo got the job and getting a whole lot of fun out of time not generally speaking right. It's like ninety s ish. Basketball grinded out of physical. Your best players are gonna play all the minutes in the world. But i always thought he got a bad rap as an offensive coach. Because at the end with the bulls. The problem was they didn't play defense and they played great office like he's been more flexible in that regard than i think he gets credit for being but he's not a cat that's out here about to reinvent the wheel in any sort of way but my thought on the knicks was was the guy to hire because y'all can't be out here talking about championship dreams at this point. If you're a knicks fat y'all judges need to be out here seeking competence. Mir competence was the way to go with the knicks and once they got to appoint a competence. Then maybe you could start talking about. I don't know maybe they can make the playoffs or something like that but the next minute. Sorry for twenty years. Now keep in mind also about the knicks. The knicks haven't been sorry forever but they haven't been good very much like ever all time. They won the championship in nineteen seventy. They want one. I think in one thousand nine hundred eighty three when the celtics out here beating everybody up. You ain't never really getting up here. Nothing back in the day about here. But the knicks were right up there with them now. That port never came up before. Patrick got there. They were terrible. They had a diesel. Oh rome young and then the last twenty years. They've been booty right booty no other way to put. They have been booty. carmelo came they. Were so happy about carmelo coming that they pretended like carmelo was from new york. You remember that eight and a whole thing about carmelo coming back home. The do got a tattoo on his shoulder says west baltimore west baltimore but mellow was coming home. Metals wife may have been coming at home but mellow was coming to new york because he was born in brooklyn. Just like michael jordan was. He ain't from new york neither right but that's what it was. There was one time with a knicks. Were down three. Oh in a playoff series and they wanna game and a lot of unite. They dropped confetti from the seal. It over one playoff win in a series that they were gonna lose and people were like. Yeah when i was sponsored by party city whatever man. That's how y'all get down the knicks fan. Okay but but i was right damn. They are competent now. The knicks are the sixth seed in the east. Julius randle made the all star team. Hey man i'm telling you. And i know they're gay like you now really the as being able to appreciate this because you've never seen it before. The league is so much better when the knicks are good. I don't even mean that. The league is better than the knicks are. Great i simply mean the league is better win. The knicks are good and the reason why the league is better when the knicks are good. Knicks fans knicks fans. I will make this argument right now. I don't really get into much about who good fans in bad fans are right and a big part of. Why don't do this is if you look around at all the league's and when people talk about the teams and cities that have the best fans may be racist hail you ever notice that like all the places where they started talking about where the fans are so good and everything else. They really like to say that about places. A that ain't got no black people or be places like to partake in like they ain't got no black people the blue-collar cities you know. What i'm saying is always funny to call. It is always blue but the neck is always white. Like it's all away just white people were afraid i was going to say red. Weren't you know. I was just trying to think of what sports towns you could be talking about about. This saint louis cardinals right. People love to talk about how to saint. Louis cardinals got best fans in baseball. There is a twitter account that is dedicated to pointing out. How true that is not about cardinals fans. I think the account is best fans. Sti something like that. I can't remember exactly what it is. But i follow it right and it just gets you to all the terrible thing. The cardinals fans be out here saying but yeah the people that supposedly have all the best fans. It's always these places were ain't got no black people. I don't understand why he is. They think the white people a better have been fans. I think part of it is. This is actually what i do. Think part of it is what it comes down to why people feel more of a bond with like the city element of their teams by and large. That's what that's really what it comes down to and data espn is compiled over. The is actually born this out like with the nba. For example by people are more likely to root for players than for teams. So if your favorite player leaves and goes to a different team you tend to go to the team with your player. That is far more of a phenomenon with black people than it is white. I think there's a lot of explanation for that. Like migration patterns within the country. You know all of that sort of stuff like what it really comes down to And places in large part. We're black people who lived in this country historically have not had teams like the sun belt in the south of started to get more teams but see new. York is interesting because black people in new york lou of new york board. They feel an absolute attachment to new york city. And they love the knicks. And then you gotta white folks also love the knicks. You know because it's nine basketball a faint here in a different way they love love love the knicks and they look for any reason in world to get optimistic about the knicks. It don't take much. It only takes a little and they get charged up. Like hey man. I don't know like very reason people that i know that our knicks fans very reasonable people turn into something else when it's time to start talking about the knicks and. They know they're doing it as they're doing it but they can't help it and this is why i say they might be the best fans in the league because they stick with the knicks. They not getting off that narcotics quitters like me they stay with the next day rideaid out in the once. They get that glimmer and guys. I don't know this could be. This could be it right. And nobody with the knicks as be unreasonable about this season they seem to be reasonably happy simply by the fact that they have reached this point of competence that i discussed before they got an all star in julius randle they gotta what's his name. Rj barry right reason to think that there might be a future for the new york knicks. Like i mean. I just feel like this whole year for them. You just gotta be happy man. You've got to be real that this is worked out the way that it has worked out for you guys good for you. But y'all still knicks fans right. Oh wow. I'm actually looking at the roster. They look a lot more impressive. Standings on the sheet needs to be coach it ear. Listen it is. Their third leading score is dare grows and their fourth leading score is alec burks and they are getting significant minutes from elford peyton than people that you're naming this is like a still in the league roster man. Don't let that laker fan and you start talking about. Julius randle as still in the league candidate is what twenty six. And you're putting them in still in the league territory is the all star t et. That says something about the east all stars this year bowling on a mediocre team to wow gay bitten. Not know that you had this you. He's averaging twenty. Four and eleven is six assists issue forty from three. But you got out. I'd like to see a just over an extended period of time. That's all whole season is not extended enough for you. Did he break your heart. Is that what it is that he somehow break. Your heart is that you associate him. Win your lakers. Were sorry right when you lakers. Fans were a bunch of losers out here in the streets when the knicks were better than y'all is that what the problem is has shown this level performances entire career up until the season. There's room to develop gabe. I know we're talking about him. As if he's gonna be the cornerstone of the franchise going see say see. I'm not saying he's going to be the cornerstone of the franchise saying he's the beginning of competent. You know who's going to be the cornerstone of the franchise for the knicks. Who's that zaire. You guys ended the game. They wouldn't did that. Thing with the azima. A in new york is i was like man. I love playing here. Here's where on and on about how much he loves playing at madison square garden that he loved playing plan there in college. He loves played their. Now's even after they lost the game. He's got this big smile on his face that he couldn't fight about how much he loves. New york say the knicks fans. I'm going to do this to you. An make fun of you at the same time forward. Okay zayed ain't going nowhere for five more years ed lease okay. This is the way it goes in the nba. Everybody stays with that first team for seven years. They always signed the first extension. They always go into free agency before the third contract. That's just the way always goes. I can only think of one player who has voluntarily turned down at extension and taking the qualify in office. So he could be a number strict reagents at the end of his deal. And that was greg monroe and it worked out okay for him but nobody really does that. You get the bag and then if you need eighteen that you find a way to muscle your way out of here. That's generally the way that it winds up. go right. But assad in the knicks fans side acids. I said he wanted to come there. And now that you got back to this point of competition you like. Yeah we got. Julius randle zion play. Julius randle he He went to college with rj barrett. He would love to play with j barrett again. Although nothing about his time it would make me wanna play with rj barrett again. But hey you never know see. Knicks fans is bubbling up in. You skin near you fill in it. You filling it you dare you. They're right back you back a little bit more. You wouldn't even dream to saying that he was going to come there before. Because you wouldn't even play for the knicks at that point but now you get into this whole 'nother place i see it. I feel within you. And that is why knicks fans are the best. They really really are because on one hand. It's charming their level of dedication in their affection for their own team on the other hand we could always get him charged up like this and then when it doesn't happen to wind up being depressed we can laugh at them and ridiculed aping visit him sales but thirty some damn years if somebody wants to come to them if free agent one dude has wanted to do one carmelo. That's the only one of this class of players that they thought they was going get. They got close to get michael jordan. One time real real close. They got themselves charged up by join. Stay with bull by joe. One never gonna play. Y'all see that's knicks fans. That's where it is. You know how bad i want for there to be. A knicks nets playoff series with people. There that will be so the nets will probably blow them off the floor. I totally understand that. But i'm just telling you it's going to be something is going to be interesting. There's it's there and then i'll go come a little bit later. It as go flip man. But i will tell you what this reminds me of out. If you guys remember this. But i was at the lottery. He did not look happy when the pelicans wild the winning but more specifically he looked unhappy that the knicks did not win the lottery. That's something that feel like. People forgot pretty quickly including myself. Who was supposed to win in that lottery. Yeah here's the thing. Though a whole lot would be different about the league. This year is i on had gone to new york. A lot would be different. Because i don't know if you've seen ratings apparently are down again this year and i think they're down from last year they're dow for what they were before cove it. I guess i don't have the math done. Exactly on like they're down exactly how they're down in what the comparative are or anything else but the nba does have a problem with viewership and people like watching gains and this year has been interesting. We'll talk about. There's more at some other point on the podcast but as an argument to be made to the nba lebron retire. And i say that because lebron soaks up all the oxygen in the room like everything about the league has been centered around bron james now for about fifteen years. But he's not that interesting anymore. They're really pay attention to at this point. What are we really charton. What are we really checking for. We got so many good players in the league. We got so many interesting teams right now in the league that i feel like in a different year we would have paid a lot. More attention to you. Know like for example is going on in phoenix. Right now was bananas. We're not really paying attention to that. Like it doesn't help the two best teams in the west in the mountains on which is a great place to get forgotten. But i think there's a lot of things that are going on right now. It's lebrons hurt and it makes people just kind of feel like okay. What was there to pay attention to the seventy. Three and nine warriors didn't win a championship. That kinda ruined the regular season for a lot of people. We've got a lot of guys who are hurt this year because of the compact schedule you know in all this stuff but zion williamson. Somehow is living up to the massive hype in. Nobody really seems to care like basketball. Fans seemed to care. It'd be paying attention to it. But you would think given the way that he was playing. They'd have to be a much more massive story across the board and it's just not happening in the way that i would thought especially because he came in as a star. I thought that remember last year when he came in it was a big deal that he came and we paid attention to all the games that he was playing. And we're just not doing it this year. Even though he made all star team at what twenty years old and he's been cold as hell we don't it but if he played for the knicks and he was doing this. This'll be the number one league they'd have to all stars right. Yes they would have two all stars gabe they would have two all stars but they will be bald they would be it so we gotta goes on new york baby. Apparently that's what is going to jonah. Pay attention to him. And if he's there dude if the nixon nets were good at the same time and us everything would be great. So i'm begging you knicks fans. I'm not make fun of you. Hold on hold on until we get there. 'cause i need you to still be there. I need them to get there. 'cause the league needs something and if all these incredible players aren't gonna do it then. Galvanize people around their love of the knicks or their hatred of knicks fans. That's the way we do. It tells i comes home. You're feeling depressed or struggle with relationships are having difficulty sleep in a meeting. Your goals better help offers all professional counselors. Who can listen and help. Better assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapists. You can start communicating than forty eight hours. It's not a crisis line not self help. It is professional counseling gun securely all lot there's a broad range of expertise available which may not be locally available in many heirs. You'll get timely and thoughtful response is plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions. 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You guys need to understand something at this point in my life and at this point in the world aaron donal might be the last person in the world whom i would want to fight who is not a professional fighter. I back in the day my brother used to have this game and is pretty good one. What would it take to make you. Slap ray lewis in the face. What would ray lewis have to say to you or do you to make you slap him in the face. You've just finally had enough. And i just got slapped lewis interface. What do you think take. What would it say as library. Lewis in face a promise that I would be retired to the back. Forty and i would never have to work again. I hear you. I hear you but i'm just thinking like what would ray lewis have say to. You know one what the end result is gonna be. What would ray lewis have to say to you to make you slap him in the face. Can you imagine anything personal insults. I can handle. It may be like insulting my wife when you serve insulting my wife. That's yeah that's when you cross the line but how far cross that line he got to go to make you slap him into face like he could say something untoward towards your wife. But i know the first step is going to be. Hey ray come on man. We ain't even gotta we gotta do it like that. I'm not insulting you. i'm not. I'm not saying this is anything about you because that would be me de. Escalation would be the approach that i would take. How long ray lewis. They consistently have to insult your wife before. Finally i just had slap lewis interface. What would it take. I've struggled to come up with an answer on similar things. You talk bad about my mama. I mean you wouldn't be the first second question i mean. I'm not saying you would be the first to it so my mom and my face. That didn't happen but you get what i'm saying like i don't know what it would take for me to slap ray lewis in the face and just tell 'em i've had enough of whatever's going era donal is now the active leader in that when you see the clip of him working with the dues with knives and say the knives are real but he's still here working out with with live and on top of that played music. Thank you for your patience. A representative from the bright time. We'll be with you. Shorten your current whole time is fifteen seconds so gave you understand what i'm saying. Now that like aaron donald is now like at the top of the list for me on gaza would not slap in the face. Oh yeah yeah. So this dude came out and he was wearing of all things. A washington state football hoodie when he was telling everybody. That he got snuffed out by aaron donald in that he would be taken legal repercussions in order to try to get himself some justice because he got stomped out by aaron donald and gave. I'm assuming you saw the picture the do right with. I'll closed up. Did you see where his also closed up. That somebody did outline of homer simpson's face on top of it and like we're home subsequent to beard. And the you know i like like i was like homer simpson beard. It was all puffed up with a line in the middle. That's where he was from catching that il. That's where it was it was it was it was real bad news for that do and then we ultimately found out that what had happened was this do got stopped out in an alley but it wasn't by aaron donald in fact it turns out that aaron donald at the end came in and cleared everybody out he had actually been stalled out by other people at the time. And if you get a chance go watch the video. Because i went and watched that video and i tell you what it made me think about. That was like a wrastling scenario right. It's like if you could imagine that the macho man was into rain and he's getting stomped out right and then out of nowhere. The hulk stor found out what has happened. And you hear you know coming out the speakers. I m a real american holster comes. It runs out how that goes wrassling. Dudes again stopped out and one dude comes and clears five people right. Get him out of there. The best is when the jews wrassling come into the ring to save you but they not wearing a wrastling close like they wear street clothes to make you feel like they wouldn't supposed to participate but they decided to come in and so next thing you know halston comes in there and he got all like jeans or whatever an active players out the ring erase off his shirt it. Everybody hears it five foot rights bay everyman saying as if he was like in the kitchen doing dishes or something. Yes that's your music. That's right that's right. Pfeiffer was right for your life and the hawks that comes in to say macho man while the macho man is on the ground and then the macho man comes to after he's been stalled out and he sees the hulk except a macho man. Misunderstands what the situation was in the macho man thinks that the hulk stor is actually the one who stopped him out and out of macho man going to be mad for weeks for days at least until the next show right because all he knows he just got stomped out. He's a little woozy. And he looks up. And there's the huckster and holsters out here doing the poses and everything else because it's always all about the huckster. Come here just to say to macho man. He want everybody to know that he is the real american. Who came out here and saved the macho man. Out of macho man is a little bit salty about this and then the next day you know like this happened at the pay per view on sunday not a macho man gotta come all automatic wrestling prime time wrestling. Whichever one was the one that came on monday night before they started doing raw. And the next rule macho man could always chill holster can lead bit too close to miss elizabeth. Like i'm not the macho man. Like i don't have something for you there. I am lead out on the ground and here you come. The american flag like kind of patronage won't stop all know as not gonna lose e. I'm telling you right now. Not going down like death. This do work do came out the next time. Everybody's like no the that were saving you. The whole strongly worries of seething himself. He doesn't care anything but the macho man but everybody else. That's where the macho man was. That was then they come and they got video. The next thing you notice do finds out that you know it was somebody else who stopped him out. And so the way that with them. Play out is the macho man would have been in the middle of the ring. It everybody where he was coming from. And then the hull comes out right and they in the rain together and as they have the best stare downs right and they just bolger they both looking at each other they both looking at each other and the host is trying to explain to him. You're no macho man. I thought i was a terrible. I thought that i was helping you. Brother that's right in the macho man's like looking back at them and he's looking back and you know that tense moment that will come wrassling between the two of them also hollister a lot taller than the macho man especially them lifts in his shoes. He used to wear lifts in case. You're curious these. The list hawks are at six eight six five so anyway they look at each other and then it comes time for the handshake when two guys got beef. There's got to be like a handshake to bring it together. And then finally. The hawks sticks his hand out come on brother and then the baccio man looks around. You like this is that i can trust. They looked at miss elizabeth. Miss elizabeth looking over there is wide open. Who you're looking at right now. Shimmer me you can't figure out which way to go about it. And then finally they shake hands in the mega powers come together. They become a tag team. So my question is when will aaron donald and this gentleman who just got stalled out become attack t. That's the next step in the evolution right there. Because i tell you this to outside the steve jackson. I don't think anybody that i want to come. Save me in a fight like that more than one. Aaron gulag air. Donald came in there and just got everybody. Off of stephen jackson come in there and broke some jaws like they would have been some other people laying out on the ground at that moment when it happened. But whoever macho man was it vincent sprigs whatever that dues name was that wound up laid out on the ground. I one hundred percent understand why he thought it was aaron donald. Who stopped him out. My question is where was. Your partner's ideo partners was a not helping you fight or be improperly identified aaron donald as the person to stop you out to make you feel better so you didn't just feel like you've got stomped out by some rando but he got stomped out. It was vicious and now he got to go. Apologize to aaron donald. Who good luck buddy. Do you own property have children have pets has specific ideas how you want to be cared for in a medical emergency. If you've answered yes you will need a will or trust no matter your age is the responsible thing to do at trusted will dot com setting up. An estate plan is simple convenient secure for as little as thirty nine dollars. You can nominate guardians for your children determine who gets your stuff and planning for future medical care. All from the comfort of your home. Hiring traditional state attorney can cost thousands and used a one size fits all template is not nearly specialized enough trust and we'll documents designed by state planning experts and customized for the state. You live in and with live customer support seven days a week trust and will dot com teams available to answer any questions you have while setting up your plan trust and will is the most trusted name and online estate planning gain. Peace of mind at trusted will dot com slash bomani and get ten percent off plus free shipping of your customized legal documents. Don't wait go right now. it's really important. Get ten percent off plus free shipping at trust and will dot com slash bovine dressed in will dot com slash. Bomani be on top of all the news information of the day no need for the social media feeds. We got you now if you haven't heard all right but money. This first story comes in politics. This item pereira digital reporter with abc news on march thirty first. New york state legalized recreational marijuana for adults. Over twenty one. It is now fifteenth state in the country to up regulate cannabis use and possession among adults. As part of the new law yorkers will be allowed to possess three ounces of marijuana and grow up to three mature pot plants at home with a limit of six per household. Marijuana sales will be taxed at fourteen percent nine percent of the tax will be allocated to the states. Three percent of the tax will be allocated to the municipality where the sale was made and the remaining one percent will be allocated the county where the sale is made forty percent of tax revenue will be earmarked for communities that were disproportionately affected by prior was another forty percent will be earmarked for schools in the state. The remaining twenty percent of the money will go for drug treatment. Education programs governor andrew cuomo's office estimates recreational marijuana will generate up to sixty thousand jobs and earn three hundred fifty million dollars in revenue for the state. Sales aren't expected to begin until twenty. Twenty two at the earliest since the state legislature has set up the office of management a new toy agency. The new law directly addresses new yorkers who were affected by old drug laws anyone previously convicted of possessing marijuana. That has now legal under the new laws will be subject to expunge meant and resentencing marijuana. Legalization advocates called new law. A win and said it will put pressure other states and congress to fall. Look man he said that the day was the thirty first that went into effect. Let me tell you something. There was no gradual. Revamping up in new york city of this process. As soon as that thing went into effect yuka smell it. Wherever you want you can now smoke weed anywhere. It is legal to smoke. A cigarette. dog is a hey. Somebody told me they went down to the village. And it's just a haze everywhere you go like. People immediately jumped on board with this one. What hundred percent the cats she used to see. Try to be slick about it like we would like the money in his hand on not aim doing that. No more is just like oh. That's right finally. We can share everything and then they go in the world on locked in. It's just the moral of the story. Nothing like your governor getting embroiled in a bit of a crisis or to all of a sudden do things that people want it because it seems like new york. You've been waiting on new jersey because it was new jersey did it. They were just gonna have to 'cause they couldn't let all that money. Just go over the bridge. Na na na now they would ahead and got on it and then with the smoking on the street i think they just figured out if they were going to try to arrest people for smoking on the street they would not have it would basically the same thing than it was before so now that he's gotta let people smoking on the street. It is a new day in new york city and whether hadn't even gotten warm yet. I don't know what you going look like all of a sudden you go see all kinds of black folks way a great day at t shirts. They don't even know who they are. All right. this next story also comes from politics. My name is peter. Holly and i may senior editor at texas monthly magazine. My latest story is about the lingering impact of the texas apocalypse. That's the winter storm that slammed into the state and knocked out power and water for days in mid february killing close to two hundred people so nearly two months pass the storm struck. Texas and live here is pretty much returned to normal. But i recently learned that there are still people in houston who were living in homes without access to running water. These residents live in a part of the city known as third word. A historically black neighborhood. That is home to texas southern university. A number of prominent black churches in local businesses despite the fact that the city celebrates third words culture in history. It's also a place for more than forty percent of the residents live below the poverty line and their struggles are conveniently routinely ignored. That seemed to be exactly what was happening when i interviewed a resident whose home still lacked running. But we're now filled with broken pipes black mold and electrical outages despite living in a neighborhood surrounded by prominent museums universities and one of the largest medical facilities in the entire world. These residents were still struggling to wash their children in one home. I found a family who is forced to ration bottled water for their four kids. Each day in another found a woman who was sleeping in a bedroom. That reeked of black mold. Broken pipes had left holes in her walls and she was worried about rats and possums crawling into the house at night and finally there was a seventy two year old woman in a wheelchair. Who couldn't leave the house. She was relied upon bottled water. Donations but was never sure when they were gonna arrive. When i spoke to her she was thirsty. Since the article came out there's been an outpouring of donations and city leaders including the mayor have suddenly gotten involved. But there's a larger question that still needs to be answered. How long are cities like houston new orleans flint michigan and so many others when to tolerate their most vulnerable citizens living in conditions. We normally associate with the developing world. First of all chad out to the return of mvp. Peter holly good to hear from peter. Now i mean. There's really not much more than what you heard there right like. I think the reason we wanted to put this in here is just so you know this thing still going on. Third water particular becomes interesting because third ward is black houston in the eyes of a whole lot of people like you start talking about black people in houston third ward is what you are buying large talking about but the things in third war like you mentioned texas southern but the university of houston is in third ward like there's the medical center and all that stuff like the things in third ward or not necessarily black but the people absolutely are at least in the way most people think of their ward and portrayal of it and so like when you say this is going on in third war to me. You tell me that this is happening specifically black youth and the only place people in houston live with the cultural epicenter of black youth and wild that this is still going on and it's not some giant story. We've got all kinds of stories about ted cruz and about the governor there and you know where they all mask and all this stuff and everything else and you still got this situation in one of the largest cities in america. This isn't flint michigan. Even one is like those are not big cities. Houston is the fourth largest city in america in. This is what they still shaken off from. What was just gross negligence in the situation. That got him here in the first place and it's just crazy to me. That chances are if you hadn't heard this here. You wouldn't have known houston's the fourth largest city in america yeah. He's been fort lauderdale in america for like thirty years. Well it's not the fourth largest by density ryan. Yeah utah county to right. Well not all of harris county is in houston digested be clear but it is. I mean we got a lot of real estate so it goes all over the place but it's just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and it is the most diverse city in america. Which makes it a bit more like sound. Worse that it the problems. We're talking about seem to be so specific to black people in dealing with it in a city that again is literally the most diverse in america. This next story comes from the environment. But it's also a a travel story. here it is. I'm daniel victor. i'm reporter at the new york times and this is the story of the angry octopus. So this starts with a family on vacation in south western australia. The data's walking along the beach with his two year old daughter when he sees an octopus in very shallow water. It's kind of setting up a siegel. He turned on his camera gets reasonably close without going right up to it when all of a sudden bam the octopus briefly constrict snaps eight of its legs. Right at the dad. It didn't actually hit him but his reaction is key. Take a listen. Oh golly i got the dad on the phone. His name is lance carlson and he said if he knew his video was going to travel around the world he might chosen a different reaction. I think most of us would probably use very different words if an octopus lunged at us but he said he was holding his daughter. So those words weren't an option unfortunately for lance. The story is not over. He went back to their ten dropped his daughter off with his wife and about twenty minutes later he went. I swim about thirty meters out. He noticed a pile of crab shells piled neatly together when he dove underwater to get a better look. He remembered seeing a documentary. That octopus tend to pile up crab shells and almost that exact moment bam. The octopus whipped him right across the arm. Then bam got him on the neck and down the upper back. He said the pain wasn't too bad kind of like getting whipped with a wet towel and he doesn't know for sure that it was the same octopus from before but that is the prevailing theory if he has any concerns now. It's just that he's worried. The story might make people afraid of their friendly local octopus. He doesn't want that he wants you to go to the beach freely and show love to the octopus. They're usually france. Yeah might go to the beach. But i'm shook i'm not. I'm like they about octopus. Octopus is one of them animals. That like we don't think about having a personality you know what i'm saying. I realized that occupy would've types. The company just smack you around. That who knew this guided us dude. Octopus are really smart to. They're the ones that are always like escaping from the aquarium True that is true. I never know what to do. We highlight smart. All the animals are alike. I ain't never heard him say nothing that i found. Beat a brilliant. You know what. I'm saying at least with octopus. Though people do talk about how smart they can be in all the different games puzzles and stuff that they saw should be kinda obvious though they got this big old brain's true at the there. There's there's that the occupy like does that mean all the other animals are annoyed by the occupy. Always telling them how smart they are probably and how cool the octopuses with all those tentacles men they got the big brain. They got the tentacles. And it's fair. They they like the jellyfish got really be looking at them like why not us. Yeah and also to octopus can go on land for very brief periods of time. So get the octopus. It will go up to the beach. They can also do the deep sea thing for jellyfish. Can once they hit that sand. It's kind of lotto man. I see octopus. Walking me on the beach. And like i ain't got no gun texan me would reach for one octopus for dinner. The right times brought to you in part by progressive. Have you tried the name your price tool yet. It works just the way it sounds. You tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. It's easy to start a quote and you'll be able to find that works for you. It's just one of the many ways you can save with progress. get your day. Progressive dot com and see. Why four out of five new auto customers recommend progress Uh for hey this is bomani. You have reached the right tom. Voicemail san whatever you want get creative with but this is joe play. Talk back to the show. It's a top back fix our money. Didn't you catch wind of the Most awkward date story can topic. That was doing the rounds on on twitter. Yeah i did. And i will tell you the most awkward date that i've ever been on. I'll give you that off to rip. It was actually my first date. I had mustered up courage to ask a pretty girl. Go me to the movies. I believe i was fourteen years old and we were in the car ride to the movies and so out of your head dollar theaters. We use that but houston bags at the dollar theater so like after the movies got past the first run at the big theater they had the dollar theater right and so i was ryan where her and she had frank come with her because he's like yeah. My mom isn't sure about me going out with somebody she doesn't know by myself so it's was like okay. Cool that makes sense and so from where we were going. There were was a dollar theater in one direction. Alathea in the other and my sister was driving us. An my sister assume that we were going to get a when the girl soon we were going to be so as started going to dollar theater a the two girls look at each other. And i'm like what's going on. I thought we were going to the dollar theater. And they were really panicked about the fact we going the wrong dollar theater and it hit me while i'm sitting there and i'm like who going to be at that. Data theater steve. All man house budget stomach dallas a was as stomach punch. Yes yes. I was just the transportation. Oh no that was awkward. That was awkward. That is actually a really good setup for our first voicemail. The guy didn't leave his name where he was from. Of course as fine trying to protect himself year. It is the most embarrassing. A group benn on wasn't that embarrassing was happening. It was embarrassing in hindsight. So it's springtime in. Love was in the air. I thought a couple of years ago. I was tattooing professionally. I just finished my apprenticeship working in shop. You don't really good about myself. I decided to grow on the internet. Start doing the internet dating thing. Matching a wonderful looking young lady. She was an art student. I saw great so we go out. We coffees get some donuts. There's a little punk rock. Donuts touches down the way from where we both were so i thought hey this'll be great so we go there get her coffee donuts and i think we're having a great time. It's not uncomfortable at on the screen from the internet this ranger from the internet. We're talking about art and life. We're telling jokes telling personal stories. Real good connection felt really inspiring. Nfl really happy about the whole thing and she's got at the end of it all. She said you know this was a really great thanks. Thanks so yeah. This is going to be a great piece for my senior project. Because bo what was doing. She told me it was going out on dates with strangers from the internet so she could make collages about later. Present them as part of a senior project for art school and i and my wonderful day for another leader in her portfolio. At least i got something out of it being immortalized in a piece of art. Wow you were just an experiment. At least you told you told them at the end of the date have to otherwise it kind of tastes the whole situation at at floyd the natural state i see no reason why this preclude us. We're going out again if it was really rolling like look all right now. We got that outweigh was doing this for real. Yeah we kind of like stepping outside the bounds of the project here fall in love along the way. That's what i'm saying. That could have been the beginning. I thought that i was just simply using him as an experiment and i turned out it was love. Is that what i am. Just a project to you. You're her answer was yes. That's exactly what you are. Our this next one comes from ryan in southeast louisiana dreer advice high school and i went on a date with a girl that i was on track and field team with a year under me. Move into the movies but the only way to she would go out to them. They differ a little brother. Who's a freshman when on the date with so as soon as sitting there her in the middle one side in our brother on her other side. And i mean as being a high school at the movies we started kissing and whatnot and her brother is at the entire time and it was painfully awkward. Nestle real bad for this man didn't care like you you giovanni. I guess that actually advisory of different awkward date. That i would all this is when i was in adult and i had met a woman at some club who was probably the best legal woman elise up until that point that i hit ever lady. She pressed up on me right like i later saw her in a major music video but anyway i met her at the club. And i'm like guess what you're doing now like i gotta go home My daughter's babysitter and michael. So what you're doing tomorrow on. She's like a nothing. Let's go see. Bruce almighty. And i told her i'm like i just need you to notice in three days. I'm moving and i was the troop. I was moving out of california in three days as one to make it clear. What kind of timetable. We work with into a house. And i walk in and talk to and a dot dare dot like seven eight years old or something like that. I'm like hey what's going on. And dot his like. Do you like animals because she sees heads at like children my children because generally do like children nothing nothing of it. So he's sitting there the next thing. I know her mama come back but she got to her hand and one of them jackets was really small. And i'm like. Oh no oh yeah. It was a party of three and then after the movie the little girl tried to go to a pet store and wanted to buy a rabid anti mom's like no and then a mom started thinking about it now is like bringing a rabbit in my car so i came up with some excuse. Why was that. I could ultimately leave but actually remembered that story as it was told. You can't judge my man too bad 'cause do remember what boy Untold daughters right there watching a movie while i was like twenty two wile. Yeah by the way hit music. Thank you for your patients a representative from the right time. We'll be with you. Shorten your whole time is fifteen seconds. Alright alright end this last one. This woman didn't leave her name or where she was from but good story to campus off year money picture this the guy and i start making small talk and then the phone and said i want to show you something okay. So on this phone notes were tons of his top ten list like talk to movies. Tv shows than you get the idea and then the dude goes. You will notice that five of my top. Ten albums are red hot chili pepper album in my shock. I gassed so you must really like the lease. He not without saying a word lifts up his shirt while maintaining eye contact with me and reveals that he has a red hot chilies band. Tattoo on. y- you wait on that as you waiting for her to say that it was anthony. Keita's top ten lists. Do people have top ten lists. I just keep the bud light. Trust me dude. She would have figured out that. You were a really big red hot chili peppers fe. Yeah i don't know what was the most awkward part of that story keeping the eye contact. Yeah here's my tattoo. Yeah well it sounds like she said raised up his shirt yes light. He needed more real estate yet. You the arm. He needed more real estate. You needed to get it done up. There are new every day but hey lazy gentlemen. Thanks so much for joining us here on the right time. You do this thing here three times a week. Gay best san antonio to you handle things behind the scenes. Thank you gentlemen. Thank you to our if you haven't heard contributors thanks to ivan pereira. Abc check out his story on new york. Legalizing marijuana abc news dot go base the envy peter highly of texas monthly. Check out his story about houston's third ward still not having running water at texas monthly dot com. Thanks daniel victor of the new york times in london. Check out his story on an angry octopus at an australian beach Remember follow the right time review was gives five stars four stars. I'm inclined to believe you're a hater. We'll talk to you guys in a couple of days. Take it easy. Thanks for checking out the right time with bomani jones. Podcast you can listen or subscribe on the espn app apple podcasts. Or every listen to podcasts. The right time with bomani jones the right time with bomani jones is brought to you by progressive. Have you tried the name your price tool yet. It works just the way it sounds. You tell progressive how much you wanna pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. It's easy to start a quote and you'll be able to find a rate that works for you. It's just one of the many ways you can save with progressive get your quote today at progressive dot com and see why four out of five new auto customers recommend progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law.

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11 Trivia Questions on Beyond the Band

Trivia With Budds

08:38 min | 1 year ago

11 Trivia Questions on Beyond the Band

"It's eleven trivia questions on beyond the band specifically the boy band where I ask you things about famous members of boy bands and what they did after the band. This is trivia with buds. What it be. And welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out. My show comes out every day when I am back on schedule. Try We'll be very soon and you can hit subscribe on your device so you never miss an episode. Whenever they do happen to come out in the world of a quarantine help you guys are safe. Sound wherever you're listening from whenever bunker you are in or maybe you're out of the bunker. Maybe you live in an area where you're like you know what. I'm going on a walk. Aware the mask whatever it takes to get some fresh air in these lungs and I applaud everybody for getting on with their lives. Making things work with their jobs and doing stuff from home and doing more family stuff. So we're all in the same boat together. It's a rare time and hopefully this podcast helps pass the time for you. If you're driving around walking around or just listening to something on your phone we have about eight hundred episodes to go back and listen to so if you are looking for some content go listen on spotify. Spotify is a great way to find all the episodes of the show. You could also watch the video of the show since the beginning of this year. Two Thousand Twenty. We added video and that's on Youtube at YouTube dot com slash trivia with buds. I want to give a quick plug to some great artists friends of mine guys. Check out nice rice designs on instagram. If you like Bob's Burgers they take all the Bob's burgers characters and they match them up with other franchises. So I'm holding in my hand. Right now Tina on a white horse but she is dressed as a tray. You in the never ending story. So it's a really cool enamel pin and I ordered that from Nice Rice design so if he likes stuff like that like mashups you like when they take two things and put them together. From some of your favorite franchises you will love Nice. Rice designs they do stickers pins shirts and find him on. Oetzi and Instagram Nice race designs. Today's episode is called beyond the band. I'M GONNA ask you questions from a Trivia night. I did on. Facebook live last week about boy bands and girl groups and these are all questions where they're like members of boy bands and girl groups and what they have gone after the band or during the ban. Just kinda other side projects and things like that. So if you like music and beyond. I think you'll like this episode. Ambiente the band going to jump into those eleven questions right now. Here we go all right. It's beyond the band boy bands and girl groups. Let's see what you know about the celebrities number one Donnie. Wahlberg from new kids on the block plays a cop on what New York based show since. Two thousand ten number one Donnie. Wahlberg from new kids on the block plays a cop on what New York based show since two thousand ten number one question number two. What role did you play in an Austin powers? Movie Number Two. What role did beyond say play in an Austin powers movie number two number two number three? What member of ninety eight degrees is a creator of the Netflix series? Love is blind number three. What member of ninety eight degrees is a crater of the NETFLIX series? Love is blind number three question number four at one point Melby from spice girls dated and had a child with what comedian number? Four at one point Melby from spice girls dated and had a child with. What comedian number. Four number five. Which boy band member did the voice of Boo and the Yogi bear movie number five? Which boy band member did. The Voice of Boo Boo Yogi bear. Movie number five questionable six. Who was the oldest member of the Beatles still counts as a boy band guide of number six? Who was the oldest member of the Beatles question number seven which member of n sync trained become an astronaut number seven which member of 'n sync trained to become an astronaut question number eight which member of one direction left the group? I beyond the band number eight which member of one direction left the group. I and question number nine Priyanka Chopra. Is the wife of what boy band member number nine? Priyanka Chopra is the wife of what boy ban member number ten? Which boy band has a total of thirteen children between its three members number ten? Which boy band has a total of thirteen children? Between its three members for two points which member of the backstreet boys has the Middle Name of Gene G E N E number? Eleven for two points. Which member of the backstreet? Boys has the Middle Name of Jean. Those are all your questions on beyond the band. We'll be right back in just a second with beyond the band answers. We are back with the answers to be on the band. Thank you guys so much for hanging out and telling a friend about the show. Remember if you dig this show the best thing you can do is to just text a link to somebody. It's very easy and quick to just say. Hey you would love this beyond the band episode of Trivia. See How many you can get out of eleven. I got six or something like that. And that will engage somebody else. Maybe they'll send that somebody else in. That would be really cool. You guys to help me out so if you want to help me spread the word. Do that for me. Share a link with one of your favorite recent quizzes on an episode number. One Donning Walberg from new kids on the block plays a cop and what New York based show since two thousand ten? That was blue. Bloods number one blue. Bloods number two. What role did beyond say play in an Austin powers movie? Her name was foxy with two axes Cleopatra Foxy Cleopatra Austin powers in Goldmember number two number three number of ninety eight degrees is a creator of the Netflix series. Love is blind Nicklaus Shea number three Nick Lewis. Shay number three number four at one point Melby from spice girls dated and had a child with what comedian? That would be Eddie Murphy number four Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop and a million other things Melby and spice girls and Eddie Murphy Number Five. Which boy band member did the voice of Boo in the Yogi Bear Movie Justin Timberlake number five Justin timberlake number six was the oldest of the Beatles Ringo Starr and he's still kicking Ringo Starr number seven which member of saint trained to become an astronaut Lance Bass from end sank lance bass went to space training number eight? Which member of one direction left the group? I that was Zane Z. A. Y. N. Zane left group. I number nine Chopra is the wife of what boy band member Nick? Jonas number nine nick. Jonas number ten. Which boy band has a total of thirteen children? Between its three members that would be Hanson bopping to the top number ten Hanson. And the bonus for two points which member of the backstreet. Boys has the Middle Name of Jean. That would be nick gene. Carter Nick Carter for two points at the end there. You have it guys. Hopefully you'll learn something fun and had a good time answering those questions on beyond the boy bands and girl groups. I have one more question for you beyond this episode here. It is a question of the day bridget. Bishop was the first to be executed for what crime in Massachusetts in sixteen ninety? Two if you know the answer to that one tweet me your answer at Ryan buds or email Ryan buds gmail.com to be eligible for a prize. Yesterday's question today. Answer was the Bible for the First Book. On the Gutenberg Printing Press and Trivia team name of the day is Cedar Point break combining a theme park an Awesome Ninety Action Movie Cedar Point in Point Break for Cedar Point break. Thank you guys so much for listening to the show. Thanks for helping. Spread the word about the show. And we'll see you tomorrow for more Trivia with Buds Cheers Ramon.

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Arabic Audio Recitation: 14th Ramadan 2020 Taraweeh Prayer in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia       1441

The Clear Evidence

39:28 min | 1 year ago

Arabic Audio Recitation: 14th Ramadan 2020 Taraweeh Prayer in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia 1441

"Woman Loan Law Law a shadow Leila Russia Russia. The scene a we off a warrior notable the aisling long You Nettle slowed up all through legal investigate. Anyone Meeting Liberty Global. Really appalled at eleven able reform. Me When Laudi me you know semi Sevi- anybody about the law along on Heike Levian the cowboys owner. Who wouldn't although only you're you're only only letting avenue doing zone law either four and You know I love doing a good really move. Had also a party be had been killed? His should go to lunar doing be Melby Long. I'm afraid what you lay aboard on nine over one will have in learning. You took the lead to better than the inevitable. Even if the ball even beheading people event them the unknown cat would get any Luna beautiful. No one goal yet lauren. Every getty known with only a long that. Em The we would able why the loan you know what Luna fell on out again authority Yeah has law will ever be Levian Levy of any again origin dot on it will lead them Daryl. Them them the game as they're probably need you hope to any all who have your own a zero and yet never fatherly. Hema poem. He'll The only about all ready. Add whilst Hubby what homeless moving along Neo Cleveland. Good believable you only Little all men who now while of those then while you're doing that got though you believe. Long Zola. Federal Law. The law as these he while the law would the the EMU the hardy party you have again the logging Go who loyally young again that you know we were set mostly of he map on the CAN. He met then cook very and don't WanNa log views built that. He do what he no longer than even what women repeal legal the. You don't believe what we have. You NEBI law. He don't believe you know buddy back even own own email law be mad at the people along with the wrong in law we will own the WEARIN. I mean median abuse up on the various bottle log. Talking on and you still don't be elevated levels of every funeral the law level the you are only own. Lean Buddy Fan. Move Writing Owning. You're getting even a needle. What Getty who he unwinding visa welcome on Orlando's held again relation. How kid if Google being very good on your Yard Ball Steph. Curry evoke would really have to me. I mean literally to be the one and I recall any fien Lekiu lead at. You are certainly to the one getting again. What do you read law? We have done? Yeah we give your own what China or I learned your journey to already. He's a cloning bad. Although being aware blue be own neck and head all the end lead he was the will find. Your what You I long digit EMU. He hadn't hadn't hardy. Then get all the a I mean. All the world by law they will see Lavina on any lease don't law whether people out on either redone wounding Saudi SEVI- long one don't get detrimental. Don't know them really being that. I love you people. Seven definitely old again on the A- At all if you are how long would be Hour-long why that would all be them layer and then yet the own eat out with using your own been a law that law water levy. Shayna daughter ILA WII be was Jenna down. Say Actually WanNa be learning all part of it. I'm talking when well just Be We had Siebel Ashley. Puna woman's law at go home safely all them long who I always woody one law. Huggy off beaming. Who built with you? Roy. Oh long was already video way back in the law you do not know the law you also said Pena Woman Love You. Read the law old orphee. Serbia border would be an ill thought he wouldn't Wound THIRTY ALL BE. A long run. Although I do the duty an how holiday those on Mobley many up on your own lean movie. In the event Lena Dunham level national level or home that been a we will hold on pool all being on up old say he a long in the long run he more was that he flooding me are they. You thought that on level will love own ninety along the way on over everybody who goes along with the web or Rahim welcoming invaluable on law do was that do what do you. WanNa be their own on Joan. Any nine people leading will be what led the Hogle misty though the auto three one billion meaning that in even count the long view in while longer going able up on the data over a doubt. Wa community. I've I'm and I love you. Know Law you Eddie word. In your own your own UNEDU- European heard then held being seen at Egan Long Laudi Ni layer then the The blue outgoing will log arche law. Still logging and Meena. The woman no own on you own our. You would be off the genie. One Women Law Debbie Julia. The he wasn't Dera donor It will hero as owners your own one owner. I needed getting on the Any MC NABB. You're thinking you know. What a again able Debbie Jenna. Nobody else won a gun battle. You build on the deal then Yana better Yana who do you got one on? Long Muni only know you wanNA Own Law host. The eligible e. You only knew won free free own Saudi vs on movies team you. I'd America Perry in Zoom Matter. The Island in a leading at Either but he will do the know. Wellborn tally in Morgan. No I mean he he him to do in of what offing you leading up along now for thing. Mirka a woman who may be a loving He Yogi footsie nine. Nefissi the cabin whom La also able whom own well and also also to his own Go over Luna doing nalen goatee better and better be? I'm alone saw in law to urge. Seen you up the term. What can I be are the The in cookie whom Leeann whom we can liam the NFL could your teen even football leader. Up Fifty. Anyway you either. Eighteen me up the leading party in a local eighty. Do while move and I looked up. Were either. Let's do a mood or a yoga that WHO The man Mileti nine the that man whom yesterday she who were. Mls model album for whom gauges in that Radiation Agency. Warmer feel wound pull mean than doom malaria. To whom either let's novel album bouncing Elliara had heavily-armed moe sort of who saw a long who sought a love who who would of loved by the For the early to the is to really move meaning you know who he well apple has love who who I leave work early to who will pull out of the dismiss Rothman Luca to be happy in in in a meeting and they're in and they're in however she annella who the be all of you in in who on the you allowed you mean Chevy died the the WHO do a Jemmy want the law here in who all whom to whom he leagest. Forty this blow. With whom up mean Hammy. Meanwhile the either be not who will lettie. Geolog- Jim Selby Well on one daughter. Who Donahue Donahue menace wide this. Now hold up a long In the you see the movie in feel lady when A follow up on long all a only you do in your own Elliott over. Be Dunia Newbie. Her leading U Economic American we accede in letting one in forty had the Ernie in the team and each in in were we love to he has any will be any geelong in show was up in all any. Were Either Legion. Be Poor then On whom LMU EDWINA Corinne Mr Gene? And we are mad. What up let them Weja be? Were the unity. WanNa you mean. Get Kennedy's Janine. Whom if I feel that Malino Lino who were either? Tila tuna on You know who tune idea Paul and Larry Able to April in the heard Only over dealer who who? Nfc In debut in need of enormously to be either in the scene to coon but this two moron new Bobby Dowden Furman manifesto dollars on law. He could even get in Who you remove. Ooh doing doing yoga. Warm weather foul way up moon. Her Own He's more will do own along the obvious. In our survey hearn what You should eaten and Who who Calima to set up because at APOB OBEY. You know who he daddy way. Who owns in Iowa to be in alert in moon opponent? Rock Madame people either. Either whom Mukunda Eighteen Mukarram in Selena to who who will say. Oh come very well. The whole Either go to full. Abby very Very Hobie her at hurry from now even And what would who could well new. Under whom law. What can they see the love Lizzy Houdini in a j? I mean the in in J mean an Kuhnen. He whom go boone. How how a you national in your in. You'RE NOT GONNA Matter. I'll do we know. Gop Elena Mulji confirmed the the down. Elena jail be Okuno to time in Ohio. Tonia in Lena. Lena's Bobby Bobby he never the COONASS At the other -til although rope Was the unit one. God you her woburn party they her attorney owner and owner home Hasley Luke get a Balmy difficult law. Who who the Asia. Also the most deadly Alo- semi out burner a law. Dina feman had FEM- what learner team and whether learner? What's Today on the medication? In the Yakubu. Who illumine late is what. What made him double do either elite? Do let him let me know your who him Duke along. Who My Will you automatic Esteli Eater unforeseen along whom in earnest who can be a smear economical snow. Along whom in Luke? Miekel album led either league. Debbie what either ill tabby along more Nina no know what the inner uh the Gina. What re If were Nina along in Luke genetic in a win one when I go vk would he knew along in to hit Bulava at on Along whom in to hit on a long Alpha moon to hit Gula Love Love Mayo. Dunia will on Yemen. That's Okay. I know what the what was one. Johanna whom him mommy. I mean Louis. Lean Gullible makobane locally. Medea need what should be lean law who my child learner for. Women Khalili Enough Already. Kunle enough along with whom I know Madina Mohammadi in some love along. In whom an Omar Mohammed in some? Who was in Connecticut Public Judaica were Meka or hammer any along? Dina of the Senate her in refined nursing nursing and law a was at her home. And that way you could unleashing the among whom Muslimeen Equal Lima Akwa. Happy a law. Also they lean Medica L. generally will along Moa v they the among whom O. Z. is mostly a along. Mo- of WHO already ready to. What Law Law who months-old June? Then we'll do the along who mighty week I do we Z's ECON along who memon are than were a Mena who along whomever who the WHO on not a year. But we Z's they'll agenda The econom- narrow who do the book I mean circle would be more of a mineral what becoming see than A nod and at nate. Nfc most new name Weather Rica. I they did go over while the Walls Herbie. He would be a long More low A. said Aren't assert mental. This audio has been prepared by the clear evidence Dot Org.

Getty Debbie Jenna Melby Long Dina feman Nfc Long Zola Luke Egan Long Laudi Ni Elena Mulji Heike Levian Yana Leila Russia Russia Nina Levian Levy Lena Dunham Luna Liberty Global Neo Cleveland Google
Episode 709, recorded 2021-04-12

Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

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Episode 709, recorded 2021-04-12

"Let's start though meditation practice. Please find very comfortable. Poster gently closer bakersfield deep. Long brits relax your whole body relax you mine calm down your mind. Relax your whole body from the top of your head to the dose all the different part of your body individuality and see if they are lax free from pension or strain in deeply. Read out softly. Relax relax relax. Let's practice loving kindness meditation thinking. May i be me. I be me. I be peaceful. May i be. May i be happy. May be split understand meaning of eastwards deeply unclearly and repeat them to yourself. May i be. may i be happy. Be peaceful be lobbying and kind i. E o seven. May i be will. May i be may i be peaceful restore so blessed to yourself. May i be pre prom mental and physical suffering. May i be free from illness. Fear anger jealousy equal. May i be pre prom. All the negative thoughts. May i be the Tak- myself happy layton goal you premium and freedom is on condition paul happiness. If in the heart you'll will begin to anything feel anger anxiety. Worry you cannot free. If you are clinging holding negative towards. This is the time to let go your mind call. Debate allowing thoughts to your sound. Sale flow is greatest medicine to heal yourself. May i be. may i be happy meal. Be peace if you are truly loving and kind person yourself. It's mike authors feed be lobbying thoughts Now think about your family prince and you allow ones them usually may might be uns- children grandchildren boyfriend or girlfriend. Your best brain close prints all brothers and sisters and also think about your pets. May all my family be be happy. all in my family b. b. b. Now think about in your life difficult person or different lesson manning that boatswain and this is the time to sane. You'll know in kindness to your difficult. Listen may my difficult person be be happy. Be peace when you feel loving kindness towards others its head you sort of develop in happiness and peace. Now explain all of your loving kindness compassionate thoughts to hold the world soul many people last offering mentally and physically some people line hunga the danger some people. They don't have family rains in this moment. Appreciate yourself please. Send your loving kindness to hold the world me. All living beads be will be happy. me all be be Be happy. vp's may all human beans non human beings and also nato the environment be Be happy bp's All living bids be pre from mental and physical suffering may be reprogram sickness anger. Worry he hatred mayday. Be free from all activities may be able to take themselves happy debut Midday be happy may be peaceful now slowly than new act ancien Vision of the bed. Your natural ordinary breath inevitably mindfully take out any brick minority. No need to control your breathing center at into the enormous. So many solemness thoughts emotions feelings near distract your mind. Let them come and go or let them be focus new natural ordinary bread poster. Lloyd mindfully thoroughly in. Keep your back straight. It's very helpful to breed read in mindfully breath out mine free but he in mindfully read out. Mind is a mind. Please bring your attention to your breath in mindfully. read out mindfully No abso your mind. Your body minus reliance what is com thank will and beast think about how important it is to practice this meditation Keeping sailed happy peaceful and balance. Now who we. All monks act together would can a loving kindness sued. And listen to you the i. Canting you'll can practice loving kindness to yourself. May i be. may i be happy. May i be pleased this this giant and concentrate your mind meal Meal be happy. Meal be peaceful. No who Pools some on Mahmoodn diesel bog. Utter on a own little who radio race thaw the news to the Log on the go on the go. School will use you Total other goes on no go long. Louisa a on the law You from the one In the salon us phone booth on all gaul. Birth in on the will saw a on but Old due to the to do honor owned a the intern In the wooden a know who You know Those done a the Is the us a good a to a new rule Some this on on on a on on the like on certain. I saw a on on the on little on a mom. The young On on on on the jar blah. Ya'll does god though in a brown on the ma but the did on Pity a Though they are on us on the run include the go into walmart. One go to the along the two On those good On hobby On to the volatile of the among those a some In the on a booth A ma own a the young to around on side the on this The on The dong on the may be speed duel meal. Be melby. Neil be peaceful. Thank you very much.

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Unlock Everything with your Phone #1516

"This is new central. My name is todd cochran coming from the new media production studio first up tonight. Let your amazon driver use your bathroom. We'll talk about that. The big three. Yes the big three get grilled by congress. D need something notarized. Well maybe and get it done digitally now and you. Are you ready. Are you ready to unlike everything. I mean everything with your phone. I wanna welcome to episode one thousand five hundred sixteen of the new central podcasts. For thursday march twenty fifth this show sponsored part by go daddy dot com and listeners. Just like you great deals from go. Daddy can be found a central dot com food slash. Go daddy you can support this. Show today geek. News central dot com forward slash insider becoming an insider but contributing to five ten fifteen twenty or twenty five dollars a month and be part of the cool kids insider podcast. He wanna give more welcomed all the new listeners. Those show thank you so much for being here. Make sure that you take time. Get getting central dot com. Get subscribe to podcasts subscriber follow. That's the new terminology. Subscriber follow the shoveling so there whether it be spotify apple podcasts. Google podcasts amazon music. Geel saban if you're over in india ghana if you're in india tune in even have it delivered by email so Really lots of places to listen to the show gets ascribed court she inscribed to the newsletter as well right on the same website just down a little bit so you can get delivered to your inbox immediately following the show that i'm going to be talking about tonight. And of course you can always contact me via email geek. News at gmail.com geek. News at gmail.com. You can join our chat room. A geek news dot chat. That's a mass done service or discord and So yeah check that out. You'll be part of the cool kids insa meaning. Melby pervert are slack group and of course at geek news at geek news on twitter as a place to going me base book. All our partner shows are linked to get new center dot com. That includes a new media. Show the pro gear gadget professor. Gnc live gene. You're watching right now. Gnc weaken review podcast legends. The retired show so definitely. Check that out so this show yes. This show has the longest running. Continuous sponsor podcast. That's our good friends at go. Daddy we want you to save money and really all you gotta do to do. That is very very simple. Use my promo codes taking central dot com forward slash. Go daddy whether it be thirty percent off a new product purchase whether it before ninety nine dot com whether it be a dollar mother kinda meal for the first year. The free demeanor dollar month manage wordpress hosting for the first year of the free domain. It's all there for you. Save lots of money. Save eighty seven percent. I'll probably can purchases at go daddy using my promo codes and discount codes. And of course you get good. Eddie website builder. Your choice of personal business. Business bust plans some. You say todd that thirty percent co doesn't eat up to eighty seven percent no it does not but the dollar month economy hosting plans are nim normally about one hundred bucks a year. So that's we get the eighty seven percent because you you're just paint twelve dollars for first year and a free demane so You know use my promo code. Save that cash. That's that's You know if it's if it's eighty percent of hundred bucks it's eighty seven dollars that you can use on beer money or whatever know and meanwhile start to build an empire build your own dot com and Build your own website. Build your own e commerce sites start. A podcast is not too long to get passionate about writing all kinds of stuff you can do set up a website. Were just have your pictures. Don't rely on facebook. Knows other places. Do that yourself so Anyway thanks good. Eddie for being a longtime sponsor here we want thank them of course and Anyway everyone welcome to the show up. You're doing well. Don't forget the studio design is by automate dot com all the sound conditioning. In the audio automate a you d. Imet dot com for your office or studio needs to be able to Really give you that sound. They crystal beautiful sound. Like you're hearing here. At least i think it is. I've been hearing lately. We might be a little over modulated. So i'll keep an eye on that but hey Busy week crazy crazy busy week as always it's been pretty nice weather up until today and then it's it was raining but i guess it's better than snow. Have not taken off my snow tires yet. Some might do that next week but I got a full weekend of chainsaw. Work ahead We've got to go to the property. Walk the woods walk. The property lines walk wherever the farmer that rents are land is going to put his heavy machinery. Make sure that you know last year. We did a a lot of work. This year. shouldn't be as bad. Hopefully we cover it in a weekend. just cut brushback and Fun fun fun. Get my feet dirty and get out there in our hands dirty too. So maybe maybe this weekend we'll see. Hopefully it works that way If not taxed up to do so anyway. Welcome everyone to the show. Thanks for being here again. Got a great lineup of the content. Tonight for you get right into an amazon is denying stories of workers having to in bottles and they've received a flood of evidence and return and let me just kinda share with you something when my mom and dad were in the produce delivery business. They were on the road for many many many hours. Many many stops may be forty stops a day and a delivery driver. Saga is where. Can i use the can. And there's not a lot of places unless you're buying gas when people are so funny about it now so you know. I won't say what my parents did. But i will say that they had the ability to take care themselves on the truck Both my mom and dad and 'cause you just you know you can't you gotta go you gotta go right and So it's not surprising with the with the pace. The amazon workers have to work in delivering packing packages. Everything else is. Sometimes you know bathroom breaks are hard to get. And i even know that you know in some industries You know it's just like you have to wait to your break. It's all depends on what you're doing and you plan accordingly but there's wide widespread evidence no matter what amazon is claiming lots of facebook. Lots of twitter post. You name it so my thought. Is you know getting ready to get an amazon. If you're getting an amazon delivery happily catch the driver. Say hey by the way he needed to use the bathroom. 'cause there's probably a pretty good chance that he he or she will and they might be more appreciative. Bring your packages a little closer to the house so I don't think this is any different than any. Other delivery service where people had to be on the road. It's just there's not. You know if you get out in the country well you can stop along the side of the road. If you're a guy right then harder for the ladies you know traffic and everything being what it is so he. It's it's just. It's one of those things right today. Google facebook and twitter were grilled. They were Any hearing and this is the latest hearing since the storing of the us capital and they are green grilled by us politicians over the preparation of disinformation on youtube twitter and facebook according to facebook twitter and youtube right and they believe pushing politicians. Believe that disinformation was a tipping point for greater regulation. They said they have plans to change the legislation that protects online platforms liability for content posted by third parties that section to thirty. We've talked a lot about section two thirty on this show. The session began in a combative style with mike doyle asking all three executives were. They thought they bore responsibility for the events in washington. None were prepared to give him one word. Yes or no answer. He also challenged the platforms to removed ten twelve anti vaxxers from their platforms which he said accounts for sixty. Five percent vaccine. Disinformation demanding a deadline at twenty. Four hours for them to get back to him. So what's interesting is zuckerberg proposal limited reforms going further than his peers. He said we believe congress should consider making platforms internmediary ovalles. Gooden mice gonna destroy this year. An intermediary liability to making platforms intermediary liability protection for certain types of lawsuit unlawful content conditional on companies ability meet best practices to combat the spread of the content. He said and disinformation more. Generally he said hateful content made up only small fraction what facebook users saw with political post post accounting for six percent of what you s users saw on their news feed and the also outwhelmed that not during the election and was like no percent. He's also outlined efforts by his team that made to counter disinformation including working with eighty fact checking organizations and. Yeah yeah yeah yes so. There's a good article here about this. Grilling but a couple of things stood out was that they kinda hedged on whether they'd boot the twelve anti back super spreaders sighted by state attorney general and also zuckerberg blame. President trump not facebook for the capital attack. An interview with reuters six days after the attack spokes c. o. downplayed or companies role at thursday's lawmakers circle back to sandberg's denial but basic still didn't have a good answer in his opening statements. Accurate safe safe. Facebook did our part to protect the. Us election place the blame these actions on the former president. So here's the deal. Though planning we know very well the planning and all the group organization largely happened on facebook or other social platforms were blamed but the majority of the group planning to some of those other platforms. That guy took down did not have group functions Happened on facebook so They're still talking about that but Anyway it was a few interesting takeaways moving into more pleasant news. Have you ever had to some. Have something notarized. It's been a while. Since i've had to have something notarized i luckily got a my bank is literally right over there and They've got a notary services there. But there's a there's a new look. Traffic notary startup just raised one hundred thirty million dollars after year of six hundred percent growth. The traffic notary starved notre notarize was fielding three thousand calls a week is real estate brokers and financial advisers clamor to set up on the service as as in person business was put on pause known ray stated onboarding clients across industries. It had it much worked with previously like wealth management well traction marches like real estate soared by more than eight hundred percent. The startup was able to smoothly. Kick into hyper drive. From the regulatory infrastructure it began building by necessity since launch in two thousand fifteen when covid nineteen hit man their business just exploded a little startup. They really nobody knew had a wow year and have raised a wow amount of money and they make sense you know what is a notary. Really do they are verifying you by. Ib are the person that is signing or making a statement on a document. they notarize. This is you so how they have done this through. This training methods is a very interesting in itself but Hundred thirty million dollars just one of those things. It just kinda took off just like zoom right. We're all zoomed out from zoom meetings. Every you know. I've i'm like twenty hours the zoom meetings a week. It sucks but it has to be done that way because we're not in person yet. So hi liz hi toby. Thanks for joining the live. Show tonight meco. Thank you for joining. And if you're on youtube i hope you say hello as well. Thank you for being here and watching the show and if you are on watching on facebook today make sure you You check in and say hello before you bounce out so up next though we've talked about this a little bit in the show. It's it's in the past. But google's launched android ready s e alliance in. This probably has as much chance of changing our lives. Then all you know the key the store entry so you know many of you probably have to do to get in your house or use your thumbprint or whatever. It is to unlock the front door. Right well how about just unlock in your front door with your with your phone. So google's launched android ready seo alliance to drive adoption of digital keys and mobile ideas now. If you've stated a hotel the hilton chain uses your phone. Unlock your hotel door. You can check in you. Don't even have to see the reception right to your room. Use your phone it it It unlocks Always liked to have a key card is a backup but you know smartphones have already. Changed single single-person gadgets like point and shoot cameras an mp three players but with this s c ready ready s alliance. We can have emerging features like digital keys mobile driver's licenses national. I d e passports and e money solutions The first is temper tamper resistant hardware or having a chip within the mobile of support these all these features need to run on tamper resistant hardware to protect the integrity of application executed balls in user data keys wallet and more. Most modern phones now include discrete tampa resistant hardware called secure element sagoes determined s e offers a best path for interesting these new consumer use cases. So imagine you get pulled over for speeding. Police officer walks up. Say can scan your phone please to get your driver's license. I think i'd rather hand over my driver's license. Still my the one that's in the little You know plastic sheath. I didn't know there was a national. Id to be honest with you. E passports Just get global entry. That solves your your Your e passport issue but We'll see you know best besides phone strongboxes also available for where os android auto embedded in android tv. So there'd working on all kinds of adaptions your mobile phone. But i think it'd be kind of cool to be able if the smart enough and i don't have to hold my phone up the something ve smart enough i get near proximity of my door and it pops the lock in knows. It's me i. i think that's cool. And it also increases Could be a safety thing for for women to. They're trying to get into house quickly. The door knows your come in. It unlocks the door. I can start my car now from anywhere and i can lock it from anywhere it. It's pretty remarkable during the winter. I'd be sitting here doing the show about the time i was finishing the show up. Guess what i did. I i. I started to car so he can start the heater and start Start the process of cooling things down that cool things down but warm and things up and of course the situation in the summers just the opposite. You know who runs the air conditioner so anyway. Very very cool stuff. That's on the horizon here. Also got a series of articles tonight. that will help you As as we move into april. There's an article on every new movie and show on netflix ex. Sell spring is finally sprung. According to this article in the comes of the new batch of shows and films first off shadow and bone and netflix original series based on the popular late bardo novel series finally comes back and april second. You can check out. Concrete concrete cowboy another netflix original film starring eaters elbow and caleb mccloughan So there's just a whole bunch of stuff coming here in april so if your net flex and chill a lots of options for you. Google is also testing. Something called memory is an upgrade for assistant to save and find everything you know. Here's what i ended up doing. And i'm really in some instances. I'm very badly organized. You know what. I use a lot. I lose a apple notes a lot but the problem is i just want one note. I don't want thirty notes. Because you know i start writing. No and i'm looking at one here. That i that i wrote. And they've got you know some some some information on and i. I'm just like well why you know it'd be much easier to organize stuff in a better way. And i know some of us ever notes and that kind of thing but this is what they're trying to do it somewhere between a to do list and no app pocket q. And a pinterest board. So this is what memory is going to be so. I'll be curious to see if i can Start using something like that. Because in all honesty the apple notes have really. Doesn't have a timeline. In an i in if i close it i opened a new note that i can't find note and try to search for it it. It's just a mess so We'll see what memory does here and again. It's a new assistant new feature for assistant called memory and We'll see where this makes it to market or not who gets to To use it and Anything to help end. Maybe i should be using evernote. Who knows where daddy. I stay organized on notes to do lists and that kind of stuff on your computers. I you know. I usually have my my notebook with me and i can write stuff down in my notebook. And that's dated. I can find stuff but you know. That's not optimal when i'm trying to search for something i was trying to search had a meeting last may where there was a discussion i had to you know run through and find the area and just is not that efficient and of course. It's you know i have to my chicken scratch as well to well. If you are a porsche fan you can now subscribe to porsche. Take on for only twenty five hundred dollars a month so porsche addicts i e susani porsche ads. It's the should have been a common their ads. it's i e need to its subscription and rental services so it's all electric take on sports car to for as little as twenty five hundred dollars a month. You can burn reverend five hundred twenty two horsepower. Hundred ninety kilowatt take can four s with rear wheel drive the four s normally retails for run one hundred and three thousand dollars There's other options available. There's a thirty to fifty per month. Take on for s twenty. Five hundred dollars per month for the take-on with rural drive three hundred thirty five dollars per day for daily rental and two hundred ninety five dollars per day for four plus days. That's simmons sane amount of money but also five hundred dollars activation fee and a credit check. Of course you know. Cadillac shutdown at service book in two thousand eighteen only resurrected several months ago with fewer options last summer. Mercedes-benz pulled the plug on his collection subscription service citing mediocrity mediocre sales and. No one was going anywhere. No one was driving where stuck in her houses. So other automakers include audio vogel. Nissan jaguar still offering some variation of a subscription service. Now this is not a lease. This is a subscription. Yes you pay twenty five hundred dollars a month you know. Let's think about that. What what would a car payment be for one hundred thousand dollar vehicle. Probably i'm guessing. Eighteen hundred two thousand dollars. Maybe someone in the chat rooms going to tell me how much if they go find some You know some Calculator for car payments. Bigger a seventy two month seventy two month loan on one hundred thousand dollars. What is that per month on. Rent a car that you own bet you to grand at least who can afford that moving on here. Court has ruled uber and lift. Must face worker misclassification lawsuit from the massachusetts general and after state ag. mara. Healy brought a lawsuit last year. The company's move for dismissal uber and lifting increasingly facing legal challenges for classifying workers as contractors. And of course they won their california deal by going and getting legislation. Put place so we'll see where this happens. but It can change the whole dynamic of who were enlisted. A recent washington post analysis found more than two twenty seven thousand uber and lyft drivers received a combined eight hundred eighty million dollars from the us government to help them get through the pandemic while they would have got their normal stimulus checks like everybody else right and Of course the uk court recently rejected art argument finding uber lift exercising the vacant control over drivers and that's really the thing about it. Much like additional employer you direct if you give someone just a list you know. There's a fine line between contractor and employees and matter of fact we've gotten to the point at at my company that even if you're a contractor you actually kinda go on the payroll Just because if there's too much risk in the irs coming back and saying hey you had too much interaction with personnel a day to day basis. So they're technically no longer contractor than employees and have rights of his employees so it is interesting how how things are going. Disney plus is hiking prices starting tomorrow if you want to lock in a lower price on disney plus annual subscription today yes today march twenty fifth is the day disney plus is raising. Its prices by dollar to eight dollars a month. Any subscription goes from ten to eighty dollars a year. So i guess you save yourself Sixteen dollars if you don't renew for a year today. Today you can get it for seventy tomorrow's gonna cost you eighty if you only do eight dollars a month igt is going to be ninety six dollars a month so those dollars and sense co really add up so You know if you're using visiting plus a lot time to do that renewal if you're listening right now and it's still twenty is out friday you have time. Also what's new on amazon prime in april. Well there's a whole list of stuff Amazon prime's videos news. Original series will dive into different kind of american horror. Story them from creator little marvin and producer. Lena way masters of non is an an anthology show. Though explore new story each session e season excuse me and based on the trailer. The first appears to combine elements of lovecraft country and their works jordan. Peele back that has resulted in some unflattering comparisons on twitter so again. I'm not at all of any understanding of what these stories are. What these series are about. But there's blood on the shirt on the one guy so Yeah little blood and gore for sure on amazon prime for april spotify has launched a new you i for its desktop app and player new features or playlists search radio librarian more will aid navigation and bring consistency so There is there a redesign. These launched redesigning apps for both windows. And mac os along with an updated web app. So rob says hey. Todd listened to twitter. He says i'm hot. So let me back away from the mic. I don't know what's happened. I don't know why i'm hot. If i'm hot tonight I apologize hot meaning. The mike is a little bit too much. A space launch missiles are the best protection from asteroids. Astronomers say planetary protection starts beyond planet so italian astronomer says the best defense against potential killer. Asteroids is from space and the notion of protecting the planet for menacing space rock by blasting them with missiles is is really kind of a an old mean to a certain sense and a part of science fiction but Claudio mccone has been arguing for decades. Now that's where those missiles are where those missiles are launched from matters he's an astronomer and mathematician so Yeah i have no no no way to turn the gain down roberts. Five feet away so It's the only way to turn the gain down. It's not within hands reach. That's why it's kind of weird. The audio is hot tonight. All right so moving on here hulu and android tv finally enter two thousand thirteen with a ten eighty p streaming but still no sign of four k might be some time before android tv users get four k streaming on hulu. It's kind of weird isn't it. They're not up to four k yet and just now getting to a ten. Eighty p tesla has lobbied to reinstate emission penalties as credits may drop in value. Of course tesla sells carbon credits. That make up a swath of its profits and believes credits will lose value due to a previous delay so tesla's s. u. s. court. Us appeals court to meet reinstated regulation dating back to two thousand fifteen they would bump emission penalties from five dollars and fifty cents to fourteen dollars per each tenth of a mile per gallon and manufacturer sleep. Average falls short reuters report. Antennas lobbying action wins the national highway traffic safety administration a delayed the fine increase for the twenty to twenty twenty two model year. The finding increases were meant to go into effect in two thousand and nineteen but ongoing legal action. Left enforcement in limbo. And of course tesla has plenty of incentives to make these fines. go into of f- affect more quickly. The automaker makes a vast vast profits selling regulatory credits to other automakers. Since tesla does not sell vehicles that produce tailpipe emissions. So interesting here that they're doing this so we'll see Tesla's making sure their bank roll keeps rolling the new amazon fire tv experiences rolling out to more devices. Now the fire tv update is is Is pretty big. The new brings updated home screen. A new fine tab and a personalized user profile that it was reading december for the third generation. Fire tv sticks and fire tv. Stick lights if you've got one of those. I've got some really old fire tv sticks and they work great Still trudging along. And matter of fact when i when i get back to traveling in i'll have a roku stick and a fire stick always in my travel bang. So how many you went out and bought an absolutely incredibly beautiful l. o. l. e. d. Tv you know an all led tv to requires just a little more work than a regular television why you have to calibrate them most. Tv's have a useful ray of precept picture settings it will still need to be adjusted for your living space and one hustled away to tweak although settings as with they calibration dislike spear inman cells hd benchmark blu. Ray it'll walk you through everything you need to ensure you're getting the best picture possible while also avoiding pitfalls like losing details and extremely bright and dark scenes so if you're lucky enough to have a four k blu ray player or gaming console with one of those tribes go for the update e you hd version of spirit muscles benchmarks which also helps you adjust finicky hdr settings and of course she should go big with sound. But you're gonna have this beautiful. Oh led tv. Gotta go big with sound. And of course the great thing about all led screens that they offer almost imp amounts of contrast but one major downside of any modern tv as they often are way too bright to comfortably watch at night without turning things down a notch. That's where bias lighting comes in in encompasses any sort of leading this place behind your tv to provide ambient light by diffusing lighting in your living room so again. There's a whole list of stuff that you can do to enhance your own. L. e. d. And probably your l. e. d. tv watching experience lincoln. Be up in the show notes for you. What is spyware and how does it work. We talked about other types of security issues on the last show scare where we talked about that. Most of you know it. Spyware is but spyware is really. We're record your online activities without permission and There's a lot of bad stuff that's out there Some of it can be put on a computer or a phone by a spouse Some of it you pick up on a site that maybe you wandered into where he accidentally clicked something in mail. Wear along with. Spyware can be used still your denny information steals from app to app but generally spiders use by hostile players. That's trying to maybe extort money from you it goes on and on and on so You know i again. I use malware bytes as one of my software tools. I use norton antivirus. even on my max Do regular scheduled checkups on those machines running those applications making sure they stay updated so that my operating environment stays secure. And there's nothing two hundred percent protects you on mac or or a pc when those pc but having that stuff in place can really give you a little more peace of mind. Imagine you went shopping at a store and They sent you a letter sometime after saying. Hey year we have security breach and Here's what they stole. But we want you to keep this confidential. We don't want you to tell anybody. Fat face never known. Don't have no idea what this store is. Sent an email customers this week. Disclosing it is burst detector. Breach on january seventeenth. The hacker made off with customers name email postal address in the last four digits of their credit card. They said we immediately launched an investigation with this instance of experience security specialists who threw an investigation determined in unauthorized. Third party had gained access to certain systems. Besides going out two thousand customers the email said to keep this email in the intermission included within its strict private confidentiality will under the uk data protection laws accompaniments disclosure data breach within seventy two hours becoming aware of the instant but there are no legal requirements and customers to keep that information confidential so Kinda dumb telling customers keep quiet. Pleased last thing you want to do. Is you want to keep things quiet. You want people to know right. Electric fans are up. electric fans. Sales are all the rage. Dhl ups maybe even usps as well. Of course they're kind of getting pushed by congress to do that. Lightning amores has got more orders in uk based arrival list and the uk based arrival list on the nasdaq. So that's interesting. Okay so reading through this here. We know that board has a transit van and they're coming to market but Anyway if you have a fleet of delivery vehicles this article may be of interest to you. But it's not surprising that a lot of these companies are are moving to e jack dorsey. While he was in his house hearing on misinformation behind him he appeared to have a clock and what it was was a bitcoin clock showing bitcoin. At six hundred auto. Maybe that's his value of as bitcoin. Looks like it. Reads sixty six hundred. Seventy six thousand two hundred seventy seven so. I don't know if that's a of bitcoin. He has translated into cash but He wants entire world to know he's got a bitcoin. Cock three ninety nine can show the price of bitcoin will. Bitcoin wasn't at six hundred. Seventy six it must be sixty seven thousand six hundred twenty seven dollars decimal seven. I don't think that it's up to six hundred. Seventy six thousand. And i miss something if i did i i need to go check bitcoin balance But they showed the picture there. I mean look at this sixty six hundred fifty four thousand four hundred fifty four Missing missing a decimal point somewhere here but anyway link is up in the show notes. If you've got three ninety nine to spend on a bitcoin price clock it's available the new york times just sold an nf t for more than a half million dollars. How much is an nfc of an article in the paper of record worth well more than a half a million dollars so the times has entered the ftc. Chance to win the first article in almost one hundred seventy or history of the times stevie distributors and then not so the first article and it sold for right around five hundred and sixty thousand dollars. While the paper record isn't the first brand or even the first news organization to sell one of the digital tokens. It certainly been one of the more successful so how. 'bout you guys do. Would you guys by an episode of getting your central. Would you buy in a t- Dan the answer question in chat. No i have not had a chance to go look around my area for free. Tv through low caste so Definitely i need to do that but Thanks for reminding me of that. Do appreciate it and chat okay. Spotify elway talked about this. That's a dupe qualcomm. Snapdragon sydney g brings five nanometer tech to ford Bones faster cpu and five nanometer processor. Promised to make those devices faster so Over the last year qualcomm seven series chips enabled some of the best value bones. You wouldn't have a device like the pixel or the oneplus nord without the snapdragon. Seven thirty g in seven sixty five but for all the strength of ships weren't without their flaws. So yes we have. The seven eighty g on five nanometer tech runs forty percent faster than the processes are on. Its then the processor on its predecessor. The seven sixty eight g so If you follow snapdragon your snapdragon fan only be up in the show notes. Very interesting thing happened in arizona. Arizona's senate his skip a vote on a controversial app store. Bill the vote on the new rules for app stores was scheduled but didn't occur without explanation. So this bill would have imposed rules. On how apps work on iphone android powered devices. The state bill passed and signed into law would require app. Store operators like apple and google to loosen rules around payment processing increasingly contentious topic between the tech giants and the largest of operas that make popular apps on their platform. So i wonder if Someone at google and apple wrote big political donation checks. A you never know what money will buy when it comes to politics all right the individual who paid two point nine million for the first tweet of jack dorsey again. An nf t he defense buying this. He says it's a piece of human history in the form of a digital asset. Who knows what will be the price of the first tweet of a human history of human fifty years from now frankly if twitter still around fifty years from now. I don't think anybody will care. Isn't you know it lets. The entity thing is kind of interesting. It's for you for a way for people to buy art. Had the rights to art is still being publicly. Displayed content articles This show you know if if i was auction. And if he and if t token for episode fifteen sixteen you would technically own all the rights to this show to do as you please but it would still be publicly available. That's kind of the thing behind an teased jack. Dorsey is tweet. The stall on twitter even though the individual that bought it is got full rights for use and republication putting it in posters or whatever maybe and So we'll see we'll see what happens here and Social media history. All kinds of things are gonna be sold on in a tease. Were the question is will trickle down to shows like this. And i don't know kikkan. Central can be considered art. I'm just some dude doing a show right But maybe maybe there's a episode that jude dearly loved from this podcast in you would like to own that episode Maybe the blue man story. Maybe the ufo story Episode two hundred all. There's lots of really important episodes that happened during the life of this podcast so far so some of those might be a valued to some fan of this show so therein lies the question. Would you if i put up auction certain episodes would decide compel you now. We minorities thirty bucks or forty. You know who knows but every penny counts right. And i think it's kind of a cool idea to eter surviving users about facebook style emoji reactions. Know i'm kinda emoji doubt in funny interesting. Sad agree give a big heart a smile with hearts. You know it just it goes on and on right so I dunno you know emoji. Serve a purpose but I'm kind of emoji doubt but twitter surveys its users and trying to get reaction so be aware you might be presented an opportunity to fill out a survey comcast is pledging i- billion dollars over ten years to close the digital divide. It said today. He invest a billion dollars to help close. The digital divide nine states commitment includes additional support for its ongoing lift zone initiative which aims establish wifi connected spaces in one thousand plus community centers by the end of two thousand twenty one the ten year. One billion investment will one billion investment will also include new laptops and computer donations and grants for nonprofit organizations to help low income americans particularly media arts technology enterpreneurship. Comcast continue investing. Its popular internet essentials program which the company started in two thousand eleven the ten year. Old internet essentials program offers deeply discounted internet connectivity for low income people so We'll see billion dollars that w able to write off and give back to the community. Big survey was done. Seventy three percent of microsoft workers want stay at home well over eighty percent. A workers don't want to go back to office full-time parents with kids at home or more likely to want to return to office light study by harvard business school fines. Now listen to this. Ninety eight percent kept their jobs while working at home one in three filter felt both their overall performance and quality of work was better than the year prior one in three. Were actually able to better focus on work from home it takes. I think we've all become quite I'm just getting a weather report. Bad storm in alabama Prayers go out to anyone. Alabama line of these tornadoes going through so just eighteen percent of people surveyed said. They wanted to go back to work back to office. Full-time i can understand. Maybe why some want to Married people also want to go back to the office. Morris more so than singles ya they. Some married couples need a break. Before going back to the office fifty one of the respondents said they wanted to be fully vaccinated about seventy one percent would prefer to wait until everyone is fully vaccinated. Never gonna end on his vaccination thing if you'd think vaccination thing is a two shot in donor. One shot and done snag going to happen. We're all going to be in line every six months getting another shot. Think about that. It's that's what's coming so they still wanna work six feet apart from each other. Come on if you've had a vaccination de sit six feet apart. If if if you had a flu shot come on now all right is going to bring me To the end of the show today kind of short but again who is little narrow content for some reason. Don't know why just today was a short newsday and it's maybe just that season but I i have been neglect. I have not been able to get any more work done on the insider. Podcast that still on my party lists. Maybe i should add that to my weekend duties of things to get done but It is coming. Is i promise this to all of you. There insiders so i'm going to deliver on that in full but Thanks for being here. And if i was a little over modulated today i do apologize about that. I'll look smaby. Cat bumped the volume lover. Who knows. I haven't changed nothing in the in the studio in a long time. So something tweak somewhere that Yeah the kids are doing great following me around a having to comb them about every day because you know i'm running these Really high quality air filters in the studio and the last thing i want to see is can't hear getting around so if i could get away with running vacuum over the the two cats i i would do so but i know i can't do that so i'm trying to calm them and get their you know get as much hair out of missouri can before they go rolling around on the carpet or whatever so but kitties are doing good and They seemed to be enjoying a here. They they watching people out the window every day. So i bring the window shades up a little bit and the little one at least a young the young girl she. She's always looking around and she's you know cats have this natural curiosity of things and the older Boycott he just kinda you know tolerates her and he doesn't look out the windows much he'd rather lay around and be a cat sleep anywhere here now. They're all right. Thanks everyone for being here. geek news at gmail.com is email addresses senior. Comments definitely want to hear from me. Follow me on twitter at geek news or on facebook. Spend my pleasure bringing the show today. Get outta here. We'll be back with you on monday. For another edition of the beating central podcast. Everyone take care. was he next time bye.

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Mommy And Daddy Date Night

Mojo In The Morning

11:08 min | 6 months ago

Mommy And Daddy Date Night

"I know i've talked about this before in the past but my wife chelsea and i rarely sleep in the same bedroom and i don't know if there are couples. Do this but It started. i don't know a few years ago where She kicked me out of the bedroom and told me to go to the couch because no she we did it because we honestly could not Sleep with the working arrangements that was going on and going through some stuff and then eventually we started realizing that we kind of liked sleeping in separate rooms but we will visit each other from time to time wink wink. Wait lincoln you something. You're at winking okay. You're getting ahead on my story. Let me tell me tell the story. I got hold on a second please. So chelsea has chelsea has the the bedroom. That's in the basement. And i have the the master bedroom as far as beds are concerned and when we wanna have sex. I get my permission slip. Signed go on a field trip down to her room and go to To visit her but the problem is that her room that she leaps in is right. Outside of where. Luke plays video games. That's where the tv as where he's got fortnight madden. You know you at least wear headphones. Melby the show and so well. He has the headphones on. Yes so we'll have the headphones on. But occasionally if i walked down the stairs he doesn't notice me coming down the stairs but then occasionally i'll hear. Hey dad his. I don't know if you heard his voice lately by the way. Oh hey dad. He's got like the deepest voice the little kid that used to say balls on the radio just like balls out they have. I'm going to ask him to redo it tonight. I'll tape it for you guys so occasionally he'll he'll he'll catch me. What are you doing. And i'll go. Oh you gotta check something out. You know in the The utility room where the water heater is ochre dead. Well then i tried to sneak into chelsea's room and you know a little wink wink. Is that what you're saying Little baking cookies can happen. So i realize that my boys now are older and they can get to. You know they understand what's going on. They they have an idea exactly what potentially is going on in his chelsea would say sleeping is pretty much all. That's going on. So this past weekend i spent the weekend away and i went to To chelsea room in the next day luke goes how was last night. I didn't i didn't know what he meant by the whole thing. But i don't think he meant like i knew we were having sex but i think he realized he thought that we were just like sleeping. No he's a fifteen for you. Why doesn't tell. Just come up to your room. If he's downstairs chelsea hates the bed in two minutes from o. Joining nicely and we wouldn't even have to go on the bed. You but yes. She doesn't like that bad eventually. We're going to. I want to get a new bed. And and i really wanna contemplating idel. It's tough to bed shop now. You know. I know. I need a new bed too and i just don't want to go laying around you can't just go in a store lay on a bunch of bed. She likes it really really hard. If you know and i like it really really soft and she the bad thing so i got to figure out where they have a split bed where we can have both on each side but let me get back to my story on this one I remember when my parents would say the effort. We're gonna foreign a kate together in in the in it was when my parents were shut the door and never shut the door fame unless my parents were going to go in there and my dad was going to be doing some cuban style bang and boots with mine and and locked the door. They against locking doors. They wouldn't even let us have locked doors on our bedrooms but they would lock their door. The four times a year my parents would forward. And you'd be like and that was young and i had no idea at time like he. Okay what's going on. I need to come in and the you know we're watching. Tv why are you locking the door. Yeah you don't need to what's going so it brought back memories when this was going on memories of that in just the awful thoughts of thinking of my dad and my mom you know each other and i wanted to ask a question. Live a little bit of your past. If it wasn't the locked the door thing what was it for you and then think about your current relationship that you're in if you have little kids what is the chur fire tip that you know that You guys are gonna get to tip where we're full of this morning. What's avenue i seventy are you. Are you calling up about your parents or about you guys all about my parents so i did you know when your parents were going to be banging boots. Well the thing is. I had walked in on them once when i was eight years old I didn't quite realize what i saw but apparently my mom was doing stuff to my dad. It more. I locked myself in the bathroom downstairs for three hours decades of counselling after that. Hopefully they didn't know that you were you. Were watching that you saw that. They didn't stop. My mom looked up. I saw jesus. Did your dad then understand what was going on. Oh yeah they both made eye contact with me. It was the worst thing ever. It's still messes me up. You never want think your mom does that. You know no no not at all. I mean that's kinda create like i'm listening to. My parents are much older. My mom's been you know past for a long time. I all i wanna think of is my mom. You know laid. The rose pushups pops. You know what i mean. I don't want to think that my dad my mom ever my mom's mouth ever wait anywhere other than i. Don never so definitely not definitely not. Well thank you for the call. Thank you walked in on. the parents. Nova chelsea got a great story about walking on her mom and dad and she didn't just run right out she's like what are you guys doing. What is separate from doing it to each other. My parents. I swear. I mean i have three siblings so i know they at least had sex four times but otherwise. I wasn't sure that they ever had sex. I mean did you ever walk in and your Your parents honestly. I still think my parents are virgins. Come come on mom and dad you know how those caldeans dudes are. Dad's a good lover. What's up jason. What's going on mojo in the morning show. I four now. I was younger. He's always take naps so we could Go have senior. Fourteen forty five figure out mom and dad. I do not want to take benadryl i know. Did you ever wake up and be like i'm thirsty. I needed drink in there in the middle of the action. I actually did one one time. I was like prozac back. Yeah you'll never up nap ever. Id high i. You walked in on your parents. I did i was i seventeen. Oh so technically. I should have known better by the middle of the night and i thought someone was knocking on a door somewhere so i got up to investigate and it got to my parents room the closer it sounded and i flung open the door to see my dad but my parents going. Hey why not registered to you. That it was coming from their room and you still locked in. It was like it was like three o'clock in the morning. I mean i was not really coherently right. Okay that's fair. never even that were doing that morning. Why was dad's but so a high in the air to dad was acrobatic or something. I don't know all i remember. I shut the door fast. I was so mortified that i just turned and ran back to my battle. How is it the next morning when you guys come down for breakfast at at the time so i was out of the house early so i didn't really see them until like later that day and we never talked about it. The one thing nobody. What would your parents do michelle. No it would me my husband. And i we would go into. The bedroom will turn on My husband's very big into sports. Pti a all that we turn on some really loud football game basketball game. Anything you know for years. That's what we do. And then when my kids were about ten and eleven we came out of the bedroom and they both looked at it and set so who won the game. Even with the score was elected i love. I love this one with somebody in and said that their parents would hang a female love device on the door knowing that kids would see it in. Never wanna touch the door handle ever. Try to open up that door. That's ashley's is. When i one end on here had friends over while her parents were having sex ashley. How could they do this to you. What happened wall so you know i totally do like my parents are shut the door all the time and But what my had friends over. They would shut the door because you know we have to walk past their bedroom going down the stairs so just thinking that they shut the door because my friends over and we had right up to fast food and i was gonna go ask them. Hey you want anything walked right in and my dad jumped off in. Your friends weren't with you at the time where they were with me. I said your friends to this day. Talk about the time that they saw your mom and dad won't won't make fun of me more fight and i left right away. God actually remember the time with your parents by the way. Did you guys go get fast food at that point. What did you place an order.

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Elon Today April 28 2021

Talking Tesla

18:53 min | 3 months ago

Elon Today April 28 2021

"Uh absolutely delicious. lacroix tangerine. i'm just saying it is fantastic. Hey people have tesla land it has melby and unfortunately the boys have not been able to get together for a variety of reasons There are people that are working and the search and united a pandemic and look. But i thought it's been too long. And i should put something together for all of the the peeps out there and we obviously just had the tesla earnings call. And i don't really want to go to the number so much talk about Sort of some of the things that ilan talked about and suggested where things are going so the summary of the earnings is that they made a lot of earnings and they did a lot of coins so they did extremely well. This was expected but they're financially in great shape. Just think back to win the boys. And i were talking about tesla just even a year or two ago. Where was real questions about whether they would make whether they could do it. As a company in england pointed at yet again. This is the first american company in automobile company. That hasn't gone broke in one hundred years here in the united states. There's been a little people who've tried but it is extraordinarily difficult. and he reiterated again just hell hud. It is so hats off to the of compulsive elon. Musk and those people that are around him. That have helped him to achieve. What i think now is a pretty stable company now. Obviously there's a huge amount of growth and there's a lot of capital expenditures but the balance sheet looks very good and demand is absolutely extraordinary and they say that they are still looking at a fifty percent year over year growth in the coming years. Oh and now. I should say actually broke down and bought tesla's stuck. I have never bought a stock a single stock of anything stockings or otherwise. But i got the robin hood because all the kids have the robin hood and my son had robin hood. Up and So i i got the rubble. And then i went and bought tesla's stock. Because i think they're on track to grow substantially in the next few years and i'm like you know nobody cares that i have the stalk i'm going to say that led. It's not like i can move the sticks into contests has one point eight million listeners. Or anything like that. But i do wanna tell you from now on. When i'm talking about tesla i will make sure that i tell the world that i actually owned tesla stock and the reason is because i'm very bullish on it so some of the things that Ilan talked about that. I thought were very interesting. He said that in the future They're going to be seen as much as a robotics and ai company as they are an energy or a car company. So what does that mean. Well i think what it means. Is that the underlying technologies that have put tesla head end. Sern robotic so the ai. Part of things is the autonomous driving. They're using increasing amounts of a to label as they're making videos of the world around the car and this is going to accelerate so this is why he says he's so autonomous driving a those two go together. He talked a lot about autonomous driving and he just sort of doubled down on stuff he said before he didn't say anything really new keeps doubling and tripling damn so he said you know. It's all about vision. You can do everything with vision. We get rid of the rada people have said. Well you need to have lighter. And he's like no light is stupid. It's all about vision. The roads and the cars are made for vision input. They're made for human beings but we can do even better than human beings because we can have is on. The side of our head is in a bag of head. Is that had three different focal lengths and we can compute at a speed. That is much faster than a human so in theory. This autonomous driving that they are creating four tesla. he says he's going to be significantly better than human. We have not seen that yet. We've seen gradual. Sometimes large jumps and improvements but the car. It is not ready to drive by itself yet. They didn't really get into window. Expect the next big jump in that technology but it does. It is clear that he's getting better and better. He did suggest though. This was sort of maybe a little bit subtle that the chip that they have in the cars uses about seventy or eighty. What's but what they're asking. The chip to do is something extraordinary to take all these different streams of video at thirty frames per second and to label it and then to react to it and this is a tremendous man of computing that. You're asking a little tiny computer to do. What you really need is something that requires a lot of energy and has multiple processes and. They're asking of this chip. I read that frankly as him saying the chip isn't quite fast enough and they've sort of suggested this before this test. The driven chip is fantastic. Great wonderful and it's way more powerful than it used to be but it's still not powerful enough and that's where i think they're going that tesla chip number four porno or whatever is next is really where they need to go. And again i might be reading a little bit too much into that but it felt like. He was sort of suggesting that with eighty watts. It's not enough to do all of the stuff that they need to do. The he certainly believes that they are going to get there to fully autonomous better than a human much better than a human just using light and using a low power chip in the car. I'm just not sure it's going to be this ship the way he is talking. I think we're gonna need the knicks chip which then will bring up to all of you. And tom will be rolling his eyes and throwing things across the room. Like but you said fully autonomous and you keep changing what that means you advertise. This chip will be fully autonomous. And if you don't do it with this chip then you lied to. People like me and people like me have bought full. Self-driving self where a number of times so the good thing is. I'm really actually little gun shy about buying full. Self-driving again the old fool me once shame on you fool me. Sixteen times. Shame only and so they also talked about this idea. Soon that you'll be able to subscribe to fully autonomous driving that therefore people will be able to try it out and if they like it will continue to subscribe. this could be huge. Jump in revenue. Because they suggested that not. Many people are buying the full of driving package. It's super expensive and it doesn't exist yet. It's full by myself driving. So i would become one of those people if i were to get another car right now i would not buy full self driving an i would subscribe to it when that subscription became possible and i would try it out for time and if i found that it wasn't as good a driver as i am or conservative dr elect. I am then. I would stop the subscription if i subscribed and it was awesome and i could sit in the back of the carrot smoke cigarettes and dan budweiser's multiple then continue the subscription. Kind of an idea so it is both a to them and also an enormous opportunity. The risk is you subscribe. And it's not that good. You don't subscribe any more and maybe you lose money because people would have tried the full. Self-driving by dropping ten grand and now they're dropping whatever the subscription prices and. They don't give you the rest of the ten grand. Because i didn't like it so they're gonna have to have a pretty robust product when that first comes out or i think it's a risk for them actually not making any money maybe not losing money but certainly making much more money so you would think that that would have to have a fairly robust fairly pretty good full self driving in order for that subscription service to work but if it works they'll sell a lot of it depending on the price. I may have the full. Self-driving is the real deal. How much would you pay for it. Let's say you're got a four hundred dollar a month cop just for the car. How much more would you pay for a car. That can truly fully autonomous drive. Now that might actually be a very difficult thing to answer because you might say mel. Well what can i do with that fully autonomous car. If i can actually put it on the tesla network and make the money back. That could be a very large number. If this fully autonomous says the network doesn't ever exist which worry that it's not going to exist if it doesn't exist and it's just me getting driven around like driving miss daisy. Then maybe one hundred bucks a month. You know something like that. Would people pay two bucks a month with they pay three hundred bucks a month. I don't think so. Driving is in debt much of a hassle so joel that might be an interesting twitter. Poll actually level five fully autonomous. All by yourself car not by mak- driving. How much would that be worth in addition to your cop joel. Having you can make that happen. What else did they talk about well. They talked energy And they talked bad battery constraint and they are still veteran constrained they need to rant the amount of battery an enormous amount. They talked about the nickel issue. They talked about the fact that they don't worry. We'll the battery supplies. We're going to buy every single battery you can give even while we are ramping production on our own. It seems like the new sales the fat cells the big sales. They are coming along in r. and d. and the feeling pretty good about it but the sound like they're gonna get into volume production of those bad boys until next year. That was the suggestion. A really interesting thing happened with powell. So since about november appears that they have upgraded powell and they didn't exactly say how to allow it to produce more energy not storm or energy protects. They deliver more energy right now. I think they're rated at seven. For one powell seven kilowatts peak can sustain that for short period of time and then a sustained five kilowatts and the new one where they'll be able to flip the switch from the ones that have been made since november to a software update We'll be able to get about twice that so be able to get somewhere around ten kilowatts peak fourteen. What peak n ten kilowatts sustain. That's actually kind of a big deal. Because if you had just one powell attached to your house and if literally you did things like had the microwave and have the toaster on and had the electric oven on the the kind of things that suck lot of energy and a powell wouldn't be able to keep up with it you know i have a number of powell's why have three at my house and so i can do quite a bit more than that era. It's i can do fifteen kilowatts sustained because they the way they hook them up each one of those can spira five kilowatts but if you had just one or two of the new versions you could run most of your house win. It was really peaking. Now that powell was nothing allows very long. If you're pulling ten kilowatts from it's going to last for like an hour and a half because it's ending a fourteen kilowatts in it so to me. It was always more about not how much one individual how will can image juice can produce but how much it can store and now. They've said that they're not an bit confused. By the reporting on this that they're owning a cell sola tesla solo. Attached to powell. So you won't be able to just go and buy tesla solar anymore. You have to get test the soul and how on this makes a lot of sense to me because solar is great and i headed for decades. Before i gonna powell but sola plus battery is just the right thing to do. It is just like a hammocks you the to chocolate. Nice cream the the two together so it makes sense for me that they're at that point. Where like no. You're going to get both together. Just makes more sense. It makes you a little potentially energy independent power company in your own right. It could help stabilize the grid. There's so many reasons why this is a good idea. But the thing that i'm confused about. Is this suggestion that they not going to sell powell's to anybody else so if you've got somebody third party panasonic panels on your house and you wanna put powell on their. They're going to say no. And everybody's trying to well. What does that mean. Are they trying to put a walled garden around tessa. I think it's simply the fact that they can't make them fast enough. And if you make them false enough who do you sell them to first yourself. You sell them to yourself. I if they get to the point where they get production up so they can do all that they need for sort of individual residential and for all the commercial than. i bet. You'll see that they'll start selling them again but until that time they can strained it makes sense. Let's just make this part of what we do. Tesla i can tell you. I wanna put more capacity here at the studio and when they said that. I'm like i'm going to have to use tesla because i want some more powell's here because as he noted in california and texas. The powdered is becoming less stable. Not more stable with climate change. There is more and more weather events in the extreme both in the hot and in the cold and the power companies have said. We're gonna shut the pair of here in california like we're gonna shut the pair of much more frequently when it gets windy and hot in california and so it's gone from. It's kind of cool to have solar panels to kind of If you don't have solo pow and a battery backup that could be very expensive so here in the studio if we're shooting for example we got a bunch of doctors here in the studio and we're doing a show for a couple of days we could lose tens of thousands of dollars just in a couple of days of lost productivity particularly commercial places the ability to have solar plus battery beck. You can actually drop a fair amount of cash and that to be a reasonable thing to do and even as an individual. If you're in a place that's going to lose power luck and you're working from home. It really sort of brings it into the equation over time that probably saves you money and now over time. It saves you money and it saves you from lots of lost productivity. Well absolutely. You're can buy those puppies. They are expensive. They are constrained. But i gotta tell you solo plus Powell's really is a game changer. I haven't at the studio. I have my home with at another studio really means that when california's power goes up. It just doesn't affect us and it's really important. I mean more and more. This is going to be the way to go. So i actually expect that. There's a mandate here in california that every new construction now have solar and I wouldn't be surprised. If in the next short period of time it's gonna be every new. Construction in california must have solar plus battery backup because it just makes sense and then you can then work with the utility. Probably get a break and your pal wool. A wolves can be part of the solution to stabilizing the greed. As ilan talked about on the cold plus talked about many other times. If you've got this distributed energy distributed batteries all across the city then you basically can use that as a way to help the grid you need. A bit of a picky agreed agreed. Let's take ten twenty percent of all the powell's across the city and help the grid app. These excess solar energy in the middle of day. Let's fill up all of those batteries so you really could be part of the solution to what is an increasingly unstable grid here in california but not just in california in texas and other places as well so other interesting things i talked about. I thought was quite delayed at this point. Looks like production is going to begin soon and he thinks that there is an enormous will. He thinks he knows. I think he's got the day that there is a big market for the refreshed. Plaid versions palladium. Now that's a project palladium for s an x. That's going to go a game. I think from what he was saying was sort of a dying niche product to actually significant number of cows. They're talking about needing to produce as many as two thousand a week which is significantly more than they were doing before. And i gotta tell you when i look at those refreshes. It makes me well as my next cognitive be model wide or is it going to be one of those sweet looking exes or a super long range S it actually brings back into the conversation. As long as i can get rid of that. Yoke steering wheel or at least they can show me that. This is not going to be an issue. I mean the refreshed s x sweet and apparently a lot of people want but the production of those you know has not been that smooth. He went through the fact that This change is significant enough that it's taken a while to ramp production but it sounds like the production will start on those bad boys very soon so it took a lot of stuff in. What's the dan's what's the negatives. What was the stuff that it made me concern. Didn't really hear anything in the evenings cold. Who make me concerned. I think they're really on track. They building factors as fast as they. Can they've battery constrain. They're trying to do stuff about that. The thing that always worries me. Is this technical stuff with driving. I think alone is absolutely right. That day here will crack the code that it'll be light base because that's what we do right now we're able based driving and we pretty good humans or we like to say how bad human drivers are a good. Human driver is actually excellent and if they can get better than an excellent driver. That's fantastic a nike. Do that all with light. Because that's what humans do so that all sounds very good. But i am just a little bit concerned that it is going to be much more delayed than he likes to tell us and it's already delayed years beyond way. He thought it would be and that. There's not enough compute power to do what they really need to do. Which is use to do the labeling of all of the different cameras in real time. it's a really hard problem to crack any talk a lot. About the fact that the goal these edge cases what happens when there's a cow that's on top of another cow or you've got a cabinets dressed up. That looks like a dog in. Has the computer supposed to think about that. What's it's supposed to do is a very difficult problem to crack. And my biggest concern. Is that fully. Self-driving which always seems to be an eel on terms six months away is much much longer than six months away because of the compute issue. Now i think they are getting the math down but now they have to do so much matt so quickly. I wouldn't be surprised that we all going to need to get a new chips. I'm just saying. I'm gonna stop waffling now and get the boys together. Soon as we can to have a real stupid discussion about all this and much more my name is mojo. This show we. We're gonna call this an eel on today powder talking tesla network of shows because they are in fact boom a network of shows took to sir.

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Corporate Greed, Part LXIXCDXX | Episode #60

VCR Podcast

1:35:27 hr | 6 months ago

Corporate Greed, Part LXIXCDXX | Episode #60

"Will few she passed your okay. There's bastardising art childhood. And the classics. Ten dogs drove me. It's what makes me want to people. General still bitch about everything. It still doesn't change but everybody wasn't in the vcr podcast. The only podcast read to in the moment. That title is spoken outta. Acs radical here with you guys. Gin and chris above me the weights possibly. Maybe not sure he's going to be here. Not he said nine to nine thirty. It's nine thirty and he not be here so I'm the kinda guy that you know has adult responsibilities after slash bedtime. So we are doing this thing fucking now before. I don't really feel like doing a two. Am podcast no for this. I mean who does do one one day. That'd be a patriotic thing. Maybe maybe maybe our best work is a to a number. I don't know oh my best works at two. Is it my best work now. Do i think it's my best work i am. Let's say drinking. It's kind of how it works that is on. You always think you were best when you're doing your worst because you're trying to admit to your yawn admit to yourself that you're doing shit. Yes one hundred percent. Which is like the kurds. I got and then you realize oh i don't got it got it got it. Yeah so otherwise how you been. I was another we go by. I mean i mean still in quarantine but it's On a quarantine lockdown sorry. I'm not choosing to be locked down and being told to be locked out but it is for the greater good so i'm gonna do it personal sean. But it's a personal choice that the government told me i should have No no covert told me. I should have because the stupid disease Got no like. It's typical week playing video games. I mean it's kind of like. I'm here so i might as well double down on my hobby. Which is why i got to. I got working out. But i've got gaming so i can actually try and achieve my gaming goals just like i did last year and get even a little bit higher. That's the plan still. Sounds like a good plan to me. Might be i play. I play games like it's yeah. I mean yeah it's been a good just set my goal. Yeah it's just having a goal of having a certain amount of games to beat every year or every month it It does keep me accountable. Which is good. And also every time i go to buy a game. I'm like do. I wanna make hire me. Who's like trails for you to you're able to go into these games. That are huge. And i look at that. I'm like this is scary on. I'm not going to be able to finish anything for like a mug. This is a bad idea. I need to beat five games today on the first day of the month and then the second day hop into trails and then while then you bunch of a one hour games yes yes i can do it. Well speaking a short. I mean we might as well do our high score the week segment here on the interest so you know what i will probably start then as it makes sense to get the game that you would think i talk about trails. I do wanna just briefly mention. I'm beating shit now again. And like definitively beating shit however it's literally the stuff that i had trouble with two days in the game prior so it's basically the logic is you know the truth now so now you can win fights. It's not like you got this massive power. anything is just. You're suddenly better. you're just better like okay game. Whatever you understand that to win the fight. It's all about the power of friendship. It's kind of that actually My god jerry. Pg's i love you. I sold them. Fought god yet. So i'm working on that but No i wanna talk about something else instead that being coffee talk which you were gracious enough to give me for christmas finally got around to it only put three and a half hours or so into. It didn't take a lot. And i love the fact that i could do that. I basically just popped in in a couple of nights an hour before bed and just kind of chilled and it ended up working out to be this really amazing game in terms of just demanding. Nothing from game play but just in pure storytelling and pure atmosphere like we were listening to the music on the free stream and just i never feel so comfortable in your life than listening to that music just kinda just permeating your ears. It's beautiful like that. The funny thing is when i'm hearing the music. It reminded me of not just being a coffee shop but a coffee shop when it's raining and maybe having either my laptop or like a book or like i'm making notes or something for some reason and is icu. Put on the screen. It's poetic of. It's raining which is perfect like that. Such what the music made me feel so amazing job. They're holy crowd. Yeah it's it's a fantastic game unlike. It's not demanding at all like all it is. It's visual novel in once in a balloon. You have to make a coffee and sometimes you wanna make specific things. And if you're a cheater like me just save you just save before you make the thing and you keep trying stuff until you get the right one but you normally if you play the game as it's supposed to be you get five tries and then after that you got to commit to whatever you got so you can get different things like most of the time they'll just they'll give you a pretty good idea and you just gotta figure out how to get the right mixture in but for the most murdered new. Just make you make a coffee once in a blue moon and he just kind of kick back and just watch people tell stories because that's amazing. It deals with a lot of real life things. Although it's it's a coffee shop set in a fantasy world war like elves dwarves aquatic. People aliens like all this exists so when racial issues happened in this game it's actual racial issues and not just color where like for example In this first level that. I'm showing on the video stream here. There is a couple that is a high elf and suck use and hios are basically like. I guess you could say like really rich white christian republican kind of types where they just anything outside of like white people. Don't date that racer disowned you. Kind of deal so like the high elf. Basically he loves this sake by. They've been together for apparently almost ten years at this point and his family doesn't want him to do anything with her. And if he gets disavowed disowned by his family. He loses his immortality. So is that issue of like. He doesn't care if he loses his immortality but she doesn't wanna feel guilty for taking away his life just because she or he likes him or likes her that that is fantastic. That is such a good way to touch on real issues in the world. And then just slightly fantasize them into helping people who probably wouldn't see it normal lights like cable here considerate like this. You read all these books and stuff. Now look at it from this perspective but this is the same thing as fantastic and it. Does everything very seamlessly like. There's a few characters that are just stupid. Fund like there's one care about just kind of comes in with an astronaut costume and as an alien and just trying to meet with people. That's that's all it is. There's the perky side of it and then their stuff like that couple is being one example. I could go on and on and on but it's a four hour game. I'd rather people just kind of sit back and enjoy it so i don't wanna go. I'm totally playing this graphics to if you're watching the video stream like it's so charming. It's unbelievably charming. And every character is quirky in their own. Right the character unscreened right now Freya is fucking fantastic like she is wife who bates completely because she is super dip shitty like i am and and just kind of walk into a job and just like i knew my own thing. I don't really care there's a there's a lot of areas that are really about. They go all out. There's how many races are incomplete. There was the high of cubist. There is the alienate on the screen. Right now there is. I don't know what's a color at i. just call. i just call them aquatic person. Just because i can't remember what they they would. They said they were. There's an orc. There is a black cop. Perfect timing for that probably completely unintentional worked out perfectly that way And then there's cat people wanna say that's it's just doing the math in my head if there was anybody. Sorry i'm thinking there's also a very well not flamboyant but like definitely probably like gay or bisexual vampire supermodel and a werewolf and i think that's all the carrying pyre supermodel well of course because he doesn't always great. Oh true gotta gotta remember. There's a little bit of a fantasy. it's good logic so good. Oh and they touch on a lot of to like what else do they kind of go. They go through like Where wolves turning they call it the fury and it's almost like a pandemic with them. Going people are rushing to get certain medicines in and sometimes the illegal ones aren't a good the side effects. Dangerous like so. They're trying to outlaw the medicine but people are freaking out because they need the medicine. So there's all these little things. It does talk about capitalism. It does talk about how the music industry is corrupt. It goes all over the place in this really quick three to four hour game and tells it all very seamlessly. It makes it pretty easy to kind of understand to take in. Its hugging phenomenal game. This is making me. Wanna play it real bad. I'm not gonna lie even just the art style and music alone. Then you throw in the real life issues with the fantasy aspect like and it's not only for our snot like heavy in terms of like stressing you out. It's just heavy in like man like this is the kind of stuff we deal with on a daily basis and we just don't think about it the kind of stuff where if our world was a little more comfortable to just go into a coffee shop and start talking to other people as much as they do in the game. Because i mean there's a lot of people in the world that just keep to themselves and don't speak for some reason Like this is the kind of stuff we'd actually be sharing in a coffee shop. Probably opening up to a random stranger because we're going through similar stuff just obviously without the a fantasy aspect. Yeah the only thing that. I haven't tried the endless mode which i'm assuming is just people come in. They ask for coffee. Maybe a little bit of like dialogue happens but for the most part is pretty generic but otherwise for the time that i spent with it unbelievable. I hope and i haven't checked into it either. I hope a modding scene keeps us game alive. Because this is the kind of game that i could definitely keep coming back to. If people make their own stories even create new characters in it there is at the at the end point of of the story aspect of this game. They throw in a couple of surprises. They have after sleeve too so they definitely had some fun with it and can really open it up if they want to. But i would love to see this continuing some aspect and this is the kind of game that like. I hope happens more often than not and if it already is happening more at wished that i knew of it because this for for trails which is a game. That is making me emotional. Many different ways. It's making me sad as make me angry. It's making me super happy. It's making me super horny. Because it's anna may go figure. Don't judge me actually judge me. I don't care But it was really nice to have this game in the background as something that just kinda cool off. It's a pop it in for maybe an hour before bed and it was perfect for that. And that's the kind of stuff where it's like man. It's the same with minecraft or Like harvest like you're playing. Those kind of games are just fucking great because it doesn't demand too much out of you and you can just you can just kinda like chill relax. Whatever you really need to to kind of get over something and it worked out perfectly for this game. This game would have been fantastic a little while ago when i was at my worst. This this is this is the type of game. You should play during a lockdown and pandemic what this feels like. It should be a wild shell appeared. How's it going guys. I'm really sorry. I just have to do with a lotta shit today. It's it's okay. We went ten minutes without having here. You was like the best ten minutes ever good. I would not just in time since vici- miss the most coffee talk is really fucking cool because it's just a visual novel. That is takes a lot of real life issues like serious real life issues and makes it really easy to actually was Looking like a bag of shift today. There's a joke in there that i'm ignoring today sunday. I'm i'm really sorry to with a lot past few. You can stop apologizing like fucking canadian. We can just talk about video game so we're good. We're good. I think i think we're not None of a coffee talk. I remember you showing that today. Actually very interested so isn't like a choose your adventure type of thing. that's no. there's not really any choices. The story will go no matter what you do. The only thing that really can change there is a slight thing that can change but it has to do with you making specific drink at a specific point in the game but for the most part or is now or no. There's no alcohol unfortunately for you but otherwise no like most of the stories end on their own. There's no input from you. You basically are just a barista listening to shit like you. Basically don't have any any part you're just in the background and that's kind of the b. to it's it doesn't demand much from you. So yeah i. I wanted to know about the so what really like. How do you play this game. As reza us dropping you click to just turn the dialogue around and once in a blue moon the alaskan and make a cup of coffee. Sometimes they tell you exactly like the the main girl frail with the green hair that you might have not seen onscreen. I'm not sure almost always asked for an espresso which is just basically coffee coffee coffee. And you're done but sometimes there are drinks words a little more complex like there's one drink that you specifically have to make where it's not milk and ginger in. That's like one that you'd aren't told how to make it like they may say oh. I think it had this in it but came up with the last ingredient is and you just keep trial and airing until you find it. Or if you're like me. Like i said earlier on the show while you were gone i just cheat and save game and then if i don't get it right i just three load and do it again but i don't know how you're supposed to play the game. There's no game. Genie codes for fucking coffee. Talk so unfortunately. I have to do the old short code There's no shark in the game. So no i'm sure there's just a steam guide somewhere where everybody wrote down. Each career may not have google the couple of drinks just to save me the trouble. I would have had it with me on youtube to exactly how to make well. No 'cause 'cause the never mind. I'm but also oh sorry go ahead i was just gonna say one last thing is this makes me want a really good fucking coffee right now. Like fucking like there are some offering guy and i go. You know what. I'd like to try that. I'm curious coffees might number. Two like guinness is my number one or cable whiskies also tied for number one. Let's put them together and then he's coffee a fantastic coffee in this game. I'm not bragging. But while you're a great bartender in real life so let's see if we can transition you're saying is that is that chris is like like you know the other person is like i say that she She just is read. Y nike's geology. Donate blood just red wine coming out and i say for you your your blood it. There's no blood is just innocent coffee. There's like whiskey in there now. But i think it all mixes together skits coffee and steam sales. No don't put lakewood dose or blood but it flows. Oh a flu. It's they're basically liquid at this point. I've turned them up and just started checking as are on. Okay could be like. I have a point sub arguing. It just enjoy the really bad lots that this one guy in the stream tries to do which is still better than what i tried to do for. You can do the law. Hey art you can try mart. You can try fucking fantastic. You know what this would be. Great on and i have to look switch on. Switch everyone with the coffee do now until thankfully you don't need to make good cafe lots art to get points. Thank god or else i would never get. Everyone is just. I can't even do that. It's hard that's what she said. But anyways just not take much longer phrase super way. God damn i love her but to give the game a score honestly and i'm not saying this like with any like bias because it's recent it's a game fucking love this game. I wish i could play more of it. I don't regret a single second of it. I have no complaints about it. Just everything about it. The art style is fantastic. The storytelling fantastic the game. Play as little as it is enough to. At least make you do something that you don't feel like you're just watching a story and it. It doesn't insult you in any way like it doesn't do anything stupid in the storytelling. That makes you a really. That's what you're gonna do know every story resolves exactly as you would expect to. It doesn't try to do anything crazy. It just ends up being a great game and it was a fucking fantastic game. So highest action out or i saw something today cause I was with a lot today. that where you were talking about like it's it can be pretty emotionally having but it's not great the firefly's emotionally heavy but that's li- next level suicidal. No no know when. I when i said it was heavy. I meant just on the issues. It brings up but it really doesn't do anything to make it depressing. It's more just like oh. Yeah that's the thing that happens in the real world. Okay okay. So it's it's real. They made it relatable quickly. Explain the the story that i told chris for you. Long story short there is a couple to be in the first level. That is a high elf and us. The high out belongs to a family that is basically the same as what you consider a white christian rich republican family. Where if you dan black person. You would be disowned by your family. The differences is at the high elf. Mary's the sucky disowned by his family. Hill loses immortality so the cubist is now feeling guilty that he might lose his immortality just because of her so it brings race issues but also makes it like a relationship thing too. That just kind of feels heartful at the same time so they do a great job of putting race issues and then mixing it with like relationship issues putting it together and it has no conflict like a so people. Do not play this game on alcohol. You can play with alcohol or coffee with the fuck. Actually i play with coffee complete with alcohol like this another my laptop or my switch. I have this later. Like lockdowns over. I'm taking this to like starbucks. And i'm playing in a starbucks on my laptop and i'm gonna fuck in inception that shit but suck out of this game. Is it like one stories like stories. There are multiple characters. But it's it's just told over a number of days so like some stories will go away for a few days come back in. They'll continue on and then the leave again by the time. The game's over. Everything's been tied up but it's again it's it's a collection of stories it's really. It's almost like a collection of short stories. Like if you're reading a book of short stories but anyways Enough about mine so we can get onto something else. So let's go to chris which your high score of the week so The list of everything. I did and i'll finish with a high score i've been playing more assassin's creed i've been playing still story of seasons Only thing i gonna say about that is just. That game is still great and relaxing. It's kind of like my coffee. Talk right now Where you play to fall asleep or first thing in the morning on your lunch Either way The game. I actually wanna give my high score to and talk about. This week is a plague tail. Innocence did already talk about it. A little bit on the podcast two or three weeks ago. But i finally beat it today about an hour and a half before we plus it actually. I had six chapters left out of seventeen. So i assumed it was gonna take a little bit longer but it was at that point of the game. You know when the story finally like all the secrets of the mysteries. And you're trying to figure out what's going on like everything starts finally getting revealed when you start to understand more. That started happening. So i had to like keep going Because in the game with the hearing away love and hate that moment without giving away any spoilers or anything It's pretty obvious from even just the poster art or is also a rat on the letter g. of the name of the game There's plague in france during the thirteen. Hundred's it's i i. It's the exact same time as the bubonic plague or whatever it was called from back then ceremony if it's supposed to be related to that but they never really tight on i okay. So it was in the end. Like the the the remake. The the live action remake that play It seems like it was the same thing. It just wasn't as rampant france as it was in england or you. Why no that throat. Almost all of europe seventy five million to one hundred million died but was i don't know if it was if it didn't hit france much i know is really bad in italy and everything. That's where those plague masks come from that we're in assassin's creed but obviously there are real thing from the play doctor with the long weird knows. Yeah yeah the plague doctors yet because that was during that plague in In italy anyways we got so densely spread just quickly getting. oh it went to france. France dealt with it too was it s what. I'm trying to see if they actually think it was like die to it. But i mean it definitely had. I saw that it was every five to one hundred million one hundred million. They just don't total. I don't know about france or anything but but yeah so this one they actually give it a connection to 'cause i think actually it was. The real plague came from rats or started their. This doesn't just come from rats as you'll see on the cut scene for anybody watching the video You can see that there is a dog and the dog is being pulled into a whole. This is like a. This is where the game tells you right away. What the fuck is going on. This is the like intro of the game. So it's not much of a spoiler anything here This is when you first discovered that. There's something going on in. its these. Rats that are plagued are very much like rabies times fifty like they just five hundred. Rats will swarm you and within seconds your skeleton. It's it's based twenty one days later but with rats. Yes very much so so very very intense. However in the story the main girl Oh my gosh. what is the name. Emilia amelia her brother. Hugo is sick but it seems that whenever the rats are around he gets a headache and whatever's wrong with him as like a blood disease and you can see some of the veins on his face like very dark and black And it seems like oh the rats are on always getting this headache. And it's like all this stuff that seems almost connected like he's connected to the plague somehow but he's not got the plague like he doesn't have a contagious. Sickness is something actually wrong with his blood And the whole game is just one of those ones where it gives you a little bit more of a hint here a little bit more of a hint there through everything or the came from the brother the family who are the people that are chasing them like all these different things start happening right and it was chapter twelve where all of a sudden gave like one bit of an answer and then chapter thirteen. Here's a bit more of an answer. Chapter fourteen his big fucking thing fifteen. Here's a big fucking thing. It almost like a game based on the flag just putting us meme. Correct me if i'm wrong but almost seem like it was putting like a supernatural until like the black plague. There is a small amount of supernatural element But just enough that. It still seems realistic. Were there's only like one or two things that are a bit above like it's more like just like over exaggerating the the rats on in terms of the plague basically the rats are exaggerated but some other slightly supernatural things. Do start to to kind of happen. And when i say supernatural. I don't mean like magic. I don't mean like fucking aliens or some shit. I just mean like slightly beyond reality things start to happen The game is gorgeous. The game is the perfect length. I think i only had to put twelve to fifteen hours in there for like this style of game I played it on game pass. But i believe it's normally like a fifty dollar game at full price but you can get it for like seventeen normally The characters the not just the animations but the voice actors and everything like everybody is fucking fantastic. And you really feel like you're in thirteen. Whatever hundred france The whole thing yeah And the game does not hold back like you saw like right near the beginning of the game. It's like oh here's your family dog by light is not. It's not like torture or anything like that. Everything bad that happens usually rat related or some there are some people that kinda do some bad shit so it has some almost walking dead moments. It's got the you know this girl she's fifteen and she's trying to take care of her brother in the game is her holding onto his hand and having to do all this stuff she might have to tell them to stay behind but if you leave him for too long starts to freak out. His headaches get bad he yells. Soldiers can find him and anytime you screw up if soldier finds you or anything. It's a one hit kill and it is graphic like it just shows them come up grabs sword right through your neck and then it fades like instant black screen. So it's like we're never ever do. Whenever you fuck up with lara croft new see like her getting impaled like a log think of the emperor desert reminding me of the last of us as well because the last of us. It's like when you're about to die or when die. It's like that's it. Yeah like there's no like slo mo it's like if if one of the infected are trying to kill you it's like they'll hit you in the nose Three hits gone like black screen. If you fall in die you fall. Die screen like it is instantaneous. No like i. I think he's just referring to the fact that they don't linger on death to gross you out. It's cut quick way but also of debt. The loss of us yeah. It's very similar to the debts in last of us but imagine you had no health bar. It's not three hits. It's always the first hit is instant death. Though you come around a corner something was there and notices you right through the neck and so was the darlings of it's the it's dark souls like you get too close to the rats you get eaten alive cut to black and it's fucking graphic like even some of the ways you need to kill certain soldiers like the rats are afraid of fire so if a soldier is standing under like torch you can figure out a way to put out that torch and it's just instant two thousand rats swarm and eat but now they're distracted so you can quickly run across the screen and not getting yourself so it's what this girl has to go through. You see her. Go from as you can see in the scenes now like this slightly noble Well off girl fifteen good family pretty big place living in a really nice area france to somebody that has to go through some shed and somehow comes out the other end and it's just like holy fuck I don't want to give away any story or anything but again the the music is beautiful. The only issue i have with the music is the main theme. Sounds too much. Like the game of thrones themed to me like it sounds so similar so many people die works. Yeah no it. It completely fits but then i start hearing it home. It and then all of a sudden i slowly transitioned into the game of thrones name. I'm like wait what happened like it's so similar that it's not my fault. I mean it could be worse could transition into bug snacks. That would i hate you. it has collectibles and stuff which are hard to find So i did. I'm not gonna lie for in the interest of i have six games a month. I have to beat. I did have the collectibles guide open while i played i just every time i started a new chapter as like this four collectibles. Here's in general. Where the four should be. And then i explored a lot You can upgrade your sling where you put a rock on this on this. It's a sling but it's basically like a rope you swing around and fling the rock and had shot people if you can But you start to get into alchemy to do certain things which you use your sling four so you can lay torch on fire by having this weird powder on a rock that when it hits the torch catches on fire kenya another. No that is the sam. Shame i wish Now the only way. Now i'm not gonna give anything near the end but in the beginning it's more just you you play with your environment to make The rats attack somebody again. They won't go in fire so if somebody's near a torch or near fire you put that fire out or you get that person somehow away from the fire and make them say trip and the rats get them. Okay okay okay. Okay but can you sling a flaming rat. Somebody now only wrong. That there's a flaming kind of rock that you used just to light torches so if you're trying to go somewhere and there's always rats and you see these numbers you can light it on fire and then boom. All the rats will dissipate from that area. Some of them are live forever. Some of them slowly dieback outs. You've got to be quick You can do that. And then there's also like this armor eating one so if there's an a guy wearing armour you can fling it and this acid kind of like stuff is on. The rock starts to eat away at the helmet and burn so they take it off then use normal rock swing on this the sling hidden in the head and killed one hit Its head shot or or they kill you and these guys move quick so yeah the the actual combat is more puzzle. Based i would say like you still have to like hold left trigger. Anthro throw with right trigger and that kind of stuff but because it's one hit kills. It is very much along the lines of caters. There's four guys walking around. How do i stealth this. Because if one of them catches me. I'm dead instantly. So i gotta make these rats. I'm gonna make that cage fall. Rats will go everywhere. There's a fire going to put that out now. All the rats will come out of that hole melby around. I'm going to throw this at this guy's helmet and then you know he'll have to take it off and then all of a sudden notice me in run over but the rats will get him like there's so many interesting ways to do it and it's gruesome the whole time. The whole time is just one graphic like weird ass night. Thirteen hundreds walking dead style. Game like there's ambi- rats and they're gonna fucking kill everything and everyone so good i would give it Honestly like this game. It's really really good. I'd have to give it a nine. The only thing. I couldn't give it a ten. It was just some of the combat sequences. I found frustrating. Because four guys would come out and be one guy that has a spear will kill you in one hit. He has a helmet on c. Can't throw a rock at him and You can't you can try and throw that stuff on him. But by the time you've done that the other three soldiers are gonna kill you and the trick is okay. He's holding a lantern. That's made of glass. So you have to throw a rock at it to break the lantern. So now he's vulnerable to the rats. Then there's another guy that has a normal torch. You have to throw this rock on it that distinguishes fire. It's more of a powder you're throwing on it but by that time there's an archer who shooting but you can just a rocket his head but it's one hit kill the whole time so it's not so bad at the beginning but when you're in chapter fifteen and sixteen and they're trying to wrap it up and get into the stuff it's like holy fuck lazily being like you have to do it in these steps in this amount of time or else you're dead. Yeah there is a way to work around it Like there's the you kind of have a choice you can do it. it's You know who you wanna kill. I or whatever But holy fuck like if you attempt something and one of your steps causes you to get killed or you go to throw the rock but the auto aim for summaries playing on xbox like the guy moved to quick and the controller just doesn't move fast enough to catch up with them you can't even hit him with the rock If you're playing on keyboard and mouse i'm suing. This wouldn't be an issue but with controller. It's just like fuck like he's he's moving to quake and i can't get the rock to lock onto his head so he's just runs right up to you grabs you by the back of your hair sore throat and you gotta do the entire fight over again. So that's the only reason. I'm taking points away. It was almost like. I wish some of the battles it was only puzzle based and it was just like i figure out how to get the rats to kill everybody here and there is no chance again. your your toes Sorry nyc okay. My in my allied headphones. My single cut out when you were little. Yeah it's a nine and the only reason i'm taking away. That one point is the frustration from some of the combats. They just made it a little less annoying or or or something. Like i loved it. It's just some of them. They pushed right to the limit of. This is really fucking hard. So don't screw up once you're gonna have to do it all over again. There was just a save or check points or something that you could get like every time you kill. Somebody would've been a bit better but you haven't do. The whole thing. Could be a little frustrating. Still fucking nine is a fantastic score. Carlin issues so What would be your high score of the week to be entirely honest. I i really haven't done much this week. I play quip. Lazarus a group a really awesome assholes this weekend. I don't think i said you were dead. Play i played Really awesome astles in one colossal asshole me. I better definitely me. So that was fucking hilarious. whiplash always a great time. And you know i. I don't even know why. I'm going on so i really This week i haven't done a lot. I started playing brick breaker again. Because they beat the level. That was couldn't bring breaker we. It was driving me absolutely murderous rage of anger Once they're also once. I finish up level the levels going on from there so far. They are not easy but they're dual so once you get past a certain point the the level becomes easy. The level becomes playable. It becomes like it's it's not like this one level that i was stuck on was so unnecessarily painfully difficult that it literally could turn the most kindest commerce saint into a fucking raging would take. It was that bad It got to a point. I can actually enjoy playing this game again. I i still don't recommend people buying it because of outrage inducing it is i mean i don't think we have to explain to people why you shouldn't bite brick breaker when there's so many other games in the market oil the other the other Like honestly i don't. I don't really have a highlight of the week in all honesty. So i I put in south park the fractured but all my character. In the one thing that i was dying of laughter when i was losing my character out like why can i change the skin. Color one of the difficulty and it showed the skin crawl. Yeah the the difficulty so crimes out. it doesn't have to do with the combat. It just has to do with the rest of your life coit from white easiest lack most difficult so of course i wanna brown. It's me it was just. I was like. Oh my god. Are you playing on like this kind of hard slash medium so When you would select the skin tone isn't actually difficulty in the game or actual difficulty again. Sorry if you if you wanna have a good time you gotta be white. I'm sorry that's just the rules. Oh my god this this. Should it be accurate but it is And then rally do continuing avatar the last heir vendor and now getting to the point where mike bouquet i i kinda get this kinda see why people are into this show her. The characters are very complex. It's the story. You really want to see what's going on and there's a lot also. I'm sure everyone agrees. Appa is fucking oracle. He's a giant football and so on. I've been watching that so really. I don't really have a highly the week. But that's what i've been doing this week so in traditional fashion. He broke the rules again pretty much. Yes but i think the longest time. So that's real yet so that's fair. I'll give you that. That is fair. So i guess we will get into the stories of the week there actually a couple there a couple of more than i thought they were gonna be so you know. It is what it is right off the bat. We have the biggest fuck up of the week that being a microsoft by having the grand idea to be like. Hey let's charge people more for xbox live gold and then immediately changed your back when they say. The real gist of it was microsoft. Went guys we're gonna make you pay more for xbox live gold because we kind of want you to just get game pass ultimate and then gamers no an xbox went. Oh okay rocard Okay so part of me thinks thousand complete publicity stunt. No no no that was that was one hundred percent corporate greed business. They were trying to direct people to gain to game pass. it was not the No no i think it was like a whole angry thing. I know what you're trying to justify here. It's definitely not. I can tell you with fact that like that. If they didn't change like that. I would agree with you but because it changes so quickly so swiftly if they were it makes me think is microsoft. Was the number one company. If sony did this then yes. I would agree. Microsoft is trying to fight for positioning having any sort of negative press towards him as a bad idea. They're supposed to be trying to get going. It's the whole situation of any oblivious. Good publicity. i know you're trying to do the marketing game on me. Here and again i don't. This is the time like. I'm not fighting you because it's just you trying to flex your marketing stuff. This is legit. This is not me and this is just what i need to know. But i'm telling you. I know for a fact that this is just greed. This is one hundred percent just read. They're trying to promote game. Pass because game pass not collecting nearly as much as they thought it would. They are still doing a lot. Don't get me wrong. But they're not doing nearly as much as they expected so they figured well if we charge more for xbox live gold. They'll just go to game pass because it's not going to be that much of a differentiation and the price make sense except gamers were like Not only do we not to just get game pass because you tell us to. You shouldn't be charging us for multiplayer to begin with so people really didn't take to it very well as it stood not to mention that while microsoft did change it now before this. If you wanted to play a free to play game like nights you had to get xbox live gold you had to pay a script scripture to play a free game so i get the not to mention that. I don't trust anything as being a. Pr sunday gaming industry anymore. Because basically every gaming company is pretty much showing their colors that they are just greedy fucking people now so. I'm willing to to bet that this was somebody putting their hand on the button and forgetting the take their hand off the button and they slipped. Because here's the thing. I am not surprised. They tried to raise the price. I just don't see what the point was in doing it now. You're losing to sony. And the new generation just started. Why would you do this now. It seems like a really strange spot to do it. When there's really no gain for you. Yeah i wonder if this was also a this is why i think it was a urine sample Because of the situation and everything because you're fuck xbox fuck o'clock xbox okay. We'll fair now i will. I will give you that point. I will concede to that if the next thing they do for. Game pass is a major like setup of games like if the next month game pass has some fucking unreal games than i can buy it but if it's just businesses usual to me it's like what does i do like. You're drawing attention but then you're not following up. Yeah it's just bad bad. Pr end up being anything. Good in amin given. How every other gaming company right now is not really doing the best job at doing. Smart things in marketing. I'm willing to just bet based on patterns that this is probably just the deal where they just made a stupid move again. They're like all right. It's a new generation. Sorry finish so. I wonder if if if phil spencer. Somebody's just sitting there like. I wonder if everyone's forgiveness for xbox one x or xbox one series x is out. We've sold more than we ever had. We've had a record quarter. In the longest time game passes eighteen million subscribers. This is amazing. We'll see if they forgiven us. Put xbox live up a bit. See if they're ok not still mad. They're still mad. They estimate put it down to that. So that's why. I kind of think it's like it's just greed so this this conversation. I don't honestly care about the price changes. Because i talk about. How like what they were going to charge you. The reality is is that it brings up the bigger conversation that they just need to stop charging us from multiplayer. In simple i could understand the discounts and the freebies. Like if they want to say hey like pay ten bucks a month and you get freebies and extra discounts. Fine whatever but at this point in its another part of why. I don't understand why they're raising the price and trying to get you to go towards game passes like guys. We have the solution. We've been talking about it online for like a year. Just put everything on a game pass and just be done with it. Just put everything on it and just have that just reduce game pass by like five bucks a month and you're good then everybody gets game. Pass you shit ton of money. You're done problems. Same goes for playstation playstation. Now is different if you put playstation now in playstation plus together. It's still kinda sucks because playstation was garbage service so that's different but to really just be honest like playstation plus as it stands the only reason i have is for the freebies because there are a lot of games that i don't try that i wouldn't have if not for playstation plus like for example february is going to be a fucking amazing month destruction all-stars which could be the next rocket league in terms of a free game coming out at launch. Actually gonna mention rocket league was ruined the game that made playstation plus a desirable service desirable on and off like rocket was that example where it's like holy crap that turned out to be a good idea fall guys. There was a similar story so destruction stars is trying to do a similar thing to and not only that. But it's sony produce so it's even more interesting in that way and then on top of that. You have control ultimate edition which is not only amazed because controls. Apparently a really good game which i need to play. But you're getting the ultimate edition. Which means you get the ps five upgrade for free now. So you're getting technically the game. Plus the upgrade for free and then you're getting concrete genie which by all reports is one of the best indie games. That's come out on the mc sony console in quite some time. So what kind of a game is that. It's like a platform or think you like you like almost like Zelda link between world's kinda like the walls to move around the map and traverse wall and guarantee. That's the kind of game that i went. Okay that looks pretty interesting. I'd be curious seeing with that is too so for me. That's three games. That have my attention. That's pretty rare for a playstation plus month so sometimes paying for playstation plus as worth it and then there's other times where it's like. I just wasted ten dollars so if you just put it all together if you just put playstation now together. I don't even care if they fix it or not. If you just put it there and say fifteen bucks that's everything will be like. Okay fine. I get discounts. I get the freebies and then once in a blue moon. I'll pop on playstation now and see if there's like an old game but i haven't played in a while that i wanna play without having to buy it. Okay sounds good. Just take mara multi-player or online multiplayer functioning away from the from subscription. It shouldn't be something we charge for in steam doesn't do it now when epic doesn't do it might playstation plus the avengers game. I i still don't wanna play but i'll take it now. The sad part is is that honestly i think square would sooner put a free to play on their own terms first before playstation comes to them because i mean pretty sure squares desperate for people to play that game. They're probably just crossing their fingers. That outriders gets at least like five hundred thousand people playing on day one and staying there. That's a demo. We've gotta try. Yeah that's now that'll be wanna say february. Yeah that's something to look forward to. But yeah i just it's twenty twenty. One can stop having to pay for multiplayer. It's just stupid. Yeah it doesn't make sense anymore. Like new got three horses which is crazy. That doesn't apply. Be greedy agreed. That applies okay. Because let's be honest if you're charging people from ozzy player and we're sucking and were getting suckered into it bitches ain't being crazy bitches be smart or other we are the bitches and bitches be fucking dumb. I was gonna go there. S are you're gonna finish off with something and then we'll probably move on me. And chris i guess her chris yeah i don't even remember. I just wonder why. It's i was just thinking i was thinking like what was my point. I was oh. I remembered as saying there's a saying back on. Ps three and xbox three sixty online play was new like the cost of it probably was a lot. So maybe that's why they were charging made sense back then. Now it's just they're assuming we'll forget about which we don't we just deal. No we get we get free games so we kind of just accept it. Any hundred -vivor considering we got a year for like forty something dollars. Yeah we kinda game the system. I'm yeah. I'm pretty sure that my forty dollars just got paid in this upcoming february but which is amazing and i'll take it But that's the only was an avid. Because i wanna play online. Like outriders is great. We all have it on playstation. Hell yao play it with you guys but imagine we had a subscription on steam or playing fucking like gulf with your friends that doesn't forward. It feels weird subscription but it will be so worth it because i get the torch you guys go by. God enlighten chaotic make. I don't make difficult matt's intentionally but that's the thing like golf with your friends anyway. Have golf with friends on playstation you have to have. ps plus. You can't play with your friends. Your game called golf with friends and you can't because you don't have the scoops subscription golf with yourself off with yourself you fucking cheap apple golf yourself anyways. Moving on so next thing is just a brief thing on sunday. It's probably gonna to hurt vicious feelings a little bit. A capcom has overhauled. Its plans for the rest of four remake. They've changed the people that are going to be in charge of it so it's going to be delayed now potentially to twenty twenty three now. They're still rumors going around with. There's other games coming in between there's rumors of a revelations three. I've even heard rumors of an outbreak. Two coming so there's there's things on the side. It isn't just going to be resident evil aid which i believe is still slated for this year so it looks like they're still working on other things like the resume before you make is taking a bit of a back seat because maybe the the original developer m-2 just may. Maybe something wasn't going very well so they went. You know what. Let's let's put the main division in front of this and what's actually like hammer this thing down okay. So here's the. When again gets delayed i learned from super smash brothers brawl that it got delayed and frankly that was my favorite super smash brothers. That was probably my favorite game of the of the you of the we era. I mean besides from our galaxy so when against delayed for me it's not a bad side it's like we have problems fixed us up little and if it's getting delayed by it sucks we have to wait two more years or it but the fact is it's like it's not like hey is not a fixed released Hates on march. Twenty twenty one and exciting And then i did. I just saw punching bag for the next like minimum six months if not a year while they did to themselves so when they say that like it's coming out of twenty twenty but day again they didn't give us any released a ahead of time. What it sucks. But it's fine. I wasn't i i don't have to hold onto anything. It's not like we like. Hey it's coming out this. Hey but that's like Just kidding it's coming on two years. That i would have pissed about now. The only i was going to say the only thing that makes me a little worrisome. Is that. It's literally them. Changing the developer like the primary developer is still going to be working on the game but they're not the the main developer anymore. They're now more in a in a much more reduced role so my brain goes oh. That's that's that must be bad. You don't just suddenly pull people out in like say no. You guys aren't going to be heading this anymore. That's never usually a good sign. So hopefully you know in the two years or so. They take to make this name that they aren't starting it from scratch. They're more or less. Just kind of like repurposing things because starting from scratch is never a good sign if it's only two years if they have to start from scratch it's like the studios not going the direction that they wanted to. I'm okay with that. it's it just it just depends on what they can do in the time logic because now people are looking at like twenty twenty three as being when they expect it and if it doesn't happen then that brings that worrisome with people and then if it does happen but russia because it was two years there are a lot of games that that's happened to mass vic andromeda final fantasy seven fourteen fifteen. Fuck like so. It's definitely happened. we're major games. Get russia in a short amount of time because they just they wanna make the promise date. So that's the only thing that that i'm not saying that it's back capcom right now is on a fantastic trendline. I trust them that. They're doing the right thing by what they're doing. It's just again. When i see circumstances like we're moving the primary developer to lesson role. Like ooh that's not usually a good sign so it could be bad or it could just be like man. maybe with these guys getting overworked. We need to put like the main division in on this it could be that could be again. They could you just wish that they does the. Og studio did not in line with vision. It's not it's not like the studios new to make an done ramos before and it was all it's also headed by the guy who does platinum games so it's not like they're unfamiliar this. It could be not a division of could be a vision conflict. Maybe maybe the capcom hoping to come of this game is not what these guys are delivering and they have no also resonable. two remakes. were walking basic. All i'm saying in this entire thing that i was doing is like if it's like let's say it is a vision thing. Two years isn't a lot of time to redo a vision. That's really not a lot of time. Because that's pre production production and bug testing. That's a lot of things to do in two years. So that'd be my only concern. I'm not overly concerned. But that would be my concern. what's that what's that quote from me motto A good game when released even if delayed will always be a good game but a bad game released now will never be good at if it ends up being a good game and it takes another couple of years who cares. It's just a farce in this. In this game of guessing you have to wonder right so out of the on a game hugh or i played the weavers nerve resonable four. Because i like the fact that i could aim properly. Okay okay. it's not like evil has a problem with giving you these. Play these characters that are supposed to be these really battle-tested soldiers and police officers and yet when you play the game you can't aim at fucking anything like you've never held a gun in your life so when the weavers cannot in at least the we kind of aims better i can headshots. This is so much more fun and then the chainsaw guy came. And i'm like this is not fun anymore. A guard dog a wrong or he was the most irritating motherfucker entire but revenue will. Four was one of the only games that when i finished the game i actually started again right away. Just because the Awesome so i just. I started right away. It seems like a great idea to remake this. Because you've already done two or three like you might as well do what people usually consider the best ones so anna for me. It's like the the remake of resident evil two and three were like. I is it up if it wasn't for the short length of resonable three. I'll say it. Alyssa superior sequel. The super remain. Hold the it was so short of a game like accession. One day in one night technically finished coffee toffee time in like four hours which is like less than a day and it was like my favorite thing that had done in a while so length is necessarily bad if it ends up being a great experience at Before remake. it is delayed. I feel it's delayed for the right reasons so and also because it wasn't given a release date at all. I'm not upset because if it was said. Oh it's coming out a march twenty twenty one but always Twin going in december twenty twenty three may be low pissed about that art. Okay so any final flaw some before we move on now. My final thoughts at comic has game good because the other two were really great remakes. Though i keep up the street but mostly give us more eight-foot-tall mommy's i'm happy with that. To the memes are amazing. They are they are. I don't know what i like. More these memes or the bernie means. It's really tough. There's some really fucking funny memes resin evil late You know What's that rule that no matter. What like anything that. Because he's a porn parody. You have thirty four thirty four hundred. There was already full day already. A full-page no but what you don't know is that there's a bernie meam orrin parody. I saw that in the news. I saw that of the news. That's aachen remarkable. I'm okay with that. So yeah it's true rule thirty four or whatever it is is the most true statement does ever existed. I are past thirty or thir your next thirty four okay. I'll draw porno myself. We're good moving on to other things other than this fucking conversation. So and i think this is fucking sickening. No it's not unless you joan console shortages was. This is a different story. I love when. I don worry so vicious like this is going to be discussing them mike yeah. Amd's ceo said that the part shortages are going to be consistent for a little bit longer. It is disgusting but yeah basically like in a in a quick story. The ceo of md basically decide. Hey guys like don't expect the shortages for consoles and the new processors to be like really fixed until the second half of this year because yeah without really saying it. there's a fucking pandemic. They decided to be the people who made the graphics cards for the new xbox and the new place as a monsters how dare they make these amazing fucking processors and come up with their own next gen graphics card which is the first time they've ever tried to compete with nvidia on this level in a very long time and they're doing quite well having successfully quite in fact and they were like wow the pandemic because this has been in the works for like three years in the pandemic's here and Materials are now short because everyone sick can can't get us the metal we need and the chips and blah and blah. So yeah there's gonna take wait. There's blonde this thing and blah blah blah is inside actually the secret. amd four. i'm going to save in the blah of my enemies basically inside named egypt. It's it's not shocking news but just people are aware. I hope you don't mind. Still trying to get on best. Buy amazon to get a console and failing and five minutes. It's going to be like that for a little bit longer. So keep your fingers guys do a prayer before bed every night that the next time you get a chance at a console. You'll succeed this time listening. Oh now that they're fucked there absolutely thought their flocks now now over it's over for the now we'll get into the discussing thing because This pissed me off on so many levels. Not just because i'm a massive fan but because i am bisexual so for me. I saw this as no different than stopping Interracial relationships okay. We'll get into that. Really crazy stuff a second. Let me at least get the information at fuck with an interview with the wall. How do i put it. Basically the person that wrote a few characters in mass effect that being jack which is the subject of this whole thing basically said i'm just scrolling down the article trying to find the name. It's brian kindergarten. I'm hoping pronouncing that right The lead writer for jackson in the first critical mission in mass effect two also did a couple of other mission so like did a did a fair amount of writing in the game created at least two major characters one of being jack and jack for those who have played mass effect specifically has dialogue in the game where she mentions how she's had boyfriends and girlfriends except for some weird reason. Us shepherd unless you're guy you can't go with her if your female shepherd you can't get with her which is pretty strange. Lesbianism isn't a thing in the game. Because you can well scissor the fuck out of the alien side boob. We are in the first game. That fox news has the infamous fucking video about where they said. It was full frontal nudity. You can rape people in it. You can do it whenever you want. And it was being sold to children because conservatives have no idea what the sis rb ever fucking does so that is fucking amazing which is also amazing. Jeff kelly just destroying them in thirty seconds. You talking about the xbox. You're talking about the sex box. That's a different console altogether and it's only so is one of the most legendary videoclips that basically makes me understand. Why i'm so proud to be a gamer. And why i'm so happy that i'm a non religious be conservative in three fucking fox representative i guess. Years is your irving foxborough. Percents the fucking retard exactly. Let's say you're eight retarded be stupid dumb. I'll keep going if i want. But anyways so the gist of the clip for those who have never seen it before the clippers short because fox either knew right away that they were fucked or they didn't want to give it anytime because they didn't want to give the guy a chance to rebuttal so they had to and i'm not saying this in terms of sexism. They had two women on there. That didn't know what the fuck they were talking about. They had the unusual news anchor doing what she's told do and they had a psychologist or a therapist. Who understood how to deal with kids to her. How to deal with kids is to take videogames away. That was about the gist of what she understood. And the head. Jeff kellyanne which everybody. If you're a gamer. No jeff helius so. The whole thing was because mass effect one had a sex scene in it or has sex scenes in it. The worst thing that happened game. If you're talking about nudity. Is you see naked people with no nipple snow. Vaj snow nothing. No asshole side. We'll know the barbie doll but like you just see the side like the worst. you see aside boob. That's the worst site us. And they were talking. Like is a nuclear Well we already know the conservatives hate fucking sex because if they're not getting it they don't want they don't want to know about it so they said that full frontal nudity. They said that you had free rein to do whatever you want. You could tell them what positions to be in there was rape in it apparently and it was being done to children and it was done so early in the game. Jeff keely for the fifteen seconds. They let him speak calmly went well. That's not true because the game is sold to adults This is like the taylor like the tail end of thirty forty hour game. It's at most alien side move and you have to like earn it. You have to go through like an actual relationship process with these characters. And basically at the very beginning he asked the therapists woman. Have you played massapequa four. And this was her verbatim which he said no so you knew right away that this was concerned conservative christian cock sucker going on here so combine. All of that clip combined led to what happened in mass effect. Two were enough pressure. Came from i guess fox news in conservative right that they just made the decision to just not make jack pan sexual like she was intended to be. The creator. Said that was the intention. The voice actor came out and said yeah that was my. That was what we intended to and we started it and then just changed because pressure pressure from people that don't even fuck and play the game and like it really shouldn't be that frustrating. In retrospect because this is a eleven year old situation. But we know that. This isn't the first time that it happened. There were probably like hundreds of games where things were changed. Because of this kind of pressure it took a long time for bio. Were to come back from that. Because mass effect three finally had a gay man in it we saw with dragon agent that there is definitely a lot more options in that front so there they got better but there is a lot of damage done for a while and it was that whole thing where again and again we keep finding out. That games are apparently supposed to just be this thing. That's for children and nothing else. There can't be an art form to video gaming it to be snuffing but super mario and that's it that's what people think it is because apparently video games are still the devil. I guess metal music finally got pushed away in video games or public enemy number. One i guess the rat. You know the rap music is still a thing. Can't be doing the rap thing because the blacks that's still a thing but the video games. Oh man fucking ruining her children fox not not the fact that children are living in poverty are not getting proper education and are being raised by a bunch of conservative dick heads that are keeping them from exploring their own sexuality or anything else or just getting to hang out with black people. All these things that can servants. Apparently don't want their kids to do fuck. They would just chill the fuck it his own. Some of these companies would stop fucking caring so much because the remotely to make but since they don't have a majority stake actually china starting to do that now. That's a little bit fucking recent. That's another story for another day. If if what's his fucking with murdoch rupert murdoch camera remember which one it is that astle the fox news fox news guy if he owned. Ea you would not see this fucking shit on fox ever but they don't really have a stake in it they don't like it. Yeah like the thing is is first of all. If you're going back to that original. Why i went a long time. I'm sorry for that by the way that fucking pissed us all right dude. I'm pissed off too. Because it's like first of all that jeff keely interview which glorious and i just washed it like four days ago because i think you actually relented are decided by the way anyone listening joyner discord And like the things are seeing that are in mass effects. Like what the fuck you. They're making it sound like it's a rape simulator. They're making it sound like it was mannheim too with sex. It's like this whole glorious space drama that you can have relationships in but like it's relationships that are consensual and like part of a story. they're not just thrown in like yay women. Don't let anything or whatever or a pissed me off about. The situation is a. It's fucking fos. Nece these are people who are trying to insinuate that video games. 'cause violence at the games caused people to be mass murderers. That basically are anti-gay merced. I wouldn't immediately fox news. He said it's it's literally just conservatives. Wideness fox news is considerable. No but what. I mean is just a later fox speed. It's not like they're the only ones like it's it's not. It's not a fox news problem. It's republican conservative. Whatever you wanna call it problem. But the what i'm saying is the whole fox. News thing is like fox's is known to be a conservative republican network. Yes that is all they. Dave fucking knuckled under to will organization like this that is basically against the industry. It really is kind of funny when you think about it. Why the hell would they care about what fox news does. Fox news doesn't promote gaming boxes against gaming fox news tinny gamers are violence at that were the fucking serial killers of the world. I don't think this would happen now. It just i starting to think like eleven years ago companies. Bend under that pressure. I think companies now are aware of this stuff so i don't think it would matter now mind you. Let's also keep in mind too. That gay relationships and trans people are becoming a lot. More accepted now in two thousand twenty one and they were in two thousand ten. So there's also that. I think a big thing that helps us out. His gamers is. I hate to say this because i'm not a huge fan of all social media. It really depends on which one or more how they're regulated But before fox news and twenty ten at was kinda how you heard about gaming stuff like if you were especially if you were a parent or or anything like unless you were a university student you weren't using stuff like facebook and stuff much in twenty ten ish now when a game is getting posted and there's an issue they don't care as much about what fox news is gonna say they care more. What the backlash on fucking instagram and facebook is going to be. What is going to be on reddit. Gamers gonna say amongst themselves which will cause a real problem where before they like. Fuck fox is gonna put all this stuff and dots. How we're going to hear about it. Yes sure. Youtube is created presence. Now that makes it like if you want to see like actual your reactions of it. You can literally watch like google on youtube and you'll pretty much get the gist of it. Yeah absolutely So i think it just helps a lot that were it's almost like we're more connected with the developers now and the gaming companies direct instead of having to go through something fucking stupid like fox news. I think that this still would like. I think they may not like on tv. Like if if this was twenty. Twenty one and mass effect four comes out and their sex scenes in it. They can be full frontal nudity. There could even be penetration. I think most people would just be like they don't care now because it's you can't stop it now. The dam is the dam is open in. It's been flooded like a motherfucker tits. Nassar going to be a thing constantly games. Now which is i am okay with. I don't want to deal with it. Yeah i know it's it's it's a burden to bear but all bear it. It's okay while they bear it all what this is. The fact again made knuckled down to fox news which is just ridiculous for the industry that they're in. Yeah they knock down the people that would have purchasing to begin with. They also like for me. I sincerely look at this as no different than stopping game from having interracial relationships or having diversity in it it's okay. We still do. That are still going nuts. When they change a care of really minor ramped in the new demon's souls remake to a black person so none still a thing. So this is what's bothering me. The most about this is the fact of like this. Is your your hating on somebody versa. Think for who they are so they can control something that they're just that's the way they are and to knuckle down toward piece of shit company like auks news. Especially after. I saw the movie bombshell. Which makes you sick to your stomach. See that how how long the that shit went on fox. News has an agenda and they don't care because it's a rich billionaire. Thinks he can get away with everything. He's god yup so this these are the issues that are bothering about this whole situation cycle. You it's the whole like these are people who are basically against equality and human rights and you fucking knuckled down to them. That i have some balls fucking stand up for what you believe in. If you were going to first place it means you believed in it. It means you were you. That's what you wanted to do. And that's the way it should a bit. Why did you mean. Keep in mind too that we are. We are still talking about a thing. That was eleven years ago times. were definitely different obviously. Lgbt acceptances so much more different than it is now. So it's more. Like i brought the story up because a it was a personal thing for me because fucking i love mass effect. And it's just another thing where it's like. Hey here's a reminder. We we used to treat. Lgbt people like pretty fucking terribly we still do but look at how bad it was back then where we live with like a race character's sexuality just because of a few people bitching about it so thank god that it's getting a little bit better in that aspect not just i hope that see. Here's the crazy thing. I wish they would do it. And i don't think they'd bother because i don't think they would really want to put the time in doing it. The remakes coming out like the remasters coming soon. Wouldn't it be fucking great if they actually put that into the remake or the remo. I keep saying the remake the remastering. They might i honestly now. This story has become. Do just to take a major fuck you. I hope they make everybody. Everybody fucks everybody you romance everybody at the end of the game is a big orgy while that sounds like something that i would complain about on fox news and that is too much too much sex because of the thinking of the children. I hope we do it to just so they have to try to explain the console name because i want to see a fox news employees. That has no idea about anything. Related games tried it. Understand what the differences between the xbox xbox one the xbox one xbox series x the xbox series x. I hope they have to do that. I want to see them stumble over there fucking words but you know what would happen some other dumb shit. It doesn't know what they're talking about. And then they'll bring in some smart guy and he'll get ten seconds dialogue before they shut the linked down because like oh. We're getting destroyed as per usual. Yuck that's probably the most frustrating is the fact that it's like two minutes so not only did they make a big stink about it but they didn't even really care enough to actually talk about it at length that was. That was the embarrassing part about it. More often than anything else because i wanted that clip to be twenty minutes because i want those two idiots to have more than enough time in the world to freely fucked themselves over but because it's like two minutes. They said a couple of stupid things but they didn't really have enough time to really bury themselves as one complaint. I wish jeff got more time to just fucking just take the take the chainsaw read that bitch up and just fucking cut. Yeah that's what i want. I want to be careful space chainsaw. So yes yes. They're which they gave him more time like. Obviously it would be not in their best interest to do so but every time i see that clip them like aw just give them for two more minutes not even two more just off the leave all back together and have them hash it out. I want to see like an hour. Long podcast just fucking go nuts about it. I pay money to see that. Or listen to that. I mean shit. I'll tell all. I wished that my favorite leftist youtuber would go up against ben shapiro. Who had comments not too long ago. I think last year the year before but how games were fucking violent again. Because that's that's still a narrative that a million fucking studies have disproven like like over and over again. I can't. I can't wait to see the next president. Study that comes out that says video games have no effect on kids when it comes to violence. It fared as This so far. This president is really look at human rights. I mean so far. I'm just. I'm just saying let's do another study. Let's just do it again. Let's just every four years. We ought to another one except trump comes and goes the violent video games we have. No we have new study for cleveland. That bother fucker. Can't on anything to fucking talk to believe me. This motherfucker is going to have a news network in the next twelve months i guarantee fucking to you. He'll call it the apprentice. Fucking news trump news. Who it would be the best news. That's what we call. We call it. Be an the best news network. The worst that would probably happen. I only say that. Have jokingly because it sounds like it makes sense. It'd be an it does or nfl non fake news fake news so go on a positive note. The last thing. I want to save this article is that i hope that what it does is it puts us more into the limelight. So that developers look at this and go. Oh people actually want more of these kinds of things. And i don't mean forced or shoe into because that happens sometimes where it's just like okay. You're just checking off the box like if it's naturally done it's it's fantastic. I mean hell like rob. The last of us to there are two implied. I felt to imply gay relationships and coffee talk. Now that i think about it and it's not forced it's just there so it's normal. I really want to challenge. Developer is really go out on a limb. I mean now the games tell me why exist. I wanna see trans character getting more definitive bills. I wanna see a heartbreak muted. we're going to. We're going to say a one more time while he's made it so we can't do anything this time. I don't care that. The mute menu on the stream is still showing. So you see it. Tell me why is a great game. And i hope that that leads to more transport helpers getting the chance to really flex their stuff and do something different and then when it comes to relationships i hope they do the same for lesbian couples. Gay couples bisexual couples pan sexual couples. I hope all of that stuff is able to be done properly. Because it's not that. I think that it has to happen. But fucking hell will be lovely for people to think that whatever they feel is normal and not something that you should be fucking like like ostracized for that would be nice. New percent hundred. That's one reason. I love shits creek so much anymore. You can talk face. I i ought you finish just saying that. That's one reason i loved shits creek. They normalized The lgbt community like they just like normalize it wasn't you know meant to be something shocking. They had their moments where it was like. There was the odd person and it showed like how ignorant they were to the entire subject. But you know everybody else. It was just normal. These were people who lived in the town and that was it. Like their personalizes a personal lives and nobody really cared everybody just supported each other one at as great dislike. Worst shows like shit streak and modern family. Yeah it's simple at even another good example. Tom brooklyn nine nine. What happened with these shows. Is that a lot of times Lgbtq couples were very exaggerated they made overly flamboyant an overly lay like like they exaggerated them. Like with mitch and cam from modern family. They showed them as a real like a a I apologize but they made them look like they were just a natural couple. That i mean the over exaggerated the speech a little bit which is sometimes helpful because it gives people that stereotype but it's not like it doesn't exist. I know like. I know this one couple lake. One of the guys was like a bro. You sports guy. He was a very stern mature person. Were his partner. He was very flamboyant and was like quite for library term covenant. Shit play bug snacks and there was a gay couple implied in that game. One of saying mitch and cam on modern family. That showed them as they were a couple. If they had to make big decisions they made together. If there was problems they worked the malik. Actually show them as. Hey these guys are actually a legitimate couple. They're not just like comic relief. They actually showed them as a real couple. The same with halls and kevin on brooklyn nine nine. They showed them as lay there. Just a couple and they just they are there for each other support each other and they didn't like overly exaggerate their homosexuality and the same with shits creek was different because it was like you actually saw legitimate. A gay love story that was done like had been a male female. A just would have been any other love story but they actually did it. Lay is actually kind of heart warming. Well that's idea right because like you guys have known me long enough that you knew me when i considered myself to be straight and then i decided to change myself to bisexual even upgraded now to pan sai shores. Time's gone on you. Have a nose chain me apart from apart from apart from the jokes. That are making the in the art. That i seem to like now. That's that's about the only you're the sleepiest shit as you've always damned fucking right. I am the same. No they took. The wall was bothering me about this situation. Is that everyone who is not a proud boy will agree with this is that they wouldn't say that. I just say anybody who's a rational person would be would be agreed with prog ways. I don't know that it's not just the problems. That are irrational. Let's not kid ourselves but it's it's like looking at the anti. Lgbtq munity is no different than than the uneducated white supremacists and the uneducated traditionalist that were against diversity. I mean shit. They goes hand. They're pretty much the same thing so a one ailing you know i thing i'll tell you is that. Have you heard this movie called lucas sewing for dinner yesterday. Forty a day so or gaga. That movie was banned in this one area of texas new traditional valued. Of course it was. All it was was a black man dating a white woman and the black man was meeting her her family and that was the basis of the movie. I know it's shocking white. People don't like black people walking in other juice get. It's like the whole situation. It's literally it's a whole Your your haiti. Someone for be of who they are who they can't help at. Is louis no different than being racist. I mean dave chapelle found a way to help you. Just put a bunch of baby powder on and call them and just play the white character so that works quite well in fact it's like my favorite character shows name when he does a. Oh fuck knows. Not clayton bixby. Clinton was fucking awesome. Clayton big speech. The fucking crack guy. He's not he's the white newscaster. He had a super white name like randy. Dave chapelle white character chuck taylor ironically enough ironically. Enough awa wrestler chuck taylor. Oh god it is a white man. That is a very white name. Well yeah. Chuck taylor is Kentucky gentleman in aid of you so yeah. It's a pretty white name. That i guess the gist of it honestly is at like eleven years ago when the story was actually happening in real time like it was a much different landscape than it is now. The idea now is that. I would hope that if anybody tries to say oh we can't have. This game exists because not only. Is there sex in it. But they're gave people in this game. It's like sorry bitch go play your shady nazi games. Or i'm i'm i'm not gonna lie. I don't wanna see a gay sexy in a game. I will not lie him up at but that's just because talking to statue groups i don't want see there's not a case there's not a gay sex scene that's what poor is fuck on. Just stay off a gay and you'll be fine. Okay i feel. I know what not to google tonight. So in other words. I'm going to send him just a loop of the dorian ass from like a dragon position and just be like look at it. Look at how much weight look at. Will it get me dmc. If i put that but onscreen race. I am going to block them. It's so tempting. that's okay. I'll take no. I'm sure tryscoring. I'm not taking the chance. But now i know i won't. I won't send you the dory insane. I will send you the iron bowl scene. Because it's fucking hilarious. Honestly i want. I want more. I don't think it's say much. I want more representation of games. Not because i think it has a check off a box. Just because i think it's fine because to anybody on the anti yesterday w side. It's like oh. It's just trying to shore politics nor games motherfucker. Didn't we didn't have a problem with a guy trying to get into a girls pants. What's the difference with a girl getting into girls pants actually probably like that. That's the other weird thing you notice. How a lot of guys when they don't want gay sex don't mean lesbians isn't that interesting because it's not a scene that's meant for specifically for to wanna jack off to. It's a love story in just seeing some other person's life. As why. I actually if i see a gay scene i don't care it's on man girl on girl. I don't fifty people in there and they'll just do in each other For me it's just a story stories. The family guy beside Always wanted and the low good. He froze perfect. Rose an allergic. But i know the eleven or so. I went and the show with one last comment on that front. If anybody has a problem with gay sex and by gay sex i mean two dudes. Just keep in. Mind that when you watch porn. You're staring guys asshole. Ninety percent of that fucking seen just so you guys know there's so much you're happily staring at some guys junk when it's going into a girl so don't kid yourself that you're okay with staring dick the entire time and when you notice and you're staring at his leg or something like i think he manscaping yet you're looking and it's fine. Don't kid yourself. You might think that you're against gay people but she kind kinda like dick. Because if you didn't you wouldn't be staring at porn all that time. Sorry you're jacking off to a guys junk deal with it. Sorry guys just hanging there. So k video game has a little bit of fucking sex in there. It's fine don't worry about it. You christendom fucks. It's just two people making note it's like barbie doll and most of the time. I just hope that one game really goes out there. I hope one game finally goes out there and just goes fuck up. We're going only we're going full on. I want one aaa game to take that risk. Because i guarantee you like deadpool we will fucking by that game in droves hundred percent. I want a massive gambling fucking tentacle sex. I don't give a fuck wait consensual tentacles. of course he's who says not tentacles Hm nobody i just made this podcast philosophical. God damn good so this has been the tentacle sex podcast. Thank you so much for checking on this and we now have tonight's episodes name. Oh god sponsor sponsored by red lobster calamari any final thoughts before we take it off the air. 'cause i got all my memes out. That's good unless you're gonna say something depressing vision and keep it to yourself. I i'm just saying honestly guys shut the fuck up. It's twenty twenty one. The world is changing. People are more accepting at honestly. Let people be who they are. Shut the fuck up and try sucking a deck once in a while. I will not do that. Metaphorically and literally you know what fuck it. Love is love awesome man. You're missing out. I love his love. Don't worry it really. It really helps you with your breathing. I i think she's comfortable as possible. I am happy with that. So thank you so much. For checking out the vcr podcast. We'll see you guys next week. When i will probably make more dick sucking jokes for the rest of the show just to keep fish on edge so thank you so much. Check this out guys. Y'all don't i will fucking destroy new brick breaker so many goddamn times. I'm going to get some dick. Suck jokes there response. I right you have a bingo card of shit that you do believe me. If i'm getting one thing it's going to be dick sucking jokes. Okay that's going to be. My thing are good. If i had actually no i wouldn't because i probably get banned on twitch for doing it so it was like if i had a male character. I totally put the crotch on my mouth right now mike now. That would probably be banned. Not doing it anyways. This has been the vcr podcasts. For i try really hard not to get banned off of youtube and twitch they can so much checking us out speaking of youtube and twitch if you are watching us on youtube subscribe to the channel for more content and like the video if you're watching on twitch or you aren't watching on twitch please check us on our livestreams twitch dot tv slash cs radical. And if you're listening to this on audio platforms give us that good old like shared or five star rating. Whatever the fuck you can do on that platform because glor- nosers a million different ways of doing so thank you so much for checking us out guys. We will see on the next episode. Enjoy your night morning afternoon evening. Whatever the fuck you're doing bye bye thinking.

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Kbra amurda  Olaysz Dalmak

Yazilar - Panik Dergi

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Kbra amurda Olaysz Dalmak

"Martin Dushi back. You seep plenty targets. Always. Kuebler chumash. Boesen. License dollars. He did gators they bid. Keep you took us. Couple took. LUMBAR's. Vit- Donaldson. All Isis. All? I says the muck the. Amish through Chinky. SIP. Bloom you'll lose. Business Incubator high-seas seasick. Touche Calcutta Cornelius. SCIPIO. Cut. BAUZA Could Security Honey, honey comb shooting, season, Justna, dealing hurricane. Make the chicken The edition me Shania Jason. Colvin Hotter Lamia engineer in a highly volume. beating. All Isis down the suit. Go to defend. beautiful. Card Gomez. Call new shoot to your mouse. For cuts we keep. Kosher Burbach although you D mimic. Chinden. Mama? License the. Tell Pooja, abused junior, Bush tape you. Keep it. The record that. 'cause she gets mimic. McCain Melby Shuki mccord's Mbeki snake choke so much Hyundai. Kolja abuse. You say then you do. Each make. License Down, look a fandom Zelda. Marketing. On the Timothy. Then, you'll come. Could give them as active.

Martin Dushi McCain Melby Shuki mccord Touche Calcutta Cornelius Pooja Vit- Donaldson Justna Bloom Colvin Hyundai Chinky engineer Bush Mbeki
Thomas Middleditch, Jeff Lewis & Ozark?

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Thomas Middleditch, Jeff Lewis & Ozark?

"From podcast comes horoscope today. A daily podcast gives you a personal forecast for your everyday life every day each morning rise to a new daily outlook tailored specifically to your sign so whether you need guidance on your daily early commute to get you through your daily grind or just to help ease those little daily meltdowns we all have. I have so many of them. horoscope today is here to guide you. Listen to horoscope today everyday free on spotify hi. I have so many of them. I do you will they. WanNa know welcome to the podcast Miller and everything you need to put the celebrities you don't Bobby Finger I'm Lindsey Weber and the emmys happened. Family knows firsthand. How truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted here are the nominees for outstanding competitions sure did and you? I didn't watch them so I didn't. They were the lowest rated Emmy's in a long time. I don't know I guess it'd just constantly getting lower and lower and lower. It's every every every month is the hottest month on record. It's like every emmys as the lowest rated Emmy's in history or not really into chose right now and I think that's you know we're going through so period even the Oscars were like but you know i. I think that's because like this whole thing with the hosting no host ever that has to do with this. I think you know what is this from per very preliminary. MANERA numbers. Fox's Sunday night telecast to five point seven out of ten resulting metered market ratings down twenty three percent from last year. Twenty percent is big though I just want the twenty three percent hunt down twenty three percent down thirty percent leg overall from it's like yeah this. September was a couple of degrees hotter than last awesome number but if it were like twenty three percent hotter than less September. I think people would be a little more nervous but I guess the point is that lanes are nervous. The these award shows are not as make or break as you would think they are and like if somebody wins an award it's not like Oh. They're famous now like we kind of imply. He's really when you take a step back. It's like who's actually watching these things. Maybe it's just the people that already know the the the shows and they're also more there. I think they still still retain the the the weight and the power on a micro level like for each of these individuals it really changes their careers unlike gives them this like like you know but not sparkling thing on their resume that they can say well oh well. They can demand more money. Oh they'll get more roles but it's like to you and me. I don't think I think more people are going going to watch fleabag than would have had it not one but I don't think it's going to be some sprint to Amazon to watch fleabag yesterday. You know yeah I don't. I don't think so at will definitely be a bump but I don't think it's skewed a bump is minor. It's the problem still remains. They're still a billion shows on television vision so right so that's what I'm saying. I think these have little to no influence on action well. It's all like all of a sudden. Everyone's like fleabag. If anything you might be waller caller bright ancient people who aren't watching the emmys which is most people might see a bit of media because there's going to be like a bump in media on fleabag all of a sudden. My parents are going to call me until it's like who's fleabag and I'm GONNA say. Don't even get me starting now. You'RE GONNA hang up on them. What's Loeser number. I didn't watch like what's Ozark. I kept seeing people make jokes about Ozark. It was on twitter and I was thinking that it won best like drama over the game of thrones and I was at phase. I was like okay that makes sense because I it wouldn't separately Ozark but I know people. Watch it okay at one. Whatever it came to one a couple of words came close? It came close to winning. Jason Bateman won best director Rector of which is wild over game of thrones people and someone named Julia Garner won best supporting actress over game of thrones people. What are we doing here your father's laundering money for Mexican drug cartel. What do I know about her. She's not James Garner's granddaughter as I just assumed just because nepotism rules no relation to James Garner and she's dating foster auster false of the people so she her name is Julia Garner. The People Julia Garner that People Julia Fowler GonNa be Julia Emmy Winner Julia foster the people the People Julia Lia Garner foster the people even she's going to garner. She might hyphenate okay other notable shows. No of course I don't want Ozark. That's rude it to me that you would say that to me. It's like did you read Y on Netflix but it's hugely popular on Netflix eats like it said in the Ozark and it's about money laundering and I was reading this e w story that's like. Here's what you need to know about Ozark now that it's one of these emmys and you don't know what it is and it says what to expect in season three. There are two Sousse seasons of this show. I have no idea what it is. I know it's very blue. The show is extremely blew. It says the Riverboat Casino that Marty worked hard on at the end of season two becomes operational what the Laura Linney is in it. I don't really WanNa talk about Ozark but Laura Linney and a riverboat casino. I don't really let's see them yet. Who was really watch it. We shouldn't talk about it. billy porter. I think is still Kospi but a WHO maybe but I even think Phoebe Waller Bridge is like me call her them like she's Cosby. SP KOSPI still. I don't think I don't know if we called her to saying like the low ratings on this thing. It doesn't make me want to like. Have anyone become them from it like even like watching this marvelous like everyone in the world. This makes emmys making things seem that everyone in the world is watching the marvelous. Mrs Mazel you know like everyone in the whole world. It's like air birthright you know as the national anthem of TV shows but is that the case. I don't know but you know like Amazon. Money is like fueling ruling this award show. It's crazy to me. I just assumed that Amazon pace roller awards like I just don't understand I mean it was insane to me. HBO also I did do well. HBO Definitely ran through but I don't know it. Just it felt very same same same. Sam Patricia Clarkson didn't win. You know that's all that matters. been wishaw did win okay. The most exciting wins were phoebe Waller Bridge a couple times fleabag Jeram one that was excited. That was like easier. Emotional moments like Ben. Wish ause was a little bit exciting. Um who else was exciting. I mean that really was it. Oh Billy Puertas was exciting as you said and Jodi Komo's was exciting. It was kind of unexpected so the rest was like well. Well you know. How many times do we have to celebrate game of thrones. You know we didn't celebrate it. As much as people thought they would Michelle housing saying I watched Halsey Z. saying time after time for the in Memoriam section this morning that's what you chose to watch. We'll yet was sent to me Kate Senate to be. I didn't recognize Halsey last night and so I watched the video and I didn't recognize either because she had a very different hairdo so it was like the she looks very different and also why do you sing time after time during memorium. It's it's not if it doesn't make any cents for an in. Memoriam but people are gone. No it makes sense. If you're lost you can look and you will find me. No you won't find them. 'CAUSE they're dead. Do real extended stand up here. It's I'm not doing a sentiment. I just I was watching. I was like this doesn't make any sense. It makes sense time after time after time is a funeral movie. I've never heard that in a funeral contact. I have it. I've heard McLaughlin enough context yeah well. This is a little bit further away from that you know from what's the number one funeral song. I mean I I guess we were guessing what Song would come on what song she would sing and I said memories without me because I was like memories would be like a good cats tie-in. Yeah I thought without me could be funny like a slow mystic without me but that's her song and they would never seeing her own song because people don't even the role yes. They barely know her song. They put the wrong person on the Memoriam ramblas which is sad yeah. Andre Previn died and they didn't show photo of Andre Previn. They showed a photo of some unnamed Leonard Slacken. He's alive. He's apparently mad right and I think we're done with the EMMYS. Yeah I mean. You definitely didn't watch them so I feel like we really can't. We really can't continue let some let's move to something that you do know about like Christie Brinkley Yup. I'm so happy to be here so I can personally. Thank you for defending me that Karen did it in such a classy way with so much love and really as a lesson for all of us. You know when somebody acts like that you can only feel sorry you know they they. When you're in a happy place you support and you love one another. There are new boost every the weirdest thing about the Christie Brinkley thing continues to be that Hollywood life is getting more and more exclusively and one of them is this interview with Christie Brinkley and they asked her about Wendy Williams being like Wendy Williams conspiracy theory that included the instantly iconic line. Do you WanNa dance and with the stars dancing with the stars called Christie Brinkley and said do you WanNa dance with the stars. Do you WanNa dance with the stars and Christie Brinkley told Hollywood life I was insulted because my daughter doesn't need to pull any strings or stunts chance to get her any type of jobs that she's gorgeous smart and funny and amazing person who has done a great who has a great agent and gets offers all day long so for Wendy do have said anything like this why I had to say something. If if it was just about me I would pay no attention to it but when you go after my kids we have a problem. It is just as bad. It has nothing to do with your kid so this is ridiculous. Don't care about Ciller. That's the whole point point. Also I just feel like it's you know. Wendy said this one entertaining thing. She had a little theory she a little fun. It's a TV show. It's entertainment TV show and of course Chris Christie Britain's going to stretch this out until the end of time because well she's doing her arm is broken and she sitting around all day getting mad you know hurston shoulders broken and they're broken with air quotes also she should know and I'm sure she does that. This is all this is all good for everyone involved. This is such a low stakes rumour that everyone everyone is coming out a little better than before by the end of this but also like you know sometimes like. Are you know like our Monday. Episode are two sorry sometimes like our Tuesday episode. You say something and you just got to move on and that's what Wendy do went something. Wendy being like Christie's mad at Wendy's like what what did I say you know. She's in remember. She doesn't even know what she did. She she can put. We forgot yeah. She has other things to deal with and so do we dancing with the stars called Christie Brinkley and said. Do you WanNa dance with the stars. Here's a fun thing to talk about. Opera Christie Brinkley speaking feuds Melby is feuding with Jessie J. I love little little acronym name feuds Melby Jessie J yeah do you WanNa. I don't know why no no yes melby. It's just there's nothing more fun than a few that just comes out of nowhere. This viewed comes out of nowhere by which I mean Britain and Melby was being interviewed on this website. I mean on this radio called heart. Whatever so there's video of her in the studio she's being interviewed by the people and they're doing like him. One of those like you know where you just rapid rapid questions rapid fire questions or like. What's your favorite? Whatever what's your least favorite whatever did it and they try to answer as many questions as you? Can you know five five minutes and one of the questions is who is the most overrated artists artists generally out there and they're like and everyone's like and they'll be can't think of any that she's like Oh. My God I don't know and the hosts are trying to help her out so they're like Arianna Grande Day and she's like no. She's bread it live no she's brilliant and it's like what about Louis Cul de and she's like no he's brilliant. He's brilliant and then their silence and Melby Goes Jessie J which H. Artist Outright do you think is the most overrated so apple the artis out that WHO's the most overrated Ariana Grande Day was she's brilliant line. I Louis Capelle Day Scranton instagram mighty Cyrus. She's brilliant. Everyone's really good a really good. The thing that may think thing Jessie j just a right out of nowhere. She didn't get prompted for Jessie. EJ No she got prompted with other people like Jessie. J Jessie J goes. Let's have a think Jesse Jesse Jackson hosts are like Oh interesting and then they move on because it's rapid fire questions so there's no time to even do well. This happened in July. Well Jessie J has since commented on this and her comment was which he posted over the weekend is just a video of her recording studio singing a song that is her song. That's old. It's called like white rooms or something in full in a video carousel so you can watch her saying this whole song in like a four part video carousel and the caption is overrated melby voice which isn't even a good caption. It's very very strange to me. We talked about this too when you sent me this. Jessie J is not overrated. She's not even rated. She's if anything if if anything thinks she's actually underrated yes I mean because she's thought about so little that it's it would be weird to categorize hers on cable aren't left and right maybe like in the UK but I don't even think so are like Jessie j chronic singer of our of our generation judge. The people just cannot Jessie. J like that's not that cannot be true like she's not even talked. She hasn't even reached the threshold of underrated. No she's well. She's unrated. She's she actually is underrated like if like objectively she had underwear. She has a really good voice. She's a very very good singer so like the fact that no one really pays attention means that she's slightly underrated. The point is rated. She certainly rated accurately accurately appropriately by channing tatum to be no one else to be correctly. You have to be rated like maybe she's overrated in China where she did the reality show I I I would call her appropriately rated and because she did a great job she she did a great job and she deserves her success right. I mean I guess ever else to Jessie. J stands over here but Melby went after the wrong not rated singer. Although I will say maybe she went after the right person because Jessie J doesn't really know how to engage in view. It's no video was like overrated saying aside slick the imagine if she had gone after you know like miley Cyrus or Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift overrated there would have been held to pay so you know maybe not necessarily buy them by the fans and I think even Jessie j fans are like we'll sit this one out Jesse defense or polite well but they they just they just any of them. It's they're not good at organized obviously Melby. I wouldn't say Meld I'd say as a performer armor. I'd say Melby can sing. I won't say Melby is like incredible. vocalist never never heard known like US solo anything before. Oh Oh so for melanoma spice girls are incredible. Solo vocalists dear be come after de like aren't they in the same same realm. If you're asked who who is overrated singer you abstain you do not you do not play that game now bobby. Who's in the lobby. WHO's WHO's overrated cigarette shaking my head no thing anything. I'm telling you know but you don't have to abstain. WHO's overrated. Who would you say is the most overrated singer right now currently Bentley in our mid in our midst uh-huh uh-huh. I really do have to abstain. I have to say no. I think sir. I think it's a bad answer. I think it's if you are in front of a Mike. I don't care how many listeners you have. You don't answer that question. I'm sorry but you don't count as you're not melby. I talso also rated. You're not over under eight fine up I don't know Billy Irish. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. WHOA WHOA Whoa Camilla Kobe oh well. That's true that but that's true is she overly Cabela's voice that drives me fucking off the wall. I can't stand I hate it. I hate her voice. she cannot stand you think she's overrated. Yeah Kinda who I think's overrated what ready for this ready ready for this own. Niamey what beyond just kidding it's ambience. It's Solange. I think is overrated as an artist. You don't company. Don't come home for me like I think that I think that's the lodge is. I think the salons has flash in the PAN overrated NECE but Salange is so bad at like retaining her highly rated nece you know like salon releases an album. Everyone's like change the world and chat about away yeah. It's like it's like when I was okay. I'm like this is pretty good and then I forget about it literally immediately and the emmys happened in there like Marvelous Mazes Mozelle the best TV show on the TV TV and I'm like Oh. I watched that I guess I don't remember what is she doing like. We need to go back to the you know this. He's not fucking. This is not a bit. I know that she wants to be a comedian. Oh where else is this story going. They went to the catskills okay. I I take it back. Did this bit. Where else is she. Go else who like who else would be overrated. That's kind kind of though to the. It's like who's topping the charts right now. You know you can't just pick a random. Alex is big and I think tanks launches pretty big although she's not topping any charts but but the thing is that those are two singers Jessie J Jesse Jesse J doesn't know what the top of a chart looks like Yeah No. She hasn't been there before. It's true you hasn't gotten always. She's always looking at up. She's curious. She doesn't have a ticket on that funicular. You know like it's well the funicular that is the time to get to the top of the charts key. Perry badge to she can't get up there anymore. Either wait hold on. This is actually like I'M GONNA scream that here's the sound of Jessie j going up to the top of the charts in the Guy Prizes prices right but she's not going up the chart and then something happens and they're like Oh. You didn't make you just fall back on down the party. She's not even on the chart. Let alone up the charge. She didn't get pick took participate in prices right. She's holding up the sign. That's like I love you Bob. I WANNA have your babies Bob and then they're like Jesse lose. WHO's a Jesse was on the Chart Jesse McCartney. Come on down no. He's not okay just speaking of someone who hasn't gotten on that funicular Jesse McCartney who would be a writing credit got it. Did you listen to Leonsis on no as a bad not bad. It's just like it's again. It's what do you do these days so bad. Just they found me found uh-huh uh-huh what happened to like. WHY CAN'T WE GET Diane Warren to write her. Why can't the writers of that's the way it is right here. Another contemporary dino were not right. That's the way it is No I can actually find the writers but those people need to get back on her team and she needs to write more. You know like heart warming adult contemporary jams. It just sucks because is now that she's like a liberated woman guest like Post Post Rene may he rest and whatever IRA music she needs to do. She's doing like con-. She actually is trying China delight contemporary Camilo Kobe. Oh songs that all sound language hang hang our young who wrote that's the way it is. I'm GonNa Fucking Screen Hill picket just name person you'll be right Martin. Remember we were like Mex- Martin probably brought it because we're cynical and then it was like yeah well he did but also that's the way it is doesn't make any sense but that's one of its charms yeah when you want it the most. There's no easy way out when you're ready to go and your heart don't go. Don't don't give up on your faith. Love comes those who believe it and that's the way this phrasing ever. How did you not guess that I'm I'm like shaking in my head. I cannot believe this when you want it. The most there's no easy way out when you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt that it's just like nothing but contradictions don't give up on your faith to believe it but like Max Martin's Leon Liane definitely share like a love of the English language meaning the use the way that they use the English language both of them. Both of them are like extremely extremely against the idea of getting better at English. They're like absolutely they just they stopped where they are. They're not getting any better. They has no interest in getting adding any better she she's had. Alex thirty forty years and she's like no. I'm good right here. At Max Chimera Max maximum the lead even though it's like Max's literal job better is to be better than the English language reviews. Who else are we talking about today. Noah's Antonio. Oh did you see yes. Betty sent me this tweet so no listen to NATO his beard for a role question mark. I don't know I've loved before I else. Would you bleach your beard of those fucking. Things are going to be made to all the one hundred and production. Here's the thing I don't want to talk about that. Sooner wasn't did not bleach his head with his beard appeared. He just bleached his beard. He has a blond beard also talked about how no assigned to NATO like fell off quicker than like quicker than Jessie J on the charts. Am I right just sang but like member. We cared about him to be on the charts to nose into now is he the next big thing and then it was like he's not even a thing. No one I feel he likes might still be a thing in a very specific demographic that I am not privy to nor. Do I want to be privy to it but you would have not that. He's not abroad need to be eh abroad thing but I don't even think for them like because he's not waking out here like Amy Pascal isn't like being like we gotta get this. No centenario kit no interest the stuff that he's put out since to all the boys has been super bad and the all these weird movies that he made before that are now getting reading. Do you name me. I have no interest in any of those in any of those movies yeah yeah yeah but he he dyed his beard. I don't know why but the that Noah's into new update fan account tweeted this video of him on instagram showing off his flesh colored beard and it says Noah Centennial Update. He bleached his beard. I'm actually crying. I'm actually considering to stop my fan account and they changed their display name to not know centenario updates because they're so upset. The stands are so sad because he has spent suppress creepy because flesh colored beard now yeah do say I linked all that member creepy flesh colored beard. I hate it. I hate it. Why would you do that to yourself. That's why I don't grow facial care because it looks like Noah's Antonio's bleached beard. I hate it. I know I know better than to do that also like at one. AM. He tweeted at Astra. That's it just ad Astra Sarah Yeah Astra. No you know what he definitely died it for. Maybe what he starring in he-man in two thousand twenty one. Do you think that she's email yet. He's he man and he man he. Is he man. He's he seaman. He's he he man. Do you think like he's doing a test for Lonzo Blonde. I went to his. IMDB home. I got to see see what he was up to and began production in July Twenty nineteen disgusting. Do you think he wore a wig but then he he he died his because he man's hair is like famously bad blonde. It's like yeah. It's also fair. You can wear a wig and it looks looks real. You can't fake facial hair looks fake facial hair like just take a look at John. Travolta facial hair is like not good for business okay so Cincinnati bleached his beard. He's even more of a WHO than before. Yeah had true 'cause he's the he man who the WHO man is he man GonNa Change Anything for him now. No I don't even know what he is. He man's the meam. That's like him. He Eamon me member that he man me. Oh I don't remember that time. Tell me about billy you always cut the part of the address say billy spelled like Irish but I know tell me about. Billy's felt like Islas insane. Especially after you called called her overrated in this very episode what's on overrated billy the razor yeah that's because women's razors can cost up to fifteen percent more than men's which is called yeah. It's messed up because we actually more to shave on our bodies. I just thought about that so technically. Our razors get used up faster. 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I love that so go to mypillow dot com slash who it's a small way you can support us while getting the best freezer you will ever own for half the price of razors in the store and free shipping always at my billy dot com slash who that's m. y. b. i. l. i. e. Dot com slash. Hill billy like Jeff Lewis has daughter to expelled from preschool after he criticized it on the radio radio so Jeff Lewis has a radio show he complained about his daughter's preschool preschool was like fuck you kick in your daughter out which seems unfair it it does but it also seems like stop talking about our school on your radio show but also who's listening. I know it's a Montessori stories school. They're paying probably a lot of money for this stupid thing this Montessori School who's Jeff Lewis again flipping out. He's flipping out. He's the flipping out guy who's Jirama keys nothing nothing but dramas all drama What does he talk about on this show. I don't know it's on Sirius. Xm. What is he what is in it's called. Jeff Lewis live so he's probably talk about anything. I did end up speaking to the headmistress on Saturday and by the way I did before I he did pro- myself with a phone call. I knew there was a possibility I would have to get in a very vulnerable. Stay at Ya and I would have to be apologetic and remorseful so hard that is for you I got into the character and within the first few minutes she she had already just kind of. She just laid it out and said look. We're going to be expelling and I I spent the next fifteen minutes in character but what I should have done is what you told me. Doug is. I should have taken a pen and yeah stabbed myself hand because it made me cry. That's not enough for you. You as I said a staple you gotta staple your five the parents that he was bullying them which is interesting because like they're ear bullying his kid by kicking her out of school at two years old who has no idea like what even happened you know oh he emails els internal emails without using their names but he read emails and mocked parents. The little stupid also gift. Get this radio show together. If it involves you reading eating like emails from other parents at your school. The headmistress apparently told Lewis that he had bullied two of my mother's on air and accusation. That Lewis denied I said are you. You're kidding me bullied. I read to emails. I didn't say somebody was fat. All they did misery to emails. Defamatory jokes have been made by Louis on his Sirius. XM Show about one of the mothers looking like a woman who would go to a key party the headmistress told Lewis that while she received only one complaint and that it was not from either of the individuals he mentioned on air she was expecting their call any day and that caused caused Louis too well flip out oh my God so the people who complained when even the people that he mentioned on the talk show 'cause obviously who fucking listens to that. I gotta say like he really dug himself. L. Deeper by saying like I didn't believe them. It's only I called them. Fat like okay now. You're fucking can't shut the fuck up. Get off the rate. You know just keep canceling yourself yourself like now shut up please. I gotta say I didn't care about him and like don't really like him and now I don't like him less but he just keeps showing because he has this nasty behavior. That will not stop. Stop rate doesn't like Andy Hate. Bravo Bravo wants something to do with him. He like broke up with his husband. That was like a big deal right like he learned his. Everyone on. The cast hates him. He terrible relationship with that co host. The one who looks like Elaine Benes yet the what's her name Right Herbert Leg Joan Johnnie Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny. Jenny got a terrible relationship with her. It doesn't surprise me that he did this. What surprises me is that he still has a radio show. Yes that's sounds like a nasty show. It doesn't sound fun till all listening to this show so I guess what I'm trying to say is. I think it's time to move Yvonne. I think it's time for you to prove on and I am truly grateful to you because I would not be here if it works for you. I thought we were having lunch to discuss what had happened and decide how to regroup grew. I didn't realize my future at Jeff. Lewis Design was over. I actually didn't make a decision until maybe an hour before for lunch. Jimmy Yeah to be honest. I was leaning towards not Leonard Out. The whole thing was scary scary because I'm used nice to her being next to me for the last dozen years. If you listen that show you are conditioned to like be okay with that sort of behaviour so you wouldn't complain about him him saying that stuff so it's surprising that someone complained at all because if you're listening to that show you're not the person to complain about. Jeff Lewis being an asshole will your I guess your point is is that if you listen to that that show you are maybe a fan of Jeff Lewis because it's such a niche show so why would you lean about Jeff Lewis if you're a fan of Jeff Lewis and you weren't one of the people that he was talking about. How'd you bullets in letting people. Hey listen stuff so you know who was who was telling me like hate. Listening is just such a it just takes so much more effort than like hate watching her hate reading you you know. Cher hate listening such an active thing you mean like radios and like podcasts yeah like like it's it's. It's hard to waste time on like you can hate rethink because it takes two to minutes but it's like. I'M NOT GONNA if I don't like your podcast. I'm just not gonNA listen. I wish I wish people more people would hate left last podcast. We know no one does because it takes fucking hours there. We love the streams. If people are listening I love that bump of like ten percent hate listeners or sorry. That's flattering like twenty percent. Hey you know but I hear you guys aren't together any we had genuine. I've been friends for sixteen years. Something happened recently that it was really hard for me to get past pass lot okay. It was a very emotional knee jerk reaction but she she she had basically gone to our bosses at Bravo and said you know that it was an abusive situation not like a sexual abuse situation but it was like a hostile work environment one one of my favorite things about watching television when I'm watching a prestigious show is playing in my phone game molly doing no truly like you could listen to this podcast and play a a game the whole way through and here's a game you play. It's called best means. We've talked about it before. It's great it's unique and exciting puzzle experience unlike any puzzle games out there. I love notes. It says is please note that characters. Most of them are bugs there but they are bugs. Their bugs are in little cars. There is a great thing about best beans that updates all the time so it never gets old new but my favorite thing about best. Athen's number one I could play while I watch prestige. TV number two. I could play on the plane. I don't need Wi fi because some guys you need Wifi. It has over a hundred million downloads globally. It's rated five stars and it's a free download on the apple APP store or Google play that is friends without the our best fiends and you can download it right now. Speaking of hate listens Nick Vile. Is he dating Rachel Bronson. I is she hate listening hood file a fucking Shit. Do people people think they're dating I because they've been posing for photos bachelor person. She's a bachelor person and he's just horny dude so he just he will take a photo in front of anyone. I on his podcast or some bullshit. I'm very excited to have Rachel on Isaiah is slid into her. D- him to ask her to come out professionally why she what did the message read. What was it I was like listen. I have two questions the first one super appropriate appropriate this now. I was just like you sent me news. Talk of Luke and I yeah I knew that Rachel was a big bachelor fan and so. I've been a fan of Rachel for some time I had noticed throughout. Maybe the past couple years there was one time I think he might have commented on Instagram and I notice and I was like this is very exciting for me about like the bachelor what we didn't slide into my deums then you've thought always gotta shoot your shot. Nick right 'cause every bachelor person has a podcast time while she she was on his podcast method she was on his podcast cows and everyone's like they're fucking but no flirtatious comments on Rachel's instagram yet because he's fucking thirsty. Let's literally his entire existence systens. Whatever that's discussing doll pisses me off but I mean I don't watch the show hottest bachelor right number one. I'm researchers. May He's gotta be. Td he turned out to be a dud though I'll tell you that he's I'd Bet I get it. I get why he's like. He's a game demand on the scene. Huge Dud ed but yeah he was disappointing in his actual season so there may be dating. Maybe not probably not they were just on a podcast together. That doesn't mean anything. The Best Relationship Story of this week is Thomas Middle. It gave a in his interview label ass wife and he talked about how only psalmist middle ditch would give an interview to playboy which like is anyone reading like playboy is not people read playboy only online. No I think there is a magazine and they were they redid it and it's this whole thing and they redid the website and they're trying to like make it a thing but I guess my point is just like you rarely hear things that are newsworthy coming out of the playboy realm and the one thing is Thomas Middle Ditch answering like I guess twenty questions I d like a twenty twenty questions format and his what he ends up revealing these questions makes him seem like the biggest heard I can't understand and if I were if you're reading playboy and you read about like a couple that's unlike an open marriage or like their swingers or excuse me what the term now. It's called like are you in the lifestyle the lifestyle it would be fun or interesting to read about that if it seemed like both parties were having a good time. This interview is not fun to read because it sounds like Thomas middle ditch sort of pressured his wife into doing something that she doesn't want to do and he essentially says he says `I don't make fun to read. I don't know how much I can say because I don't want my wife to be mad at me. That means you. Stop Stop and if exactly if it's something like Thomas and molly or like Oh yeah we're swingers. We have a good time like here. We go to these things a couple times. If it was actually like an enlightening story about swingers fine known what about it and I would have been like Oh Thomas Middle Digits Silicon Valley guy he makes it seem like his wife is in misery. Listen to this only after I got married. was I like molly. I'm sorry but we have to get nontraditional here so molly. I'm sorry so are we with this remote. This reads to me as only after Raghav famous. was I like molly. I'm sorry but we have to be non traditional here. I'm going back to the text her credit instead of saying fuck you. I'm out which it seems like. She might be doing that soon. She was like quote. Let's figure this out to be honest. When he has saved our marriage we have different because I wanted to swing and I I was like these are the terms you have to swing and we we have different speeds and we argue about it constantly but it's better than feeling unheard alone own and that you have to scurry in the shadows. I'm sorry but is it you by the way it's now called being part of the lifestyle. The term swinging is old. I love telling playboy Roy that they're old. This line is I think the most alarming one where he says I'm gas and she's the brakes. She's probably like brags. uh-huh constantly slamming on the brakes. That's dangerous breaks breaks breaks breaks breaks breaks. They say is below. You know you want both parties to be on on the same level. When it comes to acceleration deceleration you know well I mean that's how you just can't drive on our way. The brakes and the gas aren't discussing things like if Lindsay and I were driving a car and Lindsey header foot on the brakes on my foot on the gas we'd be dead in two minutes in two minutes breaks Brian Brian. We would fly up the he says I self deprecating. Lee Call myself a pervert but that's not what it is. I'm just like it. I'm sexual sexual. I'd always thought I was a romantic but when I fall in love that stuff fades away it does for some years enough to be like I should get married and I'll be different but it's a part of me. If that's a part of your being it feels important to you. Find a way to explore it because repression sucks and again this whole thing would be like a non issue if it were just him talking talking about like I'm horny like I like going to these things like this poor woman. She must not have been happy about this being published right. They're getting divorced. Oh God I mean this interview. Just keeps going. I've been to some weird parties that were very eyes wide shut from which I walked away thinking quote i. I don't need it but I'm glad I saw that. I've seen some Dick's. I've seen some butts. I've seen some tits. It's weird. I can't read this anymore. This is hurt. I just hate I just hate how how he just and I hate to use the cliche but he's just he just falls into the sexually active band nerds category like that's exactly what but he is just what I must get famous become as bad as any other. You know Hunky dude which like he's not unattractive at all so like to have this thing where he's a nerd it's like he literally played inert on TV or whatever so isn't he liked the verizon guy he's like. He had a new phone phone. Yeah ooh yeah bet probably pay more than Silicon Valley which I can't wait for that show and what a dumb fucking notches it. That's why because I I I have to keep. I have to see how it ends now. It sucks. How do you do most startup stories and like I don't understand your they're all going to end in failure. They're gonNA be ruined by the end of it got. It's it's the worst show it is not a great show. I guess my point is dislike. This he made it seem he took something something that could be interesting right for US liberty to talk about being involved in and non even bad and made talked about it in the worst way so that now it's like like just another cliche of like a famous guy being like Yemen wife fucking hates me. ha ha ha ha ha you know now and years me and a velvet robe playboy and taking like what could be like a how a healthy open relationship and turning it into like us a gross slimy playboy interview interview that involves you talking about how like your wife hates you because you want an open marriage essentially and she clearly doesn't you'll. Bob Walk speaking of relationships Andrew Reynolds of book of Mormon and girls fame is now dating some gay guy named Tuck Watkins of the boys in the band and desperate housewives fame. I read this to but it's funny that it's a you know it's Tuck to is Tuck. They were in a play together. That's cute boys in the band very gape laid him. They played boyfriends and the older way way. Now they're dating. It's like their entire photo streams. It's just like he earned the bull here. We are outside the Bulls for the bull here. We are in full narrow Mimi Mimi we. I'm sorry that anyway this pull photo shoot sounds great. I don't know whatever point is. They're not that interesting who cares gay. Broadway dudes with ABS not interesting interesting thing is Tuck is older than Andrew so he as someone from an older generation he was in the closet through the majority of his early career and so when he came out he was like already in his forties I think but the way he came out is the guy I was like. How could this get any gay or like book a Mormon dating boys in the band who was on desperate housewives like whatever whatever it can get Gayer and let me tell you how he came out in like two thousand seven to Marie Osmond on her short-lived hallmark talk talk show Marie. That's so funny that is funny. Were few things Gayer than coming out to Marie Osmond on her talk. Show on hallmark channel called Marie are- Murray starts now. Thank you guys rock. Okay welcome to my very very first. Marie ratio for Islam reate a talk show on hallmark channel. Call Marie wit homered channel Marais will now. She's back on the talk as you know new release or call it. It's a true call for one year one year hundred and fifty episodes. It's a lot 'cause it's a talk. Show Rate Moya says every day. hallmark channel has this happened in two thousand thirteen eighteen hallmark channel has pulled the plug on Marie Osmond's talk show after just one season but the Yakima will be brought into syndication space next fall with so many talk show offerings in the day part hallmark channel side not to green light a second season of Marie okay. But how do you Syndicate Topical Talk Show Starring Marie Osmond. I don't want to US yeah. I think each one just had one interview is that they because all of the titles all the episode titles are just one character right. I mean one actor. Maria cancelled in two thousand fourteen her first. I guessed two thousand twelve October twenty twelve betty white her second. Guess Fran Ashes Girls Girls Girls Girls Peri Gilpin was one of her guests area of the People Teri Polo Charles Shaughnessy Elsa Burton Angela Kinsey going to be like the kids from the the nanny. Oh my God g lager whether they're for Rigged Happy Ireland Fisher obviously embedding Tia aunt was there looks like aunt Mary or one of like four pairs that were ever on that show. This is incredible moronic around. We live obviously Marlee Matlin the final Gust Helen Reddy. Did she think she did. She know she was being him. Buzz Aldrin Incredible Bulls and data was on this show San Day July third two thousand thirteen day she was like a baby literally she was a newborn Helen Reddy Helen Reddy okay. This is a great. There's a great list of people I feel like there should be referred to. It's just like s celebrities a who or them or they appeared on Marie Osmond's. late talk show on the hallmark channel title one hundred fifty episodes. That's a lot of people that's a lot of people I mean. It's funny because she got cancelled after one season and yet she did one hundred fifty episodes. I'd be like you know no what I'm done. Thank you so much. That's a success. It's it's incredible for me hers. Early logo is very strange. Do you see the logo for the show. I'm looking yeah. Just it's it's Marie but the ISO but then I has a tower over it. Is that an that's what I was doing. Is that an Eiffel Tower. Is that thing I it looks like. She dotted the eye with awful town. Why would you don I feel I don't know not why though young not sure okay so oh maybe it's because because hallmark channel logo is topped with a crown but does it doesn't say anything okay. Let's move on but I thought a crown. It's Eiffel Tower under that's the triangle I understand. I understand but I don't understand. It's fine is like celebrities have a weird punctuation because it's like q look. This is how I saw. This is my signature sure. Maybe just her weird dot thing sure sure sure yeah sorry. Cyrus and Caitlin Carter broke up yet shocking truly chapter six six weeks yeah. Are you surprised the source told people Miley and Caitlyn broke up. They're still friends. Miley and Caitlyn broke up. That's a text. That's absolutely a text message right. I mean I feel like they broke up because they were never really like mile needed an out. She got an out Malia now. It were they. She got her six weeks. It's been six weeks divorce and they were like we've had enough yeah. No that's it what Dell's is there to say. Broke up says they've been friends forever and they were there for each other when they are getting separated but they're not in a romantic relationship honestly. Maybe they never were. Maybe they were just like consoling consoling each other blacking up. They seemed like they had chemistry though Miley singing don't call me angel alone is the the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen. I like that song which we talked about on when the when the song came out how funny whenever like a group Song get split up in each of them has performed individually will it finally happened. Miley Cyrus did it and we found out how it happens. She only sings her verse and then when Arianna sings the chorus. Miley just stops and they play a clip of Arianna singing. The chorus didn't even play a clip. They just played the sound over the speakers it. I just like appalling. Didn't we warn you guys about this like listen. Listen to us. Don't sing it live. Don't call me angel by myself. Do I need to say yeah you sweet. Thank it was she wary. And where was she seen she posted why on instagram she's A. Who Clean gone to offer last la.. What's Rita Ora up. To who is this woman. The first thing we have to mention is are the two beautiful word clouds that to hooligans made us. Oh my God yeah. We got two different ones one. That was just read. Aura things things that Rita Ora does which includes flashes reveals wears shows displays poets. Dawn's looks showcases rocks. Make steak goes on sets gues- it's meals off yet really I love when okay then he had had adjectives which will be asked for it which was white red new black high many casual sexy free quirky tiny bright bizarre tiny is it's funny leggy floral toned skimpy first sultry chic romantic sensational metallic. TALLEC Raunchy busty fine all glamorous at G. Little racy incredible and then we had another another one someone else did a word cloud for us as well with the Rita Ora This was from Alec. This is these words so Rita Ora isn't here because obviously then you have new. London shows dress steps flashes factor rocks display boyfriend end plunging is huge here for some reason. I mean I get white. SH- star studded stud it leaves Leather Calvin got the wearing this code is now on get hub wizard uploaded so anyone can use this any time they want to. It's like a Python Code. I don't know what that means. Oh Sam Raker Amazon raker. You're from Austin Texas. I love it. One hundred and one lines of code owed. This person made one hundred and one lines of code for us. That's incredible. That's so nice and you can just pull anything you want equal. TPS Colon Hyphen if an hyphen a back slash Daily Mail dot co dot UK slash home slash search hd amount. I guess it's just searching for Rita Ora sort by recent type hype article days also all of time. I feel like such a code. I feel like it's going to teach me how to code this one piece of Rita Ora code. What else does read Oregon she sizzled and Ashiq Stripe dressed photo. Trio in Instagram can't deal inskip incident can never deal like that's not news inquisitor but also instagram the company can deal. It's you meet a fans can't instagram grandcamp her perky dairy Aaron revealing bodysuit and fans couldn't handle it. I understood I agree. She's our instagram queen of the week sexy life called her their instagram created the week this fucking Hollywood Life Shit. I gotta figure out what's going on with Hollywood. Live wires got got more money or they got a new editor. Hollywood life has been doing the most lately the thing about Hollywood life though it's still it's such a hideous website to be on and yet in even though they're getting all these scoops they're still reader posting reno or a Bikini picks you know Rita Ora nearly pops out of skimpy black bikini while posing by the water pick read or do and I do have something in common. We're both in the September is still summer camp. That's true. This is literally the first day of fall though today is literally timers literally Turley going to the beach and a few hours so are yeah. We don't nearly pops at Kimberly Back Bikini. Oh you said this why she nearly popping out. I'm going to look at this photo that she has. She's been really into under boop this year so maybe that's all it is. I just don't appreciate here's my thing right read. It wasn't even nearly yeah well. There's Rita wear sexy clothes. I've seen this before but Rita works really hard. She cares about fashion and and she's not over here having fashioned mistakes or you know nip slips or any type of like misplace anything. She works really hard. Everything is in her. Look intelligent all so for you to say she's nearly popping out of something is very route to me. You're acting like anything about read or as an accident you know saying how thinking about rewards accident it's rude. It's rude to say like oops. She almost had this mistake. were her or like tip popped out and it's like no. She's just wearing a bathing suit that has like the illusion of good of tip popping. It's sexy and so like how dare you imply imply that she doesn't have. It figured out altogether that she's messy. Also these bikini picks are old the one of her quote unquote popping out remember the photos. You took an exorbitant said great news. You love that the same photos great news. We're done. Thank you for listening to who weekly another episode. We'll be back on Friday but the call in episode call six when who them's leave questions comments concerns we made them on a future episode spurred us at Patreon.com such weekly for twice monthly bonus episodes and weekly newsletters falls the twitter and facebook. Please rate interviews apple podcasts and we will see you in four days by you know uh-huh.

Jessie J. Jeff Lewis Christie Brinkley miley Cyrus Wendy Williams Hollywood Ozark Rita Ora Lindsey Weber Amazon Emmy Rachel Bronson US Melby Jessie Julia Lia Garner Jesse Melby James Garner Bobby Finger
Tate the Squid's first day at school and he meets Mobey the Shark

Short Stories for Kids: The Magic Factory of Storytelling

13:46 min | Last month

Tate the Squid's first day at school and he meets Mobey the Shark

"Hi guys and welcome back to another episode of short stories the kids. I hope you guys are doing really well. I'm lucy your host. And today i'll be reading you an amazing story to keep you company on your car trips or before going to bed or just if you have downtime during a day and you want to listen to amazing stories now our first story today comes from tate now. Tate is five years old and he lives in melbourne australia. And he loves listening to the podcast every morning and he would like a story about an underwater kindergarten with squid. Who was worried about his first day of school. It's a really cool idea tate. Thank you and. I hope that you love the story. Tate was a squid. He was five years old and he lived under the ocean with all the other ocean life. Now let me tell you something about the ocean. It's huge no. I mean really really huge and it's full of weird and wonderful see life. You have starfish jellyfish. Dolphins whales catfish. Seahorses sharks tuna octopus. Can you think of any more because you name it. It lives in the ocean. But it's not just fish that live under the sea there is also murder life to mermaids and mermen half fish half human swimming around living their lives just like we do and the wonderful thing about murph oak is that they can breathe underwater cuts right. How amazing is that. And not only that. They can talk to and laugh and sing on the water to now back to tape. The squid tate was a very beautiful bright pink color. The glowed vibrantly all over. He had always been like this since birth but he felt very shy about being such a bright color. He wished he could be blue or green or even black but any color pink. Pink was girls color right. Don't be silly honey. Tate's mom said to him as they went shopping at the marines supermarket on saturday morning. Tate's mom popped items of food into her. shopping basket. tate was very shy and hated to be out and about where people could see him. He didn't want people to make fun of his vibrant color. Tate's mom looked at the large selection of seaweed for sale and picked out a handful of what she liked take just followed behind her like her shadow trying his best to hide under her tentacles tate. It's your first day at starfish. Elementary tomorrow and you will have to get used to playing with other fish. Your age tate was really worried about starting school. He didn't want to go one bit. He just wanted to stay at home in his cave and play games with his mom all day when they got back home to their cave. Tate swam into his little bedroom and he had a little cry. His mother came in and wrapped her a long tentacle around him. Come on sweetie won't be that bad. Mom said tate looking up at her with tearful eyes. I don't want to go to school. The other kids will be mean to me. They will make fun of me. Because i look different. Nobody glows bright. As i do. Tate's mum smiled at him. It's true she couldn't think of any other c- friend that glowed is brightly and vividly as tainted. He was certainly special. Honey being different is actually a good thing. It is said tate whole yes. Of course i mean why would anyone want to look and be the same as everyone else. We are all different fish with different personalities and likes and dislikes. Well the world would be boring place if we all look the same. How would we recognize each other. You know your color and the way that you light up a room is really beautiful and it's nothing to be ashamed about. Tate lifted one of his glowing pink tentacles and stared at it. I guess you're right. I am trust me. Promise me you'll try your best to be confident at school tomorrow. Smile be kind and just be your wonderful self. Tate looked at his mom took a deep breath and nodded his head l. k. Mom i'll try my best bring bring bring bring tate's alarm clock began to beep at seven. Am on monday morning. Take grown to put his head back under his covers. Oh he started to feel a little scared knowing it was his first day. Starfish elementary he had breakfast and his mum gave him a pack lunch full of his favourite foods then holding his little tentacle. She swam with him to the school. Gates there will little fishes and their parents everywhere. There were shouting singing and screaming squeals of delight as some children greeted each other. Who haven't seen each other for the whole of the summer holidays in the chased each other around the school gates tape. Watch the other fish with wide eyes. He didn't want them to see. How much glowed okay tape. It's time for you to go in. you'll be fine. i promise. Keep your head up baby. Tate's mom said kissing him on the head and swimming away looking back at him to waive tate swam into the school building and followed the other noisy fish children along the corridor until he came to his classroom door the magic marine class. He floated in and took a seat at the back of the class to his surprise. None of the other kids seem to be staring at him as he thought they would. In fact they didn't seem to be taking any notice at all. They would too busy talking to each other laughing and playing suddenly in swam. The mermaid teacher miss pearl. She had bright orange hair and a pair of black spectacles perched on her nose. Good morning magic marine class. She said smiling at her new glass welcomed your first day here at starfish elementary. This morning we are going to play a game called getting to know my classmates. I'm going to put all impairs with another fish and you will talk to each other for ten minutes. I want you to tell each other some things about yourself. Try and get to know each other. miss pearl. Read out the little fishes names and everyone moved around the classroom to sit next to their chosen partner. Tate's partner came swimming up to him. A big smile on his face. Tate was partnered. With a young shark called moby. As moby king closer take notice something moby only had one i said moby excitedly nasty yet tate was staring at where toby's missing i was in moby laughed. Yeah wondering where my left eye is will. Some pirate caught me one day a few months ago and they took it from me. What exclaimed tate wide eyed his mouth. Gaping open howley jokin by. You should have seen the look on the face now. I was born like this. Oh said take feeling a little silly moby grinned. That's cool. i'm fine with it. I just feel lucky to be here and make new friends will go. And gosh you have an amazing glow. You're so lucky. I wish. I glowed latte. Let tate look down at his glowing body really. He asked a little puzzled secretly. He felt very happy that his new friend moby thought he was cool and he felt much better about himself for the rest of the day. Moby and tate stuck together like glue playing with each other sitting at lunch together and in the afternoon as a special treat. Miss pearl had organized a treasure hunt around the school grounds and caves. The children got into pairs. And of course take a mobile teammates and all of the class went swimming around the school looking for the hidden clues to find the golden coins. Miss pearl had hidden well. Moby and tate found all of the clues and all the gold coins take glowed so beautifully and so brightly that he was able to light up all the caves and all the dark spots they looked in and moby was very fast swimmer so he could get to the coins and the clues quickly with tate lighting the way a giant glowing torch of course tate and moby one the treasure hunt and miss peril gave them both a gold star on the class chart as a reward. Very well done you too. She beamed at them then turning to the rest of the class she said. Clap your fins together. Everybody are winners of the marine magic class. Treasure hunt melby and tate. This is a great example of how working together as a team and using your strengths. Help you achieve your goals remember. It's not about what we don't have. It's about what we do and using it to the best way we know how take couldn't wait to tell his mom all about his amazing first day at school. The best part was that he had made a very special friend and tate and moby would go on to have many special and exciting adventures together. Be and

Tate tate moby swimming Dolphins melbourne marines australia moby king howley jokin Gates Miss pearl toby melby
Welcome to Dad Talk!

Terrific Talk with Tom Anderson

22:22 min | 4 months ago

Welcome to Dad Talk!

"All right episode 3 we we made it here first episode. We didn't have a name second episode. We had a name but we didn't like it third episode new name in with Dad talked Derek makes sense remote dads and we're talking both our kids are just about almost a year old now, so it'll be a lot of Dad talked. So today I'm going over to a friend's house is big huge inside the players be outside. He's like thinking about like grilling and I'm just thinking what's the temperature out there right now? It's in like the fifties like low fifties. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's yeah exactly today. It's sunny out. It's been very cold here. So this is like, all right. Let's do this. I'm just excited like this feels like the first time that I'm not getting the question. Hey, do you want to go for a walk? Yeah. I'm like not looking to walk with anyone ever again. Yeah, we are never going through this. Let's go for a walk phase again, cuz it's the absolute we're going to walk for 25 minutes and then and then over back wages. Great later. I said that was it. That was that we didn't go anywhere we didn't do it. But no. All right. So you're outside you're queuing. I wonder if you get this cuz I get this like grilling is kind of like a manly thing right off. Like I'm I'm grilling whenever I'm grilling with someone so I'm not the host. This is on him today, but when I don't screw this, yeah, this is not your territory. You're there to stand next to the grill provide commentary. Yep. Yep. That's it the fuk way when I'm hosting and Grilling I get nervous like when I'm with like my friends like am I doing this? Right? Like are they judging my grilling right now a hundred percent because I know they have no it should know. Yeah. All right, if you had to grade yourself when you're real expertise one out of ten. So I would used to I was sad like a year ago like a three like not good now. It's m I know what I'm doing. I'd probably give myself like a six or a seven button Grill just like burgers and chat with you grill burgers steaks chicken some vegetables this conversation. She's giving me stressed right now. I just feel the Judgment comes from yeah, cuz I feel like you're right. What do you gas or charcoal? You don't gas, you can clown such a clown. That's the other thing. It's like a table even bother time. We got enough propane in there. This thing feels heavy to me at all times if it could be completely empty and I'd go yes, it's full. We're going to go probably. Yeah, we probably got a couple of hours left on Thursday and do my guess. So no idea. You have no idea we can do it you do that. It's like, you know, it's one of those girls probably got underneath you just do the shake thing. You ever seen people do that a little rock this thing back and forth first month still connected not a great idea second of all, what do you there's no way you can tell how much propane is in that thing just by shaking this and I also get like I get super worried in like the heat gets too much like there's a the temperature on this Grill and if it's like above 400 Degreez, I'm like and there's like you open the thing and it's huge Flames coming out. I'm going with other people and they're acting like, that's Jeff. Totally normal like we're all good. Don't worry when I see this huge Flames coming out. I'm like, I'm going to burn the house down and then like we're doing we're doing burgers and I'm trying to be all cool. Like do you want a cheese these up with cheeseburgers out? Like that's like grow people say, it's weird. What's Jeezy's nothing? You want to choose enough? Yeah, like cheeseburgers. Yeah. I know. What a cheeseburger what you had. She's on the burger for just don't put like who wants to who wants cheese on a burger with cheese, but goat cheese that with everything. These are saying that for like everything you're cooking a steak you have vegetables or just checking to be like juices up or you guys when she smoked and you're out there with the American Kraft singles just slapping him down on some like chicken breasts. Like it's just boom watch this boom cheese, but she did. So yeah, so we're going to be growing so I'll let you know how that goes. But yeah, I'm just going to be standing by not saying yep. Thing are you critiquing? Like how's the what's the grill expertise of the guy who's doing the gorilla? We substitute he's probably like a I'd give him like a seven or eight. He's pretty good job. He's doing for the most part. He's not attend sure but you're not coughing enough to go over there and be like, I think those are done, you know that move when you said they're the guys over cooking the shit out of him or his over flipping them. Like you just let this down just let them sit. I would never say it. I think I think those are done. Yeah, I can imagine that scenario. It's a black and the burgers are these pressing them down squeezing all the juice out of town. It's like I think those are done bro. It's like women Flames everywhere. Just cuz like you choose a tab for me. We got a double cheese that one cuz you just bring a lot of cheese on that one the worst looking forever seemed like when you're grilling and they just see you struggling you're like you want me to do it like when you're backing up the trailer like the launch the boat right and you're like this song. Got you want me to you because you know that guy didn't want to do that. He's like I'm just trying to respect your manhood. But at the same time you really fucking this up everybody else, you know, just step in and just it's just try to save the shred of dignity. You got left. That's so embarrassing. It's it's still works that reminds me. I was in Kobe our dog. We we our dog he needs to run a lot obviously got a lot of energy. So I take off on the bike rides with me like runs alongside of me and one day he got like spooked. He's like attached to this thing on the bike and he went he went flying. I went flying the bike just like broke. I had to take it into a bike shop element inside a bike shop. So not a good look for anything know. I feel like every place you walk into know and this might just be our general apprehension of like other human beings. Is that way. I feel like everywhere you go. Everyone is a fucking expert like the there's such a next-level community of everything whether it's like grilling like a bike shop or whatever right? I don't belong here. I belong anywhere. I don't want to walk log. Restore ever again because someone is talking about shit way above my pay level and I'm like my I just need like a fucking new bike wheel or whatever just fix it. Like I don't know what I'm doing exactly. That's exactly the way I feel exactly how it feel walking in there. I'm like, these guys are all fixed and bikes they're all acting all tough and I like I don't even know how to explain the problem on the bike. Like, can you look at this thing? Thanks man part that she connected to the the other part seems to be ask you. I feel like a little kid. I feel like a little kid walking in there. Like this guy's going to like. About my voice gets higher than the basket on my bike fell off. Can you give me a new basket? It's so bad. Like I feel like when I'm checking out the guy just like sizing me up was like you wanna arm-wrestle going to do this fucking take you off. I could take you so easily. It's like I think I think in certain places too. There's an expertise. Obviously everywhere you go, but I feel like you can walk into like I don't like a grill section of a hardware store or like there's like nice girl places that song. Has been Green Egg like smoker things and like everyone's like an expert but they dress like normal human beings walk into a bike shop though. And you're not dressing the part too. Yeah. Yeah, like who's this month? Short guy does not belong in here in the way of the second you walk in. It's like nah, bro. We're not going to sell Schwinn's right? Sorry. You guys got tons coming Tuesday. Is it coming Tuesday coming Tuesday? Finally my God. I gotta start exercising. I just put the shirt on and it's it's nice and tight. Like my clothes are starting to feel tight. It's not a good game rip, dude. I don't think it's ripped. I don't think it's ripped. I was feeling good too. I was like, you know, I'm all right, and then I just like in monthly week or two like I weighed myself like a couple of weeks ago and I was like at a pretty good and I was like one like ninety-two which is I was I was pretty happy with fine. You're away You're when when you weigh yourself do you like dead? OH Close beginning of the day. So you're like like I take my highlight no weights. No extra weight. I'm carrying Schafer's me shade. It snows here in here. It's going crazy without weighing me down. I never jumped on a scale ever like every now like I'll just see it like Curious. It's more like I'm I have no idea what the fuk. I let me just try it. It's always like the same numbers hate. I hate you. So I got a I got to start bulking up here for Springtime Beachbody. Oh, yeah, like pretty easy. Once it gets warmer will be doing this podcast shirtless. So listen, and if you can walk in it, that's why I say you ever like playing with West and get like ridiculously tired after like 30 seconds of whatever I'll be off the floor 10:00 and like or would you like walk across the room where I'm just something like thirty seconds later like 10. Maybe you just play with your buck and books or whatever just for a second to just dead. Figure it out. Everything makes me fucking tired everything. Yeah losted. My neck has has been killing me. Like I'm like, oh eighty year old. She can't like I'm like in the Uber. I gotta like turn around to see if there's a car coming so I can get out and I have to shift like my whole body cuz I can't turn my neck from carrying West around cuz he's like ninety pounds big. I'm a big kid, you know, did I just like a kid that that no, there's no way never I mean know of course. Yeah. There's a you can definitely look like there's any there's like baby fat you're like, oh you got like roles like me. You're a baby that's cute. And then you're like you get like a year and it's like you can start to tell like that's a that's a heavier kid a kid's a little fluffy right like dead. So you think that's the cut off like after a year. It's like, oh that that person is going to be fat. I think once they start doing like normal like human things like you're standing up and walking a little bit and then you can start to be like, yeah. Yep. A normal like baby belly, but like oh, no, that's that's a bigger kid. Like I get it. So what do you think you're going to have like the first sit down with Tenley? Like listen, you gotta take care of yourself my gosh. So this is funny. This is like God she was I don't know a couple of weeks old and we're about and it was all about like having time in like getting a strong for Nick, right and my mother-in-law was there and tell he wasn't happy every time the day. I was like Penny you're putting on you put us melby's now we got to work a little bit just to get struck and so my mother-in-law thought I was like the shittiest most chauvinistic asshole fucking dad was telling my daughter to work out cuz he's getting fat cuz she's two weeks old. Holy no, I meant because she's getting his big baby and she needs to hold her neck up so she can breathe and not die when she sleeps. She's like your pig know what I'm sick like having a girl like that's the like everything's different like if I had a boy dead. I would be a lot more blind to a lot of shit having girl. You're like I'm like clashes of how I talk to her now just to get ready for that ship and then like two weeks in America looked it up just like Jesus is already off. She's already got body ruined. I remember this thing. My dad said two weeks old. So I need to start working out cuz I put on the lb's she's going to be like 20 years old not doing tummy time. How about this study for like 20 minutes? Fuck you. Dad had enough juice never good enough. Oh my God speaking about teaching our kids things. So I am I am terrible at idioms got like scary bad like last night. We were talking and I said, oh this this will give me peace peace in the mind. I know that like the back of my head who knows the back of the head. No birth. No one that's the opposite. It's not even a neutral one. That one is just so wrong doesn't make sense. Who knows the back of their hand though. Like I don't understand that one at all. Just cuz you see it. You should see the back the spirits down you like makes way more sense to the back of your head. Let sleeping dogs die. I thought was the same said that in public once it did not go over. Well like that Sleeping Dog. What about six flag? Let him die man, he's tired. Just let him talk for dogs. Do they dye the dogs die. That's just it's just the reality this week. I had to assemble a high chair or for Wes. We were we've been living down the beach we were back in Hoboken and that wasn't set up there. So I was looking to build that the instructions. I traveled like your Bob the carpenter like how hard is it to put height? It's like a chair with four legs stopped stuff the instructions the sketches of the instructions look like they were drawn by a baby. Like they're they make zero sense. Like whoever puts these instructions together is just the devil. I think they just do it to mess with people like let's make this is unclear and complicated as it's it's a high chair like it shouldn't be complicated what's going on? It's all over the place. The things are in Chinese symbols. Like I'm like, all right. So yeah now you're talking right? Okay track like it'll come through actually. What are you doing here? That's an addict edit that out know but so I'm like, all right. So I go to there's English to I can't find it in the in the little pamphlet that I had. It wasn't English to me suddenly. All right, you know what else YouTube it like, I'm a visual learner. I'll see you somebody. I YouTube this like the high chair table. And it's just there's no one putting it together. It's just all of these reviews these people leaving these stupid video reviews of the high chair, like review of high chair Go YouTube these things there's hundreds of these jobs like who is taking the time like and then it's like a review of it and it's like this is how you use it. It's like what do you put the baby in the seat and then they eat? Yeah, like that's it. That's all I'm a visual function. Yeah. I don't need that video on how to use it. I need a video how to put imagine if that's like cuz obviously those people do that with everything right? Like that's how they feel their days. They review everything and they go into it and took a reason they think they're getting a following but who's the guy who makes that their first video that they post were there first review? Who's the guy that goes listen? I've really like, I don't even feel young views at the food is good. Like I don't like but this high chair people need to know what I think of this high chair and not only am I going to leave it at 3 stars. I'm Video explaining why it was so hard to put together. It might have Clips aren't exactly right or why it feels a little unstable. Does that how does that make someone? How does that push someone to the edge of the world needs to know? I don't know. I don't know these where these people come from if they're all around us, which is horrifying like a lot of them are like positive reviews though. It's like are you okay this high chair really gets the job done and I need to make a video about it. Like what is wrong with 5 Stars put it together simply instructions made sense. I speak Chinese. So that wasn't a problem and then boom baby Clips in maybe seem to love it baby ate the food. No problem. Easy cleanup. I just wanted you to know I think this is a tremendous product. It's incredible. His birthday is coming up what the fuck out of here and I'll send you an invite or something a Google calendar alert. I'll hit you up with you know that off. Please Holi said thank God. She's one of the doesn't matter. That's going to be some good podcasts material. I feel like the one the one year old birthday cuz it's like the kid doesn't know what's going on here. So this is completely in the moment they do but there's no we're not making memories right making memories here today. Yeah, but it's nothing to do with the kid if you half-ass your kids first birthday everyone who's like supposed to be there or is there it's just like few piece of shit lazy ass. Your kids first birthday. You just found it in it's so true faith. Is that also true people person? You have to go all-out not for the baby, but for your friends and family to know that your is your parent but also it's like first birthdays are for the parents to drink like that's it. That's a hundred percent of what that's all about you and you you invite over like depending on like obviously provincial you like. There's like thirty babysitter's here, right? Yep. And they have some Freedom. I'm getting at it having some donuts and some cupcakes. It's a mimosa and then boom this first birthday is going to be a hit. I mean, why is daddy passed out in the grass? Just let sleeping Daddy's dive right? I'm just really excited because after your first birthday for Tenley, I'm going to go and do a YouTuber view of how your party was if you should yeah, you should come out but you know what we're doing. We're a hundred percent doing its we're going to we're doing it and we're going to invite everybody would like for 15 minutes just two people can like say happy because otherwise it's just too hard to talk her but I think we're going to mute everybody when we started singing Happy Birthday except for one person. Yeah, it's just leave them unmuted wage review them saying just so good want to see who it is. You know, I think that's the mood and just like they'll just be out on a limb, you know, no idea for a second boom wage. That you loser exciting my kids first birthday. I just didn't have to put you out bro. Idiot. I used to do that when we were younger on Facebook. I would change my birthday on there. So everyone would wish me happy birthday on my birthday and then they would all look like idiots. Like you don't even know me. Well enough to know my real birthday is the best dude, but you remember you did that freshman year like a week before my actual birthday. My birthday rolls right over. It's like fuck you Derek know your birthday and they're like angry with me and they took their anger out from you on like it wasn't even like I don't believe you they were mad at me. Like you're an idiot. Like I wouldn't fall for that like recap for Tom did it how much attention do you need the actual birth that I spend my whole birthday freshman year alone because that one didn't want to hang out with me. Just I guess I'll change it back. I'll pick a second birthday some point. That's amazing. I love that that happened. You know, it was the best I got off. Update from my neighborhood. Check this out. Yes, so someone came and passed the thing and then he's the other day. He's at his unit is kind of like upstairs. He's like, hey today e-mail you about the thing or off to me like three hundred bucks. And then they just did it and didn't tell me when I we're not telling anybody push it. Yeah, you're you're cool. Oh, well, I got a new golden retriever puppy. You want to beat him thousand meters like yeah. I guess we're just coming back from like walking gently. So we're like in the garage she's coming up and he's being all super nice and he's talking about his golden retriever properties like found out to like a show dog, like breeders show dog pampered. Like of course computers like. And run around and then you know, we all get the Macon and everything and the guy says oh, yes, this is Lulu in a manic hose say you say vu's like Veuve Clicquot. It's like no like Lulu like a fucking dogs like a pig that correct. Light you could you call your dog c - no fucking new lou a normal dog's name. So now it's awkward cuz we're like, okay now we're like friendly, I was worried they'd like he was going to hate us cause this thing. Yeah, right and he had to pay all this money. It's like, oh cool and I wear this friend thing going on still don't know the guy's father made incredible something like introducing him to Tenley and the dog and everything is like I got nothing. I got nothing. So I pull like the classic like overly confident dad moved. So I'm just like, oh, yeah, so the dogs off leash and she just running around like our little Courtyard thing. So I put Stanley down to stand, just behind my legs so she can meet the dog and for whatever reason I don't think Golden Retriever puppies like are excited to see other people so she jumps up in scratches totally Deaf from the fucking face like a cut like actual blood or like I'm the worst parent in the world incredible tire world. What are you doing bad wage? Adverb click. Oh, yeah, that's bad mood. And so now I'm like trying to like me like minimize it now. We're like ruin the same day. He's going to hate me again. Every time he sees me like, oh, yeah, I ran into your wife made me pay all this money and then you let my dog jump all of your eleven-month-old space incredible and then so we just got back from a walk. So he's out there against are saying hi and then he's telling us that he's moving in a month. He's like, oh now he's like a nice guy was like, all right. Well, we'll have to worry about this name thing. Right? So like I'm kind of relieved and then one of our neighbors is coming out and leaving and he's kind of like introducing himself to her because she's she's newer I guess and he's about to like say his name. I'm trying to keep him at a quiet so I can hear his name off. Yeah, like don't like I don't want to know like, you know ruin the Pod if you just know his name just like that's like ridiculous and so is his name is Ahmed cool like right now off. I was name but he's leaving now now I'm like the hurdle of like the only thing like animosity about in my life over here right now. It's like the neighbor. I don't know his name and I was like, I don't have to play it any longer and then boom a quick turn event. I know his name now. We're cool but he's moving in a month. Unbelievable. He's out. He's like, I'm on the grid now, I can't hear people know my name now. Yeah, so all right. I I gotta get to this barbecue. I've got to get grillin Give me a review of the guys growing. I'll leave a nice review will make sure she's it up. Yeah, she's all right. I'll talk to you song please.

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Episode 5: Confident Writing with Melanie Thorne

Spiritual Business School with The Muniverse

1:00:46 hr | 3 years ago

Episode 5: Confident Writing with Melanie Thorne

"Welcome back to another episode of the spiritual business school podcast. My name is Mooney and I'm your host. You can find out so much more information about becoming a spiritual entrepreneur and all the amazing teachings in resources. I have to offer over on my website at the moon, averse dot com. This week's episode is called confident writing with Melanie, thorn now, Melanie is a UCLA writing professor, she's no ward, winning published author and a professional ghostwriter and she's collaborated with New York Times bestselling authors in the spiritual space in this episode of the podcast. We're gonna learn some powerful ways to get started writing where to find inspiration tips on staying focused and the very best reasons to start sharing your story, and as an extra bonus it gets a little weird in the middle because I'm going to start sharing some interesting stories from my past that I don't know if I've ever publicly shared before, but they're pretty entertaining and very relevant. So if you have any questions about what we talked about in today's episode. Send me an Email at podcast at the. Maneuvers dot com. So that's podcast at maneuvers dot com, and we'll answer those questions on next week study session. So without further ado, here's the episode. With Melanie, you're gonna love everything she has to share her stories, incredibly powerful. So take a listen and figure out how you can become a confident writer, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. I truly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience here on this earth. What you learn here could change the direction of your entire life. This could be the beginning of a whole new career per you. My name is Mooney and I'm a spiritual entrepreneur. Now more than ever the world needs spiritual leaders teachers guides. Are you ready to become one of them? If you're ready, I'm ready. So welcome to the podcast. It's the universe podcast, we're talking about all things spiritual business. I'm so happy, you could make it here. So thanks again for coming. Thanks for having me, of course. So Melanie, I would love for everyone listening to know a little bit more about your background in some of the things you've accomplished because it's a lot, and it's very impressive. So could you give us a little bit about your history as a writer on? So I been writing journals, my whole life and never really thought about doing it as a career until I got to grad school, and then I realized that you could actually make a living as a writer, was the thing that people did. So I decided that I would pursue that. So I have a master's degree in creative writing from UC Davis. And then I went on to publish my thesis, while a revised version of my thesis as my book hand-me-down from gutten penguin in two thousand twelve in that did relatively well. And since then I have started teaching writing at UCLA extension. I run some private workshop groups novel writing. I also do a lot of book edits for people. And then I also in spiritual world have written blogs and courses and other things for New York Times, bestselling spiritual author also ghost written a couple of romance novels. For Amazon, which I can't talk about because of copyright and legal issues, but those were fun to do too. So my, my experience is pretty varied. I also write essays published a couple of essays in a lot of nonfiction, blogs about writing. So that's what I do that say, writing is basically my life and my career it's, it's a, it's a good place to be awesome eleven and we'll talk more about the experience. You've had working with spiritual authors, which we can't name, who it is. Because of nondisclosure agreements, but it's it I've seen your work, and I think it's incredible all over the place. Can you talk a little bit about and another? We're gonna talk more about this. I think on another podcast because you are a published author and I wanna make sure everyone heard that is that, you know, you wrote something that went to the entire publishing process. Can you talk a little bit? Give us a little sneak peek about what that was like having something that you wrote go through that, that publishing process. Yeah, absolutely. So the first step in traditional publishing is to get an agent. And so I really worked on my book for a long time about five years, actually, after grad school and really polish to that been made it the best that I thought it could be. And then I started querying agents. And I was very lucky that I only queried to agents, the second agent picked me up, and we worked on the novel for about another year polishing it up in kind of using her suggestions with the idea of selling it, and then we went out to editors, and that's a waiting process to so you have to wait a little while, and then I had to editors who were interested, and I spoke with both of them on the phone. Listen to their ideas for revision in sort of what their plans were for publication in how they would approach it and how they would market it. And I chose one that I thought I really connected with where I thought the. Vision for the book was exactly what I wanted as well. And so then we signed a contract and the book it takes awhile. So the book came out about a year after we signed the contract, and that's that's the process. So, and then after so it came out in hardcover I in traditional publishing you can either go. Sometimes they do regional paperbacks. Sometimes they do hardcover. I so I had a hard cover. I then about a year later also came out in paperback. So there are two versions they had different covers which is also pretty standard in traditional publishing as well. You don't get a lot of say in, in the covers. I did. I did get to look at them, but it's, it's interesting once your book is out of your hands, it sort of becomes it becomes a team effort, and it stops being yours all the way. So that was interesting for me, I had to let go of some things. But in the end it turned out really well, and I was really happy with, with the way that the book came out in the way. It was received awesome. And I'd love for you to kinda give yourself a little book. Plug Mohsen title of your book again. Hand-me-down. And it's sort of a story of a young girl, whose mother, Mary's a convicted sex offender, and she's no longer allowed to live at home. And she kinda bounces from place to place and she has to she separated from her sister. So she's it's about finding home and figuring out how much of yourself you're willing to sacrifice to save other people. And in the end ends up pretty hopeful, but it is it is a story of a girl who goes through a lot of on issues with her family, and suffers at the hand of parents were making bad decisions and kind of she grows up very quickly. It's interesting too, is that I don't know if it wasn't meant to be a spiritual book are their spiritual elements to it or or what? But I know that this story and that type of writing those type the type of story kind of, overcoming in the triumphant in the face of all the odds is something that resonates, a lot with spiritual people. So do you feel like this book has a little bit of spirituality in it or? Yeah. I think it might I don't think I was intending it to be so much virtual writing. But for me, it was actually really cathartic. It's, it's based a lot on, on my own experience in my life. And so, for me, it was a sort of spiritual experience to write it and to get that out. And then to get comments back that it was really connecting with people. And I had a lot of emails from readers telling me that it made them. It made them feel safe. It made them feel heard that at my story was really resonating with other people. So I think I think that kind of honesty, and that exactly what you said idea of overcoming. In triumphing in your own life is is a spiritual experience. So I think it's definitely along those lines. Am I think it also sounds like it was a transformational experience for you to write the book, is five years? Is that's a big chunk of your life that spent on refining in working on something in making it, you know exactly what it needs to be in the process of getting it published. What changed for you? I think as in your belief as a writer, your confidence as a writer between doing that and then getting published, and then getting the feedback. A lot. It wasn't it was really transformational. I think you know, when you're writing, and I think, anybody who's starting to write one of the big questions that you ask yourself is, does anyone cares anyone going to read this? What's the point? Is this just a narcissistic, exercise? And I think that in the process of writing it and getting good feedback. And having people tell me that it was worthwhile, and that they were interested in reading it that really boosted my confidence, and also validated my own experience, and my, my whole process of, overcoming that, that hardship. So I think it was really transformative. And, and then getting the feedback I've got I was in tears from a lot of readers. I had. So the story is about a sex offender. And so there's, there's some mild sort of sexual abuse in there. And I had a reader Email, me and tell me that she was sixty she's in her sixties, and she had been abused as a child and had never told anyone in my book allowed her to open up and. Heal from this experience, and I was just, you know, it's like crying as I'm reading this Email so that in critical of that. Yeah, it was it was incredible. And I got a handful of other emails like that as well. So it was it was incredibly validating, and it made me feel like my story really helped people, and it made me feel like it was worth writing about, and the things that I had to say in my voice was not. It wasn't just going into the void, you know, it was really it was really helping people in resonating with people, which was amazing for me for the people that are listening to this podcast that are struggling spiritual entrepreneurs. They have a Hooper dream to be able to become a spiritual enterpreneur, or maybe they already have some sort of practice where brand and they're trying to figure out how to take it to the next level. What are maybe some of the things you, if you had been able to travel back in time and tell yourself at the beginning part of this process of reading your book, if what would you tell yourself with based on what, you know, now, what would you wish you at known back then? That's a good question. I think probably the biggest thing is that the that the self-doubt is really normal and the it can it can actually help you and spur you along to be better is that was one of the things I worked really hard and I think a lot of the sort of does anyone is anyone going to care about this. If you don't let it paralyze you, I think it, can it can really push you to make your work better. So that's one thing. I think also that many of us as writers feel like we're the only people who have struggled with these things, and self doubt is a big one, and that idea that you can't you can't do it, putting, you know, you can't do it, and that it's that no one will care. And I think that if you're honest, and you are authentic in your voice, and you really care about what you're writing about, and you really care about your story, and you really care about connecting with people that it is worthwhile. Well, and I think that's something that so many of us struggle with all the time. And I think that's something that we really need to shift our beliefs about an feeling more confident that it will be worthwhile, and it people will respond to it. If you if you can really connect with your emotions and be offense and honest. Excellent. And so could you always been a writer from from the time when you were young? Is it something that you came to later in life when what was that kind of the point of, of which you said, this is something I wanna do or this is something? I'm good at our I love doing. I was always good at writing. There was definitely something that I just excelled at, and I've read a lot as a kid and I always wrote in journals, and, again, my, my family, my home life and environment wasn't the best. And so writing really literally saved my life. It saved me from, from being overwhelmed by everything that was happening on all the things that I couldn't say, to my family, and all the things that I couldn't help people in so journaling really, really saved me an eye Gerald for since I was ten years old. And then when I got to college, I started taking some writing classes and got some good feedback and some positive encouragement, some support. And then I and then again I had a teacher. I mean, I think had a mentor who really changed literally changed my life. She told me that I was good at this. And then I might want to consider a career in writing. I was actually thinking about going to law school. She told me she, she said that I might wanna pursue this, that the that I was that I was talented and I had a good story to tell that people would connect with. And just that just that her telling me that really made me think about that. And think about how I might use my story to connect with other people and help other people and also save myself to by writing about these things, so that I think it was, it was right around like when I graduated from college and was thinking about the next steps that was when I decided that this was something I could actually pursue. That's so incredible. Because if you look that is a path, that's very familiar to a lot of people who are struggling with something in their life is that you have this thing inside of your these experiences. And if you let them stack up too much within you without an outlet for them to come out. That's where I think, lots of problems can start. I'm grateful. I'm glad for you that you had this outlet, and you have this natural ability that kinda helped you get some of this stuff out, and then turn it into this amazing gift that people can use. It's actually actively helping people with similar problems in their life. What would you say to somebody who doesn't have maybe or doesn't think they have a natural ability to write because I want to address this idea of people's beliefs around their ability to write. I know for a lot of people they think will. I can't do that. I've never done it before. What would you say to somebody who thinks that way? I think I think everybody can right. It's not something that. It's not like brain surgery. You know you don't have to. You don't have to have all the special training. I think the real key is to just the honest and to go in deepen and really look at your emotions and see what you have to say. Everyone has a story everyone who's ever lived through childhood Joyce, Carol Oates has this great quote that anyone who's lived through childhood has enough to write about for the rest of their lives. We all have we all have experiences, we all go through hardships. We all go through struggles. And that's what people want to read about. They wanna read about connecting with other people who have experienced similar things, and even if the situation is slightly different those emotions are universal and so that idea that you can't right because you have nothing to say or because you're not good enough. Is that self doubt, again coming in and kind of taking over? And if you can get past that, you realize that everyone has a story and everyone's voice is valid, and worthwhile. And everyone has something to say. I love that. I mean I definitely have had that feeling where you kind of look at your childhood, and you've read things about other people's childhood, and you're like, well mine's, not as bad as that. So maybe I don't have anything to add, but at the total opposite is true. Every perspective is going to have value because there is a continuity, or there's a unity in a lot of the experiences that we've all had in people filter information in different ways. That's what I think, is have helped me get get over the, the block about writing blogs because that's something that, you know, I could do very easily for other people like, you know, I've written for other spiritual authors. Other people outside of the spiritual industry, you write blogs. You write articles you're right products? Right. All these things sometimes that easier to do than than writing about yourself. And that was one of one big struggle that I've encountered is that I could sit down and write a book about such and such author, whoever, I'm working for. And I could do it really quickly Kennedy get it done. But if I were to turn that focus. Around on myself and write about it. I don't know. I don't know what would happen because I haven't done it yet. You sit if upset. It's on my list of things to do. I mean I do. I think you're right. I think that's exactly right. That we all many of us have jobs, where we're writing emails or were writing press releases or writing memos, or whatever else were writing, and it's all for other people, and it is easier because there's not that. There's not that same fear of exposure, you know, when you when you write about yourself when you right from your personal experiences. There is definitely a vulnerability. That's a little bit scary. But that's what people really connect to the most is, is that admission of vulnerability and that DEA that everyone has this same fear in this same idea that they can't do these things or that, they, you know, that their voice isn't worth worth speaking out that other people are more important. I think most of us have some idea that we're not as important as others. And I think that's one of the things that stops a lot of people from getting. I think one of the challenges that a lot of times, I encounter when I'm working with people who are just starting out is there like what could I possibly say, we're like, how could my story is not that important or it's not that impressive, or it's not that this. And so you're on. I think there's a lot of installed limiting beliefs around our own stories, and it doesn't make any sense because weird of these beliefs come from the no one else is telling. You that, except for yourself right, right? And I think there is a little bit of fear of being vulnerable on admitting these personal troops about yourself. But again, I think those are the things that people connect with the most because everyone's afraid of that everyone's afraid of admitting the, the hard things. So I think when, when you read something that feels like someone else's admitting the same things that you're afraid to talk about. That's what really gets you. And I think that's something that beginning writers, really need to remember that, that whatever their experiences are other people are having them to even if it's not the exact same way those feelings are all very similar and just reading about other people feeling the same way opens you up and allows you to just feel that connection and feel safer in your own personal truths. And sometimes it even gives you the vocabulary that you need to talk about it. I mean there are people, I've been counted. I just don't have the words to say how I feel about it. And I think it's. Because they've never read or watch, or listen to anybody talking about something similar to what they've gone through so they don't even they actually don't know the words that they can string together in a sentence that will take you late the feelings that they're having her, sir. I do. I think that writing when I, I really honestly believe that writing saves saves lives both in the writing, and then in the reading of it, and I do think that, that it's so important to, to get over those fears into just. Yeah. In MTV known if you feel like you can't string those words together, if you just start often people, a lot of my students, I, give them a quick prompt, or gives them a little bit of nudging, and they just take off sometimes all it all you need is a door to open, and you, you can take off running. I think that's really important, too. I think that was the experience that I had it only takes a little bit of a mindset shift, and I'll go back to even as far as the first important thing that I feel like I ever wrote. Wrote was my college essay, a million years ago and, and I had written this thing. And it was it was okay it was like, I think I was writing for the audience that I was trying to intent was trying to be in oppressive writer, and I think that's a big mistake that a lot of new writers, make is they try to be impressive in the us. Ten dollar words in the us, like complex sentence structure, and they get caught up in all the trappings of what they think is going to be this amazing. Literary breakthrough thing but the reality is, and this is something again, I had invaluable amazing advice from a English teacher from high school, who was kind of helping the students with their college essays on the piece of advice that stuck with me, and I still think about to this day is you have to write it as though. Nobody else could ever with their name on it. It's got to be who honest and so true in so unique to your experience that no one else could ever say while I wrote this pass it off as their own work. And I think. That has stuck with me all the way through because whenever I feel like I'm writing and I slip into the let me put in a ten dollar word. Let me try to impress them. Let me try to do this it feels. So inauthentic to me that I'm like L? Somebody else put their name on that and say that it was them. I is you know this the, the Tony Robbins saying, which, I learned, you know, over and over again, when I was there was that, you know, people will never remember what you say, they're gonna remember how you made them feel. So I think that emotional component of putting that into it, I mean you could have the most simple sentence structure, and it could be totally uplifting in a way that people have never been lifted before. And you could have a really complex really difficult way of doing it. And it's gonna miss every time because nobody's brain can follow what point of trying to make. So the that simplicity in honesty is wanted to echo that back from what you said is the key to writing. And I think the sooner a lot of people listening to this podcast in this are our burgeoning spiritual entrepreneurs, or just somebody who wants to write more. Or, or create more change with their writing, you know, the more you can get those two little simple things of. Honesty, and transparency in authenticity and just being able to let it flow. I think the, the more you're going to be able to write in the more easily. It's gonna come to you, because I know with my essay, I went from struggling struggling struggling struggling to getting that piece of advice. And I think I finished it in a couple of hours right after that, because it just stopped I stopped trying to impress anybody. And I just tried to be me and it totally works. Yeah. I mean there are many authors who who've been told initially that they if their stuff is too weird or that they that their stuff isn't going to sell. And I think the ones who try to change it in the ones who try to do exactly what you said, sir. Put those ten dollars words in try to make themselves sound smarter or more impressive. Or whatever it never works. It never comes across his feeling authentic, and it just falls flat because won't connect with that, that sustained like in those moments where you might have writer's block. Or you might be frustrated or your loss in figuring out how to articulate something if it's not vibrating authentically from you in. You're trying to match somebody else's template of what you're supposed to be creating. I don't imagine you'd be able to get out of being stuck in writer's block. If you were that far removed from the, the process of writing. Yeah. And I think that probably is the cause of many people's writer's block to that. They sit down in a sink will I have to sound, you know, X way, and then they never get started because it's not them. And one of the things I always tell my students to is that this is where this is the only place where your weirdness in your own unique. Perspective is really valued in the because exactly what you what your English teacher said, if it's it needs the sound like you. And so one of my best pieces of advice for beginners or for people who are trying who are stuck. We're trying to get past whatever block. They're having is to just right the way you speak because that's that's who you are. And the way that you talk can be just as. Is just as valuable as, as written words as it is when you speak. And, you know, you want it to be a little bit more, polished. But as a first draft, you know, you always want to go in and just speak from the heart the way that you would talk, and I think that's the best way to get started. Interesting. You say that because I've definitely done that before, like there have been times, whether it was, I was, I mean, I bite arm her because I've been writing for too long ride, you know, done something myself, and I was quite can't type right now and I kind of accidentally stumbled on, on my MAC book, you can turn on the like Siri on your MAC and can dictate what you're saying, which totally baffled by play tried it and his pretty accurate. But it taught me a lot about my writing process, or at least my communication process of the voice, I guess, what I create because I want to talk a little bit about those elements to, but, like, you know, the way that I think I, I think I sound when I'm talking versus the way it looks when I'm reading it is pretty close than it is. An I know for some people might be a little bit further away. And you can kind of bring it closer together. But it was astounding to me that the thought processes of how I speak, you know what, what I'm just thinking. Talking versus how anyone I'm taking the time to sit down at right? We're so close. So can we talk like, how did how do you relate that because the do you ever sit down? And just record yourself in the news that as a starting point. Is that a valuable tool is that something that if you were stuck might be a good way to get unstuck? I, I actually haven't done that. I haven't tried my dictation software at this point. But I know other students who have done that a lot of times, I hear from students that they if they're stuck in their car, they're commuting that they will dictate things on their phone, and then they go home and write it, and that's a way to open open up their writing. I do think that can be really valuable Myra since I've been writing for so long. I think my voice is already in my words. In fact, I have a lot of people, sometimes even like my Facebook posts than I have people. Right. This sounds just like you. So I think that I think that I've been doing this for long enough that my voice is already radius, tablist in my writing, but for someone who's just starting out who's maybe a little bit more fearful of writing, or sounding a certain way that, yeah, that dictation could be really helpful because I think that we don't always hear the way we, we don't always hear the way that we speak. And we think that it's just off the cuff, but often that's the best stuff when you're writing or when you're speaking from the heart, and it's unconscious or subconscious in your letting the truth come out. I think that your voice really shines and everyone's voice and so unique. That's one of the other things about writing. That's so great is that everyone's voice is a little bit different in everyone has a slightly different perspective on, on the world. So I think that allowing that truth to come out and really just being yourself is so important to talk about the, the voice because how do you know when you found it? Because I think a lot of people are they're used to going on Facebook and writing posts. And maybe sometimes they'll be a little sarcastic or they'll be a little bit more. I don't know just they'll be a little bit more of a an affectation or a little bit of a filter between how they really feel in how they're portraying themselves. How do we remove that filter? How do we get to the point of total authenticity between how we write in who we are? That's such a good question. I think it takes some time and some practice. But I do think one of the ways that you start is to just is to just start writing and start writing the way that you would talk, and I feel like Facebook is one of those places where a lot of people do try to make themselves seem better or smarter. Or you know, they're trying to be funny or whatever. And I think in your personal writing you just think about what you have to say, I think that's maybe the starting point you know what, what is it that you have to say and maybe when you begin you don't think so much about what other people are going to think about it. You just think about how you would feel reading it one of one of another really good piece of advice is, I think it's from twenty Morrison is to write the book that you want to read, and I think that applies to blogs into anything else, too. What would you respond to if you were reading it and write it that way, because I think that's, that's part of how you find your voice is, what really resonates with you. And what really fit. And what really feels authentic. And I think when you find it, it kind of clicks, it's like one of those things where you're like, oh, yes. This, this is me. This is really who I am. And people will respond to that. And I think maybe that's one of the other barometers to is that when people are connecting with it. I think that you have found it and, you know, it is shift and changes you grow and change to as your voice will kind of shift and different audiences will have different. You'll have different ways of talking to different people eventually. But I think that as a starting point just to think about what you want to say, and who you are. And how you can express it just like what you said about your essay how you can express it that no one else would what is your perspective on life? And what is your personal views on what you're saying, and I think that that's really going to help people people open up and be honest, and get to that voice voice is also. Not one of those things that you can't you can't teach that has to come from you, and it has to come from practice and just continuing to write until you figure it out and figure out what you want to say, in how you wanna say it, and what feels what feels like you people generally have a good sense of who they are. And I think we're afraid to admit who we are often. But I think that, that's, that's when, you know, when it feels like you when someone will say, hey, that sounds just like Hugh, or I know you wrote this, because that sounds like you. That's, that's when it's like, oh, this is me, and this is my voice, and I think that's a really important moment in. It's kind of an exciting moment for writers to, like, yes, I got it. And that's the breakthrough I think that everyone's looking for when it comes to the writing everything starts to flow. It starts to become easy. You look forward to it in certain circumstances. Because I know before I started writing on a regular basis, every time I sat down to write it felt like I was writing a book report that was due tomorrow. You know that feeling of oh gosh, it's due tomorrow. I waited this whole time and like their stress and then there's like guild, and then there's this all these layers of things that I put on top of myself, you know, before I go into the writing process, and it does not feel good and yield good. It doesn't yield good writing. So what, what are some of those with your, your students in some of your clients, what are some of those exercises of the practices that you could do you, not you? We talked a little bit of journaling, but what else can mean kind of get over that or to start to bring writing into our lives in a way that is helpful. It's also a good question, so free writing as one of the best things, and it's a free writing, which I often call word vomit is sort of it's, it's, it's, it's just vomiting out what's in your head. And the idea is that you put your pen to paper, you put your hands on keyboard, you set some amount of time, ten fifteen minutes, and you don't stop writing and your unconscious will resist that you will you will have trouble at, at the start. But if you force yourself to keep writing so often, I tell my students that, you know, even if you're writing this is awful, or I can't do this after a couple of lines of that your brain will get tired and start writing some real stuff. And that's a really good way to get whatever is in your head just on the page, and you'll be amazed. I find this all the time I do it myself when I'm having trouble when I get stuff, I often do a free right either about what I'm writing about or just what's happening in my head. If I'm feeling I'm feeling cell. Doubt or if I'm feeling a lack of confidence, and I'll just kinda ride it out. And I'm always amazed at what comes out. I it really does sort of people like bomb it. It's like you always sort of surprise at what's there. And what can be accessed when you when you take away when you take away the pressure and free, right? Is a really good way to do that. So I think that's a really good exercise. One of my other favorite exercises is to have people write about a first. So either I have school or a first day or something like that. That's that's happened in their lives. And that often opens them up to things that they didn't think about either. And I think one of the great things about writing about your past is that you realize how many experiences you have gone through. And how much is in you gained from just living your life and writing that out, and you after you look at it when you're done, you're like, wow, this actually has a lesson, or this has something interesting that I can maybe turn into something bigger or things like that, that just kind of come out of forcing yourself to write about something in the past or, or doing rewrite exercise or something like that group, I'm going to start doing them on a regular basis free rights are amazing. I think for I mean, I think journaling is really helpful, but I think even a lot of us feel like oh, I don't have anything import. To say, so I can't write in my journal and free ride is the exact opposite where you don't do it in something that you don't do it in a pretty book do it. I'm just like a notebook or on your computer. I have a file. That's just I actually also called him. Download some times where I just download everything that's in my head, and I just have a file, and I tend not to reread them, but what comes out of them gets me thinking about something I might be able to write about and getting it out. Oh, sorry. I was just gonna say getting out getting it out of your head. Also, it breaks that block. Right. Getting just just forcing it to get out of your head allows that door to open. Sorry. What were you can say? No, I was gonna question. I was going to have was exactly that. Do you ever? Go back and read it is it something where you wanna keep these downloads. Or do you wanna just put him on a piece of paper, shredder them or put him on a word document than not save it? But it sounds like it's good to have amassed somewhere. Yeah. I think it's kind of nice to have them. I mean I wouldn't navy. Don't read them right away. But if you get stuck again, or or feel like you don't have anything to say, you can kind of goes, I think, the, the value of keeping them is that you don't remember what you've written if you're doing free, right, the right way you're just getting stuff out of your head. And so it's not making a conscious connection due to your brain. So having saved them you can go back and look and you'll have maybe it's a bunch of gibberish than you have two sentences in there. Where you're like whoa. Where did this idea come from? And then you can use that to expand or you can use that as a jumping off point to write about something. So I do I do think they're worth saving unless I know that other students, and sometimes if I've written one where nothing made sense. Then I you know, you can throw it away too. I think I think you can go either way, but I do think there is some value and keeping them because you don't always remember what you've written and fear in the process. Right. Your strings. The brain soup. Yes. Menu. Go back and check those ingredients right through what's there? Yeah. We put in that one that turned out really good paprika. This episode of the spiritual business. School podcast is brought to you by the moon averse. If you are spiritual entrepreneur, and you've been looking for a way to launch this spiritual business. You've always wanted to have come on over to the moon, averse dot com and find all the resources you'll need to start your business faster and easier than you ever thought possible, when you sign up for my newsletter you're going to get access to my spiritual business startup guy is downloadable in principle. Charter, Trump, six key areas, the need to focus on, if we're gonna make Sterkel business a big success. So come on over and see what we have going on. Join our online community on Facebook. Subscribe to the podcast on itunes and take an exciting new step on the journey to becoming the spiritual entrepreneuring more destined to be. So these are really great rituals. I think that's what we're kind of putting together as we're putting together a couple of rituals that will help people get in the right mindset getting the right physical space, sometimes and really just start breaking down some of those inner limiting beliefs so that these words can start flowing. So what are some of the other things that, that you do right before you, right? How a space for writing. I know that people right in many different ways I personally can't right with a lot of distractions. So I have an office space on my desk needs to be relatively clean. I like to have it be quiet. I have a lot of books around that make me feel like I'm in a library. That's one of my personal ritual. So often what I will do is kinda just clear my desk, which also feels like clearing my head man. That's a really helpful exercise for me. Other people really like the distraction of noise, I have a lot of friends and students who write in coffee shops, or cafes or other places like that, where other people are around in, so they feel like there's a nice white noise of distraction that can be really helpful. One of the things I also always do for myself is I if I'm working on something that I've already started. I will read the a couple pages or. At least a couple of paragraphs of what I've already written to kinda get me back in that head space, and then keep going from there, which I think is really helpful. I think if you kind of jump in right away, and you forget your train of thought. So I think that can be a really good exercise to kind of look at what you've already done, or if you've made notes in, you're just starting kind of look at look at what your ideas are your bullet points or whatever you kind of jotted down, as, as a as your ideas before you've started. So I think those, those can be helpful. I have some other students, I also think that physical movement really helps your brain get going to so a lot of times if I'm Stocker before I started. I will go for a walk. I had a lot of friends who go for a jog or do some, some kind of exercise where let's their brain wander, because I think that puts you in a space where you're less judgmental about your own work, and it allows you to kind of just get started. Kickstarting your brain. Yeah. And allowing that unconscious piece of you to come out because I think one of the other things if you sit down at the computer without either clear really clearing your head in some way, right clearing the doubts of the all the fears and whatever else out and exercise is really good way or clearing clearing your desk, clearing your mind. Because then you let that unconscious piece of you come out. One of the ways that I've started doing it is I go to there's a float center. Here's one in LA in. There's one also in San Diego that I go to more frequently and it's a isolation tanks urine, hyper sounded water. You're in a tank, you can turn off all the lights in the music and just kind of float in all you hear is your breath and your heartbeat and a little bit of the noise from the water, and that's pretty much it, and that has become my ultimate think tank. I go in there, and I come out with wildest ideas and blog our ideas in online course ideas and creative ideas, I think that could help really become part of why the moon verses can help so many people launch their own spiritual businesses, and it's become one of my favorite things to do because as soon as I get in there. I know I'm getting something good. And so, yeah, it's you should definitely try that there's one, the one in L A's not too far, I think from from where we both are in, I think it would be fun to go and check that out. Then we could do another podcast immediately. Afterwards. Actually, you made me think of two showers often where I get my best ideas as well. You know, again, you're sort of relaxed you're in the water, you're not thinking consciously. I have one of those waterproof pads and waterproof pencils Stockton like suction Cup to suction to our wall. And I do I get really good ideas in there. And if you don't write them down, you forget. So I actually I have a lot of friends to, like jump out of the shower, and they're dripping wet, and they go right ideas down, because it is that same thing like whatever kind of clears your head in water, I think, in particular swimming might be helpful to or on the beach, like anything that's going to calm you down, and make you feel safe enough to, to allow those ideas to come out agree with that. And I don't think I've jumped out of the show because I'm afraid is in fall. But I definitely do that, where I'll be and I've just stopped being shy about it. I think that's the other thing too. Is that when you're taking on the identity of becoming a writer, you're adding the identity of being a writer to who you are? There are certain things that become part of the process, and I don't do it a lot, and I try not to do too often. But sometimes I'll be having a conversation like we're having right now and something will be triggered something. You say, here's something I say will trigger an idea, and I've gotten really good at using both the notes function on my phone. If you have an iphone, I'm sure unanswered. They have something similar, and I'll just try to like, stop hold on. I have just have thought, I'll you know, not an apologetic way, but just like, hey, hold that thought for a second, and I'll type something down that will remind me, you know what we were talking about what that idea was in another circumstances. If I can't write it down. I've become very familiar with on my phone, though. The voice memo feature where I'll just record a quick, ten second thing, and it's funny because I think there was a movie with like. Norm McDonald called dirty work, where he had this little recorder he would record all of his best ideas in it. And everyone kind of thought that was funny in his joke. But in reality, if you are trying to capture these he has in keep that energy in those moments. It's the easiest way is to record on your phone and say, you know, a blog about this, this, these are the three parts that we're gonna talk about, and I'm going to write about this story. And that's all it is. It's like an outline for high south to go and pick it up later, but I'll stop a conversation if I get to that point, because I will forget, that's the kind of memory that I have is. I'll, I'll be like, oh, look something, shiny in this awesome idea will evaporate Melby. And I kick myself when I don't do it. So I just stopped not doing it if that makes sense. Yeah. No, I think that makes perfect sense. I actually I have a term for those. I call those glimmers those things when you're out in a world that glimmer at you in some way, that seem important or an idea or sometimes it's an image or a snippet of conversation that you hear from someone else. You're like you said, you're having a conversation in new kind of he'd get this thing that glimmers in your brain. Those are so important. Because those are the things they're glimmering at you for reason night, that they mean something and writing them down is really helpful. And I also think that those things that glimmer at you. The reason you forget them so quickly as because they're from your unconscious, and you're not if you don't write them down, they disappear because they're not making that connection yet. So if you write it, down it connects it with your conscious brain, and you can use that to expand that idea or whatever, but I always that's the first thing I teach all of my students on the first day of classes to watch for those glimmers into watch for the things that that shine at you and to write them down. And then I think people start to everyone listening like your entire life, the experience that you're having of this life, this time here that we have on earth in our bodies. There is never not going to be something in your day that inspires you to write about. I mean was as simple as cracking eg to make your breakfast could be something as simple as going outside in feeling the sunshine on your face. It could be something as simple as saying Hello to someone who you have no idea who they are. And you're never gonna see them again. It there's I mean, I would say trillions of glimmers that could happen and I think the thing that's beautiful about working in the spiritual space. Is that the glimmers you get are the ones that I think are little breadcrumbs that are leading you towards some sort of truth or some sort of piece of, of, who you are that needs to go out into the world and become become a part of this whole healing experience of this whole experience that we're having so I love glimmers in the ones that I've had, I think have definitely led me to. Where we all right now sitting on this podcast. But what are some of the biggest glimmers that you've had? Oh, so, well, I was just thinking when you were talking about sort of, you know, jumping up and writing ideas, I was thinking about I was in the car with my mom lives working on my book, and we were just talking. And she said something now can't remember exactly what it was. But she said something that made me think of this whole other seen that I needed to add to my book, so we were in the car, and I pulled out my little note pad and I started writing it. She's like, what are you doing? And I was like, oh, I have no idea. She was like, right? Now, what made you have the idea? And she thought it was really weird, but it was such a it was whatever I think the idea was about. It was a scene about my mom and some oh, I know what it was. It was the her hair was flowing out of the car window in this certain way, that made me think about being in the car with her as a kid and sort of thinking about the ways that you, you think about your parents and how great they are. But that little image of her car or her hair floating out the window the exact way, it did when I was a kid just made me think of this whole scene in a way that I could apply. It to my book. And I think we noticed those things for reason right there, because those exactly what it's there's, there's trillions of trillions of glimmers, but they only glimmer at you when you need them or when they're when they're supposed to happen. I also I have a ton of glimmers in, in my notes about just things I had a stick around, my shoe wants that I found at the bottom of my shoes that said, can I get a whoop whoop with my thought was really funny? And at some point I was like, I'm going to use this in something. So I have a I in my journal or on my phone. I have a list of glimmers, and sometimes it takes a couple years for them to show up again. Sometimes they, they come right away often for me glimmers are things in the physical world there. You know, the way the sun shines through the leaves or the smell of rain on hot concrete, or things like that, that kind of sensory experiences that then lead into other ideas. Fusion. We are amazing. We are, and our senses are so, especially your sense of smell is such a primitive sense that it brings up all the stuff from your brain that you wouldn't think of consciously. I, I know that for me, I think for many people when you when you smell something, and it takes you back twenty years or whatever. Right. Like that happens to a so often. And I think that's one of the ways we can connect, what's happening around us to all of that information in our brain is by using those senses to, to connect past experiences or past ideas to what's going on with us. Currently, I think that's a really great way to get to get those connections. And have those glimmers means something? Was just having a glimmer while you were talking about that. Are you writing it down? I'm gonna write it down right now, actually. I'll tell you exactly what it was too, because, you know, the there's these things I think that we like, I, I liked to talk about self care. I think it's something that we've moved really far away from. And there's no right or wrong way to do it as long as it's not hurting anybody enough something that I think I talk about a lot is that if you like standing in your underwear eating saltine, crackers in peanut butter, and that's what makes you feel then. That's what makes you feel happy in this to self care that you should be using. And I had a little bit of a I don't know. OCD's open diagnosed. I'm just looking back at my child and thinking I had a little bit of an OCD thing, and I loved, I think my mom was like giving something ready for someone's birthday shoes for a ten dollar Bill and it was kind of wrinkly. So she like iron, the ten dollar Bill. And there was this like weird smell that came off of it. This is really Larson. We're thinking deep, so it was like the card like the color on the card in than how bright the the birthday card was and smell of this, like ten dollar. Bill was Chris, Chris ten. Bill. And so I developed this habit. I won't call it an obsession. But this habit of all the money I made on my paper, route, I would Iran because I wanted to all like nice crispy when I was going to the Bank to deposit it or folks using it for something. I just wanted to be nice and the smell is not even about the actual ironing of the money or the Christmas of the Bill. That's part of it. But I think the primary piece of it is the smell. And so I was telling a really good friend, about this, because it's, it's not I'm not ashamed of it by any means wasn't like that as a kid, I think I felt weird about it. But now, isn't it like who cares? But I was telling a friend about it, and they were kind of making fun of me a little bit. And then for Christmas last year, they gave me a stocking full of crumpled up dollar bills and an iron. It was sitting like a storage cupboard, and I hadn't really liked done anything with the other day. I was like, well, I'd better, let me just do this. And so, I was I was kind of ironing it in I was thinking about, you know, nothing in particular things watching a movie while I was doing it. And then at one point, I think one of the dollar bills I got that smell, and I was like immediately transported back to being a kid to being there with my mom to like, that whole experience of discovering this, this weird thing that was really fun and very ultimately very soothing as something to do. And it's it's hilarious to me that I stopped doing such a long time ago. But it was a quick quick trigger for soothing for me. You know what I mean? I know that we all have those things, and it doesn't necessarily need to be eating twelve pounds of chocolate or, you know, drinking or whenever it can, I guess it can be, but it it's a much more innocent thing that it's not really bad for me or good for me. Or either way. Whatever. But it was some weird. Little thing that was a soothing experience that I should do more often. Things that made us feel safest kids, we kinda stop doing them because they feel silly, or they feel stupid or were embarrassed about them. But I think those things are worse so innocent when we're kids that were really honest with ourselves about what makes us happy. And we kind of lose that as we grow up. So if you can, you can regain that in any kind of way, ironing bills, or one of my favorite things is a kid was to be a grip in Sacramento or is always really hot. And when it rains in the summer, the smell of rain on asphalt was, like one of my favorite things, and it just made me feel happy. And I would go out and play in the rain. And so I try to force myself to do that. Now, if it's raining, and it's not cold. I'll go out. And go for a walk in the rain because it's fun. And it just makes me feel good. So, yeah, I think if you can reclaim those, those little bits of happiness in the in the name of self care. I think that's really helpful and just makes you feel good. You know. Puts you more in touch with your voice kind of what we're talking about before. It's those moments of, of being honest. And if you can go as far back as a kid, you know, the things that you love doing that were completely bizarre weird, but you did them anyway. And that was mental your life. I can't believe I used to do that. But the reality is, is you knew you had all the instructions of how to soothe yourself or how to make yourself happy or how to calm yourself, if you were upset, and I think those it's, it's coping with life. I think that you learn those skills early on if it's weird or whatever then that's fine. But as long as you at the end of the day you were soothed than it works. So one would argue that the same things that sue us a kid would be the same things that suit you now. And I think it's upside. Oh, yeah. Versions of it to one of the things I used to do as a kid. I really loved crafts a lot. I liked I like making things and so I serve reclaimed that a few years ago in, in, in a slightly more adult way. But I, I make I make cards and paper crafts, now, but it was the same kind of like this is really fun. And I really like this are coloring adult coloring books really popular a couple years ago. I think where I write that you, you. Reclaim this just sort of freedom of, of coloring and playing with colors and drawing and things that don't matter that aren't going to go anywhere that aren't for work that they're just fun to do for yourself. They do. Definitely pop up in weird ways. I mean I used to love. We'd go to the jersey shore every summer, we were kids, and they would always have these stains where you could go by that glass. It's like a glass jar, and it will be shaped like something, and you could take this colored Sandon you in two different layers of the colored saying, yeah. And so that was like a thing that we always do his kids. And it was totally impractical. If you ever dropped that it would create a huge mess, but it was one of those things where you'd always remember when you did it right? So we were misses a bizarre jumped, but a couple months ago I had a relative passed away, and we were cleaning out all of her stuff in her apartment. And she loved collecting spices. And so we didn't know how old they were or where they were from or anything. So we are like, we had to make a critical decision of the week. Gotta just throw these away. So we had this clear plastic trash bag in. We're opening up these jars and pouring them in to this thing. And then all of a sudden I realized that we were creating one of these beach jars, and if she was with us on all those trips, and I remember. Typically one time that she took us to do that. And it was this incredibly emotional. But very cathartic and very healing experience. It almost felt like a message a little bit from her that, you know, hey, I'm okay, you know, more than anything else. Hey, remember this good feeling? I know that right now you don't feel so good. But hey, here's this good feeling that we had, when you were a little kid and you got to do this thing. And you'll always remember the the positive memories attached to that. I hope you remember the positive members attached to me, and so it was incredible to kind of have that trigger. And that was something I wrote personally about, I'll, maybe I'll write a blog about it sometime soon. But that was not was one of those glamorous for me where I was like I stopped what I was doing. I went and wrote down some notes than later on I went and wrote in my journal about it because I wanted to remember it. Yeah. I think those are really powerful all of those triggers those things that come out and bring up those really intense emotional again, it's all about emotional connection. Right. People aren't going to remember what you said. But they'll remember how you made them feel on it. That's exactly right. Like the all those ways that people have influenced your life in the way they've made you feel all of that has made you who you are. And we acknowledging that. I think it's really powerful. So I'll just challenge everybody. Who's listening? You know what are some of those self soothing things? What is those truthful things that you remember from when you were a kid that you, would you haven't done it in a while that, you know, would work and some of it could be as easy as taking a bath, which I know a lot of us don't have time to do anymore, but as a kid that's pretty much all you data. It's all I did was take a path, and, and I, you know, or get a massage, you know, something about that. The soothing kind of experience of getting massages, something that might unlock some emotional stuff for you. Sometimes good, sometimes bad or not bad. But sometimes less good, positive negative emotions, but still release it all of that is, is positive. What are some of the other things that you do to kind of keep yourself is what I'm looking forward to keep it flowing? Keep that the energy kinda flowing. I mean, I do I think, sort of journaling is really important. I think that connecting with other people is also important, again, it makes you it reminds you of why you're, y you're different and why your perspective is important. So one of my favorite things to do is have sort of my husband and I have a lot of. Spirited conversations won't call them arguments, but they're fun debate. And that's one of the things that I really enjoy. I think it's fun to just do sort of this sort of play for me to have these sort of intellectual discussions or talking about we have all these discussions about, you know, movies, or TV shows, or politics or whatever. And it's just fun to have that energy of the debate in using my brain in this way, it doesn't really matter. But it's kind of fun. What else do I do? I really think I will I will plug free rights, again, because I think that those are one of the best tools for keeping writing flowing in forgetting whatever whatever crap is in your head out so that you can get to the meat of, of whatever you're trying to say also meditate, which I think, is, is helpful in kind of, again, common your mind and getting getting to the deeper parts of you to keep to keep that flowing. I know I think those are probably the big ones. Do you think one of the other things that's important for writing? And for keeping the writing flowing is to not take too much time away from it. Even if you're not writing, you know, if you're trying to write spiritual blogs or something like that, you know, maybe you don't need to do a blog every day. But I think that free writing or journaling every day, at least, for like, ten minutes is really helpful in just to keep your, it's like any other practices, like playing a piano, or, you know, being an athlete, you have to keep those muscles working and keep them in shape. So I think that's one of the other things that I would definitely recommend. It's also care stuff. I think that's the one thing that keeps coming back to you is the more you can care for yourself in that way, the better writer, the better teacher, the better speaker, the better entrepreneur, the better, you know, human being on this earth. I think will end up being I buy find that to be more and more. True. And you'll find more people have believed that to the people that meditate in the people that take care of themselves. You can kinda just tell there's a little bit of energy. Yeah. Just seem more grounded in. They seem a little bit any maybe they're not always happy, but they do seem more confident in who they are. Because I think that's one of the other things. Self-care really does is allows you to really get to know yourself. And that's such an important piece of, of being a human being a writer, and so many of us are that, that's that takes time and were such a busy were such busy culture. That, that's sometimes feels like a waste, but it's actually the opposite. It helps you, you in all aspects. Of your life. If you can really figure out who you are, and take care of yourself. Gosh, I could talk to you about this for hours and hours and hours and she's been so great. I really appreciate it. And I'm so happy to have you on the Mooney verse team in, we'll have more blogs with Melanie, more m- actually blogs. Yes. An podcasts. And there's a little bit of a online course that we're working on right now. There's more details about that coming up later any final thoughts on this one about the, the confidence in the experience of being a writer, I think I would just say, especially for people who are afraid to get started, you know, that that's normal. First of all, it's normal to be a little bit afraid try the free rights try getting in there. And just letting what whatever comes out come out and don't be so worried about sounding a certain way and just be yourself and let your voice shine through because whatever you have to say is important, and worthwhile because I think that's, that's such a hard thing for us to. Assimilate in really believe deep down. And you just have to start it, and it will come because everyone has an important story. So whatever your story is, it's definitely worth sharing. Thank you, awesome. Thank you so much. And we'll be back again soon. See everybody next week. And Melanie, thank you so much again for being here. Thanks for Halley or I by everybody.

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Part 1: Adam, Gina, and Bryan on M. Night Shyamalan, Tyler Perry, and Jeff Bezos (ACS July 22)

The Adam Carolla Show

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Part 1: Adam, Gina, and Bryan on M. Night Shyamalan, Tyler Perry, and Jeff Bezos (ACS July 22)

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I'll get new episodes of cold case files every tuesday on podcast. Spotify apple podcasts. In anywhere you listen to podcasts girl. Corolla one studios in glendale california. This is the adam. corolla show adams gas today former. Nfl quarterback erik kramer with gina grad. On news. involved. Brian on sound soundtracks. The now snubbed. Again for a kennedy center on her adam corolla the aggregate on got to get it on their chose maybe on the mandate it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for the friendly. Loved that about you geographic. Right and ryan Still working on it out of them still working theater there. You go a real time. Recreation erik kramer. My old friend thirteen years in the nfl as a starting quarterback will come in and we read you the whole crazy. Tragic story about his son odeen about him trying to kill himself and Hopefully he's on the man there is and we can come in and have a conversation with him Excited for you. Connect with them. I was really Like i said you know. His his dad was very impactful in my life was your coach. Yeah he was one of the coaches but he was the guy who was tickled pink. When i came back for my second year for the east valley. Trojan time back in the seventies. Yeah he played for the falcons and the lions and the bears and the chargers got a lot Lot of lot of completions Over fifteen thousand yards He's got a pretty pretty nfl career so well we'll talk to him about that. Yeah on that note. Actually i was trying to take the walk down. Memory lane and find the old team pictures and blah blah blah and an old picture that i don't remember existed but i do remember taking the picture which is our team picture was slated. It's the black and white picture. Max about art team. Picture was slated for The day after the game. I dislocated my shoulder. So what happened with me is In this picture my right shoulders underneath my jersey and my jersey which they cut off of me during the the game they literally just came out to the middle of the field and they saw what kind of shape my shoulder was in. And they weren't gonna try to pull my shoulder pads or my jersey off me. They they cut it off me. That jersey was then draped over to take this Team picture right. I mustered a smile. My shoulder was still at at a socket. When we took a team picture and then at some point i went back and surgically but not cutting the flesh just was put under. General was it mel gibson style. He just slam it against the file cabinet. I wish that's how my shoulder work. My shoulder would not go back into place and Anyone who tried got one shot. And if it didn't work there was no second shot at. It was so wildly. Excruciatingly is crucially. Aiding louis painful that i had to check in the hospital several days later and then just be put under and once you're under that can do with your what they will but at the time it was It was difficult so You what every girl says when they see a picture like that what i would have paid for that head of hair look at the curls. Look at the she. The big big seventy plus. It wasn't like i could fix it up for the picture. I couldn't comb my hair or anything. I just slept. I remember. i had to sleep on the sofa in my hand grade. Yeah and upgrade. I slept on the sofa. Because i was peeing in a jar essentially and had to lay on my back on this Sofas i recall or maybe that's just the only room that had the tv was gonna. I couldn't be moved. It was a weird. It was a weird time. And i do i vividly remember as you guys have told you guys but i played the next year i was like i'm definitely playing in. Everyone's like urine insane and i was like now playing so Played the Played the next year and never shoulder never came out. Once it comes out it comes out a lot easier. It's like killing prostitutes. It's the first time the tar the hardest and comes easy after that I it it never came out again. That varies other injuries but Never that bright shoulder never popped out again all right so Eric will come in. And we'll we'll take a little walk down memory lane i have. I have thought here's the thought. It's talking to dr drew about this earlier today. They used to say drew. I've always had these thoughts. About especially in this day and age of sort of information overload. That you need something tactile. You need a project you gotta have something to occupy your mind. And some of the same people i know. Or the project oriented guys rebuild. The car that rebuild medac. And it's just you're in that place. Yeah you're thin in no idle minds like you just. That's your project. that's what's ahead of you. And they used to say that the most stress a couple will endure is doing big remodeling at their house or that was twenty years ago and go. Oh so much stress and remember when yeah makes sense. You're tearing the master bedroom and doing the kitchen. The bathtub read whatever stress. But i was saying drew and he agreed. I think if you went back and redid that study today that you would find that the happiest people were were doing a remodel versus bathing in information and fake and and cove ed and twitter. Because you get you get focused like a laser every day. It's like we got the tile guys coming you know we gotta get the towel guy or we gotta make a decision on the wallpaper. Otherwise and you're just sucked into this world and tactile in the world. We think of as a stressful world. But i think now you would call it a pleasant distract escape and i would say that if you took your average couple that hung out and just watched a lot of news versus your average couple. That was knee deep in a remote odd. The knee deep remind couple was less stressed or a little. You know mentally in a better place and not just the news the social media just everything versus nothing. It's just like you know when you go to alaska and you go fishing. You just think about fisher brian. I wouldn't know so nice. It is and it was so that was my little thought experiment. Also something for For brian's have been seen saw a lot of trailers for the new m night. Chaman old no red tomatoes score as of now. I looked this morning. There's a score. Now that's my. That's my point last night and there was no single. No news is bad. News inside. It's like is he coming back. Is the trailer. Sometimes she the trailer. This doesn't work but somehow the movie does know reviews on rotten. Tomatoes is not good. And when was the last movie. Okay last movie was. The one with bruce willis insane guys. Yeah it wasn't a split the sequel. Right yes split was good. It was good or fascinating career. Of course out of the gate superstrong six cents and unbreakable. I liked. I was signs. Had its moments. Village was a comedic romp at a couple of moments out loud air bender and the lady in the water he bottomed out pretty hard and then he came back with splits. What was legitimately good. It was hit. It was like oh god. He found his fastball again. And then whatever the fucking lost glove. Who's called glass because those are the guys. Yeah the glass and hombre glass. Or whatever i would guess. Data scores somewhere twenty. Well the comeback stall before it started. Why does he keep getting chances. Every three years because moves to internationally because they're very broad. They're their thrillers. You know what i mean. They don't translate Stupid with walberg greenhouse effect. The call right when that ended on the way home and said don't go see it happening right now. Call the chem lawn. Yeah so M night Again the no reviews a day or so before it comes out is kinda tantamount to. He wouldn't take the breathalyzer array. I know the truth detector. There's a there's a reason reason why anyway it's like they go to the beach and they turn old or yes. I beach okay. That's cool all right now on a on a happier note. I was still going to see it. I was watching a watching a tv. And they had a texas state representative name Sinfonia thomson oh sinfonia thomson. And she was talking about you. Know they laugh texas. They didn't want to vote and they went to washington and then there was some corona virus. Frowns and then they came back. But that's not what this is about. She just gave a given a news conference. And i'll i'll play it for you and then it reminded me of something so then we did a little Little mash up. I had chris work on all right. We'll play the. We refuse to be a hostage right to remain hostage within the state of texas and i know that there are search warrants us. I'm ready to be arrested. What do you do to a slave if you don't do nothing but a restaurant when they flee we play texas and if they want to arrest me go ahead. I'm made it to be arrested. All right maybe all the slavery. Jim crow references in two thousand and twenty one. I don't find that helpful but that's not my point is i was watching her thinking she looks familiar to me and With that i will. I will play this clip. We did a little mash. We refuse to be hostage right to remain a hostage within the state of texas. But if they don't wanna get here. Oh my god if you don't do nothing but a restaurant one they flee we texas exactly may put a woman at home house. Have we done enough doing what he was working. Can't we pay the price of you. Want to bet it can happen one or two ways you can get it. From his checking account voluntarily his insurance involuntary manslaughter. Which one is gonna be siona of policy to tyler perry because a farcical character. That's made fun of women of color certain age but i didn't know he was dead nuts on he got the hair and the glasses and got the sound in the selection down so the way i normally say this. But i'm sorry. Tyler perry got alleged. Got it right. I got it wrong. Adr she definitely who that's a good point and And he may owe her some money. I don't know there's Intellectual property situation near talk to Garriga about it but there it is kinda wanna see it one more time the mashups lex just because it makes me laugh. We refuse to be hostage to remain a hostage within the state of texas. They don't wanna get happening happen. You listen to me what do you do if you don't do nothing but a restaurant and they flee we play texas exactly how to put a woman at. How have we done enough. Goes you don't why he was working. We pay the price on that. You wanna bet it can happen to ways all right. We got it dawson. I know you'll have vets yet good mass mash up but it is kind of interesting in that. If i see anything. I try to connect it to something and i don't know what that is but every time i see something what is what is the connection or what can i draw equivalency to did it i done did it with the great tyler. Perry never seen this movie. You gotta see. I almost every show on movie. This one is it racist Yeah because your support. A man of color. He's indian ryan and you do not support another man of color in that in the name of average for movies. Yeah right so there's that even know what. How do you segway. I don't know what that is. I'm having difficulty segue. Kramer get lots all right then i was see. What do we want to get into here. Max pana got a list of stuff this guy. I'm just going to say this might not be for today but The other day. I found a And i send it to chris few days ago something take a few minutes. But i think it's nineteen eighty-four pontiac showcasing all of their cars for the year. When did they go out of business. Because we had a pontiac. When i was little pontiac just went out of business. If they're if they still are are if they're not out of business you you you definitely. I said it. When we're an appleton wisconsin. Which is when you walk around. Town like appleton wisconsin. And you're used to los angeles and you know you go well. What are the differences and you know. Well app in wisconsin had outdoor piano players and they had trash gains everywhere and things were decent and clean and stuff but the the biggest thing you notice. Pontiacs there are pontiacs. Everywhere in appleton. Wisconsin you go to the right place in this country. You see now we live. I live in a place. Swear i see tesla's everywhere all the time the places i'm at in los angeles it's it is maybe the highest percentage car i see is tesla but like the bay area. I was just driving truth tobacco. Sfo fucking tussles everywhere everywhere. But if you go to appleton wisconsin you shall see no tesla's but all of a sudden you're low. Their lousy with pontiac pontiac contraints okoye do a video at the tacoma's honolulu adlon yes. There are certain certain regions. Just like all about that car. Yeah and i guess you know californian affluent and all that kind of headquarters up there too and headquartered up there too although yeah pontiac rebounded pontiac michigan. I guess what it is. Yeah that's where Pontiac started. And i don't two thousand ten pontiac went out of business so that was their last thing but they're still on the road in big numbers in certain places. Certain places you go. Well if a young adam corolla ever wants to see his future car that he could only dream of the firebird and stuff we have. We have commercial. Oh really well. I don't know feel like we should take a look at that The other thing is is. I think Basis of getting a lot of shit for because he did his press conference after he got off the rocket and he said I wanna thank everyone who works. Ram is on and the people who buy amazon. They paid for this trip and then of course. Everyone billionaires can't make statements anymore with certain segment of our society getting their panties in a bunch but just the existence of billionaires right. that's a large number of people but don't we like like let's put it. Let's put it this way. None of us our kids. And we aren't going to be on the planet for two hundred years. And because of branson and bezos and Elon must soon. There's a very realistic chance that we could go to outer space as civilians in our lifetime. If we so choose. I mean. I don't know what you know not not next year but in ten years from now plans that we could all whatever and the fact that these big swing and dick billionaires are all sort of vying for for the same prize competing they went to get up faster and whatever. Don't we like that. I mean if it was up to the government and nasa that would not be a realistic new embodied race right so good let them spend their money and let them do this. And then you go. Yeah so on that point. You could make the argument. This is better than government. Funded space travel because i watched side note the documentary summer. A soul about sixty nine block woodstock harlem cultural festival. It was the same summer same now. He's scoring points with the black community but yet he turns his back on the mideast twenty-seven offering washed it no involvement is the same weekend as the moon landing so there was a reporter. They were very buttoned up. White reporter what you think of the landing and he's interview just all black attendees at the harlem cultural about them all and they're all saying like honestly i don't give a shit doesn't affect me and money could have been used a feet a lot of people and that's a good. That's a good argument like it was a great moment for our country. But that's a lot of money of taxpayer. That is the most that that quote is the most of the grievances. I'm seeing on social media. Go private equity at least right but that's not. I'm not saying i agree. I'm saying this is like you're asking like what's everyone's getting their panties in a bunch of could've you know we could have clean water. We could feed this but no these guys have to play with their toys. Whatever but i feel like people like branson and they don't like bezos branson branson's english right. We just were done with sort of rich americans. We do not want to have the beef with the guy with the english accent. I think there's some of that. It would be interesting because you know. England is in in western. Europe is getting pretty woke if not may possibly more woke than than we are here in the united states. Be an interesting little case. Study if they didn't like branson in england but like faso's more because that's just the the devil you don't i'm sure kayla can look that up approval rating by country but there's also whenever very high also this individual these guys are. I heard some stat. That you know that i won't even bother giving it out 'cause i can't even remember but it used to cost x. Amount a kilo to put something into outer space so a satellite or for your phone or television or whatever communications or whatever it is with x. amount per pound. That's what they charge since since these guys got involved that prices come way down. Which of course makes sense. Because someone doesn't have a monopoly looking to save. I stanford save a buck and it's also they're also trying to they're competing against one another and then you could kind of say well but then how's it. How do we know it's safe because overseeing probably not gonna shoot themselves in zero regulated but yeah whoever's rocket blows up that's going to hurt business pretty pretty badly. I'm frankly impressed that these guys not so much branson with the drop from the from the airplane but rocket ship to getting into a rocket ship at the pretty early stages of all this stuff. It feels pretty ballsy. Yeah and i'm sure they know a bunch of shit that i don't know but it still seems crazy ballsy to get into launch a rocket from the ground straight up into the air when we could all just close your eyes and see endless footage of those things going up and then coming back around and boom. You know that makes me wonder with all this stuff. We've been talking about about flight. And maybe they think that airlines are small potatoes because obviously they care more about going to space. Would it be an amazon airline Up lucie that. Yeah i I guess i was gonna say it doesn't sound like a great name for an airline like but it only goes to south america. Well we have airbus so now. It's all the world's worst name for a plane the airbus and maybe we should change the name that because i feel like a lot of people are throwing down in fighting on airbuses like they would on on on a bus. I mean. maybe. It's the word boston screwing everybody. Up airline knows airbus's a french company's i imagine means something different orange juice locations the sound better. All right we have. I think we have your in pontiac Commercials here's the fleet from nineteen eighty four four. Yeah i up the fiero. I can tell by just front. Headlights segment dotted by producing the fuel injection fierro. Sonic erupts zero north. America's first two passenger mid engine production car six thousand euro style touring sedan sophistication pie. Tackle performance thousand s. remember anything. The sun is a bad car. he'll rushing with transient driving gloves and sunglasses pontiac. Bulbs sprinting for the cars parked in the middle of nowhere. Yeah god we were again. I always say. Just look at the commercials. They're they're just little snapshots of executives. Exactly one thousand nine hundred eighty four and that commercial you could miss. You couldn't say oh was that from the seventies of the means to thousands arcady for you could get it down to the month. It's funny because you'd be mon. Like you know subaru and love and puppies and all that shed or on its way to car commercials. It's funny because this had the same thing in a way which is the model but the hot models have to do with the cars. It no won't know cars are gonna maybe get you a a seven. Yeah i k now spoiler alert. But they've put one of those. This take my all my stories and put them into one hamper in fast nine to fire the arrow into outer space. Oh yes that car was was pontiac. Fiero wasn't about of the didn't mind that except the part where he shifted in gear and outer space and then matt hit the gnaws muscle memory and then steered it into the satellite. That was a little weird. I don't. I've not driven a pontiac and space but now you mean buffet song but yes. I don't foresee myself seeing anytime soon. Where they like catapulting it like a tray with or somebody driving it. Legitimately booster rockets. Okay good yeah. Scientifically understood all right. Let's see so we'll do the news a little earlier as as well Right after i tell you about tommy john this summer man soak up the sun. But not the sweat. tommy john. Cool cotton fabric two to three times cooler than regular cotton. Get a pair of the tommy john underwear and let your buns breath. 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Hey geiko do you own do you rent you do one or the other right. you know. it's hard workout their own in renton. You want to save some money. How about your bundle. Bundle your policies at geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle. The homeowners renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too. Because you've got so much ado already go to geico dot com. Get a quote. See just how much you could save at geiko. That is geiko dot com today. That's geiko dot com news gino. We're crying protest. Halted craft stuff at sola joe by gene the news with gene grad. Listen to my story. Is about britney spears. I wanted to let you guys know. I started watching this really fun. Series on net looks called this pop. And i think it's interesting. Did you see the stockholm syndrome. One about how all pop music comes out of sweden. No that was my favorite one. I mean they. I mean every pop. Every boy van britney spears backstreet boys in sings all of them. All those songs. Come out of sweden all the hits that you hit me baby one more time. All the big backstreet boys songs. It's really interesting. How sweden became the only place that anyone would go to produce these songs. And there's a boys to men one that's good. There's about festival music. It's really cool. So i mean the the poppy span of all time is ab. They abba is featured heavily in this show. They are i mean. They may be the populist. They have the most sort of pop sound. Yeah they were at least bjorn or one of them was in a cover band and then the beatles famous on their own songs and he was like oh we could make our own songs and then the three or the four of them got together and they did one of those euro not eurovision but like the euro concert and everyone always comes out in like ballgowns and always things a ballot and they come out looking like you know their jumpsuits almost like kiss doing waterloo. Which really like freaked. Everybody out in sweden was super embarrassed by them but the rest of the world embrace them. I saw doc on one of the album. Ladies can't think of what that doc was called but it was weird. I mean then they broke up then she got divorced and then whatever then at some point she married some younger guy. Who's using her that it didn't seem to have a super happy ending for her but but you sang all the songs. Come out of sweden and that they are written in sweden by swedish producers and produced by swedes. Like that is their export is american pop music and he realized like with abba they when they start singing an english they blew up and everybody speaks english over there and this guide. Dennis pop really was but dennis pop started this company and like produced every nineties pop to thousands pop. You can think of katy. Perry taylor's everybody. I wonder if maybe pop music is arguably the whitest of whole music. I mean countries pretty pretty hongqi town. But you can't discount motown man. I mean like pop music. It's another thinking about it. It's a little richard and at the founding fathers chuck berry domino. It's funny you should say. Wow i love motown but maybe we need the whitest people on the planet making the hobbyist music time i feel people here are two influenced by interesting by motown. That's really funny. You said that because the the one. I watch tobacco is the boys to men one. And how ninety eight degrees. All the bands like voice man had number one hits for sixteen seventeen eighteen weeks in a row. It was insane and they talked to you know all the boy bands started stealing their sound their harmonies and they said arja was harder. Because we had a crossover. These guys are just stars. The boy bands all copied nineties aren't mosey crappy. But boys dylan's good. Yeah a fun series. Anyway yeah i brought it up because the free britney movement is going to washington to members of the house proposed. The free britney act. That's what it'll be called. If it becomes law it will give individuals under conservative ship. The right to ask the court appointed private guardian to be replaced with someone free from financial conflicts of interest and we talked about that specifically how crazy it is that like the dad makes all the choices controls the purse rings and like when he wants to sue someone he uses her money. So yeah they want to do to serve her a cease-and-desist says her money. Oh i thought yes. Which is ironically air kramer's got a law thoughts about this subject is one of the things. Conservative ships controls the money by you. Know i always joked. But i'm never really joking that the way we should round up the deadbeat dads and the felons is to put the sign in front of the coliseum. That says free cockfight for raiders. Fans only whoever shows up with our net on them. I kind of feel that way about the free brittany people like you know it's wednesday. It's noon and you're standing in front of the courthouse foam core board cookies and a foam core board. And you've been out there for seven hours. We got around you. You're not contributing to society. I don't know what your you seem able bodied. Yeah you seem old enough right your energetic fucking paying taxes. What's going on here is a gathering for michael jackson. I guess i guarantee if i hit that crowd hard and by the way that's not an independently wealthy crowd i guarantee there's a lot of social security going on on welfare viewpoint of disability claims. I will guarantee if i found the average twenty seven year old white dude. Who's standing out there. The foam core with the free brittany. He would be getting a check from somewhere and it would be disability thing and he would explain that his back. You know he. He worked at the home depot burbank. But that was seven years ago and just a lawsuit. Whatever you're standing out on the curb of the sign above your head for seventeen hours you can fuck and work dude. I think you're right around him up. That'll be my doc. Well done so. The bill is introduced by the bipartisan team of democrat. Charlie crist of florida and republican. Nancy mace of south carolina columbia. Together italy over something important. This what. Chris said abusive. Conservative ships can be an unending nightmare and tragically. We don't know how many people are being held captive against their will under the broken guardianship system. We do know however that we need federal safeguards to protect persons under guardianship from abuse and exploitation. I think this could get past. We just have. Maybe we need this like a look if you're under. This stuff was made for people in their eighties. Or have dimension or losing. Can't take care of if you're thirty nine. Maybe we just need a field. Sobriety test can't pass and kick competition of. How are you saying enough to handle your own affair right so you know some basic math a know. What would you do if a policeman pulled you over. What would you. What would you say. Basically billy madison. Such an obstacle course. We give a little test if you pass the test. You're you're on your own. You can function you can make decisions. You know what it know what it should be. And i don't know if erik kramer took this but the god damnit 'em lick what was the Like the mini mental like the cognitive test. Yeah and nfl. The wonder like wunderlich. Let's that they're trying to figure out. If the quarterback who's being drafted has a ten cent had or to. Tom brady type situation. You know what i mean so they wanna know your intellectual sort of rasping capacities you now. But i don't think it's a whole bunch it's third and seven. Who's your check down. General right intelligence tasks brady was your example. What is brady's wunderlich score. I would go with the guy that high then. He learned a lot on the job because that guy his figured i mean he's not getting by on size arm strength though in in speed he didn't have the foot speed he didn't bench press anything. Good do anything. But he's intellectually understands the game and i'll do you one better if her kids are above. Let's say let's say her kids are above eighteen. I don't think they are but say they're adult. Why does brittany need a conservative of this whole thing. I know i'm i'm boiling down to. Its most simple but like if she can't take care of her kids that's a family court issue and if they're adults then who cares if she puts her money in a pile burns it for money we can find the wunderlich test. I bet that would work for conservative. Ship probably solving stuffing general knowledge. But who cares what. She does other money. If i was saying to get someone i get it if i yeah so we need some way to measure whether you are capable of handling your own shit or not and i'm saying put it on. Yeah this let them see what their capacity is curious. This test is like although if i were if i were the attorney that was retained by. Brittany's dad who wants to keep the conservative ship going I would do no studying. I would put no graphs together. I would get no forensic accounting. I would hire experts. I would i would do nothing. And britain's dad would go. How's the case going i'd go. I'm just working on my rodeo. He'd go aren't you working. I i got this. I got it. I got covered and britney's defense would put on hold theatrics and bring up all their experts and show all the graphs and do all all the stuff and At the end they turned me to counter. And i would just go well. We're trying to judge whether she saying or not. She had kids with kevin fetterlein. All right different damning. So i rest my. She started a family with kevin fair align. L let me just show you a couple of videos. This'll sow there's popa okay anyway. That is my case. Smart tom. Brady's wunderlich scored reportedly thirty three out of fifty. It's it's pretty pretty middling quarterback. I don't know what the average one quarter of the average one is. The average average scores in the nfl by position well order twenty-four. Doing names doing a little better because russell and what do we know what some of the questions on the wunderlich are looking. Because that would just okay. Yeah i got some here. Do that with britney. Wait a minute. Gina you brittany rent. I do. let me make sure. I have the right outfit on. I'm ready get your peasant top on. I have my peasant blouse. It's a crop top. Because i love to show the abdomen where we can ask you some of these questions brittany and then maybe you can just answer them. I'm sorry who am. I talking to chris. Maxwell is the wunderlich test your so. It's a fifty multiple choice questions to be answered in twelve minutes. A score of twenty is intended to indicate average intelligence. Okay here's here's a question for you if a piece of rope cost twenty cents per two feet. How many feet can you buy for thirty dollars. Twenty cents that's your final answer. All right all right which of the numbers in this group represents the smallest amount point three point zero eight or point three three. Well i can tell you as someone who's blown appoint zero eight that that seemed to bother a lot of people so i'll go with zero right. A high speed train travels twenty five feet in a third of a second in four seconds. The train will have traveled. How many feet trick question. I don't take chains final answer finally. Okay okay there's train trainer hawaii. Let's do one more brittany o'clock lost two minutes and thirty six seconds in seventy eight days. How many seconds did lose per day. Can i please have the word of origin country of origin for the word. Thank you. I just watch the spilling yup. I just watched script spelling. I know my rights are. Can you. Please tell me if this is an animal vegetable or mineral this. This isn't a spelling test is. Are they all weird math equations. Gotta be some some stuff down questions on this particular page. What i'll see if any you. It's not fair to brittany. No that's not fair to britney that's not fair to most people can't do shit in there but do they give you a scratch pad. That's kind of the question. All right sorry continue anyway. So we'll see where that goes. Did you know that bays os and van jones. Our biggest thieves. Did you a one hundred million bucks a hundred million dollars to van jones. Who is not only cnn. Not a correspondent but you know. He's on contributing contributor. Yeah Founder of dream core which is nonprofit. It's a nonprofit for criminal justice reform and also sounds like a hell of a mattress. I got the dream course. Abc oh my god the top. Oh you got to dream car yeah. Eighty oh yeah you said yes. I go with sixty really different dream. Four settings yes and when it gets too hot it has those water pipes inside the mattress. I love that also chef. Jose andres he's founder of the world central kitchen to direct the charities of their okay. So that's what he does so they can do whatever they want with this money. He had no bureaucracy no committee they just do what they want. They can give it all of their own charity. They can share the wealth. It's up to them. Jones andres are the first to recipients of bezos new courage and civility award which recognizes leaders. Who aim high and who pursue solutions with courage and who always do it with civility. The hundred million each kind of interesting times. We have to kind of. Buy yourself some grace. Now if you've got too much money and you're spending a lot of it sending yourself out. Then we need to point a lot of a lot of stuff it used to be. I'll tell you this. I wish these. I wish these big contributions yeah. I wish they were a little more shovel ready. You know lightnings back in the day carnegie would have they by they build a library or they would build carnegie hall or they build a bridge and put their name on it or something or school is something a little more it brick and mortar. You know what. I mean of university or hospital. Yeah it's like oh we gave a hundred million bucks to the aclu or black lives matter or something we do. We ever really are. We the recipients of any of that. No we're really goes or things get better for the groups. They're working on. But you go pay yourself a nice little salary as a board member. Well i was kind of. I was talking about bette midler like adopting a highway the other day and i was thinking like what. If somebody know. We've talked about a hyperloop. You know bullet train monorail or whatever. What have like these guys go. I will pledge to build seventy miles of this. This bullet thing that got us from an l. a. to chicago. And then and then richard branson would have to kick in and buy like on a lower level someone could buy a mile or one hundred feet or something like that. We'll just fun. The whole thing like that. Like van jones. But i don't expect to be the recipient of any of that. I don't think you're going to see any of this but the thing i thought you'd like about it is talk about free market. The the billionaires says you figure it out you have a private company you get your money like the government doesn't choose how you spend it you guys figure it out. You seem smart. Yeah but does A lot of pressure for van. Yeah it is and he. Obviously it's going to be scrutinized exact gonna have to going to have to dot the is and cross the t's ease up on the salary you give yourself as an executive to your new business venture is also You do hear a lot of like. And i don't know the full story. Is you know you work for amazon. You have to pee in a can because you can't leave your station and stuff at a certain point that seemed like you could kick a little down to the campaign. Sure does when you won't let them unionize. I don't know the story sound bizarre to me that work in a big facility and you can't walk away from your conveyor belt long enough to take a leak. It'd be like lucy with the chocolates. I it sounds bizarre but it does seem like a kick everyone down another buck. Fifty an hour. yes absolutely. Because do you remember the smear campaign. what state alabama. I don't remember southern where they're trying to unionize. And this this guy he was a black guy came out as sort of like the spokesman and they smeared him. They ruined his name. Yeah thank you. And it's just like they. They're they're not down. So yeah jeff you could. You could help out your employees for sure. Patrick wunderlich score. Forty eight really no. He was a harvard quarterback in the nfl notably. What are what about the cute jimmy garoppolo. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He's i like us on jeopardy. And i think he's wish ailing woodley. Anybody cares while you're doing that. History was made tuesday night when major league. Baseball's first ever all female broadcast crew called the mlb game of the week live between the baltimore. Orioles and the tampa bay rays on youtube. The youtube broadcast featured. Melanie newman on play by play. Sarah lang's the analyst alana. Rizzo onfield reporter. Heidi watney and lauren gardner hosted pregame and postgame. What brand she reduce twenty nine. He doesn't have to be super good looking good Here's a i think. We have a clip. Just to of what it sounded like. This may be between melian and sarah But we'll find out. Because i'm not sure which one is pulled here but there are so many more women that have been doing what we're doing in this industry for such a long time and there's so many accomplishment that have the resumes that could absolutely do this broadcast happy to be part of it. We recognize the moment but above all. It's baseball we are certainly happy to be giving this broadcast to the audience. I think you said it. Best by the end of the day you get the first pitch and it's a baseball game and this is something that we've all absolutely loved getting to pursue our careers in recognizing that that hasn't always been the case for others it. I did watch a lot of it. And as much as i don't know everything about baseball seemed very competent. Which seems condescending. To say you know one thing. I did notice and i think you heard her voice the voices. I know my voice. In as as long as i've been dad would approve but continue. He would probably beers a talk. I know that my maybe just getting older to but my voice my the actual timbre at my voice has come down because when i first started doing radio it was sort of high in minnie mouse. And it's not people don't like hearing that tone for a long time and one of the women has really gotten it down. One of the women had a bit of a higher pitched voice. And i wonder if that counted against her or if we can just all get out of our own way and get over ourselves and get used to it. You know how we talk about our green or mean grandmothers. We do the second the meanest person of my childhood not even my grandmother. Oh yeah someone be grandma yes. Grandpa owl lewis from the month. The meanest guy. I've ever met right. Yeah but so did roberta message. She wasn't as me so hard to tell me. I've been hit by multiple parents. But never my own i still. I'm curious if anyone else has been hit multiple times by other people's parents but not their own. That's that's the caveat. Either way i used to remember him. He used to chew red man chewing tobacco spit on the floor of the house. He lived in the hardwood floor but spent on the floor and he he would watch baseball games in sporting events in general always had the sound down because he hated the announcers anger. They're talking about so kids these days. Yeah he he was so animated by how much he hated them. They would just watched him in silence. Tom reasonable indicate fury over a lot of people. At least my dad and a lot of people. I knew Turn the sound down and turn the radio play by playing because you get more of a colorful picture. Well here's the thing. Here's the only thing this is Missing i don't you know baseball's i need a need to watch it very often and all that kind of stuff but it is good to have one person in the booth who was in the league for ten years because they do have some stories or insights or sparky anderson my manager he would have never done this or or whatever so i don't know and also that goes across all sports i e tony romo's great and football like watching the basketball players when there's somebody's like oh this is what happens or this is what the ref is not gonna played. Yeah but baseball. Seems kind of integrate able with women. I'm surprised i'd say so. I mean basketball's kind of tough. Football's very tough but seemed like there's been a woman or to that has been around major league baseball not not on a team. I don't think she made the roster. This store would come up every five years at somebody was trying to make the team or something. Are there any women's baseball leagues because you hear about fastpitch softball. Yeah are hardball leagues. I looked into it really manjo. Bet well no i. Recently i recently looked into it. Because i was obsessed with the fact that softball obsessed with the fact that female softball college and pro and everything teams. Don't wear fucking baseball. Hats visors and it drives me nuts. Because they wear the pants they wear the shirt. They wear the spikes. They do everything. But they wear visors and unlike. Are you an accountant from the thirties. Are you dealing cards and reno like put a baseball hat on. It's easiest thing in the world and if you don't believe in a what about the hair the hair ponytail low ponytail up or you could wear it like the greatest living american. Tony little tony. Little technique broaden the gazelle ryan gazelle. That guy went two million miles on a gazelle where the pony tail through the whole back of the hat. No tell me it can't be done. You're right and now for girls. They have high holes in the hat. So you can have a ponytail. I'll know if this counts. But i may have pre shit. Oh one of your points. Because i was literally to a friend the other day like how much material could be saved if baseball and like ninety had adopted the visor set of the full cap if they did that have been untold. Millions of pounds of cotton sandwich felt or thought. What if we didn't have driver. Imagine would've one vietnam advisors as functional as of baseball if they'd just adopted advisory nineteen hundred. God knows how much how our styles of your new that's right. Untold amounts of fabric would be solved. Donald what dreams realized advisors heights. We soared the nation. But we again. We'll never know how bryan bryan is. Right surely article but my thing is is baseball is not about you know bunch of upper body strength you know. It's kind of coordination thing and seems like teamwork like some woman could could break through at some point. Become a fun. I totally agree. yeah. I'm speaking of a woman breaking through dolly parton made good on a promise to get back in a playboy bunny outfit when she turns seventy five and boy. How did she. I will say this. I don't like the time that baseball players waste when they step out of the box and reattached mill. What we could have done as a society. That's fine. I will say this there is and there's a lot you know it can be slow. The pitcher walks to the catchers talking to the pitcher. Now here comes the manager. He's coming out. That got their hands in their mouth. Rose again right. there's a lot of that. There's one thing they do with an amazing accuracy and speed and fluidity. They're all going up to home plate now with the shin guard and the foul ball thing and stuff like that when they are walking the first base they get the walk or whatever pop pop boom. I mean it is less than a second. She in garches they leaned down in. It's like pull ripcord. They just all the stuff just falls off and they go walk. Although it's kind of magic. Mike esque yeah my also my thing. You love mainstreamers now. They're putting the pudding oven mittens on guys hands. Certa out there. Have you seen the mid. Oh you've not seen hitter. No when they get to first base like some sliding mitt and they're selling on there's been a lot of guys would slide head first but they would like hurt their finger break different or sometimes your dad. Yeah i agree. Those slight headfirst. My thing is i don't know if you guys are with me but whatever you show up to home plate with you show up to home plate wanna do a shin guard and an elbow thing whatever. Fine run the bank. We take your walk. That's what you bring the first base and when you get the first space we're not allowed to hand you a bunch of auxiliary shit drops gear up so you can run the pat. Don't they also when they get to first base. They get rid of the how the helmet not. Don't run the whole the whole every base. They run with that. I did not really interesting. Don't confuse you can't just pop it off while you're running infused by this. You wear the helmets the whole around. Okay well unless you do the move where some guys do after they get the double. The hand comes flying ramirez zone helmet off right okay Some guys have dreadlocks. Let's talk about something that we care about. Please dali turning seventy five and a playboy running off the only problem with this. Is the magazine no longer being published like he used to so doesn't matter she did it anyway. She put on the bunny suit for her husband's seventy ninth birthday. Showed it off in a video. Here's a clip. Anyway what i did for his birthday on a photo shoot in this fit and a hat made of the new dolly or the old new dali and in the first one seemed. Remember this i was kinda little butterball in that one will. I'm string cheese now here. Probably think i'm cream cheese. i hope. anyway. I'm going to surprise in gordon. Sing into them in melilla bernie. Yeah maybe all the cheese references before shacks removed. Because i think north of the border. I know there's a kind of cheese that a woman could be that. I would prefer a gouda man. I like covari snatch into But did you notice. Did you notice that when i was in north carolina. I believe somebody said to me that duke university. Which is i don't know down the road and ten minutes is i have a room called the dolly parton room. And that's where she got it. I said implants. So i was thinking you immediately get miami thank you. Did you notice those sleeves on her. She put on these gloves and the gloves one almost up to her shoulder now. I don't wanna tell tales but the rumor is that she's no that she has a lot of tattoos really never shows them that is a rumor cannot be confirmed unknowable. I learned to it but that he's our. She never shows her arms. I don't know that's the rumor all right one more. Yeah all right. Well we talk about mtv a lot and what they used to be and what they're bringing back and they're bringing back cribs. The network announced the revival more than twenty years since its debut ten years since it last aired on mtv the show gives fans the full tour of celebrity homes. It's going to be back august eleventh. And the twentieth season will feature ashley simpson evan. Ross big sean christian syria know who johnny wear josie wa jordan woods who kathy griffin martha stewart nicole snooky polisi ryan laki and scott disick. One collection can martha stewart is knocking on the door eighty easily. Yeah i've she's seventy nine or something seventy nine. Do we need super hip. And with it martha stewart hanging with my new. Bff snoop dogg. We're making jello mold with weed. It's like a spiel then rich. Would you please gave her a lot of street cred. It's she's always feel like she's going after that demo or something and it's like you had a good life you got of money you you got your crowd you got your this thing out there a little bit happy with what you have done. Turns eighty in less than two weeks. That'll get you knocking on the door of aiding all right so that yeah there and this is. It's funny that they're even doing it. And maybe this is why they're getting the people getting because we're not really in a place where we wanna see rich people and what they do and what. We don't have do you guys remember cribs like and wild. There'd be like sad cribs survivor skateboarder. You never heard. I welcome to my me and my partners place in receipt on. It's like you got we took the garage and we made it into a studio and this foam hanging from the ceiling and then This is my like literally eighteen hundred feet in received a there was a funny one. Which i it had to be a joke. The sean williams scott one was that it was the shittiest apartment and then also gate new rules for for cribs. If you're like many bow in your thirteen. I don't wanna see your lamborghini garage. I don't see cars. You cannot drive for three years. There was a lot of that. And there's nothing that leads me to believe. That is your lamborghini in that garage. Somebody who has a driver's license over that day. Yes and you know what else i doubt. We'll ever come back at least not not in this climate. My super sweet sixteen People aren't trying to see that right now. Also no messing with your refrigerator. I would open up and see all the pellegrino with labels facing out and everything's alphabetized. They wanna see courage. Looks the faulk lighter and we all have a fridge it is. It is a window into our soul exactly where you are. I don't wanna see everything. Alphabetize the labels face bread. That's right yeah all right. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. I love to show. The abdomen actually was the news with gina grad. Right there is Well j. b. weld world's strongest bond pros trusted it for over fifty years but Diy wires have as well but Why not why not act like a pro even if you're diy use your j. b. Well we're proud to have. Jv welder proxies. He's as a sponsor. I personally know the owner skies good people. I hung out with them. And seema in vegas for years ago and i use their products so And they have a variety of different stuff. So you can use it on wood or metal or glass or plastic or whatever ceramics. What every need. I fix sunny shoe. Jbl they fixing italia's weird cold roller thing. Gina probably knows what those things are. Stone jade roller with a stone. Handle and you like put it in the freezer. Yeah i have one well. Her handle bro. Oh no what a busted out the j. b. weld yellow and i didn't have to buy a new one j. b. weld also herculaneum the original. Diy truck bed liners if you're looking at the world's strongest truck. Bed liner hercules. Has you covered. It's j. b. weld right dawson. Jbl available a jv. Well dot com home depot. Lowe's zone advance. Auto parts napa riley amazon michaels and more remember j. b. weld a policy products are probably made in the usa j. b. weld world's strongest bond. All right my old friend. Pop warner football friend. Erik kramer of course played a few years in the league. Yes if predated him. All the way around but to ask was wunderlich test score. Yeah curious if they had the wunderlich Back in the day. We've been around for a little while we'll talk to you Nfl great erik kramer. Right after that.

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Arabic Audio Recitation: 4th Ramadan 2020 Taraweeh Prayer in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia       1441

The Clear Evidence

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Arabic Audio Recitation: 4th Ramadan 2020 Taraweeh Prayer in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia 1441

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In letting out modal when abby this theme in and ask other in the Economic Dina Hobby Home Fit Dunia while he law Woman Min City Dina. All on. I'll say Kita VILA COMA and the met one very mean who more home any Cabbie. An odd on a Dennis ill a at home. He mce owned. Either whom Leo Rabi Offense would seem to a homeland your own who I'm not in touch. what. Tash Via the client in Coluche in the two lane of in how of whatever age will hey to me I mean I what Donald Oklahoma Tesha his The Liat defeating moment. When Al Catharina only Many AF is Dudley Cafe Semi. No law he in Illinois a woman home to have common law who enough Sur La Human Mossy Foam So do how do we are who we are? I'm Woma word you feel. Audela ISLA UNLEASH A in codeine. Yoma Teddy lunar seem I mean at Munich Lady? I mean at News Oh do and how of Ena who don't have their local. Who ENOUGH SIR. While law he will in turn to people who. I don't know Beckham love. How our love for You Kathy? In La hostile them on on how he heard. I run out. I mean literally. Yatom about behind you. Val De la who semion highly it audit team at Wary Milano. Love Being Nina. To Vima Tony. How wrong up any up mean in ACA semi? But I'M TABATA IN LA who la who I will be art. Where they said the indies a May to harm him in or eight to become a thirty better out of new better and has no Capella has has Geraldo Jeddah. Had his car a An ICKY had Let me name in Law Pony Who IS As carry on the WHO are being had any in doing tone in this That Eka to who all in we you know. Suddenly the law by shield of an issue am also became a team. Menial household wanna-be Saudi in all be an echo nor the other at the Honor Eka who have Johnny took to Leeman Salas. I mean alums Kathy you know be nice. She was Your call to model in Milan on heard kills any leedle. I MEAN MOLLY. Goon not big your studio Log in verdict leaving the value being. He may one day. Him Is Oklahoma Homey up for one a if you will see more on you go to model in the law She'll be a team because team. More Savannah. Moya Donio of off. While if you deal healthcare you know saw told be a cool. WanNa do need those. Y'All who flew KUNA a month long in lieu a coup d'etat. By one motel told auto while he saw To be Your team Who MAY NOT BE ANY Hope HE TOYOTA PORNO On Komo although I will tell you what will not be being over. Noah Phew Phew boy who in his early on in. Meaning The all learn Okun Levy. You come into the team. Tokyo Law on a lot of being the autumn stealthy as he's charming bottom Saudi law on and law and then he or she heard the name warn Ben Another take another tuna Aisha. He paid long law. Who can you partner law? You name vehicle off your. He'll he'll come home or you're looking at the whole Ila community Our Geo comes off the tomb tested for other people on the burden. Shut down the Dunia. Feel women in in a needle. Saudi heard before. You're him more your own long on your hip in Lahore on big hockey in the law he can come to the war on Iraq. Kaffir took him in feminine Jack Efi in the account even if the wording An a one is a news a force and all of that you Najia. I'm not a law in the WHO also will have all in a law in law. Who as he is real hockey for you not love? Cd In lackey. The ILA In our you know now booed local law. She took out the Duni la. I'll do a new letter. Kita video Join off one zero. T told the tap to on a Judge it to the limit to June as he set up Be law. We allow more to learn America. Able WANNA king honey. What can Honey mostly mobile Anina in NASA vote for him at maybe your audience and then long move many walked up to The loan Locator duty matchup photo in the tissue. How do the these shock Wti Bell to you what to Moon colored them to win? The eleven won't be Lady Alina Total. He'll walk field. I love to mean we learn and be in would Would along mission to do community in all be let him Longhua. He'll still nettie shows who felt our when Keita out. L. A. D. Lay women tournament. Hold the D you know you can learn doomed to hit all unknown part in the law. He can be a home. Yeah I love the he took off in Ohio shipbuilding in in Alina. I start on the him. Even Hana whom off one name would love Little Either Union. Liam was key. WanNa have a home video several Keta one Who who I mean even in while owner can't go on ebay shedding. Oh you law kito noble war to own up in the evening when the medical into about on what apple two on. Hold on. Hold run over the bill. Coffee On what you heard along with a mink it the way he come out. Ditto limb and maybe atone pause Al Lakewood is all. I do who were miniature? He summoned you. Can Homeowners who Kim Selena is similar to you on the phone with lower our own your own He'll now Allah when the news. You know I want you some You know health out though as will won the won the him learn apple a national homeless anymore and while the other is you know fellow. Prevent men will not mean because suiting. Komen Ninety more shahidul loss over the ball or Who the ideal odd you mean. You don't know law him until law he wasn't Eka T. C. A. Hula whom you'll only daddy daddy. Also natural in law of all rotating in many follow. Him only took that to whom woah govern dull blue in home in Hyundai in Heidi in all the hubbub we've said The home in the own bill women to bully people. Let me show you here in Law Hubby the law law. Aw unfunny BERTA. What do Cashew Cold War Journal? Ernie two-horse Seattle to learn Torah on a in did Total ball can do only what I can do that. We all can handle How tron in a KUNA WANI mean law who in? I don't come would you bud? Or teak is e learning. Really was You could lead Gen one gen one. Nijar John in Along in non aside okay you walk in and be healthy go and a long name knock off on that foreign along neck out of along. Get him off for unknown Alone in the UH one kid a little harder nurse come on as man you can hula chief and one one seaman then. You won't be long. Tony a long in coming Bossy June you to say as aw women said he phone economic. You know who come yet ill bell. Were Donald Hall. Was Ill ball was. You're not that you're Roger Law. He has a was wouldn't Alcoho- along is giving a long western demand. Will what you Kelly. Meta him civil teams you know. I mean how about on a long and one one one. What was you know was undefeated? Email one I mean ha dot on here than anyone econ along with the video while you along in Islam you also mean what you see him. He back along the left. If I'm Nina. What is your. They'll see what implant I don't know how to decay all And I mean along occasion moron. Lena fix looney along. Did Romeo home along events. You heard that A long knife. You don't wash on Barton that he needs on. You mean up at enough to has been A long line that you would be more off. Not Coming on what he coming until as will suddenly you know you will be was suddenly the all love love. Saddam on to law school long Asada. Righty Lo to him. Myrtle this audio has been prepared by the clear evidence Dot Org.

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GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 142: UFC 255 Review

GSMC MMA Podcast

1:04:52 hr | 9 months ago

GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 142: UFC 255 Review

"Need your daily fix on mixed martial arts recap. Bela tor one. Fifty five c one ninety who out of a controversial decision. Who's not i couldn't figure out. Why don't you fret because golden state media concepts daily dose of anime podcast. Everything from the ufc fighting jimmy extreme cage fighting victim fighting champ as much. Join us as we talk about. Some of the biggest names in mix martial arts. We've got you covered here on. Golden state media. Concepts emanate podcast. Thank you for tuning into the gs mc mma podcast brought to you by the mc podcast netflix done. And hopefully you are doing walford. Don't you your friends or family whether he lived in the states or nationally. Hope you're doing bradberry self during the time of major uncertainty and at the time of this recording. Guess what today is thanksgiving. Kind of not real. Actually technically thanksgiving two days away from here but by the time you listen to this podcast either. Thanksgiving has already happened or on thanksgiving day. Whatever and so thanksgiving is a movie. This week of thanksgiving. And i am traveling to my parents place and so one here. My parents place doing this big family. Union stuff. I have to go keep up with anime news new stuff and so which means if you start hearing rid of the background i e family members playing music or some drunken out there yelling random things letting you now. My setup is a wee bit different so expect you know some weird sounds possibly coming in in the background as i'm speaking but today i'll be talking about. Ufc two of the five and a news brief in the today's podcast and so man from beginning to end. Oh my goodness it was a fun show. It really was especially the prelims man. I know there are people here who don't wash prelims. I have a tendency of avoiding prelims. Almost parkdale racing. I enjoy prelims. But i have to really dial in and focused on the grades and the prelims in my opinion stole show icy the prelims had a better series of fights than the actual main card. It is there's a lot more online for the main card with the exception. Being the minimum for the prelims which had brennan moreno get better rail. So let me talk about eighteen for fifty five here. Not the main event which was davidson. Progress over is out as i did not expect slight to end as faceted considering davidson very okay. Davison figured oh has to be. Probably the most underrated champion in all of you have see. It's either him or her. But those right now are as i view. It's v to the two most least popular and least selling champions right now currently in the. Afc i mean even on bicycles that i still like camping in also. Apparently his fights He was houston Agrees and that fire told pretty well. So davison hear him becoming hit becoming the flight champion. And this is first actual telephones against as you're going to slide. I'll talk with all my friends about this. And he told me that he watches every of fights like all of it would the exception of fights that he doesn't really care about the first. I like he doesn't really watch us. Won't knowledge woman's mcmaster arts in he really should and he just really did not care about that much about this matchup between peres integrator and make sense. Now i'll tell you right. Now there's central express wasn't amazing. Showcase of how great davis invigorated is and there's talks right now. I think it's way too early. That if he continues to be as dominant as is his recent fights and continue on it for a couple of years he could be just as dominant as dimitris. Mighty mouse johnson. Now i think that's kind of a stretch. Their wood johnson did was amazing. But right now. I got to see a little bit more figueredo. If he can be able to do is consistently for a long period of time. I'm not discrediting. How talented figure is figure it right now. I think it's way too early in too soon to go. Compare them to the johnson. I get the. But i'm talking about the minimum here so i figured over his is this is a very time tight like back and forth action in the span of light in the last three minutes or four minutes and fights. The fight ended in one minute. Fifty seven seconds into the first round. My times goes weird but in this here it was really back and forth action and then it came to a point where press was gonna go for a take down on different radio but he was due so he was able to. He did not take down in various. Was able to figure it was able to verse out of that and he was able to go. Win the fight via submission which really mind because ox presence. Tough hombre and it's really cool this entire card really. Ufc two five was pretty much a card full of fighters who are trying to showcase the other aspects of their fight games. You see it from valentino. You see in from. Mike perry you see in country kagan here and so far davidson figueredo. Your it was more of a sense of okay. You got this guy who was legal striker. And also he's only level grappler also. He's able to tap out pressure and the striking accuracy in the speed of davidson. Video is unbelievable and rennell figueredo. He is expected to fight against the main. A better made of a winner of the prelims which is brandon ran over. Who was a winner as he defeated brenner. Aww out by ko so better. Moreno versus Brennan are available to me was the by the night i thought marina rival was such a great back and forth action. Unit was incredibly fast and clearly from from dander. I did not know who's going to win this fight here because val the dude fights at such an insanely high volume and brandon. Moreno is contrary. despite the becky's flyweight he can definitely compete better eight. I think he is strong in that talented. And his normal walking is like twenty pounds bigger than the actual flight division itself so brennan. Mary was able to knock Without technically he he did about val. This survey discussing happier brave albie popped his shoulder at one point in an multiple times in the fight between moreno valle it looked like moreno was going for twister in a minutes. Straits of joe. Rogan document mandate brennan moreno. He doesn't know what he's doing year to attempt the twister. his mission is kind of albuquerque. Watching this and i'm hearing this and i'm like come on. Joe give the guy some credit here moreno. He's trying to lock in like iran could choke onto rebel and the journal gives making fun of morandi. Like come on dude. You're not doing the tourists properly. I get your only a green belt level jitsu. I got a higher belton to get mad but come on. You gotta know this stuff so while jauregui is making fun of brenham. Rainier better marian. He's skipping wherever down. You're able to get back up then able to pressure and get take down. Then they're able to read. It was able to do some greenwich pound on the rebel. But as rebel hewas chest first onto the floor as miranda was on his back and try and hit on my camera face as easy as hitting some hammerfest veteran val was like dislocated his shoulder. No he like his shoulder popped out and then instead of miranda Hitting the hammerfest. It was more of a sense of of al this. He couldn't continue the fight because of the pop shoulder and so after moreno free got awesome. Man was able to win. That was the fight by ko referees. Raising the hand a brand moreno end the background. You can go here. Ren roy val screaming and there was a slow motion. Replay of this where you see brennan vowel. He's holding his shoulder. Venice coach comes in any dislike pops in the shoulder and slow motion. And then you can. You even hear the scream of brennan roy bell in slow motion a disgusting scene there but really good showcase our ben reynaud who was able to know keep. His ray did better now. Opinion striking them random bar myrna's grappling just took him a little more better which give an advantage against rebound and so it is expected. That's going to be davis on progress against brennan moreno coming up in december and we got notified this immediately in the press conference in the post conference interviewer with the whites. It was talking about the show and he was like. Yeah davis now. He's staying here in america. We're going to prep them up to fight against brennan moreno in december. We don't know if it's going to be. Afc fight night. Probably gonna be se purview. Because it makes sense here they're the Of a pay per view so it makes the most sense here to have a title fights coming in. And if you're also and was asked yeah i totally believe that davison video is fully capable of defending his belts and really damn will win gets moreno. Despite the fact that he'll be waiting twice within the span of just two months. And i'm thinking like oh my goodness figuring out here like a huge respect for him Looking through all the comments during the chats and saying yeah davis inferior to look at this guy defending his belt twice in two months. Can't believe that's interesting against cody garbrandt yet. It was gonna be Within progress against cody garbrandt govern pulled out due to. I think there's like like swollen hand was only let like yeah. He had an injury. Hugh couldn't be able to compete. He couldn't continue training on which to express. Replacing cody garbrandt so frigo in the span of two months has like train prep up for two fighters and wait cuts and visiting. He just became champion this year. Just a couple of months ago actually fight island so they was regarded obama. He is pretty. I think dinovite it has the confidence cam and comments from my of didn't really believe it's like okay. I'm going to overcome the heck out of these. Two guys are now because these guys are definitely good enough to be able to pull your victories here. Despite all the pressure. I'm giving to them and so. We have davis unfair gerardo Coming up potentially on december. I'm pressured dana. White east currently working on there. Now who do. I think will win between a fight between davis unfair And random moreno is should be davison for radio but at this point here this is without a doubt has to be the biggest challenge in his career. But that about him. The belt in this short amount of time against the guy in moretto who is incredibly fast. Who was able to handle the pressure fighting or ben arrival. Here's i generally don't believe there was a very auto can match. The pace can match the high volume can match the pressure that ran around delivered onto brandon. Moreno i don't think so and so this will come down to like who has the better fire. Cume is shown here that was rubio is capable of handling a fighter whose grow for take down to wants to resume grapple them. They'll do i believe brenan. Moreno is a better grappler. A better wrestler than express w brennaman will not make the same mistakes When he take down or a superstar take downs. No other moreno will be a lot more. Find an appraiser. I don't expect the fight to go past two minutes. Really icy this fight going in maybe second round like because memorandum even as fast as he is and prosecutors all-rounders island virgo. His iq is high enough. And he's definitely sworn to fighter as his accuracy is out of this world. And so i see here in the first round of both of them are trying to filter out trying to get the pacing down Is gonna go is going to attempt a couple of a of down for garo. He will successfully land take downs on on free radio. I think some forget. His takedown defense is stellar but bruno's grappling ability is good enough to take him down. But i don't think i will be able to be submitted or will be overly lovie overwhelmed by the pound from reynaud here because val she did an awesome job defending himself against right. Now it just using. I think it was kind of unlucky. That reveal guts. Rebel lost to fight through injury. I think if roy val if if the shoulder did not pop believe revoking go can you all the way. You're gonna have multiple rounds moreno. I do believe that. And knowing that though i say forget going to defeat bremmer no he's going to land a pretty clean shots. Do greta pound action in the middle or end of second round. That's how i see it. I think it's striking ability is all repetitive. Moreno does grappling -bility is better than brennan. Rebel and renovate rival lost. Random was because well he was unlucky. his positioning. Just do not lend well for them and then your corporate job. We're talking about this. When it came to borrow val having children having his shoulder popped. They're talking about how this could potentially could be a normal thing because when the cornermen. When the coach of brennan rebel came over to brandon he just came over popped shoulder back in as if he's been doing this for a long time he's had already has done this. And then you know things got back to normal which limit to believe that rave al shoulder popping out could have been an ordinary that happened during training camp. And i don't think the that issue we prevalence between davidson greco when he fights against brennan radio coming up after shirt. Bricky be discussing the rest. Ufc two free five talking about the combing event here which is about to janko versus jennifer. Maya coming back. Roughly short break here see assume out the show built around the women men from the ufc to the extreme cage. Fighting we got to fights. Cover the golden state media concepts. Women's mma podcast. The latest news of upcoming flights discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in mixed martial arts past present and future earth. When it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's may podcast. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Melby the nba to mma. It's all in here. The golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen and we are back in. So i am discussing bounties shankill versus jennifer maya without a doubt this was the most difficult tile defense now has had during a time as the women's champion. Jennifer maya fewer tough shirley was and she had one round and i know it's we're talking about this right that. Shinko shared a really tough fight for my ego denver. My only one just one round only and those in the second round. And i have never seen this before where somebody would take down valentine shaneco and as dominate them in his ground. Control them in the ground for an extended period of time. That's what happened the second round here and then throughout the rest of the here in especially after the after the second round third fourth we. We've seen this valentina in that unlike her sister shaneco which it took are much more longer. Time to develop this but valujet go when she came to the afc was primarily kickboxer. And so now seeing her having this much for developed game just like anti now and her sister anti shinko. The winner she fought in her against aaron lipsky to which i thought jank acting in did not stand a chance against lipsky. Aladin thing so both of them are obviously working. Hard in their grappling in the rushing ability. Both of them were seen as amount that are like great knockout artists. They can go in there and they can affect any banner division and the interesting thing about the shake. Assessors is at both of them are facing off against to grapplers to encrypted grapplers to grapplers who are way more extreme with them In terms of the wrestling in terms of the jets game here in. So here's when. I saw lipsky antionette. I thought oh man. This is bad match up ranting you know it really is because it'll cause janko when she gets the ground it's her weakest moment it's a response. She's is a stellar striker. Both chaco sisters are stellar absolutely great strikers and the only weakness a flaw to them would be the grappling. We've seen it happen with antonitsch tanko but unlike antonina valentine her wrestling grappling bill is far superior far greater here and it really was the older test for both the sisters to go face off against these grapplers and utilize their skills and abilities. That don't heavily focused on on their main strength. Which was striking out. There was a lot of striking here between involve show. I think it was very surprising. How good about strategist for my was in this fight here. Now we saw this. How cheka different. Meyer was when she fight against you on caller would here but you know the the tier level in a difference of skill between shevchenko. And you're caller. Would in the striking category is it very far very far so when it was my initial tranquil here i let myself okay. My hair can maybe squeeze out one. Maybe two rounds here. But for the most work here value janko. She's talented enough to be able to withstand anything. Different can give and bounties herself. She can wrestle jeremiah. She actually out grappled out russell jennifer my out when different was coming in as the grappler and when they got to the striking differ my in many occasions. Here what actually pull something like a flying elbow or a form smash or like she attended an arm wringer take down on valentina which almost worked but the was able to recover which like the woman of despite really for me and so for eastern here to defeat a grappler in maya who was able to wrap alertness third fourth and fifth round here was able to stand the heavy hitting power of maya striking air. I thought to myself wow. Valentine's janko has really developed that all around game that people are hoping for. It's the reason not only gives you developed. Is the major reason why. A lot of people are climbing for valentina. As because the fighters that valentina news up that they were back then were very very different. How they are now even says she's always been billed as a man. She was like one punch knockout artists. Who can go and rick anybody with a striking game here. But man nunez lately has been very grapple heavy her fight against bush dispenser. It was a russell striker. Twitter striker was out wrestling the rustler and the narrative place here. Strikers wrestler wrestler was striking and the tracker became the wrestler is throwing like take down. Juliet throws jennifer myo so people are still to provide gophers. Manu's didn't white says mangan happen but out the he does say that. There's more of a likelihood that we might see a fight between wealthy zhang against valentina or while he shang against menounos pitching happening right now. But then when it's like no man. Valentina nunez not happening in so who's gonna who's gonna fight next well it's going to be discovered in the post fight presser here. He was talking about. How hughley does believe that. Just rod is fully capable of feature tanko here and i gotta agree with them. I do because just draw is despite her small stature and it's still posed the heck out of me so in that small hits so hard she truly is a tank delighted himself. Yeah discount drawed. She's a tank. I don't see anyone really outmuscling her and would it. And it was very evident of. That's when he saw kilter. Kagan versus discount drawed kilter gig. It was on this card here. Really deterring hereby chicken bone killing. Fight against just gonna draw. A lot of people are really positive. win i thought you kagan would if he does draw here but this god choose able to powerful way through like get in get in the midst kilter again. It's uncovered a possible with overwhelming power despite her small stature lifted killers uk gin and for valdez tanker here valentina. She should really watch. Replays of the caitlyn shook again. Richard scott bites in the sense that valentina i believe can play keep away and use her full extensions of arms and legs to play. Keep away against your gun drawn if she can throw in this lead kegs. Pictures hikes are going from long jabs if she can prevent just gun dry from fighting inside the pocket going through fifty fifty extremists here. Then valentine can windass. I grew dana white to sussman here. There's no way what. Valentine's for out could apply to just go android because in many occasions of this fight here jennifer. My aunt got way too close on valentina. So often in a fifty fifty exchanges yes. Valentino was able to see a win. Most of those fifty exchanges budget from my estill was able to land like hard shots through dirty boxing of valujet. Goshi open yourself all lots in this fight here whether it be you know taking down getting her some problems in the grappling or defer my out leading in some closer to boxing strikes fighting into the pockets. There were definitely openings for different. Maya to finish janko here. If if you're a place here for my app with just gonna draw. Valentina in the pulsar presser. here. She wanted to say. I don't choose. My opponents should've said who will be in front of me who i'm going to face for me. It doesn't make any difference andrade or someone else that someone else could be. Lauren murphy. I think it'd be fair to have discount. Drivers lauren murphy. Because murphy showed her strengths and has a lot of wins. Like a lot of straight wins where she has. I think we're now is on a seven fight win streak but she goes on to say but the question is if i want to wait that much. I don't want to wait that much. Because i was waiting ready. And i'm not agreeing to wait more I'm not willing to wait there for fights and for them they have to recover. It's going to be a few months from here. i'm ready to go back to the octagon. As soon as i feel good. I feel very good. So what i'm doing now is that we could go see okay so oria. so lauren. murphy is currently on a four fight win streak was sucking up using like two years ago you will say look over murphy man to of gatekeeper jobber but lord murphy mantras able to bounce back from this and murphy versus just gun drawed. That could be a fight happening. Maybe in december it makes the most sense or draw against voucher. chanko early twenty one. So here that is it's either. We see murphy's android december because december cards are still being filled out. Then why so thinking about. He's like is still unsure. What are the cards are what even. What are the empty spaces in the match cards as slowly before out. Like for instance. Some figueredo. Reynaud that you know. I'm pretty sure did not thought up. Didn't think that would be happening as he was making the cards here. But now he's like you know what that fight coming up december because why not so murphy was just gonna droid number contenders in december or we could see just draw versus about teachers. Netco not in december but coming up early. Twenty twenty one. The january card is still kind of informed right now for instance com regrets. That fights just got recently signed. Discouragingly signed in. Their fight is coming up in january. Which is just two months from the time. According five cards are always shifting. They're always changing our love to see lauren. murphy have the opportunity to fight against valentina. But according to why is he really does believe that. It's about time right now at this point in volunteers career that she needs to be fighting as people who really do have a chance against her a guessing yesterday the white he was like yeah man. I knew different. I really couldn't chance against volunteer but learn fee versus For as much as i love. Lauren murphy. I have to give the win immunity. Valentine should become into that fight as a huge huge. We read more favorites than when she consider meyer. So it'd be a lot more of a closer tenor fights is like it'll be a lot more of a interesting fights if ridden drawed versus value in the air because it's hard to know what exactly how that fight is going to turn out here because nobody thought the fight between discount drawn in coach again would end up like that it'll be a fights will kill kagan using sizing her power advantage here but just drawed being the little powerful like spider. Man does not care. She's one of those spiders who i love seeing in a she's only fighters who is absolutely does not hear about enduring damage in a fight if it means pressuring and hunting denver opponents. That's all that's gonna drive man because if you look at a lot of fights here and it was very evidence in this the cavallo risk in fight here and syndicate okay. So cavalry's gegen. that fight. Was what people thoughts. The drama kicking fight would be keep way fight poking the much more smaller fighter. Here's syntech avail. She's also a small flyweights. She should be competing as strong. Wade's but she looks so good that she ended up being a flyweight. And that's how kind of israel our discussion rod and this is just would be murky any woman outside the top four in the was fired division. Heck she pretty much won the last round fighting guns the memo contender for the story title and rose unis. They convey avail. Inner fight against education was very upsetting to watch like daniel. Cornea said it perfectly. When he was during the commentary in that he kept saying cynthia. She needs to do something here. She can't keep poking a fighter who strategy is to poke back into the Tire fight here like she pretty much lost to meant despite here because from round one two three syndicate video should go in and she would try to find openings for take downs onto killing kagan but it has never appeared and never appeared and she kept getting hit. The face duty jabs of caitlin and me kept saying cynthia. I know that you want to take down. Go for it is gopher something here and to will does go for something in a third round but rogan in downtown will be like oh man why she going for now. The third round should win for us in the first round. She went for twelve minutes ago. What is indicated here doing and it was a very disappointing performance forced into give because he had such an amazing performance against your sky and this guy gave the fight very similarly so i thought since fan would do a lot better in this fight here developing her strengths but it was appointing for cynthia. A good comeback showcase difficult kick in after that disappointing loss against Android dwags speculative kagan to be a normal contender anytime soon sally. No but she was able to bounce back here so good on her for that. You're listening to the gs mc mma podcast claim back rubbish. Short break here. Cece tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. Nothing less than a podcast lists with endless hours of podcast coverage from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it may be visit. Www dot gs mc podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and google play. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Melby the nba to 'em and it's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen and we are back. I am talking about usc to be quiet. I talked about davison grade over perez a balance jeter miami and both champions were able to retain their belts now. The theme of this entire card here was fighter. Showcasing under this album south here and deals with progressive. He came in as a striker he was able to submit ox. Perez valley shinko. She came in as a kickboxer and was able to out. Grapple jeremiah. the grappler. So what about the rest of the car here. We are killed your again. Going back to roots being able to go poke synthetic avai here The issue in this fight here was that she was not growth. She was very passive in this fight. Here wish complete contrast actually fight against I here was an unranked fighter earlier this year and then she became ranked and now that he wants to kill kagan here syndicale probably to win tumor fights until she can go and compete for the title here. If cynthia word of fecal uk again it would then be her who should fight against valentino. Would it be civic avail. Would it be Would be murphy. And now it's just learn murphy and his condruct so i feel bad for cincinnati here. I know she could do better than this. And i hope she is able to bounce back and get a victory soon. The secular gdn. She was able to bounce back from las from her defeats against his them. But what about the rest of the card. Here what else happened. While we had platinum mike perry versus tim means and immediately. When i saw this fight here i thought okay this is gonna be. The fights were ruinously a rock. Bottom soccer robots fight. Okay 'cause everybody pretty much the rock and roll. So i am. I am right more again. I did say that this entire card. The premise being showcasing another aspect of themselves ended discarded. Here with mike. Perry who in the first and second rockier tried to be a wrestler in that first round mike perry had grabbed control. That lasted almost three minutes. Two minutes fifty one seconds or two hundred forty seven seconds here by my fair here. Who is this guy who puts everything out there. He fights super steph. Not that breaker watch. But he goes out there with iron schenn platinum mike perry here and he just like lays out there throwing out shots of barely blocking now. That's what we saw here in this fight. But the first round of mike. Perry verden fighter. Here daniel cormet and joe rogan. Were pretty much smirking than tire. First round they're making weird comments on laughing. Mike perry like this guy so cookie. He is so weird looking. he's wrestling. Now how strange got stranger. No i didn't expect. That's mike perry but then again. When he came out the soggy came out to was a song halo beyond say as he came into song hewa singing and he was singing like one will be. There's a between with kevin hearts in the rock in the fact that the rock and begin movie was our shape kid but then in the end he became a super jackson ripped in the beginning. I film we had this weird. Cgi rock who is like dancing in the showers any danced with so much passion. The other characters like in the movie like dang man that kid could dance and sing dam. And that's how it is. Mike para here like if face mike eric. If he told me he was crying or yet here in his is seeing this bionic song halo. I wouldn't be surprised i wouldn't. And as he went inside the octagon pratt like prancing around the octagon he goes up to ten means insured cigna song in front of to means and then he goes through. His quarter looks up. There's like halo at enduro. He's hoping is better off me. He's laughing his butt off. Then mac perry goes in there for a takedown. What the heck is going on here. But after the first round after bullfighters got up in two minutes left in the first round then pretty much from that point. Going forward then became plymouth. Your typical mike perry fights sluggish. You know rackham soccer robots two guys going at it and timmy's man. This do striking. Accuracy was unbelievable. Go find his percentage here but it was gates so he landed about sixty seven percent of his shots city seven. He landed twice as many shots as my parry and he landed is a cup. You only tip of the couple. Were the mike perry but still totaled twice as much as actual shots. So tim means his job. Man is great and the to means jabs israeli. Strange to me in this as a. tim means. He's a long richie olympic rider yours. Lot more bigger than perry a lot more size than perry but yet when means was boxing with playing keepaway against mike perry. It was almost in the almost in close to dirty boxing levels of close to mid range. It was strange and the mike. Perry fights like his. I hit Thinking about now. While mike perry the dude uses head of the shield like very few very rare in few cases in this fight that mike perry was actually blocking or parrying any jabs or any of the spikes from tim. Means is like mike. Perry would pressboard. His arms are down to his chest as eating. These shots like mike. Perry space by the end of the second round was jacked up and my perry heaton offending his sidestepping. You know he is moving just in a vertical plane while tim means edges grinding amount. Man hitting these dead on average shots now in the third quarter the third round. Mike perez went ballistic on tim. Means and it became two fighters slugging out random. Some robots fifty fifty exchanges for Minute straits military means like went back and was like okay. You know we are not gonna come robots. I'm just gonna go in slowly. Put you away with my jobs and it works. Tim means put on a massive showcase of australian bill to hear platinum mike. Perry there was a person in the presser. Who asked the whites. Hey what's the future. Mike perry now because mike carey. He's going through a lot of things right now. Outside of his life he brought his pregnant girlfriend to be adb's with them at ringside in my career. He's like i thought every single week is going through some strange issue whether it be him trying to get like like strippers or playboy girls or like random celebrities or athletes from other sports sports leagues like football or soccer. Trying to go in there or trying to get influencers or instagram or youtubers to be his cornermen here. Mike perez social media is something that i don't want to delve into. There's off stuff going on in my parents world and when asked about this. Dan was like oh man. Mike perry he goes out there. He fights really hard. But yeah. I don't know what the future is a former perry visiting. I like watching my perry fights. I do but whatever is going on with him i i do. Think the doesn't taken to the side in africa competition with him and other than the spectrum. Good for tim. Means a proper journeyman fighter here was able to showcase. He's a huge fighting since two thousand twelve for the sea. And it's really cool. Like tim means can continue on still. He gave a really passionate promo whereas po- Supposedly interview talking about his nephew and his kids any no like trying to win win over his kids like divorce court cases happening here. So i'm happy for tim means will keep trying to get his life in check. Mike perry he needs to get in shape right now. So for both fighters they both went out. There they click the paycheck. That are really fun seller fights in the card. Hopefully you know in their lives. Things are working out for them. And you decide here. It's separate talk about this. I really don't wanna talk about this. But maria sugarhill without doubts my favorite fighter. He got me into mixed martial arts. Because when i saw shogun who will i was like. Oh my goodness. This guy is the complete fighter. He can do everything he can russell he can tap yeah he has a fly niece. Rex had all the cool moves. He was a great striker. Dang sugar who was the coolest. And even when i was in middle school like people were talking about dude chocolate. Ladele mercy of shogun who who is going to win this fight. Wow man sure when he is so cool. There are more people in may middle. School would defeat chocolate. L. overtook little bitty hooah. That's how big he was back. Then and then he by paul craig here and shug on. Man york's Someone asked white. Hey what do you think of sugar. Who performance. What by paul craig's performance. Where do you see shogun moving forward then to the best. He said sugar look tired. Look gassed he doesn't seem like he belongs. In the octagon this points any should hang it up and sally. I cannot believe that also. I do not wanna see shogun fight again. I don't are pretty darn sure. This guy made a boatload of money during this time. And i understand that you know. It's kinda hypocritical to say that when we have something like andrea off ski although our yes he was fights i get it but have you seen under lav fights. They're not good. They're not fun to watch. Even the commentary team don't like calling his fights. It ain't fun and for sure on a when i saw him get mounted because greg he was able to get on yom back. Mount onto shogun. Who were here was able to rain down some grandparent action and sugar loss via k. Ot gail it looked really bad on show gun and i'm surprised even is ranked. I'm surprised about that. And relieving the physique and the body in the movement of schroeder who are now versus like even five years ago. i'm saying i'm saying like fibers. Goes like a long time ago but the show people remember is not the sugar seeing right now so good dinner with sussman here in that. Hopefully this is what this was Who was last fights against greg. And here's even if he doesn't believe this should be his last fights like yes you like. Just pull the cord. Can i gotta to cordell. Or japan those fighters even though they want to. You are fighting. They shouldn't be in the octagon or anytime soon. Nearly should be so. I'm hearing now Has been active. I'm tragic news now. On what a who was current role is right. now the esi rule he's been inactive fighter That showgrounds so showing does up to fights left in its current yes he contract so if you're on insists he wants to continue the fight. The fc will have to make a decision whether to offer those fights in the first place or release him from the deal similar to what happened to fellow former champ silva and what i see realistically happening it show gun would be like okay. Let me either finish my contract or learning fight against somebody unranked. Because craig was around fighter here so were maybe one or two fights away from Who was last fights rather one or two away here hopefully shogun. He retired soon. Maybe they are twenty. Twenty one that will be the last year Aronson silva was able to retire with a really good showcase your hall People always say that as a retired against israel designer and the sad thing. My shogun here is that he's he's probably gonna retire fighting against a guy who's unranked fighting lowered loan the card. He's gonna be fighting in an empty crowd. Empty arena here. It's not a good luck to see one of your all time favorites like that but you know what shogun one or two fights left. Just knock it out of the park retire retire. He's thirty years old but like he has five so many times in the past twenty years that this third seriously does need to like step away from combat sports strangely enough though pretty sure if he were to be released from the f. c. become a free agents. I see bell to resigning him. It could reasonably happen and so you are listening to. gmc may podcast in comeback. Grabbed the first break here. I'll be giving you the news. Brief see soon after a short break. Want to know the latest and soccer that listen to the golden state media concepts soccer podcast from mls. The world of the premier league. We've got you covered. Latest update the hottest matches. News on the league's top players. The golden state media concept soccer podcasts screen. Listen and we are back. And so let me quickly go over. The veteran moreno valle brezler walking restored and rights so walking buckley him and chaos williams or the to musi fighters from now in the nfc. Two young prospects here with waitz out knock out power. Okay walking buckley as a freshman free is. He's the one with the knockout of the year. The guy would reverse insecure back. Kick the knocked out the other dude like so. I'm not on youtube. The other day and seventy made with with aftereffects was able to show the walking bookie knockouts but was able to edit it in a way where show that his opponents through being kicked so hard like melted. He's blew up as comic character. It isn't seen in an as walking buggy. did this reverse. it's terrific. Lightning came out. And it's really cool. Type hawking buckley knockouts gonna see the knockouts. Nfc people's after-effects edits of it then will lead till rabbit hole of other cool affects knockouts. Really cool we're anti-ceausescu versus aaron lipsky. I really thought anna lipsky with dominate and in fide here anti-ceausescu is a fighter. That's yes i understand that. She is a great striker but her all around game is lagging so much. That's hard for me to put any. It's hard for me to put any stock in antonina here and also surprised year. Anthea janko grappled with erno. Lipsky rustled her out. Grabble aaron lipsky. Who's a grappler self. How did not expect that at all though Both check here are really showing. Other side other five-game europe. I m shocked anti shaneco developed as good of a recipe game as she has. But what's coming up next week and so right after thanksgiving we have. Ufc fight nights blades. Louis yes it will be curse. Blades versus derek lewis. This fight it should. It should end in the first round in the span of a minute and fifteen seconds at most. This goes over a minute and fifteen seconds man. That can be boring letting you know that right now. ways lewis's so interesting here because they're close the dude grappled out grappled would alexi olympic who has to be in my opinion the best grappler and obviously have a history all right and so coming to this. Right here curse. Wade's want to take down. Man he's gonna grant a pound you well who's is better curse. Wade's are derek lewis. It should be hers. Wade's but derek lewis man. The guy out wrestled olympic. And who would win interesting A wrestling battle between blades link. Easily be olympic. So lewisham blades. Here this is going to end. Here's is said. It's gonna go with curse blaetz attempting to take down on louis then louis able to russell momentum that he himself did take down doesn't around action and knocks out chorus blades. That right bear is my prediction. It's not gonna be the fights. I can guarantee you. The commodore team are ready to pull out all jokes on the fights. But i don't care it's gonna be fun. Arts should be fun co main event though here. It is anthony lionheart smith versus devon clark in the past year. I've skipped one you have. I'm not skipped a single you show. Ufc fight night. Yes on espn. Peer reviews i'm not skipped any show except one and you know who were in that card. The made a minute. Commun- event with anthony smith in robbie lawler filling the minivan And both of them had very boring. Long fights and i tried watching their fights. I just couldn't handle it. Women went away. Couldn't handle it. I mean i couldn't. There's no way i can enjoy in anthony. Smith fights finding deborah clark. You're now i. It's not me that that's how it is now. I am not gonna enjoy the fights. Nuts anthony smith. He should retire soon. Him robbie lawler a funny comment came down on a youtube video here. Anna was a video of air. Honi indebted cormie talking about time. Woodley in this comment here said hey who fights in twenty twenty turned wealthy Winner this fight has to try and replied like oh man dude no now obviously the woodley woodley vs life rights. When they fought it was super exciting. But in no way would. I wanna see Fighters fight against each other. And that's how i feel of anthony smith. I just don't want to see this guy. I don't but spike carlisle against the bill. Algae oh best fighter the knights telling you right now. Did the best tonight. Spike carlisle is a wild man. Then it doesn't matter even if he's losing a fight that guy goes one hundred percents as we have actually haven't smith one of germans that's actually becoming a really unreal fight here on his way to ostrich against genome zany. We have some star here coming up and then the next one coming up after that though we are going to see a while so two weeks from now with yes he las vegas we have jack hermansen kevin holland yon against speth korea in women journalists certified's coming up those that by card will be coming up in two time as i even filled yet but right now others feis being filled for february strange so i about it earlier in today's podcast here in that we are going to see doesn't Immigrated to happening on january for ufc. Two of the seven. Who i think when that fights. Okay so both of them are very weird. Parts of their queers. I just don't get it either. This import eight the read up on the guy now. That dude looks like he's just going from fights these higher. I don't think his money is too good I here's i wouldn't be surprised if portia comes to fight against conor mcgregor and he just doesn't assert himself as much any becomes kind of passive as fighting it out until the bell rings. I wouldn't be surprised if that's cutting river visited. Dude has to try hard in the first. Two rounds is in the first round especially because no he keep up a pay up a long would pace in a fight consistently so these fighters here. I don't expect ambient knockouts. If one fighter were to get knocked out would be supporting biden. Disappointed would put himself in a position where he could be knocked out by karma mcgregor. And so i am not all that excited for their fights to be honest with you but you know what's wrong for all. I know. they could have a fighter candidates speaking of a further year canon. Though we do have tony ferguson. Ras charles oliveira happening. I'm not sure when exactly that fight will be coming up though but we. It is expected to go. Twenty against charles lavera. So ferguson is a slight favorites in the early odds but trousdale. Oliver is a serious wild man and i would not be surprised. If oliver's able to pull off a victory on tony ferguson. So there will be coming up on december twelfth this three weeks from thomas. According and i'm all for. Its tony ferguson. Responsible of era to me is a rematch. Are right then. Vc fighters is how abused are the most fun fighters to wash in the lightweight division. and what. i'm say fun. I mean we have to do out there. Who are gonna go. Throughout most wireless stuff ever. From flying superman punches defining donkey kicks to super super cat to dudes going over doing some weird grappling and like a tipping twist other Happened oliveira tony. For exists to though hell icy both of them are pretty much mirror images of one another and the octagon they're fighting received clone spike other our rights clones fight against each other. There's nobody in the lightweight. Division all have see who fights olivera oliver against kevin lee. I recommend do because he fights exactly like how every person fights playing a yes he be game like the holy l. one button pressing acts and they're doing those wildest things ever want to be a cartwheel kick or like or spitting he'll kick or a flying knee or jumping up in the air. Doing donkey kicks in spammy like three consecutive times trauma. Beira has superfund move sets his. Press board tony. Ferguson has a really fun. Move said throwing in spitting elbows in staff. So yeah ferguson. Ferguson barra i m high for it it's coming up december twelve and i am excited and this could be you know it could come away being a of your candidates if these to fight each other for five rounds i generally do believe it could be as good if not better than generally Check i'm that high on it. Meanwhile what is going michael chandler. Was it going to be doesn't porous chandler. We're gonna see conrado race. Their there and rinse chandler. Well michael chandler is nowhere to be seen. Nowhere is somebody asked the in white about it and says that we're still thinking what to do with michael chandler and michael chandler apparently twitter. He's like he's like not gonna fight for the rest of the for the rest of the year twenty and he doesn't want to take any impromptu fights so chandler he ain't gonna make his yes debut until sometime to a twenty-one meanwhile radio he'll be defending his belt twice in this map two months and so this is just coming in from a may find a comp. Ufc two thirty five medical spends walking. Buckley needs clearance to avoid six month. Layoff buckley's mum. None fighters who face long suspensions offer this past saturday. Pay per view event in las vegas according to chairman that released by official abc record keeper Charts dot com if cleared the spends will be removed from the records and they will be clear to fight but buckley picked up his second straight. Ufc knockout against rights whose company punches just eighteen seconds insect other pre card meeting. Here's a fulsome mickelson's from yesterday. Five operas needs an x-ray right hand will be out until the middle of twenty-one yikes jeff will be readily available after in january. Be ready Mike perry though you'll be available in january thousand twenty one to means he'll be out for about two months so synthetic avail shogun. He'll be out for about two months. So for most part here everybody will be readily available to fight yet again either. By the end of december or early january twenty twenty one though meanwhile though walking buckley despite his knockout victory and him looking perfectly fine. He's in need of an x ray of right of his right hand. If positive needs artha orthopedic doctor clearance or suspended until the middle of two thousand twenty one which will be may twenty one. Yikes extra all that sad. I'm not going to be a really upsetting. Honestly if walking buckley after going through two incredibly good performances showcasing him as a knockout artist could be gone for the next six months without. Suck not really suck. Hopefully he's already apparently walking buckley and wants to fight against james krause and it's because james has been like talking trash on him apparently on youtube and on twitter lately so we could see buckley risk cross end. That would be a really good match for walking buckley in the sense. He's fighting in this. You have veteran. Who is who has great. Iq would be a great matchup per buckley in terms of challenging him and really having think of winnings right time to be assertive and being aggressive compared to you being passive in finding the right moment in the right spot to go for the knockout. Hit so crossroads buckley that could happen but they don't fight in the same division. Though we could see craft cross would be the type of fighter who would try to gain weight in order to go fight buckley per paycheck. That could happen. We also have heard from mulcahy's camp here that he'd be fine cutting rates but then again. I think raise right now. One eighty five is perfect for him. I do believe so in that and then that brings closed for days. Podcast you have been a great awesome insurance today at temperature according right now. It's thanksgiving time. So all i gotta say happy thanksgiving to listen to this. I'll say thank you. Thank you for listening to the mc ma podcast brought to you by the mc podcast network. Alecky please remember john running massive you that really offer. Follow us on twitter instagram. They you advocate. And you've been listening to the golden state media concepts mma podcast part of the golden state media. Concept's podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. www dot g s mc podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment and even reared us. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Sci-Fi Talk

24:47 min | 4 months ago


"Thinking like oh it'd be. This should be some kind of weird documentary style. A movie where. I just follow her around for like a month and see what she does. Try to stitch in some sort of narrative around it because my sister she has a very very severe case of down syndrome so either way they kind of acquainted as they say you know she would have the mind of a four year old now. That's not true you know. She's definitely more complex than that. It's just that they have to give them some sort identification so they know what level of care you know. She needs right. And so when you're thinking about making a movie like you can't exactly plug in people that are not going to do what you want in the do have story beats that need to happen and things like that. That was the first idea then. I quickly realized you know. I'm gonna be finding this because this is such a crazy idea myself so it's going to be cheap after do it quickly to do it on a normal shooting like a normal narrative so that means you know fourteen days basically what shot at in. Wow i was like okay. So i can kind of use the documentary style. But i need to have you know. I haven't needed have another character for the audience to latch onto the step. He's going gonna be a big part of it. But but i just need another gateway emotional emotionally for the audience to connect with because that's generally what happens with the the main character you you were centered with them emotionally for their own journey for the story and so that i thought okay. We'll who can it be. And i thought oh like a caretaker like you know one of their aids is what they call him and i said you know someone that takes care of rows okay. What if it's like you know this person who's coming into the situation getting a job and she's just kind of this wonder person and then i started just imagining that the the devils were following this person everywhere she went and and when she would start taking care of someone that she really wanted to help you the devils would corrupt them or make him sick and take them from and then just as i was writing i started thinking about. Oh yeah. maybe she's from the previous experience with a cult. She can't remember exactly what happened with the cult and so those elements just clyde together to create this idea. You have your your other sister in the in the film. That's your that's the that's the the lady with down syndrome sis. Yes correct right. That's khristenko how did How did she do she take to it pretty well. Or how did that work out. She's i mean she's a total ham Just in general. She's always wanted to the spotlight on herself if she can She's in a group called the Be team angels. And now he's a funny name but they like a little singing group for her and a bunch of other people with different you know from the same group with mental disabilities are physical. Can they go and they sing songs at churches and things and the funny thing is you'll be the first one up there and to start dancing almost inappropriately. It's funny so anyways you see. She sees a camera. she's really starts kind of acting out and her speech is such that she doesn't She can't speak in sentences and she's only a few words she can actually say. I mean she doesn't even say my name calling me brother. She calls me rela and So anyway when. I when i would start filming her she would always act out and you know make funny noises. She would imitate me like not in actual words but just in her own gibberish. Shoot say like she. Would you know imitate me. A commanding people around on sat. Just do things like that for the first couple of minutes until she would finally settle down. And then i would ask her to do something that i needed for the saints. You're sure though. I mean i went. I went at it with a riot approach. Which was. I can't have her do things that she doesn't already normally do right. She's just not gonna do it. And i can't force her do it. You don't if. I wanted to force her to do it. I can and so So yeah so. I wrote the script with her basic activities and behaviors and mind and you know and then just would work with with that extra mazing and you got my man. Larry essendon to be individual is well how do you think how did he join he. He was in my previous film jug face off in two thousand thirteen and i've stayed stayed in touch with him this whole time and i've always wanted to do another movie with him so when i was thinking about this cult leader i mean the name of the character in the script is larry you know. Yeah there's so from from the beginning at the beginning. I wanted him to play it. And i'd i say that from my experience with him on jug face is say he was my favorite thing about making that movie and so i just always wanted to make another attempt again and i'm like he's huge idol of mine. Oh yeah even when. I got the email with jug face early on from the producers saying hey i sent the script out to larry fezzet and play a role. I was completely blown away as girl. Net is cool probably are supernatural elements in this show as far as special effects. How did you approach so the special effects say there. What approach did you take. And how you're gonna do things too. Well is really going to be practical All practical effects that can make happen first. And then it's kind of then didn't work we would use digital facts at Like for instance. There's a there's a scene where Katie sees like this bloodstain on the door. And it's like this number for the devil when when we shot we painted you know the blood on the door but it just didn't read very good at all and didn't drip and did his thing so then we went back and i worked with the digital artist and we re and reach ripped Now the blood and then film that and then you know did some compositing over that. So so yes. I guess the first approach is just to do anything that we can Practical because if that'd be the cheapest You know in most cases you know you know reside your sister. It's actually it. It's kind of a female dominated. Cast randy edmonston and also katie. Rochon nor in there as well it was at conscious to kind of make it kind of threw their to your sister's is and bare is a little bit. Yeah not really I think if you look at the industry for people that now work with people with disabilities i would say it's predominantly Female probably. I don't know that for sure but i'm just for the people who work at the center where my sister is. It's it's ninety eight percent female of course like main character to lead the actress. She's female as well so it just made sense to have her The main character v females. Well as far as the shooting schedule how did you do it. And also able to incorporate your sister into schedule. I would think you would. You wouldn't probably be able to have her in a really long day. No i mean yeah exactly. I mean it would depend as far as like working with her. Though the law the longer scenes were just at her house. She was at her house anyway. So it's not like you know she's doing anything we didn't keep her up or anything like ride right. What would it be. Funny that we would Put like a dude. Attain cloth The windows simulate nighttime okay an and they would start going to sleep like they would get but But the stuff. We shot at the center with my sister. That was all during daily working hours. Brian when she was supposed to be there Which was hard too. Because you know we're working in live sets where normally you you have complete control over the set you know because this was a summertime as well so we're having to turn off a c to reward. That did not record. You know that it sound but just shooting it in that type of schedule you just have to shoot up all the time like i was a camera man so i just wore this backpack that held the camera and i would never take it off. Asides at launch Just war we just shot a shot and you know we didn't have crazy long days either. Yeah and you just you know you work with very small crews move fast and Yeah the really. The hard part was that yet the the locations were alive and were working with people that aren't actors for one. You know acadian larry. And then there's one guy who who has a bit part in the processor. There's only trained actors in the film. The rest are not actors and so working with non actors harder because they do not act working with these live situations as its locations is just another element. Dale was but you know it. Just i guess it was just built right function in that way. shooting documentary style right right so so there was no like i think maybe the first day i had like a shot west then after that i just completely scrapped a new at the same. What's supposed to be would just fine. The shot that i liked and we were roles at you know. And you just had to kind of intuitively that and that and which is pretty opposite than my previous experience on jugs whereas very traditional That we shot it and we had as we kranj honors all the funny things funny but for some reason i didn't really listen. I did either times. I didn't listen to the little bitty voices in my head. That would whisper what i should be doing. I would listen when it was screaming at me and you know. Make those changes. But i felt like i missed some opportunities that that would present themselves onset because i was too rigid whereas this process is the complete opposite. You're really finding your inspiration. Live on your feet. The whole time more it was cool to exercise than heart of i created the and hopefully my next project will be a combination of the two. There's more sci fi talk so stay tuned back on scifi talk. I'm tony tomato so you think doing it this way. It you said a combination you think is going to inform you as a filmmaker going forward. I mean just experience Helps in shooting at myself helped and editing. It myself helped. I call in in writing as well when you go through all paces you sort of build up a fuller idea of telling stories properly. I guess yeah i mean i don't wanna shoot again because being the writer director and cameraman like you start to think about technical things with a camera is just it almost becomes too much. She tracks out. Have to ask the dp like jeff. What happens in the sane. What happens right now. read it to me. He would read out the scene again. And i'm like okay right. 'cause it was just too much to kind of juggle because you were shooting this by any chance. Did you kind of edit in the camera. In other words you knew exactly what to shoot so that you're editing. Time might not take as long because you had the exact change you want. You always are thinking about how it's going to be cut even with my previous film you're just sitting in there running over What you've just shot and the shots and editing it together in your brain as many ways as you can. And that's kinda how you figure out. Oh like missing some coverage here. I need this other angle So yeah that happens to all time. I don't know if i didn't save myself amy anytime and thank by. How a shooting Because bit like. I said this was more documentaries. Great i mean i mean really. I wish i shot about four times more footage. You know. it's not. That was possible but a book. Just because dealing with the subject matter and you know the non actors and the The people with disabilities like the amount of actual footage. I had in the end. That was usable was was slim I had to ahead what i need it but just didn't have where normally you've run the seen so many times that you have really a bunch of different options on how to manipulate the flow of a sane. And with this you can econ- yeah i. It sounds like an intriguing film is going how we can see this. This is going to be on pay per view. Or where can we see this film. Yeah it'll be on. Vod march second. Melby on places like I tuned amazon. Google play In the most Most cable companies like in their Video on demand like comcast and spectrum and direct. Tv in places. Like that so to get that. I guess you have to put on your business. Had a little bit and deal with them or did you have something in place before you even shot any. Yeah i did not have a distribution unplaced shot I don't think anyone would of read such a crazy premise. But eventually From the fest or run i did end up teaming up with a dark star pitchers and there there's a distribution company for it and So so yes. They're the ones who have the connections to agree on all these platform. That's not something. Like i helped produce this movie and just all the business stuff. I'm not good at just the creative guy. I can do the thing if i have afternoon. But it's really painful and prefer Very happy to team up with a dark star and let them take on those issues. So do you find that. The film festival circuit is a great way to get your product out there and to sign those deals. Is that something you keep doing or or go a different route. Maybe yeah i mean that is kind of the path. At least it has been you know for for many years. I don't know like with eventually with cova and one stats over then. Hopefully things can get bagasse acton again and people start on the festival but yeah but that is. That's the main way that you build a buzz about. The movie is through festivals and in reviews from festivals. And just people talking about it. So it's like it's it's integral to particularly for indie features. Not not really for like the big things for indie stuff and yet it's like you have to have that and for this movie we only had a couple of festivals and then you know Covert app and right but luckily l. through which is wild last fai dan which was a digital festival as kind of how i rekindled this relationship with dark star pitchers because we had spoken before and The kind of happened from that. So that's really what Like dealmaking during kobe. A that's one of the things that's really changed is because this is a market that didn't exist before that people could sell it to a distributor like this and there were more places for them. Show it the video on demand. Market is huge. Now i mean it's a billion dollar industry. I mean that's something that godwin. When i was in college people would love to have something like that but the technology just was dare to either you get picked up by studio or independent or otherwise or if you can get get it to roger cormon. He might do something with it but other than that. There wasn't a lot so it's really an amazing market yet. it for variety. It is That has it's kind of a double edged sword to though when you had the market flooded with a bunch of titles that may be of great quality that makes it hard on the customer defined your product in all it is positive and it is a good thing but like i said it can work against a certain degree So what are you planning next. I mean this is encoded. Shall i mean the writer side. You could get some work done. When covid hit. I started out working on screenplays and then i switch gears to work on a novel for a little bit and now i'm back to screenplays but Yeah so i just kept riding you know. Just keep my brain going Productions are happening. They're just young new elements that you have to introduce. You know during the cova days i guess to for testing and things like that so hopefully you know within the next year albion a next future do you know how do you have an idea what you're gonna do or you don't have a deal. Yeah i just think the one. I'm writing now is the one most passionate about so. I think it feels like something that could get made. I don't wanna get into detail. What kind of film is what john. Where are you looking at It's it's going to be har- arise yes. Same thing yet. Another like fo- car it'd be similar kind of in style elect to jug face and dementia if you sort mash them together as far as the writing part of it do you Have a regimen for writing. Are you a disciplined writer or do you kind do right when you get the inspiration now. I'm a daily writer for sure. Fire way to for inspiration. I would almost never right have to suck Every day that i'm able to ride. I have psych myself up and have to drink lots of caffeine and sit there in front of the computer. And just keep not looking at my phone. And just keep typing. You know as much as i can and it helps to be Yeah regimented interesting when you're when you are writing let's say you write one day and the next day. Do you ever look at something and say you quite doesn't make it and you throw it out as part of the process. Oh yeah always. I mean some days. You run allies. That think stephen king said he's like you're you're shelling piles of you know what onset table just have to get through it to get the good stuff and that is very true some days. You're not gonna be good and but you know that there's something there though you're going to have to go back and rewrite it or more the likely and it's it's it's better to have something on the pay or the not. Yeah i have come to and last described the feeling when you have a script and you know you've got and what's that feel like a while me it feels good finished both this script for dementia in the script for face. You're excited as you know. Finally you've you've expressed yourself in some way you've expressed an idea. You might not know exactly where the idea came from. I mean personally what the movie means to you. But it's it's a cool thing to to get it out and then but then it's like completely nerve wracking to people you're exposing and then and then of course you release the movie and then it's like you know times a thousand how exposing it and you just kind of have to sit back and let people think about it. How they're going to think about it. Yeah absolutely week well. It's great to talk to you manage ends like you. Challenge yourself by t. Sounds like you got through. Thank you for the interview. I appreciate it. Sure absolutely and the film is called a mentor. Your check it out. It'll be out dateable in early march. Say what second or third. That's correct marceca. That's all right. I mean that's just around the corner. I actually as we're as we take this. That sounds great. All right and it is dementia. We've been talking to chad crawford. Kinkel thank you so much for being on the podcast and best of luck to you. Appreciate thank you all right. Thank you all for listening to sifi. Take care bye-bye names. Aaron douglas embattled galactica. You're listening to sci-fi talk.

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