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"melby dukes" Discussed on Everyman Podcast Show

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"melby dukes" Discussed on Everyman Podcast Show

"So yeah, I I like it morphine stuff, but I think I have a thing that I got upset at him because no Eddie Murphy. Yes, because he didn't want to. So mel's baby Melby baby. Yeah. He got her pregnant who said he wasn't the father, and then after they did the DNA test of his, the funder of Melby dukes. Okay. Well, I'm different. I like the silly ones like, so give me some names Mr. being Mr. bean. Remember though, like Mr. main Jim Carey sieve, Martin, I love them and female. I love Ellen Degeneres, suco shoes. Great. The I like her sides and she talks. Spiders. I like that. Have you seen some of her older work? Great man, Ellen before she did this whole talk show thing. I thought she was a great comedian. Yeah. I know you guys don't know Brasilia's too, but in the same line as a lady, the people that do impressions like Tom Cavalcante or they, they impersonate like the. 'cause I'm listening with the names, but you like impersonators. Yeah, I love them. The impression is. Thing before I even started the stand up in the states growing up in school. I was kind of silly so end the end, the thirty. Yes, yes. I'm sorry, but I was so they would walk out the the the classroom and I'll be like, okay class. Everybody. Listen to me. So now here he is the female by withdrawing the board and things like that. I was very bad. God. Forgive me. Is on the board. Of course, it is. She's doing the female body. You told 'em? Yeah, you got you in college? I would person in my professors, the main ones, the crazy ones. So one day that was a fast vote thing vitamin to do to perform them. And that's the first time they saw it, but they're still cool with it in this all of them. I No, know I I did did that. that..

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