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"melanie mel bush" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

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"melanie mel bush" Discussed on Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast

"That was actually temperature and so we had planned. We hear at ohio. Laugh at that by the way yes And we're we'd planned to. Have everyone work from home starting on monday. But we had not counted on the rolling blackouts of the because there are three power grids in the us. There's the east there's a west and there's texas because texas wants to be independent and jari of our power comes from oil and gas and coal so this was not a failure of wind or any green technology. This was just pure They did done zayn. Our factories to be You know they're built to handle the hundred degree heat during the summer but they aren't billed to help that so A lot of my time was spent trying to work with agents to get them someplace warm and safe. So that's why restopped to charles and i said. Hey you know. On tuesday at six thirty. And i'm still working. You know where we totally a. Yeah and you're like absolutely we rachel. I had that it's no problem. It's no big deal so everyone's fine. No one no one in our immediate vicinity of friends family were hurt. Spent like four days with us because he had no power in his apartment. So everything's back normal and now then You know and we get to mock ted cruz because you know. He flew to cancun because when the towing gets tough. Your senator goes to cancun now that he's complaining. I can't handle these conditions. Let me cross the border. Let's be fair. There's always time to muck ted cruz. Alvin he's complaining that The people who leaked the tweets from his wife saying. Hey everyone we're going out of town. Yeah the neighbors that ride it on him. Yeah yes i wish. She tweeted a little bit of boasting like. We're all going to cancun if any would like to come with us. You're more than welcome. That kind of thing so i felt swishes and i appreciate it. I'm blind well. Obviously we had a lot of our listeners. Very concerned about you just like phantom zone. So we're glad you're ok and we're glad you're back to talk the final part of the trial the time lord. So here's episode. Two hundred twenty. We're gonna be discussing the ultimate foe dot dot done aka parts thirteen and fourteen of the trial of a time lord written by robert holmes least part. Thirteen was and pippa. Jane baker who part fourteen directed by chris clough. Interestingly you know of ca. Jane baker also wrote tear voice and chris clo- also directed terror void. So they're back for this one. Of course robert homes were the opener. The mysterious planet his last complete story. This was the four serial doctor who season twenty three and nineteen eighty six starring of course in his final onscreen appearance at least as far as the colin baker air is concerned colin baker as the sixth doctor and bonnie langford has melanie mel bush and Before we get started. I did to have a little bit of news on my own. So just nothing as big as your you guys because you guys at great stories but But i want to give a special thanks to stop everywhere zone. Christine paryski who this past week sent me a little care package after listening to last week's episode so i got the package today and open it up. And it's a packet of jamie dodgers. You guy i just finished my senate caca jay so i wanna thank christine for being kind of now. She did say she She asked me to go..

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