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Hour 2:Johnny D, Ben Glass

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Hour 2:Johnny D, Ben Glass

"And right now, we're going to hear from Johnny de and I sent out the express bet showdown results from the the weekend. And it was certainly plenty of opportunity in those races for the showdown players to pick some prices, and they racked up some nice some nice numbers will go over those. But we got plenty to talk about Johnny good morning. Warren stevie. How was your weekend in Florida? Nice nice. We we basically played played Friday played that carry over sequence at at Akwa in and that was fun to the pick five carryover caught that for for a terrific return paid like twice the parlay. And that was that made the weekend. And then of course, you know, we all did the Dubai the Dubai Gulfstream. Santa Anita troika there and and made for a you know, a good fourteen hour day. Yeah. You can find great places to watch and wager on the races at Gulfstream got some, you know, good areas, but go to so when you have those kinds of days with those long days when you're playing doubleheaders are triple headers, there's there's some nice places to go watch the races and also maybe grounded by d. Well, start Johnny wherever you want. And that that could have been on could have been on Friday. I know the effect. I I haven't mentioned it, but you had another another monstrous payout in the in the Strack. You had you had a forty nine dollar winner in the Gulfstream eleventh, which triggered a a thirty two thousand dollar five payout. New York, the the carryovers thirteen hundred dollars for the pick five and then eight thousand for the for the the whole pick six that was I I really enjoyed playing the the Akwa sequences and then that fed into Saturday. How'd you make out? Well, didn't do anything spectacular. But I think one comment coming out of the weekend was that the strana five continues to be just a really great that. I it's it's hard difficult, but you don't have to too many of them because this past week as you mentioned there were some some big winners are actually. What they're not. I mean, one of them was crazy virtue almost fifty dollar winner in leg five at Gulfstream Park, which is eleven three clock strikes twelve at forty nine. Forty looks good talks the Golden Gate fields fifth race paid fifteen eighty. But you know, yet three dollar winter yet thirteen eighty winter it a five sixty winter. So I mean when it comes back paying thirty two thousand dollars, man, I know it's a function of of two three things really heels are decent the the takeouts low, and it's a dollar rage. And when you throw in a couple couple of big price sources, it's it's almost I know, I know it's it's funny covert on Friday. It's kind of like. You know, you you have to kind of look forward and plan a plan for, but I think it's something you should put on your handicapping calendar. Because this we could start the first race then go until five sixteen I think it was the the ninth race at laurel. So you know, that's kind of a Friday afternoon. Maybe your work is winding down or about mid afternoon, you'd think theirselves. What am I going? What's going on? I need some action and you start to look the PP's. I think the stock five is it is a good way to kind of dive into the weekend. Just get got a running start into the weekend. The pales- have been insatiable. No doubt. No doubt. And and it it does seem that. There's there's always one race and very frequently. It's the nightcap whether it's been Golden Gate race or or of the Gulf. Whatever the there's been a squirrelly race. It's either the for a lot of times. It's either the first of the last. Correct. And the traditionally they've been it's been laurel or Golden Gate. We're getting that bomber. But now, you know, he had gall seen bombers weekend, and and a couple of double digit winters along the way leading up to that. So it's I try to figure out a pattern, but you're right about the last race. But I haven't really detected any pattern other than that. Well, the it continues. And there's also been there's also been some nice rewards in the the cross country pick five that has generally been, Oaklawn, and and and naira tied. So there's there's these are the multi-race ball detract, bats are we've enjoyed them from the outset from the original magnify. And then there was the one season of the of of the south Sinatra mid Atlantic sixty minutes six which people may not if you're of a certain age of getting involved in the game. You may not remember. But there was a absolutely amazing six that that worked really well for for about eight weeks and took took a tremendous amount of of coordination that was sows concept. And and it was. Little short lived. But they're fun. The. And we're warning they they seem to really they intrigued they challenged and they pay so let's get into Saturday Johnny and your pressures of what went on and Dubai. Divi would have to say. I better -taining. And and I heard you earlier suggest that they cut back on some of the fanfare be in between the races, which you know, you have to remember there's a wagering over there. So people need something to be entertained in between races. They really have. There's not a lot of handicapping going on. So I think they do need to have a little entertainment. But as you said it was cut back quite a bit. My take away from Dubai. I was really impressed with almond die. Yeah. That was just talk about an in hand dominating performance. There were so exciting races. No doubt about it. Too. By World Cup gave us I on several levels, which you've already mentioned gronkowski shocking us again with the or shocking. Megan I should say with a performance better than what I expected, thunder snow. He may be poster boy for for the may Don racetrack, they should probably just put a statue of him somewhere. He loves that place. And that's clear. So that was exciting race. You know, I think this year's World Cup was an example of how it's difficult for racist too. Hold their quality year after year after year, take take nothing away from thunder, snow or gronkowski. But it was not one of talking to rank is one of the top you Dubai World Cup fields of all time. That's for sure. But it was exciting race on the last and racist. Can't be you know, you can't have that. You know, it's one of the reasons why. I kind of pleaded with people to. And I learned this lesson young because when affirmed an alley door battle food triple crown in seventy eight affirm winning triple crown, and then you had that period there of triple crown winner secretariat his performances, then you then you go all that time to get to American sorrow not to say that we didn't have great horses in between because we did. But you know, I was around when I was young, but I was around with John Henry and and. You know? So his what he did it's racist. Unbelievable. I look back in the past for four now of his of his resume, and I can't believe how great he was. And I was I know it was looking news. But when you're young you can't appreciate greatness when you're in. It's mit. Why who's you don't have anything to compare it to you haven't been through the leaders, you know, and I think, you know, I'm gonna list. The greatest rates I ever saw. I think. Yes. I it's hard to argue at secretary Thelma that's hard to argue. But for me because of what he had overcome. I who he was running by in the stretch, and what the horse he defeated went on to do the next year. I think that arrogance World Cup was the greatest race. I've seen a horse rump. Just absolutely way down at the start last not his style. Not we're going to be a around the woods go shipped around the world race. And he just overcomes. The whole thing to win in such dominant performance now is ever seen. And that's often the case when we see is great performances, but you can't appreciate that on unless you have some kind of a backdrop unless you have ability compared to compare things to our get American Farrell justify what justify did. You know, I'm going to continue to harbor Nisshin. So I take my last breath was. It was incredible. Not not that he won the triple crown. But then he started in February and won the triple crown eat is just an incredible achievement. Everything has to go. So absolutely perfectly. You have to have the horse. He has to respond to what you're asking to do. He has to be head and shoulders above the others yet you have to hit the the calendar perfectly. Every race has to offer that hitch and by the way. You know, and and as I mentioned the horses three of marching by saying guy, Bob, I it's no coincidence. Also that. Back for was able to take. To take justify and after his maiden race now bathroom nude could run. There's no doubt about that. Many people knew he could run, but he wins his maiden and baffling. I have the luxury of running him in an allowance race. And that re-, and then stepping up to, you know, not the top competition, but say competition he may he was able to make each gradual steps with justify bringing him along. He didn't go from maiden rate maiden victory. The grade one he didn't go from maiden win the sandy derby that may have been too much for him. Maybe not as turns out, but but he got got to have that progression. And I think that is we look back on what's going on right now. We're seeing an blame anyone for doing. It certainly not something wrong move. It's just so difficult for horse to do to go from not having that development and stepping step by step of stepping stone. And then and then, you know, taking on the big stage. So so I think in Dubai while while I I think the card overall was not as. Well, say deep with talent as a seen it in the past. Why that's the case. I don't know. It's just one of those years. Maybe the European president will presence wasn't a strong. There was a I don't know the stat. But I would say the this handicapping raises more of a Japanese presence that share more of a kind of an Australian Japanese presence, which is which is great for Dubai. The Breeders Cup of love to see that Kentucky Derby would love to see more of more that influence so so why it's kind of been able to do that. And as I said the top performer. My is Allen died is from Japan. So that was. That's that's kind of a changing of the guard. But I didn't see the European influence. They won races, of course. But it wasn't as the in in the lineup. If I thought it it usually is anyway, that's just a it's one horse players observation was enjoyable day. X y jet certainly in your comments earlier about his training and coming back from surgeries and having him at the top of his game. All you know, all right on target of these accomplishments. Of trainers getting top efforts out of horses. Whether especially when there are years separating them for when they have to hit certain dates on the calendar. Like with the leading up the Kentucky Derby was the triple crown and hitting all those dates and having your horse peak. Correct pine it's an art. I mean, yes, if you have a horse that can run you you have to start there to start with incredible talent. You know, you have to you have to have a really fine piece of quail when you begin to sculpt, but you know, in the hands of of a massacre that wonderful piece of quake in can become a, you know, a work of art. And and I think as racing fans part of the fun is to appreciate what some of these trainers are able to accomplish. And how they bring horses long how they train them. You know, it's not just. Following a textbook workout schedule, and you know, throwing us out alone. And now exercise it's not that there's more than that. And when someone does it. Well, I enjoy seeing that. But again, if you don't have history to compare things to. It makes it very difficult to appreciate when something amazing happened. And. That turn our attention to. We'll talk to Nick lock at the top of our three day. And Nick course, hosting the, you know, the international feed and see what what Nick's wanna get Nick steak certainly Godolphin with between what four wins, Charlie Appleby. And and so you've been sorority and thunder snow. Who seems no matter what understood does Johnny. You Americans are going to have the continuing impression of him dancing around the slop in the derby that that that that image is not going to be. Exercise so easily turned to turn to the Gulfstream. Yes. Specially if exactly. Johnny. Let's talk about what transpired I suppose we should start with the finish. Let let's work our way back a little bit from from the Florida derby because obviously you listened at the beginning. I we're gonna talk to Ben glass next after after you, and and Bendel talk about you know, why they they did what they did. They let them the dam of maximum security sell for eleven thousand dollars in November. And they obviously, you know, didn't have an early feel for what this horse might have been. But a lot of this turned into tactics and decision making and it starts with the one hole in hidden sprawl. Yeah. Yeah. And so. I mean, you know, once I get started. I might not stop talking about Florida derby, we we might not get any other issues. But yes, it starts within the school at and I I said last week that or not last week but a couple of weeks ago, you know, the blame on Rosario I thought what happened in the in the south of us was you know, he he kinda got got hit. Yes. Didn't scroll the run of the gate, and then he'd never you wouldn't come back to it. He wouldn't relax and he didn't fight them. He said, okay. Look you wanna run. Okay. Let's run I'm going to fast. But maybe you're a great horse running easy. Let's go. And then all the blame that he got for that. I look it wasn't as best frie-. There's no question about that. But I didn't think he should have gotten you know, as much blame come back. I'm gonna tell you the same thing about how a Castellano in this race look. He he broke very, well, obviously looks across the see what's happening outside of him. He sees two or three other guys. All long shot. Well, mo- most of them won't shot. One of them. One of them like like shorts third or fourth twenty Goto the lead. There's company it's not just one horse. It it several horses that want the lead. Let them go. I'm gonna sit right behind the pace on paper going into the race. Did you think there would be paced? Just I get too. So you know, you can only go off of what you see when the gates opened yet. She have to make decisions. But look the raise is developing exactly the way I saw it on paper. Here goes, you know, the speed horses that fought would go now what happens Castellano sits right behind a horse. Come. Not only going to turns from the first time but going mile eight for the first time. Okay. You know, he won by eight in his in his starter allowance race, but I'm sitting right behind him. Now, that's a great spot. If you ask me, he's got pressure on them from the outside by a an and have got a mate next to me. You gotta love where you are. Now. The problem was. Didn't school was having. None of it was not relaxing. He didn't wanna sit there. Now, you're gonna say, well, they're going twenty four and that's why. Yes, that's part of it. However. The going twenty four the fact that they're going to twenty four you couldn't have dreamed when they broke from the gate. So I can't blame hobby or cats from getting caught in that position. Okay. So what does he do from there? He fights within school little bit a lot to get to to try and get him to relax. He's trapped. Hell then as you mentioned earlier Macquarie's writing boaty express. Wouldn't let them out that was great. They weren't going fast enough. So that they didn't it instructs out. Everybody was born stop. And you know, we never got a chance to really get out and run. And when he finally did what's most is the point about hitting scroll is when he finally got a chance to run. He had no answer. And that that really bring up the question of how good is this worse. The fact that he was blocked United twenty four pace, you know. Good horses. They'll shut down and they'll sit there, and they'll they'll wait on their whole, and they'll kick term for home. They'll they'll veer out and they'll kick, and they'll you know, they'll finish with gusto. Okay. No, one was go catch maximum security way. You finish you're going to catch him anyway, but hidden school had nothing, you know, through the lane. He's doing nothing. So you know, is it a case of bent sloppy track. Release was so fast and such a tour to force. It was almost like always got another justify. We've got another American Farrell. You watching him you wanted to say, the then you have to stop every time you see something like that. And look in stop and yourself down and say, wait a minute. It's a. Sloppy track. What are the chances? We're going to see another justify another American pharaoh. Whether the champ is sea horses move like that again and continue and do this. It was a Maidment. So we have to just kind of pull back our expectations then in the fountain of youth. You had to you know, he started to. You know, we wanted to give him a him a mulligan. But you know, what maybe the Morgan was the first race. Maybe maybe that was the you know, the race. That was the the weird race. I don't know. We'll see the winner. I. There's a reason Jason service granted source for bathing sixteen the first time. The the guy is not. Not an idiot. I mean, if you had a horse she talked to win the Florida derby, you would not run them for sixteen. I I have to tell you that just doesn't happen the stump. There's something about this horse. And I don't know what it is. I read it anywhere. I haven't heard it anywhere. But I'm sure insiders. No. You know, what it is about the source? Whether it's the tendon, a knee and ankle, whatever it is something kept taking certain. Taking something major Asian service believe he could run this horse for a very cheap price yet and thought he'd get away with one chur thought he'd get away with it. And he was surprised probably when he won by nine, but he probably thought he'd get run a little bit. But he's got problems. Nobody's going to take. And then getting back to point I made earlier. Gets to run in those two condition rates where no one can claim him. And yet he gets to. Learn the game. And that experience is just so, you know, important to a horse moving along making compressions learning, you know, when you brought your your your pet home. Whether it was a dog, a cat, whatever they didn't know everything in the first day in your house. Remember, those first the first night or two nights or three nights? When when they, you know, couldn't sleep were they they cried all night, or whatever it takes time to learn, you know, what life is all about, and and these resources have to learn it in incredibly short time and only visiting that health every once in a while every couple of months every month or two months, six weeks, whatever. So I think maximum security development got to take this slower pace, and he really dominated his foes, then got the. You know, make steps forward. And so he was ready for this challenge. Now going forward. I mean, he was scary. Good saturday. I mean that is that like, you know, you mentioned the factions of the race. That's a little frightening. So handy duplicate this effort again in the Kentucky Derby. Lee, y I don't know man that let's see the really really special horse. That that might that might be as good as never gonna run, especially if you've got some issues, it's kind of like, you know, if somebody said to me while let's go play some tennis. And I went out and was outstanding. That might be the best tennis of play the rest of my wife. Maybe you know, the effort will finish me be done forever. So maybe if he got if he had issues. It might be you have to running that hard. You know, they might crop up the might be tough to get in the run like that again on the other hand, maybe special. That's why we don't know when our game, but it would be very rare. If he were able to. Come back and win the Kentucky Derby on the other hand. What is it? Our last six this last six thirty winters have been undefeated, go into the derby. I think that's the right number L out of out of thin air, or it's a big number whatever it is. He he he's at right now. I think. And then we'll have the the last time. A maiden won the Kentucky Derby was that brokers. Tip nineteen thirty three. Yeah. So so we're going to have a voting expressing their trying to trying to make his statement. I think he I think he was flattered by the slow pace. And he talked about anyone who. Benefited the most with put it that way by for five a slow pace because he got the sit in a perfect spot. And then he he didn't kick he wasn't closing ground. He was losing out. The maximum security, but he ran the way or in similar fashion. What I would have specked in school. In school. Didn't get no answer when you know when when the real running started get nothing now with Koby thought too much early 'cause he's not really that. Good. I don't I don't know what he needs which which Bill Maher. We'll do the back off restart. You know, hit the reset one and we'll see him later code of honor. And you know, I read with show you know, to pace was not his game. It didn't favor him. He closed. Reasonably well. I think you have to be happy with where he is. He still hasn't run a really fast race on on time. Like, he like, you know, though, figures get really run that sparkling Jen yet, maybe saving that for the first Saturday may that would be nice for should, you know, just a solid Trier and exposed to and. You know, bourbon war again. Change his way late late in the stretch. And. It's just like he doesn't really have it figured out yet. He does have wait running them the is finishing. But it's like TV, you know, he's not really haven't really gotten putting it all together yet. I thought maybe he had in the stretch of the fountain of youth because when he kind of he changed lead. It was almost like a light went on. He dropped to see him actually dropping finish finish world. But then seem the same explosion. Now. Again, he's the victim of the pace. So. I, you know, coming out of this race, we had another what is this? Now, I think seventeen consecutive races without a repeat winners on the on the two year old wrote for the Kentucky Derby what a crazy wacky year. This is right now we've got. He's got a. You know? Maximum security maiden sixteen winner. Now heading to the Kentucky Derby, he's going to be. I don't know what the. In the. Going to be less than ten to one. I think regardless of what happened in California. And if something weird happens he could be less than that. I mean, I think what do you think what what's his price into talk at this point? I think there's going to be a lot of downplaying of the race overall by you know, by punditry in general, which. Which may be. Which may be a mistake. We'll look let's let's let the dust settle for a day or two coming out of it. But the there that's a good question. I think it all depends on what you see from from game winner, and and improbable in Omaha beach, long range toddy at cetera and. You know that that set of results? I mean, we've got you know, you've also got a couple of words that have been outta sight outta mind like tax and in the wood and Heikal and all that. So I mean, there's there's plenty of provinces yet to be heard from. And I I think he could shuffled down a little bit, particularly when he's got a stablemate that does is the two year old champion game winner. And so that that part is of a unique aspect, so we'll go from you know, we'll go from here to to the three perhaps on on Saturday a Johnny couple of things quickly to the the rainbow sequence. How did you make out? I did not have one. I miss max. I I miss maximum security, and I miss one earlier in the afternoon that I that I really probably shouldn't have missed, but I can't I can't take that. I was valedictorian. And yeah, I think it was in the sense today. So did I the Santa Bella sprayed? She she was a a see for me. And I I was live to hidden scroll on a backup ticket. And you know, there were a couple of things that could have gone, you know, slightly different. And you know, obviously, if if if Brendon Walsh proctors ledge gets by valedictorian in the sand about and then you also, of course, had Melnik lose that photo to focus group. And I only used focus group in Melnik. I Mike Welsh, Mike. Well, Chad a terrific notes on Malik. And that's why I I very late on Saturday. When I was writing the selections up, I elevated, you know, past, you know, pass the other Cana Sar and bigger picture. And I. I own I realized Melnik was going to run a race. So that was okay and day. The there were there were plenty of places. And and I want to also have you give the results of of showdown. There was the race the allowance race the one is the twelfth which was really challenging. And for whatever reason, Tom Blaine. Went from nine to two morning line, which I thought was an appropriate morning line. Drifted up to to basically, double that price nine to one and Paul Jacci took crazy money when went from five to one two three two two, and I didn't understand why they were piling on pollyanna Chee. Tom lane was that was my actually that at proved to be a bit of a get outrace because at nine to one. I thought he was a great win bet. He was in. And I think if you're looking at the race from particularly from a pace standpoint, you could have really like calm lane the the negative. I think in the in the minds of some people a couple of things seven years old, which would for some people would be negative. He's oh for five when the Gulfstream turf. And that's something that could slow you down a little bit. I agree with you. I did not see pal yahtzee. I did not see the the reason. I mean, the Motte money, I guess people like the play no Mahdi he takes money, especially when he's winning. But, but you know, this is the horse who you know, to fourteen now in his case she loved to go St. surf and he loved the distance. But yet tumbling here. Also, you've got a a trainer who, you know. We had two runners in the race the laurel. You know, it's hard to. It's hard to construct any ticket at gold seem far without using George Varo Jason service, Chad Browner, the turf Ray, how what you're. Louis size or Radyr teams that don't those are off the top of my head. But if you're if you're constructing any kind of a multiple wager ticket, you can do worse than just make sure all those guys you'll take it. If you have if you has the backbone in the race sets up to that that way, but I thought Tom Lee. Thought of a one for last eleven to that could that you didn't you didn't like nuts fair. But if you if kind of analyzed it from a pace perspective, I really think that's where they shine. That's what that's what caused me to really, you know, get on his team because I thought he's gonna he's going to be on the lead. He's faster than pie. Yahtzee? I did not see out you don't wire-to-wire again. He's faster than him. He's going to get to the rail. He's gonna save ground a whole way around. And he's running for a trainer who. Hardly ever who's. So you know, he keeps going forget about it. That that was that was a nice boost. Although I doubt he was nine to one in in the rainbow. And I again, if if Mel mic wins that photograph instead of the thing pay in two thousand it it probably pays twelve thirteen fourteen thousand. That's true. That's true. And I know what felt bad because nineteen hundred I didn't feel you know, you can live with that. How about how about how about the twenty thousand Kevin cries her head for in showdown and the other the other four check cashiers? About Kevin or he won't showdown. Six hundred ninety four dollars was his winning Kotal after making twenty dollar live twenty dollar win wagers on one horse in each and races. We had four races from Santa needed six weeks from gold stream John rats was second six hundred and six dollars of both of those two guys went into the final race. And and they and they they were in their respective position. Held a position Robert Rosen's was third ending into the final race held his position and David Snyder moved up to fourth from ten in the final rates with a total five thirty six Michael areso fourth to fifth in the final race winning the win the payouts on the day. There were some, you know, there was some. Decent pale throughout the day for twenty dollar wager. We had minus rose in the fourth and Santa Anita four twenty yet four hundred twenty dollars for twenty dollars wager. Tomboy the one we just talked about two hundred ten dollars pay all based on the twenty dollar wager so showdown again, we close the book on a magnificent local express bed tournament cheese. And of course, expressman is involved. Then in need has tournament Gulfstream has torn amend their tournaments throughout the year. But are springing winner pulling schedule it concluded. We had beat the hosts we had live and now we've finished with showdown. Congratulations to everyone who played for the winners. Yeah. Congratulations. Everyone played. And also thank you for playing the great barn. The the value is. Unbeatable. There's no takeout. There's no skin only showdown. Do we have an entry fee? If you don't qualify through beat the host or or to live there. The value is incredible. So, you know, there live wagers. So if you pick, you know, pick some winters, I think I took a quick look at it. And I think there were. Thirty. Thirty eight thirty seven thirty eight players who. They got the somewhere in that area who got their money back just just by making live league. So anyway, thanks for everyone who played and we'll see next tournament funding. The sun not far off at. Of course, there is also the Preakness contests do that that people. No previous big bet conquer all you have to do is registered express back cost you anything and then and then played a racist. And then one just for the for the competition play the races, and you could win twenty five thousand dollars win wages on the previous steaks and of the IP trip to Pimlico is my favorite race the triple crown. Well, of course, the laurel winter the finished up. I gotta go through all the all the. Race all the trainer in jock. Jampy? It's there there. I think what six maybe Sam Houston and Golden Gate and that Golden Gate Sam Houston Gulfstream Jeff way Ecuador winter. Yeah, they all they all wrapped up. It's strange because they meet, but they're still right? Exactly. They're going to start to start back on Friday. And and there's another care another two day carryover at act went on Friday. It's the third week in a row. There's a mandatory pay off the rainbow six insana Santa Nita Mexican man is there. It is. The hits just keep mom. Well. So many ways Johnny I appreciate it. And we will maybe touch base actually while him out in California. Maybe get some maybe get some place going into the weekend. I'm sure you'll you'll write something up to for for the express by column. Johnny dean, everybody XP, Johnny de will stay here. And Joe line is with us KC having to unfortunately, spend the weekend in the hospital and hope hoping that he gets out today. And this was sort of a monitoring thing. Unfortunately, Ben glass is going to join us and ban. Was the last time probably had been on. I don't know. Maybe during maybe when west coast was was running wild. Been a couple of years and what a tremendous spring, obviously that Gary and Mary west or enjoying and game winner, of course, with the championship last year, the have this horse that, you know, at first glance, it didn't seem like the team had, you know, high expectations for and we're going to have banned explain everything because they they maybe like to have a couple of decisions back including including the the day of maximum security who sold with a sibling in the belly band. Congratulations to to you, Mr. MRs west, thank you. It was it was a big day because even before even before the feature. Here was restoring hope coming back, and he he got it out of a win. That was a good way to start his four year old season. That was good. I was hoping it wasn't only win that day. I joke about that. Actually that anybody that that gets involved in the game on the ownership side. Whether you're you got one of your own or or whether you're in a partnership group when you've got multiple horses on a card. You win the first one of its early the day, you're like shit if we're gonna only win one race today. I I wish it was the steak, right? If you'd have the same right here thinking how many ways can win one day. Well, you when it came to Louis. The the answer was it was a bunch. That's right. That's right. We'll come back to restoring hope you you. I reached for you Ben in this circumstance because it's I think it's going to be very interesting. We have a lot of stakeholder listeners, and we've got some backyard breeders, and and small commercial breeders. And there's there's a fascinating story in here to be told about first of all New Year's day, the two year old champion that didn't get to compete at three and started his stud career Ellendale and in January, he moved to Brazil, but talk about maximum security, and then the dam to well, you know, if we had a crystal ball, we would've kept everybody. But obviously, we don't have a crystal ball. And the day was looking up slow doing that good, Mr. west. And I made the decision we tried to get a partner to partner up with us. And I couldn't do that. That. So I tried to sell divorce in the states, and nobody was really coming with much money. And then the gentlemen from Brazil came would with the most money. So obviously we've made the decision to sell him. And you know, Jack work all your told me one word does not make us ir. So I don't know if we've made a big mistake yet or not because we do have the grade one by New Year's day. But on the other hand, the damn she had, you know, three other falls, one of them was a full brother to maximum security. And I think he was running for seventy five hundred or ten thousand claim and the whole world was that came into buyer and only price was eleven thousand. So I don't think a lot of people were lot more smarter than we were at the time. You only brought eleven thousand he had a half sister at the November sale in Seoul. And she brought five thousand so. So it wasn't like the family was on fire. So we made the decision to, you know, sell the down you can't keep them forever. And we made the decision to sell the sire. Obviously we wish we would have made a different decision. But maybe we'll end up being smarter when it's all done with. But there wasn't much showing up in the family, and then we had maximum security training up north, and he wasn't showing much. He had he had a little sore shins and and trying to get over the source. You know, he was late foal may fifteenth his knees didn't close till late. And I think sometimes the end of July or something Mr. west he doesn't he wants to make sure the news are all closed in the forces are fully mature as a two year old before they leave the training center. He's very adamant about you know, about that. So we couldn't leave the train in early with this horse. And then when we did he got a little sore up north and the show that much and so. Jason we discussed it and. And you know, we we would the family be was and and the horse not showing much up north. I told Jason put him in for made in sixteen. And and Jason I agreed. That was probably right thing to do. He thought his worth more than that. But when he got Depaw meadows, this shins, you got over his shin book completely, and you got the train and really good and really sound. But we'd made the decision to put him in for made in sixteen based on all the family and the pounds New Year's day we had and so forth. And you know, obviously, he's not the first horse than ever run in a claim or claims that want to grade one I think, I'm not sure I think wither for some I think that horse was claimed but. No, it isn't like everybody is rushing out to buy New Year's day. And I think that was in our mindset, so it just I I'm trying to get them is kind of funny because I'm thinking if everybody else, you know, new lot more than we did. Nobody stepped up to the plate by any of the family. So that's sort of the way that it that it came down. And I guess maybe the little bit source up north was keeping him from you know, maybe looking like a good horse. And and, you know, Jason usually doesn't miss and and you know, it just doesn't like the family was going anywhere. So made sixteen was the logical choice. And you know, what's interesting at number one Jason doesn't work horses fast. Anyway. He does a lot of two minute lacking. And and he pretty much was doing that coming out of the allowance. But even if you go back to last summer Monness. Fifty two flat one zero three and one one of three flat. Fifty one two. I mean, he just forty nine flat. Fifty pound meadows. Fifty one fifty fifty forty nine and four, you know, you just the nobody nobody was seeing anything. I mean, don't let's not pretend that there aren't people at pow meadows that are watching every horse that goes by and and no and the word spreads and a horse shows up in, you know, for sixteen and you know, the the breeding the sire and the the the dam is gone. So you're thinking yourself this. If if they're running him for sixteen. They're giving them away. Nobody bet. Well, it worth thinking we'd get away with it. Because he's a home. Brad. A lot of people. You know, you get what you get when you breathe a home bread. And we're thinking a lot of people are gonna think that and we can probably get away with sixteen. And and if he, you know, there's a little more in the tank, we didn't think we lose him, then we didn't obviously. But like I say if we'd had a crystal ball if he'd have been two hundred. Thousand plus or or something around their urine that we bought we would've, you know, stuck him in a maiden specially but cost dream park. You know, it's one of the toughest places in the world win a maiden special. So it just made sense what we did at the time. And I I'm just chuckling because I I know everybody thinks that we're stupid, but. They look at all the surrounding circumstances. They see why we did what we did. And like I say if he'd been expensive came in the early purchase we would have put him in a maiden special to see what he was, you know, built his first start. But this is absolutely the way it came down to pike. And and it's funny to me because you know, nobody claiming we still have him. And boy, did we get lucky. Well, and that's what it takes. You know, when he ran ran that eighty plus buyer, you know, at the low level, and then he came back he paired up, then he took the step forward in that second allowance and now he be paired that up and that is a healthy pattern it in three year olds. Now, you know, you got five weeks to to the derby. And of course, she got game winner that we're going to see back here in a couple of weeks. Yes. Correct. It's a it's a it's a fascinating circumstance. I the we folded. Yeah. It really is. Because I got everybody really step back and look at what happened. They don't understand. And and if if if what you're say all are better urine. We'll start making specially suit up and see what they do the first start. But this looks like the obvious choice to not looks like, you know, like we didn't know what we were doing. Maybe we didn't. But I'd rather be lucky than good any day. And I I wanted people to hear from you because the the dam the dam part sort of backs up the whole the whole explanation. I mean, the damn absolutely eleven thousand dollars. I mean, if you if you thought that this horse was anything special for starters with full sibling, you never would've put her in the sale correct in that he had a full sister by pioneer the Nile about five thousand at that same sale. And the funny thing is now the dam and the dam is is a sibling to flat out, and you know, it it. It's just one of those things. That you just don't know. And I she's my Anna she'd and. You you know, you look at that page gear. Ben who's gonna look at that page and go this is an exciting horse. I wanna. And I looked at that part of it too. And I thought well stuck my neck out. But she was a photo pioneer of the Nile. And I only give eighty four. But then I got, you know, thinking, well, and is he hasn't had a great one has been the sire dam. A grade one winner great divorce yet. So maybe I made a mistake. So, you know, obviously, we put her in the sale and. Wish we wouldn't have at this point. But who knows you know, the other the next three might be like the first three. That's right. It's it's it's one of those guessing games. The other thing that that if people were if people were to line up all of the purchases that you make and of course, the Wests are buying colts. They're looking for, you know, a derby horse. They're looking for classic horses. And you know, what's your average purchases? Typically, what about two fifty to six hundred thousand in that rage. That'd be correct. So I mean, a home bred like this. This is an afterthought. It is. It's this is our third grade. One winner a home-bred that we've raised and that's great. It's a lot. It'd be a lot more to me than ones you buy because Mr. west me on a long time ago. We we walked out of there. And and Jeff Kirk made the remark he said, I think we have some really nice sources we bought I think twenty one or something and Mr. west, look, he said, listen, if we bought one horse, that's graded stakes for this. Or we'd beat the odds, and I thought to myself boy, that's that is that is strange, but in that crap without ties in dollar Bill. So it wasn't a complete bus. But you, you know, I it was really hard for me going in starting to buy all these more expensive courses knowing that most of them aren't going to be any good it. It's a scary game. Well, and and let's let's give them a comparison to because you've also got the three year old by Bernardini. What a FOX and. And there's the jumps the position. I mean, he ranted maiden special weights. Yeah. It took him a couple of starts to break is made. And actually you he dipped into maiden claiming company. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you. Like, I say most of them aren't going to be any good. I hate to say that it still hurts. But Mr. west and made me a firm believer in that they are with the are in the afternoon after you buy them and and sued him up in the gate, but knowing that if if you try to make a good horse that isn't a good horse. You're gonna go bust. Good. So we have a lot of orces, and we can't obviously keep them all and this was maximum security. You know, one of the lot of orces and the family just wasn't there. So that's what I was thinking in my mindset. Unbelievable. We'll talk about this weekend in a minute and the next couple of weekends because of game winner. And and also. Final jeopardy two. We gotta discuss who's running in the those running in the wood. But Ben, let's let's dive into this spot for a minute. I mean, what were your what did you think the was going to happen in this race and with hidden scroll drawing the rail, and you kind of figured you were going to you're going to go, no matter what I imagine. Well, you know, we never we never tried to get into trainers heads because they're trying to in the horse there where the seven days a week. So we don't try to do too much of the race strategy. And I try and voices about twenty five years. And I remember a lot of times I tell the writer, but I thought and I knew they weren't listening. And then they do what they most time. They were more right than I was. So with that said, I know Jason wasn't going to fix. We've talked about it. He wasn't going to try to kill us for going to the front. Just we didn't. No exactly that he needed to be in front. So we were going to see what the race strategy played out. And then he just turned it over doing just that you're writing do what's right? And boy he wrote a great race out. My hat's off drawn things that best race. Right. I've seen this year. And you know, so you really don't know until the race unfolds. They split segments and make the decision. So he kinda got to go with the rider more than what you think. It's sort of like, they'll boy that got off the horse in California and. The owner run out. And he said, man. Yeah. The whole I could've grown my Mercedes to there and the writer looked at me. So yeah. But that was moving fast. So you just kinda, you know, just gotta go with the phone hope the rider is smart enough to make the right decision at the right time. Well, getting away with the forty almost forty nine half and the way he came home. And that was that's what's scary about this. Because he got it them with with that third and fourth quarter. And you could see he was comfortable moving, you know, after a forty nine half. Then he was moving downhill from there. I'll be honest. I thought it was going to be like a one fifty or something when it was one forty eight and change. I said, you know, what he didn't slow down down the lane. Don't you cut motoring? So that was that was more exciting to me than actually stealing the the front end down the backside. You know, and I do want people to to pre she ate. Everybody's talking about the the speed. And of course, it's not easy to compare. You know, the the the way of the racetrack was on Saturday with previous years. But to be honest, you look at orbs when you look at materiality, and you look at constitution in recent in the last five six years, and they were they were not dissimilar from you know, from the pace in this race, you know, moderate I have an, and I I said earlier bed that we've gotten so used to these route races being faster early slow late that when you see a slow early fast late, it it kind of people people have to rub. Their is a little. You're right. Thirty forty. Well. I I I would when he turned for home out, those fractions. I started hitting hitting them think this team's going home that was. That was that was awful exciting and looks for true. Well, and and let's talk about we basically right now. Because game winners in good shape has got the final prep got beat of course in the rebel. But you shrug it off and look toward Saturday, assuming assuming everything goes forward. Alright and Santa Anita. You know, you love it's funny. If if somebody had asked you and and Gary. You're going to go to the derby with an undefeated horse. You wouldn't have thought. It was this. What you're right. You're right. We you know, we knew that game winner. He's not a good work in the morning, Bob while he's told us that Bob told her said, he's probably gonna need for prep. But he said that isn't the race counts. Anyway. So when we were watching that race and a mile is such it it was we didn't think that was going to be his best distance. And so we were you know, everybody in the second third fourth. We were looking at getting a little tired and having to ship from California and all of our plans and do the plane ride and whole nine yards. And so we you know, we were thinking we just want to get this good race in gets the next step down. And then the third base is the big dance. And then when he got in the end, then I was mad. I know man. Not not not not to be upset. And then when he just got beat that into. I said man, then I wish did the one. But it's crazy. But that's all it goes. Well, and I. Looks like a field of six right now. And I guess I guess that. There's a possible from Jeff Bondi. I I guess Bondi is what he wanted to go to New York. But it looks like he's going to not be able to make the trip for the the Bayshore. So he's talking about maybe running in the Santa needed derby with sparky Ville, but right now game winner and roadster Dolo contest. Oh, extra hope, synthesis. Do ownership with George Papa patrol mo- sending him in and then Instagram. So it's a it's a nice six pack for the Santa Anita derby, headlined by the two year old champion. I hope everything plays. Well with the track out there. I know about that breakdown and and. I know that was coming off the downhill tariff, but I'm just hope I'm praying. We don't have to ship out. Again. I'm praying that the track plays good and that we can start there. And then talk about the New York New because final jeopardy is also coming in under the radar. This was one hundred and ten thousand dollar. Wean linked purchase. Well, like, I said I'd rather be lucky than good. Take us back to key November and in in sixteen. What did you like about him? He's a street sense. He's out of the unbridled song mayor Addison run. Well, you know, you just said to I love streets in and I love unbridled song mares. So he had everything going for him there. And it was a big good looking street since we had planned giving a lot more for him. I was surprised because he didn't have no no issues with xrays or go ping. Everything was good. And and I mean, we really liked him. And does Ryan the farm manager and Kentucky, and Dr Brown can and myself and Dr van Damme, we all really liked him. And I I don't know how you just slipped through the cracks. I guess maybe that hundred and ten thousands of good figure for me. If you think about it. But anyway, you know, and then he had a seven on the seat. So we're kind of hoping you know, the same thing we were hoping on maximum security that he doesn't bounce. But we're we're we're taking a shot. You know, he he hasn't run against quality. Where was like that neither? So we're taking the shot, but but we like him. And and I can't explain the the sale price. I could never explain on game winner. I guess I was the only one that's coped him and I loved him. So once in a while if you buy enough, and and get lucky, you know, it can even happen that came into even though most of the time on the better ones, you know, you'll have to step up to the plate, and then, of course, sigma home. But if somebody outbid you stamp your foot down, but that's it. So well, there's a couple of things that are notable about final jeopardy including including having a terrific name. You know, he he tried the lime house at the beginning of the year. He'd broken his. Maiden in December. And then was third, you know, get steaks company right away. I mean, so he he showed he showed some quality. And you know, you go back to the field that he faced it included trying to think if there was somebody I guess that wasn't the I was thinking of a different maiden race. I don't think there was anybody. That's come out of that that same maiden race. But. You know, he he clearly clearly he's got he's clearly got some quality about him that female family, Addison run the damn fleet and fancy who's a sister of fast, cookie. The wonderful, the wonderful the Bill Maher treaty, and of course, the the Dama frosted. Right. So there's a lot in this family. That's what I I don't. I don't know how how we got him for that price. But people are there's a lot of lot of yearlings that I mean, a lot of weenies that don't bring all them prices. Then they come back as a yearling bring tons of money or go back to to train themselves. So, you know, I it's not like I did something that hasn't been done many times over and over. Well. I can't imagine the embarrassment of riches if if he if he runs first or second in the would who's writing him by the do, we know who I don't we don't know for. Sure. Okay. 'cause I because rod I think a rat is going to be at Keeneland on Saturday. I'm almost positive. I'm I'm not sure who Jason's going to ride. We talked about it. He said the horse Finley Wednesday morning. On the plane and and rider was still up in the air. But you know, with with with Jason you'll get the best available. Well, and we we're looking forward. I mean the weekend the weekend. No, no. We get that lucky. But it would be that that would really be lucky to get that one home. Well. I do have to I want to ask one question before we go to. I mean, you know after the win on Saturday. Ben, you know, a lot of a lot of the reaction. I mean, the some some reaction completely. Cognizant of of the house and wise of the mechanics of this source winning then others that are that are just attacking Jason service. And and you know, the outlandish record e rung up at at particularly at Gulfstream this winter, how do you how do you respond to that? Because he's gonna come under. You know, a lot of scrutiny and pressure here as we get to Louisville. You know days is he's he's one of the best forefront around mean, that's no secret. He does everything sort of the old fashioned way the way they, you know, at Charlestown when they had all the old class horses, but they did all the help they could do ice subs and so forth to bring him back to where they were. And and you know, if you if you give a lot of these trainers today if you put them in in that situation when I was a kid I used to buy horses at the end of Arlington. Take him home, turn them out and South Dakota, bringing back the carbon, and that's how I got a lot of my colleagues money by doing that. But buying them old cripples, you're trying to bunch of MO cripples, you you pretty much know how to train forces and keep them sound and so forth. And and and that's Jason's good prerequisite that he he can train, you know, horses and keeping sound by doing it the old fashioned way so forth. And I just think he's good. In the entry box myself. I mean, he every stars all aligned he's getting some better voices. And he he knows how to inner horses. He waits. He's patient with maximum security. You know, he he he get a great game waiting for that starter. And I I mean, he he knows what he's doing the entry box. And I think that's you know, if you got the best doors from the race, you're gonna have a pretty good high percentage. And I think that's what Jason is good at. Well, of course that includes the time as a as a jock agent to and and that's their job that -solutely. Yup. Yup. So he's just he's just sorta knows learning the game pretty good. And and I think when it's all done with I, you know, Jason it's going to be right up there with a lot of the top trainers in history. Well, right now, the fact he and his brother the kind of tracking. And in fact, Joe Johns got John's. On a chance. The they hit a walk off home run for a derby starter, but jaywalk is going to go in the Ashland. So the brothers. The brothers will be on display. A no doubt and. I think they're both good horsemen and the other funny thing, I might add we we we started giving horse the Joe sharp, and who I'm really happy with also. And and it's kinda funny because he told me he said, you know, I graduated from the same high school that John and Jason graduating from I said, I didn't know. Another boy I saw I saw that or somebody that came up that came up somewhere. There was they were talking about all the, you know between the the wives and the all the the interconnectedness that you get at the racetrack. And and somebody mentioned that somewhere. I don't remember what maybe last summer at Saratoga came up. But I had heard that I forgot about it. Funny. But I didn't know that till Joe told me that well a big big weekend ahead and for restoring hope. I mean, seven eighths, but is he going to stretch back out or you're gonna you're gonna you got a ninety five buyer? You know, which is a solid solid figure for the the four year old debut. Oh, great comeback race. I. We thought he'd have more opportunities on the east coast, and Bob and always told us that that early on. We thought he was going to be a true, you know, like Belmont type course, and then later on Bob changed in in sort of telling us that he thought he's going to be a really good one turn horse. And then when Beijing got him he thought the same thing. So we're probably going to keep him around one turn interesting and plenty of time to maybe get another another start in and try something like the met mile. That'd be that'd be an ambitious step right now. But but yeah, something like that. If he turns out to be that type. Of course, there you go. All right. Yeah. We actually we actually had a half brother to him. A two year old and training that he's he's big like restoring hope we actually really like him too. So he'll be two year old this year. That'll be interesting. But we're thinking one turn more than two terms right now. There you go. There's the answer. And and people were were speculating on on what would be next. So there after a slow start for some of last year's three year olds were we're getting some four year olds coming back and running running better restoring hope with comes back with a win. There was also we had last week. We had Peter with with core beliefs come back and run a good race. So I know some people were quick to dismiss last us three year olds. Well this game. Boy, I mean one one one or two bad races. They're they're done, right. Exactly. Well, Ben, I delighted for the west I guess the last question about how good the weekend was how did Gary do in the horse player World Series. Well, here's what he told me. He told me said, you know, I got the visit with a lot of old friends. So I just let it go. That tells you everything you need to know. Well. He'll everybody's headed to Santa Anita on on Saturday. Well, I'm down here in Florida right with the with the two year olds now brindled Ocala. So I back to traveling just got out of the airplane. And and I couldn't get flights to Miami. And it just didn't work out. And so we was in the car watching the racist. And so I I don't know I'll probably stay here with the two year olds in Ocala. And all that you're Mary they'll go up to Santa Anita. Very good. Well, best of luck. Both coasts this weekend. And we'll look forward to seeing you ban in in Kentucky. Well, thank you for the call much. Appreciate it. And always appreciate your. Visit Ben glass who has really helped Gary west and Mary west build a a an empire say the least and the empire building continues this week. I love it. Gary. Thanks so much. Thank you. You go. And now, you know, I wanted to make sure that's why I went to the to banned because when you fold in the mayor being sold for eleven thousand you you get a much clearer picture of where they were at the end of last year with maximum security and in a going into the start of the year, and when when you're buying horses, and you've got you know, they they literally by I think thirty year and all colts. And so we're Slyke horse like maximum security was. You know, a back bencher a back one of the ones in the backfield. When you when you go to when you go to check on your on your Europe or you're young two year olds. And they're they're out there. And you you take the golf cart around or you walk around and you find you find them take a look at how they're on how they're growing up. We're going to.

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