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"mel mic melnyk" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"The he does that. And does it at a price that his backers had to be delighted with twenty one dollar when mutual and by the way, speaking of the wind Mutual's game builder performance from Nick. Building that ticket that three by two by six and that ticket very successful. And a lot of players that was almost two hundred for a buck. Try paid ninety seven to change for fifty cents. So close to two hundred for a buck, and then the double because of course, Zulu alpha did prove out and Mel mic Melnyk ran a tremendous race to the just just miss chasing Zulu alpha the wire and ran very very well. For Kevin it's art but great job by Nick. And I know a lot of players, especially after jaywalks miscue. And jaywalk kind of fits that. I started a reference some of the the toe stubbing that's gone on so far this year with horses coming back and. Conversation about that that one gap in in j what's Johnny? We were with Johnny and teen and I were at Philadelphia for the weekend. And we were with Johnny Gaylon Saturday. We'll talk Johnny obviously at the top our to Johnny said that he's he's he hates when there's any hiccups on these on these paths on these in oak. The roads to took Lori. And then there was that that little gap in jaywalks, preparations and John service. He it off and set it just. Probably just hope certainly that she needed it. And. It's funny. Seven horse a seven letter horse. Seven letter name starts with j Gelin if you were expecting if you're expecting that kind of a of a name, it wasn't shelter in that you expect it the funny thing about it is in that. The voter Dale if Jay walk was going to stubborn toe and not. Be ready and fall short not fire. Then really any of the others. There was I'm sorry. I maybe some people somehow were. You know, we're convinced of something that isn't readily apparent but virtually that whole field. That whole field any of them could've won. And. From a. From a point then stylistically. Once Jay walk. Failed to reach the front. And you realize there's going to be an upset here. Any of them go to one? So congratulations, Alexis Delgado yet another of the army. Of Venezuelan horsemen. And we love to have him. We'd love to have him on. But his English is not. Is not good so. Nope, ueno. And so we'll congratulate Alexis Delgado. The tap is our Philly. She was really good. And and, you know, having Lewis I is right now, you can't really go wrong. Either Sayas just powering everything home. Really? Really writing spectacularly well. And he picked up the well. A rare about that case the organ giving us a giving us a hiccup. So. I think I think we've warned that out after fifteen years of playing. But. What an ice win. This is for Doug Otto who does got got a handful of horses, and I don't know bunch. But yes, been winning, you know, eight nine ten percent for couple years. And it's obviously a big breakthrough win and edgy ran. Don't don't get yourself. He ran gel Chern. And from a purchase point. This was a seven thousand dollar Keeneland yearling. She broke her maiden at Calder for fifty. But then has been you know, keeping good company and she was only two lakes in the forward. Cow. You know, it's not like it's not like. She was beaten to polls. Pretty good effort. So those were the the three year old they track the vents the rest of the day. Day was. For the most part the to Chad Brown winners and. As Mike Welch suggested that can't be our park. He made he made his best bet. She was very good. And then of course, I think we all kind of expected press use in the Honey, FOX..

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