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"mel afan" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Another receiver have not to the Broncos gonna be heavily on receiver, but they may look at when you look the running backs Cailin Hill. We know we've already talked about a little bit the quarterbacks they have over there, this group of quarterbacks. I want to see more of the other one. We talked about book and they linger on all this stuff. But the guys there on the American team Kelly, Mont Big arm. Kyle Trask, a guy who, you know it's kind of split opinions. I think down in Florida and then Jamie Newman, you know somebody a role model of clay type guy that could leak into day three. And, you know, maybe you get a steal of a prospect there. Broncos gonna have a lot of insight on him because they got a good relationship with that. That Wake Forest staff. You talked about leather? Woody's on that team as well, Um, you know, a large Johnson at Iowa. Another staff of the Broncos are very in tune with theirs. Couple linebackers, though. All the defensive side finally got around. Look at some of the defense's guys last night. Little bit that I would look at Jordan Smith out of Europe, Um, somebody else do You know what I told you about Jordan Smith last week before we headed out here. George Smith at a U A B is going to wreck out here with me. That's what you hope because he's coming from a smaller school. But you're if he if he is because he just watch him as I think I even made a note. Um, like kind of manning his boys kind of deal because that's what he looks like. He's just the absolute game record. He's a dude. Absolutely, that is in kind of the day to category or some people are just excited to see what he could do because again relentless edge rusher If the Broncos are are looking to replace or move on from von Miller or even this, you know, maybe this is a draft for you actually decide to bring in somebody a year early. You know, you go with on for another year. Whatever. That's the direction I would have been going so Jordan Smith dude, that that's enough. You've got another one my hashtag my guys because I am a huge sword. Smith fan Riley Cole, another guy South Alabama line back about as well, That's that's one. He's gone again. These are all guys are on the Americans, all Americans on and then and then my guy, the defensive back. Out of Syracuse, Sofia to Mel Afan, who really looking forward to get a chance to watch him see if he's got the ability to play corner or not at the next level. I think he's more that hybrid more that will Parks type guy, but my chest piece get a chance to get the chance to take a look at him with something I'm really looking forward to. So you know, there's there's There's a lot of talent at this year's Senior bowl, and I think more people are recognizing that because there's not gonna be a combine. But they're not going to get the chance to get in front of teams, you know, is often and so I think more guys are kind of jumping at the chance this year that maybe sometimes they would have maybe passed on an event like this. Definitely I'm always interested in the Senior Bowl is a great showcase for something small school guys, too, Because remember last year Jeremy Chen was one of those dudes never forget Steve coming in Steve at work, understand? We're talking about different guys or whatever and See the Yankee about a German should guy like Steve, you can't You can't plug your nephew dude, and you know, and they all said he comes in. And like after day one. We're like, So, Jeremy Chin judges. Pretty freaking good. So I'm excited to see him. I mean, we were excited to see him and his growth. And Kyle Dugger was another guy. That was ah, Small school guy. Couple guys. Small school just that went through out there. Robert Rochelle cornerback out of Central Arkansas, and he just got the link like that. He's converted guy. He was a wide receiver, he converted to corner. And, you know, again playing small school When you're that kind of size, you come to take advantage of the match ups you have. You should write. Um, you know, I just want to see him against higher little talent. I mean, I I think there's a lot of raw there. He's a day three guy in my opinion right now, But I think that if you if you get a chance as I got a chance to watch him, you're just gonna be okay. Well, what does he do against the top level guys has even do against more speed more size because he didn't really see a lot of that. Yeah, he shut down that guy That's gonna be your local banker here. Um, you know pretty well in college. But how's he gonna do against guys? The actual NFL talent, It's You know, That's kind of question. You see some of these guys coming out of smaller school sometimes and you do you have questions about him? You go back and look out, for instance, appear to sear Catelyn would, um, you know a couple years ago, and you just You weren't sure. And then you got in late, like, okay. And you gotta get those guys side by side with, you know, with some of the bigger, bigger talents to be able to tell if he's just dominating a lower level of competition. If he actually has those elite instincts to be able to be able to do that, a couple other guys from the small school offensive tackle Spencer Brown, a lot of people pretty excited about him out of northern Iowa. And you you've been telling about this guy Quinn meaner minors, minors. So Wisconsin Whitewater to him and then the kid at North Dakota State. I like both of you going off the reading. Yeah, He's the both of you. Both offensive lineman. Quinn is a guy I've known about for a couple of years, but he might own Reese was was an assistant offensive line coach up there. It was constant Whitewater and told me about him a couple years ago, and when he was talking about in March at the time, and you know, tip me off and said he just He's a monster absolutely eats people and Man, he said. I'll tell you what he looks like He could be something. I think A lot of guys are gonna be on him. A couple injury, guys that we're gonna be keeping an eye on. I told you about the Hansa zero Dean. He's had a torn A C L in 2019, But you you were talking about Jeremy Chen. You know this is that's what he is like Homs. It could be like this year's Jeremy check where he's somebody that you can kind of move round..

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