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"An lapaz county both vehicles burst into flames DPS says there's no indication either vehicle break before the crash cause of the crash still under investigation, but GPS says an alcoholic beverage container was found in the debris field. Jim cross KTAR news. Well, the Phoenix police department and update on a story. We've been telling you about all this morning. They are now confirming that the substance the to Phoenix police officers were exposed to last night was cocaine. There had been questions that the pair may have been exposed to fend. No one officer became ill after they came in contact with a white substance while dealing with the suspect the two officers were checked into a hospital and later released. Meanwhile, Phoenix fire, captain, rob mcdade says that Fenton is a highly dangerous drug, and it's a big threat to police officers in this case it was cocaine that they were coming in contact with. But he tees firefighters and others are also dealing with Fenton. All at our folks are getting in contact with it PD's getting in contact with it, and it's scary. So we're all retained either way. These calls universal precaution gloves. Aspirated bask in this particular case, the officers were investigating the white powdery substance. They came in contact during an arrest a near thirty first avenue and Indian school road. Again that substance turned out to be cocaine. A woman is expected to survive after he was after she was shot while sitting in a car early this morning there twenty seven th avenue and Camelback road. Phoenix police say a man got into that car at around two o'clock this morning shot. The woman then got away. Officers are still looking for that man KTAR is on technology a new system can now detect lung cancer even earlier most lung cancers are diagnosed after the disease has spread and the chance of survival is lower pulmonologist at banner Boswell hospital. Dr Archana Shah explains this new technology, which is used to go into the air and and identify different. Problems that could be having with every diseases or lung disorders, Sean believes the new technology, which is called the super dimension. Navigation system will be effective and lead to an increase of survival year old Wisconsin band has pled guilty to kidnapping thirteen year old Jamie Clawson, killing her parents last year. Jake Paterson admitted today to the killings and to holding Jamie at a remote cabin for eight days before she escaped in January. A big Megan Washington today where airlines have been invited to meet with Boeing to talk about the fix the planemaker has four. It's a seven thirty seven max plane ABC's Alec stone has more today over two hundred pilots airline technical leaders and regulators are invited to Boeing to get an overview of the software fix learning about what Boeing has done to prevent the nose of the seven thirty-seven max angling down to the incorrect times. What's believed to have played a role in the lion. Aircrash in Indonesia last year, the FAA could certify the software update any day. That's ABC's. Alec stone reporting a major shift from the Trump administration on the Affordable Care Act one that could impact millions of Americans. President Trump weighed in today from the Oval Office. Trump said several times in the Oval Office Wednesday that ObamaCare is a disaster. And he expressed his support for a ruling that said the entire law should be struck down is unconstitutional that decision is currently under appeal president said he's confident it will go the way he wants it to if the supreme court rules that ObamaCare is out. We will have a plan that's far better that ObamaCare, but for now there is no Republican plan to replace ObamaCare, and we Democrats controlling the house and the overhaul would have to be bipartisan. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Twelve oh seven with traffic.

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