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"megan stepbrothers" Discussed on In The Limelight

"But apparently they were event yesterday William Kate. We're at was to announce that they're going to be an a boat race against each other. Did you see this one haven't they done that like a million? Okay. Maybe that's exciting somehow just funny than but no eight is insane. That is of this weird to me. But then that's already the premise. And then I guess Williams said something I'm gonna completely bungled us. But it's something like, I'm very excited to be an uncle for the second time Pippa has a son. And then she then said and kind of gestured Kate, and she'll be an her for the second time to she went. I'm not an on goal. How Kate I love that. I hope I'm not something. Like that was kind of funny. I want to see more of that SAS. We don't get a lot of that from Kate at all. I know. I was I was thinking about that. She's wearing these kind of really unexpected a wide leg pants. Did you see those polling right now there we'll bell? Bottom me. I wanna say. I just had tingles all over. I can't imagine you're going to be surprised. I really think you are. There. Why hands by case standards? I should note that I wanna temporary vacations. What steps out a glitter never been bored. That. Okay. Here we go. Oh, they take their intense rivalry to the sea is one headline. Josh I want a stage. I want to have a press conference where we also announce so we're going to break against each other. Wow. These pants I love the Kate is getting outside her wheelhouse with both like sassy remarks and panics. They are kind of unexpected. No, I didn't overdo that did I know you, absolutely. Like this her trying to step in getting a stylish as Meghan is good for high waisted have some buttons. They kind of looked like a sale ary. Back to the future. Like, Meghan Whitey, kind of structured interesting outfit. Right. It's one of those. It was a double breasted kind of vest. It confused me at first slash dress. I always see them like Zara. And I don't know if I'm ready to pull off yet. I give you the confidence. Julie that you are. Thank you. I needed that. I really needed that. I never said anything much conviction as that. No cut to cue me. Like throwing five of those into my showering card. This over the designers primarily I read a menswear designer, which is cool and biracial. So I feel like she definitely made a point of picking designer people might not have been super familiar with. Right. Were you surprised by Megan's outfit? She had those heels on for some reason. Why do I ever hope that royals aren't gonna wear heels? It's because I hate wearing heels, and I really hope someone flats trend. I didn't even notice she was wearing heels for today. Yes. That is kind of I'm feeling that would be stressful. Right. You know few days after having a child rights. God knows though we heard from Thomas. Oh, what did he say Thomas rang up the sun, and he actually offered like a very he kinda kept it in check soon after the birth of his six grandchild was announced Thomas exclusively told the son of his pride. I am proud that. My new grandson is born into the British Royal family, and I'm sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace dignity and honor. God, God bless the child. And I wish him health and happiness, and my congratulations to my lovely daughter. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry and God save the Queen. Who do you think coached him through that statement? God save the Queen. I know so he really kept it in check. But then his son Megan stepbrothers said that he hoped the child would encourage or inspire. Megan to reach out writes, good luck with. I mean, I think at this point dawn, I don't think if all the if all the time since the wedding Thomas never got the invite. I don't think now Archie is going to be the reason. But maybe I'm wrong..

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