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"megan mickelson" Discussed on The Part-Time Jungle Podcast

"Work there isn't a right way or best way to juggle these despite what you've heard or been told no really there's not part time work has been the best fit for me and my family. But it's tough to navigate any great area of motherhood when you don't fit neatly in a box. My name is tina fish and welcome to the part time jungle. Podcast where we are gonna build conversation and community around swinging motherhood and work in a way that works best for us and our families no matter your path. It's an adventure with highs lows and in betweens. Let's explore together. Welcome to the part time jungle. Podcast thank you so much for tuning in. I am so excited to be here with our guest today. Megan mickelson like so many canadians. Megan's priorities are firmly rooted in a love for her family and teammates and respect for the game. A graduate of the university of wisconsin's hockey program. Megan led the team to back to back. Nc aa championships won the olympic gold medal for canada in vancouver in ten and followed that up with a win at the twenty twelve is h world hockey championships in which he in twenty fourteen. Megan added an element of hockey toughness to her roaming resume playing with a broken hand in the olympic final versus the us. A on the goal for canada that sparked the comeback that will be talked about for decades. Megan join teammate. Natalie spooner on season two of the amazing race canada winning an impressive seven stages on route to finishing second in the finale. They were voted canada's favorite team by fans of the number one ranked show in the country after sochi. Megan took some time off from hockey to have a baby before returning to the team with the goal of representing canada. In pyong chang twenty eighteen. She was successful in doing so. And how canada bring home a silver medal following the twenty eighteen olympics. Megan and her husband scott decided it was time to add another player to their team and megan took another. You're off to have her second baby though. It would be easy to put her skates away and retire. Now is not done yet with her sights set on the twenty twenty two olympics in beijing. Megan is facing some of the greatest challenges. She has ever encountered in her career as she balances motherhood and career. But that's not going to stop her all right so thank you so much for joining me today. Megan thank you for having me. I'm excited to be on. I'm so excited to have you here and to start off. I would love to hear more about your journey and juggle of being a mom professional athlete and having a business s what have been some of the challenges and successes that you have experienced along the way. Yeah so i guess. I mean i. I'm obviously i'm a professional athletes. Large part of my work. In what i do but you know i see myself as any other mom or any other dad parent out there in that. I'm trying to balance everything i'm trying to do. All of the things be good at my job. And what i do and also be the best parent. I can be right now. You know. i'm i'm thirty five years old. I'll i'll date myself there. I'm like a five year old and a two year old training full time with the canadian. National women's team hoping to play in my fourth of coming up obviously as a as a female athlete right now and a female hockey player. You know it's not really a lucrative sport. I guess you could say the pay equity is not there so i do have to work as well on aside and i'm very lucky to do what i do I do a lot of public. Speaking event appearances. I have a lot of great sponsors as as being brand ambassador for them. So i'm able to tie my work outside of hockey back into hockey. Which has been amazing than then my two kids. They're little right now so they require lots of attention and you know they've there are a lot of work but it's it's amazing. I think i face the same challenges that any working parent does any parent that is at home with their kids trying to do all the things like i said i face all of those challenges as well yes. The juggle is real nitty struggling to juggle. Yes we wear so many hats and it can be so tough to pursue our career goals while still being the best moms that we can be and there are all those struggles at times along the way so. I'm curious what it means to you to be what i've heard you referred to before as a fearless parent. And what are your some of your strategies tips and lessons. That have helped you with your own motherhood and work juggle. Yeah so. I think and i speak a lot about this when i when i am out and i am speaking Do a lot of corporate events and that sort of thing and There are a lot of parents that are that are working and and doing all the things. And i spent a lot of time thinking about you. Know what what that means. And i think it is absolutely fearless to be pursuing your goals and your dreams while raising human beings like you are raising the future citizens of our society while trying to pursue your own passions like that it's absolutely fearless and it's it's not easy. It's it's very very hard to do. But i think what i've learned. There's been a lot of i. Guess lessons and tips and strategies that have kind of helped me to stay in that mindset in being fearless and going after your passions in your james while being apparent one of those things i think would be to avoid comparison.

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