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"megan mariah t" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"Two thousand eleven details magazine. No, then. I mean, I would confirm Mantech. I I love him. I've never been like really quiet about that. I I. Yeah. I it was like an onset romance that didn't go anywhere after. Yes. A show. Very good. Good. I liked Megan in two thousand nine you told Rolling Stone that you've destroyed the house during arguments with your husband Brian Austin green. What was the most damage ever caused his single fight? I mean, okay. I think I was being a little that was a little, hyper hyperbole. Okay. I did one time. I got really angry at him. And I wrote in sharpie marker a bunch of like, cheap homes all over his walls. So he has. Megan. After the now, I mean, she had nothing to be nervous when she slammed at all. It's amazing. Texted now that you're single again. What do you look for in your next partner? And would you ever join riot or dating I look for a person that has been divorced has some kids in his head a mortgage. All right. You want a little experience exactly us. All right. Megan Mariah t wants know how you would rate. Rosie Huntington Whitley's performance in transformers. I didn't see the third one. But I like her a lot. She's a really sweet beautiful girl. And I think she probably did a great job. She didn't even know what she was getting cast to do. Right. You didn't know that she was going to take over the role that I was supposed to be playing. So I think she probably did an amazing job. I've no beef with Rosie very good. You redid living doll. Brought it up and asking about life size. All the same thing. Andy. But no, I'm so excited insane. It's so good. It's like there's so many adult jokes in there. But the whole family can still watch. Yeah. Mary kate. To get of just getting we were just talking during the break. So I mean, it's so wild you you were on hoping faith and you played I played hopes our faith Ford's daughter, right? Which is you'll think about John Kelly was my crazy. My aunt. I love that one. Was that one of your first acting jobs? First, item pilots and stuff like that before that was one of my first jobs that actually, you know, went the distance, right? I love it. Let's go to ABBIE from Los Angeles with the question for Tyra banks, Abby what's your question? Andy. I love you so much. I must be my parents when I met, you Anderson in Las Vegas, but my question is for Tyra. I am my being a math in you. What you think about mar motto Winnie Harlow claiming that America's next top model does nothing for any model career, and it's nothing, but a reality television, or yes, she said on this show. She. She say, yes, I discovered on Instagram. Yeah. Yeah. We'll come on I discovered on Instagram. So and she's on the show. So what do you think that me? There you go. There you go. I have nothing but love for my girls girls, come from so many walks of life, and so much pain so much hardship story and a lot of times when people express themselves in certain ways, there's a reason. Yes. And I will respect her confidentiality and her life, but you. After give to her show shoe, allies, tyrod. All my baby, even the ones that act out. That's how I feel about that. Let's go to Cindy from Kentucky. Hey, cindy. What's your question for Megan FOX? Hey, Andy, I love you back. Can you daughter Kerry? Hey Kerry time for bed..

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