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"meena robert downey" Discussed on Podcast 42

Podcast 42

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"meena robert downey" Discussed on Podcast 42

"Didn't do it if anyone did it. It'd be jail with sneaky. Beady red eyes of his have rat is oh I bet you have read is not in your head in a jar somewhere. Probably in your pantry. Next to the pickles she She might have you there. You do have a lot of pickle jars. I haven't accessible number of pickle jars. Thank you guys. We are under house arrest spree. Now we're just going to interview Robert. Downey junior at his house. Thought we were going to drink with Tony. Stark and right out the quarantine with a marvel movie marathon. I love the marvel movies. Don't get me wrong. I'M GONNA burn out. I'd rather do Sherlock Holmes Marathon Chris. That's only like him movies. It takes more than movies. Marathon doesn't matter how many movies I'll be asleep by the middle of the first one anyway. Ooh Nap I love naps. Maybe he has multiple beds that we can sleep in while J. L. and Chris asked him a bunch of dumb questions. Hey if they're doing all the work. What am I going to do? One Laura are questions will not be dumb but highly intelligent entertaining like kiss ass late night. Talk shows and to Sabrina. Drink beer and watch all the marvel movies and back to school seems right. Can't go wrong with vintage dangerfield. Um ladybugs Touche. None of that helps me with what I'm going to do. Well maybe I can help with that. He said that. I I already let Mr Third. No your here Donahue Mean Mr. Downey besides didn't Tony. Start die at the end of and game spoiler alert. I would never spoil movie for anyone. Chris Stop Evil lying me inside note. She spilled and game for me K. Some of US still haven't seen that movie. Ed well stay away from Laura or watch it on Disney plus. It has been out for over a year now. Listen it's on my list right. After I finished watching the Office for research for this very podcast people. Then you humanoid already relief episode comma down shared by only we get the pointing out comical character flaws and the character Sabrina place. Yeah Only Vegas to point out comical character flaws and the character. I play all right enough. Settle Banter already. Can we just meet Mr Stark? Like maybe in this episode you Meena Robert Downey Junior. That's what yeah. Please come in and make your comfortable there drinks in the fridge and food on the has little cocktail weenies. I love little weenies. That's what she said so immature besides you should never point out a robots a little weeny. He is being immature. I'm going to grab a beer one beer in this house. That's what you think G. Lvn Is not three so now that we snuck some beer into Robert's house what is it it's from stone brewery it's the tropic thunder lager. I see what you did there. That's right you're saying something earlier before we started the show. How something about we may not like the swoon or the after taste the after taste usually stone berry has a very strong aftertaste does so far. I'm not I'm not giving it a bad review yet. Give it time all right. We'll stay tuned to the end of the episode. When we rate the beer we use a rating system of one through six which represents a six pack this makes sense to everybody in the world except for one lone Canadian in Kissimmee yesterday. I think we'd all like to know that Rod Downey Junior. Yes it is. It's really iron man. I am iron man. It's really Sherlock Holmes. Elementary my dear Christopher. Don't ever mention that movie again. Gary she doesn't get out my. She got enough to see that stinker. So what type of podcasts are we doing? I'm myself well. It's a satirical biography with us. Just kind of you know making up stuff as we go along. We're really going to make it all up. Sounds about right. Let's get this thing started all right if I lay down on this really comfy couch when we did this of course. Just be careful. I've taken plenty of maps on their couch. That courage is Peruvian leather and has been blessed by the ancient sleeping out of that nation. It costs a fortune. I can see why and it's pink my favorite. Well I bought from pink. I Love Pink. I'm so napping on it now. Can I ask the first question? And it doesn't really matter because I'm going ask the first question. But how did you get to be a junior? My father is named Robert. Downey as well so that makes me a junior. That's so informative. I didn't know how that worked. I'm going to be Sabrina junior from now on. That's not how that works Sabrina. That's not how that works. What what you know what fine. That's not how that works Suprema. Junior thank you well. This is off to a great start. Why don't we end this now? And I'll have Jarvis bring you folks at cheese and cracker plate and then you can be on your way. Oh can I ask the second question? I mean. It doesn't matter because I'm going to ask the second question. What makes you an actor? Guess not and is she serious. Yeah but you don't have to answer that but I really WanNa know Sabrina. He performs with different characters on stage in film. That's what makes him an actor precisely. Thank you for answering that. The sleepy one seems to be the most attentive well. That doesn't sound very interesting when you say it like that. How was she supposed to say it? Play wikipedia he becomes who he is playing at all times acting out his role and everything he does hence he becomes the role in mind body and soul his no longer playing the part but he has become the part very method of you. Sabrina very method of you. What very method of US Sabrina? Junior thank you acting cumia. Please let's get back to the interview. We came here to do also. Didn't you mention a cheese plate? I did with summer sausage on it. Excuse me you can interview me. You like great. The Butler wants to be interviewed. Now Jarvis if we have time after Roberts interview then we'll talk right now. There should be a cheese plate coming and hold the summer sausage. That's what she said got back. What kind of crackers are on it? Well I hope it's not cheese. It's I like butter crackers. Good call right got it. Please continue interrogation of maker. Yes. Please continue the interrogation of me. You can't see podcasts world but I have my legs crossing a very Robert Downey junior way. Oh it's not an interrogation but more of the informal session discussed storytelling. Then let me begin highly now. This is a story all about how some drugs turned my life upside down. And I'd like to take a minute as you sit right there and tell you how I came. Back is the king of the Marble Airs. Nice word play. Shoot some B. Ball now school now but I know I love singing. Random SONG. Lyricist my thing. I know but it shouldn't be so back to me. I was born into an acting family. My Father Robert. Downey senior was an actor and filmmaker. My mother was an actress who appeared in a few of my fathers films. Oh family business. My family had a business. But it wasn't as good as my dad was a door to door salesman. Who SPECIALIZE IN ICE CREAM SCOOPS. That were different shapes. Some shapes were big sellers like the star in the moon's but most like the circle just didn't sell aren't most ice cream scoops circular. Yeah but dad had a hole in the middle so the ice cream would plop out would even make noise when it passed through the scoop pope. I'm not sure what's happening here. I don't worry about it. Most of her stories are like this. He's the modern day version of rose. Island don't you by the way Sabrina Junior drugs are bad and speaking of drugs is to do drugs? Oh we no no I mean. I used to do a lot of drugs. Oh we know everyone knows actually like I was high. The moment I woke up until I finally passed out again that night. Smoke on the water. That was the first thing I did. I smoked my joint when I was six years old. My Dad thought it would be a good idea for me to try it. But just thinking about what Barbie I want. I just wanted a new transformer. I was just hoping to get rid of the training wheels on my bike. Sabrina junior the training wheels came off quick for me. I started to enjoy my dad and a weird father. Son Bonding moment. It was a connection of love and abuse it later semi spiraling down in ways that I would never be prepared for. Drugs are bad Mr Hat. My father regretted later on but the damage was already done. Got You started using drugs. When did you decide to become an actor? It's the Family Business Laura. I'm sure he was born into it like being a door to door. Ice Cream scoops salesman. Yes in a way. My Dad gave me the scoop with the hole in the middle of it. That's deep. I actually my first movie when I was five. I played a puppy. I know it wasn't until I dropped out of high school that I started to consider acting as a real career choice so you moved to California to get. That film career started. No I was going to school in California at the time. At least you didn't have have far to go. You only had to go up. The road to start. Making movies are moved to New York City after dropping out in. Hope to make it there. Make sense to me if you can't make it there you can't make it any.

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