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"meena neilan" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"meena neilan" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"We all know that What's it feel like. And how much different is it even with. Covert concerns rising around the country. Yeah think everybody's excited to be back on campus now. Football back tennessee I would say everyone is still kind of skipped skeptic about tennessee. We got the new coach. But i don't think everyone jumping on the bandwagon yet. I think you know with the history. That's innoc- has. They're all kind of reserved as far as that. But everybody's excited to be back. They're excited to hasselbald meena neilan capacity again. It's it's hundredth year of the stadium. So everyone's excited about that. But i think they're still hold off from declaring tendency the national championship point the joshua final. Tell you mentioned pruitt earlier. And i know that's the topic nobody really wants to go to but It ended in an absolute disaster. Then we had the school chancellor and and the president coming out and throwing him under the bus. We're still trying to figure it. Phil fulmer leaves in in a matter of days. We're still trying to figure out really what's going to happen on that front. I realized nobody is saying anything. But what are you. What are you pick up around campus. What's a how big of a concern is that Impending investigation or the current impact the investigation. That's currently going on. Yeah it's a bit of an odd situation because as you mentioned no one really talks about it. It's something i think this kind of on the back of everybody's mind like well you know. Maybe if we're actually good night somehow you know. Make the playoffs or ballgame or something like that you know they might revoke it because you never know what the punishment is going to be. There's always the thought. That tennessee could impose a punishment on itself So but you know they don't really announce much as far as that goes you know. They don't let the media in and all that so. There's still some questions. Some some drawbacks there because nobody really knows But that's just that's just kinda how it is with these investigations. You know you ask the coach although give you as you know we're cooperating. We're doing our part and you don't get much more to go off the net. So i think that's just kind of something that's on the back of everybody's mind where you know we're not to worry about it now but maybe towards the end of the year could ask consequences on tennessee josh. Let's talk about you for a second before we go. You're in a coveted position. A lot of folks would like to be the sports editor of the school paper in a place like knoxville. What you're back to ask you what your back story. You're a college student. So there's but where you from. And what are your. What are your thoughts. Moving forward as You you tackle this job. Yeah i'm from From lewisville tennessee is just right outside knoxville. In here in this area my whole life. And so i'm pretty excited to be here at the daily beacon. Get this opportunity to be pretty cool things Cover tennessee sports. You know hopefully I'll be have a career that continues in sports journalism. That's what i wanna do this. What i love But yeah the beacons been great. I've had nothing but great experiences so far last year. It's kind of weird with kobe. Didn't everything's online but happy to be back in person. Even though you know. I'm like four days into it at this point but it's it's been nothing but great so far all the best. Thanks for making time. We hope to see if we Come that direction And maybe you could give us old some old timers a tour of the school newspaper and see if it's still there. Thank you very much. What applies pleasure to To have josh lewin And that is something that we are going to try to do as much as possible. We've done it three times. And i will continue to do it As we work our way through this week. And as i mentioned a couple of hours ago when we go on campuses We really do like Talking to the cat. I'll never forget. It was two maybe three years ago when the most memorable moments. I think we've ever had on a friday as we had The editor of the sports editor and in another editor of the daily beacon. We were up there at Areas hall and it was just amazing Amazing time just reflecting back on the year is and and talking about these young people in the prime of their life As they get ready to tackle the the end of their college career. And what's ahead for them. We'll take a break more of your phone calls right.

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