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"mcnally shattuck" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Breaking news. Everything nine now. Northern colorado's boys one of three one. Thirteen ten kfi k. Mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios and no john. Clark are northern colorado voice of institutional wisdom. I did not hear about the stop. Fascist sign on north college. Do tell this is an interesting little piece of information that i just picked it up this morning but evidently Yesterday there was a communication between tom. Gonzalez who is the director of the health department lerma county and the commissioners and other elected officials such as the sheriff and so on Decrying a sign that was painted on the side of a semi truck trailer. That's parked up on north college avenue in fort collins. That says stop fascists. Now i don't know I guess tom gonzalez took that pretty personally that they were talking about the people in his department who were fascist. I i kinda doubt that. That's a sign leftover from world war two But but on the other hand the whole the whole thing is is crazy because he then wrote this this message to all the commissioners and all those other elected officials i just discussed and it basically said that our health department has been providing protection. Great service to the people of lamoure county for over seventy years. Seventy three years is the number that sticks in my mind and and and we find this offensive and hurtful and and this is just something that my dedicated employees are. This is just a real slam at them. They're really good. People were considered best to the community. That that's my paraphrasing of what he wrote and i think it's spot on us to what the sentiment was no indication that that particular sign was directed him well. He even put a picture of the son in instagram. So that was pretty obvious with the b. Sure is well the signed learns there to obviously to everyone's at trailer and so they want it removed. Now the the only basis to remove it is if that particular semi trailer is parked there illegally that that would be but just to take down because the health department people feel bad about it isn't gonna cut it so then The commissioner could shattuck whatever name is mcnally shattuck wrote back and said that the this is offensive. We're going to get with the city of fort collins. It's in their their jurisdiction and see if there's violates assigned code or whatever I'm pretty expert on the signed code in fort collins and there is a limit as to how big assigned you can have however it doesn't cover semi trailer trucks You can put your budweiser as big as you want on the side of your trail. And in this case Evidently this individual has a problem with fascism I guess given the current climate in political situation right now at it very likely could be aimed at people in health department. Though the health department is making assumption here and perhaps it's all of the blowback that came from their attempts to institute for lack of a better term. A what i referred to as a vaccine passports again saying oh no. This is purely voluntary for businesses. And john united talked about that Right as well as soon as it popped up basically they they pressed pause. I'm not gonna say that. Put the kyw bosch on the program. They pressed pause because it is a step on the way toward a vaccine passport. But it's interesting. I guess as you said tempers are flaring. i mean the community. Angry businesses angry Once again it's the ever rotating changing nature of cova nineteen guidelines and restrictions. The for him to take the so personally i. I'm not so sure that well. That's the way he should go with. This would have been better if he had just ignored. Well that's one way but then enter lamoure county. Sheriff justin smith to the rescue. He wrote back and he said that. This is a matter of free. Speech guaranteed by the constitution. This is not something that is considered Hate hate speech It's not something that's considered obscenity. And therefore it is protected by the first amendment. Well okay I i i agree with you in this country. Do not have the right not to be offended. That's right yeah suddenly spot on the and you can't offend other people. It's if you want to. It's not always a great idea. But but yeah you. You can't if you feel strongly offend somebody. He can't hit him. You get hurt and you can't called physical harm to them but just to hurt their feelings That is not a constitutionally protected Right so anyway i. I'm so grateful to justin put some sanity into this whole discourse prone to do you justin. You and i both have a high opinion of justice. I don't know where he's headed next in his political life. But i'm with him wherever he goes so so anyway he put this in so this is just some craziness now. The as i said at the outset the only thing thing that can stop that sign is if that truck is illegally parked wherever it's party but that's not likely because there are a lot of semi trucks naked.

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