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"mcnabb mcmahon" Discussed on The Cruz Show On Demand

"If you have questions if you want to get your point across easy eight six six two four. Six eight nine to three You know have voted already talked to us about your experience. What's your voting plan. Eight six six two four six eight nine three. Hey big first of all. Thank you very much for joining us here. On the sean late day for you. So thank you very much. I appreciate that. Can you speak on Some of the some of the questions and some of the conversation that we had this morning on the air. What's happening tomorrow. You know manages for the town hall we have people you know you have to have that uncomfortable conversation. We had a chance to speak about that before a cruise where people call up. And there's a lot going on. And i've been telling people man i stayed. It almost felt like i've been studying for final. just feel when it comes to wherever you are politically. But there's so many things aside from just president vice president trump whatever may be but there's also so many propositions in there so many measures that you've got to pay attention to and dressed crew in the morning i'm looking and i'm like okay proposition. Twenty two short okay. I got there. Yes on twenty two. It'd be another commercial proposition. Twenty two then. I'm like okay. We're no one twenty two and it depends on how what are you listening. Or what is your view in certain. Jesus so i have been encouraging. People manage just kind of read up on a lot of the propositions to main understand that. It's just about president and vice president. There's something that directly affect as we're walking outside of our homes to our communities. Yes so so. That's what we wanna talk about also with with the town hall man. There's so many people that's in a position where they don't they're still to. This date undecided. This still some people to this day. I don't know if my vote counts. We heard that this morning. I was one of those guys. You know what i'm saying is one of those guys. And i thought to myself you know like i said this morning big like once you have children everything changes you know what i'm saying man and we were talking about that because big was like also. Why did you decide to start. Voting now crews. I'm like your father so this is just a different playing field now filming and we also think about some people say well you know what like with jose jose. He voted for the first time. Mom snoop voted for the first time voted for the first time. So then you'll probably get you know. The younger demographic best voting that can vote. Say what you know what. You guys waited. Why do i have to vote now through. And i'm just saying. We paid a lot of tuition in to the school of experience. If if there was an alley in any given neighborhood that you got beat up every time you walk down a aladin you tell somebody else eight. Don't walk down that alley true you can ask them and you know so so take you to really understand that your vote is powerful and really trying to get to people with with the town hall is well yes sir yes and and cruising big Does jeff garcia by the way what smart you can feel this election. It's not that you can hear this election receivers. We're living feel this election. I've never felt so much anxiety so much tension so many possibilities and people just on edge about everything. And i think that that's something to consider as well when people are feeling this way that just the important so much like this is important in. You're right big locally. It's so important nationally. it's so important. Don't waste the opportunity you know we just wanna talk to you and see how you're feeling about. Every eight six six two four six eight nine to three going back to you know talking about the first time voting and yes we may have the younger generation listening like alison. Y'all waited. i could way right. I'm telling you right now. I feel very very silly. Saying i'm voting for the first time at my age you fill me but it has to be said it happens you put myself out there. Because i don't want someone else repeating what i did. Not only are you voting for the first time you've voting at the right time. That's that's the main name your photo at the right time in my lifetime. Not even voting. I'm talking about in my lifetime bro. I've never bear witness to a in election. That i thought was even more important. Not even when. I thought that barack obama first black president and we had a chance to say you know what we want that change here. Let's vote him in this one. Right here bro. Visit in different energy imports. Absolute very different energy. I listened. That's big boy. Big boy's neighborhood real ninety two three election town halls going on right now. It's the day before election. And it is our duty to make sure that we use these radio. Airwaves unreal ninety. Two three to educate. And we're learning along with you guys. By the way i know is i know i m. We're here to inform everything about the election. That's happening tomorrow. Call us right now. Eight six six two four six eight nine to three. I'm just going to say this really quick. I would like a president that isn't consumed with ratings and beefing with athletes. That's it you know what i'm saying i i would. I would really appreciate that eight. Six six two four six eight nine to three calls right. Now it's the cruise show real ninety two three. La's new home for hip hop and the cruise show. Let's go crew show. We're here real ninety two three election townhall going down right now. Crews shows here to seven pm boy was neighborhood is on with us as well before we get to your calls Yeah we're talking about tomorrow's election and how important is to you specifically but before we get into it even more you know we're cutting one thousand dollars. Stimulus checks cut and checks around here. Yep hey listen all right now. Real netted three dot com keyword bank roll And then listen for your names. That big boys neighborhood the cruise show here we go looking for kameda mcmahon and mick no wait hold on hold on mcmahon joe garcia talking about that last night big had the same issue. It's mcmahon commission mcnabb mcmahon and. Okay you down. Let's go commission mick. yeah yo. You have twenty minutes to call right now. Eight six six two four six eight nine to three mcmahon commissioned mcmahon from two four six eight nine to three you got until three thirty to just one thousand dollars stimulus check. Let's go man. I a real town hall election. i'm screwing it all up here. Man real ninety two three election town halls happening right now. That's not important happened. What's important is that your voice is heard especially on real ninety two three. I've said this countless times here on the show if it matters to you it matters to us tremendously. There's no show without you know radio station without you. there's none of this none. None of this goes down without you. So we appreciate The information and your honesty about what you're thinking about this election. What's going to happen if the president that you voted for is in elected we may see some unrest guys in scary man. Big you and i were talking about that this morning as well man. We kinda tap on man. It was so many different things that we hit but one of them was you know. Are you in fear. The fear this and i had a conversation. My daughter just came up to me and she said dad. I'm gonna need you stay home for a few days after the election. And i say why she said just in case you know. Somebody tried to do something and i told her. I said you know a baby. Daddy got you. You know what. I'm saying. I'll i'll i'll be here. I'll be around but it's crazy that even at the age of twelve you know we'd be super like over fade a lot of different images in a lot of different talk. We've never seen this before. And do i anticipate something at some scale. I do and i'm not gonna lie and i'm not trying to sit here and press a panic switch but you you've seen so much passion. Yeah until now. That i don't see that passion. You're gonna dissipate after you know we make a choice. You speak of twelve years old. It's not fair for her to fear for her for her father's safety in in an election. You know what. I'm saying. It's just right. So weird yolanda non -tario checked in. She's voting for the first time first time voter and she's voting for her kids speaking of daughters yolanda. Hello pay signs stand. You're voting for the first time you're cruise me cruise. Show big boy's on as well so you're voting for the first time.

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