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"mcmasters farmhouse" Discussed on Shattered: White Boy Rick

"In May of two thousand four. Police pulled up floorboards in northwest Detroit. Freud home but we did not uncover any evidence relevant to the investigation on James Hoffa in twenty twelve lease dug up backyard in Roseville. Say it has no credibility at all in twenty thirteen acting on a tip from our boss. Tony's really the FBI Doug on a forum on you'll road in Oakland Township all day long. The HOOPLA grew and grew once word spread. The date for Hoffa's remains had begun this again coming up empty. Why have there been so many seemingly credible tips? Scott Bernstein says it's because the Jack Aloni pros there's launched a campaign of misinformation to cover up the perfect crime so I believe the Jack Loney brothers were incredibly proud and they really war the fact that they pull this crime of the century off so successfully they really ward as a badge of honor and they really got their kicks out of tweaking people about it and you know my research tells me that. They launched a disinformation Asian campaign. From nine hundred seventy five and into the two thousands when they both passed away where they would you know intentionally tell thirty people thirty thirty different things and both billion. Tony knew that they were. They were tweaking they were they were gas lighting eighteen. Let's focus on three possibilities number one Scott Bernstein and Keith Corbett former assistant. US Attorney have come to the same conclusion. Okay rhenium Traumat- Hamtramck is widely known for police bakeries. But that's not why we're here. Today does not not much to see here now but this used to be eight. Two one five Moran in Nineteen Seventy Five. It was a model trash company. It was called central sanitation. It was owned by two Detroit mob lieutenants Peter Fatality and Jimmy Clause Rhino and they had these gigantic compresses for cardboard where they compress impress. Three four five tons of parboil at one time in shredded down to little pieces of paper and people were not thinking in one thousand nine hundred seventy five of DNA EH so full body in there. Just get crushed up in into pricing. A couple of months after half disappeared the place burning down. What a coincidence coincidence and you know the people in the insurance policy paid off you know and Everybody was happy then will dare has done his own research and says there's no way. The body was disposed of its central sanitation. Essential Sanitation was dismissed by the FBI in a Nineteen seventy eight in a very open statement. Where the FBI said this is not what we believe? We check this out and we have completely rejected. The central sanitation theory possibility number two a new character enters the story. A small time on criminal named Donovan Wells who died this past year in two thousand six and FBI search focused on a farm in Milford Michigan once owned by Union Leader and Hoffa enemy rolling McMaster Donovan Wells and his wife lived on that farm. Back in nineteen seventy five on the day of the murder Don Wells wife Ana. She's at the farmhouse. She's in the kitchen and she's washing dishes looking out towards Pontiac Jack Trail and she sees two cars come streaming out pontiac trail make a hard right into this dirt road into through this dirt road which goes all the way into the back of the farm and don well sold the FBI at the back of the farmer. These guys was a pre dug hole redouble so Monica Wells sees McMaster and she tells him a story talk about cheese. It was a strange thing. These cars came roaring up at McMaster. He said he basically threatened her. You know blondes. Who talked to you? Brush don't get old. You know so. He made some crack of it at one time. Donovan Wells was represented by a lawyer named named Jim Ellesmere. He says wells told him a similar story on July thirtieth nineteen seventy five in that farmhouse kitchen with his wife. Donovan Wells was convinced he saw Jimmy Hoffa's body getting buried. He observes out the kitchen window of mcmasters farmhouse. A Eh Beckel digging and then awaits sheet and Abbadi dropped into the whole. I believe that Hoffa was murdered on that. I think the cars roaring up. I think that was those were the death was those were the death. Awful is one of those cars and he was murdered the F. B. I.. Dug Up that farm and found nothing but Dan Mold Daya throws an interesting wrinkle into that episode. He says Donovan in Welsh showed him a diagram of the farm with the exact location of that whole worry claim to have seen someone dump a body a diagram the FBI used to pick their spot for the two thousand six excavation. And I'm looking at. I'm looking at Dan's diagram. The Got South in North Mixed up the barn was over here. They dug the averted the they adverted the NAP. The diagram that dod had dropped for them didn't bring him up from lexicon and they dug in the wrong place. Does that mean HOFFA's body might be buried on that farm and Milford Modena's says he now believes the body was is there originally but that it was then taken to a landfill in New Jersey operated by a guy named film of Scotto Mascot was a soldier in the East Coast Genovese crime family and he told Dan Moday about a day in nineteen seventy five when his friend Hitman. SALGA LEO holed up in a truck doc. And I'm sitting with till on his front porch. Got The tape recorder on. And so he tells me on tape that the gateway truck pulls up at his thumb and he and sal ago the fifty five gallon. Drums and Burien tells me that I was ready to what he says is ready to shut the to Australia to take taper her like like a football and put it under my arm my car and get out of there before this guy realized what it said to me and so I got to know Phil I got to know film Escada now. He gave me information with the frequency of a kosher butcher handing out pork sausages. But he gave me some stuff he told me he don't Jackal Oni basic as. He was driving the car..

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