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"mckinley buffalo" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Size. Is moments away. Now with a coal of the game. Here's Scott Wilkie, and the voice of the buffaloes. Mark johnson. Here's the flex. I like comedy joy. Charges no hassle member. FDIC for the UCLA. Bruins Kellyanne at sixteen to thirteen nine and seven what the four five about this way. Jalen hands to stop all out of San Diego last bowl game, twenty points. Nearly forty seven percent from downtown David singleton four. Los angeles. The big man inside is Moses Brown Peggy's unbelievable seven foot one. He's got about his foot wingspan pack. Well, the other big Christmas six nights sophomore, Chicago. Both six. For out of Indianapolis. Likes the point guard. Shane Gatling the three spot. John schwartz. And evan. Barbie for head coach tad. Boyle eighty-five Brad Kansas ninth season here in boulder. One eighty three up one Twenty-one down gets a win tonight. Tiber Cardo patent for number two all time behind socks wall set. Who's number one or two hundred sixty one team seventeen eight impact. Well, let's go ahead and pause ten seconds for station identification. Basketball. KOA Denver KABC. Oh, HD three boulder. This his KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Thank credit union for sponsoring today's ballgame elevations, proud partner. Scott will keep hoisted. Mark johnson. Lineups. Nice crowd here tonight. You've got to win straight down the stretch, you talk and get knocked off L go a long way towards. The first round by next week's Pac twelve tournament win here tonight. The second consecutive year. They have swept the season series from UCLA tall order. Scotty will your keys for Colorado. Mckinley has to win that battle or at least neutralize Jalen hand. One of the best guards in the league for the last three weeks. Double double from Tyler Baze on the board. We need that fifteen at ten and I also wanna add twenty points and ten rebounds combined out of work. And lastly take care of the ball because UCLA will turn it over. We want to win the turnover battle turnover almost fifteen times a game and conference player eighty two when we saw them a little over a month ago. They're averaging seventeen turnovers of all day. Mel they have cut down number considerably back here over the last five ballgame through averaging eleven turnovers a ballgame. So they're doing a lot better regard. You wanted to help big Moses Brown is look at him standing next to the six with seven out there right now. Junior varsity big human being UCLA in their role powder. Blue uniforms with yellow trim off the whole white with a black Colorado across the chest back the black and gold trimmed out aside. Kevin guerrillas refereed yelled Ray Kelly piper buyers, we're separate back wall conference basketball. Aaron Baltimore's a toss at and it's one by UCLA at by dribble across the timeline. Tap the Smith. Singleton back atop the hands. What a match up has got to be kidding skip past cross-court websites with the three fires and misses. Rebound deflected by Moses Brown. It's out about about touch brothers seven foot, one freshman all the UCLA Bruins out of the queens area of New York City to Queensboro I should say of New York that's called a team rebound right there where it goes out of bounds. And it's our fault. To get a handle it to defense by UCLA public's attacking court. White Shane cabin had such a monster game twenty eight points, you'd west the Whiteside Schwartz. To the shot clock. That's well. A high post Evan. Batting crown kick out of the corner hairs Catling for three. He was seven of nine from downtown and west. Jim the ball in his middle zone is the key. Love it in a quarter Wilkes with a full fake against sports pulls up from seventeen left. It short. Aldo parents taking my McKinley pushes the course of time lineup up to like come to a stop high post Patty skip past inequalities excited Schwartz out top Kennedy's got hands on him up a pictures left lane it off to bay head fake wants. Wilkes Emma puffs, Ron. That's something. Blowed up a new extreme athleticism. Eighteen. In the first half single. Jalen hands on the fires of links, but kidney checks crosses over. Step. Back. Kills his dribble left side the houses. Hi in the right side to Smith drives his way to pay up to a baby travel doesn't get cold hand chuckle. Go rebound number two ticket away. The bay course. Mckinley Buffalo's McKinley centers of at high the right side Schwartz UCLA back into two threes defense, but kenley high post Patty gives it down low. Got four. They found him on the bottom of the dome. To assist. Alright already forever. I Pol can pass the ball. Tatty hands gets by. By schwartz. Loose ball picked up with a baseline at time by Shane gambling. But he was stepping on the back to UCLA hands too. So lightning-quick he's just as quick as McKinley for sure about seven hundred fifty one just over a minute or two minutes. Seven nothing. Bruins are old three Kip with the Smith short quarter. Fires shop baseball gets back to checkout up top firing. And a good like, David singleton. Scrambled blood. Seventy three Buffalo's seventeen thirty eight to play bass got four points, two rebounds blocked already. Got it up top office screen in the heart of the zone of the right hand shot altered by Brown. Alphabet is bad. He puts up he shot blocked by Brown bay away with it. He fires and misses from sixty shot won't go Smith away with it for UCLA. The foul coming down Chris Smith on the bake out back through the charts. And he didn't have to act on that one. Yeah. He took a serious hit their backpedaling and a drop in his shoulder weight into his chest was Chris that's the first foul on UCLA number one on the Bruins seventeen seventeen to play in the first half the buffs on top seven. Now plays in a one three one trap the half court trapping defense. Shorts gives up near the centre circle. Taken by McKinley way. Chris milk's is the point of such a long player into sports a three ball from the same spot. That canceling his town to repulse top ten to three with insights seventeen that is the whole of that four one three one defend boy both corners on either side down to the baseline. It'll be wide open. Jalen handwriting cleaning Betty blocking poll on Evan Betty as he tried to rotate over Evan picked up a quick foul. That is his first number one on co and. Hands up to our left and quickly because that foul Betty coming out and SeaWorld check into the buffaloes..

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