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"mckearney indian tesla" Discussed on Mysterious Universe

"I'm Benjamin Grundy joining me. Zahren right recoup always have the connotation of involving nasty surprise in some way or another. This one has a very nasty off the process okay all fantastic yeah very nasty ancient. Chinese surprise and eventually found this late in the day censored by Confucius Ghost stories by Juan Juan. May Oh interesting yeah this is from the Ching Dynasty and this guy was born in the early seventeen hundreds hanging second but store ghost stories from that far back actually translate very well to modern. It's all being translated by some smart folks from Queensland University. Oh it's really well done really well written and and this guy you on May he was a prodigy in the eighteenth century and in the Ching Dynasty in China and even still today they have the state exams which are notoriously difficult cold so if you wanted to get any position with the state anything to do with the government you had to pass these grueling state exam. I've heard of these exams were the kind of thing that people would study for them for almost their entire life yet and they wouldn't pass while there are some cases where people kept on trying year after year and even in the sixties and seventies still trying pastas exams and they could never poss- them this. Guy Yawn May he passed them when he was eleven. Wouldn't you feel angry. If you've had your tile. I've tried to pass it and some eleven year old walks it in this kid. He just became a state scholar which was an incredibly high position. he was tasked with incredible historical scholarly works for the the ching dynasty when he was seventeen he retired at the age of thirty three and then just wrote smutty ghost stories. I should say reported zloty goes stories he would it become a pervert or because the Ching Dynasty Confucianism Rights. Everything's things really strict. Everything's based on strict hierarchies. Everyone has their place in society. There's a correct way to do things and if you kind of go outside the correct way to do things you frowned upon incredibly frowned upon and he despised all of this kind of conservative rule of society so it's kind of a contrarian and away yes yeah so he started just breaking the rules and he started reporting on these stories that no one else would report on and what he released the ghost stories censored by Confucius justice and he called it since it by Confucius because that was so outrageous had such outrageous themes like even mentioned transvestites. Let's and homosexuality and all sorts of demon ghosts getting involved in those things back then as well and it was just it just was hugely frowned upon became the greatest Silla just sold millions of copies and he did this right at the end of his life he published two of these those a follow followup came later a couple of years before he died so you know they couldn't execute him for what he eventually the eventually the books got banned and and the the good people at the Queensland University Cam Louis and Louis Edwards have done this incredible translation so what did they go and dig up the old old manuscripts from somewhere and translate yet. It's all being translated and I thought this was going to be fun to go into because it does crossover with a lot of stuff. We talk about on the show. It's from a different different different cultural context of course but you'll see some of the same themes and I love that and I think that dovetails nicely with what I'm going to be talking about in the plus extension at the end of the show because was today I decided that this way I was going to look into that story. Ben That you're telling me this idea that Marconi teamed up with Tesla and mckearney the quotes one of the inventors of the radio and Tesla basically the fathers of radio so your assignment walls to find out about who was flying any faking his death hiking folk Anneli and Tesla and building a secret underground technologically high society in South America. That's right that was your guitar it a volcano uh-huh. Crater somewhere in South America and utilized this incredible technology. They became a breakway civilization. The sad part is is that I'm not going to do that. Story today a new coming it is coming or Congress that it's the fact that the book the actual full stores have found these snippets of the store yeah but the full story is in this old paperback from the nineteen sixties which of course there's only one obscure copy this remote up shop bookshop somewheres anyone copying Australia yes so I managed to hunt it down on and it is coming so hopefully maybe next week or the week after. I'm going to go into that story but I thought I should preface the story because what I did pick up from that story. Was this idea that essentially mckearney Indian Tesla created this beautiful civilization this underground civilization that was about love which is pretty much what the whole story caught it encompasses. I'm sure it can't always be that but and you know what I mean I kind of lean towards the negative anyway so the other store those working on wall back of course was Marconi and the the deaths associated with anyone working for my current yeah but I thought that was somehow connection to thought maybe people would affect their death so they could go to the civilization but no and my Kony is the will was the UK defense contractor rods specialized in technology and other advanced technologies weaponry technologies and let it became British British Aerospace Technologies British Aerospace which it still is today as far as I'm aware but the thing is is that mckearney allegedly and not in thirty seven but he was a millionaire and he was apparently in good health and just suddenly dropped dead and so the idea is like Elon Musk disappearing tomorrow exactly and saying oh he just he went for a swim and he never came back yeah exactly that same kind of thing so water ties in with a lot of the stuff that we talk about with the UFO's and the technology is associated with them. There's this possibility also -bility that. Maybe the things that we see that seem to be these foreign. technologies are not far at all. They're actually human technologies that have been developed by the breakway civilizations civilize actions but as I said this was not thirty seven when Makoni disappear when Marconi died but the reports of the contractors the British contractors happened in the nineteen seventies he's in the nineteen eighties but there were plenty of suspicious deaths now costs thousands of people back in the seventies and the eighties were employed by defense contractors and and by the Ministry of Defence and other government agencies but statistically speaking these types of cases that I'm going to go into. It's almost impossible that you would have that. Many people die in very suspicious suicide circumstances so things like people being found face down in close so they're not hillary sides. They're very close though people being found bound up by the arms and their fate in some spit roasting position with a ball gag in their mouth oh my gosh in a foot of water wow sounds like some oh my Chinese ghost stories but being declared by the coroner a suicide right but we're also working on a highly advanced very classified technology another about to reveal it to the world and they just happened to commit suicide in that fashion so we're GONNA go into that but it turns out and this will be revealed. The plus is that it's not the government. It's not an intelligence agencies this something else behind something very dark and probably the loss thing that you would expect was certainly it was the last thing I expected expected to come out of kind of that will be revealed at the end of the ghat me. I'm intrigued so so let's go into filthy. Chinese ghosts too now. I'm not actually starting with that because yeah I didn't find that until until the end of the day similar to the loss posh show I started writing this whole thing I just got stuck into this whole thing and then realized yeah kind of I don't WanNa finish the show on on such a cheese bowl of a content what the money shot to be a bit of a nine th I got. I got this recommendation from the author of the source and insignificance of coincidences remember that huge instances it was six hundred fifty pages by Sharon Hewitt Roll it brilliant work. She has a blog over Sharon role. Let Dot wordpress dot com where she recommended Dr Scarlet. Hind Bach spoke waking up to love. Corey but willing to entertainment. It's super cheesy but apparently it's a shed near death experience. Now don't think that con con spoils. What's what's going on. He had some kind of shared death. Experience led to her writing this book hanging shed near death experience. What people are in a car and almost dodd or the absolute. I thought I didn't know the answer answer to. That is the same question that's why I started rating like what is this to people in a shed needed experience end up together. That's the thing like whenever you look for stories aligned and for example about a need death or shed near death experience most of the times when people have survived something again. It's not the metaphysical but as it is that what this is a bad small mechanical I have no idea so on the weight of this recommendation because she said it was a real page Turner incredible story I picked up waking up to love by scarlet Hynek and yeah I wouldn't normally recommend such cheesy title but it's supposed to be paged tennis so I started turning pages now scarlet Hannukah lme introduced so she's had a tough life the point of the story where I'm GONNA come in. She's got two young sons one has epilepsy and the other has Komo severe learning disorders. The marriage is falling apart. She's separated from husband. That's hot he's taking custody of. I think the eldest son she's working multiple multiple jobs. She's trying to study. She's trying to get a degree at the same time. She's trying to teach courses. He's trying to do a million things at once and pretty much. She gets so oh exhausted that when she gets home for dinner you know she cooks a meal and she sits down with a glass of wine and after a while that single loss of wine turned into glosses three glosses ossis eventually the whole bottle and unusually more so she became an alcoholic and now on top of everything else she's dealing with in her hectic life. She has to get sober so she starts going to meetings to get back on track now. While she's at these alcoholics anonymous meetings she makes friends they obviously she funds it incredibly helpful. She gets a life back in order. there's lots of support she gets Soba and as you often do people Oh Cape visiting these meetings because they want to support all the people that you know have the same issue and she started to make France and pretty pretty soon she he is from these mutual friends in this meeting and their extended friends that someone very close to them some mutual friend of theirs that she doesn't know was gravely ill and on their deathbed and this guy's name was David and he was really close friend to to all these people that she knew and they supported him they visited him in the hospital but she had never met him and then one day this a meeting she was at the mating Lleida Dan he basically we stands up and he has this little announcement and he says look you'll know that our friend David is on life support and dialysis but the doctor said today that he's not doing well and the machines. Sheen's on accomplishing what they need to David's brain is shutting down and it's not looking good anyway. His Mother D- is here and wanted to say if he would so I'll all turn this over to her so he's mother turns out the sick man's militants up at the meeting and essentially stands up and just thanks everyone for all the support report..

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