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Lyme Ninja Radio - Lyme Disease

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"mckay ripi" Discussed on Lyme Ninja Radio - Lyme Disease

"All, it's free. Just head on over to Lyman into radio. Dot com slash tracker. And sign up that's lime an injured radio dot com slash tracker. You'll be glad you did. Join us every Thursday night tunes for the latest episode of lime ninja radio. Hello I'm your lime journey guide. Mckay Ripi, and this is episode number two hundred thirty five with the author of rising above lime disease. Naturopathic doctor, Julia Greenspan. Also welcome our show producer and the brains behind lime ninja radio Aurora everybody. And in this episode you're going to learn three main. Thanks, number one. How much time should you wait for new protocol to work before you? Give up on it. Number two, why developing healthy mindset starts with setting boundaries. And how putting yourself I is the most unselfish thing you can do. Thanks ROY, and a big shoutout to all you longtime a lime ninjas. You're the reason we have more than half a million downloads Aurora. And I really appreciate you tuning in, and we'd like to welcome all those new listeners out there. Welcome to. Lime ninja radio. You're now officially alignment, you welcome everybody. And as you know, lime disease is an international problem each week. We have listeners join you from all over the world. And this past week, we've had listeners, tune in from Colombia to Canada, and from India to Estonia, or tell us a little bit about today's guests Julia Greenspan doctor. Julia Greenspan is a natural path who graduated from the university of natural medicine in two thousand six she founded her practice in New Hampshire and quickly started trading lime disease..

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