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"mckay miss pavilion" Discussed on WDUN AM550

"The Detroit Lions will host a show on Watson, the Houston Texans. Then at 4 32 Cowboys will host Washington. Both teams There are three and seven but only a half a game back of the Eagles for first place in the NFC East Georgia state and Georgia Tech opened up the men's college basketball season in the state with a four overtime thriller. The Panthers beat the Jackets 1 23 21 20 at McKay Miss Pavilion last night. Exposes right, finished with 31 points 20 rebounds, but it was not enough. As for Georgia State players finished with 21 points or more and Golden State Warriors star Clay Thompson underwent surgery yesterday to repair a torn Achilles tendon he suffered during a workout last week. Thompson missed all of last season after an A C L tear that he suffered back in the 2019 MBA finals. He's now expected to miss all of this coming season as well. You can find more sports and access w D win. All right. Thank you Much. Keller appreciate that information. And considering some of those injuries, maybe hope they got in touch with our good friend Robin Templeton at the insurance for us to make sure he's covered with some good health care there. Hey, Robin, how you doing? That was really good, But I'm good. I'm doing great today, so I hear little noise in the background. You getting the Thanksgiving feast Ready? Rest hasn't happened yesterday. We got a hope for a very nice blessed day for Andy. Of course. Smells good at your house right now. Yes, sir. Uh, All right. Well, today's the day that we can stop and be thankful for what we have a lot of blessings. That's for sure. But one of the things we need to do is take stock of what we may not have. And that is good insurance coverage, especially it comes to health care, and we got open enrollment underway for just a couple of weeks more so we really need to concentrate on that. If folks want to get back to it and take a look at it with you coming up in the next few days what they really need to concentrate on why they need to look at first. We need to check with various thing. I'm finding it. They're prescription drug coverage and making sure because everybody's all the companies have different formularies your medicines that your own on this year. May not be the same as what? You're all last time we did it. Maybe you next year. Will you come up with some of those medicines? And it gets even better be nice to have had a few of those, too, So we were able to Coming off of the more expensive plans would come down to the cheaper ones The same with the money Because some of the meds we go away. That's that and their doctors. Yeah, a lot of people. You can go online. You should find yourself up. You can call in 800 number. You can do it that way. Nobody's checking your stuff for you when you do with that, boy. Yeah. This night. I help you, and I run on the stuff and make sure the plan's gonna work for you and answer the questions that we're all gonna have. When we try to get into that small, fine print in the legalese because this is the language that you speak each and every day. Interest and it's not passionate. If you could tell him. I can't say I love my job now. People been said I love my job. I love my clients don't like family. I've had a lot of them for over 20 years now, and it's because you take great care of him exactly, but that's my job, and that's Monday. That's what I like doing that help people. Well, If somebody wants to adopt a new family member after Thanksgiving, how do they get in touch with you? Maybe they could be part of the family. Oh, yeah. Good. You didn't call the obviously 7753 to 1900. They could always take a look at our website. This the insurance or g a dot.

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