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Dissecting Man United Luke Shaw's Strange Post-Match Interview


04:56 min | 2 years ago

Dissecting Man United Luke Shaw's Strange Post-Match Interview

"Nothing to talk about that came of course in the job between chelsea united unsurprisingly the media picked up shell. Strange postmatch interview polluting. That was luke. Shaw coming out and saying the. He heard the referee towel harry. Maguire the couldn't give the penalties the penalty because it recalls too much controversy. Power mcguire has come out and said show misheard anyway. My saying all of this leads up to social saying well. The referee didn't give the game gave the penalty because everyone hates manchester united now. The referee admits it couldn't give it because it would cause too much of a fuss and the also admitted that the chelsea website behind everything bad. That's happening man just united at the moment. Because it's then who said. Keep an eye on harry. Maguire and this man united lot because they might give away a penalty dawn. How do we dissect all of this while. I mean where you wanna stop. I would say look bang out of voter. The players and the referee sites which should be strictly confidential in referee sites plaza and players of communication referees. On the pitch not shouldn't get anywhere near in my opinion into an interview after the game. They've got to keep quiet. No good for the game whatsoever. But then you go into all ec enough to the gunman hayes. Massively deflected away from yet. Another poor performance against help six. The only goal scored. Monday united was in russian against tottenham when they lost six waterproof not being quite dire so i think as a clutch and massively done. We'll talk about this running against the the big six minute. But i just want to go back to something that i think we've ever actually discussed on this show steven considering we discussed everything like an unwritten rule. Basically what referees and players say to each other than shouldn't be exposed to the media heard that before knob sister ray thing to do i don't i don't think we'll see is not a referee alive. He's going to tell to a player. And say i didn't give a decision because it could be controversial. I mean that is just ridiculous. Listen i've been. I've been playing and coaching for thirty years. And football and referees matan good ones average ones a lot of incompetent ones. But i'll tell you what they're all honest and they'll make decisions the time they don't go around looking at websites and thank could be a keep me on penalty decision that i'm not going to get because that's what all the time i mean. Just don't don't kid yourself as absolute nonsense and look shaw. You watch the video lou. Shaw as even in the camera. He's behind the referee. The goal at the back of his head to show shawl thanks he had then is beyond me and thankfully highly mcguire chemo and said as much which leads us to the next point which is so bringing this up because surely he should've rectify things on made sure everything was one hundred percent right before he then goes and and spill to the fire by bringing again in the post match interview. All right. let's say for sake of argument. That indeed only gonna so. Scar is checking now. The websites of all the teams in the premier league and how they're influencing the referees. And what that may do against medicine. Let's let's just assume that that's this is what he's doing as far as preparing his team or his own preparation for the game. Why would you come on and say that in public. Will you tell the world that you care about the chelsea website. And what their material is. How does that make you look asa manager. How desperate insecure paranoid does that make you look that. You are concerned about whatever's going on in chelsea website who's running the chelsea website. And what do you care about that. This is honestly of all the things that you can bring up with managers. This is the one that i'm just kinda like. Why do you care. This have to do anything. We whatever's going on on the field and that's your responsibility. What goes on on the field. You can control but this the lusa website is a problem. That's another issue to stevie show has obviously told all that straight after the game yet. You know unless. I can assure you you don't listen to what please tell you. After again. the runner genders thought. So what happened in the game and and the majority of them don't really know again and won. T believe that things and that's exactly what shows done. He wants to believe that should ref said so. He's decided so then he goes and tells these manager after the game. And that's why only staying on the on the interview because all these not saying unless luke shaw has actually told them so shows the one that's all i don't necessarily think the all is because he genuinely tame believed what shows told them but there should be a lesson

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