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"mcgrady league" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"mcgrady league" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Let US I. I don't I we go once a week. We go to the grocery store. Yes I al Mal basket. I actually just ordered a couple of fancy looking masks. 'cause I gotta make things work for guys. I can't be out there in East St L. Conway so I order. A COUPLE OF MASS. Little Fails E. Yoda managed care by what you look like a staying healthy which one the reason why. I'm getting the math there. He makes either or it is not an either. Or but if you worried about wichita mass look like oppose it. You stand healthy because you can get an Anais mass. That doesn't work to look. Good is not going to work because you always got something travis. I'M A Walk Sutiyoso Travers. One day in my math is going to be fly and he asked me where I got my global dark mask from it. I'm GonNa tell him you said you WanNa go to dark mask I got a whole I gotta ask you. As long as we're back in the studio is long as we're back in the studio whether it's masked unmastered where between on there for that I'll wear glow in the dark. I don't care what it is. I gotta I gotTa mask right here. A basket full of them. That's all designer to that. Was You know delivered to us some time ago? They got all the COCO. Chanel Gucci's this. I'm like man just because it's material don't mean is working it's a Gucci and nineteen. Ask just you know designer. Young lady put them together. You know which is which is great. I love the idea but I'm like Yeah just a lot of holes in that mass. Chinese has been doing it for years. Though I showed you travis. They actually have designer masking runway. Now so it's like painfully. We're behind the net trend because we have needed a mask. But now that Kinda here. But I'll bet you got done soon a bit. You got the right protective stuff too though. It ain't just cloth it's not just designer right all right. So we know that the Bulls Dynasty got blown up. Because they didn't want Jackson back. Michael Jordan said he wasn't gonNA play anybody play for anybody other than Phil Jackson We got mentioned very briefly passing in the dock. The of the night vict- the Bulls tried to make a deal for Tracy McGrady that they wanted to trade Scottie. Pippen for Tracy. Mcgrady mcgready was talking about it and he went. What he said was a lot of people. Don't know that nine is the jury cross was actually trying to make a trade for me and Scottie and M J called in acts the whole deal. They brought me in for a secret meeting. Yes they did. Okay I love that. Michael was loyal to fill and Scotty like that. I think that that's fantastic. But the question is is. Should he have been a little less loyal and realized that look? This is the way that the goes you move out an older guy for a younger Guy Tracy McGrady and Michael Jordan. We know they got six together. What would that have looked like? They decided to go with Tracy. Mcgrady and I should say Michael Jordan decides it. He's okay playing with some different guys. I mean are they rip off another two three? God only knows but at that time Tracy. Mcgrady wasn't as good as he pimping come on now. I don't care not yet. No but but even even so that would have been setting up the franchise for the future. Not the immediate. Now Because Scotty. Pippin went on to play several more years at a pretty high level where Michael Jordan you know his was Kinda over and done with. At some point he would have passed the torch to maybe Tracy McGrady but winning the the now is would Jordan. I'm sure was looking at saying himself. Okay we're GONNA win right now and I don't WanNa win with no young dude. Will I gotTA train him get him to play and think like me are already got Scotty in the bag? Let's keep rolling like this man to be waited ships. No Really Tracy McGrady people forget how hold on hold on people forget how cold Tracy McGrady was and Toronto. I'm not talking about once again to remain. No and he was free. He was out cold coming out of high school in Toronto. His he played fantastic defense. He wasn't the shooter then. He became eventually but remember Scottie. Pippen was migrate shooter. Each ball handler. He was a willing passer and oh by the way he didn't have the EGO to demand to be the one he had the EGO to demand to be recognized. Which is all he needed. He would have been a satisfied to and I don't know if after ninety eight if they had if they had traced McGrady if that would have been over with Michael Jordan even with an ag Michael Jordan because by then we saw we're chasing grady. What's about to become what he eventually became. And that is one of the most lethal as offensive players in the last thirty years. But remember it wasn't it wasn't the wasn't ninety eight. They wanted to save one. It was earlier than that was Scottie. Pippen was tracy. Mcgrady League was ninety. Seven Ninety eight thousand. Yeah but that was the year that was the last year they won the championship. So why would you? Why would you take one of your key components? If I'm Michael Jordan why would I flip Scottie? Pippen that with one year pre prior to that would mean a championship run at the level that he played at. Why would I wanNA flip him after that championship to get Tracy Mcgrady? When I'm trying to three peat what would I do that? Because you figure you've gotten what you need at Scotty pippin that he's getting older but Andrea Perron Young Tracy McGrady who I can mold in the shape that I want and I don't have to pay him for awhile. No I'm not see Jerry Krause. I'm talking about Michael Jordan. He was a high school kid. He wasn't at the same level of Scottie. Pippen and ninety six ninety seven or eight or call. So why would I move him for him? I'm not GONNA do that if I'm Michael Jordan. Because the alternative is it comes to an end. The decision is do. I keep Scottie or do I take Tracy McGrady the decision is do. I take Tracy McGrady and keep this thing rolling. Rather I'd rather like Michael said I have. I rather defend my championship because I have the right to defend my championship. I earned that right. Sure you're not going to break it up as if we lost now if we lose in six okay but after five. I'm not going to break it up to try to get the six. If we lose his six you WANNA break it up less running back to see if we can get another three with Tracy McGrady but I'm not. I'm not willing to do it after five senior. He would've traded and his six and real talk. He might have ended up with three more right that though. I don't know in Hind in hindsight we know. That's what the likelihood but you're right. You're right key. Trade away a bonafide hall of Famer with five chips for a high school kid on Nelson was risky as hell risk. Especially when I got especially when this this this guy that is the hall of Famer has a foot injury. It's coming back. He's going to come back. We know he coming back. We know why he's mad. He's mad because they didn't pay him but he's coming back. We hold it together. T- gives back go on and win a championship. Why WOULD I? Why would I do that? When I know Scotty got at least five six more years left any why would I do? Well Scotty was gone after that season and Michael. Shut it down after I understand that but that put the year that they was trying to trade for Tracy was after the Fifth Championship. So if I'm Michael Jordan in feel Jackson I know why he's holding out. I knew I didn't have the surgery. He'll be fine in if they get smart and they make a decision at that point in time we go running back for seventh even though the today maybe maybe the owner decides to fire Jerry. Krause it says you know what man forget that we run into back. Maybe he vetoes the whole idea of blowing it up. Who knows but even if I don't go into it thinking that way if I'm Michael. I'm going to defending their championship. Because I have the right to with my cats that I want my fifth with and then I'll deal with the seven when the season is over with there is. There's another reason that he may not have wanted to do that as well..

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